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Files with absolute paths links - How to move them?

Q: Files with absolute paths links - How to move them?

Hi guys,

We have been using a labeling software from a laptop with Windows Vista for a long time. In that laptop we have thousands of labels stored that we open and edit with such software. Those labels contain logos of companies as absolute paths, that is C:\...\something.jpg , instead of embedding the image on the file.

Now we have installed such software on newer PCs and moved those files to the new PCs. Consequently, the labels appear with the links to the logos broken.

I don't know how to manage that.

Can you give me a hand?

Kind Regards,


A: Files with absolute paths links - How to move them?

Just to say those images are on any folder of the C: unit from the laptop.
There is no a folder that contains the set of images.

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So, how can I get an Absolute path into my Test Volume's G:\boot\BCD store ??

Using Visual BCD Editor or bcdedit.

VBCDE can edit every single element of BCD - it's a general and professional tool like bcdedit - give it a try.

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I am still confused about absolute links and relative links and when to use them.

When linking pages within a web is there any advantage in using an absolute link.

I could use for all links, are there any advantages / disadvantages in doing this?

A:Frontpage absolute links and relative links

Hi westone,

Personally, I use relative links, the reason is with a relative link if I were to change my hosting company that by using relative links I wouldn't have to relink my files or pages. There have been times I have used absolute links, but usually that is when an image or page doesn't stayed linked when I published the site. Also, if you have a domain name, if it expires and your link is page. , then it won't recognize the link because the domain name is no longer up. So if you have to link, use the http addy style as in your original post. Hope I was of some help.


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The HP Mini machine is built with a port for an optional custom built extra drive that fits flush with the machine. The extra drive is a FAT 32.
I would like to format this drive to NTFS and place the
C:\Program files, C:\ Documents and settings directories - in the extra drive.
Looking at the commands convert and format in command prompt / help and reading the info i am left to ponder which one would be the actual one to use to convert a FAT 32 Drive to NTFS. they both do it, yet ? ?

I see that convert may not be the one to use, but i am not sure.

after the drive has been format`d to NTFS i could see doing either redirections with #copy * > drive\new directory original name or the move utility.
The big issue here for me is:
How do i change the plethora of links that were directed to the default OS set up / parent directory that will be moved to a different drive/directory/file string. Is there a ini file some where or a XML file or what is available.
I have found Component Services / Services Local, are there settings in there that need to be re started after the transfer. And are their Global setting`s. I see the path command , yet " are there ? " any executables in C:\Program files, C:\ Documents and settings directories.
obviously i am a new be to windows. and still fishing with the commands that are available.

By looking at System Information \ Soft ware environment \ Environment Variable , the information only shows Win... Read more

A:Best utilities to format drive\move directories\files\links

If you have data on your FAT32 drive that you want to keep, you can either move it to a different drive or you can use the Convert command to convert the drive from FAT32 to NTFS. If there is no data on the drive, then go to Start/Run and type diskmgmt.msc and press enter. In Disk Management, find the FAT32 drive and right click it and choose Format. Format the drive NTFS. (all data on that drive will be lost, so backup first)
You cannot move the whole Documents and Settings folder over to another drive, because it has system files that must be on the C: Drive. You can however, move the My Documents folder (which includes, My Music, My Pictures etc.

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For example I?ve tried to download a book from a torrent site, clicked on the link and got a file War_and_Peace_(1968).3892765.TPB.torrentwhich is file of just 26Kb.Did some research and to my understanding a .torrent file is kind of link / address and doesn?t contain the real file which I need ?I?m beginner in this and just don?t know what to do next ..Can someone tell me how to properly use the .torrent files for downloading, please? I use Windows XP Pro on my PC.Thanks in advance for your help!EmaEdit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:How to use .torrent files -Iím absolute beginner? Help?

I have been at this for several years, torrents are a good place to find trouble with malware/virus's.
Think about this, a huge book on a 26kb file? I would scan that file with your virus scan to be sure.
Most forums will not help users or answer questions about torrents because they are mostly used for illegal file-sharing. In fact that book probably is copyrighted, and by downloading it, you may be violating a law. Same for most movies and music.
Get on Google and do some reading about torrents.

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After installing installing SP1, a folder on my C drive is left over.

I am unable to delete it since the path is too long, see attachment.

Also, see attached txt file for directory and file info.

I can't rename the files either, rename does not even show up on context menu and F2 does nothing.

So safe to delete these files some how? I get the same error if I try and move it like it recommends in the message. I tried moving just a single file to C drive but same error.

Not a big deal since it's only 2 484 269 bytes or 2.36918354 megabytes worth of files.

Take Care,


A:Odd Files Left Over After SP1 - Can't Delete (Long Paths)

I'm not sure if it will work with the file you're having problems with, but you can try Windows 7 Disk Cleanup.
There is an option for Service Pack Backup Files.

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I guess this may be a tiny bit off the subject here, but I am attempting this in windows 7.

I have a program file manager tool called 'Directory Opus' that is capable of calling windows external programs and passing them the current directory the file manager is sitting on.

So far so good.

Now I want to call a cygwin (linux/unix emulator for windows) terminal with that file manager.

Checking properties on the cygwin Icon I got the path: C:\cygwin\bin\mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico -

So it is a path to a command and an argument to that command.

Actually I guess it is 2 arguments to a command since I think '-' in that position means to feed anything on STDIN to the command. At least that would be true in unix shell programming.

So using the Directory opus setup I pass this call:
'@async:C:\cygwin\bin\mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico - <and here add {s}>'

So the call ends up:
'@async:C:\cygwin\bin\mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico - {s}'

That call does just what it is supposed to. It passed the current file absolute address however cygwin terminal does not understand the windows path notation. If I were passing it: C:\subdir\blah\ It would just say 'No such file' Cygwin terminal wants to see /cygdrive/c/subdir/blah Or at least I think that is what is happing.

So to cut to the chase.... I'd like to put a little wrapper to Cygwin terminal in there with the code necessary to convert 'C:\subdir\blah\' to '/cygdrive/c/subdir/blah/'

But, I do not know how ... Read more

A:Dos paths and unix paths conversion

I would ask on specifically this forum:
General Software Discussion -

The reason is I know there are a bunch of DO aficionados, who also use Linux, on that forum. I've never tried DO myself. I have played around with CygWin. But it's been a few years.

If the site wants a donation to sign up just explain to Mouser why you want to post etc.. I think he'll be sympathetic.

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Employee claims that while using the Move function to place folders in a different directory tree the folders were moved but the files were lost. I have tried to duplicate the action but have not been able to replicate losing the files. Talked to experts said no way it will happen. One in a million chance it will occur. However, employee claims replicated Move operation multiple times (10-15 folders) and lost files multiple times (7-10 times), but not every time.

Is this possible? I must fire employee for extensive data loss. However, if truly unintentional, and I can replicate as proof-- Employee keeps job.

A:Using Move Function: Move Folders & Lose Files

As the experts you spoke with indicated, there is virtually no way this could happen. Even if there was a copy error that Windows didn't detect and abort the move operation, you'd still likely end up with some sort of file even if it was corrupted and unreadable.

One in a hundred trillion chance of happening.

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I am trying to move files from one external hard drive to another but it has been stuck on 'Preparing to move' 'Time remaining: Calculating. Items remaining: Calculating Speed: Calculating' for 20 minutes now. It has not moved on from that.

Google shows only results pertaining to Mac OS on this problem, when searching the message in quotes, it still doesn't give that exact match (come on Google, we search in quotes for a reason), instead what Google provided was results for 'Preparing to delete'

There seems to be no info let alone anybody having this message when moving files.

Can anybody help me get the ball rolling?

A:Windows 7 stuck 'preparing to move' when trying to move files

I have Windows 7 pro over here on three computers, and yes I too sometimes but not always get that long long long wait time for either copying or moving folders/files from source to target. For now, I recommend you only copy folders/files from source to target. And after you looked at the target, making sure the copies made it over safely, then delete from the source. I'm trying to recall what and where I saw some good answers, will post back if/when I find those URLs.

