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connect Andoroid phone and HP mini with USB cable?

Q: connect Andoroid phone and HP mini with USB cable?

this HP mini has Win7 Starter,
and does not recognize Android phone when they are connected with a usb cable.
any helps?

A: connect Andoroid phone and HP mini with USB cable?

Quote: Originally Posted by fluidmotion

this HP mini has Win7 Starter,
and does not recognize Android phone when they are connected with a usb cable.
any helps?

Have you tried a different usb cable?

Is the Android phone recognized when plugged in to a different computer?

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Computer: ASUS K52F, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit

I am weak on the technical issues for using cable Internet. Let me tell you what I want to do and you tell me what equipment I should order from Cox Communications when they come to my apt. for the install.

I will be ordering Cable Internet from Cox. I will be ordering VOIP phone from Pioneer Telephone and not from Cox. Pioneer supplies a device that requires an incoming Ethernet connection from the cable modem. The other end of this device connects to the phone. My computer also requires an Ethernet connection from the modem. So what equipment do I need from Cox to accomplish this? Do I need a router with multiple Ethernet connections where the router connects to the modem, and the computer & phone connect to the router? Or can Cox supply a cable modem with multiple Ethernet connections for both phone and computer? Or do I totally misunderstand this technology?

Please help - thank you.

A:Cable Internet - How To Connect Both Computer And Voip Phone

Your cable internet service provider (Cox) should supply all that you need to connect with them. Whether or not they make a charge, sometimes just for sending the router, is something you should know from the package. I don't know of an ISP that provides a router with less than 4 Ethernet connection sockets. But presumably the equipment will also facilitate WiFi - all the VOIP methods I know of here in the UK are able to work on WiFi.
Pioneer should provide you with what you need for their service.
Either way read very carefully what Cox supply, either included in the rental or if you have to buy a router separately make sure you get one with the minimum system requirements they mention.

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I am trying to connect my new Lumia 435 Windows phone to my Windows 8.1 Tablet PC via the cable supplied with the phone. It is clearly connecting as the phone is charged from the USB port. The phone is supposed to appear as a USB external device, like a USB Flash Drive.  However, I cannot get the PC to detect the phone so I cannot transfer data between the two devices.When connected with the USB cable the phone does not appear anywhere: in Devices, Portable Devices, Windows Explorer. The 'transfer my data' app says it cannot transfer.I have read the Microsoft articles on connecting and syncing with USB / Bluetooth. I cannot find any solution to my problem. Can someone help with this?Clayto2

A:Cannot connect Windows Phone to Windows Tablet with USB cable

Have you tried this way start up blue tooth on the computer, then activate it on the phone and let them run on your computer/phone it should say pairing then a pin number should come up on both once that number comes up just press on both as save. you should find then that they are paired on mine it does not show up in devices.let me know please if that works

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Last week i decided to move my computers (2). Internet was working fine before i did this. After I moved them I havent been able to connect except for a usb cable. Both computers are using the Windows Vista home premium 32 bit. Before all of this happened I had 2 computers and an Xbox 360 all connected. I have tried everything I can think of and none of it worked. I have charter cable internet and they were able to get on the internet fine using the ethernet cable. when i go to ipconfig/all it gives me a IP address. I have read several places where people have been having problems with this but all the suggestions for them nothing worked for me! Please help

A:Cannot connect to internet using Ethernet Cable but can connect with USB cable

Do you connect via a modem or a router. Did you try the release/renew options when you were in ipconfig ?
If you use a router check it to see if it's still giving out IP's automatically.

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Everybody keep saying smart tv smart tv.i have a reg how do i connect my phone to my ps4 or phone to a non wires no chromes etc.what app can i use..

A:How do i connect my phone to my android phone to ps4 to my non smart tv

Put your PS4 and your Phone on the same WiFi network. Allow your PS4 to read from the phone.
Are any of these Windows devices? Sounds like an Android phone?
Try over here: Ask Anything - Android Forums at
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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I am thinking of upgrading my Samsung Galaxy mini 2 toa Samsung S4 mini. I understand that the Galaxy Mini 2 uses a mini sim card but the S4 mini uses a micro sim card. How can I use my existing sim card if I decide to upgrade?

Thanks for any advice you can give.

A:Upgrade phone to Samsung S4 mini

Sorry posted this in wrong forum, have moved it to phones & hand held devices.

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Hi, so I hope you guys can help me with this. I want to buy a mini usb to headphone jack adapter like the one above for my cell phone. They say that that one is for Motorola phones. My phone is a Toshiba Portege G710. It has a mini usb port and mini usb headphones work with it. But will this adapter work even though they say it's for Motorola? In other words:
Are the connectors used for audio the same on all USB plugs?
(After all, it's called "Universal Serial Bus")

Thanks for replying, I'd really appreciate it.

A:mini usb to headphone jack adapter compatible with every cell phone?

even though it says USB, when it comes to cell phones they are not wired all the same. I would look for an adapter made specificall for Toshiba Cell phones. The manufacturer of the one that lists it is for Motorola Phone may also manufacture one for your phone.

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love the windows phones...used them since the begining....but lack of new device and specialy 'small"size devices like samsung s4 mini is leaving me without options besides migrating to android phones...this is a pitty..dont understand microsoft buying nokia and dropping all production of an nice up to date small unit...they are wondering why they dont have more than 10 pct of market share?..come your customers love you and your products...easy..thanks

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Answer Match 53.76% StarTech Mini USB Cable - A to Right Angle Mini B - 3 Feet (USB2HABM3RA): Electronics

Can I get some ideas on how to test a usb to mini usb cable? I am trying to use one with my ti 89. I can't tell if I have a defective cable or the software just sucks.

A:testing a usb to mini usb cable

Do you have another device that uses a mini USB port? Camera, MP3 player, etc?

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Our school uses proxy that requires username/password authentication to connect on Wifi. Good thing is Windows Phone 8.1 has option to turn proxy on/off and sign in to proxy. The problem is after setting up the network connecting to it, my apps still can't
connect to the network (some apps for example are Facebook app, Skype, other 3rd party apps). The IE and Windows App Store can connect to the network though. I am currently looking for 3rd party app that can provide global proxy authentication so I can connect
my apps to the internet but I can't one.

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Hi All,

I need a replacement cable for the camera, but I do not know what cable to get - it looks smaller then Mini USB.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot,

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The SATA connector in this machine is apparently designed to break despite my careful attempt to remove it (while replacing the HDD with an SSD.)   I've search high and low and it's impossible to find the part anywhere. How do I get a new cable?

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I have an HP officejet 6110 all in one. All was well until I went to cable phone service. I have a wireless network and only one phone is connected to the cable. All others work wirelessly. Now I cannot figure out how to set it up to send a fax. Can anyone help? I do not see where the instructions address this issue. Thanks.

A:Cannot fax since going to cable phone

Does the cable phone service support faxing? Is the device connected to the phone port on whatever device the cable company provided you with?

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Hey guys,

My computer was working fine at home, and I had to move it into school. So, I put the computer in the car and brought it to school. There wasn't any sort of bump or anything that could've damaged the computer, but for some reason the computer won't start up.

When I push the power button, all the fans (including CPU) start up, the LEDs of the computer turn on and everything looks good for about 2 seconds, then the computer shuts down. I tried unplugging peripherals from the power supply, and nothing seemed to work until I decided to unplug the Mini ATX power cable (the four pin cable that plugs directly into the mobo, correct me if this isn't the mini ATX cable), and then it stayed on for awhile. Of course, since that cable wasn't in, my video card wasn't powered, so there wasn't much that happened.

