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Cannot Extend C: Volume into Free Space

Q: Cannot Extend C: Volume into Free Space


I'm trying to use disk manager to extend my C: partition into 20gb of unused space. The extend option is faded. When I try to delete the 20gb of free space, I get an error telling me I don't have enough disk space to delete the volume. I can format the 20gb volume and mount it, but I cannot get rid of it and extend my C: drive. Is it some default setting that some portion of the HDD must be an extended volume?

I have my 500mb set aside for critical boot files.

A: Cannot Extend C: Volume into Free Space

The free space has to be adjacent to, and to the right to extend into the free space with DM. Yours is to the right, but not adjacent to the free space. You may look at this and some of the other tutorials linked at the bottom to see if this will help. Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

if nothing else works, copy everything off of the 2 partitions between C and the free space, delete the partitions, extend C as much as you would like to, recreate the partitions back and copy their contents back on them. It is unclear what they are, from the screenshot.

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hei guys
i want to increase my disk C: from 50 GB to 55 GB
disk C only have free space 1,5 GB, so if work it should be 6,5 GB free space
so i shrink my disk D: with the help of easeus partition

so the process will be shrink -> extend -> restart
my disk C increase and its become 55 GB
but the problem is free space still 1,5 GB that should be 6,5 GB.

is there i can do to get back my 5 GB free space

A:Why Free space not increasing after Extend Volume

The free space could have easily been sucked up by system restore, the page file, or the hiberfile without you even knowing it.

Did you reboot after you extended C ?

Check system retsore, make sure it`s only using a small percentage of the hard drive to save restore points. I turn it completely off and just make frequent disk images.

If you don`t use hibernation, that can be turned off as well.

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I have a C: drive which I want to increase in size. Under disk management there is 20GB of "Free space" - (right next to the C: partition). But neither disk management or EASUES partition manager will allow the partition to use this space. How to I change "free space" to "unallocated" so that it can be used ?

A:Cannot extend volume (disk management) although "free space" exists

Can you post a snip showing what you have? An image makes it easier for us to help you. For example, you said that there was 20GB of free space next to your C: partition. What you didn't say was whether it was to the left or right of it.

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I deleted a partition I had added previously for a Linux OS. After deleting it turned green as in "Free Space" I want that available space given back to C. I have included a screen shot of where I am. I don't know what to do next. The "Extend Volume" Option in C is not activated.

System info included below

Thank you.

OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name LOGOS-PC
System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
System Model HP G60 Notebook PC
System Type x64-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.20GHz, 2200 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date Hewlett-Packard F.65, 12/15/2010
SMBIOS Version 2.4
Windows Directory C:\Windows
System Directory C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7601.17514"
User Name Logos-PC\Logos1
Time Zone Mountain Daylight Time
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 3.91 GB
Available Physical Memory 1.27 GB
Total Virtual Memory 7.81 GB
Available Virtual Memory 5.20 GB
Page File Space 3.91 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

A:"Extend Volume" option on C greyed out. Free space available but how?

I`m fairly certain the entire space has to be deleted down to unallocated space, then you can extend C

I recommend making and using a Partition Wizard Boot CD to do all your partition management.

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I have a Lenovo G580 - It comes with it's own OneKey Recovery system which doesn't work. But neither does Windows 7 recovery.
When I try to back it up, it does but then it stops half way and says there is not enough space in the D drive to back-up. So I went into Disk Management and saw that it was limited to 25GB - So I tried to extend the volume but it has been greyed out so I cannot select it. What can I do?
I can't back it up or anything! I also had an error message which is the above: 0x80780048
Thanks in advance

A:Cannot back-up, not enough space, but then I cannot extend volume?

there are two methods for you. 1, you need to delete your OEM partition to change it into an unallocated space, and then use extend the volume funtion to extend D drive. Windows built-in disk-managment tool can only extend a volume when there is an unllocated space right behind it. 2, you can use a free partition software, AOMEI Partition Assistant, if you don't want to delete the partition. it can help you merge two adjacent volumes without data loss.
really help the above-metioned methods can help you.

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I just changed my laptop drive from a SSD 180 GB to a 500GB + 8GB NAND Flash hybrid drive. I cloned the old drive successfully and now need to extend the Windows partition to include the unallocated space. When I try to using GParted, the Disk Management tools in Windows, and Magic Partition, I get errors.

A:Unallocated Space--Cannot Extend Volume

Could you post a shot of disk management.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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I cant seem to extend my E drive... E drive is supposely not with any OS
C is my Win7 and D is my WinXp ... so why i cant extend my E drive???

A:I have unallocated space but i cant extend the volume

Hmm, problems.

I'm pretty sure that once created an Extended partition (containing the logical partitions C: and E: in your screenshot) cannot be resized. I had a similar problem and had to delete the logical partitions first, then delete the Extended partition, create the logical partitions again with bigger sizes. With Windows 7 in one of those partitions, that does not look like an option for you.

You might be able to create a brand new partition and move some folders from E: into it

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I installed Windows Vista Ultimate x64 last night on a 49GB partition of my hard drive, I had Windows XP Pro installed on the rest of the 180GB of space. I cleared that partition after installing Vista, however, I cannot extend my vista partition into the unallocated space.


A:Extend Volume - Greyed out, how can I regain unallocated space!

An excellent 3td software, Extend Partition Home Edition can safely and earily increase the C: drive to get more capacity. For more help reference:

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I had Fedora Live installed on my computer for a class that I was taking, I was dual booting with Win 7. I know longer need Fedora so I deleted or cleared it from the partition. I want to extend the "C drive" into it like was before, but I can't. I have tried the command prompt and attempted the steps in other threads but have no luck. Everyone's threads are a little different so I don't want to mess something up. Here are the screen shots.


A:Extend into Free Space

Quote: Originally Posted by jscolt45

I had Fedora Live installed on my computer for a class that I was taking, I was dual booting with Win 7. I know longer need Fedora so I deleted or cleared it from the partition. I want to extend the "C drive" into it like was before, but I can't. I have tried the command prompt and attempted the steps in other threads but have no luck. Everyone's threads are a little different so I don't want to mess something up. Here are the screen shots.


Just right click the green partition and delete away.

You should then have a black section instead and from your Windows 7 partition, right-click and EXTEND.

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I am trying to extend a primary partition into part of what was a logical. I have already shrunk the logical, created a new partition in the new space, copied the data from the left to the right, then deleted the left drive to try an leave space for the Primary to extend into... but it won't give me the option! The old logical partition is still somehow there, with a green surround. I am not sure what the green line means! See picture:

A:Cannot format free space to extend a primary partition.

I find that Windows Disk Management is not all that capable for partition management. It's great for displaying information, and manipulating drive letters, though.

I use EaseUS FREE Partition Master Home Edition and it's light years ahead of the Windows utility. What you're trying to do would be a snap with EaseUS.

I think the green line outlines an extended partition, within which you have your G partition preceded by unallocated space. What you'd want to do with EaseUS is drag the left handle of the green box up to the beginning of the G partition (i.e. eliminate the unallocated space from the extended partition) and then drag the right handle of the E partition to expand into the newly-made-available unallocated space.

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I took my Acer Laptop to the computer shop to get my SSD fixed and when they finished it and got it home i noticed my drives where split into 2 drives of 50GB approximately; C: & D:.
I have been trying to merge or at least give some space to drive C: , but my extend volume button in the partition manager is gray, even tho i have allocated space.
please give me some advice.

