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Modifying monitor drivers HELP! :(

Q: Modifying monitor drivers HELP! :(

Hey, im a gamer and i must have my 120 hz on my crt but im bottle necked by this annoying 85 hz... I have a DELL M992 monitor and my drivers are outdated for 32bit and im on a 64bit windows 7, i read a guide where you can modify your .inf file so it reads it. The inf was 32 bit but i think im doing it wrong can anyone help me out... This is the link to my drivers (multiple files) Drivers and Downloads

Heres the .inf file:
;M992.INF 03/27/02 Ver. 1.0 PCC
;Copyright 1996-2002 Dell Computer Corporation
;This is a setupfile for M992
DriverVer=03/27/2002, 1.0




; Manufacturers

; Manufacturer sections
%M992%=M992.Install.NTamd64, Monitor\DEL300E

; Install Sections

AddReg=M992.AddReg, 1600, DPMS

; AddReg & DelReg sections




; AddReg sections

DISK="Dell Computer Corp. Monitor Installation Disk"
Dell="Dell Computer Corp."
M992="Dell M992"
What i changed


; Manufacturer sections
%M992%=M992.Install.NTamd64, Monitor\DEL300E

And i also added

Is there something i am missing out on that needs to be there?? and also since im having the hardest time installing these drivers, does anyone know of a way i can get past the bottle neck 85 hz for my monitor i want to be able to run at 120hz ingames.

A: Modifying monitor drivers HELP! :(

In my personal opinion, gamer to gamer.
Unless you ant to destroy 1 or more of three things, The os, video card or the monitor itself.
I wouldn't play with drivers. Leave it to the pros. You may be able to find a third party driver that would work though

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Im doing this for my Dad, so i have absolutely no idea how to describe the problem but i figured this place was my best shot as google is giving me no results on my query.
There appears to be no monitor drivers installed on the pc... and its running from the bare minimum settings. I think the refresh rate is set at a low low low setting, because lets say, if i move a window by dragging it across the screen, its all choppy, doesnt move smoothly at all... sort of like it jumps every half a second until i stop moving my mouse, then stops. The same with when i'm scrolling in internet explorer... smooth scrolling doesnt exsist! lol

I figured it was a driver problem seeing as there wasnt one installed. So i found the disk with the drivers on, and followed the instructions, which were as follows:
"Right Click" the mouse anywhere on the "BLANK" area on the desktop and click on PROPERTIES.
Click the SETTINGS tab and then click ADVANCED.
Click the MONITOR tab and then click PROPERTIES.
On the HARDWARE UPDATE WIZARD, select Install from a list of specific location (ADVANCED) then click Next.
On the following window, click on HAVE DISK.
Type “D:\ENGLISH\DRIVERS” (Where “D” is the drive letter of your CD ROM Drive) on INSTALL FROM DISK window then click on OK.
Highli... Read more

A:Solved: Can't install monitor drivers for AOC flat screen monitor

Additional monitor drivers are usual not needed. What do you have for a video adapter and are those drivers installed? Right click on My Computer choose Properties/Hardware/Device Manager. What information is listed under Video Adapters?
Also what are your screen resolution and refresh settings?

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Hi, my father-in-law just upgraded to win 7. And one of the things he does not like is how the task bar deals with application windows.

Specifically. He wants me to make it so that if he has more than three application windows open they will not all be in the same icon in the taskbar. But wants it that when say IE reaches three or more open windows a new icon will open up in the taskbar with the fourth window.

Is it possible?

Does anyone understand what I mean exactly?

A:Need some help with Modifying Win 7's UI

I know what you mean but do not know if that is possible
All the open windows are in one icon. You can put the mouse on the icon and see all the windows.
If you want a new browser, you can right click on the Icon. I for one find that very convenient.

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Hey there,

I was wondering if any of you know of an easier way to change your WarCraft 3 cd key (that is, rather than reinstalling the game)?. With some games you just have to edit a registry key, I can't seem to find that with wc3, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

A:modifying cd-key for wc3


Why do you want to edit the CD-Key? If its to alter a date, to enable a Demo or a cracked game to be played longer, then thats against forum rules.

If not, can you explain further?



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I performed these actions a good while ago buy removing the ei.cfg file to make a universal Windows 7 and Vista DVD, only to run it by the guys on the microsoft site and they told me that i was modifying the windows installation files and that it was illegal to copy or modify and of the files on the DVD even if i purchased them. WHICH I HAVE.

I argued that it was ok to at least make 1 copy of each but i got let say shouted at and banned from the forum.

would just like to say that my personal belief is if i purchased them they were mine to whatever with, but apparently not.

I dont want to get into a heated debate about this but would like to know what you guys think.

Edit [z3r010]
Posts moved from -

A:modifying ei.cfg

Quote: Originally Posted by HannibalUK

I performed these actions a good while ago buy removing the ei.cfg file to make a universal Windows 7 and Vista DVD, only to run it by the guys on the microsoft site and they told me that i was modifying the windows installation files and that it was illegal to copy or modify and of the files on the DVD even if i purchased them. WHICH I HAVE.

I argued that it was ok to at least make 1 copy of each but i got let say shouted at and banned from the forum.

would just like to say that my personal belief is if i purchased them they were mine to whatever with, but apparently not.

I dont want to get into a heated debate about this but would like to know what you guys think.

Maybe they are right but seems that a ban is kinda harsh. If you are making it to sell on ebay then that would be wrong.

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Hey, I know this isn't really hardware stuff, but I was wondering, is there any way or any program to edit or extract the contents of a .RAW file?

A:Modifying .raw

winrar just google it

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I have a Compusa 17 inch Monitor, sku 189150
Does anybody know where I can get the drivers for this?


A:drivers for my monitor

CompUSA does not really make monitors. It is probably some rebranded thing from a real monitor manufacturer. Look at the sticker on the back for some model or serial number that could hint the real company that made it.

Strictly speaking you don't need drivers for a monitor. Just choose any decent monitor from the list Windows gives you and force that. Then just try out the refresh rates and resolutions to see which ones actually work with your monitor.

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I am looking for drivers for my Ipex 15inch monitor.

A:Drivers for my Monitor

You should be able to use the windows default drivers for this, but here's the link anyway.

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Been trying to get an older system put together to learn LINUX and can't find Monitor/screen resolution drivers for Samsung's Samtron 77V s monitor. Samsung's site doesn't even acknowledge that they ever built it. I can plainly read the model number, serial number and the date of manufacture on the plate at the back and the admonition that Samsung will sue the bejesus out of any one who illegally modifies or otherwise alters, tries to alter or deface the equipment.

Any help out there? I'd like to get up to about 1040 by 768 on it. While it was attached to a PC in the office it ran at that resolution, or even tighter.

A:Monitor drivers

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Hey guys, in device manager i seen that i have the average plug and play display driver and i was wondering if there is need for me to download my monitor driver from acer ( Acer al1916W) and what does that driver actually do.? better res.?


A:Monitor Drivers

I've installed Dell drivers for mine in the past but never really see any benefit to be honest. Whether on VGA or DVI.

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Well found the first thing wrong with the CP Review; it doesn't support "Plugable's" USB device used for supporting three or more monitors. Checked on Plugable's website and downloaded the new drivers, albeit that was a no go. Left a message on there site will see what comes of it in a couple of days.

. . .boowho, now I am without three monitors. It makes me sad.

Edit: Plugable now has "Beta" drivers for their device. Thus far all is working just fine. It is good to see Win 8 working on three monitors.

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I just made a clean install of Windows Vista and I was going through the process of installing drivers from diffrent CDs when I found a CD for my NEC monitor. I have a MultiSync EA231WMi monitor. I inserted the CD and found that there is a folder named Drivers and inside that folder there are 3 additional folders named according to the model number; E222W, EA221WMe, EA231WMi. The EA231WMi folder contains following files:

What am I supposed to do with these files?...

Do I really need these files? I mean, my monitor is working, so what is there to install?... what is there to "drive"?


A:Do I need drivers for my NEC monitor?

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I recently switched my monitor driver to the Plug and Play driver, but have now switched it back to the optiquest v73 driver. The problem is that now it will NOT let me select as many colors or as many pixels as I had before. For example, the list only goes up to "High Color" when previously I had "True Color." Yet even when I select High Color and then reboot, I am still in 256 colors. Similar problem with resolution.

