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Registry Key for Folder View > Large Icons

Q: Registry Key for Folder View > Large Icons

I've got a little registry file that I run on all my new installs. One thing I been wanting to add to it is the ability to set the Folder View settings to "Large Icons" for "All Folders". The manual way to do this is...

- Open folder
- Right-Click > View > Large Icons
- Tools > Folder Options > View > Apply to Folders

So basically I'm looking for the registry key that I can change to set this via reg file. I've tried digging around in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\BagMRU & Bags but it looks like those are for all folders. I'm looking for the one specific key/value that windows checks to determine what the folder view should be.

Thanks in advance!

A: Registry Key for Folder View > Large Icons

Hello XenonKilla,

If you like, you could set your folder view settings to how you like, then use the tutorial to back up these settings as a .reg file that you can use to restore them in any user account.

Folder View Settings - Back Up and Restore in Windows

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I have two icons that I want to assign to two folders. Unfortunately, something has gone wrong. Let me explain what happened step by step:

1. I have two folders: "A" and "B".
2. I have two icons (.ico files): "A" and "B".
3. I place icon "A" in folder "A" and icon "B" in folder "B".
4. I assign icon "A" to folder "A" and icon "B" to folder "B".
5. I notice that I've switched the icons around.
6. I move icon "A" to folder "B" and icon "B" to folder "A".
7. I rename icon "A" to "B" and icon "B" to "A".
8. I assign icon "A" to folder "A" and icon "B" to folder "B".
9. I notice that I still get to see the switched-around icons that I assigned in step 4 in the large and extra large icon views. In the smaller views the folder icons are now correct.

Here's what I did to try solve this problem:

- Follow two tutorials: Icon Cache - Rebuild and Default File Associations - Restore in Windows 8 (for .ico files).
- Remove the icon cache using the Disk Cleanup utility.
- Run "sfc /scannow" and "chkdsk /f /r".
- Run CCleaner to cleanup the registry and manually remove some registry keys that I pinpointed by looking for the registry keys that change when I assign an icon to a folder.
- Restart the computer and the "explorer.exe&... Read more

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Hi guys! Every time I access a folder I have to go: VIEW- EXTRA LARGE ICONS to change how thumbnails are shown on windows explorer. How can I make VIEW as EXTRA LARGE ICONS a DEFAULT mode?? Many thanks!

A:How to view EXTRA LARGE ICONS as default?

ok i think it goes like this . change folder view to extra large icons, then clik organize / folder and search options/ view tab /apply to folders

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Have I lost my mind - don't answer that !!!

I want to have my folders open in the Maximized form and with the Icons being in the Extra Large View. That seems simple enough, but -

I keep using Folder Options, but it just is not sticking. Am I using the wrong tool?

Thanks so much for any assistance. I appreciate BC a lot! I know that I can trust it here, and that is worth more than gold these days - - but then again, gold is not worth much either. . . .


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Strange new behavior.
Win 8.1
When I choose a folder and opt for view/large or medium icons, I initially get the chosen option, but after I close the folder and open it again after a few minutes, it opens back to the original details setting---quite annoying. This happens particularly after rebooting.

Any ideas?

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Whenever I view a folder which contains .MP4 (H264) video files in large icon view (shows thumbnails), Windows 7's Explorer crashes. Explorer loads for a few seconds, the green progress bar shows up, and then boom!, Explorer crashes. The thumbnails are not shown before crashing. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I tried setting Folder options to 'Always show icons, never thumbnails' (disables thumbnails) on the same folder with MP4 (H264) video files and Explorer doesn't crash if the MP4 thumbnails aren't shown. I tried testing in other folders containing other video formats (with 'Always show icons, never thumbnails' set to off) like .AVI/Xvid, without an MP4/H264 file, and Windows Explorer shows the thumbnails fine without crashing.

I have not currently experienced problems with other formats, only MP4/H264. The only media players that I have installed are KMPlayer and VLC Media Player which both do not install external codecs, AFAIK. The only external codec I have installed is CoreAVC, but I have been using CoreAVC for months (KMPlayer+CoreAVC is one of the first things I installed in Windows 7) without any problems (this issue just arose a few days ago).

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 bit.

Note: I prefer a solution that will not end up disabling video thumbnails for MP4 files. I still would like to see MP4 video thumbnails, if possible. If the video files themselves are problematic, I reckon Explorer should not crash and just not show the thumbnails.

E... Read more

A:Windows Explorer crashes with MP4 files in Large Icons(thumbnails)view

Try reinstalling your KMPlayer and VLC player.

After that do system file checker:
Right click Command Prompt → run as admin → sfc /scannow

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I'm using Kolor Autopano Pro, on W8 Pro. In this application there is a 'Select images' control which opens an explorer window to choose the images for a pano.

Often it crashes with an exception c0000374, as follows:

Autopano Pro (Build 12/03/2013 )

Stopped working

‎12/‎05/‎2013 16:04

Report sent

Faulting Application Path: C:\Program Files\Kolor\Autopano Pro 3.0\AutopanoPro_x64.exe

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: AutopanoPro_x64.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 513f04c4
Fault Module Name: StackHash_58b1
Fault Module Version: 6.2.9200.16420
Fault Module Timestamp: 505ab405
Exception Code: c0000374
Exception Offset: PCH_1B_FROM_ntdll+0x0000000000002C2A
OS Version: 6.2.9200.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 58b1
Additional Information 2: 58b107ff772738b9d40473f199a9bbac
Additional Information 3: 398f
Additional Information 4: 398ffb97eb84e25cb020526ceb62d673

Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: dae2bdc92438601f1b7abf5ca3a5c973 (104288499)

In particular it crashes if I scroll the window rapidly while the thumbnails are still being populated.
If I scroll it one row at a time to the very end, such that all the thumbnails (from DNG, JPG and TIF files) are filled in then I can use the slider to scroll rapidly up and down the window, no problem at all. Cycling through the different ... Read more

A:Exception when scrolling a folder with 'large icon' view.

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis (even though you're not reporting BSOD's): Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

Also, Please do the following (preferably immediately after the app crashes - it'll be easier for me to scan):
- open Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc)
- expand the Custom Views category (left click on the > next to the words "Custom Views")
- right click on Administrative Events
- select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."
- save the file as Admin.evtx
- zip up the file (right click on it, select "Send to", select "Compressed (zipped) folder")
- upload it with your next post (if it's too big, then upload it to a free file-hosting service and post a link here).

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and also when deleting files recycle bin shows a black icon..

please help...

A:Folder Icons Are invisible when viewed large

Hi Qwerty77
Try this:

1) Right click the folder and choose properties.
2) Click on the Customize Tab.
3) Choose Change Icon at the bottom
Pick an icon you want top use for the folder,then click ok.

You may have inadvertently clicked on a "white" space when choosing icons. (It is possible to create invisible folders in that manner, hence the black box.
Try right clicking on your desktop first, and click refresh.
Hope this helps...

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i'd like to change my desktop icons to 32bits view without having to install the laptop drivers 100mb or more
video drivers. I prefer letting windows8 manage the display, without installing garbage video tools.. & adding
more garbage to my vm.

could you offer me a way to modify it in the registry ?