A:Extend Volume on C: Drive grayed out, can't extend volume.

Disk Management will not do the extension, but Partition Wizard will do it.

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I have received my laptop with a 250GB HDD partitioned into two primary partitions (well there is actually four with only 512MB called NVCACHE and another of 1GB as EISA Configuration). One of the partitions is a system, boot, page file ... partition containing the OS (Win Vista Home Premium and contains about 35GB space) and programs. The other is a partition for all the data (~198GB). I am now starting to run low on disk space on the OS partition (<3GB) and wanted to add some more space. I tried to use Disk Management but this did not work because there is no adjacent unallocated space on the same disk next to the OS partition. There is only space at the end of the data disk partition, which I cannot move to the OS partition (at least I do not know how).

Is there a way to increase the disk space for the OS partition? Both partitions have following set out:

Layout: Simple
Type: Basic
File System: NTFS (except for the small NVCAHE which is FAT32 and the EISA does not have any File system)
Status: Healthy



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Here's a thing. I wanted to free some space on my primary Drive C in order to make new Drive letter and install another OS on it. The only volume I've had for years was C. I decided to shrink the volume using DiskPart.exe. After several iterative procedures of defragmenting, shifting data to the beginning of the partition and shrinking I managed to obtain necessary 12 GB. So my volume C really have gotten smaller by those 12GB, this is what I see from Vista. That's good.
I went to new OS installation (Ubuntu). Bam, it doesn't see free space! It still sees the full size of the drive that had been before shrinking. Same old NTFS with no signs of free space. I nevertheless installed Ubuntu on some additional space which I don't know where comes from ( But it'm totally sure it's not from shrinking ). From inside Ubuntu, the disk that's Vista is on is seen as having the same amount of capacity as before shrinking ( same result as during the installation process). From inside Vista, the disk is seen as shrunk. So I cannot exceed the capacity of 212 GB, although in Ubuntu is has 225 GB.
How do I recover the lost 12 GB and what is going on???

Here's some data ( according to DiskPart output; not direct copy-paste, typed by hand ).

Disk size 233 GB. Free 0 B.

Partition 1, OEM: Size 1500 MB, Offset 1024KB.
Partition 2, Primary: Size 225 GB 1501 MB.
Partition 3, Primary: Size 6916 MB, Offset 226GB.

Volume 0 DVD-ROM, blah-blah (not interesting).
Volume 1, Letter C, NTFS, Type... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Shrunk the volume. Now where is the free space???

Before proceeding further, check to make sure you haven't lost any files/programs/data. Great help on the subject is available at: A Description of the Diskpart Command-Line Utility and:
DiskPart Command-Line Options

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I deleted a partition of 100GB which was Drive D
Instead of going into unallocated space, it became free space.
When I tried to create a simple volume, it gives an error that "there is not enough space on the disk for this operation"

If i try to delete it, then a warning pops up saying that it might be inaccessible on deletion and after accepting that it gives the error that not enough space.

How can I get this back?

A:100GB of free space is unusable, not able to create new simple volume

Looks as if you already have 4 partitions - that is all you can have on mbr disk.

Disk mgmt may be incorrectly reporting the oem partitions as primary.

Did you have 5 before?

Try a 3rd party partition manager - see what it says-this one is free and can handle gpt

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chkdisk on my new Windows 7 install returned the following:

CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the
master file table (MFT) bitmap.
CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the volume bitmap.
Windows has made corrections to the file system.

This is a brand new clean install of Windows that's barely been used. What could have caused this?

I'm trying to troubleshoot problems with slow boots and general lack of responsiveness, and have reinstalled three times now trying to fix it...

A:CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the volume bitmap.

Have a look at Brink's tutorial explaining how to read the Event Viewer log relating to chkdsk, which may give you some pointers as to what's going on.

Check Disk (chkdsk) - Read Event Viewer Log

How big is your hard drive? Problems will manifest themselves if the drive is getting full.

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Here's the story. I bought this new Samsung 840 250GB SSD.
I first did a clean install of windows 7 on it and it worked fine. Windows installed without much problem and everything. Then something didn't look right about the partitions. It looked like because I had all my HDDs connected while installing windows on the SSD the windows created the system reserve on the old HDD rather than the SSD. So I went back and decided to start from scratch with all the HDDs except for the SSD disconnected. I tried reinstalling windows on it but this time it didn't work. I tried formatting the SSD and it just gave me an error saying windows couldn't install on a GPT disk. I went into bios, made sure the PC was booting from the UEFI DVD drive and it still kept giving me the same error.

So I then booted up my old HDD. I tried formatting my SSD and now I can't delete the partition!
This is what my disk set up looks like:

If I click "extend volume" on the "New Volume (G" disk, it says "there is not enough space on the disk(s) to complete this operation".
If I try to create a "new simple volume" on the "unallocated" partition, it says the same...

Have I destroyed my new SSD now?! I just want it to work like a new clean disk...

A:If I try to "extend volume" it gives "not enough space on the disk(s)"

Hiyya Tracing try doing it with Partition Wizard mate Best Free Partition Manager Freeware and free partition magic for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP 32 bit & 64 bit. MiniTool Free Partition Manager Software Home Edition.
Brilliant tool if you can't do anything with the partition them just wipe the disk mate and start over with this SSD Alignment

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Hi! I used to be able to burn CDs without any problem...for some reason it doesn't work anymore and I've tried quite a few things after troubleshooting by searching for solutions on-line. When I insert my CD which already has a few files on it, the details shows that there is no free space but yet only 3.43MB of data on it (it should go up to 700MB). I'm therefore unable to burn more data and I've tried the same with a blank CD, it says the same (no free space even though there is nothing on the CD yet). I have already tried uninstalling the driver and it didn't fix the problem. When I right-click Properties for the drive and go to Recording tab, the 'enable CD recording on this device' is checked as it should be. Can someone point me in the right direction? THANK YOU

A:Solved: Burning CDs - no free space when in fact there is over 600MB of free space!

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My NTFS non-system partition is now almost well defragmented. However this applies only to small and medium sized files.

There are still approx 40 big files (> 1 GB) which cannot be defragmented because there is no free single (!) space slot where they fit in.

So I need a way to shift all occupied clusters to get free contigous space on my hard disk.
Currently about 150 GB is be free on my partition but divided into thousand of individual chunks.

I tried now half a dozend of defragmenters.
Sad but true: NO (!) one was able to perform this easy operation.

Can someone recommend me a real defragmenter which is able to perform such a "shift" operation?

Thank you

A:How to shift all free space on hard disk to get contigous free space?

I'm not sure exactly what you have and exactly what you are trying to do.

I personally use Windows 7 built in defrag and have found nothing better.

Windows 7 will put things like Windows 7 wants and needs things put.
The Windows 7 defrag or 3rd party defrag programs doesn't care where you want things put or what order you want them.

As far as I know you will have no control over such things.
You are obviously using a 3rd party defrag tool because you are watching the little colored squares and noticing what looks like free spaces between things. Why things are defragged in the fashion they are I really don't know.
What I do know is Windows 7 defrag put things in the order that Windows 7 wants them and that is what counts.

