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Large (4tb) drive not seen by Windows, smaller ones ok

Q: Large (4tb) drive not seen by Windows, smaller ones ok

I know this is supposed to be a Windows 7 forum, but my problem is on a Windows XP machine. A lot of you experts learned your stuff on XP so probably have a good idea what the problem might be.

I have an HP XW4100 computer that I use to store backups. It doesn't have to be fast, and XP has worked well on that machine.

It has IDE and SATA ports on the motherboard, and I have added 2 x 4TB Seagate HDs connected to the on-board SATA ports. Using Seagate DiscWizard, I am able to split those drives into a 2tb and 1.6tb drive each so XP can partition and format them with MBR. So far so good.

Wanted to add some more 4TB drives, but there's no more SATA ports on the motherboard. Bought a Vantec PCI SATA card which uses the SiL 3114 chip and has 4 internal SATA ports. Installed the drivers, and when pluggin in an older 500g WD SATA drive, the OS sees it, I can partition it and use the drive.

When I plug a Seagate 4TB drive into that controller (even one that works with the MB SATA port), I can see the drive in device manager, Seagate DiscWizard can see the drive and partition it, but the drive will not show up in Disc Management so I can't use it.

I would conclude from this that the SiL 3114 chip has issues with large hard drives, while the Chipset on my HP has no problems. Strange though that the drive shows up in Device Manager and DiscWizard. Seems like a driver issue, but I've tried all the SiL drivers, and as I say, a smaller older SATA drive works fine.
I also tried using the jumper on the Seagate 4TB drive to slow it down to SATA 1 speed, but that made no difference.

So, I guess I'm wondering if anyone has ever run into this problem before? I can't find any information at all about there being problems with the SiL 3114 chip and large hard drives, or SiL driver issues.

Will I have this same problem if I get a different PCI SATA card with a different chipset? Has anyone tried this and found a chipset that works properly with large hard drives in XP?

Really not interested in going to Win7 on this machine either.

A: Large (4tb) drive not seen by Windows, smaller ones ok

Have you tried partitioning your HD so that your partitions are < 2tb?

From my understanding XP doesn't support > 2tb drives.

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I had a 1T hard drive that reported a SMART sector relocation count exceeded. I sent the drive back to the manufacturer and am waiting for a replacement. I backed-up the drive on to a 40 gig slave and have made a repair disk. Til the replacement comes back I would like to use a 220 gig drive in it's place. When I try to restore the image to the the smaller drive using the Win 7 repair disk I get an error message reporting that BIOS setting for the current drive is too small to accept the image. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

A:Large Image to a Smaller Drive

Can you post a screenshot of the message. Also, how are the disks configured in your PC/disk management. I don't think you can back it up - for 7 you need 1TB to 1TB, even if the image is less.

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I recently replaced a 14" LCD monitor with a 17" LCD monitor. This has the result of scaling up the size of all windows by what I assume to be 17/14ths.

But what I want is to have the windows be the same size (in INCHES, not pixels) as on the smaller monitor, with every letter in whatever font being the same size (in INCHES, not pixels) as on the old monitor.

This would be a great advantage, as then I could actually make use of the larger real estate and have more windows open. It may not be possible - I've tried all the display and system font settings. But if anyone has a suggestion I'd appreciate it.

Running XP SP2 with all patches installed. I have the monitor resolution set to 1024 x 768.

A:[SOLVED] have large monitor - want smaller windows

Window sizes are measured in pixels (not inches). LCD size aside, screen size is determined by the resolution of the monitor. If you were using 1024x768 on the old monitor and are still using 1024x768 on the new monitor, then your screen size is still the same (it only appears larger because you are displaying it on a larger screen). LCP panels should be run at their native resolution. Look up the specs of your monitor to find the native resolution.

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Windows Media Player opens large and then the window gets smaller when I open my AVCHD videos from my camera. It's really annoying. Can I get it to open in one size and have it stay that size so it doesn't resize on me?


A:Windows Media Player opens large and then the window gets smaller

Answered my own question... right click on playing video and go to Video, then uncheck "fit player to video".

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Hello! Yes, I'm a newbie and a numpty. This place looks wonderful! I hope you can help me.

Here's what happened: I reinstalled Windows for my sister, who is visually impaired. I just installed Windows XP Pro. Just finished it, and then handed it over to her, to customize her settings. Since she has bad vision, she usually lowers the resolution down to 800x600 and has the font size and title bar sizes larger. Well as soon as I left her alone with her computer, she messed up the windows or icon settings so bad, so everything is HUGE. Everything is so huge, that (what should be) small menus now fill the whole screen. We can't get to the part of the preferences window to change the resolution to something higher, and we can't get to anywhere (that we know of) to change anything back to something resembling normal. Basically, we can't do anything anymore.

I know I can reinstall Windows XP all over again, but since I JUST DID THAT I'd like to avoid having to do it all over again. Is there some way to reset the preferences, without having to reinstall the whole operating system for something so seemingly idiotic? Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

A:All icons/windows too large, cannot reset or change preferences to smaller size

get into "safe mode" hold F8 key down soon as pc starts to reboot highlight top menu when the safe mode window opens tap enter once in safe mode boot up, you should be able to access the resolution settings and reset the one you require..

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alright so here is my issue, my laptop HP Pavilion dv7 notebook PC, running windows 7 is having a slight issue. For the past weeks i have noticed that my hard drive space is shrinking, even though i have not been placing any new files on computer
my specs are windows 7, intel core i7, installed memory (RAM) 6.00GB, system type is 64bit
and i only now have left 10.1GB out of 450GB

i have purchased a external drive and moved all personnel files and movies and so on

i even deactivated hybernation on my pc, which gave me an extra 7GB
i then ran disk clean and deleted temp files

also ran defragment but after 6 days, i gave up as it was still running, then i tried to run ccleaner and that ran for 6 days as well with it being stuck at 0%

not sure what else i can do, buddy of mine suggested that my drive is just dying and i'mim due for a new 1
is that correct?
is there anything else i am missing, what am i doing wrong
and why is the space getting less, i'm sure within the next few days it'll be down to 0GB

please help!

thank you

A:Solved: hard drive space is getting smaller and smaller

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Does anyone know of a quick way to break large pst files up into smaller directories. I have been creating empty .pst's and copying messages into the empty databases.

A:Splitting large PST files into smaller ones.

Homer, that's probably the smartest thing I've ever heard of you doing....

...and that's about the extent of it.
All I do differently is sort by date and click and drag those...
Love, Marge

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How can i split a file into other small files with Winrar or any other software.I want the smaller files with the size of 100mb.i know how to split with Winrar but the smallest file that it can do is 650 mb.

Thanks, any help would be much appreciated

A:Split a large file into smaller ones

HJSplit should work.HJSplit @ Download.comIn the 'split file size' box, you enter what size you want the segments to be. The box next to this is to choose kb or megabytes.

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Windows xp pro, Icons on the taskbar, immediately to the right of the START button are so large that 2 lines are used to display them ( Clock and date are shown on 2 lines, so are small icons for Right side programs.)

How do I make the (? quick launch ? ) [ left end ] icons smaller ?

A:Solved: Icons TOO LArge in Taskbar; How make smaller

ten: First, unlock the Task Bar if it is not already unlocked. Put your cursor on the top of the task bar, it will become a double arrow. Now, carefully left click and drag the task bar down until it becomes a single line of icons.
If you drag it down too far it will dissapear so be careful. You can get it back by just reversing the drag.
When you get it where you want it, lock it.

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Hi there,

I found this topic which actually solved my problem on splitting the csv file into multiple ones, split a 100000 line csv into 5000 line csv files with DOS batch, however it is already closed so I decided to open a new one.

The solution given to the previous thread was this and it actually worked:

@echo off
REM Edit this value to change the name of the file that needs splitting. Include the extension.
SET BFN=BigFile.csv
REM Edit this value to change the number of lines per file.
SET LPF=5000
REM Edit this value to change the name of each short file. It will be followed by a number indicating where it is in the list.
SET SFN=SplitFile

REM Do not change beyond this line.


SET /A LineNum=0
SET /A FileNum=1

For /F "delims==" %%l in (%BFN%) Do (
SET /A LineNum+=1

echo %%l >> %SFN%!FileNum!.%SFX%

if !LineNum! EQU !LPF! (
SET /A LineNum=0
SET /A FileNum+=1


However, after splitting the file, I noticed that only the first split had the column headers while the remaining ones does not have them. Is it possible to do that through batch? If yes, what code can I include in the code given above?


A:Split large csv file into smaller ones while keeping the column headers

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I need to split a folder containing several levels of subfolders into dvdr sizes for backup. I would like to retain not only the folder name but subfolders names.