Is this a motherboard short or a power supply short? I don't have another power supply handy to try and fix it, and I was hoping I could get a response as to what is most likely the culprit here.

Thanks in advance.

A:Computer won't turn on with Mini ATX Power Cable in

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I need to find a dual-A-to-single-mini-B USB cable like this one except I need a supplier in the US that takes credit cards. I don't care for PayPal--too much trouble.

A:Need to find dual A to single mini-B USB cable

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Could anyone identify the components of this cable?

There is the mini sas end, and the 4x sata end, but what is the other connector?



A:Mini SAS to SATA cable - quick question

"Connectors: Mini SAS SFF-8087 (Host) to 4 x 7 way SATA latch type connectors (target) and 1 x 8 way sideband connector".

From a little bit of googling, those sideband connectors are for extenders, LEDs, connecting to backplanes, etc. You don't have to use it, if that helps deciding if you should buy one that has that connector.

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 Morning,  i found the mini pavilion 300-240 computer to be a great little system....   and i I want one add a hard drive to it ....but, I am having the worst luck finding the sata cables....  i will I'll be adding either a standard 2.5 hard drive or a 2.5 SSD  what is the HP PART number and where can I purchase them ???    I will I'll need three cables for the systems that I bought for the family ...   thank you 

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I have a Motorola 120e cell phone. I have been told that I can purchase a cable to connect my laptop to the internet with this cell phone. Can anyone tell me, what is the cable called and where is the best place to purchase it?

A:Cell phone cable

Something like this? Motorola USB Data Cable Kit

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I used to fax over my phone line, and since I went to cable phone, I can't do it any longer. Does anyone know of any software that will enable me to do this? I have a us robotics card in my computer, and SUN Rocket cable now. I love the phone, don't want to give it up, but I want to fax again. Sun Rocket said it cant be done, I don't believe it with all you smart people out there. Someone must know how I can do it. It hooks up, I hear the connection, but it won't work, must be in the data transmission, I guess.. Thanks Silverado

A:Fax over VOIP Cable Phone

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Can anyone tell me if it is functionally OK to use one pair of the CAT 5 Ethernet cable that goes to all the rooms in my house to also carry a phone line? I'm mostly concerned that doing so won't degrade the internet connection bandwidth and that the phone will be clear of noise?

A:Add phone to ethernet cable?

This is a loaded question. It really depends on how you plan on introducing analog POTS into the CAT5 run. If the CAT5 run is properly punched down, then yes it's not a problem. In fact, I am doing this right now with some areas of my house which are just running regular analog phones versus the VoIP phones I have on other parts of my house.

How I'm doing this is via a patch panel. I have a patch panel configured for analog voice which is wired into my Telco's service. I just move the cable for the corresponding network drop I want to now have analog voice from my network switch to this patch panel.

Here's a picture of my patch panel I have set up for voice service:

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I currently have adsl at home and need to run a long phone cord (25 ft) from modem to wall jack. Is there a better grade of phone cable I can get to avoid losing sync on the modem?

A:long phone cable

a good friend has done just that and he has no sync probs, when i last spoke to a BT guy he told that its ok to run an extension cable without line quality loss.

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On my lenovo t530 I have a mini displayport adapter that I connect to my tv for home use. When I do NOT have the cable plugged in, I can play youtube videos just fine. When the cable is plugged IN, youtube videos do not load. They buffer, but they will not play. Netflix, hulu, and any other video software loads just fine. Picture is fine, audio is fine, but youtube videos exclusively do not work. What do I do?

edit: I have done some further research. When I close the lid on my laptop and the tv screen is the main display, youtube will not work. But if I have the lid open and my tv is the extended display, the same video loads just fine with the mini displayport cable in. I hope this helps!

A:Youtube videos won't work when mini displayport cable is in

what about videos from other online services like Teacher Tube or PBS Learning Media?

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I have a couple of systems that only have one type of IDE connector and need to flip each way. One of them is a small system but its one/only IDE port is fullsize... normal size. However I want to put a laptop-type DVD/RW in it that uses the miniature IDE/ATA port.

on two other Dell Opti desktops I have the opposite issue: They only have the small size IDE header, but I have a device that needs a fullsize connector.

Am I looking for an adapter that has male/male on each side, mini & standard? Or is there a cable out there, female on each end, that has fullsize on one and small/micro/mini on the other?

thx for help

A:Need reco: IDE standard-to-mini connector adapter or cable?

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I'm connected to a wifi at home on my cellphone, says signal status is excellent, 54mbps, wpa psk security but I cannot connect to the network. My desktop pc is connected via ethernet and it is working. I tried connecting to a neighbor's wifi and it worked on the same cellphone. WLAN light is flashing, the rest are solid. I have a prolink adsl router.

A:Cannot connect wirelessly on phone but can connect wired on pc

do you have any other devices connected by wireless


Remove the wireless security
Is your wireless security enabled?
if so - log into the router and remove the wireless security - now see if it will connect.
if it does - log back into the router and try with the wireless security enabled again


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OK, so my phone has decided to partially stop working.

It's a Sony Ericsson W810i, and when I plug it in on phone mode nooothing happens.
Well, the phone says it's connected, and it charges throught the cable, but the program says it's not connected.

I've tried:
reinstalling the program (no change)
reinstalling the cable driver (no change)
trying it on a different cable and computer (worked)
using that cable on my computer (no change)

So I'm guessing that its my computer that's being silly,
which is what brings me here.

(Because past the help guides, I'm not too computer savvy at all.)
Any ideas?

A:Phone / cable / driver problem

and I've reinstalled XP
and I've used the other USB ports for pluggin in the cable.

Didn't help.


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Not sure if this right forum...but my issue as follow:

I would like to use 1 cat5e to split at a office and connect 2 phones to it. I was able to get one line to work using 4 cables but not able to get connection on second line.

The First Line has the following wires
White/Blue, Blue
White/Orange, Orange

The Second Line has the following wires:
White/Green, Green
White/Brown, Brown

I got the first line to work using RJ11 Keystone Jack with wires as follow:
White/Blue ---> connected to #4 on keyston jack
Blue ---> connected to #3 on keyston jack
White/Orange ---> connected to #2 on keyston jack
Orange ---> connected to #5 on keyston jack
The keystone Jack does not have any colors on it just numbers 1 to 6.

Can somone help with wiring the second line/phone? I am not able to get it work no matter how I connect the wires.

If It is easier to use RJ45 Keystone Jacks, I can do so i just need the what wire to what connection.


A:Cat5e cable for Phone Wiring

Where and how is the other end of the CAT5e cable terminated? Does it go directly into some kind of a PBX wiring panel or a patch panel?

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This may be one of those dumb questions, but I am trying to figure out exactly what will be involved if I switch from a phone modem to a cable modem. If I switch to a cable modem, can I make phone calls over it and if so, does it involve my local phone company?


A:Cable modem phone question

It may help us if you told us where you are - somebody with local knowledge will no doubt be able to give you the infrmation you want.

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General Question: Does the length of a phone cord from the wall to the laptop have any effect on the computer?
Reason: I have a Toshiba 1800 which I ran on a 25ft cord (aprox) and the modem fried in the first week of ocassional use. My retailer replaced the laptop, no problem. I want to make sure that long cord I used on the first laptop will not damage this new one before I hook it up to that long cord again. I'm thinking resistance? Thanks Dave.

