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New to Duo monitor, need software

Q: New to Duo monitor, need software

So right now i recently got a duo monitor setup. Before I had my 2nd moitor be my TV for movie purposes. Now i have 2 actual monitors 2 19" 1440X900. So far i downloaded a program called DUo Monitor to help it basically adds a taskbar to my second monitor.

Now i want a program to help me calibrate the brightness and color to be the same on both screens. I tried doing this manually but it's taking quite a bit and i am nowhere near. One is a Gateway other is a Dell.

Also any other tips and hints of what i can do would be appreciated.

A: New to Duo monitor, need software

Hi Chris -

Have you installed the full software for your Display adapter (video card) to see what options it has? Normally this is the next step if you don't get enough choices on the context menus when you rightclick on Desktop which is where dual monitors can be quickly configured.

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I've heard of this being done. But i do not know if its some sort of software out there? or a special webcam?? basically it records like a video camera i guess while your not at your PC and acts like a security Camera. I'm trying to do this for a friends dad that would like to use this for his home office. So any help would be appreciated

A:Webcam monitor software?

Take a look here :

Click either Free or Shareware tabs at the top then search by category according to what you need.

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I just broke down and bought the HP w2207h LCD Monitor after reading so many good things about it and I am glad that I spent the money. This in my opinion is a great monitor.

My monitor came with a CD that according to the label has "monitor drivers" on it??

My question is what are "monitor drivers" and are they really necessary? I have heard of Video Card drivers and they are sort of essential but what is a monitor driver and what will it do for me? Thanks.

A:Question About Monitor Software

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Yesterday I went searching for a way to make my Chromebook a monitor using an HDMI port which I found was impossible. So now I need some software to make my Chromebook a monitor just like you would with one windows computer with dual screens. I want the image to come from my windows laptop which has only a micro HDMI (I do have a converter though) to my Chromebook. Is there software to do this? Is there a way to do this with wires? The operating systems are windows 10 (where I want the image to come from) And Chrome OS.

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Hi, I'm looking for any printer monitor software that can also keep a image record of what is printed.

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Can you guys suggest good monitor calibration software? I would of course prefer freeware -- or else something that isn't too expensive.

Also, I know there are actually some sites that offer free calibrating guides -- basic stuff, of course -- but supposedly good enough to permit reasonably accurate colors. I've tried a few already, but none have proved sufficient.

Have you guys had any success calibrating your monitors using online utilities? If so, which one do you think is the best?

The default and "AUTO" settings on my monitor are clearly out of kilter. So I have been trying -- quite unsuccessfully -- to calibrate my monitor using both the software provided by its manufacturer and Windows' calibration utility. I always end up with images that are tinted with too much green, too much red, or too much blue.

I have a Samsung S24B300HL -- which I have running at its native resolution of 1920x1080 at 60Hz. Not the best, I know, but I think I should be able to at least get average color quality from it.

I'd like another attempt at better color quality on this monitor before I start thinking about sending it back for a replacement.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

A:Monitor calibration software?

I know you said free, but I have never had good luck going that route (except a couple of times using the Windows Media Center calibration). Your best bet is looking for people who have the same monitor as you online and seeing how they have theirs calibrated, but be prepared to do this many times as lots of people have their own preferences as well as each monitor being slightly different (even if model is the same.) I've pretty much given up and use something like this - - but not that model exactly. These things are not too expensive but make the image calibration process so much easier.

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I am looking for a simple program to monitor CPU and MB temps. I have looked for but could not find Everst Home Edition. Anyone have a link to that or a suggestion about other good software for this purpose?

A:Temperature Monitor Software

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I av aN MSI K9N PLATINUM SERIES MS-7250(V1.X) MOTHERBOARD and i cant find a program so i cant check the temperatures.plz recommend me some

A:Software to monitor my pcs temperature

You can try THIS. Be warned though that software temp temp monitors can be ver inaccurate. The best place to check your temps is in the BIOS.

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I am using CPUID to monitor my temperature for my CPU, HD, etc. I would like to try another monitor. What are some good free ones? Thanks,

A:Temperature Monitor Software

SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer
and speccy.

Many here use and like Speed Fan.
A few use Speccy. Speccy gives a lot of other information, too.

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Hello is there a way to disable this monitor.exe so i can install my software please let me know thanks.

the message reads as this

The installer has detected that the following programs are running monitor.exe in order to complete installation, these programs must be closed.

A:cannot install software because of monitor.exe

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hi guys,
I need a software to see the IPs trying to connect to my PC. i dont wanna use command prompt. I hav had that software but after format i forgot its name. I opened it and it showed the hacking attempts or IPs trying to connect to my PC. It was very useful to see the working of a firewall. That time I shut-down the firewall(ZA) and see the number of hacking attempts and their IPs. Then I tighted the security to highest and again viewed those attempts..
if anyone know such kinda software please gimme the link to download it.
thanks in advance.

A:I need a software to monitor IPs trying to connect to my PC

If you can set your firewall to log, you can view this information. The paid Zone Alarm could do that. The log shown the IP, ports and type of scan.

I used this program and still have it on one system, Coda isn't supporting it any longer, but has left the download and the information you need. It's called Genius and has a Port Guardian you can enable. It' free- check it out:

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I have a viewsonic monitor and when I loaded xp and removed vista I have been having this problem. when you hit the down arrow on the right side of the screen the screen moves in layers and very slow. what is the cause?

A:Monitor or software problem

Have you installed the correct graphics drivers?

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Hi Sir,
I am using 1 Mbps connection . I have 80 users in LAN and all connected with Ethernet cable through Lynksys Router.
I want to monitor the bandwidth usage as per IP and want to know who is cosuming more bandwidth .
All my users are Windows XP/ Vista.
Thanks in advance .

A:Bandwidth Monitor Software

Hello please help me out to know who is more BW in LAN .

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hey all,

bought Dell's U2414H monitor and all in all it's an okay monitor but the blacks really don't look that black to me.
also, seems a bit too bright but that i can fix sort of with brightness.

is there any way to calibrate it? a software maybe?
(tried the default dell software and in-windows calibration - no help)


A:a software to calibrate my monitor?

all monitors will have setting options on the monitors.

look at this manual from page 33

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I'm currently using a trial demo of a program that lets me use a laptop as a second monitor.

I was wondering if there are any freeware programs which do the same thing - I want to avoid shelling out $30 when the trial expires.

A:Extra monitor software

No there isn't. I have looked on several occasions. Good program isn't it.

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Will I need special software to manage dual monitors ... any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

A:Dual monitor software

No, you won`t.

Just right click on your desktop and choose screen resolution, the popup window will be all you need to manage the 2 displays.

Display Fusion is great freeware you can use to have 2 different images on each display or you can use it to span an image across the 2 displays, but 1st you must get a picture that matches the resolution of the 2 monitors combined. Such as this image I have across my 2 1920 x 1080 monitors.