Ex. C:\Pictures\Summer is 7gb and i would like to split it into C:\folder1\pictures\summer and C:\folder2\my pictures\summer

Any one know of a util? RAR/ZIP is an option but I would really like viewable access to the files on any disc.

The folder I need to split is quite large 70GB.

A:Split large size folder into smaller ones retaining subfolder names

Your talking about 16+ DVDs for that one file. The odds of one of them being bad is quite high.

Why not backup to an external hard drive instead?

Also, most burner software will do this for you automatically. I know Roxio will for sure. It will put as much as it can on each DVD then prompt you for a new one when that is done.

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I created a new database that contains several different tables with relationships, auto number fields, and all the fun stuff that goes with those things. However, my workplace had been inputting data into an extremely large table for years. This large table contains all the data that I need to be in my new database. I was wondering if there is a way to take the contents of the one large table and append it to the multiple tables that I created in the new database. To further complicate matters, I changed some of the formatting and/or names of fields. Any thoughts or suggestions for the most effective and efficient method to complete this process would be greatly appreciated.

Just a note: I have this week and next week to complete the design of the database and get all these people input into the database (a daunting task, I know). So, manually adding the data is not really a feasible option.

A:Solved: Appending data from one large table into several smaller tables in Access

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Yesterday when I was on my computer i had 5.26 GB on my when i got home from school i had 267MB on my computer, and it gets smaller and smaller...I just ran HJT and these are the results...Can someone please check them for me. I have a paper due tomorrow, but im more worried on whats gonna happen to my comp.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 9:45:19 PM, on 6/1/2004
Platform: Windows ME (Win9x 4.90.3000)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:

O2 - BHO: (no name) - {02478D38-C3F9-4efb-9B51-7695ECA05670} - C:\WINDOWS\DOWNLOADED PROGRAM FILES\YCOMP5_1_6_0.DLL
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [MSConfigReminder] C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\msconfig.exe /reminder
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [Winkiy] C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\Winkiy.exe
O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [AIM] C:\PROGRAM FILES\AIM\aim.exe -cnetwait.odl
O8 - Extra context menu item: &Define - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Reference 2001\A\ERS_DEF.HTM
O8 - Extra context menu item: Look Up in &Encyclopedia - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Reference 2001\A\ERS_ENC.HTM
O9 - Extra button: AIM (HKLM)
O9 - Extra button: Dell Home (HKCU)
O9 - Extra button: WeatherBug (HKCU)
O1... Read more

A:C Drive Getting Smaller and I have a Virus

Closing duplicate.
Please have patience,if your post drops off page one just add to it with a "bump"


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I have a query on NG 14 image restore.
I had a new Laptop which has a 250GB primary partition. To make addl partitions, I nade image of this 250Gb partition using NG14 & partitioned the HDD with a Primary C part of 50GB & remaining spaCE OF 200gb.

Now when I went to restore my image of 250Gb partition which is just 10GB (as it was a new laptop with nothing much installed), I get Error EC950006. I reda & now am aware that the restore partition size is 50Gb on whichI am trying to restore 250Gb image.

Do u have a soln to my dilemma as my image has all orig drivers & Vista 64 Home premium ed & no backup DVD to reinstall the OS.

How can I restore my bootable image to my new partition?
Pl PM or post the soln asap as my Laptop is still resting.


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I know this might sound stupid..... mostly because to a certain extent, it is...

I mapped my google drive to my HDDs list using CMD. Worked great (short of the locked permissions logo in the bottom left of all the folders despite having ownership of the folder but thats O.K. for now!). The problem is that because its not really its own drive and is part of my C:\ drive, it thinks that it is almost a Tb large. I don't suppose there is a way to fake the actual drive size in windows, at all? I don't like memory patchers for these sorts of things... just one more service to deal with. Perhaps, is there a way to adjust it in the registry? or something? I don't exactly want the bar gone all together, because it is useful, I am just too OC to look at it and see the wrong denominator value...

Thanks for the help

A:Is there a way to make windows believe that a mapped drive is smaller

I highly doubt such a facility exists.
What legitimate reason could there be why such should be provided? I can think of several why it shouldn't.

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I have a duplicate image of my windows 7 system. I want to move my windows 7 system off from my 2TB drive on to a smaller 500GB drive instead. I used an imaging program to duplicate the drive contents onto the 500GB drive. My question now is, is it safe to switch to my 500GB as my primary drive and boot up from it without affecting my Windows 7 activation status, or do I need to de-activate it first on the 2TB drive then re-activate on the 500GB drive?


A:Recovering Windows 7 system on another smaller hard drive

That should not be an issue at all.

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i enter all my info in to Quattro Pro x5 but now i want to print it-- but i keep getting this error

Quattro Pro x5 page count over 1000 the print block is too large use smaller print

it sure would be nice of Corel WordPerfect Office X5 if there would get a lot more info-

i try a lot of differnt seting some where not let me change now-- but noting seem to help

im new to Quattro Pro x5

any idea please

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Hey everybody.

I don't know if the title is a good one for this problem, but here goes.

I have a column that has numbers in this format: 54321-1234

Now, I want to take off the last 4 numbers, and the dash, from all the numbers in the column, using a formula. So that the output would be: 54321.

I want it so the first 5 numbers stay the same, but the dash and last 4 are gone. Is this possible?


A:Solved: Excel 2003: Replacing Large Numbers with Smaller Numbers

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I will shortly need to move a large number (20,000) very large (20-30Mb) image files and associated tiny xmp sidecar files from one hard drive to another.

MS file explorer will make a meal of this so any suggestions for alternatives please? I have several folders each containing many thousands of files as above so moving a folder en-bloc is an option rather than file by file?

A:moving large number of large files to new drive

Simply drag and drop the folder(s).

Might want to do a copy first, verify that everything did indeed get copied, and then delete the originals.

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I have a small media server. It's a bunch of drives in a full size tower PC, each formatted individually (i.e. no RAID - NTFS). Right now it's 6 drives, either 4TB or 3TB.

I have a bunch of smaller (1.5TB and 2TB) drives that I'm not using and would like to use to have a backup of the files spread across the 6 larger drives.

Anyone have a good idea of how to do this? Ideally I would like a solution like in the good old CD/DVD backup days where you can tell a backup app to back the whole lot onto CDs and it will span across however many DVDs you need. But for hard drives. It will copy all it can to the first hard drive until it's full, then it will ask me to mount a new hard drive and it will pick up where it left off. Nobody seems to make such a program.

Alternately I can just back up as much as I can to each drive and then pick up where I left off on the next backup drive. But how do I figure out in Windows 7 how many folders I can copy before I try to copy too much for the target drive? Is there a backup utility for Windows like the OS X app Carbon Copy Cloner that tallies the selected backup folders prior to copying them?

Thanks for any advice or thoughts...


A:HELP - Backing Up Several Large HDDs to Many Smaller HDDs

There is no easy 1-click option to do this.

One possibility is to setup the smaller disks as a JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) if the BIOS allows that, and the JBOB is sufficiently large to cater for your needs.

An alternative is write a .bat to use robocopy to copy selected data to a selected spare disk. You will, however, need calculate capacity beforehand.

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I'm thinking about getting a new WD VelociRaptor 300GB HDD. My old HDD is a Seagate 160GB drive. Is it possible to copy all of the data from the old drive to the new drive including the Master Boot Record and keep the new drive size 300GB?

Can anyone give me recommendations on software that can do this?

Thanks for your help!

A:Solved: Need to copy data from smaller old drive to larger new drive

You can get free cloning software from the hard drive makers website.
If you want a hassle free cloning experience then I recommend Acronis True Image, its a whole lot more than just cloning software its a complete backup suit.
It will also let you try before you buy, IMO worth every penny

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My Vista system folder free space becomes smaller and smaller quite quickly.

I increased a few GB but it is occupied again in a month.

I then downloaded Malicious Software Removal Tool. After run it for more than 10 hours, something was removed. However, the free space is still remain small.

How can I know what rubbish is occuping my system folder and can you tell me how to remove them if any?

Thank you in advance for your help!

A:My Vista system folder free space becomes smaller and smaller quite quickly

The most probable cause of your problem is
System Restore points.
Reduce the amount of space that they occupy
System Restore - disk space

Run a full anti virus scan, download and run a full scan with malwarebytes

Your own stuff
Download windirstat and see whats on the drive
WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics

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P4 - 2.4 GHz
82801DB Mother Board
845GRC Chipset
2 GB Ram
Bios: RG84510A.86A.0033.P17

I recently tried to install Windows XP on a new Ultra ATA Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 250 GB Hard Drive and forgot about the problem with large hard drives issue (which I am educated very little about). The installation process progressed as usual in terms of formatting drive, copy files to install, etc, but upon reboot the hard drive would not boot to the Windows GUI to install windows. I thought it was a disk issue such as a scratch or something, but the install disk worked fine installing onto a 10 GB Western Digital IDE hard drive. So I guess the problem is related to the size of the hard drive and/or the Ultra
ATA issue. My bios does recognize the hard drive.

