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Blinking orange power button on Dimension 5000

Q: Blinking orange power button on Dimension 5000

I was using my Dimension 5000 when it shut down unexpectedly. The power button now blinks orange unless I press and hold it when it does not light at all. Pressing it again only produces the steady blinking light. I have some important work on it that I need to transfer to my laptop so if anyone can help me, I'd be very grateful.

A: Blinking orange power button on Dimension 5000

I was using my Dimension 5000 when it shut down unexpectedly. The power button now blinks orange unless I press and hold it when it does not light at all. Pressing it again only produces the steady blinking light. I have some important work on it that I need to transfer to my laptop so if anyone can help me, I'd be very grateful.
Are there any 'Beeps'?
A blinking amber power button light,usually indicates a power supply issue.
Try installing a known working power supply to see if this makes a difference.
The Dimension 5000 does not use a Dell proprietary power supply, most standard ATX power supplies with either a 24-pin or 20+4-pin main motherboard power connector, with, or without the on/off switch can be used, a power supply with two SATA power connectors is needed. You should be able to buy a replacement power supply from a local or online computer store.
Regards to transferring the important files to your laptop, you could use the following:
Remove the hard drive and use an USB adaptor similar to THIS and attach the hard drive to a USB port of your laptop and transfer the files to the laptop.

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I have a Dell dimension 4700 . I recently acquired it from work. Not necessarily in the best condition. I cleaned it up and tried to power on and all it does is blink orange/amber,it will not power on . It has started since I've had it though and i cleaned it up and it ran great, but i only got it to start one time.Its running WinXP Pro,with a Pentium 4. So what i know is that the mobo is getting power because the green light is on. I have checked the 4-pin aux cord that powers the processor. I know the power supply is set to the correct voltage. All cables seem to be connected properly. I have run out of ideas. Any Suggestions would be much appreciated!

A:Dell Dimension 4700 Blinking orange, no power

Even though you have a green light. The power supply could be bad. The green light says that the +5 volts is being produced. There are several volages the come from a computers power supply, not just one or two

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Hi! I have an Acer Aspire switch 10. About hours ago, I charged it, and after a hour or two I opened it and saw critical low battery thing, I tried charging it in different outlets in our house, but all I can see is an orange blinking light in it's power button, I know that it should be steady, Please help! I'm charging it for almost a day, and still the battery is low, sometimes a recovery thing pops out the screen.

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my laptop battery light is flashing orange. I'm running Windows10.
I checked the battery health meter and the battery is 100% charged and the meter indicates that it is functioning normally. The laptop is only a few months old.

I saw another post that suggested rebooting the laptop with the cable unplugged. I'going to try that next.

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I have a Dell Dimension E521, it started a few days ago when it was running smooth, one day I turned it off. When I tried to turn it on a day later it wouldn't display an image on the monitor.

The computer power ups fine, the fans are blowing strong like usual on start up but do not stop blowing hard. Its like it gets stuck at the start up stage.

The power button flashes orange, while all components work in the computer, I have took out unnecessary parts such as CD ROMS etc.

I have checked all fans and every thing seems to be ok, but it wont display any image. (the monitor will not come out of standby)

Before I used to take out a random part and some how it would work after I plug it out and in again (switching power by mains off worked first, then taking the Ethernet cable out worked, then taking the ram out worked). This is quite random and I cannot think what it could be. I have taken everything out and pluged it all back in again, double checking all cables are correct and all devices are working correctly.

Please help me.

Dimension E521 is the model of my Dell Computer.


9600 GeForce Graphics Card

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Processor 3800 (2.00Ghz, 2x512K)

A:Dimension E521 - Orange Blinking Light

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On the taskbar I have blue rectangle button ?Minimize all windows?, which allows me to access my desktop.

The problem is that if I have many windows open (for example, 30 windows), and I press this button, several of the windows titles on the taskbar become blinking orange.

Please don't say that ?window title blinking orange on the taskbar when the application needs your attentinon?. I know this. In my case approximately half of taskbar buttons (for ex., 12 of 30) become blinking WHEN I press ?Minimize all windows? button.

Full system reinstallation did not help.

A:Taskbar buttons blinking orange when I press «Minimize all windows» button

Hello Santon,

You might see if opening the Ease Of Access Center in the Control Panel, and selecting the Use text or visual alternaltives for sounds with the option below selected instead may help.
Hope this helps,

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I get a flickering amber light when I try to switch on. Nothing else happens (no screen, no boot up). I've tried unplugging all cables. The light will remain on for about 20-30 seconds even after disconnecting all cables (including power)

Inside the box I have tried unplugging/replugging the memory then the hard drive. This doesn't make any difference.

There is a small orange light on the motherboard just beside the motherboard battery. This remains constant orange whilst the power button flickers orange.

A:Dell Dimension 5000 wont power up

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Yesterday, I was just sitting there watching TV at my computer desk, with the computer on, next thing I know- I look over and the computer was shutdown. I didn't know why, so then I go to turn it on, it will not turn on- and the power button, that should be green, starts blinking orange. I'm not sure what the problem is, I think something might be dead. I have been getting a message that says "Alert! System Battery Voltage Low" for about 2 years, I'm not sure if that would be it or not (Maybe that died? Would that do it? I don't know).

When I try to turn it on, I can see the fan and stuff turn on for about half a second, then everything just turns off except for the mobo light and the orange blinking light. I've tested my brothers working power supply in mine, so I know that mine still works because that didn't fix it. I've taken the graphics card out, that didn't do it either. I don't know what else I could do, please help somebody, I'm lost without my computer... Thank you.

A:Dell Won't Power On (Orange Blinking Light)

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Helloi have this computer (HP d530) : sometimes when I start the computer, I hear the voice of the fan and cd rom but the screen of monitor stay black (no signal)  and the power led stay blinking in orange color. solution : I open the tower and unplug the hard disk napes and my two Ram ddr ,then I replug everything. sometimes this solution work and  the computer works normally.I want to know the meaning of the LED blinking on orange and the solution of this problem . and I want to tell you that I see this problem just after moving computer in another room for example.

A:problem : power Led blinking in orange color (hp d530) 'with...

As I understand, the blinking LED is similar to the Post beeps that occur if you have a small speaker attached to you motherboard.  In theory the blink pattern should provide an indicator as to the cause of the problem.  Would it be possible for you to note down the blink pattern ? Or does it just blink orange all the time ?

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My Inspiron's power button is stuck and will not click anymore. It is on but I can't tell if it is stuck pressed or unpressed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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im new to this situation and my first encounter sorry for being noob my laptop power button flashes orange while i am charging and the lid was close. any idea what happen to my laptop?

A:Laptop power button flashes orange?

The flashing orange light usually means that the battery is being charged from the mains-powered charger unit.
When battery is charged fully that light should change to green

Laptop makes may differ though .. for example when my laptop is charging the orange light is on, but it does not flash .. it stays on orange until it is fully charged, then changes to green

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I first logged out of my computer and came back and I noticed an orange light on the power button. I shut it of and turn it back on about two times with the same results of an orange light. I then shut of the the extension that houses 10 plugs. When I turned on the extension I turned on the computer the power button didn't give off a blue light or orange light. The VGA cable, mouse, keyboard, Ethernet cable are all plugged in. I later removed all the connects to the computer gave it a minute and plugged it all back in. There is a solid green light on the back under the power cable. The fans turn on there is noise coming from inside the computer a soft humming and light fan from the back of the computer. But the power button will not turn on. The monitor light is orange and says "No Input signal Input 2,Go to Power Save." When I switch to input 1 it reads "Cable Disconnected Go to Power Save." What internal issue could this be?