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I can't "extend" my "C" Drive even tho there is free space??
I have 251GB free and I cant add it to my C OS drive?

A:I can't "extend" my "C" Drive even tho there is free space??

The Free Space is in an Extended partition.
Right click on the free space and delete the Extended partition. You can then extend the C partition into the Unallocated space released.

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does anybody know why i have 1.10 GB free space in Safe Mode and 804 MB free space in Normal? thanks. and i know that 804 MB free space isnt alot, this is a pretty small harddrive from what the computer says it is .

A:1.10 GB free space in Safe Mode, in Normal 804 MB free space?

Just guessing here but not everything lots in Safe Mode so it is not using the same that it does with a Normal boot up.

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Well !
My aim is shrink volume of 8 gb from D drive and that extend to C drive.
I had successfully shrink volume of 8 GB and able to see as Free space.
Now i tried to extend this Free space to C drive. When i right click on C Drive the " Extend Volume" option is invisible. The same if i right click on D drive also.
Please help me out.

A:Extend Volume

You cannot change the size of the drive that you're currently using because it's locked for Windows. In order to resize your C: drive you'll have to use another tool (outside of Windows) to resize the partition - make sure that the tool is Vista compatible so that there's no issues with the resizing.

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I'd like to increase the capacity of my C drive which contains the operating system (142GB; 39% free space) by either deleting or shrinking my D drive which is empty (143GB, 100% free space).

I've read several post from users who found that the 'extend volume' option is greyed out and found that this is the case on my laptop.

I have yet to delete or shrink the D drive so there is currently no unassigned space on the disk.

Attached is a screen print of the Computer Management window showing the current situation.

What is my best laid plan?


Andrew Baxter.

A:Extend volume

Have you had a look in the tutorial part of the site to see if there is anything there that can help?

My thoughts would be that you would have to go into the D partition and delete it which would put it as unallocated space, then you should be able to extend the C partition into that space.

Hopefully the experts will see this post and give you all the information you need and say if I got it right or wrong

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I want to combine some unallocated space with a partition, but it wont let me, but it will let me with a different one.

A:cant extend volume

I take it you are trying to extend D:\?

You can only extend from left to right using W7's software.
You will have to use 3rd party software like Partition Wizard - Best Free Partition Manager Freeware for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP 32 bit & 64 bit. MiniTool Free Partition Manager Software Home Edition.

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Hello. I'm a New Member on this forum. Nice to Meet U Everyone

I have something to ask about my partition problem here :

That's my partition list, and I want to extend Unallocated drive (that I recently used for Ubuntu) to drive C or D, but I can't do that because I can't click "Extend Volume" at drive D.

Any ideas ? what I supposed to do ?


A:Can't Extend Volume

Minitool partition wizard will solve your problems and its free.
You'll probably need to move the empty space next to the partition you want to expand it to.

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I am using Vista x64 with a 3ware 9650SE raid controller as a redundant raid5 data drive. I added a 4th 1TB harddrive, and I am trying to extend the volume to merge with the new space currently available. I can't seem to do that though because "Extend Volume" is greyed out, and I can't figure out what is wrong. Can anyone please tell me how to fix this? Attached are screenshots that may help.

A:Cannot extend volume

Hi craziplaya21 and welcome to Vista Forums

Sorry, but that cannot be done without erasing and rebuilding the array. This article explains RAID and the different arrays available. RAID - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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I have a Drobo system with 16 TB of hard disk. Windows has it allocated as a 2 TB and a 14 TB for some reason. I formatted the 2 TB as seen in the first screenshot. I then Right click in the computer management window and click on Extend Volume. This is seen in the second screenshot. I then click Finish and get the message seen in the last screenshot.. I know that a 16 TB disk is OK since I have had it before. What is going on here and how do I extend the volume?

A:Can't extend volume

To use the entire size contiguously, you must configure the drive as GPT not MBR.

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I want to use that 4.88 GB and allocate it into any of the 4 drives... but the extend volume option is grey and i cannot select it.. since the unallocated space is at the right of all drives i should be able to use it, right? plz help me out...

A:Unable to extend volume

you will have to delete the unallocated partition to turn it in to free space and 4 partitions on a drive is rule of thumb just checking for you

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Hi All,

I just got a new 60GB SSD and a new 3TB HDD for my computer. I planned on using the SSD as my boot device and the HDD for my storage device. I installed Windows 7 on the SSD with no problems. Once I opened Computer I didn't see the HDD so I went to Disk Management to assign the drive a letter.

Inside Disk Management I noticed that the HD was separated into 3 partitions:
1. 100 MB System Reserved
2. 2047.90 GB Unallocated
3. 746.52 GB Unallocated

I wanted to combine the two unallocated partitions into one but since they were not formated all my options were grayed out. So I formated the first unallocated partition and then I went to the Extend Volume.. option and it was still grayed out.

For some weird reason I have no control over the second unallocated partition. I cannot format it or change the size of it, it gives me no options. No matter what I do with the first partition it still won't let me do anything with the second one. I have even downloaded third party programs the combine the partitions and they still won't give me control over the second unallocated partition.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong here? I feel like I am over looking something very simple. Any help at all would be much appreciated.


A:Can't Extend Volume Partition on HDD

When you installed Win 7 on your SSD, you did not disconnect the HDD from the motherboard. The System file was written to the HDD. It should be on the SSD. There are two things you can do. Reinstall Windows again on the SSD and this time disconnect the HDD. You can also attempt to transfer the System file to the SSD using this tutorial Bootmgr - Move to C:\ with EasyBCD Let us know how it goes. This is not the answer to the question you asked, but this needs to be done first and then we can tackle any other problems.

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In "Windows 7 In Depth", discussing Disk Management (page 718), the authors say:

Caution: If you shrink your system's boot volume, you cannot extend it (unless you want to connect your system's hard disk to another system running Windows 7).

Is this true? If so, it seems rather an oversight. Has anyone tried it? The book might be referring to Dynamic Disks, or Basic Disks, or both, I cannot tell.

A:Extend Boot Volume

I have never encountered this problem...


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Hi, rarely post here (more active in the 7forums). Anyways, I cannot extend my C: Partition.

Before I had Windows 7 RC (x64) installed, then shrank it and installed Vista SP2.

Then I deleted Windows 7, and now it doesn't let me extend C: (vista) with the unallocated space.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Unable to extend volume

hello, your question is simple,I recommnd the Partition Assistant to you, you can try it.

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I have a Sony Laptop running XP professional.
The Hard drive was partitioned into C drive and D drive when it arrived.
The C drive is where everything is, and there is a space 3 times as large on the D drive .
I wanted to eliminate the D drive and expand the C to include all of the empty space.
I went into the Disc Management section of the Computer Management window.
I was able to delete the D drive, but when I try to Extend the C volume to include the now deleted D volume. It will not let me.

any Help ?

A:Extend a basic volume

Welcome to TSG....

Of course the system will not let you and if it did you would destroy every bit of data and programing on the drive doing it the way you where going too....

First thing you have to do is make a backup of everything on the computer using something like Acronis True Image = this is the absolute best of the best at doing this purchase it and follow the instructions and you will have the backup done and your data will be safe.

