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Windows slightly too large for my tv

Q: Windows slightly too large for my tv

Just connected a new 1920X1080 TV to my PC and it's working great EXCEPT that Windows 7 is a little too large for the TV and stuff is getting cut off. Is there some feature to let me squeeze the system to fit the display on the TV?

Resolution on the TV and 24" monitor are both set to duplicate 1920X1080. The monitor displays fine. If I go to 1280X1024, everything fits perfectly, but I want to use the recommended larger resolution.

A: Windows slightly too large for my tv

Do you have a scaling, or scanning option for your tv? Check your video card settings, it should have a scaling option.

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I performed an experiment with my wife last night, who I would qualify as a slightly above average computer user. She hasn't yet looked at Windows 8, and she isn't out reading about it, nor trolling forums to see how it works.

I brought home a work laptop with Windows 8 installed on it. I gave her the username and password to log in. I pressed the power button and walked away.


After about 2-3 minutes, I noticed she wasn't doing anything. I asked her if she got logged in and she said, "no, I'm still waiting for it to bring up the log on screen". I told her it was ready about 2:30 minutes ago. She then clicked on the screen, or hit something on the keyboard and got the log on prompt. Her response, well that wasn't intuitive at all.

The "new windows UI" appeared with the tiles, and she said, "What the hell is this the new version of Windows?". I gave her the task of getting calculator running. About 2 minutes later, she said, "I screwed something up. I got to the desktop, but there is nothing here, and I cannot figure out how to get that first screen back". A few minutes later she said, "I got it". I said, "you got calculator running". She said, "No, i got back to that first screen thingie". I asked her how she did it, and she said "um, I don't remember". So, I told her to click back on the desktop and show me. It took about a minute for her to ... Read more

A:My slightly-above average users first time Windows 8 experience

I would assume there would be a help guide or its a trip to the local book store to pick up a copy of windows 8 for dummies

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I have no idea whats causing this but it seems to happen usually when either browsing a folder of videos, opening videos or something media related.

The pic is exactly what i see, this happens quite a few times a day, very annoying. havnt changed anything or installed anything so i dont know whats wrong. I have updated my Nvidia drivers to the latest available on their website but this hasnt helped.

Im having general problems with my windows media player aswell, for instance an .mp3 it could play just a couple of days ago it now says it cannot find the codec for it may be corrupted.

A:Screen reverts to tiny resolution with windows overlapped and slightly transparent

I'm not sure if it could be related to the monitor also since you checked the video drivers already. Do you have another monitor you could use or borrow? If so, try using that and see if this overlapping problem occurs. If not, there's something wrong with the monitor you are using.

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Apologies in advance for the big boring long story here:

About a week ago I ended up with the 'Vista Home Security 2011' malware on my Dell Laptop (running Vista Home Premium 64bit) I have had my laptop for nearly 2 years now,

I followed online instructions to remove it using Malwarebytes and everything seemed fine and dandy, but I wanted to be completely sure it was gone because it seemed like a tenacious little program. So I decided to do a clean install of Vista from the reinstallation DVD provided by Dell.

Now when I boot up I keep getting "unauthorized change to windows" messages. When I click through it takes me to a mircosoft validation page and I download the legitcheck thing. However it always says that it could not verify if Vista was genuine and wants me to fork out a load of cash for Windows 7 or else report that my Vista is counterfiet (which it isnt, unless Dell are running a scam)

I have reinstalled Vista 3 times now and I keep getting the same problem, which presents itself before I have even had a chance to load all my programs and files back onto it.

How is it possible? Everytime I reinstall I make sure to format the drives (to prevent the windows.old folder from being created in case it contained any nasties) so as far as I am concerned everything should be back to factory settings.

Some important points:

1) During these installations I am not asked at any time to enter the Vista Product Key - is this usual?

2) In 'safe mo... Read more

A:"unauthorized change to windows" Please read - slightly different problem

You'll want to reformat/remove the installation partition before reinstalling. It has been a while since I have used one of those Dell reinstall disks. Does it give you the option to do that? But be sure not to reformat the hidden partition that contains all the Dell restore data.

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My grandchild was playing a shooting game, when suddenly the picture when sideways and there was large lettering.

I was able to upright the lettering, but still have the large lettering on the font.

I tryto get into a folder or program, but the large lettering prevents acessing all the information.

I was able to play TW08 golf game with no problems, but when I finished and returned to windows large lettering still there.

Have tried to find somewhere to reduce the size to normal, but unsuccessful.


A:vista home edition large font large lettering

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I will shortly need to move a large number (20,000) very large (20-30Mb) image files and associated tiny xmp sidecar files from one hard drive to another.

MS file explorer will make a meal of this so any suggestions for alternatives please? I have several folders each containing many thousands of files as above so moving a folder en-bloc is an option rather than file by file?

A:moving large number of large files to new drive

Simply drag and drop the folder(s).

Might want to do a copy first, verify that everything did indeed get copied, and then delete the originals.

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First post here on the SevenForums! I'm only saving the tough ones for you guys! Here's the problem:

My client's computer was infected with a virus obtained via Facebook. I removed this and multiple other infections (and I'm pretty thorough with my scanning). She gets it back, starts working on it, and apparently her devices and printers icons are blank. Not missing, like with a "blank page" icon, just... blank. Here's the kicker: it only happens with large and extra large icons. It also happens with normal folder icons. When I change it to medium or lower, they come back. I've tried rebuilding the icon cache database several times, tried sfc /scannow, tried chkdsk, tried uninstalling any recent updates, etc... There have been no hardware changes, the hard drive has been tested as good (no bad sectors), her dual monitors are at a sane resolution, and I'm confident that the viruses has been removed. Trust me -- I've tried all the obvious stuff I can think of. Thanks and Good luck!

Edit: Also, I did about 30 minutes of searching through previous threads. Couldn't find a thing, but I could have missed it...

A:Large & extra large icons blank

Quote: Originally Posted by Xileos

First post here on the SevenForums! I'm only saving the tough ones for you guys! Here's the problem:

My client's computer was infected with a virus obtained via Facebook. I removed this and multiple other infections (and I'm pretty thorough with my scanning). She gets it back, starts working on it, and apparently her devices and printers icons are blank. Not missing, like with a "blank page" icon, just... blank. Here's the kicker: it only happens with large and extra large icons. It also happens with normal folder icons. When I change it to medium or lower, they come back. I've tried rebuilding the icon cache database several times, tried sfc /scannow, tried chkdsk, tried uninstalling any recent updates, etc... There have been no hardware changes, the hard drive has been tested as good (no bad sectors), her dual monitors are at a sane resolution, and I'm confident that the viruses has been removed. Trust me -- I've tried all the obvious stuff I can think of. Thanks and Good luck!

Edit: Also, I did about 30 minutes of searching through previous threads. Couldn't find a thing, but I could have missed it...

Well you probably pulled some icon cache files off that were infected but also had the L and XL icons. If sfc didnt work you could try a repair install. It will re-install only the files with different hash marks.

Make a backup and restore point first just in case

Ke... Read more

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When viewing large and extra large photo previews, the jpeg thumbnails will not load. Is this a 64 bit issue?

Any Ideas?

A:Large, Extra Large Icons won't load

I can tell you it's not a 64 bit issue as I do not have this problem.
Beyond that, I'll have to defer to another with more expertise in this matter.

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If you extract the icons from imageres.dll or shell32.dll then the maximum icon size is about 64x64 and 32x32 for most icons. I am trying to extract the largest icons, where can I get them. or am I just doing it wrong?

A:Where are the Extra-Large and Large Icons stored

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Hi all,
C: is my windows drive.
I have Norton av 2005, it came with my computer. I have three accounts on my machine, one admin and two limited user. recently I downloaded and installed zone alarm personal firewall.
I only use my admin account for instalation and updates, norton and/or microsoft. We do download other third party software to one or other of the limited user accounts, save them to desktop, then copy and past to the DATA D: only from D: are they then installed using the Addmin acc.
I'll be back, I'm sorry, but we have a nasty thunderstorm over head...

sorry about that.
We, using zone alarm, blocked norton form updateing on the limited accounts. To day, however, I tryed to update norton on the admin. account, it gave me an error msg. I followed the advice from norton and managed to update norton. I then ran a scan, it found nothing. All seems well. Except for one, what may be but a slight enomaly, the icon for eRecovery on the admin account has changed from what it was, which I can't discribe, to one square white box with a blue bar at top.
That same icon appears normal on the other two limited user accounts.
i'm sorry for the long story.

It might well be nothing, but I just thought I'd ask.

A:A slightly strange something.

Sorry for the long pause, hope you guys reply, even if it is only to tell me that I should not be concerned.

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So basically i'm new to expensive motherboards with non-value ram and a good CPU. I'm going to be upgrading to this..

I was reading somewhere about bottlenecking the performance of the CPU with the 1333fsb because of the 800MHz ram and this just went straight over my head..Can anybody try and explain this for me as i want to know if this will create a big difference in performance or what ever. Because it says "available when CPUs are ready for 1333MHz FSB" and that 800MHz ram is the maximum supported I got lost and now need some help.


