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Searching for upper- or lower-case words in files.

Q: Searching for upper- or lower-case words in files.

I'm searching across thirty-some Word documents in one folder. How can I specify a search for words with specific case requirements? I'm looking for the word "lesson," not "Lesson," and I want to see what files it occurs in and where those occurrences are.

Thanks for any help.

PS: Bonus points to anyone who can tell me how to use Word itself to search across multiple Word files. Word's search is a lot easier to use.

Again, thanks.

A: Searching for upper- or lower-case words in files.

The only program that I'm aware of and am 100% certain can do case sensitive searches is GREP... but that requires doing it at the C:\ prompt.

But then again... I don't use Word for anything but term papers.

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I created a list of companies & phone #'s etc. in access 2000. The letters are upper case. How do I change upper case listings to lower case?

A:Access 2000- Change upper case to lower case

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I would like to know if it is possible to configure outlook 2003 to automatically change lower case i to auto upper case I whilst typing my emails

It does it on my pc at work (could be cos its a better version of outlook)but I would love to know if I can have the same facility on my home pc

I'm using Vista and windows 7

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Auto change lower case to upper case

Look at the Auto Correct options.

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Answer Match 101.64% help with my last problem with

A:Upper/Lower case swaps


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is there any way to make excel know the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters? for example, as far as i know, A=a, B=b, etc.

i want to know if it can tell that A=A, a=a, and A<>a

thanks to anyone who knows

A:upper-/lower-case differentiation in excel

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Everyday I upload some files to my website and to simplify my website operations, I use the same filename and just upload a file with new information every day. The case of file extensions is of no consequence to Windows 7, but it matters to my website. I want to standardize on one case and it doesn't matter which as long it's the same all the time. I have one app, the snipping tool, which seems to generally make files using uppercase, but I have some existing files that are lower case. I have tried to get rid of the lower case extensions by deleting the file and then recreating it with the same name. When I do, Windows changes the case from upper to lower. If I simply create a brand new file with no previous instances of that file in existence (as far as I know), then the default case is upper. How does one go about converting all existing files of a particular type to a standard file extension case, be it upper or lower.



A:Change file extension upper/lower case

Not sure you can as Windows is case insensative, but have you tried doing it from a Command prompt, enclosing the filename.ext in double quotes as "filename.ext"?

If that doesn't work, maybe a two step process would.

ren "FileName.EXT" FileName.EX"
ren "FileName.EX" FileName.ext"

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I have a weird problem on an XP Home system that was brought in for repair.
When you turn it on, it comes up with a message. The upper and lower case of the message is switched as shown. The periods are shown as music notes! (I have shown them as as %)
If I attempt to go thru safe mode, the options for safe mode, safe with networking, etc, com up - with the same upper/lower case lettering. Choose safe mode option and you get the same message as sbove.

I booted with the XP CD to attempt repair, came up with a different error message.

I am stumped! I would assume a virus, trojan, etc.
I know I can pull the hard drive and format it in another system, then go from there, but trying to avoid that if possible!

Any thoughts on what has caused this issue?


A:Upper And Lower Case Switch - Music Notes As Periods!

Since you're familiar with yanking the hard drive - how's about yanking it, installing it in another system, and doing an antivirus scan of it from the "clean" system?

Depending on the virus, you may need to do a repair install - do you have the original XP installation CD?

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When I try to change the case from upper to lower or vice versa of filenames n windows explorer, the changes are not accepted. Also, adding or deleting of spaces in existing filename words is also not being accepted. I have admin privileges.

Thank you for help.

A:Can we change the upper/lower case of filenames in Windows Explorer?

Hi Seymoria, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Filenames in Windows Explorer are not case sensitive. This means that for Windows, the filenames ThisIsMyDocument.doc, THISISMYDOCUMENT.DOC and tHiSiSmYdOcUmEnT.DoC are all the same, the file would be found and can be referred to using any of these or any other combination of upper and lower case letters, as long as the name itself stays the same.

Therefore, if you have a file document_1.doc but you'd like to change the first letter to upper case D, selecting rename and changing the first d to D does nothing. Windows simply does not understand it, for it there was no change as the first letter did not change.

You need to work around this by renaming the file first to something else, then rename it again to Document_1.doc, this time using the upper case D. I use a neat trick here, changing the first letter from lower to upper case: I select rename, delete just the first letter of the filename, the one with lower case, then rename again this time entering the upper case first letter.


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Hi I changed all lower case of "city" to Uppercase "CITY" USING Find and Replace. But when I tried to change the same "CITY" to "city" it didn't work. However I did get the message we have made 12 replacements but not even one "CITY" was changed to "city." When I tried to replace "CITY" with another word in lowercase, it replaced the different word but in Uppercase. Please help this novice in word. Thank you.

A:How to change words in Uppercase to lower case

Hello Mike, thanks for your reply. No I am not using Excel but Ms Word 2016. I think I found the solution to my problem. Find and Replace is case sensitive. Therefore to change Uppercase words to lowercase one has to go to "more" option and check the box "Match Case." I did that and I was able to change all "CITY" to "city" using Find and Replace.I hope this may be helpful to someone. If anyone has other solutions to this problem please do post it.Your novice in MS Word

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I hope someone can help or explain this problem for me.

I have a DVD I made of my website. The website is constructed with every thing relative to the local system so that it will operate from the DVD.

My XP system has 2 DVD drives. One is a read only (E:) and the other is a R/W drive (F:). The problem is that on the read only drive ALL the directory and file names are in upper case and they are truncated to 8 characters, DOS files? For instance ThisIsanImage.jpg wil be THISISANI.JPG and index.html will be INDEX.HTML.

If I copy the files to my hard drive the result is the same. Of course the html involved will not function with the case of names and directories being changed.

However, if I put the DVD in my R/W drive the directory names and file names are correct and in mixed case with names longer than 8 characters. The website works fro this drive and copies to my hard drive ok. I have never run into this before.

Any one know what's going on. Do I have a setting some where in XP that I don't know about.

Your assistance is most welcome as I want to be able to send this DVD to other people, but I can't be confident that they won't have a problem.


A:Dvd Displays All Upper Case Directories And Files

Open the Device Manager (Start > Run > type "devmgmt.msc"). Locate the DVD drive that's giving you problems, right click on it and select "Uninstall". After it has uninstalled reboot the computer (it will be automatically reinstalled on reboot).

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I need to find key words or phrases in my long document files. some files are hundreds of pages long.
I am on a P2-233MHZ with 64 MG of RAM using Word 2000.
using the FIND feature on the Word edit menu only gives me one hit when i know that for any particular search i should get dozens.
Do I need special software or is there a way to do this?

A:(Solved) searching for key words in my files

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How to search for SPECIFIC words contained in TONS of password-protected (.xls, .doc) MS Office files (NOT IN FILE NAME)?
Password protected files don't show up on my search results.
Any help will be much appreciated.