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I just ran a Spybot S&D scan and for the first time since first downloading this program I came up with missing dll files, wrong registry paths, etc. Over the weekend, I had a power surge and it seems that I've had some minor problems with different programs. For instance, I had to reload my McAfee Virus Scan again this morning before running my online scan, which is unusual. Updates aren't unusual, but this seemed to load files that load when I first downloaded the program???? Also my directX files were missing. Anyways, I went to the help file on S&D and it warned not to correct the following unless I am comfortable. Would someone with much more knowledge than I verify that the following are okay to fix?? Thanks in advance for the help y'all....

Congratulations!: No Spybots were found. ()

Windows Registry: rvse.chm (Missing helpfile, nothing done)

Windows Registry: shvl.chm (Missing helpfile, nothing done)

Windows Registry: bckg.chm (Missing helpfile, nothing done)

Windows Registry: hrtz.chm (Missing helpfile, nothing done)

Windows Registry: chkr.chm (Missing helpfile, nothing done)

Windows Registry: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VDOWAVE.DRV (Missing shared DLL, nothing done)

Windows Registry: C:\Program Files\Corel\WordPerfect Office 2002\Programs\QPW.exe (Missing shared DLL, nothing done)

Windows Registry: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\EKEXIF~1.DLL (Missing shared D... Read more

A:Spybot S&D results: Missing files and wrong appl. paths

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I am also facing a similiar issue, like given in the thread - Cannot delete shortcut file

I cant deleted some invalid paths and shortcuts in the system....
Here when I open any application and try to insert or open a file for that application, I am facing the problem.

For Example,
In VLC Player, I click on Media --> Open File

This gives you the Box to select the file you want and in the bottom of that small window in the " File name " box, you will be having a drop down box to select the file.
Here all the deleted files are listed with the file name and path, which was deleted months ago...
When you select the file it says, "Path does not exist, try again"
So, I think all the invalid shortcuts are stored some where in the system, which displays there.
So we need to deleted that particular cache.
I found out that there is something called " Indexed Cache " in Vista, which saves all the shortcuts as the files are stored.
I need to find out how to delete the file shortcuts from that location.
Please help.

Similiar issue is there in Outlook 2007, when I compose a new message and insert file.
It gives the drop down box like the above issue with all the deleted files path.

I tried rebuilding the Indexing Options as advised before.
It didnt work.
I performed all the basic steps, like deleting cookies,temp files from system,ran chkdsk,disk cleanup, and also used some popular and unpopular cleaning software and nothing worked.

Pleas... Read more

A:Unable to delete invalid shortcuts and paths of deleted files.

You are talking about most reciently used files.
This can be deleted in the disk cleanup.
Hope this helps.

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I scanned 500 photos each to its own file (CPhotoCD\0001.jpg to 0500.jpg). I then created a QuattroPro spreadsheet listing the filename (the 0001 to 0500 part only) and created links to the actual file on disc. Now by clicking the number (link) in column A, I can open the photo. Since most users have Excel, I also 'SAVEd AS" .xls. When I open the .xls with Excel, everything 'looks' exactly the same. But when I click on the link in column A, nothing happens. Apparently the links did not make it from QuattroPro to Excel. The macros I used in QP to create the links apparently will not work in Excel which uses Visual Basic. I hate to manually enter 500 links. Microsoft apparently dislikes QuattroPro as they state that you cannot open or save .WB3 files with Excel. Is there a way around this? I know nothing about VB.

Here is a link to the spreadsheets:

A:Cannot move wb3 links to Excel

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Just downloaded Internet Explorer 7. seems ok so far
Found a tweak to place my File Edit menu at the very top
But need a way to move my Links toolbar down to below the Address bar please.

A:Internet Explorer 7 - Move Links bar

Still stuck Not like your board that nobody has not helped by now lol

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I am attempting to move folders and files around, doing a little organization on my HDD. However if I attempt to move the loaded folder I get the error message " The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program." However I have no other programs open, thinking it was some hidden process, I killed a bunch of processes in Task Manager, one's I didn't recognize, or I knew were safe to kill.

Not sure if this may be an issue, but my mobo recently went belly up and I had to replace it (with the same type DP67DB for DP67DB) but everything else remained as is- this is the first time I am messing with the files on the "new" machine. Is it possibly an ownership issue, and if so how do I resolve this?

A:Can't move folders with files, but can move files

First perform a system file check.

Read this tutorial, word for word, and the carry out precisely as written.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
How to Repair Windows 7 System Files with System File Checker

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Am wondering whether someone can help me with this one.

I have recently created a website, and I noticed on the site below that when you scroll down the page, the images and text scroll with it so they are always visible. Does anyone know where I can download something like this to add to my site?

I'd be most grateful for any advice and help.

Many thanks

Adelaide, South Australia

(ps, I dont necessarily want menus to come out like the site below does, I just want my links and graphics to move with the page)

A:How to make the links & images on my website move with the page when scrolling

Looks like they did it with Javascript. Look around on the Web and I'm sure you'll find it at a Javascript site.

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Hi friends!
My question is about symbolic links (janction)
One from the reasons to use them is when you are out of space, so you can move folders with a lot of data
to another drive e.g music, videos etc... eg. mklink /j "C:\Users\Name\My music D:\Music, so that personal
folders point to a large drive

My problem is that when I try to do it I get the message "Cannot create a folder that already exist" ("My Music" in C:\)
Now, if I'll name it different is ok. but it is not anymore recognize from programs so is not useful because if I've
manually to store my data in the second drive I'll not get the benefits of symlinks.

I tried many ways... bringing a lot of mess in my system like to move the protected 'desktop.ini' file from "My Music" to
the new link and then delete the original but after I could not anymore open explorer only from the "Computer" shortcut in the
Start menu...

Anyway many words will make you tired... The question is :
Which is the right way to do it? Can someone discribe it? I'm sure there is a right way

Thanks a lot (sorry for my English)

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After a virus messing up my computer, the only solution to fixing it is to reinstall windows, however i have many files that i would like to copy to a CD so i don't lose them, the problem is that since the virus i can't copy or paste, i can't drag files, so i can't move them, and i can't use windows explorer or nero to burn files to a cd, as none of these work anymore. (reinstalling nero also didn't work)

Could anyone suggest a program or something that i could download so that i can burn my files to cd?

A:program to burn files to cd? unable to move or copy files

Give this a try. It's a freebee.

Good luck.

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Can someone help me figure this out?
I cannot move or copy files, folders, or pictures when using the XP files & folders task manager LINKS on the left side of window. These links will no longer move or copy files to new locations. I just get instant hangup when I click these links provided in XP view. When I try to close the hungup window it shows that it is not responding. I find no alerts in control panel/administrative tools/event viewer.
I am still able to copy/paste the files and also able to drag & drop. This is a slight inconvenience & hopefully fixable?
Win XP 2002 SP2
Int. Explorer browser
8+GB free space
All Win security updates are installed
Running trend PC Cillin (up to date)

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Greetings Again,

My file and storage system is set up like this:

C:\ Drive - 120 GB SSD This is my Win 7 64-Bit Ultimate Boot drive. It has my most important Microsoft programs on it. Out of the 111GB available, I've used 42GB, leaving me 69GB free space. I want to keep this area open.

My next drive is a 1TB WD Caviar Black segmented into 3 partitions.

E:\ Drive = Program FIles This has the majority and rest of my programs. It also includes USERs Files. I've use 96GB out of 150GB. Out of that 96GB, 64GB are in USERS files.

F:\ Drive = Data Files. This stores all of my data except for media. I've used 91GB out of 350. I want to leave this be.