This picture is 3840 x 1080

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I am trying to monitor CPU temperature of this Celeron M 340 (1.5 GHz) on a Toshiba Satellite notebook. I have tried the lastest versions of Notebook Hardware Control, Speedfan, MobileMeter, Everest Home Edition, and RM Clock Utility as well as Samurai (sp?). None of them worked because of presumably the older MB and intel processor. Does anyone have an older version of software which can monitor the temperature of a Celeron M on a Toshiba? Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

A:Monitor software for Celeron M

Notebook Hardware Control should be working properly on your Celeron M 340.

I would like you to try this bug fix for NHC.

The Bug Fixed Notebook Hardware Control for Dell or problematic version.

Thank you and welcome to Techspot, jsailorca2002.

Regards Lucan

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Recently got my machine bak up, had some software on it for dual monitors. Can't remember what it was called. Someone want to refresh my memory. Toss some names, thx.

A:dual monitor software

Xinerama, TwinView, MaxiVista
Also look at this link

Hope it helps

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Sorry in advance if this has been posted before, but I searched and came up with nothing. I just built my computer and wanted to know what was the best (most accurate) program to monitor CPU/GPU temperature.


A:Software to monitor Temps?

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This is a strange issue I have not come across before. Today I was on youtube watching a video whilst on facebook on another tab (google chorme) and Java I think asked to update, during the update parts of some images of one tab were on the display of another tab and wouldn't disappear when i went between tabs. I closed google chrome and the dektop display had small red waves and crashed, I restarted my laptop and there was no display on the monitor but I could hear sound as normal.

I plugged another monitor into the vga port and when I startup on that I can choose safe mode and that monitor will run in safe mode. During normal startup the laptop crashes but if I select diagnostic startup the laptop starts up properly and even the monitor will have a display but then I select to run my startup services, the laptop booted with display so far then restarted itself and then started without a display on the original monitor again, returning to original issue of no display except through vga port and won't boot up unless in safe mode. Is this a hardware or software issue? I thought it may be an issue with a startup service or application but i have unselected everything since except microsoft services and have removed java from the laptop and still the same issue.

I have even tried removing some microsoft from startup but not all and I dont want to run with the diagnostic startup as it has no network connection or anything. There has been a microsoft update lately, I'm... Read more

A:Monitor/software issue

Reboot tapping F8 there should be an option on the options screen "Repair Your Computer" follow the process Windows will attempt to fix any problems. If it can not find any problems in the list of other options, select "System Restore" Select a Restore Point prior to install Java or any option regarding java before the issue started.

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Yeah umm so my free trial for ultramon ran flat on me. Does anyone know of any good or decent free software for dual monitors.

A:dual monitor software

What are you wanting to do? I've been running duals for a few years now and never had any thoughts that they needed to do more.

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Is there a good free program that will basically monitor your computer while you are away from it [something that you could maybe turn on/off]?

I don't like other people using my computer, and want to make sure that nobody in my house puts a keystroke recorder on it or stuff like that.

A:Software to monitor your computer while you are away?

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I have 2 internal and 3 external HDD's that I want to monitor. I have lost HDD's in the past and it has been a terrific PAIN! and while I know that monitoring software wont prevent this altogether, it could help.

I have tried a couple but for whatever reason the programs could not read the SMART data of my 2 internal drives.

Anybody have a recommendation for a good program?

A:Want recommendations for HDD monitor software

Other than SMART software included with drives, I'm not aware of any real-time hard drive monitoring software, but there may be some.

For temperatures, I use HWInfo.

For general health, I rely on SMART, Intel SSD toolbox, and occasionally Checkdisk or the drive manufacturer's own utilities. I usually use HD Tune as a benchmark when I first install a drive.

Frankly, I'm not sure how useful the monitoring tools would be in detecting an impending failure.

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I am looking for some software to monitor the actual CPU temp at the moment I am using Easy Tune 6 which is made by Gigabyte but I have been advised on this fourm that this software has issues with Windows 7. So far for alternative software I have tried Core Temp and HWmonitor but these only seem to display the Core temps and not the CPU temp its self.

I would be grateful if anyone could recommend some other software that allows me to see what the CPU temp is.


A:Temp Monitor Software For CPU

Have a looky here pal

Speed Fan

To find your CPU's temperature sensor you can leave your system idle for a few minutes, to let temperatures drop, and then go to 100% usage for a while. The temperature that rises faster is the one you're searching for. Other available temperature readings usually come from your sensor chip itself, from the southbridge, the voltage regulator, or even from an additional probe placed under the processor. This additional temperature sensor is not necessarily a duplicate. Some CPUs are not actually able to report the internal temperature from their die. To be able to read their temperatures, an additional external sensor (thermocouple) is used. In such cases, you will see two temperatures referring to the processor. The higher of the two is from the die. As a final note, please remember that not all available temperature sensors are actually connected to something. If you happen to read unusually high or low temps, they are likely to be from a disconnected (unused) temperature sensor.

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Hello, everyone. Sorry for all the trouble again. So recently I have built my PC for some gaming and was rather paranoid about the temperature because my place (country), it rather hot here and kinda' humid so, I would like to know my temperature inside my computer.

I am using Core Temp to monitor my highest core temperature but since I will be doing some gaming, what software can I use to monitor my graphics card or maybe other components? Thanks in advance.

A:Software that monitor temperature...

MSI Afterburner

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Having finally found a driver file for the Model D1728D Dell Monitor, I am now wondering if, on installation that file will modify the device driver file to specifically indicate that Dell Monitor is in use? Currently it only shows generic monitor.
Also, do I need to alter the setup inputs from ega/vga to svga in the BIOS?
All help/information would be appreciated, Thank you.

A:Dell Monitor Software

Howdy there Copernicus...

I am now wondering if, on installation that file will modify the device driver file to specifically indicate that Dell Monitor is in use?Click to expand...

Yes it will...

Also, do I need to alter the setup inputs from ega/vga to svga in the BIOS?Click to expand... shouldn't have to do anything in the BIOS...

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Ok, I recently purchased a used Daewoo cmc2000m monitor, and my video card is an NVIDIA geforce 6800. The problem I have been having is that when I exit from full-screen games, the monitor seems to crash. The screen becomes a pixilated, wavering, non-full screen mess, and a loud clicking sound comes from the upper rear of the monitor. When the monitor is turned off and then back on, the problem persists. When I switch to a different monitor (which works perfectly), the monitor does not work, and I get a "the monitor is working, but the computer output is outside of rendering range" message. I have to reboot the system with the old monitor plugged in for the problem to resolve itself, and everything goes back to normal when I switch cables back to the Daewoo. If I just reboot with the Daewoo plugged in, the problem continues. . . I have already replaced the monitor cable, as the old one had pins missing, but that hasn?t helped. I ran the direct draw test from dxdiag, and on the old monitor the test work ok, but on the Daewoo, the problem happens after the full screen bouncing square test. I don?t know how to fix this, please help!