A:Searching words in Protected MSOffice Files

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 9550 / X1050 Series, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 95597 MB, Free - 72333 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corp., 0F4491
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

My Win7 computer just died for good, so I had to pull out the old WinXP computer from storage until I can save up enough money to buy a replacement. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, there is no cd/dvd listed in device manager. I've spent about 3 hours online trying everything I can find to fix the issue (no upper and lower filters, I've found). I've looked at the forums here, but my computer knowledge is limited and I was wondering if anyone could help me fix this problem?

A:no upper and lower filters

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A:upper & lower filters

upper an lower filters are unnecessary and added by 3rd party programs like iTunes, and Nero etc. These are not necessary files. What Are the Upper & Lower Filters in Regedit? | eHow
Please tell us what the problem is so we can try and help you with it.

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ive read all the forums. ive got registry editor, ive ran regedit, and when i go to delete my upper and lower filters they arent even there to delete I NEED HELP!!!!

A:upper.lower filters NEED HELP!!!!!

What is the problem you are trying to resolve?

Obvioiusly, you went to the web and somewhere it indicated the solution was to delete these filters, which if you do not have them, is most likely not the solution in your case!

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Hello - I removed my upper and lower filters so that my DVD drive would read but now I am unable to burn CD's via iTunes - is there a way I can replace those filters?

A:Upper & Lower filters - Need to replace

Only thing I can think of, would be to reinstall the programs that added them in the first place. (The filters are cd/dvd drivers/driver add-ons that are installed by third party software). In this case, they probably came from iTunes.

Otherwise a system restore would restore the registry to the state before you deleted them. Start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.

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After having months of problems, my girlfriend finally got a replacement PC sent to her, but I've only gone and messed it up and now I'm in big trouble!

Upon arrival, the disk drive was not being recognized and wouldn't even open. I researched this and found it was a common problem, so attemted all the online fixes without success. Then, in another attempt, I STUPIDLY deleted the wrong upper and lower filters and now windows won't start at all.

Being a brand new computer there is no restore point to work from and, like I said, the disk drive won't even open to boot from disk!

So, is there any way I can fix the damage? All I can think of is borrowing and external disk drive and a copy of the CD, but I was hoping there might be a simpler way I can do this before the girlfriend comes home and kills me!

A:Deleted wrong upper and lower filters :-/

deleted the wrong upper and lower filters

Where did you do the deletion?

If the computer hasn't had much added to it you could do a Factory Restore. How you do that depends upon the brand and model name and number, check that companies Web site.

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After having months of problems, my girlfriend finally got a replacement PC sent to her, but I've only gone and messed it up and now I'm in big trouble!

Upon arrival, the disk drive was not being recognized and wouldn't even open. I researched this and found it was a common problem, so attemted all the online fixes without success. Then, in another attempt, I STUPIDLY deleted the wrong upper and lower filters and now windows won't start at all.

Being a brand new computer there is no restore point to work from and, like I said, the disk drive won't even open to boot from disk!

So, is there any way I can fix the damage? All I can think of is borrowing and external disk drive and a copy of the CD, but I was hoping there might be a simpler way I can do this before the girlfriend comes home and kills me!

A:Deleted wrong upper and lower filters :-/

The computer very likely has a recovery environment built in, so it's just a matter of using the correct Function key during boot to access it and then do a full restore.

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Hello everyone, I really need your help. My Sony Vaio laptop (model: SVE151G13M) did not recognize my dvd/cd-rom anymore and dumb as I am, I tried to fix this myself. On the website of Microsoft I read a step-by-step guide on how to remove the upper filters and lower filters to fix this problem. However, I may have removed too many, or the wrong filters. Now my laptop does not want to reboot anymore due to missing files. I read that I can recover the system by pushing the ASSIST button, choose troubleshoot/recovery etc. The system asks me to rescue my documents first, and of course that is my main goal.. Save as many files, photos, documents and videos as I can. I attached an external hard disk with plenty of space on there, chose to rescue the files and waited. However, I have tried multiple times but it is not working (error message). Does anyone know how to replace the deleted upper filters and lower filters, without having to reboot or recover the entire system and loose all of my files? I read something about 'Last known good configuration' but I cannot find this in the options when I press ASSIST. Please, I am desperate since I am also in the process of writing my master thesis and really need this computer.. :smileysad:

A:Laptop won't reboot after removing upper/lower filters

can you get to Refresh


and maybe choose No on the rescue documents?

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I check My Computer and i dont see my E: drive. I checked my BIOS (i think) and i went into system information -> components -> CD-ROM and it was empty. I also checked HK something local and i found the right file some long code like 4Dxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxx and i didnt see anything lower filter or upper filter.
I have a Dell 1735 studio laptop running windows 7
heres what happened. I got an ISO of rollercoaster tycoon which i burned onto a disc on my upstarts computer (which runs XP) and i installed fine on that computer and played the game and everything was all good. I take the CD-ROM that i burned with rollercoaster tycoon and I slip it into my aforementioned laptop. some rollercoaster tycoon thing comes up, I click install and think everything is fine. When i click the .exe file to play the game, it asks me for my E: drive. i check my computer and there is no E: drive. I also cannot eject my disk now because the computer isnt detecting an optical drive, let alone a CD to eject. I also have no cd tray on my laptop, the disc just slides in and im pretty sure theres no manual eject button. I looked.
Any Help? I tried to look a bunch of stuff online. I even did one thing relating to disabling integrity checks via the command window? i dont really know what else to do. restarting and system restores didn't work.

I would appreciate any help. Thank You!

A:No Optical Drive Detected - no lower/upper filters

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I have a Sony Vaio PCV-RS420 with a Pioneer DVR-106D dvd writer. I was creating a recovery disk when after writing the DVD, it asked for a cd-r. The drive kept having errors, and I checked the media on another pc and they were fine. I saw on several posings that removing the upper and lower filters from the registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318) would fix the problem. Now it wont even recognize the dvd roma at all. The device mgr. says all is OK. I have uninstalled and re-installed the device from there, and the IDE as well, and I have phicically removed the drive, rebooted, and re-connected the drive and re-booted but to no avail. Uh-Oh - i did not back up the registry (makes me a dummy) and the recovery is not functioning due to my c partition being too small.


A:Need to Replace Upper and Lower Filters Removed form registry

try sony site for info or pioneer and see if you can find sofware/firmware update also you could ask a friend for disc to help solve your problem

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problem solved..forgot to change jumper settings

dont know how to delete threads.


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I cannot get my Dell Inspiron 1420 Laptop running windows vista to recognize my DVD drive, the light on it blinks, makes some noises but nothing ever shows up in "my computer" however they do show up on my device manager under DVD/CD-ROM Drives and both with yellow flags by them. One is called a "Base System Device" and gives a code 31. The second is called "TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632H ATA Device" and gives a code 10.