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Hi, my name is Don and I have a reoccurring virus that comes up whenever I do a cold boot. At the end you will find some of the file names for four days.

I tried something different to issolate the problem.

I always run AVG antivirus daily (free version) and the infected files are put into the vault.

I did not turn off the computer yesterday, it was in stand-by mode. I did a “restart” the next day (today) after updating my virus file. This was not a cold boot. Later I got on the internet as normal. My virus scan started about 2:00 PM. There were no viruses found. I also did a malware scan, all okay. I run the on line scan.

So I believe that there is a file in the cold start program that adds the Trojan horse to activate iwhen I go online.

I have tried to do a system restore to Dec 25, 28, 17 and Jan 1. This was unsuccessful. I am using Windows XP

I am pretty certain (95%) that my system was clean at the end of the year.
Filename - Partial Path - Discovery

jbhook.dll - Windows\system32 - Trojan horsePSW.Generic2.TLV
A0053194.exe – System Volume Information\_restore{7… - Trojan horse Back Door.Agent.DEO

A0053251.exe – System Volume Information\_restore{7… - Trojan horse PSW.Generic2.TLV

A0053204.exe – System Volume Information\_restore{7… - Trojan horse PSW.Generic2.ACBM

A0053236.exe – System Volume Information\_restore{7… - Trojan horse PSW.Generic2ACBM

A0053238.exe – System Volume Information\_restore{7… - Trojan horse PSW.G... Read more

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Right now i currently have the Emachines T3418 its a peice of crap when it comes to gaming.

heres a link to the specs

I want to install 2GB of Ram and a new video cards. I picked the most affordable ones for me

and the ram is


My question before I buy this stuff is how hard is it going to be to upgrade and are they the right things to buy.

If they arent what would you recommend.

A:Need Help with upgrading my PC slightly

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First, Happy Christmas to everyone, I hope you had a good time.

Secondly, I'm sorry this is off topic but I really cant find anywhere else to ask.

For new years my dad wants to upgrade the current computer.

We want to spend £500 on new motherboard, CPU, about 1Gig of memory, graphics cards, hard drive, power supply and a big heatsink and fan suitable for overclocking.

The system is used mainly as a music centre, DVD -> VCD machine, a few games and some office use. I'd like a system around the 2Ghz mark with quality ram, a no frills but quality motherboard, and the hard drive needn't be larger than 30Gig.
The graphics card doen't have to be top of the range but we would like a decent one, roughly around the £100 range.
I wish to buy all this online, but don't really know where to go.

Could someone please tell me which products would suit my needs and the best online stores to purchase them from.

Thanks a great deal, and to anyone who replies, it's *really* apreciated!


A:A little help please, slightly off topic, sorry.

i dont know much about anything else but try for some low prices. A GeForce 2 or 4 is a good choice.

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I go to Character map looking for the large i ,looks like 2 large T and the ohter one flipped over.Does Character map Not have this one ?

A:Character map missing the large i ,looks like 2 large T

the strange thing is after I posted this I see my I that I want ,but while i was typing i was only getting a capital i that looks like a line. Also when i copy and paste the correct I , after pasting , the i turns back into a stupid line. any ideas ?

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Recently I bought a new mouse . . . a Labtec optical mouse to be specific.

It worked fine. But now it will sometimes just jump to the side of the screen. Sometimes it will just disappear for a little while until, after a few tries at clicking, if finally reappears.

Any ideas on what is causing this, and/or how it could be fixed?

A:My mouse is going slightly insane.

I've seen the jumping around caused by of all things a mouse pad. My Dad refuses to believe me, but it's true. My mouse (optical wireless) did it until I removed the supposedly designed for optical mice mousepad. Maybe I should send this one to Mythbusters. Maybe they'd blow up my mouse.

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Hey everyone,

I've been using windows 7 home premium (64 bit) for a few months now. I upgraded without wiping my data from windows vista. Everything was perfectly fine up until recently. My windows has started to crash. The started when my laptop (a Sony Vaio) was left idle and I would come back to find everything was frozen. This problem started to become more and more frequent, and would start happening while I was using the computer as well. Now, after startup, my computer crashes after about 3-5 minutes of use everytime. Everything becomes completely frozen and I need to hold down the power button. A few times I have gotten the infamous 'blue screen of death' and other times I just get errors saying 'Windows explorer is not responding'.

The only thing I can think of that I changed was installing a driver to a printer (Lexmark X5450). It was around this time, or close to around this time when I started to have issues (I think). The driver was installed also before I upgraded to 7 from Vista (the vista version of this driver was on there before the upgrade, but the 7 driver needed to be installed to make it work).

The reason I call this an 'unusual' crash is because the problem got worse over time to the point where I can barely use my PC anymore. Also, that the crash doesn't always give me the blue screen and doesn't always tell me that windows explorer is not responding.

Any ideas?

ps: I'm not the most technical savvy person in the world.

A:My slightly unusual crashing

Nobody has any idea? A little disheartening.

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Hi there, I have recently purchased a Dell XPS 15z. It is great, but there's one problem. when I am typing the window goes slightly transparent and the words that I am typing don't show up. It doesn't always happen but today it has been happening every few seconds, that makes typing this post very difficult
If someone could help, that would be great

A:Window keeps going slightly transparent

I don't quite understand what you mean, but I have an idea, is this what you meant?

See Image above, by transparent - you mean the top part of this image, and by normal you mean the bottom half (I am using a Custom theme, so it will look slightly different).

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OK I have vista home premium 32-bit and it seems lately when my pc is booting up and

there is that little slide bar above where it says microsoft corporation that bar is sliding for

a longer time than it used to I know I dont use the proper terms for this is there a way to

get the boot info so I can post it thanks in advance

A:Slightly slower boot

Remember that each program that you install MAY have things starting on boot up.
So, what have you installed and/or upgraded since you have noticed this slow down?

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I installed Win7, clean install on my Pavillion notebook with a NVidio GEForce Go 7400 display adapter. Everything looked very good. I installed the Windows update for the driver. Didn't seem to make a difference. On XP I had the DPI setting at 125% as I prefer larger fonts. I didn't like it on Win7 for some reason. Things a little too big, so I went back to small. I did the ClearType Tuner. I also messed around with refresh rates for my monitor going from 60hz to 70hz. Didn't seem to make a difference, but 75hz things were noticeably more fuzzy. So I'm back to small (normal) fonts, 60hz, did the ClearType Tune, made sure Smooth fonts was on in the performance, etc. Now maybe I'm imagining things but I swear things are not nearly as crisp as before. It looks like maybe there is too much contrast and/or brightness but things look a slightly fuzzier now. Any suggestions?


A:Fonts Slightly Blurry?

You could try right clicking the desktop, going into Nvidia Control Panel (which should be on that right click menu), and playing around with "adjust desktop color settings" from the menu that should appear on the left. In that section, you will see sliders to adjust contrast, brightness, gamma, etc. These can make a difference.

Also text size can be more finely adjusted in Windows advanced appearance settings.
To do that, you need to: right click the desktop, click personalize, click "windows color," then "advanced appearance settings," then under "item" you can check the various items and some of those like "menu" will have font settings which you can adjust the size of, in very fine increments and adjusting text size that way looks clearer to me than doing the global DPI adjustment, and might help some in your case.

Also make sure your color resolution is set on the highest setting. It should be by default.

Finally go to the manufacturer's site for your computer manufacturer and also for the graphics adapter, in this case, nvidia and see if either of them offer a more recent driver for your particular graphics card and OS. If so you can try installing either or both of those and see if any of them improve things.

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more of a random ramble about my hatred for IE9 here.
I'm not thoroughly happy with IE9 at all. there are several annoying quirks about it that get on my nerves. none of these were present with IE8.

1. often in forums I have to click on things 2 times to get a response.
2. often pages will not load completely or take over 8 seconds to start loading.
3. often things just will not display at all. I have to resort to using firefox to see them.

4. sometimes I'll be typing and the menu pops up and starts using keyboard shortcuts and I lose everything I've been typing or it goes back a page etc.
5. I def do not like the new download manager. especially since it's like firefox.
if anyone knows ways I could correct these I'd like to hear it. because as of now, I'm just going to stop using IE9.

A:IE9 not impressed..slightly disappointed.

Funny I have none of those problems, but hey if you dont like it then dont use it

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Hi all,

I'm having a bit of trouble with a quite complicated home network! At present it is set up as follows:

BT homehub in the lounge which is acting as the modem and phone point etc.

Attached to this hub: xbox 360 and a netgear router 1 in another room via ethernet cable.

Attached to netgear router 1: PC, Network hard drive, BT homehub, and netgear router 2

Attached to netgear router 2: 3 ethernet wall sockets which go to other rooms, currently only one laptop plugged in.

Now at the moment, pretty much everything works fine, the homehub is set as dhcp and the netgear routers have i.p's and Everything else is set to obtain ip's automatically and right now i'm typing from the PC attached to netgear router 1. From here, I can access the setup page from the homehub and both netgear routers no problem and the only bit that isn't working is the laptop connected to netgear router 2. It doesnt show up on the list of attached devices on any router so im guessing it isn't getting an i.p from the homehub. I'm thinking that this is somehow due to it having to go through 2 routers to get there but does anyone have any clue how I can solve this?

