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HP 2000 series notebook can't make logical partition

Q: HP 2000 series notebook can't make logical partition

Hi, so i wanted to make a new partition, only to find that HP had already used them all up, so i tried to follow your guy's make a logical partition guide, however when booting into the partition manager, it said that it doesn't support windows server

how do i fix this? (all specs should be listed in the specs thing)

A: HP 2000 series notebook can't make logical partition

Welcome to the forum.

Please post a screen shot of Disk Management in your computer.

Also, just noticed that you list Malwarebytes as your antivirus program. Malwarebytes is not an antivirus program. You should reallyinstall one.

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This is my basic spread
prime contains a win 7 installation(active)
halo contains a win 8 installation(boot) and is a logical partition
What I need to do is:
format prime and combine it with halo , this will be my boot and active
keep logic and halo as it is an my logical drives
I cannot lose data in halo or logic.
how do I go about doing this .. pls help

A:make a logical partition into a primary partition

just let me say this you would need to back up your data before you do anything ! because however you do end up achieving this, it's never safe to do it with out first backing up your data to another source

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I am totally confused as to the difference between "partition" and "Volume"
I want to partition the C: drive to give an Extended partition with 2 logical partitions to remove Data from the C: and put MY installed programs.
Do I have to use 3rd party software for this?

A:How do I make an extended partition with logical


It is easy to create a logical partition using the third-party program Partition Wizard.

Right-click on the empty space, and select Create New. You can then instruct it to create a logical partition.

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hi guys n girls,
my hard disk arrangement is C(primary partition FAT32)for Windows XP
D(extended logical FAT32) for non-os data (movies, pictures etc..)
F(primary NTFS) for Vista..
I am formatting F: and then C: through XP installation CD
(and C->NTFS from FAT32)
is this ok???
will D: be accessible after installing XP on C???

A:Solved: Formatting primary partition without extended logical partition

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re: 1 TB disc for internal backup (disc 1)

Want to created (1) primary partition and (3) extended/logical partitions but XP
only gives the option to create 1 single extended/logical partitions on the disc after making the first primary partition. After this is made, it want to force primary's.

With still much space left, I want to create the remainder in logical partitions - do I
need a third party solution to do this? Should I have created a single extended partition that includes all space outside of the Primary partition and they divided up the extended partition into logical drives?

A:XPpro partition wizard disallowing logical partition

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hi guys n girls,
my hard disk arrangement is C(primary partition FAT32)for Windows XP
D(extended logical FAT32) for non-os data (movies, pictures etc..)
F(primary NTFS) for Vista..
I am formatting F: and then C: through XP installation CD
(and C->NTFS from FAT32)
is this ok???
will D: be accessible after installing XP on C???

A:Formatting primary partition without extended logical partition

Yes, formatting a different partition will not affect other partitions. XP should automatically find other partitions, if not you can re-assign D: letter to the drive afterwards.

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I need to move the partitions I have in an Extended partition out of the extended partition. I am dual-booting currently, but I want to get rid of the first OS (C:, Primary, Active) and make the second OS (D:, Extended, Logical) an Active Primary. My tables are currently:

__(20.0gb hd)_____________
C: - 1.5gb - active - primary
* - 17.8gb - none - primary
>D: - 3.5gb - none - logical
>E: - 14.3gb - none - logical

I am almost positive that there is a way to move those two partitions out, so it looks like: (1/4 of the c: space is given to d:, and the rest to e: )

__(20.0gb hd)_____________
C: - 3.875gb - active - primary
D: - 15.425gb - none - primary

I am using PowerQuest PartitionMagic 7 Pro. Can anyone help me out?

[EDIT: I thought I should add--


C: - Bootable WinME partition (FAT32)
D: - Bootable WinXP Pro partition (FAT32)
E: - Data & storage partition (FAT32)

How I need it to be:

C: - Bootable WinXP Pro partition (FAT32)
D: - Data & storage partition (FAT32)


A:Moving a logical partition out of a Extended partition

can you not just use partition magic and delete the first partition then move the xp partition ? I have moved partitions with partition magic 8 and it woorked fine. You should also be able to set the partition as active with pm as well.

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I have a Pavilion G6 2000 series, I bought this laptop 2nd hand it has a generic cd/dvd bezel that does not stay on. I have found a G6 1000 bezels but I need to know if it will fit before I purchase a replacement that may or may not fit. Help????

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I am using windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS......And My one is a 500 GB HD.........,How can i make logical drives in my system.?.............,whenever i try to make partitions during installation it is nt allowing either do to more than 4 primary partitions or to do
logical partitions after my installation in my disk management ...........,how can i make use of my 500 GB completely.....,to store data in logical drives rather than primary partitions?

A:How can i make logical drives in my system

You can't make more than four partitions on a single drive that uses an MBR. Honestly, there's no reaosn to over-partition like that anyway. More partitions does not equate to better file management.

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I have 4 SATA drives. Disk 1 is C: (Primary with Windows 7 64 bit). Disk 0,2 & 3 are data drives (D,E,F).

I am having bad sector problems on the C: drive and have ordered a new one. However, I was wondering if I could turn the D: drive into the C: drive by shutting down the computer, removing the faulty C: drive, then booting to the W7 (RC 7100) DVD and do an install. Then when the repalcement drive arrives, install it as a data drive.

Right now, the D: drive has just one logical partition and some data that is backed up.

A:Can I make a logical drive primary?

If I understood, you have four different hard drives. C:\, disc 1, has Win7 x64 with bad sector. You backed up the data on the second hard drive, D:\, and want to make Primary.

Well, you can but you will to install Win7 on it and format it during the installation. But if you want to put it simply Primary, the answer is No. You need an OS on the hard drive for it to be primary.

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I have a windows xp sp3 main hard drive. I want to add a partition. Can I do it without losing all my info?

I have partition magic 8

A:Do I have to reformat to add a logical partition?

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is it ok that one of my partitions is listed as a logical drive?

A:logical drive partition ok?


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My PC is W8.1 x64.

I have a 2TB external (USB) drive and have created four partitions of equal size using Windows Disk Management,
the first three are three are Primary (Healthy) but the fourth is "Logical"

How do I change it to a Std Partition, Basis or Primary.

Or does it matter, the Partition will be used for backup of files, so is it okay to use it as Logical?



A:How to change a Logical Partition

There should be no issues with the partition being a logical partition. This is not an unusual situation. Depending on the situation it may not even be possible to change it to a primary partition. There can be a maximum of 4 primary partitions but an unlimited number of logical partitions.

But using a partition on the same physical drive as the data you are backing up is not a good idea. If anything happens to the drive then you will lose everything. For a good backup you need a separate physical drive.

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I have just purchased a second HD. The new one is 500 GB and the older one is 160 GB. I have divided both into two partitions and made them Primary. The system is working fine. After reading a few websites, I am getting the impression that I should have one primary and one logical parition on each HD. Does it matter? When should I use a logical instead of primary?

A:Primary vs Logical Partition

If you're only going to have a couple partitions on each, leave then as Primary partitions.

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I'm planning to format my secondary partition and merge it with the logical partition which contained Windows 7.

But since system files are contained in the primary partition (secondary), i can't format it.


A:Windows 7 in Logical Partition

Please post a screenshot from DISKMGMT, maximized and with the columns spread so that all the text in the column cells is visible.

We can help you better if we can see exactly what your hard drive(s) look like.


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If I have a logical partition and a primary partition and if I format the primary partition then will I loose the data from the logical partition?

A:logical partition on hard disk

Hello 9vaibhavd, welcome to Vista Forums!

I didn't think so, so I just did a little test, I shrunk a primary and created a logical and put a word doc on it, then I formatted the primary and the word doc was still there on the logical.

When in doubt, I have 3 words for you, backup backup backup backup.
oh that's 4 words

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After clean installing Win7 to second partition dual booting with XP, I notice that the Win7 paritition is marked "logical drive" in Disk Management. XP is marked primary active.

Are there any reasons why an OS should not be installed to a logical drive?

A:Install Win7 to Logical partition?

A logical drive can function perfectly well as a Boot partition.

However, as it can not be marked Active, it cannot be the System partition.

If, for any reason , you wish to convert it to a Primary partition - rt click it in Paragon Partition Manager an you can convert it in a matter of seconds without data loss.

( You will only be offered the option to convert if doing so adheres to the max no. of partitions allowed under mbr partitioning rules, of course)

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OK, here's the better way (to me) to do this; no matter which way you go you're going to have to do the at least 3 separate startup repairs with the system restarts between each repair to create a new set of boot files out-lined in this tutorial at the link below.

Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

Create the Windows 7 new "System, Reserved" partition so it will become the system volume partition instead of the way XP is now, see the first disk management snip to see what I mean.

Then the XP partition can be easily deleted using Windows 7 disk management.

This link below has additional information on this subject.

Boot Windows 7 from Logical

Start in Windows 7 disk management and right click the XP partition and click "Shrink Volume" as I have done in this snip to my "E: Data" partition, the partition doesn't matter as long as there's a little room to shrink it.

Partition or Volume - Shrink click any image to enlarge

It'll scan the available shrink size and you'll get a dialog box like this one; enter 200 (for 200MB) in the amount to shrink box and click "Shrink" it'll do the shrink that'll only take a couple seconds.
Then right click the newly created space and click "New Simple Volume".

