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General Question - Windows Installed Drivers Vs OEM Website Drivers

Q: General Question - Windows Installed Drivers Vs OEM Website Drivers


This is a general question for a fresh install of Windows on a computer. Let's say we just completed the installation and we open up Device Manager (we haven't used Windows Update yet). Device Manager shows us that there are - let's say "3" - devices that do not have drivers installed for them. If we visit the computer manufacturers website though, they'll have - let's say "8" - different drivers to download.

If we only install the "3" drivers for the devices that Windows couldn't find drivers for, are we hurting our computing performance by not installing the other "5" drivers that were available on the manufacturers website?

This is just good to know in general, because I've faced this situation with every install of Windows since I began computing with Windows 98. But the reason I'm asking now is because the nincompoops at Acer - despite me entering my serial number - still offer me every possible driver for my model, including drivers for hardware that's not in my computer! Windows - of course - can't identify the hardware, so I'm ready to rip out the last little bit of hair on my head.


A: General Question - Windows Installed Drivers Vs OEM Website Drivers

Some manufacturers offer an utility that helps you identify what stuff you have in the laptop, I think Acer did.
You can also try the hardware-detection program this forum has, this tutorial

Also check the driver version, as some manufacturer list multiple driver versions and you only need the latest (usually, otherwise take the last version that works).

Also, installers of these drivers usually look up the hardware IDs of the hardware and if they don't detect anything that could benefit from them will abort installation. Some instead install anyway and you will have some drivers you won't need, but won't cause any issue as again Win7 knows that they don't match any hardware ID, and will leave them alone.

So, you may have noticed that I am talking of Hardware IDs, that are basically each device's own "calling card" integrated in each device, you can identify the hardware by looking up its hardware ID and then searching it on Google to convert that code into a human-readable device model and brand.

Open device manager, right-click on an unknown device, click on "properties", then go in the "details" tab of its properties panel from Device Manager, click on the drop-down menu and select "Hardware IDs". right-click on the codes you get on the text panel below it and select copy, then search the code on Google to identify the device.

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I have a custom build and today I installed Windows 8.1 preview on my second HDD. My primary OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
When I installed the preview it pre-installed all drivers for graphics, audio, etc. Is this the same if you buy new copy of Windows 8? because in Windows 7 you need to install all the drivers yourself.

A:Windows 8.1 Pre-installed drivers question

Hello Damstas, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Yes, it's normal for Windows to have generic and sometimes actual specific drivers included with it for your devices and hardware. Especially graphics/video drivers for preview versions of Windows.

This is also done since sometimes the Windows 8 drivers available for your devices and hardware may not work properly with the Windows 8.1 Preview. If you like, you could install the latest manufacturer drivers for those devices that Windows only installed generic drivers for.

Hope this helps,

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I came across an issue that I find confusing. Whilst trying to install a software to run a mobile USB flash modem, the software pops this message:

your current device installation settings is configured to prefer drivers from Windows Update over locally installed
drivers. This can cause Unlimited data Manager not to work correctly.

do you want to change the settings to prefer locally installed drivers over Windows Update?

What does it imply if I change my settings to prefer locally installed drivers over windows update drivers?
And can this action be undone and where/how? (I searched my machine but didn't find where this option is)

Thank you for reading

A:Device Installation Settings, windows update drivers VS locally installed drivers

Control Panel (icon view)>System>Advanced System Settings>Hardware Tab>Device Installation Settings


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I am about to reformat my OS from Vista to XP... Now this is not the first time I've done this but I would like to know, is it possible for me to find the drivers I need from the sytem itself instead of going to the mfg website and downloading each and every driver as I've done before? In short I rather try finding the drivers I need from the system instead of searching for them from the website.

Thanks in advance

A:Drivers...general question

I believe I found the solution....I'm going to download Driver Magician which apparently will scan and backup your existing hardware drivers and store them as an .exe so after reformating/upgrading your system you'll have allthe drivers you need, now of course I understand that some drives may not work with say XP to Vista or visa verse but at least I'll have the bulk of them and then I'll search the net for others if need be.......

Just a little googling and you'll always find your answer...

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Hi, first time user of the forum. I have Inspiron 15 7568 on Win 10. When I go to the driver download centre, it recognizes PC and prefills service tag and comes up with Drivers but does not indicate if my PC actually requires these. For example, when i install one of these and return to the Driver download page, the latest driver is still indicated as a download option.
Another question is that when I just use the Dell apps on win 10 to see the status of my PC it sais that all important drivers are up to date. Bit confused. If someone could advise on how they keep there Dell up to date it would be appreciated.
Thanks J

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hi, can somebody tell me that drivers for AGP cards with ref to nvidia available on nvidia's own website are better to use or ones available on 3rd party websites are betters. For instance now a days the latest version of driver available on nvidia's website is 81.98, however, on some other sites e.g, latest version of driver i.e later version then 81.98 is available for nvidia cards. So my question is: is it better to go with the one available on nvidia's own site or the other one????

thnx :grinthumb

A:Are nvidia's own website drivers better or third party drivers???

I only use the WHQL drivers on Nvidia's site. Newer versions may just be beta versions or modified (hacked) drivers.

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Hey all,

Im using a IBM Thinkpad T42.
Just installed Winxp Sp2 professional on my laptop. Device manager shows a bunch of yellow marks saying those drivers arent installed or theres an error. I clicked on the reinstall button in Devic Mangr and didnt help.

Many of the drivers i downloaded from

Ethernet Controller- I installed the file 7ira09ww.exe file . 28 Feb 2007 Build 135400 . Installed it, rebooted, plugged my ethernet cable in - nothing happened, the yellow "?" is still there.

Network Controller -im assuming this is the wireless one. I installed the 7kwc50ww.exe , 12 Dec 2007 v11.05.0 API , its for Intel pro/wireless 2200bg . And again, installed it, nothing happened, still yellow question marks.

Video Controller - I have the ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 AGP 4x, I downloaded the file. Nothing still!.

Am i missing a step of the process after installing??

Theres still other drivers not working . Multimedia Audio Controller, pci modem, Unknown Device. PLEASE HELP! THANK U

A:BIG HELP!! Installed Drivers - but STILL Yellow Question Marks in Device Manager- HEL

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i cant play games which require 1gb graphic card,when i bought my laptop they said there is 2gb graphic card in this laptop c and c++ programs are not working

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i've installed all the recommended drivers in the hp site, but after installing all the drivers, system couldn't identify some drivers. 1. ethernet drivers2. skylake PCH CSME HECI #1 9D3A3. usb 3.0 drivers4. amd graphics drivers and intel integrated drivers. please solve this issuse

A:installed all the drivers but still few drivers are missing

siddhu1811 wrote:i've installed all the recommended drivers in the hp site, but after installing all the drivers, system couldn't identify some drivers. 1. ethernet drivers2. skylake PCH CSME HECI #1 9D3A3. usb 3.0 drivers4. amd graphics drivers and intel integrated drivers. please solve this issuseFYI. This is  Hp user forum not a HP Support ticket fix support. For that you need to contact Official HP support. Did you look at the HP driver page for you laptop to find the drivers first?

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I changed my OS from Windows 7 to now Windows 8.1 32 bit. I am  confident now that  the HP support will have drivers for the model since the laptop is originally meant for Windows 8. But when I looked it up on the site: It is only showing drivers for Windows 8.1 64 bit! Will it still work if I used the 64 bit one while my OS is actually a 32 bit one?? I need help guys, please do enlighten me.

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Hi, I'm replacing a motherboard and have been careful to select one that uses (what I believe to be) a compatible chipset to my last one. (nforce/nvidia).

In my obsession to find one with all the compatible chipset, CPU socket, DDR etc I completely forgot about support for my operating system (Windows 7).

I've bought the board on ebay and awaiting it's arrival so I can get on with swapping it over and restoring my machine back to its former glory, but it is second hand with no drivers or set up disc. I would normally be cool with that as I know I could get the drivers on the manufacturers web site, but in this case, it only goes up to VISTA on the manufacturers site

Where are the Win 7 drivers for this motherboard?

Will it even work on windows 7?


A:No Windows 7 drivers for my m/b on the makers website

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Well i got nvidia evga 8800 gts 320 mb i went to and got the newest drivers which are and i went to evga and seen they have 158.45 should i go there and download theres or stick with these?

A:Question about nvidia drivers and evga drivers

Why not try both... I doubt that it makes a lick of difference. The first one that dosn't give you the blue screen of death is the one to use.

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Hello, thanks for reading my post.