The second problem is that i'm not sure how to have netgear router 1 and 2 connecting to the internet in order to wirelessly broadcast it themselves. Is it just a case of copying the details from the homehub as they both require the following numbers for internet: ip addre... Read more

A:3 Routers... Slightly confused, please help!

These instructions work for as many secondary router as you want to connect, you don't change the configuration of the primary router at all.

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

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EDIT: EDIT: correction, it's fixed again

Ok, I have a problem, and I know exactly how I caused it, problem is. I don't know how to fix it. It will be a long read so I'll try to explain things chapter wise:


OS: Windows 7 Pro 32-bit
Notebook model: HP Elitebook 8530w
GPU: Nvidia Quadro FX 770M
CPU: Intel Dual Core T9600
RAM: 4gb
Chipset: Mobile Intel? PM45 Express Chipset ICH9M-Enhanced
Harddrive: 1x SATA II 250GB (5400 rpm)
The problem

I can't boot my windows anymore, when I try to startup it fully loads the loading bar, then when it gets to the screen where it says "Starting windows" (or something) it freezes. I tried to fix it by using the menu I got when pressing esc during startup, which gives the missing bootmgr message. I tried solving it by using the Win7 Upgrade CD first, but it got stuck on loading exactly the same way as booting windows normally.

Then I downloaded the Win7 32-bit recovery CD and burned it to a cd. Tried to boot it on the CD. It goes through the loading bar, then the screen turns black and freezes again.

I only have 1 harddrive and only one OS installment, I'm reluctant to send back my notebook to HP since I need a fix ASAP (and 2 weeks obviously isn't) since this is also the pc I use for university stuff (assignments which have deadlines before that).

One thing I did not try was installing an OS on an external harddrive and booting from that. I will try this later today
How I (think I) caused it

I installed a BIOS dr... Read more

A:Another missing bootmgr (although slightly different)

Quote: Originally Posted by InnocentOne

Ok, I have a problem, and I know exactly how I caused it, problem is. I don't know how to fix it. It will be a long read so I'll try to explain things chapter wise:


OS: Windows 7 Pro 32-bit
Notebook model: HP Elitebook 8530w
GPU: Nvidia Quadro FX 770M
CPU: Intel Dual Core T9600
RAM: 4gb
Chipset: Mobile Intel? PM45 Express Chipset ICH9M-Enhanced
Harddrive: 1x SATA II 250GB (5400 rpm)
The problem

I can't boot my windows anymore, when I try to startup it fully loads the loading bar, then when it gets to the screen where it says "Starting windows" (or something) it freezes. I tried to fix it by using the menu I got when pressing esc during startup, which gives the missing bootmgr message. I tried solving it by using the Win7 Upgrade CD first, but it got stuck on loading exactly the same way as booting windows normally.

Then I downloaded the Win7 32-bit recovery CD and burned it to a cd. Tried to boot it on the CD. It goes through the loading bar, then the screen turns black and freezes again.

I only have 1 harddrive and only one OS installment, I'm reluctant to send back my notebook to HP since I need a fix ASAP (and 2 weeks obviously isn't) since this is also the pc I use for university stuff (assignments which have deadlines before that).

One thing I did not try was installing an OS on an external harddrive and booting from that. I will try this later today
How I (think ... Read more

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Hi Everyone,

My computer has been acting supsicious of late...(brand new PC) I first noticed something odd when I was switching webpages...I got an error message saying something like this - "sorry, there was an error - a team of highly trained monkeys has been sent to deal with the problem". The rest of the page was completely filled with jargon. Then I noticed I get a random pop up for some anti virus software. When I click cancel it tries to download the program anyway.

Here is my HijackThis Log File...

Any help would be appreciated!

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 18:52:43, on 23/09/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\Media Experience\DMXLauncher.exe
C:\Program Files\\VSO\oasclnt.exe
c:\progra~1\\vso\mc... Read more

A:Slightly suspicious behavior


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When I boot up my windows 8 laptop and open the desktop after a min the screen color changes slightly. It's not a big change but it has me concerned. I turned off my wifi and restarted my computer and it still does same thing. Should I be worried or am I just be over paranoid . Also the last time when I restarted my computer an new desktop icon just appeared I attached a photo of the new icon. Also idk if you can tell much of a color difference with the pics I took with my phone but I tried to take pics of the screen. Also this last time I restarted the laptop the home group icon is now gone 

A:Screen changes color slightly

I can see a difference in the colors. The right hand picture seems to be fully colored while the otherone looks like it needs one more pass.
Can you give us some specs on your computer - the hardward?

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I have a 9800GTX video card with the latest drivers. For some reason, I cannot access Flip 3D using any key combination's on my keyboard. However, if I click the icon in the task bar that says "Switch between windows", it goes into Flip 3D. Is there any option somewhere to enable Flip 3D through the keyboard?

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I recently got a somewhat new pc from my dad, he used it for a month and its sat shut down ever since until yesterday when he gave it to me since my laptop is ancient.Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.130318-1533)           Language: English (Regional Setting: English)System Manufacturer: eMachines       System Model: EL1333G               BIOS: )Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS v6.00PG          Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor LE-1660, ~2.8GHz             Memory: 2048MB RAMAvailable OS Memory: 1790MB RAM          Page File: 1518MB used, 5272MB available        Windows Dir: C:\Windows    DirectX Version: DirectX 11DX Setup Parameters: Not found   User DPI Setting: Using System DPI System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)    DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled     DxDiag Version: 6.01.7601.17514 32bit UnicodeQuite better specs than my 7 year old laptop, which clocks at 1.8 ghz and no video. HOWEVER, the problem is thus-Games that run at 40 fps or more on my dell, such as dont starve or EVE online, run at 15 fps or LESS on my BETTER desktop. I reset EVERYTHING when I got it, ive ran v and mal scans, defragged, the works. What on earth could be the problem??

A:Slightly Used PC makes no sense

That desktop is pretty weak, what spec of laptop are you comparing it to?

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Purchasing a new hard-drive and this one seems to have attracted some really good press/user reviews:


In terms of value for money, can anyone see anything better out there? Obviously UK purchaser here, I don't mind spending the same on a better product or slightly more if the hardware warrants it



A:New Hard-Drive, anything better for the same/slightly more?

Looks about like the regular US price to me, though here you can do some shopping and get it down a little bit.

I'd say with a keen eye you can get a comparable drive, 500GB from Seagate or WD for about £32-33. Other that looks fine to me!

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Hi! Well I just OC'd my GPU slightly. Should I put it back?

In CCC: High Performance GPU Clock = 890
High Performance Memory Clock = 1260
Fan = 55%
Temp while typing this = 30 - 35 - 40, while playing BF3 for a couple of hours = 60 - 70.

A:I overclocked my GPU slightly, should I put it back?

Those temps are more than fine.

Only worry about dialing them back if you run into stability issues.

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My PC is slightly slowing down and I wonder if the cookies are the cause. How do I remove them?

A:My PC is slightly slowing down - cookies??

How depends on the browser you use. Firefox? IE?

But that isn't likely the cause.

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{Cleaning gun to prepre to shoot pc.... left eye twitching sporadically.....}
Anywho on to the searious stuff
I Have a Sony Vaio PVC-RX 860 with:
The Newest Version Of Bios
XP Pro
I have the Hard drive set as the master and the new Burner (a Liteon) and Poineer Dvd Rom as the slave and it wont recognize the new burner.... I tried putting it on auto select as well as making it the master and the h/d and Rom Drive as the slaves and still nothing. With the hardrive as the master when I pull up windows the new hardware wizard pulls up but I cant find and drivers for it online/ already imbedded in windows. Any Ideas or suggestions? THis is the first time I have ever had this happen.... Thanks for and Suggestions.... oh and fyi..... I am at work and cant remember the exact model of the burner..... sorry....


A:Going Slightly Mad Here..... (DVDdl Issues)

Please do not start two threads for the same problem. Reply to the post where you already have answers.

I will add just this, you cannot have two slaves on the same cable. If the hard drive is master on the primary IDE channel, and you have the two DVDs on the same cable, one must be jumpered master and the other slave.

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when I type, scroll, open and close programs or pages there is a delay. When typing it is not usually seen but every now and then there is a slight delay there.

A:Computer is slightly delayed

Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2 SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me. Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeList Restore PointsClick Go and post the result. Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to your desktop.NOTE. If you already have MBAM 2.0 installed scroll down.Double-click mbam-setup- and follow the prompts to install the program.
At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to t... Read more

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hi everyone, new here hoping to get some feed back by smart individuals, it's a bit tricky to get help these days. I got a new computer with Windows 7 (that's made for gaming) for a while now. within about three months or so I've notice the startup is a bit slower, but somtimes it would load fast. like around eight seconds slower. however everything seems to work find and run smoothly. I've tried a lot of suggestions -tried using that "msconfig" option. -I ran disk cleanup & defrag my hardisk. -I've tried several antivirus programs (like malwarebytes, AVG, Kaspersky, Superantispyware, spybot S&D, and Avira.) and found nothing. -Kept up with Updates What else do you think could cause a slow starup; and is it something I should even worry about?

