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Old Hardware/Software on NEW DELL Computer W/64 Bit

Q: Old Hardware/Software on NEW DELL Computer W/64 Bit

Would someone please help me on this.
I built my own puter about six years ago, after wiping and formatting the older 32 BIT WINXP O.S. and installed a OEM version of WIN 7 PRO 64. I then had to search out 64 Bit drivers for my older Epson all-in-one NX300, (printer,scanner) Realtek Audio, CS5, etc.) I don't have any problems, to date, but I am in need of a faster i7, and More DDr3 to replace a very tired Q6600, 2.4, and 8GB DDR2 RAM, and replace my Nvidia 8600GT......OK....ENOUGH ABOUT ME.

.........My older sister Cathy, who continues to buying DELL products, just got tired of the old slow 32-Bit

I accidentally posted the following post on another thread, but saw this TOPIC Line, and thought more appropriate to be parked here. (ADMINS..Please feel free to move it or let it stay right here)

WinXP, and recently purchased a DELL, with WIN7 64-Bit O.S. I don't live close to her, but wanted to help her out, since she is NOT very computer all!

She had the GEEK squad come over today to hook up her computer and network Wi-Fi, but he left, without loading any programs, so basically, she doesn't have anything on her computer, except for the WIN7 O.S.

I believe she has a few software titles, like Microsoft OFFICE, she needs to install, and an older DELL Laser printer, but she does not know how to go about it. I told her to go to the device manufacturers websites to download the latest WIN7 Drivers for her hardware, and/or software to work...LIKE DELL.

Now she tells my mom that she can not find the CD-ROM...???...WHAT!....See what I mean? I saw another post here that DELL charges for new drivers??? This can not be true!

Is there a step by step, easy Installing software,hardware/drivers for DUMMIES?

Thank you for any piece of mind, anyone could give me.

A: Old Hardware/Software on NEW DELL Computer W/64 Bit

Your question is too generic. For what exactlu do you need help - in 3 sentences or less would be fine.

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Blue Dell screen with
Press F2 to enter setup....lasts a few seconds.
Black screen with
Initializing Intel Boot Agent Version 3.0.83
PXE 2.0 Build 078 [WFM 2.0] RPL V2.73
A Disc Read Error Occurred- Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to Restart
Page closes and repeats after 15 seconds or so
....Thanks for your opinion

A:Dell Inspiron 4000 No Boot > Hardware or Software?

Welcome... I see this is your first post.

For Improving Your First Post, try looking here...

An improved post will generate better response.
Good Luck.

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Laptop: Dell Inspiron 1300 (got it in May 2006)
Os: Windows XP Home Edition (service pack 3 is installed)

Problem: When I start my computer it goes through the motions, line of bars shoot across screen, bios? are checked quickly, windows Xp logo shows up, everything looks good. Then it comes time to click my profile and things slow down. Usually all that loads is my desktop background but sometimes icons show up too, along with a frozen bar at the bottom of the screen (taskbar its called i think?) mouse is responsive but if I go to click something it will beep once and freeze. Sometimes it will unfreeze moments later.

Now i'm currently in Safe Mode with Networking which works great, no real issues.

Another side note is that I can not click folders on my desktop or my computer, or check the contents of my recycle bin. I can however empty my recylce bin, open music folders in iTunes, and delete programs by attempting to delete a shortcut and then clicking the link on the prompt that says in oder to delete the program you must blah blah blah.
This was not only true in normal mode when it was working, but is also present in safe mode as we speak. If I do click something I'm not supposed to Windows Explorer has a problem with it and my task bar disappears and comes back moments later.

Are there issues related? Is this a motherboard issue? Any help would be appreciated.

A:Is my Dell Inspiron's problem Hardware or Software based

While in Safe Mode, navigate Start>Run>(type)"msconfig" and turn off all non-MS services and all start-ups.

Then, My Computer>(right click) "C:\" drive>"Properties">Tools and schedule a check disk (auto repair the errors) on reboot.

On reboot, you should be in what is called "Selective Startup". This should afford you maximum functionality while turning off the malware. It's a pretty good bet you are infected.

Check Device Manager, click "show hidden devices" and report any flagged devices here.

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Okay what hardware and software do I need to hook my TV to the computer or hook my DVD player or VHS to the computer?

Also what about the TV turner card or that is only for watching TV on the computer but does not have the interface to hook my DVD player or VHS to the computer?

A:TV to the computer need hardware and software

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I don't think this could be caused by software but it just does not make any sense...I have a computer that my grandparents have, an HP something or other...paper weight as far as I am concerned. It has been off all summer and unplugged as they travel in the summer. So they come home and turn it on and it works fine for about 40 minutes then just shuts itself someone reached around and pulled the plug. So they phone me and I figure it is power supply, so I have the power supply tested, nope not that. So now I am thinking either mainboard or proccessor but it can not be the processor because when you first turn it on the damn thing runs just fine, right until it tries to get into windows it seems, then BAM, dies.....sometimes it will get into windows but never lasts more then 5 minutes apparently, the funny thing is the damn thing runs just fine as long as it sits at the Bios, or is Loading windows in, because I tried the recovery partition. So now I am going to plug there hard drive into my system and just wipe it completly, no more of this uless recovery stuff and put an actuall clean SP2 copy of XP on.....Is there any chance that this could be software related , I have never encountered a PC with a software problem that would cause it to just die like this.


A:Hardware or shuts off

Go into bios and look under pc health post voltages and temps here also what are the specs of the computer including the psu?

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Hello Folks,

I had a computer built for me about a year ago and from the get go it has been freezing up on me, no help from the person who built it for me so I am learning as I go. When I first got it would only freeze once or twice every couple of days so I did not think anything of it. But it has gotten to the point where it will freeze every 5 minutes and I have to cut the power, let it sit for a bit and then turn it back on to get it to run again. If I let the system sit powered on after it freezes it will go to a black screen and ask me to insert boot media and press any key.

Let me summarize what I have tried up to this point trying to fix it.

Reformatted 4 time over the last 6 months, I am waiting for windows 7 before I try this again

Updated every driver I can find

Updated the BIOS

Switched from 2GB DataA single channel memory to Kingston 2GB dual channel

Applied a non-stock CPU heat sink reducing the CPU temp from 51C to 34C and the load temp from 60C+ to 48C

Downloaded memtest86 and ran it, no problems found

Downloaded the Seagate diagnostic tool and ran all tests, no problems found

I run AVG free edition and no virus have been fround

I run Spybot and super anti-spyware, both no problems found

I am totally stumped because I can not find any error logs or do I get any error messages to guide me to what is wrong. How can I find out what is wrong with my system? What I would like to avoid is to just start guessing at parts and buying and replacing at rand... Read more

A:Computer freezing hardware/software?

Today I changed the power supply to a CoolMaster Silent Pro M 700W, it is able to provide much more current that my old power supply. So I can not cross the power supply off the list of reasons why my system is freezing.

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Hi all,
My wife's laptop is a HP Pavilion dv7.  It's a little older but was working OK until this week.  We haven't been able to get it to start up in a few days an I was hoping you guys could help me figure out what's up.
Some general notes that are probably of no importance:
- normally runs pretty hot.  I have disassembled it, the fan is working and there was not much dust in it.  I did clean out whatever was in there.
- my wife has about eight thousand programs that open in the toolbar at the bottom.  I know this is an issue, but at this point I can't even get in to delete the unnecessary ones.
- Despite a new battery it immediately shuts off when unplugged.  Not a big deal (not worth replacing the power supply) but I only mention it in case it might be related to the startup issue.  That's all.
When I power up I get:

 2015-06-24 08.31.49.jpg   117.97KB
When I select "start windows normally", it just sits on the "Starting Windows" screen forever.  The following pictures are some results I get when I click "launch startup repair" (multiple pictures because I scrolled down so you could see all the faults.

 2015-06-24 08.34.56.jpg   83.43KB

 2015-06-24 08.35.30.jpg   145.13KB
Also, one more result I got running a different check off of HP Recovery Manager:

 ... Read more

A:Computer won't start or hardware?

By the way when I run CHKDSK it will finish its' check then immediately shut the window, which is why I have the screen shot of it still in progress...nothing more substantial than that information comes up further along in the process anyway.

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My computer is pretty old but I maintain it decently so it works fine. However, recently, it started having a problem which I have no clue about how to solve. What happens is that at some point the monitor will say the computer is off (so just as if I had turned the monitor on without turning the computer, it says "no signal") however the computer seems to be on. The power light is on and most of the time the fan is working when this happens.

Once it happens - it just stays like that forever unless you do something to it. This has been going on for many months now. Recently it has gotten so bad (Like at the moment, I'm scared it will turn off so I am saving this as I write this post.)

I would assume it is a hardware problem but maybe there is some software problem involved too? Additionally, while I usually do maintain my desktop pretty well, I haven't really updated and cleaned it in a long time. I would appreciate some help in making it go faster. First and foremost I'd like to solve this computer-is-on-monitor-says-its-off problem.

Thank you in advance. This forum is so great. Whenever I have some issue which I cannot find the answer online, I can just come here and personally inquire and get excellent responses. Thanks!

Frustrated user

A:Computer Problem - Can't tell if it's hardware or Software (or both)

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Recently my laptop has been freezing up, sometimes while I'm in the middle of something, others I'll have been away from my computer for a bit and return to a freeze.

Whenever it happens, I feel the back of the laptop, to see if the back is really warm, and it isn't, so I don't think this is a heating issue.

I have to hard reboot the laptop every time this happens, a couple times a day. Just a few days ago my hard drive got corrupted (most likely from being hard rebooted too many times) and I lost all my data, but I reformatted and retransfered files from my desktop to get it up and running again.

I know this can't be good for the laptop, but I can't find a way to prevent this from happening. Since it happens sometimes while the computer idles as well, I can't think its the RAM either.

Anyone have some insight as to what is going on here?

Edit: Forgot to mention if it helps at all, the laptop is an ASUS N70Sv

I saw someone in the ASUS forums post about their computer freezing, and assumed they had the same issue. The only response they got was to try updating the BIOS. I have BIOS version 205 on my laptop, and the 206 update had some fix regarding WLAN, but that's all it said. From what I've read, since I've never tried it- don't know how, upgrading BIOS can be dangerous and you really shouldn't try it unless you know it will fix something.

A:Computer Freeze - Hardware or Software?

The way you describe it, it sure sounds like a heat problem
Any error messages at all?
The next time is does it, look in the Event Viewer for the last error and see what it says

Even though you reformatted, the drive still might have some bad blocks
Go to the manufacturer's support site and download their diagnostic utility and run it

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I need to inventory hundreds of computers that have no OS but are networked and operational; also would be nice to be able to upload the report to a database and print a barcode sticker with the info. It would need to run from a boot cd. Everything I've seen googling only works on systems that have an OS. The info I need would be PC model, CPU speed, HDD size and RAM. ?


