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Moving Very Large Files in Windows 7 x64

Q: Moving Very Large Files in Windows 7 x64

I have a video file that is 5+GB. Windows is telling me it can't move it because it is too large, even though there is ample space in the directory I'm moving it too ...

Any ideas as to how to solve this? Thanks.

A: Moving Very Large Files in Windows 7 x64

Can you post a screenshot of the error and your "My Computer" window showing the hard drives you're moving from/to?

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I will shortly need to move a large number (20,000) very large (20-30Mb) image files and associated tiny xmp sidecar files from one hard drive to another.

MS file explorer will make a meal of this so any suggestions for alternatives please? I have several folders each containing many thousands of files as above so moving a folder en-bloc is an option rather than file by file?

A:moving large number of large files to new drive

Simply drag and drop the folder(s).

Might want to do a copy first, verify that everything did indeed get copied, and then delete the originals.

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I am trying to move files greater than 4GB from my internal 300GB hd to an external USB 1TB hd. Attempts to copy yield an error that there is not enough disk space, use disk cleaner. Clearly that is not the case. Apparently there is a size limit Xp has for file copy / move.

I tried a utility named 4th split but that did not work (it would only create a 1024 kb file). I used to have a utility 1 to x, but cannot find that.

Any suggestions?

A:[SOLVED] Moving Large Files

Hi, welcome to TSF

32-bit XP is limited to 4gb filesize. Try creating a split file with WinZip or WinRar. You can set the split size to whatever you want or choose the number of splits required and it will calculate the filesizes for you.

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 running XP. I also have a Seagate 250 gig external hard drive where I keep music, photo, and movie files. Lately, I began to get delayed write errors when copying/moving files from the c drive to my external (g) drive. I looked online for some fixes, went into the properties of both drives, and disabled the cache (whatever that means!). Now, I'm not getting the delayed write errors, but the moving/copying of large files is taking much longer that it was before. Copying a 1 gig folder will now take up to 5 minutes, when before any of these issues started, it used to take a few seconds. I did a chkdsk of the external drive and the issue continues. Any ideas what could be going on? Thank you all in advance for your replies.

A:Problems copying and moving large files

Please do not double-post.

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i am using a microsd card on the computer by attaching it to a usb drive adapter
using it is completely fine
transferring small files, like i tried upto 100mb, works fine
when trying to transfer a file, which i tried to transfer an 800 mb file, the drive disappears and i get the error that the location is no more available
other usb drives are working perfectly fine
kindly help as to why would this happen and how to make it work

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I have a 119gig .bkf file on my desktop and I'm trying to move it to a new 320gig external HD. I keep getting a message there's not enough space on the disk. If I reformat the external HD from FAT to NTFS would that work or do I have start the backup utility and save to the external HD? The .bkf file on my desk top took almost 8 hours to create. Don't want to do it again if I don't have to. Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated. Thanks for your time!

A:Moving large files to external hard drive

I believe that formatting to a step in the right direction.FAT32 file systems have a file size limitation of 4GB,

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Hi all,

Been having this issue that I can recreate whenever I try to move aprox 1GB files over the network to another computer... just after a while it crashes, displays that message.

I'll go ahead and update the zipfile I got from DM Log Collector.

Hope you might be able to help me.


A:BSOD Error - Stop 0x000007A - While moving large amount of files

Hi walrusiam.

Test your HDD using HGST Windows Drive Fitness Test (WinDFT). Let us know the result.

Also post a screenshot of the HDD using CrystalDiskInfo - Software - Crystal Dew World

The requested page of kernel data could not be read in. Typically caused by
a bad block in the paging file or disk controller error. Also see
If the error status is 0xC000000E, 0xC000009C, 0xC000009D or 0xC0000185,
it means the disk subsystem has experienced a failure.
If the error status is 0xC000009A, then it means the request failed because
a filesystem failed to make forward progress.
Arg1: c0600100, lock type that was held (value 1,2,3, or PTE address)
Arg2: c0000185, error status (normally i/o status code)
Arg3: 373fa884, current process (virtual address for lock type 3, or PTE)
Arg4: c0020000, virtual address that could not be in-paged (or PTE contents if arg1 is a PTE address)

Debugging Details:
ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000185 - The I/O device reported an I/O error.

DISK_HARDWARE_ERROR: There was error with disk hardware

BUGCHECK_STR: 0x7a_c0000185



PROCESS_NAME: wmpnetwk.exe


ANALYSIS_VERSION: 6.3.9600.17237 (debuggers(dbg).140716-0327) amd64fre

LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from 832bb187 to 832f6bfc

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Hi there

If you have Loads (and I mean Loads) of small files - e-books, excel data. word docs, emails etc etc then File explorer runs REALLY slow on even fast devices

I gave up moving this lot after about 4 hours. (W10 machine).

Switched to Linux system -- did it in 45 mins similar hardware to W10 machine - both Real machines --not VM's and direct transfer (not via LAN).

What gives !!!!!

I know it's only a 1 time move but similar hardware with identical HDD should not have a HUGE difference in the move --note in fact Linux actually has hard a harder job since the file system was NTFS which isn't a native Linux file system either. Source system external HDD on USB 3 device,, target systm larger HDD device on USB3 device -- no hubs - USB 3 transfer working OK on both W10 and Linux so reasonable comparison.

IMO the NTFS file system has serious problems if you start messing around with this type of data. !!!! Perhaps Ms need to look at a better file system for Mass storage devices. 5 and 6 TB HDD's are quite common now even for consumer sector and not expensive either.

I know this is an exceptional job but it does show that something in File explorer isn't very efficient once you start manipulating large volumes of data - especially in small files. (Approx 290 TB of data consisting of 128,000 files in 55,000 odd directories)

I'm usually quite happy with Windows - but there is definitely a problem here. Fortunately it was a 1 off job though !!!!.... Read more

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Tried DRAG N DROP a large .avi file ( 670 MEG) from a CDRW into a folder on XP PRO. About 3/4 during transfer it stops and gives something about a MS DOS ERROR? Is it possible to copy this large file?

A:Moving Large File With Windows Explorer In Xp

I copy 5-6 gigabyte video files around with Explorer in 2K and XP.

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I've been using the RTM version of Windows 7 Enterprise through my companies gold partnership msdn program. So far I'm really impressed, a great improvement on VISTA.

However a problem I used to get with VISTA, which was solveable, now haunts windows 7. That is Vista used to spend a lot of time trying to preview AVI files, stoping you from renaming, moving or deleting them. The fix I had with vista:-

ECHO Un-Registering shmedia.dll...
REM Remove Media (e.g. AVI) preview, type and hit enter
regsvr32 /u %windir%\system32\shmedia.dll

However this doesn't work with Windows 7. I don't want to disable all previews, just the video files, mainly AVI. Any ideas?

Also on the new Windows 7 toolbar, I don't like how much extra space the notification icons take up (e.g. the ones near the clock), there all really spaced out. Anyway this can be changed? On vista and XP if I have a double height taskbar, you get three rows of notification icons. Now you just get two, even with the new larger windows 7 taskbar. I've hidden just about as many as I can, but still takes up 1/3 of my task bar.

A:Windows 7 Problem moving / deleting large AVI's

I don't have a solution for your problem, but I'd just like to remark Windows 7 has quite a few glitches when it comes to video and multimedia. Among the other ones I've noticed, thumbnails previews are EXTREMELY inconsistent. Some work, some don't. That is with videos playable by WMP. And even with the same codec, some work some don't. Also there's still things to be ironed out with MOV files support.

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Hi there, I have a failing hard drive that I'm trying to recover data off of, only problem is I guess there are bad sectors or corrupt files because every now and again I get a 'can not read source file from disk' and have to skip the file. Which is fine. However; this does mean that I can't just leave it and come back later because any files that can't be read are going to interrupt the process. I'm wondering if there's a program that can simply automate this for me. I'm trying teracopy as I type this but it's been stuck on the same file for the past ten minutes and I'm not sure if it will skip the file after so long or not and the skip button its self hasn't allowed me to skip the file. I'm trying to copy about 300GB of saved data so it would be really nice if I didn't have to monitor the movement of it.

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I use OE 6 on an XP Pro platform, and I need to move a large block of business emails from one OE folder to another. There are roughly 8,000 emails in this folder, and I need to move half to a new folder so they will compact properly.