A:slightly slower startup

what is your system specs to help you

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I have an Envision EN5600 LCD monitor that I have had for about 2 years. About a week or so ago I began to notice a very slight flickering issue that happened at random points and without explanation. It happens every 5 minutes or so but it can be less or more. The flicker is basically unnoticeable but appears to look like a slight movement in a line near the top third of the monitor or the bottom third. I have changed the refresh rate down to its lowest setting (60 Mhz) but to no avail. Could this be a video card problem? I recently installed the newest nVidia drivers but I didn't notice a real correlation. Any ideas? Thanks.

A:LCD Monitor Flickering Slightly

Also, when it happens there is an odd sound from the speaker at the same moment.

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Hello all,

New member here, I have been very impressed with the help and cooperation on these forums. I have looked through a number of threads and don't believe I have come across my issue, if there has been a fix, I have not yet found it, so here goes:

My issue is that whenever I try to search for updates in the updates section of the control panel I get a message informing me I need to restart my pc to install updates, but when I do so, no updates are installed, and upon returning to the updates section of the control panel I once again get the same message informing me I need to restart my pc etc etc.

Additionally, sometimes another window will pop up, informing me the pc will restart, to install updates, unless I postpone. I am running a Gateway PC, with windows 7 home, with SP1.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Hiya guys, I've got a odd one here. I see many posts about people's recovery partitions not working and having to order Recovery CD's for the recovery partitions........hehe. But I've got one step more.....what happens when your recovery cd's for the recovery partition don't work?

Ok, a little detail here.
I have a Vaio PCV-RS210. It's got a c partition for windows xp, a d partition for media, and a restore partition. The restore partition won't work. I tried to restore the C partition, the computer restarted and tried to access the restore partition. I think it did. But I get a screen that says.
"Cannot determine partition settings. This utility will close and your computer is restarted"
So....I ordered the recovery partition CD's. Guess what? They don't work. I put in CD one (out of seven), it does it's thing I think, since after a little but it says to take the CD out of the drive and restart the machine. I do so and it goes right back to the same old's SUPPOSED to go to the next step and start a recovery wizard. But it doesn't.

Now here's where it gets fun. I've taken the HD out and installed it as a slave to another computer. It reads all three partitions. So........I happen to know that if I can get the computer to boot up normally instead of trying to boot from the restore partition, I can go about this a better way. Now, as I understand it, there is something ... Read more

A:Recovery disks not working. A slightly different take........

no responses? Oh well. musta been a hard one.

Well, I'll let you in on the fix.
In this case this worked, in other's, I can't say for certain it'll work but it did this time.

I went to and nabbed the xp quickboot, it worked but still no boot because my computer said my hal.dll file was missing or corrupt, something I would have never known because I never got that far. So I couldn't figure out how to replace it at first....until I remembered that when the HD was in the other computer I could see the restore partition. I lucked out. I installed it into the other PC again and opened the restore partition. Grabbed the hal.dll file and copied it onto the C partition in the proper location. Then I put the HD back in it's own tower again.
The computer booted right up using the bootdisk and I was able to then recover the system.

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Hi this is my first post and im sorry if I have done anything wrong.

I am usualy pretty good at removing spyware etc. but I seem to have a real stubben one here. When I use google to do a search a different page will be returned. I have done all the scans in safe mode using Adaware, Spybot, Avg spyware and Avg virus. I have also done a couple of the online scans.

Each of the virus scans found a trojan. One of the sites I used told me to manualy remove the trojan by going to the control panel - Java console then the Cach tab and deleting the cach. But I dont seem to have a Cach tab on the Java control panel? So I followed the path of the trojan and just deleted the files. But after doing another avg spyware in safe mode there was another trojan.

These are the paths of the Trojans.

app data\sun\java\deployment\cach\javapi\jar\

app data\sun\java\deployment\cach\javapi\jar\

My pc at start up is also hanging for about 30 seconds in an unusual place I did msconfig and there is nothing new in there. It is also running slightly slower than normal.

This is the log.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 12:10:08, on 01/01/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5730.0011)

Running processes:
G:\W... Read more

A:Search Hijacked and pc slightly sluggish

Hello Matjoss, and welcome to TSF

Please subscribe to this thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools,
then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant Notification, then click Subscribe.

Please read this post completely before begining the fix. If there's anything that you do not understand, kindly ask your questions before proceeding.
Please ensure that there aren't any opened browsers when you are carrying out the procedures below. Save the following instructions in Notepad as this
webpage would not be available when you're carrying out the fix.



The fixes we will use are specific to your problems and should only be used for this issue on this machine.

Please only use this topic to reply to. Do not start another thread.
If any other issues arise let me know.

The process is not instant. Please continue to review my answers until I tell you your machine is clear.
Absence of symptoms does not mean that everything is clear. So lets do this to the end!

Please make every effort to reply to my posts in a timely manner. Malware breeds malware and the longer an infection remains on a system, the more
likely additional infections will result.


You have a Wareout infection. We must deal ... Read more

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I was reading the instruction listed above. For the spybot that kills your taskmgr and such. I renamed and ran my new taskmgr and found the following running which I killed


I found the similar exe attached to the msconfig entry in my registry. I am posting in my hijack this log I want to make sure I delete the right stuff. I have already killed the EXE above that is why it doesnt show in the log file.

If Rollin Rog is still around I would be eternally indebted to ya


Logfile of HijackThis v1.96.0
Scan saved at 9:11:10 PM, on 8/13/2003
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Creative\ShareDLL\CtNotify.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\ShareDLL\MediaDet.Exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\SBAudigy\Taskbar\CTLTray.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\SBAudigy\Taskbar\CTLTask.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsof... Read more

A:another spybot worm but mine is slightly different :(

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I want to transfer files from my PC (running Win ME) to my laptop via a USB connection. The problem though is that I don't have a monitor for the PC. Or is that a problem? Will the USB connection alone between the two computers allow me to navigate through my PC's hard drive and copy files? Or do you have to somehow activate that capability on the PC side? Because I don't have a monitor for the PC I won't be able to do much of anything with it after I turn it on. So I'm hoping that all I have to do is plug in the cable and have automatic access to the PC's hard drive. Will that work?

A:transferring files between computers (slightly different ?)

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Ok, so my computer is Very clean right now. Fairly fresh install, all patches of course. Rarely browse sites other then forums and the occasional game ste (all trusted sites). so im sitting pretty right now. Just last night ran 3 or so anti spyware and three antivirus programs. updated them all of course. ran the following: symantec corporate 10.1, mcaffee, avgfree, spybot s&d, ad-aware, windowsD. everything came up Very clean. i think spybot found like 2-3 small entries everythign else came up blank.

So so now that thats out of the way, lets get to the issue. Let me start by saying Thank you to all the post gods. ive used this site alot over the years and its been quite helpfull, but i finally hit a snag i couldnt google my way out of.

About once or twice a minute i get a cpu spike that send the processor to about 15% according to the task manager. But that silly little spike causes the text i am typing right now to delay slightly as the spike hits, It also casues the keyboard and mouse to lag if i am playing a game. this makes my favorite FSPs nearly impossible to stay on task with this constant kb/mouse lag. It took me days to even fogure out it was the cpu spiking. then i was able to track it even further and find out that rundll32.exe is causing the spike. Its plain to see in task manager, sort by cpu usage, wait for spike, watch rundll32 hit the top of the list then drop way back to the bottom..

Looking for place to look on this one. I found that if i simply clos... Read more

A:Solved: rundll32.exe eating cpu (only slightly)

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Ok I need help, I have removed some of the components of Windows Police Pro, my computer is functional, and I can access most programs that I have tried (.exe is fixed) and the task manager shows up. The problem I am having is that I can not access or open any AntiVirus or Malware removal programs. I have tried DLing in Safe Mode, changing the name then opening, but Malwarebyte's Anti Malware will install and open and begin to scan for 3 seconds then close. I DLed the Root Repeal and it was running, then dissappaered and now just like every other AV software that I try to open, says "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access them." Also, the D.D.S. seems to be stuck as well. It opened, and then has just been sitting there for well over 10 mins...

PLEASE HELP, I feel like I am very close but I can not get rid of this! Thank you.

A:Window Police Pro slightly Removed

Hello as you do not have the logs required for this section I am moving this to the Am I Infected's what you should do.As there are some new variants of rootkits in the wild right now that will require custom scripts to remove the infection, the process must be completed by HJT team member.Failure to follow the proper removal process can and will cause serious damage to a machine. Recovery of the machine may be difficult, if not impossible. Now ... Download this Utility and save it to your Desktop.Double-click the Utility to run it and and let it finish.When it states Finished! Press any key to exit, press any key to close the program.It will save a .txt file to your desktop automatically. Double-click on the Win32kDiag.txt file that is located on your Desktop and post the entire contents of that log as part of the reply in the topic you will create below..Next please go here HijackThis Logs and Virus/Trojan/Spyware/Malware Removal ,click New Topic,give it a relevant Title and post the Rootrepeal log and the above log.Let me know how that went.