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I've been having a bit of trouble with my cable modem of late - It's consistently registering activity, and it will be maintaining a 2 - 4 % activity rate the entire time, even when I'm not using it! I'm running Windows XP, (suspected problem) But when I run Linux, the problem is still there. It is almost like I''m being Packeted. I've tried Zonealarm so it could tell me what is doing all this sending and recieving, but it still occurs, and zonealarm says nothing. Any suggestions of good netmonitoring Software? I want something that tells me which programs are sending out info, (and possibly why) or failing that, maybe a bug fix that I might have missed? Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated.

A:Software to Monitor Which Appz are using NET??? !

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Can I change the source (hdmi, dvi) or access the on-screen display of an E2250V monitor via software ?

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We have seen a lot of bandwidth monitor software Cucusoft Netguard, Networx , Netspeed Monitor etc..

I had noticed that Cucusoft netguard and Networx are slight heavy during system startup and very slow over fetching the bandwidth.

The other one i came across is Netspeed Monitor which is a handy tool.

But it doesnt seem like they havent updated the software since long time.

The issue with this program is, its not compatible with Windows 8/8.1 , its natively supports up to Windows 7.

We can run this in an compatibility mode in no doubt. But once installed its tough to get rid off.

I have installed this program and i want to uninstall this, when i try to uninstall i get an error the uninstall directory file is missing.

I ran this uninstaller under Iobit Uninstaller i got the error , then the powerful scan was done, some entries were deleted and the program was disappeared for Control panel.

But i can still find this program can run in my system as usual without any installation file!

So i have two Questions,
What is a good alternative of this Software ?
How to remove this program completely ?

Will be waiting for awesome replies. Thanks !

A:What would be the best Bandwidth Monitor software ?


During install Windows 7/8/9 users should select "WFP Implementation"

It is better that you select the network adapter used for internet connection in "Monitored interfaces"


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I recently did a clean install of Win XP Pro on my desktop. I'm using an e-machines CRT for my monitor. I plan to use this machine for photo editing. But before I do, I would like to know the truly proper way to calibrate this monitor. When following a monitor calibration guide (which are everywhere on the net) should I use the built in contrast/brightness controls on the CRT or the desktop color settings in the Nvidia Control Panel software that came with my motherboard. Or should I use both?

I have an Asrock N68PV-GS motherboard with GeForce 7050 onboard video graphics. Please let me know if you need any additional info.

A:What software is best to for monitor calibration?

There really isn't a "software" only solution to monitor calibration, at least with respect to WYSIWYG on the screen, to exact matching at the printer.

Without proper calibration, you can still get an image to appear exactly as you want by adjusting color & other parameters with your imaging program..

The big if is when to try to print the images.

There are 2 primary suppliers of integrated software / hardware colorimeters.

One by "Pantone; "huey"

Another by "Colorvision";

There are varying price levels on this type of product, from both of these suppliers.

The supplied links are obviously from, Newegg. Two other places you can investigate this type (and brands) of equipment are; and

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I have a W7 Home Premium 64 bit PC with 2 internal drives and 3 external drives, from 3Tb down in size. Can somebody recommend a good HDD monitoring piece of software? I dont want to be caught by surprise by a failing drive.

Any help is appreciated

A:looking for HDD drive monitor software

Most modern systems have SMART capabilities which should help, this can be accessed through you BIOS settings ....


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Hi guys!
New member. Going blind as a bat looking at the monitor. anyone know of any software programs that enable the user to adjust the screen to optimal viewing for the viewer, so that I can toss the "cheater" glasses? Thanks! Bob

A:Monitor focusing software

If "glasses" let you see the monitor image clearly, there is nothing wrong with the adjustment of the monitor. Software cannot make any change to the monitor that will duplicate what glasses do to to correct the focus of your vision.

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Can you suggest me a good monitor sharing program. To elaborate more clearly what I desire. Lets say I have 10 computer, 9 client & 1 server. I wanted the 9 client to be able to see my server screen and my activity.

This is for a school requirement. Would greatly appreciate your response

A:Monitor sharing software?


You could give one of the VNC softwware a try. Try Ultra VNC or Tight VNC. These programs do, however, require someone to initiate the connection from each computer. Give it a go, but in a school environment it might be inconvinient.

Also check this site:

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I av aN MSI K9N PLATINUM SERIES MS-7250(V1.X) MOTHERBOARD and i cant find a program so i cant check the temperatures.plz recommend me some

A:Software to monitor my pcs temperature

You can try THIS. Be warned though that software temp temp monitors can be ver inaccurate. The best place to check your temps is in the BIOS.

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Please could someone help me out and give me the name of some software that will let me monitor the temperature of my CPU ?


A:Software to monitor the temperature of my CPU ??

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I have a Contrast and Brightness menue that appears on my screen quite often. There are not adjustments to close out our delete the menu.

Please advise how to remove.


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A couple weeks ago I upgraded my motherboard and CPU. While I did de-authorize some software (i.e. Adobe Premiere, etc.) I forgot a couple and, after booting into Windows with the new hardware, some programs stopped working. When I tried to re-authorize it wouldn't let me because I was out of the allotted activations.

So I'm curious... does anyone know of software that can, in bulk, authorize and/or in the very least de-authorize all software requiring authentication?

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I have a HP with Vista and every time I need to restart my computer I get a message before I log on to my NetZero that "Windows needs to install driver software for your HPw1907 wide LCD monitor".When I click to locate and install after a few minutes I get this message-"Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device" "Access is denied". Any suggestions as I am basically a rookie at this stuff. Also when I attempt to do a regular update for the monitor I get a message "update failed" with an error code of 80070005.

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Hope someone can help.

I have difficulty physically reaching my monitor due to disability. I need to switch my video inputs on my Samsung P2450 (Samsung util software does not do the job) as I use the (Windows) PC/monitor to set other hardware i.e. Apple TV & cubox i4, and need to switch from digital > HDMI and back.
I used to use mControl by EnTech but they no longer exist and the software needs a new licence.

Any help will be gratefully appreciated - I'm very low tech and have noticed something called command line/Auto HotKey input apps. These are above my tech level so keep it simple please.

All the best

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Hi guys, my internet connection is currently shared between 8 users, i'm just wondering if there's a software out there in which i can monitor each client's internet usage in the LAN network, this include those who are using wireless connection too. Appreciate any info at all, thanks.

A:Any software to monitor LAN internet usage?

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Mad a mistake and posted in the Hardware forum.

I use a laptop at home, and at work I attach it to a 24in monitor directly through the video out. (not through a docking station.) What I would like to do is save a desktop profile for the single laptop monitor and a profile for the dual setup--maintaining the icon layouts etc for both.

Is there any 3rd party utility that can do this? Ultramon does not.

Gateway NX860XL
Analog out to a Dell 2407WFP
Vista Home premium.

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I'm searching for a website where I can find some information on designing a database to manage software information. We have about 100 workstation on our network and I need to be able to manage what software is installed where and so on.

I'm using Access to design this.

A:designing database to monitor software

I've never used any of these sites but you go crazy!

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wondering if there's anything decent out there for this.

procmonis a start but it shows wait too many finite details. something that could show, for example, the average Mbps of read/write over the last X minutes per process would be awesome. surely something like that exists?

sometimes my harddrive will be churning away but I don't know what's causing it

A:software to monitor processes' disk IO?

