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Volume control buttons do not display volume level...

Q: Volume control buttons do not display volume level...

For some reason the onscreen display for the volume controls and screen brightness on my W530 stop working after coming back from sleep or resume. I updated Power Management, Hotkey and Interface but the problem still rears its ugly head. If I go into screen resolution and advanced and on screen then uncheck Enable onscreen and recheck it...the controls work again.

A: Volume control buttons do not display volume level...

try to reinstall the OSD software. Uninstall the current OSD software that you have, and download the latest version from below.

Edit note: Wrong link. See below for the correct link.

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You can perform the steps mentioned on the following link.


If you do not have the Windows XP retail CDs you can Download Sndvol32.exe from the below mentioned link and place it in C:\Windows\System32 folder.


A:Windows cannot display the volume control on the taskbar because the Volume Control p

Thanks For The Info arjunaj

Welcome To TSG ...

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So i was trying to make some room on y C drive and i guess i deleted some files that i shouldnt...To make a long story short now my volume control thingy that stays on my taskbar has dissapeared.When i go to the control panel and to sounds and audio devices and i get in there and there is an icon with the option to place volume icon on the taskbar but when i click on that i get 'windows cannot display the volume control on the task bar because the volume control program has not been installed...After several tries i figured i deleted the windows file soundvol32.exe
but how the hell do i get it back and put it in its right place???I have no idea where it would go??Anybody have an idea how i can install that back????I tried using my windows cd but since i put service pack 2 on it it said that the version of windows i had on the cd was older than my current version...Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Volume Control computer "windows cannot display the volume control on the task bar"

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The other night, while i was running the programs guitar pro five and wavosaur, and my audio crashed.
I fixed it by reinstalling the Codec. But before it crashed, when i pressed the volume adjustment keys in the keyboard, a visual display of the volume level would come up. now these transparent blue boxes have stopped appearing.

it looked similar to this. what can i do to fix it?

Thanks in advance,

I'm using a dell inspiron 1545 running vista.

A:Volume Level Display

Reinstalling your Audio Card software will be a good place to start. This will fix most Audio problems most of the time and it is usually the simplest and quickest option.

Let us know if that works.


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It may be somewhat not polite starting my board career with a question, but ultimately searching for a solution on google led me here with a few hits which did not provide any solution for my problem, so I'll try it anyway. (While hoping I don't offend anyone by doing so. )

the situation: until recently I only used devices with their own volume control and never even bothered thinking about it, but now I've got a new headset which doesn't have its own volume control.

the problem: The Windows 7 volume control produces suboptimal results. "0" mutes audio, but "1" gives me the same volume on my headphones (as well as speakers as long as I don't use their volume control) as "100" ... and the level always being the same is a problem because it's too loud. (especially on the headphones)

The headphones are connected via their analog jacks and I tried the front audio connector as well as those on the back of the mainboard, which does not change the result. Also setting the volume using the "VIA HD audio deck" produces the same result. (Of course, if programs allow setting the volume it works, but then a single system-sound almost makes me suffer a heart attack. )

If anyone has a hint I'd greatly appreciate it.


A:volume control: '1' and '100' produce same output level - VIA onboard

The reason most people join the forum if for help. You are not the first one and we will try to help.

First thing, although you list the Via driver in your system specs, make sure you are really using the Asus supplied Via driver and not a driver from somewhere else. Motherboard vendors can (and many times do) have custom implementation of the sound chips and not using drivers from the motherboard vendor can cause problems.

If the Device Manager shows "HD Audio" that means you are using a generic driver installed by Windows rather than the actual vendor driver.

Check Asus for a driver and either an updated driver or the same driver version, either way download and install that driver to see if it makes any difference.

Finally, with the PC powered off, disconnect (physically unplug) the front panel headphone connector from the motherboard. Power up the PC and boot into Windows, then try the rear GREEN speaker jack with either your speakers or headphone and see if you can control the volume.

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So I installed some new Windows updates today (whatever was available via Windows Update). I restarted my computer to enable the updates. When it came back on, my task bar was white for some reason. I solved that problem using the first solution I found here: [SOLVED] Taskbar is white

Well I didn't change my volume before doing that, so I don't know if it worked before I followed that solution. I do know that after following that solution, my volume meter no longer shows up when I change the volume via the keys for it on my keyboard. This is pretty annoying because it was convenient to always see my audio level when I adjusted the volume.

I am on a HP Pavilion dv7-6c95dx with beats audio, running Windows 7 64-bit. When I changed my volume, the beats audio logo with a volume meter under it would pop up, but it no longer shows up. I haven't noticed any change in the quality of my sound, and I can still actually adjust the volume level. The problem is the volume meter no longer displays to show me the volume level.

If anyone has any clue as to why this happened, that would be great!

A:Volume meter no longer displays when I adjust volume level

Try rolling back any keyboard driver updates, or go to the keyboard manufacturers website and download most up to date driver(s) from there.

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Volume buttons not working.  Part of suggested remedies say to remove battery, but I can't find battery case.  Solid back on rear of laptop.  Am I missing something?  How do I get to battery without taking off entire back?