A:Solved: Phone cable on laptop?

The length of the cord will have an effect on connection performance, but not on frying your modem.

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I bought a Sony Ericsson DCU-11 cable for my phone.
I'm having hell getting it to work. On this main computer, the software won't complete the installation. And on my laptop, which the software installed on worked ok, it says the phone isn't detected.

What can I do?!!?

A:Mobile Phone Cable Hell

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I'm a new Plusnet customer and I cannot connect to the internet using wifi I just get a page saying the broadband is down. So I tried using an ethernet cable and after manually setting this up I can use the internet. I accidentally disconnected the cable yesterday but the internet didn't fault, it's now working wirelessly. I can connect to the wifi using my mobile and iPad but I cannot connect to the internet. A new router has been sent and the problem still persists, a bt engineer has also visited but cannot find a solution.

Can anybody please help me?

A:I can't connect to wifi but connect with an Ethernet cable works, even when it isn't plugged in

It gets confusing as to which device is being used so as a guideline
disable one or the other (wifi vs wired) and don't allow both to be active at the same time. Technically, which ever device gets an IP address from your router will become the gateway to your ISP - - ignoring the connectivity of the second device to access your router.

With a laptop, we just toggle the keyboard to enable/disable wifi and the wired is easy - - just pull the cable out.

create a desktop shortcut to \windows\system32\devmgmt.msc
to control the devices (needs admin access)
expand [+] network adapters and you'll see the list
mine are

Dell Wireless 1502 ....
Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller
Just right-click->disable and you can always right-click->enable

The png posted shows both are enabled and the wired has the gateway.
If the cable is disconnected, this is quite impossible.

SO, first control which device is to be used and then make the connection.

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Goal: A way to utilize my Comcast cable Hi-Speed Broadband internet connection with: 1) two PCs (one upstairs, one downstairs - opposite ends of house); 2) laptop w/built in wireless; and 3) Vonage broadband phone.

Upstairs PC has Windows XP Pro, no wireless network adaptor
Downstairs PC has Windows XP Home, no wireless network adaptor
Laptop (HP) w/802.11g wireless built in
Hi-Speed cable connection currently located on upstairs PC, along with Vonage modem

What would be the best way to accomplish my goal without compromising performance, speed, etc.? What specific recommendations for equipment do I need?

A:2 PCs, 1 Laptop, HiSpeed Cable, Vonage phone

A router, an ethernet switch and ethernet cables to reach each PC.

Note that many routers include an ethernet switch.

Does your Vonage modem include a router?

If it were me I'd probably be willing to sacrifice some performance and speed by getting a wireless router and often connecting the laptop via wireless, and maybe even getting a wireless adapter for the remote computer.

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I am not sure how to explain this without a picture, but the data cable that is connected to my phone seems to have 3 ends to it....One to the phone itself, and 2 other plugs.

I know one of the 2 goes into the wall jack, but where does the other one go..?
And is it ok to leave the other one unplugged..?
Does that create any problems if I use a DSL filter with that 1 plug not used?

Also, I think these "plugs" I am calling them are actually called RJ11's so is it normal for a phone cable to have 3 of these rj11's

I can't take a picture, here is a picture I drew:

will this cause problems with my connection? I have a low SN margin on my downstream (5 to 6), and a bad downstream sync rate..

A:Is it normal for my phone data cable to have 3 plugs?

The wall jack is probably the connection to your Telco from an external DMARC/NID. The DSL filter is providing filtration for the analog phones because of the signal modulation being used for DSL carried over the standard POTS line. There is nothing wrong with leaving an unconnected phone jack/RJ11.

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Hey guys, I am really sorry if this has been asked before.

Well, there are some apps which my phone needs and they can be downloaded directly to the phone only. Vodafone India is pretty expensive in data charges. So, the only option left with me is to use the internet I use on my laptop.

Sadly, the internet I use is not a wireless one, but its the cable internet (needs a wire). I don't know how do I use this internet service in my phone.

I tried Connectify, virtual router and even created a new ad-hoc connection with sharing on, but still, no results.

I guess I do some mistakes in the settings. Can anyone help me?

General Errors:
Connectify is not able to create a connection
Virtual Router connects to the phone, but there is no internet connection. Same with the new ad-hoc connection

I use Windows 7 Home Premium (32 bit). Detailed specs can be found on my profile, if needed.


Abhishek Sharma

A:Sharing the cable internet via wireless to my phone

Which phone are you using??

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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, I've tried various Mobile Phone forums without success and contacted SonyEricsson awaiting a reply.

I've a SonyEricsson K750i Mobile Phone and I'm trying to connect to my PC.
I've downloaded the software "PC Suite" from SonyEricsson's website for the Model of phone and installed it. When I connect the USB cable and the Phone, they are not seen as new devices for installing.

If I go to Device Manager they are not listed in "Ports or USB". If I go to "Add Hardware" they are not found and if I go through to install the driver manually for the cable, a message comes up saying the drivers are not digitally signed and will not install it. Yet this is from SonyEricsson's offical site.

How can I overcome this and get windows to see them and working.

I'm running XP with SP2

A:Cannot install USB cable drivers for Mobile phone

One thing I've not mentioned is; when the cable is attached to the phone, it flashes for a second on the phone to say "Charging" and the icon shows its charging. When it does not actually charge the phone.

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Hi everybody, i need some help in length of cables and names of cables

i want to connect ADSL router with standard phone cable from wall to the router but the length from that two spots router and wall are over 120m, internet speed is around 7 Mb/s will there be any losses in speed and quality of internet
What kind of cable would be best to use for that length to not lose any speed and quality of internet
And what is a name of that phone cable what do you call it is it adsl cable or something else i mean on the cable with two wires in it white color flat one.

This is the cable that i wanna use

A:maximum length of phone cable for internet

Do you really mean that the distance from the incoming phone master socket or whichever phone socket you are connecting to is 120 metres - as if so I just cannot imagine how you have such a distance between a phone line socket and the modem/router
The image does not really help as there are of course no details of the cable
Cheaper cable is normally flat and is made of stranded cable - non twisted pair
You most certainly need shielded solid core twisted pair
See here
although as I said I just cannot envisage 120 metres

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? OS - Windows 7 Ultimate
? x64
? What was original installed OS on system?
? Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)?
Retail version
? Age of system (hardware)
Less than a month
? Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS?
Reinstalled 10 days ago
? CPU Intel i5 3570K
? Video Card
Sapphire HD7870 Ghz Edition 2GB DDR5
? MotherBoard
Asrock Z77 Extreme 4
? Power Supply - brand & wattage
Corsair GS600 (600 Watt)
? System Manufacturer
(Custom build by myself)
? Exact model number (if laptop, check label on bottom)
(Custom build by myself)

I got this BSOD while I connected the USB Cable to my mobile phone.
I had BSODS & Restarts from the first day I builted the PC , I don't know check out the perfmon
NOTE: Perfmon said USB Drivers is missing and I just installed them (Didn't make new Perfmon as I didnt had the drivers while I got the BSOD so you can check out)
Also I am missing one Unknown driver, please help.

A:BSOD After inputting USB Cable for my Xperia Phone

Guys also I forgot to post the minidump from when I got the BSOD with connecting my mobile phone.

