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how to remove file dialog suggested paths?

Q: how to remove file dialog suggested paths?


When i open file dialog (saving/open files) i also get list of old path that are not existing any more.

how i can remove it ?


A: how to remove file dialog suggested paths?

Hello Igalep,

This may be able to help. It will be the same location used for Windows Explorer.

Windows Explorer Auto Suggest - Delete Typed Paths

Hope this helps,

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I have downloaded flashget but whenever I double click a link,flashget automatically download for me.How if I do not want flashget to be my default manager?I just want to use explorer downloading.Pls provide instructions.Thank you!

A:Remove File Download Dialog Box

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Hi, so when my computer was upgraded to Windows 10 Internet Explorer was updated as well. I want to know how to delete a suggested site on the new version of Internet Explorer. I had copied and pasted a website into a new tab and now every time I start
to type a site into the search bar on a new tab that one pops up. I want to know how to remove just that site suggestion. Thank you!

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I am running windows xp pro sp3 with IE8. I have tried everything to try and remove the Bing browser and it keeps returning no matter what I do.
Does anyone have a fix for this.
Thanks in advance.

A:how to permanently remove Bing and Suggested Sites

EDIT: I just remembered something where you may not have to do any of the below. I never use IE so it slipped my mind. Go into IE's options, programs, manage add-ons. Right click any crap you see there and remove it if possible or disable it if removing is not an option. I would still go to add or remove programs and see if there's any crap there.
Well, try going into add or remove programs and uninstall IE8 and any other entry with Bing or MSN. You will have to reboot afterwards and will be back to IE6. Download Internet Explorer 8 and install it. This is the original version without all that crap. When installing, have it download updates. When finished you will be asked to reboot. Go to Windows Update and run a scan to make sure everything is up to date.
To disable suggested sites, first back up your registry by following the instructions below.
Please visit, download and install/unzip ERUNT. Run ERUNT, click OK at the Welcome dialog, accept the default values that are pre-filled in and pre-checked, click OK, click yes and OK when it's done.
To restore the backup at a later date, navigate to the ERDNT folder in your Windows directory, open the folder with the date you want to restore from and then click ERDNT.EXE. It will restore your registry but it needs to reboot to do so. When it asks you to do so, click yes.
Once you've backed up the registry, merge the attached reg file by double clicking ... Read more

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The address bar in IE11 displays some (famous) websites which I have never visited. I think they stated to appear after I updated IE recently. Any ideas how to remove them? They do not show up in favourites. I have attached the example images.

A:remove default favourites/suggested sites IE11

Hi mpallins welcome to SevenForums,
Go to Internet options via the Gear symbol on the top right,
Content section/ Autocomplete settings,
See if suggesting url's is checked,

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Im new to windows 10, i upgraded from windows 7. I am beyong annoyed with the File looking for is here, there, in that folder and dont forget the folder under it lol. I sync my phone to pc for Dropbox, Files starts to sync and im seeing the same file syncing over and over like 4 times, along with the annoying windows sounds each time. I look to see where they are going and one goes to a folder
Same file here
This PC-Windows C-users Branscum-dropbox

same file went here
and here
C-users-craig and lisa-Dropbox

i could go on but im confusing my self even more...Please i dont need all them access points for the same file ...Could some one explain this to me

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Hello, I know (am pretty sure >.<) that there is a way to do this.

I am trying to set a file path for a folder, but I need the folder to go to the current username, instead of my username. For example..

C:\Users\Matt\Documents\ - Is my current path

I want it to be C:\Users\*THEIR USER NAME*\Documents\

A:Help With File Paths

Hello Anyok,

You can use the path below for a universal profile path instead.

%USERPROFILE%\My Documents

Hope this helps,

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Dear All,

One of my user is facing copy paths issue in window 7 enterprise . User get the following error.

Thanks & Regards,
Kashiram Sawant

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So I've been trying to use system file checker, and encountered a problem where it can't repair a file. I found this page detailing how to manually fix the problem:

Use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista or on Windows 7

I was fine until step 2, where it says

"For example, type takeown /f E:\windows\system32\extremely_simplified_example.dll"

The problem is, my CBS.log file says stuff like:

Cannot repair member file [l:24{12}]"FWPKCLNT.SYS"
Unable to repair \SystemRoot\WinSXS\Manifests\\[l:24{12}]"FWPKCLNT.SYS"

and I don't know how to translate that into a path to use with the takeown command. I searched for that file using explorer and found a dozen different copies, so I'm not sure which one to replace.

Semi-related questions: Can I just replace them all? I'm planning on using a copy of the file from a similar system that works, is that ok?


A:Help understanding CBS.log file paths

Hello Southbound, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Those instructions there are fine, but just a bit vague. OPTION THREE in the tutorial below can help give you only the SFC results to help make it easier to go through.SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
Next, the tutorial below can show you how to extract files from your installation disc to replace any listed files that SFC cannot repair.Extract Files from Windows 7 Installation DVD
Before doing anything, please post back and upload your sfcdetails.txt file to see what all may be wrong, and if it any file that cannot be repaired is worth worrying about.Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
To help interrupt what it says to know the path:Cannot repair member file [l:24{12}]"FWPKCLNT.SYS"
Unable to repair \SystemRoot\WinSXS\Manifests\\[l:24{12}]"FWPKCLNT.SYS"
The first line says that SFC cannot repair the FWPKCLNT.SYS file.

The second line is the path of the file. "SystemRoot" is a variable "%SystemRoot%" that is actually just a shortcut for "C:\Windows". This leaves you with the file path as:C:\Windows\WinSXS\Manifests\FWPKCLNT.SYS
Doing a search on the C: drive for the listed FWPKCLNT.SYS file would help give you all of it's locations if needed as well.

Hope this helps for now,

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after i run winaso registry cleaner/optimizer i get a messeage that i need to delte invalid files path

how do i do that ??????????

A:invalid file paths ???

Do yourself a favor, and if a registry cleaner offers to do something you don't understand, decline. It's far easier to clean the system to death than to actually fix something with a registry cleaner.

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I use WinAso Registry Optimizer; when I run it my computer crashes when it gets to Invalid File Paths, but when I remove the invalid file paths flag, it completes the process just fine. I would like some advice on correcting invalid file paths...thanks.

A:Invalid File Paths

Don't use registry cleaners. If you continue to use them, chances are that crashes will be among the least of your problems. Those things are junk, do only harm, and you should be thankful you were even able to reboot. Performance is not improved by using them, they remove needed entries, and they create their own "errors" so that they can "fix" them, making worse errors in the process.

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A little background first.

I have a shortwave radio that is of a new type where a lot of the functions such as filters, etc. is done via software that resides on the PC.

The radio is mfg. by the WINRADIO company.
The model of the radio is a G31 DDC

After playing with the radio, it automatically Saves the frequencies that you have listened to, and puts them into Memory to be able to recall them later.
The file that it creates is called "User Memory"..

I seem to have the User Memory File in the right place, I think, but the "path" to get there seems to be different.

I have one path of:
Libraries/ Documents/ WINRADIO/ G31 DDC/ User Memory

And another path of:
C:/ Users/ Bob/ My Documents/ WINRADIO/ G31 DDC/ User Memory

They both seem to lead to the correct file of User Memory.

a. My main question: Is there really only one file of User Memory, but two different ways or paths to get to it ?

b. What's with Libraries; I've never set that up ? What are they ?

c. Notice that one path has My "Documents", and the other just "Documents".