Partition or Volume - Create New
Then do not give it a drive letter in the first dialog box and in the second give it the Label "System Reserved" (without the quotes) and un-tick the quick format box then c... Read more

A:Boot Windows 7 from a Logical Partition

Nice work, Ted.

A good alternative for those who only got Logical partitions to install Win7 in Dual Boot with Vista or XP and now want to remove the older O.S.

Interesting that the Repair CD will also write the Repair console to the F8 Advanced Boot Tools menu, which is a prime benefit of having the SysReserved partition.

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Hello all hope you can help! I'll try to be concise.
I have a dell desktop (5120) I was running vista/xp dual boot. Xp was gettin old and clunky so clean installed with 7(home prem) for a change. Since decided to go back to vista/ vista as I like the way it runs on the PC.
So it now boots into the new installation of vista (primary) without the dual boot option. Seems to be because the old installation of vista is now a logical partition? I've tidied up the disk(7s system reserved partition was hanging around etc) so it's now just c (new) and d( old).
Is there any way I can dual boot these two ever again?
I also have a laptop vista/vista/xp and a PC 7/vista so I'm always messing, but this is the first time something this has happened to me.
Sorry for the rambling post.
TL/DR: partition gone logical. WWHHYYYY!!

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Hello friends,

Sorry for dumb question . I have recently fresh installed Windows 7 on 500 GB SATA disk. After created partition it look like following.
Please check and advice me that d:\ setup as Primary partition and f:\ displayed as Logical drive. Is it ok ????
How can it possible if i want to change f:\ as Primary partition.

Thanks in advance.

A:Primary partition or Logical drive ???

It is completely normal for the F: drive to be a logical drive. There is no reason to change it, and a number of reasons not to.

Logical drives were designed many years ago as a means of having more than 4 partitions. There can be a maximum of 4 primary partitions but no limit on logical drives.

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(For the question skip to the **)

(Please don't say look at the previous post!)

Ok so first of all, I had 2 separate partitions one of them with Windows 7 and the other with Windows XP, so, the problem is that I had a really bad virus on my XP so i booted in to safe mode scanned with AVG/Spybot S&D/Other and after a while the PC made user accounts by itself and everything was crazy.

I just couldn't fix it so I did a clean install of XP on the XP partition again. Then I went back on 7 and deleted XP's Partition and left Windows 7. Then I had to solve the boot manager's problem... done that... now i have a problem.
**I formatted the XP Partition but now I just want to delete it but I can't because it is a logical/system partition and Windows 7 is a slave one. So WTF can I do to solve this!?

A:Slave and Logical Partition Problem

Please attach a screenshot of Disk Management.

The system partition must be a primary partition. Because you cannot set an extended/logical partition as active (bootable).

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I have a machine with Ubuntu Linux already installed. I would like to install Windows 7 in a dual boot environment. The Ubuntu Linux is currently taking the first 3 primary partitions (2 is formatted as ext3 file-system and 1 as swap). I want to add 2 more partitions for Windows 7. since the maximum number of primary partitions is 4, I think I will have to create an extended partition and then create 2 logical partitions in the extended partition.

My question is this, can I install Windows 7 in a logical partition where none of the 3 primary partitions is accessible to Windows 7?

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Installing Windows 7 in logical partition?

From a 9/09 post by our top Dual Boot expert here:

Quote: Originally Posted by SIW2

A logical drive can function perfectly well as a Boot partition.

However, as it can not be marked Active, it cannot be the System partition.

If, for any reason , you wish to convert it to a Primary partition - rt click it in Paragon Partition Manager an you can convert it in a matter of seconds without data loss.

( You will only be offered the option to convert if doing so adheres to the max no. of partitions allowed under mbr partitioning rules, of course)

The fact you'll be dual booting with Ubuntu presents additional complications if GRUB bootloader is involved.

Normally Win7 will not install or dual boot until GRUB is first deep cleaned (by zeroing using Partition Manager or DISKPART "Clean All" command) from the HD then added back after Ubuntu reinstall.

The best guide so far is this: Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu in Perfect Harmony - windows 7 - Lifehacker

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Hi Folks!

I have Ubuntu 9.10 installed to my laptop, when i installed it i left 80gb partition free for windows 7 to access some programs like adobe photoshop and etc. that i do need in time to time.

I made a windows 7 installation USBkey and it started just fine. When i was selecting the logical disk and press next an error comes up saying that the disk isn't primary.

So is there any way to fix this or do i have to format all and install windows first and then Ubuntu?

A:Installing windows 7 to logical partition

Quote: Originally Posted by rfking

Hi Folks!

I have Ubuntu 9.10 installed to my laptop, when i installed it i left 80gb partition free for windows 7 to access some programs like adobe photoshop and etc. that i do need in time to time.

I made a windows 7 installation USBkey and it started just fine. When i was selecting the logical disk and press next an error comes up saying that the disk isn't primary.

So is there any way to fix this or do i have to format all and install windows first and then Ubuntu?

To boot from windows 7 it must have an active,primary and ntfs partiton.
Dowload PW Home Edition and and the bootable disc.
Free Download Partition Wizard

Boot with the boot disc or from your current OS using the program.
Select first resolution (1 then enter)>Yes to all warnings.
Right click your Win7 partiton>Set as active>click Apply
Right click your Win7 partiton>Make primary>Click Apply

Job done.

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as u can see in the image to be clear...i have two unallocated partitions,,,,both are logical...and three primary partions. now at this condition can i add one more primary partitionby recovering one unallocated partition ? or if i make one primary partition after the reovery then ohter working partition will be lost?


A:is unallocated partition is primary or logical

From my understandng basically there just unused memory of the disk. You can have four primary partitions. So you could use the two empty ones as one partition here is how: Partition or Volume - Create New

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Im not sure what i deleted but i deleted a partition or a logical drive while reinstalling windows XP now my second HDD or Partition or Logical Drive is not showing. & when i go to DIsk mangment it does not diplay an unallocated space, RAW drive or unformatted drive its just the C: drive laying there.Is there any chance of recovering the drive but not the files the D drive only.
Please help .

Thank you
Newbie @ techguy forums

A:Deleted a partition or logical drive.

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I have a system partition G: on disk 2 that I want to use as a simple backup partition.
At the the moment if I try to Image my Boot partition C: it is linked to G: and G: will also be imaged along with C:.
Previously G: had a Dual boot of Windows 8 preview which was formatted out of existance, G: now contains various VirtualBox VDIs.
How do I change G: from system partition without loosing the data? I have used Diskpart, I need to know the best way to go about this task without loosing data or messing up the Boot information.


A:How to change system partition to logical?

G has the bootmanger and bootmenu. You want to transfer that stuff (maybe 100MB) to C?
You can move it (actually copy) using Bootmgr - Move to C:\ with EasyBCD this will copy bootmanager, bootmenu and bootsector to C.
After that mark G "inactive" (maybe done automatically) Partition - Mark as Inactive and reboot.

Works great?

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hi i need to convert a logical partition to primary partition in win 7 ultimate, but cant seem to find a way to do it so far, i need to change the logical to primary so to be able to install an operating system on that partition.

iv read that the MBR in win 7 will only accommodate 4 primary partition's but is this per disk drive? or only four!!?? overall!?

hopefully a snapshot will be below any help will be gratefully received

A:convert logical partition to primary

Hello Web, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You can also install an OS on a logical partition the same a primary partition. I've done it several times.

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Appreciate some assistance.

Have a hard drive that, while running FDISK, shows up as: Partition 1, Type: EXT DOS, Mbytes 1624, Usage: 100%

Trying to delete a logical DOS drive in the extended DOS partition. The drive appears as C:, the volume label appears as: *Remote*, Mbytes: 1624, System: Unknown, Usage: 100%.

Entered C: in the "What drive do you want to delete", and it asks for the volume label. If you enter *Remote*, a message says volume label does not match. There is no other volume label.

Thoroughly confused......??!!??

Any suggestions as to how to get rid of everything in this drive and start it from scratch as a primary DOS partition?

Thank you for your help.

A:Logical DOS drive in Extended DOS Partition

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Hello, I was hoping someone here could help me out and has some experience with restoring Raw partition formats. 
I used Acronis Disk Director 11 Home edition to change a logical to a primary partition and then my C: Drive disappeared, I have used R-Studio since then to get most of all my files back.  Some files were unreadable or the file system was corrupt so I couldn't restore them to another drive like the rest.  However I would still like to be able to restore that partition and hopefully log into the windows on there as there are 2 programs, acdsee pro 4 and media monkey from which I want to export the databases that I have. 
It is a lot of work, art and entertainment images and music that I had categorized and sorted with media monkey or acdsee pro 4.  Right now I am stuck on what to do using next using TestDisk.  I got as far as doing a quick scan, it found a small part of the logical partition but when I checked the folder/file structure on it was wrong.  Next I did a deep scan and it found what seems to be the proper folder/file structure.  I was following this guide but following it didn't repair anything on my hard drive.  Here is some images of what I am dealing with, please let me know if there is anything else I can clarify. 
Also is there an easier program that can actually restore the Partition table or boot sect... Read more

A:Help restoring Logical Partition from Raw format need to recognize...that anything ever suggested by anyone to only that, an attempt, an effort, a suggestion.
There is, IMO, nothing that is guaranteed to do what you desire...a reversal of fortune.
One or more of the following may be of some use to you:
What is RAW file system -
Rebuild NTFS Boot Sectory, Using Testdisk -
TestDisk - CGSecurity -
TestDisk Step By Step - CGSecurity -

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Can Windows xp disk management merge 2 partitions, one of them is the primary partition where windows resides?