I just formatted and reinstalled Windows XP home on my PC and have no idea what drivers I need to download to allow my computer to run well (Aside from my video card, I've got those ones)

Mostly I just need help since certain games won't run and I wonder if finding the correct drivers for my hardware will fix this : (Specifically, the game is Morrowind and it crashes as soon as I click "Play"), not sure about my other games.
Thanks very much and as always, any help is greatly appriciated.
Here are my system specifications :

A:Need help with Drivers - Just re-installed windows

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I have reinstalled Windows XP Home edition onto my Dell Inspiron mini 10 notebook.
But some of the drivers for various devices are not installed.
They are also not available on the Dell DRIVERS AND UTILITIES CD provided.
I beleive this stops me from increasing the Display Screen resolution above 640 by 480 pixels because the scroll bar does not move.
I beleive these stop me from installing ther programs i.e. Belkin Wireless Router.

Please help

A:Windows xp drivers not installed

well what drivers are missing and manufacturer's name
you can go to their websites and download them from there

More info about your hardware would help

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check out this newly found tool i stumbled upon at work the other day. the OEM MSI KT6V motherboard driver cd. this driver cd scans your device manager and automatically picks the compatible drivers that are availible on the cd for you to install. it's really amazing how many computers i've used this cd on... it has intel, VIA, SiS among other things and a bunch drivers for onboard sound/lan etc. it really is a must have for the tech that works on windows machines all the time. this driver cd has been used on almost every kind of OEM motherboard (dell, compaq, hp, w/e) and almost every socket processor from socket A to 939 on the AMD side and 370 to 775 on the intel side.

it might be hard to find this disc, but it's a great tool to have. i've only got a couple of copied KT6V discs and i use all of them all the time at work. (we do about 100 machines a week.)

A:Just installed windows? need help finding drivers?

Don't tease me, where can I find this "Super Disk?"

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I've recently reinstalled windows 7 64 bit. The drivers for PCI controller ethernet controller, SM Bus controller, USB controller and an unknown device.
PCI Simple communications controller

ethernet controller

SM Bus

USB controller

unknown device

Hoping for a solution since my network is down on my pc. Had to do this from another PC.

A:Drivers can't be installed after reinstalling windows 7.

Go to the support site of the manufacturer of your computer or motherboard and download the appropriate drivers.

Then copy them to a USB drive or CD.

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I recently changed hard drives in my HP laptop (pavilion dv6t) and when I try to connect to the internet it says that my drover's aren't installed, so I downloaded the correct drivers on another computer and put them on a USB drive. I then proceeded to put it in my computer and open and install them, I didn't seem to work, I restarted the computer afterwards and still nothing. If anyone has experienced this or has any information on how to fix this please let me know, thanks.

A:Windows 7- No network drivers installed

Hi Vyroz, to the Bleeping Computer Community
Can you post the link to the drivers and or the complete computer model next time please? Did you start by installing the chipset driver first before any other drivers?

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Hello fellow forumites,

I recently purchased a device which allows me to record my guitar playing into my computer without the need of an audio interface. I simply connect the floor pedal to my laptop via USB cable and the device actually works as an external soundcard as well. To make this happen, I have to use the drivers provided to me by the manufacturer of the device, which is a Line 6 POD HD500x.

Now, my laptop does realize something is plugged to it, and calls it "HD500", and lists it as an "unknown device" in the device manager. What it doesn't do is use the drivers I have installed for it. So I wonder how to make windows 7 find and use the drivers I install, because otherwise I can never use the POD with my laptop. I believe the installer is not installing the drivers to the right location, so Windows can't access the drivers.

A:Can't get Windows 7 x64 to use the drivers I've installed repeatedly

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Did you Install the Software first ? ....

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Hi , I recently reinstalled windows XP PRO on a Compaq Presario and lost a few drivers, they are Ethernet Controller, PCI Device , PCI Simple Communications Controller , SM Bus Controller, and Video Controller ( VGA Compatible ) any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

A:Re-installed windows and lost Drivers

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I reinstalled windows xp and didn't back up my drivers. now i have a bunch of yellow ?'s under my device manager.

?Ethernet Controller
?Mass Storage Controller
?Network Controller
?PCI Device
?SM Bus Controller
?Video Controller
?Video Controller (VGA compatible)

I have a sony vaio Model: PCG-7N2L

Where do i start and how do i go about installing each driver...?

I am at a lost. Please help.

A:I installed Windows xp and lost my drivers... please help

Hello, if you got a Drivers Disc with your Notebook you can insert that into the Notebook and install all the needed drivers.

If not

Then you will need to go to and enter your Notebooks Serial Number so you can find the correct Drivers for your VAIO. Download them and install each one at a time.

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So i reinstalled windows 10 on my GPD Win and it seeps that the speaker/controller/built in mouse/wifi/bluetooth/touchscreen, and just about every other driver isnt installed, not even the battery percentage shows up in the task bar. The hardware doesn't show up in settings but i know it works properly due to it working in the UEFI menu. What drivers and what do i need to do to get them working properly again? It seems that the computer can't detect the hardware although it is displaying correctly. Although i cant use a driver detect-and-install utility because the computer isn't showing the ability to connect to wifi, although it did before and i havn't changed any of the hardware.

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I just installed the motherboard drivers form the sofware that came with it, it told me to restart so I did & the i got a blue screen saying:

A problem has been detected & windows has shutdown to prevent damage to computer.

Restarting does not solve the problem.

(I'm using Windows XP professional btw)

Any help?

A:Installed MB drivers & now Windows is not starting up

Hi ganna,Researching you problem has turned up a number of possible causes. You may have a bad video card or driver, failing memory, or an adapter that isn't seated properly. So... try reseating you adapters first. Also, there maybe more information following this error. If you have that, please post it here. Try to boot your computer in Safe ModeLook at the Event Viewer. Click Start => Run ==>type in EventVwr.mscThere are three folders - Application / Security / System. Look for any error messages (note the ones with the ! symbol) for any error messages at the time of shutdown, and note the details.Good luck,Rigel

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Hello All,

First of let me thank you in advance for any help or pointers as I've overestimated my abilities and am now totally stuck.

Bought a PC with Windows 8 pre-installed, didn't like 8 and decided to install 7.

Thanks to a lot of articles I was able to get past the most common issues when trying to install 7 over 8.

So here I am installed 7, but have no drivers, literally none apparently as the computer doesn't even recognize me inserting a USB stick with LAN driver.

Is there any way to add drivers now? The only drive that works is the DVD/CD drive as I'm able to boot from there with the Windows 7 install disc. I can only think of possible adding drivers to a CD and during the install where it asks to upload drivers, remove the 7 disc, insert driver disc, upload drivers and continue with install.

Would that work or is there an easier way? OR am I just completely out of luck and now have a pretty blinking flower stand now? :-)



A:Installed Windows 7 64bit and have no drivers, no USB

Have a quick look through this, the OP has done the same as you have and needed W7 drivers. The PC model is different but it uses the same motherboard so your motherboard drivers should be available through the links posted.

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I have the hp pavilion 17-049wm. It first had 8.1 but i got rid of it and now i have 7.

I first had to get the lan and wlan drivers and they are working. But i am sure that there are lots more drivers i need to download.

For example Realtek High Definition audio driver.

Is there a free program that will automatically see what i need and download it?

I went to hp's website and all there drivers were for windows 8

On all the desktops that i build the drivers come on the mobo cd but laptops dont come with any cd's.

I dont know what mobo i have in this laptop all i know is it is hp lol


A:Installed windows 7 on a laptop that used to have 8.1 need drivers

Hi there ... Any Drivers that are missing after your Install of Windows 7 ... You should run Windows updates after that you should try the Drivers from the HP website .. If they do not work at least you can get the Version of the Driver you need there ... Then go to in your case Realtek High Definition audio driver... Go to the Manufactures website and try the Drivers there ...

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I had recently visited this website ionnor <dot> com  to get contact details and thankfully...
Avast blocked this website due to some URL:Mal2 virus
In my Firefox browser i have latest NoScript installed with everything blocked like iframes, redirects, scripts. even on white listed sites. Also i do not have java plugin for Firefox and flash is normally blocked until i manually allow it.
So i want to ask after all these measure can still an infected website inject virus into my computer? if yes then how?
Edit,  moved to better forum..~~boopme

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Hello,I purchased this HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook Product number MOU20AV(from bios).I came with windows 10 and I found that that operating system was onerous.I changed the bios to legacy and installed a valid copy of windows 7.After installation, there were no drviers installed. No network , no USB.I obtained an windows 7 ISO from Microsoft and burned a CD, using a  different machine.Same problem, no drivers.What I need is network drivers I suppose then I can get everything else by downloading.I saw another post that listed about 50 files but was very confused as to which ones I might need.Thanks for any help.Michael

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Hi folks, Can anyone point me in the right direction for all the drivers for my laptop. I had to replace the hard drive and i am unable to get correct drivers and software from the hp site. Windows 10 does not function properly on this machine because graphics drivers are not available so i need to re-install original windows 7 software...... all help appreciated....  Stephen

View Solution.