Second thing you do is get the following: gparted a free partitioning program and this blows Partition Magic away so far you never will see it again;

GParted - Gnome Partition Editor

When you download this you will have to burn the ISO file to a cd and it will be bootable then you reboot and use this to resize the partition to what you want. Make sure you read how to use it before you use it or you will have to use the backup from Acronis to fix it.

Have fun!

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someone give me the solution to this problem cause it is driving me crazy, i do not care about losing data, third party... whatever it takes.
-how do I move the unallocated space from disk 1 to disk 0?

thank you.

A:Extend Volume is greyed out.

Quote: Originally Posted by Jobean777

someone give me the solution to this problem cause it is driving me crazy, i do not care about losing data, third party... whatever it takes.
-how do I move the unallocated space from disk 1 to disk 0?

thank you.

There is no simple way to do it. You can set up a raid and span the disks if you mobo supports it but there are costs.

Why do you want to?

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hi peeps, how can I extend my C drive volume? i tried using disk management, but the "Extend volume" option for C drives fade off, but not other drives. any idea how to extend the drive?

A:how to extend my C drive volume

I would try Partition Wizard free version. It's more versatile than disk management. From the screen shot it looks like C: is right up against D:. With disk management to expand a partition you need free space immediately to the "right" in the diagram. It's probably easier and safer to use Partition Wizard to move the other partitions and give the new free space to C:. The main consideration may be if D: is installed games you may want to check with the publishers to make sure moving the partition a bit doesn't mess up any registration/copy protection/licensing schemes the games use.

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So I want to add/extend two disk into one:
Disk 2 to Disk 0 (I want to extend C drive)
Disk 3 to Disk 1 (I want to extend D drive)
Can I add them without formatting C/D drive?

Here is the screenshot

A:How do I add/extend volume to C drive?

I use a program called Paragon Disk Manager for all my HD tinkering. I'd make new partitions on the raw disks of the size you want, then clone the existing C / D onto the new partitions (or backup and restore to the new target partitions.) You might have to reset your BIOS to correspond to the new boot drive, but that's not too difficult (Press DEL / F11 at boot.) Then, you'd have the partitions (drives) like you want them, and also have backups too if you kept the old partitions.

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I have three Partitions for my 250 GB HDD, which name Respectively as C, E, F. just I want to increase the size of ?C? partition. I shrink 20 GB space from the ?F ?Partition. I want to merge this space and C HDD Partition.
Can this is possible.

A:How to Extend the volume of a HDD Partition

It is possible. Please post a full picture of your Disk Management so that we can discuss the options.

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Hi, I am currently running Windows Vista Ultimate x64.
It is installed on Disk C: I had another partion which i have formated and make into unallocated free space. I want to add this free space to my vista partion but when i click on the C: partition, the Extend Volume option is there but it is grayed out and so i can not select it.

Anyone know what the problem is and any other ways in which i can add the free space to the partition.

I dont want to have to buy any 3rd party software before anyone suggests that.

If you need any details of my computer please ask.

Thank You :)

A:Cant Extend Volume In Vista x64

hi this should take you through the steps needed to finish your task please read through

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I've seen a few postings referring to extending volumes. Surely it is possible to extend the system volume? Can you create an NTFS boot disk and then run diskpart from that?



A:Extend System Volume

Yes, but I'd suggest using a tool designed for this purpose (such as Partition Magic or Acronis Disk Director) rather than doing it from the diskpart command.

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Hi guys, is there a third party app that would allow me to extend the volume of my C: partition from the 102 MB Unallocated partition?

A:Can't extend partition volume

Hi !

I'm not completely sure, but I think Windows cannot extend the partition hosting the system.

However, you could try with a boot CD like Gparted, wich should be able to do shuch a thing. It would of course require a CD or DVD.

Best regards,

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Added a second Hard drive to the kids PC. Would like to extend the volume on the C drive to the new drive. The C was low on space. Instead of puting software on what is now E would just like to extend C so all new software can go to the default of a C drive. Is this possible on XP Home. If so what and how do I do it.

A:Extend a volume in XPHome

So what your wanting to do is use the new HD to add space to the C drive .. In essence creating one giant partition utilizing both HD's ... ? , If thats what your wanting there is no way that I know of to do this with a standard IDE connection configuration.

I'm not positive .. best to wait for a few more responses before giving up hope. :)

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Hi all, my English isn't so good, so i'm sorry.
one of my disk split to 2 volume, when I try to extend the volumes in disk management, I had error "there is not enough space available on the disk(s) to complete this operation".
What can I do

A:Can't extend volume in disk management..

Hello danorgad mate just so I have it right you want to use that unallocated partition?

My other query is I see there are two OEM partitions (top and second drives in list) what is that all about??

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I have W8.1 x64, I have a 1TB drive attached on USB 3.0 port, the disk has four partitions, two are not allocated, I am trying to extend the volume on one of the active partitions, a Healthy, Primary partition but I get a message
"The operation you selected will turn the selected disk(s) to Dynamic disk(s).

I'm not sure what it means but how do I get the extended volume to be a Basic volume?



A:Cannot extend volume on External Drive

There's no such thing as an "unallocated partition". There is allocated space (partitions) and unallocated space. The latter is OUTSIDE any partitions.

Since you already have 4 partitions, any attempt to create another is going to force the conversion of ALL the partitions into Dynamic Disks.

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Once I have installed OpenSuse OS on my HP laptop. Now I removed it. I have separate partition left with it. I want to extend it to my C Drive but after shrinking it, I am not able to extend that partition to my C drive. I have very less space left with my C Drive. Please tell me how to extend that partition to my C Drive.


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Why can't I add my remaining 500GB unallocated space on to my drive C? but I can extend it on my drive D. Any help will be appreciated.

A:Can't extend the volume of Local Drive C

^^^ Very probably because of using Windows' own Disk Management. Works fine under ideal conditions (example, adjacent partition + unallocated space) but can't do more 'complicated' work.

This one > MiniTool Partition Manager Software for Windows PC and Server will do it.

Regarding all\any partiton\hd task, 1st part of the job is to always save a disk image (or as a minimum all personal\important files) to an external media.

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I am am running Windows 7 64, and my C drive was 150GB, and the other drive was 450GB. I decided to extend or expand it by deleting one of the volumes. However, I have come across a speed bump while doing this. After deleting my unused partition which was 450GB, and right clicked on the C drive to extend, but the extend option is greyed out. The shrink volume seems to be clickable though.

Any help would be great!

A:Can't extend volume in Computer management..

Just to confirm, these are two partitions on the same hard drive, correct? If so, there IS free space available in the partition adjacent to c: drive, is that also correct?

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Once I have installed OpenSuse OS on my HP laptop. Now I removed it. I have separate partition left with it. I want to extend it to my C Drive but after shrinking it, I am not able to extend that partition to my C drive. I have very less space left with my C Drive. Please tell me how to extend that partition to my C Drive.


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I have just installed a WD 6TB Green Hard Drive for storage as I have an SSD as my C drive. A 5-minute job, I thought! Wrong....... Here I am, 4 hours later still looking at the screen!

The problem is: I have 3541.03GB of unallocated space and when right click to extend the volume, the 'extend volume' is greyed out.

I don't know why this is happening or how to fix it.

This is a brand new drive and there is no data on it at the moment. I enclosing a screen shot of the problem.

Anyone got a clue please ???

Thank you.