A:Computer Hardware Inventory Software

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My computer has been running very slowly for the last few weeks. The problems have become even worse in the last week:

1). It won't shut down
2). It can't read USB devices and SD cards
3). It wouldn't play iTunes for a few days, because it said my Audio and Video configurations was incorrect
4). It went a day or two without being able to detect any audio devices, so my speakers were useless
5). It sometimes shuts down and gives me an error message about a Software or Hardware malfunction. It tells me to check if my recently installed programs are fully installed. I know next to nothing about computers, so I don't know how to do this
6). I received an error message when I started my computer today, saying basically the same thing as the previously mentioned error message
7). I don't know where my install disk is, so I don't think I can reinstall Windows

I have removed the battery and restarted it, which fixed my iTunes/speakers problem, but all the other problems remain. Can anyone give some tips on how to fix this. I would love to be able to fix it without installing a new copy of Windows or buying a new computer.

A:Computer Hardware/Software Malfunction

Do you have any Anti Virus and Mal-ware Protection on your computer. Please scan your computer with both programs and reply back if they found anything or nothing

can you provide with your Computer specs

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Hello, I've been experiencing a problem with my PowerSpec G190 desktop for the last few weeks, I've brought it into a local repair shop and my GPU/CPU/RAM/HDD and Mobo all were tested, with no problem.

My problem is when I start to play WoW, Crysis2, CoD, or really any game including Tzar (oldie) my computer blue screens with Memory_Management, and more recently Hyper Transport Sync Flood Error (F1 to resume). When the blue screen occurs, my screen goes grey, with odd lines going vertically and my computer becomes very loud and emitts a screech like sound through the speakers. I've checked CPU usage, less than 10% with WoW/Crysis on Max Settings, and less than 3% with Tzar. However, even with no applications/processes my RAM seems to be around 25% usage. (RAM problem?...)

The computer is about 7 months old, no OC'ing at all. I brought it in to get it re-imaged back to factory settings, with no luck (i re-installed a game, and it proceeded to blue screen with the same error). I brought it back a second time just to be told it was all tested, and passed, but the CPU heatsink was overloaded with dust. (which was cleaned).

AMD 1090t BE (3.2ghz)
HiS Radeon 5750
4GB Dual Channel RAM (Crucial)
500W PSU

The only other devices I have connected are a Razer Naga, Keyboard and headset.
Please help! I cant see where the problem lies, and I miss my gaming. I cant see how this could be fixed by cleaning the heatsink, and I'll keep this updated once I p... Read more

A:Computer Issues, Hardware or Software?

ummm...well imn ot really a well computer expert...but my laptop had a similer problem...i tried evrything i fix it....untill i just had to reinstal my OS(win xp) and after that everything worked fine.....but thats just me....also...make sure u dont have a nasty virus .....that caused a blue screen on my computer yeah...but dont re instal ur OS until the computer experts comein and give u advice.....

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Hello everyone,

I'm having a problem with my computer lately, the most common issue is when I click on "Turn Off" computer, Windows XP takes over one minute to log off and power down when it used to take less than 10 seconds. Also lastnight while playing Silent Hunter 4 my hard drive just stopped spinning as if I had turned off my computer, I clearly heard it come to a dead stop just like when I turn off my computer. This problem all started when I received a virus, since then I have re-installed Windows XP twice! As far as Windows and Event Viewer is concerned it never happened as there is no log of the long hang before shutdown! I wish whatever the problem component and/or software would just burst into flames so I could be done with this endles troubleshooting! Here's a list of things I have tried to remedy the issues >

Troubleshooting steps taken:

(1) Fresh installed of Windows XP twice.
(2) Run hard drive utility to scan for bad sectors, full scan.
(3) Chkdsk, no problems.
(4) Had a look in Event Viewer, no errors or warnings found.
(5) 60 hour stress test using Memtest and Prime95.
(6) Cleared RTC/Reset CMOS
(7) Replaced HDD power and data cable.
(8) Fully updated drivers on all hardware including Windows.
(9) Turned off Automattic updates.
(10) Used six month old drivers on all hardware.

I would appreciate any help, Systemlord.

A:Strange computer behavior, hardware or software?

what are you running
video card
power supply

check the listings in the bios for voltages and temperatures and post them

the last thing windows does on shutdown is the restore point,it can cause a long delay in shutting down if you have changed a lot during the session

if you startup and then shutdown straight away how long does it take

check your h/d temps this should show them

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This post is basically associated with this post:

My sister has build her computer but the problem now lies in installing windows... Installing it took over 3hours (which is way too long). Once the installation finished, the lag didnt stop and it continues to be an annoyance... my question is - what is causing this lag/slowness?? I dont think its the Windows XP CD because it works fine on other computers... Could it be the RAM? We didnt configure the timings in BIOS - could that be why? Or maybe its just faulty...
Any help would be great.

A:New Built Computer - Software/Hardware problem?

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BSOD happened today and was wondering was there a solution for this problem. I don't know why the issue has come up as now.

A:Dell Inspirion 1525 BSOD No hardware change or software change

Welcome to the forums Neoco,

BugCheck 116, {fffffa8057088010, fffff8800482dcb0, 0, c}

Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\igdkmd64.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for igdkmd64.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for igdkmd64.sys
Probably caused by : igdkmd64.sys ( igdkmd64+23cb0 )

Usual causes: Video driver, overheating, bad video card, BIOS, Power to card
This bugcheck indicates that the graphics card driver has attempted to reset the graphics card, but failed to do so within the allocated time interval, and therefore caused a timeout with the following Stop Code 0x116. More Information - Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) (Windows Drivers)

Please follow these steps:STOP 0x116: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR troubleshooting
Note: Please do not hesitate to ask if you have problems or concerns with the troubleshooting steps within the listed guide.


0: kd> lmvm igdkmd64
start end module name
fffff880`0480a000 fffff880`04ddd500 igdkmd64 T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: igdkmd64.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\igdkmd64.sys
Image name: igdkmd64.sys
Timestamp: Wed May 06 19:22:19 2009 (4A01D55B)
CheckSum: 005D8353
ImageSize: 005D3500
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Please update to the latest version from here ... Read more

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Where can I find the correct mounting hardware for an old HD to install in a new Dell computer? The old HD was mounted horizontally. It looks like the Dell uses a vertical approach. Shouldn't this stuff be easy to find?? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

A:Where find correct mounting hardware for old HD in new Dell computer

You can mount hard drives in any direction you like. Usually the only hardware you need to mount a HD is screws.

If you really need some brackets or rails to mount a hard drive in your new Dell then the Dell salesman is the man to approach.

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About 6 months ago the screen started freezing. Then after about 30 seconds a message would appear on screen.... 'No Signal'

Would switch off and restart after a short pause and most times PC would run OK. The problem is random and happens in any app. The PC can operate OK for several hours without a problem.Or it may happen within a few minutes of startup.

As I thought that it was most likely related to the Win 7 software. I upgraded to Win 10.. 2 days ago, without any problems and the desktop seemed to run faster.

However the same problem is occurring again. Could this be a hardware problem?

With Win 10 there is no message about the unexpected shutdown ,when rebooting

A:Computer Freezing with win7 and win10..hardware or software?

It could be hardware related but not guaranteed, if you had done a completely clean installation of Windows 10 rather than an upgrade it could help to confirm that or not.

However, lets see what we can find out

Firstly, please provide details of the PC in question. Is it a prebuilt system like a HP, Dell etc if so please provide the exact make and model (include the 7 digit Dell Service Tag if its a Dell).
If its a self / custom build please provide exact make and model of the motherboard, CPU, RAM, graphics card, power supply, hard drives etc. the more info the better.

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On occasion I get asked to "fix" some ones computer. It could be anything, laptop won't turn on or a program froze, etc. Sometimes I get asked for help on a subject I know nothing about (Excel comes to mind). Or they'll say "how do I do this...". I say "sorry, I've never used that program before".

How does the IT person of today acquire the knowledge to help in so many aspects of computer repair, hardware/software/mobile devices? Buying each and every program is just too expensive, as is buying the latest tech gadget. I will hopefully be attending an IT school in the near future, for now I use google but there are still some things I don't know.

A:fixing other peoples computer issues, hardware/software

Quote: Originally Posted by HAVOC

On occasion I get asked to "fix" some ones computer. It could be anything, laptop won't turn on or a program froze, etc. Sometimes I get asked for help on a subject I know nothing about (Excel comes to mind). Or they'll say "how do I do this...". I say "sorry, I've never used that program before".

How does the IT person of today acquire the knowledge to help in so many aspects of computer repair, hardware/software/mobile devices? Buying each and every program is just too expensive, as is buying the latest tech gadget. I will hopefully be attending an IT school in the near future, for now I use google but there are still some things I don't know.

Well, I started messing around with what we used to call 'microcomputers' back in the late 1970's. I learned from years and years of experience. I learned from each and every client. You learn fundamentals, you learn patterns, you grow some intuition. You learn trouble-shooting skills. At some point, you've more or less seen it all, and even if you've never used a particular program or piece of hardware, you just seem to know what the issues are going to be.

I don't do house-calls any more, but I used to do a lot of them. There are so many different kinds of computer out there! Sometimes I had to engage my clients in random tech chit-chat, stalling for time while I tried to find the power switch on their computer.

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A company called TweakBit is relentlessly downloading software to my DELL Inspiron, informing me that my laptop has over 240 errors and offering to fix them if I purchase and install their software. They use the DELL trademark and also state that they are a Microsoft Partner, Norton Secured (using Microsoft and Norton trademarks), and are "100% Satisfaction Guaranteed" by an unnamed agency! They offer a 24/7 support number. I called the number and a man with a heavy Indian accent told me he knew nothing about DELL, Microsoft Partnership, or Norton! I found and deleted the TweakBit software installed on my laptop on 4/1/16. I removed it. It reinstalled on 4/2/16! Is this really a DELL sponsored product? The Geek Squad says that it is a scam! I purchased my laptop at Best Buy on 12/24/15. The undocumented software DELL had installed on the laptop downloaded malicious software from the internet! I had to perform a full system reset TWICE to get my computer to function properly!
I used to have great respect for DELL. NO MORE! How dare you deliver products with undocumented software installed! I have lost all confidence in DELL and I will never buy another DELL product! I wish I could return my Inspiron. It is an insecure device. I no longer trust it! I no longer trust DELL! I an going to contact Best But to see if I can return or exchange it for something trustworthy.
I took screen shots of the TweakBit pop-ups which clearly display the DELL, Microsoft Partner, and... Read more

A:TweakBit Software is downloading to my laptop posing as DELL software! Is DELL aware of this?