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Computer has new motherboard, it powers up and everything sounds like it's running. Power button should be blue but it's orange. And nothing will display on the monitor.

A:No display power button orange not blue.

Likely it's only the fans and drives and LEDs that are powering up while the motherboard isn't.Does it give any beeps when you start it up?It's a hardware problem somewhere. Why did you replace the motherboard and if it was because the previous one was bad, how sure are you it actually was bad? It could have been the power supply or a peripheral connected to the motherboard. Is the new motherboard the same as the one you replaced? If not, is it compatible with the cpu and ram--which I assume you swapped in from the old board?With the power cord removed, temporarily disconnect the drives and remove any add-on cards not needed for an initial bootup, remove any USB devices. Then plug the cord back in and see if you at least get a posting or logo screen on the monitor. If not recheck all connections and verify the cpu and its heatsink are correctly installed.

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i have a compaq presario 5000 w/ pentium 4 1500 mhz 512 mb ram, with windows xp
i recently tried to start it up and i pushed the power button but it wont start at all. i am sure it is plugged in and it is getting power since there are two little green lights in it. whenever i push the power button another little green light goes on but the computer doesnt start. i checked all of the connections and they all seem to be in good. Can anyone help me solve why it wont start?

A:compaq presario 5000 power button problems

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I have a Precision Tower 7910 desktop. Every time I try to restart (or power off and on), the power button starts flashing an orange colour. Following suggestions from previous posts, I took the CMOS battery, and held the power button for 15 seconds. When I insert the battery the computer works perfectly until the next restart where I have to repeat to same procedure. The computer works fine even if I leave it on for a month (assuming no restarts). 
Can anyone suggest any solutions?
Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Power button flashes orange every time I restart

Most of the Precision Tower documents state this =

What are the diagnostic LEDs during the restart failure?

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HP G5246sc just beeps fast, and power button flash orangeIt doesnt boot into Windows.I can get to Bios , but I see nothing wrong there.I have tried disconnecting USB cables and DCROM and HDDWhen disconnecting HDD, it doesnt beep, but thats because startup halts and show no boot device on the screen.  

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Just got a dell inspiron running vista home premium 64. works fine, except each morning the power button is blinking blue and unit has to be unplugged- mouse does not wake it, pressing power button kicks all the cooling fans into high gear, but nothing more. i suspect that this happens when unit goes into sleep or hibernate mode. under 'power plan', "dell recommended" is checked.


thank-you for any expert advice that you can offer

A:Dell- blinking power button- vista power mgmt?

Is it a desktop or Laptop?

Dell desktops are well known to have dodgy power units (hardware) installed.

Have you tried a cold reboot to see what happens?.....If you continue to have power issues call the Dell customer support and they'll send you a new power supply (for desktop).

Not sure about the laptops though.

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When I power on my Compaq Presario, the screen remains black, the key next to the power button is orange, the Caps Lock key is blinking and a light blinks above the "home, end, num lock keys", in the upper portion of the keyboard. I have tried taking out the battery, unplugging the power and holding the power button for 60 seconds, before trying it again, and I am not getting anything...HELP!!

A:Compaq Presario CQ61 Black sreen-orange button next to power

Try re-seating the Ram. If that doesn't help remove the Cmos battery for a few minutes then put it back, it looks like a silver coin and should be visible near the ram.

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I have an old Optiplex GX240 that had its power supply break, I recently got another power supply from a different computer. The Power supply is working however there is an orange light on the motherboard and power button that doesn't flash. The ABCD lights on the back of the computer are also not lit.

A:Orange Light On Power Button and Motherboard - Dell Optiplex GX240

GX240 requires specific NON PFC power supply.  This unit is 16 years old now and has 512 meg ram of the PC133 variety.   A newer model like an optiplex GX620 or better is still viable.  This system is TOO OLD and TOO Slow to be of any use.

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Hi everybody,
I recently inherited an unused PC from work. It's an Optiplex 780 with a faulty power supply.
I replaced the power supply with a working one from an old Optiplex 740 and also had to buy an standard ATX 24 pin to mini ATX 24 pin cable in order to use the 740' PSU in my Optiplex 780.
I have plugged in the power cord (but no mouse & keyboard because I don't have any USB keyboard available) and I expected the computer to show DELL logo as well as on screen POST messages during power up but instead I can see the following :
1) Power button in orange color. No blinking. : according to service manual it means PSU is probably OK and PC has reach booting stage 2.
2) 1,2 & 4 green diagnostic lights are on. This combination (1,2,4) is not listed in service manual so I have no idea on the possible kind of error.
Any suggestions about the possible error and how to fix it?
Kind regards,

A:Optiplex 780 - unknown diagnostic light code 1,2,4 plus orange power button

Hello!  I would unplug everything go into the computer and unplug any cards you have like graphics card and network cards etc. Also unplug your HDD and Optical Drives and plug them all back in and see if that clears it.  I looked at the manuals you did and just combined 1,2 and just 4.  

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I got laptop Lenovo G770 (i5 @ 2.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM, Radeon 6670m 1 GB, Kingston SSD 120 GB); last 2 weeks, when battery is in and plugged in for charging, power button and all LED indicators stat blinking simultaneously (no apps interruptions, freezing, blue screens, restarting etc). I repeat, it happens ONLY when both battery is in and power is plugged. When works on battery only or only with adapter, there's no issue. What could be a problem, battery, power adapter or something else?

A:Power button blinking

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Hi, i'm not sure where to post this.

I have a Dell 531s inspiron.
Vista 32 bit

When i shut dow the computer. The power button blinks and blinks after its shut down.
Is something wrong or is this one of vista's new features?

A:Power button blinking??

Did it power down or is it going in to Hibernation?

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Hey, I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but here I go. When I was taking my computer classes about a year or two ago, I remember the teacher talking about how when the hard drive button blinks it means its accessing the hard drive, and I could have sworn she also said if your power button blinks it means something is wrong. power button is the led in it going dead or does it mean something is wrong?

A:What does this mean? Blinking Power button.

U have posted 32 posts ever since u joined the forum, and u still don't know whether this is the right place, *(*Sorry if am rude)
Anyway yes this is the right place, and that means that u either had it plugged in the wrong place, a place for your hdd, so check it, it also depends on how fast and when it blinks.
Its rare for that to happen on a power button.
Just open your machine and make sure u interchange the Hdd and Sw1 termination.
All the best


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My yoga 500 has a flashing power button and that's all. Nothing works , not booting up, screen doesn't turn on and so on...pls help

Go to Solution.

A:Yoga 500 power button blinking

Hi rahul27benjamin, Welcome to Lenovo Community 1. Please take out the battery and AC adapter then press the power button for 10 second and release it. 2. Attach the battery again and connect the AC adapter and try to turn ON the machine.    Regards, **If the issue has been resolved please, mark me as solution provided to help others find the solution easily and click the Kudos.**

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I have a Dell Optiplex GX620 ultra small factor form, and as of recently it was fine, until a few days ago where it just randomly shut off and the Power button was blinking an Amber color, I did some research and unplugged most of what i saw and replugged it in inside the pc which made it boot back up and works most of the time but it doesnt last for long.. usually it shuts back off and shows the same blinking light on the power button.. When it starts up the light blinks an amber color.. The fans and harddrive start up and everything.. is it my psu? do i need to replace it? or is it something else..? Any help is very much appreciated!

