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Looking for a high quality AC power adapter

Q: Looking for a high quality AC power adapter

I need a new AC power adapter for my monitors. I have three Acer S243HL LED monitors, and the power adapters basically exploded a few months ago (I heard a loud pop, followed by the monitor just turned off). I tested it with a working power adapter (the one I'm using now for my only functional monitor), and the monitor itself is fine. The power adapter is not.

Anyways, to prevent this happening in the future, could someone recommend to me a high quality power adapter which won't short out on me?

The power adapter that I'm using looks like this

A: Looking for a high quality AC power adapter

I think there is no such thing as a high end power adapter, you could buy one with goldplated pins and from a quality brand, but the thing is not to let them get very hot and take good care of them, apart from that i dont know any

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Has anyone ever attempted or used successfully the higher quality sim adapter below in a sim tray not a sim slot.

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I just bought a wireless highpower adapter since my room is so far away from my router/modem.

I used the software that came along with my adapter to scan the surrounding network, but it didn't pick up on my net work no matter how many time I scan it. But it does pick up a few of my neighbors' wifi signal.

But I could connect completely fine with my laptop itself.

OS: Window 8
adapter: Prolink PAN2001

A:Solved: Wi-Fi High-Power adapter

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Hi All,

I've been trying for a long time to find software that allows HIGH QUALITY dvd Rips. Ive been using Nero to rip DVD's but it only supports mpeg formatt, and no matter what settings i use, the quality sucks! I recently tried a product called DVDFab as it had good reviews and was suposed to be 'high quality'. It wasn't!

I've seen others who can produce EXCELLENT quality dvd rips, but i cannot! Does anyone have any experience and can recommend software that I can buy that will allow me to do high quality DVD rips??? Or even some techniques that I can use that maybe ive over looked? Id preferably like to rip in DIVX formatt. Anyone help?

A:High quality DVD Rip

I use dvd decryptor and then nero recode to rip my dvds, I agree with you though the qualitys not great, the only reason that i work with it is because im so used to it. Have you tried clone dvd? Or maybe ConvertXtoDVD to burn avi files to dvd?

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I recently purchased Hauppauge's WinTV, and it's quality is no where near what I expected - though I guess I shouldn't be surprised, seeing as it was only $50. Anyway, I'm looking for a tuner that can give me a higher quailty pictures, and I'd love some suggestions. Thanks so much! Have a great night!

A:High Quality TV Tuners

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Is it normal for a good game to run your cpu at 100%

A:High Quality Games

This is the third thread you've started about this.....

And if it's only running on one core and is heavily CPU dependent game, then yes, some games will max out cores.

Try changing the affinity to both cores.

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i've created a full colour magazine using microsoft publisher 2003. now the printing company has told me that they cannot print from publisher as they use apple programs and have requested the magazine in pdf format.

can anyone advise which is the best pdf conversion program. i dont want any loss of quality when i convert.


A:Convert to high quality pdf

Look here at PDF_Tools

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I have this site about Beyonce Knowles, and recently bought myself a domain. Now, i joined in order to get "high quality" images, and i payed for that. But it turns out that HQ images are only for companies (like magazines and newspapers). People like me, get regular sized images and they are tagged

Now, i know there has to be another site(s) that offer HQ images for pay. I know Gettyimages has a lot of images but they are all tagged. Im willing to pay for the images. I know for a fact there are other sites because most music fan sites that have their own domain get their HQ from these sites. Thanks in Advance.

A:Pay For High Quality Images?!

probably have to prove that your a pro...or the like... ie: fill out a form
to get access to the non tagged images

not going to give them to you for nothing... or if your a offense intended...I have run into this before


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Could someone possibly delete this thread?

I accidentally hit enter which posted this thread as well. I know it seems like I'm a typical newcomer posting threads like crazy to get an answer. Trust me, that's not me. Lol. Sorry about that.

A:Buring DVD's with high quality

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I'm getting my Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB this christmas and i'd like to put some Ramsinks on it so that i can overclock it a little more that normal (up to an XT)

The 256MB model has Ramsinks on it, but not the 128MB.

Where can i find High quality Ramsinks that really really work well?

Would gettings some ramsinks and seating a fan on em help the cooling process? a small fan

pretty much, what's the cheapest way to make my future 9800 pro get XT performance (exluding watercooling)

A:I Want Best High-Quality Ramsinks Out There...

I just put in the Vantec Iceberq4 Premium Cooling Kit for my Nvidia Geforce3 Ti 500 card since it was overheating during game play and it's doing a great job so far. I've never been able to play Neverwinter Nights (etc) with pumped up graphics until now. I'm pretty happy with this kit.

It says on the back that it's recommended for Radeon 9800 Pro...

You might want to check it out.

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Could anyone recomend a very good quality webcam?

I am encoding the output with Windows Media at 1Mbit so need somthing that will provide a clean 640X480 at 25/30fps.

I have tried the Logitech laptop camera and the Philips Toucam PRO but both of them drop the occasional frame and so appear jerky.

Anyone used a USB2 webcam?


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Im not sure if this is the right place to ask this question. So sorry if I posted inthe wrong place.

Does anyone know a good company that makes good quality computer toolkits. If there are, could you please give me a link to their website. The things that I am looking for in this kit is good quality screwdrivers, wire stripper, Anti-Static Wrist Strap, Multimeter, Long Nose Pliers, and other useful tools. The more tools the happier I will be

A:What is the best high quality computer toolkit?

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Dear TSG and friends: I run two computers, a desktop and a laptop. Both run on Windows XP. I use the laptop on my home wireless network, with the desktop as the connection to my cable internet service. That service gives me about 1Mb/sec bandwidth. The desktop has a dual-core 2.2GB/sec AMD Athlon. The laptop has a single core, Intel Celeron 2.2GB/sec.

On watching Youtube video streams on the desktop, I can most often set the quality down to 240p and avoid interruptions in the streaming.

On watching the same stream on my laptop (the desktop is hibernating) from my wireless home network, the choices offered me by the settings button are only as low as 480p.

Question: Why does the settings button on the laptop's screen not offer me the 240p choice? Can I fix that? I often wish to watch a stream in my living-room, but the interruptions are discouraging at 480p.

A:Settings Quality Choices too High for me

You should be able to see the same resolution options... I'm not too sure why you can't.

Just out of interest, since you are on a cable internet service, you shouldn't be having bandwidth/lagging issues. What speeds are you paying for? 1MB?

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Yo, Im trying to fit a 30 second rock song that is originaly 425 KB's into a 30 second rock song that is less than 250 KB's, Without lossing a lot of quality in the song... any programs, tips, help?!

A:Converting Music to Low KBs with High Quality

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Does anyone know anything about this? I currently use PhoneZoo to create custom Ringtones for my Phone, but they ALWAYS sound horrible in comparison to how they sound when played back on my Computer. Why is this? I can't figure it out. At first I thought it was because my Phone (Samsung Alias 2) was somehow limited in its audio playback. But the Samsung's default Ringtones are SUPER high quality, so it should be possible to take anything and make it that great. But like I said, whenever I try and create custom Ringtones and send it to my phone, they sound like absolute crap.