Is there a FAST WAY to "Select" or highlight 4,000 out of 8,000 emails? It would take hours to hold down the Ctrl key and individually click all 4,000. Using Edit>Select All will not accomplish what I need. In a regular Windows folder, one can hold the Ctrl key and drag the cursor beside a long list of files to select them. Is there any way to do something similar inside an OE folder? Thanks.

A:Moving a large block of OE 6 emails to a different folder.. How To?

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This must be a chore for you guys. :-)

I am running Windows on an MSI 7360 Motherboard under the latset BIOS (1.A0) I have 2 Western Digital HDDS. (250Gbyte)

Everything runs fine for weeks on end. I can play some pretty intensive games (Far Cry 2, Civ 5 etc) no problems.
However, as soon as I try and transfer a large file from one HDD to another (either between the two HDD's above or to and from an external Maxtor drive I have) I get a BSOD.

Generally it is a 0x124, but there are some others mixed in.

For example. I downloaded the client for Lord of the Rings online onto one drive and installed it from the client download onto the other drive.
I got a BSOD.
So I thought I would install it on the same drive the download was on - again I got BSOD.
Sometimes when I am downloading large updates (generally 1 gig plus) at some point I will get a crash.

I downloaded Seagate HDD tester and ran the long test through DOS on both drives (3 hours in total) NO errors reported. I ran Memtest86 for 6 hours sold , 4 hours generic then individually on each stick of RAM with no errors reported.

I reformatted the HDD's and re-installed Windows 7 - but the errors continued when I tested.

I'm beginning to think it's my motherboard - a dry joint problem. I don't want it to be that as that's major work (I might as well get new CPU and memory if I replace mobo)

Here is the last "Who Crashed" dump. I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to have a ... Read more

A:BSODS when moving large amount of data

Hi -

I see a few different bugchecks -


0x124 = WHEA = Windows Hardware Error Architecture

Info on 0x101 -

Info on 0x124 -

I also see that McAfee is listed as the probable cause in the 0xa bugcheck BSOD. Remove it.

McAfee Removal -

Reboot upon completion. Install MSE -

While hardware is the likely cause here, it would be prudent to run the Driver Verifier to see if it flags any 3rd party problematic drivers -

Driver Verifier -

Run D/V after McAfee is removed.

Regards. . .



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What is better when moving large amounts of files and data (20+) to either copy or cut the files? Or does it not make a difference?

I was told cutting fragments your hard dive while copying does not.

I've only noticed that cutting is faster.

A:Is it better to Copy or Cut when moving large amounts of data?

If you Copy, you aren't moving anything. Cut will move it though. w7 will auto defrag your drive at any rate.

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I am a tech and have done over 30 clean installs and cant figure out what the heck is going on with large as in 1gig or more file transfers hanging up. All clean installs with tests done immediately after activation and updates. This is a MS problem. I have tried all the various fixes and find that the C drive seems to handle network files best. In multidrive situations turning off the Remote Differential Compression also seems to help. Please get a hot fix as this is on multiple machines and very easy to duplicate. I would say it would be a rare install not to lock from a C drive to a D drive when file sizes are more then 2 gigs. You guys are running out of time. I am a consultant and I'm ready to get sick over a great operating system that's worthless for large video files.

A:Large Files are locking up Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit

Did you try this one
Apparently you need to tell Windows that you want to use the machine as a file server and that it should allocate resources accordingly.  Set the following registry key to ‘1′:
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache
and set the following registry key to ‘3′:
After making these changes and restarting, I haven’t seen this issue arise again

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Having Windows 7 Crash overnight when downloading large files or using Torrent. Attached is the .dmp file.

A:Windows 7 Crash Downloading Large Files

The dump file gave the error below and pointed to utorrent as you suspected.


Usual causes: Kernel mode driver, System Service, BIOS, Windows, Virus scanner, Backup tool, compatibility

BSOD Index

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck A, {0, 2, 0, fffff80002e18477}

Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\NETw5s64.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for NETw5s64.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for NETw5s64.sys
Probably caused by : NETw5s64.sys ( NETw5s64+b76b )

Followup: MachineOwner

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_E... Read more

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I recently had to replace the HD in a Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows XP Pro SP3. I rebuilt the HD installing Windows, FireFox, Malwarebytes, and other needed software programs. I tried to download the printer driver for an HP printer which was 70 MBs. After restarting the download a few times I was finally able to get all of it. The client would like the HP software package as well which is 500+ MBs. When I attempt to download this file, about 25 MBs download and then then it stalls and times out. I have tried on different days but had the same result. The laptop is connected to the internet using Charter Spectum with an ethernet cable to the modem. This is a very fast connection at about 60 mbps. The 500 MB download should complete in about 7-10 minutes. Smaller downloads are almost instantaneous. It seems to be specific to the large file downloads that take more time. I have tried resetting the TCP/IP protocol and running the WINSOCK fix. I have also tried disabling the firewall in VIPRE Internet Secuity but nothing I have tried has resolved the download issue. Would appreciate any and all suggestions. I have googled the problem but have not found a solution there either.

A:Trouble downloading large files with Windows XP PRO SP3

Easiest solution is to download the file on to a computer off site using a different service provider. Put the file on a USB stick and take it to the client.

I think the client needs to contact Charter about the difficulty downloading items from the internet.
1. Does Charter still support XP? That might be part of the problem.
2. Is there a limit on data downloaded? Comcast has caps in some areas. I'm not sure what happens when you approach or go over the limit because I am no where near any data allowance cap.

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I'm currently getting what it seems like windows explorer ( or the status box when copying ) hangs when i try to copy files over 1gb ( i copy like 5 or more 350Mb files and its rock stable and fast - upto 50Mb/S over a 1 GIG ethernet link )

I notice after its copied around 750 the status box freezes and it seems its not coping any more... its via 1 gb network link , both machines are fairly quick and i'm logged into the machine i am copying from using terminal services

specs of 2 pcs -

pc where files are copied from - Quad 2.4 , 4Gb Ram , 2.4Tb in Raid 5 , Win7 X 64

pc where the files are copied to - dual core 2.26 , 4Gb Ram , 500Gb WD Hdd , Win7 X64

I beleive its not hardware as i've copied like over 10 gigs of 350 mb files with out issue , only multiple single files > 1gb seem to have issues.

Both PCS are running RTM. 16385


A:Windows 7 Hanging when copying large files

As a suggestion, test what happens when you fully uninstall (disabling is not enough) your anti-virus utility and 3rd-party firewalls, if any.

The most likely cause is interference from a kernel-mode filter driver.

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I am currently trying to make a copy of the files on my laptop to an external drive but after 1 Gb of data is transferred the status box when copying stops and doesn't seem to be copying over any further files. When I try to cancel the process it does not register that I have pressed cancel and I have to shut off my laptop manually, waiting a few seconds before turning it back on.

I have uninstalled avast believing that it might be causing an issue with the transfer but the result is still the same.

Recently after a failed attempt it has rendered my hard drive back to an ntfs unreadable state due to error code 0x80070570 .

Any help to resolve either issue would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

A:Windows 7: Windows 7 stalling during copying of large files to externa

What is the external HD? How old is it? When was it formatted etc..

In any case I would run a diagnostic on the external drive.
Also try a copying utility such as TeraCopy free version and see if it has similar problems(once the external drive is returned to a normal state or using another drive.)

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I hope someone can help me. I have 2 internal-sata hard drives(320 gig. And 2tb.) and 1 external usb/2.0 hard drive (750 gig.). The pc is an old dell gx520 tower with a fresh install of win7 pro. No antivirus, network connection, or firewall enabled. Processor is a Pentium4 running 3 GHz with 1.5 gigs of ram.

This is the problem: If I do a search on the 2tb. Drive for all of the jpegs, I have a total of about 84000 pictures. When I select all of the pictures and right click-copy and try to paste to another hard drive the pc will lock up and won’t display a copy status window. Windows says it’s not responding.
Now, if I right click-copy a single folder which has anywhere, from a few files to several hundred gigs. of data in it, using the same 2tb. Drive, it will copy over to another drive just fine.

I have tried, changing the swap file from “windows managed” to, up to 20 gig. Thinking the search was maybe having to write to the swap file. This didn’t work. I also booted in to safe mode and tried to do the copy from the 2tb. To the 320gig. drive and still no difference. I have tried this with windows copy handler and teracopy. It all has something to do with the fact that I am doing a search for the files before copying them.

Thanks for you help.