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I ran windows update and look what happened to my start menu lol. anyway to fix this?

A:start menu slightly corrupted?

Well you could try restarting? If that doesn't work, try changing your theme, then switch it back?

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hi guys, i have a nvidia GTS240 (link) runs ok, no issues i am just worried about the idle temp, it sits around 63c which i feel is a little high

i cant find temps for this card on the net. it says can handle upto 105c (of course thats max before it has issues)

do you think its worth just for good practice to re-seat the OEM heatsink?

or am i just asking for more trouble? iknow it will still only possibly take a few dec off the card anyway, but would you do it with your own? or just step away from it?

A:nvidia GTS240 running slightly hot

If you feel confident that you know what your doing then why not try it and see if it helps? Also as I'm sure you know different cards run at different temps, so as long as it doesn't exceed the manufacturer's recommendations then you shouldnt have any problems

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I was playing a game on my computer and I accidentally pushed my table very slightly. So I pulled back a bit and pushed a little more to align the table but completely forgot you are not supposed to move the computer while it's on. Will this slight movement hurt the computer even a tiny bit? My computer is on top of the table by the way. Also, is putting the computer on top of the desk safe? Can the desk break down? (This is not a joke, I am just curious and worried.)

A:Pushed table slightly with computer on

To be honest, I think you should construct a concrete cube 1.5m x 1.5m, then fix the computer to it with galvanised industrial bolts. That way, if you ever bump it, you can't do it any harm.

Of course the computer won't get damaged! Where did you come up with that? How are we supposed to know how solid the table is, how it was constructed etc.? You sit in front of it, does it feel solid?

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Hey guys, first time builder here.
I just attached the motherboard to my case and I notice that it slightly touches some unused standoffs.

In case that helps:
Case: Corsair 200R series
Motherboard Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 3 EU
Is it possible to remove them?

A:Standoffs slightly touching the motherboard

Yes, they can be unscrewed from back plate an SHOULD be removed, Also check for any other ones that may be hiding under MB.
If they are metal of course.

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Hey guys/gals,

I have a Compac Presario 8000 desktop computer with a Pentium 4 1.8 GHz processor, Windows XP pro, 1 GB ram and NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 graphics card with 256 MB of ram.

My issue is that tskmgr.exe runs up to 30-50% about a few minutes or so into playing games (doesn't matter what kind of game...even bubble trouble installed on my computer will react the same way). It also happens sometimes when watching videos online. It doesn't matter if task manager is up or not and it will basically slow the computer down to a standstill for about five seconds or so with the actual CPU usage up to 100%.

I have SP3 and have updated my BIOS and graphics drivers to the latest and still no difference. I did not have this issue before but I am not sure what changed when this started to occur.

Any ideas what could be causing my issue?

Here is my hijackthis scan:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 5:27:06 PM, on 1/2/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16762)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\sched.exe
C:\Program Files\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\avguard.exe
C:\WINDOWS\syst... Read more

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is it possible to move a window slightly off screen ?
What i mean is......
if i move firefox,or any other window right or left or down it will go off screen no problem.
But if i move it up, to go off screen, it wont go off screen it just then goes full screen when it touches the top.
im using windows 8 .

A:Move a window slightly off screen

You could disable auto window arrangement. Press Winkey-q then type the word auto in the input line while Settings is highlighted.

Alternatively you could move the window to a location using a negative 'y' value with a scripting language. That way the mouse would not trigger the auto sizing.

For example using Autohotkey free scripting language you could easily set a hotkey, such as Winkey-y to move the active window(the one that has keyboard focus.. usually the last one you clicked with the mouse) so that the top of the window is 10 pixels above the top of the desktop. You might also want to program another hotkey to center it, just to make it easy to move again if you can't get at the caption bar with the mouse.

See Autohotkey help for WinGetPos and WinMove. There are forums where you may ask for help with your scripts. Newbie programmers drop in all the time. No reason not to take advantage of the resource.

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The final version was posted to TechNet on Sunday the 12th and looks to be really solid. Hopefully, MS will do the same with Vista.

A:Just Slightly off Topic-Office 2007

I'm assuming that the "final" version of Vista will be available on TechNet and with the MSDN subscription, at least that's what I'm hearing.

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Hi guys!
heres my problem:
assembling a machine from spare parts that all previously worked in their last incarnations.

attempted to boot to winXP cd to install. seemed to boot fine. went through POST, DMA pool stuff, etc.... spun the CD up, flashed the Boot from CD text, screen went blank and stayed that way....

thought perhaps cd drive might have failed, so attempted to boot to several floppies (that I have verified are good on another machine) with similiar results (ie. disk spins, boot starts, then freeze)....with the floppies, however the screen did not go blank.

machine is currently pretty much barebones, with only 1 stick of RAM, HDD, Floppy, and video on board (I unplugged the CD just to limit possibilities)

any ideas on what to test/check next?

A:slightly frustrating boot problem

popped in a different that had winME on it....will boot to HDD, but still not to CD or floppy. Boot order in BIOS is Floppy, CD, HDD. Even if no CD is in the (newly reconnected) drive, it attempts to boot to cd ( and subsequently fails). Floppy still just spins and spins and spins when you try to boot to it.......

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When I do intensive task play video games it crashes.Dell inspiron 1520 original os windows vista home premium 32bit. now windows 7 ultimate 32bit.dont know how old the system it is second hand.Also when I let it go to sleep mode when i turn it back on the screen does not turn on it stays off no power in it.

How do you tell which driver is the problem for learning sake a link or such would be much appreciated

A:Bsod during slightly straining tasks.

Happened again.

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hi guys,

let me tell you clearly what happened to my system. yesterday it was working fine. today morning when i started the computer it worked fine for few minutes then it automatically restarted. i thought it may be because of some temperature rise. but once again it restarted after few minutes. it happened three to four times like this. after that computer started to reboot continuosly once it reaches login screen. i didn think too much since my windows partition is only of 85GB, so i just reinstalled windows os.... when windows vista installation comes to "completing installation..." phase the system again restarted where it suppose to go into windows. then the old story again. system keeps on restarting once it reaches login screen. while installing it restarts at "completing installation..." this happened continuosly... i dont have any idea of what to do now... i dont have any other os on my hard disk. help me please.

A:Computer keeps on restarting [slightly different problem]

I'd say the top suspects are memory, hard drive or power supply. The BIOS may have some hardware diagnostics.

Memtest86+ is a popular memory test.

Best disk checker would be diagnostics from the manufacturer. If that doesn't work for you the bootalble version of GParted includes a disk check.

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This virus came on to my computer technically on purpose, it was a trojan but I was stupid enough to download what I thought was a cracked version of Left4Dead2 ( gave me this trojan), turns out it was 2 harmless annoying chinese programs, one from tencent and another with UC in the name. I later discovered at the end of last month (september) another virus that directed me to trotux's search engine. before I found this I got desperate and attempted to get norton's anti virus protection (because I'm poor I could only grab free trials) but they couldn't even connect to their server to activate the trial. Turns out I had a proxy that was on google chrome and internet explorer that doesn't allow me to access nearly every site other than the stated sites such as: Youtube, facebook, (luckily). I have deleted as much as I can through regedit and the proxy appears to be off in my internet settings but I'm still unable to access most websites. I would love to get help but I understand I only can when the admins have free time and find this post. I am happy that my performance isn't as bad as it was and it seems normal except when accessing Just incase I don't say this after, thanks for the help

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I know, not the best description of the problem, but that's just a brief description.

The problem is this. Whenever I try to open a program (such as trying to open media player), it always comes up with the "open with" dialog box, so I have to select the same program from that list. However, the result of this is that the media player then tries to play it's own .exe file. This is happening with all of my programs, with the exception of firefox (default web browser) and outlook express (default mail program).

How it started was that I had a shortcut to a program pinned in the start menu, but then I moved it (only a little simple prog that works wherever it is). So I tried to change the setting for that shortcut to look in the new location. The result was that every program then resulted in that opening. Having moved the program again, I was left in the situation I'm in now.

Any clues of how to fix this short of reinstalling windows?


A:Opening a program is becoming slightly recursive.

Not knowing exactly what's going on and not provided with a comprehensive list of actions you took, I would open a can of "temporal attitude adjustment," with System Restore.

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Put this in the wrong place:Ok I need help, I have removed some of the components of Windows Police Pro, my computer is functional, and I can access most programs that I have tried (.exe is fixed) and the task manager shows up. The problem I am having is that I can not access or open any AntiVirus or Malware removal programs. I have tried DLing in Safe Mode, changing the name then opening, but Malwarebyte's Anti Malware will install and open and begin to scan for 3 seconds then close. I DLed the Root Repeal and it was running, then dissappaered and now just like every other AV software that I try to open, says "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access them." Also, the D.D.S. seems to be stuck as well. It opened, and then has just been sitting there for well over 10 mins...PLEASE HELP, I feel like I am very close but I can not get rid of this! Thank you.Hello as you do not have the logs required for this section I am moving this to the Am I Infected's what you should do.As there are some new variants of rootkits in the wild right now that will require custom scripts to remove the infection, the process must be completed by HJT team member.Failure to follow the proper removal process can and will cause serious damage to a machine. Recovery of the machine may be difficult, if not impossible. Now ... Download this Utility and save it to your Desktop.Double-click the Utility to run it and and let ... Read more

A:Window Police Pro slightly Removed

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine.??If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine.??Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links.??Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool.??No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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So it has come the time where id like to finally sell my half modded Cosmos 2. The case is simply too big and id much rather get something like the Corsair Air 540 instead.