The driver I am using is called MONITR11.INF; it also tells me I am using an "Optiquest V73 on NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 440", which is true.

Aditionally, shutting down now causes Windows to close and the screen to turn black, but not the tower to turn off.

I believe I have done nothing with the video card or its drivers that could have caused this.

A:Monitor Drivers: Act II

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I'm using a gereric monitor. I'm having problems getting my video card to work. Do i maybe need new drivers for my monitor. I'm trying to install a ati graphics pro turbo mach64 gx card. my resolution looks like junk all of a sudden. i got scanlines and everythings all 16 color looking. i'm using windows 98. and running a pentium III.

A:Monitor Drivers

The driver for the video card should be all thats needed. If you have installed that, the problem is probably in the settings within that video cards program

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hey ya'll.. i have a compaq monitor 171 fs i cant get the settings to work in the settings.. i need the driver for this monitor if any one knows where i can get on i would apr. it im running win 98

A:monitor drivers

Found this one at drivers guide


Device Type:

Compaq 171FS

File Name:

60429 bytes

Windows 95a

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Hello guys and gals

I recently bought a second monitor for a steal (19" LG). I have been studying up before I actually wanted to install it. Many places say that you need to install the monitor drivers and other places say you don't. So my questions is that have any of you had experience hooking up a second monitor, and if you in fact need drivers or not. When I purchased the monitor it came with no drivers.

Many thanks

A:Drivers for 2nd monitor?

it depends on the input sometimes too a (d-sub) or dvi monitor. (it will only be these two in this case as their wont be a HDMI cable for a 19" monitor)

I recommend you just plug it in, most of the time it will just work, seriously.
If it doesnt that's when you look for the drivers. How are you trying to plug it in, what input are you using? But before you do all this (just to make sure) update your display drivers and your graphics card software first because when you do this, it will eliminate the chances of having to do this later.

Im getting 4 monitors after I hook my pc up into SLI, 2 is fine for me atm. But monitors shouldnt be a problem.

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i just wondered if anybody could help. i have been searching for monitor drivers fro a dell trinitron D1526T-HS. i have just bought a second hand computer and monitor from seperate sources. my computer is a crix chip 333 cannot find any make on motherboard except P5Sd-AS rev1.0. have searched dell site and others with no luck. can anybody help.

many thanks

A:monitor drivers

Generally the Plug-n-Play Monitor Monitor driver supplied by Windows by default is just fine and most monitors do not require anything more. If you only have 16 Colors and a resolution of 640x480 then you may need to install teh Video Card drivers to get anything higher.

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I currently lost the driver for a monitor, and now I can only get 16 bits of color, how can i get the driver back with at least 256 bits of color? It is a packard bell monitor

A:monitor drivers

Its the video card rivers that you need . Look in device manager under video adapter for a red x or exclamation point. If so then you will need to reinstall its drivers.

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I've just installed ubuntu on my computer by creating another partition(which now is the first one).Initially win xp was on my 2nd part and boot.ini was on the first..Now the win xp partition is the 3rd and the boot.ini file is on the 2nd partition...yes I know it's all really messed up. So now i can boot in ubuntu but when I try to boot in win...I get the well known message:missing hal.dll. Of course hal.dll is where it's suposed to be(system32) and I think there is a problem with the boot.ini.I never "played" with the boot.ini file so I wanted to ask if incrementing partition numbers in the boot.ini file will solve the problem. I don't want my problem to get any worse . I atached a screenshot of what the boot.ini looks like now.
PLs help me.

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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone could help me?

I have a program which comes on two DVD's (app on first - documentation for help system on second)

I'd like to install the program with a USB key, and I have copied all the contents of both discs onto a suitable 8gb key. However -

after the app finished installing, it asks for DVD 2 rather than installing the dvd from the usb key.

Is there any way I can get it to see the second dvd's files on the USB key? I have been told that it is to do with the way the .ini files are configured.

So I'd like to ask, how do I modify the said file in order to allow me to install from a usb or custom iso from the original DVD media?

many thanks in advance.

A:Modifying .ini files

Show us the what's in the .ini file.

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Hello, all.

I have a WD Caviar HDD (IDE) which started to show an annoying message because one of its S.M.A.R.T. parameters (10 Spin retry count) went too far (well... at least, in the manufacturer's opinion).

The thing is that I have checked the drive with almost every software imaginable, and all of them report it is okay. I do not want to turn off the S.M.A.R.T. checking in my system (I have two more S.M.A.R.T. capable HDDs and I have been told that sometimes self-monitoring messages *are* useful, and besides that, I want to know if any other parameter changes in this "faulty" drive).

Is there any way to directly modify the "bad" S.M.A.R.T. parameter in the drive so that the buggy message disappear?

Thanks in advance,

-- J.M.

A:Modifying HDD S.M.A.R.T. parameters?

You are getting the error because the drive is drifting out of specs and probably will get worse and eventually fail. Smart is built into your computers systems bios so you can't change that. You can either replace the hard drive or turn off the smart in the computers bios and hope for the best. Usually a bad smart is enough to get you a replacement hard drive if it is under warranty.

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I already modified 3 ShellStyle.dll files (Aero Theme, Classic Theme x86, Classic Theme x64) to remove "Organize" bar from Explorer windows. But I also need to know what to modify to remove goddamned "Details" bar, as seen on this screenshot:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. If there is any registry entry I could edit instead of having to modify files directly, it would be even better.

A:Need help modifying ShellStyle.dll

Ok, problem solved, you can delete the topic. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I just got a Windows XP SP2 computer a couple days ago, so I'm still learning the ropes. I used to have a Windows 98 computer, so naturally I changed the Start bar style to "Classic," so that it was more familar. However, I've had one big problem that is really bugging the snot out of me: how can I organize the Programs menu according to my tastes? I don't like how Windows arranges it, and I have my own little system that I find useful and it was easy rearranging things with 98... use the Start Menu Advanced button to create and rearrange everything. But XP has it all screwy!

What I want to do: under "Programs," I want to take all of the sub-menus that are under "Accessories" and make them not be under Accessories, just under Programs.

My question: how do I delete, create, and rename folders, and move programs from one folder to another on the Start > All Programs menu? I tried right-clicking on the submenu I want to modify, but no right-click menu pops up like it did with Win98

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I posted before with a problem about dual booting and how Server 2003 overrode my Vista x64 boot partition. I can see the files on my machine, and when I try to open the Vista bootcfg file, Server 2003 tells me it is a valid boot file, but that it won't work on my "machine."

Does anyone know how I can effectively delete the Server 2003 partition or re-enable my Vista x64 bootcfg to the primary position without destroying my system and all my data files?

A:modifying bootcfg

Go into disk Management, and mark Vista Partition as "active", then delete server 2003 partition, then extend the Vista partition (if you choose).
start> right click "computer", select "manage">click "continue">click "storage-disk management">right click Vista partition and select "mark partition as active"

Go to msconfig and select boot and delete the 2003 entry.
start>in search, type msconfig>hot "enter">click "continue"> select "boot" tab

ReBoot into Vista advanced recovery utility (see below):

to fix vista bootcfg see this:

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I bought an HP Envy Phoenix 850qe and I was wondering how to change the LED color on the case. On the HP ENVY Phoenix page it says that it has  "HP LED Lighting Control for customizable lights", but I was unable to find any sort of software or information online on how to change the color. Is there something that I am missing?

A:Modifying LED color?

@rvismund?, Hello and thanks so much for posting on the HP support forums.  Here is a link to your system support page.  It will have all manuals, software and drivers for your system.HP ENVY Phoenix 850-000 Desktop PC series Please let me know how things go. Thanks again for posting and have a great day.

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Well i want to change the boot up screen on my Xp Home edition, I have downloaded the boot editor and have downloaded some boot screens from

One of them that i downloaded only had one file in the folder. The name of the file was ntoskrnl.exe. I know the file that i have to modify is (ntoskrnl.exe in the system32 folder)...

I was wondering if i can just delete the ntoskrnl.exe in the system32 folder and replace it with the other (ntoskrnl.exe that was downloaded from

So is it ok if i just replace the ntoskrnl.exe in the system32 folder with the one that i got off the internet (boot up screen from


A:Help on modifying ntoskrnl.exe

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today i recieved this error message...