I found a thread on here that said to go accessories>run>regedit>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE......but when it says to change the upper and lower limits is where i get stuck.....I HAVE NONE! they are nowhere to be found! The only thing on the right hand side is under the name column>default under the Type column>REG_SZ and under data (where i assume the upper/lower SHOULD be) all it says is "(value not set)"

If someone could please help me it would be greatly appreciated!! I have searched the web more on how to fix this issue than any research paper and I am at the end of my patience!!

A:Vista DVD Drive is not recognized and Upper and Lower Limits are not found!!

You need to navigate deeper then HKey_L_M, see here:

Or run the Microsoft Fixit from that site and it should resolve it for you.

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hello mates, I'm a newcomer here, I have an ASUS laptop whose CD player has a hard time reading CDs, at the attempt to fix this issue following an online guide I accidentally deleted from the registry both upper and lower filters, now not only is the DVD player unable to read disks, both the pointer and the keyboard are irremediably stuck! it's the same problem as the following:

this user said to have fixed it but didn't quite explain what he exactly did, my boot sequence is set to start from the CD player but since it has trouble to read disks I'm unable to boot the xp CD, the only working things are USB ports, can anybody help me please? I'm desperate and need the data in my laptop

A:Solved: upper and lower filters deleted, keyboard and mouse frozen help

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i deleted the upper and lower filters aiming to fix a problem...only it made it worse because when i rebooted they didn't reappear.

help would be much appreciated

A:Solved: deleted upper and lower filters and rebooted they didn't return

hi what did not appear?

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I am running excel 2000. is there a way that I can make everything enter into a cell automatically turn to upper case.


A:upper case

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Iam looking to build a custom button in a tool bar that will allow me to pick a range of cells then click on it and it will make the text upper case. Is this a hard thing to build? Can some one give a some guidance on how to do this or if they know where one exists already that would be better yet.


A:upper case button

Assuming you're talking Excel, ASAP has this --

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I have a series of Cells that are lower case text. They need to be Upper Case? How do you do that in Excel? (Also UC to LC)



A:Text to Upper Case

Use the UPPER and LOWER functions, e.g.


then copy the results & Edit > Paste Special > Values.

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In SQL is it possible to set a field that It will only allow you to enter values of a certain field? eg. only upper case values.

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I find that the "Search" function doesn't always work for me in a scanned (.PDF) document. I have both Adobe Acrobat 6 and Adobe Reader 7 on my computer. Sometimes I get a result and sometimes I don't (and this is when I know for certain that the word appears at least once in the document). Any ideas why?

A:Searching for words in a PDF document

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I have recently had an issue with my Vista32 affecting Word in Office 2003. The fonts will only type in uppercase regardless of keyboard caplocks being on or off.

I can however highlight the letters typed and change the case through 'format'; it continues as normal from there on in. Any suggestions?

I don't recall installing a program at the time this started, but it is possible.

A:Upper Case locked in Office 2003

Hi Christine

Are you sure it only happens in Word 2003? Just to check, type a few lines in NotePad and WordPad to test. Let us know if you get all caps in those programs as well.

I'm not sure that System Restore will help for this problem, but if you've a recent Restore point that is just prior to the all-capitals trouble, you could try it.

Best of luck
. . . Gary

. . . and . . . Welcome to the Tech Support Forums.

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Im sorry this is in upper case (im not shouting) but my keyboard has suddenly decide to only give upper case letters i cant access anything lower case (like numbers) sticky keys are not on: Caps lock is not stuck: Im open to suggestions: Help: And mouse is selecting whole groups of text not individual items:

A:Solved: Keyboard only giving upper case

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using word in outlook and some fixes do not work.

Sticky keys are disabled and holding both shift buttons simultaneously does not work.

Ideas? using Win Vista.

A:Only upper case letters, but caps lock is off

now its gone as it came....

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If I have data in excel that needs to be separated into columns that looks like this:18SampleStreetBIGTOWN18SampleLittleStreetLITTLETOWNWith the data wanting to look like:18 Sample Street BIGTOWN18 Sample Little Street LITTLETOWNIs there a way to separate the town which is all in Capitals?ThanksRobynmessage edited by Robyn69

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I would like to double click on any cell from b4 to b100 and it will turn it to upper case as well as double click on any cell from c4 to c100 and make it proper case. Can someone help me out with this)

A:Solved: double click for upper case

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What I first thought would be a simple keyboard problem apparently isn't. When I type the upper case D using the right shift button, I only can get a lower case "d". When using the left shift button, I get nothing but a cursor flash and no letter at all. If I hit the D key again (2nd time) holding down the left shift button, I do finally get the upper case D and as many as I want thereafter.

What I have done so far: Thinking this was a bad keyboard, I purchased a brand new keyboard.......same problem. I then borrowed the keyboard off my wife's computer which is working well.........same problem on my computer. So not likely a keyboard problem. I then uninstalled the keyboard driver and re-installed it THREE TIMES........still same problem. This is an HP Media Center computer with XP Pro so I downloaded the very latest keyboard driver for this keyboard and installed.........still same problem. Of course I rebooted after each install.

I then went to the PC Doctor diagnostic tools and did the keyboard test which puts a keyboard on the screen and as you press each key, it blanks out the key pressed on the screen. All keys work find except for when I go to upper case with either shift button and type the letter D. Instead of just the D going blank on the screen, the C key and the CTRL key go blank also at the very same time. So for some reason my D key is being translated somewhere into a D, C with the CTRL button signal. How can that be?

I the... Read more

A:Upper Case D is acting weird and its not the keyboard

Have you tried a system restore to a time this was not occurring (?)

if you have then although very unlikely have you done any virus scans (?)

hope this helps

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Ever since I've linked my MS and Skype account, my email is now always "seen" as [email protected] LIVE.COM.
Even my Windows Phone when I sign in with MS account, it gets recognized as @LIVE.COM at the end.

It's slightly annoying, I've checked all my settings on the web/computer/phone.. Nothing does the trick. I do sign in with lowercase email, but it somehow gets changed to uppercase LIVE.COM on it's own.

Anyone else experienced something like this?

This is a screenshot of switching local account to MS. Note that name before LIVE.COM is in lowercase, and I did sign in with all lower case email.

imgur: the simple image sharer

I've also asked on Microsoft answers webpage, but they have no idea what I'm talking about

I'm using Windows 8.1 Pro x64, and Nokia Lumia 930 (Cyan).

Any kind of tip is greatly appreciated.

Edit: add a space after @ in email to break the link.

A:MS account email always ends up in upper case

Sounds like it's just a simple advertising gimmick, draws more attention to

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Hi All.

I need info on how to change text, input into a form, to upper case and store in it's table(s) as such. I'm thinking I can use the Ucase function, but I haven't been successful.

Thanks to all who can help me!!!

A:Solved: Access 03 - Upper Case Text

Did you solve your last problem you posted?

Do you want all characters in Upper Case or just the first Character as in Names?

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I want to be able to find documents that have specific words in them. The result must be only those documents that have all of these specific words. When I run a search I get documents with all 3 words, or 2 words or just 1 of the words. I just want the documents that have all 3 of the words. Can this be done?