A:Creating High Quality Ringtones

You should try some music software like Guitar Pro5. Just place the chords on to scales and you can sound test using any musical instruments with it as you like. But this is applicable only if you want musical ringtones.

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Many of you already know about this, but for those who don't, you can get excellent astronomical and space pictures from

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive

Thats Astronomy Picture of the day archive. A new picture every day. Click on the picture to get to the highest quality, then save to you local drive.

Fantastic pictures, and you might even learn something.

A:High Quality Wallpaper Pictures

If you really want to check out some cool looking backgrounds...

They're not "real" but they're pretty.

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Hey I currently want to put some videos on a dvd. But first I want to make them as high quality as possible. And maybe even the sound. Is there any software out there that can help me?

Thanks in advance

A:How can I make a video high quality

Are you starting with a high quality source? And what is high quality in your opinion? I think you need to be a bit more concrete in your question to get accurate help. There is plenty of software out there than can encode to mpeg2 at adjustable bitrates or even vc-1.

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Chip-maker Micron Technology Inc. to unveil a thumbnail-sized digital sensor that enables pocket-sized cameras and cell phones to capture bursts of 10 high-quality photos in a single second or even high-definition video.
Users can shoot up to 10 images per second at 8-megapixel resolution or 30 frames per second at a resolution of 2-megapixels.
Production of the new 8-megapixel digital image sensor is expected to begin early next year.

A:10 high-quality photos in a single second

Thanks for the information.

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Sometimes when you want to watch a DVD video but not on DVD player, all you need is a DVD converter to help you to rip it to another portable video players like ipod, iphone touch, etc.

Also if your friend borrowed your DVD and you may like to watch it as well then again a DVD converter will assist you solve this problem.

I would appreciate if someone here can recommend me some good dvd rippers.Thax in advance!

A:Need a high quality and easy to use DVD Ripper

mtaki, I've removed your reply as bypassing copy protection is against the rules:

Circumventing Copy Protection - While we believe it's reasonable to make backup copies of CDs and DVDs that you own, a lot of people break copy protection for the wrong reasons. The law is still vague, at best, as to if it is legal to break copy protection in order to make such a backup, even for personal use. (The DMCA, for example, seems to make it illegal.) As a result, we do not allow discussion of how to break copy protection at this time. If we can find a nice way to draw the line, we may reconsider this in the future as laws get sorted outClick to expand...
Also, this is your second warning regarding this issue.

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I'm wondering if this is good enough for high quality games, if not what should i replace them with. When the new games came out and i tried them it started to lag so i started thinking if i should replace them with something better for the new outcoming games. Because i want to try the new high quality games, i'll be dissapointet if i don't get to try them.

RAM: 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 668MHz
CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K @ 3.30GHz 50 °C
Graphics: BenQ G2420HD ([email protected])
2048MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series (XFX Pine Group)

Please help me on what i should replace them with, if you need more information you can ask.

A:Is this good enough for high quality games?What should i do?

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Sometimes when you want to watch a DVD video but not on DVD player, all you need is a DVD converter to help you to rip it to another portable video players like ipod, iphone touch, etc.

Also if your friend borrowed your DVD and you may like to watch it as well then again a DVD converter will assist you solve this problem.

I would appreciate if someone here can recommend me some good dvd rippers.Thax in advance!

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Hi all
Need a program to convert from Avi files shot with my DV camera to a Twonkymedia readable format. Found a couple programs but all dilute the quality substantial.

Ripping the files to a DVD works quality wise but want to stream the files from the NAS directly to my 50" hence the quality issue

Apreciate your help!

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Hello everybody,

I'm coming here to ask if anyone knows of a really nice high quality photo scanner. At my office we have thousands of photos piled up in boxes and we would like to digitize them so we can put them on our server.

I am looking for a scanner that can scan multiples at a time and possibly even auto crop. Or even a good scanner with some good software which can auto crop. Price is not a problem so what ever you can possibly recommend.

Thank you!

A:Need a high quality photo scanner

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Is there anyone who can advise on the correct settings to print high quality glossy, 2 sided point of sale sheets on a Canon iR C3200?

When we bought it, we had the idea that we could do short run POS printing and get close to professional quality ourselves. And that was demonstrated when we got the printer. However, a year later, I have not been able to get the quality I need. The printer has been recalibrated and serviced recently. I have tried using paper recommended by IKON, who sold us the printer and no luck.

The other thing is that I am printing from pdf's and I think I need to go back to originals but I don't know what format I need or what settings to use.

Thanks much for any help you can give,

A:High Quality POS on Canon C3200

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Well I have this awesome high quality trailer from Hellgate:London and its in avi format. I want to set it as my desktop background (im using Vista) but I have to change it from avi to either mpg or wmv.

So my first question is whether I can get a better quality conversion from avi to mpg or wmv? Size isn't important, I have plenty of space. The original avi file is 56.6 mb.

Second, what converter should I use? I want to do this with as little quality loss as possible. I'm not sure, but I think the avi trailer is in HD and it would be an excellent background.

I've googled but the first thing i've tried was PRISM video converter, and it did the conversion in under a minute and its terrible. The movie looks like it went from 1280x1024 resolution to 320x240 resolution, and audio is horrendous.

I was just wondering if you guys know of any quality converters before I try any other garbage I downloaded randomly from the internet?

A:I Need A High Quality Video Converter

Hi J-son.I use WinAVI Video Converter on XP and it does a great job with virtually no loss in quality. It is not free however ($30.00).There is a trial version with "limitations" though I don't know what those limitations are. Could be file size, output quality or burner (which I don't use anyway) limitations. Doesn't say vista compatable either but can't hurt to try.

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I use IrfanView ( I know hurrah lol but I dont use images that much)

but I have Adobe Photoshop CS3 (not sure what the cs3 stands for)

Anyway is there any way for me to take a high quality screenshot?

A:High Quality Screen Capture?

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Not sure if this has been posted before, but i will add it anyway as there are some new ones added!!

Windows 7 Wallpapers

A:Collection of Best High Quality Windows 7 Wallpapers

Thanks, found some very nice wallpapers on that website!

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I have been playing around with different formats, resolutions, byte rates,... for the video that I want to upload to you tube, but they just look crappy. There are some very nice videos on the tube once you click "high quality" but I cant get mine to look that way. Even if I make a video with near HD specs it looks like I took it with cell phone. What am I doing wrong?

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My laptop is 8 feet away from a Linksys wireless router with a clear line of sight. My signal strength is always high but the signal quality, and thus the speed, varies between excellent and fair. The orientation of the laptop is quite consistent. I tested different positions and that didn't make a difference anyway. What could be causing this fluctuation in signal quality?

A:Wireless router - high strength, low quality

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I have alot of mp4 music videos that I would like to convert to wav or flac. Can anyone recommend the best software for doing this on windows 8?

