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Windows when maximized are too large

Q: Windows when maximized are too large

When I maximize any window, it resizes to just a little bit too large. The resolution of my monitor has not changed, I'm still running at 1280 x 1024, and have been for quite some time. But this is a recent problem (annoyance). I'm wondering if maybe this was caused by one of the recent Windows updates. I can't pin down when I first noticed it, but it's driving me nuts. Anyone have any suggestions?

A: Windows when maximized are too large

If you haven't done so already, right click on an empty space on the desktop and select resolution. Make sure the resolution is the same as your monitor. The correct resolution usually has (recommended) next to it.

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Have I lost my mind - don't answer that !!!

I want to have my folders open in the Maximized form and with the Icons being in the Extra Large View. That seems simple enough, but -

I keep using Folder Options, but it just is not sticking. Am I using the wrong tool?

Thanks so much for any assistance. I appreciate BC a lot! I know that I can trust it here, and that is worth more than gold these days - - but then again, gold is not worth much either. . . .


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When I maximize a window (like firefox), Microsofts should save the size on exit, but now, whenever I open the window again. It stays the original size, which bugs me often. This just recently happened. I have SP2, no viruses or spyware.

In relation, I also connect my computer to my tv to watch DVDs. The tv recognizes it and displays the desktop wallpaper, but it won't play the video (I think it's not recognizing as full screen). What could cause this, and how do I fix it?


A:Maximized Windows

Generally the solution for this issue is to:
1) Close all windows for that application
2) Open up one window of it
3) Resize it to the size that you want
4) Press and hold the Ctrl key while exiting the app by using the menu (not the little x in the upper right corner).

If this happens on the second instance of the window (rather than the first) you'll have to do it with 2 windows open.

Let us know if it works for you!

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I have gone through this procedure about 20 times now opening various links using both the 'ctrl' and 'shift' keys with no change in window size afterward. This solution doesn't work for me... Any other suggestions? My system is Win/XP-Pro, IE 7.0.5730.13 Thanks for any help.

P.E. Bear

A:maximized windows gone

Welcome to TSF

Please always start your own thread....I have moved yours to the appropriate forum.

For your issue, How to make IE7 windows open maximized

Right click the IE 7 icon in the Start Menu and then click Properties and select the shortcut tab. Beside Run is a drop down pane, change to Open Maximized

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I somehow did something wrong while visiting a site a few days ago and when I went on to another site, the window was small. Now, every site I go to has to be resized. The only time it doesn't happen is when I first open my homepage. That is OK. I have the home edition. What do I do to get all my windows to open at maximum? Thanks I am using internet explorer 7.

A:maximized windows gone

Welcome back to TSF

See if this helps:


Maximize Internet Explorer On Opening

Problem: When Internet Explorer opens it can range in size anywhere from that of a postage stamp to almost filling the screen. Clicking the maximize button works for that particular window but the next time you open IE the same situation repeats.

Solution: The default behavior for Internet Explorer is to open at the same size it was at the last time it was closed. While the default does apply in many cases it's not always consistent. Try the following workaround.

* Open a single Internet Explorer window to the smaller size.
* Drag the corners of the window until it completely fills the screen. Do not use the maximize button to enlarge the window.
* Hold down the Ctrl key, keep it depressed, and using the mouse click File and then Exit on the menu bar. Do not use the "X" in the upper right corner to close the window.
* Internet Explorer should now open in a full window.
* If it still opens to a smaller size repeat the above instructions, substituting the "Shift" key for the "Ctrl" key.

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Got several programs that always open somewhere between maximized and minimized, so I have to click to fully open every time.
I would prefer to start them maximized always.
Others remember the last setting, but not all...
Can that be set?

A:How to set maximized windows

If you held Ctrl down as you clicked the red X it sets the window to what size it was.

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This should be an easy one. Using Windows 2000 and Internet Explorer, when I open a window, it is small in size. I have tried to maximize a window and then exited Explorer in hopes that it would remember that I want to open all windows maximized, but it still opens them small in size. How can I tell Explorer that I always want windows opened maximized?

A:How to open windows maximized

I have found this page very helpful in resizing your browser windows .. maybe it will work for you

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I have Windows Vista Home Premium as my O/S.

I made a web page smaller so I could fit two on my 19" Sammy widescreen monitor as I needed both open to compare info.

When I was done I closed both and from then on EVERY time I open a new window in the browser it initially loads at the same size as the window on the left that I had made smaller earlier taking up only maybe 1/3rd of the width of the screen.

I have already tried to fix this in the IE 7 Properties by making sure that the Run drop down is set to "Maximize" vs "Normal".

I tried the tools icon in the tool bar and clicked on "Full Screen". That doesn't do anything but eliminate 2 of the info bars I have on top of my screen.

I searched for a solution in Windows Help & Support and in two VISTA training books I have...NO WHERE is this simple item discussed!

HOW do I set up VISTA to ALWAYS open new I'net windows at the "Maximized" size?

Now, with every new window I have to go up to the top and click in the toolbar to manually max the window. I want this to be automatic again.

Thank you in advance for any help any of you "experts" can give me!

Chuck Proche

A:Ie 7: Getting Windows To Open Maximized

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Although I did not knowingly change any settings, for about a month now, when I open a new window, it opens regular-sized. not maximized, as was previously the case. How can I return to that previous setting (maximized window) for new windows?

A:New windows do not open maximized

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I'm having a strange problem where I can only see some windows when they are maximized. When I initially run the program, like AIM, it appears in my taskbar but nothing appears on the desktop. If I right click the task and maximize it, it maximizes it, but if I try to restore it, it disappears again.

This happened to IE initially also, but that has magically fixed itself. Right now it happens to AIM and strangely to the Add/Restore Programs window in Control Panel.

Please Help! Running AIM in maximized form sucks!!

I'm running Windows XP Pro on
Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz, 256MB RAM...

A:windows only visible when maximized

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My computer has had a problem I've never encountered before: it freezes whenever I close a maximized window (actually, I think it freezes when I close any window unless I minimize it to the task bar and right click it->close it). It doesn't always happen, but it happens probably 2/3 times I close a window (it seems to only happen with folder windows, my computer window, control panel window, ect...)

I've had the problem probably for a good month or so, and this computer isn't new. I'm running on XP Professional. I don't recall any major changes I made that would cause this odd behavior. Any help would be appreciated.


A:Maximized windows cause freeze

Does Windows recover after a while if left alone? Did it start happening over time (progressively worse) or all of a sudden? Do you reboot often? Does it occur with specific applications or with any application? Did this start happening after an installation of an application or event? Some fixes or general maintenence off the top of my head would include running scandisk, defraging the harddrive, sfc /scannow, installing the latest servicepack or reinstalling the latest servicepack (XP service pack 3 has compatibilty issues so be sure to check that your system won't have a problem first).