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My new keyboard works, except for its volume control buttons and its l<< >ll >>l previous play/pause and next buttons. Why is this and how do I get them to work??

My keyboard is a wireless Logitech K360

A:New keyboard volume control buttons don`t work

Hi inaniloquent, Have you loaded the drivers ? Support + Downloads: Wireless Keyboard K360 - Logitech Setpoint software controls the key

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hi all any idea or links to get my hot keys and on screen display to load. i have a g41 with xp pro 2886 5tu.thanks againjim

Go to Solution.

A:g41 volume hot buttons nor on screen display will ...

You need a hotkey driver:

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Hi guys,

The following set of exes allow you to map custom buttons on laptops to Windows shortcut commands . Currently supported is : to increase and decrease volume/brightness by a single click . Quick brightness change is great for long gaming or development sessions on the pc !

I have been missing that feature badly.

Also sending shortcuts i.e ALT+TAB is supported.

You need your laptop to have the software that can map the button to the exe.

This is donationware so all help is appreciated.

Coming soon also one-button changing the Nvidia color levels, as this is another thing that has been killing me.
Get it here.

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I don't have any clue what would cause this, or what did cause it. I have the Logitech ClearChat Wireless headset. It has an on/off switch, a mute button for the built-in mic, and up/down volume controls. Well, something's happened with the volume controls, now when I click them and a program window is open, it closes it. Eithe up or down, it appears to be acting as an ALT+F4 macro button. I would have posted this on the logitech forums, but I can't sign in, even though I'm using the right email and password, it won't let me.

This is really frustrating, because sometimes I listen to music in the broswer and I use the volume controls on the headset, and now using them closes the browser window, or windows media player, whatever window is open and focused gets closed when the buttons get pressed.

Someone PLEASE help me figure out this problem! Thanks in advance.

EDIT: it turns out all the control buttons on my keyboard are malfunctioning also. I mean the volume control buttons, play/pause next/previous media item, favorite buttons, music, broswer, zoom, etc keyboard shortcuts, they all try to shut down the computer.

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Hello sevenforums,
I just received a new keyboard today: Thermaltake Challenger Ultimate. I went from a Logitech G15.

First thing I did was connect the keyboard and install the software that came along on the CD, it probably also installed the correct drivers. First after this did I uninstall the software and drivers from the old Logitech G15. But before that, and now after, the volume buttons on my new keyboard is still not adjusting the volume when I press them.

A speaker-icon like this shows up when I press the volume buttons, so its not that the keys are not working: (ignore the text behind it, its me writing an assignment)

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be wrong?

A:Volume Buttons is not adjusting volume on new keyboard

Have you tried download the updates from their website?

Sometimes CD/DVD drivers are outdated

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I click on the volume control icon, and it "opens" on the task bar, but it doesnt show up on the screen. I can close it by right clicking its 'bubble' on the taskbar, and selecting close.

I just can't see it when its open, and i cant figure out why.

I have tried restarting the computer, and reinstalling the sound card drivers.

Can i reinstall the volume control in XP, like you can in 98?

A:Volume control won't display...

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Hello All,

I have done a few Thread searches and have tried a few of the report "solved problems".

But, in accordance with my "problem", nothing worked..

My Volume Control Display has been diabled somehow..
I have a Dell Studio 1737
I'm running Windows Vista
I have the "Touch Bar" above my keypad/keyboard and it has a few Volume Control Buttons. (Volume Mute, Volume Decrease, and Volume Increase)
They will control the Volume, the buttons work fine..
But, the was once a display that was almost like a Watermark, that would pop-up and display your Volume Control. This is no Longer there..
The Watermark would display the current Volume setting and would change as you Increase/Decrease/Mute the Volume..
It's a little tedious to not be able to check my volume on the spot now that i have gotten use to the Watermark being there to check it.

Please Help,
Thank you,

A:Volume Control Display

I've recently been giving a Battery Status message that recommends a Battery Replacement and has turn on the "Dell Extended Battery Life". This has change the Volume controll settings and also has changed the "Power Shut-Down" on the Start Menu to "Stand-By", I've changed this. But, still experiencing the Volume Display problem.

The watermark I was referring to is this..
It's know as a "Dell Volume OSD"

These "Dell OSD's" also have control for Media Center, Eject Disk, and Play-Back Control.

Although there are other Volume OSD's out there for download. I would really like to stick with the

Default Dell OSD's

Still seeking Help..

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my old cpu with win98se (hewey cpu)had the keyboard volume control on it and when you hit it either turning it up or down a volume control bar would appear at the bottom of the screen showing the setting i was putting it at and then dissapear after a few seconds(much like the volume control displaysonmost tv's).
I formatted my drive and put xp on it and i lost that added feature.i dont know if it was hardware or software but i have a new cpu now with xp and i've never had the control bar for this one but was wondering if there was any way i could get it?thanks

A:volume control at bottom of display.