I have an Intel 845GRC Chipset. Intel's website says:

"Does the Desktop Board D845GRG support Ultra ATA/100 hard drives?
Yes. The Desktop Board D845GRG supports Ultra ATA transfer rates up to 100 MB/sec (ATA/100) by way of the ICH4 IDE controller with two independent bus-mastering IDE interfaces. An Ultra ATA/100 supported hard drive and an 80 conductor IDE cable are required to take advantage of the increased bandwidth available on the IDE channel. One of the new features of the Intel Desktop Board D845GRG is its ability to support larger ATA/100 capable hard drives with 48-bit Logical Block Addressing (LBA) within the BIOS along with all Ultra ATA transfer rates (i.e., 33 MB/sec, 66 MB/sec and 100 MB/sec). To... Read more

A:Help Understanding Large ATA HD & Windows Install on New Drive

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Thought this was problem - Microsoft writes "When you resume a computer from sleep or from hibernation, the SATA hard disk drivers require the SATA hard disks to be ready within 10 seconds. However, a large SATA hard disk may take longer than 10 seconds to be ready. In this situation, the resume operation times out." in their fix for W7 - You receive various Stop error messages in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2 when you try to resume a computer that has a large SATA hard disk

Have tried a variety of things like checking all current drivers, turning off hybrid sleep, power troubleshooter, windows update and the like on instruction but my ASUS p7p55d-e doesn't seem to have any Win8 specific drivers.

boot drive C: (partitioned into two logical drives)

Looking further afield found your community hope that you may be able to identify the cause and possibly even a fix : )

Attached dump files as instructed.


A:Windows 8 Large SATA drive time out on resume from sleep

Please post back if you still need help. I'm running way, way behind but will get to each post that's replied to.

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I have a HP HPE-510t. It is running windows 10, clean install. I have a 240GB SSD, a 1TB SATA drive, and a 3TB SATA drive. All are NTFS formatted. If I transfer a 1GB file to the 3TB drive it makes it to 50% lightning quick and then slows down so slow it looks like it has stopped. Other two drives work fine. Files 560MB and smaller transfer fine. I don't know where the exact breaking point is between 560 and 1GB. Transfers to that drive do the same thing whether it's from those drives, a USB drive, or the network. Can this motherboard just not handle a larger than 2TB drive? I tried to find a BIOS update, but there's not one. Can't find an answer, going crazy, please help!

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Heres a link to where i posted on another site..don't feel like redewing it...everything is explained there..along with images...

A:C drive smaller than D

So what's the question?

Yes, the C: partition is smaller than the D: partition. If you want to change that, you have to repartition.

Or are you looking for even more advice on overall performance? There is insufficient free space on the C: partition, and it doesn't have enough RAM.

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my hard drive when i got it was 56GB i think it wass DEFINATLY IN the 50's im sure!!! now i look in my computer and its a 43GB? i dont know why? ive formatted and reinstalled windows within that time thou. how do i get it back? :knock:

A:My Hard Drive Smaller!!????!!?!?

try a low level format utility if you realy think you lost disc space

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I have tried EaseUs todo...... and apparently it has built in compression and will clone to a slightly smaller drive , apparently Acronis 2014 will not. I have a 1.5 TB drive in desk top but it is only 1/2 used , but I am having trouble cloning to a empty 1 TB drive. I thing it might be because even tho I dont have much data, the partions take up the entire 1.5 desktop drive. Is this normal and if so what programs will automaticly clone to a smaller disk.
p.s I do not want to get into a discussion about imaging etc.... just cloning
thank you

A:Clone to smaller drive

Hi there,

You are trying to copy 750GB of data on a 1.5TB partition to a 1TB HDD? Is that correct?

What the cloning software is doing as you noted is copying the entire partition even if it's empty data. Macrium Reflect - Free can copy part of the partition and resize it to fit onto a small drive. (When I say part I mean the 750GB of data you have used and it will ignore the blank space.)

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I have had this problem a few times but I can't remember what I did the last time because it was some time ago.

When you right click on the D:\ Drive and go to properties it comes up saying that the drive is 5.5GB but when you select the files in D drive the size is only 2GB. It says the drive has only 100mb free and the drive is 6GB & no I can't just make it bigger

There are no files directly under the root directory and hidden files or folders are showing. I ran the disk cleanup but that only freed up a littke bit of space, no fix the issue


A:D drive smaller then properties say

In addition to the hidden files or folders, have you selected the system files to be shown that are normally hidden?

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Hey everyone!

A friend of mine was trying to install iOS5 on her iPhone and whenever it was downloading, it suddenly stopped and said something like there was not space on her disk drive. So last night I took a look at it and Vista was saying that she only had about 500MB or so left on her C drive. So I began looking for things to delta, expecting the download folder and recycle bin to be slam full with files that have been there from the day she got her computer. However, there was almost nothing in these folders. Then I ran CCleaner and it only deleted a couple of measly MB. I decided to look again and Vista was saying that her C drive only a max capacity of 28GB! Even though this computer is 4 or 5 years old, there's no way this is correct. I talked to her and she used this laptop all through college and had tons and tons of documents and it was never close to being full. Now that she graduated and deleted those files, her hard drive is almost completely full!

To be clear, Vista is saying that the hard drive itself has gotten smaller and NOT that it's more full than it is. And because of this, the computer runs PAINFULLY slow. Also, I don't have the computer with me so I can't provided any more detailed information as of now.

Do you guys have any clue what could have happened?

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I bought this hard drive:

It clearly states that the capacity is 320gb. However, when i plugged it in and formatted it, it only came up to around 140gb. Is there any particular reason for this?
(the sticker on the drive also states that it is 320gb).

thanks ^^

A:Hard drive smaller than stated

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I have a slight problem. first, i created an image of my XP sp2 system using Norton Ghost 9 and saved it onto the network drive.

then at a later time i used partition magic to partition my hard drive.

then at some point in time i copied the Image of the system onto one of the partitions.

Now i need to restore the System image.
which brings me here today with the following problems.

When inserting the symantec recovery disc, the system will not set up the network connection (this works on 2 of my other office computers)but rather i get the error "failed to install network adapter -- check winbom". This prevents me from restoring my entire hard drive to day 1.

my second and less favourable option (b/c if my HD fails, then i am screwed)is to run the restore from the partition with the image. However, as the partition was created after the image was created, the size of the image indicates that it is less than the partition. (note the original hard drive was 250GB, then i created an image (4.66GB)and subsequently the C:drive partition is 60GB.

of course another problem is that the disc image is greater than that of a DVD which i have read somewhere that the max capacity is 4464GB.
here are my questions.
1. how can i get the cpu to recognize the network.
2. if i install an old NIC from one of my other cpu's, will it recognize that card.
3. can i restore the image 4.66GB on one of the partitions to the C: drive partition which is now 40GH even though it is sm... Read more

A:Ghost & smaller hard drive

I am not personaly familier with Ghost.
Can you try installing the drive into one of your other office pc's that has access to the network and see if you can restore the image to the drive from there.

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hp win7 won't let me recover os to a smaller hard drive original 1ter to 250gig.

A:recovery to smaller hard drive

I think you're basically "stuck" at this point. Third-party products, from Macrium Reflect and from Paragon (and maybe even EASEUS) have add-ons that will allow you to "restore" to a smaller drive -- but they do so by forcing you to select which types of files will NOT be included in the Restore.

The only way (I believe) that you'd be able to use any of these is to make a new backup using their product.

But, I don't use the Win7 builtin backup feature -- so others here may know better about this.

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I?ve used Drive XML to create an image of a fresh installation of Windows, so I can duplicate it for a different configuration (on the same PC).

The source image was on a 320GB hard drive, single primary partition. The used space totalled 30GB.

I?ve tried restoring the image to a 80GB drive, however it won?t do this as the destination disk needs to be as big or bigger than the original disk the image was created from.

I want the ability to be able to restore this image (which is only 30GB) to a smaller hard drive (like the 80GB one I have).

How can I achieve this?

A:Restore image to smaller drive

Drive XML does not support restoring an image to a drive that is smaller than the original. This is mentioned in the FAQ. From a technical standpoint this is quite a difficult thing to do and is not supported by most free utilities. I believe there are some commercial products that can do this but I cannot recommend any.