A:Solved: 'Extend Volume' greyed out

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i want to know the procedure how to extend the volumw of the system or bbot drive c... plz reply as soon as possible it will help me a lot..

A:how to extend space of c drive

We need to see a screenshot of the disk management console to see if it is even possible for you to expand the C: drive. 

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Hi, I have two 500 GB HDD. I installed software, which added a secret space to my second HDD. I uninstalled software and the secret partition turned into unallocated space. My second HDD now shows 289 GB (the unallocated space is 176 GB). I have tried to extend the HDD, so that I get my 500 GB back, but the information is greyed out. I have formatted the HDD, but it changed nothing. I only use it for backups. Is there anything I can do? helgaursula

A:Cannot extend HDD have unallocated space

Originally Posted by helgaursula

Hi, I have two 500 GB HDD. I installed software, which added a secret space to my second HDD. I uninstalled software and the secret partition turned into unallocated space. My second HDD now shows 289 GB (the unallocated space is 176 GB). I have tried to extend the HDD, so that I get my 500 GB back, but the information is greyed out. I have formatted the HDD, but it changed nothing. I only use it for backups. Is there anything I can do? helgaursula

It seems the software u used damaged your partition table.. Delete all the partitions in that hard drive, make the complete space as unallocated. Recreate partitions using vista disk management tool.

let us know the result

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I've Windows 7 system and space in C: drive is exhausted. I tried to extend the space using disk management tool. 
For this I created freespace adjacent to C: drive, but still the Extend Volume menu item is disabled.

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I have been running bootcamp on my IMac for quite some time now, and I've began to run out of space on my C: drive. I have shrunk the size of my Mac OS partition, however I cannot extend the Windows 7 partition into the free space. I would prefer to do this without external programs, as I have had trouble with them before.
Also, here is an image of the Disk management window when I try to get it to extend.

A:Cannot Extend Volume In Disk Management On Bootcamp

Welcome to the forum,

Unfortunately you will have to resort to a third party program because windows disk manager won't let you extend to the left.

The partition wizard bootable CD is a good choice,

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

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I have partitions c (for programs), a (for files) and unallocated space thereafter of 200gb. I am trying to extend partition a. I have followed instructions to make sure to the right of the partition there is unallocated space but the 'extend volume' when I right click on partition a is greyed out.

I have tried using Paragon Partition Manager too but don't seem to be able to achieve it either.

can anyone help?



A:Extending partitions - 'extend volume' greyed out

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Hello, i can not select extend volume as it is grayed out. im wanting to extend my windows 7 partition into the unallocated space to the right of it, but cant. i also have a small 30mb partition left over im wanting to extend the xp partition into it, this is also grayed out. please help.

A:Disk Management - Cannot Extend Volume - Grayed out

Hi there,
If you want to extend volume, you should make sure there is no partition between the original partition and free space (PS: it will not work if the free space is in "Extended partition"). Attached a simple screenshot in my test machine:
If you have dual-boot Windows XP and Windows 7, I suggest you create new partition with left free space and mount this partition as a folder to XP (or Windows 7 ) partition which is quite easy.
What do you think about it?

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Hi, for months my C: (120 SSD) had only 2GB left of free space. So I finally purchased a 250GB SSD to replace it with. I received the drive last week and the box has been sitting on my desk. This morning I noticed that all of a sudden my C: drive is no longer in the red... I now have 30GB of free space. How can this be? I didnt uninstall any programs! All that occured on my PC is a windows update the other night...

Possible explanations?

A:Why did I suddenly go from 2GB free space to 30GB free space??

There is the system maintenance troubleshooter that runs at 1am.
Issues it looks for:
-Troubleshooting history is taking up disk space
-Broken shortcuts
-System time is set incorrectly
-There are icons on the desktop that haven't been used in 3 months.
-Disk volume errors
-Error reports are taking up disk space

Could be disk cleanup, you could also try running that as well. It now has the new mode windows update cleanup which removed older updates that have been unnecessary as new ones replaced it. That will save you even more space.

Maybe a program updated as well.

With all these combinations it can be possible you received a good chunk of free space. However, since you stated you have not run disk cleanup or have done anything, windows might have went nutz and has been wrong about your disk usage and just now got it right.(I am thinking this is the case.)

Or you have not restarted in awhile, and this is when disk information is updated.

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Hello, guys! I have installed Windows 7 in my computer and want to extend my C drive space recently. But, when I attempt to do it in Disk Management, the Windows just doesn’t let me do that since the “extend” option is grayed out. But, I really want to add some unallocated space to my C drive. Is it still possible for me? Can anyone help me, please? Thank you very much!

A:How to extend my C drive space in Windows 7?

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Hi all

I've just got rid of my Samsung recovery partition data and made the space unallocated. I want to add this free space to the C;\Drive partition, but the extend option on the context menu for C is greyed out.

I assume it's because there is a tiny partition in-between the other two, please see image.
unallocated space to be taken up by C, Drive.jpg

Could someone give me some advice on how to do this please?

A:add unallocated space on one hdd (Extend greyed out)

Yeah, you have to use the bootable CD of Partition Wizard. Windows won't do it. Get the .iso from here:

Bootable Partition Manger | MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable Edition

How to resize partition freely in 64 bit Windows operating systems?

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I tried partition wizard also.. it i cant merge, resize my c: with the unallocated space at all..please help.

A:Unable to extend my C: drive space

I am not sure if it is possible to marge two partitions which are not adjacent; at least using Disk management or partition wizard, it is not possible.

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I'm going under Computer Management>Disk Management and have deleted a partition which gave me the unallocated 48gb, and I'm trying to add that unallocated space to the main drive (C), and it's not letting me, When I right the C drive there is only a shrink volume option, the extended volume is shaded gray. How can I fix this?
I have windows 10, not 8. I'll attach a picture.
Dropbox - issue.png

A:How can I extend my hard drive space?

Because in order to extend the partition, the partition HAS to be next to the freespace..
you have a partition in-between C: and the freespace..

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I don't get the option to extend my logical partition for some reason im trying to create a fifth partition so i took some GBs from my c partition which is unallocated spaced and want to add it to my logical drive to make another partition but the extend volume option is greyout im confused how can i do this?

Thansk for any help in advanced

A:Logical drive does not give the option to extend volume

Hello .

You can use the Partition Wizard boot CD to Move/Resize the left side of the Extended into the unallocated space, this snip below will give you an idea of the process and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

As good and reliable a program as Partition Wizard is, I would not trust the installed version for the operation you need, use the boot CD as suggested and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.
click to enlarge

First download the Partition Wizard Bootable Disk (PWBD) ISO file to the desktop, be sure to get the PWBD and not the installed version; scroll down to see the download link for the Bootable CD ISO file at this link below. Partition Wizard Free Bootable CD

Then use ImgBurn to burn the ISO to a CD, at no greater than 4x speed with a verify; it was designed for use and works best from a CD rather than a DVD; then boot the created CD to make the changes, it doesn't take any input from the user to setup, just relax and let it load. ImgBurn Free ISO Burning Software

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I have a Dell Inspiron 5000 Series Laptop with Windows 8.1. While purchasing I asked for partitions to be created on it. They created 3 partitions C, D and E drives.

Then I wanted to install Ubuntu so I created space on C drive by shrinking the volume. This shrunk my C Drive.