If your harddrive is churning it usually means it does a lot of Read (seek) operations, this means the drive is constantly moving to a new position on the harddisk, which causes the sound. Writing large blocks to a disk usually doesn't make a lot of sound UNLESS the disk is severely fragmented.

You would be off to a good start by monitoring Input/Output numbers in Windows Task Manager.

- select the second tab, Processes
- In the View menu select Select Columns...
- Choose to view I/O Reads, I/O Writes, I/O Other, I/O Read Bytes, I/O Write Bytes, I/O Other Bytes

Pay special attention to the Reads and Writes of the processes when you hear the churning

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I need a hardware monitor software that can alert me or can take actions(such as shutting down the PC) when the CPU reaches a temperature defined by me. I mean I will set a temperature like 60C at which the program will alert me of high temp. (even if i m playing a game but running this software in background). Or it will take some certain actions at the specified temperature like shutting the PC down etc.etc.

If you have any info. regarding such kinds of softwares then please reply with the software name(s) or website link(s) here.

I need such kind of software coz i have just OCed my Pent D 2.8 to 3.0 Ghz with stock fans. So, i m afraid of burning my CPU. And also i dont wanna keep staring at Speedfan temps continuosly. IDLE temp after OCing is 44C.

A:Need a SPECIAL Hardware Monitor Software

thehacker said:

I need a hardware monitor software that can alert me or can take actions(such as shutting down the PC) when the CPU reaches a temperature defined by me. I mean I will set a temperature like 60C at which the program will alert me of high temp. (even if i m playing a game but running this software in background). Or it will take some certain actions at the specified temperature like shutting the PC down etc.etc.

If you have any info. regarding such kinds of softwares then please reply with the software name(s) or website link(s) here.

I need such kind of software coz i have just OCed my Pent D 2.8 to 3.0 Ghz with stock fans. So, i m afraid of burning my CPU. And also i dont wanna keep staring at Speedfan temps continuosly. IDLE temp after OCing is 44C.Click to expand...

Is there no any such softwares??? atleast reply dat.....

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It used to work fine but now I get the blue screen when sending fax and I cannot receive fax due to error. Computer is Dell 8600 laptop.

When sending, the fax does get sent but my computer ends the process with a "Blue Screen" with the "Bad_Pool_Header" message. Later down the blue screen it says stop location 0X00000019 (0X00000020, 0X859E9A18, 0X859E9BA0, 0X A310001); these parenthetic codes change with the fax. I have to crash the system with the power button to reboot it.

Apparently the fax arrives at the destination but my machine is not completing the sending/sign-off process cleanly and returning to normal desktop goes to the BLUE SCREEN. When trying to receive a fax it just gives an error message when the fax monitor software attempts to answer the incoming modem beep signal. How do I correct this problem? Is there some way to "uninstall" the Fax Monitor software in XP and then to reinstall a new fresh uncorrupted version?

Appreciatively yours, Ray

A:XPsp2 Fax Monitor Software Problem

Could be a bad driver??? messages info: that ehelps.

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Hi! I need advices about best network monitor tool, they`re pretty controversial. It`s my first corporate network so i want all to be working. My requirements: 1)software and hardware monitor (to check versions, licenses); 2) reports on SMS or e-mail or any other and scanning due to schedules; 3) GUI, but i can accept console alternative; 4) program deployment; 5) reports in scv or xml; 6) ticketing! At home i tried several like TOtal Network Inventory software audit tool trial for free and Spiceworks networking tool but Spiceworks performs pretty slow and with ads. Network consists roughly at 100 PCs with Win10 and Win7

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Hey guys

Is there a free software out there that will monitor when software is installed on a computer and uninstalled? Also when things are deleted?

A:Software to Monitor Installs and Uninstalls

Norton has a tool for monitoring registry changes but I recommend 3 freeware : Total Uninstall which has an uninstall option or Regshot or Inctrl5 (from Zdnet) which produces a html report with all modifications.

1) Regshot : 34 Kb ( ). Reports in HTML format. Enough if you just want to see the updates in the registry an on your disk.

2) Inctrl5 (no more free download from ZDNET )

Same as Regshot. By default InCtrl5 checks for the existence of several specific files. Under Windows 9x, it seeks AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS in the root directory of the boot drive, and WINSTART.BAT in the Windows folder. Under Windows NT4 or 2000, it seeks AUTOEXEC.NT and CONFIG.NT in the Windows System folder. With this feature, you will not only know that a critical file has changed, you will see the differences between the saved file and the new file.

3) Total Uninstall : has a "Undo" function and a "regedit" look to show new/modified keys. Cares for the SharedDLLs. Reports in txt format. Able to uninstall an application. Can exclude some folders (TIF, e.g.), not possible with RegShot or Inctrl5. (homepage)
I must say that some applications create keys when you use them for the first time and even later, depending on the options you use. It's maybe interesting to record the second snap... Read more

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I have just accepted a new Net Admin position and need a bit of assistance. I am looking for a software utility that will perform some network monitoring on the LAN and determine where network bottlenecks occur. We are attempting to determine if our existing 100 mbps network should be converted to gigabit. Plus we want the ability to determine if network performance is decreasing after lunch time cause users are listening to streaming audio. We currently are running a SOnicWall firewall that does a fair amount of internet packet analysis and reporting. We would like to have some of that on the LAN side as well. Any help is greatly appreciated


A:Network Monitor and analysis software

start with some simple stuff, eg log analysis.

You can get a good idea of usage patterns by logging NEW connections and then
sorting by destination port. You then have a map of what is happening and if you
clump the results by-hour, you see work load patterns.

Port usage implies data types (eg port 80 is obviously HTML/web stuff, port 110 or 143 is reading email, port 119 is news-groups, port 25 is email sending).

RealAudio defaults to ports 7070, 6970-7170

The advantage of analyzing your logs is no new software and you get a good
benchmark of where to investigate further.

Where to capture tcp traffic? At the company interface to the Internet (ie your external firewall) OR in the DMZ on the firewall into the Infrastructure.
This single point will benchmark both external inbound and internal outbound traffic.

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I just got broadband.
We have three computers connected on our modem/router at home, we have 4 users.
What can I download (something simple) that will allow me to see which user is doing all the downloading on the internet?
Note: Our modem/router is an open networks 624w.

Your help would be great, thank you. Cheers.

A:Broadband Usage Monitor - Software

Hmmmm.... give me a few minutes

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I've got an issue at work where I'm told the problem might lie with our internet connection continually dropping out. Really short duration, not enough to notice in a normal browsing session but it affects the till system we have. I'm unsure if this is true and I want to test it. Can anyone recommend a bit of software I could install and leave running on the pc to continually check that we're getting internet service? I've had a google but everything looks a bit complicated, I just want something really simple and preferably free (I work for a charity!).

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does anybody know a good bandwidth monitor program that is free?

A:any good bandwidth monitor software?

Um, other than a simple sidebar gadget, I personally have no idea. This little thingy has everything I need.