G:| Drive = Medsia FIles This stores all Media = Vids, Music, Graphics, Pictures. I've used 80 GB out of 500GB

I also have a 64GB ~ 55GB actual storage SSD drive that is partitioned but has no data on it or assigned drive letter.

Here is what I want to accomplish.

I want to move my actual Program FIles to the 64GB SSD, assign it a drive letter, and keep the USERS files where they now reside on the F:\ dirve

My main concern is that in moving all these files around and splitting the USERS files from the Program Files that I'll mees up my Registry. Will someone please suggest some links I might read that will best help me acheive these moves.



A:Move Program FIles to SSD - Leave Users files Behind

that sounds a bit messy - I'm a bit wary of the users folders..
all those links might be broken - or at least, be put at risk..

are you sure you want to go this route, might there not be a better solution..??

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I have googled extensively to try to figure this out, but I don't know the correct terminology to ask this without being extremely verbose, so here goes...
You know that box that always appears right in the middle of the screen, blocking all future progress until your files or folders have finished being moved/copied/deleted, etc? (or until you pull it aside while muttering curses because you've had to move it AGAIN for the millionth time) Is there a way to make that appear in a different place by default? (ie the lower left or right corner of the screen, or ANYWHERE that's not right in the middle of what you're trying to see?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:How do I move the default position of "coping files/moving files" note

As far as I can work out - it's no bother to simply minimize the window?

Also depending on how many windows you've got open and are working on - just press ALT+TAB to switch windows.

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just upgraded from vista and im able to move files from folder to folder i can not manually organize them by dragging them around the folder there in like i could in vista(example files read 5 1 2 3 4 i go to drag 5 after 4 and it wont move) is there anyway to get this function back?

A:i cant move my files

Manual sorting was thrown out.

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Sorry if this has been posted before, I looked in the forums but couldn't find a solution to my problem.

I'm trying to move files onto a USB but it starts copying the file then the green bar just stops and won't go any further and I eventually have to CTRL ALT DELETE - task manager - end program, to get rid of the window. I tried it again with my external hard drive to the same result. I can copy and paste files on my computer though without any issue.

The weird thing is it has been doing this on and off for a month, with some days it works fine and some days it chooses to be difficult.

Any ideas?


A:Cannot move files to USB

Welcome to SF!

Try updating your USB and chipset drivers.

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I am working on an acquaintance's computer that will not boot past BIOS. The computer has one hard drive with Vista Home Premium 64-bit installed. I have hooked the HD up to a computer with XP installed to see if I could see the files. The file structure is intact and the hard drive passed diagnostic tests, which leads me to believe that it is a boot file that is causing the problems. I have the Recovery Disks that came with the system and another set that was created shortly after the computer was bought. I realize that I'll have to use them, but the downside isthat the hard drive will have to be formatted in the process.

My question is, "Is there a way to save the contents of the hard drive (programs, files, settings, etc)?" My guess is that cloning is out since I can't get into Vista. Or could I clone the drive while it was hooked up to my XP system? If I copied all of the files to DVDs, could I copy all the files back to the reinstalled OS?

A:Can I move files?

You can save to files yes.
But Vista and programs no.
While you have to drive hooked up to the other computer
save the files. Pix,Vids Music and other stuff.

There is one thing you can try if you have the vista disc.
Has to be the OEM disc.
You can put it into the Xp comptuer and look though it and find the boot file
and copy it to the drive with vista on it.

Hope I did not confuse you to much. I am not very good
at explaining things.



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I have an SSD which currently has my OS installed (Win7 professional) I only have 6GB of space left and I want to install some games on my SSD, is it possible to move some windows files over to my HDD which has 1TB storage available?

A:SSD and HDD - which files to move over?

Move your music, documents, pictures, etc.

If you don't use hibernate you can turn that off. That will free up a file the same size as your installed RAM.
powercfg -h off

You can also move your page file over to the HDD. Right click My Computer, Properties, Advanced System Settings, Performance Settings, Advanced, Virtual memory.

ALso, check and see how much space system restore is consuming. Right click My Computer, Properties, Advanced System Settings, System Protection, Highlight C, configure, change the percentage.

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All of a sudden, I am unable to move files on my hard drive by clicking and dragging them. The only way I can move a file is to right click and move the file. It doesn't seem to matter what kind of file that I use, I still can't easily move it. This problem occurs whether I'm trying to move a file from the C: drive to an external hard drive or just move it withing the C: drive. What gives?

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I'm beside myself. I'm trying to reorganize files, folders, and new drive and cannot find any way to move files from one drive to the new one. I've tried everything and a couple of new little programs that are supposed to give me "ownership". Nothing will work for me. Right now I'm trying to move my Audible Books from old to new drive and cannot. I can't even delete them! I've turned UAC off and no change. Vista has me stumped.

Help please! ....and thanks.

A:Can't move files with UAC OFF!

Originally Posted by mendopaul

I'm beside myself. I'm trying to reorganize files, folders, and new drive and cannot find any way to move files from one drive to the new one. I've tried everything and a couple of new little programs that are supposed to give me "ownership". Nothing will work for me. Right now I'm trying to move my Audible Books from old to new drive and cannot. I can't even delete them! I've turned UAC off and no change. Vista has me stumped.

Help please! ....and thanks.

Moving files to a new drive? What about if you reboot in safe mode...

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Copying and pasting files is easy. But how do I move files so they no longer appear in original location. The time has come for me to make some room on my hard drive and the way to do it is move all the pictures to another drive. What is the command to do this? Isn't drag and drop copying and not moving? I suppose I could copy then come back and delete. But moving would be better I think. Less chance for a mistake

A:how to move files

try cut then paste. cutting removes the file and pastes it in the new location ,so no need to return to delete original.

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I am using Vista 64 bit with SP1. I have files on the drive that were copied from when I had XP installed (installed vista on a second partition). I am trying to move them to a different folder. Can't do it no matter what it says I don't have permission. I am logged in under Administrator, and I have made sure the account is enabled (I added it since it was installed under a different name and got rid of the old one)

No matter what I do nothing will give me permission. I have tried everything - used a registry change to add the 'move to' to the menu, I have gotten the 'run as administrator in the menu now, I have turned UAC off. I have tried changing permissions, I have tried taking off the read only (I don't know if maybe in XP it was already set to read only?), I have tried
the DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS thing, and I have tried the tutorial here of taking ownership of the file and adding it to the menu (When I try to run the file through the elevated command prompt it gives me the access denied box again.) The only thing I can get to work is copying the file which is not an option as I have hundreds of gbs to move. I'm only trying to move it to a different place on the same drive. I also tried copying with testdisk because when I copied files before to a different drive it was so fast but for some reason now it barely moves. I can log back into XP to change something if that will help. Someone told me maybe it is because the user on XP was a different name?

I should proba... Read more

A:Can't Move Files - Tried Everything

Look in the tutrials here for 'Take Ownership', your problem has to do with the NTFS permissions. Which came about in WinXP.

I had the same problem, external USB WinXp Hdd I wanted to move files from to my Vista computer. Take Ownership fixed it.

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I have this weired problem in windows 2000. The problem is that recently I noticed that some files are moved from original folders without anyone actually moving them.
For example file.doc is in folder HR I found it in Accounting folder?
Any help please, to figure out what is going on. Windows does moves files by itself, and the permission setting on each folder is different HR group has only permission to access HR, and accounting group has only permission to access accounting folder.
Thank You!

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When the screen "There is already a file with the same name in this location windows 7" pops up, I no longer have the third option: "Move, but keep both files" How can I restore this option?

A:Move, but keep both files

Use the right mouse button to hold & drag the file to the new location.

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I just bought a used laptop. the hard drive is split into two partitions for some reason. the person who sold into to me said that when he was installing programs some would go to c:\program files and some to d:\program files. Also the windows folder is on the larger of the two partitions. How do I move the windows folder to the smaller partition as well as the program files folder? I want to do this so that I can load Linux on the larger partition for school.
Thanks in advance.