A:Installed new hard drive and now I need windows 7 drivers

Hi: All of the drivers, specs and manuals are missing from the support pages again. This happened earlier in the week too. Another forum member has reported the issue to the forum administrators, who will in turn contact HP, but since I am not employed by, nor do I represent HP, I have no idea how long it will take them to restore the missing data to the support pages. It being the weekend isn't going to help much either.

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This is a minor problem (compared to not having LAN) when I upgraded to Windows 10.  Device Manager shows a question mark under Other devices- PCI Memory Controller- Devvice Type: Other devices,  Manufacturer: Unknown, Lcation PCI Slot 2 (PCI bus 2, device 0, function 0).  "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)". Any advice would be welcome

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Hi everyone,
This is kind of a unique problem in that we are fixing a computer for a client, but that client's computer has two users. That means that when the computer starts up we have to select a user. However, this computer is a Dell and only has usb ports. However, the keyboard and mouse that we plug into into it are not installed, and therefor the computer can't get into windows. Because it can't get into Windows, it can't install the drivers for the usb mouse or keyboard that we plug into it. We could just get the client's keyboard and mouse that are already installed, but they are away for a few days. So, I am wondering if there is a way to get the keyboard and mouse installed without getting into windows.

Basically, I need a way to get our usb keyboard and mouse to work. If there isn't a way to do this, it doesn't really matter because the clients will be back soon, but it would just be nice to be able to fix this without bothering them.


A:Getting into windows without keyboard and mouse drivers installed

Without any PS2 sockets you will need the original keyboard and mouse. Another Dell keyboard and mouse may work.

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I just installed the motherboard drivers form the sofware that came with it, it told me to restart so I did & the i got a blue screen saying:A problem has been detected & windows has shutdown to prevent damage to computer.Restarting does not solve the problem.(I'm using Windows XP professional btw)Any help?Mod Edit - Moved to the appropriate forum - Leurgy

A:Installed MB drivers & now not allowed to enter windows

Hi ganna and welcome to BCWere the drivers you installed compatible with XP? Can you boot into Safe Mode? If you can, go into the Control Panel and remove anything with a yellow exclamation mark and try to reboot normally.

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My system's information is as follows:-

System Manufacturer - Intel
System Model - D945GCR

I have installed Chipset and VGA drivers.
I went to Intel site and downloaded drivers (I am not sure whether they were the correct ones, though), but audio is not working. It shows Realtek Audio Drivers in Add/Remove programs but everything in Sounds is grayed out.

LAN drivers are not installing.
I am really confused on how to get my system up & running properly after getting drivers downloaded and installed.

The Intel website does not have a separate download section for my system model.

Please help

A:How to get/install drivers for my newly-installed Windows XP?

is your computer DELL, HP or self assembled?


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Hi, I got some weird problem with my PC, don't know if it's PSU related or MBO. I eliminate GPU,Mem. and hard drives they are good for sure. Problem is when I install any drivers for my gtx 470 and when windows pass that loading screen and it needs to show welcome PC restarts. But when I enter safe mode and remove that drivers PC boot in normal mode without any trouble, but he install generic drivers for gpu thats why there are no restarts.

Here is what I tried
1. I tried other memory other 4 slots all kind of combinations with them.
2. I tried different GPU gtx 560 Ti.
3. I tried disconnect everything except 1 hdd and gpu
4. Tried another sata cable another sata port
5. Clear cmos
6. Increase a little mem. voltage to 1.6V
7. Tried another PCIE slot

And nothing above helped, every time when he needs to enter windows to show welcome restart. I install now Win 8.1 fresh, but problem occured on win 7 during surfing, pc just froze for second and restart and that's it, and it keeps restarting before entering welcome screen. I personally think something is wrong with MBO, but I'm not sure I doubt that PSU fail becouse it's good quality PSU, I will borrow PSU from my friend tomorrow and check it out.
Configuration is

CPU: i3 2120
MBO: Asus P8H67
MEM: 2x4 XMS Corsair 1333Mhz
HDD: 1TB WD Black, 1TB WD Black, 500Gb WD Black
PSU: Seasonic M12II-520Bronze

Anyone have any idea maybe what that can be ?

A:Windows won't boot when nvidia drivers installed

It can be the problem of the card itself, so try using another card. If everything works perfect, its ok, else go for clean re-install of windows.

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Installed a new hard drive and did a clean install of windows 7 on it. Installed the the drivers from the recovery cd and I get the message " windows update cannot currently check for updates because the service is not running". Any ideas on what I might be able to do?

A:Windows updates not working after drivers installed

Hello Jayc4489 and welcome to the forums

Try this:

Command Prompt

Warning: this fix is specific to the user in this thread. No one else should follow these instructions as it may cause more harm than good. If you are after assistance, please start a thread of your own.

Click on the Start button and in the search box, type Command Prompt
When you see Command Prompt on the list, right-click on it and select Run as administrator
When command prompt opens, copy and paste the following commands into it, press enter after each

net stop wuauserv

regsvr32 %windir%\system32\wups2.dll

net start wuauserv

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Hello Forum,

Today while watching a Youtube video in fullscreen, my computer froze up completely, so I hit reset.
After the "Loading Windows" Screen(the one before the welcome screen), my monitor went black and cycled through inputs as though no signal was found.
By booting in safe mode, I was able to uninstall my graphics driver(I even used Driver Sweeper to get rid of everything related) and my computer was able to boot normally again.
Now, whenever I try to install a graphics driver(any driver, even old ones and the one that came on the CD) I get that black screen when (re)booting.
No new hardware was installed for months before this issue, nor did I update my graphics drivers recently.
I've been googling for about 3 hours now and tried most everything.
Tomorrow I will try out an old graphics card, but I really hope this one isn't broken already since it's not even a year since I bought it.

My Specs are:
Intel i5 2500
Nvidia GeForce GTX 570
Windows 7 Enterprise 64-Bit

Your help will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

A:Windows won't start when graphics drivers are installed

So you have a 90-day trial of Windows 7? Try re-installing Windows but get the drivers from here:

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Where is there good information on downloading drivers for a device. I have a computer running 98, not on the internet, & needs an updated video card driver. Can I go to a driver website, download a driver onto a floppy disk on my XP computer - & then install the driver on the 98 computer via the transferred floppy disk? Know any good driver websites? Thanks Monique

A:Drivers in General

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So my wife does some ordering from a website often where people go to buy clothes.

The issue she is having is thousands of people can order even after getting notified later on after her.

Hooking up to the router directly doesn't work and I've tried Firefox (on Ubuntu) Safari (on Mac) and Chrome/I.E. in Windows.

Any number of those combinations I've tried.

It's basically like trying to buy something on Cyber Monday where there is only 100 items and millions of people are trying to get it just not anywhere near as extreme.

How can I fix this or get around it? I've even tried VPN through other States locations.

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It happened. It came, it saw, it conquered. Now because of that I cannot start up my PC without resorting to cutting the power from my video card. When I started up my PC one day, it said your 8800 video card drivers has been installed! All without my consent, of course. How could Windows 7 misread my video card and install the one that would prevent my PC from starting up?! Well, how am I going to get this problem fixed considering how I can't install the proper driver for my video card if it's not plugged in...

A:Windows 7 Installed 8800 drivers for my 9800GX2 card

well you could download and save the correct driver, uninstall the wrong one, plug the card in, tell windows where to search for the driver when it recognizes the "new" hardware and put it on that way

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What are the pre installed drivers in a Brand New Acer Apire V3-471G windows 7. 

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A:Windows Takes Longer to Boot with AMD Drivers Installed?

It is the AMD Catalyst Software that is the problem .. The Graphics Driver is included with it ..

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This isn't the first time I have reinstalled windows, and the same happened last time. Unfortunately, I can't seem to fix it this time.

I am using the packard bell imedia 1959 model

Windows XP home edition Service Pack 2
nvidia Geforce 7500LE graphics card
Rio (GA-8TRC410MNF-RH) Motherboard

I believe the sound card is built in, and the drivers being used are Realtek HD audio. I've installed the latest version
Realtek HD Audio 2.11 Driver

I have looked at many solutions concerning the UAA driver, which was also already installed and tried uninstalling both
then reinstalling the UAA driver first but that didn't make any difference.

Look forward to any advice given and thanks in advance!