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My sister has a Dell Dimension 5100 w/XP Prof., 1MB Ram, Pent 4 @ 3.2 ghz. All of a sudden it won't boot. When you plug in the power, the power switch led blinks orange in unison with the h/d green led.
This is what I have tried:
I pulled the power supply 24p connector and shorted the black wire to the green wire and the fan then came I figure p/s is ok?????
I then removed the modem card and the video card as well as the memory and all drive connectors. Still same response. What do I need to check? Motherboard bad??Thanks

A:Desktop won't boot-Blinking orange led in unison w/ blinking green h/d led

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Hi  I have purchased hp 15-ay007tx few days back which is installed with Free DOS 2.0. I have installed Windows 10 .I purchased it online , when  i first click the laptop power button , the led inicator light is not blinking or not glown even after installation of windows 10 , still the led indicator light on power button is not working , I have installed latest drivers from the hp driver site. 

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Was using my computer when all of the sudden it died. When I try to hit home button it just blinks. I have tried holding it down and it won't restart.

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Sir my notebook not starting. Only power button is blinking. A few days back I shut the system while it was updating

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Today I went to press the power button on my Dell vostro 220s intel pentium running windows vistaThe power button blinking a yellowish color while Sound beeps twice at a time. I just used this computer last night with no problems Please help me. I have the system open ready to explore.

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My laptop will not charge and it will not turn on . Heres the best way to describe it... When i plug my charger into my computer the red light blinks as well as the power button. It stays on for 3 seconds then blinks and repeats this act.  I have tried holding the power button down for 15 seconds to do a hard restart and nothing happens. My screen remains black and the power button remains blinking.  Ive tried using google remedies but none of the research has helped. My lap top is in immaculate condition, i only use it for school or work so im very confused to why my screen wont turn on. it was up and running fine two weeks ago and every since ive been trying to get it to cut on and it wont budge. 

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Have Dell Inspirion (service tag 8KF9DK1) running Vista (yea, it's over 5 years old) Had the Dell off to side of my desk for 1 year, not in use, after got an HP laptop. Had 19" monitor I used for Dell and then set up with the HP  laptop for better screen/larger screen. Monitor had worked fine for years on desktop, and the last year great with the laptop. Last week I got a new Dell 23" wide screen and set that up with the laptop yesterday-works great. Today wanted to pull some old data off Dell desktop onto a 32g USB drive and the transfer to laptop. When first tried to boot Dell, got power, but 5 beeps and blinking amber front power light  when it tried to boot. Green light was on, steady, on the back of computer. Powered down, tried trick of removing all memory sticks, restarting (all fans worked at this point), turning off, and reinserting memory sticks. Then reattached all cables for peripherals. Know the monitor is fine....before I connected it to Dell, it came up.When turned it back on, amber blinking light on front of Dell (power button) but no power. Checked interior connections and realized I'd knocked power cable off hard drive. Reconnected it, and now have power but still the constant blinking  amber power button.  Checked all connections. ARRGGHHHH.... All I really need is to pull the hard drive and get the data off it onto my USB stick, Is there an adapter I can use to connect this old hard drive into my laptop, even thou... Read more

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Has anyone else with this model been experiencing issues with the PC shutting down, and then blinking orange amber light on the front?
We have 100 of these and had this problem on a few of them. The blinking pattern is 2 then 1, which Dell says is system board failure. But resetting the power fixes it till it happens again. The first time it happened we replaced the PC, and the same thing happened. So we replaced the power adapter, and the same thing happened. Then we took a whole new PC out of a box and finally that person didnt have the issue again. But now someone else is.

A:Optiplex 3020m Amber Blinking Power Button

Hi ,
These models have clearly indicators of  faulty component with the help of power buttons which blink accordingly .Now when the power button is showing blinking amber with pattern of 2 and then 1 it shows that system board is faulty . I can assist you with the service call ,do provide the service tag info ,system owners details ,contact no ,physical address ,invoice copy (sent via private message ) so that I can verify the same to arrange for service call.
Hope to hear from you soon .
Kindest Regards,

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I've recently had an issue starting my HP Notebook, instead of starting the power button just continuously blinks. I assumed it was the battery, however at leaving it plugged in for a couple hours (the charing light was lite) the problem continued.Any advice, that could help please, I'm not very tech savvy!Thank you.

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Hi, I wanted to upgrade my old XPS420 to a Corsair TX750w PSU, but after I installed it I only get an amber blinking light, and it won't boot or anything after that.
The Fan for the PSU does turn on for a sec when I turn it on, but nothing other than that, I had the PSU in to check if it was broken and I was informed it was not broken.
the 4 pin and 24 connector are both connection to the motherboard, and so are the cords for the HDD and DVD drives and graphic card, so not sure at where I could have screwed up?

any help appreciated.

A:Solved: power button blinking amber after installing cpu

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My HP 255 just turned off while i was using it and wen i press the power button it blinks once, ive tried to remove the battry and start it on AC and it doesnt blink....left it on charger fo an hour an stil nothing buh instead u feel heat on the  battry.please help 

A:MY LAPTOP HP 255 wont start just blinking power button

Dear Customer, Shut down the notebook, unplug the AC Adapter and then remove the battery.  Hold  down the Power button for a full minute.  Plug in the AC Adapter ( leave the battery out for the moment ) and see if the notebook will start. Can you match the sequence of 'blinks' to those shown in the table below.     Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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I have a HP XW6600Getting Blank screen after 10Minutes. Power button blinking but shreen blank. Can any one help to resolve this,If i plug the power point and reset it again its work, and again it work for 10minutes but the same problem accord. I have reinstalled the OS again this problem occur

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My fiancée's HP G62 laptop suddenly stopped booting. More specifically, when you press the power button, the power light comes on, but the screen stays totally black. I tried doing a hard reset on it (unplug, remove the battery, and hold power button down for 60 seconds), but that didn't work.  I tried this multiple times with no success. I shined a flashlight on the screen to see if there was a faint image (indicating a backlight problem), but there is no image at all. I tried connecting the computer to an external monitor, and that didn't work either.   Recently I had to replace the fan and the power button assembly on this machine, but it was working fine after that until now. 

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I have a Dell Latitude E5250. When plugging in the AC adapter the only light that comes on is the power button light and it's blinking continuously. The other indicator lights are off. The system board has been replaced, no change. After the system board was replaced the battery indicator light came on and the battery charged, though the laptop would not power on when the power button was pressed. It would light up then go out.  I've removed the battery and AC adapter, held down the power button to discharge flea power, no change. Followed Dell TechDirect directions to remove the battery and CMOS battery, then insert the AC adapter and power on the laptop, no change. I've tried known good RAM. I've removed all components including the LCD cable, no change. When the AC adapter is installed the power button light blinks continuously, no pattern, no other indicator lights come on. Any thoughts? I'm wondering if it's a video issue, bad Touch LCD?