Virtual Device Driver format in the registry is invalid...

so i looked it up and found a microsoft article detailing a solution but this is where i have a problem.


1.Start Registry Editor

2.Locate and click the following value:

3.On the Edit menu,click Delete.

4.On the Edit menu,click ADD Value.

5.Type VDD in the Value Name box,click REG_MULTI_SZ for the Data Type,and then click OK.

6.The Multi-String editor appears.Leave this entry blank and click OK.

7.Quit Registry Editor.

the problem is that i am unable to select REG_MULTI_SZ as the data type
I can enter VDD as the Value Name ok but there is no option to let me select REG_MULTI_SZ as a result the default Data Type for this Key is assigned to my newly created Value ,which is REG_SZ.

am i missing the obvious please help if you can


A:modifying one registry key

Are you using regedit.exe or regedt32.exe? There might be a difference. rededt32 allows the selection from a dropdown list.

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So, I was fooling in my Windows XP to change the regular day names around, from 'Monday' to 'Mundane' or something like that. So far, I've kinda figured out that I'll have to edit some locales in locale.nls (maybe) in a non-Notepad hex editor to properly change it. But that's when I got stuck.

Well, after backing up the original to 'locale.nls.backup', editing locale.nls and rebooting, I found out that the calendar have been garbled up with unreadable characters, and every single day in the week have its name messed up too. I have since restored the backup to return it to normal, but I got curious.

So, my question is, are there any proper way to modify/make a custom locale without ever screwing up like that? Or is there any slightly easier way to do it?

My Tsunday Sunday awaits.

EDIT: I edited the files via Ubuntu's GHex, does it still count as a Windows XP 'problem'?

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I recently downloaded the latest drivers from ViewSonic's page and isntalled them, and upon rebooting I had weird resolutions listed. Missing are 1024x768, 1280x1024, and 1600x1200. Instead I have ones like 1280x720, 1280x768, 1280x960, 1360x768, 1600x900, and 1600x1024. I Desperatly need my non-distorted resolutions back!! I have tried uninstalling the drivers and the device. I have also tried to just change to a Generic driver but the resolutions are the same. HELP!!!!
Monitor : ViewSonic A90f+ UltraBrite

A:ViewSonic Monitor Drivers

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I have an AOC Spectrum 7Glr monitor and i have just installed SP2 and the resolution and colour are wrong and when i go to display properties ->settings -> advanced -> monitor -> there is no option to change or update the driver.

All the tutorials i have found on website say to update from there - how can i install drivers to make this work properly?


A:Installing Monitor Drivers

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I am running Vista Home Prem.I use an 8800 GTS EVGA.I have the latest drivers for my 8800. I run 2 Viewsonic monitors. One is a VG900b and is fine. I also run a VX2235 digital monitor. Both monitors are listed in device manager by model. I manually installed drivers directly off of the discs.I have also downloaded Viewsonic's monitor drivers. I can't get my 22" to go to it's native resolution of 1680x1050.I have had these installed for a long time and working fine. When I ran a hard disc error check that is listed under tools under properties of my computer it erased my 22" and it's capabilities to operate @ native resolution. Another difference is that before I manually installed the VX2235, it was listed as a 'non plug and play monitor' under device manager. I have never seen that before. Does anyone know how to fix this? I am this close to going out and buying a new XP Pro disc.

A:Viewsonic monitor drivers?

Why not just uninstall the monitor drivers you installed and reboot and use the Vista drivers?

Start there.

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I've no idea what's going on here, but NONE of my drivers are updating and anything new I plug into a USB port, windows 7 won't have anything to do it.

I'm certain something is missing. I don't know if it's a virus or some kind, but I can tell you now that my install shield (64 bit) is missing.

What on earth is going on? It won't even recognise a new mouse or keyboard!

There really HAS to be a way of fixing it. I posted a few pictures about it but it seems strange that it won't even install a monitor properly???? The monitor I'm using now is still usable, but it doesn't have it's own driver and as a result some software won't work on it as it acts as a secondary monitor (although it works fine and is actually pretty darn good).

Is there a way around this? I've tried an update and windows still won't detect it!

Please help, reinstalling windows is a real pain as I have a custom made PC that my friend built (who has now moved away really far) so I have no idea how to reinstall the graphics card, do a proper partition, etc. And I know NOTHING about this. If I did it I may screw things up and lose all the saved stuff on my partition.

If someone could help out that would be much appreciated.



A:None of my drivers are updating! Not even my new monitor!

Seems like corrupted windows.Run SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker test.

If it doesn't solve your problem you can try repair install Repair Install

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Ever since I put on a new version of xp the display on the monitor flips when I scoll, as if with each scroll a new page appears. It is not a smooth steady scroll. I have been told that I need video drivers. My monitor is a 17in StarLogic. Is this true? If so where I can get them? franklingreen.

A:[RESOLVED] monitor drivers

Hello and Welcome to TSF

Lets get some info first.

Please elaborate on "put on a new version of xp ",
What do you mean by this?

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Hey Guys, I just bought a HP Pavillon desktop with a W1907 19 inch flat panel monitor. I've been using it for a couple of days and everytime that I turn it on a dialog box pops up stating that software has been detected. This software is the device drivers for the monitor, and it asks me if I would like to install them. But when I try to install them, an error message states simply that the installation failed due to an error. It doesn't even tell me what the error was! All it says is to go to the site of the company that made the monitor for support. So I go to the HP website, and try to download the driver from there. Lo and behold, it won't install AGAIN! It says it failed to install because an error occured. I cannot tell you how frustrated I am that this unit is ALREADY having problems, and that HP won't tell me what the error is! So can someone out there please help me?

A:Can't install drivers for my monitor

Have you tried going to the Event Viewer and check to see if there was a log of this error created?

Right click on My Computer > Manage > Event Viewer.

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My system is Win XP Home Edition SP3 and up to date. I have just bought and installed a new monitor an AOC 2436Pwa. I switched off my PC, plugged in the VGA cable at both ends and attached the power cable. Started PC and I have sound and vision, I inserted the Installation CD that came with the monitor and read through the various instructions. I went to install the driver on the disc and followed the instructions but when I am asked to choose the drive for the disc Windows tells me that there isn't anything there. Even when I browse to the disc drive I get the same result. Windows seems to be using the same plug and play driver as was used for my previous two monitors for this new one. Two questions, is it neccessary/better to install the drivers which came with the monitor instruction disc or and will it have any advantages or should I just leave it as it is?.

A:New Monitor Drivers won't install.

I have never had to use a montior driver. If it's not broke, don't fix it.

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i upgraded from windows 98SE to windows 2000 pro....i now cannot see all of my screen....i have an HP D5259a Pavilion M70 monitor...even doing a google search, i am unable to find a driver for this.....i didn't find one on anyone have any clues about where to go to find a driver?

A:HP Monitor drivers for win2k

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I just reinstalled XP on my computer, and I was previously using a Optiquest (Viewsonic) widescreen monitor. A used the included disc to reinstall the drivers after I reinstalled windows, and the software is unable to configure the drivers. The installer automatically opens a text file which tells me to open the hardware manager and open the "+" next to the Monitor. I don't seem to have a monitor on the list, and I'm not sure what to do. The correct screen size is not available from the display properties tab, presumably because I haven't configured it properly. Any ideas?


A:Cannot install monitor drivers....

Ethan88 said:

I just reinstalled XP on my computer, and I was previously using a Optiquest (Viewsonic) widescreen monitor. A used the included disc to reinstall the drivers after I reinstalled windows, and the software is unable to configure the drivers. The installer automatically opens a text file which tells me to open the hardware manager and open the "+" next to the Monitor. I don't seem to have a monitor on the list, and I'm not sure what to do. The correct screen size is not available from the display properties tab, presumably because I haven't configured it properly. Any ideas?

Thanks!Click to expand...