A friend's computer is having Windows installed in a very small primary partition (2.5gb) and its making everything crawl like a turtle, too slow.
I thought I try increasing the windows partition by adding another partition to it (merging) but i did not see that option available. Is that so? or is there a way to do it?

if not, is there a freeware tool available anywhere to do this?

A:merging primary partition with a logical one

Not with XP's native tools. Diskpart.exe will do it, but not from the partition it's running on, so that means not the C: partition.

You can do it with diskpart if the drive is put in another computer as a secondary.

And "merging" is probably not what you will end up doing. It's just a matter of semantics, perhaps, but "merging" implies that the contents of both partitions will be combined and saved. I don't think you can do that with diskpart. But, you can save everything off the larger partition, to CD or somewhere, and then expand the smaller one into the larger, thus having the same result, except that the contents of the larger partition are not preserved.

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Here's a new one.

Partition / Extended : Logical Drives

A:Partition / Extended : Logical Drives

Quote: Originally Posted by Bare Foot Kid

Partition / Extended : Logical Drives

I have upgraded Method Two of this from PW v5.2 to PW v6.0.

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Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP (Guide)

I have Win 7 installed (64 bit) on a Dell Laptop w/ 3 primary partitions
1. OEM Partition- 102MB
2. System, Active (Dell Recovery)- 14GB
3. Boot, Page file, Crash dump (Win 7)

I will create a 4th logical partition (Bcuz of Win 7 limitations), and install XP on it and follow the guide Option 2. Would this work? Any problems down the road?


A:Can I install Win XP on a 4th logical/extended partition?

It's possible it will install and write the System boot files to the Active partition, since a Logical partition cannot be marked Active. It will also take over the boot requiring repair of Win7 to add XP using EasyBCD - more trouble than it's worth.

I would instead use free Partition Wizard to create a fourth Primary partition after shrinking the Win7 partition in Disk Mgmt. If you use PW to Resize 7, then use the boot CD which like Disk Mgmt will not fail.

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I've just formatted my whole HD and installed XP.
It was installed on the C partition, so now I made another partition (labeled E and not D, for some reason), a logical one.

The new partition is currently empty, and I would like to know if I should
leave it as a logical partition, or delete it and make a new, primary partition.

Note: I'm using one HD.

A:Solved: Second partition: Primary or Logical?

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My HDD have 4 Primary partition. It still i have 280GB unallocated space but i can't create partitions. I need two more partitions. When i am going to make partition it show me a message like "Disk will be converted to Dynamic". I know in win7 x64 its not possible to make more than 4 Primary partition, but i need to create Logical don't need primary. Here i have attached a picture of my disks, where yellow marked drives are my PC'S internal hard disk condition: So, please help me. I have tried about 4 days but have failed and i have exam soon. So, please help me as early as possible.

A:How can i create Logical partition from my harddisk

Minitool Partition Wizard can convert from Primary to Logical.
MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition 9

You should backup your data BEFORE making changes so you can recover if something goes wrong.
It looks like you have plenty of free space on your Disk 2 [I] partition to create backups.

Instructions to convert from Primary to Logical are here:
Set Partition as Logical

If i had your setup, I would convert [F] to logical.

hth, de

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This is an HP Zbook 15 with a 256G m2.SATA SSD drive running Win7 Professional 64bit.

I've been trying to get a dual boot setup on a new laptop and running into some various issues. Troubleshooting involved trying various partition schemes, as I wasn't sure if the issue was related to having /boot for Linux on a logical partition, trying to have an encrypted root on a separate partition, some issue with EasyBCD (which I'm trying to use to chainload my linux install from Win7), or who knows what.

In any case, I have a way forward now and am trying to create the following partition scheme:
- SYSTEM, 1GB (laptop came with this and sounds like I shouldn't move it)
- C:, ~80G (win7)
- Shared data partition for win7/Linux, to be encrypted with TrueCrypt (~100G)
- /boot partition for Linux (256M)
- root partition for Linux (~50G)

I actually started with this scheme, but for some reason I can't recreate it. When I try to create one or more logical partitions using Minitool Partition Wizard, a dialog appears stating that the operation applied successfully... but the space just reverts to "unallocated."

I need Minitool to set the type ID to 0x83 for linux, so I thought a workaround would be to use the win7 built-in partition editor to create the space and then just change the type ID from Minitool. No luck! Upon trying this, I see that Minitool and the win7 utility don't agree on what the partition scheme actually is!

How can I diagnose this issue? Here ar... Read more

A:Can't make logical partitions with Minitool; disagrees with Win7/Linux

If you're trying to dual boot Linux, why not just install it side-by-side with the Windows partition? I know it's not the solution you're necessarily looking for but it works just as well to reach your main goal to dual boot the two.... I did this on my desktop and laptop (with Ubuntu 14.04 I think) and have the GRUB boot switcher program to choose which OS to boot. (This gets installed if you make a bootable Linux installation USB and choose to install side-by-side windows.) It saps a little space from your windows partition to use for linux but I don't know how that works with expanding partition space and stuff. I just use the Unix environment for C programming and I am hardly using any of the 50gb I initially allocated for the OS (maybe using 1gb total for data?)

If dual booting is what you wish to accomplish I would try this.... if you're hellbent on partitioning your HD I would recommend using PartedMagic or Partition Wizard (DL and burn iso file to a disc and make it bootable, you can use a tool like img burn or something, can't remember how I did it) and try partitioning with that. If no other partition program works for you I would recommend you back up that hard drive, erase all partitions, format completely anew, and then create 2 partitions for both windows and linux OS. Follow an online guide for installing linux onto a clean partition, there are some extra steps you might need to do -- note I have never installed linux bare like this! Install Windows LAST on th... Read more

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I tried to reduce size of D but Logical Disc Manager box denies access. I went through the std vista proceedure but when I got to the final step the box appeared. Ultimately would like to reduce size of D and then increase C by same amt. Sounds logical to me but would it work? There is 104GB available in D.

A:Logical Disc Mgr denies access to partition

Hello Deborah, and welcome to Vista Forums.

The D: drive sounds like it is your OEM Vista recovery drive, and it will not let you modify the size of it. If it is, then you should also not mess (ex: delete) with it unless you have created the full set of recovery DVDs from it.

Hope this helps,

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I just changed my hard drive to a different computer and deleted the NTFS partition, in favor of one win98 will like. and that worked just fine, for the 4 gigs in that partition, but the other 4 are stuck in a different extended dos partition that i can't delete. when i try it says that there is a logical drive on that partition, but when i ask it to show the logical drives or try to delete the logical drive fdisk says that it doesn't exist. . .
thanks for the help


A:a non existant logical drive in an extended dos partition

Do you need any of these partitions? If not, your best bet is to just wipe the whole partition table out with ZAP.

You could also put the drive back into an NT machine to get rid of the extended, if you don't want to wipe the whole thing out.

"That is not dead
Which can eternal lie
Yet with strange aeons
Even death may die"
- H.P. Lovecraft

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I have four primary partitions (System, C: , D: , E: ) and some free space in my Win10 laptop. Now, I want to make create an extended partition which will hold C, D & E as logical partition. How can I do it without loosing data (i don't have a spare hard disk where I can backup the data).

A:How to convert primary partitions to logical partition

MiniTool Partition Wizard free has an option to set a partition as logical. Not sure how it would work. I would delete that HP_TOOLS partition. I've never used mine. But if you want to keep it, you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard free to move the HP_TOOLS partition to the end of the drive, and that would put the unallocated space next to D: drive where it could be added to D: drive - or D: Drive could then be moved over and the free space added to C: Drive.

Just curious - if you don't want to actually create a new partition, why do you want to convert your current partitions to logical?

Best Free Partition Manager for Windows | MiniTool Partition Free

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I Have 3 seperate Disks installed.
Disk 1: Active primary C: 80 GB with Win XP PRO [54 GB Free Space]
Disk 2: Logical D: 160GB contains All my Data [there is 120 GB Free Space]
Disk 3: 1 Terabyte, split into 2 Logical Drives [465 GB each]. One for Images and the other for Backups.
Thus I have plenty of room to move the contents of Disk 2, containing my data to one of these drives.
I would like to change the Active Primary Disk C: [80 GB] to the Logical Disk D: [160 GB]
I have Acronis Direct Disk 8.0 and know how to increase or reduce the partitions and create Unallocated space and then move data from one to another.
What I am afraid of is moving the Active Primary Partition C: to the larger disk and losing the ability to boot to it. What must I do to make the Logical drive Disk into the new Primary Active Drive? Is this possible without corrupting it.
Do I first have to change the order of the disks from Master to Slave on the disks? Which of these things do I need to do and in what order?
My purpose is to have a larger Active Primary Drive in preparation for a Win7 Pro install in the near future with the Xp Mode also installed.
Please help! Thanking you Jugk

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6400 @ 2.13GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1005 Mb
Graphics Card: Radeon X1300 Series, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76316 MB... Read more

A:Win XP Pro Moving Primary Partition to Logical Disk

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Windows 7 is coming pre-installed on my new PC from Dell. It has two 500GB HDDs.