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I think it's OS is Windows 10, every time I switch on it starts to power on for a couple of seconds and then the light just starts flashing every 3 or so seconds and there is a popping noise. The screen stays black nothing changes with that. I have unplugged power cord and taken the battery out

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My old precision M6500 was turned on then it shutdown without any warnings.
My battery was dead since a while ago, the battery light was blinking all the time but I did not care about using the battery.
Now if I press the power button the battery light above the keyboard and on the left side rapidly blink orange for about 2-3 seconds.
If I remove the battery and press the power button it does the same.
I tried removing the battery and pressing the power button for 30 seconds without battery. Then I pugged the power cord and pressed the power button but still the same blinking.
Is there a way to force it on or is completely dead?

A:Precision M6500 blinking lights when pressing power button

Try another adapter if possible.
Download the service manual here -
Disconnect the adapter and battery and press and hold the power button to release any static power.
Remove and reseat the memory modules and check if the system powers on only with the adapter connected.
Disconnect the HDD / ODD and check.
As a last resort, remove and reseat the CMOS battery and check if the system powers on.
If nothing works, then I would suspect a failing motherboard.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I have a dell dimension 8100 that has been powerleaped from a 1.7 to a 2.5.  I recently upgraded the RAM from 256 PC 800 RDRam to 512.  I also have upgraded from a GEForce 2 Ultra to a GEForce 4 Ti4600 quite a while back.  Everything has been working great until the last week or so and I am at a loss here.  I used to leave my computer on all the time 24/7 with reboots here and there when I needed to.  Well, after I lost the fan on my Video card I started to turn it off.  After about six months of this it decided that it doesn't like to boot up after a night or two of being off.  What happens is when I push the power button you can hear it power on but the monitor says there is no signal being sent from the computer.  The other weird thing is that the power button light is amber instead of green.  I turned off the computer and unplugged all power from it and tried again.  This time it booted up.  The last time it happened, unplugging it didn't even work so I pulled the case apart and cleaned it out.  I yanked the Video card out of the AGP slot and reseated it and turned it on and presto it fired right up.  What gets me is when I leave it on and have to reboot it, everything works fine.  It only acts up when I leave it off over night or longer and then start it.  Could this be the battery on the motherboard?  My clock doesn't seem to be losing time in windows or anything.  If a... Read more

A:Dimension 8100 not booting up and has amber light on power button. Please HELP?

If the power button is blinking amber, it is probable that the power supply needs to be replaced.If the power button is solid amber, the power supply should be fine. At this stage of bootup, memory has not yet been tested, and is not a factor in this type of failure. Check the CPU and ensure that it is properly seated.

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When i connect charger to laptop the power button and charger light starts button white light blinking my laptop model inspiron n5010
I tried all the steps like removing the battery and unplugged the charger and holds the power button for 30 second and reconnect no change.

A:When i connect charger to laptop the power button and charger light starts blinking

Hi ZMR 1986,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
* Are you able to boot into windows normally?
* Please try to boot into BIOS <F2> and check what is the status of the battery / adapter listed.
* Please update the BIOS to the latest available version from our Dell Support Site.
* Can we check with an alternate adapter?
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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Hi. Tonight I had a problem with my laptop. It was in sleeping mode, and when I open the lid there were no mouse function and no touch screen function. So the only thing I could do was to press the power button for 3 seconds to turn it off, but it didn't completely, because the screen turn off, but the power button light is blinking just like when it is on sleep mode, and I'm not sure if the hard drive light was on, off or blinking before this, but now is blinking. I press the power button and nothing happen, I press it for 3 seconds and nothing happen. I even did the HDMI connection to another monitor, but both monitors don't show anything, not even recognize that something is connected to the HDMI port in the new monitor. There is no sound, nothing, just the 2 blinking lights. What should I do? Thanks PS: I'm not sure if it's Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit. It was upgraded from Windows 8

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Hi- just wanted to share my satisfaction with this old rig that is my daily driver at home, and maybe give some here a few ideas.  Originally bought it in Germany, now living in the US.  Always liked the design and lately been thinking they don't make them like this anymore.  Actually "made in Ireland" according to the sticker on the bottom :O
Anyway, over time I upgraded this puppy with the goal to make it as silent as possible, while keeping it running on the latest available Windows at any given time.  And I gotta say it really feels smoother and snappier than ever on the latest Win 10 (Pro) 64-bit.  So here are the main specs:
4GB RAM - 3GB usable by Windows :(
Replaced orig. Intel P4 3 GHz CPU (32-bit, no HT) with 3.4GHz (64-bit, HT) - after I tried the 3.8 but couldn't figure out the high revving fan issue
2x Toshiba 256GB SSD
Replaced orig. 305W PSU with High Eff. 80plus Bronze 400W peak
Replaced orig. aluminum heat sink with Steel/Cu unit from an XPS 410 - amazing difference thanks to much more effective heat transfer, CPU fan never seems to be revving up ever since
Fanless XFX Radeon HD 6450 (2GB)
D-Link DWA-566 Wireless
Adaptec AFW-2100 Firewire
Creative SB Live 24-bit

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When I start up, the computer whirls and whirls for about 25 minutes before it is ready for use.

If I disconnect the wireless connection until the computer has settled down, I can cut about 5 minutes off the start-up process. I use AVG 7.5 internet security and the up-date download that occurs when I first switch on each day does not help, but it is not the cause of the problem.

Sometimes, even after the computer has been on for an hour or two it will start whirling as soon as I use it, but not always.

I do a full AVG scan on a regular basis, and also check for Windows and Microsoft up-dates regularly.

Can anyone help me sort this out? I hope that I do not have to completely wipe the hard drive clean and start again.

A:Dell Dimension 5000

Try running MSCONFIG to see what is running when you first start up your computer, you can disable application running at that time that aren't essential.

How large is your hdd, and how much free space do you have on it?

How much RAM do you have?

If you launch the AVG free control center and then click on Test Center you can use the Scheduler to change the time that you get your updates.

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I need some help. I have acomputer monitor that is roughly 10 years old. THe monitor last night decided to suddenly turn off and the power button started blinking. I unplugged the power to the monitor and let it sit overnight. This morning I went and plugged the power back into the monitor and pressed the power button on it. When I pressed the power button the button started blinking again. I have never had a monitor die like this and I would like to know why it died and if it can be fixed. Some more info is that i had only been on the computer for less than 2 hours. I have not spilled anything on the computer, the vent is completely uncovered, and the computer is in good working conditions according to the mannual. I need to know asap please. The tower still works perfectly fine it is only the monitor.

A:Monitor is black and the power button on the monitor is blinking

If you could try the monitor on another PC, that would confirm the monitor is faulty. In any case if the monitor is bad and considering its age, it would be best to just replace it. It would not be worth fixing.

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Hi I have problem. I bought dell inspiron 1525 laptop in 2008 and now when I start No lights. I can hear voice of CPU fan and only see Orange light blinking (Battery) I am running it on DC but not working. Also there is a blue / orange blinking light near hard drive. Do I need to change board or anything else?

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Hello All,
Can anyone help?
My PC has had an intermittant problem over the last 6 months or so.
A distinctive clicking sound emits from the base unit followed by a freezing of my Windows XP, and then a blue screen, telling me that its taking a memory dump. I have to physically power off the base unit to clear the blue screen, and then power it back up again. It usually comes back OK.
My latest blue screen episode produced the error below:
BCCode : f4 BCP1 : 00000003 BCP2 : 8A69C208 BCP3 : 8A69C37C
BCP4 : 805D297C OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 3_0 Product : 768_1
I have run a chkdsk/p in the past but the problem is still there.
Where is this the memory dump written to, and how can it be recovered for analysis?
As you can probably tell, I'm not much of a 'techi' and would be grateful if anyone could provide any information. If anyone requires any more info i will gladly provide it

Thanks in anticipation,


A:Dell Dimension 5000 Bluescreen

Try looking here:

Also i would recommend you to run application called MemTest.