A:Searching for specific words in documents

File Locator Lite (free) can do that.
FileLocator Lite - Download

Search for files containing text: Word1 AND Word2 AND Word3

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I have what i hope is a quick/easy question to answer. Whenever i transfer files from a CD-RW disk back to my hard drive, the names convert into upper case. This doesn't happen from the floppy drive or cd-r disks, only cd-rw & only on transfer back to the hard drive, not in transfer to the disk.

I have a HP cd writer (getting fairly old now) with adaptec direct cd software. i'm running windows 98. I DON'T have the "allow all upper case names" option in folder options ticked and it also happened on my old computer and is still happening on my new computer (same cd-writer transfered to the new computer).

Does anyone know how i can stop it happening? i know it's not a huge issue, but i've just bought a new computer (still getting it up & running) & i really don't want a PILE of files all with upper case names if i can avoid it, so really hoping it can be fixed


A:Upper case file names when transfering from CD-RW can i change it?

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Hi, I have been having a problem on and off on my Inspiron 1520. The problem is that when Itunes updates it screws up the CD-DVD drive so it wont read a CD or DVD and I need to go into the registry and delete the filters. Unfortuantly yesterday I attempted to rectify this problems once again and when I went into the registry, there was no upper or lower filters. Microsoft has a program that detects and fixes CD/DVD drive problems and that could not fix it either. Any Help? Im running Windows Vista 32-bit

A:DVD drive trouble with Upper Filter & Lower Filter Registry entries

Are all Windows Updates in, including Vista SP2?


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Using EXCEL, I have a need to copy the cell contents from upper cells in col. A down a few rows in col A. There are various changes in data in col A as you will see below. The periods in the following info are used as placeholders only. B1, A2, A3, A4, etc. are blank. I need a formula because I have 60,000 records in the spreadsheet. Thanks in advance.

Here is how the data looks now.


Here is how I want the data to look

...A ...........B

A:[Excel] Copy And Paste Upper Cell To Lower Cell

With the workbook open press ALT + F11 to bring up the Visual Basic Editor. Once the VB editor opens, click INSERT --> MODULE and paste the code below into the blank module. Close the VB editor and select the first cell in column A containing your data you want to copy down. Click TOOLS --> MACRO --> MACROS and select the macro from the list and run it. This macro will copy all your data except for the last value in column A because without actually seeing your workbook, I have no way knowing which line to stop at. Therefore, the code will end when it reaches the last value in column A.


Public Sub CopyData()

Do Until ActiveCell.Row = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row

ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select

Do Until ActiveCell.Value <> ""
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select


End Sub


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I dont know how it happened but one day my cd drive was not working. the tray will open fine and it even lights up however it will not read anything. When i go to my computer the drive that usually says (:e) or whatever for it, is missing. Ive been looking online on how to fix this and nothing worked, then i read to delete the upper and lower filters but my lower and upper filters are missing. How can i get them back? I read that deleting them solved the problem for some people

A:cd drive missing from MY COMPUTER. Lower upper filters missing??

It could be a hardware problem ie. seized motor in your drive.

Quick way to test this. Insert a a disc in the tray, make a note of any writing or picture you can see on the disc, push the tray in. Wait for a minute or so, then eject the disc. If the picture/writing is in the same position as when you first put it in, then your drive motor is most likely knackered.

If this is the case, only real fix is a new drive.

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I have a folder that contains a bunch of files that contain craft shows. If I want to search for a file that contains a specific show I'll open the folder then in the search field in the top right corner I'll type in "Christmas Carousel Craft Show". The problem is that every single file containing the word "christmas" or the word "carousel" or the word "craft" or the word "show" pops up! I just want to find the file with the phrase "Christmas Carousel Craft Show". Any suggestions?

A:Searching for phrases but finding single words instead

Read here: Search in Windows 8

Maybe uncheck find partial matches?

Edit: Or try a better search tool: Agent Ransack - Free File Searching Utility

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Sorry if im annoying someone with my masses of questions
does anyone know of a program that allows you to search a webpage for words so you dont have to scroll through the whole thing looking?

A:Program For Searching For Specific Not Google :p

Most browsers already have a page search function built into them, so you do not need any redundant application to search for words.Firefox or Mozilla, for example, allow the user to use either Control +F, or the path "Edit/Find in this page" to bring up a search box. Regards,JohnEdit: just to be complete, since quietman7 gave the IE information, Opera also uses Control +F to show its "find box."

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I have been having lots of web pages won't open and other errors and page loading issues. Today as i was waking my computer up and typing in my password, it was keeping my entries as if I had caps on.. I am able to see the actual password as I type it, so I know it wasn't an error on my part.I tried typing with caps on and caps off-same thing .I did this about 4 times and it finally allowed me in
I also have been having issues with connecting to my network at home where the yellow flag on my internet connection shows and I lose my connection, but gain it back in 30 seconds. I keep being told I have a broken cable (I'm on Wifi) or I have a router or access point issue, but then I get back on my wifi in 30 seconds or so, and then am okay for awhile. I have Windows 8, connect wirelessly with AT&T. My nephew installed a hidden network and we have our house network. It says connected unless the yellow flag shows up, then it says limited, but then fixes itself. All these issues happen on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
Whew! I am sure its multiple issues.
It does seem like ever since my nephew set up the additional network and renamed the main house network is when the issues started happening.  I am right next to the router and the modem, so its not a distance or wall preventing me from connecting.
I have previously run several malware programs-Malware Bytes, Viprerescue, ATF cleaner, spybot and my antivirus is AVG. It says I am okay, but still... Read more

A:Malware? As I type my Windows password, the letters stay in upper case

Make sure your "House Network" is set as the first entry in Your Wirless Networks.
As Posted At

Open the command prompt (in the start menu type cmd Click on  "command prompt"
Type  netsh wlan show profiles and Press enter. This will list the wireless networks your computer connects to in order of priority

To Change the priority of a net work type this command (or Paste it)
netsh wlan set profileorder name="WirelessProfileName" interface="InterfaceName" priority=1 
Change WirelessProfileName in the command for the wireless network profile name displayed in step 2 above that you want to change the priority of.
Change InterfaceName in the command for the name of the interface (ex: Wi-Fi) displayed in step 2 above.
Enter the Priority number you want to assign 1 (one) in the command for what priority order number you wanted to have the wireless network profile name listed in.

When the Limited Connectivity Icon shows up are you still able to load a web page? Are you using a local User account or Microsoft Live User account when loggin in?
EightForums.Com instructions to change Wireless Network Priority Instructions
Microsoft Technet for the Commands List

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I start up my computer and after the windows logo loads a message pop ups that says: lsass.exe system error- an invalid parameter was passed to a service or function. I am not sure how to fix this since I can't log into windows in either normal or safe modes. any help to solve this would be greatly appreciated.