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ok so this problem was just about from the beginning. i thought i would be patient and it would go away. at first i noticed that while using msn messenger, its volume control for voice chat controled the main volume for the whole pc. so if it was low things wouldnt sound as high as i wanted. no matter if i adjusted the main volume in the control panel, which was always set to highest, the volume would still be at the mercy of Msn M. so if it was lower than usual i would have to sign into msn m and adjust it. not only does this happen with msn m. it also happens with web video applications used by youtube, livevideo, etc etc! those arent usually the culprit of low sound. its usually just msn m. even now with live messenger i have the issue. im tired of being patient so here i am

windows xp sp2
2gig ram.
anything else? sound card? the sound card came with the mobo. its a Realtek AC'97.
thanks for any help.

A:Other volume bars control the main volume of windows xp

trying to keep it alice bump~

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It's a new X220T and with a docking station and I have an external monitor hooked up to it. For some reason certain actions, like click on a web address or other various buttons, the volume control display will jump on the screen for a few seconds. Would appreciate and help before I have to call support. (ugh) Mike


Go to Solution.

A:Volume Control Display Intermittantly Popping Up

Hi Stone24,
I'm not sure why this is happening, but you can disable the on screen display by following this KB:-
I hope this helps.

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Hello, Ten Forums!

I was wondering whether it were possible to open the volume mixer instead of the volume control when left-clicking on the volume icon in the tray. At the moment I have it set to open the old classic menu, but not the volume mixer.

So, is it possible?



A:Is it possible to open the volume mixer instead of volume control

All i see is right clicking to do this. What do you mean by classic menu ?

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hello all,

can someone help me with my issue.?..My XP was recently re-installed on my IBM laptop and for some reason the sound from my built-in speaker is very low..I adjusted its volume control but still wont work..I can hear it but barely even with a headset..can someone help??..let me know please..thanks.

A:computer volume very low yet volume control is maxed

Check the volume control in Control Panel/Sounds.

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Short Story
Wave meter in volume control keeps stopping. I googled it, seems to be a virus. Performed a virus scan, came up with nothing. Did it with another anti-virus program, also showed nothing. Need help. Thanks.

Long Story
So basically, I wanted to watch a youtube video. When I played it, there was no sound. Thinking it was a simple volume problem, I checked the video volume, the small icon on the taskbar, and even went into the control panel to adjust the volume settings. I thought it might be my headphones, but I tried using the speakers and neither worked. I tried doing the voice playback, and then I could hear my voice. I thought maybe it was fixed. Played the video, no sound. At that point I thought it was my sound card. I didn't want to replace it, so I kept trying to look for a better solution. After much frustration, I managed to make my way into the volume control. Start - Control Panel - Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices - Adjust the System Volume - Audio - Sound Playback: Default Device: SoundMAX Digital Audio - Volume - Wave. I saw that the Wave option was all the way down, and moved it up. After moving it, I could hear the video crystal clear, so I closed all the windows I didn't need anymore. Well, after about 30 seconds, the volume shut off again. I went back into volume control, and the wave bar was all the way down again. I raised it, and closed the window. I was looking for the apply button to become available, for I had assumed that not app... Read more

A:Volume Control - Wave volume keeps stopping

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I've been using my microphone and a few days ago on the volume control the mic volume was at the top. Yesterday, it was in the middle and i couldn't slide it up any higher than that, and today it is at 10% and i cant budge the knob to turn it up. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

A:Mic volume unable to go above 10% on Volume Control

mmmm....actually i've had a very similiar problem....not quite sure how i fixed it though. Try updating your drivers for your soundcard, that might help. Also(obviously) go into control panel, and mess with things from there. Also, do you have any errors with any sound drivers of any kind? i know if....kind of nuke some of mine(stupid me) with an anti-adware program....if you have that could be part of the prob, and those usually aren't to hard to fix, just take a little time.

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I'm not sure if this happened with 5.55, but with 5.56, when I hit the volume up or down on my keyboard to turn the sound down for everything, it turns down winamp's volume bar too. Sometimes I can move winamp's volume bar up and down and it won't even be working. What causes this? It's pretty annoying for the music to turn down twice as fast or winamp's volume bar to not even work at all.EDIT: Moved to a more appropriate forum

A:Volume keys turning down computer volume and winamp volume at the same time?


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Hi everyone,

I noticed the volume of my music was not as loud as it was in the past when playing CD's or MP3 files with Windows Media Player 10. I had the volume turned all the way up in Media player and also in Realtek HD Audio Manager, but the sound was just not anywhere near as loud as it was before. I recently un-installed "Discover stream hub / Discover.exe" and thought that this might have had something to do with it, but that does not seem to be the case.

I decided to try to play an mp3 file with Realplayer and found that with the volume turned up in realplayer, the mp3 files sounded normal again, plenty of volume.

What surprised me is that if I close Realplayer with it's volume control turned up, then open the MP3 with Medial player, it will sound normal in media player, (plenty of volume). If I turn the volume control in Real player all the way down, close it, then play a file with Media Player, there will be no sound at all.

Somehow, the volume control for Realplayer is effecting and overriding the volume control for Media Player. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how this might be happening ? Has anyone else ever experienced this type of thing ?

It's not a big deal now that I found out what was going on, but tracking down problems like this can drive you nuts. It seems crazy that the volume control from one program would control the other, I'm just wondering what might be going on. I'm using Windows XP Media Center Ed... Read more

A:Real Player volume control also controls Media Player Volume ?