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I wonder if there is a way to set a default in Windows 8 so every window (including web pages) will automatically open maximized? Someone told me that a website/window will open in whatever state you exited it, but that doesn't seem to be working for me.

A:How can have all windows open maximized?

AutoSizer sounds like it may be what you want. It's free.

If not that I would try WinSize2

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Good morning everyone, newbie here. I have a new [to me] laptop with Vista installed. I really like it but have an annoying problem. When I open any window it always opens minimized. Tried theshift key and then closing after maximizing, that doesn't work, tried the basic maximize in properties, that doesn't work. I am NOT a techy guy but I think I have to delve deeper into the system to fix this. I had an issue yesterday, my computer wouldn't go to sleep with powr cord connected. Icame here and wasdirected to get deeply into the properies for my poewer plan. The usual sleep selections didn't work but when I followed the in depth instructions, for the settings, PCI, display, multi media settings, it worked!!!!! I'm hoping someone can walk me through an in depth process for the maximized window.

A:Opening Windows maximized.

Welcome To The Forum
Your problem is shared by all, to some extent. It is a problem with Windows itself. You may be interested in this thread with a software suggestion to solve the problem, in post 3, which seems to work.
Always open IE 8 in a size of your choice. - Windows 7 Forums

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Title says it all. When I maximize any window, it never takes up the whole screen. Instead, it stops short about half a centimeter from the top of the screen, where I can see my desktop. Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm including a link to the screenshot that I took. The top is outlined with a red box.

A:Maximized Windows Leave Bar on Top

Seems to be a common issue lately. Check the thread here:
Maximised windows not all the way to top of screen (annoying)

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How can I get "all" of my windows to open up maximized, or where I set it?
I have Windows XP home edition (SP3) with IE8.

I once had a program called AutoSizer, but have deleted it because it wasn't really working and I knew there must be a better way to accomplish what I wanted, already on my computer. I just can't find it. I feel stupid asking this question because I know I should know the answer. I'm not exactly computer illiterate... well... maybe now I am. Perhaps I've been holding my cell phone too close to my brain for too long or something.

I found this answer on this forum. However, will this open all windows maximized or the size I want?? Or is there a place to set all windows sizes the same?
Open the IE8 and size the window to your liking. Then hold down the CTRL key while clicking the “X” to close the program. This will set the IE window to open at this setting every time. I hope this information is helpful.

Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

Hope this is of help.
Click to expand...

Okay, I tried that, but it didn't work. I still had to click the max button in the upper right corner and then it went to the full max size I had set. I want it to go there by default whenever I open a window. Seems like there's some place to... Read more

A:Solved: Maximized Windows??

Don't feel bad. THis is a recurring problem. The following is the only way that works for me.

Follow the instructions below exactly and your problem should be solved.
Right click the shortcut icon for IE next to the Start button, choose Properties, change it from 'normal' to 'maximized'. Now open it.
Now right click any link on the page, choose Open In New Window....don't maximize it....instead, use the mouse to resize it to what you want it to be.
Now close the FIRST window you opened, and then close the new one you just resized.

Reopen IE from the shortcut icon again, and all windows from now on will be the size you chose and created

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I have finally found the answer to one of Windows 7's most frustrating features.

I often tend to run with several windows open at the same time and it drives me crazy when I move one and suddenly it snaps to the top of the window and goes maximized.

To stop this from happening please follow this.

Open control panel|ease of access|change how mouse works.
Check the lowest box "Prevent Windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen".

To the best of my knowledge this only applies to W7, as it was not an issue in previous versions.


A:Hate Maximized Windows in W7?

Good to know....Thanks, Pat. That "feature" can be annoying at times because as a web site designer, I often have numerous windows open as well.

Good day!


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In Internet Explorer w/ XP Home, when I "Open a link in a new window" the window is tiny and I always need to resize it. How can I make it so newly opened windows are either maximized, or just larger in general? Thanks.

A:How To Make New Windows Maximized?

These are the steps for forcing all secondary windows to open larger:
Open IE, go to a page with links
Open a link in a new window
With the left mouse button held down, grab the right lower corner/edge of the secondary window and drag it to the size and placement you want. Do not use the maximize button.
Close the original window first - important step, don't overlook it!
Close the window you just resized

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I am using Windows XP and when I open up mail in Outlook they open in a separate window and are very small. I want to configure to open up maximized. This is true of other applications I am using. How do you configure windows/outlook to open up additional windows always in the maximized mode?
Thank you for any help this is driving me nuts.

A:Windows opening small how to configure to open new windows maximized in outlook

It should remember the last view you used and continue to use that same view in subsequent opens. The next time you open a email in OE, resize/adjust the window to the size you want and then close it. Any future windows that open in OE should open in that view now.

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When Windows Defender starts, it starts maximized and displays the status screen.
I have to click the minimize or close button each time to get it to minimize. Is there a way to get it to start minimized so I don't have to manually do it?

A:Windows Defender starts maximized

Does it start automatically?

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For example, Notepad. When I double-click on its icon, is there a way to have it open up maximized (taking up the entire screen).

A:Is there a way for application windows to open up maximized?

Hi s35, try this:

Create a shortcut to the app you want to open maximised (if not already created one)
Right Click>Properties on the shortcut
Select "Maximised" from the drop down list under Run
Ta da!

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How can I disable dragging by title bar of a maximized window? Essentially, I'd like to have the XP/Vista behavior back...

A:Disable dragging of maximized windows?

If Disable Aero Snap (the Mouse Drag Window Arranging Feature in Windows 7) doesn't help (seems you are not asking for this, doesn't hurt to try)

there is a somewhat workaround
COMPUTER\HKEY CURRENT USER\Control Panel\Desktop - DragHeight 150, DragWidth 150

However the dragging of a window is what is causing the issue and I found reference to how to change the sensitivity of this feature. The normal sensitivity only requires a drag of the mouse across (I think) 5 pixels. You can change the sensitivity to require 50 or 100 pixels movement before the motion is recognized as an attempt to move the window.
I have attached a screen shot of the regedit area that controls this. In my example I have changed the "window Height"
and "width" to a value of 150 and this seems to do the trick but probably does not need to be that high....

While this is not an ideal fix as it affects other things like when you try to select text in a dialog (all windows app's)
it does seem to do the trick.

Keep autocad maximized all the time? - Autodesk Community

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When I open any window be it an application, browser or email client, I want it to open "Maximized". They never do. How do I accomplish this in WindowsXP?

Can anyone help me with this problem?

A:Solved: Open Windows Maximized

Read this:

or this:

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With 2 maximixed windows, I cannot switch applications. I drag the mouse to the bottom of the screen and the start or taskbar does not come up. Any ideas?

A:cannot switch programs with maximized windows.

Right click your taskbar> properties> taskbar tab> check lock the taskbar and keep the taskbar on top of other windows and uncheck auto-hide the taskbar and click ok.