I want to partition the first drive into just a couple of partitions. I guess I will have to shrink the main partition to about 100GB for the OS and apps.
But my question is: that partition with the OS and apps will be a 'primary' one...what will my next couple of partitions be? Logical? Extended?

I'm not sure how to decide what type of partitions to have. Any help would be great.

A:Difference between Primary, Extended, Logical Partition

They both should be Primary. The first 4 partitions can be primary. After that, you need to create a logical drive, which would be your 3rd partition. In the logical dive, you can create unlimited extended partitions.
The advantage of a Primary partitions is that you can boot from it.

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Hi,I have Windows 10 installed on HP elitebook 840 G2. I want to dualboot Ubuntu with my windows 10 so i created a new unlocated space to use it for the installation of ubuntu. But, when i try to install ubuntu, the ubuntu installer say that the space is unusable because i have the maximum primary partitions in my disk.the partitions i have are shown in the image bellow.So i thought of making the HP TOOLS partition logical instead of primary but i don't know if that will affect my laptop.Any suggestions please ?

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URGENT!! Hey guys... First of all I would like to say Hello to everyone here.. Its been MANY MANY years since I was in a forum.. I was mostly enjoying reading them and getting my answers or solution from other peoples problems etc.. Until now... I know that this Thread is not the correct one but I thought I should start from here until someone redirect me somewhere else.. Back to my problem..

I bought a new cheap PC with an MSI G31M2 v1 board, with an Intel E4500, DDR2 667, Maxtor 160Gb SATA and an ATI 4770.. The specs are just there for future reference.

I install Vista Ultimate on it. Everything was FINE until, after my last restart half week ago it gave me the BSOD with the error "STOP: c000021a (Fatal System Error)" blah blah.. I tried everything I could with no success.. Anw thats NOT my
problem now..

I had 2 Partitions. One Primary 20Gb with the OS and another Logical 129Gb for ALL my data files!!

I inserted the Vista CD to do a re-install and in my desperation and FOR MY BAD LUCK AND STUPID HEAD and not taking seriously the WARNING message "Extending a partition is not a reversible action. If you proceed, you will not be able to undo this action later" I choosed Options from the setup screen and I choose EXTEND and I believe my LOGICAL Partition was Merged with my Primary and now almost 60Gb OF DATA that were on it are gone.. And they were VERY importand files..!! I have HIREN'S v10 but nothing.. Also from the HIREN'S Diagnostics it... Read more

A:URGENT!! Logical Partition EXTENDED into Primary.. Please Help me..

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Hello, i have a question regarding partitions: my HDD has both Windows 8.1, 7 and XP installed, each on a different partition (7 and 8.1 both primary partitions and XP logical). It also contains a 'system reserved' primary partition and 'other' partition wich is logical. The problem is, i have about 50gb unallocated disk space and i want to create a new partition to use. When i'm trying to create a new partition (using EaseUS Partition Master), a message pops up saying that i have to convert an existing primary partition to logical, then should try again. So here's the question: wich primary partition i need to convert into logical ? The one with Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 or System Reserved ? I don't want to lose any of my operating systems. I mention that when i start the laptop i choose wich os i want to use from Windows 8.1's bootloader using a menu with 3 options (start W8.1 or 7 or XP). Any advice would help me.

A:I need to convert a primary Windows partition into logical

On an MBR disk there can only be four total Primary partitions, or three Primary and unlimited contiguous Logical partitions.

You can add the 50 gb to C using Disk Mgmt Partition or Volume - Extend which only extends to the right, or add all or part of it to any other partition using How to extend partition easily with Partition Wizard - video help. This is a very cool tool which can borrow or add space to/from any other partition whether or not its adjacent, Primary or Logical. But I would use the Partition Wizard boot disk which is safest.

In order to add another partition due to the limitation on Primaries it would need to be Logical, but it is separated from the Logical partitions by System Reserved which is booting all OS's and C which are both Primary, and Logical partitions must be contiguous or adjacent to each other.

What exactly is the unlettered Logical partition after XP partition showing 1.03 gb used? What you could do is format it and issue a letter, then use Partition Wizard extend to add all of the 50gb space to it thereby having a new 50gb+ partition in the Logical block.

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I bought a new 320 HD (SATA) and installed WinXP Home on it with very little problems.

I had an old 40 GB HD (IDE w/2 partitions) that was running Win2000 as well as an even older Win98 drive (IDE 1/partition). I was able to see both HDs in WinXP. I was able to eventually copy all of my documents, etc. When all HD are connected the PC is VERY!!!!!! slow and nearly impossible to do anything.

The problem is, I can no longer access the 2nd partition on my old Win2000 drive. it shows its there, and healthy, but can not access the files i had. Some old files, hot a huge loss, but i'd really like to be able to get them. I did nothing to this drive.

Also another issue is, if i boot into the old Win2000 HD(disconnected my new HD), I still can't access that partition.

I read to convert from basic to dynamic, but then read WinXP Home can't see dynamic drives. So ***?

Why can't i access the 2nd partition on my old Win2000 HD!?!?

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hi frds,,,, pls help me.. i installed windows 7 on primary partition with 19gb disk space, while in D disk having 39gb disk space cannot be allocated from its unallocated space mode, with extended type partition... pls any1 solve dis prob...

A:i cant convert extended partition to logical partitiion..

Can you post a screen shot Disk management?

Screenshot tools.
Screenshot with Paint
Screenshot and Upload using MWSnap
fscapture free download

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There are many threads and numerous posts on this but I would still like to believe that the issue I am facing is unique

I have the following:-

System - 100 MB
C: - 400 GB - Primary
E: - 50 GB - Primary
D: - 50 GB - Logical

The option to "convert Primary to Logical" in PW Free edition is Greyed out hence unavailable. This I presume is because it is the extended boot partition.

Currently all I want is to create:-

System - 100 MB
C: - 50 GB - Primary
D: - 450 GB - Logical

Thank you

A:Converting Parimary partition to Logical drive

Post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management so we can better visualize this.

What is the purpose of the current E and D partitions and what is now on them?

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Hi, I partitioned my hard drive and created a new simple volume but it has appeared as a logical drive. Why is this? I want to convert it back to primary partition so I can add the space back to my main drive. How do I do this?

A:How do I convert Logical Drive to Primary Partition?

Windows will normally create a logical partition for the 4th drive due to a limitation on the number of primary drives.

It looks like you have nothing on the logical drive F, so you should be able to just delete it in Disk Management.

That space will then become "unallocated space" and you could then extend D to take up that space.

If you want to add that space to C rather than D, you will need a third party tool such as Partition Wizard.

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Hi everyone,

Just new here, i am right now installing my new-built PC with Windows 7 Enterprise.
Unfortunately, i have already some problems. My hard drive is a 1 TB WD and on setup i made a primary partition of 50 GB for win7. I thought to partition the rest afterwards and there is the problem. The installation went without any problem, but in diskmanager i cannot see the option as i saw in XP to choose between a primary or an extended partition . I wanted to make a large extended partition of the unallocated space and then divide it into some logical drives to hold my programs, pictures & films,... etc. As win7 makes primary partition always i am limited to 4 partitions and that is not enough.
Someone who can help me out pls ?

Thanks in advance !



Found it using easus, but i still dunno understand why diskmanager is not capable of doing that anymore ...

A:how to create an extended partition with logical drives

Quote: Originally Posted by computerke

Hi everyone,

Just new here, i am right now installing my new-built PC with Windows 7 Enterprise.
Unfortunately, i have already some problems. My hard drive is a 1 TB WD and on setup i made a primary partition of 50 GB for win7. I thought to partition the rest afterwards and there is the problem. The installation went without any problem, but in diskmanager i cannot see the option as i saw in XP to choose between a primary or an extended partition . I wanted to make a large extended partition of the unallocated space and then divide it into some logical drives to hold my programs, pictures & films,... etc. As win7 makes primary partition always i am limited to 4 partitions and that is not enough.
Someone who can help me out pls ?

Thanks in advance !



Found it using easus, but i still dunno understand why diskmanager is not capable of doing that anymore ...

It might have had just a random hiccup...glad you got it sorted out

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For nearly a year now, ever since Macrium Reflect Pro updated its software for Win8, I've had trouble using it on Win7.  Same, for Clonezilla, which heretofore has been my lifesaver.  But the problem is quite specific to one machine, specs here.  It's a 780 Optiplex with 4 GB RAM, Win7 build 7601, default RAID on but not used.  The first four drives in the pic are my internal 1 TB hard drive.  But it's really FIVE, as the mbr is secretly the first partition, and I didn't know that when setting up the disk partitions.  That's the problem.
For you'll see in the pic, that the 'G' drive is accounted 'logical', which of course it would be, since really the mbr is the first partition.  Neither diskmgmt.msc nor diskpart show it, but that's why G: is considered Logical.  The 'clone' I tried to make is in the lower row, and it clones fine until it tries to clone that G drive.  Then it bombs.
Since September, therefore, I can't get Macrium to clone that partition, nor Clonezilla, but both will backup or image it.  EASEUS will copy the partition, and presumably some other software will also.
Yet I want a simple one-disk clone operation, as I use for Macrium on all my other machines (which have 3 partitions total, so all are primary).  The G drive contains programs I can easily reinstall, else the rest of the material is just docs or collected Linux iso files, pictures, stuff which could be imaged or copied off.&... Read more

A:Cloning/Partitioning Problems with logical partition.