Hope I gave you all the required information the first time round

A:Reinstalled Windows and installed all drivers, no sound anymore

Hi simsyman,

I think you should repost this in the audio/video forum. I'll ask if it can be moved.


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What are the pre installed drivers in a Brand New Acer Apire V3-471G windows 7. 

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What are the pre installed drivers in a Brand New Acer Apire V3-471G windows 7. 

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How to I disable W10 from installing the video drivers?

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I'm attempting to do a clean install from my original Windows 7 discs. I have a brand new 3 TB Seagate hard drive and have installed what I believe are the correct drivers to accommodate the larger size. The computer recognizes the larger drive during install, but at the end, I continue to get the "Windows Setup could not configure Windows on this computer?s hardware" error message.

I've googled all day and tried everything suggested, but when I search for what to do if the drivers don't work, we simply don't get any hits. I would be so grateful for any help or insight you have. Thank you!

A:Windows 7 cannot complete install on 3 TB drive. Drivers installed.

A bit of success! I switched the BIOS from RAID to ATA. Windows installed and is getting updates now, but is it going to be possible to switch back to RAID later?

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Hello, sorry if this was posted already!

Is there any program that automatically looks for and updates for example your hard drive drivers, mouse drivers, chipset drivers etc to the latest version?

I know for sure that Windows Update doesn't do this, and manually checking through device manager always states that windows has the latest drivers available....from 2005.

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I am having trouble with a custom built windows xp computer. The computer was bringing up the error: Windows cannot start due to the following missing or corrupt file: c:\windows\system32\config\system

Or something along those lines...
So, I have redownloaded windows xp onto the computer but I do not have the disc with the drivers. I cannot connect to the internet using that computer, which is directly connected through an ethernet cable. There is no option for "Network Adaptors" under device manager. But, I cannot seem to find the necessary drivers online to transfer them via usb to the computer.

The motherboard is an MSI CoreCell
AMD Athalon 4000+ Processor
Hitachi Deskstar Hard Drive 250GB
Thank you.

A:Windows XP newly installed, but no drivers & can't connect to internet


You will need to look directly onto the motherboard for the model information in order for us to know what downloads you need for drivers.

Here's some help on how to look up the ID for your board:

Look under this section at the above site > Stability Problems - How to identify your motherboard model and BIOS version

If you locate the model please post it and we can point you to the downloads for your MSI

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Good morning

I decided to wipe my old windows and get rid of all old shit on my computer so I reinstalled my windows , but now I do not have any network drivers and cannot connect to the Internet

Did not get any driver cd or such when buying it

So basically I want to be able to connect , any help will be appreciated.

Wrote this from my Iphone

A:Samsung NP300V5A, Re installed windows, no network drivers

Hello Networkproblem,

You'll need to get your network drivers from this SAMSUNG support website for your laptop using another PC or device, then transfer it to the Samsung Laptop using a USB Thumbdrive or an external HDD.

Support - Notebooks NP300V5AI | Samsung Laptops

Hope that helps!

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Hi, I clean installed Windows 7 on my HP Pavilion DV6-6C35DX laptop using these 2 guides:

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

Clean Install Windows 7

I noticed when I was installing Windows 7, I never had a screen pop up (step 17) asking about my network location type. After Windows was installed, my laptop couldn't find any networks regardless if I tried plugging an ethernet cord from my modem into my laptop. When I click troubleshoot it says, "Install a driver for your network adapter". I click next it says, "Windows could not find a driver for your network adapter". I look in my Device Manager, I see under Other Devices it lists: Ethernet Controller, Network Controller, PCI Device, SM Bus Controller, Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller, Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller, Unknown Device, and Unknown Device all with yellow exclamation marks next to them.

My Googlefu skills told me that when clean installing windows it only installs generic drivers, and I need to install the drivers on my motherboard disk. The problem is my laptop didn't come with any such disk. I tried going on HP's website on another computer, and burning all the network drivers onto a blank DVD ( can't use a USB since those drivers are not working). When I installed them nothing really happened.

I usually like to figure this stuff out by myself, but I've ran out of ideas.

A:Clean installed Windows 7, multiple drivers missing.

You are on the right track, going to the website. You probly didn`t put the network drivers on the disc properly. Just get the network driver, don`t worry about the others. You can fix those once you get online.

Save the driver downloads to the desktop of the pc you are using, then copy them to a cd, don`t burn them, and they should work fine. You only need the 1 to start with. Your realtek LAN ethernet driver. ( bottom of the network list )

Once you get online, you can use windows update. When you`re done, if you have still have drivers missing, then go back to the website.

Very odd your usb won`t work.

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My cd rom drive will olay most audio cds and a few data cds. Most of the time it does not work. When it does work it works in windows but not in Dos if I restart to dos. I went through the whole alphabet and everytime it said invalid drive path specification. I have had these problems for a while. I tried some solutions that I found on your site but they did not help. Thanks

P.S. I am running Win 98, Amd 200mghz, 32 megs of ram.
Thanks again

A:{SOLVED} Cd drive works in windows but not in dos with dos drivers installed

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What is the best and trusted way to backup installed 3rd party device drivers (and software too, I guess its possible) so that I can reinstall them on a fresh windows installation?

A:What is the best way to backup installed device drivers for use of fresh Windows

Personally, I would create a disk image on an external hard drive using somthing like Macrium Free. Make sure you create a WinPE bootable disk using the program and make sure it boots. On a Windows 8 computer you will need to disable SecureBoot before you can boot a CD/DVD.
If you needed to take it back to the fresh install state, you would boot the WinPE disk and restore the image to the drive. Even if your drive failed, you could put a new drive in, boot the WinPE disk and recover the image. You would be back in minutes instead of hours.

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Good afternoon,
I've tried to do a decent amount of searching in regards to my issues, but haven't been able to find anything conclusive which is to be expected I suppose.
Starting a couple of days ago, I had an issue where after each start up, I would have to reinstall my USB drivers. Now, the keyboard works fine in the bios screen, and when I choose whether to "launch windows normally" or "launch windows auto repair" but on the windows log in screen, I have to enable the on screen keyboard (mouse still works) in order to log in. Then when in, I find the USB drivers, reinstall them, and the keyboard is good to go. At first, this is all the problem was. However, today there were several occasions where windows would show the splash art (the "starting windows" splash art, but wouldn't actually launch windows. After restarting the computer, it would launch the "windows encountered a problem, would you like to restore?"  but during the troubleshooter it would always say they couldn't find a fix.
Also, every time that I fix the USB drivers, the update icon (next to the shut down button on the home key) dictates that updates will be installed upon shut down. 
I know that I could format and do a fresh install, but I'd rather not...I have no idea where my windows disc is at...
Just trying to shoot out some feelers, and see if anyone's encountered anything like this before. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and have a great week.
&#... Read more

A:USB drivers need re-installed after each start up/windows sometimes fails launch

To Bleeping computer
Please post the computer/brand or motherboard model next time. Were there any issues or changes related going to the problem at hand?

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ok so i just got a new computer with 32 bit XP on it and upgraded it to win7 ultimate 64 bit, and i lost my modem drivers. the modem (thomson speedtouch 546(i)v6) didn't come with any CD, and i can't seem to find drivers for it online. any idea how i can fix this?

(internet was working before win7. i have a win7 laptop which i am using right now, any way i can get the drivers off it onto the desktop?)

A:Just installed windows 7, no modem drivers, cannot connect to internet

it turns out the cable was faulty, not the drivers.

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I recently installed new drivers via SlimDrivers, but now my computer is basically working like a potato. Applications take at least an hour to open, typing something into the Start Menu freezes it and closes it, and bootup is EXTREMELY slow.

I do not have a Wndows 7 disk nor a USB to do a clean install, but if there is another way to repair install/clean install without the use of a windows disk/USB, please let me know. thanks.

A:Installed new drivers, windows 7 completely gets trashed in speed

Welcome to Seven Forums

New drivers for what ?

Just roll back to the last driver.

Device Manager - Roll Back Driver

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I have a couple of general questions:
I have a GeForce 9500GT video card

1) Is it recommended to keep up with the latest driver? Mine is ~12 months old.
I recently got an ntdll.dll error that could have been driver related??

2) When Windows offers an optional video driver update I'm having difficulty finding out what specific driver version is being offered. I click on "more information" and don't get very far.

A:Nvidia Drivers - general

The standard answer is, if you are not having any problems or are not comfortable performing an update then leave things alone.

However, most the regulars on this site, including myself would say get the latest and greatest directly from the NVIDIA website Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers and don't use Windows update for getting your graphics drivers.