After that I wanted to install Ubuntu. There was an option to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. So I thought to upgrade to Windows 10 and then install Ubuntu. I did the upgrade to Windows 10 but forgot to reclaim the unallocated space back to C drive. So after Windows 10 installation, I have this drives. And now I am not able to allocate the unallcoated space to C drive since there is now a recovery partition present between C drive and the unallocated space. And I am also running out of space on C drive.

How is it possible to reclaim space on C Drive by deleting/ shifting the recovery partition and extending the C Drive to claim the unallocated space. And considering the partitions that I have, which drive should I try installing Ubuntu? I want C drive to contain some space , since I need to install programs / games in C drive. Also many software nowadays, dont ask for an install location. but install directly to C drive.

Could someone please help me out?

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I recently formated my desktop, I have everything saved on the (F) partition, and i formatted the primary partition (C) which leaves me with huge chunk of Unallocated space that is unable to use. Everytime i try to create a new partition, it says that space is not enough ( i even tried creating the min amount of space 8mb) when the space available is almost 500 Gigs.
I tried researching the web but no help... please help me im running out of disk space and i dont want to delete anything

A:Unallocated disk space error, Can not partition volume space

Please post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Hello everyone,
I recently formatted my laptop and re-partitioned it. I ended up making some Unallocated Space on the left of all the partitions. Here's a screenshot of the Disk Management window-

I want to extend [Backup F:] with whole of the unallocated space.
How can I do it?

Thanks in advanced

A:Unallocated space on left, Cannot extend partition.

Use the bootable CD of Partition Wizard (last entry on the page).

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Hi all,
Until recently, I ran a dual boot system with Ubuntu - but for business reasons, I uninstalled it (along with it's bootloader).
Anyway, I cleared up the hard drive space in the Disk Management app on windows 10,
I have about 350GB free space from Ubuntu and I cannot extend the C: partition, you can see what I mean here

I can't seem to extend my partition and whatever program I use I have to buy the full version to extend my partition,

A:Can't extend windows 10 partition into unallocated space

Try MiniTool Partition wizard. It is free.
I used it several time when I was unable to "extend" the volume back to my main drive.
Windows' own diskmanagement is no better than a ground-level app for partitions.

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Ok, I am reinstalling win7 ultimate x64 on my C because it just crashed due to partitioning. I have my C and my unallocated space, I am trying to extend my C with unallocated space using a tool call minitool partition wizard. The tool says the C "Operation 'Resize partition' cannot be completed because drive C: is being used now" and a reboot is required, so I rebooted and BSOD. This already happen twice, this is my second time reinstalling win7 because of the partition issue, so how do I properly extend my c with unallocated space? I don't want to crash again and resinstall again, does a manually restore point fix BSOD if my third try fails?

A:Can't extend unallocated space, system crashes [PLEASE HELP]

Welcome to the forum. If it's a clean install when it asks were to install it gives an option to delete partition remove them all let Windows create what it needs

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I installed windows 7 on my computer a few years ago and abandoned an old XP partition. I would like to have that usable space back (completely remove the XP partition). I have attached a screenshot of my disk management. My windows 7 is my active OS, the winXP was abandoned a long time ago.

I've removed partitions from dual boot systems many times. Normally I just delete the unused partition, run windows recovery and restore the boot record, then expand the existing volume and everything seems to work fine. I would even accept the loss of the 5 GB if I could expand my existing into the 19GB unallocated, but I can't do it through disk management or diskpart.

I'm using an old Dell desktop (about 12 years old, but runs perfectly for what I use it for), with 2 physical serial ATA hard drives installed (one 80GB, the other is 1.5 TB). The 80GB contains the boot record and OS, the other is strictly storage and a work in progress drive.

A:Remove Old OS partition, extend into usable space

Disk Management cannot extend an existing partition into another partition that is on the left (crazy limitation) but 3rd party partition management software can. Try this free one: Best Free Partition Manager for Windows | MiniTool Partition Free

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I have a program, that offers a free demo for like 50 min. And even though i reinstall, and delete all the files, it still remembers that i used it already. Does anyone know, if theres a secret file it loads to somewhere or sumtin?

Pleaseee please help

A:How do i Extend a Free Demo...

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So I booted into GParted, and shrunk my Ubuntu partition by 100gb today, in the hopes that I would be able to extend my Windows partition. However GParted won't let me extend this unallocated space into my Windows partition. I booted into Windows, and still no luck, I tried EASEUS partition manager, which didn't work. So I shrunk my current Windows partition (within windows) by about 1gig to check if I could re extend it. And what I found was that the new unallocated space seemed to be separate from the 100gb unallocated space, they wouldn't merge. But I was able to re extend that 1gig back to the Windows partition.
So does any one have any idea how I can extend this 100gb of unallocated space into my windows partition?

A:Unable to extend unallocated space into windows partition

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Windows 7, Professional Edition

How to Extend partition, if unallocated space is on left,


in this case i want to combine partition C and partition H, without loosing contents of C drive...

A:Unallocated Space on Left, How to merge/extend partition?

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Partition Wizard is what you want, as this tutorial explains.

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

You need to download the Partition Wizard ISO and burn it to a blank disc then boot into it to carry out your partition changes.

Apply the changes, wait for Partition Wizard to complete the task, and then boot back into Windows when you're done.

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The screenshot of my arrangement can be seen from:

The D: partition contains an XP files 'dump'(which I'd like to get rid of but contains non deleteable stuff - it wasn't an XP dual boot set up) when I installed Win 7.

The C: is to the right of the unallocated partition which I'd like to increase by absorbing that space. This arrangement I think makes it difficult to manipulate - am I right? Advice please - thanks.

A:How 2 extend/merge unallocated space to C: partition in odd position

Can you upload your screenshots directly to the forum please. Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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Hi All,

New to the forums and need some help here as I'm lost. I just got my new laptop and noticed that the C drive (O/S) was getting full and wanted to add more space. I deleted the recovery partition of 25GB so I could extend my C partition.

However, I do not have the option to expand my C drive, see the print screen link below:

I also tried using minitool partition wizard which looked to be successful but upon reboot I got an error.

For info, I have a 160GB SSD

A:Unable to extend my C drive partition from unallocated space

I had the same problem when I was trying to make room for my ubuntu partitions by shrinking my windows partition idk if this will work since your are trying to extend it and not shrink it but just give it a try. The problem is that you have unmovable files located at the end of your hard drive, so what you need to do is defragment and optimize your hard disk so that it moves those files towards the beginning of your hard drive. I recommend the program Smart Defraggler 2. It has the three options defrag, defrag and fast optimize and defrag and fully optimize. I recommend doing the defrag and fully optimize option at least twice.

Good luck!

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I'm using Intel Rapid Storage Technology to implement a RAID 5 array. I just added a 4 disk drive to the array. Everything wnet OK until the final step: Using Windows disk management to increased the volume size. I've posted a screen shot below. The volume is named 'Media". When I right click it, the extend volume item is grayed out. I've checked everthing I can think of, and can't find anyything wrong. I am running as administrator.

Please help!