A:Change my desktop icons to 32 bits view in registry?

this can be achieved hitting ctrl button+mouse wheel on the desktop, "for those who have a mouse wheel....... ."
i'm on a laptop & don't have an external mouse at disposition. but that's the solution.

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Can anyone direct me to the registry setting for the default folder view in W2K. I want to make it List view.
We run mandatory profiles and when making new profiles always change the default view to list. But when we assign the profile, in some cases the views are fine but others if you go down 2 or 3 levels down the view changes back to large icons. We can have 2 identical users logged onto 2 different machines and the views are different. We have spent quite a bit of time comparing different users to find out why and have decided a registry change would probably be easier.
Any Help would be appreciated.

A:Change default folder view in registry

I don't know if I can be all that much help to you, as far as any registry settings, because I'm not aware of any. But what I would do, is log in as admin and change the profile to ntuser.dat, log in as that user, go through all the levels, changing the folder view to list each time you see it them not in list view. Log out and back in as admin and change the ntuser.dat file back to and delete the ntuser log file. Hopefully, the changes will stick next time you log in with that profile. Hope this helps if you haven't tried it already.

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I would like to use small icons in a folder view.
Unfortunately, this choice does not appear in the list of choices.

Is there some way i can use small icons in the view of a folder ?


A:How can i put small icons in my view of a folder ... ?

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Hey guys, I managed to change my default icons to blue ones. They show great in List view but when I switch to the Large Icons view, thumbnails show preview in Yellow(original) icon, is there way to change them as well?

A:Icon change in "Large Icons" view

Hello ConstanT1ne, and welcome to Seven Forums.

This may be able to help. Be sure to read the NOTE box at the top of the tutorial as well.

Folder Icon - Change Windows 7 Default Folder Icon

Hope this helps,

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I recently installed Windows 7, and I wanted to see about changing the folder view--not the folder tree, but the way the actual folders appear, specifically for folders containing photos. I have a lot of photos in different folders, and my old computer displayed each folder as a flat, square folder with 4 little preview images of what is in the folder. The new version of Windows displays the folder vertically with the folder open and the documents/photos inside spilling out, I have the view set to "extra large icons" but it is still difficult to tell what is in each folder, I really want to go back to the old way. I looked in the folder options in the control panel but don't see anything for a classic view. Can someone help me with this?

A:How to view classic folder display/icons in Windows 7?

I hope no one can . In windows vista or windows 7 there is no longer the thumbnail preview , but the live folders ... half open with the contents shown .

Probably there is no way to get the option back .

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Hello, I recently got a new computer running Windows 7, and I wanted to see about changing the folder view--not the folder tree, but the way the actual folders appear, specifically for folders containing photos. I do digital graphics and designs. I have a lot of photos in different folders, and my old computer displayed each folder as a flat, square folder with 4 little preview images of what is in the folder. The new version of Windows displays the folder vertically with the folder open and the documents/photos inside spilling out, it is difficult to tell what is in each folder, I really want to go back to the old way. I looked in the folder options in the control panel but don't see anything for a classic view. Please tell me there is a way to view the folders in Windows 7 like in the old XP....Thanks!!

A:How to view classic folder display/icons in Windows 7?

No, sorry there is not.


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Anybody can share how to increase the size of icons in the details view of folders? there are a couple of howto around but they don't work, any new solution you know?

A:Increase Icons Size in Folder Details View

You can change the icon size to pretty much any size you like using CtrlMouseWheelZoom.exe

It's an AutoHotKey script compiled as an executable and you can download it here:

How to assign browser-like zooming hotkeys for resizing icons on the Desktop and in the Explorer window in Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 | Winaero

In addition to the video shown in the above link here's another video (below) showing the script in action on my machine.

Folder is set to "General Items" and "Details View"

Icon size is remembered on a per folder basis (Folder Template Discovery is off). Not sure what happens if you've got Folder Template Discovery switched on.

Note: CtrlMouseWheelZoom.exe will run until you kill the process via task manager or other method.

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All Word documents in a particular folder are not visible when I either search for them or browse the folder in question.

The folder in question is set to view all files and folders any Word documents have the same settings that allow them to be visible in other folders.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I am running Office 2003 Pro on Win XPsp2


A:Solved: Word document icons not appearing in folder view.

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I've done a couple of searches for terms I thought might be relevant to my question but didn't turn up anything that looked helpful. I need Folder List view but badly want to use seven-forums' awesome auto-arrange solution, which won't work with the gutted win7 list view. I've been giving Small Icons a try as the closest thing to list view, but there's one problem with Small Icons that I find to be a deal-breaker: when Small icons has a big enough window to display columns, it doesn't list the items in order all the way down a full column and begin again at the top of the next column, like List view. Instead, Small icons sorts items _across_, in rows, and begins again at the next row.

Unfortunately, although I've given it a good try, I find that it's far more intuitive for my eye to move down a column when dealing with discontinuous units of information (such as file names) than it is to move across rows, so I absolutely must find a way to change this or it's back to List view and (ugh) auto-arrange.

I know the Windows GUI doesn't provide a way to do this, but is it possible with a registry hack? One of my web searches revealed ListView (GUI), which might enable me to use list view in such a way as to prevent auto-arranging, but my scripting ability is way too limited for me to jump into something like that without a couple of vacations' worth of spare time to do lots and lots of learning-curve work.

Thanks much for either good or bad news re the Small-icons issue--... Read more

A:Force Small Icons folder view to sort downward in columns?

Curious, what is it that List view doesn't give you?

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Hi, i wonder why my Icon does not show in Large Icon view and can be seen in other Icon View? It is invisible when you use Large Icon view. And i can't change my desktop back ground at all. It just won't save the change. Any help is appreciated.

A:Window unable to view file in Large Icon view

Hi there,

You might want to consider a System Restore if this is a recent occurrence.

Using the System File Checker (sfc scannow) would be my next suggestion.

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First post here on the SevenForums! I'm only saving the tough ones for you guys! Here's the problem:

My client's computer was infected with a virus obtained via Facebook. I removed this and multiple other infections (and I'm pretty thorough with my scanning). She gets it back, starts working on it, and apparently her devices and printers icons are blank. Not missing, like with a "blank page" icon, just... blank. Here's the kicker: it only happens with large and extra large icons. It also happens with normal folder icons. When I change it to medium or lower, they come back. I've tried rebuilding the icon cache database several times, tried sfc /scannow, tried chkdsk, tried uninstalling any recent updates, etc... There have been no hardware changes, the hard drive has been tested as good (no bad sectors), her dual monitors are at a sane resolution, and I'm confident that the viruses has been removed. Trust me -- I've tried all the obvious stuff I can think of. Thanks and Good luck!

Edit: Also, I did about 30 minutes of searching through previous threads. Couldn't find a thing, but I could have missed it...

A:Large & extra large icons blank

Quote: Originally Posted by Xileos

First post here on the SevenForums! I'm only saving the tough ones for you guys! Here's the problem:

My client's computer was infected with a virus obtained via Facebook. I removed this and multiple other infections (and I'm pretty thorough with my scanning). She gets it back, starts working on it, and apparently her devices and printers icons are blank. Not missing, like with a "blank page" icon, just... blank. Here's the kicker: it only happens with large and extra large icons. It also happens with normal folder icons. When I change it to medium or lower, they come back. I've tried rebuilding the icon cache database several times, tried sfc /scannow, tried chkdsk, tried uninstalling any recent updates, etc... There have been no hardware changes, the hard drive has been tested as good (no bad sectors), her dual monitors are at a sane resolution, and I'm confident that the viruses has been removed. Trust me -- I've tried all the obvious stuff I can think of. Thanks and Good luck!