A:lsass.exe (lower case L)

If it's "lsass.exe" with a lower case "L", then it is a virus in the Sasser family, most likely. You'll need to scan it with a good antivirus either by using a boot CD with an antivirus on it or take your drive out and hook it up as a secondary drive in another computer. That should get you back up and running. You may have to do a repair installation of Windows after you've scanned it.

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The lower case L on my computer has gone berserk. It will not function correctly in Windows. When struck nothing appears. However, if the caps lock key is activated and the shift key is held down, the lower case L works. The upper case L and all other keys work fine.

This is only true in Windows. I’m running Windows Pro 2000 and in the Windows login screen, lower case Ls can be typed in both the user name and the password fields. As soon as Windows comes up, it stops working.

I have tried three different keyboards, reloaded Windows 2000 and the keyboard software but the key still fails.

I would appreciate any help.

My computer:
AMD Athon Processor
AT/AT Compatible
256 MB RAM
The keyboard is a Microsoft Internet Pro PS2 (Brand New)

A:Lower case L does not type

You say that you have tried different keyboards, and that outside of windows the lower case L works, so the only thing that I could think of (and it's a long shot), is that when Windows has loaded (and any startup programs as well), a process or program has changed the mapping of the lower case L to perform some other function.
Have you tried booting into safe mode? This should stop any non-Windows programs from loading. Give this a try and see what happens. If the L works normally, then you need to see what programs are being loaded (in normal mode), and remove them one at a time (restarting and testing each time).

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When I try to use the lower case B it does not work, only if I use shift and upper case. It must not Be the keyboard or the upper case would not work. Short of reinstalling windows how do I fix it?? In case you are wondering, the word keyBoard I typed with a capital B and the spell checker changed it. I do not have a clue as how to fix this. TIA

A:Lost My Lower Case B

If it's only the one key, I'd still suspect the keyboard, whether it works with shift or not. Is it possible to try another to make sure?

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I tried to open an attachment in windows live mail and a small box appeared with a blue i and I can't get it off the middle of my desk top. It's icon is at the lower left and when I left click on it 3 boxes come up and will not close when I click on close all windows. what is this and how do i get rid of it?

A:small box with blue lower case i

Can you take a screenshot of them?

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I am having a strange problem with Windows XP. After I reboot my computer, I will open some programs, and do searches on the internet. I will a type in small letters with no problem. Then, all of a sudden, whenever I attempt to type a lower case letter, the computer will open the My Computer section. This does not happen if I use capital letters. , right now I him having no problem typing small letters, but I will have problems later. I would appreciate any comments.

A:Problem with lower case letters.

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Iam Using, ASPIRE E 15, E5-571-31HF, i purchased from india, and upgraded windows 10, now my caps lock is not working for lower case letters, but if press SHIFT key, going on LOWER CASE, it is very problem for my office work, any one know solutions for this issue ?

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I just upgraded my 8 year old iiyama monitor for a new Dell monitor with a bigger screen with higher resolution - oh and I have got new spectacles. I had replaced the capacitors twice in the iiyama (having to keep jabbing the "On" button to get the current surge going) as I don't care for these new wide screen type monitors but I had to get updated eventually.

Anway, with my fantastic new monitor, I now notice that on both the Desktop (of Vista) and in Winodws Explorer all the letters "i" and "l" have an almost imperceptible red fringe or hue. How weird is that?

This happens whether I use the VGA or the DVI cable connection.

Amazingly, this issue was raised by wguru and Saga Lout on this forum 18 months ago but it is not clear to me whether anyone ever came up with a solution. The possibility of a virus or registry corruption error was mentioned but I did not understand whether this was ever proven.

I run about 3 virus programs most days and I woudl be devastated if I unknowingly had a virus. It is difficult but not impossible to believe. Having said that, I have occasionally tweaked the Rgeistry e.g. to get rid of "klingons".

I suspect I have had this issue a while but only with the new monitor has it become noticeable.

Any suggestions on what to try next would be appreciated.

As a newbie, first poster, it seems that I am prohibited from sending a PM to wguru or Saga Lout.

A:Solved: Why are lower case letters i and l red fringed ?

check for updated video drivers and reinstall them
in the device manager uninstall the video card
reboot tapping f8 and choose low resolution mode
when windows finishes rebooting
disable a/virus
install your drivers
reboot the computer

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Iam Using, ASPIRE E 15, E5-571-31HF, i purchased from india, and upgraded windows 10, now my caps lock is not working for lower case letters, but if press SHIFT key, going on LOWER CASE, it is very problem for my office work, any one know solutions for this issue ?

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Due to age limited facilities I regularly post CAPS.. marvel at features now available for umpteen retro changes and languages but not it seems merely correction of this? so I understand.. If so? shows how limited technology actually is! AND who would not want updates by email?

A:rELACING Accident post CAPITALS With lower case

On the "Age" thing, don't even go there we have members in their 90's who get shot down in flames for calling the "Age" Card. I'm just 71 and, more than likely, there's a 17 year old reading this.
Unfortunately, in this Forum, once you've hit the "Post" button. That's what you've get, unless you grovel to FE and he makes the change with his Silver Mouse. But don't press your luck, he might weaken the once, but is unlikely to weaken a second time!
The technology is available but using it makes for sloppy composition and allows people to Post one thing and then change it, after others have replied, which might make them look stupid, which few of us admit too. Amateur - Yes, Enthusiasts - Yes, but Stupid - No. Unless you think that trying to help some damn-fool whose just done something unfortunate, is stupid.

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Every time I launch Earthlink Taskpanel it changes in my home page addr to

Prior to launch I check it via 'ctrl panel', 'internet options' and it is as I want.

NOTE: in anticipation of soon installing Trend Micro Internet 2008, I uninstalled WebRoot Spysweeper days ago, but this particular problem has existed for months. I currently have only KAV7 installed and running.

As I type Trend micro 'HouseCall' is running.

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So building a PC for a friend. I've built a few for him over the last decade or so. We both like the Antec P-Series and last time around I built both our systems in a P180.
I recently built one for myself in the P280 and while he loves the case he now has 2 small children that love pressing the power button when they want his attention so the P280 while great might not be ideal. But I am having trouble finding the perfect case and was hoping for some help.

So, what does the perfect case in our opinion have?

In order of priority:
Quite optimised case for a quiet build
&#8203;Simple but stylish design
Power and reset button hidden away (or some kind of system to stop the kids turning the PC off mid game)
Good cable management
Not a cramped case

Any thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated
PS: Oh, The 280 is not a cheap case, so not too worried about budget. Probably less than €200 (US $270) but me might spring a little more if its

A:Searching for the perfect case....

There are many good case designs out there, I think the only think that may limit you a bit from your specs is the hidden power and reset buttons as these are typically placed to make them accessible!

The Antec P series are nice, clean and not to fancy cases, I like them myself.

Some ideas though:

Cooler Master Cosmo Pure Full Tower

Cooler Master Silencio 550 Mid Tower

Corsair Graphite Series Mid Tower Cases

Corsair Obsidian 800D Full Tower - Starting to get quiet expensive now .... $300!