Any ideas if anyone would buy it? Do people actually buy used cases? If so, how much would I be able to get for it in GBP? (the PSU cover to hold it inplace is gone, might be able to find it). The condition is used but not abused.

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Hello, i got one of those classic problems you are probably sick to read about on these forums.
This one could however be slightly more interesting than the usual is to me, at least.

to sum it up before you read the whole story:
I'm stuck in a limited user account(on winXP pro SP2) with:
-A critical STOP: 0x000000F4 BSOD when i try to acess admin level accounts which isnt corrected by a windows repair
-impossibility to use the "run as administrator" option on anything even if i know the admin password
-impossibility to access safe mode (the pc resets as soon as the account choice menu pops out)
-impossibility to delete or overwrite any file made with the admin account, launch msconfig etc.

The cause doesn't seem to be:
Lately my system (windows XP pro) became slightly unstable, with some random runtime errors and similar things.
I decided to use the windowsXP cd to "repair a current installation of windowsXP" to avoid losing data.
After the reinstall everything was fine for three days, after which, on startup, i got a BSOD with STOP: 0x000000F4 (critical process/thread terminated unexpectedly)
Soon it became clear to me that the problem was permanent(BSODto at every startup, right after i digit the main account password).

Without worrying i hard reset and access the safe mode, but as... Read more

A:Solved: A slightly interesting problem...

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This is in Win10. Has anybody else noticed that the text in their installed programs is blurry? For example, ImgBurn. There are others but I can't think of any right now. Everything looked fine in Win7. Is there a way to fix this?

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Hi all,
I'm having a problem which I just can't seem to solve. About a week ago, I started noticing that when I turned my PC on and logged in it would load up about 3 out of 6 of the taskbar icons and then sort of freeze for about a minute+ but it wouldnt be completely frozen - I can still run some things like Firefox, notepad but not desktop settings or most applications.

I have checked msconfig and I only have 3 applications which are:
iType (a special keyboard utility)
AVG antivirus
and 4 other things which are drivers etc..

I have disabled AVG and Zonealarm from this list and tried and still no luck. I'll be honest, I havent tried disabling everything because its all been there before the problem started and I dont know which is necessary.

I am running WinXP Pro SP2 with an Intel P4 proc, 512mb ram.
Also, I'm guessing having my DxDiag might help so here it is.
Edit: I should also mention, I ran AVG virus scan with latest updates, Spyware check with Zonealarm, scans with Ad-aware SE personal, Spybot SD and Trend Micro anti-spyware and it all brought up nothing.

Any help is appreciated =)

A:PC Hangs slightly on startup - WinXP

Here is a Hijackthis log incase and BUMP.

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im wondering if magnets do any harm to computer parts like video cards etc. because the screwdriver i have is slightly magnetized. and ill be using it to do some work on my videocard, screwing and unscrewing screws basically

A:Solved: using a slightly magnetized screwdriver

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I just got a new system, and with it a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070sb. Its a great monitor but images in the corners are slightly less sharp then in the center of the screen. I can't seem to make any adjustments to fix this. Any suggestions?


A:New monitor slightly blurry in corners

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OK running XP professional. Firefox browser, latest.

During any search in google on firefox and IE the results and the description
are accurate but the website listed are most always shopping type sites such as:,,,, etc.
Also down in the left bottom of the toolbar would come up first then to google,
now it comes up as then the search engine of my choice but always ends up
with the wrong sites listed, ie: shopping style sites.
I ran malwarebytes first, then superantispyware (both updated) and removed some trojan/virus'
but my problem still exists.
I found a site: that is unaffected. I used that to find this site.
ANY help would be appreciated.
I also have PC Tools Spyware Doctor which did nothing, even after talking to customer service.
Thanks, Bruce

A:redirected search, slightly different scenario

This is not the correct forum for HJT logs---------------------------------------------------Please reboot the computerOpen MBAM and click Update tab, select Check for Updates,when doneclick Scanner tab,select FULL scan After scan click Remove Selected, Post new scan log for reviewThen print out and follow these instructions: "How to use SDFix". When using this tool, you must use the Administrator's account or an account with "Administrative rights"Disconnect from the Internet and temporarily disable your anti-virus, script blocking and any real time protection programs before performing a scan.Please be patient as the scan may take up to 20 minutes to complete.When the process is complete, the SDFix report log will open in Notepad and automatically be saved in the SDFix folder as Report.txt.If SDFix is unable to run after rebooting from Safe Mode, run SDFix in either Mode, and type F, then press Enter for it to finish the final stage and produce the report.The SDFix report log (Report.txt) will open in Notepad and automatically be saved in the SDFix folder.Please copy and paste the contents of Report.txt in your next reply.Be sure to re-enable you anti-virus and and other security programs before connecting to the Internet.

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Hello Everyone,

I have yahoo as my home page when I start microsoft internet explorer 8. The odd thing is what every time I start it, the window comes up but it is is scrolled down abotu a 1/4 inch. It is iritating because I have to scroll up to the top to see the top nav topics.

Any idea why this is happening?


A:Browser starts slightly scrolled

It could be a zoom setting or perhaps a BHO sending the wrong page file information to the browser.

Try running your IE8 in the Browser "Safe Mode". This loads it without any add-ons and with default settings.

1. Go to Start > Run
2. Type iexplore -extoff
3. Press Enter

Does the problem persist? If not then you can reset your IE8 settings to default:

1. Go to Start -> Control Panel
2. Double-click "Internet Options"
3. Click the "Advanced" tab.
4. Click "Reset..."
5. Click "Reset"
6. Close and restart your IE8.

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I was wondering if somebody here could just take a look at a netstat -ano report to see if it's okay? Sometimes my internet becomes slow or drops out but at other times it runs perfectly. So basically it is inconsistent. 

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Did Microsoft come up with the solution of this issue on Windows 8.1

re-build the index helps compacting the edb file but it will grow again
are there a Windows 8.1 patch available to address this issue?
the patch KB2836988 doesn't apply to Windows 8.1

Thank you

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I am currently trying to make a copy of the files on my laptop to an external drive but after 1 Gb of data is transferred the status box when copying stops and doesn't seem to be copying over any further files. When I try to cancel the process it does not register that I have pressed cancel and I have to shut off my laptop manually, waiting a few seconds before turning it back on.

I have uninstalled avast believing that it might be causing an issue with the transfer but the result is still the same.

Recently after a failed attempt it has rendered my hard drive back to an ntfs unreadable state due to error code 0x80070570 .

Any help to resolve either issue would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

A:Windows 7: Windows 7 stalling during copying of large files to externa

What is the external HD? How old is it? When was it formatted etc..

In any case I would run a diagnostic on the external drive.
Also try a copying utility such as TeraCopy free version and see if it has similar problems(once the external drive is returned to a normal state or using another drive.)

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I just bought a 160G hard drive, Seagate, to be used in an external case. Seagates software recognized it as 152+G but said that win 98 would only recognize as max of 137G unless I used their software and partition in 2 partions. This was Ok 1 partition at 80G and 1 at 80G. When all was said and done I only got 80 G and 1 at 57G, with 2 partitions. The partitions were done on a win98 desktop with drive as secondary slave. Any ideas as how to get more out of this harddrive.

Thanks for any help.
Go Cards!

A:Large HDD - Windows 98/ME

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I have a DELL OPTIPLEX GX1 that crashed...I replaced the hard drive & updated from Windows 2000 to Windows XP Pro...Some where along the line my "RUN" box disappeared..I can get it if I safe boot..But also when I open some files the window is TOO large to access functions at the bottom of the page...I can NOT move the page up enough to use these functions...I tried to change the page size useing my mouse but I can NOT get close enough to the edges to do it...(off screen) I also tried to adjust the pixels on my display but that shrinks up EVERYTHING too small for me to use easily...Is there an adjustment some where that will correct this & maybe get my "RUN" box back ? ? ? PLEASE help...My name is Ron & you can contact me directly through e-mail OR thru this website...Thank you VERY VERY much...RON

A:Windows TOO large

Hi RM2007 !

What's the maximum display resolution you can set in the display properties ? You probably need to update your video drivers.

Your computer is pretty old and there doesn't seem to be any drivers for XP available from Dell's website.

Found these drivers from Ati's website : Yours should be the second one (under Rage Pro).

If your video card has the standard 4MB memory then once the drivers are installed you'll be able to set your display resolution to 1024 x 768 (85Hz).