If anyone could explain this for me, I would be most appreciative.

Much thanks,

A:Two Paths To The Same File Question ?

A Library doesn’t contain files, but provides a single aggregated view of multiple folders and their contents.

These links may help:

Libraries - Personal and Public User Folders

Windows 7 Libraries: Frequently Asked Questions

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I've had the asian language pack installed on my laptop for awhile now and I know of a similar issue that involves the Korean won symbol, fortunately that never happened to me and I use my computer to type Korean frequently. I was attempting to get a program to run in Japanese to help out one of my friends, and after a restart; anywhere there's a file path it shows the &#65509; instead of \.

I know there's no difference aside from appearance, but it's really annoying to look at it.

I've uninstalled the program and looked around the Regional and Language options, policy settings, and about anywhere I can think of, maybe I missed it somewhere, but I can't find a way to revert it. Can anyone help? Thanks.

A:Yen symbol () instead of backslash in file paths.

Shameless bump.

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I have a program that plays music on VB 2008 Express Edition. It accesses music from my memory stick because I'm going to need to move the program to another computer. However, the memory stick was always listed under the J:\ drive, but now randomly it's listed under the K:/ drive. Is there a way so that I can just get the music "into" the program so that it can just play the music no matter what computer it is on. P.S. I also need to get this program to run on XP, and the file path is E:\, I'm afraid that since mine changed randomly, the XP computer I'm moving it to will also change randomly.

Please Help!

A:File Paths Changing Randomly

You can change the drive letter by going to Administrative Tools in Control Panel and them going into Computer Management, there is a section called Disk Management which will show all connected drives, from there you can change the drive path.

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Hello everyone! New here with this problem, hope I'm entering it under the right category (if not, sorry)

I have a local and a network folder embeded in a tiddlywiki page in iframes.
They both contain folders, .doc and .xls files with both greek and english names.
I've set up the open office plugin to show the aforementioned files within browser, so the frames work as
a sort of view area ( ).

At the same time I need to be able to open the folders / files in their native windows environment.
The above configuration doesn't allow that as .doc and .xls links open in the open office environment by default.

A number of firefox add-ons (Open With 4.0 /,
IE Tab 2 / provide the functionality to open firefox links in different browsers and/or programs.

I've set up explorer, winword.exe and excel.exe as manual entries in the Open With add-on which allows you to right click on firefox links and select to open them with these applications. Other add-ons allow you to do the same thing with internet explorer or a chosen application.

They all present the following problem:

The plugin works perfectly when opening the folder file:///C:/a with explorer
and the files file:///C:/a/a.doc with winword and file:///C:/a/a.xls with excel.exe.

But I get a path does not exist or is not a directory error when... Read more

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I'm trying to figure out how to change my file path names. The system name on my computer is Tsula but all paths still say the 'Owner' thing.

Example: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Music\Enya\Enya (new age)\2005 - Amarantine

Know how to fix it? x3

A:Changing Root Name In File Paths

I think you need to create a new profile and move settings from old to new, How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile - Louis

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when i first got my computer i came up with a lofty way of partitioning my 16o gb hard drive into different sections for different purposes like media partition and a system and a possible linux/ UNIX partition. but i haven't followed my plan and my f ( 60 g's) drive is almost full and my E drive ( 50 g's ) is completely empty can i combine the drives without messing up all of my file paths? maybe if i named the new drive f it would change anything? e is completely empty though

A:Partitioning hard drives and file paths

Well, yes if you use a program like Partition Magic that does non-destructive partitioning you can then id the partition as F, and not have lost your paths.

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I have a bunch of music stored on Z/```music, and in a playlist. However, I wish to move the music to E/```music, but not have to go through the process of recreating a playlist

Is there a quick way to do this?

A:How to change file paths for music in WMP playlist

here's a real nifty way to move folders to a different location..
Add Copy To / Move To on Windows 7 or Vista Right-Click Menu - How-To Geek

good luck

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I guess this may be a tiny bit off the subject here, but I am attempting this in windows 7.

I have a program file manager tool called 'Directory Opus' that is capable of calling windows external programs and passing them the current directory the file manager is sitting on.

So far so good.

Now I want to call a cygwin (linux/unix emulator for windows) terminal with that file manager.

Checking properties on the cygwin Icon I got the path: C:\cygwin\bin\mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico -

So it is a path to a command and an argument to that command.

Actually I guess it is 2 arguments to a command since I think '-' in that position means to feed anything on STDIN to the command. At least that would be true in unix shell programming.

So using the Directory opus setup I pass this call:
'@async:C:\cygwin\bin\mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico - <and here add {s}>'

So the call ends up:
'@async:C:\cygwin\bin\mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico - {s}'

That call does just what it is supposed to. It passed the current file absolute address however cygwin terminal does not understand the windows path notation. If I were passing it: C:\subdir\blah\ It would just say 'No such file' Cygwin terminal wants to see /cygdrive/c/subdir/blah Or at least I think that is what is happing.

So to cut to the chase.... I'd like to put a little wrapper to Cygwin terminal in there with the code necessary to convert 'C:\subdir\blah\' to '/cygdrive/c/subdir/blah/'

But, I do not know how ... Read more

A:Dos paths and unix paths conversion

I would ask on specifically this forum:
General Software Discussion -

The reason is I know there are a bunch of DO aficionados, who also use Linux, on that forum. I've never tried DO myself. I have played around with CygWin. But it's been a few years.

If the site wants a donation to sign up just explain to Mouser why you want to post etc.. I think he'll be sympathetic.

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Can you supply the correct paths and file names for initiating programmes to view files in

These are needed so that when a user clicks wants to view a document referenced in Q-Pulse
the system ensures the correct programme is launched. This does not happen all the time
when older files are stored with unusual extensions.

A:correct paths and file names for initiating programmes

nik, these could be different on anyone's PC.

If you're looking for the executable file paths, just do a find for the following files and note the folder they're stored in:

PowerPoint: powerpnt.exe
Excel: excel.exe
Visio: visio32.exe (I'm pretty sure about this one, not positive)

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I mistakenly deleted the contents of a user's account folder and was unable to replace the sub-folders manually or by pasting empty ones from another account. If I try to use the account to save files, I just get an error message saying that the folder xxx or file path doesn't exist, depending on where I am trying to save them. This is not just a long filename error and I am afraid that I have caused problems for the user that would affect any Windows 8 account he opens in future, because of Microsoft syncing. What do you suggest?

A:How to reset a user's deleted sub-folders/file paths?

Do you mean you've deleted the entire user folder in the root of C:\Users?

If so, just forget about it, unless you need to restore actual data. Simply create a new user after deleting the old one:

net user /delete DeletedUserNameHere

You can see the list of user names with

net user

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I'm having an issue with Windows Media Player for Windows 7.

I imported a bunch of playlists and their associated music files from an XP machine to my new Win7 machine, and some of the music files aren't playing - Media Player simply says that there was "an error" with no further explanation given, but this error only occurs with files with a certain file path.