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I have an HP Envy Touchsmart 17 inch laptop.  The primary problem is the left notebook screen hinge has broken loose at lower case mount. This caused the left side to separate from the upper and lower case. 

A:Left notebook screen hinge has broken loose at lower case mo...



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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running win xp pro, recently, when ever i hit an upper case "p", media player starts. i can be in any program, doesn't matter... and there is NOT a shortcut setup for it... if i look at properties, shortcuts, it says "none"

any ideas would be great as this is very annoying. i had this happen about a year ago, and it just stopped one day... now it's at it again

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I have recently begun the research phase of building a computer for the first time and have been concentrating on the first piece of hardware that I will need, the case. Needless to say I am a bit overwhelmed. Never knew so many bands or types of cases existed lol. Anyway I thought I’d post here with the type of case I *think* I want to get though being new at this there are some aspects which I am sure to be unaware of.

Basically I want a case that is quiet, has a good sized power supply (if it includes one), is VERY easy to work with when it comes to actually installing all my other hardware, and has a high level of over all quality in its construction. Since I am really just researching at the moment price does not matter.

To sum it up I guess the only thing that I don’t care about is a fancy look though if the best case for the description above does a fancy look I wouldn’t argue.

Any advise on what case would be good for me would be greatly appreciated. (any advice from a specific case model to general advice when looking for a case) Thanks

A:Searching for a good PC case- Advice needed please

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About 1-2 weeks ago, I had 15GB of space left on my SSD that is solely committed to OS and drivers. Today, I have 2.9GB left. I have downloaded nothing, and I have changed nothing. What is going on? Any programs to help me take a closer look at why my SSD space is disappearing? I've had this OS for 2 months now and it wasn't a problem until recently.

SpaceSniffer Details:


C:\ [35.2Gb]
[ 6.3Gb] hiberfil.sys
[ 4.3Gb] pagefile.sys
[ 256Mb] swapfile.sys
[ 392Kb] bootmgr
C:\Windows [18.7Gb]
[ 2.2Mb] explorer.exe
[ 1.9Mb] RtlExUpd.dll
[ 864Kb] HelpPane.exe
[ 544Kb] WindowsUpdate.log
[ 312Kb] WMSysPr9.prx
[ 240Kb] notepad.exe
[ 156Kb] regedit.exe
[ 124Kb] splwow64.exe
[ 76Kb] bfsvc.exe
[ 68Kb] bootstat.dat
[ 56Kb] mvtcpui.ini
[ 52Kb] twain_32.dll
[ 44Kb] mib.bin
[ 44Kb] avastSS.scr
[ 32Kb] Starter.xml
[ 32Kb] Professional.xml
[ 20Kb] hh.exe
[ 12Kb] write.exe
[ 12Kb] winhlp32.exe
[ 4Kb] WindowsShell.Manifest
[ 4Kb] win.ini
[ 4Kb] system.ini
C:\Windows\WinSxS [10.2Gb]
[ 4Kb] poqexec.log
C:\Windows\WinSxS\Backup [385.2Mb]
[ 20.5Mb] amd64_microsoft-windows-f..type-microsoftyahei_31bf3856ad364e35_6.2.9200.16384_none_939ce994b9dd8090_msyh.ttc_e9e03d20
[ 20.3Mb] amd64_microsoft-windows-f..e-microsoftjhenghei_31bf3856ad364e35_6.2.9200.16384_none_be0a5fe769d9282a_msjh.ttc_ea675e59
[ 18.8Mb] amd64_microsoft-windows-shel... Read more

A:Hard drive just keeps running lower and lower on space

I don't know if you have tried Disk Cleanup or not.
It's worth a try.

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I want to make it so that I can see the size of multiple files that are selected in the details menu on the left of the window rather than by right clicking and hitting properties.

Is there any way to do this?

It shows me the size of individual files, but not say... 5 of them selected together.

A:Multiple Files? Details in the lower left...

No one has any idea?

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Isn't there a search tool that will locate certain words or passages within Word files? I have Office 2003... I mean before any file is opened...??

A:How do I search within Word for files that contain certain words?

I don't think so.

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I have multiple folders each one contains around 1000 to 1500 files the files are not huge they are around 100 KB, all files are excel, PDF or word. I need to search inside those files for words such as a name in order to re-arrange them properly and trying to open every file to find what I am looking for is almost impossible and will take month to complete. Is there a way or even an application that I can use to do this job?

Appreciate any help.

A:How to search multiple files for words

What about NirSoft's SearchMyFiles which is FREE and PORTABLE.
Costs nothing to try it.

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Help Retrieve Microsoft Word Documents?
Hope you can help me because if you do you will have done something no other computer guy can resolve. Here's what happened. I had Microsoft Word with many many documents that relate to my work under Windows 2000. Suddenly the blue screen of death appeared because I tried to download a fix from Microsoft because the computer was running too slow. A computer tech then saved everything on my computer and labeled it "Old Files". He then rebooted my computer with Windows XP and also installed Microsoft Office 2007. Now my dilemma is I cannot find anyway to get my files from Microsoft Word. I tried looking in the Old Files folder but I don't know how to begin. I know everything is there because I see many files but when i try to look at them it looks Greek. FYI I do not have the original Microsoft Word Software. I have gone to add/remove programs and selected Microsoft Office and hit change to a friends suggestions that probably the images needed to be configured but that did not work. Jim suggested to find out what file extensions they may be in but I have no idea how to begin. Thanks for your help.

A:How to retreive Microsoft Words Files

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A game i was playing's website got infected with some type of malware, and ever since that happened and i was on it, I've been getting popup ads in the lower left and the lower right corners of my screen, no sound or anything. Occasionally i get redirects as well. I ran a malwarebytes quick and full scan and got nothing, a Microsoft security essentials scan and got nothing, and a adwcleaner scan and got nothing. I saw some other people had this problem, even on this website but they used combofix, which i'm not suppose to use unless told to. So yeah, hope you guys can help :3. 'Quick edit, the ads were from ad.yieldmanager, and ad.xtendmedia, if it matters.

DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16457 BrowserJavaVersion: 10.7.2
Run by Matthew at 23:48:09 on 2013-02-03
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.12286.9563 [GMT -5:00]
AV: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* {B140BF4E-23BB-4198-90AB-A51A4C60A69C}
SP: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* {0A215EAA-0581-4E16-AA1B-9E6837E7EC21}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\MsMpEng.exe
C... Read more

A:Popups in lower left and lower right corners

Hello Vashal , Welcome to Bleeping Computer.
My name is fireman4it and I will be helping you with your Malware problem.