If you prefer to keep autohide, try alt+tab.

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When maximizing any new window I would like them to be automatically maximized like this:


instead of like this


Ideally I would like to override the borderless maximized state with the bordered maximized state, so that I never have to encounter the borderless maximized state.

Aside from looking better (personal preference) it is also easer to adjust the windows with the freesnap program (It is not possible to adjust the window in freesnap if the window is in the borderless maximized state.

A:Automatic override for maximized windows?

Are you using the maximise button on the title bar? It looks like its in fullscreen mode (F11), not maximised...
And welcome to Sevenforums

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bit of a strange one this.

I have a program called Rocket Dock installed, it replaces the windows task bar with one more like what's on mac and as such I have the task bar on auto hide. Trouble with it, is that when you maximize a open windows it fills the screen edge to edge, where as if the task bar is visible windows stops at the top of the bar. Is there any way to alter the size of windows to say - left 100%, top 100%, right 100%, bottom 95% so it maximizes as normal but the bottom stops short of the screen edge?

A:Customize maximized windows default

Welcome to Seven Forums Britman. You want a space at the bottom? Where the taskbar used to be? You mean so RocketDock shows? I believe RD has an always on top setting? Or, you might try setting the taskbar to double height before auto hiding it. If I read your post wrong, please correct my interpretation A Guy

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Hi All,

I've been having an issue that comes and goes throughout the day on my PC.

Windows that I have open will flicker between minimized and maximized.

Some of the windows I've had effected are:

Firefox, Windows Explorer, Safari etc...

They seem to switch between the states and also the fullscreen (F11) sometimes.

This seems to me a virus or malware because it happens so often and stops my PC being usable.

I've done full system updated scans using: Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, Super Anti Spyware with no results.

I've checked and the toggling effect does not affect Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 or Steam.

Help would be much appreciated

HiJackThis Log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 11:42:26, on 14/02/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16791)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\Schedule2\schedul2.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
E:\Program Files\CruiseControl\Wrapper.exe
C:\Program Files\GIGABYTE\EnergySaver\GSvr.exe
C:\Program Files\NeoSmart Technologies\iReboot\iRebootd.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
E:\Program Files\MONyog\bin\MONyog.exe... Read more

A:Windows flickering minimized and maximized?

I found: That has the same problem, any ideas?

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I just switched to W7 a couple weeks ago and have one niggling issue I'd like to get rid of. Here's the scenario: I have a maximixed window, which could be any program: a browser, Photoshop, explorer, etc. When I go up to the toolbar to click the File menu, for example, sometimes I'll inadvertantly click-drag on the window's titlebar instead which then drags the window out of its maximized position. Very annoying. Is there some way to disable this click-dragging on maximized windows, so it doesn't keep happening accidentally?


A:Locking position of maximized windows?

Have a look at this... Aero Snap - Turn On or Off

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I'm not sure if this is a feature of Vista, or something wrong with my install.

But when I window, whether it be Firefox, any other program, or a Windows Explorer window isn't maximized, the transparent features work fine, and look nice.

But when I make anything full screen (maximized), the title bar goes black and ugly.

What is up with this?

A:Black Title Bar on Maximized windows

Nope nothing wrong with your install, that's how vista is.

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Is there any way to tweak the coordinates that windows maximize to? I you unlock your taskbar and increase the height, the maximized windows move to fit the edge of the task bar. Same with the taskbar on the left of your screen and increasing the width.

Is there some way to tweak the boundaries of the maximized windows from registry, or even resize the taskbar from the registry?

Any info such as where taskbar values are stored and what each value means is also appreciated

A:Changing boundaries for maximized windows?

something like this maybe?

Actual Window Guard - Products Catalog - Actual Tools

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Hi, done lots of surfing and reading, but can't find a solution to the problem I am experiencing:
When I launch IE7, it launches in to a maximized window, but the window does not fill the whole screen, it leaves about 10 pixels at the top, behind which I can see my desktop icons.
I cannot drag the window to fill the screen as it is already maximized.
If I restore the window and then re-maximize it, it will fill the whole screen correctly.
I have tried "File - Exit/Close Tab" when the window is correctly maximized and this does not work when I relaunch IE.
I have tried editing the registry and removing the window placement setting.
If I restore the window and then drag it to fill the screen, as soon as I click on maximize, it makes the window smaller and leaves the 10 pixels at the top.
It seems to me that somewhere along the line Windows thinks that the initial "maximized" size is smaller than the full screen.
The problem isn't just with IE, if I do it with Office programs the same thing happens.
Anyone able to give any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

A:Maximized windows not filling full screen

Blink_Eden, Follow the instructions exactly as shown at the link below.

How do I have an Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7) window open in the maximized position every time?


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Hi all,

Looked over some older threads here after searching for "high-pitched whine", but didn't find anything that addressed exactly what I'm experiencing.

I am hearing a high pitched whine which sounds like it's coming from the tower (or maybe the monitor?) The strange thing is, I ONLY hear this whining when an application is maximized.

If I minimize my Opera window, so it only shows on the task bar, the noise stops. When I maximize the window so I can continue typing this, the whine immediately starts up again. Weird...


A:High Pitched Whining When Windows Are Maximized

It could be the monitor and it only does it when the screen is bright. I've seen that with a few CRT monitors before.

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I have install windows 7 pro on my brand new laptop and already having issues. when i maximize any screen: word, web browser I get this empty space at the every top. I have tried snap and it doesn't recognized that top section as part of the window. I have tried restore and dragging the window to the far top corner with no success. Someone suggested turning off snap but when I follow the directions it takes me to my mouse options and nothing to do with snap. please view the photo.

I can move my desktop items up to the corners but they eventually drop to where my windows lay.. Its like I have a hidden taskbar.

Another thing that may also be gone for the same reason is in my web browser I have not bottom bar. I usually turned this off in vista but I'm wondering it its there but I can see it. Please any suggestions would be great.

A:All maximized windows leave a visible desktop bar on top

I have been told by Dell this is a windows 7 issue so how do i fix it?

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Ive asked this now on several other places, including the eightforums, but got zero qualified answer, and I hope someone here may know what could be causing this problem:

I have bought a cheap Windows 8.1 8" tablet, a Odys Wintab Gen 8. It comes with Windows 8.1 Bing edition 32bit. The tablet was of course pre-reset and I went through the set-up (user name, password ect), I am just saying this, so no one comes up with maybe it was something preinstalled or registry may be faulty, plus I have already tried to reset Windows via recovery and went through setting it up again, without solving the issue. My idea is, that something set up by the manufacturer, mostly via Windows registry entry, or via policy, is causing this, and the setting is stored already in the recovery image. There are no third party programs running.

The problem is simple: Whenever I open any exe file, regardless how, via double click, via start menu, or even via cmd.exe type and enter, Windows will open the exe in a maximized state. Again, I am talking about normal Windows exe files, not modern ui apps!