Tom Dingwall

A:Disk Management won't extend volume size after adding to RAID 5 array

Been reading up on Raid again to try and help you. Cant find an answer for you but you should be able to rebuild the Raid without losing data.
Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will come along to help you

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I just built a new pc with a 200GB SATA HD. When I was installing XP Pro it only saw 130GB and made a 130GB partition. After going into disc manager and noticing the remaining 70GB wasn't listed there I installed both Service Packs. After the SP2 install the remaining 70 GB now shows up in disc manager as unpartitioned space. I was told Partition Magic will extend the 130 to include the other 70, however I don't want to pay for software I'll only use once. Is there a free alternative that will extend the partition?

A:Does anyone know of a free program that will extend a partition?

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I am a novice and am a bit confused.
I had two Drives (Win7)C: with 252 GB and D:30GB plus 14.75GB for OEM Partition.(?)
now i had shrink C: and got 101GB as unallocated space.
I tried to create new simple volume from unallocated space but it gave me message
"I have exceeded the number of partitions allowed."

Please note i dont want to format D: in any case.
Now i want to add this 101GB to D: (30GB). How can I do It?

Please help if any of you can.

A:Need help to extend logical drive spac using unallocated space in win7

please post a full screenshot of "disk management"

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I read up a bit on this on other threads but none of them are exactly specific to my issue.

I need to expand my C partition by utilizing the free unallocated space on disk D (a separate disk) that I just made by deleting the only partition on there.
I guess this is not possible through windows disk management tools but I didn't want to start downloading any 3rd party software for this before I got some guidance from here.

Please take a look at the following screen and let me know if using the 238.38GB of unused (unallocated space) I can extend the C partition without having to delete that partition, having to backup the files on it or making images. I already backed up everything I had on the D partition and then went ahead and deleted it through the computer management tool.



A:Can't Extend Partition C into unallocated space on separate internal disk


Disk Management is fairly basic and can only do certain things. For doing what you want that can do it and preserve the data you would need a 3rd party program. There are many free ones on the web but as I haven't used them I cannot say how good they work. I use Acronis Disk Director. If you had pgram like TrueImage you could take a image of the operating System and files then format the HDD to one partition you want and then re-image the HDD.

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How do I put the hard drive space used and free space on the Partition C: ? Partition D:\ and Partition E:\ has it but for some reason drive C:\ is missing it doesn't say how much space is used and how much space is free. The GBs are missing

A:How to bring back the amount of free space and used space on a hard drive

I'm a little confused about your question

You can't see how much drive space you have left when viewing your C drive via My Computer, or similar?

If you right-click on My Computer and select Manage, when the new window pops up click on Disk Management from the left hand side. What does that tell you about C drive? Assuming your C drive is actually a hard drive (and not a CD drive or something, though I have never heard of this happening and don't even know if it's possible to have C as your CD drive), you should see details at the top of the screen such as how much space you have left, by percentage of total capacity, as well as GB

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Am I the only one to notice and complain over this in W8.1.

This morning a new Adobe Flash update has appeared, KB3079777. The update is sized at 17.9mb. Nothing is running on the PC, its idle and with no disk activity. Free space is 55.4GB. I apply the update and free space immediately falls to 54.9gb. This behaviour is consistent with every such patch applied. Now over time, that space will return which suggests that something else is going on here. But what ?

A:Free disk space & space used by a single Flash Update.

Looks like it is just me then. Today brought a 4.6Mb W8.1>W10 computability update. My free space changed from 55.2Gb to 54.7Gb.

Sounds about right. Ho hum....

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i wanted to copy a cd image (4.18GB ISO format) from partition F: (NTFS 9GB free) to partition D: (FAT32 12GB free space) and windows gives me that crap there is not enough space and i should do a disk clean up..ok i made a disk clean up to partition D: and there was 3GB of system restore files!!! maybe coz i deleted 6GB earlier anyway i deleted the system restore files and i turned it off so i have now 15GB free space on partition D: and yet it tells me there is not enough space..

i tried a trick i thought i can use winrar to archive the ISO image and select the destination folder on the partition i wanna move it to..but at like 80% winrar popped up a message that only NTFS partions can have files with file size more than 4GB..i hope theres nothing wrong with my windows or my hard disk..and i wanna know if theres a way to move that ISO image..thanx in advance.

A:Solved: 15GB free space and it tells me not enough disk space??!!!!!

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How do I merge the 18 gb system drive, that has no drive letter, with my c: Drive.

See screen shot:

A:Runnig out of disk space...7% of free space left.

You can not merge it. Right click on it and try to shrink it to about 350MB.

Another solution: Um. 55GB (yes, GB) System Reserved Partition?! Solved

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I know that the above thread title has already been addressed in the past but none of them have solved my problem till now.
I have already read following threads-
Cannot extend volume (disk management) although "free space" exists

The problem is that the free space in the screenshot below cannot be deleted to make an unallocated space nor can it be used to create a new volume. Also the c: & d: drives are not able to extend from the free space available thus rendering those 92.89 GB useless.

I have also tried the help in the second link given above; i.e by using the partition wizard (i used a bootable usb for the same) i tried to convert the free space to primary partition, but that option(convert to primary) too was greyed out in the partition wizard when i tried to do so. The other option to resize the partition was also greyed out in the same partition wizard.

I also executed the chkdsk /f in an elevated command window as suggested in the first link. But no error was encountered and my laptop is working fine. I just want to recover that free space.

PN1: Previously I had ubuntu(root) installed on the partition which now is the free space of 92.89 GB. As I no longer required ubuntu i removed it as per the instructions in the given video, which i was successful in doing.

How to Uni... Read more

A:How do I delete the free space to make it unallocated space

Hello apple byte and welcome to Seven Forums.

If I missed this in your post, I apologize. But what happens if you assign a drive letter to the free space? Can you then delete and use disk management or partition wizard to extend the C partition?

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i installed ubuntu on my ssd and had a dual boot laptop, however i want to use my ssd as a cache drive, henceforth i deleted ubuntu and now i have unallocated space and free space on my ssd and i am wondering if i need to covert that into a new partitioned volume that can be used as a cache drive

A:Use unallocated space and free space on ssd as cache drive

I think you need to allocate the free space as a linux swap partition and format it as such.

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HELP PLEASE... uninsstalling software...not enough disk space...please free space

when i try to install software it comes up with (drive)not enough disk space..when i have 30gb left..

when i attempt to create a restore point twice 1st came up with 0x80070070 and 2nd was

when i load a picture it says not enough picture please close some apps/free up disk space

when i uninstall a software it says an error occured while writing installation information to disk.check to make sure enough disk space is available, and click retry or cancel end the ..

my computer has 1 harddrive split into C and D partitions...its an ACER 57357 with 4gb ram,2.16ghz-667mhz fsb-1mb l2 cache, 320gb harddrive, 4500m intergrated graphics

A:HELP PLEASE... uninsstalling software...not enough disk space...please free space

Originally Posted by npm1

HELP PLEASE... uninsstalling software...not enough disk space...please free space

when i try to install software it comes up with (drive)not enough disk space..when i have 30gb left..

when i attempt to create a restore point twice 1st came up with 0x80070070 and 2nd was

when i load a picture it says not enough picture please close some apps/free up disk space

when i uninstall a software it says an error occured while writing installation information to disk.check to make sure enough disk space is available, and click retry or cancel end the ..

my computer has 1 harddrive split into C and D partitions...its an ACER 57357 with 4gb ram,2.16ghz-667mhz fsb-1mb l2 cache, 320gb harddrive, 4500m intergrated graphics

We could use a screenshot of your disk management console


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Setting up a new box, Vista sadly to say. Installed MS Office XP Pro and get the following error when closing MS Word ONLY. Excel saves without any errors.