Edit: Also, I did about 30 minutes of searching through previous threads. Couldn't find a thing, but I could have missed it...

Well you probably pulled some icon cache files off that were infected but also had the L and XL icons. If sfc didnt work you could try a repair install. It will re-install only the files with different hash marks.

Make a backup and restore point first just in case

Ke... Read more

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If you extract the icons from imageres.dll or shell32.dll then the maximum icon size is about 64x64 and 32x32 for most icons. I am trying to extract the largest icons, where can I get them. or am I just doing it wrong?

A:Where are the Extra-Large and Large Icons stored

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When viewing large and extra large photo previews, the jpeg thumbnails will not load. Is this a 64 bit issue?

Any Ideas?

A:Large, Extra Large Icons won't load

I can tell you it's not a 64 bit issue as I do not have this problem.
Beyond that, I'll have to defer to another with more expertise in this matter.

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I've seen multiple posts here and other forums and I have tried all of the steps provided in those posts but it is not resolving my issue. I have the exact same issue as the user in THIS THREAD. I have tried the icon database rebuild (both manually and using the bat file HERE), I have tried ie4uinit.exe - ClearIconCache from command prompt, I have tried Disk Cleanup and checked the box to delete icon cache and I have tried different cache size amounts using the steps HERE. I've tried these all from normal boot and safe mode. I don't know what else to do. The icons that have the problem keep changing every time I restart the PC. I can change them to another icon, rename the icon the shortcut had previously been using and reapply that icon and it shows normal at that time but as soon as I restart the PC, icons change to the smaller size on random shortcuts again. What other steps are there?

Thanks in advance.

A:Multiple icons showing in smallest size when using Extra Large Icons

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

Have you tried the batch file in this tutorial:
Folder View Settings - Reset All to Default
It resets the area of the registry that stores some desktop icon info.
warning: read the note about desktoprestore.

You might also want to try combining the batch file for icon cache rebuild with this one... only kill/restart explorer once at the end.

Does this problem happen if you create (& log onto) a new (test) user account?

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Hello. This is driving me nutz. I did a reformat recently. I have XP Home. Before I reformated, in view as icons in a folder, I used to see .ico files in the folders as they really were. ie... the actual icon picture. I can see them in thumbnail view, but their real small.

The problem is now is when I open my icon folder and set view as icon, all I see is my .ico files with the icon for my paint progam. Make sense? I hope.

I'm wanting to know how to set it back to see the icons as they really are in the folder itself. Thanks.

A:Icons in "folder view"

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I have a folder with about 20 images and 20 folders (with avi's, images, and txt files inside).

When I initially check the disk size (while the folder is being viewed in Icons View), the disk size reads 28,415,404,695 bytes.

When I change it to Thumbnail View, the disk size increases to 28,415,444,631 bytes.

I know it's only a 39,936 byte difference but I'm just wondering where this is coming from? When I change it back to Icons View, it still reads 28,415,444,631 bytes. How do you get it back to the original 28,415,404,695 bytes?


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I've been tinkering with the look of my whole system recently. I didn't like the default theme or the folder icons. Now with the help of SevenForums article How to change default folder icons: It was a very handy article that got me quite far and the same principles applied to Win10 as it did on 7

I've been able to change only a few of the default folders. Now as I'm fairly average at tinkering I've done what the article said on my 10 machine with some success as shown below:

However the live folders do not update despite editing both the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Shell Icons AND the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Shell Icons Registry locations. This met with the above result after a restart. Below you can see what I did to the registry:

As you can see from the registry paths I replaced 3, 4, 5 (back), 6 (front) and 162 (full). But 5, 6 and 162 have not updated at all.

So Am I missing something or is there no way to alter these types of folders? Including but not limited to such as the Fonts folder icon, live folders, full folders or folders containing data of one form or another for example:

Any thoughts, help or suggestions would be appreciated, and if this article happens to already exist somewhere I do apologise for cluttering the forum up here as I've not been able to find anything specific so far.

Thank... Read more

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I've been happily using Deskview.exe for all windows versions up to Windows 7, but for some reason this tool won't work on Win 8 anymore.
Is there anyway to view desktop icons in List view?

A:How to view desktop icons in list view?

Originally Posted by hydeit

Is there anyway to view desktop icons in List view?

Probably not what you're looking for but,
you can list desktop icons in list view using file explorer > desktop

Running File Explorer and clicking the UP arrow until you reach the desktop.
Change view mode to list.

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We have three PC's, one running XP Pro and the other two XP Home (all SP3). All have IE7 with Google toolbars, all have Acrobat Reader v.8. The two with XP Home can download a full PDF file of any size and read the whole thing in the browser without problems. The one with XP Pro won't do that - it downloads (say) the first 0.5 MB of the file and gets no further. IE7 displays the bit of the PDF it's got, but stops responding and has to be shut down from the Task Manager. Right clicking and "Save target as.." works fine. I've used the work round of disabling "View in Browser" in Adobe Reader, but the behaviour seems very odd indeed and baffles me! It's quite consistent on any PDF file greater than about 0.5MB.

Has anyone else encountered this and found a solution, other than disabling "browser view" as I have done?



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Hi I am having an issue which i cannot seem to solve, when i try to open any jpeg larger than about 1600px on the longest edge in either photo viewer or the photos app all i get is a black screen where the picture should be, any images smaller are fine, images open fine in photoshop and also ok on my other laptop running windows 7. I have downloaded all available updates and still the same any ideas
thanks in advance

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I am confused.  "My Music" folder is no where to be found under username. This is strange and I cant seem to recreate it.Under C:/username in the explorer view (left side) I now have:My DocumentsMy PicturesMy VideosI don't have:My MusicBut if you actually go to my computer, then the username folder in the C drive, you won't see those three folders.....why is that 


A:Libraries appear in one explorer view, but missing in folder view

Kindly stop starting multiple threads that discuss the same subject (libraries and user folders). You started multiple threads roughly three hours apart and it's confusing to people following them, myself included, because we wouldn't know which one to reply to and which one to ignore, plus it's in total disregard to cross-posting etiquette. The first one located here already started receiving relevant replies and people are more likely to follow it, so I recommend you stick to that thread and await responses therein. The other extra and unnecessary thread is here, plus this one.

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I keep all of my folders in Large Icons view but sometimes they revert to 'Details' view on their own! How do I get them to stay in Large Icons view permanently?

A:Folder view settings changing after I select the view I want

Hello kidxp, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, you can use the method in the tutorial below to set a default folder view for all folders.

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

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Hi All. Baffled again by Microsoft's incomprehensible format...

Set up a quick view this morning, (stupid move) and now cannot get back to my account folders view... so for example to view recently sent items, quick view will only allow me to see all 3000 - everything I have ever sent... WHY?