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I have a P4 3ghz pentium prescott with 1gig of Kensington RAM a Foxconn motherboard and 2 hardrives on IDE channels, one is 200GB paritioned into 3 seperate drives the other 30GB with 1 cd-rom and 1 cd-rw along with a BFG Nvidia geforce 6800 GT AGP brand new.

My problem is this: A couple of months ago my computer blacked out on me while I was playing a game. After it blacked out I tried to turn it on three or four times and it did not come on. After this we took it back to the same guy who got it running for us a year ago for a completely seperate problem. After we got it back he told us that our power supply failed and he replaced that along with the Motherboard as it was still under warrantly and he thought it might have been messed up. After we had gotten it back no more than 2 days passed when we began to get blue screens left and right for "an unknown" driver and occasionaly a graphics driver but the specific one is "unknown" and my comp would randomly cap its framerate at 15 FPS for no reason when a second ago it was doing 30+ easily. So we went on to reformat the 200GB HD (as this is our primary one) and reinstall windows XP Pro as Foxconn website said to do it as not doing so would cause our problems we were getting. After I did the re-install about 3 hours later we began to get the same blue screen reports of 0X8e (mostly), 0xd, 0xA (and maybe 1 or two others) and my computer still did the framerate cap at 10 FPS when it did 30+ easily a second... Read more

A:Need some serious help with drivers and computer in general

There is a chance the replacement board is bad. Did you install the motherboard drivers after you installed Windows?

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Hi, I am having a really hard time trying to get my audio to work. After reinstalling windows xp proffesional on a HP Pavilion a132n link to spec hereI cannot get the audio to work. I have everything installed. Uaa driver and the realtek high definition audio drivers are all installed. speakers are known working and all volume levels are on and nothing is muted. I have checked everything. I read somewhere that the sp3 update for windows disables the volume in this machine but I can't seem to find a workaround for it. If anybody had an idea or has experienced this problem before please let me know. Thanks in advace.

A:Pavilion a1312n Reinstall Windows now NO Audio all drivers installed

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the Starting Windows screen.

So after a freak accident involving compressed air, my original graphics card on my laptop, a Medion Erazer X7817, went kaput. So I ordered a new 765M from eBay and I got it yesterday after many days of waiting. I knew how to operate on my laptop, so I took off the bottom cover, took out the dead GPU, set the new one in with thermal pads + paste, and started the laptop. When I first pressed the power button, the laptop turned on for two seconds but then shut off. I pressed it again, and it booted up successfully. However, when Windows loads it's a 640x480, 4-bit mess of a screen, but it's navigable at the least.

So I downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers, had to edit some .ini files so the system check would catch the "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" that was just installed. After that, I restarted the computer, and now it won't go past the Starting Windows screen though I do hear the startup tune and can even login, blindly.

Any suggestions?

A:Installed drivers for a new GeForce GTX 765M, Windows not loading past

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ....Does your Laptop have duel Graphics ? ...

See if you can boot into safe Mode and Uninstall the Driver ..

Then Download the Driver from the Manufactures Website ...

Which is in the Link below ...
MEDION - Driver Download

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My comp keeps crashing on me. I've tried all of the trouble shooting i've found here from these forums and am still having problems. I've done about 30 fresh installs of windows in the past 6 months trying to get it to work properly. Doesn't matter if i'm running of my onboard video or my added vid cards. Doesn't matter if I run one or both RAM sticks. Doesn't matter if I run one or both vid cards. The pop up I get in the corner is what I've gone with for looking into trouble shooting. It refers to the graphics drivers crashing and then recovering. Doesn't matter if nothing is happening or not. Can sit fine for days, can turn it on and get 10 seconds out of it before it crashes. If i had any codes that it would give me I would help more on the situation. But when it crashes and doesn't recover I get no video; on either monitor. I'm getting very frustrated, this is the first time I've ever had this happen. This is the 4th computer I've built. First to involve any windows newer then XP. XP doesn't run my comp the way I would like it to. Some of the programs I use don't work with the 64-bit XP OS.

A:graphics card crashing, drivers installed and reinstalled windows same

As an addition to my first post I would also like to add that I am using correct CrossFire configurations when I have it all hooked up with multiple GPU's on the motherboard.

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Hello everyone,

I'm working on a client's laptop who's been getting bluescreens for a few weeks now, and I just can't for the life of me figure out the actual solution. He gets a variety of STOPS such as IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, MEMORY MANAGEMENT, etc every 10 minutes or so when in normal boot and every hour or so if in safe mode. I'm leaning towards it being a RAM issue as is he. Although his RAM passes numerous stock and third party memory test (such as Memtest 86), I have not opened the laptop up and individually tested each stick, but I have strong suspicion. Here are his minidumps and all other related files from the last week or so.

Can anyone help me out? Much appreciated. Thanks a lot!

A:BSODs from general use (memory? drivers?)

Free up the start-up, nothing except the antivirus is usually needed.
Startup Programs - Change
Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup

Microsoft Security Essentials & the Free version of Malwarebytes, update and make full scans separately:
Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software - ESET Knowledgebase

Help protect your PC with Microsoft Security Essentials

Malwarebytes Free Do not start the trial version of MalwareBytes

You may also take a look at:
Good & Free System Security Combination

Upload a screenshot using:
CrystalDiskInfo For how to upload a screenshot or file, read here

Test your Hard Drive by running:
Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure

Monitor hardware temperature with system monitoring software like Speccy or HWMonitor:
Piriform - Speccy
CPUID - HWMonitor For how to upload a screenshot or file, read here
Run the System File Checker that scans the of all protected Windows 7 system files and replaces incorrect corrupted, changed/modified, or damaged versions with the correct versions if possible:

Click on the
Type CMD on Search
Left click and Run as Administrator
Type SFC /scannow

Full tutorial here:
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Run Disk Check on your hard disk for file system errors and bad sectors on it:
Disk Check

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I have this usb camera (webcam) made by ZSMC and for some reason its drivers doesnt work. I was just wondering if there are general drivers for webcams which would generally work perhaps?

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I am thinking about moving from 32-bit vista ultimate to 64-bit ultimate, but I have read that non-certified drivers cannot [easily] be used on vista x64. Has this changed much in SP1, etc?

If not, what are the chances I will be affected by this rule? ie, what percent of non-beta drivers out there are NOT certified, etc? If virtually all non-beta drivers are certified, then I figure this restriction won't bother me as I never use beta drivers.

Is it recommended that I look up (on the appropriate websites) each and every driver that I would like to run, and see if it is certified??

Lastly, if any of you happen to know off the top of your heads whether the following hardware has certified drivers, please let me know...
I have the following hardware that I would like full functionality from in vista x64:
a LITE-ON DVD burner
creative sound blaster x-fi platinum fatal1ty
logitech orbit MP webcam
MS natural ergonomic keyboard 4000
logitech rx1000 laser mouse
nvidia 8800GT


A:general questions about certified drivers

Creative is a definite HELL NO and will always be a HELL NO because they aren't going to release a certified driver. Instead they are going to repackage the same card with drivers that work and call it the X-Fi-2. Check out the creative website for their forums and see if this is the type of company you wish to be cheated by, I mean do business with anymore.

8800 GT, yes:

Logitech Quickcam Orbit MP, yes:*,en

Logitech RX1000 Lasermouse (ROEM) yes:**,en

nVidia 8800GT yes:
ForceWare Release 169

MS natural ergonomic keyboard 4000 come on, what do YOU think lol)***〈=en&driverVersion=IntelliType%20Pro%206.2%2064-bit%20for%20Windows%20Vista
Lite-on DVD burner, who knows. There were about 30 lite-on optical drives to choose drivers for at the lite-on site. You could have any or all of them for all I know.

*Logitech does not say exactly on their website that their drivers are WHQL labeled, but my g15 keyboard works with the downloads I got there.

**Check the logitech forums under web cams for more info. Depending upon when your web cam was made, there are different drivers.

I have not installed my MS wireless keyboard or mouse, but I have been read several places on this forum that there is a Vista optional update or KB that you have to install so that Vista will ... Read more

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I am planning to compose an application which should later be put on a bootable DVD or bootable USB flash drive.

In order to allow the application to access USB flash drives and WiFi network I need to add some generic USB 2.0/3.0 drivers as well as WiFi drivers.

How do I do that?

Are these drivers downloadable from somewhere?

Thank you

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After having trouble with the Win32 heur or W32.sality virus I lost my patient and Completly reinstalled Windows XP Media center edition...

I had bought my PC from packard bell and had support, cd-backup + instructions and everything registered to packard bell, My PC Was A Packard Bell.
Then later my motherboard got trouble and crashed alot... So I eventually bought a new one.