A:windows freezes when copying large files AFTER a search.

I'm sure it was working, just gotta give it time. It may say it's not responding but that because it's not responding to you. It has to sort it out before copying.

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Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my windows vista (ultimate x64).
It crashes in BSoD every time I try to download one or more large files at once (>=100Mb), or when I surf on many internet pages at once (e.g. when I start Opera and it opens 10 tabs simultaneously).

Anyone has the same problem/a solution please? That would be so great.

I hope it's not due to my hardware, since it's a new computer, but I had another o/s before (XP) on the same computer, and it didn't crash.

I hope you guys can save me =)


A:Windows vista crash when downloading large files


I'm sorry, but I really need help with this...

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Hi everyone.
I just bought a new SSD.
I plan to whipe my old drive and put the OS onto the SSD. On my current drive I quite a few games.

The question I have is about backing up games/moving the files.
I have steam, origin and battlenet. I tried to use steam back up before, it stopped working and now I have a file that I can not delete.

I have not found a battlenet backup, or an Origin backup.
Due to all of the games being digital, I do not want to spend a day downloading all of my games over again.

The question I have:
Is it possible to move the files (i.e. programx86 --> steamapps) onto my external, then when the clean install is done, move the files back to the same location?

Is this a viable/possible solution, or what would you recommend I do to spare my data cap/time?

Thanks all.

A:Moving files to external, formatting then moving back.

If your system is working well the best way to do this is to take an image of the old drive and then restore it back to the SSD, or simply direct clone the old drive onto the SSD. I've had good results with Aomei Backupper to do this. If SSD space is a problem you could remove data and unused progs first, and do disk cleanup.

If the system is on its last leg, you're probably going to have to reinstall the progs onto a fresh install of Win7 on the SSD.

In either case, back up your valuable personal data.

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I had to do a reinstall of a Win 7 32bit pro OS for a user, but before I did, I moved her data to my machine, did the reinstall on her and then moved her data to her profile.

I logged in as her, and verified that her "my docs" and favorites were there and that I can access them. However, all of the data icons are transparent (folders on her desktop and the actual data in her mydocs).

Most of it is pictures and movies and I can access them, but everything is clear. I did notice that even the favorites are transparent and they do not show in the browser (IE) even though the link is in fact in the Favorites directory in her profile.

I looked at the scurity settings and it looks issues.

What am I missing?

A:Moving windows 7 files

Can you take a screenshot of this?

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1. I have a Windows Seven 32-bit system.

2. I am getting a Windows Seven 64-bit system.

3. What's the best way to move/copy program .ini/setup files from the 32-bit system to the 64-bit system?

4. ....or will the .ini files on the 32-bit system work on the 64-bit system?

A:Moving .ini files from Windows Seven 32-bit to 64-bit

Hamneggs, Most installations create their own 32/64 bit .ini files when they are installed. My experience is that copying the .ini files is not a good idea. Just let the install routines for your programs create the .ini files, most .inf files are used by the install routines to setup the installation for your computer.

Moving to a 64 bit system requires a full install. It is not just a conversion from 32 to 64

My bottom line is don't worry about the .ini files, you will have to install your programs again as your disk will be wiped when you partition and install your windows 7 64bit.


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does anyone know how to overcome the moving of a large file ? i have an 8gb file located in mydocs which i wish to move to an external drive.

i recieve the message to large to move..... why is this? I would appreciate if anyone might have the answer as to how i could get this to work out.



A:Moving a large .avi file - "file too large" message

Originally Posted by jase bates


does anyone know how to overcome the moving of a large file ? i have an 8gb file located in mydocs which i wish to move to an external drive.

i recieve the message to large to move..... why is this? I would appreciate if anyone might have the answer as to how i could get this to work out.



Check whether the external drive is formatted NTFS or FAT32. If the drive is FAT32, then the maximum allowed size for files is 4GB. You'll either need to convert the drive to NTFS, or split the AVI file into smaller chunks that fit within the FAT32 4GB boundary.

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First of I would like to welcome everybody on this forum, whenever I had any trouble with my computer I managed to find the solution on this site, however, this time I am helpless, so I have registered myself.

Now, back to the case,

I am using Sony Vaio laptop with, i5 2410M, 8gb of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 410M graphics card and sony motherboard, running Windows 7 Professional.

Couple of days ago computer started freezing when downloading torrent files, also during copying any larger files from partition D. I run checkdisk, literally checked what I could, found nothing, so I decided I will do a clean install of Windows. That did not help either so after excluding hard drive failure (no bad sectors, no errors) I decided to nuke the whole drive so everything would be fresh.
Used DBAN, which finished after 10 hours or so, no errors, everything went smoothly, including the install of fresh Windows 7 Professional.

There are no bug, errors, hard drive problems with the computer, I did run checkdisk again, checked the drivers, everything is fine.

I have managed to narrow the issue to Vuze Client, which was freezing the whole system, first after 5-15 minutes, then immediately after opening application. I also tried Deluge and BitLord - same thing, works fine and then starts to freeze the system.

I am able to use Chrome during the freeze for example, yet my internet connection is frozen too. I cannot restart the computer through the start menu, even if i mana... Read more

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Okay I will do my best to try and explain this clearly.

I had one laptop hard drive crash/fail on I purchased a new laptop and transferred all my files over via a window's backup and crash plan backup to make sure I got everything. Now the new laptop is having the same issue as the old laptop--obviously there is a corrupt file somewhere. The hard drive on the new laptop has not failed--yet--but 308GB of my 750 HDD has been sucked up by these temp files. I have attached a word doc with 2 screen shots--first showing the main window with all of these tmp files and the second with one file opened.

There 99 of these tmp files, with roughly 200,000 items in each taking up a lot of HDD space. I tried to delete one of these folders and the process took forever and it got hung up.

First, what are these folders and has anyone heard of this kind of issue.

Secondly, is there a way I can delete these files by by-passing the recycle bin since these things are so large. I thought I read somewhere I could use cmd to do this, but am not sure how.

I've used CCleaner and Malwarebytes and neither touched these files. As a matter of fact the Windows\Temp file never seems to get cleared out unless I manually delete what's in there. I was able to delete other files in that folder, just not these. I am getting very concerned for the life expectancy of my new HDD.

Also, one final note. I ran a chckdsk scan. It got hung up at 74% on Stage 1 and refused to budge from there... Read more

A:Need Help Extremely Large Files in Windows-Temp Folder Cannot Delete

You MIGHT have a root kit virus.

Some root kit removes...

Free Tools | McAfee Downloads

Sophos Anti-Rootkit - Free Rootkit Detection and Removal Tool

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For JPG files above 11mb, the edit controls in WLPG are greyed out. I can only edit files of 10mb or less.

Microsoft says to uncheck read only in the file's Properties but it is not checked.

I'm using Vista (32) on a laptop with dual core processor and plenty of ram.

Any ideas?

A:Windows Live Photo Gallery Can't Edit Large Files

Where is the JPEG located? Is it on a CD/DVD, Flash or SD Card? Or is it located on your C: drive? If it is on a removable media, save it to your C: before attempting to edit it.

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Hi. I use Windows 8 for a while and it`s great when I copy / move files. I can see all details and pause or resume it. Is possible to do this same in 7?

A:Copying / moving files same like in Windows 8

yes, you can by using a program called teracopy! I use it as replacement of default windows.....

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I saw a link to this forum in another I was at so decided to come here and try to find some help. I bought a brand new computer from Dell at the end of Oct 2003. Since the first day I started using it, I have been having the following problems. Btw, I have called Dell Tech Support but found them very unhelpful. Ok, here are my system specs first. Windows XP, Pentium IV 3.06 ghz processor with HT, 120 gig harddrive, NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 with 128 mb memory, 1 gig of Ram.