Please take note of some guidelines for this fix:
Refrain from making any changes to your computer including installing/uninstall programs, deleting files, modifying the registry, and running scanners or tools.
If you do not understand any step(s) provided, please do not hesitate to ask before continuing.
Even if things appear to be better, it might not mean we are finished. Please continue to follow my instructions and reply back until I give you the "all clean".
In the upper right hand corner of the topic you will see a button called Watch Topic.I suggest you click it and select Immediate E-Mail notification and click on Proceed. This way you will be advised when we respond to your topic and facilitate the cleaning of your machine.

Finally, please reply using the ADD REPLY button in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Do not start a new topic. The logs that you post should be pasted directly into the reply, unless they do not fit into the post.
I will be analyzing your log. I will get back to you with instructions.1.Do you have a Usb Flash Drive you can use?2.Is this happening in every browser or just one of them? Firefox? Internet Explorer? Google Chrome?3.Download RogueKiller on the desktop Close all the running processesUnder Vista/Seven, right click -> Run as AdministratorOtherwise just double-click on RogueKille... Read more

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Does anyone know why certain files won?t change the permission i put on the parent folders? It is quite strange,as it is only about 5% of the files on a given drive,when i change the parent permissions.

I am running a server with all my media stored as mkv and iso,and i remove ALL permissions from all drives except boot,and replace them with the permission Everyone,which should allow me to manipulate every aspect of the drive from any terminall on my home network,however this is not the case,some of the files have weird permissions which locks me out,and i have to manually change the permission of these files even though the parent drive and folders have the "Everyone" permission alone.

Anyone know why this happens?

A:Permissions wont change to lower folders and files

Figured it out

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When using windows(key) and typing in a search word(firefox,word, etc..) Windows will shown some result. Is there a way to change some particular search words. I.E dev will show visual studio as top result(pressing enter should open it).

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i've run out of space in my pc and flash drives to store anymore files so im using my mp3 player. question is, will storing tehm in it lower the sound quality when i move the audio files back on my pc?

A:Can storing audio files on a mp3 player lower the sound quality?

If the files are simply copied across without any conversion, then no, you won't lose any quality.

If the files are converted to a lower quality format when they are transferred to the mp3 player, eg .wav files to .mp3, or high bitrate mp3 to lower bitrate, then the sound quality will be lower, and cannot be recovered from the converted files if the higher quality originals are deleted.

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I'm trying to search within log files (text files with *.log extention).

With XP this works easily with a check box. But Windows 7?
Searching in a directory doesn't find content of the files.
Sometimes there is a button under the results called (something like) "Search Content" (got other language).
But even with this nothing happens.

Is there a easy way searching in text files (with other extentions) in windows 7?

A:Searching within files

Here are all the steps I think you need to follow to actually search:
1. Make sure that Windows 7 is actually going to search files with your extension, and it appears that using this list properly is important *whether or not you are looking in an indexed location*!!
a. Hit the start button and type "search" in the search box.
b. Select "Change How Windows Searches"
c. Hit "Advanced"
d. Select the "File Types" tab.
e. Make sure the file extension for the files you want to search in is on the list *and* is set to "Index Properties and File Contents". I know this appears to be for file indexing, but it does seem to make a difference on whether you find the file in non-indexed locations as well.
f. Say "Ok" and exit all the dialog boxes

2. Actually perform your search on the folder in question. Depending on some other settings you may have to type "content: spam" to find "spam" *in* the files instead of files with the word "spam" in the name. Alternately, if you press the "Alt" key when you're exploring in the folder, you can choose "Tools / Folder Options" go to the "Search" tab and select "Always search file names and contents".

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Ok ive been trying to replicate this code in Vb. something simple that when you hit search it searches for files with certain extensions or file names. Can anyone give me a hand on how to do this?

A:VB: Searching for files?

See the Win32FindFirstFile( ) and Win32FindNextFile( ) in the Win32 API. If you are working with a GUI interface you can also use a file list box of which you can set the path property and it will automatically load the file list for you. Searching sub-directories gets a little more complicated. See for more help on this.

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I want to search for a line inside files ending in .log only.

How can I do it please tell, I've tried everything! Seems that this ability is lost in windows 7?

A:Is searching files possible??

I have not actually used it, but the description sounds like it will do what you want:

File search tool for Windows XP/7/Vista/2000/2003/9X

It's not free, but has a 30 day trial period.

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How via Google can I effective search just pdf files about a certain topic? I have tried "topic name.pdf", but the hits were also non pdf topics with this key words.Thank you very much

A:Searching pdf files via web

Try using for your search.  That screen will let you specify PDF as the file type for your search.

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I have now changed from XP to Vista and I used "search" in the Start to find files. How can I do a similar thing with Vista?

A:searching for files

Welcome to TSG!

Start | Computer
Search is in the upper right corner.
Or, right click a drive/folder, click Search...

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Is there a way I can do a search for all MP4 files on my PC? I've lost track of where I put two of them. I tried the old DOS (dating myself) *.MP4 in the Search box, but it found nothing.

A:Searching for MP4 Files

The search box would be the correct method. Can you find a directory that has an MP4 in it and try the search box again. If it's still not working check the search service and make sure it's running.

Also review this article if search doesn't work:
You cannot find files when you search a Windows Vista-based computer even though the files exist on the computer

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I'm missing something when I search trying to find a file. I open Start and there is a search space right above the Start Button. I can put in a file name that I know is in the computer. After I type it in, there is a one second search and it says the file does not exist? The seach in XP at least would make an effort to find the file, this thing doesn't seem to do that. What am I doing wrong?

A:Searching for Files

Quote: Originally Posted by bigmck

I'm missing something when I search trying to find a file. I open Start and there is a search space right above the Start Button. I can put in a file name that I know is in the computer. After I type it in, there is a one second search and it says the file does not exist? The seach in XP at least would make an effort to find the file, this thing doesn't seem to do that. What am I doing wrong?


You have to define what folders should be searched and indexed. it is in the indexing conrol panel. first you tell it what folders or drive to index and search. If that doesnt help the problem you can have the index rebuilt. that is in the indexing control panel as well in the advanced tab.


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Someone should be shot for this search facility on windows 7!!

I've been trying to search for all pdf files on my external hard drive and its not finding them. I did this on XP32 and there's approximately 6,000. However, i need to copy all the PDFs to a folder and its not able to cope with that on 32bit so i tried doing it on Win 7. Win 7 wont find any of them. I tried to add an index to the external hard drive to no avail.

Could someone please help me?

A:Can someone please help me with searching for files???

I use this FileLocator Lite.

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Hi there! In good old XP, it was possible to search the entire hard drive (or whatever) using the 'Search for files & folders' utility. For example, if I wanted to find and delete all my Word backup files in one fell swoop, I simply typed 'backup of *', and they would all appear in a neat list so I could delete those I wanted to. This seemed to disappear somewhat in Vista, and it doesn't seem to happen at all in Windows 7. Of course it could be (probably is) me being a klutz, but why mess with something that worked well? Nanny Microsoft can't seem to let well alone. Any help here would be really appreciated, even if it's to tell me where to look to find out what to do. Thanks in advance, Glen

A:Searching for files

Not sure what the problem is, but Vista searches everywhere if you choose "Everywhere" in the dropdown box under settings.