A:Must move files.

If its that much of a jumble, you need to start again.

You cannot just "move" installed program files, as the registry will be unable to refernce them in any changed location.

You should reformat and reinstall afresh.

If the original CDs are not with the laptop for all these programs, then you do not have ownership of the software or the right to use it under the licence, and should seek these from the seller.

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Hey there, In my windows 7 Library section i have a listing of Videos,Pictures,Documents,music folders which are fixed there standard every time i start up the computer. In amongst all of those folder headings i have created a "Games" folder to drag and drop all my game shortcuts to.For some reason silly me has a "Alan C:\users" file in there and under that file name which is exactly the same files as whats in my "users"file which is located on my operating "Loca Disc C" hard drive a total of 21gb How do i get the "Alan c:\users" files out of my games library folder so that they wont be deleted or missed placed. Please help as this is driving me nuts. Thanks

A:wish to move files

Alan, can you clarify your problem a little ? You say shortcuts to games, but aren't these either on you desktop as icons or in 'Start\All programs' ?

Is the folder 'Library\Games\Alan C\User' just a copy of the folder C:\Users\Alan C' or not ?
What does the figure of 21 Gb refer to ? If that's shortcuts, that's an awful lot of shortcuts or links !

I have a number of game files held in 'My Docs' but they are things like default flights and route planning in flight simulator, and the biggest of these is 178 kb. I'd need to plan an awful lot of flights to get anywhere near 1 Gb, never mind 21.

Chris Cosgrove

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I'm beside myself. I'm trying to reorganize files, folders, and new drive and cannot find any way to move files from one drive to the new one. I've tried everything and a couple of new little programs that are supposed to give me "ownership". Nothing will work for me. Right now I'm trying to move my Audible Books from old to new drive and cannot. I can't even delete them! I've turned UAC off and no change. Vista has me stumped.

Help please! ....and thanks.

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I have this strange problem, I can't move files from one destination to another.

For example:

I have a few files in a folder called New Folder in my documents, I try to drag them out my that folder and directly into my documents so I can remove the folder. But when I drag them into my document it transfers them all but then if I refresh the window it just reverts to its previous location? It does the same when I move from the desktop to any folder.

Please help me fix this, as I have put up with it for weeks now and I'm sick of it. My desktop is too cluttered because I am unable to move files. However If i place everything into a folder on my desktop and then drag the folder to my documents that works but then I can't move them out my folder into my documents, my pictures, my music etc.

I have Windows 8 Operating System 64 Bit. I've removed any recent programs I've installed before getting this error. Please help.


A:Can't move any files?

Boot to Safe Mode and see if it works there. Win 8 removed F8 support to get to Safe Mode, but this should work.

Press Windows key + C.
Click Settings then Power
Hold shift key and click RESTART.
Then you have all the options, including Safe Mode.

Found that info here: How do I get safe mode on startup with HP dv7-7300? - Geeks to Go Forums

For a long term solution to no easy way to get to Safe Mode, see here: Safe Mode - Add to Windows Boot Manager in Windows 8

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RE: "HD Crashed, How to find files you've hidden on old OS drive when old OS drive is now slave?"
Especially reply by hamluis to post by BRETMJ1 on 17 May 10

I have the same problem except my HD was infected with AV Security Suite. Was in a Dell GX270 running XP Pro (thought to be SP3). Put that HD in a USB case and connected to another GX270 running XP Pro where it is now E:. I am Administrator (w/o password) on both PCs and there are no User accounts. Disk properties says ~53 GB is used but the file list shows only ~12.6 GB.

Simple File Sharing is disabled on both C: and E: drives. Went thru the Take Ownership procedure on the E: drive. Administrator with Full Control is now exactly the same on both drives. All the Allow items on the Security-Advanced tab for both drives are checked. Have you any ideas on how I can get at the hidden 40 GB of folders and files? (I have not changed anything on the infected HD but I have a Ghost image of it. Image is ~51 GB.)

Screen dump is attached.

Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

A:Can't Move Files From One HD To Another

Well...a screen shot from Disk Management which reflects the old drive as an external...would tell us more.Some Dells have recovery/restore partitions which might not be reflected anywhere other than Disk Management...because they are designed to be invisible to Windows.And this does not apply to files which have been deliberately hidden, using file encryption, by a user.FWIW: BC has a removal guide for AV Security Suite which you may want to read,

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Been looking into moving files that write often to the system drive (SSD). I've moved my temp files, browser temp and cache files. Looking at moving event logs, and any other logs that write often.

I see that event logs are written to System32\winevt\Logs and the path can be changed by opening event viewer and right clicking the categories, choosing Properties, and changing the path. Looking to see if others have done this, and does event viewer continue to work normally?

Also, there are logs written to System32\config.

Also looking for suggestions of what others have moved off the system SSD drive to save unnecessary writes (space isn't an issue for me). What have you all moved, and how did you do it? Thanks, A Guy

A:What files to move off SSD?

Most common is User profile or active User folders: User Profile - Change Default Location
User Folders - Change Default Location

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HI All,

HAve just installed Win 8 Pro to a new SSD and have read that to help with the life that frequent rewritten files and folders should be moved to the HDD, Which ones are they referring to and how would I do this? When they say that frequently used applications should go on the SSD what are some examples? What about games?

120G SSD (Intel 520)
320G WD Raptor HDD

A:What Files to move to HDD from SSD?

Don't bother. The # of writes, while limited, will certainly last longer than you are going to want to use your SSD for.

Put anything you can on the SSD to get the speed benefit. OS, apps and games. Put your storage of stuff on the regular hard drive (like music, movies, ISO's, big zip files, internet downloads, your porn collection). Basically whatever won't really benefit you from the speed increase of the SSD.

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I no longer have the option: "Move, but keep both files" when i drag a picture from a web site to my desktop.
how do i get this option back in the copy file dialog box?

i should say i still have the option when i move a file from a folder on my desk top to another on my desk top.

A:Move, but keep both files

Originally Posted by TheFlork

I no longer have the option: "Move, but keep both files" when i drag a picture from a web site to my desktop.
how do i get this option back in the copy file dialog box?

i should say i still have the option when i move a file from a folder on my desk top to another on my desk top.

Hi TheFlork, Welcome to the Forum

This is I believe a Firefox problem, If you are using Firefox then you have two options one of them is to install an older version, the other is to use a different browser.

I hope this helps


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I have some files and shortcuts on my desktop, and I am trying to move them into my documents. When I refresh my documents they just disappear and they do not reappear in documents or the desktop. Only when I restart or log out do they reappear on the desktop.

Whats causing this?

A:Can't move files?

Did they actually get moved into the Documents folder? After you move something, try right clicking on the Desktop and hitting "Refresh" - Sometimes after you change stuff on a desktop, it won't show the changes right away. Usually it does, but sometimes the screen needs to be refreshed.

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How can I move my IDE EXT HD FILES to my new w7 Computer? easiest way ---

I saw something about "EASY TRANSFER " but that does not seem to fit--

Thanks ,, Ralph


Hello neorican Welcome to SF!

If you have an empty second drive for storage on your main system one way would be copying the external drive's entire partition in one shot. The process would be time consuming while you could be still be doing other things while that was taking place.

For that you would use a 3rd party partitioning program with the copy option. For copying files onto a drive with files already present the old copy & paste method is still available with two explorer windows open for hightlighting and right clicking to copy on one and the right click to paste in the other.

Either method will still consume quite a bit time depending on how much you would be copying over. The Windows Easy Transfer tool there is mainly for backing up folders and files from the main system drive generally to a second drive(internal or external) or partition especially if the main drive is to be reformatted or replaced at some point.

Another way to preserve all files from any drive however is the use of a drive backup or imaging program where you would simply include the external drive in a backup to second drive on the system itself. That could then an image you could mount for incremental backups when allowed to add even more files.