One more thing.  Although Clonezilla says the Clone failed, the byte count per partition is the same in the source and destination, using Windows rightclick properties, side by side.  The only difference is for C, where the Windows Properties excludes the bytes in the MBR, but the cloned equivalent counts the MBR bytes.  And I have no problems accessing the clone data in 'G' or 'K', its clone.  So is this a false failure?
I didn't test the Macrium Reflect Pro results, as when Macrium fails to clone, it creates errors in the source, requiring me to do chkdsk to fix those errors.  So I ended up uninstalling that license and reverted to 6.0 Free, but the effect remains the same.  Again, dunno if this info is relevant.

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I have just shrunk my C: drive and the unallocated partition failed to be formatted and assigned a drive letter. I followed the completing the new simple volume wizard but it didnt work. Instead it returned an error message that I have exceeded the number of partitions allowed.

All I wanted was a logical drive. So how do I go about creating one?

A:how to create a logical drive from an unallocated partition?

To use Disk Mgmt you'll have to delete one partition and create a new one to get an Extended Logical partition.

Using free Partition Wizard bootable CD you can create the Logical now, most likely, or rightclick a data partition to Modify>Convert to Logical. Do not convert the System partition or Recovery partition.

Once you have Logical partition you can add as many sub-partitions as desired until you run out of remaining letters.

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My new external HDD has 3 logical drives
- no Primary partitions

The three logical drives are J,K, L + one unallocated area
I cannot save files directly onto any of the logical drives

I can ... 1. create folders directly onto the drives
2, not save files directly onto the drives
3. save files into folders on the drives J, K, L
4. save files directly onto C:\ but not directly onto J, K, L drives
I am a newbie to partitioning and using Mini-Tool to create partitions
- determined to work it out for myself but now I need help

Q1:What have I done wrong ... or what am I missing ?

A:Cannot save files onto logical drive (partition)

Well; one of the quirks with windows 7; is that even if your user name is set as administrator; you need to "add" your user name to the administrators group in order for you to obtain full access because for some odd reason; Microsoft decided to design the default access for administrators so that even with being a admin; unless your user name is a member of the actual admin group; then you will probably get errors like that. Try assigning your user name to the admin group then try and save and see what happens.

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I accidentally changed the partition that my Windows 10 boots from to a logical partition (I wanted to change anotherone because I reached the maximum of 4 primary partitions and wanted a 5th in order to install Ubuntu alongside Windows)I have a Windows 7 installation disc and an ubuntu installation disc and a 2nd PC running perfectly fine. I preferably don't want to reinstall Windows 7 and upgrade to Windows 10 again. I haven't installed Ubuntu yet, because I realized my Pc boots via UEFI and didn't know how to install Ubuntu with that.When I start my PC now it says "NTLDR is missing". What can I do?message edited by kenogo99

A:Change partition from logical to primary without Windows

Run this.How to use a Lazesoft Windows Recovery CD or USB device to fix the boot problems if your Windows operating system does not start correctly"It is very common for PC users to be faced with a Windows crash. When this happens, the dreaded 'Blue Screen of Death' pops up, or your PC has a black screen and can not boot or start up"Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition ( SS ) to Boot a Computer from a Lazesoft Recovery USB Device

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I have been asked to partition the hard disk in the following ways;

the hard disk should be partitioned such a way that, the user profiles need to be a separate partion not in os installed partition say 'C: drive';

but in another partition say user(E: ); for this i figured out that need to automate this process someway in a form of text file, which will be used while installation;

please somebody lead/instruct me regarding this; i am just now into system administration;

and the OS of systems can be windows XP,2000,2003,98

thanks in advance!

A:windows xp/2000 setting/customizing up logical drives

anyone care to answer my query please!

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My motherboards is M5A97.
I was in windows 7 home prem partition and os, preparing partitions to install win7 pro.
I went to Disk Management and deleted a non-system (logical partition). It was taking forever (over 10 minutes) to delete that partition. I then tried to open C: (where windows 7 home premium is located) adn it was taking forever to open that partition.

So I restarted.

Now it boots to the 'Press DEL to enter UEFI BIOS settings' and doesn't go beyond that. I can't even enter BIOS!! WTF!! Help!

My life is on that hard drive. I have already been devising ways to salvage all data from that hard drive which is 100% imperative.

Let's see...before deleting the 200gb logical partition Disk Management said that that is used by other services. I still deleted it (and then it took forever, and restarted and now this).

I have unplugged all USB peripherals except for keyboard.

Any Ideas? Please help. Not being able to enter BIOS is odd.

My hunch is maybe 'partially deleting that one partition, 'vari') may be making the startup extremely slow or snagged.

Now, another very odd symptom is the keyboard lights (showing the enter del for uefi bios screen) only illuminate for 1second when I press a key on the keyboard and then they turn off.

WHAT THE HECK is going on? How do I fix this? I need my computer to operate.


A:Motherboard not Loading BIOS - Deleted a Logical Partition

I have considered taking out that internal hard drive, popping it into an external case, and using laptop to delete that partition and troubleshoot that hard drive possible (the HD has about 8 partitions - 2 primary, 1 scratch, and logicals).

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Hello everyone. I'm new to Techguy forums and I hope you can help me in finding a possible solution to this problem. The problem began when I set up a dual-boot between Windows 7 and Sabayon Linux. Before I installed Linux, I had allocated the maximum of 4 primary partitions: A small system partition for Windows 7, the Windows 7 partition, a Toshiba recovery partition that came with the laptop, and a separate NTFS partition that I used to put all my important documents and media. In order to install Linux, I moved all my important files to the Windows partition, and then I replaced the NTFS partition with an extended partition. On the extended partition, I created boot, root and swap partitions for Linux in addition to an NTFS partition for my files which I can access from Windows. I created a GParted Live USB and set up the partitions with no errors. I installed Linux and then booted into Windows to find that the new partition was there but Windows was extremely slow. I then rebooted and deleted the new partition and Windows worked smoothly again so I knew the partition was the problem. I don't understand why though. Shouldn't an extended partition be able to hold different types of logical partitions without any conflicts? I realize that I could delete the recovery partition and replace it with an NTFS partition there but I hope that will be a last resort only. My system specs are listed below. Any advice you can offer will be much appreciated. Thank you.

T... Read more

A:NTFS logical partition making windows 7 slow

The only thing I can think is to make the NTFS logical partition the first one in the extended partition.
Try to make sure the extended partition and the logical partitions are aligned on 4k boundaries.

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I have been searching for days around the net for a way to resolve this and haven't seen anything that can help me thus far, so hopefully one of you kind people may be able to help.....

I had a bit of a hard drive issue a few days ago.... my D: Drive disappeared... it's a partition on my Hard drive which I just use for music/photos etc.... it was there on Monday..... I did a full (Windows) back up (thank God) on Monday evening as I was planning on installing some software a few days later.....

I have an Acer 8920G running Windows 7.

Then on Tuesday my Acer proprietary media player needed lots of updates performed to it (it was the first time I had actually needed to play a Blu Ray disc in my laptop for over a year so I guess all the updates were successive).

When I rebooted for the final time, I noticed my D: drive was gone. Now, the thing is, I cannot be sure that the updates to the Acer Media Player was the issue but that is the only change that was made to the laptop since the back up.

I tried restoring my system back to a time point from Monday (when I knew the D: Drive was present)... still didn't come back. I then looked on Disk Management.... the only partition that is showing up with a letter is the C: drive.... there are three other partitions... the recovery one, another small one (not sure what that is) and then the 140GB one that says "Healthy. OME partition" or something like that.... I cannot assign a letter to it by right clicking on it ... Read more

A:Internal Hard Drive Logical Partition now missing...


What has happened to the space the old partition occupied? Is it unallocated space?

Could you please post a screenshot of your disk management window, and describe where the partition was?

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I have build in an SSD. The original partitions on the hard drive were C: (Primary), D: (logical), EL (logical) and F: (Logical) end the SSD as H: (primary) and I: primary). Booting the system was done from C: Now as I force my computer to boot from the HDD it still boots from HDD-C: When booting from the SSD I see C: being the SSD, from the HDD I in the explorer I see only the Original D: E: and F: drives. What I want to do is dividing the space now used by the HDD-S: among the D:, E: and F: partition. How can I achieve this without completely cleaning the whole HDD

A:How to remove a primary partition while keeping the logical partitions

It would really help if we could see a screenshot of Disk Management.

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Getting confused with my computer (Windows7-x64) that loses a logical partition on every reboot?? Firs time i just recovered the lost data and used the built in partition tool to reformat it and it went just fine until the next reboot I've seen that I am not the only one with similar problems but i came to a point when i am not sure of what to do so therefore I ask all of you for help.

My system is like: Disk 00=C:/-system, same disk contained logical partition E:/ that always disapere after a reboot??
The green one allways becomes "free space" after reboot?
I started to use TestDisk but came to a point where I am really unsure of how to proceed??
This is the point:
It is because the 2 and 5 seems to be the same but still different that confuses me?
In the step before this the lines where green as in the manual I followed but from this point I am lost?

Regards // Cricka

A:Solved: Logical partition lost after reboot, twise..