Hello Sir, I have already replied to the same post you left on Facebook, but would like to repeat my message here.
We are sorry you had a negative experience with your computer that involved TweakBit products. I would like to clarify a couple of things so there are no misunderstandings. TweakBit does not come pre-installed on Dell computers and does not get installed automatically without user consent. We are in fact a Microsoft Gold Application Development partner and we do use Norton to test our software and certify it as virus-free. The only place in our software where you could have seen a mention of Dell would be the section that contains information on your computer system. Our software displays your computer brand, model and specs for your convenience, as many users have no idea where to locate this info when faced with the need to do maintenance on their computer or to call support.
I can assure you that TweakBit software is neither malware, nor does it contain any malware. We take customer safety very seriously and work with every complaint until the issue is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. Our software comes with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee, so if you purchased any of our products and did not like how they worked, you can submit a request at for an immediate refund.
We did have some issues with certain anti-virus programs flagging our software (hence most of the negative feedback on the web), but these we... Read more

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My faher ( 80 Yrs.) just purchased a new Dell with a cd writer. Can anybody tell me what brand of writing software will work with their CD writer. I told him not to buy theirs for 40+ dollars
Thanks, darrylh

A:New Dell Computer/ What CDRW software??

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Hi, I had a GPU fail in my Dell Vostro 1500 laptop. The card that failed was an NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS. The Vostro laptop actually can accept an NVIDIA 8600 GT card too. So I ordered the replacement part from Dell for the 8600 and they shipped me a refurbished unit.
The surgery to put in the new card took all night for hack like to do. I did not look carefully at the refurbished unit they shipped me as I was nervous handling the card (that I might break it).
But when I turned on the laptop after the installation, I did not get a pause at the BIOS saying “I see new hardware” like I did when I upgraded the RAM.
After the computer booted up I uninstalled the 8400 driver and then installed the 8600 driver. There was a snag at it’s possible that Windows automatically reinstalled the 8400 driver during one the required reboots but I KNOW that I wrote the 8600 driver over top at least (I had hoped to do a clean uninstall then reinstall but Windows tried to grab a driver for me).
So now when I right click on computers, properties device manager it shows the video as still the 8400 card. The 8400 card I removed has a sticker on it that says KU907 on it. The invoice for the 8600 that Dell sent for the 8600 says KU907 on it too.
I think I was sent the wrong part from Dell (I paid a higher price for the 8600 GPU) . Is it possible that a legacy driver is making the Vostro think it has the 8400 when the part IS an 8600. Or when I go to the Device Manager, does the computer physically c... Read more

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Since a few weeks ago, my microphone has only been working when tilting the screen forward. I saw a previous discussion ( ) where people have reported similar problems. Although my laptop was still under warranty when I reported the problem to Dell, they proceeded to sending me an onsite technician with a repair microphone part who said that he could not replace just the microphone because I had a touchscreen (you would think Dell would have checked to send the right part), then a refurbished new screen that did not work at all on my computer, and then refused to solve the problem by arguing that my system was no longer under warranty (which it was not by the time they finally sent the non working screen and I called back to ask for another one to be sent—it was all problems from their side). Wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and if they were able to fix it themselves, as now my microphone is not working at all, not even when I tilt the screen.

I have also noticed the same problem for the touch screen. It only works when the screen is tilted forward, and I am afraid that, like the microphone, it will reach a point of no return. It seems to me that there is some faulty wiring from the screen components into the base. Any help would be much appreciated!

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My Dell N5050 laptop died and I tried moving the Harddisk into a old HP Deskpro. The disk boots fine but Windows 7 DELL OEM reboots as the windows picture comes up. It then allows me to do a repair but that doesn't help. The repair report doesn't give any clue to the problem.

I am guessing it is some fundamental driver that is Dell specific. Any idea how to sort it ?

The repair will allow me to get to a dos prompt.


A:Move Dell Windows 7 Hard disk into non-dell hardware

Welcome to our forum auror1968.

Their is a excellent chance that the OEM/SLP key, drivers and a lot more are tied to the Laptop and will not work on the Desktop.
Does you Desktop or Laptop have a Windows 7 sticker on it that looks something like this?

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Hi, the computer with a problem is a 3 or 4 year old HP Pavilon on Windows XP. It has been working faithfully up until recently.

My computer has never had this happen to it EVER, i was using my computer all day for the past 2 days but i have done that so many times, and i left it on while going to school,do this everyday as well, so i didnt think anything of it. Well i come home and i turn my computer gives me this message over and over with nothign changing:
We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this.

If your computer stopped responding, restarted unexpectedly, or was automatically shut down to protect your files and folders, choose Last Known Good Configuration to revert to the most recent settings that worked.

If a previous startup attempt was interrupted due to a power failure or because the Power or Rest button was pressed, or if you aren't sure what caused the problem, choose Start Windows Normally.

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)

Start Windows Normally

When i choose any of them is wont start, ANY!, whats the point of this prompt if none of them tell me. So i am asking, what do i do to fix this. Give me a list of 1000 things and i will try them all.

PLEASE help me. I am freaking out becuase this happened to my friends comput... Read more

A:Computer wont start, "hardware or software change may have caused this" yeah right

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Dell Precision M6400 Win7 64 bit Dell Webcam Central Software.
Long story short, just purchased a M6400, upgraded after purchase with SSD, clean install. Cant Find Win7 64 bit Dell Webcam Central Software.
Please help, no I cant go in to my account and download due to my laptop transfer has not yet cleared.
Webcam is recognized in windows configuration, but not in dell. Already removed win software, but I have no way or nothing to replace with.

A:Dell Precision M6400 Win7 64 bit Dell Webcam Central Software Missing

Hi hdpartman,
If the webcam is not working, I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the webcam drivers.
To uninstall the Dell webcam central software, perform the following steps:

Click Start.
Click Control Panel.
Using the drop-down menu next to View by: in the upper-right corner, select Large Icons.
Click Programs and Features.
Click Dell Webcam Central.
Click Uninstall.
Confirm the uninstall process by clicking OK.
Once uninstalled restart the computer.

I have provided a link below to reinstall the webcam drivers.
Awaiting your response!

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Hi everybody :

I've been looking at some hardware for my spare parts. I need some advice. I have a Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H Motherboard, that uses an Intel Core i3 processor LGA 1155 , Corsair 2Gb (takes two chips) DDR3 PC10600 1333Mhz. I purchased all this around the same time.....July 2013. The computer is still functioning okay (a few "bumps" here and there). Usually, under, at least, fair conditions, how long SHOULD the memory last? Before it goes bad ? And the same question for the processor ? I'd like to be able to get some spare parts, just in case. In a last case scenario, I would probably have to do it all over again.......the MOBO, Processor and memory.

A:Computer Hardware [moved to Hardware>Building]

RAM and Processors don't wear out or fail due to time. RAM can fail for many reasons but if it is currently functioning there's no reason it won't continue to run forever. Things that could kill ram are failing power supply, voltage issues on the motherboard, power surges, static charges, etc. Processors are even more resilient. If the processor is run withing specified parameters it will run forever.

It's much more likely for a hard drive to fail. Motherboards can fail for many of the same reasons that RAM can fail. In all my time building and using computers, I've never had RAM fail or a CPU fail but I have had motherboards or components of the board fail and certainly hard drives have failed.

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I need some advice. Can a Lite-On or for that matter any brand cd-rw be installed in a Dell computer. Have heard info that the Dell was different and you need certain equipment. Thanks in advance. Gary

A:Hardware for Dell

I have never had any problems installing cdroms or cdrws in Dell machines....whatever brand I ran across.

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Just got off the line and someone from mi...sof. said he could fix this for $69.00. Thought I would look further into this first. Had xp in a three yr old system. Cd/rom not working so purchased and installed windows7. Cd/rom still out. Software not successfully installed Code 19. Any ideas?


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I have this post in Vista Forum;
I have not figured out what is going on & it is starting to look like my hardware is going bad. Yet I still think it is a software issue.
The only thing I can add to that thread is that I have a lot of processes shut off because of the consuming of my CPU by whatever process, or handles, or threads are running that I am unable to detect, understand or see.
Can someone please help me diagnopse the hardware onmy machine to eliminate it?
Toshiba Sat. L305, X64, Dual CPU T3400, 4gig RAM, BIOS Insyde 2.20 12-9-09

In Sys Info I also see this; \DEVICE\HarddiskVolume2
I am thinking I should only have one "volume" on here as I installed this sytem from the boot disk I made when I bought it. Am I misunderstanding something?

Oh yea I have been freezing up a lot lately and it froze after typing all that above when I clicked on submit. I had to force a shutdown and reboot. Here we go fingers crossed.

It IE8 keeps logging me out.

A:Software or Hardware?

Please do not double-post.

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Forgive me for not knowing the computer model number or anything, but I can tell you this is an HP about two years old.

So I'm doing my boyfriend's taxes last week on his computer, and in the middle of it, we get the BSOD with this message:

IRQL not less or equal

So we restarted, and it was fine. Next day I'm on it, and it does it again. I Google on my BlackBerry and it says it's a memory problem, so I run a diagnostic test on it, sure enough there are memory issues that seem like it's a hardware issue. We backed up some stuff that night (and got the BSOD once again!) and took it to Best Buy (I know, I know) because he has an extended warranty.

Well now they are claiming it's a software issue with the registry and they can't fix it unless they charge him, and they want to wipe the whole thing and start over. I think this is a bunch of BS frankly.

My theory is that we take the computer home, get into safe mode and back everything up this time, uninstall some programs (I might add, I hadn't installed anything new for weeks and I had to install a few things a while back to get rid of a trojan on it--his son downloaded Frostwire--need I say more?), do a system restore, and see what happens.

Of course he's all pissy since they didn't call him (I was there getting a new laptop because mine was a lemon and I asked if his was done) and he seems to think that somehow this is my fault (I can tell by his voice) and that he should just pay they money he doesn't have for them to... Read more

A:Software, or hardware?