On my XP machine a large chunk of my music files were located in C:\Documents and Settings\[my name]\My Documents\My Music\[artist name]\[song title] as .wma files. I know that in Win7 the Documents and Settings subdirectory was replaced by Users or something - that's not the real problem, because for all my other music files, the file paths as shown in my WMP playlists will adjust themselves automatically and play the music files correctly no matter where the files are moved. My issue stems from the fact that WMP is not correcting the file paths for the files located in Documents and Settings the way it is for all the other files. There is no way to edit the file paths in WMP, or I would have tried that.

This is not the first time I've moved my XP playlists to a Win7 machine, but on my previous attempts I have had no problem simply copying all my music to one folder and playing them in WMP. So I'm not sure why it's not working this time.

I would prefer to avoid rebuilding all my playlists by hand - I really don't think that should be necessary, since as I said I've moved all my data from an XP to a W... Read more

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I have just changed from XP where I used random photos as my screensaver and I had the option to show the file path which was an effective caption. With photos going back many years it was always enjoyable as the photos brought back memories. I am now using Photos as my screensaver in Windows 7 but I can't find any way to show file path / captions. Can anybody help please?

A:How do I display file paths when using Photos as a screen saver

Welcome to Seven Forums romper. It can't be done natively in 7, but if you still have your XP PC, people report success in copying ssmypics.scr from their XP machine to the Window 7 C:\windows\System32 directory. Open the Screen Saver Settings window and select the My Pictures Slideshow option, and voil?!

A Guy

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I've been creating fairly complicated animations in Office XP pro using Windows XP home, on a Dell Inspiron 18200, Pentium 4 with 512 megs of ram. I've had a couple files corrupt & shut down the program. I don't know why and everything was fine when I closed out the night before. There must be some recommended guidelines to ensure a stable final product. I'm very good about saving versions, but still loosing 3 hours of work and figuring out what I lost is not my idea of fun. 1. Info on maximum file size and slide count 2. Can you export graphics created in PPT into something like Flash to do more involved animations? I want consistency. Is Flash a good idea or overkill? 3. I break the show into smaller pieces and use action buttons to jump from one show to the next, are "action buttons" trouble or stable. 4. Letting the computer go to sleep when a file is open could this mess up something? So far I've not had any clients complain of a file not working. If anyone has any words of wisdom and why it is or isn't a good idea to do whatever, I would be most appreciative. Thanks

A:PowerPoint animations & Suggested file size

I don't know if you can run "specifications" thru PPT Help for info (as you can for eg: XL).

I do know there's an absolute wealth of PPT info here:


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Is there a resource available on MS website where I can get a list of channel/files paths associated with MS Event log source types.

For instance, event logs
MS Event Log - DHCP Admin
MS Event Log - DHCP Operational
Windows 2008 Vista EventLog Failover Clustering
Have the following channels:

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In C:\Documents and Settings\User I have 2 folders:

Start Menu

The files within the Start Menu folder, as an example, have the path: C:\Documents and Settings\User\Start Menu.

If I rename the Start Menu folder to, say, xxxxStart Menu, and view path of the files in the folder again, the path remains the same C:\Documents and Settings\User\Start Menu instead of what I expected to be C:\Documents and Settings\User\xxxxStart Menu

The same applies for Favorites.

Additionally, I can leave the renamed xxxxStart Menu folder in Documents and Settings\User and create a new folder of the same name (xxxxStart Menu) and it allows me to do this--even though both names are the same!

1) Is this normal?
2) Why is this?
3) Are these some kind of "special" folders that Windows XP treats differently?
4) Why doesn't this happen for other folders like Desktop, Cookies, Local Settings, SendTo, and Application Data?


A:Xp File Paths Question, pertains to Favorites and Start Menu

Are these some kind of "special folders"Click to expand...

That is exactly what they are called. For more detailed information: Also check out the links at the bottom of the page for more details.

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I am currently using Skydrive to synchronize files and folders between my home and office computers. I created an Excel file which has hyperlinks linking to files located under the same folder as the Excel file on the local hard disk.
In the past I was using Excel 2010 and the synching would work fine. I would open the excel file in any of the two computers and when I clicked on the hyperlinks the file stored on the local hard disk would open. Recently I purchased Office 360 and suddenly the paths in the hyperlinks linking to the files were changed from a local relative location I.e. \test.xlsx! to a cloud address I.e. On top of that even if I click on the hyperlink the file does not open.
Also Skydrive keeps creating copies of the files at random with the name of the computer where it was modified at the end I.e. test-Home-PC.xlsx.

Anybody know the reason for this and a way around it?


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Three items of malware were removed by McAffee, after which I got an error message relating to a missing ufgreag.dll file.

I asked about this on a previous thread ufgreag.dll file missing following virus problems - cannot find info and was advised that it was probably a startup entry created by the now removed malware, but that I should download HijackThis and post the results here. These are below and I'd be grateful if someone could check it.

I did read the "Everyone MUST read this" sticky, but I'm not clued up enough to know what a script blocker is or how to disable one or whether or not I have a CD emulation program which would apparently skew the results.

It all seems to be working fine, fingers crossed that all is well!
EDITED TO ADD - If it helps, I'm happy to do the DDS and GMER process, if someone can tell me about the script blocker / CD emulation wotnot

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 17:33:57, on 30/09/2010
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\ACS\AOLAcsd.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\Shared Fi... Read more

A:HijackThis log, as suggested on my previous thread about missing ufgreag.dll file

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Windows 7 Pro SP1 64 bit
Intel i5 CPU @2.67 GHz

This problem just started recently or I only noticed it in the past week or so. When I'm in any application that launches the File Open dialog, including any browser's "Select File/Browse" button to choose a local file, when I select a file (even a small 1K file) from the dialog and the dialog closes, there is a 5 - 10 second delay before the app responds and either opens the file or in the case of a browser, displays the file name. In those 5-10 seconds, the app is non-responsive. In a browser, other fields on the form cannot be clicked or selected for the 5-10 second period -- then the selected filename appears on the form.

This happens in all 4 browsers I tried: Chrome 32, IE 11, Firefox 26, and Safari.

I also booted Windows in safe mode and the problem still occurred.

I also ran KingSoft Office Writer and selected File->Open and the same issue occurs after selecting the file -- there is a noticeable delay that wasn't previously there.

In a code editor (PSPad), opening a file does the same thing as well (hangs for several seconds after selecting the file).

Randomly during testing, (but probably < ~5% of the time) it doesn't delay and works properly.

I ran System File Checker and MS Security Essentials, but both turned up a clean machine.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this lately?


A:File Open or Choose File dialog hangs application after selection made

Figured this one out... It turns out a network attached drive was not on for some reason and I had a drive letter mapped to it. Once I turned the drive back on, the hanging symptom went away!

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I've spent many days to implement this functionality, but couldn't taste any success. What I want is to created a XPS file of a web page automatically, without any GUI intervention. I'm able to automate everything but couldn't able to bypass "Save as
File" dialog.

Following is the code I'm using to generate XPS file. Please help me if you know any workaround. Thanks in advance.

using System.Reflection;





public class HTMLPrinter


private bool documentLoaded;

private bool documentPrinted;

private void ie_DocumentComplete(object pDisp,
ref object URL)

{ documentLoaded =Read more

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Hey all!

I just wonder, is there a way to actually change all four (4) file attributes from the file properties dialog of a file?

This was possible with Windows 95! Imagine that! Windows 95!...