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HI im just new here, I want to ask someone who can help me out with regards to hard disk partitioning, I have a 500gb seagate HDD and its my first time to do partitioning thru the help from the net.I managed to do a partition and name it as B: Backup files used 60gb set as C:which installed a windows 7 on it uses 114gb of 254gb and i created another one E: as vista 151gb of 152gb which currently empty. I intend to install a vista here on E: but it is currently set to logical drive.Is it safe to delete this drive?when i try deleting it i had this prompt message: THIS IS AN EXTENDED PARTITION,THE PARTITION WILL BE INACCESSIBLE IF YOU DELETE IT.ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE IT? what's gonna happen if i continue to it??I want to creat a dual boot using a single HDD.i want to start again and create a new partition as primary partition. Please help!

A:Hard Disk Logical partition is safe to delete?

The reason you get this message is the limitation of 4 primary partitions per volume. The extended partition allows you to create many more partitions. If, however, you create 4 primary partitions, you are stuck with that maximum of 4.
You can delete this extended partition, just make sure you do not paint yourself into a corner creating 4 primaries (unless 4 is all you want).

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Hello, sorry for posting in an old thread, but I'm about to try this and I have a couple of questions before I do.

First, I'm on this hurr durr HP Pavillion g7 laptop, and for some reason, Windows 7 has corrupted beyond comfortable using (I cant reproduce .mp4 files anymore, photo viewer doesn't work anymore, most programs now say they have stopped when starting them, flash player crashes on all the browsers I have[but it works in windows Safe mode for some reason] and more things. I'ts perhaps a really dangerous virus or malware, as I already scanned my PC with Avast, MalwareBytes and SPyBot Search & Destroy and they don't pick anything up)

As with many factory built stuff, this laptop already has all the partitions in use (System, C:, HP_TOOLS and recovery) and I want to create another 'partition' by shrinking the C: drive to create space to make a new 'partition' so I can store all my documents/files there.

I want to do this because I have ton of stuff and I currently don't have access/can't afford an external HDD that can back up all I have.

I plan to reset Windows 7 to it's factory settings after making C: the logical partition to make it possible to add another 'partition' to store my files there.

So my question is:
Can I restore Windows 7, which is located ont eh C: partition to its factory settings with no problems to my other 'partition' which holds my files AFTER I have made C: a logical partition?

Can I restore C: to its factory settings after I ma... Read more

A:Restore Windows to factory settings on a logical partition

If you take the factory route it will either not work if you resize the partitions its looking for or you will need to use the 5 dvds you made when you bought it for the factory recovery and the disk method wipes the drive and recreates its partitions so that won't help you much. How much space do you need to store your stuff before the restore to factory, you could use a cloud service like google drive to store it temporarily if your cool with it being on there service. I used to own a g7-1365dx and it let you pick the option to restore the image but keep your files, but I would backup before attempting this anyways.

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Hi everyone.

I recently formatted my computer and decided to partition my hard drive 3 separate ways.

I have a primary partition ( C: ) with 30GB that holds Windows Vista (Running home premium).

I also have a logical drive ( G: ) with 80GB that is holding all of my programs

Now I also have two other drives, a primary partition and logical drive (They have no files on whatsoever).

I want to merge these two to hold my documents (music, video, etc).
Only problem is disk management won't let me do it and Partition magic would not work with vista when I installed it.

Does anyone know of a way to merge my primary partition and logical drive (they can be formatted)

I have already tried formatting one volume and extending the other.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Merging a logical drive with a primary partition

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Hi All,

I had intended to create a new partition by shrinking my C drive, to dual boot with the Windows 10 technical preview.

I appear to have changed my C drive from a primary to a logical partition. It still works perfectly and have no issues.

I did not install Windows 10 in case the partition created includes files necessary for Windows 7 to run.

Is it possible to delete the windows 10 partition I created then change the C drive back to primary without any data loss? From there could I also create a new logical partition or use the recovery partition to install Windows 10? Please see the attached picture for a preview of disk management which should clarify things further.

Thanks for all your help in advance!

A:Changing C Drive back to primary partition from logical

Hi Nick21 and welcome to Seven Forums,

I believe you can just right-click on your Windows 10 partition and select delete volume. That will make it into unallocated space which you can then extend your C drive to.

Then, when you want to install Windows 10, follow this tutorial. Windows 10 - Dual Boot with Windows 7 or Windows 8 - Windows 10 Forums


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I have Windows 7 SP1 and I should only move the users profiles (without the default profile) and the public folder in a NTFS logical partition.

I should modify the ACLs of the root directory (\) of the logical partition to still have a coherent and stable system or not? If so, how should I modify these ACLs?



A:Setting of the ACLs for the root directory of a logical partition

Read here: Move the Users Directory in Windows 7

I have not tried this so I would be very curious to see if it works for you or not. Make sure you have a good image backup before you do this so it's easy to recover if something goes wrong.

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My hard disk was partitioned into 1 primary partition[C drive of 28 GB] and 4 logical partitions[19.5, 39, 39 and 107 GB]. I want to delete one of the logical partition [19.5 GB] to increase the volume of C drive.
Is it possible??? Please help me out.

A:Delete a LOGICAL PARTITION to increase volume of C drive.

Hi Joe and welcome to Seven Forums.

The built in Disk Management might be able to do exactly what you want depending on where the 19.5GB partition is located in relation to the C: partition.

How To Access Disk Management in Windows 7

If the 19.5 partition is immediately to the right of the C: partition ( in other words, if the hard drive is set up as C: | 19.5 | 39 | 39 | 107 ) you could format or shrink the 19.5 partition changing it to unallocated space. Then the C: partition could then be extended to incorporate the unallocated space. It's a somewhat complicated process.

Resize a partition in Vista/Windows 7

Or you could use a different free utility called MiniTool Partition Wizard to do the same thing with a lot less hassle and without worrying about where the 19.5 partition is in relation to the C: partition. This tutorial shows exactly how to extend the C: partition.

Extend partition with partition magic software ? MiniTool Partition Wizard.

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I have a quad boot PC which has a very strange problem – when I boot directly into a logical partition, the other two logical partitions are recognised by windows as being primary. Let me explain. I didn’t want to use the MS boot manager, so I am using a 3rd party boot manager (OSL200), and what I did was to orignally make 3 primary partitions and an extended volume that contained 3 logical partitions.
I hid two of the 3 primary partitions, made the unhidden one active, and installed Windows on the active one. After installation, I unhid the next partition and did the same thing, so that each time I was installing windows into an active primary partition whereby the other two partitions were hidden. I installed XP into partition 1, and Windows7 Ultimate 64 bit into partitions 2 and 3. This worked absolutely fine. I set OSL2000 to hid the other primary partitions so when I booted into an OS I saw my boot drive as C: and three other drives, two of which were used for storing common data.
I then wanted to install a fourth OS, so I unhid partition 3, made it active and installed the fourth OS into partition 4 (a logical drive). However, the problem here was that to get into partition 4, I had to use the OSL2000 to boot into partition 3, and then use the MS boot manager to boot into partition 4. Even though I had OSL2000 hide the primary partitions, when booting into partition 4 partition 3 (the active partition) was still visible. (Other than this, there was... Read more

A:Booting directly from logical partition causes strange problem

The problem is that the System partition must be marked Active to point to the paritition intended to boot Win7. Only a Primary partition can be marked Active.

I would Mark Partition Active your main Win7 install on a Primary partition, uninstall the unknown boot manager we've never heard of here at the home of Win7, run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times to move the System flag to it until it starts, then install EasyBCD (click Download - no Name or Email required) to add the other OS's.

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How does suspicious Unallocated logical partition shows up suddenly?

I have a black screen during start up issue. I posted a thread (long story). I have Lenovo Z580 Laptop. I did not add any hardware or alter HDD configuration after factory install.

Win 7: Black screen on boot up, before login screen?

As this community, provided guidance on my thread. I created a Win 7 repair disk using another computer with Win 7, 64 bit.

With community help. I run the partition Wizard on this Z580 and leaned that a suspicious 201.87 MB Unallocated logical partition shown in Partition Wizard.

As this unallocated - 200 MB sitting as 5th partition and violates MBR characteristics and cause booting issue.

How does suspicious Unallocated logical partition shows up suddenly?

If some "unauthorised" program as well be a game that was tried on this machine
- tried to create its own partition, failed and left the debries. Naturally it
should have tried to grab some space from the other legit partitions.

I have three(3) user logins in this laptop such as Admin, Local user1, Local user 2. The regular use of this computer was with Local User 1 primarily, that does not have admin rights to install/configure disk partition etc .

This suspicious Unallocated logical partition does shows up in DISKPART thru win 7 repair disk.

How does an "unauthorised" program/games alter t... Read more

A:How does suspicious Unallocated logical partition shows up suddenly?

You can use partition wizard n consume that unallocated space by extending the partition bfore it

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Hi, just installed a fresh copy of Win 7 pro 64 on a drive reclaimed from a laptop which had Win 7 Home Premium 32 previously.

The drive is partitioned C through G. Apart from reformatting C: during the install of Win 7 pro 64 nothing else was deleted/changed on the drive as it holds a lot of data.

After doing all the updates and installing a few programs (which aren't installed on c:\) - I tried to do a backup image - I had to uninstall a couple of programs as these were forcing the inclusion of the programs partition in the backup and was I subsequently able to deselect it.