Now the problems: I have trouble when downloading zipped files and moving files around on my pc. I thought it was just with downloading files but that is not the problem because this happens even when I am just dragging and dropping files from one folder to another. After so many times of dragging and dropping files my computer will lock up. I will not be able to open up any more windows or folders, I am not able to close down the folders I am working with, and I sometimes get an error message, sometimes I get nothing. I end up restarting the computer from the start menu (if it lets me). After the reboot, my computer works fine again until I start moving files around or downloading things and puttting them in the correct folders. The error messages I have received are:

Could not complete the operation due to error 8007ffff (I usually get this one when I try to right click or open a new window after these problems start to occur)

I also receive messages that I am out of memory although I use a program cal... Read more

A:Problems moving files around on windows xp

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Whenever I view a folder which contains .MP4 (H264) video files in large icon view (shows thumbnails), Windows 7's Explorer crashes. Explorer loads for a few seconds, the green progress bar shows up, and then boom!, Explorer crashes. The thumbnails are not shown before crashing. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I tried setting Folder options to 'Always show icons, never thumbnails' (disables thumbnails) on the same folder with MP4 (H264) video files and Explorer doesn't crash if the MP4 thumbnails aren't shown. I tried testing in other folders containing other video formats (with 'Always show icons, never thumbnails' set to off) like .AVI/Xvid, without an MP4/H264 file, and Windows Explorer shows the thumbnails fine without crashing.

I have not currently experienced problems with other formats, only MP4/H264. The only media players that I have installed are KMPlayer and VLC Media Player which both do not install external codecs, AFAIK. The only external codec I have installed is CoreAVC, but I have been using CoreAVC for months (KMPlayer+CoreAVC is one of the first things I installed in Windows 7) without any problems (this issue just arose a few days ago).

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 bit.

Note: I prefer a solution that will not end up disabling video thumbnails for MP4 files. I still would like to see MP4 video thumbnails, if possible. If the video files themselves are problematic, I reckon Explorer should not crash and just not show the thumbnails.

E... Read more

A:Windows Explorer crashes with MP4 files in Large Icons(thumbnails)view

Try reinstalling your KMPlayer and VLC player.

After that do system file checker:
Right click Command Prompt → run as admin → sfc /scannow

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This past September (2011), I discovered one day after a series of unexplainable issues with a restored file, that a number of backup copies of large files on external USB-connected NTFS drives differed from the source versions still on my hard drive. I also discovered that I could reproduce the issue with newly-copied files.

Here are the specifics of the issue, following a series of experiments:
- On my system, copies of large files, files typically larger than 500MB, are corrupted (altered) roughly 30% of the time when copying them under Windows 7 64-bit to USB-connected NTFS-formatted external drives.

- No error occurs / no error message appears during the copy

- The file size of copy is always identical, whether or not data was altered during the copy process.

- File differences are confirmed via either the command-line "FC" command or a utility such as WinDiff

- The issue impacts copies made via the Windows GUI -OR- via command-line copy or xcopy

- The issue occurs with multiple external USB NTFS-formatted drives, no matter what make or model.

- Subsequent attempts to copy an affected file will ultimately yield an identical copy. This would seem to rule out interference by an external program such as an anti-virus program (and the only AV I am running is Microsoft Security Essentials)

- The USB drives involved pass error checks, and copies made to these drives on other (non W7) systems produce identical copies

- So far, the t... Read more

A:Windows 7 64-bit Corrupting Large Files Copied to External NTFS Drives

I've seen this problem. I downloaded a large zip file and copied it to an external drive. When it was done copying I opened the copy and discovered the corruption. I returned to the original file and discovered it was not corrupt. My second attempt worked fine. I seldom work with files this large so this is the only data point I have. I'll create some large archives and try it a few times over the next few days.

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Hello, i just upgraded to windows 8.1 and whenever i try to move a file anywhere on the PC, im prompted with a "Youll need to provide administrator permission to move this file"

Im the only user on the computer and i would like to know if there is any way i can disable this "feature".

Its more of an annoyance whenever im trying to move files around.

A:Windows 8.1 Moving files confirmation/administrator


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Here is my details
1. outlook express files are in a backup hard drive, I know the file location
2. want to transfer the files into windows live mail
How can I do this ?

A:moving outlook express files to windows 7

See if any of these help,
import outlook express files - Microsoft Community

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I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on something that is happening.
I have windows 7
Gigabyte z97x-gaming 7
I have mp4 videos on my desktop they are anywhere from 40 MB to over 100.   I have a SSD drive and I am just copying the videos from my desktop to a folder on my desktop. 
I can click and drag a video into the folder and no problem it's done in 2 seconds.    They next one I try it takes over 30 seconds and sometimes it is just as big as the first video file.  
Do you know why this is happening? 

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My registry finally went kaput for various reasons, so I reinstalled Windows. I now have about 150ish gigs of "Windows.old" in my Program Files. Is it possible to move some of that data into current and usable program files?

The main reason I ask: I have been playing a game called Mass Effect. I was pretty far when I had to reinstal windows. Can I move save files from Mass Effect Program files in windows.old into current Mass Effect Program files, in order to continue where I left off? How might I do this?

Note: I am computer illiterate, and am grateful for your replies!

A:Moving files from Windows.old to current applications

I made my friend update to ultimate and now he lost his 500$ worth of online games. i am sure an *******-SEXY SOAP

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hello all,
i tried to install a fresh copy of windows xp to my desktop. first the booting taken place and after blue screen showing set up is copying files , and it is not moving to further steps as usual(it only shows windows setup copying files in blue screen).i kept it to more than one hour but of no use, can any one please help if had this problem

A:windows set up is not copying files and not moving to further steps

and welcome to the Forum

Copy errors during the installation is usually an indicaton of faulty memory.

Probably worth testing your memory . . click on the link to Memtest in my signature . . let it run on one stick at a time overnite or until it starts reporting errors

How to burn an ISO file:

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I recently upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista, clean install. I moved all my important files to my external hard drive before the install. Now after installing, whenever I move large files from my external to my internal, 7 freezes up on me. After about a minute or so transferring, 7 completely locks up.

This even happens when installing new software. I've tried installing iTunes on my internal and about half way through, 7 freezes up again.

Sometimes it's a complete freeze, other times I can still move my cursor but the only way out is a hard reset. I've tried upping my RAM voltage but I've gone up +.2 volts and nothing has changed. I've never experienced freezing without either installing something or moving files. I've played games, run Firefox, Ventrilo, etc without any freezing. It's just moving and transferring files.

On Vista, I could move 120gb at once while playing games and running Ventrilo, but on 7 if I try and move just a gb and open Firefox, everything freezes on me. Is there any way to fix this?

EDIT: System Specs:
Q6600 3.00Ghz
8gb DDR2 RAM
SLI 8800 GTS G92
EVGA 750i SLI FTW Motherboard

A:Windows 7 64bit freezes when moving files

Are you overclocking at all?

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Hi, I installed a fresh copy of W7 16835 ... I am having problems copying/moving file from one system to another. If I do an RDP into another workstation and copy large files from my current worksation to the second workstation ... the second worksation completely locks up until the copying is finished. Anybody having this problem and know how to fix it?


A:Windows 16835 ..copying/moving files

Quote: Originally Posted by super569

Hi, I installed a fresh copy of W7 16835 ... I am having problems copying/moving file from one system to another. If I do an RDP into another workstation and copy large files from my current worksation to the second workstation ... the second worksation completely locks up until the copying is finished. Anybody having this problem and know how to fix it?


First things first we need your system specs, and networking set up


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As my Vista machine was failing I did a full system backup. I did not do a simple file backup. That machine is now dead. Now I need to move the files within the system backup to my new Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit machine but I'm not finding any way to accomplish this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Moving backup files from Vista to Windows 7

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

You've given us very little information to go on.

What are your computer specs?

Is it a laptop or a desktop?

How did the computer fail?

Is the hard drive still working?

What data recovery methods have you tried so far?

I would think your best bet would be to remove the hard drive from the failed computer, fit it into an external caddy (can't advise on the size as we have no details) and then connect it to your working computer to transfer the data.

However, as you're trying to copy a system image to a new location you may have problems.

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I don't know if it is related to windows backup or not but initially when I setup the computer I set an external usb harddrive as the location to perform backups.

I started noticing that with two particular folders the files would occasionally disappear but I could always recover them from the backup location. I checked all the settings but couldn't determine why it would perform the backup and then delete the files after the backup was done. That seems asinine and I can't imagine why that would be default behavior.

The files in these two folders are sometimes used a lot but sometimes can be weeks without being accessed.

So after months of this happening where a few weeks would go by and my files would be gone when I would try to access them, I finally disabled the backup convinced it was related to when those were being done.
Now... it appears that it just deletes the files and because it isn't doing the backup I can't restore them.

Has anyone heard or seen an issue like this where when configuring to perform backups to an external drive, something getting screwed up where the files in the original location are deleted after they are backed up???

Thanks for any ideas...