Why don't you just replace the memory Dimm that the diagnostic program indicates. If that works out, present the bill to BB and tell them that they made a mistake sending you on a wild goose chase. You can scan your system here to find out what Dimm you need: RAM Memory Upgrade: Dell, Mac, Apple, HP, Compaq. USB drives, flash cards, SSD at

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hi i bought anew computer 3weeks ago then i had several BSOD, i found out that the ram was bad now i have anew BSOD and it blams kaspersky
also google chrome keeps crashing. is it related???
please help

A:hardware or software

Usual causes: Device driver

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Loading Dump File [C:\Users\richc46\AppData\Local\Temp\Low\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\ZAB4MTBL\081510-13743-01[1]\081510-13743-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available
Symbol search path is: SRV*c:\symbols*
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7600 MP (2 procs) Free x86 compatible
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 7600.16617.x86fre.win7_gdr.100618-1621
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0x82a14000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0x82b5c810
Debug session time: Sat Aug 14 18:48:03.198 2010 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 5:33:21.923
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *
Use !analyze -v to g... Read more

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Forgive me for not knowing the computer model number or anything, but I can tell you this is an HP about two years old.

So I'm doing my boyfriend's taxes last week on his computer, and in the middle of it, we get the BSOD with this message:

IRQL not less or equal

So we restarted, and it was fine. Next day I'm on it, and it does it again. I Google on my BlackBerry and it says it's a memory problem, so I run a diagnostic test on it, sure enough there are memory issues that seem like it's a hardware issue. We backed up some stuff that night (and got the BSOD once again!) and took it to Best Buy (I know, I know) because he has an extended warranty.

Well now they are claiming it's a software issue with the registry and they can't fix it unless they charge him, and they want to wipe the whole thing and start over. I think this is a bunch of BS frankly.

My theory is that we take the computer home, get into safe mode and back everything up this time, uninstall some programs (I might add, I hadn't installed anything new for weeks and I had to install a few things a while back to get rid of a trojan on it--his son downloaded Frostwire--need I say more?), do a system restore, and see what happens.

Of course he's all pissy since they didn't call him (I was there getting a new laptop because mine was a lemon and I asked if his was done) and he seems to think that somehow this is my fault (I can tell by his voice) and that he should just pay they money he d... Read more

A:Software, or hardware?

Hello rawbery79, welcome to Vista Forums!

While you're in safe mode see if you can get the AV (free) at the link below to run to see if it can help; be sure to post back to keep us informed.


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My Dell thinkpad 261t, has a black screen,"thinkpad comes up briefly en it after it is started and then it dissappears..How help me, please. Thanks, KS


Does it stay on until the Windows loading screen? If so, it could be a video driver issue. Try booting into Safe Mode and uninstalling the video drivers, reboot, and update the video drivers.

If it doesn't stay on that long, the video chipset or screen is faulty.

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I once had a copy of my win98SE on a separate partition but lost it, of course, when I had to format my HDD. I have since reinstalled the OS but forgot to put a copy on a partition. Is there a way to do that now without having to format again? I won't be doing that if that is the only way--ain't worth it.
What makes all of this so impossible is that I do not now have use of either my DVD or burner roms. Would a win98 boot disk help me in some way? I don't think the roms are usable in Safe Mode. Or are they? I will be checking on that possibility after I have posted this and will post back unless someone has already posted a "no". As usual, TIA.
EDIT: Is there a way that I can copy my OS and save it to a partition? Sure hope someone says yes and tells me how to do that!!

A:Hardware? Software?

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I have been working on a friends computer and just about ready to grab a gun- for it, not me.When I first started working on it the laptop was infected with Vundo. I have the initial MBAM log, which I had to run in Safe Mode. I posted the log in the "Am I Infected" forum: much frustration at not being able to run anything in Normal Mode, I backed up all of the stuff on an external HD and Restored the Factory Image from the D: partition.I then went through the process of TRYING to download and install all of the Windows Updates. Windows Update could not download and install all of the updates because of Error Code 80070017. A search of this error code suggested running CheckDisk to resolve the matter. I did this and still had the problem. Another search suggested the following:For Windows Vista and for Windows Server 2008, follow these steps: Click Start, type notepad in the Start Search box, and then click notepad in the Programs list.Copy the following commands, and then paste them into the Notepad file: net stop wuauservCD %systemroot%\SoftwareDistributionRen Download Download.oldnet start wuauservOn the File menu, click Save as.In the File name box, type rename.bat, and then click All Files (*.*) in the Save as type box.Save the rename.bat file to the desktop.Right-click the rename.bat file, and then click Run as administrator.

If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirma... Read more

A:Software or Hardware?

If chkdsk found multiple bad sectors, I would run one more test to be sure the drive is faulty.You may want to think about testing your hard drive with the manufacturer's testing utility. A list of manufacturer's testing utilities can be found here.If the manufacturer's drive test once again states problems with the disk, then yes I would replace the failing hard drive.You also may want to find the install disks for this laptop as you'll not have the "D:" partition or the image on the new drive.Hope this helps,

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I have been having crashes that i don't think are BSOD's since there are no dump files anywhere. I thought it was my ram but i am failing to determine which sticks are bad or if any of them are bad at all. I have ran memtest with all 4 sticks in and no errors. I have ran memtest with 2 sticks at a time and no errors. If it crashes it is usually right as the desktop would show up after the windows 7 welcome screen. If it was the RAM wouldn't it not always crash at the EXACT same time. But then sometimes i can boot fine and won't crash for hours or days with all my ram in. I think im going to go to vista and see if i crash at all. This problem seems like software to me but i have just about given up on this problem. Its just way too inconsistent to know if it is ram related or any hardware related. Has anyone ever had this problem?

A:Can't tell if its hardware or software.

If when it crashes you see a blue screen with numbers on it, it is a BSOD. There are several places the DMP files can be and several reasons why they cant be created.

We do need the DMP file as it contains the only record of the sequence of events leading up to the crash, what drivers were loaded, and what was responsible.

If you are overclocking STOP

You may be able to get the DMP files without crashing by booting into safe mode (F8) with networking.

To enable us to assist you with your computer's BSOD symptoms, upload the contents of your "\Windows\Minidump" folder.

The procedure:

* Copy the contents of \Windows\Minidump to another (temporary) location somewhere on your machine.
* Zip up the copy.
* Attach the ZIP archive to your post using the "paperclip" (file attachments) button.
*If the files are too large please upload them to a file sharing service like "Rapidshare" and put a link to them in your reply.

To ensure minidumps are enabled:

* Go to Start, in the Search Box type: sysdm.cpl, press Enter.
* Under the Advanced tab, click on the Startup and Recovery Settings... button.
* Ensure that Automatically restart is unchecked.
* Under the Write Debugging Information header select Small memory dump (256 kB) in the dropdown box (the 256kb varies).
* Ensure that the Small Dump Directory is listed as %systemroot%\Minidump.
* OK your way out.
* Reboot if changes have been ma... Read more

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Ok, so tonight, instead of watching the ball drop for new years, I decided to transfer my computer to a newer case. I got it all out no problem, and put it all back in no problem,then when I went to start back up, after I had checked and rechecked all my connections, nothing. My mobo, it just beeps. And then nothing. I am typing this on my sisters computer, if anyone knows what is happening, I could really use the help, otherwise, i ahve no computer. Just beeps. Oh and it says there is no signal on my monitor too.
any help is greatly appreciated as always.


A:Hardware or software??

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Hey you guys,

Here is the deal... I reinstalled Windows XP because i upgraded from a 64 mb Video Card to a 128 mb and also i wanted to clean up the mess in my session. When it comes to antivirus i've had some experience with Norton SW 04 and it has been great, i'm always clean of threats. But this time, i wanted something more sophisticated so i installed Norton SW 05. After a few days of try out, the live update application became a problem because of an error in it that was causing my computer to froze down. Then when i'm tryed to uninstall it to continue with the 04, couldn't do it because of the same problem... the computer continued to froze down.
So, i took the easy way and reinstalled Windows again. Now, when i tryed to install Norton 04 the computer.... froze down again. Then i tryed to enter windows and now it reboots when the windows xp screen it's displayed (the screen looks fuzzzy too).

What do you guys think?, i think maybe it's a motherboard or processor problem but the computer was working just great before the first installation of windows. I'll try to take the pieces out of the case and clean them one by one with an electronic spray cleaner, maybe it's a problem related to the oldeness of the pieces ( p4 2.0 proccesor and biostar motherboard, about 4 years old)

Thank you guys for reading this post and for your opinions
if you have not written yet, please do it, i'm desesperated!... jejeje

just kidding,
cee ya guys, will help out in the forum

A:Hardware or Software?

if it is the same in safe mode it would indicate h/w
if the power supply is original it may need upgrading

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I have an ASUS M2A-VM HDMI system that some time ago blew the power supply. I had a second video card (NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT) already installed at the time. Upon replacing the power supply the onboard video was not operating. It hasn't been a problem until now.

I'm trying to install a LCD HDTV as my primary monitor and would like to use the DVI output from the ASUS. I'm not getting any signal from it. When I check with the device manager only the NVIDIA is listed. There is a "ASUS Other Devices" named "Enhanced Display Driver Helper Service" with no drivers installed listed.

I'm not sure now if when the power supply blew (yes, the machine was running at the time) that the onboard video was toasted or wether I've got a software problem.

Any ideas?

A:software or hardware?

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Hi there. I'm in need of some advice/insight into what's going on with my new Toshiba L50-B-136. I'm in a bit of a bind and I have no idea what to do.

I bought this brand new a few days ago. After having it for a couple of days, the mousepad froze. Everything else seemed to be running, it was just the mouse that was stuck. I logged out of my account via task manager and when out of my account, the mouse worked, but when I logged back in it froze. I restarted a couple of times and logged back in and the mouse would move for a few seconds before freezing again.

I did a factory reset, and it appeared to be working. Then today (pretty much the same amount of time lapsing since the first time it screwed up) it did it again. This time I did a system restore to an earlier point. It's now working again. I have no idea if this is a hardware issue or software.

as for things downloaded by me on this laptop, I have put on chrome, firefox, ccleaner and utorrent. As well as uploading my music from a usb.

If anyone has any idea what's going on, I would be extremely grateful for any help.

operating system is Windows 8.1

A:Hardware or Software?

it is brand new, contact toshiba support since it is under warranty. You want all problems on record there just in case.

a couple of things to consider. since it is a brand new computer it will take a few days for it to auto update the operating system. Also it will also take a few days for search to finish indexing the drive. Both can case the problem you are having.

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Ok I really need help with this,

I have at least 3 programs that aren't working properly, I don't know if it is a software or
hardware problem, two of the programs are 3d apps ( poser and carrara ) and the other
is macromedia fireworks, this problem happens when opening a file I previously saved.