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All, I have a Dell dimension 5000 (tower system) and turned it of last night in the usual manner. This morning, the amber turn on switch light is going on & off and the PC will not power up.
Have turned it off at the mains but as soon as it's turned back on, the light continues to flash. The screen also will not turn on.
Any ideas? By the way, my netbook works perfectly via my WIFI connection so it looks like a hardware issue (I think)
The Dell is about 5 yrs old and (was) in perfect working order. Windows XP.
Any (not too technical) help much appreciated.

A:dell dimension 5000 will not turn on

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My original Dell DVD drive broke so I physically removed it and installed a different one. It works fine in Windows. I want to do a routine format of c: and reinstall Windows, so I insert the Windows Xp DVD, restart and wait to hit F8. Problem is it doesn't work. Since I installed the new DVD drive i get the following message during boot sequence:

"Drive 2 not found: Parallel ATA, PATA 0 (PRI IDE Master). Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility."

F1 brings me back into Windows, F2 brings me to the BIOS setup. So far, I can't figure out a way to boot from onboard cd drive in order to get to that windows setup menu.

Any ideas?

A:Dimension 5000 DVD/BIOS Issues

Is the drive jumpered correctly?
If the drive is on the end of the ribbon set the jumper to MS/ master.
Check in bios to see if the drive is recognised correctly

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I have an older Dimension 5000 here which used to be a Euro version of the 5100/5150/E510... series back in those days. It still does a more than decent job running Windows 10 for anything non gaming, so internet, light office applications etc..
Here's the issue:  It was once upgraded with a 512Mb MSI GeForce in the PCI-E x16 slot with no problem. Trying to run a 1Gb card though turns out to be an issue.  Both so far tested brand-new Geforce GT 710 - a passive MSI and a PNY with cooler fan - would cause the machine to rev up the CPU fan for a few secs before posting the "Alert! PCI Express Card is operating in X1 mode" message when booting. After hitting F1, all is normal. They even increase the "usable memory" under Windows/System, which was one goal of this upgrade.
Re-seating the cards multiple times in the slot didn't make a difference. The machine has the latest BIOS v07 and has been upgraded with a 350W/400W peak PSU.
Any theories here? I don't understand why there would be such a compatibility issue with the 1Gb cards.  I noticed the minor differences in pin layouts between the 3 cards, but they're all designed for any PCI-E compliant mobo with one x16 slot.

A:Dimension 5000 upgrade with 1Gb Video

The problem is PCI-E 1.1 vs 3.0 and the fact that the card is an X8 not an X16.
1Gig card has nothing to do with the issue.  1gig or 2gig Radeon HD6450 will work because the card uses a lot less power than the geforce. And its PCI-E 2 not PCI-e 3.

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I have a Dell Dimension 5000 purchased in 2005, still running Windows XP.
After it had been off for a week, I recently tried to power it up, but got only a flashing amber power button. After reading this thread I tried jumping the PSU to motherboard power connector from green to black as suggested, and nothing powered up. So I assume the PSU is dead and needs to be replaced.
I have also read this thread from someone with a similar problem.  My PSU model number is L305P-00 and part number 5032 (CN-0D5032-71615-513-06BE), output 305W, and it has a 24 pin ATX connector, 2 SATA connectors, etc.
I am hoping to replace the PC soon, so don't want to spend too much on the PSU. Corsair were recommended as a good brand, but they are quite expensive, so I wondered if this Novatech PSU would be suitable? I believe they are a reputable brand. They also sell many others and I am not sure what the difference is between them all, apart from the power and the fact that some are non-modular, others semi or fully modular.
Would the £19.99 Novatech be good enough to get my PC up and running again, or which others would anyone recommend?

A:Dell Dimension 5000 replacement PSU

 The Dimension 5000 does not use a Dell proprietary power supply, most standard ATX power supplies with either a 24-pin or 20+4-pin main motherboard power connector, with, or without the on/off switch can be used, a power supply with two SATA and two 4-pin molex power connectors is needed. 
You should be able to buy a replacement power supply from a local or online computer store.
The Novatech 500W ATX Power Supply, as shown in your link, should work..

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I have Windows Vista (Dell Inspiron 1525) and recently the light that shows that my laptop is charging started blinking orange four times, then blue once. It says it's fully charged, but as soon as it's not connected to the wall outlet it acts as if it's completely empty. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Blinking Orange Battery Light - Help!

how old is the laptop? when you say it acts compleatly empty do you mean it turns off or it tells you the battery is low?

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As of yesterday, my 9550 won't charge. The battery stays at 87%, but if I unplug the AC adapter, the laptop shuts down immediately. I read about the issue online and removed the battery and pressed the power button for 15 seconds, but that didn't help. In BIOS, the battery is shown as "idle", and the charger as 130W, which it is. The LED is blinking orange at all times, and the 5-LED battery indicator on the right blinks the 1st, the 3rd and the 5th LEDs when pressed.
The machine is 15", 16GB of RAM, 500GB SSD, non-touch and it's running Ubuntu.

A:XPS 9550 won't charge, orange LED blinking

Hi andronov,
Thanks for posting.
Apologies that your 9550 is not charging the battery.  It sounds like either a failure of the battery, the AC adapter or the charging circuit on the motherboard.
If you are still under warranty, please contact Tech Support and do some troubleshooting so that arrangements can be made to repair the machine if needed.  If you are not under warranty any longer, then you would either have to contact our Out Of Warranty department to pay for troubleshooting and repair, or you could contact a local computer repair shop for assistance.

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My computer when I'd turn it on used to be a green light, but lately it's blinking very slowly and is a dull orange colour. Nothing is wrong with the computer itself though. I tried changing the PSU cable to see if that would do anything, but it didn't.
My motherboard is an AMD Asus F2A55-M LK2 and my processor is an AMD A4-5300 if that helps any.
I tried to Google the problem, but all I got up was info for a Dell PC and mine is custom built.
Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Tower light blinking orange.

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Hi all, I bought a U41-70 only a few months ago. Just recently, while I plug in my laptop to charge, the battery indicator shows status charging. However, the LED indicator stays orange and slowly blinking (light is on for 3-4 sec then blinks and so on). And the battery percentage won't increase as well. I have looked into Lenovo settings but the Power Status tab says AC adapter is attached and the main battery condition is Good. Do you have any idea what is happening here or any suggestions?

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A friend has asked me to help her with her computer, I do not know much about computers but I do know the best place to ask for advice.
The problem is that the computer will not boot up.
The PSU fan runs, the lights on the 2 dvd players light up then go out and that is about it.
If the start button is pressed again the cpu fan runs then stops.
The diagnostic lights on the front are A amber, B green, C amber, D green. her handbook suggests this is likely to be a memory fault so I removed one pair of memory sticks from the black sockets and tried again, same result. substituted these sticks for the ones in the white sockets again same result. It seems unlikely that both pairs of memory should fail at the same time so the diagnostic lights must be misleading.
I tried to access setup, the handbook gives F2 for this, but set up did not start.
That just about exhausts my trouble shooting ability so I am asking the experts <What do I do next? >

A:Solved: Dell Dimension 5000. problem

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Hi there,

I recently bought Windows 7 as a christmas present to my parents so that they could upgrade their Dell Dimension 5000 to run Windows 7.
Original operating system was Windows XP.