EDIT: I've got a problem now, I did what said on the topic about how to post, and run the driver verifier.
I did the settings, rebooted computer and went to login screen.
I typed my password and it FROZE, I reboot, login and froze 5 secs after being on the desktop, reboot , froze again 5 secs after being on the desktop.

I finally did system restore and it's ok now.
The weird thing was that when I pressed the Power button all this 3 times the PC closed with one touch, this is the first time that this happen's to all my like 6-7 years being on computers, I knew that when it frozen you must press the power button for some seconds before closing. This was like hitting reset (but it powered off the pc, not rebooted it)

I hit verifier /query on CMD Window and it just flashes one CMD window and nothing happens.
What should I upload for the driver verifier? I dont see any new minidumps

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The telephone wiring in our house is very old & confusing; only 2 outlets, both downstairs, are functional. We use cordless phones (Vtech) & the transmitter base for 4 satellite phones is plugged into 1 of those outlets. My desktop pc is upstairs where, until recently, there was a functioning phone outlet to which i connected the internal modem. I use the modem for faxes. I have FIOS for the internet. That outlet is no longer available & I have been without a modem for some time. Trying to fix the upstairs wiring has been a frustrating waste of time. I don't want to pay a repairman for something that could be very expensive & involve going behind the walls, especially when a wireless solution might be much easier.
Question: is there a modem i can purchase that is wireless & responds to a phone call from a transmitter station that is plugged into a phone outlet, just like my cordless phones do? I want to plug it into the other outlet downstairs. Any other solution using my home tel# would also be welcome.



A:Need modem that doesn't require phone cable. (wireless?)

Since you have FiOS, why not consider dropping the phone line and using VoIP from one of the many providers?

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I have a audio jack cable i.e.

and I want to listen to music on phone through computer speakers. It works, but.....

In the sound control panel settings>recording tab>line in properties>Listen tab, there is a tick box 'Listen to this device'.

When I tick it, I get a "good" sound, however their is a slight noticeable echo.

When I leave it un-ticked, I still get sound but it is not as good, however it has no echo.

I am assuming, when it is unticked, the sound is playing through the inner speaker that is connected to the motherboard (that plays beeps on error at pc boot). When I leave it ticked, the sound is playing through that inner speaker but also through the computer external speakers, however one is playing the sound "faster" than the other and that it why there is an echo (one is playing at a small time interval behind the other). Would I be right in saying this?

My question is, if this is true, is there a way to disable that motherboard speaker without opening up the pc and disconnecting it? I want to do this so that I can get what seems to be better sound from the external speakers only.

From checking up, you could do something in windows 7, go to device manager, view hidden devices and a device group 'Non plug and play devices' would appear

see How can I disable / enable the internal speaker?

However, apparently this hidden option has been disabled in windows 8, see third bullet point in following link

Features and opt... Read more

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My house has all new cat 5 ethernet cable for the phone lines. We have cable internet with a Motorola sb 5100 modem and a wired router. What I want to know is can we use the phone line to connect to all the other computers in the house? Will we need to buy other hardware to do make this happen?

Thanks Bug

A:Solved: cat 5 ethernet cable internet/phone line

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I have a Modem from Comcast,and I have a D-Link Router.
I would like to be able to connect to the internet WITHOUT always having to have my router turned on.
Comcast's modem only has one Ethernet cable port.
I had a Vonage Modem before this,and it had 5 Ports,and I I had no problem.
Someone mentioned a," Ethernet Switch."
Is this the way to go? If so,I only need something simple.(Just for my home use).
Appreciate any suggestions.

A:Solved: Phone/Internet/Cable Modem-Router Question

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Just bought a new customized HP desktop. I do a lot of faxing through my computer and my last notebook had a fax modem built in. HP tells me I'll need an external fax modem (which plugs into the USB port) if I want to fax with the new machine. Then, the RJ45 of the phone line (coming from the SAME cable as my internet and television) goes into the USB fax modem.

Why? If my internet and television and my phone are all from the same cable company cable, why can't software in my computer dial the fax number through the internet cable plugged into my computer?

I don't want to fax through some internet company I have to pay. I want to scan documents using my scanner then fax them out using the Windows fax application.

I currently use XP but the new machine will have Vista.

HP also tells me internal fax modem cards are a thing of the past, replaced by the USB modem. True?

A:Solved: I've phone service through my cable company so why do I need a dial-up modem

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I just recently bought a data link cable for my cell phone(vga1000 sph-a620 by samsung, a great phone, that supports .midi ringtones if any of you are looking for one). Semi-problem is, since this was bought off ebay, support isn't all that grand. The guy self burned the drivers and such onto the disc, and I don't blame him for doing so, I believe he did a great thing. Real problem though, I am almost positive the drivers on it don't support my phone.

I've looked everywhere online and the only answer I found to my problem was some linux programming god who eventually wrote his own drivers. Now, I'm not that far away from doing this myself, but I'd rather not. Here's the deal:

The phone when hooked up to the datalink cable is viewed as a USB modem. Which it should be. So the drivers are working that far. I can check out it's properties and see that it's on COM3 and that's ok.

The main way to get stuff on this phone, specifically ringtones, programs and pictures is to replace data already written on the phone. That's not a big deal, because of the great program Gagin, that came with the disc. It needs a COM port to pick at to find the directory in the phone, so I tell it COM3, and it either gives me a unrecognized memory error(kinda pointing at the drivers at fault) or it will not find anything at all, as if nothing is on com3. I've tried changing it's ports, and other computers, but the results are mo... Read more

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I have a large screen TV that I need to run PowerPoint presentations on, and maybe video. The IT department set up Cat5 from the PC to the TV, but I cannot get anything from the PC to display.

I am trying this on two different computers. One is XP Pro, and the other is Win7 Pro. I would prefer the XP machine, but will sacrifice the Win7 machine to this if I have to.

Both the PC and the TV show connectivity at the ports, but there is no display on the TV. Multiple Monitors do NOT show in either machine.

Is this possible without additional hardware?

A:Connect TV to PC with a direct connect Cat5 Cable

Quote: Originally Posted by mac173

I have a large screen TV that I need to run PowerPoint presentations on, and maybe video. The IT department set up Cat5 from the PC to the TV, but I cannot get anything from the PC to display.

I am trying this on two different computers. One is XP Pro, and the other is Win7 Pro. I would prefer the XP machine, but will sacrifice the Win7 machine to this if I have to.

Both the PC and the TV show connectivity at the ports, but there is no display on the TV. Multiple Monitors do NOT show in either machine.

Is this possible without additional hardware?

Win key + P enables projection mode and displays it.

You sure it is Cat5, and not hdmi?

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I am not able to connect internet via wifi (although I can connect to the router). I am able to connect to internet via plunging the cable.

I see that yellow triangle with "!" mark in the internet connection.

Please help!!

Shailesh Jajotar

A:Cannot connect Internet through Wifi but can connect via Cable

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Hi All,
I have Laptop Toshiba Satellite L775, windows 7. I used cable modem Motorola SURFboard SBG6580 and it was working fine. Then I changed my ISP to Century Link and used their DSL modem and still everything worked just fine. Now I moved to another city and used same cable modem (SBG6580) and connected my business PC thru ethernet and it is working fine. The problem is with my laptop which I tried to connect wirelessly but coudn't so I tried to connect it thru ethernet but it does not even recognizes it. Funny thing is my hard wired computer has picked up same network name thru modem and is working fine both thru ethernet and wifi (this computer I am using first time with this modem).
My laptop find available networks and when I select my network with password, some time it says connected with limited access and some time "windows was unable to connect" message. I tried most of the solutions by calling Suddenlink and Motorola but no luck. I am wordering if it has to do anything with centurylink's DSL modem being used on this laptop before and somehow blocking cable modem?
Any help?