It also happens for programs, which dont allow a maximized window state at all, like setup dialogues, or info popups, I have attached an example.

Hope someone can help me sorting this out and offering a solution. Thank you very much

A:Windows opens all EXE as window state maximized

Hello and welcome maffle mate am not promising anything but just what I would try and that is if you can get a command prompt going I would run a sfc and a chkdsk - including the /f and /r switches.

But as I said this is just something I would try and do not know if this is appropriate but seeing you have been waiting for a while I thought I might toss a few thoughts in your direction< if necessary include the /f and /r in the command line as per Option2
Now as you have a desktop too running in 8 and this is just a pure guess and try why not hook it to the desktop via cable and scan it for malware these three would worth a try

ADW download frombleeping computer delete any rubbish found with the malware scans

(NB If one is runningKaspersky security it may rant about ADW - just ignore it or disable Kasperskywhile the ADW is being used)

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When i open ie8, it is maximized. New windows I opened were also maximized, but all of the sudden, if I open a new window in ie8, its not maximized as it used to be. I've tried maximizing the new window, then closing the old maximized window using control+file/exit (also tried control+file/close tab), followed by closing the new window the same way, and nothing seems to work! Please help

A:HELP! Windows wont open new window maximized

Have you tried changing the properties on the taskbar icon to open new windows maximized?

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WHen I right click on an image an choose 'save image as' the windows explorer opens maximized without the minimize/maximize buttons on the top right of the window. I can't resize the window either. I have a Dell oem windows 7 pro 64 bit OS. Is this something that dell can customize in their oem install iso?

A:Windows 7 windows explorer opens fully maximized.

Double click on the Save As Title bar, that should put it back to normal size with Min, Max and Exit shown.

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In Windows Vista, when you maximized a window, its title bar and the taskbar turned opaque, but in Windows 7 they remain transparent, which bugs the hell out of me. Now I know that it can be done by disabling transparency in the appearance options, but that takes it away from the standard non-maximized windows as well, and that, on the other hand, looks really nice, and I'd want to keep that. In short, I want to make it exactly like it was in Vista. Could there be a way to acheive that by modifying the registry? Because so far I haven't found any patches to fix that. Any help will be appreciated!

A:How to make the title bar and taskbar opaque with maximized windows?

Hello and welcome Mr Freeman before you start playing in the registry if there is such a fix you need to back it up first as you can easily wreck the OS by changing stuff in there mate so do this Registry - Backup and Restore

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No matter what I do, I cannot make the message that I want to read reduce in size. In Vista, I could set it do so so. Now, it is always full screen. I have tried to drag the corner to make it smaller--to no avail.
Any ideas???

A:Messages show up maximized in Windows Live Mail

Hi sanjo, Welcome to Seven Forums.

Are you using the 'Preview Pane' ?

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Hello everybody.

I have recently installed Windows 7 32bit on my Core2Duo 8200, XFX 9600GT 512mb, Asus P5N-E, 4GB ram deck. Starting about 2 weeks ago, I've been stuck with the following issue :

Every time I boot and open windows explorer/my computer, it opens it in 1/2 size or so. I'm unable to get it to always open maximized and that is driving me crazy. The thing is - I feel the problem is affected by another program. For instance, I open windows explorer, maximize it by clicking the appropriate icon, work in a folder and then close it. If I open it again right away, it's maximized. If I let some time pass, use other programs, next time I open it - it's back to 1/2 size in about 90% of the cases, and opens maximized again in the other 10%. It might actually have something to do with running different programs in between the times I run the explorer/my computer windows. As if some of them tend to change my window size. :S That's kinda weird, since I only use the browser, MS office, a DC client my ISP supplies, Winamp, Adobe reader and a few games. Everything else starts maximized.

I have scanned my PC from safe mode with Spybot and Malwarebytes, and also Avast - all with the latest known spyware/virus bases. Everything was clean. Also, since I'm new to Win7, it might be that I'm just a noob who's unable to find a properties setting regarding folder size and appearance...

My browser, Firefox, opens maximized every time.

I've ... Read more

A:Windows explorer/My computer doesn't open maximized

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I am looking to setup a preview panel on a 2nd monitor which will show the contents of each open window on the 1st monitor; similar to how you can preview the window by scrolling over it on the taskbar.

1st monitor is at 1080p and the 2nd closer to 720p. I have my desktop set to extend displays so they display at their native res.

My situation: I have 4 maximized windows for projects I work on, all open and maximized at the same time. It's a bit tedious to switch back and forth between them in certain instances when I'm just looking to see what % a process is at, for instance. As a result I'm looking to use my 2nd monitor as a means of seeing previews of these windows. I would like it divided into a 2x2 grid where each quarter of the screen is a preview of 1 of the 4 windows.

If this is possible, how would I go about doing it? Would I need 3rd party software?


A:Setup previews on 2nd monitor for multiple maximized windows on 1st?

Not possible?

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Running Windows XP.Strange issue - not sure if it is malware or altered settings.When I left click on the title bar of an application window and/or attempt to click and drag a window, a red border appears around the perimeter of my desktop and releasing the mouse click causes the window to auto-maximize to near-full screen. This is impacting Firefox, Outlook, windows folders, and several other applications (but not all - MS Word, for example, is unaffected). This began on the evening of Wednesday, 11/25.I'm not experiencing any other pop-ups or other suspicious activity, nor is my PC running slower as a result - but this sure is frustrating!!I've run updated AVG, Spybot, Adaware, Malwarebytes...with no results. I'm not even sure I've been "infected," but I haven't been able to identify any settings that would have changed.Any help is appreciated!! Thank you, PaulHere's my log.Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 8:38:21 PM, on 11/29/2009Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP3 (6.00.2900.5512)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\ngvpnmgr.exeC:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\AAWS... Read more

A:Auto-maximized windows - malware or modified settings?

Any ideas please? I can't seem to find any help on this topic.

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Hi! I would appreciate some help. I had the msblaster worm, I have patched and cleaned it up. My norton runs every hour and I have come up clean. Now, when I am on my windows xp screen I am getting grey messages, many are inappropriate for my kids! I installed a pop killer, but now all my link windows are not maximized like before and I have to maximize them. I removed the pop up killer thru the add/remove program but I still have a spyblaster program installed. How do I get my link window to pop up maximized like before. I did try to run a scan /restore off the command prompt, but it would not let me. Thank you in advance! Diane

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Seen several different posts about this issue but really no definitive answer as to why is occurring. Never happened with XP or Vista only Windows 7. Seems most users with this issue report having a Dell computer but mine is a Toshiba Satellite L505. I just find it very annoying to have approximately half inch of desktop space visible on top of any type maximized window, browser window, explorer window, whatever. Did anyone every arrive at a resolution for this issue or what is causing it to occur?