Hi Ethan.
Viewsonic is plug & play so once connected should self install and work.
Check it out here. Start / Control panel / Administrative tools / Computer management /Device Manager /Your Viewsonic should show up there.The disks that come with Viewsonic can be a little temperamental, Widows as all the viewsonic updates click onto windows updates use the custom setting and run,then in the left panel choose hardware will probably see the viewsonic latest update there and any more you may need for your PC.
Good luck

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Hey ALL ! Hope every1 is well !?!? Got new MOBO+Processor last week. Now i`m rebuilding drivers. Ckekd monitor driver+ seems I have two drivers working under DEVICE MANAGER. Default Monitor + the one thats only supposed to be there- Samsung Samtron 75E(M) (PLUS)/75V . Which of these are operating my monitor? And i tried remove the DEFAULT MONITOR to only have it reinstall on reboot. How can be sure my SAMSUNG is PRIMARY driver? Plz HELP ? Thanks in advance folks! Later Dean

A:Two Monitor drivers? -98se

Well, if you only use one monitor and it is working then there is no problem, the Samsung monitor is the primary and it seems the only one running. Your video card likely supports dual monitors or TV out and that's why there ae two entries. Monitor drivers are also generally not that important, most people run with the default driver, it is the video card driver that is important - it is what sends the picture to the screen.

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It would be easier to explain what actually works on my system but here it goes.
When having high speed internet installed on my system the tech decided that my computer would be the one that he destroyed that day. He thought it would be nice to erase several programs in windows 98 se and didn't bother to let little old me know what he did or how to rectify the situation. after the attempted installation upon start up I received more error messages than than SPAM in my e-mail. The system informed me that several windows files were corrupt and I could not even use my office 2000 programs??? Well I was a little miffed but trekked on and tried to reinstall my windows however, he erased my driver for the a: drive and I had no way of reinstalling. Now I'm not real smart but I knew I was in trouble when I YES I, erased windows from the C:drive. I knew that I, as well as, my computer needed some professional help. A friend of mine finally managed to get windows installed and I know you'll be as delighted as I was to find out that I could use my office products once again.
Now it seems that my drivers for my monitor are gone, the computer won't recognize my 10/100 eithernet card and my voodoo 2 3D driver is gone as well as my sound card driver.
To compound joy upon joy I no longer have my windows 98se CD's they decided to join that one sock that escaped from the drier in some time space continuum where intelligently challenged people like myself have no acces... Read more

A:Where Oh where has my Monitor/Modem/Drivers gone???


I guess you're not having the best of luck, huh?

How (if I may ask) do you acquire this system? I'm assuming that it came fully loaded, and that your sound, video, and ethernet card came loaded with the system. If this is the case, then I'll also assume that you were not given the software CD's or floppies that contain the drivers for your hardware.
You'll probably have to go to the websites of the manufacturer's of your equipment, and enter your hardware model numbers into a driver search. If you can tell us the exact models of your cards, then we can probably point you in the right direction.
As for the Win98 CD, try asking around if anybody has a copy that you could borrow. Failing that, you could start kissing the butts of your IT guys at work. They might take pity on you and let you "borrow" a copy.

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I have a plug and play monitor, model number ADV-172 REV A. I was hoping if someone could help identify the make, so I could see if there were any drivers available for better performance etc. Any help would be appreciated as this has been niggling me for months.

A:I need to identify a monitor for drivers

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Your monitor is an Advent ADV-172. It is a cheap plug and play monitor, and therefore wont have any drivers available.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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I can not find the video and monitor drivers for a hp pavilion 4533. Can any one find the drivers for me?

A:video & monitor drivers

try this link click here

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My monitor has been acting funny lately...when i would press the power button for my PC, the monitor wouldnt come on until i restarted the computer about 5 times. Then when it was on sometimes the monitor would turn funny and then it would restart automatically. Im running windows xp.
Im using a Compaq MV740 on NVIDIA TNT2 Model 64 Pro.

<Category name="Display">
<Value><![CDATA[NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64 Pro]]></Value>
<Item><![CDATA[PNP Device ID]]></Item>
<Item><![CDATA[Adapter Type]]></Item>
<Value><![CDATA[RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro, NVIDIA compatible]]></Value>
<Item><![CDATA[Adapter Description]]></Item>
<Value><![CDATA[NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64 Pro]]></Value>
<Item><![CDATA[Adapter RAM]]></Item>
<Value><![CDATA[16.00 MB (16,777,216 bytes)]]></Value>
<Item><![CDATA[Installed Drivers]]></Item>
<Item><![CDATA[Driver Version]]></Item>
<Value><![CDATA[ Read more

A:Problems with my monitor/drivers

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Looking for drivers for L5009 Touchscreen monitor to work with a 64-bit Linux kernel. I'm going to try the EloTouch APR drivers, but was wondering if anyone had gotten one of these working with X-11.

A:Drivers for L5009 monitor.

cynjut Sorry, but I checked the product page for that monitor and HP does not supply and Linux drivers. My suggestion is that you check the community forum for the Linux distro that you are using, as they generally have lots of information on alternate drivers in their hardware sections. If you don't know the location of the community forum, then check this site, as they have links to the different distro websites: Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution" -- to help others find the solution.========================================================================

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Having an issue with my monitor.
(i should not i have been using this monitor for a long time with this comp...i think it came unpluged and that caused the problem)
It is on all during start up but as soon as windows loads the monitor goes to stand by and i have a blank screen.

I tried to start it in safe mode(how do you do that anyways....i have to turn it off during start up for it to get the menu) and it works fine. this leads me to believe it is the video driver.

I read the trouble shooting on how to instale a new moniter driver but in safe mode there is no "drivers" tab.

Any help would be great.


i am having an issue with safe mode. it enter safe mode and some text scrolls.
more than a page of multi(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\windows\system32\driv ers\mup.sys
is the last line and it freezes there...not sure what that is all about but i can no longer enter safe mode.....

i'm really up a creek..plz help

A:Monitor problem..maybe drivers?

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I've been doing OK with the driver issues in Vista x64 but have run into a road block with the monitor drivers.
It's a Viewsonic Graphic Series G220F and I have the Vista x64 driver from View sonic but it doesn't install.
They even know it won't install because at the end of installation there is a pop up telling you how to manually install the driver-which doesn't work either.
Everything installs to C:\Viewsonic. About 50 to 75 .icm files including G220F.icm. obviously the one I need. There are also 11 .inf files, 3 of which contain install info for this monitor. But no mater which .inf I use to install- it can't find another file, G220F.icm I assume, and aborts the install. I can manually point windows to the .inf file but there is no way to point the .inf file to the .icm file.
Can someone tell me how to solve this or is there a universal Vista64 display driver other than the ones with it? 1024x768 is as good as it gets.

A:Monitor Drivers won't install

the drivers for the monitor are usually part of windows and don't need installing
you set the resolution from nview which is part of your nvidia drivers installation
you can access it from the control panel

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My 970 is out for RMA, and so now I am using my A10-7850k until then.  I enabled onboard graphics in my UEFI, even restored everything to default.  I went to install the latest Crimson drivers (16.3.2), and when I reboot I see the Windows boot logo, but then the screen goes black with "No signal" afterwards.  Windows boots in as I can hear the sound. 
I have used DDU to uninstall all drivers, and I have tried reinstalling drivers multiple times.  I have even tried the 15.11 and 15.3 Catalyst drivers as well.  The computer is able to display just fine WITHOUT drivers installed, but as soon as I install them and reboot, nothing.  It works fine in Safe Mode as well.  I reinstalled Windows, and still no luck.
Does anyone have any ideas?
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
ASRock FM2A88M-HD+

A:"No signal" on monitor after install GPU drivers.

It would help if you post the make and model of your GPU.

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Hi Guys,

I'll be getting this monitor soon and want to make sure it is functioning properly with my Win7.

I have the retail version of Ultimate x64 just want to know if I can get any sort of drivers that will work?


A:Samsung T260HD Monitor Drivers

Yes, there are drivers for your monitor.
Support for T260HD SAMSUNG
For future reference, I got there by going to the manufacturer's website, and searching for the model number.

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I tried for 10 hours to get SP2 to download and was failed twice. Finally got it and at the very end was rewarded with their changing the device manager type and driver for my Nec Multisync A700+. WOW is this big text can hardly read what I'm writing. Watching the install they at first made backups of all devices. Why would they go and change them at the end to one that doesn't fit? My problem is that this monitor came from my daughter and is umpteen years old and I don't have any info or drivers. How does one go about getting the info off the net and inserting it into device manager? Never done this before but I know it happens often. Advice Please? Thanks BIG , Paul

A:Solved: Change monitor & drivers on going to SP2

You rwont need drivers for the monitor, you need them for the graphics adapter.