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I’ve used Drive XML to create an image of a fresh installation of Windows, so I can duplicate it for a different configuration (on the same PC).
The source image was on a 320GB hard drive, single primary partition. The used space totalled 30GB.
I’ve tried restoring the image to a 80GB drive, however it won’t do this as the destination disk needs to be as big or bigger than the original disk the image was created from.
I want the ability to be able to restore this image (which is only 30GB) to a smaller hard drive (like the 80GB one I have).
How can I achieve this?

A:Restoring image to a smaller drive

You have to use the same size drive or higher. Some images from certain manufactures are very picky with what size drive you use.

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I just purchased a new HP Pavillion with a 1.5 Tb drive. I want to shrink the C: drive down to about 100Gb, and create other drive letters, with roughly 500Gb, 500Gb and 400Gb.

I went into Disk Management and began the process by attempting to shrink the C: drive, but the smallest it would let me shrink it was 651Gb. I got a message saying that unmovable system files prevented it from shrinking any more.

I tried defragging, but that didn't get me any more shrink.

Then I tried disabling the paging file and defragging again, but that didn't gain me any more shrink.

Calls to HP support didn't help. They said this was outside the scope of their warranty.

Any help?

A:Unable to shrink 1.5Tb drive smaller than 651Gb

BTW, the OS is Windows 7 Home Premium.

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I have an image backup created using the Windows 7 image backup feature, and I have a "system repair disk." The image is from a 320 GB hard drive that has failed. For various reasons I want to replace the failed hard drive with a 250 GB drive. Will the image restore to the smaller drive?

I searched this forum, but I did not find anything I could determine was relevant. Other search engine results are not all that clear; some say yes some say no.

Can anyone help?

A:Solved: Can Win 7 image restore to smaller drive

No. Unless you had more than one partition and the one you need to restore was <= 250GB, and free space was at the end of that disk.

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Hey guys

Got a new 2TB hard drive (f and have it installed, obviously showing up as an empty drive at the moment. Is it possible to use my old 320GB (c drive as boot only but still have the new one as the primary drive, programs install there, download there etc?
any help is appreciated!

PC is a homebuild running Win 7 64bit,
can provide specs if needed.

A:can I boot from a smaller drive and use a larger one as my primary?

Quote: Originally Posted by Goblin137

Hey guys

Got a new 2TB hard drive (f and have it installed, obviously showing up as an empty drive at the moment. Is it possible to use my old 320GB (c drive as boot only but still have the new one as the primary drive, programs install there, download there etc?
any help is appreciated!

PC is a homebuild running Win 7 64bit,
can provide specs if needed.

I'm not sure what you mean by "primary drive". There is no problem with using the 320GB as your C: drive with your Win 7 and programs on it and use your 2TB for music, pictures and other data. Be sure and put your programs on the same drive as your Win 7 is on.

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I currently am running out of space on a 250GB Hard drive and I want to replace it with a 1TB Hard drive. I also think the computer is running very poor from what I remember, therefore would like to do an install that gets it functioning better.

What software would you recommend for doing this. Is cloning or imaging programs going to work better. Will these programs install the O/S as well as all the information from the old hard drive. Can i do it with both hard drives in the computer and then how will it know to boot from the new hard drive once the transfer is done. Thanks for any tips on this.

A:Adding a new hard drive to replace a smaller HD

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The hard drive on my laptop is making noises so I purchased a slightly smaller hard drive (existing HD 120 GB, new HD is 100 GB) and I am trying to use Vista's back up and restore feature.

The active partition is 60GB and I backed it up to my external USB drive and that went well, but when I try to restore the image (which says is only 44 GB large) to my 100 GB drive I get an error message saying that the drive is too small.

Is there anything I can do to copy image from a larger drive to a smaller drive, even though the data on the smaller drive is less than the data on the new drive?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi all,

I just bought a new 1TB Samsung F3 to use as my new D drive after clumsily destroying my old C drive (luckily I was formatting it at the time before installing Windows 7, so no lost data!), and have had some problems after restoring the image.

I created a system image of my C drive, which was on a 160GB HDD, and copied this to my new Samsung D drive. I then put a 250GB Western Digital drive in place of the C drive (freshly formatted to NTFS), put the repair disk in I had created and began the system restore.

Everything seemed to go smoothly, but when checking my C and D drive I noticed my C drive was still only 160GB, instead of the full 250GB. Somehow I've lost 90GB of my C drive.

Has anybody else experienced this? Is it easily remedied. I can't just reformat the disk as it's my C drive, and I did this before the system restore anyway, so I'm sure I'd get the same problem!

Cheers in advance!

ps I've got Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit. And the actual drive sizes vary slightly from the above, I've just used the figures they advertise!

A:C Drive is smaller after System Image restore

I just checked the Disk Managment Console and see that 80GB is unallocated. Is there anyway of bringing this into the rest of the C Drive without destroying the existing data on the 160GB 'partition'?

I've attached a screen print showing how the drives are set up.

Thanks once again!

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My wifes PC is getting old and the hard drives (raid 0) are starting to make some funny/unhealthy noises.
Before they die. I thought I would replace. 600GB in raid0 is much more than she needs so I just went for a 500gb
single drive, still 350GB more than she needs - but it was a good price.

Machine is Vista ultimate 64bit (it was my old machine... why ult and Raid0 etc). I have the SP1 install disk - so has the improved recovery features.

Anyway... should be simple... do a complete backup... replace drives... and restore to the new hard drive, no such luck
The restore objects as the new drive is smaller than the original.
After some serious cussing at MS for such a crap solution - I thought I would be cunning, so shrunk the partition to below 500gb....
redid a complete backup and tried again.
Unfortunatley - MS stupidity exceeds my cunning.... it still fails for same reason

The error mesasge mentions the Disk as reported in BIOS - so I suspect it records that info - so my reduction in the C partition
was destined to fail

Anyway - is there a simple solution? I really dont want to do a reinstall (wife moans/gets confused if I miss ANYTHING!! )

If I really need another tool, any advice? cheap/free but reliable please ;)

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Retore Vista to new (smaller) hard drive

Greetings,Ok a few things here.. first the solution your looking for is called Disk Imaging Software. Macrium Reflect is a good free piece of software. This will create an exact snapshot of the drive as is. Once it's time to restore you simply copy the image onto the new drive. If your interested in something a bit more flexible I recommend Acronis True Image.Personally I think its better to just reinstall Windows on the new drive, make backups of data only and copy over the data on a fresh install. It would be more time consuming but in the end save you from some uncertainties.

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My hard drive crashed on my Dell Studio 540 - Vista Home Premium. I had gotten some help on the Crash and Debugging forum, however it turned out to be a hardware issue. Dell installed a new hard drive the other day. Since that happened the video/graphics are all smaller on my 24" monitor. All of the text and icons in the tool bars, system tray, etc. are a lot smaller than they were with the old hard drive. I manage to enlarge the desktop icons. I also went to Display and changed the DPI from the standard 96 to the large 120. This made the text larger but still not as large as it used to be. I called Dell but they were not a lot of help.
I'm not great with computers but I know a little. I don't know if there is some type of setting I should change.

A:Graphics Smaller after New Hard Drive Inst.

This is probably not the solution, because Dell would have picked up on it, but did you try to change the resolution
Screen Resolution

Also right click on desktop>personalize>display

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Hi all...

I made a app in vb 2010 but when i saved it it was 15mb...Anyway i can make that smaller..I made it 1.mb smaller using winrar..Any other way to make it half the size or less????


A:Make .exe files smaller.( a lot smaller)

7-Zip claims the highest compression ratio:

7-Zip 4.32 Description
7-Zip is a file archiver with the highest compression ratio. The program supports 7z, ZIP, RAR, CAB, ARJ, LZH, CHM, CPIO, RPM, DEB, GZIP, BZIP2, Z and TAR formats. Compression ratio in the new 7z format is 30-50% better than ratio in ZIP format. Also 7-Zip compresses to ZIP 2-10% better than PKZip and WinZip. 7-Zip has additional powerful command line version and FAR Manager support.

This is not my forte, so consider it heresay.

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Okay, so my wife bought a laptop from a friend. It's got 2 drives "c" with the OS and "d" with vast amounts of empty space. Problem is, all the users and libraries (and all those files) are sitting on "c". Seems like the system should be on D but all the libraries on C with all that space. It's a Dell Studio and I do remember partitioned drives on Dells but I'm new to Win7 and lost.

Any pointers?


A:Sysem/Users/Libraries on wrong (smaller) drive

If there's nothing on D: (and no system files) or you can move the files that are on D: to C: temporarily you can simply expand the C: drive in Disk Management after deleting the D: partition. Make sure you have a good backup of all your files.