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I'd like to know if there is a program, free or not, to monitor EXACTLY which programs Windows 10 is downloading.
I would need a more detailed list with the exact download files, not just the list of the Network Usage / App Usage.
Since yesterday I saw Total Mb dowloaded rapidly increase and I wasn't downloading anything on purpose.

Or is there a way Windows 10 provides I don't know yet?

Best regards,

A:Any software to monitor exactly what windows 10 is downloading?

Have you installed the Anniversary Update Yet? if not it could be that the files ready for the update are causing the issue your have seen. - Check for updates

there are programs designed for monitoring downloads but as these are generally aimed at companies and the like they are normally out of the reach of normal home users.

If you have a limit on your internet bandwidth or other reasons to control windows downloads the simplest way is to mark your internet connection as a metered one within Windows which will then always ask before downloading

Ethernet Connection - Set as Metered or Unmetered in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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Can someone please tell me what this message means that I get each time I have tried to install EzTunes?
"The application or DLL C:\Windows\system32\MSVCR70.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette"

I have contacted the makers Portait Displays, and did get a response that the file is corrupted by no advice on how to remove it. When I try to find file in registry and other places the closest thing I come up with as a possible match is "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistribution" or something to that effect, but not sure if this is file error is referring to and not sure what to do with it if it is correct file or if it is safe to remove.

Could I be getting it because monitor has HDMI but puter doesn't? Thanks in advance for any advise and/or fix for the issue. Also don't really need the disc to run monitor, it uses plug and play, but would like access to the feature and other settings. Thanks.

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i have a dell dimension 2400, and some sort of a dell flatscreen monitor. lately i have been having a problem where the screen goes black, except for a greenish flash every second or so in the lower right hand corner. at first i thought it was a simply a monitor issue, because if you physically tapped on the screen it would restart. when it restarts, it first takes you to a dell screen that says something like "DELL, image perfection", and THEN it goes back to the screen where you were. the problem seems to have gotten worse in the past month. if you allow the flashing (black) screen to stay up for a few minutes, you can still restart with a tap, but it will quickly go black again and can only be restarted by actually banging on the monitor. usually after about four restarts the monitor will stay on. the odd thing is that once it's on, the computer may be idle for hours, overnight for instance, the monitor still working with the screensaver on. but once you begin to use the computer again it will start the black/flashing thing again.

any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.

A:monitor problem software related???

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What is the name of the software like the picture i uploaded for benchmark while in gaming?

A:Benchmark Software that monitor CPU, Ram and GPU in gaming

Here is a tutorial for MSI Afterburner.
How To: In Game CPU, Memory, Motherboard Monitoring Overlay | Overclockers Forums

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I have been having trouble with the broadband signal in my house. The router is at the front of the house in the master socket but I struggle to get a signal at the back of the house. I don't want to move the router as it is plugged in to the master socket and there is a huge difference in speed if I move it to the back.
I have had problems with the signal dropping so have tried various methods with the latest being changing the channel to one which inSSider tells me is little used by neighbours. It seems that this has improved the reliability but I would like to have better proof than gut feeling.
Please can anyone tell me if there is some software which will log the reliability of my broadband showing when the connection drops and/or maybe keep a log of the speed? I have Googled but can only find software which monitors usage which I'm not bothered about as am on unlimited.
Thanks for any help.

A:Software to monitor broadband reliability

Very maybe, one of these monitors meet your wishes :

Broadband Monitor
MFCS TCPStat(Lite) TCP Monitor
Net Meter
PRTG Network Monitor

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While I really despise having to go this route, I have reached a point where I have to monitor my employee's surfing habits. Does anyone know of a program to accomplish this?

Sorry...this is a last resort thing.


A:Software to monitor employee surfing?

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Just bought a new LG monitor and registered the product online.

Apparently, there are a couple of available software downloads, as follows:

Should I install these?

Many thanks


A:Solved: Monitor software downloads

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Hi.. The title says it all.. want a good software that'll show the status and have auto-shutdown feature + some other good features like if playing game so it shows the status of battery on the corner of screen too.

and yeah also which shows the Load, Voltage Readings and everything..

A:Best UPS Software to Monitor Battery Status


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My old monitor died the other day. *sob* It just plain stopped working, and a fellow from Compaq told me, in no uncertain terms, that I'd be best off just throwing it in the trash. Ah, well. It served me well for 10 years...

However, I have since installed a new monitor. Ol' plug-and-pray did me good, finding the driver and installing the monitor without so much as a pop or a squeak. However, since then, I've had a few issues with programs ceasing to respond when the Open/Save dialog boxes are called.

A few programs are okay (no freezing), a few are semi-okay (dialog opens but other clicking causes lockup) but most simply begin not responding as soon as Save/Open or anything similar is clicked.

Also, for many programs, I can start the program itself, but opening a document directly (which would cause the program to open) causes the program to become non-responsive.

Any ideas? I am a complete novice at all of this stuff. If it can't be fixed by glaring at it, I get lost.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. - if it makes anyone feel better, I was referred to TSG by not one, but FOUR people, three of whom work for tech support companies.

A:New monitor has turned software non-responsive

Seems kind of odd that his happened after a new monitor. I'm not sure what safe mode loads for a monitor driver, but you could try booting up in safe mode and see if you still have the problem. What is the make and model of the new monitor?

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I have 2 monitors at work and 2 at home and have been researching for a spell and it looks like you have to have windows 7 ultimate or enterprise for this to work which my office pc is windows 7 pro and my home pc is win 7 pro 64 bit. So I was wondering if there are any decent third party software's that will basically mimic my setup at home to work? Thanks for any assistance, ive been looking around but not sure about some of these companies.

A:Third Party Software for Dual Monitor support with RDP

Read here:

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I don't know why you closed my thread,I just need some help .I want to monitor my computer in my workstation as well as my employees online activities strictly during office hours?

A:Is there software which enables you to monitor a workstation or a network?

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hi i have just formatted my hard drive several times and scared to loose the life of my hard disk so some one suggested to me to use hard disk monitoring software so i downloaded any one from and used to see the life of HDD and it showed everything fine and more surprisingly it showed the "estimated life" too. so i wanted to know that the info shown by the software is true ? to what level ? like it showing health,temperature,surface test.etc

so what info may be correct and what is just a hypothetical? if any hard disk monitoring software is there which gives me the real information of HDD then please suggest cause i am ready to purchase....

regards to helping hands

A:important! questions on authencity of various HDD monitor software?

posting the name of the software would be useful.

My personal experience, is that HDDs don't have an "estimated" life. They can run for 5+ years nonstop or fail after one week. And when they fail, they can do it with little notice. Even same brand.
Normal quality ones should generally outlast the device they are in. A little percentage fails though.

The only way is to make backups of your important data, and if you can, image the system disk regularly, so if the HDD fails you can write that image on a new disk and keep living.

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The only reason why I am running the 32 bit version is because the only program that will display my core temps is Notebook Hardware Control. But this program doesn't install on x64 because it uses its own unsigned driver.