And even then you may not need them. Try going to the desktop properties and setting the resolution from there. Right click the desktop and select personalize. From there go to the settings tab and you should see a slider for resolution.

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Yes well today i messed around wit video settins and i changed my gpu to run a 70hz mon. Which i do not have! I have a 65hz widescreen. And well now its said out of range. I tried safe mode, wouldn't get on! VGA MODE! NUTTIN! WORKS! OMG! HELP PLEASE HOW DO I FIX THIS PLS PM ME ASAP!


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Recently I took my old Satellite 210CS out of the dust :-) and have re-installed windows 95 on it. However I cannot find the monitor drivers. Does anyone know where I can download them?
Already many thanks.

A:Satellite 210CS monitor drivers?


normally you don't need any monitor drivers. Do you have any specific problem with the screen?



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I just completed the build of a new system and have the Windows 7 RTM software loaded on the system. Since the system is new I just have it connected to an old tube monitor which isn't so great. I was looking at getting a new 23 inch LCD that can do 1920 x 1080 but I'm wondering if I'm going to need a specific driver for the monitor or whether Windows 7 will see it automatically as plug and play? So far one monitor I'm looking at only has a driver for 32-bit Vista and my machine is 64 bit. The other monitors didn't have any drivers so I'm worried about buying something now. Should I be concerned?

A:Monitor Drivers - Are they needed for Win7?

The majority of the time, Windows or Windows Update will find a monitor driver for you. If it doesn't, or one does not exist, it will simply use the generic Plug and Play driver.

Either way, a new monitor will still work fine. The only difference is you may have to manually change the resolution.

Which monitor were you looking at?

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I have a basic PC with no graphics card and the monitor was working fine until i upgraded what was Windows XP PRO SP1 to SP2, when i booted up the resolution and colour wernt right so i went into the dekstop properties and tried to mess with it but i couldnt get anything to work.
During this process it looks like i have disabled the monitor drivers so now when i startup the Bios shows and the Windows startup screen but then the screen goes blank...and nothing!
Dont worry, im not writing this blind im on another computer!

Does anyone know how to sort this out??

Many Thanks in advance

A:How do i re-enable basic monitor drivers?

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i have a compaq with windows vista home basic 32bit an i have tried every suggestion possible to install the drivers but keep getting access denied.
uninstal re-install does not work. run as admin does not work.
any other suggestions on this would be great.

also directx wont install updates something about crypogram certificates
or something to that effect.

and 1 more prob lol. ive got some games that i paid for (download)
an when i try to run them i get an error that says hardware failed to switch
to specified mode.

any an all help would be great.

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Hello, It would be outstanding if one of you intelligent gentlemen or ladies could help me with this issue.

I have a chaintech 7NIL motherboard and a chaintech FX5600 video card set to a digital Viewsonic VG171b which I have had for a few years.

The problem is that the monitor will flicker periodically. It is not flickering constantly, as per a refresh rate issue, but rather at random times. Sometimes the right side of the screen will flash a quick line, sometimes the whole picture just adjusts/flickers.

It is not a big issue that prevents normal use of the computer, but it is quite annoying!

I have the latest nVidia drivers. I have the refresh rate and resolution set ot the native for the LCD, and I have tried chanign the quality settings within the computer, but it hasn't worked.

Any suggestions?


A:Problem with Monitor and Video Drivers?

Plug out the monitor from the graphics card and check for dirt. Assuming there is none then try it on someone elses to see if the same thing happens. Double check the refresh rate on your and your friends computer. If it happens on there computer then there could be something wrong with the monitor. If it behaves normally then im stumped. Could be something with the graphics card. Try another monitor with it to see if the same flickering accours. It happens sometimes on my laptop but only when the bulb is warming up. OH The Bulb? that could be causing it. Dont know how to check though.

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Dear all,

I've just released the very first version of DUMo - Drivers Update Monitor

DUMo notifies users when updates are available for their hardware drivers.

Just like SUMo does for Software updates, DUMo uses a crowd-based algorithm in order to automatically maintain its server database up to date.

DUMo does not automatically install drivers because we consider that the end user has to be kept in the loop when it comes to system drivers modification. DUMo notifies update availability and provides links to find these drivers easily.

Web page :

Please post feedback or use this thread for any questions !

A:DUMo - Drivers Update Monitor

DUMo - 1.4 (Released 2014-08-10)

- 0002515: [New Feature] Proxy support (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0002562: [New Feature] Dumo does not work via Proxy (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.Click to expand...


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I am current using a Nvidia 9800 GTX/GTX+ with driver version It works fine at this setting. Yet whenever I try to update the driver, whether its to a more recent version or a slightly older one, my monitor will go blank after the windows splash screen. I recently had some other issues with my PC, but those were related to RAM and at this point I have updated the RAM and the blue screens from that have gone away. I was hoping that doing that would fix this issue, but obviously it has not. What might be causing this problem and how do I go about fixing it?

I suppose I should also mention that this is only when booting windows normally, I can still access safe mode perfectly fine.

A:Monitor goes blank after updating drivers

Drivers make so little difference, that I would first see how it runs with the driver that works. You probably do not need to make a change. You simply will not see a reason to change unless you are changing a specific component.

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I have a compaq running windows xp with service pack 3. The video card in question is an Nvidia GeForce 4 MX 440. I have not had very much fun with this card, but have usually been able to make it do what I want.

It now only displays 4 bit colours at 800x600 resolution. Usually restarting the computer or reinstalling the drivers fixes this. Now nothing will fix it. I have let windows pick the drivers, and gone to Nvidia and used their drivers. Both worked fine before. Now I don't have the desktop tray thing that lets me modify resolution and colour anymore, and I don't have ane other options to display other resolutions or colours in the windows display settings either.

If I remove the drivers or start my computer in safe mode, the colours look beautiful and I regain the ability to change the colours. As soon as I install the drivers again, the colours don't work anymore.

What I was doing before this problem occurred, was trying to get the s-video port on the back to display in colour on an older TV with an s-video to RCA (Component?). The cable worked fine on other TVs with this computer, and fine on other computers with the TV in question. Just not from my MX 440 to the TV in question. I had found some solutions to this problem which involved switching the outpute type from s-video to composite. I then installed and reinstalled the driver many many many times (and installed the one windows picked) and managed to change that setting. It didn't work.... Read more

A:Monitor can only display at 4 bit (lowest) with drivers

It sounds as if reinstalling the driver many times may have caused registry problems, and/or the driver you
last installed is incompatible or has issues with your configuration. It's definitely a driver problem though.

Did you install the driver below?

Go into device manager and see if there are any yellow exclamation marks next to the hardware.

(worse case scenario; if you have an XP installation disk, you can perform a Windows "repair install.")

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I have a ATI Radeon 7500 and i can't let windows 7 Build 7600 find it. It says under display monitor its a Standard VGA graphics adapter. I'm getting really annoyed because i can't play counter-strike...and i installed many different drivers for it but it just doesn't work. and i also wanted the Control Center but idk how as well. I upgraded today to windows 7 from XP...and dumb me didnt backup ANYTHING after a full clean wipe. So im getting really agitated and not patient about it. please help!!

and as well with my monitor display says Generic pnp Monitor and i can't find the drivers for my monitor anywhere! even on the gateway site. I have a 19" Gateway LE HD widescreen. please help me!

A:Display and Monitor Drivers PROBLEM!!

I'm assuming that's an AGP card? I'll set you up with how to install the latest 9.10 beta. I'm almost sure I can get your card to work with this under 7. All you need to do is go to device manager, right click card and choose properties, go to details tab, change the property drop down to say hardware ids. There should be shown a few lines.

What is the exact 4 digit number next to dev_ in any of them? I'll make you an .inf. In the meantime, download this driver and run it to extract to c:\ati. When the installer is done extracting, then close it...which is before it start actually installing. Then I'll have further instructions later.