About the run command, check that it's checked to appear in the sart menu properties :

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I have a HP pavillion g6 2226TU model laptop . It was running well from two years without any problem or repair.Suddenly it arises a problem that when i slightly displace the laptop while running, it suddenly switched off as like a TV..please go through my screenshots attached. it also shows the screen full of green dots
while touching the lower region(position of hard drive) of my PC. A error is also occurred showing a blue-screen(screenshot attached)

Thank You .Please help me out ..

A:My laptop shut down automatically when slightly displaced

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Seems with the description the hard drive has come loose or is going out completely
Remove the battery and see if it's loose.

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Hi, a friend has sent me a clip in Real Player and I can't open it. I'm geting a message that I should update the player and they sugest I d/l Real One.

I tryed to open it using Media Player and Irfan and no dice.

Is there a security issue concerning Real One, or is it the latest version of Windows Media Player the one with problems?

To tell you the truth ,I'm not that kin on a new player because I hardly use the ones I have to begin with...

Thank you in advance
sebastian pons

A:Solved: [Resolved] slightly off topic... {RealPlayer}

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I've just noticed my desktop shortcut icons are being modified slightly.
Usually there is an arrow pointing up and the bottom of the shortcut icon.

Over the last few days.. I've noticed this "Arrow" changing to various other images or partial images.

I've just ran all the latest Adaware, Spybot and Norton Live updates and ran a full scan on my PC and the complete network. Deleted Temp files & Internet files. HijackThis appears to be clean. I've recently loaded Spyblaster and that has been the latest new thing other than Windows Critical Updates and the Norton Live Updates

When I reboot they clean up and then when I go into "Windows Explorer" they may or may not get changed.

This one is strange and I'm looking for assistance or someone who may be experiencing the same issue.

A:Short Cut Icon (image) changing slightly??

I'm still getting this strange occurance.

Desktop Short-Cuts normally appear with a small arrow superimposed over top of the program icon in the lower left corner.

When ever I go into "Windows Explorer" to display a directory or a file, I see my screen fluctuate a bit. THen when I return to my desk top the program icons have the small arrow replaced with smonthing else (ususal a partial image of another icon... this image varies from time to time)

I wondering if anyone has come accross this issue OR knows what Reg key or whatever sets the arrow image on top of the program icon. (If I can find that maybe I can find out what replaces the image.

Still having problem.
Does anyone know where

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I'm running Vista Home Premium and when doing some apps such as those on Facebook or something, I'll see the screen shift for a split second. I can't really tell in which direction but it's kind of annoying and possibly indicative of a problem or an error.

Also, I wasn't sure if this was a Windows problem or an internet problem so I'm going to be posting this in both forums if that's okay.

My screen resolution is 1680x1250 and the colors are set to "highest" (32 bit). According to my specs, I have an NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GT.

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:window moves slightly when switching screens

Duplicate. Continue here.

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Hello and good morning/afternoon/night everybody reading this.

So, i've got a Dell laptop and a few months ago i started experiencing higher ping on some games and some spikes on the internet, at first i blamed my isp but this has continues since then and my brother has reported no spikes or ping increases in the last weeks. I experience a 120 ping on (on average) to servers that i used to get up to 20 ping on and i experience 200 ping on league of legends servers that i used to get 100~ ping on.

My laptop is running on windows 7, using panda antivirus and spybot search and destroy (i uninstalled mcafee).

Any suggestions?

A:Slightly higher ping and moderate spikes on only one pc

If another box on your network is not experiencing the same lag as yours, then it's your laptop. You need to figure out what is causing the latency. Many times what causes network latency is if there is already some process/application using the network interface.

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when i click on a site that contains a pop up, my computer/browswer will stay stuck for about 5-10 seconds and then the pop up appears. i have a check mark on the "block pop up windows" in Options. what else can i do?

A:Firefox 1.5 freezes slightly when popup appears...

Use this Popups not blocked check list.

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I'm using an Asus VE247T Monitor through DVI, I have it currently set to 1920x1080, which google insists is the native resolution, it is also the recommended resolution in screen settings.

For the most part things look fine, but just to try and test everything was definitely good, I tried to draw a circle using tools in photoshop... and it did not make a circle, it was higher vertically than it should have been.

Not sure what to make of this or how to go about fixing it, I would assume my graphics card is doing something wrong or some setting in Windows 7 is conflicting?

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I wonder if leaving a CPU with its thermal paste open for a few hours will loose some of its quality. In which case I'll have to go buy some new paste. This is a fresh thermal paste I spread on a CPU replace, the only paste I had left, but had to reopen for a readjustment. Thank you.

A:Does a slightly dry thermal paste loose quality?

As long as it will still spread easily, it should be fine. It is when it dries up and is a puddy that will not bond (meaning sticks to everything) is when it needs to be replaced.

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I'm helping my father from 700 miles away with the best available resources I can, I believe it boils down to he needs a different DVD decoder, we've got DTS working etc.

He plays the DVD on his HDTV and it's blurry.

However, when just using the laptop with the HDMI to HDTV, everything looks crystal clear.

I had him do a simple diagnostic,

I had him set a screen saver to some 3d text, max the spin rotation all that, and as big as he could make the text.

It was clear as a bell!

However, the DVD is not.

If I'm correct, when processing a DVD to play on a monitor or HDMI to HDTV, the graphics card(Intel Media Accelerator X4500MHD), does minimal work outside of broadcasting the resolution(I believe CPU would be doing most of the work, converting the DVD to be capable to be understandable through a GFX card), where as if you were to play a game it would take a load on the GFX card, yet, I believe that the game would look crystal clear on the HDTV as the screensaver did, because the graphics card is rendering data and broadcasting it's true state.

However, with a DVD it does have certain differences.

He is using Windows Media Player, I got him a few code packs;

Media Player Codec Pack 3.4
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 4.7.0

I'm not sure what version of DirectX he is running, I'll be able to help him get the latest version tommorow.

Any other ideas?

A:Laptop to HDTV - DVD plays but is slightly blurry.

Bump Bump,

I know someone has some perspective xD

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So I do not know how but I have become infected with Antivirus Action. It must have gotten attached someone and got on to my other laptop. Anyway as usual i am getting the dum popups. I am not able to go into safemode. As it goes through the list of everything it is loading it stops at a driver called ch something I believe. O and I am running Vista 64 bit. It seems that Antivirus Action isn't bothering my guest account. In my guest account I ran anti malware-bytes but it didn't find anything. So what could i do? Thank you very muchEdit: Moved topic from Vista to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Antivirus Action problem slightly different then usual

Update: I ran superanitvirus and got rid of a bunch of stuff and am now able to access safe mode

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Got 2x Geforce 7300GT 3D cards on a crosshair SLi motherboard. From different manufacturers but same chipset (apparently the new software alows this). Card1 worked fine on its own, Card2 works fine on its own, Card2 not recognised in SLi, nor will it work as the 'master' even if Card1 is connected to it. Device manager flags up a 'problem' (Code 10 - device could not 'start'). I've swapped slots, reversed the SLi bridge, reinstalled hardware, software, updated Nvidia and WinXP-Pro-SP2 but it wont make use of the 2nd card no matter what.

No matter what combination I use - card2 only works when it's alone. Nvidia's 'control panel' doesnt recognise it either. XP realises its there but like I said - it has a problem.

Both cards were new on install.

*Shakes fist* I used to be an Nvidia supporter, but I'll go ATi all the way next time...

For now help me not to have wasted a lot of money on 2 duff cards...


A:2x Geforce 7300GT in SLi mode (SLightly Irritating)

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Ok this post is probably going to make me 'sound' like a wing-nut but here it goes.
First, always been happy with plain old stereo speakers before, no frills decent sound. Now, with 7 and media center I'm looking to go 2.1 maybe 4/5.1 for movies and jazz up a few games.

Good plan? So I check the manual and this is the jazz I see:

Center/Subwoofer Speaker Out Jack (Orange)
Use this audio jack to connect center/subwoofer speakers in a 5.1/7.1-channel audio configuration.
Rear Speaker Out Jack (Black)
Use this audio jack to connect rear speakers in a 4/5.1/7.1-channel audio configuration.
Side Speaker Out Jack (Gray)
Use this audio jack to connect side speakers in a 7.1-channel audio configuration.
Line Out Jack (Green)
The default line out jack. Use this audio jack for a headphone or 2-channel speaker. This jack can be used to connect front speakers in a 4/5.1/7.1-channel audio configuration.

I don't want to buy the wrong speakers/set-up. So for a plain 2.1 I would use just the (Green) jack and I'm told this will do 2.1 but what gives with the (Orange) jack.
I guess 4.1 is out of the question unless I do two sets of stereo speakers and a seprate sub?
That leaves 5.1 I guess. I don't understand what the deal/use of the (orange) jack is all about if 2.1 4/5.1 speaker sets bleed off the (green) for .. is it to early to start drinking?

A:Slightly confused about Motherboard sound options

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"The webpage you requested is not available offline, to view this page click connect."

I get this pop up everytime i sign on AOL and when i first go to a site after signing on AOL. its getting annoying even though all i gotta do is click connect. but I'm already connected!
What did i do, how do i fix it. I know it's not normal cause it just started happening.
I also get that pop up everytime i open windows media player. then windows media player freezes.
what do i do?