You'll have to excuse the penmenship in the image here that points to an image of the main drive being mounted as an example of how that would work. Acronis True Image was the program used here for this.

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I had renamed and moved a bunch of songs into my music folder, then one day they somehow ended up in their old folders (which I had deleted).

A:Files move by themselves?

A backup program set to syncronize would restore the folder and file structure on a regular schedule unless they were also deleted in the destination (backup location).

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I'm having trouble with moving some music from my computer to my cell phone (music phone, it supports it). When i cut or copy and paste any songs in my phone's folder, nothing happens. It shows the little window with the bar that should show how much progress the move has made but it stays at 0%. I've tried moving different songs, moving them together, one at a time, but this same thing happens every time. The Micro SD card in my phone still has about 13GB left and i've already moved over 600 songs to my phone so i don't know why it's doing this now. Any help?

Btw i have Windows 7, mostly no problems before with it. Definitely never had problems moving files before.

A:Mp3 Files Won't Move?

make sure the cable connecting the pc to the phone is ok find the device in device manager is enabled and working ok

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I want to move a cdf file of addresses from my windows 7 home premium computer to a new mini computer running xp sp3. Can I just copy from windows 7 machine to a usb flash drive and then copy from usb flash drive to the xp machine or is it more complicated?

A:move files

Yes, copying files from one computer to another is just that simple.

Whether or not the files will work when you get them to the XP machine is no guarantee. I'm assuming cdf files are what the Windows Address Book uses? (I don't use it, so I don't know) It should be back compatible with the XP version of the program, but there is no guarantee.

Copying is the easy part, but if the files won't open, then you might run into problems.

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I am starting a collection of jpegs from the internet. I am a tattoo artist and collect reference of all types.

My method of saving the images is dragging and dropping on to an external drive. Sometimes multiple files are named the same, and trying to put them in the same folder I get 2 options:
-Copy and Replace (which deletes one of the pics)
-or Don't Copy (which doesn't do anything)

Is there a way to add a third option?
-Copy but Keep Both Files

I am running Windows 7 x64 on a Gateway.

Thanks, first time poster

A:Move, but keep both files

If you use Chrome, when you right click on a .jpg and select save to a certain location it will automatically rename the file even if you've just saved one with the same name.

As an example: if you're going to save a file named tattoo.jpg, Chrome will save the next one with the name tattoo(1).jpg.

I've always used the "Save image as..." feature in Chrome rather than dragging and dropping. In fact, I don't drag and drop anything because too often I drop it in the wrong place.

Hope this helps.

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I have an older laptop (Dell Inspiron 1100) running Windows XP that is no longer able to run Windows. I'm getting a blue screen saying something about the boot manager missing or being corrupted.

All I want to do is copy some of my files (pictures mostly) from the laptop to a USB flash drive. I can access the command prompt and view the files I want.

Is it possible to do this? Thanks!

A:XP won't run...need to move files

Well, in theory, you could go to the Command Prompt and just type:

copy c:\abcdefg d:\

For this example, c:\ would be your hard drive and abcdefg is the directory of the files and then d:\ would be the flash drive.

If you don't know the drive letter for your flash drive, you can type dir d:, dir e:, etc. until it displays the contents of your flash drive.

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ive got to start making my own libraries and using them, but i have no idea where to start. i know a tiny bit about them, like theres one type of file with all the function paramaters, and one type of file with all the function definitions, and one type of file that may have main it it, but im confusing the c++ and c syntax between these and ive got to learn this stuff fast.

can u point me in the right direction?
anyone got any links?
something for me to read?
tutorial videos?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:relationship between library files and cpp files etc. got links?

This page is for a CPP course that teaches about UML Diagrams, and a full coding cycle and has the information you are looking for in regards to C++ and the correct ways to write C++ applications.

This link will have the basic concepts that you're looking for:

Try to get the files downloaded because these pages don't stay alive for too long.

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ok, so here's the deal.

I'm running Windows XP SP2 with a 80g HDD (76g to be precise )

I have it partitioned into two equal partitions (C: and F. What i'm trying to do is seperate my OS files and my other files.

Im not too sure how to go about it however. Is it easier to leave my user files on C and move the windows to F. Is it possible? Im just new to partitioning but I hear if i want to upgrade OS's later i won't need to format complete HDD

If anyone can give me a step by step or direct me somwhere that gives me a run down i'd be much appreciative


A:Trying to move files between partitions

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On my dad's computer, I cannot move files to another folder in My Documents.
I tried repeatedly to move pictures etc to another folder, but each time the computer just froze.
I was able to use Ctrl/Alt/Delete to get out, but was never successful in moving anything.
Can you suggest a possible cause/cure?
Thank you very much.

A:XP - Can't move files within My Documents

can you move one file at a time...what operating system ...what RAM much RAM...giver more info

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***windows xp, Home version 2002, service pack 2, pentium (R) 4 CPU 1700 MHz, 512 MB of RAM, original harddrive 18 GB, newly installed harddrive 125 GB, desk top pc***

I want to move my installed programs and some other files to my new harddrive. The old one is not hooked up but I will put it back in the loop as the 2nd or slave when I know how to safely copy some of it to the new drive.

My concern is that since this is a used computer and I am the 8th or more person to use it,
I don't want to transfer any "problem" files, bugs etc. The old drive had unresolvable connectivity issues and when running spybot and other scans I could see many, many files being scanned that looked very unsafe from their names. Such names as, "trojan, keylogger, xxx, sex, dialer, (dozens of these) etc. WHERE THE HECK ARE THOSE KIND OF FILES STORED ON THE COMPUTER? Can you find them and eliminate them?

Anyway I need some guidance on getting my installed programs and files off the old drive onto the new drive without letting all that "junk" transfer over.
Thanks, Edward33

A:How to: move some (not all) files to new harddrive?

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I was online this morning, was browsing youtube trying to entertain myself and suddenly my computer powers down. It tries to reboot using Startup repair, but gives me a message saying "Startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically" with a few lines:
Problem Event Name: StartupRepairOffline
and a few lower:
Problem Signature 07: Corrupt File

I tried to run startup repair a bunch of times, tried to restore from two different earlier restore points multiple times, and the startup repairs would tell me the same, and restores would tell me that it worked, only to bring me back to the same problem. I tried running in debug mode, I tried safe mode, nothing. Just kept giving me the Startup repair cannot repair problem over and over again.

I was running Win7 this morning (which I had gotten through the school's computer science department) and didn't have a boot disc for it, so I couldn't try and repair it from a boot disc. I did, however, have my old Win Vista (curse the name) boot disc handy, so I booted it up (about 6 or 7 hours of trials with memory and hard drive diagnostics along with the multiple reboots for startup and restore points) and ended up re-installing Win Vista expecting it to wipe Win7 completely. Upon finally logging into my computer, I find that I have 400 or so GB of information still on my hard drive, which leads me to believe that it got partitioned.

So, is there a way to get the old files from the corrupted Win7 partition (program fil... Read more

A:Way to move files from one partition to another?

Apparently it's not partitioned, so now the question is: Is there a way to get to the old files in my hard drive/ where would they be located?

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I burned a DVD with family genealogy folders and files from my old XP pc and want to move them to my new Win 7 Pro pc. When I attempt to move them I get a popup telling me I need permission to perform this action.

I have never encountered this issue before and wonder why this happens and how to circumvent it to move these folder and files.

Any assistance would be appreciated,


A:Cannot move files and folder - need help

Does it look like the first one?

Or second?

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Niggling problem. Have a family computer with 4 accounts. One of the account users at one time had a password which has since been stopped but also (regularly) changes their name and icon on the start up screen. I can't move files or folders to this account. When I click on "Move This File" and find the account user it has a folder icon but no "+" for My Pictures etc. At the moment I'm moving files to the Shared Folder then switching users and retrieving which is a bit of a pain.