A:Solved: Cable modem to DSL back to cable modem-now my laptop can't connect to interne

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I want to transfe images from my phone to my pc. nokia pc suite 5.8 is reccommended, but is for america, and not aust. can anyone help??

A:in australia, windows Me, Nokia 6230, cant get pics from phone to pc with DUK2 cable

How would it know you were in Australia? And why would it care?

And you would need a DKU2 cable, not a DUK2 cable.

Watch out for knock-off cables as well, some do not work apparently.

Look on Google, lots of info.

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I've just switched to a different computer and am having trouble connecting my mini dv cam. It's a Samsung SC D382. I've attached my firewire cord and have made all attempts to have the computer recognize it, but still nothing. The computer is an HP Compaq DC7100C. Is there something that I need in addition to the cord? There isn't any software that comes with this cam. I've been trying for over 6 hours, please help. Thanks.

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Windows XP (Something but I think Pro)
1 GB of Ram
No CD or any Removable Drive
HP (Yeah, I know, I tried to tell her but she bought it anyways.)

I am so embarrased for asking as I am A+ Certified for a few years ago with not one but two different A+ manuals sitting around, please help.

My question is - My girlfriend brought over her HP Mini 1000 laptop and asked nicely for me to fix her networking problem and after mocking her silently to myself for getting it I sat down and attempted to help her. Her problem is that with this laptop she can no longer connect to any network or even see how as the icon at the taskbar for connecting to a wireless network is now gone and doesn't appear.

As wireless networking is a completely new field to me but I have a little bit of experience, I am no means an expert. I do not know of any way to restore her network connection or even show her a way to connect to a network via a wireless connection.

Following the various things I have read online as well as here, I can answer the following questions.

1. All Hardware is Enabled without problems, I viewed the Device Manager and a network adapter is listed.

The Network Adapter is
Broadcom 802.1 b/g wlan
and it claims it is working properly

2. I did the IPCONFIG in CMD and it comes up with nothing. I have done this several times while configuring my WIRED network at home so I understand how it works and I should see stuff like an MEDIA STATE or CONNECTION-SPECIFIC DNS SUFFIX but on h... Read more

A:HP Mini 1000 cannot connect to any WAN, please help

Hi:So,this worked once and doesn't work now. ?
If so,what was changed,if anything about the time this went south ?

And,the entry for wireless nic looks to be working properly ?

Can her pc make a network connection directly connected to the modem ?

Just for a brain check
Let's make sure that these are started.
• COM+ Event System (for WZC issues)
• Computer Browser
• DHCP Client
• DNS Client
• Network Connections
• Network Location Awareness
• Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
• Server
• TCP/IP Netbios helper
• Wireless Zero Configuration (XP wireless configurations)There should be only one wireless manager running.Either windows or the wireless nic's manager.
• WLAN AutoConfig (Vista wireless configurations)
• Workstation

Maybe you have checked all this,but we just need to kind of get a level set here.
Disable any firewalls that are running.

And just for the heck of it,let's do this.

Stack repair for XP
Courtesy of Johnwill of the Networking forum.

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows XP with SP2/SP3.

Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands:

Note: Type only the text in bold for the following commands.Netsh commands
Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults, type: netsh int ip reset reset.log

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults, ty... Read more

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My laptop notebook 11 won't connect to the wireless internet.  How can I connect it?

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Brand new mac mini. Want to use HDMI, but when I connect cable, boot up mac and turn on Monitor, the mac starts to go into new product mode, then quickly picture switches to 2 alternating graphic pictures of what looks to be 2 different computers. I gather this means monitor is looking for a suitable source?? By way of a test of the monitor, I hooked it up to a Macbook Pro using DVI and it worked fine. Just no luck with the HDMI. Thanks for any help.

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I know others have had this problem but their advice doesn't work for me. My HP mini will not connect to my wireless network although wireless network show up as fully charged and up and it says I'm connected but I can't access the internet. It has a "Acquiring network address" message that does not go away.It tells me I have an invalid IP address when I run all the conection tests thru the troubleshooter.

A:mini won't connect to wireless network

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ok i just got this hp mini, it has been working fine but then our old router stopped working so we got a new one but now my hp mini says its connected but the network is unidentified or when it does saythe name it doesnt allow me ineternet access why is that ive tried everything i can think of to fix it..right now it says its the default gateway but i had internet access once on this new router but now i dont whats going on?

A:hp mini wont connect to the internet

HP mini only supports B and G but not N (I know I have one) are you using Win 7 or XP? Anyways, try this, remove all your wireless networks (advance wireless settings on XP or network and sharing center on win 7 or 8) then do a new scan and retry to connect to the new found router (if you can't connect) please verify the wireless setting in the router, please make sure the Network name is correct, you have the right wireless key, and that you router supports B and G, you may have to connect a Ethernet wire between the pc and the router and access the router by the gateway ip address to verify these settings.... If you don't know how to check this, then please ask
if this is not the case, you might be connecting to an open wireless network that might be far away and is appearing as unidentified
please verify all this and let me know

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Hello all!
My friend got a HP Mini 210 from Verizon, I believe a few years ago. It has a sim slot, but there isn't a sim card in it. I don't know if she took it out, or if she never needed one.
It is an HP Mini 210 running Windows 7 Starter.
Apparently she isn't using Verizon anymore, as she recently bought a T-Mobile hot spot instead. She can't get it to connect to the T-Mobile hot spot wifi, and I brought it home, and can't get it to connect to my home wifi either. Well actually it says "Connected" but "No Internet Access." Internet is fine and working well, so that is not the problem.
The Verizon connection is under Dial up and VPN(I think it is broadband), do I need to remove this connection to get the wifi to connect properly? It is not connected to the Verizon connection though. Is it possible that this laptop is "locked" to Verizon the way cell phones are?
The Troubleshooter says "Windows can't communicate with the device or resource. (primary DNS server)
This isn't my computer, so I am hesitant to do anything that I am not sure about. Any help would be awesome!

A:HP Mini from Verizon won't connect to wifi

They probably set a Proxy in the unit, either in Internet Explorer, or in the Registry.  Yes, delete the Verizon connection in Internet Options, in the Connections tab.  Check for a proxy in that same tab.

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Cant connect to wireless networks with HP MINI 110 Notebook....Device manager show Atheros Fast enternet is connected and working properly. Dont see any icon on taskbar for wireless.
OS is Win XP PRo.....

How do I get the wireless to work?

A:HP MINI 110 Network...cant connect to any wireless

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I'm quite clueless here... Hope someone can help!

I have Optimum (Cablevision) internet. A Windows XP Professional PC is connected to the Scientific Atlanta DPC2203C cable modem/eMTA. No problems so far.

Having lost my job and trying to save $, I bought a Belkin Desktop Skype phone (Model F1PP010EN-SK) -- the one that connects directly to the modem/router (the idea was so that I wouldn't need to have the computer on all the time to take and make Skype calls). It and does not have wi-fi capability.