When my pc got the virus I wanted to use the CD-backup I had taken from the pc before the motherboard was changed and also had the support of packard bell.
But the CD did not boot because "information was not valid" and I couldn't use it to reformat and reinstall my Windows XP MC edition.

So I used my student version of the CD, my other cd that would install windows media center edition and also the key for that cd.
I formated everything and left no partition so that superdangerous-virus would die.

After the installation I have no more internet connection and missing drivers installed. I can't update windows because it requires internet which I don't have on that PC. I also no longer seem to have packard bell support.

How can I get those drivers installed on my pc? I have no clue what about the names :( :( :(

I was really tired when I wrote this, hope you understand.

Every post and advice will be greatly appreciated.

A:[SOLVED] Reinstalled Windows XP - No internet connection + missing installed drivers

go into device manager and write down the details of any red "!" or yellow "?" and go on another computer that has internet and go to the manufature web site and download the drivers for the stuff missing and burn to cd or flash drive and copy them to your computer and install the drivers then setup a network conection.

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I am really stuck now don't know what or how to do to fix this issue can somebody please help me with this issue I need to find updated drivers and need a product key for the windows 7 I installed

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Ok , i installe windows 7 on my HP laptop today & after all instllation was completed & got all the updates etc .. I noticed 3 things & it stated them in action centre also .

1) Im missing my sound card/driver , cause it says im missing it . my sound card/driver is ; CPT5910a, conexant AC - Link Audio

2 ) Video controller i also dont have . The taskbar in windows 7 isnt transparent & thats due to i dont have the video card & other things .

3 ) I need to install my modem driver ? I dont know what that means but please help me fix this !

This is what it says , in device manager ; under other devices
- Multimedia audio controller ( with yellow trinagle/exclmation mark )
- PCI mondem ( with yellow trinagle/exclmation mark )
- Video Controller ( with yellow trinagle/exclmation mark )


A:Installed Windows 7 & im Missing video/audio/ sound drives/drivers !

Quote: Originally Posted by XxProblemsxX

Ok , i installe windows 7 on my HP laptop today & after all instllation was completed & got all the updates etc .. I noticed 3 things & it stated them in action centre also .

1) Im missing my sound card/driver , cause it says im missing it . my sound card/driver is ; CPT5910a, conexant AC - Link Audio

2 ) Video controller i also dont have . The taskbar in windows 7 isnt transparent & thats due to i dont have the video card & other things .

3 ) I need to install my modem driver ? I dont know what that means but please help me fix this !

This is what it says , in device manager ; under other devices
- Multimedia audio controller ( with yellow trinagle/exclmation mark )
- PCI mondem ( with yellow trinagle/exclmation mark )
- Video Controller ( with yellow trinagle/exclmation mark )


Hi and welcome.

Have you tried the HP site? Have you googled for example your model + drivers?

How To Find Drivers:

- search Google for the name of the driver
- compare the Google results with what's installed on your system to figure out which device/program it belongs to
- visit the web site of the manufacturer of the hardware/program to get the latest drivers (DON'T use Windows Update or the Update driver function of Device Manager).
- if there are difficulties in locating them, post back with questions and someone will try ... Read more

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This is my dual boot windows XP pro with Vista installed first. After I done everything and step into installing drivers for sound, graphic, network, etc on Windows XP that has just installed. So I've search on Google for compatible drivers it says Realtek 8101E Driver is compatible for XP for my motherboard. After the installation, the driver name I saw was totally different, it turns into Realtek PCIe FE Famiyl Controller. With this newly installed driver I always get disconnect after few minutes. And I need to restart the computer / modem in order to get into internet and repeat the same thing (it keeps disconnect after few minutes later.) But before the disconnections occur, the internet is really really 5 times slow than my normal. And I able to connection to skype / msn / online games (existing country only) without disconnect till I close it. Then I re-open the programs back it couldn't connect. And another thing is while I playing those games, I alt-tab and try to surf internet browser it says not found and I still able to go through internet and play games. .. Am I using the wrong driver? I'm following the driver that what supports my motherboard.

Motherboard model : 945GCT-HM
Compatible Drivers : Realtek 8101e
Computer Retailer : HP
OS Installed on Motherboard : Vista
OS Installed on Motherboard (Dual Boot) : Vista (Original) , XP (2nd OS)
Reference OS : XP

Isn't I'm using the wrong driver or my computer has gone wrong? I don't think so because it's just install... Read more

A:Windows XP (Dual Boot) keep disconnect after few minutes on newly installed drivers.

What is the exact model number of the HP system?

Look on bottom label if laptop; label on back if desktop.

Regards. . .



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How is this even possible?

I had the google redirect issue that seemed to go away for a couple of days, but then everything got worse and pages I was reading would just change to a different random site. I decided to just reformat the drive and reinstall XP. Installed drivers and all Windows updates, anti-virus and MBAM from files on a different partition on the same drive and set up outlook express including importing files. I then went on the internet and everything happened again. A google-analytics page popped up and pages randomly were redirected.

So I reformatted/reinstalled again tonight. I installed my MB and VC drivers fro mthe CD that came with the product and then started installing all Windows updates which takes a while. After that, I went on the internet and I'm infected again.

My boot drive is partioned into C and D with D being where I install all my games and place any downloads or save files. However, I never did anything with this drive this time. I never even opened up the drive folder.

Please help as I am completely baffled

A:Infected Immediately after reformat/reinstall XP with Nothing installed but drivers and all Windows Updates

Do you use a router?

Orange Blossom

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hi peoples

i have installed my media centre for the 3rd time in a month. Due to various issues. (1 being sleep) Now i have installed the same drivers as the first build for HDMI audio and video, which i had perfect dvd playback and tv on, however i am faced with errors about video drivers not properly installed.

Last time it was the HDMI driver which i have installed and reinstalled 3 times. It seems every time i follow the exact same process at rebuilding vista 64 i get a different result.

Is there a way you can reset media centre so it checks the drivers all over again. I am interested in resetting audio and video if possible

A:Vista x64 media centre video drivers not installed or installed incorrectly

Hi, audiophile, and welcome to the forums.

It would help to know your Graphics card and setup - I have installed Vista Ultimate x64 twice - once for testing, and then a format and reinstall as I changed the partition setup - since then (2 months now) I have not had a single issue with WiMP / WMC.

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Hello!I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 15r Special Edition with Windows 8 as it's default operating system. Since I don't like it that much, I plan to format the hard drive (by going into computer-> Right click on C: -> Format) and then to do a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium on it.After the clean installation procedure, I was wondering if I could simply insert the Dell Drivers and Utilities disc into the optical drive and intall the drivers like I would normally do.Therefore, the real question would be: Will the Windows 8 drivers provided by Dell be compatible with Windows 7?Thank you very much everyone.FatLord

A:Planning to downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 7. Will the drivers provided on my Dell "Drivers and Utilities" be comp...

I did find this one "Inspiron 15R SE 7520" If that is your model then the Dell website has Windows 7 64bit drivers and Windows 8 64 bit drivers available for download.

I would use the Windows 7 Drivers for windows 7, Just download them ahead of time and burn them to a CD or store on a flash drive so you will have them handy to use.

I would also have my Antivirus ready to install before I went on the Internet.

3rd point. Windows will prevent you from formatting the drive it is installed on. So you have to do it during the install process.

Good Luck

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I had to reinstall windows Vista Business on an Acer Aspire AX1200-U1640A 2GB install went well but when I tried to set up my internet, wireless did not show, I called my internet provider we tried to set it up as broadband but that didn't work either. It seems I do not have the drivers for the Ethernet Controller and other things listed under other devices see pictures in attached document. Since I do not have the internet on that computer, I downloaded the Ethernet driver from Acer to a jump drive but I cannot get it to work. Please advise for all "other devices" with the same problem. Oh, yes the Ethernet cord is plugged in and my laptop has wifi. Thanks

A:[SOLVED] Windows Vista reinstall other devices locked, no drivers cannot load drivers

Hi go to acer support page and download and install the chipset driver then try the lan driver

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ok so im reformatting my HP Pavilion G4 1125 dx and i want download the drivers before hand. so my question is on the HP web sight it has the list of drivers but do i really need to download all of them? there are 11 network drivers!!! so does anyone know what ones i really need to download so that everything works the same! thanks

list of drivers:

email for more questions [email protected]

windows 7 home premium 64bit
AMD phenom(tm) II P650 dual-core processor
4 GB ram


A:question about windows 7 drivers?