A:All maximized windows show upper portion of desktop above menu bar

you dont by any chance have an OEM windows disk bundled from dell? my gaming rig used to says its a dell, as my system builder version of windows vista is Dell branded... but still came as a windows disk oddly.. was an ebay purchase.. sooo go figure lol should tell you in system information or on the performance page.

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Hi SevenForums,

I know about the option to change the "Properties" of a program/shortcut, and select "Run->Maximized." However, to change all my programs it would be time-consuming to change it for each individual one. I was wondering if there was a settings/registry that changed all my programs/shortcuts/windows to run Maximized every time, without individually changing each one?


A:Change settings so that all programs/shortcuts/windows open maximized

Some Alternatives:

F11 for a real Full Screen (F11 again to restore)
Windows key + Up arrow to maximize
Windows key + Down arrow to restore
Windows key + Left arrow to maximize to left side of screen
Windows key + Right arrow to maximize to right side of screen

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My grandchild was playing a shooting game, when suddenly the picture when sideways and there was large lettering.

I was able to upright the lettering, but still have the large lettering on the font.

I tryto get into a folder or program, but the large lettering prevents acessing all the information.

I was able to play TW08 golf game with no problems, but when I finished and returned to windows large lettering still there.

Have tried to find somewhere to reduce the size to normal, but unsuccessful.


A:vista home edition large font large lettering

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I will shortly need to move a large number (20,000) very large (20-30Mb) image files and associated tiny xmp sidecar files from one hard drive to another.

MS file explorer will make a meal of this so any suggestions for alternatives please? I have several folders each containing many thousands of files as above so moving a folder en-bloc is an option rather than file by file?

A:moving large number of large files to new drive

Simply drag and drop the folder(s).

Might want to do a copy first, verify that everything did indeed get copied, and then delete the originals.

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When viewing large and extra large photo previews, the jpeg thumbnails will not load. Is this a 64 bit issue?

Any Ideas?

A:Large, Extra Large Icons won't load

I can tell you it's not a 64 bit issue as I do not have this problem.
Beyond that, I'll have to defer to another with more expertise in this matter.

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If you extract the icons from imageres.dll or shell32.dll then the maximum icon size is about 64x64 and 32x32 for most icons. I am trying to extract the largest icons, where can I get them. or am I just doing it wrong?

A:Where are the Extra-Large and Large Icons stored

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First post here on the SevenForums! I'm only saving the tough ones for you guys! Here's the problem:

My client's computer was infected with a virus obtained via Facebook. I removed this and multiple other infections (and I'm pretty thorough with my scanning). She gets it back, starts working on it, and apparently her devices and printers icons are blank. Not missing, like with a "blank page" icon, just... blank. Here's the kicker: it only happens with large and extra large icons. It also happens with normal folder icons. When I change it to medium or lower, they come back. I've tried rebuilding the icon cache database several times, tried sfc /scannow, tried chkdsk, tried uninstalling any recent updates, etc... There have been no hardware changes, the hard drive has been tested as good (no bad sectors), her dual monitors are at a sane resolution, and I'm confident that the viruses has been removed. Trust me -- I've tried all the obvious stuff I can think of. Thanks and Good luck!

Edit: Also, I did about 30 minutes of searching through previous threads. Couldn't find a thing, but I could have missed it...

A:Large & extra large icons blank

Quote: Originally Posted by Xileos

First post here on the SevenForums! I'm only saving the tough ones for you guys! Here's the problem:

My client's computer was infected with a virus obtained via Facebook. I removed this and multiple other infections (and I'm pretty thorough with my scanning). She gets it back, starts working on it, and apparently her devices and printers icons are blank. Not missing, like with a "blank page" icon, just... blank. Here's the kicker: it only happens with large and extra large icons. It also happens with normal folder icons. When I change it to medium or lower, they come back. I've tried rebuilding the icon cache database several times, tried sfc /scannow, tried chkdsk, tried uninstalling any recent updates, etc... There have been no hardware changes, the hard drive has been tested as good (no bad sectors), her dual monitors are at a sane resolution, and I'm confident that the viruses has been removed. Trust me -- I've tried all the obvious stuff I can think of. Thanks and Good luck!

Edit: Also, I did about 30 minutes of searching through previous threads. Couldn't find a thing, but I could have missed it...

Well you probably pulled some icon cache files off that were infected but also had the L and XL icons. If sfc didnt work you could try a repair install. It will re-install only the files with different hash marks.

Make a backup and restore point first just in case

Ke... Read more

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My video card died a few days ago so i had to start using my integrated Intel HD Graphics.
i have once screen at 1920X1080 and the other is 1680x1050 and when ever i maximize a window (firefox for example) it overlaps on my 1st screen.
imgur: the simple image sharer
is a image of both screen and you can see the window layered onto the start of my screen under the start menu orb.

A:Maximized Windows On Second Screen Shows Edges On First Screen.

I have the same problem on ours here, I believe we're using a discrete graphics card with win7. Its really annoying, he uses AutoCAD fullscreen on the big monitor, but the edge of the program window shows on the first screen ~3-5 pixels. It appears to only happen to AutoCAD on this computer. Very annoying.

I'll post if I find a solution, I think I've fixed this once before.

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I go to Character map looking for the large i ,looks like 2 large T and the ohter one flipped over.Does Character map Not have this one ?

A:Character map missing the large i ,looks like 2 large T

the strange thing is after I posted this I see my I that I want ,but while i was typing i was only getting a capital i that looks like a line. Also when i copy and paste the correct I , after pasting , the i turns back into a stupid line. any ideas ?

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Did Microsoft come up with the solution of this issue on Windows 8.1

re-build the index helps compacting the edb file but it will grow again
are there a Windows 8.1 patch available to address this issue?
the patch KB2836988 doesn't apply to Windows 8.1

Thank you

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I am currently trying to make a copy of the files on my laptop to an external drive but after 1 Gb of data is transferred the status box when copying stops and doesn't seem to be copying over any further files. When I try to cancel the process it does not register that I have pressed cancel and I have to shut off my laptop manually, waiting a few seconds before turning it back on.

I have uninstalled avast believing that it might be causing an issue with the transfer but the result is still the same.

Recently after a failed attempt it has rendered my hard drive back to an ntfs unreadable state due to error code 0x80070570 .

Any help to resolve either issue would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

A:Windows 7: Windows 7 stalling during copying of large files to externa

What is the external HD? How old is it? When was it formatted etc..

In any case I would run a diagnostic on the external drive.
Also try a copying utility such as TeraCopy free version and see if it has similar problems(once the external drive is returned to a normal state or using another drive.)