Hi John

The reason that this happens is that when you change the volume in real player, it changes the 'Wave' volume for the whole system. I don't pretend to know too much about this but basically, real player changes part of the system volume which also affects the volume in media player. To see this for yourself, open Real Player and then go into Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices under control panel. Click on Advanced Volume Controls under the 'See Also' heading on the left. There should be a column labelled 'Wave'. If you now change the volume in Real Player, you will see this changing also. As a result, it changes the volume system wide. Hope this solves your confusion.

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Encrypted Volume Check: Volume Info on \\?\Volume{X}Can Not Read

Found this in my Event Viewer on each start/restart. I don't have any Volumes that I have encrypted. Is this malware? I've run everything prior to noticing including Windows Offline Defender.
Not sure if this is even the correct area to post this!

A:Encrypted Volume Check: Volume Info on \\?\Volume{X}Can't read

I'm going to take a guess, please upload a screenshot of the disk manager (Windows Key+R to open the Run dialog, type diskmgmt.msc, and press Enter).
Posting the actual entry from the Event Viewer can help.

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This is really weird, and I've tried WinXP forums and Microsoft to try to find the reason and solution for this, and haven't gotten any response or found anything like it. My volume level changes by itself. I'll set the volume using the icon in the systray to halfway between the bottom and the top, and it'll stay that way for a while, even if I restart the computer. But if I leave the computer and come back, the volume will be at the bottom again. No one else uses the computer, so it's not a case of someone else changing it. I have a locally made computer running Windows XP. Other than the OS itself, the programs I have installed that use sound are Winamp and Real Player, but the volume changes even if I haven't used either of them. What could be the problem?

A:Volume level

Have u tried reinstalling/updating the drivers for your sound card?Windows Update? Are you using a multimedia keyboard with volume control?

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i have a pair of nice speakers but when i use the knob on the they crackle so i use the volume switch on the keyboard and usually there is a green volume meter in the screen when i adjust that meter does not show up any more how can i get this back

thanks for the help in advance

A:volume level


Originally Posted by gamer101

usually there is a green volume meter in the screen when i adjust that meter does not show up any more how can i get this back

Don't forget your punctuation, it makes it easier to understand As far as this part, are you talking about in media player or a game or what? Do you mean the volume meter that sits in the system tray? If so, click start, control panel, sounds and audio devices, click "place volume icon in the taskbar"

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My new laptop seems hardwired to think that if I set the volume to 20, so long as I have headphones in, I want my volume at 20 for all sounds, ever. This makes music which varies from quiet and loud feel extremely alien and even ruins the feel of some videos and games. But it's most notable when watching a youtube video and I change the volume. Turning it up makes the video louder for a split second before returning to what it was, turning it down? Well, that works for a few seconds and returns to being too loud.

My new laptop uses HP Beats Audio. While I'm currently blaming Windows 8 for this problem, it'd be silly not to mention it. Unfortunately, a google search didn't get me any answer for beats either except how to uninstall it.

This doesn't happen on my old Laptop, which runs Windows 7 and appears to lack a special audio device. Looking online for a fix has only returned me nonsense about Windows 8 reducing volume for communications devices (a feature which I have off). In my search, I found this bit of information from

"Incidentally, Windows 8?s new Metro-style volume controls lack many of the more sophisticated controls that are available via the desktop. There?s no way to control the volume of individual Metro-style apps, for example, and that?s true of both the new Metro volume controls and the legacy desktop interfaces. Instead, the system automatically controls app volume, muting or lowering the volume of background apps when needed."... Read more

A:Volume is set at a certain level

I don't recall seeing another post about this specific problem, although I have not looked at every post on this forum, thus I would consider it a problem in the PC, not Windows 8.

I have seen several problems with the Beats Audio, which is an "enhancement" to the audio chip that is being used.

You can try temporarily disabling the Beats Audio and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise with a new PC, which should be in warranty, I would contact HP support (or take it back for an exchange if you bought it locally and have a return option).

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I want to make my audio louder for music. All of my settings on my computer are turned up and my head phones are turned up. But I am looking for a way to make them louder. With everything turned up it seems like a 6.5-7 volume. I want to make it a 10-11. I want to have to turn down my headset volume controller because my headphones are to loud.

A:Volume level

You will need to either use headphones that are more sensitive (ie that have a greater sound output for a given input) or use the amplifier in a set of powered speakers with a headphone socket. Powered speakers can deliver more power than a computer sound card can.

Be aware that extremely high sound levels in headphones can damage your hearing.

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i have installed and updated all my drivers. i got IDT High Definition Audio CODEC. my problem is that my Volume Level in Control panel-Sounds-Recording-Microphone(Properties)-Level, goes down when ever my voice gets louder. is there a setting or a program i have to get through to make it not automatically lower it self? i Already Unclicked &quot;Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device&quot; from Exclusive Mode. this only happens on MSN and maybe other programs that are similar. but not on Ventrilo.