If I un-click the quick view option, there is nothing in the folders pane, how do I return to the 'account folders view'?, each with their own inbox, sent box, deleted item etc

WLM has an 'all inbox' option, is there an option for 'all sent' or all drafts' etc files that have not been moved to 'storage folders' but are still live like the 'all inbox' files?

Is there a way of simplifying this bloated all or nothing menu? So much simpler and user friendly - like menus and shortcuts that AREN'T hidden.

Cheers - any help greatly received

A:switching from Quick view back to Folder View

I'll assume you mean in WLM? If you click on Menu> Layout do you have these options? (I don't use WLM myself )

If so, is Show storage folders ticked?

A Guy

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I was able to keep my home page on the browser where I want it. However, I have a seach toolbar that shows up whenever I open the broswer. I can select not to see with the 'view' tab but it gets reselected for view whenever I open the Broswer.

I also get the same 'search' toolbar in other windows (Windows Explorer for example.

Another porblem which seems to be related to the same source, is that although I have remember file view selections when reopening a folder in 'Folder Option' it always goes back to 'Large Icons' (I want 'list')

The problems all come from the original Broser Hi-jack thing. Can anyone advise?

A:Browser Tool Bar(also folder view) View Default

Please download HijackThis. Create a folder at C:\HJT and move HijackThis.exe there. Run a scan and save the log file. Post the whole log file here. Do not fix anything since most of them listed there are harmless (some are system required). This program will help us determine if there is any spyware/malware on your computer.

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How can you remove/delete program icons etc. for one user, not for other.

I have my system set up with TWO users; Administrator and one other 'limited' user [so the kids can be on PC etc.]. When I install programs, icons are on both desktops. If I for instance delete an icon in one user, it also disapears in the other.

I have checked everywhere; For eg. in c:/users/.../desktop folder there are only some files/icons there, but on the desktop its self there are many more, and if I delete an icon, it also dissapears from my admin desktop.

A:ICONS View/Hide program icons for users

I believe you need to move the icons out of C:\Users\Public\Desktop to your account Desktop. That should prevent them from being visible to the limited account.

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I am copying some old home videos to DVDs. I am first playing them through a VCR/DVD recorder which creates a DVD, but I want to edit them, so am then having to convert them to a format that iMovie can use. Can you tell me the best format to use when my final goal is to be able to view them on a large screen TV? I'm planning to use Tipard Video Converter which looks like it can convert to just about any format, but also have BDlot Video Converter and AVS Video Converter, if one of those would be better.

Thanks for any suggestions.

A:Ripping DVDs to view on large screen

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On my friend's computer, when she tries to use the Filmstrip view on Windows Explorer, the large preview does not appear anywhere. Also, the thumbnails appear at the top of the window rather than at the bottom. This happening on every folder both on her local machine and on her server, and to every user on that computer.

Changing the customization of the folder to something else and then back does not fix it. I made sure she did not have the "Use Classic Folders" set and that the "Show common tasks in folders" setting is set. I also made sure that she was using the Windows XP style for her display. I just don't know what else to try. Is there a way to repair this, or to reinstall that particular pluggin? I imagine there is something wrong set on the registry, but doing a quick search on regedit for "filmstrip" yielded no results. Any one have any ideas?

A:Missing large preview in Filmstrip View

This problem is affecting my computer as well. Any ideas? Anyone? Please?

A note, before anyone says "use the customize tab under Properties"-the customize tab isn't showing up.

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For example, if I change the view of one folder to "large icons" or to "list" or whatever, then ALL of the folders will have that view. But I want specific folders to have specific view types. How can I accomplish this?

A:If I change the view of one folder, the view of all folders changes?!?

Hello S35,

Is this within a Libray folder?

All Included Folders and subfolders in a library will always share the same folder view. You can have separate Arrange by view settings in each added New folder in the library though.

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This is something that has puzzled me for ages. I open a directory which has some sub-directories and some stand-alone files. I do view details. The file sizes are displayed, but the folder sizes are not displayed. In order to find a folder that doesn't match size with the source, I have to go through the painfully tedious task of right clicking and selecting properties on each folder. With XP, there was a tool I installed which allowed me to display the folder size, but the tool doesn't work in Windows 7.

Is there a way one can easily view the folder sizes without having to right click and select properties for each individual folder?

A:Help!!! How can I view folder sizes in view details?

Just use:

GetFoldersize - View Disk Usage, Calculate Disk Space

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Changing folder icons to show open or closed and changing default folder icons like "Favorites".

Here we go again.

I have recentely learned how to change a folder icon manually in Windows Explorer, and now would like to be able to manually change the folder so it shows the folder open and shows the folder closed.

I would also like to know how to change default folder like "Favorites" and "Control Panel"

A:Changing folder icons to show open or closed and changing default folder icons.....

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First, please forgive me if I have overlooked this issue in the many searches I have performed thus far.

I would like to know if anyone has a way to change all folder icons within a single folder to one specific icon without performing each one individually. I have over 1,400 folders within a master folder of which I would like to change the child folder icons. I really don't wish to perform this on a folder-by-folder basis.
This is not a Default Folder Icon Change inquiry. This is simply all child folders within a single master folder. I would also be interested if the change would affect all folders of a specific type. Windows 7 does allow the 'setup' of a folder to be distributed (details view with selected details, order, and column size for example) but the icon did not distribute as well.

Any suggestions?

A:Bulk Change All Folder Icons in Single Folder or Folder Type

First, a little bit of theory. What happens when a person sets a custom icon for a folder in Windows 7?
1. Attributes of a Folder change to Read-only (of the folder, NOT content!).
2. A hidden system file created inside that folder, which contains a link to the icon.

Thus, having such file as model, it is possible simply copy it across desired folders, and change attributes of those folders correspondingly.

Secondly, having this idea in my mind, I have put all of my little knowledge of Batch files together and created a script.
BEFORE script is started the following is needed to be done:
Master folder needs to be selected and a custom icon applied to it.

1. Script is placed inside that master folder and launched.
2. First, script checks if hidden system file with custom icon settings is there.
3. Secondly, script looks for subfolders and start changing its attributes.
4. Thirdly, script copies this settings file to all subfolders of current master folder, including all levels of subfolders.

For 100 folders it took about 21 seconds, for 200 folders with different levels of subfolders it took about 57 seconds on my laptop.

I have included remarks (comments) in the source code for better understanding what is going on.

UPDATE: Original file deleted. Script was not meant to be applied to system folders.
Please check a newer FIXED version at this post.


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So I'm trying to add an incon for my folder but all the icons seem to be from XP and small (in the default folder %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll). Tryed to google the location of large icons but all it gives me is links for downloading new icon packs... no thanks.
Please help. Thank you!

A:Where are the large icons?

Hi karelo

The icons in the shell32.dll contain all the sizes from 16x16 to 256x256.You can use the device images scroll bar to see the different sizes available as below.

You can use this- Download IconViewer to open the .dll files to view the icon sizes.

Hope this helps


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Hello, I want what's inside the external hard drive, to look the same no matter the pc it's plugged into.
So, I found how to change Folder Icons permanently from another thread,..
Now, what remains is changing the folder view, or else the icons won't be clear, so is that even possible?
PS. I know it's kinda OCD ..