Presume I'm missing some change to settings but I can't find out how to reset back to what it was. Can anyone help?

Many thanks.

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Hi All,

I have a problem that has me stuck!

I have a new PC, 500Gb HD, XP SP3. The HD is divided into two partitions : 250Gb each. CPU is an Intel 8400, Motherboard an ASUS P5K+.

The problem is I can copy files between C: and D:, but I can't move them.

When I move them, the file is copied to the destination successfully, but the original is not deleted.

When I try and delete the original, it says the file is in use.

What is really strange, is that if move the file somewhere else on the same partition, it works fine!

If I copy a file from d: to c: or vice versa, and then manually delete it, that works fine too.

So for something reason there is something critically wrong with the "move" but not the "copy" between these two partitions.

explorer.exe is the process that has locked the files, and if I try shut it down I can't remove it from the process list.

Any one else had this problem? I'm running AVG, SuperAntiSpyWare, ZoneAlarm, Office 2007.

As I set up c: for programs, and d: for data, since first building the PC I have not really been moving stuff onto c: Now that I need to use some space on c:, I've been trying to move the files.

I'm been playing with PCs for the last 20 years of my life, and this is weirdest problem I have encountered.


A:Can't move files between drives

Does this happen with "every" file. In other words, if you were to create a simple text document, save it, close notepad, and try "moving" it, does it still give you the same error message.

And what "process or steps" do you use to "move" files. Do you right click on it and use "Move to Folder" or Send to > Any Folder?

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Before I begin...I have been clear of all malware. Just got finished getting help over in the Hijackthis forum.

I noticed a problem that never happened before until I started having this whole issue. On the desktop...I cannot move a single file (doesn't matter what type) to another folder. That is, what is on the desktop cannot be moved at all. For example I can't move images off my desktop or music files off my desktop. I try to drag them to a folder like My Pictures or Shared Music and all I get is a circle with a diagonal line through it. No error messages pop up at all. Weird that I can't move a single file off the desktop. Any ideas? Thanks for help.

A:Can't move files off the desktop


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I was always wondering, is it possible to move entire program registries from one Windows to another? I say this because, since my recent HD crash, I had bought another HD. Now, Windows worked fine on the other drive, but didn't wanna boot. (for whatever odd reason) Now, I have games and apps, to which the CDs are just completely shot, that I wanna move to my new HD. Is it possible to get into the Windows registry file of the other HD, and copy it into this new copy of Windows I am running? I really want to get that new computer that my dad is willing to get, but I don't wanna lose my stuff either (we are selling this current comp for money towards the new one). Thanks very much!!

A:Move Registry Files

Yes but you will have some bizzare things go on with the computer, if not lock it up totally.Start>Run>regedit Export the files from the top of the tree to aa folder on C:\, then burn to CD.

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I posted in the virus section because that's what I assumed I had but it's been a week since I posted and I haven't received a response. I don't know if it's a problem with the computer itself or if it's a virus

I noticed a problem when I couldn't delete files like pictures or software, some files delete and with others a message comes up :
'An unexpected error is preventing the operation. Make a note of this error code, which might be useful if you get additional help to resolve this problem:
Error 0x80070570 the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable'

Also, there have been two messages in the tray at the bottom which come up when I start the laptop. one says there?s a problem with C:\Windows\System32\GfxUI.ex and the second says persistwndname.exe is corrupted

when I tried to do system restore a message prevents it with : 'Windows has detected file system corruption on Acer (C:). You must check the disk errors before it can be restored.'

Then when I schedule for the disk errors to be checked when it restarts it never checks them on restart because a black screen comes up saying C: NTFS type file needs to be checked for consistency but it doesn't check it

The computer has crashed a few times going to a bluescreen.

Each time I switch it on it always goes to a blackscreen saying that C: needs to be checked for consistency and that a system restore is needed (but the issue is never resolved)

(I'm using Windows 7)

A:Can't delete or move files

Hi, and welcome to the forums, at this stage you have an open thread in security, today you bumped it, they are very busy and will get to you shortly, please do not do anything to your system until they have advised you.

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I recently repartioned my hard drive with the intent of having the OS and executable files on the C:\ and media and data on the new partition. I want to move My Documents and Documents and Settings folder. Is this possible?
Thanks for your help!

A:Need To Move Some System Files.

Piece of cake.

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I am needing to easily move a few hundred files, currently contained in ~50 folders, into one folder. Then, once consolidated into one folder, I need to export the contents of the folder to an Excel spreadsheet. The contents of these files are MS Office type documents, e.g. Word, Excel, PPT, etc.

I have searched valiantly for any utility that will accomplish this for me. Any ideas or solutions will be greatly appreciated!!

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I have an HP laptop, Windows 7 64 bit machine and it has the BSOD.  I would be concerned about that but I have so many other problems that I am frustrated.
Yesterday, I had been cutting and pasting files onto a USB because it is the only way to get to my files.  Today it says that I am not authorized to perform this change. 
I am the only person on the computer.  I am using the correct names as noted in the User Accounts.  This is not the first time I have had this.  I have had it on other computers as well.
I have restarted the pc multiple times.  I have only been starting in SAFE MODE for a month now.  I have 4 laptops and when they turn 2 years old, they are worthless.  I need my files, I run a business and the backup was also trashed on the problem pc. 
Thank you for any help.  You have always been so helpful to me.

A:Not authorized to move files

Describe more detail how this error happens.

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hello all!
I use roxio/adaptec Easy CD Creator to make my own favorite hits CD's to burn. It always asks me if I want to save the list and I click yes which makes it a .cl file. Terrific, until I try to burn another one by drag/drop etc....all the songs list out, but won't burn - I can't seem to "add" them .
Is there something I am missing here? (obviously) or is there a way to move these .wav files in the list into a new folder so I can just start from scratch again?
I can't imagine being able to save a list and not simply click "make CD".....


a newbie

A:move or change .wav files?

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ok So I know my computer running slow is probably malware but I have run both MBAM and McAffe virus scans several times and gotten nothingnow for the weird part whenever I try to move or copy files it usually works fine but recently I have noticed that it will choose a random folder and freeze whenever I try to do this using that folder, then it will repeat this process with another folder later, no matter what even after I had McAffe completly shred a folder that was doing this and created a new one with the same name it immediately froze when I triede to place files in this some kind of worm or malware I cant remove with antivirus and if so how do I get rid of itEdit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:freezes when I try to move files?

has it only just started to do this to you??

if so can you put your computer back say a couple day's with system restore??

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Don't know why this happened. Suddenly I can't move a couple of MP3 files off my desktop to a flash disk. I can email them, I can burn to disk. No problems there.
But for some reason, when I tried to move them off my desktop to a flash drive, I got a dialog box saying it couldn't be done. It wasn't even an error message. ??

I suppose I can delete them with no trouble as both are on a disk, but it's something I want to understand.

One of the files came from Amazon MP3 track downloads. I have been able to move other AMZN tracks to flash. The other file came from YouTube as an AVI which I converted to MP3 for the audio.

Any help appreciated.
Much Thanks

PS: what does "parse" here mean?

A:Can't move some MP3 files to flash

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I think I was stupid enought to not notice and installed the windows 7 in a disc, having as first boot device another disc. -.-

Is it possible to put those boot files to the disc they should be?

A:Move boot files


Mark the 7 partition active.

Make the 7 HD first in Bios boot order.

Boot 7 dvd and run startup repair 3 times.

Hope it helps

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I'm trying to resolve some os issues but need to save data first. I can't move or paste any files. I get the option to copy but when I go to any location to paste, the option is greyed out. I also can't drag teh files anywhere.
The computer had crashed after a power outage. I got it running and booted but can't get th internet as well as other issues. I would re-install but need to save the data.

Thanks in advance for any help

A:Can't move or paste files

Have you tried right clicking on the files and using 'send to'?