But it's not possible with Windows 98!
It's not possible with Windows Me (Mistake Edition, *cough*)!
It's not possible with Windows 2000!
It's not possible with Windows XP!
It's not possible with Windows Vista!
And it's not possible with Windows 7!

Why would you want to use the attrib command to change file attributes? Because that's the only thing I know of that allows setting all four attributes. The four attributes being the Read-only, Hidden, Archive, and System.

Is there by any chance a way to add these attribute options to the file properties dialog?...

A:How do you change file attributes from the file properties dialog?

You can see on samples below how the file properties dialog may look like on different Windows versions.

Windows 95

Windows 98
Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

The dialog may look the same in Windows Vista and Windows 7, but they behave a little bit differently. As you can see from the lower most image, the the time stamps are displayed as "X hours ago" instead of actual time it was created, modified or accessed. It will display time normally as with all previous Windows versions only after 24 hours have passed. I don't like this, but as far as I know it's the only change they have done to the file properties dialog in Windows 7.

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I have searched up and down and around the web for a fix for this with no luck.
Hope I am posting this in the correct place..

Whenever I request a "File|Open" or "File|Save" from any application, the
mini-Windows-Explorer dialog box that opens freezes and hangs the entire
application. Happens with almost all applications. Not limited to just Microsoft programs.
It does not matter if I like change the download folder or if I rt click always the same.

Back when it was under warranty Hp tells me to just restore to original settings. I hate to do that. But I am about to see that this might be the only fix for it. (But I am hoping not.)

I think it started a long time ago when I was changing the USB ports I used for my external Hard drive and it changed drive letter. (maybe maybe not.. just seems I remember that being something that had happened when I first recall things hanging...) anyway I have all drives in the place I want them now and this issue still happens even if I dont have that external drive plugged in.

If I need to post more info please just let me know.
Thanks so much.
Appreciate the help...

A:File open & File Save dialog box hangs

wanted to add this picture since it just happened..

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I want to remove the Vertical Dialog Box from my Desktop - on my 22" wide ViewSonic screen. I may have changed a setting by mistake; anyway, the Dialog Box (Folder Tasks, Other Places, and Details) - with a blue background runs from the top-left down to the bottom left - taskbar area. And, I can not view my Desktop Icons on the far right side of my screen, as they off the viewing area, due to the pressence of the Dialog Box, on the far left. Any suggestions?

A:Want to remove Vertical Dialog Box from Desktop

Hi I wonder if you have accidentaly dragged the taskbar there (but that doesn't normally affect the icons) to bring it back hold down the left mouse button on the taskbar and drag it back then left click on the task bar and select "Lock the taskbar"

EDIT: it is also possible you may have rotated your screen I don't know if the viewsonic offer this.

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I don't know in which section i should to post this but i'm having a little problem on my new windows 7 installation. it was a clean installation but upon finish, once i click on any file (shortcut or folder or file), the dialog box will pop-up asking to delete the file to recycle bin. is there anyone can fix this? btw the dialog will pop-up for many time, i'm tired enough to clicks NO on the dialog box..

A:Dialog box 'Remove this item to Recycle Bin' Pop-up

Hi, welcome to the forums

Firstly, please don't bump threads, we will get around to trying to help with your issue.

Next, can you post a snip/picture of the message that's appearing using Snipping Tool


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I have a Windows XP Pro computer at work. When I start the machine, I normally login to our work domain thru the "Ctrl+Alt+Del" login dialog. The company domain is selected by default or you can select the local computer. The company domain is controlled by a server running Small Business Server 2003.

This computer is now going to be used at home for personnal use. How do I get rid of that "business" login and get back to the normal XP login? Normal XP login being the screen with the list of users and their associated icons.


A:Remove Network Login dialog

Start > Control Panel > User Accounts > Change the way users log on or off

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Helle every body,

Each time I refresh a page generated by a POST request (submit a form) I get the POSTDATA confirmation dialog that says:

"To display the webpage again, Internet Explorer needs to resend the information you've previously submitted...". Please see the attachment.

My question is how to remove this dialog so that when I refresh the page, it is reloaded just like when I click on the "Retry" button on the dialog.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Hi, Forum.

I am having a problem where some documents that used to be on a drive appear in my Run menu dropdown/autocomplete in Windows 8.1 even though I never I never accessed them from the Run menu and the drive in question is no longer even mounted. I searched far and wide and tried many things, but none helped:

Clearing the two "Store x..." checkboxes in "Jump Lists" in the Taskbar and Navigation properties pane has no effect. It does clear my primary history, but the offending entries remain.RunMRU in the registry (generally offered as a tip for clearing/editing the history) does not contain these entries. Removing the whole RunMRU subtree acts more or less the same as #1.Oddly, when I type "X" or "X:" in the run box, it makes all the (bad) suggestions, but if I change it to "X:\" (or enter any more of the relevant path, e.g., "X:\document.txt") they no longer show up even though they theoretically match.I have searched the registry pretty thoroughly, including using third-party tools to search binary data. I found one or two hits, but not all of the relevant data, in ".../ComDLg32/OpenSavePidMRU" and a "RecentDocs" area, but removing them had no effect. Note that some of these hits were plain text and others were binary with null values in between every letter.I've done searches of all the files under C:\WINDOWS, with no hits.I have confirmed that the offending drive/directories are n... Read more

A:Unable to Remove Old Entries from Run Dialog Dropdown

Perhaps this will help?

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I have 23 "printers" in my Windows XP print dialog window, only eight of which I actually use on any regular basis. The rest just clutter up the dialog and make it inconvenient to find and select the one I want to use. I have uninstalled all the printers I know for sure I will never use again. The 23 remaining are still there because either, 1) There is a good chance I'll use them again at some point (e.g. the printer at my mother's house, where I visit with my laptop about twice a year), 2) They are "internal" printers installed by some software I still use (e.g. "Intuit Internal Printer"), or 3) I don't know what they are and I'm concerned I'll screw something up if I just arbitrarily uninstall them (e.g. "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" and "Send to OneNote 2007")

Is there any way I can tell Windows to "hide" the un-wanted printers from the print dialog box, without actually un-installing them, in such a way that I could sometime in the future "un-hide" them?

A Google search turned up a very nice system settings option for the Mac OS X, but nothing for Windows. Any ideas?

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Hi I recently encountered with a problem. I just wanted to uninstall a program and when the add or Remove programs dialog box come up it said wait while the listed programs will be populated. But the programs never show up. Even after 15 minutes. I see only the white dialog box. And recently my system freezes up and I have to unplug the computer to shoot it down. I did a system restore It seems it helped with the froze-ups but I am still unable to uninstall programs. Does anyone have an idea what is happening?

Any opinion will be much-appreciated thank you Laszlo

A:The add or Remove programs dialog box doesn't show up??

It sounds as if XP has become very corrupted. I think your best solution is to back all the data you need up onto cd's or another hard drive and then format and do a fresh install of XP on your current hard drive.

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Recently, on my computer running Win2K, ALL my apps now display files in random (or possibly date) order, not alphabetical order in the Open dialog box! Could something have gotten corrupted? A clobbered DLL? A registry error? How can this problem be fixed? Clearly, an alphabetical display is the most useful for opening a file.

In the past when I encountered this problem under Win98, I was given the following fix:

- Right-click the Start button, click Explore , and then click drive C:.

- On the View menu, click Details .