A:External Hard Drive, Permanent Folder View (Folder Icon Size)

I did some research , and found that it was possible on windows xp via the "desktop.ini" through "FolderType=string" (eg: pictures, videos), but it seems it's impossible on windows 7.
The reason is that the " Show Common Tasks" in Folder options has been removed from windows 7.

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Related Q:
How to add a Small and Large icon for Uninstall a Program in Control Panel View: Large and Small?
I hate searching the Main List or a Control Panel in Category view, as not all icons or function seen.
Reg file patch preferred.
Thanks, Donald

A:Small and Large icon for Uninstall a Program in Control Panel View

Hello Donald,

You should be able to click on the usual View (Menu bar) or View (toolbar button) to select to have Large Icons or Small Icons.

Icon Size - Change in Windows Explorer Window

Hope this helps,

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When I'm in a folder and changes the folder view from, say, List to Extra Large Icons, the folder view changes for all the folders on my computer, which is a royal PITA. Is there any way to change the folder view only in the folder I'm in at the time and leave the setting for the other folders as is? Example: have picture folders set for Extra Large Icons and some document folders set for List and others, Details.

A:Change Folder View Setting from Global to Individual Folder

If this doesn't help I'm not sure what will outside some third party app,
Folder View - Apply to Folders

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I just installed windows xp on my IBM desktop. Everything is huge. I have to move the bottom & top bar to see everything. How do I make everything smaller?

A:large screen & icons

Hello mickey72,

You will need to install your device drivers (chipset,graphics,audio,etc) .

You may have a disc that contains the Drivers or you can download them from the

manufacturer's website.

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Hi, having installed xp again I see the icons on the desktop are bigger than they used to be and the start bar seems about 1/3 or so deeper than before.

Also, some web pages don't all fit on the page as they did before, some only display 2/3 across the page instead of being able to read them right across. Is there some change I can make in windows to fix this. Thanks for reading and in advance for any help offered.

A:Solved: large icons etc

Right click on the desktop > Properties > Settings.
If you can't change the display options there to produce the result you want, have you installed the drivers for your graphics adapter?

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I have downloaded some programs lately that when I open them they make the icons and the desktop so large I cant even get to the start button. Do you know what causes this and how do I make it stop . After the program is closed the icons go back to there propper size. I am running Windows Vista. Thanks .

A:Large Icons 0n desktop

What programs?
It sounds as though your resolution settings are being changed, and I've seen this happen with some older games.

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i've got a bunch of nifty icons that are sized 128pixels and if i set windows to use them they also change on the start menu and in varius others of explorer. do you all know if it is possible to change the desktop, and only the desktop's, icons to 128 without effecting the other icons?

A:is it possible to use large icons only on the desktop?

Right click on the desktop, choose properties... Under the appearance tab choose advanced click on the item combo box and select icon then you can change its size in pixels on the drop-down to the right.

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Not sure what has hapened but all of my fonts icons toolbar headers are all really large. Wether online or not.

I have tried adjusting properties but think i am doing something wrong.

A:Large Fonts and Icons

Open your Display Properties by right-clicking on the desktop > Properties.

Under the Appearance tab you'll be able to change your font's size. Under Advanced, you'll have a scroll down menu to adjust all the other settings like icons, toolbars, etc.

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After installing Vista the desktop icons are quite large, my resolution is set to the recommended setting with is the 1280 one and its the max it goes anyway but the icons still look largeand everything else looks ok.

Anyway help or suggestions will be much appreciated.

A:Desktop Icons: They Are Quite Large

Yes, Izzy -

Right click anywhere on the blank desktop and look closely at the menu.

One of the choices lets you change the size of the shortcut images.

Sorry, I'm not at my Vista system right now, so I can't recall the exact wording,

but I'm sure you'll see it.

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I'm not sure if this is the correct section, it seemed like the only one which was relevant to my problem.

In Vista I used to be able to view a folders contents and arrange the files by date modified or name etc by clicking on the field on the title bar (I think it's called title bar). Now in Windows 7 when viewing large icons the title bar is missing and I have to right click in the folder and then choose 'sort by', then select what I wish to sort by. This takes a lot longer than having the title bar there. Is there a way to get the title bar back when viewing by large icons.


A:How do I get the title bar when using large icons

The snipping tool is a wonderful thing. Attaching a picture of what you mean is very helpful.. You can attach a file by using the paper clip after making Snipping tool copy.

For now all I might suggest is to adjust the view settings, or use the Organize option to go to folder options which are both in the "Title Bar" or close anyway

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How did I change the font size from appearance to large for an individual user in a Citrix desktop (Windows 7 build).

When right clicking personalize it's blocked by group policy.
This must not apply to all users only the one persons profile.

I'm currently looking for the registry setting under HKEY_Current_User.

Thanks in advance.

A:Changing font size to large via registry

Quote: Originally Posted by TheITGuy

How did I change the font size from appearance to large for an individual user in a Citrix desktop (Windows 7 build).

When right clicking personalize it's blocked by group policy.
This must not apply to all users only the one persons profile.

I'm currently looking for the registry setting under HKEY_Current_User.

Thanks in advance.

You want to revert the font size back to default in the registry , correct?

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Sorry folks, if this is the wrong place to post. Visual studio is not exactly an office product, so I am posting here for lack of a better category.

I installed 2010 and was surprised to see the tiny icons in the toolbar. So that those of you not familiar with the problem understand, the toolbar icons in Visual Studio 2010 are about half the size of the icons in the message tools on this forum.

Searching the web I see a number of complaints but no solutions. Microsoft rep's just "thank us" for our concern. Might anyone know how if there is a fix or a hack to get some resonably sized (twice as big at least) icons for the toolbar?


A:Large Icons for Visual Studio?

Have you seen this?

Command Image Changing Extension - The Visual Studio Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

A Guy

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First of all sorry if this is the wrong section but I'm new here. So I used to have large icons on my desktop and after the electricity went off my PC shut down. When I restarted it some of the large icons were displaying as normal. I tried restarting the PC again but nothing happened, I tried to view all the icons on small and medium then in large and nothing happened. I tried deleting the shortcuts and make them again and still nothing happened. How can I fix this? Here are some pics, sorry for low quality:

A:Large Icons are appearing as Medium

Try pressing 'Ctrl+scrolling with middle mouse button', this is modify the icons sizes

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I've been using the registry tweak found below in IE 10 to get Large Icons but this doesn't work anymore and from what I read it's because IE 11 is designed for Windows 8. Does anyone know a registry tweak to make this work in Windows 7.


Internet Explorer - Use Small or Large Icons

A:IE 11 Use large icons no longer works

Yes I have Always been using that tweak myself too. And it did work in Windows 8 also. But since I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and got Internet Explorer 11, it ain't working anymore.

Edit: Funny enough; if you enlarge the system to 125% then do apear so they are somewhere in the system. But now a way to enable them in normal 100% view.

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Anyone know a way to reduces the space between the extra large icons or other sizes? Without changing the icon size, I remember in 2000 it was easy to do but all icons were the same size.

A:Space between the extra large icons

Hi SosRandom,

There is really no true way to change the spacing. The only workaround that I know of is to manually change the window size some to change the space inbetween the icons some.