A:Best video to high quality audio converter

For free software try this (Format Factory 3.0.1) it dose almost every format.
Download link FormatFactory - CNET

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I just bought a Gateway laptop (Win 7 64-bits) with a Realtek high definition. I listen a lot to classical music and I am disappointed with the sound quality of the card.

I listen the music with a good Seinheiser headphone. The problem is not the headphone because I switched back and forth between the new laptop and a 6-years old Compaq desktop and the desktop sounds much better. On both computers, I have the equalizers set as flat and no audio effects.

The problem on the laptop is that the sound sounds "muffed", with no treble and no color. I checked the drivers and they are the latest.

I am pretty sure that this is a good quality card and the sound should be good. What should I try?


A:Realtek high definition - bad sound quality

Have you fiddled with the settings in the Realtek HD audio control panel, as shown below?

I'd turn off any special effects or enhancements to begin with.

I just began using Realtek myself, but have not done any critical listening yet to decide if I like it or not.

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Firstly, and this is the most important point...... PRICE IS NOT IMPORTANT

I have a client, who has asked me to source a top-of-the-range of the highest quality, inkjet printer that can print in full color from size A5 to size A0. ( max size is approx 120cm x 85cm ).

I have never heard of such a printer and have no idea if a machine such as this even exists.

There used to be a company in Germany called Tektronix who used to manufacture inkjet printers that cost more than a luxury car. They sold the printer side of their business to Xerox, who seem to have discontinued these very expensive products because they are not featured on the Xerox website.

If anyone knows of such a printer I would be really grateful to receive the info.



A:High Quality Large Format Printer

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I thought I'd sign up to this website as this is the place to ask these sort of questions, as you're all skilled

Now, I am undertaking a A Level ICT and I need a high quality screen recording program so I can record myself using Microsoft Word. I'm going to make demonstrations on how to use it. I've downloaded various programs such as SnagIt, Camtasia and everything I've downloaded is dreadful. I record the screen, me using Microsoft Word, then once it's finished it plays in WMP as an AVI. file and the screen is pixelated like this:
Can anyone please tell me how to prevent this pixelation thing and suggest a screen recording program which won't do this.

Thanks so much if anyone can help me!

A:High quality screen recording software?

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Hi. I know that Adobe Acrobat used to allow PDFs to be output into high quality image files, but I think the recent version "improvements" disallowed one to do this from within Acrobat. Is there another way to get a high quality image file from a PDF, maybe a TIFF or JPG image printer driver? The selection in Acrobat...
Edit / Copy File to Clipboard
only allows a low quality image to be copied. Please assist . Thanks.

A:Solved: PDF to high quality image file?

Preference is a multi-page TIFF, or if PNG does multi-page. This converter...
Creates a decent TIFF image resolution, but creates two TIFF images for a 2-page PDF.

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I have two essentially useless DVD Players one of which I purchased about two years ago( Toshiba SD-4000KU2) and the second (Samsung DVD -1080P8)

The problem I ran into with both is that when i burn dvds on my computer and try to play them on these machines, both "May" play a few minutes of a dvd and then there is breakup and they freeze up OR they don't play them at all, not recognizing the disk indicating "No Disk". For a while I thought the disk burns were bad and then discovered that they not only played perfectly on my computer but also played on the dvd players of friends whom I gave burned disks to try.

When I went online to research the problem I discovered that lots of people were also complaining about having the same problem with these machines and others so apparently this is a common problem. I did the firmware updates that were available but they made no difference in the end. The companies ask for $80 plus shipping both ways to repair so that's out of the question.Both of these machines cost less than $50 each. So I am now assuming that they are simply cheap machines and thus the problem. I am trashing both of them.

What I would like to find out is ....Do more expensive dvd players not have this problem? and Are dvd players not yet perfected to the point of being dependable and actually doing what they are supposed to do? I don't want to pay hundreds for a machine and end up encountering the same problem. Because of these e... Read more

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I would like to rip the cds that I own to my computer so i can put them on my iPhone. What program is the best and how do I insure there ripping in high quality?

A:Ripping High quality music from cds? Which program?

Try Exact Audio Copy


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We've all seen the low quality youtube videos and the high quality youtube videos.

Does anyone know how the best (clearest, high quality, nice clear sound) youtube videos are produced?

Whats the best lossless/lossy compression formats for creating a hands down great video,

what kind of camera is needed and what are the software requirements.

Im hoping to figure out what i'll need to make it happen (as affordably possible)


A:How to make a high quality youtube video


not even one lazy mans guide to video production?

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I have been looking for a High Quality Media Player to watch my AMV's. So far my search has been fruitless, so I have decided once again to ask you guys about the software you prefer. Any players suggested need to be able to read .avi, .wma, .mpeg, .mpg, Xvid and DivX

I currently have WinAmp (plays every file type that I know of but sluggish and jumpy) and WindowsMediaPlayer10 (*cough*sucks*cough*)

*edit* I am also having codec issues. Anyone know a dependible codec package for XP?

A:High Quality Video Media Player


You might try Media Player Classic, Zoomplayer, or BSPlayer. All can be found on Google. Each will play .avi, .wma, .mpeg, .mpg, Xvid and DivX. Each has its own features and all are free. I prefer the Media Player Classic.

As far as codec packages, I would stay away from packaged codecs and download only what is necessary--DivX521XP2K, XviD-1.02-29082004-- although the package ffdshow may have all you will need.


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Dear friends:
How i make high quality of youtube videos which are without high quality and my other poor videos after downloading or
before downloading.Please tell me any software or converter that can make any video to high quality video.

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So I'm thinking about buying a nice pair of gaming headphones and I was wondering if I would be needing to upgrade my sound card as well (currently my comp just has the stock Realtek integrated sound card on the motherboard). I have a USB audio adapter and I heard that helps with the sound. I was reading some reviews of these headphones and saw something about "impedance" which is why I'm hesitant of buying them.

These are the headphones I'm looking at:


Also, if I do end up needing a sound card, I'm not sure I'll have a slot for it because I already used my PC 16 express slot for my video card.

Thanks in advance

A:Integrated sound card + high quality headphones?

gaming headphones are good, but they will only be able to amplify the quality of audio that is produced by your sound card. if you don't have an available PCI or PCIe slot for a sound card adapter, there are other options such as USB (you have this already) and even a dock that fits in your 5.25 drive bays! if you're a gamer (which it sounds like you are) then you will benefit from buying a dedicated sound adapter because not only will it sound better, but you will have access to a bigger variety of software features and options.

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The audio goes on but it stays on 1 pic of the slideshow. Different pic everytime I tried....(and there were numerous tries), sometimes almost at the end....sigh

I can save it as (small) with no problem but it is too small can't really see the pics clearly....
any idea's why it won't save properly in large...or is there another setting I can try that will make it bigger?

Already tried DV AVI, it wouldn't save...and high quality NTSC...looked beautiful...but again...hung on one pic!!!

Please help....I'm on a deadline with this project...