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I have a DELL OPTIPLEX GX1 that crashed...I replaced the hard drive & updated from Windows 2000 to Windows XP Pro...Some where along the line my "RUN" box disappeared..I can get it if I safe boot..But also when I open some files the window is TOO large to access functions at the bottom of the page...I can NOT move the page up enough to use these functions...I tried to change the page size useing my mouse but I can NOT get close enough to the edges to do it...(off screen) I also tried to adjust the pixels on my display but that shrinks up EVERYTHING too small for me to use easily...Is there an adjustment some where that will correct this & maybe get my "RUN" box back ? ? ? PLEASE help...My name is Ron & you can contact me directly through e-mail OR thru this website...Thank you VERY VERY much...RON

A:Windows TOO large

Hi RM2007 !

What's the maximum display resolution you can set in the display properties ? You probably need to update your video drivers.

Your computer is pretty old and there doesn't seem to be any drivers for XP available from Dell's website.

Found these drivers from Ati's website : Yours should be the second one (under Rage Pro).

If your video card has the standard 4MB memory then once the drivers are installed you'll be able to set your display resolution to 1024 x 768 (85Hz).

About the run command, check that it's checked to appear in the sart menu properties :

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I just bought a 160G hard drive, Seagate, to be used in an external case. Seagates software recognized it as 152+G but said that win 98 would only recognize as max of 137G unless I used their software and partition in 2 partions. This was Ok 1 partition at 80G and 1 at 80G. When all was said and done I only got 80 G and 1 at 57G, with 2 partitions. The partitions were done on a win98 desktop with drive as secondary slave. Any ideas as how to get more out of this harddrive.

Thanks for any help.
Go Cards!

A:Large HDD - Windows 98/ME

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When I visit sites I always have to maximize the page. When I visit it again I have to max it again. Is there a setting to keep the pages maximized?

A:How to keep web pages maximized

Try this

When the wrong size, stretch it to make it look normal
Then right click on the upper right, by the X. Then click on maximize.The shut down from the File tab (exit)

Click on the exploer Icon (not short cut) properties, make sure set to open full size (maximized).

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I have read all of the possible solutions to open ie8 pages maximzed instead of just a small (about 4 lines) page. I tried them all but none of them works. I changed to ie8 properties option to "maximize" but still no maximize. Does anyone know what needs to be done to open ie8 pages maximized? I know other browers do this but I am asking about ie8.

A:open ie8 maximized

I know what you mean. This is a shortcomming to IE. This is how I handle it. Make sure properties is set to max. When you open a window that is less than max, stretch it out so it fulls the screen. If you do get a window that forgets it will almost be like full size. Then max it. Do this every time you are in a new screen, be careful not to forget, if you click on a link and a new window opens. Do this every time. When you exit dont hit the right hand x, go to file and click exit. I think the most important step is to make sure that explorer propertis is properly set, ie the biggest, size for windows. It seems to take time, but my machine seems to always open full size now.

PS Once in a while it forgets, but basically all are full size windows.

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Question 1
Certain Programs Will Not Open To A Maximized Window Regardless Of Whether I Go To Start>programs >right Click That Icon Choose Properties, Maximize , Apply, Okay, Or Simply In A Maximized Window File> Close.and Then Attemot To Reopen Again
Sometimes If I Leave My Favorites Window Open It Will Appear Maximized And Sometimes It Wont When I Open Internet Explorer But Never With Google Or My Yahoo.
Whats Going On ? Am I Missing Something ?

Question 2
When I Choose Start>programs, I Get My List And Some Programs Have Their Handy Dandy Icon Which I Can Right Click On And In Properties Under Shortcut Give Myself The Option To Choose What Size Window To Open In, Well, What About The Rest That Simply Have The Default Windows Folder Icon An Do Not Ofer Me The Same Option ? Is Their A Way I Can Change That And Have An Actual Program Icon To Give Myself The Option?
I Dont Know, Help Me Obi Wan Kanobi

A:will not open maximized


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WMP is my default player for DVD's and it always starts maximized.
Is it possible to make it not do that and just start at regular size?



A:WMP always starts maximized


Welcome to SF!

Try this:
Right-click on the WMP icon and choose properties.
You'll notice a drop-down menu labeled 'Run'.
Click that and choose how you want your program to start.

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I give up...Tried most common solutions...None have worked...Never had this problem before.... Can keep IE maximized but not any other web link.

A:How to keep web pages maximized??

Check these settings.

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Has Windows come up with a solution to maximizing screen when entering file from shortcut. I tried everything that was suggested and it appears that only Windows can solve this problem.

A:Maximized screen

I'm not sure what "maximizing screen when entering file from shortcut" means. Perhaps you can elaborate?

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Can anyone enlighten me as to how I get my IE5 to expand to the correct spot when maximized?

What happens is that when I click to maximze (or double click the title bar) IE5 expands to the size of the screen, however the location of the window is about half a page down and half a page over.

I can't move the window either because IE thinks it is on the full screen.


A:IE5 Maximized Location

Go into the control panel as if you were going to re-install IE. When you hit add/remove and then choose IE and hit add/remove, do you have an option to repair?

If not, now is a good time to upgrade to IE6 as they've got *most* of the bugs out. I finally upgraded and I was a die-hard.

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Suddenly every single program is opening maximized, even items that normally can't. Don't know why it started and reverting back to older restore point did not correct it. All I can find are threads where people are TRYING to get this behavior - I need it to STOP. Any ideas?

Win7 Ultimate, dual video card, 4 monitors.

A:Everything is opening MAXIMIZED, how do I fix this?

Right click which ever programs shortcut and right click again on the name of the program and click on Properties,
Shortcut section,
Near the bottom Run is this set on Normal window or Maximized ?

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A new problem developed for which I cannot figure out a solution. Paradox 11 ran fine on Windows 10 until yesterday when it disappeared. The program is running on the task bar, but when I switch to it I get a flash of a title bar and then it disappears. When I run task manager, I can maximize the window, but I cannot get to a resizing mode. I've looked at all the properties and settings, but have not found access to resizing.

Thanks for your help.

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I have a problem when I open the Internet to a shortcut. (That is in a folder on my desktop)

It has worked before in all versions of Explorer.

It will not open maximized. It is only a problem from a "shortcut".

I have seen this issue discussed on different forums but no one has seemed to come up with a real fix as most people say "I tried that and it didn't work".

The really odd thing is that if I open explorer from my desktop and use "favorites" it works perfectly.

I would really love to fine a real answer to this annoying problem.

BTW...I have downloaded IE maximizer and it does work but is still annoying.

A:Will not open maximized!

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Hi folks, newbee here. And also very glad to be here. I hope I am in the right place if not redirect me.


I am using Windows 7. When I am browsing and switch to a new window it appears minimized, and I have to maximize it myself. I remember way back that there was something to do to have the new window maximized all the time.

Is there something I can do now to have the same results? I hope someone can help and again very glad to be here.


A:New window will not appear maximized.