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To my knowledge, when an OS such as Windows 8.1 is booted, all firmware/bios drivers are replaced by more appropriate OS drivers in the boot drive during start up. I learnt this happens for the latest versions of Windows. Am I right? Do all bios drivers get replaced? Does this happen with the latest versions of OS X as well?

If this is so, then you can discard firmware as suspected of causing problems on a computer that's already booted up. Unless there's a problem that's causing a driver to remain in RAM after boot.

A:Does firmware drivers get completely replaced by OS drivers after boot in OS X and Windows?


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I contacted SONY and they told me that they did not have the drivers for this Hardware. They told me I needed a WINDOWS driver. My operating system is Windows 98. Help

A:Not Going to Sleep Until Find Drivers..Need Windows Drivers SONY CD-R/RW CRX140E

You already posted this same question in hardware.
Keep it to one thread.

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Yesterday I had the Windows defender virus on my Desktop computer. I read things online and most places were saying to use rKill, ComboFix, and Malwarebytes. So I followed everything and then the virus was removed (I believe). Less than an hour later a friend of mine went to a website (which I believe got me a virus).
Ever since then when my computer boots up the task bar at the bottom of the screen is grey and plain (looks like a task bar from Windows XP maybe), it says that my "Audio service is not running", and I do not even have the bars that show my Wifi signal (I'm assuming that I am missing the driver now?).
I do not know if ComboFix is what did this or if I have another virus but I have become so frustrated with this that I figured I would ask for help.

I'm running a Gateway DX4860, Windows 7, and a wireless internet card.
If ANY other information is needed then I will be more than happy to give it.

A:Had the Windows Defender virus. Now no Network drivers, audio drivers, etc.

Welcome aboard  Since you ran Combofix on your own... Please follow the instructions in THIS GUIDE starting at Step 6. If you cannot complete a step, skip it and continue.Once the proper logs are created, then make a NEW TOPIC and post it HERE. Please include a description of your computer issues, what you have done to resolve them, and a link to this topic.If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the new topic and explain what happens when you try to create the log(s) that you couldn't get. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then still post the topic and explain that you followed the Prep. Guide, were unable to create the logs, and describe what happens when you try to create the logs.It would be helpful if you post a note here once you have completed the steps in the guide and have started your topic in malware removal. Good luck and be patient.If HelpBot replies to your topic, PLEASE follow Step One so it will report your topic to the team members.

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I recently updated my nvidia drivers and ran some scans using Eusing Free Registry Cleaner and CCleaner. Did several defrags and a disk cleanup.

Now after about five years of very little issues of substance with my Inspiron 8600 I started getting some very heavy pixelation and freezing sometimes followed by a crash. I'm hoping this could be a issue I can resolve via software because I don't know if I have the budget to replace my video card or whatever else might be the issue. A friend of mine thought it might have been overheating, but it's run for longer spans of time in worse situations than what it's been through the past few days.

I'll try to give whatever information I can, sorry if this wasn't enough.

A:Having issues after updating my video drivers and doing some general cleanups

The registry cleaner no doubt caused damage to your system. Restoire the backup, uninstall it, and never use one again.

Ccleaner is just as bad. If you used its registry cleaner, restore the backup. Its a bit like asking a butcher to do brain surgery.
Try testing memory.

MemScope (Floppy and CD images.)
Roadkil's RAM Test
Microsoft Memory Test (floppy or CD ISO image)

If you have enough memory sticks, you can test them by removing one at a time and see if the problem disappears.

If you are running Vista, tap F8 on boot and choose the memory diagnostic, or if you can boot up, go to Start > Search and type:


Choose to run a memory diagnostic on next boot. Or, you can boot from the DVD and run it from there.

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I have been having this problem for a while now. I am getting BSOD at random times when using my desktop. I've done 3 complete wipes and fresh installs but they continue to occur. Originally I thought it was a bad hard drive and so I upgraded to a SSD but this did not fix the issue.

I next thought this was a bad memory stick so I ran memtest86. It took about 4 hours for my single 8gb stick but there were no errors found.

I then thought my video card was too old to be compatible with the newer directX11, (was a radeonHD4830), and so I upgraded to a gtx750ti. At first this seemed to correct the issues but the started again recently.

The errors do not seem to happen at first, but when they do occur it seems they happen one after another. I found that I would get one pretty consistently after waking my computer in the morning. I then configured it to never sleep or turn off the display and the errors happened less.

A:BSOD during general computer use, multiple drivers reported

Host Name: ALFRED-PC
OS Name: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
OS Version: 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
OS Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
OS Configuration: Standalone Workstation
OS Build Type: Multiprocessor Free
Registered Owner: Alfred
Registered Organization:
Product ID: 00426-OEM-8992662-00006
Counterfeit installations such as yours contains heavily modified code that causes the installation to behave it unexpected ways. Analysing BSOD's and determining their causes on these sorts of installations is very unreliable.

My recommendation is to start with a clean slate, and install a genuine version of Windows. This will minimise the problems you are experiencing, and make subsequent diagnosis of BSOD's far more reliable. Once you are running a genuine Windows installation, and are still experiencing BSOD's, we will be happy to help you solve them.

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I've just bought this XPS 15 9550 in Jan., and I really enjoy it at first.
However, one day, microsoft as pushed the update to 10586 version of windows 10 and the machine will always fail to install the update, so I decide to download the image file and install it myself.
The installation goes smooth, but after a few days' use, I found the computer is really slow when playing videos and games and I happened to find out the CPU speed shows on the performance label in task manager will always be 0.75ghz and 0.78ghz. It cannot go above that. I've also found that the utilization of the CPU can not be larger than 30%.
I've already updated my BIOS to 1.1.19, reinstall the system a few times, choosing the high performance battery mode, etc. and all these does not help.

I also downloaded the intel power gadget and found the power consuming for my CPU is always low and the CPU speed remains to be 0.80ghz.

Also, I've met the problem that after plugin the AC power, the CPU speed will fall to 0.39ghz...

Anyone got any idea what's going on here and how can I fix the problem? I'll really appreciate it. Thanks.

A:XPS 15 9550 CPU speed is as low as 0.75ghz after mannually install windows 10 with all drivers installed and BIOS updated

I've got my problem solved. Please do the following:
1. download intel power gadget, you can search online for it.
2. Check the power rate for your CPU (package pw...) and open videos and applications that will constantly consume CPU power. See if the power is always low. 
3. If the power is always low, try update your BIOS (download from dell drivers and the newest version currently should be 1.1.20), and see whether things are getting better.
4. If the power is still low, you should contact dell technical service to replace your hardware (my computer has replaced the northbridge or southbridge, I forgot, but after replacing, the CPU works fine)
Note: If you are running games using your discrete graphic card, for example starcraft II and you found it's extremely slow, it's possible your cpu is capped.

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I am trying to install some widcomm bluetooth drivers but everytime I plug in the usb adapter windows install it's own drivers. I tried manually updating the drivers from device manager but it doesn't allow it.
Is ther a way to stop windows from installing the drivers to begin with?

A:Trying to install widcomm drivers. Getting overrun by windows drivers

First. Do not connect the usb device.

Install the drivers for the device, and only connect the device when either prompted to do so, or after the installation is complete.

Regards Howard

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I was trying to install some drivers for things I had been told were outdated using a program that checked this, and noticed that in a few instances there were XP drivers but none were for MCE specifically (It mentioned others specifically).
My question is, will patches for other kinds of XP work on XP MCE?

A:Question reguarding Windows XP MCE and drivers

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ATI has released Catalyst 5.2 as an update to Catalyst 4.10 for the ATI Radeon 7000 - 9500 graphic cards. The driver version, however, is still to the text file, and which I've confirmed). It's no big deal, but I'm curious about it. The download site is here.

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I've just installed windows 7 (x64) and i was wondering, when i download and install drivers and programs etc. the choice to download the choosen driver or program for windows 7 isn't always there since this OS is so new, so which version do i download then? Do i download the version for windows xp or windows vista? Or wont it work at all no matter which version i download? Will i simply have to wait till there is a windows 7 version to download?

Help appreciated.

A:Question about drivers, programs etc. for windows 7

Hi many of vistas drivers work with win7

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Hello! I currently just installed windows 7 and I love it. However, Ive noticed that when doing basic things sometimes it freezes if i dont give it enough time to think. For example I am trying to enable an audio line input so I can play my XBOX 360 through my computer. However, when going to the sound option and click on a tap, it takes forever to load and if i click it again it stops responding or freezes. my question is that I still have my cds that came with my operating system. I know windows 7 installed drivers and everything is working but would installing the drivers and utilities from the cd be better since it has specific drivers for my sound card or graphic cards lets say? Would doing this help reduce these freezing sessions? Thanks

A:Solved: Windows 7 drivers question?