A:My movie hangs on 1 pic when saved as high quality (large)

WMM supports the following filetypes:Picture files: .bmp, .dib, .emf, .gif, .jfif, .jpe, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tif, .tiff, and .wmf Are all your imported pictures in the same format? If not, make them so, or convert the lotto another format (as it does not appear to relate to one specific picture)and see if you still have the same problem with hanging.---------------------------Audio files: .aif, .aifc, .aiff .asf, .au, .mp2, .mp3, .mpa, .snd, .wav, and .wma May even be worth converting your sound clip to another format and trying again.Any Audio Converter Freeware (15MB download): also extracts audio from video files.

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Nobilis has released a demo of Trine, allowing you to try out this fantasy action game where the player can create and use physics-based objects to beat hazardous puzzles and threatening enemies. Set in a world of great castles and strange machinery, three heroes are bound to a mysterious device called the Trine in a quest to save the kingdom from evil.

The demo features the ability to play the tutorial and the game's first-level as any of Trine's three playable characters. The 461 MB download is mirrored on AtomicGamer,, FileFront, FileShack, and GH. Trine is looking at a July 3 release on PC, with a PlayStation 3 release coming shortly after--likely July 9, according to comments made by Frozenbyte. The PC version will be available for preorder on Steam in the coming days. An Xbox Live version is coming later on by way of Atlus.

So damn good this

A:Trine - High Quality Platformer. Amazing Game!!

looks good, but maybe to much to do.

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I have a Canon MG7751, but am not fully satisfied with the photo print quality (slight lack of sharpness). I used to have an Epson R800, which unfortunately gave up - its prints were very sharp. I have looked at various reviews on the internet but it is not easy to decide. I don't want to pay >£200. Can you give me the best options please?

A:Which photo printer for high quality fair price?

for quality and price of printing photos (if you're doing them in bulk) its cheaper to take them to ASDA. :0)

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Its all in the title really.

Need a high quality printer for flyers and brochures.

Laser or Inkjet or Photo?

What type of paper is best suited?

(Is this the best place to ask this question?)



A:High quality printer for flyers/brochures/leaflets

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Not sure if this is appropriate place for this thread, it's about saving high quality images on the browser with Dynamic IP Address.

I used to be a DSL when I was in college, since DSL uses static ip address, downloading images are clean and crisp like PNG. Any image format will do that. However when I switched to Mobile Broadband (since this is the only option in the province where I work), saving images were noticeably degraded (like a JPG format) even if I press CTRL+F5 to load higher. I ask a person who distribute broadband to our town, he explain that Mobile Broadband uses Dynamic IP address and Static IP for DSL, therefore it's a big difference between the two.

I wanna ask if there's a way to save images in high quality on a dynamic ip like it does on DSL with static ip. Thank for reading this!

A:Saving High Quality images on Dynamic IP user

I am ready to be corrected on this but...

There is no difference between dynamic and static IP. Dynamic is given from a range of IP address pool whereas static is reserved for that particular client again from the same pool.

Can you give a link to what you are trying to save? Maybe you are saving the link of the image and not itself(?).
CTRL+F5 where? in IE it just refreshes the page ignoring the cache.

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Hi tech guys,
First of all, wish you all a merry X'mas and a very happy new year 2016 to be full of peace, health and wealth to all of you and your family members and beloved ones!

My question goes here:
need to buy a new printer with high quality of printing stickers, mainly will printer A4 size papers, then cut the designed pieces of printers,
I went to have a look on printers at the IT mall,
I found a lot of printers, Brother, Canon, Samsung, Xerox, Epson,
my concern is about the best and finest quality of printing, since I need to print each A4 page then cut it into small pieces where designed the stickers, there are small font lines, small picts, logo and small details to be shown,
one more information, the printer needed is small one, home use, not for company or printing office, average 10-20 pages per week, or more up to the needed quantity,
if any one experienced with a good quality printing as per said above, pls advise,

A:Printer with high quality of printing to print stickers

what country are you in
and whats the budget
have a look at the cannon range
You need to get a printer with multiple ink tanks
Pixma range
PIXMA iP8750

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Hey....I just bought the game CRYSIS and despite the fact that i have a custom built gaming computor i can only run the game on the "low" graphics assuming this has something to do with the quality of my video card...? So i was wondering what would let me play CRYSIS on "high" or "Very High" graphics specs, without spending over $250-$300? amy help or suggestions are appreaciated.

A:I Need A High Quality but Not too expensive video card...suggestions?

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I am about to install an ATI HD 5770 in my computer, and I am thinking about getting some games. I hear a lot of talk about games like Crysis heavily taxing graphics cards and what not.

If I play games like Crysis all the time (with as high settings as my card can handle), will that significantly change the lifespan or alter the card's performance at all?

A:Does a high quality game (Crysis) shorten the life of a GPU?

If I said yes, would you limit your game playing to Solotaire and Minesweeper ?

These cards are built for gaming.
So long as you have adequate chassis cooling and clean power delivery the card should not be significantly affected by intensive gaming. All cards fail eventually but normal gaming conditions should not significantly impact on it's lifespan, at least not until it has endured a few years of use.

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hey all, I get weird black hatching lines across my model in Maya 6 when I turn on High Quality Rendering Mode. I have identified its my video card X800 XT Platinum Edition cause my friend has one too and he has the same problem. does anyone know how to fix this? If you turn on low quality lighting it fixes it but then you can't view normal maps which defeats the purpose.
I have tryed to reinstall my drivers, I've gotten the newest drivers, Ive gotten latest direct x, I've tryed screwing with the video card settings and nothing works.

I really need a fix for this so any information is much appreciated.



A:Maya 6 High Quality Rendering Mode problem

After forking out a couple of thousand dollars for Maya - some more for a new Video card doesn't seem like much?!
Despite that, I would recommend you go to a 3D or Maya specific help board.

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When I had XP, I could watch HD videos no problem at all and it was amazing. Now that I have vista, they jitter and stutter. Picture something moving smoothly across the screen, now picture is stuttering, I'm pretty sure its called Micro Stuttering.

It is not my connect, even if I let the entire video buffer out it still does it and this didn't happen with XP.

The video card I have is a EVGA Nvidia 9800 gx2 and I'm using the very latest drivers. I thought it may be a driver issue so I rolled back to the drivers I was using with XP and I still had the same problem.

Also noticed the issue isn't as noticeable in Google Chrome as it is in Firefox 3 but it still is there.

Any ideas?

A:Vista has caused lag and jitters in High Quality and HD videos on Youtube.

It appears it isn't happening in Chrome at all.

This is probably a conspiracy to get people to switch to chrome, well it worked on me. Only problem now is all the ads...Firefox blocked them all..

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We already have a slim ditigal camera (Casio), but my wife wants a good digital camera that take high quality close ups of things like flowers, which she then uses to paint from. I was thinking this would be a good choice:

It is the highest rated on NewEgg with a 10 or higher optical zoom.

Is this correct? What digital camera would you recommend?