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Ok, this is a problem that I've been having for months now, I can't figure out what's really causing it so far..

1 - When deleting video files (.avi, .mpg) they will do one of three things.
a. The file will delete fine.
b. The file will delete fine, then a few seconds, will re-appear in it's original location, and will be untouchable. Cannot be deleted, opened, moved, renamed, etc.. You will get an access denied error from windows stating that the file is in use.
c. The file just won't delete in the first place. See above 'untouchable'
2 - Moving files gives very similar results. I won't ever get the initial error that the file is in use. The file will move, but will then be in both locations. The folder I move the file to will be normal - deletable, openable, etc.. but the one in the original location will be untouchable. Sometimes, the file will appear to move fine, but in a few seconds, will re-appear, untouchable, in the original location, same as above..

Workarounds/more info:
1 - If I reboot, the 'untouchable' files will just be gone, and all will be well.
2 - I used sysinternals process explorer to find out what process was keeping the file open, and in all cases, it's explorer.exe.
3 - If I end task on explorer, and run it again, nothing happens.
4 - If I use process explorer and manually close the file handle(s) on the affected files, they will instantly vanish from the 'untouchable' locat... Read more

A:Can't Delete/move files

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This problem started about a week ago.

I am unable to move files/folders to another folders. For example, say I have a file ( could be images, documents, movie clips). I drag and try to drop it into another folder, I get the move cursor animation of windows 7, but the file itself never moves. I cannot move folders either.

This happens, whether I am on desktop or on a folder in a regular partition. I can still cut and paste files, but moving files is much more convenient.

Not sure if it is related. Around the same time this problem happened, I am no longer able to 'right click' on zipped folders. If I try double clicking, I get a 'Data Execution Prevention Error'. My only option now is to manually open winzip and extract the files.

Help please. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.

A:Unable to move files

First, try a System Restore to a date earlier that the origin of the problem . For a protection, have a check with Malwarebytes .

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Hey guys I just bought an external HDD to backup my internal HDD files. I have been copying each individual folder over to the new HDD but it just seems so painstaking. Is there any software that can make this automated?

btw is it possible for viruses to latch onto documents, video, pics etc? I do not want my new HDD to be infected.

Thanks guys.

A:Best software to move files to a new HDD?

For backing up files I use the regularly recommended "Cobian Backup."


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Hey guys hopefully you can help me out with this one...

I've been messing with a computer at work trying to get it back up and running after it got hit with a virus/trojans. It's pretty difficult to figure out or play with because the internet will not connect at all, I cannot move any files, and I can't install certain programs like ad-aware. Like I said, any help would be definitely appreciated

The computer is running Windows XP Home edition SP2

Here is a report from hijackthis:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 9:21:13 AM, on 3/3/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16791)
Boot mode: Safe mode with network support

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer,SearchURL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer,SearchURL =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Expl... Read more

A:Can't move files, internet

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for some reason i cannot move 3gp files out of the folders that they are in. which sucks because i have them so i can put them in my phone... but they just wont budge, every time i try to move them it just goes to the loading bar and it says moving 1 item discovered 0 items (0 bytes)
and this just happens with 3gp files nothing else..

*** is going on?

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(I guess I'll start by saying that I posted once before on this issue, but I never got a response. Someone asked me if I posted the logs and I had not because the laptop I am having the problem with, I am unable to get any files off of it which would include the two files that DDS saves to the desktop. I have since figured out a way around that, so here's take two :P)

The information post for posting in this forum did not say whether or not to paste the dds info to the top or bottom of the post, so I chose bottom. I have two computers, one is used for downloads, and the other is used for basically everything else. The download laptop is the where I have a problem. It is an older computer, I want to say I purchased it in 05. It is a dell tablet notebook and operates on windows XP service pack 3. I do not have any disks for it. It was a floor model that I bought on sale at a Circuit city closing and didn't even get a box, much less any disks.

Onto the issues(As far as I've seen all of the following is true both in and out of safe mode):

The primary concern for me at the moment is that I am unable to get any files or folders off of it. I can't move anything by drag and drop or copy and paste. Deleting works, but I can't restore from the recycle bin either. In another forum someone suggested going as Admin and using "take ownership of" which did nothing.

Other issues that I discovered while trying to troubleshoot on my own and in no particular o... Read more

A:Infected, can't move files, etc.

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Double-click the CKFiles.txt icon on your desktop then copy/paste the contents in your next reply

Please download TDSSKillerDouble click TDSSKiller.exe
Press Start Scan
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Do Not Attempt To Fix Anything Now. We just need to look over the report and be sure we are removing the correct
Attach the log in your next replyA copy of the log will be saved automatically to the root of the drive (typically C:\)


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i got two hdd , i just installed windows now problem

C:\(hdd no.1) has the boot files like

u get the picture

and on D:\(hdd no. 2) has Windows Xp folder

now both hdd are required to boot win , is der ajny ways to move the boot files or os xp folder to just one hdd ???

A:move boot files

What OS are you running on the C: drive? You say you just installed Windows - What version and where?

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lately i have been having this problem .....whenever i tried to move or delete a file, it always say " File is being used by another person or program. Close any program that might be using this file and try again" ...and i even did reboot my computer and try to delete the file again but it was no use .....can somebody help me?? i dunno if it's just a simple problem or i might have a virus.....thanks in advance

A:Cannot delete or move files - Please help

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I'm trying to move a file so it can appear on the screen. You used to be a command on the older versions next to the 'Minimize, Maximize, etc.' that I can click on 'Move' to move it manually, but it's not appearing when I right-click files on the taskbar. Is there another command I could use instead, like a certain key command?

A:How to move files?(Not transfer)

click and hold on the file and drag it to where you want.

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Just got a new PC. Now I need to swap all the files to the new PC.
Can anyone tell me how to do this. The old drive is IDE and the new Mobo is only SATA. I considered using files transfer wizard but I won't be able to use the same connection (I think) on both PCs.

My main problem will be the OS as I don't have the install CD. The OS was in the PC when I bought it.

A:Solved: How do I move all my files to my new PC

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Why do I keep getting this message everytime I try to cut and paste a file, mp3, etc. Cannot move " " it is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using that file and try again.
I am the only one on this computer. I have a Linksys router with my XP firewall on. This is making me nuts!

A:Solved: Why Can't I Move Files??????

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I just bought an Western Digital World Book external drive for my office. Since wall network jacks are limited, I hooked it up using a switch. My machine works fine on the network, the WD doesn't. I can't figure whether it's a lemon or there some configuration problem. The problem with the drive is that it's hit or miss whether it allows me to transfer files to it.

It will start transferring then half way through the transfer, it will come up with an access denied error. Then I reboot the drive and it works a a few minutes of transferring and then access denied.

I gave the drive a static IP after talking to tech support, but that hasn't seemed to resolve the problem. Any ideas?

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Hi guys,

I currently running a dual boot system. However, I haven't been able to copy files from one partition to another i.e from XP to Win & or vice versa. For e.g. i can't find any music file in my XP partition, it's like it's not there even though i searched through drive C (XP) from drive D (win 7). I still use XP more but do my gaming on win 7. What do i need to do guys? Please help. Thanks!

P/S How do i import browser history, bookmark from chrome in XP to Win 7 too? Appreciate this!

A:How to move files between XP & Win 7 partition

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Anyone know of an app that can move immovable files?

I've got a wee bit of empty space in my C:/ drive... I'd like to shrink it, but there's a single file stopping me.

A:Move Immovable Files?

Quote: Originally Posted by stevieray

Anyone know of an app that can move immovable files?

I've got a wee bit of empty space in my C:/ drive... I'd like to shrink it, but there's a single file stopping me.

Attachment 16559

Hey SR
Yeah but they may be immovable for a reason. does the defragger tell you what they are?