ATI Catalyst 9.10 Beta Windows 7 | Vista (32|64) download from

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Hi guys and gals,

I recently bought a new Xion Vantage Series (AXP-100) when the Thermaltake tower I wanted became unavailable. (http://www.xionusa.c...ales tool.JPG)

When the Guy from CompUSA/TigerDirect sold it to me, he said it was fully customizable. and that If I bought a Red LED Fan the whole Tower would light up red. I found out when it arrived that it wasn't true. It's trivial, I know, but My favorite colour is Red. and the tower lights are blue. I contacted TD, they sent me to Xion. Xion apparently has no custom/ replacement parts for their Towers. The Power light is actually painted blue and the LED Light inside the Door is blue, and some how glued according to Xion. I been feeling a bit duped, but then i have seen Sick mods on the net and I am wondering if any of you experts out there can help me make mine the way I want it.

You will have my eternal gratitude is you can help me I would like to build the thing already .

A:Modifying Tower Lights

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I'm having a peculiar issue with Active Directory. A member of our IT staff modifies all of the AD attributes such as descriptions and locations and such. However, there are two accounts that they cannot modify for some reason. There are no error messages and the text boxes aren't grayed out. They simply do not accept any keystrokes when you place the cursor in them. Neither of the accounts in question are administrators and they belong to completely different groups. I've looked at the groups for all three accounts and there is nothing out of the ordinary. Our domain admins can make the changes, but we would rather not be saddled with that task every time a change needs to be made.

Any ideas why a user who can modify other accounts can't modify two random accounts that don't have significant security settings?

A:Solved: Modifying AD attributes

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not as scary as it sounds, im not opening one... learned my lesson on opening stuff a looong time ago. ouch

anyway, im buildign a very custom pc, it has to look straight and clean, because it is clear and will hang on the wall.

im wondering if it is possible to cut the wire harnesses (for cd and hard drives) and change their length. for example, i will have a dozen or so lights on this bad boy, and i dont want 20 plugs cluttering up my picture frame. so could i wire the lights together, then shorten the plug so i could still unplug the lights from the psu?

same goes for my sata power wires.

can i extend those to power these drives without streching wires?

i assume a sata power connector is the same 4 wires as a normal connector.

it would also be nice to shorten the main harness, but extend the secondary wire (that plugs near the processor)

i have a thermaltake 480w psu that could be the test dummy with my a64 setup, but i will have to buy a 600 or more watt psu when im running core 2 duo,dual raptor hdds, and sli nvidias.

speaking of, are the 1100watt powersupplys worth the extra $$?

a 700 is 150 an 1100 is 230...

A:modifying a power supply

This shows the difference between an SATA and a Molex (4 pin) power connector (SATA on left).

Instead of opening the PSU, why not simply chop the original wire somewhere in the middle and connect a new one in between? Of course, you'd need a good connection so that it doesn't eat up too much current (at least, I assume that's what it would do, since an improper connection would act like a resistor).

Could you post the complete specs of the system? That will help in determining the size power supply needed.


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hi to all
i m trying to make an application which uses id, password along with
fingerprint of the person to login to the network. Normally windows take id and password of the person and automatically logins the user. But i also want to send the fingerprints for the authentication. Windows should also check the fingerprints before logining any user.
Thanx in Advance,

A:Modifying authentication process

Hi adad1. . .

The only way that I've seen a fingerprint check done is by third party products such as Omnipass software by Softes, Inc., found HERE.

I have a scanner on this system and it allows either user/password or a fingerptint.

Good Luck.

Regards. . .


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How do I make changes to a default profile in XP so that everyone who logs into the computer gets all the settings I have specified in a default profile?

I know how to copy a profile from one user to another, but I want to be able to establish settings (desktop wallpaper, etc) on an XP machine and then ghost or image the drive... and have every person who logs into the machine get all the settings in their newly created profile.



A:Modifying the default profile in XP?

Have you tried logging in as Admin and setting it up that way? or possibly creating a login script or a batch file that will run the first time they login and profile gets built?

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I'm trying to modify an html file via command line, basically stripping out the final "</body>" and "</html>" lines, adding some more code, and then readding those two lines.

I am able to remove the two lines from the html file using "findstr /v", but I am not able to add the line(s) I need INTO the html file, including the two lines I previously removed. I know it's because the lines I am adding contain "<" and ">", which makes my CMD file think I'm importing and exporting. I've tried putting quotes around the line, but still not getting anywhere with this. Here's what I have so far:

findstr /v "</body> </html>" x:\signatures\allusers.html > x:\signatures\header.txt
del x:\signatures\allusers.html
echo <img src="signatures/%user%.png"> >>x:\signatures\header.txt
echo </body> >>x:\signatures\header.txt
echo </html> >>x:\signatures\header.txt
ren x:\signatures\header.txt x:\signatures\allusers.html

Basically, the first line removes the body and html lines from my html file (the last two lines) and exports the result to a new text (temp) file. Second line deletes the original file.
Third line adds the code I am looking to include into the html file, then the 4th and 5th lines re-add the body and html lines.
The last line just renames the "temp" file back to the original.

How can I accompl... Read more

A:Modifying html file with CMD

You might be able to do it with PowerShell.

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Hi everyone,

I installed Microsoft security essentials on an XP machine and now my Comodo firewall pops up all the time saying "MSMPeng.exe is a safe application signed by microsoft" and is about to modify a protected file such as internet explorers .exe file, various files for the comondo firewall, and other program files. Is this just Microsoft security essentials "scanning" the files, or something else ? I really don't think it's a malware problem, I just want to know if anyone else has experienced this type of thing with Microsoft security essentials ? The thing is, sometimes the firewall alerts me even when security essentials does not appear to be running a scan.

I suppose I can just install another free av like avira or avast and see if the problem disappears.


A:MSMPeng.exe modifying files

Uninstall Comodo.

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Sorry if this has been addressed before, but I'm having no luck with what ought to be a simple task.
I'm analyzing RDP traffic and there are errors in the parser.  As a simple example, in RDPESC.opn at line 2013, True is defined as 0 and False is defined as 1.  Clearly wrong.
I edited the file, reopened MA and I get nothing.  Seems that I have to delete the cached assemblies in order to get the .opn to recompile, and I do see a "Recompiling module assembly RDPESC" message in the output pane.
However, I still see the incorrect True/False in a new trace.  So I purposely introduced an error in the .opn file (unterminated string) and I don't see any compiler error messages.
How are the opn files compiled?  Most are quite complex, and I can't imagine that developing a parser requires stopping MA, deleting the cached assemblies, starting MA again, etc. ad nauseum.  Surely the compiler produces error messages.  Something
this simple shouldn't be this difficult, so I must be overlooking something.

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Working with Vista Enterprise, 32Bit. Tried to install a Phaser 8560 at a client's desk.

Logged in as Admin, waited over 15 minutes for Vista to recognize the printer and install the drivers for the printer and for the USB before I got impatient. Ran the CD and installed manually. Sometime later, I assume Windows finally got around to finishing the install for the printer because the next day I got a call from that same client saying her printer wasn't working . Now my client has two icons of the same printer. The first icon, of course, doesn't work. (The 2nd, "Copy 1" does)

What I'd like to do is apply the simple solution of deleting the non-working first icon and deleting the Registry entry assiociated with that icon - what concerns me is that Vista finished the install of the printer after I had installed manually and I suspect it would continue to re-detect and re-install if I were to delete the non-working icon.

Is there a way to stop Windows from automatically installing a particular piece of hardware? I'm sure there's a Registry entry out there that will turn off Plug-n-Pray totally, but I don't want to inhibit future installs of other devices.

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Is there a way to remove the word "START" from the start screen (Metro IU)

A:Modifying start screen

I'm not aware of a simple way, only maybe by editing twinui.dll.mui with a resource editor tool.

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Hi all,
Every time I start my VPN Client I find that my Firewall/Antivirus warns me that WmiPrvSE is modifying Rasphone.pbk.
This is presented as a warning by the AV/Firewall.
Should I be concerned? What legitimate causes could be the root of this? 

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Hiya guys,

I have modified my start menu a tad, simply by renaming short cuts and change their locations..

Now here for my problem...

*edit* I am able to rename the 'games' shortcut (since thats useless to me anyway) but can't change the target location

Also, when you hover over the shortcuts a short descripting is shown, does anyone knows how to edit that?