In Poser I'll get a few vertices shooting out from the geometry, In carrera I get a generic
I/O error and the file doesn't load, In fireworks I get an " unsupported format " error loading a native .PNG file,

as for hardware I recently upgraded my computer about two weeks before this
started happening I'll list those changes shortly, as for software, at first I thought virus,
but I've run 3 different virus programs ( AVG, Norton, Panda ) and my system is clean,
I haven't made any big software changes lately, so I'm leaning towards hardware
being the culprit though I'm really not sure,

For software I have windows XP MCE all current updates, All my drivers are updated

on the hardware end I upgraded from a ECS L7VM3 motherboard with a athlonXP
1800+ processor 1.5 Gig DDR kingston ram and a 350w PSU to a ASUS P5VDC-MX with a pentium D 805 processor 2 gig DDR2 kingston ram and a 460w PSU.

I also have a AGP Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 GPU, a soundblaster audigy 2 Soundcard, and a
tv tunner card, installed

I have a few things I've been told it might be, but researching them just confused me more

I.e. "Running a x32 bit OS ... Read more

A:Hardware or software?

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Vista Ultimate 64
AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4ghz
Asus M4A785TD-V EVO
ATI Radeon HD 4850 X2
Corsair CMPSU-650TX 650W
Corsair XMS2 4GB (2 X 2GB) DDR2
Seagate 500g HDDs X2
Western Digital 1.5 Tb HDD

First off, I know just enough about computers to be really dangerious. My fav past time is dickering with them, breaking them, and then spending hair pulling days trying to fix'em...but this time, I dunno if I actually broke it, if it broke itself.

Second off, this is a homebuild, after initial build I have done no modifications to the system specs (no overclocking). For my purposes it has never needed OC'ing, however the GPU is from a previous build that involved lots of playing with OC'ing (a build in which I righteously fried all to hell )

Symptoms Began:

Two weeks ago. The Desktop had been unused for several months, I started it up and updated the drivers for the GPU and ran windows update.

The Very next day the symptoms began.


1. Either CPU or GPU fan goes into high gear. It is audable. I am assuming it is the GPU because the durned thing has from 1st install sounded like a jet engine taking off. CPU cooler (after market Dual Orb) has always been very quiet.

2. Two to three second later Monitor goes black, reports there is no DVI Output.

3. Computer remains active for 3-4 second after monitor goes out, then does a hard lock.
Events Prior to Symptoms Occuring:

1. 6-7 hours of idle. 3-5 hours of heavy use (typically this is gaming)

2. A... Read more

A:Hardware or Software?

Any ideas?

Yes -- let someone who knows what their doing build a PC for you! Much less hassle that way and it keeps those little computer shops in work building computers. Support your local PC shop! (I'm not referring to the "PC World" megastores, I mean the little guy who actually builds them, doesn't just shift boxes out the door).

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I've been getting a blue screen of death as well...

I just installed a Pentium D 915 on my board as well as a second G of RAM...

Then the problems began...

I first flashed my BIOS to make sure it was compatible with my new PROC.Then, during the windows xp installation, I was getting an SXS.dll error and setup would not complete... after stripping my Rig down... it only worked when I left My kingston ram in as long as my generic 1G stick wasn't installed...

So the rig was working fine at that point... XP installed, I got all my software and hardware drivers to intall and I was in LALA land...


All of a sudden I keep getting a Blue Screen of Death giving me either or message...
I got this one before I uninstalled my video drivers...


When I uninstalled my video drivers I started getting this one...


Another weird thing is that everytime I download x1600 drivers and install them... my card then becomes an x1650...

Could this have anything to do with my problems?

Cheers and thanks in advance...


A:Help!!! Hardware or Software?!?!?

Visit this link;

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in my desktop while clicking on my computer nothing is appearing

A:Re: Is it hardware or software?

hi and welcome to TSF try running sfc /scnw info and how to in link

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Hey all,

Not sure of which forum to post this thread under, so I guess I'll start here.

I recently purchased and installed some new hardware. The new hardware is:

eVGA GeForce FX 5900 Ultra 256MB 8xAGP videocard
P4 2.6CGhz 800Mhz bus 512 L2 cache CPU
Soyo Fire Dragon Ultra 2 Platinum motherboard

Other hardware in my system (if you need to know):

1024 MB PC3200 400Mhz GEIL DDR memory
2 120GB Maxtor 8MB buffer IDE hard drives
48x Plextor Plexwriter CDRW
P.O.S. 19" Gateway monitor
350watt Enermax dual fan power supply

Now, here's the issue:

Every time I run 3dmark03 my machine freezes at the EXACT same point during the first CPU test (the planes if you didn't know). Also, rarely, my machine will do the same during a game. I have had this happen on a graphically intensive game and a lower quality game. I have checked my temps and nothing is even close to overheating. I don't have anything overclocked and have studied and attempted several BIOS, System setting, and video setting tweaks to try and resolve this, but to no avail. The fact that this happens at the exact same point in 3dmark negates the overheat possibility, and the fact that it happens on lower quality games negates a problem with the video card. I am both and gamer and an IT professional and I cannot figure this issue out. If anyone has ANY insight at all, please respond! I have tried reformatting and reinstalling XP as well as 3dm... Read more

A:Hardware or Software?

Sounds like the CPU may not be flushing the cache properly.

Do you have another P4 CPU that you can try in there?

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Emachine T5026
1+ gb ram
350 gb HDD (brand new)
160 gb HDD (came with system)
Motherboard (no idea)
This is my problem, when I bootup with the 160gb HDD, it gets as far as the windows logo and freezes. I install the new HDD and try to install windows on it and it downloads all the way until it say "starting windows", then it also freezes.
I reboot the new harddrive and let it download until it ask me to hit F6 the hit F2 which I do, then it ask me to install the windows automated system recovery disk. I can not do that because my machine does not have a floppy disk drive, I do have a USB external floppy but the machine does not allow to direct it to that external drive.
Can anyone advise me how to fix this problem or am I doomed to visit the geek guys?

A:Hardware or software

"Hardward or softward" Do you mean "Hardware or Software"? Your eMachine motherboard or power supply has gone bad on you

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So like many I have a simple router at home, Asus N56U with padavan flashed firmware.

© 2011-2015 Padavan & N56U project community

However I was able to score a Dell Optiplex 390 that originally had an i3 in it but also got an i5 2400 @ 3.1Ghz cpu to put in it and i have wanted more control over my network (i am in IT, Sr. Systems Analyst) so as we know, we always want more control....

I am going to use this system as a firewall to replace my Asus (use the Asus as an AP) but wanted to know what to use these days.. (yes i know total overkill, I had thought about virtualizing it if i had a larger HD for it but dont right now)

I had pfsense on it, 2.6 and it seems every 2 hours or so it would randomly reboot, however i tested the memory and all and it is all fine..(currently doing intel burn test on the cpu)

Total system specs:
Dell Optiplex 390 SFF
i5 2400
Intel Pro/1000 PT quad port nic
I have often used CentOS for web-server and proxies and thought perhaps use it and firewalld and such to make a router, but wanted to see what other options there may be or that people have used, i know FreeBSD may be a good option as it is the base of many routers anyways..

Options? Thoughts?

A:I got the hardware, now to add the software..

FreeBSD is a solid choice in general however I do think that it's quite a waste to replace your MIPS box as it'll do just fine. If you want more control just flash OpenWRT on it even though Broadcom isn't the ideal platform (no WiFi most likely).

Anyhow, you can give FreeBSD a go. I'd personally go for -CURRENT but you'll also be fine with the latest release. Make sure you have the latest BIOS installed and that you're AHCI and not compatible mode. The handbook gives you a good start on how to setup a firewall using ipfw or pf (I'd personally recommend pf).

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I have a toshiba satellite Laptop, deleted a user account now when trying to start up frist DVD rom Light comes on , drive spins, Keyboar & mouse Light come on Hard drive lights comes on . Then bang it stops Nothing comes on screen stays black all the waty through this. Power stay on .
Any suggestion?????


A:Hardware Or Software I Don't Know

Did you delete the only user account you had on the computer?

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I am going to do a Win 8 Pro 64 bit upgrade to my existing Win 7 Pro 64 bit system.

I am also going to do a system hardware upgrade with new mobo, cpu, psu, and ram.

Question - which should I do first?

A:Hardware or Software First?

Hello Ned, and welcome to Eight Forums.

I would recommend doing the hardware updates first, then upgrading to Windows 8 to avoid any activation issues with Windows 8.

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Hello everyone ! Things have changed quite abit here as its been awhile but I have an issue that I'm not sure what it is related to, anyway things are sorta off center in my attachment and have no way of understanding what happened. The lettering that is when I right click on my desk top and this is what I get ? Anybody ?

This only happens when I right click on a empty space on the desk top if I right click any folder or Icon then everthing is ok ?

A:Hardware or Software ???

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Have a Dell laptop Inspiron 2600 with Celeron (don't hate me) chip. Enough RAM... IE 6, all XP security fixes except SP2. defrag on a daily basis, updated drivers, BIOS, etc.... AVG antivirus, Sygate firewall. Ran a TrendMicro scan and came up clean. Replaced memory and video card.

I have a small problem in that my computer freezes sometimes at start up at the Dell logo with vertical lines. Sometimes, the screen goes dark with white vertical lines. Sometimes, the screen goes dark but programs are still running. Sometimes the screen freezes and a red checkerboard patterns appears. Sometimes, after a critical shutdown, the computer beeps (Phoenix beeping alert) warning me that my memory module is messed up (it ain't). If it gets to that point it won't work for a few days. Strange in that it would need time to get itself back in the mode to work properly. Would a failing screen/monitor create these kinds of problems? When the computer starts up properly and stays 'live' for at least 15 minutes (no crashes, black screens, shutdowns, total freakouts), it's good until I shut it down.

I am currently using this computer. It could work for years to come without any problems or it could shut down on me at any moment.

I just want to know if its hardware or software. I have to think it's hardware as I've reformatted the hard drive numerous times with no change. I've deleted factory installed programs to make sure that all I had running was a barebone system yet... Read more

A:Software or hardware?

Its probably hardware, since you have reformatted, unless its a program you are installing after you reformat or a faulty installation.

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everytime getting error as below:
a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage of computer
Driver-IRQL- Not less- Not Equal
Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed: If there is a new installation ask your hardware and or software mfg for updates.
If problem continues disable or remove any new installed hardware or software disable BIOS memory optionsuch as declining or shadowing Press F8 to select adv start up option and select safe mode.
Technical information
stop 0x000000D1 ( 0x00000034; 0x0000002; 0x0000000; 0xF8472C5F)
help please

A:software &hardware

I personally think your PC is infected and you can post a HijackThis log in the Malware forum.Download HijackThis from:

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Hi everyone.. I'm new around these parts, but figure to give it a shot and see if anyone can help me out...

I have a DELL computer and over the weekend the following happen:

My computer monitor suddently froze and a bunch of lines started to appear all over the place... I could move my mouse over the screen, but could not get the computer to respond to the commands (Click on the START, or choose Ctrl+Alt+Delete, etc)... turned off the computer in order to re-boot and when ti came back up.. the monitor has checkerboard pattern all over the place.. I could not see the desktop except some icons behind the checker board pattern.