If you move them and they are something like a system file, or page file, you would be hosed. Find out what they are before you move them


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I recently upgraded my daughter laptop from Win8.1 to Win.10 and realized that comp. has 2 partitions(C & D). Everything is for some reason on C drive(OS,programs,photos,videos,music) and it's almost full while D drive(data) is completely empty. Both drives are 256 GB big. Is there a way to move personal files to D and leave C just for OS and programs? After that I will change destination path.

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I have created a new partition for my data only...I now want to move/remove my data folders from the original single partition to the newly created partition...How do I do this safely and correctly?

A:move files from one partition to another

Right click on the folder that you want to move. If it's one of the personal folders such as My Documents there will be a Location tab - and in that tab will be a Move button.

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Hi guys,

A friend of mine is a photographer and I built her a new PC for using Lightroom, PhotoShop etc. I built the machine with an SSD for running everything and storing the photos she is working with and 2 2TB drives in mirror raid for storage.

Now the problem is that the SSD fills up very quickly so I was wondering if there was a way (by means of scheduled task or a program) that I could move files more than 2 days old from her pictures folder on the SSD to the storage folder on the 2TB raid volume.

I know roughly how to set it up to move all files from a folder to another folder every few hours but wanting to leave photos she's still working with in there for 2 days.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Automatically Move Files

If her OS is Win 7 or Win 8, use the ROBOCOPY command with the / minage switch

ROBOCOPY C:\SourceFolder D:\DestinationFolder /move /minage:2

Robocopy and a Few Examples - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki

You can put this into a batch file and place it in the startup folder to have it run each time the computer is turned on or schedule it to run daily with the Task Scheduler.

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hi, I can't move big files from partition C to partition D, this in normal

I enter to secure mode and I can move the files
without any problem.

What could be?

I have kasperky internet security 2010.

Also I dont wish to format & install windows XP again.



A:I can't move big files from one partition to another

Do you get any error message when you try to move these files? What is the type/extension of these files etc?

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Hello there,

This is a serious problem i'm having and i don't know what causes it.

I can't drop\drag files on my desktop. Even when i right click and choose "copy" or "cut" they won't react and when i go to another folder and right-click to paste it , the "paste" command would be unactive as if i didn't copy/cut anything

I have to restart my computer EACH TIME this problem occur and i don't know how , why or when it happens. I just suddenly find that i'm not able to move them.

I still can open and use files on my desktop as usual. The only problem is that i can't drag\drop them and even can't copy\cut to move them.
Thanks in advance

A:Can't move files on, from and to my desktop

Assuming Windows XP:

Run the System File Checker (it sounds like a problem with Windows Explorer files)

Start - Run - type "SFC /scannow" and enter
Dont type the "", and be sure to put a space between "SFC" and "/scannow"
Upper or lower case is ok, it does not matter.

If you enter it correctly, a dialogue window will show progress, takes a minute of two to complete.

You may possibly be asked for your Windows disk (unless it was a pre-installed version).

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I have a new computer with Windows 7. I want to move my files from the old computer, witch has Windows Vista, to my new one that has Windows 7.
What would be the best software to do this?
I have heard about the software Soft Rescue Is this any good? I am open to any ideas.
I am a self taught computer illiterate, if that gives you a hint.

A:Move files from old to new computer



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I have:

phone: Samsung Flight A797
laptop: HP dv4-2045dx (no bluetooth)
dongle: Kensington K33348

I started by installing the dongle software. When I clicked my bluetooth places, I got a message that there was no bluetooth device installed. I uninstalled the Kensington software.

Then decided to trust Windows. Plugged in the dongle, and Windows installed the device. Got a bluetooth icon in the system tray, then added the phone as a device. I can see the phone in the devices, but can't get anywhere from there. I have the bluetooth on the phone on and it sees my laptop, but I can't push a picture from the phone. The laptop doesn't seem to see it happening. I assume I need to enter the security code from the phone (now the default 00000000), but don't see anywhere to enter it and I have not been prompted. I assume I've missed a step somewhere, but it beats me. Any help would be appreciated.

A:How do I move and see bluetooth files?

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by null modem serial cable, using Windows XP File Transfer Wizard. I hook up the cable to each serial port, but they never communicate. I hope it doesn't take longer than about 10 minutes for the ports to communicate, because that's how long I waited before cancelling the process.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:HELP!!! Trying to move files from old to new computer,

I really need some help.

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hmmm... something is strange here...
Up until now, if I would press only the Del key, I got the message asking if I'm sure I want to send the file to the Recycle Bin.
If I would press Shift+Del, the message was asking my premission to delete the file permanently (not sending it to R.B.)
This is the normal behaviour in Windows (XP PRO SP1).

But today, when I'm pressing ONLY the del key (or right-click and "delete") I get the "permanently" message.. I can't move the files to RB, only remove it!!

I checked:
1) Sticky Buttons are off
2) the option in the Recycle Bin to not move files to RB but remove them is NOT checked.
3) The registry value for "NORECYCLEFILES" was not even created (and creating it with value 0 didnt give a thing)
4) No spywares or viruses on the system.

What should I do???

OMG, I just found that I have the same problem with my sister's computer!! what is going on?!?!

A:Can't move files to Recycle Bin

Let me update you:
I booted to Safe Mode, run antivirus check and found nothing.
So I restarted.
I right-clicked the Recycle Bin and I got this message:


Recycle Bin in drive c:\ is damaged. Would you like to empty it?

I choose Yes.
Now I can delete my files the old fashion way.

But not I can't view the files I've deleted in the RB.

Well, The Icon changes to full, and on right-click->empty RB it says I have files there, but when I open it, it says "0 items".

I didnt get the error (in the quote) in the other computer.

I'm confused.

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hi all!
i was just wondering if there is a native w7 method that can move files to different folders depending on the file names. ie: i would like to save all my files to just one location and then w7 takes over and distributes the files to their respective folders. photo-test.jpg, text-test.doc, calc-test.xls -> PHOTO, TEXTS, CALCS

any ideas?

A:automatically move files

You already asked this question:

automatically delete/move files to folders

Please don't double post. Just add to your original thread.

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Hi --

I'm getting ready to do a complete reinstall of XP Pro. To get ready, I'm locating all the files I'll need to backup & copy back to my machine. One is Outlook's .pst file. However, when I looked in the directory holding the .pst file I found 6 of them: Outlook1.pst, Outlook2.pst; Outlook3.pst; Outlook4.pst; Outlook5.pst; and Outlook.pst.

After I get Outlook reinstalled, should I copy all of those .pst files over?


A:Solved: Have 5 .pst files -- Move all?

Hi Tarvardian

Sure, copy all, have Outlook open each to see if they contain anything you want to keep. If they don't you can disconnect them from Outlook and delete the .pst file.

Or, open them before reinstalling Windows, then you will know which ones you want to keep.
You can have all of the .pst files open in Outlook at the same time,
In Outlook:
File > Open > Outlook Data File
Browse to a .pst file and select it, it should appear in Outlook.
Repeat above for each additional .pst file.

To remove (or disconnect) a .pst file from Outlook:
Right click on the Root or top folder of the .pst file and select: Close "Name of Folder" or Disconnect "Name of Folder"

Let us know if that works for you or not.

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I have a pc, and I'm running Windows 98. My "C" drive was full so I just recently installed an extra drive in my computer. Now I'd like to move some or all of the files from my "C" drive to my new "D" drive and free up the space in the "C" drive. How do I do this?

A:How do I move files from one drive to another?

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I have a compaq presario F732US Laptop that no longer turns on. Ive been told the motherboard is toasted. And I need to get all of my files to my HP Pavilion dv9000. Is there a way to get this done, besides swapping Hard Drives? They both run Vista Premium if that makes any difference at all. Thanks for looking and thanks in advance for your help!

A:How to Move Files From PC to PC. (With a twist)

Hi and welcome to TSF

I find some like this very handy for getting info off HD's:

Just copy the files you want to your HP.


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