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Ok, here is my issue.  I just purchased a brand new HP computer with a 2T hard drive.  However, I have a new SSD drive that I want to be the primary drive.  I have the new computer set up, but I have not turned it on because I want to clone
the pre-bootup image (with the recovery partition intact) to the SSD drive.  The SSD drive is around 500GB, so it should all fit. 

I looked a programs like Clonezilla, but it says that I can't go to a smaller drive, and it is not clear if it will copy the recovery partition as well. 

It does sound like I can boot it, go through the set up, shrink the partition, and do it that way, but I really wanted to start with a "factory" image.  And I don't know if doing that will capture the recovery partition as well.
If anyone has done this, or something similar, I would appreciate some advice.


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Im currently looking at buying the Maxtor Diamondmax 10 300GB (SATA) 7B300S0 hard drive but wondering whether its worth buying two, say, 160GB HD's instead. Im going to be using the PC mainly for gaming (im building it from scratch, first time so bit nervous but hopin itll be fine ) and the parts im currently considering are:
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard (supporting AMD 64 CPU's)
AMD Athlon 64 3800+
Crucial 184-pin DIMM RAM 2GB kit (Part number: CT2KIT12864Z4OB)
XFX Geforce 6800 256MB PCI-Express Graphcis card
Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition OS
A-top X-Blade Ultimate Black case with 580 Watt PSU

The main factors are speed and I dont want it to cost too much, the one im looking at is 160 so I guess up to 200 is acceptable. Id also like it to be at least 300GB as I want surplus space to ensure I never run out . Finally if anyones got any advice on the set up im planning to use please paste it in the 'First time PC builder' post in the cooling and modding section. Thanks.

A:Which is best, one 300GB hard drive or multiple smaller drives?

Ok. If you want redundancy go with the two 160 GB. If you plan on just backing up all of your data via tape or DVD, then the 300 GB is ok. I always like to have more than one drive anyway. I guess it is kind of like a security blanket.

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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I recently used "Create System Image" for the first time right after a fresh install on a formated hard drive. During the backup, it stated that the backup would take close to 23 GB. I chose to back up the image to my second hard drive. It completed successfully (so it said). I then checked the size of the image backup and it was only 12 GB. Did it indeed, backup the image successfully? Will I have a problem recovering the image, when that time comes along? Why the compression? Will this affect the performance of the recovered image?

A:System Image Backup is smaller than Bare C Drive

Most Imaging apps compress the DATA they are backing up. How much compresses it depends on the Application, and its settings if they are configuarble.

This is normal.

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My hard drive went bad so i replaced with a new SSD its smaller than orginal but plenty big enough to support the operating system and all the recovery media,but becuase it is smaller the recovbery media now sys cant install because the hard drive is a diffrent size?Why this is an issue is unknown to me becuase obviuosly i am not going to buy a new computer when i can replace the Hard drive.Is there any way to force the instasll as like i said i have the orginal recovery media all disks?

A:New ssd hard drive smaller than orginal now recovery media s...

Hi, You have to use SAME size or larger (capacity) otherwise this won't work. You can't use smaller size because the process will copy the whole image back INCLUDING blank sectors. Regards.

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i created a windows 7 image of a 80 gig drive and now i need to put it on a 40 gig drive but win7 is not letting me. the entire windowsimagebackup folder is only 9.71gig.

i am able to open the image in winimage but i dont know what to do next to make it think it belongs on a smaller drive. any help?

A:restoring saved image to smaller hard drive

Welcome to SF! A Great Place to be...

I would be able to help you better if I had an idea of what type of hardware you have.
Fill in your System Specs (this can be done within the User CP at the top of any SF Page); what I need to know is what HDD(s) you have.
I happen to use third-party imaging software so I'm certainly no expert on Windows' built-in imaging tools...

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Had a 30GB SSD boot drive that filled up. Purchased 120GB SSD to replace it. Made a system image on my data drive (500GB HD). Disconnected 30GB boot drive, attached new SSD, and using the restore disk I made after doing the system image I attempted to restore the image of the smaller SSD onto my larger SSD. Thought it worked until I realized it restored the image onto my 500GB data drive deleting everything I had on it. I didn't think Win7 would restore an image to the same drive that it was stored on. Originally I had made a system image to the new SSD and tried to restore directly to it but it wouldn't allow it. Now I have essentially two boot drives (30GB SSD and 500GB HD partitioned to be the same size as the 30GB SSD). I'm resigned to the fact I lost all my data on the data drive but I would like to install the data from either boot drive onto my new SSD then wipe everything on both other drives and start from scratch. Can't reassign drive letters so my computer thinks the new SSD is going to be the boot drive c: Any help would be appreciated. The kids are itching to play Minecraft. :-)

A:Replaced smaller SSD for larger but wiped data drive in process

Hi and welcome to TSF,

Do you still have the system image on the 500GB hdd?

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This happens consistently. Once between 1 and 2 gigs has copied, I get the blue screen. I have tried copying in safe mode, using TeraCopy instead, nothing seems to work. This is the .dmp file:

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I have an old 320GB hard drive that's dying and slowing my computer down. The OS is on a 20GB partition. I want to copy that partition onto an empty, 110GB hard drive.

Will the data copied be corrupted? am I better off re-installing windows?

How can I do this?

A:Cloning a hard drive partition onto a smaller hard drive

Hi there

1) download something like FREE macrium and boot it up.
2) Image the OS
3) Restore the image to the new HDD --if it's a Laptop you can do it with a USB==>SATA cable without installing the new HDD first
4) swap the drives if it's a laptop
5) Boot.

Remember though if the Windows system partition exists to copy that as well as the "C" partition.

The rest of your data (User data etc) on the HDD - just save anywhere with File explorer / Windows explorer to wherever you want to keep it -- there's no reason why you couldn't keep it on the old HDD -- if it's an INTERNAL HDD you can get a powered SATA / IDE case and connect via USB or SATA.

I suspect you are installing an SSD -- EXCELLENT MOVE -- you won't be in any way disappointed. You can connect the 110GB SDD to the computer via a USB==>SATA cable - very cheap so you can restore to SSD BEFORE physically changing the drives. Even if it isn't an SSD the methodology applies -- ensure though the BOOT partition is ACTIVE !! or the system won't boot.


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I have a 1TB hard drive that I am only using 30GB on and want to clone that to a 500GB hard drive. I have tried using Drive Image XML but it tells me that I have to get a bigger drive in order for it to work. My question is this, is there a program (free) that can clone a bigger hard drive to a smaller one?I might be answering my question here but I wonder could I image the drive and the restore the image from that one to another one? There has to be a way to do it.uByte

A:Clone Bigger Hard drive to smaller hard drive

The verdict is still out. I tried to image the drive and restore it to the smaller one and it gave me the same message. I wonder if I resized the partition of the bigger one to make it smaller then tried to copy it. That might work.

If anyone has done this before let me know.


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I have been suggested to keep my data in a separate drive than my operating system.

Actually, my hard drive is partitioned in two drives, c: and F:

I want to transfers my directory c:\user to f:\user. I did try to copy between them, but some files where not transferred

So what is the best way to do that. After, do I need to do special thing to make sure that all the references will be followed to the new files positions, IE when accessing them via my task manager

Hope I'm clear enough whit my soso English


A:Large Transfer of data between drive c: and drive f:

Hi Martin. I had the same problem with some of my movie files. I do not know the official answer. However, it is my experience that the size should not be greater than about 5Gb. If your files are smaller that that, you should not have problems.

Have you tried using SyncToy to the transfering?

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Hi all.

I have an image of my parents computer's old 15GB IDE drive that I used Acronis to create. I've come across an 80GB drive and want to install it. If I use that image, is it going to utilize the extra space or is it only going to create the 15GB parition and another one with the extra space?

I don't have much experiance with Acronis but is there a way to tell it to use all free space?

A:Image from small drive to large drive

Acronis will normally not create new partitions unless commanded to do so. The default is to use the free space it finds.

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I'm trying to find some way of resizing windows smaller than their current limits, I don't know if it's possible (the sizes seem program specific rather than os wide) and due to not having any words to go off besides "resize" and "windows" searching is proving futile. Basically I'd like to make both chrome and photo viewer smaller, their windows are currently limited to about the same width with photo viewer being worse and limited by hight too. is there a way to remove this limit and make them infinitely resizeable, larger than screen resolution could also prove useful.

any help is much appreciated.

A:trying to resize windows smaller than they allow

You could try my WinDim freeware. It is simple to use. In this case, run it so it is in the Tray. Click the window you wish to size so it is the active window. Hit Winkey and 's' to pop up the sizing dialog.

You may have better luck sizing larger than the screen res. But many programs will guard against a minimum size that will make it unusable or just look really bad. If the programmer sets it up to handle sizing messages there's not much you can do.