A:My Volume Level goes down on its own

Anyone? lol

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Windows 10 keeps resetting the volume level for my microphone. I set it to 60 and a little while later when I look at it again it is set to 80. I get distortion when it is set at high but it works perfectly well set to 60. Any idea what I can do to get to stay where I set it?

My system specifications are: Sager NP 7378, i7-4710, 16 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD, 1 TB hard drive, Nvidia 860 video card, Windows 10x64 Pro.

A:Microphone Volume Level

Run the Recording Audio Troubleshooter. Also see if there's an update of the audio input drivers.

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I have been struggling with trying to find a fix for this for a long time now. I have searched various forums and tried the couple suggestions that seemed to be offered for similar issues but nothing has worked. I have no other serious issues with W7 but this is REALLY annoying and making me want to re-install XP.

Regardless of what I'm doing my volume level continuously changes. It's too loud..then too quiet. Sometimes it's fine for long periods then other times it changes every 5-10 seconds. It does this all on it's own with me doing NOTHING! I have tried putting the setting in the sound communications tab to "do nothing" and have also disabled all sound effects in the speaker properties to eliminate that loudness equalization option but nothing has worked. This also happens in a wide variety of programs so I doubt this is an application problem. It happens in several games, it happens watching Youtube videos and happens randomly with any number of websites with sound. It goes so quiet I can't hear so I turn it up..then 10 seconds later the volume goes back to where it was and blasts my eardrums out. I can't keep the volume at a steady level and it's DRIVING ME INSANE! Hlep!

BTW, I'm using W7 64 bit with onboard Realtek HD sound. I should also have all updated drivers as far as I know. Anyone have any info on this?

A:Volume level continuously changes

I'm also experiencing this problem.
I'm not sure if it's the drivers problem or the recent update for RealTek Drivers.
It gets really frustrating, plus given the fact my computer recently crashes and restarts randomly ever since I updated my realtek driver.
RealTek and/or Microsoft needs to address these sound issues ASAP.
I know I'm not the only that wishes not to upgrade to Windows 7 if I knew the problems and issues that were going to come with them.

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I'm at the end of my rope with my volume issue. I'm running Win 7 64 Pro with a Creative X-FI Gamer card (latest drivers).

The issue: Master volume keeps resetting to 30%. Noticed it happens when I bring my PC out of standby, and when I run certain apps like Creative's sound panel. I've tried the "Do Nothing" option on the Comms tab, and also tried unchecking the Exclusive Mode options which give apps direct control over the sound card. Nothing works.

Is there a way to set the master volume in the registry and/or create a task which runs periodically to adjust the volume to where I want it? Any other ideas?


A:Volume level keeps resetting to 30%

This is usually a function of a corrupted driver or some other application "taking over" the sound card's volume control. However, I've seen this problem on some older Dell's with SoundBlaster sound cards and that turned out to be a BIOS problem. Clearing the BIOS fixed the old Dell PC problem.

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Please help me,i just upload 2 image to easy to know it

A:Why my volume level don't apprear equalizer

Well I clicked on one of your pictures and I get some dancing ball thing. Now I have to scan with Malwarebytes to be sure nothing bad got in.

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Hi guys, basically I have purchased a behringer c-1u, of course before I did some research and there were issues with the volume. Now that I have it, I have the same issue that many people with the mic also have, and that is with the volume it records at. In the windows sound mixer the recording level is set to high, however I still have to be really close to the mic to get a decent volume back.

The light on the mic is also green, and according to several sources is meant to be blue to indicate phantom power. I have checked my motherboard website and the ports are USB 2.0 so phantom power should be working, otherwise the mic wouldn't work right?

So yeah I have seen vids on youtube where people have the mic 5-6 inches away and record perfectly without any problems..but for some reason I have to record like 1 inch away and the response will still be low..

Also I am using cool edit pro 2.0, if that is any help..and after recording, I can turn the volume of the clip up without the quality messing up, however being a condenser mic I shouldn't be having to increase volume and recording from an inch away..

So yeah I'm curious to find out whether phantom power is the problem and how I can sort it, and if it isn't then how I can adjust the volumes..

Thanks before hand

A:USB Condenser Mic Recording Volume Level

So many views but no replies.. :/

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When I use noise canceling headphones with my computer (dell inspiron 1525 running XP sp3) the volume is way too loud. Even with the volume slider in the taskbar at the lowest possible volume its still too loud.

Is there a more precise way to control the volume level in XP? (such as entering a number value from 1 to 100 to set the volume, etc.)

I would be willing to use 3rd party programs (if they exist).


A:[SOLVED] controling volume level in XP

Go to Control Panel --> Sound and Audio Devices and click on Advanced under Device volume. You should have a bunch of sliders there. Try turning one down at a time to see which one affects your headphones.


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I`m using Windows 10 Pro and PS/2 keyboard DELL and just want to know is it possible to create short key to set the sound level directly with the keyboard when play video.
My keyboard is not multimedia keyboard.
When you watch youtube (for example) it have way to regulate audio level with the keyboard, but some others players nave not this option.
I know it have many hotkeys in Windows 10.
It will be helpfull to know hotkey to open even just my nvidia hd audio scale, which icon is located in the taskbar on the right side when i play video on full screen mode, if it`s possible.
I made Ctrl+Alt+C hotkey to open Windows sounds, just as is described into that post here:
but still don`t know to open sound level bar?