Thanks for reading,


A:Modifying the Start Menu

right click

I am able to rename the 'games' shortcut (since thats useless to me anyway) but can change the target location
Click to expand...

what do you want to do here

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I have upgraded to W7 Ultimate. A complete install not an upgrade. I have a second hard drive that has been through a XP and vista period. I have several folders on there that I can't write to adding or deleting. Plenty of other folders that are fine. The root directory is ok too

How do I change this as it is becoming rather annoying

I should include a better description of the problem
When deleting a file i get "you will need to provide administrator permission to delete this folder"

I click the little coloured shield continue button and get "you need permission to perform this action" then underneath "you require permission from (a load of numbers) to make changes to this folder

A:Problems modifying my own files

Hello sieski,

Welcome to 7 Forums.

Since these folders where created in another OS, they have permissions from that OS. Try this. Take Ownership Shortcut

Hope it helps.


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I changed some dialogs of C:\Windows\System32\es-ES\shell32.dll.mui (file that contains the system language dialogues) For example: I changed "Documents" dialog to "Papers". Replace it and reboot. But I see no changes in the modify dialogs. I'm doing it right?

* I'm working with reshacker and I have the permissions solved.

A:Modifying system dialogs

There might be several more copies of that file in C:\windows\winsxs folder.

I had two more copies - RTM and SP1.
Look for two folders with a name like this:


Each copy was in separate folder.

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Hey, i was wondering if it was possible to modify the HOST.txt file so that i can block certain file extensions such as .exe,.zip, etc. so that it is blocked from displaying in web browsers. I tried going into the host.txt file and adding " .exe" and that didn't make any difference.

A:Modifying the HOST file


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Is there a way to "Choose Details" to view and apply it to ONLY one folder and its sub-folders?
For example:
In "My Photos" folder and all subfolders, the details I want to View are totally different from "My Music" or "My Documents".
If you select "apply to all", ALL FOLDERS are changed.

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I have a hard drive from a GX270, I need to install it into a GX260 (without modifying any of the software) but need to update the chipset driver first. Since the hard drive won't boot due to this issue, is there a way to install the new driver onto this hard drive while using this drive as a secondary drive in another PC?

A:Modifying Chipset Driver

Sure it's only the chipset that's different? Do they have different CPUs? What about video cards, NICs, audio, etc?
Generally when you move a HDD from one system to another, unless the hardware is identical, you have to reinstall the OS and the software.
You can try booting the 260 in Safe Mode. If that works, you probably should be able to update the chipset in Safe Mode and then reboot normally. But that won't guarantee all the hardware and software will work correctly.

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I recently bought an EVERCOOL SB-F1 to help pull air out of my case (preemptively away from a RAID card/BBU to keep battery temperatures down). While this thing sucks a lot of air, it's a little louder than I would want it to be, so I would like to essentially lower the voltage to decrease the fan speed and ultimately lower the sound it produces. It uses two wires (red and black, I think +5v and ground) connected to a molex connector. I have a Silverstone FP33 fan controller that I have from an old build and thought about using that but of course the connections as it stands are imcompatible, so I have essentially three options:

1: Buy a molex to 3 pin adapter so I can connect it to the controller (assuming that works)
2: Buy just the 3 pin female connector (and find pins) and mod the power connector so I can connect it to the controller (assuming that works)
3: Salvage one of the Rheostats that I am not using from the controller and connect just that directly to the non-ground wire (also assuming that works)

Are any/all of these possible? Which would you personally do and why? (I am open to doing either three, but am unsure which is the potentially better option).

A:Modifying PCI slot fan speed

I would buy the adapter because it is the simplest. If it doesn't work, you can put it back to its original configuration quickly and easily. It will still be loud but functional. The other two methods are more destructive and require more work to restore. Also, if the first method doesn't work, you can still try the other two if you want.

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So, I have a sound card that has 6 jacks in the back. 2 of them are headphones, 1 is mic, and the rest I do not recognize. I have two questions regarding this.

First off, how do I change what they are for. For example, how do I change one of the ones I don't recognize to be a headphone jack?

Second, how do I make it so that things don't play over all of the audio ports it is hooked up to. For example I have my headphones hooked up to one of the headphone jacks, and my speakers hooked up to another. Every noise on my computer gets played through both. I play quite a bit of games online, listen to a lot of music, frequently use Ventrilo, and frequently use Skype. There are times when I want my game/music/tv sounds come in over the speakers, while the voice comes in on the headset.

A:Modifying sound devices in XP.


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I am a newby in programming. For my spare time project, I want to create an authentication system like Blink
Luxand - Blink! - Login to Your PC by Simply Looking!
Can I ask how to write the program to modify the logon screen ie. displaying what your webcam shows on the welcome screen with your recognition program in background. Is there any book i can read about this and doable in C#?

thanks a lot.

A:modifying logon screen

Quote: Originally Posted by shuddup

I am a newby in programming. For my spare time project, I want to create an authentication system like Blink
Luxand - Blink! - Login to Your PC by Simply Looking!
Can I ask how to write the program to modify the logon screen ie. displaying what your webcam shows on the welcome screen with your recognition program in background. Is there any book i can read about this and doable in C#?

thanks a lot.

Well to get your program running at the login screen, there's kind of a rough workaround. Read this to understand how it's done: User Account Password - Change from WinRE

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I'd like to know how to modify my guest (restricted access) profile in XP, so that a certain application doesn't load at start up.

Download Accelerator Plus works flawlessly in my Admin profile but it uses up 90% of the CPU cycles, for no reason at all, in any of the guest profiles. Is there a way to keep it from starting in only the guest profiles?

A:Modifying user profiles in Win XP pro.

So I take that as a no?

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My notebook has a Win 8 OEM key in UEFI.
After wiping my hard disc I want to install Win 8 retail instead of OEM version.

Because this is not possible with stored OEM Win 8 key I want to boot with a Win 7 BootCD and
patch the UEFI with a Win 8 retail serial key.

For that I need a Program like SLIC which helps me to accomplish this task.

But where do I get this SLIC tool?

is there another way to enter a new Win 8 key into UEFI from Win 7?


A:Is there a Win 7 (!) prgm for modifying UEFI Win 8 key?

Hi there
I think you can disable the UEFI SECURE BOOT - not you don't have to disable the UEFI boot itself. Do this in the computers BIOS.
There's a tutorial in the Forum to do this

Secure Boot - Enable or Disable in UEFI

If this doesn't work then Google around -- each computer might have it's own "Quirks".


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This be my first thread, but it's been the first major modification attempt I've decided on in the Windows 7 beta.

I was playing around with XN Resource Editor, a useful tool for editing some of the graphics contained in EXEs. I found out that the start button is stored in Explorer.exe, which was not much a surprise. However, the surprise came when I tried to replace Explorer.exe with a modified file. The issue is not that it's modified, it's that I can't touch it.
I've already attempted renaming the file (both XP and 7), but it's completely locked due to NTFS. I even tried the XP Recovery Console, but it wants an administrator password that doesn't exist.

The only two major clues I have is that, when attempting to edit it in 7, it says "Only changable from "TrustedInstaller" source, which I'm assuming would be a Microsoft update, and that in other instances the file comes up with "Access is denied. It is either unaccessible or write-protected".

So, anyone else have an idea of how to shift this file around? I know it seems kinda useless, if only to edit a few graphics, but at the same time it's showcasing some major protection against malware.

Thanks in advance!

A:Modifying Explorer.exe Graphics

Yup - take ownership of the file.

In Vista and *especially* in W7, Administrative privileges are not the *highest* allowed. TrustedInstaller is the end all be all for installation of programs, and NT_SYSTEM is the end all be all for your system.

You need to take ownership of explorer.exe so you can replace it, and I am betting that after that you'll also have to kill it in Task manager or Process Explorer.

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Someone just called me about an XBox problem and, not being into games, I came here looking for some information. I ran across a thread that had been closed that had to do with a modified XBox.

So, my question is: What is it that people are doing with XBoxes that is disapproved of and why are they doing it and why is it 'wrong'?

A:What's wrong about modifying an XBox?

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I just powered this new monitor out of the box.   All is working fine, but I want to load the latest driver software into my Mac   to get all the flexibiliity available.    The HP support website did not have a listing for these drivers and suggested I try the forum for where to find them,  assuming they are available.  So here I am.  Thanks in advance for your help.Dan_the_Man_67

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Product no:EM-171
Product series: PX-769N

A:Anyone know of CRT monitor drivers? (product info in thread)

Don't know if this will help you or not but . . .