I checked the connections of the monitor to the computer, I re-booted 2 more times with the same results. I'm not a big expert when it comes to hardware problems.. but my questions will be would this be a problem with the monitor (its DELL that I purchase about 3 years ago and its a 21" re-furbished model - it has worked fine up until now) or the video card? The video card software was updated not to long ago - about 2 months ago from the manufacture (NVIDIA GeForce 7800GTX).

I want to make sure before I run to buy a new monitor.

Also, I thought of trying out the monitor by un-plugging it from my desktop and plugging it on my laptop to see if is a monitor problem.. would this be a good step to take? If so.. how would I go about having the laptop identify the monitor?


A:Hardware? or Software?

Tap F8 while rebooting and choose Safe Mode. If the problem still occurs, it's hardware - maybe your video card needs re-seating.

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I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to post and thus apologise first if this is incorrect.

I am looking at building a system that will last, I play a lot of games (BF3,Starcraft etc.) and if I am to splash out £1500+ I would like to know how long this system will last me. I know it's a very tough question as know one knows what is around the corner, but any rough indication would be appreciated. Below are my planned specs.
Intel i7 3930k
Asus Rampage MB
GTX 580
16GB 2133MHz RAM
Silverstone "Raven" Case
900w PSU (Probably Antec)

Like I said I know it's tough to say how long this will last but I really don't want to have to keep upgrading my system every time a new game comes out!

Thanks for the help, if this is in the wrong place please feel free to move it to an appropriate place.


A:Hardware vs Software

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There are the software and hardware in the website which is can check the website m and you will find anything you needs

A:here, a lot of software and hardware

The link does not seem to work

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The issue with the desktop is that as soon as the Windows XP screen is on for a few few seconds, it power cycles, so, it never gets past that screen. I have tried to run Safe mode, but, it never goes past that, still power cycles. I tried to Run Last Known Good Configuration, but, still the same thing. I did get it to go to the System Restore screen, but, am scared of erasing all of the data on the computer. I think it said that it wouldn't do that, but, I wanted to double check with you.

Any suggestions?


A:Not sure if it's hardware or software

Are you referring to the Windows XP System Restore feature?All About System Restore in WinXP - Compaq systems come with recovery/restore provisions which basically means that they reinstall all software and drivers all over agains. That should not be referred to as System's the Compaq way to restore the system back to the way that it was when first acquired.Any such features for repair/restore/recovery...which have been implemented by Compaq...should be covered in the owner's manual or at the Compaq website.Louis

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I've seen many members have problem ID'ing their hardware.
About a month ago someone link to a nice beta program that gave a nice rundown of all the hardware on ones computer.
I'm trying to remember or find the link but just don't remember the name or subject.

It was a free program like Everest but not that much detail and was Beta.
Your help and assistance is greatly appreciated.

A:What software do you use to ID Hardware?

Never mind my mind cleared up and figured it out.
It was Speccy by Piriform
Speccy - System Information - Free Download

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I recently bought a dell xps 420 and i have had nothing but problems with it since i got it. Its past the point of where i can return it because i was a day late on that option.

The system is horribly slow no matter how many times i reinstall the OS through formatting the partition and installing it again "I have Win/Vista Home Premium 32 bit". Everything opens slow from simple programs, diagnostic tools, control panel to web pages. Occasionally after long periods of the computer being on it seems my HD craps out on me and i can no longer open anything and have to restart. I get the following message "Windows cannot access the specified device,path or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item"

Ive also added a 1gb stick of ram to my system, Ive been told that order or settings could determine whether your system performs better. I cant seem to find a simple guide for a novice like me.

Current specs:
Dell XPS 420 w/Vista 32bit Home Premium
0TP406 Motherboard Intel X38 Chip set
465GB Hitachi HD (Raid is enabled as well as indexing)
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00Ghz / 332.5 Bus Speed / 1330.1 FSB
3.0GB to 3.5GB DDR2 RAM "I removed the 512 MB stick and left 3 1GB sticks.

DRAM Frequency 399.1
FSB : RAM 5:6
Cycle Time 18 clocks

Im looking for any tips and tricks to try before i have to send my whole computer back to dell to be refurbished if i must. I also considered trashing the DDR2 Ram and buying 2 pairs of DDR3 becaus... Read more

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Hey Guys ..
Dell XP Home Edition ..
Whenever i turn on the computer it says :

Loading PBR of descriptor ... Done
A disk read error occurred
Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart

If i go to the boot menu and run
Boot to Utility Partition

Then I get these Errors on the Extended Test:

Device : IDE DISK S/N = 5JW5PXK
Test : Read Test
Error Code : 0F00:0244
Msg : Block 663356 : Uncorrectable data error or media is write protected .

I get 2 or 3 for that and i get:
Error Code: 0F00:1A44
for block: 663356

AND i get :
Error code : 0F00 :286F
Msg: Optical Drive Bist ... something something


A:Dell XP Hardware Problem ?

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I'm rebuilding a Dell Optiplex GX110. I formatted the hard drive; installed Windows 98SE. I have a Dell Resource CD which provided the drivers for the modem, sound card and ethernet card and display adapter. All these devices are working fine. Device manager shows all these devices funtioning with their appropriate drivers installed.

When the Dell boots up the "New Hardware Found" dialogue appears, telling me that there's a new "unknown" device. I don't know what this device might be, but I had the wizard look for the drivers both on the Dell Resource CD and the Windows 98 CD. No luck.

So I went to the Dell website and found a download for a motherboard chipset. I installed the software and then Windows said it found lots of new hardward (IDE Controllers, USB hub). It proceeded to install drivers for these newly found devices, however the New Hardware Found dialogue continues to appear.

I'm completely out of ideas here...


A:Dell OptiplexGX110 New Hardware

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I HAD Dell Inspiron 545, loved it, but the on button fried, just that. I have a Dell Dimension 5150 that was given to me, it has 2 hard drives in it already, is running XP, and when I opened it, some of the modifications are strange. So I am wondering, if the 2 units both run a 115v power supply, can I switch them? I also wanted to add the hard drive because it has windows 10. What about the CPU? There was hardly any memory, so I added 4 sticks, each with 2 GB, and it sped it up quite a bit. I have built my own PC before, but it was a very long time ago, and I had money then! I have to make due with what I have now unfortunately!! Any help, suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!! If there is some missing info in my rambling here, please let me know and I will elaborate further! Thanks in advance! Great sight!!

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Not sure if this is the correct forum, but if not please move or advise which it should be in and I will repost.

I have acquired a Dell Dimension 8300 desktop which came with a clean install of XP Home, but I do not think that the drivers were updated. I tried to update the drivers from the Dell site, but found that a lot of the information regarding updating was either contradictory, confusing, or otherwise out of date, and gave up after attempting to install one.

Firstly, when it boots up, there is a message that the system battery voltage is low, and to press FK1 to continue. So I assume that it needs a new battery. After pressing FK1, it starts normally.

When it does boot up, it is really slow at everything. Then while I am using it, without warning the screen goes dark (not blue) as if it had been turned off, but the fan is still running. There does not appear to be any output from the video port as the monitor brand name comes up as if it had been turned off.

It does not respond to the keyboard, or CTRL-ALT-DEL, or anything else and must be manually shut down by holding the power button in for several seconds and rebooted.

So far I have installed Firefox, Opera, Norton AV, ZoneAlarm, and Open Office.

How do I determine if this is a hardware problem or an operating system issue, or another software issue, or some combination?

A:Freeze-Hardware or software?

First thing to try is to replace the cmos battery
Its model CR2032. Radio Shack or someplace similar will have them for about 5 bucks.

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I have the following setup:
emachine T5026
windows XP
1 + gb of ram
form factor tower
mobo 533mhz

My problem is my system boots all the way up until it gets to the windows logo, then it freezes. I try to go into safe mode but it just gives me a bunch of DOS readings. I swopped out the HDD and still does the same. I tried to install XP and it install all the way until it says "windows is starting" and then it freezes at that spot. Tried loading it 4 times with no luck.
Would welcome any advice or suggestions on what need to be done to fix this problem.

A:Hardware or Software Problem?

So you've wiped out the original OS and there is none on there now? Which "windows is starting" are you talking about? The one with the blue background or the one when it is done installing?

Run Memtest86+ to test your RAM for errors

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Been looking for a program that detects all the hardware specifications. I used to have it on my old O.S but can't find it on the net. And i forgot what it's called

Any one got a link to one?

Thanks in advanced

A:Hardware detection Software!?!?!?!?!?!?

Try PCWizard. It does its own detection and doesn't rely on Windows. But there are very many such apps.

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Hi Guys,

Am Back for another Trouble in the Land of Perfect......

Ok This how it starts.....

It has happen in the last week or 2, i was playing 1 of my many Video files and Bang Screen Blanks out, now i think the comp is still on, but my screen light (for Power) is blinking like if you turn your comp on first thing in the morning before the POST screen..

Not only that, its been happening when i play a game online, the guys hold me why have i been login on to a server and leaving, (Note The blank screen problem).

i only have 2 possible area am going to point this too,

1. I Installed my New Corsair TWINX2048-3200C2PRO.

2. I Have installed the new BIOS upgrade from MSI (Diamond MotherBoard)

Now for the RAM i run memtest86+ and all other mem program to see if it was my memory
didn't see any errors there.

For the Bios i didn't have any problem with the previous version which was ver1.9

I Even installed new Video drivers for my 7800GTX and the same problem keeps happening.

I Have installed WINXP 5 time just to see if it was Software related (Nothing in that department).

Any One got any guess for this problem.....

Am About to Down Grade BIOS to see if any Different, if that still down work i would like Open guess about this..


A:Hardware, Bios or Software?????

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I was not sure whether this belonged in software or hardware- I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 with XP, sp3. Most of my activities on the computer revolve around graphics and digitizing embroidery designs. I have used the same embroidery software for about 5 years, have gone through 2 upgrades, the latest in mid Dec. I will try to be succinct-however, I have spent at least 100 hours on the phone with tech support since Dec, and I still don't have a diagnosis.
There were not problems for about a week after the embroidery software upgrade. Then, when doing a normal function in the program, it would abruptly close. The first time was on a weekend so I uninstalled and reinstalled the program. Then I called the tech support for the software, and they showed me the fix for the problem-when the program closed there was an error message "defaults.dfl missing" Actually, I discovered the file was not missing, it was being renamed to an alphanumeric.dfl by some evil entity in my computer, somehow. This continued to happen up to 10 times per day, and they had me install the software on another computer, and I could not duplicate the problem there. They had me call NOrton, and we uninstalled my Norton 360, and eliminated that as a source of conflict. I should add that I have done multiple virus/malware/trojan, scans with NOrton and on the microsoft site, and they all came up squeaky clean.
The next thing was to go to Microsoft, and I ended up getting bumped up to Microsoft res... Read more

A:software or hardware issue?