A:Recommendation on digital camera for high quality close up photos

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I have a WLI- CB HP 54 Buffalo wireless network card and it is supposed to reach further than regular wireless G cards, but my internal wirelesss on my laptop spans MUCH further.

I am using Windows XP SP2 and installed the driver and software about 3 times. I have found that windows configures it better than the software that came.

My question are a couple.. First. when i go and set up wireless zero configuration service to automatic, it keeps going off the next time i restart and when i search for networks it says "make sure your switch is turned on " .......

I called Buffalo and they said that it was my internal PCI adapter interferring with it. It is an A/B internal card. Within close range, the wireless card works fine.
I also wanted to know if there are dangers of having my internal A/B card and a wireless G card running at the same time.

Also the Buffalo says it is B/G, but doesn't pick up B networks well.

Thank you for your help.

A:Buffalo High Power Card Not high powered

Is your router A, B, or G? Also, I can't think of any danger, per se, of running both cards. This is a process called Multi-homing. If you plug in a LAN cable, you'll actually have 3 network connections, 3 IP Addresses, etc. Some apps may get confused & blow up, otherwise you're just using some resources unnecessarily. If it was me, I'd turn off the internal card if I had a G card I'd rather use...


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Hey guys, I'm not a computer smart guy, so please deal with me on this. A friend of mine recently built me a pc, basically I picked out all the parts he recommended, and he put it together. Anyway, since its been built, back around end of September, it has been getting a blue screen of death while gaming, mostly on Team Fortress 2, as well as while watching youtube vids, specifically high quality ones. The bsod will not happen if your not gaming or watching high quality vids. You can browse the internet without a problem, comp will run flawlessly, its only during games, and quality vids it will blue screen.

I've been told the bsod error "124" is a hardware error, so I've tried replacing different parts in an attempt to fix the problem. I've replaced the graphics card, I've replaced the mother board, I've replaced the memory, and I've replaced the power supply 590w+. Still I get the same bsod, nothing has worked. I've updated bios for the motherboard, as well as updated the graphics card. I've ran memtest, and memory has passed, I've also ran DFT and hard drive passed. I hear if it was a hard drive problem, it would get worse over time, it hasn't gotten worse or better, it stood the same.

Theres also something I noticed with team fortress 2 Vs. Starcraft 2. The bsod will happen a lot more frequently during Team Fortress 2, than it will during Sc2. Can't figure that one out either.

As far as my OS, I am using Windows 7 Pro 64bit, if that helps any. I will als... Read more

A:BSOD 124 While Gaming/Watching High Quality youtube vids. [moved from V/7]

Here are pics of the bsod, error 124.

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US $133.98 /set






Clothing Length


Pattern Type


Sleeve Style


Brand Name

Silk Blouse



Fabric Type



100% silk


Turn-down Collar

Color Style

Natural Color

Sleeve Length




Sleeve length





Long sleeve

Sleeve type

Conventional sleeve





Model Number

To Buy Or See Another Product Click On This Link

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looking for power supply for around 25 dollars ...found plenty but was wondering what size i should go for (im think between 350 and 400 because i have extra fans 2 cd roms and 1 harddrive )and what should i look for as far as volts and amp ratios... also is brand name power supplies that big of deal. just a couple of question i would like to know before i pick one blindly

A:quality of power supply???

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The tips I got with this Kensington 33197 power adapter have numbers stenciled on them like N3, N5, N19, etc. The tips sold on their web site make no mention of the "N" numbers and have numbers like K20059, K20050, etc. and there is no cross reference.

You can also see a complete reference for "N" numbers to all the laptops they support at the above link. Again, no mention of the numbers Kensington uses on their site.

I need a cross reference for these kinds of numbers.

Kensington referred me to their telephone tech support; but, there is a language or cultural barrier that prevents their understanding what I need.

Does anyone know of such a reference?

A:Need power tips reference for Kensington laptop power adapter

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My laptop will no longer turn on.  When the AC adapter is plugged in, the LED light is white indicating power is arriving at the laptop. However, nothing happens when I push the power button. Troubleshooting steps I have completed already include: Hard reset (several times including after each step below)Tried starting without the batteryRemoved all removable components and reseated themRemoved all removable components as well as bottom cover. Cleaned with compressed air. Put everything back.Nothing appears wrong and nothing happened between the last time it turned on and this time that I am aware of. The laptop is out of warranty, and I am pretty handy with computers. Is there anything that can be suggested short of a hardware replacement that would help get this resolved? TIA

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But originally wanting to supply my own power (ex: BFG 550 watt ATX EPS)

How is the quality on the Antec's power?

A:Antec power supply quality - sold with case

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US $65.00 /piece






Clothing Length


Pattern Type


Sleeve Style


Brand Name

W&Z 107°



Fabric Type





Turn-down Collar

Color Style

Natural Color

Sleeve Length


Model Number

To Buy Or See Another Product Click On This Link

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the sound is crappier than ever. I have this quality loss for a while but now is repulsive. Ive reinstall windows 7, reinstall relatek drivers, get ones specified by my motherboad manufacturer, tried the latest ones.... put power management at high performance...etc

my motherboard ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS P5GC-MX/1333

A:Bad sound quality ( high pitched, almost acoustic sound etc.) integrat

My RealTek sound (on one PC) also has "Sound Enhancements" which include reverb, echo, chorus, etc. If you have this diable all sound enhancements and see if that makes a difference.

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This is a common problem (I see lots of posts)
The problem source is the [Dell] AC adapter.  PA-21 Family, 65W, P/N: NX061.  It is made in China.
I have an XPS M1330.  Using Dell after warranty service, replaced the Mother Board twice, replaced the battery twice, replaced the AC adapter twice - not fixing it.
Turns out the power warning message is very informative.  It states "Please connect a Dell 65W AC adapter or greater for best system performance".  So, I plugged in my Dell 95W adapter - WOW Problem Solved.
A lab test of my new Dell 65W AC adapter shows it to be 64.6 watts.  If this unit gets hot (like after several hours of use), it may not put out the full 65 watts - the system may not recognize the adapter, it may power the system ok, but won't charge the battery.
These units burn out after only a few months of use. Their cables are too fragile. If Dell's or their supplier's Quality Control can't produce a reliable 65W product - I found seveal "Made In USA" universal adapters.

A:AC Adapter - Alert - "AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined"

Well my solution was simple.
I just removed the battery pack and powered up my notebook. Then I turned off the notebook replaced the battery pack and VOILA. The error message was gone.

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Greetings everyone..