But if you don't have the need for indexing and want a fast searcher that finds anything, you might try the free Agent Ransack.

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My 'Search' function is not providing results from files it should be that are .Gif format.

This goes for my Windows Live Photo Gallery as well....however, I can open .Gif Files by double clicking on them. Windows Live Photo Gallery also doesn't preview .Gif files when I open up the program and search through the directory.


A:Not searching .gif files

I have my file ass'n set to use Gifview for .gif files

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HI folks forgive me if this is a stupid question, being new to forum it'll take me a little time to find my way around. I had a catastrophic disk error and was given great help in another sub forum here. The issue I have is that it appears that my harddisk has been wiped, boot sector, partition table etc is knackered. The suggestion was to perform a sector by sector clone of the disk. I have downloaded Macruim from here and have a spare drive with sufficient capacity.

Question 1:

Would this be a disk cloning operation I am after as oppossed to a disk image operation?

When I have my sector by sector dump I want to be able to run some recovery programs against the dump to see if I can extract personal information. I realise I may not get anything but maybe I'll get something. The drive has certainly not been reformatted.

Question 2:

Can you please recommend some tools that'll be able to trawl this dump and attempt to recover lost/deleted files?

As always I'm relying on you guru's out there to hopefully guide me in the correct direction.

Thank you in advance JD

A:Searching for files and recovering if possible

I've used a couple of different data recovery apps with success -- both from the same company: GetDataBack for NTFS, and RecoverMyFiles. You can download, install, and try out each of these for free -- but to recover the files, you have to go online and buy a license.

There is also "recuva" -- which is free, but I have not tried it.

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Search, although taking a long time if you have a number of pdf files, doesn't seem to return any results.

Can anything be done to make it work?

A:Searching content of pdf files

What are you using to search? If you wish to search the contents of PDF files themselves, you will need to use a PDF reader such as Acrobat from Adobe.

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For some reason when i go in to my Documents or My Computer if i click on a File it will automatically go into Search. How can i change it back so i can actually open the file?

A:Solved: Searching files

Download and run this script.

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Hi, while i do like my jump from XP to Win7 in the most part, i'm just plan confused when it comes to 'searching' for files..

eg XP's search would allow me quite easily to list , and subsequently copy/move/delete all files created before/after a certain date , larger than nnn MB's in size etc regardless if it was a local , or mapped network drive.

Obviously a lot of this is possbile through the use of DOS commands and commandline tools such as robocopy /MAXAGE , i'd just like to be able to do same from GUI, or a good 3rd party GUI based file manager utility that will do such things. UltraFileSearch gives me some of this info, but doesnt seem to allow for the COPY/MOVE/DELETE, of files that it matched on. It also seems to struggle with finding files that are greater than 4gb.

Can someone exlain how i can do thesde sort of tasks, natively, or a good 3rd party app. ?


A:Searching for 'matching' files. is there a better way?

WIndows 7 should do all that natively. What exactly are you looking for?

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Just got my W7 computer. I am used to XP file search dialog box.

I looked at the "How to configure and fully utilize Windows 7 Search" on this site.

I think I am going to have to take a couple of days to figure this out.

Couple of quick questions:
In the search results window, I RMB a file and select "open in new window". the new window address bar does not contain a path. It contains some search info. How do I open in a new window and have the path in the address bar?

It appears the search does not limit itself to file names. It is also searching for contents. How do I prevent it from searching contents.

Thanks, Bill

A:Searching for files and folders

here are some options for search settings

Search Options - Change or Restore

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When I do a Search on a folder (right-click > Search...), and then enter something in 'A word or phrase in the file' textbox, Windows XP does not display files that I know contain the 'word' or 'phrase'.

It seems to be able to find the word/phrase in '.txt' files ok but files with other extensions (like '.py'), or with no extension, do not show up in the results list.

I have 3 XP Prof machines and they all exhibit this behavior.

What gives?

Daniel Klein

A:Searching on XP cannot find files

If the files don't have an association (what is a .py file?) with an application that will allow searching of text, it won't be found.

In many applications, the "text" isn't stored as plain text, but is encrypted. When that file has an association with an application (such as MS Word) it can facilitate the search to decode the text.

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I have a problem. My boss has the capability of opening his Excel spreadsheet, typing in part of a filename and retrieving any Excel file that contains that part in their filenames. When I try to type in a part of a filename on my computer's Excel spreadsheet, I have to use asterixes before it'll bring up any Excel files with that part in their filenames.

How do I configure my desktop like that?

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I have Windows XP.

How come when I search for files with the Start Menu Seach prompt I get two copies of returned results? Is this because I am considered both an Administrator/Owner? This is the search with the little dog screen that I am talking about.


A:Searching For Files in Windows XP?

Post a screen shot of the search results. Make sure to show the "In Folder" column.

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To order files within a folder chronologically I can just press sort by "Date Modfied" at the top of the explorer window.

But how about if I have a folder, with several subfolders, and I want a list of ALL files within all folders TOGETHER, ordered chronologically by date modified ??

The best I was able to do was within advanced search, type nothing in the search field, and click on "Date modified" "is before" "23/01/2010"

-> but this surprisingly doesn't order the files chronologically, even if I try to order them by "date modified"

-> the best I could do is click "stack by date modified" and then click "last week" to narrow it down to the ones most recent. This way I got a list of my most recently modified files (regardless of which subfolder they are in), but the files are still not ordered chronologically in one list.

Any help or suggestions or discussion is greatly appreciated,

Thank you,
Juliette Salexa

A:searching files by date

Type * in the search box to get all files, and then click Date Modified.

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If I need to refer to some old information sitting in one of my WORD files, but don't remember which file it was in, is there a way in which one can search all files of one folder at the same time, rather than having to open and search each file individually ("edit > find")?

Thank you.

A:searching multiple files

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I am running windows 7, upgraded to Windows 8, then 8.1.
I recently have noticed that searching my music files (mp3's), and my karaoke files (Zip format), has become really slow, it is ridiculous. WindowsSearch has been "stopped" and has made no difference.

A:Searching files is VERY slow

If you have stopped your Windows Search service you'll not get your index built. Then rather than looking for something in the index Windows will have to read through all of your files which will be very slow.

I suggest you enable Windows Search again, go to indexing options and check mp3 and zip files types are indexed and then rebuild your index - Index - Rebuild - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Hi just wondering, if I have a single folder 'A' (which contains thousands of small files) , and I want to search if a folder 'B' (which contains many folders and files inside), has any of these files, so I can copy them from folder A and overwrite in any of the folders thats in B that has the same files, is there a way of doing this?

I dont want to have to manually type the name of each file in A, and search for them in all the folders thats in B, because this could take me weeks to do.

A:Searching for multiple files

Are you looking for something like this? Duplicate File Finder Freeware download and review - identify duplicate files from SnapFiles

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