Hope this helps,

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l am trying to stop large icons coming up on my comp it takes 3 or 4 times on restarting my comp to get my icons to go
to normal size can any one tell me what causes this and how do l stop it from doing it

A:getting large icons when starting computor

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My daughter's laptop has extra large icons that I cannot get rid of. Also, when she goes to a website, that too is also very large and will not fit on the screen. I have tried to right click and adjust the icons but that does not get them back to normal. I have checked the dpi and that is as small as can be adjusted, Any help with this will be appreciated!!

A:Solved: Cannot get rid of extra large icons

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as i have chosen 150 % size , i cannot reach anymore the lowest part for configuration settings

so i cannot change it back

i am a first user for w8

how can i solve it ?

A:large icons cannot reach configuration

Can you get to Custom sizes?

See here:

DPI Display Size Settings - Change - Windows 7 Forums

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I don't understand why it is when I create an internet shortcut on a Windows 7 desktop, most of the icons are "miniature", where as some of them are full size on the desktop. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to which shortcut will be small and which will be full size.

Please see the attached screenshot. The site "Brass Goggles" is full size and "seven forums" is miniature.

On XP, these same sites were all full size. I have no idea what is causing this erratic behavior. Any ideas?


PS Is this the correct place to address this questions? (This is my first post here).

A:Small and Large Desktop Icons - Why?

Quote: Originally Posted by bob3d

...Please see the attached screenshot. The site "Brass Goggles" is full size and "seven forums" is miniature...

They look the same size to me.

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I use Windows XP. I need to start up in safe mode to try to solve a computer problem. Whenever I start up in safe mode the Icons are so large that when I click on the program I need to use the screen is so large I can not see the bottom of the screen to click to the next page. Is there a way for me to reduce the icon size. I tried to make the change in Display but nothing happened. Help.


A:When In The Safe Mode The Icons Are Very Large

change your resolution settings. right click desktop. hit properties. then when the screen comes up go to the settings tab. then you will see a slider bar with your current resolution slide it to the right to increase the resolution and get the icons smaller

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I have Windows 7 64bit. After installing the latest updates from Windows update, all my icons on my desktop are HUGE. The ones on the start menu are normal and all text is normal. The resolution is set at 1600x900 (highest) and the display setting is on smallest (100%). How do I fix this?

A:Large icons after windows update

How To Resize Desktop Icons In Windows 7

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Hi there,
I was just wondering is there anyway to edit the size of the icons more than the 'Extra large Icons' maybe a tool or some manual way ?

A:Bigger than 'Extra large Icons' ?

Hello MoeX,

Very good question and this has baffled me; i have done some research for you.

It appears that a icon's Value (size) are in pixels and range from 0x20 (32) to 0x100 (256) with the default being 0x60 (96).
(32) being the smallest, and (256) the "extra Large".

However Microsoft don't allow bigger then 256 Pixels (Extra Large). Bit of a bummer really.
There 3rd party applications available that allow you to view your photos in a bigger view, but not permanent thumbnails.

I'm sure there is a way to make them bigger if you had edited the registry, but i DO NOT recommend this, unless you are 100% sure what you are doing. and have a Back-up and Restore Point.


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where they used to be jpg or tif, for example, they now show a small thumbnail view of what the icon represented. also, i can't find my recycle bin. ?
thanks for your help, boyd.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II P340 Dual-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2810 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 288256 MB, Free - 53880 MB; D: Total - 16683 MB, Free - 2407 MB; F: Total - 99 MB, Free - 89 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1444
Antivirus: AntiVir Desktop, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled

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Hello, does anyone know if it's possible to have the file explorer columns visible with large icons/extra large icons? Like in Windows 7>


A:Is there a way to get explorer columns with large icons?

hello and welcome to eight forums .I cant see the top of you explorer window ,but it should look like mine ,and in view you choose icon size ,im using win8.1 enterprise ,but its there in win8.1 core and pro editions .

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When I start up my computer it has very large icons. I have shut down and restarted before and it would go back to normal size, but today I have tried this and nothing has changed. I need help.

A:large icons when starting computer

You are receiving assistance in the following thread, please do not double post

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Is there a software or upgrade to be able to view extra large icons/thumbnails like we can in Vista into XP?

Please advise

A:Extra Large Icons in Vista - Can We Have it in XP?


I also wanted larger icons. You can do it in XP ( I have Pro and Service Pack 3 but don't think that makes a difference..).

Go to Control Panel ( Ensure you are in Category View as opposed to Classic View in the Left Hand Pane) >Accessibility Options>Configure Windows to Work for your vision, hearing and mobility needs..

A Wizard will open for you to configure all sorts of things including Icon Size, text size, scroll bar size, cursor size, etc.

Hope this helps

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I hope I can explain this properly.

In Windows 7 Professional x64, I have specified the size of icons appearing on my desktop (about half way between 'small' and 'medium'). This works very well and consistently.

However, when I move or copy a file to the desktop via right-click, or when I create a shortcut on the desktop via right-click, Windows creates a large size image of the file icon for me to drag and drop. Not only is the icon itself large, but it includes a substantial amount of space on all four sides of the icon. My file and folder icons in Windows Explorer are not even close to that size.

This causes a problem when I have several Windows open, because in that case I may be moving/copying/shortcut-ting to a relatively small area on my desktop, and the icon I am moving/copying/shortcut-ting doesn't fit into that small space because the icon, including the area around it, is so large. Consequently, Windows moves it to some other place on my desktop, where it finds enough space, and then I have to go looking for the icon.

This problem is particularly annoying when I have several files to move or copy, in which case Windows may scatter the moved/copied icons all over my desktop.

How can I reduce the size of the icon that appears for drag-and-drop, as well as the selected space around it?

A:Copy/Move Uses Large Icons

Quote: Originally Posted by Daddyman

This causes a problem when I have several Windows open, because in that case I may be moving/copying/shortcut-ting to a relatively small area on my desktop, and the icon I am moving/copying/shortcut-ting doesn't fit into that small space because the icon, including the area around it, is so large. Consequently, Windows moves it to some other place on my desktop, where it finds enough space, and then I have to go looking for the icon.

I suggest you turn off the "align icons to grid" and "auto arrange icons" options, to give you complete 100% control over where you want your desktop icons to live. Windows will not interfere at all.

Right-click on desktop, move the mouse over View to get the flyout, and uncheck these two options.

Note that this won't solve your "large icons" issue when you perhaps would want them to be somewhat smaller. But it will give you 100% control over icon placement and will never see Windows move it somewhere you don't want it to go. Wherever you put it... that's where it will stay, unless YOU drag it somewhere else.

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We recently purchased a 22" widescreen Samsung EX2220 LCD monitor. Unfortunately the icons and labels on thedesktop and the teston the toolbars, taskbars, drop down menus are too small. I've changed the setting several times (Control Panel -display-Appearance-"Font Size" and all the "advanced" settings.) By doing this the fonts and text gets larger. However, every time we re-boot, all the settings go back to the way they were - small.
Does anyone know how to keep they large after a reboot?
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Can't keep Icons and font size large
do that first, will help anyhow

your issue may be because your graphics can not handle the resolution you are wanting, check your graphics card/motherboard spec with manufacturer to see what max resolution is

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Hello! So I just signed up here because I'm desperate and don't know what to do.