Does anyone know of a program that can monitor the core temps in a x64 laptop?

A:Software to monitor core temps in HP laptop x64?

A program called CoreTemp should do it for you.

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Could someone tell me is there any software that I can get which will help me monitor the bandwidth usage of each user on my network? Heres the why bit:-

I have set up a small wireless network at home but most night the bandwidth slows to a crawl. Im on a 10mb connection so three (95% of the time just two) computers using the internet should not be a problem with a Netgear WGR614v7 router. I want to find some thing that will allow me to check the bandwidth usage from each computer. So that, if one user is taking up all the bandwidth (torrents etc.) I can take control of the allowences to share out the bandwidth and increase the speed for the other users.
All the searchs I do brings up bandwidth monitoring software which is designed to check the bandwidth of one pc.

If someone could point me in the right direction that would be most appriecated.

A:Software To Monitor Bandwidth, Of Each Network User.

No can do with your current equipment.

There is no software that can monitor the usage of other connections to that router, simply because the limitations of the router hardware and firmware.

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Hello all. I'm wondering if anyone has run across any software that let's you monitor the local users & groups on several different domain PCs? I've read that you can use powershell to do this but I have yet to figure out exactly how to script it. It would be nice if the software could send email notifications upon any changes. Thank you in advanced!

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Hey guys,

This is something that I've just put up with in the past (many years now) but I'm not sure if it's windows or the actual software's issue.

Most of the time I use my laptop at home with a 2nd large monitor, and in that 2nd monitor I run my 3d programs/editing software etc
So most of the time on the laptop screen I just have manuals open or a browser.

However, when I use the laptop away from home, and want to use my programs, they open up as if the 2nd monitor was still plugged in. Most of the time they won't be maximised so I can just drag it over to the laptop screen, as there is usually a bit of it hanging over the laptop screen.
Lots of the programs I use have secondary floating windows but these don't get dragged over to the laptop screen, and I cannot fetch them.

How on earth can I get them back ?

I appreciate any help on this as it's something I've not found a solution for yet, so I'm wondering if it's the actual software developers thing to fix.

A:Software opening on wrong/unplugged monitor.

Are you switching the laptop back to "Computer Only" before you disconnect the second display?

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I have two Toshiba laptops (Qosmio X300, Satellite P100) and they are both giving me the same issue: unusually dim screens. I've tried fn buttons and BIOS settings, but none of that seems to affect the screen.

I've done some research on the subject, and many people when they hear unusually dull screen right away believe that it's a broken backlight, but I'll explain why I do not think that that is the case.

I got the Qosmio about two weeks ago, in came installed with Windows Vista 64 bit.
This was not acceptable for my client so I installed windows XP on it instead.
So the thing I want to mention here is that the screen was bright while in Vista, then it was bright for about a week in XP, now it is suddenly dim, and no software seems to be able to adjust it. (I tried the Nvidia settings, Power settings, Bios Settings, FN keys) The hotkey program by toshiba is installed.

My Satellite P100 is also running Windows XP (sp2 or maybe 3) and with that one the issue is very similar. The screen is dull, it used to be bright and no software seems to be able to affect it.

Here are my serials:

A:Monitor Dim (Suspecting software, Not hardware isssue)


What happens if you would go back to the Vista (preinstalled by Toshiba)?
Did you check if the screen brightness would go back to the normal level?
I think you should do this because it?s really strange issue?

I mean the display brightness could be decreased and increased using the FN+F6 or FN+F7 buttons. The display brightness could change also if you would set another value in the Toshiba Power Saver. But as far as I know there are no Win XP drivers for Qosmio X300 and therefore you could not use the Power Saver for display brightness changing.

But there are XP drivers for Satellite P100? so maybe you would be able to use the FN key combination in order to increase the display brightness.

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I just powered this new monitor out of the box.   All is working fine, but I want to load the latest driver software into my Mac   to get all the flexibiliity available.    The HP support website did not have a listing for these drivers and suggested I try the forum for where to find them,  assuming they are available.  So here I am.  Thanks in advance for your help.Dan_the_Man_67

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Hello guys,
We have a girl in the family in her 2nd year in university and studying in another province,
in the recent months we received some complaints from the university about her frequent absence and missing classes,
we tried to ask some her friends to monitor her activities and inform us,
we learned that she's going out at night, and this is a clear warning to keep close eye on her,
as she's internet / facebook addict, we suspect that she may be involved in some wrong relations or some thing to keep her away from the study which she is being there for this purpose,
I have heard from a friend that there are some software that can monitor certain user of internet, or Line cha or such, we are really in high concern to keep a close eye on this girl,
kindly advise if there are such software that can monitor and keep records for her activities on the internet and if such program that can locate her by GPS, or check her SMS, Line, ...
even if there is a such program with paid membership we still ok to use it,
best regards

A:Looking for software that can monitor and record activities on laptop

I'm afraid we cannot help you to "spy" on another person, although I understand the concern you have , clearly any advice can be used for spying on people for alternative purposes to your posted intentions.

closing post

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I have a pc that is cutting out.
I've replaced the Power supply but it goes for a wihle then powers off.
Mother board light still glows.

Smell electrical buring ... and have not isolated it. Checked the Process, ram -suspect the mother board. (customer said it happened after a electrical storm... so I suspect someth got short.

Regardless. in investigating this I was wondering if there was a free software out there that I could use (in general -recommneded) to monitor things like cpu temp.

A:Looking for Diagnostic Software (Free) to monitor Temp etc

SpeedFan will do that for you. Don't change the fan speeds until you're more familiar with the program.

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Wondering what is the best monitoring gadget available to keep track of the temperature for CPU, GPU and HDD, as well as fan speed? Also what are the decent threshold to be set as to trigger alert as system approaching "dangerous" hazardous level? Thanks

A:Gadget or free software to monitor temperature of ...

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Probably the two best free gadgets I can think of are Speed Fan and HWMonitor. 
HWMonitor offers a very detailed over view of how your system is running.  It comes in two versions. The first installs on your computer.  The second is a portable version that can be installed on a flash drive.  The downside is that HWMonitor doesn't have a notification in the SysTray for monitoring, but it does keep track of the minimum and maximum values.
Speed Fan had similar features as HWMonitor, but offers the additional features of SysTray monitoring and the ability to change the preset thresholds for maximum warnings.  Speed Fan also has the ability to adjust fan speeds, but I'm not sure if that option is available with your computer.
Download HWMonitor here...
Speed Fan can be downloaded here.....
Please keep in mind that both these applications are dependent on your system's sensors supporting such features.  I'm not an owner of your model so I can say for sure they will work entirely as expected.

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Really hope someone can help here, I hope I haven't screwed this unit too bad:

I'm a total noob when it comes to overclocking, I'd been thinking about trying it and decided to do a few preliminary things like setting up the temperature monitor etc. My setup is a second-hand ASUS P4T-M running Intel P4 1.4GHz processor with a GeForce4TI (I think it's the 4800, can't recall off the top of my head as I inherited it from a friend and didn't look too closely).