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continue to this thread, I have the same problems, the corrupted files only archives, zip or 7z ... and exe, there are no problems copying larg files like movies for example, no problem when copying via linux in the same laptop, it is a windows issue, I
have all updates installed, nothing missing

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How do I find where MS XP stores the dbx files? On my old computer, which has Windows 98, I can access the Outlook Express 6 data files by going into "My Computer" and following this path:
C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express
The same path does not work for the WINDOWS XP operating system.

Basically, I want to make all of the emails on my older computer, which I have in separate folders, available to look at on my newer computer before trashing the old one. I also want to make sure that all of the attached pictures are saved with the dbx files.

I saved all of the folders with the dbx files onto a CD. (I can't network the two computers.)

Is there another door available by exporting the files to MS Outlook and then burning a CD, then importing the CD data into MS Outlook on the newer computer and from there to Outlook Express 6?


A:Solved: Outlook Express 6 - moving dbx files from MS Windows 98 to MS XP

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I have had this problem for a while but I have just ignored, but now that I am moving around a lot of files it is getting very annoying.

The problem: I am running windows vista 32 bit on a dell inspirion 531. When I try to move or delete files in windows explorer the screen that pops up to show the progress freezes. The file is moved or deleted successfully but the pop up remains. I can then cancel the pop up but the cancel screen also remains. I have to open up task manager to close windows explorer. This problem happens in spurts, sometimes all files do this and sometimes no files do this but it is always all of them or none of them.

This problem first presented itself a couple of months ago so I have no idea what the last piece of software was installed.
I believe I am up to date on all windows updates, including service pack 1, this problem came before service pack 1 was installed.
Is this a common problem with Vista?
I will be happy to provide anymore information that is needed.
thanks in advance for all of the help.

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Hi everyone, first post here.

I am a bit stumped. I was tasked with moving a bunch of user files over to a new computer and it didn't come out right. The old computer was Windows 2000 Pro, the new computer is Windows XP Pro. All user accounts are domain accounts on a server, but all files are stored locally on the workstation they are currently logged in to.

Anyway, I logged in the 2000 box as an admin and copied all the user folders in the "Documents and Settings" folder on the C: drive. I moved these over to another computer for safekeeping. After I got the XP box imaged and ready to go, I copied the user folders over to the XP box in the "Documents and Settings" folder. I set up all the DNS stuff, etc.

I had a user log in with his domain account, and all looked good until I had him try to access his files. When he clicked on "Documents and Settings" it just took him to the long list of all the users and their personal folders. Obviously I did something wrong, but I'm not sure what. There was no option for a "My Documents" folder or such things like that on the C: drive without going to the "Documents and Settings"
folder, finding the right user and then navigating through that folder to find "My Documents."

Any help with how to rectify the situation would be appreciated!

A:Moving Domain User Files from Windows 2000 to XP

Hi Bishop,

Can you check the following registry entries :


There should be the path My Documents references to.

Remember to take backups before changing anything in the registry.

Kind regards,


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So it seems Sysprep no longer works when you upgrade to 8.1

So you can't move the program files or users folders in accordance with the tutorial.

So has anyone here figured out how to do it yet? or know of a tutorial that does work?


A:Windows 8.1 and Sysprep or moving users/program files

Even worse, sysprep failed to reboot in audit mode in Win8Pro, so I can't move users back to C: and upgrade to 8.1
Unless there is a manual way to move it back to C:. I would think there is. Anyone have any ideas?
Otherwise I reinstall Win8 Pro, buy a new MCE upgrade, upgrade to 8.1. Then spend the next week or so rebuilding my dev and gaming environment.

Internal recommendations are to keep users on C:, but open the Properties on the Documents/Music/Photos/Video folders and point them to a Users folder on another drive. I was told that was a supported format for upgrades and patches.
Also, be aware that the Libraries folders are no longer visible by default in Explorer. View-Options to turn them back on.

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Hello Guys,

I need someone to help a girl out. Here is what the situation is:

1. I have Windows 7 with Microsoft Word downloaded on the computer.

2. I have a USB drive that has a bunch of reference materials on it and it is on drive G:

3. The name of the USB drive is called "Mary References"

4. When I open Microsoft Word it comes up to a folder called "My Documents" on drive C:

5 What I want to do is copy the USB references from G: drive so it will appear in Microsoft Word in the area that says My Documents. Then I won't have to use the USB drive each time, it will be copied on the C: Windows 7 program instead of being called My Documents.

Can anyone help me? I just can't get this windows 7 working correctly and don't know how to copy it from the G to the C drive.

Thanks to anyone who might be able to help me out.



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I've just installed 8 on my Dell OptiPlex 380 at the office and I've noticed that randomly, file explorer windows will close on their own - even when I'm not actively working with them. The same goes for file copy/move operations.

I first thought it might be that the external hard drive was losing connection but now I've noticed it when working with local drives and when browsing my documents folder. No error at all - the window simply disappears. If the it's a copy process, the file will be partially copied so it's definitely ending the process and not just hiding it.

For the record, this existed from the first second I installed it, before I even installed any software.

This is especially annoying when moving files, as they only get partially moved and end up being corrupted. Thank God for backing up. =)

Ideas of where I should go with this?

A:Windows keep closing when browsing files or copying/moving

That's odd, you can try hitting alt+Tab and see if the window is simply hidden.

Or, you can use Teracopy:

TeraCopy for Microsoft Windows - Code Sector

Try that, copy something, see if the windows vanishes with that as well. Something is stealing the Copy Process' Point of Focus.

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I remember seeing an option to move the page file to another partition but now I can't find it. What other files can I move? I can move the temporary internet folder, what about the Temp folder? Running XP Pro.

A:Moving Page File to Another partition and other Windows files

Open System in Control Panel.
On the Advanced tab, under Performance, click Settings.
On the Advanced tab, under Virtual memory, click Change.
Under Drive [Volume Label], click the drive that contains the paging file you want to change.

Setting environment variablesEnvironment variables are strings that contain information such as drive, path, or file name. They control the behavior of various programs. For example, the TEMP environment variable specifies the location in which programs place temporary files.

Any user can add, modify, or remove a user environment variable. However, only an administrator can add, modify, or remove a system environment variable.

Using System in Control Panel, you can customize the following variables:

User environment variables for logged_on_user_name
The user environment variables are different for each user of a particular computer. The variables include any that are set by the user, as well as any variables defined by programs, such as the path to the location of the program files.

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after moving to new location or deleting to recycle bin any files or folders AND ONLY after closing the last open folder in the taskbar, after those, when I try to open any folder,
explorer crashes and needs to be restarted (Windows Explorer has stopped working... Windows Explorer is restarting)

If those two are not performed (moving/deleting + closing last opened folder) there is no issue.

I ran SFC /SCANNOW, which has found and fixed 1 issue, but explorer still keeps crashing.

Where else should I try start troubleshooting (with less impact possible)?
Thank you!

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My HP Windows xp can no longer be seen on any monitor. The hard drive still runs. I upgraded to a new HP Pavilion p6120t with Vista.
I want to move files (pictures, documents, Quicken) from the xp to the vista.
I purchased a cable and program to do so but it has to be attached to the xp but I can't do this because I can't see the screen since the old xp won't do that anymore.
What are the suggestions as to how to move my files?
I do have many of them backed up to an external hard drive and thumb drives but the xp died before I updated them all.

Thanks for any suggestions.

A:Windows XP HP Pavilion died now have HP Vista Help needed with moving files

Have you double checked if the vga output still works?

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This behavior just started within the past week or so. When I delete or move files in Windows Explorer, the files just stay in the right-hand pane. They DO get deleted or moved, but I have to hit F5 to refresh the view.

This never happened before, until about a week ago.

Any help?

Thanks in advance,

A:Windows Explorer doesn't update view when moving or deleting files

Hi Ken, Have you added any programs, or did updates just prior to the start of your problem?

BTW, "Welcome to the Seven Forums."

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Afternoon, I'm a bit boggled by this issue we are having on a PC at our office. It seems that the PC normally will boot up and the memory usage will be low 2 GB / 16 GB until 10-12 minutes go by then it shoots up 11 GB / 16 GB. It's really odd and I can't explain it, since no applications are started.

I took it upon myself and downloaded RamMap. Using RamMap I was able to determine that the memory is caused by "mapped files" under "file summary" I can see the two large files which are to blame. But I'm not able delete these currently until tomorrow to confirm the user doesn't need them.