However Backup was including a partition which I only use for temporary files. I changed the user/system environment variables so Temp/TMP is back on C:\ but after rebooting backup is exclusively including it as a System drive.

I looked in disk manager and this partition was labeled as "Primary" when I know it was created as a Logical drive initially. I deleted the partition in Disk manager and was then able to run a backup just on the Reserved and C: drives as desired.

I then used a 3rd party tool to recreate the partition as a logical drive thinking that was the problem, but Backup still wants to exclusively include it.

The only thing is the problem partition used to be "D" when it was in the laptop and is now showing as "G" - I was having problems with the laptop the drive came out of and had booted into a USB drive at some point and I think that changed the drive l... Read more

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Win7, XP Dual boot- Install OS's to logical or primary partition? Pros and Cons
As many of you know here some versions of Win7 create a "100 /200mb System Reserved" partition which the Win7 installer installs the boot files to.
(Because of this Win7, XP don't "have to" be on a primary partition but instead can be installed to logical partitions.)
Q: What are the PRO's and CON's of installing to logical partitions, instead of primary - as it applies to these (2) OS's?

My concerns are reliability, accessibility to partition (OS) which may need manual editing to restore to working condition, being able to image, restore from images without issues via Acronis True Image mostly.

My other main concern is I'm looking to HIDE the "system reserved" partition in XP as is done by the Win7 OS so XP is on "C" instead of "D" as some programs freak out if they don't see "C", but D instead.

Currently I have:

System Reserved 200mb (System, Active-Primary)
Win7 on first logical (Boot, page,crash)
XP PRO SP2/3 on 2nd logical
DATA on Primary.

Was thinking about deleting all partitions (again) and getting rid of the 200mb system reserved partition as "some" programs in XP might not like being on "D:\"

(XP unlike Win7 "sees" the System reserved partition as "C:")

Scenario#2 - re-install as below:
XP PRO SP2/3 (1st Primary)- Win7, XP boot files
Win7 (2nd Primary)
DATA on Primary (or ... Read more

A:Win7, XP Dual boot- Install OS's to logical or primary partition? Pro

Read the guide! Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

When XP is installed onto the first primary followed by 7 afterwards on a second the 7 boot files taking over as the default OS in the process are found at the root of the XP primary being already present. When booted in 7 you simply select the drive letter to be used for XP when going into the Disk Management tool to make that partition available.

Typically D is best reserved for the optical drive leaving E, F, G, as the suitable alternatives for a second OS's drive letter. Having two dvd burner here any secondary install on a second drive is bumped upto G while flash drives may be seen as F since D and E are reserved for the two opticals.

IF 7 is installed before XP as detailed in Method #2 you can opt to prepare the primary prior to the 7 install using the drive tools on the 7 dvd, Disk Part, or some 3rd party drive partitioning program. If the 7 dvd's drive tools are used to create the primary you will then likely see the 100mb reserved if proceeding right into the fresh install.

To avoid seeing the 100mb as a separate partition you either cancel the install once the primary is made to reboot and reload the installer to use the custom install option or prepare the primary ahead of time with another option for 7 install to that alone and no 100mb reserved is seen.

The option for not seeing XP available of course would be installing XP after 7 but then need to repair the 7 startup but need to add XP in... Read more

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Under Windows 7, I've been trying to figure how to extend the end of an extended partition while leaving intact its containing logical volumes.

With Disk Management it does not work.

Diskpart also does not help me any further. With Diskpart, I can make the extended partition the focus (*) of operation but Diskpart refused to do anything, and is requesting a volume to operate on an not a partition itself.

Would there be any trick in Diskpart to do the job?

Is there any third party sofware who could extended an extented partition while leaving its logical volumes untouched?


A:How to extend an Extended Partition; leave logical volumes intact

Try Partition Wizard, it's free for home users

Best Free Partition Manager Freeware for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP 32 bit & 64 bit. MiniTool Free Partition Manager Software Home Edition.

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I encountered a problem where i could not see the Logical Extension of my formated HDD, i looked on the net with no result so using my hands + 2 cans of Cola i got the the bottom
Problem: If u CAN NOT see the ( D,E,F, ) whatever it was in XP before you re-installed to Windows 7,

Problem : Logical Extension (partition) Not showing

=Start button ( the round thingie now)
=Right click on "Computer" - Manage (yes allow if are not admin)
=The second from bottom to the left is "Disk Management" - click it
=Find the "Missing Partiton" and right click it
=Change Drive letter and paths
=Add - Assign the Following Drive Letter ( select a letter you like)
and Restart
=Problem solved

= If not contact Microsoft, it worked for me =

A:Logical Extension (partition) Not showing Hard Disk touble

welcome Jagkondr to the forums
yeah this was already made in a tutorial
Hard Disk Partition Letter Missing in Windows 7 - Fix

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As title states. I was just wondering if this is normal / why does it occur?

I have added a second hard drive to my computer (1TB) and I'm trying to format it with a single logical partion. I've told Partiton Wizard to create a single partition but it always leaves 15.75MB unallocated at the begining of the drive. I'm not worried about losing 15MB but I would like to know why it's there? Is it how hard drives/Windows/Partition Wizard work, or something else?

If I try formatting it with a single partition but as "active" instead of logical, it lets me use the whole thing.

Screenshots of Partition Wizard, the 1TB drive is Disk 2:

Drive with unallocated space

Try to resize partition to use whole disk

Resize attempt gives same result

Deleting the partition and creating a new one as Primary allows the whole thing to be used

Edit: Just tried again and I'm getting the same effect but with 7.88MB unallocated (half of what it was before). I haven't changed anything, just closed Partition Wizard and opened it again.

Edit 2: I got rid of that unallocated space by using the move/resize option and unchecking "Using enhanced data protecting mode". Still interested in an explanation if anyone knows how it was doing whatever it was.

A:Small amount of unallocated space left when creating logical partition

its normal, its 10mb on my SSD in my gaming rig

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My nt server is having multiple logical partitions,and all are formatted in NTFS.One of the partition is showing incorrect free space,i mean if i add the size of the files on that partition manually,the occupied space is much less than its showing in the disk properties window.There is no space used in this partition for paging also.

A:NTFS Logical partition showing incorrect free disk space

1) This link will give you part of the answer

how far off are you?

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will the 9 series make the $220 8800gts drop to something like $100 or will it still be $200?

A:Will the 9 series cards make the 8 series cards cheaper?

eventually, and then the 10 series will do the same to the 9 series, rinse and repeat. basically as long as its one of the fastest cards the gts will be expensive, when it becomes obsolete (relatively) its price will drop.

from the question i assume you are looking to upgrade, if you want to only spend $100 then i'd say your best bet is an OCed 7600 GT, lotsa bang for your buck, i can run FEAR with pretty high settings with just one of them.
but really, what are you looking for?

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Hello,I'm searching for a new CPU, GPU or APU for my hp pavilion g7.Primary, i bought an g7-2335sf with Intel Pentium Inside, Intel Graphics HD and 4 Go of RAM, 1 month after, my mom bought an g7-2302sf with AMD A-4300M, Radeon HD Graphics 2500 Mhz with 4 go of Ram. I asked her for change our motherboard, she accepted and i started to change the motherboard. 4 months later i bought 4 Go RAM DDR3 in crucial site. And with that i didn't have an "good" configuration, i've searched my CPU socket but i didn't find it. I'm now asking to you and i hope that i have some help.  Modèle HP Pavilion g7 Notebook PCRéférence (SKU) du système D2G02EA#ABFVersion 10.0.10586 Numéro 10586Type PC à base de x64Version du BIOS/Date Insyde F.27, 12/04/2013Version du contrôleur embarqué 57.53Mémoire physique (RAM) installée 8,00 GoProcesseur AMD A4-4300M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 2500 MHz, 2 c?ur(s), 2 processeur(s) logique(s) Thanks for help.Eric. Edit : Finded my socket with CPU-Z : FP2 (827) but always in searching for better CPU

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so my fan is loud and doesn't stop running. it starts to run when the OS (vista home premium 32bit) is loading. i tried updating the BIOS, doubling my memory and using compressed air to blow out "fluffies", and nothing seems to work. But I'm not even sure what's really wrong with it. someone help me please I use it at school for notes, and during class all you would hear is the professor and my laptop Is it a hardware issue like could i just replace the fan or the heatsink or whatevs, or do i need to send it to HP's repair center (worst ever!!!) it's still under warranty

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screenkeeps reverting to monitor while i play games can anyone help me to solve this problem

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How do I make the second partition, which includes all files from another hard drive, pretend that it is the main partition? I want to simulate the second partition being my main one for a while.


How do I resize system partitions?

I am in deep trouble...

A while ago I made a hard drive image with Drive Snapshot ( A few days ago my hard drive crashed and I certainly want to restore it. Although, I can't afford waiting for a new hard drive, and I want to restore it to another computer instead. My goal is to be able to boot into the old system with all programs and settings intact!

- A stationary computer where the hard-drive snapshot resides (300 gb)
- A crashed laptop computer (38,7 gb)
- A target stationary computer with two partitions: (system c: 38,8 gb, d: 38,6 gb)

The problem is I cannot restore the 38,7 gb image file to the d: partition as it is 0,1 gb too small!!