When I tried to connect the Skype phone to the ethernet port of the cable modem/eMTA, I realized that there was only one port. So I followed the advice of a friend and bought a Linksys (Cisco) 10/100 5-port Workgroup Switch (model # EZXS55W). I then connected the computer and the Skype phone to it. The computer kept working flawlessly and connecting to the internet, but the Belkin Skype phone attempted for a while to connect to the internet until it displayed a "Network error: Unable to connect to the internet" message.

I thought I found a solution when I found a posting on the Skype forum from someone who had encountered (what I thought was) the same problem: see I have copied and posted the solution below:

1. Log into your router by entering its IP address in the URL field of Internet Explorer. You can goto the command prom... Read more

A:Scientific Atlanta DPC2203C cable modem/eMTA: static IP for the Belkin Skype phone?

As far as I am aware if you give one piece of equipment a mac address then you have to give a mac address to all. Which is not a problem, just a pain if that does not solve the problem. is the url for your router, which needs to be wired up to your computer to create or change anything in it.
I am sure there are lots of people here who can help more.

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Hi HP Community and Experts, I experienced difficulties to connect to any WIFI connection after reformat my laptop.Previously, Im running this laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate, but now I bought Windows 7 Professional.All drivers were functioned properly. However, this laptop was no longer able to connect to WIFI, only LAN cable can work. Windows diagnosed, the problem was suspected due to wireless adapter problem.Current driver that I used was Ralink Technology, Corp. v3.1.5.2 And this the Hardware Ids:PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3090&SUBSYS_30901814&REV_00PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3090&SUBSYS_30901814PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3090&CC_028000PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3090&CC_0280 Can you guys please help me.thank you very much

A:HP Mini 110-3004Tu Cannot Connect to WIFI Connection

Hi: See if installing this updated driver works for you... Nov 2012) This package contains the driver installation package for the Ralink Wireless LAN Controllers in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system.

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I just bought a Compaq Mini that uses Windows 7. I'm attempting to connect to my router using wireless but I get an error saying "Possible network security key mismatch". I am using Verizon FiOS. I am certain I typed in the correct WEP key, because it's printed right on the router. My desktop also runs Windows 7, but uses a Netgear wireless USB adapter and works fine. I was also able to successfully connect to an unsecure wireless network and through ethernet with the netbook. After googling, I found someone suggesting disabling Internet Protocol Version 6, but the problem still persists, so I enabled it. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi, i have two questions.
first: i did not find the bletooth device in this laptop, but i read on the internet, that it should be available in this model.
second and more important issue is, that the laptot is not able to connect to any network via Wi-Fi nor via cable.
It was ok in the past, but now it seems to find the wireless SSID fine and connect to it with the encryption key but it has trouble acquiring an IP address.
I am trying all wi-fi networks available in my neighbourhood and hotspot which i made from my phone and nothing works. Also as i mentioned, the connection it is not working via cable.
I have used this laptot in past also in foreign countries, for example in Vietnam or Cannada and everything worked fine.
Operation system is genuine seller - installed. Win xp service pack 3 home edition.
All other devices, like mobile phone, other laptops are able to connect to my wi-fi. So i don't think there is a problem with my Wi-fi network.
Thanks a lot for your help.

A:Dell Inspiron mini 10 can not connect to internet

You should check your device manager to see what bluetooth you may have installed, and if there are any devices that may need driver updates or are unrecognized by the system. 

As for the IP issue. There are many things that can contribute to this. If you have run adware removal recently, some programs can actually remove or reconfigure components essential for network operation. winsockfix is a common tool used to fix this. Ive gone through it myself (while working on a family member's computer who was experiencing similar issues). 

You may also try uninstalling and then reinstalling your network card in the device manager. Some people suggest checking your password or removing saved passwords, but seeing as you have already tested multiple networks, the issue is not that. 

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Hello, I am trying to connect a Dell Inspiron Mini to my home wireless network. It was working last week with no problems. The status icon shows that it is connected to the network and gives an IP address. However, when I try and view a webpage I get "The page cannot be displayed". I have tried to "Diagnose Connection Problem" and it says there are no issues.

I have tried the ipconfig /release, ipconfig /flushdns, and ipconfic /renew and that spits out a new IP address but still no connection. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Dell Inspiron Mini will not connect to internet

Go to the Control Panel/Internet Connections. Right click your Local Area Connection/Properties scroll down to Internet Protocol (TCP-IP) hit Properties. Make sure Obtain an IP Address Automatically is checked as well as Obtain a DNS Server Address Automatically. Browse to C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc open the Hosts file with Notepad. Delete any lines after localhost
Save the file. Do the ipconfig release, flushdns, and renew again.

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I'm having the same problem as another user Baduga whose thread is copied below. I did download the driver version for the Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN device which was released February 03, 2010. However, when I try to connect to a secured wireless network it seems to see the router, but just spins and spins with the message "acquiring network address" and it never actually connects.

Baduga, below, also had this problem once the drivers were updated. He reported the fix was by following the instructions on HP customer service page that flavallee linked earlier. It turns out my password was missing from the association page of the wireless network connection.

Can someone give that link again, and be explicit about what you have to do to get to the association page of the wireless network connection, and exactly which password needs to be entered there/

Many thanks, NeverHadSoMany (Problems with Wireless Connections)

Success at last!

Here is the support and software site for the HP Mini 1035NR netbook. You need to add and save this site to your browser favorites/bookmarks list so you can refer to it when needed.

It came with Windows XP Home Edition SP3 pre-installed.

Here is the link to driver version for the Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN device which was released February 03, 2010.

Download and save the driver, close all open windows first, then double-click the saved file to install the driver, then restart your computer.

I'll lea... Read more

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hello from Tony .....dear friends i am a new member here...i searched some of this posts but i dont see anyone with this issue...on cyber monday of 2010 i purchased this sony mini it was working fine with the dsl ./..then 2 weeks ago i switched from dsl to fiberoptic verizon fios that other 2 laptops are connecting fine...but not this one does not ask for the wep key/ it wont connect....but if i use a ithernet cable... is asking for the wep key and boommmm problem ,then i unplug the cable and with in 2 minutes a disclamation point appair on the connection signal...i called both the internet provider and sony and of course they point fingers on eachother....
techsupport from sony changed the wireless router key(password)....they told my thah is not compatible...with window 7
i also reformated the hard drive and installed all the latest software/...still nothing
sony at this point is sayng that is the network ...but verizon tech support is telling me that is a software/hardware issue with the yesterday i whent to my friends house to try to connect to his internet(same has mine) and i have the same problem....btw my other 2 laptops also have window 7

please help..............................TONY.................................Thank you

A:sony vaio mini wont connect

Make sure you have the latest wireless driver. For an integrated adapter get the driver from Sony's web site.

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. And show for an attempted wireless connection and then for the ethernet + wireless ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following commands


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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When I connect my Galaxy S Duos 2 (and other smartphones) to the pc it show me a message "USB Device Not Recognized". I tryed to use USBDeview, update my phone, restart the phone and computer, to allow USB debugging, but nothing. What can I do??

A:Can't connect my phone to the pc

1) Try a different cable.
2) Try a different computer.

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When I connect my Galaxy S Duos 2 (and other smartphones) to the pc it show me a message "USB Device Not Recognized". I tryed to use USBDeview, update my phone, restart the phone and computer, to allow USB debugging, but nothing. What can I do??