I found an old (2006) thread where someone was asking for a schematic diagram for his PX-769N. He says it was made by a company called Proview and it was manufactured in May 2001.

03-09-2006 Re: Proview 769N Schematic Diagram[quote:4df663c29f="mazher83"]Hii all, just joined the group... please can anyone help me out with a schematic (circuit) diagram for my Proview monitor, the following are the details: Product #: PX-769N Manufacture Date: May 2001 Model: 769N 100-240V


I located a website for Proview here but the site was very slow to load and there seemed to be errors on the page. If you can open the website you might be able to use their "Support" or "Contact Us" links for driver info.

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My laptop is a clean install of windows 10. I have two monitors showing up in the drivers and and display settings. It wouldnt be so bad it it would allow the laptop screen to be monitor 1 but it defaults to monitor 2 and I have to set it up as show 2nd screen only to be able to see my screen. how can I remove the "ghost" monitor. I have tried disabling the driver and deleting it neither one worked.  please help soon

Capture.PNG ?10 KB

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If you're like me, you're probably using a small USB extension monitor that uses DisplayLink drivers. As of now, there are no completely bug-free DisplayLink drivers for Windows 8.
However, there is a preview driver that seems to be working just fine.

Download the second preview driver HERE.

Watch the DisplayLink forum for updated drivers HERE.

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Ok, first off, I'm new here so hi everyone. Seems like a great forum for technical help and discussion, and looks pretty

I've googled, and searched this forum for a fix to my problem but haven't found one so far, so hopfully you guys can help.

A few months ago I got a second hand monitor from a friend, to replace my CRT because I was getting headaches when working. It was cheap (?10) because it's fairly outdated and had a dead pixel, but it was worth it to get rid of the headaches. At the time I was running Vista x86 and I plugged the monitor in and its maximum selectable resolution was only 1024x768, rather than the 1280x1024 that it was meant to be. I couldn't find a fix for this, but managed to work around this by updating the drivers and selecting the "Generic 1280x1024 Flat Screen" in the list of drivers in Vista. This brought the correct resolutions to the list and the issue was solved.

I then had the same issue in Windows XP (x86) and used the same work around, which again fixed the issues. However last week I done an upgrade and purchased Vista x64 and am having the same issue once again. But this time, selecting the drivers in the list does not update the resolutions I can select and I am stuck with 1024x768, which isn't a good enough resolution for the 3D Modeling and Texture working I am trying to do. Deselecting the tick box "Hide modes this monitor cannot display" simply updates the refresh rate box, but not the resolution box oddl... Read more

A:Monitor Drivers? X64 Display Resolution Issue

There should be a "Digital Flat Pannel (1280x1024)" driver available. If not... I dunno.

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I am completely stumped with this one and have tried just about everything.

First of all, I'm running windows 7

My rig is using a Geforce GTX 570, which I run dual monitors out of.

My main monitor is an Acer AL2616W, and my secondary is a Westinghouse L2210NW. Both monitors are DVI. I've had this set up for 2 years with no issues.

Two nights ago I shut my computer off as normal, turn it on the next day and the Acer is not detected and has no signal. There were no updates or changes to the computer. It just, apparently, stopped working.

Neither the nvidia control panel or the windows display control panel could detect my main monitor. The monitor also disappeared from the device manager.

I tried unplugging the monitor, flipping it off and on, switching the ports, switching the cables - nothing changes the situation. So you would think it would be the monitor, however, the main monitor still works when going through the boot screens with first powering on my computer. It isn't until the windows welcome screen that it shuts off and starts working exclusively on my Westinghouse.

I think it could be a driver issue, but I'm stumped. If I disable the nvidia driver so the display works through the basic motherboard display, the Acer starts to work. Of course since it's not using the GPU drivers, the resolution is super low, and no duel monitors. But the point is, the Acer works when the nvidia drivers are disabled. I have tried updating the drivers, r... Read more

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Hey, tearing my hair out here, and I was hoping you guys could help - I'd really appreciate it!
I was playing WoW and my game started to freeze constantly; so I decided to uninstall and reinstall my drivers.
So I uninstalled my old driver from the Device Manager and tried re-installing via the Catalyst installer, but it gave me an error. I restarted my PC and now my monitor won't power on, it is receiving no power at all. I tried connecting my PC to a separate monitor and I had the same problem, they just seem to go into Power-saving mode, or standby as soon as the PC is connected. I took somebodies suggestion to remove my GPU, I opened up my PC and I can for the life of me not find it, so I assume I'm integrated graphics, every post ive seen has suggested going into the BIOS, but I can't even get to the BIOS..  Any suggestions on how to fix? I would seriously appreciate any help I can get!
I am a computer newbie, but willing to try any method suggested.
I'm running Windows 8 64 bit, and my motherboard is a MSI A55M-P33
Thank you very much for reading!

A:Deleted Chipset drivers, no monitor signal

so you are sure the computer is running and have confirmed it is not the monitor, next step would be to see if the onboard video has crapped out. You will need to install a "borrowed (or buy a cheap card for testing) video card to see if the produces a display

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Since installing Vista 64-bit I'm having trouble with nvidia drivers for it. I have a Geforce 8800GTS 512mb PCI-E graphics card which I have used fine for the last few months.

I was using Vista 32-bit those last few months, but now I've made the switch to Vista 64-bit for the reasons that I get it free through my university and also to see if there is a performance boost.

Since using Vista 64-bit and installing the latest and older Nvidia drivers, when on my monitor's native resolution 1920x1080, it doesnt fill the whole screen, there is about an inch on everyside where the screen is just black, with the desktop sitting inside this, obviously I cannot use my monitor like this as 1920x1080 is small enough as it is, without it being reduced to a size of about a 19" screen.

I then switched to Omega drivers to see if this would fix it and it does, I could run 1920x1080 on the monitor perfectly. But when playing some games, colours would be different and anti-aliasing would be working etc. In the case of GTAIV, there weren't actually any textures at all.

Therefore I would like to use the Nvidia drivers but I can't run the resolution 1920x1080 because of my problem, and I really hate using 1680x1050 because all text is a bit blurry.

I have tried using the Nvidia Control Panel to adjust the scaling, if I apply any of the 4 scaling options, none of them make any different whatsoever, there is still an inch of nothing around the disp... Read more

A:Can't go to full resolution for monitor - Nvidia drivers

From Page2 here: II EXTREME&SLanguage=en-us

The VGA part of EPU-4/6 Engine is realized through the use of SmartDoctor utility. If your card is not supported by the SmartDoctor utility, you would see this error message. Please workaround this error message by removing the SmartDoctor utility. Please note that by removing the SmartDoctor utility, the VGA part of EPU-4/6 Engine will be disabled. But you can still enjoy the rest of EPU-4/6 Engine for saving energy. For a list of VGA cards for EPU-4/6 engine, please refer to the VGA QVL list at this link: to expand...

Not sure if that helps or not

Here's all your drivers: II Extreme&SLanguage=en-us

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Setting up my new Notebook with Vista Home Premium. Epson C60 printer as per Epson instructions for Vista, it says hook up to notebook and automatically download drivers. Did that and it worked and I was printing. And wireless, programs etc. all ok.
But now printer questions and Problem:

1)Can't find Ink Monitor or Print tests or nozzle cleaning or cartridge changing or anything like that on the system and also Epson it is not listed anywhere in the program menu. Are just the basic drivers downloaded?

2) Once I started using my wireless network moving files between my old notebook and my wife's pc and my new notebook, I lost my printing ability. I kept getting a "select a printer" window come up and then when I selected the epson, it would say it was not available on the network. It seemed to want to use a printer on the network. But the Epson is wired in to my laptop by usb cord and was on and connected. In control panel it showed the it as ready and as the default.....but it seemed to want to connect by the Network. How to sort out that confusion?

So, I uninstalled it for now and am wondering whether to install it again as I did before or maybe get a new printer......
Any thoughts? Things have been going so well with the transition, just this and a few small things to sort really....Thanks.

A:Solved: Vista printer drivers ok but where is the ink monitor etc?

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