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As the topic suggests, is there any way to permanently lock the mic volume level so no applications no nothing but me myself can change it?

Reason I ask is for some reason my microphone volume level keeps resetting by itself. I like to have it at about 75% but all of a sudden it has dropped to 18% making my voice barely audible in audio recordings and sometimes I find it at 100% making my voice too loud.

I already did some Google searching and looks like this problem is very common and usually caused by applications such as Skype etc automatically adjusting the mic volume level. In my case I'm not running any of those "normal" applications but instead I'm running some special addon applications for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. My guess is one or a few of these are causing my issue but since I need these applications I can't solve the problem by getting rid of them. Instead I need to find a way to "lock" the mic volume if that is possible?

Any help would be most appreciated!

Guess I should also mention I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

Many thanks in advance!

A:Is there any way to permanently lock the mic volume level?

Programs are supposed to return the audio levels to what they were when you exit the program. Unfortunately many programs don't do that and leave the audio levels where they were in that program. In the case of "back acting" programs, if there are audio setups in the program you could set the mic level for what you want and then when you exit those "bad acting" programs it wouldn't change and be at the level you want.

Another possibility is a utility program that you could run and reset the levels to what you want. I saw reference to a utility recently on here. I'll try to find it and post back.

The thread is in the Windows8 forum. Here: It is for a set volume level at boot, but as its just a utility, it could be run anytime.

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Greetings everybody,

This is not a problem, but an inconvenience. When I plug in my headphones the level of volume is very loud. Meaning the volume doesn't automatically go down a bit. Hell, this isn't safe...

Is there a way for the Windows 7 audio program to remember my audio level for the headphones, which is 4 instead of 100... I bet a few of you have encountered this.

I always have to waste a few seconds manually switching the volume level.

I've included an attachment, as you can see there, there is no "Headphones". This is when I have my headphones plugged in, also it is the same as when they're plugged out. It appears that my headphones are not being recognized as a different device.

A:Volume level constant between hardware

Quote: Originally Posted by Skulblaka

Greetings everybody,

This is not a problem, but an inconvenience. When I plug in my headphones the level of volume is very loud. Meaning the volume doesn't automatically go down a bit. Hell, this isn't safe...

Is there a way for the Windows 7 audio program to remember my audio level for the headphones, which is 4 instead of 100... I bet a few of you have encountered this.

I always have to waste a few seconds manually switching the volume level.

I've included an attachment, as you can see there, there is no "Headphones". This is when I have my headphones plugged in, also it is the same as when they're plugged out. It appears that my headphones are not being recognized as a different device.

They really aren't a device unless they're USB headphones. (but that's another story) The audio card mechanically switches the connections so you're getting the same output normally going to speakers.

At least that's the way it is on my system.... and yes, the phones are too loud.

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To change the volume level on Linux just put the little arrow-click on the audio icon on the taskbar and use the mouse wheel without having to click. This is possible in Windows Seven, changing some configuration in the system?

A:How to Change volume level only with mousewheel

To change volume level is to change volume level in some application. So for example winamp and VLC media player will allow you to scroll the wheel to adjust volume change, this is set in the preferences of those applications. Like wise in other media applications, you just need to fiddle around. I don't know about doing this for the desktop/system sounds.

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I have XP system with multiple users, and I need to set the Volume levels to Half the volume for all users by default. This setup will then be used as a default image and applied to other machines. I have no clue where to even begin.

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For some reason Windows 10 keeps resetting my headphone microphone volume level to 81 every time I reboot even though I manually set it to 50. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking software to control my computer because of a disability and its recognition is terrible with the volume level setting that high! In the settings I don't have it set for the software to take control of the microphone so I don't believe that Dragon is doing this.

I've gone so far as to recalibrate the microphone settings for Dragon with me talking extremely loud and another time with me talking extremely soft yet the microphone keeps resetting itself to 81 no matter what I do. I know there has to be some solution to this problem but I'm not sure what it is.

Any help and/or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello everyone. I have a user at work whose sounds stays only at one volume level when he listens to music CDs. I tried almost everything to solve this problem. I went into the add/remove programs applet to remove the multimedia component and reinstalled it. Also there is not even a icon for the sound in the lower tray or in the control panel. He's running Win NT workstation. Nothing seems to work...Please help its driving me crazy.

Note: I can go into Find files and find the executable file for the volume control which i believe is volsnd32.exe and I get an error message that states:
"There are no mix devices installed on your system. Please install the correct drivers for the mix devices."

[This message has been edited by Raskills (edited 03-19-2000).]

[This message has been edited by Raskills (edited 03-19-2000).]

A:Sound stays at one volume level

All of what you said means that the correct sound card drivers are not installed for NT.

What brand and model sound card is it?

I am moving this to the NT forum too, since this is not a 9x question.

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I have XP system with multiple users, and I need to set the Volume levels to Half the volume for all users by default. This setup will then be used as a default image and applied to other machines. I have no clue where to even begin.

A:how to set default volume level for all xp profiles?