A:Can't connect my phone to the pc

Same problem with a different cable?

Tried connecting to a different computer?

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I'm looking at a 4k external monitor, and had assumed the need for the Workstation dock for a DP 1.2 connection to the 4k monitor.  Is the P50 (right side) mini Display Port able to drive direct connection to the external monitor (at 60hz etc) ... with a miniDP-to-DP adapter?? thanks 

A:P50, mini Display Port ... direct connect 4k monit...

According PSREF Max resolution:[email protected] (DisplayPort via Mini DisplayPort cable);[email protected] (Thunderbolt);[email protected] (HDMI)

__________________________________ThinkPad (1992 - 2012): R51, X31, X220, Tablet 8.Do you care about privacy and security ? Leave Google behind

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I have just replaced the 802.11b Intel PRO 2100 wireless adapter in my Dell Inspiron 600m laptop computerwith an 802.11b/g Intell PRO 2200BG. I am confused about connecting the antenna cables to the new mini PCI board. Originally, the grey cable was connected to the Main connector and the black cable to the Aux connector. This is how Dell shipped the computer with the 2100. However, the Installation Guide for the new adapter (2200BG) indicates that the black cable should be connected to Main and the grey to Aux. How would I know which connection configuration is correct? Thanks.

P.S. I don't know if this is of any relevance, but the Intel PRO Wireless 2200BG adapter appears to be intended for HP computers. The drivers CD has HP on it and the Installation Guide is "Copyright 2004 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.". Is the antenna cable colour standardised among computer brand manufacturers?

A:How to Connect the Antenna Cables to a Mini PCI Wireless Adapter

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On my windows Vista laptop i would create a bridge from my wireless internet connection to my Xbox 360, now on my new dell mini using windows 7 it wouldn't let me create a bridge and when i go to my wireless networks properties theres no sharing me please

A:Connect Xbox Live Through Dell Mini 10 laptop

Hello and Welcome to TSF,

Are you using a router attached to your modem?

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Well I bought a Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 7000 a while ago, which came with a a bluetooth dongle. However, I have not been able to connect it to a bluetooth headset. I've read that the default XP SP2 Bluetooth stack doesn't support the headset profile. Does anyone know if there is a remedy to this?

(The bluetooth headsets i've tried are the Nokia BH-801 and BH-903)

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I need to power-up  HP Stream 200-010 Mini using a 12V batterry. I am not sure which level shifter or power adapter I should use and how to make the connections. The HP mini computer needs an external power supply of 45W. Please assist me.

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my HP Mini 110 shows me my neighbors unsecured internet but it will not connect to it he claims he didnt do anything to it and insists that it may be my laptop i tried a few things i mean very few im lazy and am tired of dealing with electronic failures it happens often to me... anyway my built in wireless card is a Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN
i also have a VZW USB modem PANTECH UM175 #3 (COM7) that will connect to its default network VZAccess and yet it too does not connect to my neighbors internet also when i try to enter credentials it says i dont need them

any ideas?

A:HP mini 110 shows the unsecured network but wont connect to it

ok so far i have tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it and still no go and hes the only other hot spot near by other then me using my pricey VZaccess network

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I recently purchased an ipod and it does nothing when I connect it to my Compaq Presario 7000. I know this may have something to do with the power or speed of my USB port, but I don't know where I can find out if I have a low or high power USB. Thanks in advance for your help!

A:ipod mini won't connect to Compaq Presario 7000

Do you mean USB 2.0 (high speed USB) vs USB 1.1 (low speed)?

Look in Device Manager - Hardware.

Expand the Universal Bus Controllers tree and see if you have an "enhanced" controller.
If not, you only have USB 1.1 (and that is what I would suspect).

If you have a spare PCI slot, a USB 2.0 card would be worth considering.

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My windows mobile won't connect to my laptop (vista). The device seems to be installed as it appears in the device manager, also I hear the sound when I plug it in. I've tried my device on XP and it worked fine, so it's a problem with Vista. I've tried a number of times re installing the device and re installing the software I was given (Windows Mobile Device Center).


A:Windows phone won't connect to pc

I've had it connected to another vista computer and it recognized it straight away and worked perfect. The difference is in device manager it says "Microsoft USB Sync" rather than "Toshiba USB Sync 0700", also it says the drivers are working properly.

So it must be an issue with my laptop. Any other USB device seems to work, so it's strange why this is different

Is there a way I can download Microsoft USB Sync drivers? Every link I click tells me to use windows update.

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Every time I try and connect my ipod to my computer says

Cannot install this hardware
There was a problem installing this hardware
An error occurred during the installation of this device

The data is invalid

This also occurred recently when I tried to connect a new phone via the usb. Another Ipod i have still works fine when connected via the same cable.

Any suggestions - I have followed all the suggested fixes given under apple support


A:Can't connect new ipod or new phone to XP

try using different USB ports for different devices.

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I am hoping that some of the brilliant people on this site can help me with this bizarre problem.
We have a Dell Desktop with XP and are using AOL Dial-Up (don't laugh) for internet access. We currently have 3 phone lines: the house line, a business line, and a line we just added last week that was supposed to be for internet use only. We have no problems connecting to the internet with the old phone lines, so from this I assume that our modem and phone cable are OK. There is a dial tone, no static, and I can call and send faxes over this line with no problems. The modem will dial out on the line to get access numbers. Problem is, when I go to sign on, there is a dial tone, the modem dials out, and then it gets stuck on step 2 and never connects.
I have been through all the troubleshooting with AOL. AOL blames the phone line, the phone company blames AOL. The only difference between the 3 lines is that the ones that I can get on the internet with have call waiting. Is there any way this is an issue? Is it possible that the line can't handle the 56K modem? I'm at a total loss and don't know where to go from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


A:Can't connect to AOL on one phone line

If it connects on one of the lines, and doesn't connect on the new one, the obvious answer here is the phone line.

To eliminate interior wiring, I'd temporarily connect directly to the NID and eliminate any interior wiring as a possible cause. If that fails, it's pretty much got to be the phone line.

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My compact hp pavillion win 8 just came back from rent a center, after 6 months of waiting for a new screen. So I don't wish to yake it back to them just to pay for a pc I don't have.
Ok now to what the problem Is and what I've done to try and fix it
"Limited connectivity" for both enthernet and wifi.
I tried dos by reseting netsh.
Didn't work. I got no hotspot plan. So that's out.
Then I tried going into the properties to change the internet protocal ip settings . . That didn't work either. I
I tried resseting my router although my pc remembered the info. That is not the problem I'm sure only because I had my router an open sourc with no name or password until after I tried everything thinking it may work. Now I can put in the long *ss password just to get the same nonsense. .
My phone is logged in to the rourter rightnow to write this

Not dos command
And I don't know how to get the pic I just took onto here.

A:pc unable to connect but phone and ps3 can

can we see an ipconfig /all
ipconfig /all

If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply
Note: you will see entries named Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface: we dont need to see that information - JUST the infomation above those entries

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

For Windows 8
To open a Cmd Prompt or an Administrator Cmd prompt from the Desktop. Use Win + X and choose Command Prompt or Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.​
For windows version, XP, Vista, W7
Hold the Windows key and press R

Now type CMD

Now press Enter to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):​
In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt ​
It ... Read more

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Hello all.

I have problem with internet connection sharing, however, I don't have connection when I connect with my phone. I'm making "virtual router" with Virtual Router Manager. Here's pictures:

You see I'm connected with phone.