- Click the Name column to sort items by name, then click View > Folder Options > View > Like Current Folder > OK

- Now press and hold down the CTRL key, and then quit Windows Explorer by clicking Close in the File Menu.

- Release the CTRL key.

- Restart the computer.

This fixed the problem in Win98 but his method DOES NOT WORK under Win2k. I tried it (finding FOLDER OPTIONS under Tools) to no avail.

Does anyone have another suggestion?

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I have the following HTML:

<input type="file" id="fileInput" name="files" multiple><br />

When I click on the button, a file picker dialog box appears. When I try to drag a file out of this box into a designated HTML element, my javascript events don't fire.  Here is a link to a demo where you can see what I mean:

Here is my HTML for my dropbox:

<div class="picList">
<div id="dropbox" style="border:1px solid black;height:135px;">
Drop Here

Here is my javascript:

dropbox = document.getElementById("dropbox");
dropbox.addEventListener("dragenter", dragenter, false);
dropbox.addEventListener("dragover", dragover, false);
dropbox.addEventListener("drop", drop, false);

function dragenter(e) {

function dragover(e) {
e.dataTransfer.dropEffect ='copy'

function drop(e) {

var dt = e.dataTransfer;
var files = dt.files;


This code works fine in Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Firefox. Moreover, in IE 11, I can drag images from my desktop or from file explorer.  My problem is that I can't drag from the IE 11 file picker titled "Choose
File to Upload".   Using the debugger, it appears none of ... Read more

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This is a solution which I could not find here. i.e. the problem is solved, but I thought someone else might find it useful:

Add or Remove - White Space

The problem happens when the DisplayIcon has a negative number. To solve:
Navigate to
from here, start a Search for DisplayIcon
remove from each DisplayIcon description the ",-X" where X is the number, usually -0 or -1 (unless it is a positive number)


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Hi everyone,

I have a problem on my computer running Windows Vista Ultimate. Whenever I open the Safely Remove Devices dialog, the screen flickers every 3-5 seconds (it goes black for a while, then the screen comes back up with the mouse centered). Upon closing the dialog box, everything seems to return to normal.

I have updated all drivers, but the problem still persists. I would appreciate any help on this matter. Thanks!

A:Screen flickers whenever I open the "Safely Remove Devices" dialog

Try restarting your computer, then remove the USB when Windows shuts down. This should fix the problem!

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thanks a bunch for all these useful tips. i've locked down my terminal servers ALMOST perfectly now. one thing remains.....

any way to completely remove the 'recent items' option from the save as/open dialouge??

thanks a bunch

A:completely remove 'recent items' option from save as/open dialog

You're most welcome Stew, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I believe this should help with the common file dialog box. You could add or remove what you like instead of the default items in it.

Common File Dialog Box - Customize Places Bar

Hope this helps,

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This seems so simple it makes me want to cry

All I want is this filedialog function to generate the user chosen file path into a string which I can use for my various devious purposes(insertion into a transferspreadsheet command).

Here's my code (it works fine but I can't figure out what to put at the end to convert the user choice to a string)

Private Sub Command2_Click()

Dim excelDialog As FileDialog

Set excelDialog = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker)

With excelDialog

End With

End Sub

A:file dialog problems

Hi mercilesstraitor,

I think there's an example of what you want on this page.

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Here's something I haven't encountered before: when a client attempts to either attach or insert a photo (or other file) into a message using Outlook Express 6 with Windows XP home, the dialog box which opens will not a) resize or b) display the full contents of the folder. When "My Pictures" is chosen in the dialog box only about a third of the files and folders are shown. If "My Pictures" is opened in "My Documents" all the files are present and accessible.

Before I perform the general repair steps outlined on MS's IE Community website, I just wanted to know if anyone had encountered a similar problem, what actions were taken and were they successful.

A:Incomplete file dialog box

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i feel that this is really ugly and a bit strange that they haven't fixed it.
is there any simple way to do it?

I'm talking og the folders and the documents flying across...

A:File Copy dialog. fix it?

more details would be great.

Have you tried changing theme?

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How do I get the file download dialog box to appear when I click on a media link in IE or Netscape? I used to see it all the time and it would prompt me to either open the file or save to disk. Now, my files all play automatically via Media Player and it's choppy because it's playing and downloading at the same time.

I much preferred it when I could click on "open", then it would download completely before opening the media player.

I'm using 2000 professional.

Dr. Michael

A:File Download Dialog Box

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OS: Win XP Pro Default Browser: Firefox

When I click on a link to download, the dialog box does not appear. At some point in time I checked the box that says "Always perform this action ... yada/yada" (don't remember the exact words. It said I can change this setting any time by doing ???? (don't remember). I do know I had the Save to disk box checked.

Now when I try to download, it automatically saves everything to desktop. I want to change this

Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated

A:File Download Dialog Box gone

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Assist friend with Win98 SE running IE6 Internet Explorer. When attempting to download file (Acrobat Reader for example), the download file dialog box does not appear. Secondly, IE6 takes forever to open new web pages with a "Detecting Proxy Settings" notation in the lower left "progress indicator bar".
Not sure if related issues, just trying to provide additional info. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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The Box

I, when downloading an .exe file, I get a dialog box reading "Some files can harm your computer..." and it gives the file name, file type, and where it's from, it asks if you would like to save or open it.

Below the buttons to select the option are text and a checkbox reading "Always ask before opening this type of file" and the check box is checked. However, the text and the checkbox, checked, are grayed out and I am unable to deselect the option.

The Question

I don't want it to ask me if I want to download something everytime. Can someone help me fix this, deselect this option for it not to ask everytime? I would greatly appreciate it

A:Strange dialog box when downloading file

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I'm trying to figure out how to set the settings of a file upload dialog so it will alwasy display the objects (images in this case) as large icons or thumbnails instead of in the list view. The file upload is for uploading images to a web site and it's irritating to have to keep clicking on the folder view options and set it every time.

Since this is a file upload dialog and the <alt> key doesn't offer the standard explorer menu items I don't know how to set this. Also, I've tried to change the default settings for all folders but it doesn't change the settings on the file upload dialog.

Any tips would be appreciated!


A:File Upload Dialog settings

may i know that you want to upload files where???

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a print to file dialog box keeps popping up on my desktop can anyone explain how to stop this rebooting did not help and running ad-aware se did not either

A:Solved: print to file dialog box

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Since I cleaned the malware from my system, whenever I try to upload or download a file to (or from) my website, the "File Open" dialog is set to "list" display mode by default and I have to change it every time. Also, previously all the names would be sorted alphabetically but now I have to click on the "name" tab each time.
How can I chnge these defaults back?

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I have a Problem with the File DownLoad Dialog Box behaviour.
Click on a file download link, the user is brought straight to the Save As Dialog appears that the Save As option on the standard file download dialog box is activated automatically. Has anyone experienced this before?
The file that I am downloaded has an extention of .out (OUT_AUTO_FILE).
I have checked the file options in windows explorer to see if this Save As behaviour is set for this type of file....the setting is set to Open, not Save??

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How can I change the size of the ridiculously small file requester windows?

There was some app on XP which hacked some system files, but I don't feel
comfortable with some legacy app messing around in the guts of win7.

A:How to change file dialog box size?

Win7 has the ability to resize some dialog boxes- look at the bottom right hand corner of the window/box for the tell-tale feature.