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I'm trying to clone my 2 TB HD, with only 300 GB used, to a new 480 GB SSD, and keep getting "not enough space" to finish transferring, etc.....I thought since the used portion (300 GB) being less than the target drive (480 GB SSD) this was a possibility with Macrium reflect/free....I'd appreciate any information on how to do this, or if it's not possible?
Thanks, Gil Howard

A:Cloning Windows 10 to smaller SSD

Hi Gil,

Yes, it can be done but I never did it using Macrium. I believe the ability to clone depends on the actual size of the partitions (and not the used space inside). Also, I think it would be advisable to post a disk management screenshot of your current drive so the person that will be helping you can actually see what you are dealing with and advise accordingly. Now, me being a dummy, I would most likely opt to shrink the partition before I cloned it but that may not be the best way to do it. Someone will be along to give you specific directions I'm sure. Good luck!

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I'm installing XP on a dell mini right now. It runs fine on it, but the problem is its only got a 4 gig SSD. I finished installing windows and all the drivers for the computer and there is only a little over 500 megs left on the disc. Is there any way to get windows to use less hard drive space? Is there anything I can remove? I checked to windows components, but it doesn't see I can free up a lot of space with that.

A:making windows there any way?

Hi loki

You can use the tool nlite to create an ISO file to burn to a new CD. You might want to read the guide for nlite here.

You can then burn the ISO file you create to a new CD with a tool such as imgburn.

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Hey guys,

looking to take advantage of the built-in backup that comes with Win7.

My main drive is a 640GB drive, and I have a 500GB drive that I can use as my backup drive.

Now, because my main drive is bigger than my backup, does that mean I can't do a full backup to the 500gb disk?

I won't use near 500GB of the 640GB on the main drive, so will it allow me to do a full systme image backup as long as my main drive used size is less than the size of my backup drive?

A:Windows 7 backup - To a Smaller HDD?

I'm not positive about W7's backup system, because I never got it to work for me, but with most any other backup software, it's not the size of the drive that matters, but the size of the data to be imaged that does. I'm assuming that your 640GB drive is not totally full...and probably not all in one partition. Personally, I prefer to select individual partitions for each image.

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I have just bought a Maxtor+nine 200Gb hard drive on Ebay and my computer can not see it. I have had the jumper on slave with the installed H/D on master and tried just running the new drive as master with the installed one unplugged.
The black plug is indeed plugged into the new hard drive on its own, on starting the screen reads "Auto-detecting Pri Master = Not Detected.
Then goes on to say "Boot Failure" insert boot diskette in A drive.
( I am running XP Pro)

A:Large H/Drive

Just checking.. "can not see" means what?

It is also importand what plug you plug into what when you use 80-wire IDE cables. Are you sure the black connector goes to the master and the greay one to slave?

And since it's eBay.. you might have been just plain shafted and bought a dead drive

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maxtor hd 30Gb

trying to install XP on it as an entire c: \ drive instead of 2Gb partition and 27.xx Gb

i've fdisked, Y for large disk support, formatted c:, deleted the primary dos partition (2Gb) , left the EXT DOS and made it active (27Gb) as there was no way to delete it.

then installed XP on a FAT32 format and still get this C: 2Gb and D: 27Gb crap..

tried partition magic to "merge" partitions, and that crapped out in the restart..

so how can i get XP installed on the C: \ drive

could I be limiting myself by using a win98 boot disk ?

I'll be attaining a fresh new maxtor 60Gb drive in a few days, how should i go about making that one big c: \ drive ?

suggestions pls..

A:want one large C:\ drive ??

Hello and Welcome to TSF

I would use NTFS file system

Look this over it may help

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Hi guys, I am not sure why my hard drive C is smaller than hard drive D, It has been like this when I purchased this custom built PC, until right now I am having a hard time just to save space in drive C. and There is no way I can install any more program/software in drive C.
while for Drive D, I am using it to store personal file.

What I would like to do and to know is:
- Is my drive D a partition? Can I remove it? If I want remove it, will my hard drive C size become bigger?
- And how exactly I am going to remove the partition? what is the step and precaution that I have to take?

I have been looking for the solution everywhere, while there is many with similiar case. none has the exact situation like I do.
*I have attached some screenshot that might help.

A:HELP: Hard Drive C size smaller than Hard Drive D

Here's what I recommend:

first move the page file onto the C: drive (this might help, but it's not a proper tutorial.)

1. Shrink D: to half it's size.
2. create a new partition in the free space (call it B: )
3. copy the contents of D: to B:
4. delete partition D:
5. extend partition C: to take up the space that D: used to take.
6. Copy the content of B: to C:
7. delete partition B:
8. extend partition C: to take up the space that D: used to take.

I don't know why people insist on partitioning the main hard drive like this. And to sell it like that!
Your first image of Rapid Storage Technology does spook me a little bit. That could be a sign of a complication. However, it does not show a SSD. My best guess is the computer used to have a 40GB SSD that the system builder used for RST caching (incorrectly, if there's a 40GB partition on the HDD), which he took out before selling. In that case there shouldn't be a problem with the steps i outlined above.

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Wish list for a smaller smarter Windows 8.

1) Make Windows 8 one (1) DVD with all versions on it. You install what you have a license for. I am so tired and frustrated when you have to find the correct DVD or have to download it from TechNet to do a repair install. Microsoft has done this with Windows Server 2008 R2 do it with the workstation as well. (Yes there are hacks/procedures to do this on you own with workstation or questionable ISO on the internet; I want it direct from Microsoft so you know it is done correctly.)

2) On the above note give us a lot of choices on that first install menu.

Windows 8 PE --> to Disk --> Burn CD --> Create ISO --> to USB Drive
Windows 8 VDI --> to Disk --> Burn CD (VL Only) --> Create ISO (VL Only) --> to USB Drive
Windows 8 Kiosk --> to Disk --> Burn CD (VL Only) --> Create ISO (VL Only) --> to USB Drive
Windows 8 Starter
Windows 8 Home --> normal --> slim
Windows 8 Professional --> normal OR --> slim Then --> enterprise (different install) --> small business (different install) --> home user w/Network (different install) --> home user w/Network and server (different install) --> home user 1 PC (different install)
Windows 8 Ultimate --> enterprise (different install) --> small business (different install) --> home user w/Network (different install) --> home user w/Network and server (different install) --> home user 1 PC (different install)
Win... Read more

A:Wish list for a smaller smarter Windows 8

I just say less versions the better. Or even what you said is fine. But I'd say the less versions the better. It's just too many especially withe windows 7.

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u no some games give u the option to play on a smaller window (i.e. its not the full screen) if games don't give the option, does windows have an option to do that?

A:play games on smaller windows

Thats a very good question but I think NO...
I hope the upcoming Vista does give you this option
There might be a way but it probably its within the registry and thats not within everyones comprehension
Try some research

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I am building a new computer with new hardware and I want to OS to run the fastest possible. Large capacity hard drives are so cheep these days. If I buy a 750GB 7200rpm hard drive and partition it say for example 50GB's for the OS and the rest for storage because the OS is on the smaller partition would it make the OS run faster. Or another example I was thinking about was to have two hard drives one 40GB 7200rpm with the OS on it and a 2nd 500GB 7200rpm would this make the OS run the fastest?

Also a 2nd question to run a raid set up does both drives have to be the same capacity? for example both have to be 500GB or whatever.

A:Will Windows XP run faster on a smaller hardrive

For the RAID question, it depends on the RAID configuration.

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any ideas how could I make the icons & text in left "tree" view and also on the main right navigation window smaller?

A:smaller icons in windows explorer

Hello Miq,

That's as small as the icons get, but you may be able to change the text size in Advanced Appearance Settings (step 7). Select a item, then just lower the font size.

Hope this helps,

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Alright I keep it simple and sweet. well not simple. and not sweet but if you could help me with my problems that would be so nice. I had a bad week im worn out from work. I just want my setup to be clean and kick ass please. thanks

So I bought a thumb drive to transfer movies from my computer to my WDTV live hub. I figured I would be able to plug it in then from my computer over wifi transfer the movies to my Usb hard drive witch plugs into the WDTV live already. It is 300 gigs. the thumb drive is 64 gigs. As bonus I got a 1gig drive I don't use for anyhting as of yet.

So I ended up never be able use the portable drive. So It sat. One day I plugged it in to look at it and ended up using it for windows to use as a readyboost drive.
Here are questions.

Does ready boost work? Does it help for anything?
I made a parttion using bufflo software with my normal labtop hard drive. I made a ramdisk. 1 gig out of my 6gigs of ram is dedicated drive . The software didn't do anything with that space so I run my chrome browser off of it. I dunno why I just have lots spare time and like to use things.