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I remember this feature of windows vista when a window is opened maximized (suppose a document,pic,or browser/anything) the windows aero theme would become dark. but that feature no longer exists in windows 7. is there a way to make it happen? (P.S I do not mean "turn off/turn on windows transparency")

a picture attached for detail of what i mean. thanks,

A:Dark when maximized

I used Vista for about a year and I did not remember that feature I'm not saying it wasn't there I just don't remember it.
Unless there is a third party program that will do it, it is not possible with a theme. The closest you could come to that would be to have the active window one color and the inactive window another color but as far as the color changing when you go from minimize to maximize I am going to say no.

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I need to ZIP a folder containing files of about 250 MB. How do I go about this in Windows 7 Home Premium? Also where is the "Compressed (zipped) Folder" (in the "send to" drop down menu) located? Thank you

A:How do I 'ZIP' a large folder in Windows 7

Launch Windows Explorer. Select all the files/folder you want to compress (you can also use CTRL+click to add more files). Right-Click > Send To > Compressed Folder. The ZIP will be located in the folder you are workin in. There is a tutorial if you need more info : Zip a File or Folder - How To

Here are screenshots of how it's done with the built-in zip feature :

If you want more features though, I recommend 7-Zip. It's lightweight, has a LOT of options, usually has better compression on ZIP (or you can use the 7z format which compresses even more), and is open-source : 7-Zip. It will add a context menu accessible via Right-Click in Explorer.

Here are screenshots of the same process with 7-zip :

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{28672A49-65A7-11E0-9BF5-00FF01000001} 4/18/11 7.5GB (7,908,378KB)
{7796876C-5958-11DF-9A44-E0CB4EF925B9} 5/6/10 795,152KB
{DB6E8734-53E8-11DF-BCB7-E0CB4EF925B9} 4/20/10 86,744KB

I noticed my C: almost filled up so I used my handy WinDirstat to figure out what happened. It looks like 10 days ago a huge file was created in my c:\windows directory. The filename looks like some HEX registry key of some sort. The curly braces are actually in the filename. I did some quick googling and didn't see anything like this. Any ideas what this could be? I tried moving it to my D: but the file is in use by "System". I'm currently at 3GB free out of 150, so I really need to clear this file out if it is not needed. I thought maybe it might be some corrupted swap file, but I have mine set to my D:

This is Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

A:very large file in c:\windows

Go into safe mode, and rename it. Reboot normally. If your windows loads fine, then just delete the file.

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My windows folder takes 15.1GB of my 32GB on my C drive and the Winsxs folder inside it takes up 9.8GB, is that normal? My laptop has very few applications I installed and only one is over 1GB and its a bit torrent full of music(2.4GB) so does it really take such a massive supply of memory just to run it?

A:Large Windows Folders

What happened to all of my hard drive space on Windows Vista? | Xatal

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Hi, I'm new here. Since a week ago, my computer using large amount of RAM for some Windows processes like explorer.exe and winlogon.exe. When I start the computer, it is working fine, but then after 1 to 2 hours, it use more RAM even if I dont do anything.

Here is the list of the most notable processes
-explorer.exe = 50.000 K to 150.000 K
-wisptis.exe = 20.000 K to 40.000 K (there are two processes, I suspect one of them is a virus)
-winlogon.exe = 40.000 K to 150.000 K

Is it normal or it is definitely a virus? How to reduce these RAM usage?

A:Windows processes using large RAM


I suspect one of them is a virus

You are probably correct in assuming there is a virus, as these 3 processes are a part of the Windows OS (Wisptis.exe is a system process which comes included with Microsoft Office Suite driver for Wacom Tablet, Windows ink services and tends to run alongside Adobe Acrobat Reader) Winlogon is the logon service where you logon to Windows with your user name and password.
You can also run Process Explorer to get a better handle on what is doing this.
Due to forum rules, we cannot assist with malware removal here. Please click on the link in my signature for Virus/Malware Help and post in that section of the forum for more help.

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Just rebooted computer and all my windows, menu's, fonts etc have become very large.. how can u restore the size of these things back to normal?

A:Large Size Windows

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I want to make the move to SSD on my notebook. However, I am researching and seeing that a 30GB SSD may be to small for Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium especially with future windows updates. I am trying to reduce my current Windows 7 64 install on my original 320GB drive to see how small of a footprint I can accomplish, but I end up only reducing the install to 32GB after all the tips I've read out there.

I have uninstalled everything I can think of and turned of system restore. Any other tips and/or advice is much appreciated. Thank you!

A:30GB SSD large enough for Windows 7 64?

Quote: Originally Posted by unknown

Any other tips and/or advice is much appreciated. Thank you!


You could use a program like VLite to remove additional Windows components, but I would think 30GB is still too small.

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my windows 7 (32bits) folder on the C drive is too large (21.1 GB) is there a way to clean it up?

I have deleted temp files and also run the commands:
cleanmgr sageset:99 (Check all the boxes)
cleanmgr sagerun:99

still the same size.

A:windows folder too large

Your Windows folder is within reason. Mine is slightly over 23 gbs.

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Just connected a new 1920X1080 TV to my PC and it's working great EXCEPT that Windows 7 is a little too large for the TV and stuff is getting cut off. Is there some feature to let me squeeze the system to fit the display on the TV?

Resolution on the TV and 24" monitor are both set to duplicate 1920X1080. The monitor displays fine. If I go to 1280X1024, everything fits perfectly, but I want to use the recommended larger resolution.

A:Windows slightly too large for my tv

Do you have a scaling, or scanning option for your tv? Check your video card settings, it should have a scaling option.

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I am using MS Word 2002 and when I open a new window it is smaller than my screen. How do I default it to open maximized each time? I have drug it open and maximized it but I have no luck at making it full size all the time...

A:Start MS Word Maximized

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Today afternoon I opened word 2003 and miximized it. But it didn't appear to be maximized. Instead, it leaves a one or two inch space at the top of the screen. I've tried detect and repair but I'm still having this problem.

Have you had this problem before?

A:word 2003 can't be maximized

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Is there any way to make maximized windows transparent WITHOUT 3rd party?

A:Maximized Aero Transparency

If you use the Sea Turtle - "Pictures\Sample Pictures\Green Sea Turtle" as your desktop background, your taskbar and window borders look a lot more transparent.

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Whenever I right click on webpage link and select "Open in New Window" than the window opens in half size as compared to maximized.

Window opens maximized when I open it from desktop/quick launch shortcut ... its just that it opens smaller when opening new window by right clicking on link.

I googled this topic I saw that there are hundreds of people facing such problems. I've tried following solutions:-

(1) Selecting "maximized" in shortcut properties.

(2) Closing by pressing ctrl/shirt keys

If I drag the corners of smaller window than next time it opens with same size .......... but I want to open it maximized and not a big drag window.