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Driver version Realtek HD 2.23 drivers. When ever I go in the options settings of garrys mod it resets my speaker volume and garrys mod volume to 10% any idea why it would be doing this?

A:Sound volume level's changing?

It is not the driver it is windows communications, in the sound properties switch to the communications tab and set it to "do nothing"

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okay so the other day my cat was on my laptop walking around then right after i tried to use my volume keys and it wouldn't work, It would take to various google chrome shortcuts. I've looked around and cant find  a solution. please help!!

A:volume buttons

Hello. There are a couple of things one can do to try to solve an audio problem when one does not know what is causing the problem. The first thing is to reinstall the audio driver:
1. Open the Device Manager2. Expand the Sound, Video & Game Controllers section.3. Right click on the audio driver and select to uninstall.4. Do not put a check mark in the option to delete the driver software.5. Restart the laptop and Windows will reinstall the driver, but with the settings back to their defaults.
Another thing is to use Windows System Restore if you have a Windows operating system. Find a Restore Point dated from before the cat walked on the laptop. Windows System Restore will fix certain system changes.
A third thing you can do is reset the laptop back to the original factory configuration.
If you need more help, include the full model name of your laptop and which operating system it has. Without knowing those things you can only get generic advice.

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Sorry anyone explain me how i can regulate volume in *W100 Libretto model 10d* because i have serious problem with any program like media player and other.
I tried to regulate in panel control but is too slow !!!! i'm disperate help me please

thank you very much !!!

A:How can I change volume level on Libretto W100?

In the task bar on the right site you can see speaker symbol. Click on it and when the volume control is shown you can change level moving the regulator up and down.

Does this work for you?

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Okay so I just did a clean install to fix some various issues with my machine, it has fixed all but one, I cannot see the volume levels ( or any other notifications for that matter caps lock etc, but that's the topic for another thread) when hitting the keyboard buttons on the laptop.

I have toggled the volume control on and off just to see if that would kick start it, and it did not. I had restored all icon default behaviors, and no dice as well, have tried looking on gateways website, and download any new audio drivers, also with no luck.

This is a very annoying thing I wish to resolve as it's rather annoying thing not to be able to judge the sound volume just from the tray.. any help in this issues would be greatly appreciated..

Gateway NV77H05u
windows 7 home premium

A:No volume level indicator on my gateway NV77H

Well; I would try completely uninstalling all of your audio devices via the device manager in the system tab of the control panel. Completely uninstall them; reboot; and hopefully windows will re-detect them; reinstall the drivers, etc. for them and hopefully that will fix the problem for ya. If it doesnt; post back and we can go from there.

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title says it all also i have realtek hd audio
 FRST.txt   43.16KB
 Addition.txt   35.04KB

A:computer lowers wave volume level by itself

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Remove these programs using the Add/Remove programs applet.Advanced Search Print (HKLM\...\wincheck) (Version: - Advanced Search Print) <==== ATTENTIONCoupoon version 1.0 (HKLM\...\{49F8B4F8-0CD4-4BE4-A9E8-B13A071F7C90}_is1) (Version: 1.0 - Coupoon) <==== ATTENTIONLive Ink (HKLM\...\ConvertAd) (Version: - Live Ink) <==== ATTENTION===Open notepad (Start =>All Programs => Accessories => Notepad). Please copy the entire contents of the code box below. 


() C:\Program Files\Coupoon\iiwjljrnpc.exe
() C:\Program Files\dataup\dataup.exe
() C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\CD3DF41F-1432740741-DC11-8000-2DE76A812D41\cnsg2EA.tmp
() C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\o\us1.exe
() C:\Program Files\Coupoon\UpdateCheck.exe
() C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Temp\20150527\ct.exe
() C:\Program Files\msrtn32\msrtn32.exe
() C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\CD3DF41F-1432740741-DC11-8000-2DE76A812D41\ansv2E7.exe
() C:\Program Files\msrtn32\msrtn32.exe
() C:\Program Files\msrtn32\cdhtr.exe
() C:\Program Files\msrtn32\cdhtr.exe
() C:\Program Files\msrtn32\rthdcp... Read more

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i have critical battery sound set on my laptop to turn on at 10% and then 7% and shut the computer down at 5% if i do not do anything about it. problem is, sometimes i have the volume real low or off and dont hear it. is it possible (in windows, not an external program, although i will look to externals if not) to set the volume at a standard when the critical alarm goes off? in example, my laptop is at volume 2, then it hits critical level of 10% battery left, i want the computer to automatically bump up the volume to 20 or 30 depending on what i choose. kinda nit picky i know, but hell i know it can be done, if not in windows surely someone can recommend a good program. thanks to everyone who takes time to read and reply. -n00b

A:critical battery sound volume level?

You would need a special program just for that function, that whenever it needs to report the battery condition it would also raise the volume level. I've never seen anything like that. Have you tried doing a google search?

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Hi, I have a keyboard from hp that has volume buttons, but they don't work. They've been recently working, but then it just stopped working. Can someone help me? As I use the volume buttons ALOT.

A:Keyboard Volume Buttons

Go to your system manufacturer's support site and check for driver updates.