I copied all files etc to an external harddrive and then I did a clean install of Win7.
Everything worked perfectly except for that Windows couldnt recognize the ethernet card and sound.

Because of that I couldnt connect to the internet so I took my laptop and began searching for drivers that would work for this system and Win7.
I started with Dells "Support and Drivers" section but they didnt have any drivers at all for Dimension 5000 that would work with Win7 - only for XP.

The only thing I found on Dells support section was a brief comment about this system:

Dell DOES NOT support Vista or Windows 7 on this model and you need, at a minimum, Vista drivers for the hardware devices (and you need Dell specific drivers for the sound). The 5000 was not a good candidate for upgrading to Win 7.
Try posting on the Windows 7 forum, maybe someone there will have something that will work, about your only hope.

And therefore I started an account here to see if someone have any suggestions.
This is the drivers needed: Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller

Is it hopeless to try and find drivers or do I have to buy a new network card?

I also tried installing XP drivers with the compatibility mode for Windows XP but didnt work.

Right now it feels like I wasted money fo... Read more

A:Win7 drivers on a Dell Dimension 5000

Hello henric and welcome to the Forum.

You might give this a try. Install it in compatibility mode and that might let Win 7 recognize it (assuming the Win 7 you purchased is 32-bit.)

Network: Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller Driver Version A02 - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

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I could do with a bit of expert help here please. I have a Dell Dimension 5000, P4 CPU(2.8GHz), 3G RAM, Win XP (home) sp3.
The problem is that it hangs ins shut-down. It goes all through the saving settings, etc, then when the display indicates 'Windows is shuuting down', the power supply (at least, I think it's the PSU) clicks, and all fans and drives stop. The screen freezes in the shutting down mode, the mouse and keyboard cease to function, and the only way out is a long press of the power button. Apart from this, it works perfectly. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated - I hope I have provided enough information for one of you boffins to take pity on me!

Cheers !

A:Dell Dimension 5000 shut down problem.

Couple things come to mind, read up on sfc /scannow and have your windows cd handy.

I had a similar issue with shutdowns hanging on my Dell 4700, and it was a java updater folder that was in the wrong spot, and once I deleted that it shut down fine. But I was getting an error message on shutdown for a helpful hint.

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I find reading & writing very hard. So please forgive me. I would like to load Windows 7 Home Premium onto my Dell Dimension 5000 that is running XP but my c drive wont let things start. I have backed everything up followed the instructions but stop at part 1 of the 3 part install. Can someone please talk me through this?

A:how do i upgrade my dell dimension 5000 frm xp to windows 7

Is your Windows 7 installation disc burned, borrowed, purchased from a store, or???

If you want to do a clean install, the general process is:

1: disconnect all peripherals, such as printer, external drives, etc. All you need is monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Disconnect any hard drives other than the one that will receive Windows 7.

2: Boot from the installation disc in the DVD drive, rather than from your hard drive. You do that by choosing the DVD drive from a menu or by setting the PC to boot from the installation disc in the PC's BIOS. Which of these have you done?

3: After booting from that disc, you should come to a screen asking you to choose a language. Shortly thereafter you will come to a screen asking "where do you want to install Windows".

At that point, you would delete all partitions and continue to follow the prompts.

Which of those steps fail for you? What error messages come up on screen?

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Hello, Everyone I have a little hardware problem with my dell

So when the computer is on for (like 4 hours) and when the cpu reaches like 70 a 100% cpu usage the computer is making a weird 'Vwrrrrrrr' noise. the normal noise (when it is just on) is a quiet noise

I think it's the fan that makes that noise but I'm not 100% sure so what can it be for sure ?

Is the fan broken or should I give it a new layer of thermal paste ??

My specs are:

Pentium 4 HT 3.00Ghz (2.99Ghz). (LGA775)
Windows 7 Ultimate (x86).
Fan is the standard Intel one
Video card is a Ati Radeon X300SE 128mb Vram

If you need more specs ask me please

A:Dell Dimension 5000 weird noise Fan

if you bump the computer lightly near the fan, does it stop?

after a few years you might have problems with dust clogging the cooler, dust wont make it sound different

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Hello! yestarday I tried to open my laptop but it didn't start. i thought that maybe the battery was empty so i plugged the power cord, but nothing happened. then I noticed the led near the power cord blinking orange. After a fast googling i came to this thread ( ) using the 8-step guide I managed to boot the laptop just to realise that it won't detect the power cord! It was really strange, because when I noticed this, my battery was already at 2%! I shut down the laptop, and tried to open it without the battery, it booted normally, but it still can't detect that the power cord is plugged in!!!!! On the other thread some mentioned to update the bios, but in my case where it can't detect the power cord, that's impossible, because the procedure requires the laptop to be plugged in. Now the laptop won't start normally, I have to keep the power button pressed for 40 secs and then plug the power cord. In addition it won't work only with battery, and that is my biggest problem!!  What should I do now?

A:HP ProBook 4530s orange blinking led, won't recognise the po...

Hello @sakisg4 ,To get your issue more exposure I would suggest posting it in the commercial forums since the HP ProBook 4530s is a commercial product. You can do this here Notebook - HP ProBook, EliteBook, Compaq, Slate/Tablet PC, Armada, LTEThe support page for your product may be helpful in the meantime: HP ProBook 4530s.I hope this helps!Thank you for posting on the HP Forums.

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My trusty M100 has developed a serious start-up problem. It will not fire up the bios just sets the second LED (on/standby) blinking orange and launches the fan. The RAM and CMOS battery have tested OK (from a 2nd machine). Pressing Esc, F1 or F12 just gives a beeping noise. No way to get to Bios setup. Any thoughts

A:Re: Portege M100 - Will not start, second LED blinking orange


Nice job that you have tested other RAM modules in your Portege notebook because this would my first suggestion testing other RAM modules? :)

In my opinion it?s a serious hardware malfunction like mainboard or CPU but without special diagnostic tools it?s not possible to say more about this especially on this virtual way. So you must get in contact with an authorized service provider and ask for help. The guys have good diagnostic tools and can help you to get rid of this.

If you don?t know where nearest ASP is, have a look on Toshiba page!

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For some reason my computer just wont work. I just built it and installed all the drivers. All the parts are compatible and everything is up to date. When I try to install games it either says Empire Earth Catastrophic error, No other information is given. When I try to install Command and Conquer Generals it says that a file is corrupted. I havent tried my last game because im afraid of the results :). One thing my friend and I think is possible is that it is the CD driver. It is a benq x56. But then it why would it read the driver cds. Its not the game because they are major brands.

A:Can't install games + blinking orange light

hey ComputerBuilder,

try installing the games on another computer to see if you get the same results.

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This started almost a week ago. I would plug in my charger and it would blink orange but if I took out the charger and re-plugged it in it would charge normally. Currently my PC completely died and every time I try to plug in the charger the light simply blinks a few times and nothing happens. HELP!'