First, I upgraded the BIOS, this appeared to successful and I had already rebooted off the new version. The Asus PcProbe couldn't find the hardware monitor device, I think the P4T-M may not be very well supported board by ASUS (it's the RDRAM version, which wasn't too popular with consumers), so I had a look around for something else...

I found the "Motherboard Monitor 5" app, and since it's been around for ages I gave it a try - I seriously doubt there's a problem with this app, much more likely I've done something stupid while installing it.

So I went through the install, after which I rebooted, and there it was, my machine fails POST before even getting through the Video BIOS boot to the M'B BIOS screen, preferring just to sit there with a blank screen screaming POST fail tones at me: one long, two short (Video adaptor fail), then repeated high short tones (temperature alarm I think).

I'm pretty sure I haven't (but kinda paranoid tha... Read more

A:ASUS P4T-M won't boot after hardware monitor software installed

If it were a bad flash you should have had a problem as soon as you restarted right after flashing and before installing motherboard monitor 5.

If you already tried the jumpers I would suggest ripping everything out and starting from scratch including the video card.

When I mean everything I mean vid card sound card if you have one extra usb expations cards whatever you might have anything and everything that goes into agp/pci/or/pci express slots take out.

Do the reset with the jumpers I think around 20 seconds should do it depending on your board. Put the jumpers back to how they were and restart. If you get nothing try the cmos battery reset. I don't know how long your supposed to have the battery out for the bios settings to reset but thats another way of doing it.

ps. dont forget the drives HD and otherwise system should post without any drives as well.

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Are there and sites on the internet or perhaps software that you can use to tweak your monitor? My old monitor died last week and I have a new monitor and although the picture is clear it seems that the geometry is slightly off and I cannot seem to set the brightness/contrast to the right level.

I know a lot of this is personal preference but are there and sites with possibly a test pattern of some sort or something to help you get your monitor working correctly?

Thanks in advance


A:Any sites and/or software to assist in fine tuning MONITOR?

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Hi All,

I have two issues

#1. I have installed Windows vista 64bit installed on my laptop. Recently I noticed that even if my laptop is kept idle for many hours it doesn't enter into sleep mode. (Earlier it used to enter into sleep mode after 20 mins of idle time.)

I can see the hard disk light blinking continuously.

I suspect some activity is going on because of which laptop is not entering into sleep mode.

#2. Same case with my broadband. I have a broadband account and it requires a login to get connected to the internet. As a security feature, my ISP has set a idle time limit. If there is no network activity for 20 mins from my laptop, my broadband connect used to get disconnected automatically.
But recently I noticed that if my laptop is idle then even after couple of hours, my broadband is not getting disconnected. It shows some network activity is happening from my laptop.

To debug these issues, I need help from you. I need to know are there any softwares available to monitor what activity is going on on my laptop at any point which is stopping my laptop to enter into sleep mode when idle and to monitor which programming is currently using the internet connection and what data is being sent?

Thanks in advance


A:Software to monitor process running and network trafic

This excellent tutorial may help
Power Options and Sleep Mode Problems[11]=Power Management
You will want to take all the possiblities seriously, but pay particular attention to the mouse, keyboard or nic, waking the computer.
You can, also, try and determine the cause by using the event viewer. After the problem, go to search and type event viewer. Look at all errors at the time of the problem as a possible cause. With the cursor in the left hand panel, start with administrative.
A clean boot may, also, help determine if some software is keeping the computer awake.

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I live in India and I have Reliance bb+ connection at my home with and uploading and downloading limit of 35Gbs i.e 15GB in day/month and 20GB for night/month for a month.
This 35Gbs is for a month.
The thing is every month i download way more than my limitation and the charger's for non free usage is tooo much expensive.
So i need such a software which monitor's my downloading as well as uploading on hourly,daily, and monthly bases. And also show different status of day time and night
A software which warn's me when my day and night free usage cross its limit.
In short software which gives me status of my uploading and downloading.

Corrected now: 35GBs/month

A:Need software to monitor my monthly downloading and uploading status

Hello skygaikwad and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might find this free app helpful.

Bandwidth monitor, bandwidth speed test, bandwidth and traffic monitoring tool for Windows

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I have two monitors, one has a faulty switch. And so far I have been using my feet to reach the switch whenever I want to turn the faulty monitor off I tried searching for gadgets, and software, but there does not seem to be a proper software which just turn off the monitor. Any suggestions?

A:Software/gadget to turn off monitor on multi display?

Quote: Originally Posted by mystvearn


I have two monitors, one has a faulty switch. And so far I have been using my feet to reach the switch whenever I want to turn the faulty monitor off I tried searching for gadgets, and software, but there does not seem to be a proper software which just turn off the monitor. Any suggestions?

Just a thought. If you cannot find anything better, maybe a cheap surge protector, with the on off switch. You can put it right by the computer and then you can turn it on or off.
Maybe, not the best idea, but a great last resort. Good luck.

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besides in the sidebar?

I want to see both cores at work and I've disabled the sidebar because it uses too much memory running in the OS's background.

A:In Windows Vista, without using a special software, where can I monitor CPU usage ...

Hello Advice Pro,

You can use Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and look under ther Performace tab to, or use Resource Monitor looking under the CPU drop down area.

Hope this helps,

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I use Task Manager and Procexp to monitor the processes running on my Vista and W7 machines.
But, sometimes I see my disk drive light blinking madly or even solid with access and can't figure out, from these tools, what is accessing the drive so much.
Is there a (free) utility that can do this?

A:Solved: looking for software to monitor hard drive access

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I have a very high resolution monitor and would prefer it if Windows saw it as 2 (or more) separate monitors so that Windows Explorer can behave as if multiple monitors are in use.

Are there any GOOD software solutions for this?

A:Need software to trick Windows to split a monitor into 2 virtual ones

Do you mean show two windows open side by side on your monitor? If so, there are several ways to do it. One, you can left click on the top of a window and, while holding down the button, drag the window to the left or right side of the screen. Open another window and do the same thing to it, only drag it to the other side of the monitor.

You can also do the same with the keyboard. Click on a window anywhere, then, while holding down the windows key, press the right or left arrow key. do the same with the other window, only press the opposite arrow key.

A software solution that offers far more flexibility is Divvy. The trial version can be used indefinitely for free. When you click on the Divvy icon in the tray, it will put a grid onto the screen. You just highlight the cells in the grid where you want the window to resize and move to, then the last active window will resize and move itself on the screen where you highlighted. You can do multiple windows this way. It also works with multiple monitors by putting a grid on each monitor.

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I have a Gateway monitor that you can rotate 90 degrees to the left to give you a vertical picture. It shipped with software that would detect when you rotate the monitor and would automatically rotate the picture to match, however I can't find the disc to save my life and the only solutions I find on the internet want me to pay for it. Does anyone know what the name of this software is?

A:What's the name of the monitor rotation software that ships with Gateway monitors?