I have this in Network connections:
and local area connection is shared:
But I don't have connection on my phone.

What could be problem ? Thanks

A:ICS: No connection when I connect phone

Does the phone see the ssid (MyRouterrouter) but can't connect or does it not even show up in the list of available networks?

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I want to be able to connect my laptop to my G1 PDA phone using VNC client. Problem is laptop is on my wireless network and PDA is on t-mobile how do you connect them both? Used IP address but not working?

A:Connect laptop to G1 PDA phone?

Can you even do that? :S

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I am tying to connect my T-Mobile G2 to my wireless. my wireless works fine for my 3 computers, PS3, and Wii... but i cannot get my phone to connect to the internet via my wireless. It works fine off of the schools wireless to make Wi-fi calls and such, but here at home it wont connect. It recognizes the wireless and i put the password in but it just stays at connecting... I need it to connect to the wireless otherwise i cannot make calls inside my home as it is a steel box apparently...

A:Trying to connect phone to wireless. hlp plz

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Hey, I recently received a Sony Erricson T610, and a Bluetooth dongle to use with my PC. I have paired the devices and used many of the features available, such as sharing pictures and themes, I have also taken advantage of floAt's Mobile Agent. I recently downloaded an app which would allow you to connect to MSN Messenger using my phone. But I was wondering if it was possible to connect my phone to the Internet using my Bluetooth dongle, so I would not have to use T-Mobile's Internet connection, which can be VERY expensive on PAYG. If anyone has any information on possible ways to do this, or if it is not possible, could you please reply to this article, would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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Since the last W10 phone update, my phone rarely connects to the car, it used to do so without any intervention. I now have to press the power button, but not swipe the screen up for it to connect.

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My brother has an LG smart phone and was trying to get on the internet on his computer (Windows 7) through his phone but he forgot how he did it. He walked away for a few minutes then when he came back there was a message on the computer screen saying "Hi this is Windows and we see that you were having problems connecting to a network so we fixed it for you". And he was on the net, is that normal for windows or is it that someone got into his phone or whatever? I know micrsoft wont do such a thing but windows?

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I've connected my phone to my laptop via bluetooth but i want to know what i can do with this feature

A:What can you do when you connect your phone and laptop via Bluetooth?

transfer files.... everything else depends on the bluetooth stack on the laptop.....

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So I have a Lenovo Z480 and just installed Windows 10 on it. I used to have Win7 earlier and i'm still using the same drivers. I tried Connecting my Samsung Galaxy S4 to it via Bluetooth and It woudnt even detect it. It detects other laptops around it though.
My phone also doesn't seem to detect the laptop but detects others.

Any ideas? Please help.


A:Can't connect Phone to Windows 10 Bluetooth

My Galaxy S5 is detected properly
does Windows 10 detect other devices?
you checked in bluetooth settings on galaxy s4 that it can be find by other devices?

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My Windows desktop displays a black screen with 'XT1039' (the version of my Moto G 4G 'phone) at the top with '0 files' and 'Select all' alongside and an empty bar at the bottom with 'Import' and 'Cancel' alongside when I connect the 'phone. I must press the Windows and 'D' keys to return to the desktop, then right-click the top left corner of the screen to close the thumbnail of the window opened by the 'phone. I have become accustomed to the routine. I should prefer it, however, if nothing happened on connection or, preferably, if File Explorer would open or flash, because that is where I want to be, invariably. Is this a Windows issue that can be changed or is it related to the 'phone about which, perhaps, I can do nothing?

A:Want File Explorer when I connect 'phone

You can set autoplay for that device to automatically open File Explorer upon connection. To do so:

Open control panel, then click on Autoplay. This window will come up:

You will see an option to set a default action for removable drives and camera storage. Im not sure which one would apply to your phone, so I would set both to auto open the File Explorer, or in my preference to take no action.

Try this and report back on whether or not it fixes your issue, please.

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I have a Centrino laptop running Win XP Pro and a mobile phone (Sony Ericsson T39m...yeah, I know it's a bit old now but it's small and it works), both with IR and bluetooth capability.

Firstly, could someone run through how to set up a bluetooth connection so I can synch my Outlook 2000 contacts with the phone. I have done this once before but can't remember how I did it (which is very frustrating) and I had to completely re-install the OS so any settings I'd originally slaved over have disappeared.

Secondly, on many occasions when I need to connect to the internet there's no wifi access, so it would be useful to connect via the mobile phone. How do I set up the IR and bluetooth connections to allow this - using both dial-up modem access and GPS/GPRS access.

I've followed various instructions (that's a slightly generous description) in the phone and laptop manuals but can't seem to get it to work.

Many thanks.

A:Connect using bluetooth mobile phone

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I just bought a Samsung A437 phone and an Azio Bluetooth dongle. According to the phone's manual, I should be able to connect to the phone to download photos, but the Bluetooth software can't detect the phone. Any ideas?

A:How do I connect my phone to Azio bluetooth?

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My Internet suddenly stopped working on my laptop. I can connect fine on my phone, so it doesn't seem to be a problem with the router. Nonetheless I've tried restarting the router but it didn't help (I've restarted my laptop too).
The windows troubleshooter said I'm connected fine and there's no problems, but I still can't access any Web pages. The icon on the task bar seems to be a monitor with a square in the top left corner rather than the usual connection bars.
I'm not on flight mode and there doesn't seem to be any physical switches on my laptop. I'm using Windows 10 and my Internet hasn't been working for around 24 hours now.
Hopefully someone is able to help me

A:Can connect to WiFi on phone but not laptop

Press the "Windows Button" and "R" simultaneously.
Typ in cmd
A new window will open.
Typ in cd Desktop
Then typ in ipconfig /all > ipconfig.txt
Go to your Desktop and open the file "ipconfig.txt".
Copy and paste the content of that file here.

1. You may wish to omit the "Host Name" part, because of your privacy!! (in case your hostname includes real names of you or someone else)
2. If you do already have a file called "ipconfig.txt" on the Desktop, then you may wish to move that file somewhere else, otherwise it is being replaced.

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Hi ,

I need to connect my laptop with android phone thru Wi-Fi. I have created ad hoc WEP connection in my laptop. Now, the signal strength in my laptop Wi-Fi shows "no signal". Therefore , my phone is not detecting the ad hoc connection which I have created. Please help me to resolve the problem.....
Note: I have created a Wi-Fi hotspot in my phone and connected with my laptop. I can able to use my phone's internet in laptop. But I'm trying reverse now. i.e Use internet from laptop to phone. Anyone Please help.

Thanks in advance.....

A:Connect laptop and android phone thru Wi-Fi

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Hi guys

I wanted to know how to connect an infrared connection of a phone with Windows XP. So that I can transfer files very easily. And I have a dx-905usb Wireless LAN adapter can I use it for that connection?

Please explain it to me in detail


A:How to connect infrared of a phone with Windows XP

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As i am the user of Lumia 640 XL Lte and i am unable to find any jio app in windows store. So guys if you are using Reliance jio 4g sim in windows phone, so please guide me.

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I want to connect my Touch Pro2 Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Printer to the laptop at same time..

If I connect one, the other one gets disabled...

Any idea.. Thanks!!

A:Can't connect Phone Wi-Fi (Internet Sharing) & Wi-Fi Pr

You should be able to use them both at the same time. Can you describe how the printer is connected now? Do you use a wireless router?

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