So basically, I thought the windows 10 default folder icons were pretty bland and ugly so I decided to change them. I read that you could change your default icons by going into to registry and I did just that. Long story short, it didn't work so i deleted the registry folder that I had just created, like they said you could. I was very careful (or so I think) to not touch anything else

But now I'm worried I might have messed up somewhere because now I can't change icons for some of the folders I use. Not sure if this was a problem before that I didn't notice or if it's due to me messing around with things I don't understand.

As things are now, I can change icons for folders that I created but the folders that came with the system (like documents, music, movies, downloads etc) I'm currently unable to change. The thing is, I was able to change the folder icons just a while ago, so I changed them all by right clicking on the folder, choosing properties and then changing the icon, and that worked fine. Then I decided to just use the default icons anyway but I was only able to switch back some of them, and some of those now had the wrong folder icon. My "downloads" folder is just a blank white space for example and I'm unable to change it.

To show an example (I'm sorry the text is in swedish I hope you can somewhat understand):

Properties for an ordinary folder... Read more

A:Unable to change folder icons + folders showing the wrong icons

Hi, whenever you are about to make changes to your registry, back up beforehand. So you now know that and I'll show you an excellent way to rescue yourself in future.

First, do you have System Restore turned on (it's off by default in '10), and do you have any useful restore points?
Second, have you made a system image using Windows Backup and Restore or do you use disk imaging?

Either of those could let you restore your PC to a point before you made these changes- hopefully System Restore would protect enough to reverse your changes.

Please advise.

If you can't do that, and you are convinced there is a problem, then you may have two options, assuming you've not done some damage to the registry.

1. If you create a new user account for test purposes, do your folders look normal?

2. If not, I suggest you do an in-place upgrade repair install.
I will provide the instructions if necessary when you have replied.

Please post back and advise on these points.

I can also tell you how to achieve this quite easily and relatively safely:
Now here's the backup method we strongly recommend:
Creating disk images lets you restore Windows and all your disks and partitions to a previous working state, quickly and probably without technical help.

You can recover from:
- a failed disk drive (restore to a new one)
- ransomware (which encrypts your disk)
- user error
- unrecoverable problems from failed updates to problem programs
- unbootable PC (hardware faults aside)

Images also... Read more

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This is actually for a friend and I tried everything I could think of but nothing works. She recently installed WindowBlinds and as she was installing Avast it apparently happened (if this helps)

What happened is the icons in the System Tray, and the Quick Launch icons because the Start menu, and even the icons inside the Start menu have enlarged. They are probably 1.5x the size of the original and are also blurry. The time in the bottom right now includes the date also.

I thought her taskbar was moved up a notch, but it's as low as it can go. So thats not the problem. If you right-click the taskbar when it is unlocked and go to View, you can change the icons from large to small. It's on small. So something else happened.

Any clue what could've happened?


A:Taskbar/System Tray icons all LARGE... how do I fix this?

Could be a crap theme. Try changing themes or uninstalling WB completely.

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I know I can change all the icon sizes. I was wondering if its possible to have different sized icons on the desktop at the same time?
Either inherently through windows 7 or through a 3rd party app?
I'm running a business, I would like to have all business related icons large and all the others small.

A:Simultaneous large and small desktop icons?

Hi and welcome to the forums!

My first suggestion might be a bit complex but I'll suggest it anyway. This tutorial - Replace Vista's missing Computer desktop icon with a custom gadget on the Windows Sidebar | TechRepublic - details how to create a gadget to launch my computer. Now, this should theoretically work for any application and on windows 7. To could then launch your program through the newly created gadget.

If that is a little bit too difficult there is a program by the company Stardock called fences. Download here: Fences - Windows Desktop Organization Software. This allows you to organise your desktop more efficiently.

Hopefully one of these will solve your issue

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I have my resolution at 1600x900, my display is at Medium 125%, and my icons are Large. I was just playing something and I went from windowed mode in the game to full screen with just a click. When I returned to the desktop many of the steam game icons had reset to small icons inside a box. It's very strange. I tried to create new shortcuts via steam but they are still the same, small icons inside a box. Not all the games were affected, but most of them. I am just wondering how it happened and how to fix it. I never had this before.

A:Large desktop icons reset with Steam

Sometimes the resolution does not reset itself back to your setting after you played a game in full screen (that has a different resolution).

I am not 100% sure what icons you mean, but it sounds like you mean the desktop icons? You should be able to:
> Right click on your desktop
> Go to 'View >'
> Select 'Large icons'

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Hi there, my problem is when I start up in the morning my icons and gadgets are extra large and I mean large, I solve this by right clicking on desktop, click screen resolution (which is also extra large) then click detect. This opens a normal size window and I am good to go. The display is set at (default) 100% and never changes so that isn't the problem. Also this only happens on a cold start up and not if I reboot
or restart while while I have been using the computer. I hope someone out there can help me with this small problem because it is very annoying, many thanks, Shibumi1.

A:Extra large icons & gadgets on start up.

What is the native resolution of your monitor and are you using it ?
Just read your specs, nice rig.

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I am running Windows XP and a few days ago this problem started. When I close a window, or have one minimised there is a large image of an icon of one of the open windows, or one that I have just closed, on the desktop.
I have attached images to show what I mean. I cannot get rid of them and right clicking brings up a menu as if I right clicked anywhere else on the desktop and it temporarily vanishes, only to reappear when I close the menu.
Please help

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Hi, is there a way to permanently set folders in a hard drive to always open in large icons visualization, even if I move the drive into another machine, or if I use the drive over network?



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Hello everyone,
I've been searching tooth and nail all over the internet for how to do this but to no avail. Here's what I want

I want my context menu to have big icons and small text (left) but no matter what I do it's always the default (right) I've tried registry tweaks, and increasing the DPI to around 300 on XP style size increase. It increased the icon size but at a cost all the windows were completely unusable but it showed that there was a value to increase to get that effect... I just haven't found it.

I know it's an oddly specific request but I have this Windows 7 tablet that with this edit be incredibly helpful for Menu navigation. I assume it's a registry tweak somewhere...

A:Need help making large icons in the context menu

Hello and welcome Lucern mate I have tried various things with the the properties etc etc and I am guessing it will have to be a registry change. Have you looked though the tutorials for changing icons sizes?

The only one I can find I tried but mine does not have that up / down control just customise.

Right click in an open space in that area > properties > and pick the Strat menu / customise.

However I found this but did not try it
Taskbar - Change Icon Button Width Size

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Hey guys, I'm using Windows XP and need to enlarge my desktop icons, I right click, choose appearance then effects and tick "Use large icons" and they change as they should but when I log off/ turn off my computer they revert to their 32x32 images, can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to fix it? Thanks.Here are some screensBefore:After:

A:"use Large Icons" Doesn't Work Properly.

Read thisThat should help youMark

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After playing a game last night, which I have played on many other computers with no problem, all graphics on my screen are centered and icons and font are large. There is about an inch of black space on the right and left sides of the screen with no graphics. I am running Windows XP on a Dell inspiron B130. I have restarted and checked the settings, but can't find anything. Any help would be much appreciated!

A:Solved: Graphics centered with large icons

Try a system restore to before you played the game.
I would believe that the resolution changed, but you said you checked that.