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Are there any software that displays hardware specifications of the followings?

Sata or Pata or IDE drive of my hard drives even external ones, also their speed.
What type of ram I have, eg DDR, DDRII, DDRIII, and how big they are.

because I went to the windows system tools/system information, apart from the xp info, I don't understand what the hardware part has listed.

Also is there a quick way to know if my hard drives are IDE or SATA?

A:Hardware Information Software?

Try SIW.

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This is the situation for my pc...When the dvd rom is attached to my pc the computer is okey..And when i get or detached the dvd rom to my pc, my computer keep freezing and keep restarting.. And if i attached the cd rom again, its okey..Can u help my situation plz...Tanx..

A:hardware or software problem...

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Here's the run down:

I am running Windows XP service pack 2, with a 512MB ram stick installled. 128MB of this is allocated to the video card, which is controlled by my ATI Radeon Xpress 200 series card in my pci slot. My computer is an EMachines - W3400 manufactured by Gateway.

My computer does not have a virus or intrusion of any sort, I've ran and run careful deep manual checks on every process and threads by processes.

Sound card: AC97 Realtek sound

Right now my computer has a few interesting problems most likely caused by a driver or hardware issue.

After 9 hours of troubleshooting and using google, I failed to find a solution to the more imminent problem. I am experiencing "Scratchy sound and irratical (or laggy) mouse movements", when a new process is loaded and when windows starts (ideally because of explorermain.exe is loaded at startup [my shell for explorer.exe has been restructed and renamed explorermain.exe for a few years now). When starting a process, for example firefox.exe, the CPU usage will spike to 50-100%, while the system idle process still takes up 85-99% of the CPU. I've done checks to narrow this cause down to the hardware interrupts process, but was not able to determine a more in-depth cause.

This problem did not exist before I attempted to install Windows XP Professional on my portable seagate harddrive. I stupidly left my master drive connected when booting to CD & configuring the seagate drive for xp. I was faced wi... Read more

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Windows 7 Pro x64 on a quad core machine with 3GB memory. Some programs began extremely sluggish behavior. USB drive appeared hosed and Windows wanted to reformat, but connected it to another computer and all files were intact. iTunes would take forever to boot, then would not recognize USB-connected device. Could not install new programs from the Desktop, only from secondary drive. Taskbar incorrectly reporting that anti-virus was not active. Tried to reinstall Norton, but could not. Thinking this was an OS issue I got a new drive and made a clean install. No change in faulty behaviors! So, is it hardware? BIOS? Simple diagnostic showed RAM good, drives good, video good... Can I trust that? This is my personal machine and I'm going thru withdrawals!

A:Software or Hardware Issue?

what are you running
video card
power supply

check the listings in the bios for voltages and temperatures and post them

dump norton and try

run this in thray and see what you cpu temp is doing during running

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MY computer has recently crashed for the second time I had reloaded sp2 on the system and came home one day to find it in a rebbot loop. when I try to reload windows i get a hidbup.sys is corrupted. I am stumped as to what to try next if you leave it turned off for a long period of time it will boot normally

A:hardware or software issue??

CUsax said:

MY computer has recently crashed for the second time I had reloaded sp2 on the system and came home one day to find it in a rebbot loop. when I try to reload windows i get a hidbup.sys is corrupted. I am stumped as to what to try next if you leave it turned off for a long period of time it will boot normallyClick to expand...


welcome to the forums

Do you run antivirus and antispyware apps for protection? Do you keep them up to date? If you do, then you need to download hijack this, install in its own folder, run and scan, post the log here and then wait for expert help...doc

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My computer won't boot up at all. I formatted the hard drive, using a program that boots from a CD-ROM, and then I tried to reinstall Windows XP, but it still does not work. Even after disconnecting all of the hardware that I can, the Windows XP installation fails.

I must have a hardware problem somewhere in the computer. I would like to find some hardware-diagnostic software that can be put on a CD disk, so that I can boot from the CD and run the software. I have not been able to find anything like that. Can anyone recommend some hardware-diagnostic software that I can run from a bootable CD?

Thank you !!!


A:Hardware Diagnostic Software That Can Run From A CD

Bump, please. I am looking for a similar software that could verify the integrity of a drive by booting the program from the CD or some other method. I have heard of SpinRite before, but I would like to hear some feedback on how well it works before I fork out the money they are asking for it. Anyone have any experiences with SpinRite or other HDD testing software. Thanks in advance for any help/ideas!

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My computer keeps restarting itself. I have an IBM Netvista 2276 (A20i), with a BCM-IN810P 370 motherboard. I am running Windows ME. I first noticed that about Jan. that my Windows Help, System Information and System restore files were gone. I found an old system info file on the internet and installed it (works). I moved my system restore files from the cabs and got it to work again. But I never got the Windows help to work. Then the power supply fan went out. I replaced the power supply fan (works). The temps using speedfan utility prior to power supply fan change were: Test#1. F1-32C, F2-59C, F3-65C. Test#2. F1-47C, F2-69C, F3-58C. AFTER power supply fan change using speedfan: Test#1. F1-25C, F2-46C, F3-66. Test#2. F1-29C, F2-48C, F3-65C. Computer still restarts by itself. So I entered F1-Bios setup utility, my shutdown temp is 75C. First Bios temp log is current CPU temp 40C, current system temp 30C, CPU and power fan RPM;s were 5532. Second Bios temp log is CPU temp 45C, system temp 35C, fan speeds the same 5532. Speedfan shows a third temp but Bios setup does not. In Bios setup the computer DOES NOT restart, left it in bios for 45 minutes. But upon restarting in normal mode the computer restarts and enters into a scan disk because of an improper shutdown. I have run the computer with the side case off and a fan blowing into it to no avail. I was told by a friend that the motherboard need replacing. I'm wondering if it is a Software problem. ANY IDEAS?? Thanks SY
&n... Read more

A:Hardware Or Software Problem?

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I am busy with a project that requires the generation of a simple Barcode. I am not familiar with Barcode software and would appreciate some guidance. I need information with respect to both the software and the hardware requirements.

The process is as follows: -

1. Capture member details in database
2. Take passport-type digital photo of member
3. Create a membership card with Name, Photo and Barcode

The purpose of the Barcode is simply to identify the member so as to prevent a non-member from using the member's card. On entry the member will call at the Reception Desk, the card will be swiped and the member's name and photo will be displayed on the monitor.

There is no other purpose for the card. It is simply an ID card linked to a Barcode and a Database Record.

Recommendations with regards to both Software and Hardware would be most appreciated.



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Hi and thanks in advance if anyone can help resolve my problem(s)

Here goes,
Everything was operating without any major issues until I connected an external usb hdd (external power supply) and tried to transfer some media, xp was having none of it.
Screen froze, which lead to me having to reboot with hardware button.

That was 3 months ago and ever since xp is constantly freezing randomly with no errors reported in log.

Have been running in safe mode most of the time ever since, as computer doesn't freeze half as often, however safe mode now refuses to start, and just hangs at the "MUP" process/service?

Decided I'd chance a recovery install of windows with dvd that came with computer, but as luck would have it my optical drive has now decided it doesn't want to read dvds anymore.
Long story short
What I really want to find out is whether I have a software/hardware problem, if it turns out to be the latter I'll probably just update to a newer computer, but if its at all possible i'd prefer to keep my current system

Iqon laptop running xp service pack 3

Again any help much appreciated

A:Hardware or software issue?

Windows XP, as good as it was, is well past it's "sell by" date, so I would just get a new or newer system anyway. However, Windows Vista was far from being a worthy successor to XP, so I would buy a new system with Windows 7 pre-installed if you can afford it.

And don't accept any system with less than 4gig RAM & at least a dual-core CPU.

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I have acquired a Dell Dimension 8300 desktop which came with a clean install of XP Home, but I do not think that the drivers were updated. I tried to update the drivers from the Dell site, but found that a lot of the information regarding updating was either contradictory, confusing, or otherwise out of date, and gave up after attempting to install one.

Firstly, when it boots up, there is a message that the system battery voltage is low, and to press FK1 to continue. So I assume that it needs a new battery. After pressing FK1, it starts normally.

When it does boot up, it is really slow at everything. Then while I am using it, without warning the screen goes dark (not blue) as if it had been turned off, but the fan is still running. There does not appear to be any output from the video port as the monitor brand name comes up as if it had been turned off.

It does not respond to the keyboard, or CTRL-ALT-DEL, or anything else and must be manually shut down by holding the power button in for several seconds, and rebooted.

So far I have installed Firefox, Opera, Norton AV, ZoneAlarm, and Open Office.

How do I determine if this is a hardware problem or an operating system issue, or another software issue, or some combination?

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Hello all.
Im having issue with an aio printer/scanner/fax and its software.
the issue is as following:
after uninstalling the software for this unit , if i reinstall the scanner cannot be used via the software anymore. complaining about communication error.
removing HKLM/SOFTWARE/Hewlett-packard from registry, deleting the software entry from Program files, local settings, application data gives the same resoults.
scanning from windows wizard works.

the software also have a procedure for full manuall 4 step uninstallation which also doesnt work.

my question are:
1: is there any way to know the exact registry entries the software installs ?
2: what may possible couse this issue? installing the same unit and software under diff pc works but uninstallation will couse the same issue.
3:is it possible to track the exact registry entry that may be responsible for this communication error between hardware and its software?

thanks in advance

A:Hardware/Software issue.

sorry , maybe this is more of a software issue rather than hardware.
i'll repost it in the correct forum

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Intel Core 2 Duo 6300
Intel Media Series DG965WH motherboard
3 GB 667 DDR2 RAM
nVidia GeForce 8600 GT
Western Digital 500 GB SATA

Alright so here's my story. I start off by putting this PC together and installing Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit. I had some trouble with drivers (namely the ones on the CD provided with the motherboard). I finally found all drivers, save one "unknown device" and Ethernet. All seemed well and I installed my games and began using it as my main PC.

One morning I woke up to find that it had the BSOD up. Something memory loader, I believe. Bad memory? Maybe. I continue to use it normally and see if it gave me a BSOD. It didn't do it again but I did notice it running sluggish and giving errors with things like Firefox, network connection manager, and being a general pain in my *** as it chugged along.

That's it! I'm going back to XP....I think I have a disc around here somewhere....