A:Charger blinking orange but computer won't charge

Blink orange is an indication of : The battery has reached a low battery level, a critical battery level , or there is a battery error. Try the following steps Shut down the system and disconnect all the external devices connected to the PC.Disconnect the AC power from the wall outlet. Remove the battery from its compartment.Hold down the Power button for 30 seconds continuously.Now put back the battery & reconnect it to the AC power wall outlet. If the notebook it coming on try performing battery test using F2 diagnosis?s. Turn off you unit ? restart ? keep tapping esc at startup Press F2 from the status up list and perform a battery test. Depending on the results we may suggest you. Please click on the below link to view the steps.

I'm an HP Employee.The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions, not of HP.Click on Thumbs up if my post helped you.Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking an answer ?Accept as Solution? if it solves your problem.

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My HP 250 G2 F0Z26EA#BH5 Notebook won't boot. It has the WiFi key blinking orange light at 2 sec interval and not booting and won't power off even when pressing and holding power key. It all happened after a Bios Rollback (wanted to move back to the original Bios) The HP Tech team couldn't help solve the problem. They say it's a motherboard problem that I'll have to change my motherboard. I know that changing a motherboard costs a fortune, it's like changing a system and I cannot afford the cost. Another thing is that I have a BIOS Encryption, I added a Bios password to the System both Administrator and Power-on Password. The troubleshooting steps like removing all power source, then pressing and holding power key for 15-20secs and after plug Power cord without battery didn't work. I've also tried holding Windows key + B and then Power on. The System didn't boot but they WiFi key light remained steady. Now the last Agent that called asked me to keep pressing F8 key or Shift+F8 key immediately I pressed the Power button. I am yet to try this but I forgot to tell her that I have a BIOS Encryption (well she asked me but I wasn't sure what she was talking about so I said No).I cannot afford to change the motherboard (even though they haven't given me a quote yet). I planning on selling the System for a new one before this.Please help me get the Notebook operational. I need to get back to work with it.

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My laptop screen has been blinking, like there's a loose wire.  Tilting the screen/lid, or holding it firmly usually makes it stop for a few minutes.  Can anyone help?  If it's a loose wire where can I go to get it fixed, and how much would this cost?  
Many Thanks

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I have a dell dimension 5000 running windows xp home and i have been having this error (sata hard drive)

Here is a video link to what i did

As well if i put a installation disk in it continues and then a error comes up I have asked the it techs at school but they say "reinstall windows and it a partition on the hard drive"

could someone please help

A:dell dimension 5000 hard drive problem

I couldn't really see the "Stop Error" since the screen was shaking. What was the last two digits of the error message (at 1:02)?

For example... 0X000000000007B


I'm having problems understanding what the techs at school told you. Did they tell you to reinstall Windows?

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Hi, my laptop will charge ok when shut down but when running after a time, the battery light and the power light will start blinking orange and the battery wont charge and will run out with the adaptor connected. I have tried removing the battery and holding the power button then refitting. If the light is blinking, after the laptop shuts down/hibernates, I have to remove the power lead and then reconnect for it to charge correctly. Also when I run on ac power only with the battery removed, the laptop will after a while suddenly shut down. Any ideas how to correct these issues would be grately appreciated. Thanks in advance.Al

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As of today my XPS 13 started to behave in a very strange way.It only boots and works when it's plugged in to a charger, and it doesn't seem to charge the batter at all while it's plugged it, which is stuck at ~48%. When I plug it out, it power off immediately and I have to plug it back in to be able to boot up. Additionally to that, the light indicator below the touchpad is bliking rapidly with an amber light (~3-4 blinks per second).
Any ideas of what might go wrong ?

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Hello, I am here to ask about the HP Omen 15-ax033dx's charging lights. I am one of those unfortunate wives whose husbands thought they didn't need the guide, so I have no idea what is wrong with the computer when I see the orange light blinking when I plug it in, but it doesn't turn on. I would like to get it to turn on, but I have only tried to hold the power button down in an attempt to reset it. Can someone help? Summary: My laptop won't turn on, but an orange light pops up when the charger is plugged in.. Please help?

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Hello, I am here to ask about the HP Omen 15-ax033dx's charging lights. I am one of those unfortunate wives whose husbands thought they didn't need the guide, so I have no idea what is wrong with the computer when I see the orange light blinking when I plug it in, but it doesn't turn on. I would like to get it to turn on, but I have only tried to hold the power button down in an attempt to reset it. Can someone help? Summary: My laptop won't turn on, but an orange light pops up when the charger is plugged in.. Please help?

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After having replaced an SSD the system shows a constant power button led on and the charging led is blinking white/orange.I removed the battery and even the clock-battery, with no help.The symptom shows when having the notebook on AC or/and battery. So I am not sure if the battery is dead, or if the notebook itself took some damage.Thanks for your advice. 

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I've recently installed Windows 7, downloaded updates, or installed programs that have asked me to restart. On doing this, PC shuts down fine, starts up, but on BIOS screen, half loads and then freezes. I have to keep finger on power button so it cuts power, then start again, then it loads up fine?
Im thinking it is because I havent got my boot options in the right order. Can anyone help?

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Anyone knows who to change the blinking orange icon on the taskbar to other color?

A:WIN7: How to change the default orange blinking icon on the taskbar?

Never seen it. Can you posta pic ?

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Hi I made a thread yesterday regarding a minor PC problem I had while trying to install windows XP on my uncles PC the problem was solved thankfully.

I now have an even bigger problem of my own with my PC.
I turned my PC on in the evening and the monitor screen was blank and displayed a blinking orange light, the fan does come on. I doubled checked the wires to see if any were loose but everything is inserted correctly.

What&#8217;s weird is the PC that I was installing windows on yesterday was doing the same thing but once you turn it off and turn it back on it would be fine and load windows.
But my one is not even doing that, there is nothing wrong with the monitor has I have brought it recently and I also checked the PC using my brother&#8217;s monitor and the same thing happens.

Once I finished installing windows on my uncles PC I turned my PC on and watched highlights of a soccer game so it actually was working last night. But I have no clue as to what has happened?
Can someone please help me?

A:Monitor Blinking Orange Light, Windows/PC wont start up

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DELL PowerEdge Edge 1800. Windows Small Businesss Server 2003.

Orange ( Amber ) Light started blinking.

Is there an OS admin option, tool, etc.. that woud let me know why its is blinking..


A:Dell PowerEdge Edge 1800: Orange Light Blinking

Similar question answered here:

The fault was either likely faulty Power Supply or less likely Motherboard issue

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Okay so I recently installed Windows 7 on my dad's old Dell Dimension 5000. Install went fine was using it for a few hours with no issues whatsoever. I put a game on to download from Steam, went downstairs for a few hours and when I came back the screen was off and the power button was pulsing, like it was in standby mode. So I hit enter and the computer tries to reboot but when it gets past the Dell splash screen I get a black screen with:

"Error auto-sensing secondary hard disk drive0
Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility"

I hit F1 and I got:

"NTLDR is missing
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

Restarting just brings me back to the same error and the same chain of events. I've been into the setup utility, set everything back to defaults and I still get the same error. Under the boot sequence section it reads:

1. Onbaord or USB Floppy Drive
2. Onboard SATA Hard Drive (not present)
3. Onboard IDE Hard Drive (not present)
4. Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive

So for whatever reason my computer is no longer recognising my hard drive (only one in there, 160gb). From reading around it sounds like I may need to replace the drive completely but I wanted to know if there are any options to try and fix it without resorting to that. I'm not bothered about getting my data off there as I had just backed everything up and it was literally a fresh install of Windows 7. Much obliged.