What I'm looking for is an answer as to why these files seem to be singled out? Thanks in advance. I've included a screenshot to the RamMap findings and my understanding with how memory is handled is limited.

EDIT - I can see now only 1 large file is being selected for "mapped file".

A:Windows 7 Large files stuck in "mapped files" / "stand-by"

Attachments -

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Alright sooooo.

I completely reformatted my computer. I have two drives.

I deleted/created partitions on both, and chose to format/install Windows xp on the C: driver. The format got to 100%, then said the format couldn't be completely probably due to a bad hard drive. I switched out my drive for another spare I had thinking I just got unlucky and my drive had died...

To my surprise, I got the same error with a completely seperate hard drive. Trying various things, I swapped the xp disk into my other DVD-Rom on my computer and the formatting went fine!

Xp was installed, no problems. Now, however, my CPU usage spikes to 100% when doing very minimal tasks such as moving a window around the screen (computer lags, leaving traces of the window around the screen) or even scrolling up and down on a web page with the mouse wheel.

Weird thing is, I can navigate both hard drives just fine. I don't know if my CPU is dying, motherboard dying, or what... But is there anyone that can help me out with this?

I'm currently reinstalling all my drivers praying that this somehow magically fixes it

A:CPU usage 20% just moving mouse, 100% moving windows or scrolling websites!

trustandfall said:

Alright sooooo.

I completely reformatted my computer. I have two drives.

I deleted/created partitions on both, and chose to format/install Windows xp on the C: driver. The format got to 100%, then said the format couldn't be completely probably due to a bad hard drive. I switched out my drive for another spare I had thinking I just got unlucky and my drive had died...

To my surprise, I got the same error with a completely seperate hard drive. Trying various things, I swapped the xp disk into my other DVD-Rom on my computer and the formatting went fine!

Xp was installed, no problems. Now, however, my CPU usage spikes to 100% when doing very minimal tasks such as moving a window around the screen (computer lags, leaving traces of the window around the screen) or even scrolling up and down on a web page with the mouse wheel.

Weird thing is, I can navigate both hard drives just fine. I don't know if my CPU is dying, motherboard dying, or what... But is there anyone that can help me out with this?

I'm currently reinstalling all my drivers praying that this somehow magically fixes it Click to expand...
Does your graphics adapter have dedicated memory and, if so, how much? If it doesn't, how much does the RAM lend to it and how much is left over?

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Just bought a new HDD and moving large amounts of files and folders.
It appears that 'random' folders and files on my old hdd wont move to their new destination because I dont have permission to move them ?

The only way I can get them to move is to go into file->properties->security.. assign myself as an owner, then add myself to group/users and give myself full control.

If I do this to a 'folder' it gives me permissions errors about the 'files' inside the folder (i.e does not propagate downwards) so I have to do it to files ONE BY ONE which is taking ages and ages to move stuff...

why the hell have i lost ownership of seemingly random bunches of files ? and is there an easier way to get it back ?


A:Moving files / No permission random files/folders

Yes, there is an easier way : Add "Take Ownership" to Explorer Right-Click Menu in Win 7 or Vista.

Good luck!


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Hi, can someone tell me how to send short video´s from a camera, and phone, in an email. thanks.

A:large files

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I am downloading Office 2007 multi-language packs from Microsoft volume licensing. It has 3 large ISO files. 2 out of 3 are way larger than 4.7 gb. I need to install this on someone's pc. How do you recommend me doing this?

A:large ISO Files

Use a virtual drive like Daemon Tools.

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Hi, I'm trying to use MSN to transfer some files to a buddy of mine. The files are about 300 Mb each, there are two files total(600Mb).

Each time I try to send a file out MSN tells me that the transfer failed and timed out. Is there a limit to the file size that you can send through MSN?

A:MSN:How large can files be?

How are you sending it? Email has a limit, of course. But there should be no limit on size if you are using FTP or something like that.

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A friend of mine went to a yahoo personal profile & went into one of there briefcases, instantly he saw pictures, then it took him directly to a pornographic site. When he hit the Close button it directly took him to another porno website and they kept appearing faster than he could close them. So today I get on the computer & go to explorer & in my C:\Documents and Settings\Jolene\Start Menu there is 2 short cuts labeled ( words I 'd rather not post) I didn't open them I just went to properties got the file names and did a search for those files.

here is the info I retrieved

Size 635 KB
Size on disk 672 KB
16 files/ 5 folders

Size 583 KB
Size on disk 612
15 files / 5 folders

I instantly did a virus scan and found nothing. So what are these files & how do I get rid of them?

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

A:Very Large files, what are they

Please do this. Go here and download Hijack This. Un Zip it and click on the Hijackthis.exe.

Click the "Scan" button when the scan is finished the scan button will become "Save Log" click that and save the log.

Go to where you saved the log and click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" then Paste the log back here in a reply.

Do NOT have Hijack This fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless. Someone here will be glad to advise you on what to fix.

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i am using windows 98 and my computer is very old.i have a very large cache file that i would like to open.does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can do this?i have a lot of files that are very large and cause a problem when i try to open them using wordpad.

A:large files

Why are you open a cache file?

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I'm getting a message saying that I'm running out of space of drive c:
I looked at drive c: and there are 2 very large files:
t1d4.1 which is 9,975,232 kb and
t18o.1 which is 2,093,252 kb.
Does anyone know what these file are? Do I need them?

There are 5 similar files with an extension of .2, but their size is 0.

A:very large files

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hi all can someone tell me why then l download a movie from tv to my computer the file is so large. a movie file is usually about 3 gb but the files l am getting are as high as 13gb thanks

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i have one comp with xp and one w/ ME. connected with belkin wired router. what speed should i expect transferring large files? can i improve it.? i think its like 45 minutes for 4 gb

A:large files

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Is it bad to have a large quantity of pictures in one folder, like 20,000+? Is it bad for my hardrive? Is it going to cause corruption?

A:Large Quantities of Files bad?

no, put to be safe put them into subfolders

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I am using XP Pro - I need to copy a large file from one removable hard drive to another. About 37GB. Windows keeps running a copy for a while then locks up and kicks me out - usually with very little data copied.

Is there a work around or program that can do this?

A:Copying Large Files

strange - it should work,

do you have a power setting if idel turn off hardrives etc

I copyed 200GB of data from one removable to another over the weekend - so it should work

you could try copying to the PC and then from PC to drive

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I have large pdf-files that I'd like to send by e-mail (30+ MB). Is there a way?

A:sending large pdf-files

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Hello everyone,

I have recently started using iPhone with Windows 7, and I *think* that some of the videos and photos transferred from iPhone to Windows 7 HDD may be using up much of my HDD space.

Besides the obvious: Checking each file and folder for size and contents, is there a 'performance program' that will identify the larger files on a drive? (FWIW, I recall seeing this as an option one a program I have used in my computer 'travails' over the years.)

Thanks a bunch for any input!

A:How do I identify large files on my HDD?

Take a look at WinDirStat. It will show you a graphical view of your entire disk usage and you will be able to see what folders and files are using the most disk space.

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I want to transfer some big files from my laptop to my desktop pc (both win xp), i have set up a direct link with a parallel cable setting the laptop as the host. However, when i log on to the laptop i cannot seem to find the shared c drive in network places. I am pretty sure that all my workgroup settings are correct and both user accounts have administrative privilages. I remember getting a message at one point when i asked to find other workgroup computers saying that the mshome is not available and that the user may not have access to it but i am sure that i have given each user account full access. Any ideas?

A:need to transfer large files

You can try mapping the drive instead of sharing. Browse to the other computer via Network PLaces. Right click HD on other computer and select map network drive. It will ask for a drive letter, select whatever you want. Once mapped, I believe the drive will appear in My computer.

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I need to stream large files between two computers (htpc & other is just for storing large files) that are separated by a wall. Both are connected to powerline network adapters and a third computer has a powerline adapter hooked up to a wireless router, all are connected via windows 7 network (all are running windows 7.

Since both network plugs are used I was thinking about using a usb network cable to stream bluray movies from the one that is stored to the other. Wireless/powerline still cause stuttering, doesn't seem to be a fast enough connection.

Is this a good idea? Is there a better solution?

Thanks, marrjam

A:How to stream large files

1. Powerline devices are not fast enough to stream.
2. Unless you use Wireless "n" it will not be fast enough to stream. I have tried 54mb does not work well.