AHAH!! Media Center. Wonderful. I install it. Installation goes somewhat smoothly (although taking longer than I remembered it taking) and it's running. Once again, the drivers on the CD provided with the mobo do not install properly. I got most of them off the internet again and (much faster than last time) it starts running sluggish, giving me minor video errors (windows not closing fully or the tops being distorted) and what's this? Firefox is giving me errors and crashing? Also I started getting BSOD for IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQU... Read more

A:Troublesome Hardware...or...Software?

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I'm looking for free hardware diagnostics software to run full diagnostics on PC Hardware components such as Motherboard, Memory, Hard Drive, Optical Drives, etc. I used to use PC-Doctor at my old job, but that was way back in the day.

Are there any recommendations for software that is comparable and free (not Torrent or Cracked software)


A:Hardware Diagnostics software

You might checkout ultimatebootcd

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Hi, could someone help me figure out why my computer seems to randomly crash with a BSOD. It is happening seemingly random, that means some days it will crash 3 times, other times it will go days without a crash. I can't attribute any particular activity with the crashing.

My computer is unaltered/unopened since buying it new, so still under warranty. However if it's a software problem, I should be able to fix it myself without send it away.
here are the specs:
Acer Aspire AX1301, Windows 7 Home Premium, CPU AMD Athlon II X4 620 quad-core, VGA: HD 4350 512Mb ATI Radeon

I have my suspicions about my wireless usb dongle. Its a D-link DWA-125 and it has been nothing but a pain to use!

Just a bit of further info: i also have dual OS with Linux installed on a separate partition, and the computer also crashes under Linux. However i still cant distinguish between software and hardware becasue it could still be the wireless USB.

My dump files are attached.
Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks alot!

A:BSOD - Software or Hardware???

Hello whity & Welcome to SevenForums!

BSOD Summary

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.12.0002.633 X86
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\Frederik\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DI11.835\031911-21044-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*C:\SymCache*
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7600 MP (4 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal
Built by: 7600.16695.amd64fre.win7_gdr.101026-1503
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`02c17000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`02e54e50
Debug session time: Sat Mar 19 16:36:34.391 2011 (UTC + 2:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 1:37:12.357
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugChe... Read more

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Using Windows XP Home.
Norton System Works 2006 + Norton Firewall

Computer was built in 2003 with parts I chose.
Motherboard: ASUS A7N8X DDR Motherboard NForce 2
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2400+ THB OEM Thoroughbred
Memory: 512Mb DDR333 (PC2700)

Just before Christmas the computer failed. Power light came on but would not start up.

Took it into a local shop and he told me the Motherboard had failed and suggested a new one. This seemed like a good idea, as I could upgrade as well.
He fitted the following:
AMD Sempron LE-1100
Asrock AliveNF6g-Vista AM2
Corsair 1gb DDR2 (667)
Aopen 16x DVDRW > This item was required because the new Motherboard would not recognise my original DVD ROM drive.

Got the computer back last Thursday. Switched on and "NORTON" was saying that a full system scan was required. Started the scan at 1PM, it was still scanning at 6:30PM so I stopped it as I wanted to do other things on the computer. Some programs like surfing the net, were OK, others, like Excel, appeared to be a little slow. Started the Norton full system scan at 11:05PM - It was still scanning at midday ! 12 Hours later.
So again I stopped it, as there was obviously something wrong.

Tried running an online test with PC Pitstop. It tells me the computer is fine.
Also tried the windows scan on computer start up. That took 67 Minutes, I think it should only take about 4 to 5 mins.

The obvious answer is to take it back to the shop, but I would at least like to know where the pr... Read more

A:Problem - But is it Software or Hardware

What kind of "Windows scan" on bootup?

Uninstall Norton and things will improve after that.

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my system crashes (BSOD) while playing a game for 1 min or earlier. regular tasks work perfectly (playing Divx, converting, photoshop etc).

i tested my memory using memtest for several stages. didnt show any trouble.
i thought that the problem is coming from the HDD. tried adding a new hard disk

my system :

AMD sempron 2400+
gigabyte razr motherboard
256mb ddr 400mhz IBM ram (motherboard works at 333)
2 sata hard disks (hitachi 80GB and 250GB)
geforce MX4000 agp 8x 64mb vga
onboard 6 channel audio

i can post full hardware specs if required.

i found the dump file at %SystemDrive%\Windows\Minidump

uploaded it for your reference

can someone recommend me a solution ?

A:help : serious hardware/software problem

Your first dump shows ntoskrnl.exe (nt+11f05) and the second shows ntoskrnl.exe (nt+19000)!!

Looks to me like ram instability!!!!

You say your ram is 400mhz and your mobo is 333, that could be the cause possibly!?!?!

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Greetings everyone I'm not sure if this post is in the right place - not sure if it's a hardware or sofware issue. Popped my first DVD (region 1) into my new computer and it says the region is not compatible and asks me if I want to change the region. Then a screen comes up that shows the region I will be changing it TO, but where it says the CURRENT region, that is blank. Underneath that it says I can only change the region 5 times, so I do not want to mess this up. Is this normal? Any advice as to what I should do? ---Thank you to all the knowlegeable people who help out on here! Princi

A:DVD Hardware (or Software?) Problem

Yeah, it's normal. You can only do it 5 times so I don't know what most people do.

There may be a way to make it multiregion but I don't know how. The one I bought was already multi-region, which is why I bought mine so I don't have to worry about these things.

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I have a 3 week old NEC ND2510A dual layer burner that is no longer reading any type of disk. Windows is still recognising the drive. If I try exploring any CD or DVD the explorer window shows the drive as empty. My dvd player is still reading disks fine. I have made no hardware or software changes. I am running windows XP.
Will this more likely be a hardware or software problem? Can a problem with the OS stop the NEC reading disks?

A:Hardware or software problem?

Enner100, when you put a cd or dvd in it, do you hear it spin up? This happened to a friends DVD player and when I ripped it apart, there was a bit of a dust bunny covering the laser.....apparently not seeing anything, it wouldn't spin up. Once cleaning it thoroughly, all works well.

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I only have a vague understanding of how firewalls work and am wondering if I have an appropriate setup for my situation. I access the internet via a broadband, always-on connection hooked directly to a Netgear WGR614v4 wireless router. My desktop (Windows XP Home edition) is cabled directly to the router and my laptop (Win XP Professional) is networked via a Netgear WG511 wireless network card. I understand the router has a built in firewall. I also have ZoneAlarm installed on the laptop. Is this overkill? If so, is the hardware firewall to be preferred over ZoneAlarm, or should I somehow disable the hardware firewall and leave ZoneAlarm active? And if it is not overkill, should I also have ZoneAlarm installed on the desktop machine? And how does the firewall in XP SP2 stack up against the other options?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

A:Hardware vs. software firewalls

Keep them both running. The router will not stop anything that get tru where ZA can stop things from coming in or going out.

So no it is not over kill but the best way to help keep your PC safer.

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Hello All,
I ever just heard that, firewall is a software or hardware to protect out coming and incoming traffic but i am not sure at all, please let explain me:
-which one is more secure? and when we use firewall software or firewall hardware.
-In a domain network, i saw always have hardware firewall protect all whole server and clients, my question, will the server need to install internet security or antivirus software?
any miss please forgive.
Best regards,

A:Firewall hardware vs software

Hi there ... Several layers of prevention is the way to go .. Use Windows Firewall as well as your Routers hardware .. Its always a good idea to have a Antivirus program of your choice .. There is nothing that works a 100% if there was everyone would use it .. Malwarebytes is a very good program ... But its all down to personal choice ..

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Hello i am using windows 8 pro in my pc sometime when i restart my pc it just stop booting after showing windows log on screen and then pc just went off and when i again turn it on it do the same after some time pc ran into automatic repair and then dignosis after i have to reset the pc.
and i am having one more plb of my battery this battery charge fast and it drain fast... and it is not charging to its design capacity.
NAME Primary
MANUFACTURER Hewlett-Packard
[personal information removed]
Battery capacity history
Charge capacity history of the system's batteries PERIOD FULL CHARGE CAPACITY DESIGN CAPACITY 2016-07-17 - 2016-07-24 17,837 mWh 47,520 mWh

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I have been having an intermittent range of internet connection problems with my computer running vista home premium over adsl.

Initially my connection would drop out over night and in the early hours of the morning and if I browsed for too long /opened too many sites simultaneously my connection would cease to work. The internet would appear to be still connected in the MS icon in the tray (a globe showed over the two monitors). When I asked vista to check the connection/repair it told me that it was a connection with the ISP.

After a few frustrating weeks dealing with the ISP they admitted a fault and said they would fix it.

My connection no longer drops out (I never lose the globe in the tray) but the problem where excessive www browsing stops the browser working. I have tried IE, Chrome, I have disabled my firewall, reset the network adapter, bought a new router, reset the old and new router but the problem persists.

I'm sorry if I sound vague

Any ideas?

A:ISP, hardware or software issue?

are you using a wlan connection or LAN

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I am not sure if this is a hardware problem or not.

On start up, I get the message "waiting for disk ready ..."
It is really slow stating up and also, it does not shut down. I get the screen "windows is shutting down" but it does not power down.

It's a 486 with windows 95.
Any ideas.

A:[SOLVED] hardware or software??

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hello, i have a problem on my mothers computer where when she sends an email from any service provider and attaches an Picture then uploads and send becomes all distorted with horizonal lines all over the picture. Like this one.
we also tried saving a picture off the web and sending it in an email and the same thing happens.
i cant figure out if its the hard drive screwing up or the processor or the video card or the wireless card in the back.
we can view the original just fine off her computer so im guessing its not the video card or drivers.
in the device manager there is an Yellow exclamation mark next to "WAN miniport (ip) packet scheduler miniport" and it wont let me remove and install, it says something about drivers not found and it being needed to start the computer.
any help would be great. Thanks.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 12:20:32 PM, on 10/10/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\HP\hpcoretech\hpcmpmgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Software Upd... Read more

A:Solved: Software, Hardware, Something else?

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I purchased 2k for my computer a few months back and installed it on a compaq 7478.

A few weeks ago my computer started doing VERY wierd things.
you will be fine then out of no where the computer blue screens reboots then when it reboots it says non_accessible_boot_device.

Sometimes it boots and goes straight into windows and sometimes it just keeps saying inaccessible boot device. I thought it was a heat related problem so I removed the case from the computer and it ran fine for a few minutes then it started the same routine.

I reformatted the hard drive and did a low-level format and reinstalled windows.

That didn't seem to help the problem because it still occurs but at random times.

Any suggestions?? If you need anymore information please let me know

A:Not sure if this is a hardware or software problem

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