Am I wasting my time? Is ramdisk pointless.? I mean bufflo assumed I would use it on the 300gig drive but I don't see the point. Its only usefull if you use it on your ram right? even then I can't think of anything good to use it for. I was wondering would another readyboost speed things up? Or what can I do at this point.

I I have the 300gig bufflow hd usb hoooked up to WD... Read more

A:What can I do here. Ram drive, Large USB 3 Hard drive, need help help!

Well xxsicknessxx I don't think I can help you but this will help other help you.

System Info - See Your System Specs


Speccy - Download

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I have windows xp pro sp3. How do I enable it to see large drives?
Thanks, Debbie

A:enable large drive

You need to provide more information.

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I have just bought XP Home SP1 (retail) to replace the XP Home SP2 (retail) that I originally bought for my self-built (with help) PC and then I noticed the following posts:

------------------------------------ from you...
"if the OP is running windows SP2 that could be a prob too, i found it slowed down the system, the only reason i had it on was for my 320 gig hard drive. i have since taken it off as i found a LBA reg entry to fix it
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Atapi\Parameters]"EnableBigLba"=dword: value, 1 "
------------------------------------ and elsewhere...
"Basically XP has bother seeing the full drive when it is bigger than 137 Mb. To see larger drives requires a combination of Hardware, (the right Mobo & Bios), and the right software, (XP SP2). Your experience is common in these days of cheap really big drives."

I also found SP2 to be a dog - very slow. When I called MS about it, they said that Yes, it was slower than SP1. I have my own security measures - I don't want Microsoft's half-baked "security."

Am I going to have problems reading my WD Caviar ATA100 320GB hard drive with SP1?
Can I use the registry tweak you mentioned above to fix this - with no problems? I'm already concerned about the MANY tweaks I will have to re-do. I think I kept track of all of them, but you know how it goes.... I dread it.

My self-built (with help) PC is les... Read more

A:Large drive issue with XP-SP1?

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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I had to do a fresh install on a new drive. A Seagate Barracuda 500GB. Win xp sp2 does not see the whole drive only 137GB. The registry entry is correct for (EnablebigLBA set at 1) and the bios version is current. Any ideas on how to see the rest of my drive? Tried F6 on install but the software tries to load driver for large disk support from A drive. Only have the CD. Driver listed on the website was too big to fit on a floppy.

winxp sp2
AMD Dual Core Opteron 180
3GB ram
Asus A8VE SE
Seagate SATA Barracuda 500GB
ThermalTake Purpower 500 PS
BIOS V 1010

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I recently experienced some problems with my computer and when I set up a Nova Backup to my external drive I noticed some files on my C drive that I hadn't seen before. Since they had a date and time stamp exactly at the time my problem occurred (9/8 11:55am), I was worried about them. They have now changed to 9/17 and I have seen some reference to them when I googled them, so I guess they're legit but I'm still not clear what they are about. Seems odd I never noticed them before when I set up a backup.

The files are:
hiberfil.sys 6.6GB
pagefil.sys 1.3GB
swapfil.sys 2.6MB

Could you please explain these and when they change and what they are used for?

Thank you!

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Considering buying a HP pavillion HPE h8-1170uk.

This PC comes with only one massive 2TB hard drive
1. would it be wise to partition this drive and what would you recomend
2. would it be better to clone this drive to a smaller one if so would this be complicated.
3. or would it be better to leave the drive as it is.

Regards Roy

A:HP desktop large drive

It will likely come with at least 3 partitions:

System Reserved (very small, about 200 MB)
Recovery (maybe 10 or 15 GB)
C: for Windows

And maybe even a fourth partition, such as for tools of some type.

That's OK, as long as you never have to add another partition. If so, you would have to use an extended partition--which is doable.

There are advantage and disadvantages to single or multiple partitions. It's mostly personal preference. There's nothing necessarily wrong with 1 huge partition, subdivided only by folders. If you chop the drive up into 5 or 6 partitions, you may end up running out of space on a partition sooner than you expected---which is a pain.

You could do this:

Make DVD recovery disks when you get the PC. These discs serve the same purpose as the recovery partition. If you have the DVDs, you could delete the recovery partition and still be able to restore to factory condition.

You can delete any "tools" partition to the extent you don't need the tools. You can likely find equivalent or better tools on your own.

You could even move the stuff on System Reserved to C and then delete System Reserved.

You probably won't get a Windows install disc, but you could download a legal Windows ISO file, burn it to a disc, reinstall Windows from scratch, and set up your partitions any way you choose in the process. The HP will probably have all kinds of crap on it that you won't want and you can avoid all of that with a clean install after burning recove... Read more

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I have a HP Pavilion TX1340 laptop running Vista Home Premium.

The laptop came with a 120GB hard drive and I would now like to replace it with a new 320GB hard drive which I have fitted in a USB2.0 caddy and which, after much difficulty, I have managed to initialize and format.

I have been told by HP that the laptop will only recognise hard drives up to 250GB.

If I partition the hard drive with a 250B partition plus another partition occupying the remainding space will this work OK?

A:Hard drive too large?

Unfortunately, your only option is to send me the hard drive as it will not work for you. Sad but true; PM me for my home address.

just kidding... it will work fine. If it only sees the first 250, then partition and use that; format the rest in Windows.

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I have the exact same HD and the exact same problem!

Are u saying that if installed VISTA it would have recognised the larged HD ?

im getting partition magic now to stretch it obviously im not going to fully install when ive only got half my HD running, i was freaking out when i seen only 131

Let me know what yo udid to overcome the problem cheers

A:W2K Large drive recognition

villa33 said:

I have the exact same HD and the exact same problem!

Are u saying that if installed VISTA it would have recognised the larged HD ?

im getting partition magic now to stretch it obviously im not going to fully install when ive only got half my HD running, i was freaking out when i seen only 131

Let me know what yo udid to overcome the problem cheersClick to expand...

No, it is a twofold process. Your bios must support lba [large hd] and the os must support it as well. You need to check that your bios supports lba before installing any os.

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quick question, and i'm sure i deserve a quick answer! some might say i should have looked around a bit more and maybe i would have found the answer.. but i'm a bit fragile today, and remember, 'there's no such thing as stupid questions; just stupid people.'

here goes; with regards to putting a large hard drive in my laptop which is the most important factor to recognising the drive, bios or service pack? (or both).

i have xp pro sp2 (also access to sp3) and i bought a 120gb drive to be safe (and it works fine), but i just wonder if it would recognise a bigger drive than that.

A:Large Hard Drive

Basically pay close attention to the laptops specs, for hard drive type (eIDE, SATA) and rotational speed. Also, the higher the speed and capacity, the hotter the drive runs. Heat is an enemy of a laptop. You already know how hot they run normally... I've installed 250GB drives, successfully

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I have a 320 gig hard drive and windows xp only recognizes 120 gigs of the hard drive. What do I need to do to get full use of the hard drive.

A:xp on very large hard drive

Have a look here

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Pertinent Info:
Windows 7 HP x64
16 GB RAM installed
1 TB HDD / 4 Partitions (1 Primary + 3 Logical - Extended)
Avast Free Anti-virus
I hope I've posted this to the correct forum.
My C-drive is located on a 204 GB partition but I have less than 90.0 GB of available space. Yet, all folders & their subfolders in root directory (excluding hidden system files, I'm assuming) total around 53.1 GB.
After running WinDirStat, I see that pagefile.sys, hiberfil.sys, winsxs, & an "Unknown" file (System Restore?) are taking up large amounts of space. 
I wanted to know the following:
1) Is it recommended to disable/delete Hibernation since I'm on a desktop? And why do I even have a hiberfil.sys file? It's not a Shut Down option, only Sleep is listed, and I have 16 GB RAM.
2) Can I shrink the pagefile (safely) w/o experiencing performance issues? Or relocate the file to the next closest partition?
3) What is the recommended percentage of disk space for SystemRestore points? BTW, I only have it configured to make ShadowCopies of C, not any of the other partitions.
Thank you.

A:OS using large amount of C-Drive & I don't know why

Hi SoNotAGeek You're right that on a desktop, hibernation isn't really useful, except if you want to save some electricity. Personally, I disabled it on mine and I never had an issue with it. And so does all the desktop computers at my workplace. If you disable it, it should solve the hiberfil.sys problem by removing it. Here's a good tutorial from SevenForums showing you how to disable Hibernation mode under Windows 7: can safely shrink the pagefile.sys file without expericing performance issues. If you are to use your full 16GB of RAM, then it's either by mistake (not intended) or on purpose for a very specific task and that task shouldn't really on the pagefile.sys file to maintain the rest of the processes. Here's an article on HowToGeek showing you how to shrink the pagefile.sys file: can decide to disable it (if you read the whole article and decide to do so), or simply manage it manually and set the sizes yourself.Also, the recommended amount of disk usage for the System Restore can depend on the size of your hard drive and how often you need it. I would suggest you to always keep between 5-10 Restore Points and once it exceed that point, to flush the older ones. Reason is that restore points can easily become corrupted, therefore unusable and keeping only a few of them, but good ones, makes it ... Read more

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At work I have a Compaq with an x86 Family 6 Model 5 Stepping 2 processor. I have no idea how this type processor compares to a pentium, for example. I need to install a larger hard drive on this computer. I know from previous experience (at home) that there is a limit to the size of drive some processors can comprehend. Is there a way I can easily figure out what that limit is for this computer? I have 386 megs of RAM, am using Windows 2000.