Direct wire at 1GB is perfect works very very well. 100mb connections work well, but hi-end BluRay, you will need more bandwidth.

Hope that helps. -WS

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i have recently completed building a budget pc with the following hardware

syntax usa motherboard

amd athlon xp 2600 1.25ghz

kingston pc2700 512mb ram (single module)

80gb maxtor sata 7200rpm hard drive

no brand cd/dvd reader cd burner (did some digging and found that its made by samsung)

kaser ati radeon 9200se video card

i first noticed the problem when i began installing half life 2, i recieved the 1335 error, something about a .cab file (a very large file when i looked on disk)

then i noticed it again when installing an EA game called ultima online Samurai Empire, where i recieved an error randomly, sometimes it was the art.mul or the art2.mul or the sound file

ive noticed by emptying my temp file (run>temp> delete all its content) will allow an install to proceed further then if i didnt remove the temp files
however it still cannot complete an install

however things like my motherboard drivers, and other files that arent very large can be read, written and installed very easily

ive ran the maxtor software that checks for hardrive errors and i passed every test

i have no software to test the cd drive

this is my first build and id realy like to begin playing half life 2 death match (and i need to install ms office so i can work on school projects)

im running windows xp pro with sp2

any help on this would be grand, thanks in advance

A:troubles with large files

I would guess the CD drive is not reading correctly from the disk. I've had simalar problems. Just certain programs would not load completely. Invested a few bucks in a decent DVD/CD-rom and the problem went away. You may have other problems. Someone else may have some input. (BTW, I believe an Athlon XP 2600 runs at 1.917ghz, not the 1.25 as mentioned in your post)

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Say I have a ton of files on dvds and I want to get them all on my USB HD but each file takes like 10 minutes to copy over. Is there a program or way that I can que up a list of files from the DVD and have it copy over 1 file at a time to the USB HD? Thanks

happy hadookens!

A:Copying many large files to USB HD, how to que up?

Hi bonkboy,

Welcome to TSG!

The easiest thing to do is write a script.

Let's assume that writing scripts is new or that you do not know how to write one.

Here is an example of a script (Note - since I don't know what OS you are running, this script may not work on your particular OS or any OS due to errors in the script, but it will give you an idea of how to do what you want as a first cut):

#! /bin/sh
# name of script is:
filelist=`ls -1 $1 $fromdir`
for i in $filelist
cp $i $todir

Note: $1 and $2 are the first and second parameters passed into the script from the command line.

You would first need to make the script executable:
$ chmod +x

Then you would need to invoke the script, as follows:
$ ./ <todir> <fromdir>
where you would replace todir without the brackets (<>) with the full pathname to the folder aka directory where the USB HD is mounted, and, similarly, replace fromdir without the brackets (<>) with the full pathname to the folder aka directory where the files to be copied are currently located.

You can start here to learn about Shell Scripting and go from there according to your system (Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix).
-- Tom

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I am having some problems copying large files to my computer from an external hard drive. The copying process starts but then seems to freeze after a couple of minutes. Is this happening to anyone else and is there anything I can do?

A:Copying Large Files

OS is Vista?.........according to your specs, along with no other information to help us whatsoever?

So I could 'guess', but a little more information would be nice

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Is there any way to copy a large file of 8 GB and above from one directory to another in an NTFS system?

A:Copying Large Files

Yes why not... what's the problem?
you are talking about copy ....not about move?

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How do I unzip a 214 MB cab file with FilZip? Whenever I try to extract it to either the same folder as all the other files from that particular application, or into a new folder or anywhere including the desktop, FilZip stops responding. Would that even be because the file is too big, or do I need to reinstall Filzip or find another Unzip app ?

A:Unzipping large files

It seems that FilZip once had problems handling large files (though the size was more like >1.5 Gb). I would try WinZip, or if you're using WinXP, then its own native compressed files handler. Given the size of the file, try not to do anything else on your PC while it unzips and it will take a while to do. Try leaving it for a while (10 minutes) if it shows up as Not Responding. Sometimes it resolves itself.

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We have three PC's, one running XP Pro and the other two XP Home (all SP3). All have IE7 with Google toolbars, all have Acrobat Reader v.8. The two with XP Home can download a full PDF file of any size and read the whole thing in the browser without problems. The one with XP Pro won't do that - it downloads (say) the first 0.5 MB of the file and gets no further. IE7 displays the bit of the PDF it's got, but stops responding and has to be shut down from the Task Manager. Right clicking and "Save target as.." works fine. I've used the work round of disabling "View in Browser" in Adobe Reader, but the behaviour seems very odd indeed and baffles me! It's quite consistent on any PDF file greater than about 0.5MB.

Has anyone else encountered this and found a solution, other than disabling "browser view" as I have done?



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I am useing windows xp pro and I would like to do some work from home and I would like to know how much ram would I need to run a spreadsheet in excell with 40,000 lines.I have 512
phisycal plus my video card has 128mb of ram and I noticed that at times my computer uses part of the hard drive at times in swap files.the question is Do I need more ram?

A:How much ram do I need for large files in excel

You shouldn't need more RAM particularly as you can set aside more disc space for the computer to work with. If you find it really slow upadting the data in your Workbook then it would suggest that you could do with some more.
I only have the same RAM as you and I have had 2 or 3 Eight Meg Excel workbooks open at the same time as well as working on this forum.

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My son and I have a need to ocaisionally send large (around 1G) files, mainly music as .wav, mp3 or sometimes video clips.

I have found various sites via Google but am wary of using them, esp' P2P.

The upload speed would not matter, a Gig an hour would do! And I am willing to pay a modest fee.
Rock on
(Old engineers don't fade away, they just tap&die)

A:Emailing large files

Hi ecc83..

this link may be helpful:

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Hi. For a while I've had trouble downloading large files from the internet where the download would, after a while of running smoothly, drop speed rapidly and then stay at 0.00KB/s. I could fix this by pausing and unpausing the download which would make it start from where it left off.
I am currently trying to download the game Guild Wars 2, I have the launcher on my pc but the problem occurs when I launch it and it tries to update/install. The download just stops at around 3% after downloading at about 1.1MB/s and I have no way of doing my usual fix.
I have tried running the launcher as administrator, deactivating my firewalls and re-trying the launcher about 20 times now but nothing works.
I am fairly certain it is not my router as this same download problem does not occur on my dad's pc.
I am connected to the router via ethernet cable.

I have an Acer G3610 with Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 and WebrootSecureAnywhere anti-virus.
My PC did have McAfee pre-installed but I have un-installed it since.

This problem was not always present, but I cannot remember when it started for sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:I can't download any large files from anywhere.

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I receive an error message about the Tiff File being too large (anything >1MG) when using Photo Viewer with W7 OS. I was trying to view the files from the DVD drive. Tiff files under 1 mg are not an issue. I can't believe there is such a small limitation. Does anyone else have this issue?

A:Tiff Files Too Large in W7

Photo Viewer made by?Try Irfanview:

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for some reason i cannot transfer large files (700MB to over 1GB) from a Windows Server 2008 R2 Essentials box to a Windows 7 Pro client.  It just doesn't work; it hangs.  When I try to upload to the server the file copies to 99% with 5 seconds left then hangs for a while then says the file transfer failed.
any ideas as to what could cause this.  just to mention, small files transfer fine ( up to 10MB or so).

A:cannot transfer large files

Whats the network speed like IE(Switches and routers and the NIC on server && PC), sounds like a flood or a disconnect comamdn is beign sent befopre its finished.
I know Windows 7 when it first came out had really bad issues with copy files over a network, i can remember seeing 500 meg appear to take 3 years 4 months and 7 hours!
You checked the event veiwer? generally the first place to look.
How many simaltanious connections are allowed on the shared folder mate?

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I have Windows XP Media Center Edition and use Outlook Express. I have been trying to send a file with a video clip that is 42MB, but it won't go through. I keep getting the following error message:

Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Subject '',

then my account information, and then

Response: '451 timeout (#4.4.4)', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 451, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F
I have sent video clips before without any problem, for example funny commercial clips that others have sent me. This is a short video clip that a friend shot from his digital camera and put on a CD that I then saved on my hard drive. It plays fine on my computer so I can't figure out why I can't send it as an attachment on the e-mail. Can anyone help, hopefully with step by step instructions? Thanks in advance.