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Constant pop up window appears prompting me for an output file name. If I give it a valid name like "c:\test.txt" it creates the file but when I open it it is unreadable although there are a few English words like "This program must be run under Win32", "KERNEL32.DLL ExitProcess" and "USER32.DLL MessageBoxA". The rest is like this "o[email protected]". I don't know which program is asking for this and I can't figure out which Process it is through Task Manager. Has anyone had this problem? I am using Windows XP Home.

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I have XP Pro and recently started to experience this problem: when I try to attach a file through a browser (IE7), the dialog takes almost a minute to show up, and paralyzes the browser for a few seconds. The actual attachment process - after the file is selected - is normal.

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the print to file dialog box keeps popping up. How do I stop this?

A:print to file dialog box keeps popping up

Your printer is set to print to file. Go to the control panel, and right click on your printer and change it there.

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A friend of mine just purchased a Dell Laptop running Windows 7 and IE9 (both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of IE9 were installed, but he is using the 32-bit version). He wanted to download the latest Adobe Flash Player 10.3, so we went to the Adobe website, clicked on the Download button, and waited for the 'Run or Save' dialog box to appear. It never did.

We then went to another website (forgot which one) and tried to download a file. Same problem....we clicked on the Download button and waited for something to happen. Once again, the file download dialog box never appeared.

Other than not being able to download files, IE9 appears to be working fine. Any suggestions for identifying and fixing this file download problem would be appreciated. Thanks in advance......

A:File Download Dialog Box Not Appearing in IE9

Check out this site and see if it helps:

Internet Explorer Information bar: frequently asked questions

Specifically look at "Can I turn off the Information bar?"

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Constant pop up window appears prompting for an output file name. If I Cancel or close it it re appears seconds later. I have checked start up in msconfig and checked the registry but cannot find which process is causing it to run. I suspect it may be corrupt printer software or drivers as I have cleared alarge number of trojans from this PC. Running windows XP home SP3

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Okay im a noob when it comes to VBscript, but here is what i need:

i need a .vbs that can open a dialog box to select a file (or multiple files) and return the path and filename to "GetFilename".

This is what i have tried:

WScript.Echo BrowseFile( "C:\", "TempImage files (*.img)|*.img" )
' WScript.Echo "Selected file: " & GetFileName( "", "Text files|*.txt" )
' WScript.Echo "Selected file: " & GetFileName( "", "MS Office documents|*.doc;*.xls;*.pps" )
' WScript.Echo "Selected file: " & GetFileName( "C:\WINDOWS", "Bitmaps|*.bmp" )

Function BrowseFile( myDir, myFilter )
' This function opens a File Open Dialog and returns the
' fully qualified path of the selected file as a string.
' Arguments:
' myDir is the initial directory; if no directory is
' specified "My Documents" is used;
' NOTE: this default requires the WScript.Shell
' object, and works only in WSH, not in HTAs!
' myFilter is the file type filter; format "File type description|*.ext"
' ALL arguments MUST get A value (use "" for defaults), OR otherwise you must
' use "On Error Resume Next" to prevent error messages.
' Dependencies:
' Requires NUSRMGRLib (nusrmgr.cpl), available in Windows XP and later.
' To use the default "My Documents" WScript.Shell is used, which isn't
' available in HTAs.

... Read more

A:File open dialog box ting (ima nooooob :3)

Crap. can a mod change 'ting' to 'thing' in the title if they get a chance?

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Hi there,

I was watching a demo of the Windows 8 metro-style file picker dialog, and one thought came into my mind: does Metro has drag/drop and copy/paste functionality with regards to files?
Would be much more efficient than the file picker dialog. I always try to avoid these!

Regards, Carl

A:Windows 8 Metro File Picker Dialog

Interesting, if you had a dual monitor up with the desktop or explorer on one and an open metro app on the other, could you drag a file on it... I haven't tried but I'd put money on "No".

The entire design of Metro was to basically be 100% app centric and as much as possible completely downplaying the location or management of files. Basically the same as what you have on a phone or tablet today... Done partly for the "ease of use" by the general low power user who generally has serious problems understanding a file system, but also because they don't want you to know or worry about where your files really are. On the device? A server? The cloud? All three? It's not supposed to matter. In fact your files are supposed to be accessible on all devices whenever possible which means support for local file management and drag and drop etc is minimized or even removed from the Metro universe.

This is one reason that "professional" computer users are not too keen on it... They generally have some pretty strict needs as to the acess and management of files, thus wanting to stick with the normal desktop and file manager and their own server/backup solutions.

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Hi All,
Since new in Windows 7, whenever I have an Open File dialog box and I start typing into the filename field, it displays all possible filenames that match what I've typed so far.
Now this function is gone, I must have unknowingly changed some setting (or maybe updates did). How do I get it back?

Note: I'm not talking about "recent files" with the arrow button to drop them down; but matching filenames that drop down automatically.
For instance, in an Open File dialog box (any program - not just MS) if say I start typing P files drop down:
If I continue typing B then only the PB files are left, drop down list is now only

Thanks in anticipation,

A:List possible filenames in Open File dialog box

Check out Internet Options / Advanced / Browsing / Use inline AutoComplete in file explorer....

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In the Tools/Folder Options/File Types/Advanced menu options screen, I am unable to make any changes to my desktop icons. For example, my .htm icon is showing up as a standard unassociated icon. In the dialog box, it shows correctly as a IE icon, but I can't make them show up like that in any folder view. I also can't make changes to any existing ones.

Virus checking software is up to date (4/3) and a full system scan was just completed.

A:can't change icons in file types dialog-XP Pro

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hello all, newbie here being driven to distraction by a fault that has manifested itself with the Open/save/Common dialog box.
In all programs I use - Chrome/IE11 and OpenOffice. when I wish to open or save a file the dialog box is does the following:
opens BUT without "save as file type" OR without the Explorer Tree. It seems to open a random storage file within C. The lack of either the file tree or the file type/location field makes it impossible to speficy where to save the file to. In 'open' it makes it impossible to find the file for emailing and because it opens random folders saving the file into that file is not an option.
any ideas? As a business and work tool without this function working the laptop is essentially useless.
System Info:
Dell Alienware M18xR2
Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 Bit w service Pack 1
500GB Hard Drive
2 x GeForce GTX NVIDA cards
antivirus - Avast Pro
CC Registry Cleaner
Open Office
All registry files have been cleaned and the laptop is virus free.
I read somewhere that 32bit programmes can sometimes cause issues with the common dialog boxes when run in 64bit environments but couldn't glean any more on this. Certainly seems to be a Windows issue as it is across programmes
i have Snip tool capture Jpegs of both the 'open' box in Chrome and the 'save as' box in Open Office, but of course - I can't choose them to upload them!!!
&... Read more

A:Open and Save File dialog Box issue

1) What happens if you RIGHT-click on the file you wish to save?
2) What do you mean "alll registry files have been cleaned"? Did you use a registry cleaner? If so, that is likely the cause of your problems. Registry cleaners do not fix anything, they CAUSE problems.

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I'm getting the above error on a dialog box that is called Name Setup every time I boot my computer. It usually appears about 20 minutes after my PC has been on.

I don't if it's even part of Windows or an app I have installed. It doesn't cause any noticeable issues, but I would still like to fix it.

I recently completely reinstalled Windows 7 64 bit and until this, it's been fine.

A:Dialog Box Error: efm sys file corrupt. Reinstall.