I cannot use the 300 gb computer, and I cannot afford to delete the system partition of the target computer! I see only two options:
1. Resizing the partitions on target computer
2. Mounting the snapshot-image as a virtual drive (done), and copy all files but the movie-files etc to D:

Problems encountered:
1. This is impossible as the C: is the system partition and they cannot be made smaller with programs like Acronis PartitionExpert...
2. Although all files but the movies are copyed, I cannot make it boot!
(method: I use a virtual pc that m... Read more

A:How to make second partition bootable / restore hd image when partition is too small?

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currently I am using vista ultimate. I have only one partition (C:)

i want to install vista home premium onto (C:) but my dvd/cd drive does not work. I do not have (or want to use) a portable DVD/CD drive to reformat.

Im thinking of creating another partition (D:) and then transfering the "bootable folder for home premium", from another computer to (D:) via usb drive.

Can I boot from this new partition (D:) and reformat (C:)?


A:HELP! No CD Drive, want to make recovery partition to format main partition

Hi -

Shrink the HDD -->

However, Vista must be installed from DVD.

Regards. . .



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I've had my Toshiba Sat 1900 laptop for about 1 ½ years now and I'm starting to get a few problems with it. I find that the computer is running slow, the monitor is acting weird when I scroll up and down I'm getting a wigly/wavy look from the screen (pixel problem?) and it just doesn't work as good as it did.

I've been told laptops don't last as long as a desktop pc. Is this true?

What should I do about my laptop with these problems? thanks.

A:Toshiba Satellite 1900 series Notebook

Have you ever used any utilities to clean out garbage from:


Temp Files

Internet files/Cookies




etc, etc, etc

How much free space is available on your HD?

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hope someone can help out here. I have rediscovered an old laptop I had laying around and thought to be great to have it set up for my 6 year old son. Now all ok etc just one last thing I just can't get sorted. Tis the sound. So now below is the link for the sound driver but for the life of me I don't have a 1.44" floppy drive to download this to.

Is there a way around this or can someone download this for me and...."unzip it" and mail to me?

Please assist

A:Compaq LTE 5000 Notebook PC series SOUND

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HP Pavilion 15-ab100 Notebook PC series (Touch)
Model # is 15-ab144cy  Serial # is (removed content) and Product ID is 9NE06UA

Notebook was purchased in February 2016 via QVC channel on cable.  (Home Shopping Channel) in US.

A few days ago, the notebook failed to power up.  Not a Windows problem.  It does not get that far. 
It would appear this is failing the "power on" test, as there is a series of 3 long beeps, but there is never any video displayed of any kind.  Obviously using the HP Support Assistant is not a viable option.
Can you advise where to connect with HP Support or how to address this issue since the notebook is only a few months old???

A:HP Pavilion 15-ab100 Notebook PC series (Touch)

 Fill out the form here to start a support ticket. You will be given a phone number to call.

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Product name: HP Pavilion G7-B5Z48UAOperating system: Windows 8 64 bit I purchased this computer about a month ago, and it was fine. A few days ago, I noticed that several of the keys (g,h,',backspace, 8) were not working. After the computer has been on for a few minutes, they start to work. This lasts for about a minute or two, then they stop working again. 

A:G,H,Backspace Keys Not Working- G7 Series Notebook

Hello Lorelly, Take a look at this page and follow the troubleshooting steps to update your BIOS.  The latest version (F.23) was released less than 25 days ago. Please let me know if this helps resolve your issue.Good luck! 

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**Long post**

Hi, have a bit of a problem and would appreciate some (or alot) of help.

I have an HP Pavilion dv4000 series, DV4388EA to be exact, where my CPU seems to be seriously overheating, while playing games that don't really require that much processor speed.

Now i noticed that my current cpu-fan works quite at a slow RPM rate, and i'd like to speed it up, as this, i think, would definitely solve the overheating problem. The problem is that i tried various software programs like FanSpeed, NHC and the like, and NONE of them can detect my fans, because both tell me that my ACPI is not configured. They can detect the temperatures and stuff like that, but can't access or detect fans.

My idle CPU temperature is anywhere from 56-59C, and when playing games it rises rapidly up to 75-82C, where my FSB automatically drops by half, thus slowing down performance and drastically reduces playability of the game. Or sometimes the computer just plainly reboots....

Now, the ONLY reason i can think of why my ACPI is not configured is because i changed the default BIOS that came with the system, with the new and supposedly supported PhoenixBIOS version. Now, when i go and check BIOS, there is absolutely NOTHING i can change. The only interactable things in bios are checking temperature, doing quick scans of my HDD and turning bluetooth/USB on/off... that's it.

So should i restore my previous (if rather old, year 2005) bios and see if that helps, ... Read more

A:Can't access fan controll on HP DV4000 series notebook.

Oh yeah, or a solution to configure ACPI

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Just wanted to see what kind of performance I can expect with this machine as far as multi-tasking goes. Ideally, I want to be able to burn blu-ray disks, download videos, and watch youtube vids all at the same time. Am I asking too much, or are my expectations too unrealistic? Also, I am new to Windows 7, and I am coming from XP Pro. Do you guys/gals have any helpful tips for navigating 7, or what can you tell me about some of the cooler features that 7 has over XP.

Here are some key specs:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Intel Core i7 740QM
1920 x 1080 16.4" screen
500GB 7200rpm HD
6GB DDR3 1333MHz
blu-ray burner 6x BD-R, 4x BD-R DL, 2x BD-RE DL

And here is a link to the exact model I just got,

A:Just ordered a Sony VIAO F series notebook

It looks more than capable for those basic needs... my only potential problem is that its a Sony... but Good luck!

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I recently bought a HP 15-AC157CL, I HATE THE NON-CONTROL and all the info that Microsoft wants to gather.  Will the drivers provided on the support page (Windows 7 Drivers) work if I downgrade to Windows 7?  I HATE WINDOWS 10.  I also hate having it rammed down my throat by Microsoft.

A:Can I run a HP 15-ac000 Notebook PC series (Touch) on Window...

Hi, Yes, HP supplies all drivers for Windows 7: Regards.

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We have a new HP Premium 15.6 Notebook and it works well, but has a very annoying habit of making a series of about 3 beeps (in a sort of descending tone pattern) several times when the computer is started, Any suggestions about how to get rid of the noise?

A:New Notebook makes a series of beeping noises

SMKWL Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Beeping sounds are produced during something known as Power On Self Test (POST) and indicate that something serious is wrong with the hardware!  Most likely, something you can not easily fix.You should not be having problems with a PC this new.While this PC is still under warranty, you should contact HP Customer Support directly to have them put you in touch with HP Technical Support to see what they can do about diagnosing and repairing your machine remotely.I did this recently and the HP Tech was able to remotely access my PC from the Internet and do the needed repairs.If HP can not fix it, then you should be able to insist on a replacement -- at no charge!If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".===============================================================... Read more

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I have two hdds (500gb 7200rpm) in my laptop and have 260gb of data on the second one. I wanted to create a partition for games at the beggining of the 2nd drive (the left side) as i heard it increased performance to put games in anoher drive and at the beggining of the drive.

My question is:
Will it make difference to make a partition at the beginning or at the end of this drive when it comes to gaming performance?
Will option three help me with this?

My cousin showed me one game in the same drive installed in the 1st of four partitions of a 500gb 7200rpm (the same i have) performing with 3-5 fps more than that game installed in the 4th partition of that same drive....

Any thoughts?

I dont know... any thoughts?, or maybe just a bug in the version installed in the 4th partition?

A:Will it make difference to make partition at beginning or end of HDD?

The only appreciable speed difference with OS drives is to upgrade to an SSD large enough to install OS and programs on, link to data on secondary HD via libraries.

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I accidently deleted :

- Drive C partition
- System partition (100mb)
- MBR partition

when i was trying to install fresh windows 7.

now i only have :

- Disk 0 Unallocated Space
- Disk 0 Partition 1: Data (Drive D)

when i try to make new partition in Unallocated Space, it says

"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style."

Please, can anyone help me to fix this?
And i need my Drive D untouchable. (not to be deleted)

A:Deleted C drive, system and MBR partition. Can't make new partition

Try to define a primary active partition in the allocated space. Use the bootable CD of Partition Wizard - it is the last box on the website. Burn that .iso to CD and boot with the CD. Here are How To tutorials.

Technical Support of free partition magic, partition manager servre, partition software and partition magic server - Partition Wizard

Then you should be able to install into that partition.

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Asus A555LA A Series XX2064D 90NB0652-M32310
Core i3 (5th Gen) - (4 GB DDR3/1 TB HDD/Free DOS) Notebook

order placed. product will be received shortly.

the asus website is listing only windows 10 64 bit and windows 8.1 64 bit, for driver downloads.

so can windows 7 be installed in this notebook?

if it can be installed, where should i get the drivers from?

i believe the laptop comes with a driver cd. but i think those drivers are for windows 8.1.

sorry if something is wrong or incorrect. this is my first post here.

A:can windows 7 be installed on asus A series notebook A555LA?

Most likely not because of missing drivers. The required drivers are probably not available - from anywhere.

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my laptop has no power,

how can i book a repair?

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I have run into problems finding the right driver to fix my MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-861H ATA Device, and I need instant help to resolve this issue, Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your prompt and usual help.

A:HP Pavilion dv6000 and/or dv6500 Series Notebook PC' CD/DVD Not Not detected

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