The disk is full. Free some space on this drive, or save the document on another disk. Try one of the following:
*Close any unneeded documents, programs, and windows.
*Save the document on another disk.

I've moved the file location and same error. I cleaned up the drive including removing all restore point except the last one.

Now this thing has a 250 gig drive but it is also used for security in a mini mart with 8 cameras. There are about 145 Gigs of video from the security cameras on this box. At this time I am just setting it up, no cameras are connected, and the security program hasn't been set up yet. I just moved the files from the old drive to this one. BTW the old drive crashed.

I've tried the detect and repair in MS Word and no help. I have uninstalled MS Office and reinstalled and no help and even went into Properties and set the user up on quota with no limits and still no help.

So now I am at a loss and have no idea what to try next. Really don't want to delete the security files because it took 6 hours to transfer them to this computer and unless all else fails this isn't a option I want to use.

Now on the old box, which had XP Pro this, was not a problem so on Vista it should not be either but then Vista is a MS Software so this is understandable. Actually, the old box had a 15... Read more

A:disk space is full. Free some space on this drive

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Help pease,
My computer keeps saying i'm running out of space. I have deleted everything i can think of. I got rid of movies/videos, all downloads, and all music. Still it says i don't have enough space. In fact the red line keeps going up & down. one minute i have 1.98 gb free then all of a sudden i look again and now i only have 1.18 gb freee, and i haven't changed anything. I have followed all your steps; i downloaded the malware & antivirus. the antivirus says there's no infected files, the malware just had registry files infected.....below is the log report after the malware scan...................

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.22
Database version: 972
Windows 6.0.6000

12:16:33 AM 7/21/2008
mbam-log-7-21-2008 (00-16-28).txt

Scan type: Quick Scan
Objects scanned: 35103
Time elapsed: 6 minute(s), 25 second(s)

Memory Processes Infected: 0
Memory Modules Infected: 0
Registry Keys Infected: 7
Registry Values Infected: 0
Registry Data Items Infected: 0
Folders Infected: 0
Files Infected: 0

Memory Processes Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

Memory Modules Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Keys Infected:
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\fis.amo.1 (Adware.SmartShopper) -> No action taken.
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\fis.ohb.1 (Adware.SmartShopper) -> No action taken.
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\fis.momo.1 (Adware.SmartShopper) -> No action taken.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\UpMedia (Adware.SmartShopper) -> No action taken.
HKEY_CURRENT... Read more

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We just placed a new Dell Dimension. It has a 40 Gig hard drive.

User keeps getting this message:




This machine has over 30 gigs of free space. It's impossible that there is a disk space issue.

Any ideas what could be causing this? Some sort of mis-communication or setting?


A:Disk Space Error - 30 Gigs free space

It should be a configuration setting. I'd call Dell if you just got this machine. Their "english" is a little suspect though. It sounds like some hokey Dell software reminding you to back up your drive. When does the message appear? After it boots?

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Hi, I've noticed sometimes that the Free Space on my harddrives won't reflect changes I've made. For example, on my 28.6gb F: drive, I had about 586mb free. I just deleted a video file of about 700 mb, so it should be up to about 1.2 gb. Oddly enough, its still at 586mb. I emptied the recycle bin of course.

Is there a way to recalculate disc space? I have Windows XP and I do have Norton System Works. This isn't the first time disc space hasn't matched recent actions. Thanks in advance.

A:Free Space inaccuracies?? Calculating disc space?

If the video wasn't in My Docs then 'System Restore' in XP may have recorded the change to enable a future restore. To record a 700mb deletion that it may be asked to restore back takes 700mb.
System restore ignores the My Docs folder so the above is irrelevant if the video was deleted from that location.

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If you've been using the 30-day version of Microsoft Office 2010, here's a nice tip for you: the testing period can be extended for up to six months. Much like Windows, the popular productivity suite contains a so called rearm function that gives you 30 extra days to activate the program. The command can be used up to five times, and if used at the end of each 30-day grace period, you can run Office 2010 for up to 180 days without entering an activation key.

Source - Extend Microsoft Office 2010's free trial period to 180 days - TechSpot News

A:Extend MS Office 2010's free trial period to 180 days.

Thanks, good information to have.

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i need the best free / premium softwares to to Shred Files and Wipe Free Disk Space


A:need Free Tools to Shred Files and Wipe Free Disk Space

Here's a couple:[email protected] KillDiskNot sure about KillDisk, but Eraser has the option to be run in the Shell Menu, so you can right-click and select Erase, instead of Delete.

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I've tried ERASER, but find it cumbersome to setup and use.

Is there a better free one out there, please?

A:What is the best Free program for wiping free disk space, please?

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Running vista home premium 64-bit with 600GB HDD. When I open "Computer" it shows graphically and numerically the used and free space on my drives. C - normally shows 310 GB free of 585 GB, D - Factory image - 1.47 GB free of 11.1 GB, K - HP Pocket media drive 237 GB free of 465 GB. The problem I am having applies only to C, with the others remaining unchanged. The graphical representation of free/used space is in blue and white normally. Here is the problem. The last couple of weeks when I open"Computer", I sometimes get C - 50.6 GB free of 585 GB and the graphical representation is in red, not blue. I got an error message the other day that I did not have free space to do what I wanted to do. When I checked free space it was showing, in red, free space of 50 GB instead of the normal 300 plus GB. As soon as I reboot the free space is shown as the correct amount - 300 plus GB. Anyone know what is going on and how I correct it?

A:Used space/free space on HDD erroneous readings

I would cleanup like this

on your normal login

get a cmd prompt and enter cleanmgr

do it again using an admin login

Then verify the free vs total space

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Hi all
Here is what happened.
I had to uninstall HP Photosmart C4100 series only because I was missing some wording on the buttons that just disappeared for some reason, so I went on thier help and support and it showed the exact same problem and what to do about it, It said to uninstall the program and then just reinstall it.
Well now, when I go to reinstall, it will not automatically start so I clicked on my computer and dvd-rw Drive (E and there are no files, in fact it states that my my file system is CDFS and the CDA Default - Full ___ It says all space used 672 MB and Free Space 0 Bytes

What the heck happened, I am no computer wizard so can you please help me to correct this, I can't download the Photosmart program back onto my computer ????


A:Solved: DVD-RW Drive (E:) Used Space/Free Space 0 ?????

CD might be dirty...

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I have installed the main system of windows 7 in SSD as well as update software and driver.
But,another things i installed at HDD.

My question is when i haven't installed other software from Internet,why the SSD space will cut down automatically??


A:Solved: Why my SSD space did always cut down space of free???HELP!!!

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So a clients computer would not allow it her to save anything on the pc. I checked the hard drive and it showed 0 available space and 0 free space. The hd was not accesible. I attempted to get into windows utilities but i would get an error saying the rersource was on an unavailable network. I thought it was a damaged hard drive bit the check disk showed no errors. Safe mode showed the hard drive had space and was accesible. I ended up factory restoring the pc. Has anyone encountered this issue. I have a suspicion it could be a new virus. I have never dealt with this kind of issue.

A:available space 0, free space zero on c drive

This one is new to me. Was this after installing the latest updates?

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