So this has been an unending nightmare, it all started when i noticed that there are annoying sound lag spikes while playing music/movies/games etc... i searched until i found a program called LatencyMon, tried it and here's the result :

Your system appears to be suitable for handling real-time audio and other tasks without dropouts.
LatencyMon has been analyzing your system for 0:03:02 (h:mm:ss) on all processors.
Computer name: MA
OS version: Windows 8 , 6.2, build: 9200 (x64)
Hardware: INTEL_, Intel Corporation, DG41RQ
CPU: GenuineIntel Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz
Logical processors: 2
Processor groups: 1
RAM: 4091 MB total
_____________________________________________________________... Read more

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I discovered my old linksys dongle to be broken and faulty as it had constantly high ping and always dropped out signal even when not in use. I was using my boyfriend's TP-LINK TL-WN620G and my brother's Belkin F5D7050 usb adapter for a while, which worked fine, and have since bought my own brand new.
The TP-LINK adapter was good but did not work properly on my PC - if I used it for too long (4 hours or more) or left it plugged in while away, it would turn my PC to a blue screen DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. After numerous reinstallations and troubleshootings I figured it wasn't compatible since there wasn't an actual Windows 7 driver out there for the dongle and it worked fine on my boyfriend's XP machine.
However, since buying the new dongle, the belkin one as mentioned above, although it is the exact same model as my brother's and my father's (all used in this house), there are MASSIVE ping issues with it. 2 screenshots are attached of the ping of each dongle whilst using the internet normally to compare.

Why the heck is this happening with a brand new dongle that I just bought today?? What can I do to fix it?

A:Very high ping with brand new adapter

solved it without you guys' help. seriously, no posts at all? i just had to run the drivers in compatibility mode.

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Well I think the title explains most of it. I have a bunch of paintballing movies that are in avi and a few others are mpeg formats. To name a software (price is not a problem) that will convert other video formats into a high or same quality VOB file for burning.

I've tried a few programs but they required me to use a crappy conversion to mpeg, then into VOB which ended in the whole movie all squared and chunked edges of detail. I need better quality because I want my files to stream together as smooth as possible, and not have chunched, crap quality in some places and then great quality (my video camera) on the parts where me and my crazy friends be me and my crazy friends.

So far all I've gotten out of my new burner is frustration. Please help me keep my mind!

EDIT: I'm using Nero 6 to burn DVDs and also use PowerProducer Gold (made by Cyberlink)

A:Need high quality converter for "other video" to VOB

I recommend this software for ur needs - ContextConvert Pro. It converts directly from one file to another. Read more about it and download a trial from here:
I hope u have all the necessary codecs for making and playing videos. Dont worry if u dont, just search the above site for any codec or software u want.

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I just recently installed windows 7 x64 professional edition. Love it! Minus one thing. My wireless network adapter is crapping out from it. It appears Windows 7 doesn't like any other previous wireless network adapters that much. I am only getting 36Mb/s and I have HUGE latency when playing games online. I am running Linksys WMP300n. I just bought this thing last year when I got Visa. It worked amazing for Vista, but as as soon as I install 7 it hates me. I looked at the drivers and It wont even recognize a Linksys. The ones listed in the device manager are just generic drivers vista provides the Broadcom 802.11n drivers.

Anybody know of an adapter that works with 7 and or a remedy to this. It seems with the small amount of research I have done so far. LOTS of people are having troubles with wireless network adapters for windows 7.

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Hey everyone

On Thursday, I received my copy of Windows 7 Home Premium. I skipped the Vista bandwagon, so I was moving directly from Windows XP Service Pack 3 (32-bit) to Windows 7 Home Premium. I opted to install the 64-bit version of Windows 7, as I had no issues when running the 64-bit beta.

As it turns out, I seem to have encountered an issue with my network adapter on Windows 7. Using any speed test site, such as, I get an extremely high ping (500ms +). I have tested another machine behind my router running Windows XP and there is no problem. Also, on the website, which tests connections per minute, I can only get around 200 on Windows 7, whereas I could get 2000+ on Windows XP with the same hardware.

Strangely, in games like Counter-Strike: Source, my ping is normal and in the 25-60 range on most nearby servers. Also, when running the ping command from the command prompt, most servers return a result lower than 100ms ... which is also normal. So, I don't understand why on,, and dslreport's flash speed test.. I get a ridiculous ping time of 500+ms. Web browsing does seem to be slow as well, as images take longer to load then they should.

I'm not sure whether this is a driver issue, or what. I have tried disabling both my firewall and AV software, so they are not at fault. I've tried 3 different version of the drivers for my NIC. One from the Gigabyte website, and two from Realtek's website (they released an update... Read more

A:High latency issue onboard Realtek adapter

I have encountered issues from speed test sites. Such as high ping. It is something I have grown used to. Mainly its just the speed you have to worry about for the most part. You can try to disable ip/v6. you wont need it unless your connected directly to the internet.

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My Network has been failing and it has been happening for about a month or so on Windows 7 x64.  I dont think that the system configuration is the problem as it is happening on 2 seperate machines.  One being a relatively beefed up "white" box, 4 gig OCZ ram, EVGA nForce 790I SLI Mobo, Q9600 Quad core processor, dual raid 1 - 150 Gig Raptors, 2 8800GTX SLI cards, Pure Power 800W PS.  The second machine is an IBM Netbook S10.  I use the Netbook as a media center connected to a Pioneer Elite 1050HD.  One thing is I have a PS3 and have several 1TB Esata drives connected to an IOGear 3132 Esata 3.0Gb pciX card to my desktop.My typical usages:1. FTP from a private server2. Streaming music via Winamp3. Streaming video 720, 1080 from pc to PS3 via the PS3 Media Server4. DLing demos or movies on the PS35. Network streaming a movie from the Esata drives to the bedroom or kids rooms6. Streaming video from or from the Cox cable modem7. RDC over VPN to work machinesNow I have noticed that when I am streaming HEAVILY, from any 2 of the above mentioned, my network connections will simply stop working with a yellow exclamation mark on the task bar network icon after a few moments, nothing in the event logs, no logs or ANYTHING at all.  It will simply stop working no notifications or anything poof, gone.  I have EVERY single patch, driver anything I can think of installed.  Nothing works, the timing is completely random.  FYI I have a NET... Read more

A:Windows 7 x64 Network Adapter Stops working on high load

Considering this issue occurs on 2 different machines, I also think this issue may be more hardware related. You may also try the following:
1.    If the computers are connecting to a router, please ensure the router?s firmware is up-to-date.
2.    Please run the following command in an elevated command prompt in Windows 7:
netsh interface tcp set global rss=disabled
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
netsh int ip set global taskoffload=disabled
3.    Disable SNP in Windows 7 by setting Registry as following:
Note: Please perform a full-system backup first.
If the keys do not exist, please create them and assign the value.
An update to turn off default SNP features is available for Windows Server 2003-based and Small Business Server 2003-based computers
4.    If the issue persists, please add another network adapter to this computer and see how it works.
Hope this helps. Thanks. Nicholas Li - MSFT

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i am trying to install Cirago Bluetooth 3.0 High Speed & Wi-Fi (B/G/N) Mini USB Adapter Class 2 BTA7300. on win7 sp1. when it try to install the wi-fi I get

any hope for me?