Its called EZTune and you can download it free of charge here:

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Good afternoon everyone, The monitor I presently use in an AsusTek, VH198. Although, I have lowered the brightness level to 0, and adjusted the contrast some, the screen still seems to be too bright...especially at night-time.I've briefly looked at a few of the free monitor brightness/dimming control software applications available, but am unsure if they will actually enable me to lower the screen brightness more than what it presently is.My questions:1. Are any of these programs really effective?2. Is there any risk associated with them?3. Any recommendations as to a good one to try?Thank you for your time and any insight!

A:Monitor brightness/dimmer control software; Are they safe to use?

Are you using the video card properties or the on-screen display to control your monitor's brightness.

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I was wandering if there was a software preferably free that would monitor my battery usage history, specially discharge times.
An essential feature that I would like is the software to tell the user how long the battery lasted on it's previous charges.
I know powercfg does something similar but it's hard to get some information at a glance.
Say, I use my laptop continuously from 100% till the battery discharges to say 10%. Would there be a software that can tell me how long my battery lasted?

A:Request: Software to monitor battery usage history

This seems to get some good reviews:

Battery Meter:

Windows Desktop Gadgets - Battery Meter Gadgets

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I need either a diagnostic procedure or some software that will tell me where the problem lies in a glitch in my home theater system.

I have a WD TV Live that I use as a networked media player for playing recorded video files (MPEG-2 streams, ts, tp, avi, mp4) through a HT receiver to the TV. At least once or twice during a one hour program the picture will black out momentarily and recover, or the whole thing will freeze (no response on the remote).

When it freezes it loses all network connectivity and cannot see the LAN. If I unplug the unit and it starts back up it has lost it's normal IP and has a IP instead.

To get things back up and running I will reset the router (TrendNet TEW-691GR). Once the router has rebooted I can access the LAN again and it will work fine for a while longer.

When the WD TV Live loses connectivity, all of the PC's on the wired network lose connectivity. I can't access the router through the PC to reboot it. I have to physically turn it on and off.

I have 2 PCs and the WD TV Live plugged into the router. The 4th Ethernet port is connected to an 8 port switch which is almost full. Not all the devices on the switch are on at one time.

It seems to me fairly obvious that it is the router dropping connections. But I can't completely rule out the WD TV Live because there are none of these problems using the other devices.

Before I shell out near $200 for a replacement I'd like to be sure. Would an... Read more

A:Anyone know Diagnostic Software to monitor wired network for problems?

Have a look at this app,,,it may be just what you are looking for.

Let me know how you get on,,and if so I will try to find something more specific for you.

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HiI am trying to disable the remote computer monitor blanking operation as the computer I am remtoely connecting to has a user on it and I want that person to see what I am seeing...I have tried changing the rgsenderconfig Rgsender.IsBlankScreenAndBlockInputEnabled to 0 but this still does not appear to work...Below is a copy of the configMy laptop is a HP EliteBook 8760w with an Nvidia Quadro 3000M driver version 320.86  and I am connecting to a Z800 with Nvidia Quadro 2000 driver version 320.49.Any additional information you need please let me knowAny suggestions would be greatly appreciated!RegardsAndrew ##### Hewlett-Packard Remote Graphics Software
##### Sender Properties
##### Uncomment a property to override its default value.

## Sets the maximum image update rate that the Sender transmits to the
## Receiver. If the value is set to zero, the update rate will be unlimited.
# Rgsender.MaxImageUpdateRate=30

## Sets the preferred image CODEC.
## Both the sender and receiver must support the specified CODEC.
## The available CODECs are:
## NC (HP3) The default since release 5.0
## HP2 The default prior to release 5.0
## JPEG-LS Lossless, available since 5.3.1
# Rgsender.ImageCodec.Preferred=NC

## Enable or disable the sender disconnecting all receivers when the
## primary user logs out.
# Rgsender.IsDisconnectOnLogoutEnabled=1

## Enable or disable RGS connections if the iLO remote console is
## active. If enabled, simultaneous connections using the i... Read more

A:HP Remote Graphics Software Blanking Monitor Disable

I should also mention that both machines are running Windows 7 64bit SP1 and V6.0.3 of RGS. Kind RegardsAndrew

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Samsung has MagicTune that allows you to change monitor brightness and presets. Planning on picking up a 27" monitor which will be around 2ft away from me and I don't want to get up every single time to change the settings.

What other brands of monitors that offer software control?

A:Other than Samsung, what other monitor brands offer software control?

Why do you change monitor settings so much?

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I?m looking for a software that monitors my computer, specally the temperture and send email alerts if there is something wrong.

Do you guys know about any software like that ?

A:software that monitor cpu temperature and send email alert

I found this but it's Intel only. Core Temp is widely used but i don't know of any way to have it fire an email. You might suggest it to the author though. The AddOns seem to be more about remote monitoring than sending an email.

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I've got an LG Flatron L1900J Monitor, which I bought a couple of years ago. Since there aren't any buttons or contrlols on the device to adjust contrast, colors etc., an additional software is needed to do this, called forteManager. Because the CD shipped with the monitor got lost since a few years, I had to download it from the internet. There's the problem, because there are two versions on LG's website: 2.80 and 3.18, and for me 2.80 would be the appropriate version. When I click to download the older version, a file with a length of 0 bytes will be downloaded, and I couldn't download it from anywhere else. I also tried installing the 3.18 version,(although LG says the two versions are not compatible with each other), it runs, however, I'm not able to change any setting, all options are grayed out, only system and monitor information is shown. After googling a few hours, I succeeded to acquire version 2.62 x64 from the software's manufacturers (Portait displays, Inc.) website. It's drivers are not signed digitally, thus there was a little workaround needed to get the drivers working on Win7 due to the Digital Signature Enforcement. But it's not working: whenever I start the computer this way, a message box pops up the first time saying "Your display configuration has changed. Please reinstall forteManager." And when I start the software, there are also all options grayed out...

My former computer was running XP, and there was fortemanager running properly, bu... Read more

A:forteManager software not working with LG 1900J Monitor win7 x64

i have an LG monitor as well, and i could use forteManager on my old XP machine. once i built my new machine with Win7 x64, that program would not install on my machine either. however, if you are looking to adjust the color settings, try downloading Natural Color Load (its technically a "Sanmsung" program). I have installed this program on my machine (used to have a Samsung monitor) and it still allows you to correct gamma, etc. even though its not a Samsung monitor..

Just my 2?..


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Acronis Backup Software Email Notification Monitoring Software


I am an IT Administrator and I have about 50 customers who have are using Acronis True Image to backup their workstations or servers. The Acronis programs are sending me email reports on a daily basis.

I am looking for software that will help me by monitoring all my Acronis True Image notifications for reports that are missing or have an error and then notify me of which specific one errored or is missing. Any ideas?

A:Looking for Software to Monitor and report on Email Notifications of System Backup Re

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Every time that I open Reliability Monitor it shows that all my
applications have been installed that day. Select another day in the graph,
and all apps were installed that other day too. I'm not sure whats going on
here ? It doesn't seem to be causing any pain - other than I get a warning in the monitor every day in the software installs section, but its clearly not
right. Anyone got any ideas ? I'm using Vista Home Premium.



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