A:Connect or stay offline = slightly annoying

:( Your biggest problem is AOL. Just kidding.

Are you using Internet Explorer of Firefox? It may be the settings you have for your internet connection.

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As of late , after awaking from sleep mode, the Action Center is requesting me
to re-enter my password. I am clueless as to why this is happening.

The only change is that I cancelled my MS Office 365 [P6] subscription.

Maybe the unlinking? of [[email protected]] from [[email protected]]
is causing this behavior. Dunno?

I had used the onmicrosoft as my Win8 login account and had a few problems with that.
So I deleted that 'user' and created a new one with the .live email.

But that was more than a year ago. It's not the end of the world or anything, just a
bit annoying and worrisome that it may be a 'bogus' pop-up in Action Center.

TIA for any help.

A:Password request frequency is slightly alarming

In action center, go to change action center settings and in security messages uncheck Microsoft account. Also if you haven't already done so, go into user accounts in your control panel, click on make changes to my account in PC settings and you can disable requiring a password when waking your PC.

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I recently bought a refurbished HP laptop, a dv7-4183cl. Overall I thought the laptop was great. However it had a problem (it periodically shut down suddenly, as if it had lost power), and I contacted HP. I was quite surprised that this refurbished laptop had a 6-month support contract.

Unfortunately things did not go well with the repair process. I had to send it in three times, and every time they sent it back, something new was broken. Some of these things I figured out and fixed, but others required sending it in again. Plus every time I moved all my files & work back & forth from the 4183cl to an older laptop, it ate up way too much of my time. Eventually I told HP "This is nuts, I'm not sending it in again."

To my astonishment, they just contacted me and offered me a NEW laptop to replace the faulty refurbished one. Wow! Major kudos to HP.

It's a higher-end model (dv7-6199) -- Core i7 instead of i5, 1TB drive instead of 500GB, 8GB RAM instead of 6. So this seems like a fabulous deal.

My question: I've spent way too much time setting up this laptop -- installing software, customizing, etc. I would *really* rather not have to do that again. If they sent me another dv7-4183cl, I would just take an image backup of my laptop and transfer the image to the new one.

Can I do that from the 4183cl to the 6199? I suspect most OS settings will work OK, and Win7 will probably figure out and fix any drivers/etc that are different. (For example ... Read more

A:Transfer system from one laptop to a slightly different model?

People on this forum have restored images to new hardware and had it work out OK, although the standard recommendation is to do a fresh install.

I don't think the larger drive will be a factor--you should still be able to extend or manipulate your partitions as needed. You may have to use a third party tool to do it.

Licensing is another issue. I assume you have 2 OEM product keys, one for each laptop? Each of those is supposedly tied to one machine and I don't know if you could use the "new" product key to activate the transferred image from the old laptop.

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I have two problems with my system tray:
Problem the 1st) I have set my wireless notification icon to "Always Show", and my LAN notification to "Always Hide", but these settings are not saved when I log off/shut down.
Problem the 2nd) Some icons sometimes do not show up in my toolbox, most importantly, the battery meter.

Can someone please help me with these problems?

A:XP' system trat is driving me slightly INSANE!

No matter how you try, you cannot suppress the LAN icon as you discovered. It just cannot be done.

For icons that seem to randomly disappear and reappear at another session, see the ruminations of MS-MVP Hans-Georg Michna on the subject:


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At first I thought it was league of legends itself that was giving me System_service_exception 0x0000003B but then I was watching video and streaming radio and after a while my fan started running a little harder and then BSOD.

Before all of this I had a bad hdd and I swaped it out for a new one and reinstalled windows 7 on my system all I have installed right now is League Of Legends and AVG Free. I have taken my computer completely apart and cleaned the dust out and my computer is fine, but it seems that I get the BSOD when I do something that makes the computer heat up ...

Awaiting any questions for anything else you need to know.

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
- Not the original installed
-It is full retail
-HP Pavillion DV7 1448dx (about 2 years old)
-Just reinstalled the OS on another HDD from the one that I was having problems with in the firstplace.

A:BSOD when my Computer starts to heat up slightly


I'd suspect some hardware is at fault here. Try running some hardware tests and see how they do.

Run all three Prime95 tests:

Run Memtest86: RAM - Test with Memtest86+

Also, there might be a network issue. Install the latest Realtek ethernet drivers from here:

...Summary of the dumps:


*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for Unknown_Module_00000000`00000000
Built by: 7600.16385.amd64fre.win7_rtm.090713-1255
Debug session time: Wed Sep 7 20:58:13.187 2011 (UTC - 4:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 2:21:25.637
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for Unknown_Module_00000000`00000000
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for Unknown_Module_00000000`00000000
Probably caused by : Unknown_Image ( ANALYSIS_INCONCLUSIVE )

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Hi, I was wondering if there is a something i can use for a mouse over that would make the image slightly larger than it is originally, then scale back down when user rolls out.

I'm using it for an image gallery with thumbs....... got the thumbs in, and want them to display bigger when the mouse rolls over them.



A:mouseover that makes the image slightly larger

try some of these mouse over links

looks like there's lots of scripts you can use to get that effect

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So I have several pivot tables and a macro as below.
The data I pull I manual edit the macro and do replace all and i replace the resort i.e YARA to something else like BABA

How can I modify the below macro so that when i run it, it asks me to enter a resort name and then it auto changes all of the below "YARA" to the resort name i type in?


ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "YARA"
ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable8").PivotFields("Resort").CurrentPage = _
ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable11").PivotFields("Resort").CurrentPage = _
ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable9").PivotFields("Resort").CurrentPage = _
ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable10").PivotFields("Resort").CurrentPage = _
ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable27").PivotFields("Resort").CurrentPage = _
ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable24").PivotFields("Resort").CurrentPage = _
ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable26").PivotFields("Resort").CurrentPage = _
"... Read more

A:Macro issue and help needed to slightly modify it

WhichRes = InputBox("Which resort?")
For Each PivotTable In ActiveSheet.PivotTables
x = PivotTable.Name
ActiveSheet.PivotTables(x).PivotFields("Resort").CurrentPage = WhichRes
Next PivotTable
(welcome to the board)

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IT's kinda weird, and hard to explain exactly. Sometimes my computer runs fine, other times quite a bit slower than it should (nothing out of the ordinary running, i checked). Also on start-up i get a little bubble at the bottom right (system tray) saying i have awaiting CD's to burn (i have a disk in my drive on start-up, and i've never seen this before)

There are a number of reasons why, i did just recently get the most recent windows/security updates and that may be a feature/function, Whatever, of the updates but i don't know.

So here's a HJT log, i looked thru it, from what i see nothing looks strange, but then again i don't really know what i'm looking for

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 8:38:45 PM, on 7/29/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\ASUS\Probe\AsusProb.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\Sound Blaster X-Fi\DVDAudio\CTDVDDET.EXE
C:\Program Files\Cr... Read more

A:Slightly Weird stuff happening.. not sure what. HJT log posted.


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Have a Samsung SyncMaster T220 LCD monitor that is just over 4 years old. It's hooked via digital cable to my XP desktop. The Desktop wallpaper is Azul (picture of a small sandbar with 3 palm trees and clear, blue water and blue sky). About 10 days ago, I noticed what appeared to be two finger smudges (blue was just slightly darker there) in the middle of the screen, so tried to remove them with my microfiber cloth slightly wetted with Windex. Turns out they're not finger smudges; they're part of the monitor's display and cannot be removed.

I have never exposed the monitor to liquids other than a slightly damp cloth to clean finger prints. I've never put heavy pressure on the screen. So how did the monitor acquire these small blotches that are just slightly darker than the color surrounding them, and do they indicate that the monitor is beginning to fail?

A:Blotches - slightly darker than surrounding area

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+, x64 Family 15 Model 75 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2430 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305234 MB, Free - 148764 MB;
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

If this is the wrong section, I apologize in advance.

Lately, I've been getting BSOD's whenever I do something that uses a moderate amount of resources. (Gaming, media streaming, etc..) For instance, I'll be playing a game when suddenly out of nowhere, a BSOD pops up and gives me a 124 stop-code, which i believe is a hardware related code but i'm not sure. One out of my two internal fans does not work (the one attached to the side of the case), so I'm using one external fan aimed directly at the motherboard.

My uneducated theory is that every time it gets to a certain temperature inside and TRIES to spin that broken fan but can't, it think's something's wrong and crashes...?

Any help would be MUCH appreciated
Thanks in advance.

A:Win7 BSOD during any slightly taxing process

I'm guessing you have about a 5-year old HP/Compaq computer.

What brand name and model name and model number is it?

What's the part/product number(P/N) on it?


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This is probably an extremely nit-picky post but I was wondering if any other P50 owners are experiencing any "play" or wiggle room with their 3.5mm headphone jack when a headset is plugged in. I notice on mine that when I plug in my headphones, the connection itself is solid however, it seems that the outer casing of the jack between the outerbody of the laptop have space in between causing the casing to move in between.  So far I haven't seen any issue with the functionality of the jack itself but I'm a little concern that the jack might be loose somewhere inside which might cause it to fail prematurely.

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