What are the specifics of the machine that you are running Windows 7 on, and what edition of Windows 7 are you running?

As for drivers, try going to the manufacturers website.

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I've spent the last two hours browsing endless internet forums trying to find a solution to increase my frame rate. Although I'm not foreign to computers etc, I am out of my depth when dealing with graphics! So I decided to get some individual advice in the hands of experts...

Basically, I play Pro Evolution Soccer 6 loads and I'm trying to get it to run at the optimum frame rate so it displays better on the TV (I output my laptop via s-video to the TV for playing).

I noticed the Frapps program being mentioned so I downloaded that, to find that my FPS was 35-40 in the game. I think my computer can do 60HZ, so surely the FPS can be boosted to around 60 FPS? But I'd be happy even if the FPS was nearer 50fps.

I've seen Vsync being mentioned in various forums, but I don't know how to disable that or even if it is beneficial. The thing is I'm a bit confused with the drivers stuff, and all I can find is in "Display" which is "Plug and Play Monitor on Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family".

Also briefly read that increasing virtual memory will affect FPS, so set that at 1000mb now.

I'm not sure what info you need, or even how to obtain it, but I guess I can give the System Properties stuff:


Genuine Intel(R) CPU
T2050 @ 1.60 GHz
1.60 GHz, 504 MB of RAM
Physical Address Extension

Any help is VERY greatly appreciated.



A:Increase frame rate for gaming/drivers/general confusion!

Your monitor doing 60Hz is just the refresh rate. When playing games with v-sync enables your framerate will not go higher than your refresh rate which is 60Hz (hence won't go higher than 60fps). If you disable v-sync (won't necessarily increase performance if you have low framerates already) than your framerate can go higher than the refresh rate (virtually unlimited) for even smoother gameplay BUT you get what is called horizontal tearing which can kinda suck in a lot of games.

To reduce tearing you can enable triple buffering. All it does is render both second the third frames while the first is being displayed. but some issues can come from this such us the third frame might be displayed over the second. Although this is rare (at least for me)

In your case your running an old Intel with a rather crappy graphics card. You can try overclocking your CPU but I don't think it will help much. You PC (no offence) is rather crap when it comes to performance. The only real viable chance of geting higher framerates is to buy a new PC, or at least get a more powerful graphics card. But your CPU being at 1.6GHz will be a bottle neck for it.

Your pretty much screwed. Buy a new PC, make sure its custom built as custom builds are the best (You know what your getting).

EDIT: Sorry if spelling is off. I got up REAL early to get the papers from the garage and am really tired.

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So short and sweet My drivers keep failing saying that my direct x crashes. Im not to computer savvy and would really like some. help. I was playing starcraft 2 and my Game freezes than shuts down. Afterwards my desktop picture is so laggy that i can barely do anything. So i restart and than its fine again i tried mutliple times to fix this issue i even tried to get repaired and it still happens any help or suggestions would be appreciated. oh and the graphics card is gtx 670 if that is needed.
Thank you in advance for the help.
P.S. I dint know where to post this internal hardware or somewhere else. I think it might have something to do with windows 8 thats why i posted it here. But Mods feel free to move the post if i am not correct and sorry for having to move. 
P.S.S i talk to my graphics card provider. and they said that it wasnt a direct x issue. Still crash just crashed actually. Tested My Memory with memtest86 Pass everything reverting back to old drivers to see if that will help. Starting to think i got a shotty motherboard. Is there any way to test this. I look far and wide for a way but havent found anything solid. 

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Hey guys just a quick and simple question...

I have a laptop and I want to erase the hard drive completely (I know how) and reinstall my windows on it. I have backed up all the laptops essential drivers with DriverMax. Now here's my question..

Say I go about erasing the whole HD and reinstalling windows.. Will the keyboard/mouse work so I can go about reinstalling the rest of the drivers?


A:Quick question about reinstalling windows & drivers

quick answer - it all depends upon the installation disk you use. Generally you should have no problems with keyboard and mouse. If you use the computer manufacturers disk, then all the driver should be available though you may have to update through the manufacturers website. as far as other devices, you can go to their manufacturers website to download thedrivers, use the disk that came with it or if you saved the drivers folder, just browser to that folder during driver installation to install the driver.

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Hi everybody,

I just would like to know if the drivers available for Satellite L850-16D under the title "windows 8 upgrade" are good also for a total fresh installation of windows 8 64 bit, or if they are only good for an upgrade to it from windows 7 64 bit.


A:Question about Windows 8 drivers for Satellite L850-16D


The Win 8 Upgrade Assistant connects to an driver server and downloads the Win 8 drivers for the notebook.
This should function also with clean Win 8 installation.

But don?t forget to create a Toshiba Recover disk before switching to Win 8.
The recover disk allows you to go back to Win 7 if you would like to use the Win 7 in the future..

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Hello everbody, I'm in dire need of assistance. REcently, my computer hard drive got the blue screen of death, so we got a new one. We used the "original outta the factory cds" to reinstall it along with the drivers. But, the internet doesn't work. So I went to device manager and found that under ' Other Devices ' 4 of the drivers have been marked.

-Ethernet Controllorer
-Multimedia Audio Controller
-Multimedia Controller
-PCI Simple Communications Controllorer

I've tryd everything. Uploaded them off dell onto a cd. Nothing. Uploaded them to a flash drive. Nothing. Google searched for 2 weeks on the drivers for help. Nothing. I finally woke up and decided to join this forum and ask, and I'm praying that someone here will be able to help me, before i go blow $200 to get it fixed.

Computer Specs:
Dell Inspiron 8300
Windows XP Professional
Service Pack 3 ( Downloaded it off dell and uploaded to pc to try and fix )
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80 GHz ( This is the motherboard I belive, and it's intell )

So yep, thats all. Currently I have a 8gb flash driver, and a labtop at my disposal to fix the problem. So, hopefully someone out there can assist me.
Thank you.

A:Windows XP Drivers - Yellow Question Marks

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When you install Windows XP from an OEM (non-branded) Windows CD, does it analyze your hardware and SELECTIVELY install drivers accordingly OR does it just install the SAME basic plug-n-play drivers every time regardless of what type of hardware exists on the machine?

The reason I ask is that I'm wondering if you can create a test drive to swap in on ANY system to help determine if a problem is hardware or software related. I've always heard that using a drive from another machine will usually cause a blue screen because of mismatched drivers. But what about if you just leave the drivers that the Windows CD "chooses" to install?

Maybe I should just stick to booting up with an Ubuntu Live CD as one method of quickly seeing if the hardware on the machine is likely healthy or not?

A:Tech question: Windows XP reinstall drivers

I believe it installs the basic drivers from Microsoft for the particular hardware installed on the machine.

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I've just updated my Acer Notebook to Windows 7. I've installed all the drivers that Acer supplies for Windows 7.

But what about the drivers that are not supplied? Should I install the ones that Acer supplies for Vista or stick with the 'pre-installed' drivers by Windows 7 ... Everything seems to work with the pre-installed ones.

And how do I check wether or not the Intel Turbo Memory is working correctly?

A:Windows 7-drivers or Vista-drivers by Acer

I can only reply to the first question. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Is what I'd suggest. On the second we'll have to have someone more familiar with intel turbo memory. Try Google I did and found a lot of interesting articles on turbo memory. You can draw your own conclusions as to it's effectiveness. Fabe

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Just in the process of reinstalling my Win7 OS. I have an ATI Radeon HD5750 Graphics Card and when Windows was installing I noticed that it installed drivers for the graphic card. In my previous install I had the Catalyst Control Centre installed but never ever used it for anything that I know of. So my question is, do I need to install the CCC package from the ATI site or are the windows installed drivers just as good. On a similar tack without starting a new thread. Do I need to reinstall the chipset drivers for my Gigabyte MA770T-UD3 Motherboard or are they still installed?.

A:Windows 7 drivers or ATI graphic card drivers?.

If you have an ATI graphics card/chip...some say that you don't need to install CCC.
I have a history of ATI cards/chipsets and I always install the full package because the card/chip works properly and I don't care about the fact that I don't ever use CCC.
Any drivers installed by Windows by default will work...but for optimum use of the graphics function, you probably need to install the drivers provided by the system or motherboard manufacturer.
Anytime an O/S is reinstalled...all previous system files are flushed.  Of course, a clean install fllushes everything.

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Hi all, I went to the support site for my new tablet and the only driver available for download is the "USB" driver. Usually manufacturers list all the drivers for download (Chipset, Network, Graphics, etc). Does this mean that the other drivers are the Windows 10 default drivers? Or is it that Samsung does not want to offer the drivers for download?

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