This problem is driving me nuts ............. any help is highly appreciated

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Is there a about:config setting to always make my browser open up maximized? Everything i have tried so far seems to reset once firefox is restarted or vista is. So i am looking for a about:config command to force firefox to start out maximized.


A:Firefox is not staying Maximized

Don't know about a config setting, but try this if you haven't already done so.

Right click on the Firefox shortcut - Properties - Shortcut tab - If the "Run:" option is not set to "Maximized" set it to that and click Apply.

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Hi there,

Recently my internet explorer would only open minimized. I've searched everywhere, some indicated resizing web pages, not very efficient because sometimes the page still opened minimized BUT I discover a very smart tool called AutoSizer. Believe me it works. If I may post the address it can be found here:

Hopes it works with everybody as it works for me!!!!!!!

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I'm using the Firefox browser version 1.5 and Thunderbird email version 1.0.2 on Windows XP Pro.

For a long time, when I would click on a link in a received email, the browser would open a new tab and the browser window would be Maximized.

A month or so ago I guess I must have unknowingly changed some parameter somewhere and now when I click on a link in an email, the browser opens in a new tab as before, but most of the time the browser window opens in a Normal mode, i.e., it does not occupy the full screen. Some links do open it Maximized, most do not.

How can I return to those thrilling days of yesteryear when the email link ALWAYS opened a new tab in the MAXIMIZED browser?

I asked this question in the Mozilla support forum for both Firefox and Thunderbird, got nowhere with it.


A:Open Firefox maximized

When the Firefox window opens, have you tried to grab the lower right corner with the dotted triangle and manually stretch the window? Then close the window with the X in the upper right corner. It should remember it's size.

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Ok, I've tried different ways after looking this up, and nothing works; the screen always opens in a smaller window, and I have to manually maximize it. This is something new; apparently things were going too well and I need to be punished with further annoyances.

How do I get it to always open maximized? I've tried control-click, etc, but nothing works.


A:How do I get MS Word to open maximized????

How do I get a Windows program to always open maximized?

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Gday all,

I have a really annoying thing happening with word and I don't seem to be able to fix it. When word is maxamized it sits down from the top of the screen about the thickness of a toolbar. When you have other apps running and bring up word then close word I regularly close what is behind word accidently. Any ideas on how to make word full screen again? I have tried to drag the top up to the top of the screen but it won't move.



A:Word 2003 maximized

Have you tried right clicking on the colored window bar for WORD and clicking Maximize? Have you run a virus scan with up-to-date virus definitions?

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I believe AT&T installed new servers the other day; my computer settings were all screwed up but I've managed to correct all but one: when I open websites, the page is not maximized... I have tried several suggestions [as found searching on IE] but nothing seems to work..... I either have to stretch out or maximize from the upper-right icon.

Any solutions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

A:IE11 pages not maximized

Hello Cajun, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You should be able to press the F11 key to toggle full screen for Internet Explorer.

Full Screen F11 - Enable or Disable Auto-Hide

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hey guys is there a reg hack or something to make every window for every application, folder, etc. to open maximized? one of the employees downstairs asked about it and im not sure and after google surfing i didnt find much i would prefer to do it through the registry not another program.

A:Start every window maximized

There is no universal way to do this. Ultimately the application itself is in control of how it will open it's window. Such a thing could be done with third party software (I don't know if such exists) but the result is likely to be rather fragile and unreliable.

The convention is that Windows open the way they were when the application closed and most applications follow this.

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I have an annoying problem and hope someone can help. I bought a cheap Windows 8.1 bing tablet and every exe I open is always forced to maximized, there are no third part applications running though, so I guess it's some registry entry or other manipulation by the manufacturer.

I already googled but couldnt find anything about this, just that you could edit HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Console key FullScreen to 1, but my value is set to 0.

Is there another way to manipulate the start behavior for all exe? Maybe by some policy editor settings? Thanks!

A:Force all exe to start maximized

You are getting your terms all mixed up. If you are using a tablet with Windows installed, you would be opening up App's, or Shortcuts that use an App Button. Default behavior on tablets is to open Maximized/Full Screen.

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I am using Outlook Express 6 and XP Home and going nuts. It should be so simple!

Everytime I open an e-mail... one I received or by clicking on Create or Reply... it opens small and I have to maximize it.

I've tried maximizing it then closing things down then re-opening them which usually works.

Thanks in advance! Peter

A:OE - Open Window Maximized

peterinwa said:

I've tried maximizing it then closing things down then re-opening them which usually works.
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If you tried maximizing it with the buttons at the top and and want sitck try this:

Open a window, grab hold of the top window bar with the mouse, and drag the window to the top left of the screen. Let go with the mouse, and move mouse to the lower right corner of the window, when the mouse cursor changes to a double arrow, click and drag the window to the lower right-hand corner of your screen. Depress the Ctrl key and close the window by clicking on the X in the upper right-hand side of the window. The windows should open this way the next time you open one.

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Every time I click on a desk top icon, it opens in the restored position. How do I get all of my desk top icons to open in the maximized position every time.

A:Page does not open maximized

This should work.
Right click on Icon>Properties>Run: Maximized

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I cannot seem to run games like FF7 and Chronotrigger maximized. What I mean is when I choose to maximize chronotrigger it flops down to the task bar, when I try to run FF7 it flops down right when it starts.

This has happend with other games in the past and I've never been able to figure out why. I have windows Xp Home editiion. Is there some setting I can use to make the games stay up?

A:Games won't stay maximized

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I have noticed that the whole theme, Windows Aero (Sky), changes when a fullscreen application is launched. This is annoying not only because I have two monitors but it also slows the loading of video or games down while it switches. The same thing happened with Windows Vista and I used VistaGlazz to stop the switch: I have tried the same thing again though this does not solve the problem. Any help?

Also is there anyway that you can 're-add' the 'Move' option on the right click menu off the taskbar? I always found the right click move to be quite useful.

P.P.S/ There is also one pixel moment on the mouse cursor when it is 'Loading', up and to the left, anyway to fix this?

A:Changing Theme when Maximized

Windows does that to decrease the resources used by the system, this is a good thing when you are playing a game for example! Why you would want to disable this feature?

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Whenever Firefox 8 opens, it opens in minimized mode (ie, just about covers the whole monitor screen, but not quite...hovering over single square in upper right gives a tooltip of "Maximize". I'd like it to open in maximized mode (in upper right should show double square and "Restore Down" tooltip)--how? Within the icon's shortcut on the desktop, properties>run>normal or maximize makes no difference, FF still opens minimized.

EDIT: BTW, the same thing is also happening on my laptop which is configured exactly the same as this desktop. Different computer manufacturers, but same OS and same configs for FF8.

A:How to get Firefox 8 to open maximized?

maybe that's happening cause its been re sized to that, try making it smaller with the arrows. then click on maximize and close it.
when you open it again, it should open maximized.

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