Can you post a screenshot of the error box?

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

I would run the System File Checker and see if it finds any errors.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

See note that it may have to be run 3 times if it finds but cannot repair errors. A Guy

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I've had a problem with the c drive on a dual drive asus gh73 lap top and have in hand a disk image backup that was created with ms backup on a separate HDD connected to the asus with a usb cable. There is a .vhd file there which I am trying to get the "re-image your computer" to use, but when I select that file I get the error message "the specified location does not contain information about your hardware" There are other files present on the drive that the MS backup software created, but I tried all of them and get the same error. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


A:re-image your computer dialog chokes on .vhd file

Windows system image restore needs to see a folder called WindowsImageBackup. Within this folder is important information including the vhd file(s).
System Image Recovery
If you are desperate you can attach the vhd, image the mounted image with Macrium Reflect and attempt to restore that image.

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Hello All,
I want to be able to use the buttons in the open file dialog box without having to use the mouse to click on the buttons.
I the shortcuts section of help it says to hit alt + o, but don't think this works.
Anyone have any ideas???

A:toolbar buttons in open file dialog box

Any button that has an underlined letter operates when you depress the Alt key while hitting that letter. In any program that works in Windows. There may be a few exclusions, but I'm not aware of them.

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This is a stupid, fussy little question.

When you save a file in office 2003 the Save As dialog box typically shows across the top bar icons for going up one folder, searching the web, creating a new folder and a pull down menu for the type and order of the file and folder names displayed in the center window. In the pull down menu, you can select thumbnails, tiles, icons, list, properties and preview. My question is - is there a way to have your favorite view saved in that pull-down menu? So that next time you open the Save As dialog, it will remember your favorite view and sort order.



A:Solved: dialog box default file sort

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Hi, I wonder if any of you fab tech people can help me please.

I have searched and searched many sites (including here of course) on and off over the past year for help with this annoying little issue and I finally succumbed to posting a request for help!

When I open a file from an application that uses the standard XP File Open dialog, the default view is "List" and is sorted by filename.

Like this:

I would like the default view to be "Detailed" and sorted by descending date.

Is this possible and if so, how can I do it?? I have tried changing the view and when I reopen the dialog it has reset to "View" again :(

I would be very grateful for any help, even if it's just to point me in the right direction :)

I use WinXP Pro SP2 with all latest updates.

Many thanks.

A:Default view in File Open dialog

...... I really Donnt find it a problem and I think it cant be changed, only for My Computer it can be changed by changing the view and apply to all Folders

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using win2000pro.....

and i am no longer receiving the Confirm File Replace dialog when, for instance, i drag and drop an url from my browser's address bar into a desk top folder, when the url has already been dropped into the folder previously.

the reason i like this Confirm File Replace dialog so much is because it affords me the opportunity to see what the file is naming itself in the folder (sometimes the name it goes by has no obvious connection to the file's content, and i elect to rename it).

with this in mind, whenever i drag and drop a file (like a web page) into a folder, i do it twice, prompting the Confirm File Replace dialog to pop up asking me if i want to replace the existing file named _______. this way i get to view the file's name and decide if it's something i prefer.

i believe this to be a win2000pro operating system issue, as i have two other operating systems running (win98se & winxphome) and both of them DO display the Confirm File Replace dialog.

i have looked at my folder options and i don't see anything there that would effect this dialog's appearance or disappearance.

the dialog just recently vanished, and, as i say, it DOES appear for me on cue in both win98se and winxphome, just not in win2000pro.

i welcome all suggestions!

thank you


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I'm not talking about PSD files here, just jpgs and other "regular" image formats. I have no problems with seeing thumbnails by default in any other software's File Open dialogs other than Photoshop (CS4 in my case). No matter what I have tried in Folder Options (yadda yadda) PS CS4 refuses to display thumbnails unless I manually choose "Icons" from the view menu once I am in the dialog. (Ideally I'd like it to automatically display Extra Large Icons.) This is driving me nuts as I work on jpg photos all day and every day. Sure I can use Bridge, but it is SO slow, or something else, but someone out there must have a fix? I can't see anything obvious in the Adobe areas of the registry and don't know enough about it to hack it myself. Grateful for any help!

I realize you can use Libraries to get thumbnails, but that's about as many clicks (or more) than File>Open>View>Ex Large thumbnails ... every single time!!

I am using Win7 x64, Photoshop CS4 x86


A:File Open dialog and thumbnails ... Photoshop

Hi Robin, here are a couple of posts that I could find related to your question.

Adobe Forums: Set thumbnail view as default in the...

How to default to thumbnails opening photoshop - FM Forums

Hope this helps!

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So I've been downloading some files from the internet with no problems but the battery on my keyboard started to die and I think in the confusion I selected to always open a file instead of giving the option to open or save. I found several ways to fix this in vista and xp but nothing for 7. Can anyone help me?

A:file downloads - no open/save dialog

What browser are you using currently?

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I recently bought a small 11" laptop to use remotely when I'm out of pocket. It doesn't have a hard drive, only 32gb of flash memory. That's ok, but I really want to minimize what I transfer to the memory. But hey, it's 2016 and we have the cloud, right? So on my main laptop I have the Google Drive app installed, and it automatically places a copy of everything in my local Google Drive file on the Google cloud drive. For my tiny no-HD laptop, I'd rather access files on the cloud and not create another copy of all the files on this laptop. I noticed in apps when I File-Open, the dialog has local files, a tab for Network files, and even a tab for OneDrive. But no generic cloud files or a specific Google Drive entry.

Is it possible to add Google Drive to that dialog, or in some other easy way access cloud files that are NOT on OneDrive. I can't really install Google Drive desktop since it will create copies of all the files and I don't have room for that.


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I have a mapped network drive that points to a local folder on my computer (z:\). I can open that drive from windows explorer. I can open from the web when I need to save something ("save picture as"). However, when I need to upload something and select that drive, it tells me it can't connect.

Any ideas?

A:Choose File To Upload dialog box won't connect

Any takers?

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I have XP Pro and recently started to experience this problem: when I try to attach a file through a browser (IE/Firefox), the dialog takes almost a minute to show up, and paralyzes the browser for a few seconds. The actual attachment process - after the file is selected - is normal. I don't have any network drives mapped. Also, attaching / inserting files in, say, Outlook is not affected. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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One thing that I found to be very annoying in Win 10 is that they have merged all file transfer windows into one.

Is there anyway to get the separate windows back?

Thanks for any help

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In VBA for word 07/10 I understand the wdDialogFileOpen and the use of the functions show and display. How do I get the open file dialog to set the file extention filter for image files only, get the user to select one or multiple image files, then save these as in an array variable to display later in the document.

I know there is alot I am asking but any help even it is partially answering my question would be great.


A:Solved: Open File Dialog Box - VBA Word 07/10


Refer to my post in the MSDN forum under Word for Developers

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I often attach files to outlook which are hosted on network drives. I typically like to add a UNC instead of the old-fashioned drive letter.

When I go to the attach or insert file dialog, I want to quickly navigate to one of several preferred server directories.

Is there any way I can add one of these directories to the left side of the dialog so that I can click on it directly? (I tried dragging the folder icon but that doesn't work.)

I've googled and not found any solution so far. (This is somewhat trivial in both Dolphin and Nautilus.)