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I just reinstalled windows xp professional on my notebook and the icons on the desktop are way too big. Also the start menu is huge. I have tried everything and I can't make them smaller. Thanks for any help

A:Solved: Start menu and Large icons

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Hi all,

First of all, new here and I apologize if this is not the correct environment for my question.

As the title suggests, my problem is this: every time I rename a folder, Vista changes the folder view settings in that folder back to the default for that specific folder.

I have gone through the tutorials in this forum about making Vista always remember the current folder settings. That is not my issue. An example of what I mean: Let us say I have a folder named "Music" and the folder view settings are set to 'Music Details'. Fine. But let us now say that I also want to show the bit rates and/or the length of the songs. 'Music Details' does not have this by default, so I right-click and at the bar (tab? menu?) and choose to show them. So far so good, and my settings are always there. However, if I change the folder name to something else, the view settings revert back to the original 'Music Details'.

Is there a way of stopping this from happening? I often change folder names and/or move them around, and it is annoying to always have to add/remove what I want from the view settings.


A:Keep folder view settings after renaming folder

Hello Quantum, and welcome to Vista Forums.

The Disable Automatic Folder Type Discovery for Templates section in METHOD TWO of the tutorial below should may be able to stop this for you, but it does involve resetting all folder view settings. You have to set the folder views to how you want them afterwards.

Windows Explorer Folder View settings

Hope this helps,

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Hi all,

I'd like one specific folder to always open in List view. How do I do this?


A:Folder view options for one specific folder

Hi Kingy75, welcome to the Forum.

Not quite sure what you mean, but if you want a specific folder to open every time, you could put a short cut on your Desk Top & click on it whenever you need it.

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I have had this issue for several weeks now & there is very limited info about it on the net, and what I have found about it hasn't resolved the issue.

Basically my external hard drive & my flash drive appear as folder icons in My Computer & not drive icons.

I am guessing that the virus is on my laptop and then transfers itself to any external media I connect to it. Then if I put that same external media into a different PC/laptop, it transfers itself to that PC/laptop too...

Does any one have any ideas on this one?

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 15:55:31, on 08/10/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
c:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
c:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
c:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\ISS\Proventia Desktop\blackd.exe
c:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exe
c:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\DefWatch.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\Iaantmon.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
c:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
c:\WINDOWS\s... Read more

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These look like lists of known spyware sights that are off-limits to IE6. That is good.
My registry is quite large. Can I update this section somehow, and possibly eliminate
dead links and obsolete websites? I'm running Windows XP Professional w/sp1 and IE 6.

A:I noticed a large section in the registry called Zone Maps

They are sites that are blocked when you use IE. They are put there from you adding them to the Internet Properties, Security, Restricted Sites.
Or from other programs like Spyware Blaster, Spybot and Ad-Aware and others.
If you did not add them yourself then it was added by another program like the ones I said so they should take out old dead links when you update there def files.

So I would leave them there.

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I'm searching my registry to remove some things I don't want, and found about a hundred adware or spyware sounding ".com" websites listed in a "P3P" folder in my "Internet Settings" Key(folder).

Are those spy websites and browser trackers that my computer is listing to Block, or what?
(a Google search said something about P3P being involved with user's trust about personal information. That sounds like a good thing. Is that P3P key (folder with 100's of suspicious named ".com" websites) good or bad to have in my registry? Does that mean my computer knows to block those? Or what?

A:Registry Help, Please---Is a P3P folder in my registry a good thing, or bad?

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I have all my photo folders set up in large icon view
So that they look like an open book with the page edges showing, and the folders inside also do too.

However for some reason if I create a new folder anywhere on my computer it does not show the folder as open with contents
Just a closed folder

The only way I can do it is to create a folder on the desktop, add contents and then add the folder to another folder

I have deleted the icon cache but no change.

A:Large Icons in Picures folders do not show contents

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Hi i need your help.

I want change the detail and large icons from status bar of the file explorer, i use WSB, but i not found the options for make this changes.

i want change the icons with others, por example this.
Thaks for all

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It only fits two rows of apps and even the metro app I've been working on now has everything sized funny. This could come up as something that will bother users and make our apps look terrible without the user even knowing why.

A:All Icons in Metro mode have become very large - How to change it back

Hello r3ap3r, and welcome to Eight Forums.

What is your screen resolution set to?

You might check using the tutorial below to see if this may be the issue.

Start Screen - Metro Apps - Change Number of Rows in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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Hello. I am using Vista Home Edition 32-bit version SP1 and in the past few weeks my thumbnail previews and icons have disappeared for folders that are set for Medium Icons or Large Icons.

If I open a folder that is set for Medium or Large Icon view, instead of getting thumbnails and folder previews, I'm now getting blank spaces with the file name under it...

Folder upon opening:
Now if I cycle through the various views - list, details, tiles, and back to icons - it will generate and display thumbnails ... but with two problems: (1) notice the folder images it just generated appear smaller than they should be, and they are not showing any preview of what's inside the folder.
(2) the thumbnails for the jpgs are there only as long as the window is open and I don't navigate elsewhere. As soon as I leave the folder, they revert back to a blank space.

Folder after cycling through the Views button to Large Icons:
Moving to another folder yields the same results: no thumbnails:
And going back to the previous folder, and the thumbnails are gone again:
Folder Options -> View -> Advanced -> "Always show icons, never thumbnails" is unchecked.
System Properties -> Advanced -> Performance Settings -> "Show thumbnails instead of icons" is checked.
I have deleted the thumbnails cache in Disk Cleanup.
I also attempted a system rollback to no avail. (Apparently this problem occurred prior to the earliest system checkpoint on my m... Read more

A:Medium and Large Icons in explorer folders are blank

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Windows xp pro, Icons on the taskbar, immediately to the right of the START button are so large that 2 lines are used to display them ( Clock and date are shown on 2 lines, so are small icons for Right side programs.)

How do I make the (? quick launch ? ) [ left end ] icons smaller ?

A:Solved: Icons TOO LArge in Taskbar; How make smaller

ten: First, unlock the Task Bar if it is not already unlocked. Put your cursor on the top of the task bar, it will become a double arrow. Now, carefully left click and drag the task bar down until it becomes a single line of icons.
If you drag it down too far it will dissapear so be careful. You can get it back by just reversing the drag.
When you get it where you want it, lock it.

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Was scrolling up and down through a document when the Very Large Icons appeared in a window behind the one I was working on!

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My HP6000 pavilion lap running vista opened and had distorted display also showed box stated detected new monitor and gave a variety of multiple use monitors ( like over head screen and so on) I have none of this,,
It first happened Sunday am I had been watching dvds all night (work overnights) had closed all that and was just jumping on line (wire less)to check the weather had to leave the room and when I came back everything was distorted ,,big likeÖI did a restore point back to 230 am and it restarted back to normalÖ Monday night at home I turned it on and it went back to the big view ( I donít know what else to call it) and the new monitor detected box came back on I tried to follow it but got lost very fast as I donít have any of the things it was prompting me to check off on.. It even asked what monitor I had the one section that said something like use the current monitor as default was grayed out and I could not check it.. I have restored it several times this last it was showing normal desk top icons at normal size and in a blink of an eye it (the whole screen) flashed and it was back to this big distorted look.. I am at a total loss

A:Solved: Large distorted icons & desk top display

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