A:sending large files

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Ever need to send a file larger than what your ISP allows? Don't know how to use or even own a copy of WINRAR? Don't have time to break up that large file? Not even sure that file will be put back together properly at the other end?Try this site: up to 1GB. At least thats what they claim.They also do https for those who need it.Be (Large File) SafeDa AnimalMods: If this fits better in another forum. Feel free to move it. Mod Edit - Moved by member request - Leurgy

A:Need to email large files? is good too...doesn't limit the downloads.

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Well I've been browsing a lot of these threads, and I've come across topics similar to mine, but none have solved this problem. Basically, I am running Windows 7 64bit on an Intel core duo HP pc. I'm trying to copy RAR or ISO files larger than 4 gb's from a Maxtor external hard drive onto my pc's HDD. Everytime I get an error message saying that certain rar files are unrecognizable and gives me the option to either try again, skip file, or cancel. I had the same problem with Vista 64 bit. It has something to do with a 64 bit system because Vista 32 bit had no problem. I need to use a 64bit system for my 6g's of RAM to be utilized. Please help me out anyone. If you need more info let me know. Thanks.

A:cannot copy large RAR/ISO files

Please update your system specs and provide the complete computer specs. There are a lot of HP computers out there.

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I did some data recovery and pulled over 8 million &quot;files&quot; from an external HD.

Searching 'mp3' and 'doc' I verified there are many valid files on my internal drive.

However, when I try to copy them back the window disappears after about 5 minutes of &quot;preparing to copy&quot; and there is nothing on the drive when I look.

It feels like my system is getting bogged down because of the absurd # of files! I can't even right click -> properties to see exactly how many are on there. It starts going really slow and I get impatient after about 8 million.

A:Can W7 handle large #s of files?

Quote: Originally Posted by joe7dust

I did some data recovery and pulled over 8 million "files" from an external HD.

Searching 'mp3' and 'doc' I verified there are many valid files on my internal drive.

However, when I try to copy them back the window disappears after about 5 minutes of "preparing to copy" and there is nothing on the drive when I look.

It feels like my system is getting bogged down because of the absurd # of files! I can't even right click -> properties to see exactly how many are on there. It starts going really slow and I get impatient after about 8 million.

Welcome windows especially 64 bit can handle huge amounts file/folder/ the slowdown may be either it is using up your memory or maybe the hard drive cant keep up. You could either use Acronis or ghost to back them up to one space. Or failing that try doing it in small chunks.;

Let us know if you need more help


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Installed Vista HP

All fine save one (big problem)

In short I cant copy my music and pic dvd. Have a lot of files (almost 4gb). It gets to about 60% and stops copying as per the screenshot. Sometimes it tells me I have not enough memory to complete the opration (not the case as my hard drives are 160gb with plenty of space)

I have tried copying it to my Master hard drive, slave hard drive and External USB drive, all with the same result.

I think its the number of files (20,000+) as I can copy say a game dvd to my hard drive without issue (4.5gb but like 5 files)

Desperate for a solution or a workaround

My specs are Vista Home Premium 32bit, 2gb Ram, 3.4ghz Pentium, 2x160gb Internal Samsung hard drives, Sony G120 DVD Rewriter.



A:Copying large no of files from DVD

Edit - This is error message I get (copying 4gb to a drive with 122gb free)

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As most people know, recorded video files can be huge, larger than the capacity of the recycle bin. It has been my experience that files that are too big for the recycle bin are purged directly from the hard disk. I have experimented with recovering such files but have had no success. Does anyone know if it is possible to recover these files and if so what is the process. most software I have tried only shows those files deleted from the recycle bin. I can find no useful reference to recovering large files on the web.

A:Recovering large files

There is some "data recovery software"<---google out there that can retrieve such a file but there will be data loss and offhand I don't know of a free software that's up to the task. Any of the ones you have to pay for well even if they have a trial the have filesize restrictions until software is licensed.

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This is more of an annoyance than a probem, but I would naturally like to find a solution.

I am running Windows XP Pro, and I do a lot of video capturing and compressing of home movies. As a result, I regularly deal with extremely large .avi files, sometimes over 1 GB in size. Every time I click on a file once to highlight it, Windows XP scans through the file to find out what it's properties are: dimensions, bitrate, compression, etc. That is a really nifty feature, but it's really only useful if you have small files. The behemoths I work with take quite some time to scan through, especially if there was a compression error during processing and the file is not complete. And, of course, Explorer won't really let me do anything else with the file (move, rename, etc) until it's finished scrutinizing it.

Windows 2000 did not do this, as far as I know.

I've been all over the web searching for postings about this, but I finally had to ask.

Anyone know how to disable this "feature"? I'm sure there's a registry setting somewhere ...


- Kevin

A:XP Scanning Through Large Files

When a folder is viewed with .avi files Windows XP reads the files to create the thumbnails. It can be disabled by renaming the CLSID for AVI.

Run REGEDIT, select Edit, Find, enter: {87D62D94-71B3-4b9a-9489-5FE6850DC73E}
and rename it. Right click it and select Rename.
i.e. -{87D62D94-71B3-4b9a-9489-5FE6850DC73E}

Then reboot Windows.

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I know there is a way to send large files, but I'm drawing a blank. I tried winzip, but I'm not having any luck. Please advise....I thought there were services that did this, but I can't find them.

A:E-mailing Large Files .. please help

Define large.

Some e-mail client software allows you break-up large files and then attaches the pieces to individual e-mails messages. The recipients then need their e-mail software to put the pieces back together.

You can also use a service like You upload the file to their server and then you send people a link to download the file.

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I've recently become accustomed to checking my temp folder daily. I noticed there were a few large files in there usually prefixed with BIT. I deleted them, only to notice they kept showing up again. Currently found files:


They are usually around 35mb in size. Googling didn't really help... most I could find was some problem with Windows Server 8 or something... and otherwise it was mentioning a problem with broken windows updates. Problem is, I don't have automatic updates enabled, in fact, I have the whole service disabled. The main reason this is a problem for me is because the files are fairly large, and if these are getting downloaded constantly, they could be slowing down my already slow internet. I've already ran a spyware check with Superantispyware, and a virus scan with NOD32... and both showed no infections of any kind.

My current set-up is Windows XP, SP2.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I noticed occasionally a wl-setup.exe or some such will appear in temp as well, also around 35mb in size... The only thing I use that runs on live is MSNmessenger. I can't seem to force any of these files to download by using any sort of application... so any ideas?

A:Large bit*.tmp files in %temp%

I would post in the malware forum. According to this link, BIT1.tmp (also seen with the alias BIT11.tmp) is a malware dropper.

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Installed Vista HP

All fine save one (big problem)

In short I cant copy my music and pic dvd. Have a lot of files (almost 4gb). It gets to about 60% and stops copying as per the screenshot. Sometimes it tells me I have not enough memory to complete the opration (not the case as my hard drives are 160gb with plenty of space)

I have tried copying it to my Master hard drive, slave hard drive and External USB drive, all with the same result.

I think its the number of files (20,000+) as I can copy say a game dvd to my hard drive without issue (4.5gb but like 5 files)

Desperate for a solution or a workaround

This is error message I get (copying 4gb to a drive with 122gb free)

My specs are Vista Home Premium 32bit, 2gb Ram, 3.4ghz Pentium, 2x160gb Internal Samsung hard drives, Sony G120 DVD Rewriter.



A:Copying Large no files from DVD

I also have this problem. Did you ever find a solution?

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Just about every time I try to permanently delete a large file or folder, either by shift/delete or emptying the recycle bin the operation hangs up.

The little window opens and it counts up the size of the file and that it. Nothing else overtly happens. The status bar never starts indicating and the window just sits there with the little green lights chasing each other across it. If I try to cancel or close the window it nothing happens.

During the time all this is going on, I can hit ctrl/alt/del and select Task Manager and it simply goes back to the desktop with this window still squatting there doing it's thing. I have pinned TM to the task bar and tried starting it from there but it never starts. Eventually everything just slows to a stop and nothing works which would seem to indicate some kind of memory leak. There are no error messages during any of this.

I have to hit reset and restart the computer that way in order to regain control and we all know how bad an idea this is. I've already had my boot sector eaten once causing me to have to do a total rebuild and I'd prefer not to have to do it again. Any ideas what I can look for here?

Edit: Forgot to mention that when I do get the computer restarted the file or folder I was attempting to get rid of is usually gone so the operation itself is taking place. I'm just not getting my computer back when it's done.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7... Read more

A:Can't Delete Large Files

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