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It's driving me nuts!! Every time I save a file with the Windows File Save dialog, it opens in large icons view. Anyone know how to get it to remember details view? It's a real pita to keep changing it. I notice this especially when downloading in Firefox. First it only opens in compressed view. Then you hit browse tab. For a while after that it opens the full window, but the view is large icons. You change to details. Next time it's back at icon view!!! ARRRRRRghhhhh!!!!!

A:File Save Dialog remember view?

Hi Miles,

While there is no way to have these small dialog type boxes to have their folder view settings remembered, you can try resetting all folder view setting using the download in METHOD TWO to see if it may be able to at least reset it to details view.

Windows Explorer Folder View settings

Hope this helps,

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How do I disable the preview pane in a file open dialog (it seems to be the standard W7 open dialog with enabled preview)?

In Windows Explorer there are a button to turn it on/off, but not in a open dialog.
There doesn't seem to be any option to turn it off anywhere and Alt+P apparently doesn't.

I know it is possible as I found it by chance several months ago, but I've managed to to forget how.

I can't understand how they would add a preview pane without an obvious way to get rid of it (i.e same button as in explorer).

I've tried searching the forums, but I've only managed to find threads related to Windows Explorer, not the open dialog, and they seem to be different in behavior.

A:Disable preview in file open dialog.. how??

When you refer to the open dialog are you talking about when you attempt to open a file that has no default program? If so, you can just set a default program to use, and clicking the open button or double clicking it will open the file in that program. You can still open the file in an alternative program by using the drop-down menu of the open button or using open with...

If you're talking about the open dialog from within a program such as Paint, you can close the preview pane via a button on the top right of the open dialog.

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almost every program crashes on open file dialg. for example MS Office on open file, crashes.

When I use Browser on upload image ,crashes browser. all programs pretty much except Adobe programs and I think they don't crash because adobe uses its own file browser - Adobe Bridge.

I have Win Vista 64, fully updated.

A:Program and Explorer crash on open file dialog

Lets try the easy way first
Tools>internet options>advanced options>reset
for IE 8

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...don't know why it starting happening but now all Win Save As...dialog boxes not showing file/folder contents of current locations but only details of particular file being saved.

Image Attached

Edit: Turns out user had dragged DETAILS area of dialog box all the way to top of pane, obscuring the files/folder section of the dialog box. Well, that was the end anyway.

A:Save As...Dialog Boxes showing only file details...

I'm having this same problem. Can you please tell me how to fix this? I can't seem to find the "details" area of the dialog box in order to drag it back to where it should be.

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I have a recurring problem where some applications, including many installers, give me a file selection dialog which does not have any way to get to the root of my computer, or select a location outside my userprofile directory whatsoever.

I've managed to find a workaround, by putting symlinks (Not shortcuts) to the root directories of my 4 drives (C, D, E, and F) into my user profile directory, but the problem with that is that it means that the applications may consider themselves to be installed in C:\Users\Paladin\F\installdirectory instead of F:\installdirectory.

It's not a huge issue if the dialog at least has a location field I can just type in the directory I want it installed to (Though of course that means I have to create the directory through Explorer first), but in some cases (Such as the VMWare Workstation 11 installer which is what I took the screenshot of) they don't provide that so I'm stuck with either installing into my userprofile directory (Which is a problem as my C drive has limited space), or using my symlink hack.

Anyone else ever run into this?

A:File location dialog only shows userprofile directory

Found a better workaround, using an old trick I used to use way back in the day to gain control of win95/98 computers that had the system locked down and the control panel hidden... Looked up the GUID for the My Computer shell folder, and made a new folder in my user home called "Computer.{20d04fe0-3aea-1069-a2d8-08002b30309d}"

Can now properly access everything in my computer through that, and the installer is given the correct directory path. Still a bit of an annoyance though, so if anyone knows how to get these dialogs to just show the full computer as they should, I'd quite like to know.

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whenever im trying to save a file on the Desktop, and i click the "New Folder" button to create a new folder, it doesn't work. i can go anywhere else, and it works. just not on the desktop. i have to right click on the desktop and new->folder to create the new folder.

i dont know when this started happening. any ideas on what may cause this?

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The mouse RIGHT-click to open a file operations dialog box doesn't work anymore. A right-click on a filename jumps the display up to the parent folder; right-click on that jumps up to the next level - and so on.
If anyone can help please note that I am not computer clever. Thank you

A:Right click problem in opening file dialog window

Hello Jasques, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You might see if doing a system restore using a restore point (if available) dated before this started may be able to undo the cause and fix this for you.

Hope this helps,

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I am running a fresh install of Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit on a new computer. There seems to be a flaw in Windows 8.1 that randomly flares up when interacting with a "Save As" or "Open" file dialog. Most of the time it works fine, sometimes with a delay, and other times it just hangs the application. Windows is still running and I can do other things except do any file dialog in any application.

Furthermore, I try to kill the process in task manager and I get the message that I don't have permissions to kill the process. I am logged in as administrator. Running task manager as administrator does no good. Trying to restart the computer also does no good as Windows will hang on "Restarting". The only option at that point is the crash the entire system by powering off. Once powered on it seems to work just fine.

I do have mapped network drives but they all show "green" on Explorer. I've seen others having a similar problem, so I'd have to think this is a serious bug in Windows.

Has anyone found a solution to this?



A:Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit save as or open file dialog freezes

I had Outlook hang trying to save an email attachment. Could not kill the process and received message "Error terminating process. Access denied.". While this was happening, I tried to save a file in Adobe Acrobat only to have it hang as well. It would appear that once one app hangs any other app trying to bring up the file dialog will hang.

I had only 2 mapped network drives and both were showing "green". Just experimenting, I removed the 2 network mapped drives while the app was hanging. After about 15 seconds, the apps freed up and the "Save Attachment" dialog popped up on both hung apps.

Now I consider this to be a bug. But to get Microsoft to admit that will be a herculaneum effort. This behavior did not happen on Windows 7. Does anyone know of a setting that can be changed to prevent Windows from trying to open every drive I have attached to the computer every time I open or save a file?


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Anyone cracked this one yet?

A:Save File dialog default folder location

Seems to depend on the application.

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Four days ago, suddenly file list pane disappeared when I try to save a document. At first file list was absent only when printing file to a PDF but now I'm not able to see file list pane in any of the saves in any document. I had updated Acrobat X when I had received an automatic update and I suspect that is when that happened so today I removed Acrobat X and problem did not go away so I made a fresh install of the version that was working for me but the problem still persists. I now have to type the name of the file I want to save while before I would select an existing file from the list and then modify the name slightly to reflect the version number. I have shown this problem to a few techies and they are stumped. I have tried to search for this problem but have not found a solution either.

A:File List pane not showing in Save Dialog

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

I would imagine the simplest solution would be a system restore to a point before you downloaded and installed the Acrobat update, and then keep any eye out for any updates you're offered before they are downloaded.

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one thing I can't understand why they still have not fixed the file replace bug.

copy a file to a server - you get the confirm file replace dialog then a second later the copying dialog pops up over it.

Been the same since XP...

why can't this all be in the same dialog?

Not to quote a different OS - but apple has a much better file copying system - copy dialogs are all grouped together with confirmations grouped.

A:Copy dialogs pop up over Confirm File Replace Dialog

Anyone got any ideas about this?

Any fixes to keep focus or even position the windows?

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