A:how large a hard drive can I get?

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Any new devices released with Windows 10 on board will need to have a display at least eight inches in size to gain access to the desktop and desktop applications, Joe Belfiore confirmed through Twitter.

Read more

A:No desktop for Windows 10 devices smaller than 8-inches

This still isn't fleshed out as well as it should be. I agree that using the desktop on a 7" device is not a great experience, but what if I connect it to a larger display? Will I gain the ability to use the desktop then, or no? I'm guessing no, which is a huge mistake.

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Hey there, I just wanted to know if there was any way to change the normal size
Windows XP Theme:

To this, a smaller version:

A:[Help] Making Windows XP theme smaller? Compact?

Right click on the desktop and select properties. Then go to the appearance tab and click advanced. Then select the option you want to change from the list. Some options have a size field you can change, that option would be in this dialogue.


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I have a 2TB RAID0 array (2x Seagate 1TB disks) with two partitions, dual booting Windows Server 2008R2 and Windows 7x64 Ultimate.

- Windows 7 Partition is 1,2TB but almost empty (around 1,1TB free)
- Windows Server partition is 600GB with only 35GB of data inside it (560GB free)

Lately one of the member disks is showing signs of death - many bad sectors appearing daily and today an 'error occured' message in Intel Storage Matrix.

Yet both partitions remain bootable and would be great if I could save them.

Now the only spare disk I have is a WD 500GB but the known problem of restoring windows image backup to smaller drive had me stuck.I googled around and tried to shrink the partitions but the win7 partition refuses to shrink under 931GB (the size of each member disk) and that's where I am asking for your help.

At the moment I installed Paragon Backup and Recovery (Advanced) Free and (crossing fingers to complete) am backing up whole disk to an external USB drive.I will then try to restore to the WD but I am not that optimistic.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

A:Imaging windows partitions to smaller disk


I finished backing up and restoring to the smaller disk all three partitions (boot, W7, W2008).Boot menu displays correctly.But when selecting either OS to launch, both crash at the splash screen (windows logo formation) and a reboot occurs

I then rebooted from the windows 7 DVD and chose to repair my installation.But when the repair process starts it doesn't detect a windows installation!? All I get is a blank box as if the disk was empty.

Launching a cmd and diskpart doesn't show the disk either.Must have missed something but what?

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I just recently purchased a brand new Fujitsu laptop with Windows
Vista, yesterday I updated my computer by going to the control panel and clicking the "Windows Update" icon. I installed all the updates under this list (14) and then my computer asked me to restart to finish the installation, So it automatically restarted and when the welcome screen came up it so I could log on again it had every user name duplicated..(ex: I originally had three users to click on, after my computer resarted I had six..each one doubled.) If you have any idea on how to restore the default welcome screen settings, or if you simple know how to edit the welcome screen setting to where I could take off the un-needed doubles I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

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Dual 500gb asus gh73jh-a1 laptop had C: drive fail, I have a good backup on external HDD that was made by windows backup. I've got an intel 530 240gb SSD coming that I want to load the backup to to make it the new C: drive. I've heard an extra step is required if going to the smaller drive, is there a step by step guide somewhere for a newbie to do this whole procedure?

A:replace failed HDD with SMALLER SSD and load from windows backup?

Yes, mount the VHD image somewhere on a working Windows 7 machine, then use Easeus Partition Manager and trim the partition to the size of your SSD. Then unmount VHD image and write it to the SSD using WinImage option Restore virtual disk image on physical drive - it will show an error at about 50%, but don't worry. Then just boot off the SSD

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I experience a serious reoccurring issue with Windows 7 window management. It happens 1 in 5 times when logging in after locking the screen (or putting the machine to standby).

Windows are restricted to a part of the whole desktop. Please note that the explorer window in the attached picture is maximized, but not occupying the whole desktop as expected! (In fact I can move windows to the right side, but not maximize to it. Also when moving windows there, it snaps *not* to the edge of the screen but to to the same wrong line where the edge of the maximized window is.)

What is this? What causes this? How can I disable this? Only restart helps by now...

Thanks for any response.

A:Screen size for windows limited, smaller than desktop

Hello Sibidiba.

I have the exact same problem. VERY frustrating. Have you had any luck finding a resolution to the issue?

BTW, while not a fix, you don't need to reboot, but only have to logout then re-login. Should be a bit quicker.

It amazes me that this isn't well documented with a fix somewhere. I just keep finding responses about adjusting your screen size resolution, or updating drivers, etc.

If I find a fix I'd be happy to let you know, but if you come across one, please let me know as well.

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Hey all,

As the title says, what modifiers do i use to search for images SMALLER than 1200px in any dimensions (length or height) and does not contain the phrase "master1200" anywhere in the file name?

i tried typing "dimensions:<1200 -mas" but it didnt work.... =\

A:how to search for images SMALLER than 1200px in windows explorer


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So I used obytile to make some shortcuts and that worked fine!

That is until I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and they where all gone!
Seeing as I have only 4 rows I used the smaller tile size(1/4 regular)

Now is their anyway to make some smaller sized tiles on 8.1?

obytile does not make smaller sized tiles!
Also I tried obytile with Windows 8.1 and the tiles don't come up!
Even searching for them does not get results
Any ideas?

This would be something great for someone to consider making if it is not done already.

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Hi Hope someone can help.

I have started having some problems with my computer, and I didn't use to. if I click on a link on internet explorer (if it is a smaller window not a proper full size window) it will not open. It will only happen wih smaller windows though as if there treated like a popup.. if you know what i mean. Originally i thought it was windows XP popup stopper but I have had that disabbled and it still seems to do this. I have had a look at my trusted and restructed websites (im not an expert on these) but there doesnt seem to be any problems with them.

Here is the message on the bottom of the The IE window where urls appear in the grey part:......... javascript: void launchAVconsoleV3();
Thanks for any help.

A:a problem opening smaller IE windows in my Inter Explorer

launchAVconsoleV3 is an attempt to open an Audio Visual "console" -- an IE plugin in this case. Typically this would be either Windows Media Player or Real Player, depending on the site you are visiting and the choices available there.

You may have a damaged plugin -- but it's hard to tell what it would be without a link to site(s) where you are having this problem.

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I use to have Drive image 4 which was GREAT. I bought Version 7 for Win XP.
I can't get 1 image on 1 CD OR DVD alone. I have a Pioneer 8-DL Drive and I used a 4.7 Gig DvD and the dam thing only wrote 1/2 the Media. Then it asked for another disk. That's ridiculous. I have a 36 gig Raptor Drive wh\ith 2 equal partitions. and only 1 has 3.1 Gig used. How do I get this thing to write to 1 DVD?

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Last month I built a new graphics workstation. Amd x2 6000, 8gig ram, 500gig ata100drive and a nvidia quadro 1500 and windows xp pro x64. As this is one of a couple pc's I use I only installed the OS, AutoDesk Maya 8.5, adobe Photoshop, after effects and QuickTime. I used it for about 3 weeks and noticed I went from about 25gig hard drive usage to almost 300. when I try to defrag I have a huge red undefragable section. I checked with Seagate and they told me to run "seatools" dos utility. I ran for almost 3 hours and found no problems. They suggested reformatting the drive which I did. I reinstalled windows and the other apps and used it for about a week then last night I found the same problem reoccurred. I did notice while editing some video a balloon popped up in the lower right corner and said memory was low and windows was adjusting the virtual memory.

I don't know what to do at this point. I really don't want to reformat again 'cause this will probably reoccur. Any help is appreciated.

I've also ran through some suggestions from other posts here. I went back to an earlier restore point and tried turning off virtual memory. neither helped.

A:large used space on c drive unknown

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I ordered a 120GB hard drive, but they didn't have it in store right now, so they can offer me a 160GB instead. Can a drive like this still be used on an old system that has a bios with a hard drive limit of (I believe) 120GB? I know, I wouldn't be using 40GB in that case, but that's not a problem, I just want to know if I will be able to format it as a 120GB.


A:Large drive than the bios can accept

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