A:can install Cirago Bluetooth 3.0 High Speed & Wi-Fi (B/G/N) Mini USB Adapter Class 2

sorry for the type-o in the subject line

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For the last two weeks, every time I start my Dell INSPIRON E1705 while using the power supply I am greeted with the following message. "The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge. Please connect a Dell 90W AC adapter or higher for best system operation". I press the F1 Key and everything works fine. I've read about this on other websites and most say it's a design flaw in the power supply after the cord has been properly wound around the supply as designed. Apparently a few of the cords internal wire strands become broken and cause this message. My computer is from June 2006 and shouldn't be having this issue so early...or ever. This seems like a flaw that should have created some type of manufacturers recall since so many people are having this issue. I'm of course out of warranty, will Dell replace this free of charge?

A:Power Supply - "The AC power adapter type cannot be determined....."

You are correct, the failure is due toloss of the power supply ID signal. Sometimes this happens because of strain on the plug, which breaks the signal wire. Some even are so severe that the insulation breaks away from the plug; this is due to rough handling. The other cause is one or more of the power socket solder connections to the system board become broken. This also is related to severe handling. I have seen one case where all three power connections and three of four mechanical connections were disconnected. If the power supply is bad, a replacement will cure the problem. If not, then the socket is bad, and this will require a system board replacement. If you are experienced, you can try to resolder the connections. I am experienced and was not able to get my daughter's E6000 to work by resoldered. More recent Dells are using a replacable power connection board which is a much cheaper repair.

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I have an IBM Thinkpad with a High Rate Wireless mini PCI adapter III radio inside. My router is a D-Link DI-524. I'm currently connected through an ethernet cable (DSL).
I have a separate computer connected to the router as the main connection. (I do file and print sharing, but i doubt that effects the problem I'm having.) This laptop (the one with the problem) occasionally connects to the same router through an ethernet cable, but should also be able to connect wirelessly.
The problem now is that my wireless connection does not show up (or rarely shows up) as an available network on my list of available networks. If it does, it's intermittent as to whether I can connect to it. For a while it seemed as though it could only connect to the wireless network if it was also connected by cable. If I can connect it lasts less than a few minutes, before the network disappears as an available network.
At the same time, my neighbors' networks do show up as available. They are protected, so I can't see if I can actually connect through them. I brought in a separate laptop which didn't have any problems connecting through my wireless. Furthermore, I borrowed a wireless usb adapter and was able to see and connect to my wireless and this computer that way. I'd rather not have to use an external advice though if possible.
These problems all started when I installed AVG (firewall and virus protection) about a month and a half ago. I've gone back an... Read more

A:Thinkpad High Rate Wireless LAN mini PCI Adapter III won't receive home signal

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I'm having problems with my the graphics card on my laptop. It's an APU and I have picture and videos problems. Whenever I watch movies or look at pictures I see most things fuzzy, (if that makes any sense). I tried to watch a DVD and the video quality was unbearable. The most unbelievable thing is it affects picture quality. I can't do anything without poor quality pictures or videos. I have tried installing new drivers and all sorts of things. Is it me or is it my laptop?

My Laptop Specs:

AMD A6 Quad Core APU 1.5Ghz
AMD Radeon HD 6520G
6GB DDR3 Memory 1066Mhz
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

A:Graphics Card Picture Quality and Video Quality

Quote: Originally Posted by MarshCaptain


I'm having problems with my the graphics card on my laptop. It's an APU and I have picture and videos problems. Whenever I watch movies or look at pictures I see most things fuzzy, (if that makes any sense). I tried to watch a DVD and the video quality was unbearable. The most unbelievable thing is it affects picture quality. I can't do anything without poor quality pictures or videos. I have tried installing new drivers and all sorts of things. Is it me or is it my laptop?

As you supply no technical information, it's hard to guess.

Is the laptop display running at its native resolution?

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I have high DPCs when the POWER service is running. If I turn it off, the DPCs go back to normal.
Why? What is this trying to run that is causing this?
OK, U can't tell. How can I troubleshoot this now that I know the culprit???????????

Then again, someone must have found and fixed this already.

A:high DPC with POWER service

FYI - I figured it out.

If I shut off the POWER service high DPCs are eliminated. However, not having it on is not an option.
I need it otherwise it won't go to sleep - so what causes the high DPCs.

APPARENTLY, when it is active it is constantly checking status - that seems to be THE thing that slows any windows system down.
SO, I went back and set the power option to HIGH PERFORMANCE - from BALANCED -- 20 min later I have had NO high DPCs.

the end.................

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I have notebook Dell Inspiron 5558. Today something happend with my AC Adapter and my notebook cant charge. Where i can buy the  same AC Adapter?

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I recently bought a replacement power adapter for my dell e1505. The computer works but it won't charge the battery and tells me that since the computer does not recognize the charger, I need to reseat the power adapter... What does that mean?

A:Power Adapter

Hello aaronbaron,

Reseat the power adapter just means make sure the power adapter is plugged in good on the laptop and the wall outlet. I would try powering off the laptop, unplug the power cord, take the new battery out. Reinstall the new battery only and try to power on the computer. If that does not work plug in the power cord and power up with the new battery installed.


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I have noreen indicator dont lighttebook Dell Inspiron 5558. Today something happend with my AC Adapter and my notebook cant charge. Green indicator doesnt light Where i can buy the  same AC Adapter?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C655D that needs a replacement ac power adapter, when I look it up it says I need:

Laptop AC Adapter: 19 Volts, 75 Watts, 3.95 Amps, 5.5mm x 2.5mm Connector


Laptop AC Adapter: 19 Volts, 65 Watts, 3.42 Amps, 5.5mm x 2.5mm Connector

Someone gave me a new, in the box AC Adapter with USB port, made by Insignia.
The documentation says "converts 120v AC to 3-12v with 1300mA max output."

I realize this is a question not exactly hardware related, but I'm hoping someone knows the answer....I'm afraid to plug it in and fry my laptop


A:ac power adapter...

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Can I use 45 Watt adapter for dell inspiron 15 5559?? I got the adapter along with the laptop when I bought it. But a warning is displayed on screen prompting me to use 65 Watt adapter... If so why 65 Watt adapter wasn't given with the laptop instead of 45 Watt?

A:Power adapter

The system is designed to support both 45W and 65W adapters - see the specifications here -
When you plug in the adapter to the system, does the adapter stay firm or does it fall off easily? Is the adapter frayed? Could you test with another power adapter if possible?
Restart the system and press f2 key to enter BIOS - check the adapter status in BIOS with and without the adapter plugged in. Also, wiggle the adapter cable at the end and see if the status changes in BIOS at any point.
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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This is probley not the place to ask but, I have a cardscan and I lost the 4.5V power adapter. The end is very small and I haven't had any luck finding one. I even went to their web site and nothing. I also e-mailed them with no response. Can anyone help?

A:Power adapter?

From their website:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Contact our Customer Service department for the following types of inquires:
Lost CardScan adapters.

Call 617-492-4200 ext. 3 between the hours of 8:00am - 5:00pm EST Monday-Friday.

Have you called them yet?
Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

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I got a USB Hub here and I need to get a power adapter for it. On the hub, it says 5V. I currently have a 6V power adapter. Would this be safe to use?