Update: It's now just saying "No boot device ... Read more

A:Solved: Hard Drive error on Dell Dimension 5000 (HDD not recognised any more)

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Hi, I'm new to the forums so I'm not sure if this is in the right section but on my old Dell Inspiron 8600 the battey led light keeps flashing orange 4 times followed by a green light. I've read that this is caused by a faulty battery cell. However, since this model is so old it would be a waste of money to buy a new battery. Is there a way to fix it so that this doesn't happen without buying a new battery or taking the battery out of the laptop? Is there a registry fix or what not that will sort out this problem or will I have to shove my battery in the fridge (an answer to someone else's post on another forum)? Thanks

A:Incessant 4 orange and 1 green blinking lights on Dell Inspiron 8600

do you use it with the battery portable - or always plugged in ?
does it work without the battery installed - some machines will and some wont

as you say may not be worth replacing - certainly not, if always plugged in

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Help! My hp pavillion g6 wifi button is off. Tried the following steps already.1. Unplug battery and power cord. And hold. power button for 30 sec. Restart.2. Uninstall network driver

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                     I have a HP Pavilion cv7 notebook Serial# CE2282 J9V  Product # A5F92AV  update to Win1o Pro  Wireless button stays orange. When I toggle the button it goes to Airplane mode on- off wireless will not come on . I tried the battery out hold down the power on reset defaults in Bios. I ran the update driver in Device manger ...Driver is present and working.Here is a IMPORTANT FIND after the Win 10 install a couple days ago the left side of the screen panel came up and showed what was not available "Intel Proset Wireless Software for Bluetooth" HP Application Assistant" HP Power Manager" HP Documentation" Everything BUT the wireless and Bluetooth are working      The button will not turn on stays ORANGE   

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Hi there,
I have a brand new (2 days old) Inspiron 15 7559. Today I went to turn it on, and it refused to power up. The backlit keyboard came on, and I noticed that the front LED would come on, then after awhile it would start blinking orange. 
I've tried it without the battery, just on AC mains; and just on the battery and the result is the same. 
I tried looking around for some information but haven't found much related to my issue. Any suggestions or easy fixes? Or is it something that needs to taken into Dell?
Thanks in advance!

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A few days ago my browser would redirect while in facebook. It went to a Yahoo search engine. It dooes this from time to time. Sometimes it does the same thing when I click on a link.This is a partial search engine link....h ttp:/ /us .search, there's more to the link.

A:Redirect? Orange Firefox Button

I forgot to add that there is an orange Firefox button in the upper left hand corner of my browser and the back button doesn't work either.

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hey, i'm pretty new to vista and being used to xp i keep clicking the orange button on the start menu with the power symbol on to turn off by accident. but oh no... it doesn't do that, it just f***s up the computer. goes into like a standby mode from which the only way to turn it back on is to unplug the mains power and plug it back in after a few seconds. keyboard is unresponsive, power button/reset button on machine don't do anything and the power light just blinks until you do that.

what is that button ment to do?

why doesn't it <insert answer to first question>?

can i make the button turn the computer off like it should do (given any reasonable logic)?

A:Solved: stupid orange button

First off,,, if you are having that much of a problem with standby, you might want to check your pc for hardware/software failures. It shouldn't be doing that.

Then check here....

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Hi,I know this problem has been discussed so many times but none of the solution worked for me.Wifi was working well until one day stoped working. button stays orange and do not turn on. I re-installed windows after all solution didn't work. Still not working. Then I tried win 8, same problem. I installed all drivers on website, still no help. At the same time, another problem. Laptop turn on 5-6 second after shut down. the only way to turned it off is to hold the power button for more than 10 second.Still, in device manager, wifi didn't detected. Internet via ethernet has no issue. Wlan Assistant also do not detect wireless.Please help me. 

A:Wifi button stay orange

Hi !This won't help you I'm sorry, but I have the exact problem.My Wi-fi button stays on Off and is grey, every time I try to click on it to activate it, it doesn't work and goes back to off.My laptop is a Pavillon 13 x360 PC with windows 8

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I recently changed my explorershell.dll and then this happened:

The explorershell.dll may be unrelated, but I thought it may be useful to mention. How do I get tabs next to the orange button like they used to be? They are too low.

A:Firefox tabs below orange button

Try maximizing FF. I get it that way if it's not.

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Hi, After formatting, the wifi button is stuck on orange, I've tried all the possible solution on this site:BIOS upgrade, drivers upgrade, all the possible HP's software. Could you please help me with that? Please find below the screen of the device error with the ID's hardware. Many thanks,Valerio  

View Solution.

A:Wifi button (F12) stuck on orange

You're very welcome. The driver I posted should have worked as you can see from this partial copy and paste of the driver setup information file which shows driver support for the hardware ID you posted, so I don't know why the driver didn't install. ;;****************************************************************************;; IDs for X64;;**************************************************************************** %HP8188ce.DeviceDesc% = RTL8192Ce.ndi, PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8176&SUBSYS_1629103C So...see if this works... Go to the device manager and click on the Controller di rete. Click on the driver tab.  Click on Update Driver. Select the Browse my computer for driver software option, and browse to the driver folder that was created when you ran the file. That folder will be located in C:\SWSetup\sp57049. Make sure the Include Subfolders box is checked and see if the driver installs that way.   

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the mute button light doesn't turn on when i turn the mute on and it's supposed to. do you think i need a windows 7 driver for that? There is only vista and xp drivers however. should I get the vista one? which driver would it be?

A:hp pavillion dv 5000 mute button light off.

Welcome to seven forums tseven: Naturally if their is a driver the most current one is the one to use Vista. It could be in any one of the quick launch keyboard drivers. Are you using 32 or 64 bit? Here are the vista drivers You can install it in compatibility mode. click on the setup.exe file> properties>check the run in comp box>select Vista> install

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Hi there, I am having some trouble with my laptop recently. The wireless will not turn on and stays off no matter how many times I press the wireless switch button that's above the keyboard, always remaining that deathly orange colour which indicates that the wireless is off. Product Name and Number: Compaq Presario CQ50-215-215CAOperating System installed?: Windows Vista 32-bit OEMError message (if any) ?        : No Error message kinda. First time I press the wireless button, the HP Wireless Assistant popup says "WLAN: Off". I press it again and says "WLAN: Disabled" and the cycle repeats when i press it a bunch of times.Any changes made to your system before the issue occurred?: This is what I think the problem is. A few days before my wireless stopped working, I had my battery disconnected and just running off the AC adapter. My dad accidentally unplugged my AC while he was vacuuming the living room. At the POST I got an cmos checksum error message. Computer normally booted with an incorrect time/date in the bios, but at the time internet was still working. Fast forward a few days later, my wireless then stops working. Other info/Thins I've tried-I goto Manage Network Connections->There's a red x on my Wireless Network Connection icon but upon right clicking it it says its "enabled" with only the option of disabling it. Click on diagnose and it says "Wireless capability on this computer is turned off."-I goto the Atheros AR5007 802.1... Read more

A:Wireless button stays orange. Will not turn on.

try to reseat your wireless card... this might help in doing so....

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