A:Power Adapter for USB Hub

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I bought a Dynex USB 2.0 4-Port Hub last week and have decided to add an external power supply to power the hub. The short and terse User Manual notes on the final page that a 5Volt / 2.5 Amp Power Adapter may be connected. I called their customer support number and talked to a lady, but her best advice was return to the store and ask there. My experience with this store over the years has been fat chance for this kind of request. Has anyone got a suggestion as to where I can purchase such a USB Power Adapter?

A:USB Hub Power Adapter

Radio Shack would be a good place to start although you might have to get one of their adjustable models. A Google search should also turn up something. Actually I just replaced my D-Link powered USB1 hub with a USB2 model. The old one is just sitting around and it has a 5V 2.4A adapter. If you want it so you can use the adapter just PM me and I'll send it to you.

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Hi, I have an ASUS A7M266 motherboard and 1.2 AMD CPU using Win98 SE. It came w/ the software ASUS Probe which tells me when it either goes beyond the threshold. The problem is that it pops up because the CPU temperature hits way over 100 degrees Celsius but just for a second. Also,the CPU fan goes at a low RPM at 2500 which is not normal (normal speed is 5800 RPM) - just for a second too. They both don't happen at the same time. this happens frequently everyday. Can someone tell me how to remedy this? thanks

A:Probe w/ High CPU Temp. and Power

Asus probe has been known to be very inaccurate and have that error message. Try downloading motherboard monitor and see what it tells you. It's freeware, suppose to work good.

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So, after battling a myriad of problems with windows 10 for months now I've finally given up and went back to windows 7 and I'm noticing one main problem.

I was pulling 55 watts from the wall at idle with windows 10 and I am now pulling 120 watts from the wall with windows 7 with the same exact OS power settings, BIOS settings, and no Hardware changes.

As this is a HTPC, it is on idle a lot and that extra power is going to cost.

Is this normal? Does windows 10 really have half the idle power requirement of windows 7?

Hardware is:

AMD FX-8350
ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
Nvidia GTX 670

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

*Also I'm not seeing any abnormally high CPU usage or anything like that.

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My mother was given a pretty nice HP pavillion entertainment laptop from a friend, but when I plug it in, the blue light (where I plug it in) comes on, but when I hit the power button, there is a faint high pitched squeel. Any idea what the problem could be? It will not power on enough to run any tests or anything. It is fairly new and would be great for my mom considering it was free, and she's never had a computer before.


A:High pitched squeel when trying to power on?

Is this the wrong forum?

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This is off topic for these forums, but I thought I may as well try.

Im looking for a LED flashlight, here are my potential requirements:

Very bright (maybe 3W Cree, though im not sure I know what im talking about, i was referred to them many years ago).

single LED (only ONE led in flashlight please, no multi LED arrays).

Small and compact, fitting only two CR123 rechargable lithium batteries and the LED itself.

High quality (prefereably not made in china... )

Below ? $30 - $40.

Looks good.

I prefer a link to a trustworth retailer for the flashlight, another for 2 rechargable lithium CR123 batteries would be appreciated.

Im sorry if no one here knows enough about LEDs...

A:High power, compact, LED Flashlight?

"Im sorry if no one here knows enough about LEDs"...

Me too. I have seen bright LED flashlights all over the place. Google can't point you in the right direction?

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I had a drink spilt on the power adapter where the power plug connects into the laptop.  I need to get a replacement since, I use the laptop fairly regular and can't seem to find any that are HP

A:HP Pavilion g6 Power Adapter

Does it have to be HP specifically?Plenty around on the web, these are just examples:60 Watt HP G6 G7 power adapter $8.98 on Amazon newer model 90 Watt faster charger $11.99

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I have a Precision 7510 updated with the latest Bios and drivers. Today my TB15 arrived. I haven't tested connecting a monitor to it yet only a network cable and USB 3.0 stick - this worked fine.
I also tried starting the laptop from the button on the TB15 which also works fine.
However on startup I receive an error message:
"Alert! You have attached an undersized 130W power adapter to you system, which is less than the recommended 180W power adapter" ... message carries on a bit.
Now the thing is both the TB15 power adapter and 7510 power adapter are the same (identical part number) and  are shown to be 180W output.
What's the problem here and what do I need to do ?

A:Undersized power adapter

Any one any idea on this error ? Message appears at Bios post stage... i.e. early on just after switching on.
@Mod - I mistakenly posted multiple times - please feel free to delete duplicates.

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where can i get a car power adapter or charger for  Yoga 13?

A:where can i get a car power adapter or charger for...

Hello,You can to use a converter 12V/220V or 110 V.It's not more expensive than an other charger, and you can to charge all devices.

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I recently purchased a Del Latitude 7202 Toughbook.
At same time purchased 12V power adapter.
The adapter was shipped separately.  SKU 469-4546.  The power plug did not fit computer.
It is too fat.  Spent 4 hours with tech support and they told me the wrong part was shipped.
They said they would send a replacement.  10 days later I get a package with an HDMI cable in it.
Call support back, was told they would just issue me a credit and I can purchase one online.
I was told I needed part.  450-AAYR.  Web page for that part lists the 7202 as compatible.
It arrived yesterday.  Still doesn't fit.  I am returning it as well.  
What is required to get the correct part?

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Hi all,

i hope im posting in the right section....(apologies if not)

The power adapter/charger for my toshiba laptop failed recently.

Im looking for a replacement and have see several different options.

The original toshiba part (part no: PA3290E-3AC3) is available for about 50 pounds
however ive seem lots online which are the same spec, and described as replacments for the above part. the thing is these cost less than half the price of the original
Although these are not the genuine part it says they will work.

i was a bit worried that it may damage my laptop if i dont use the exact part.

could anyone advise me on this please and the best thig to do.


A:power adapter does not work

I have a Toshiba that I am using an adapter made by Lite-On. I have been using it for about 2 years and no ill effects. It was about 1/3 the cost of the Toshiba adapter.

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Seeking adapter for lenovo ideapad U330 touch. I want to buy a power bank but I need specific adapter for my computer. The power supply input is almost like a rectangular USB port (like in the photo). Thanks for your answers. ?

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I have a compaq nx6325 lap top, which will not turn on at all. The power adapter
shows 18V between the inner and outer ring and appears ok, led on etc.But what's the tiny center connector for in the plug? Should there be a voltage on it to earth, or to the ring connectors?Finally,should I be able to power-up the lap-top with the power adapter plugged in, and the battery out?

A:Power adapter center pin

Sounds like the Centre pin has broken away and lodged itself in the plug. I cannot tell you which is positive and which is negative with regards to the rings on the plug. Because different Manufacturers use different combinations and with that different Voltages too. Generally speaking the outside piece is the male end and the receiving plug is the female -go figure-
Hope this link works you can see what I am mentioning, obviously this is not your cable but for the example of male to female ends the description matches the pictures ( not the 'Y' cord on the link )

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