Regards. . .



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Hi, I have a keyboard from hp that has volume buttons, but they don't work. They've been recently working, but then it just stopped working. Can someone help me? As I use the volume buttons ALOT.

A:Keyboard Volume Buttons

Try removing your KB via Devices and Printers, reboot your machine and see if by Win7 reinstallation of your KB dosen't help your issue. If not, see if there are more updated drivers for your KB.

Good luck

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I have Xonar D1 with Windows 7 x64 using Sound Forge 9.0e to capture audio from Line Level inputs (LPs played on stereo system).

The recording level maxes at -12Db to -15Db. This of course artificially restricts the dynamic range. All settings are maxed in the Xonar D1 control panel as well as the Windows Sound control panel.

All drivers are current.

This problem has beem reported by others on the internet with Xonar cards.

I have searched and tried many things suggested. None have worked.

Any ideas?

A:Line Level Input Recording Volume LOW / QUIET

-12 to -15 should be more than adequate for recording. I generally record in that range in my recording studio (using Sonar X1). This allows headroom for whatever I want to do. Sonar has the ability to raise the levels as I need them for final mix and exporting.

Record in 24 bits if you can (and then export/save the final file as 16 bit).

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Guess what guys ? I have a new problem ! Imagine that.I've googled for answers and closest I came was the Dell quickset app.But,after downloading 3 versions (the last one actually installed) my problem is not solved.It's a small issue really.But,annoying....

The problem is when I use the keyboard buttons to either raise/lower/mute audio volume levels,the buttons work level indicator is being displayed onscreen.Anybody else ever have this problem and how did you solve it ?

This is mommas laptop and any help much appreciated.The laptop is a Dell Latitude E6400.I'll be back in about 30-45 mins.Gotta run to the grocery store for her.

A:No Level Indicator When Using Keyboard Audio Volume Controls

Have you tried this?

Look on the taskbar and see if you have the Dell Quickset icon there. It's in the shape of a blue Q with a yellow tail sticking out of it. Click the icon (on some versions you must right click it) and uncheck 'disable onscreen volume meter.'

If the icon is missing look under Start/All Programs and see if you have the Dell Quickset program. Follow the arrow to the word 'Quickset' and click on it and the 'Q' icon should appear on the taskbar.

Source: Volume control not showing up on screen? Dell Inspirion 1545 - Laptop Audio Forum - Laptop - Dell Community

Disregard model, quickset is the same for all models.

If the Q icon keeps disappearing check "notifications" Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Notification Area Icons to force it to remain visible.
Notification Area Icons - Hide or Show System Icons and Notifications

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I have Vista task scheduler setup to open an audio file in WMP 11 every day at a specific time. It's used as an alarm clock. The problem is that I use WMP for playing music and often change the volume level via the slider and then when my task runs, the volume level isnt high enough.

My question: is there an argument I can add inside the Action property of my alarm clock task, which will open wmp at max volume?


A:Windows Media Player 11 Volume Level Argument


Any ideas guys?

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How can I save Flash volume level in Firefox Private Browsing mode (in sites like Youtube)?


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WIN XP Home : my audio device is listed as "RealTek HD Audio output" -

My WIN XP sounds is "No Sounds"

I use VZAccess (Verizon air card) to access the www; when it connects, my system blasts out some kind of electronic sound -- can't call it a musical tone or beep or any such; talked at length with Verizon tech and there's nothing on their end of options/preferences that affects this; also, when I unloaded the RealTek drivers, the sound disappeared, so concluded it's a RealTek issue.

Similar (not same) loud tone/sound happens when I adjust the RealTek master volume slider.

QUITE annoying ... and very unwelcome.

Haven't been able to find any kind of options/preferences/etc. associated with RealTek, so am at a loss about how to get rid of this racket.

Any suggestions? Many thanks.

A:Solved: Connection / volume-level change sounds

I have RealTek on this PC, too. It's the same thing here, except for me it's more about misconfigurations. It's like RealTek is supposed to give you the ability to access the headphone jack and so on, but then the speakers get cut off in Windows XP, and I have to go back in and reconfigure everything. That's stupidly inconvenient. Just want the headphones to work when they are plugged in.

The interface is totally unexplainable too, but, I managed to find a way in the interface to turn everything off and just use the Windows XP sound configuration menu in Control Panel. For volume control, I use a program called Volume^2 (Volume Squared), which can be found on the net as Volume 2. It's really a great program and free. It was written by a Russian so it installs in Russian, but a simple click on the American flag gets you to English. Anyway, kind of a neat app, in that the language development was handled sort of like open source. Very nice program. To change the volume, I have the program set so that I move the mouse to the bottom and raise or lower with the mouse scroll wheel.

Sorry about the rambling there. It sounds like you might be getting feedback from your microphone somehow. If you can turn off everything in RealTek then go to Sounds and Audio Devices in Control Panel, you can set up there which devices you will use for sound. Maybe that will get rid of the noise. To turn off everything in RealTek, you may have to have the icon in the system t... Read more

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Just the other day I noticed the volume +/- and mute buttons didn't work as they used to. The volume up button opens Google chrome. Volume down opens calculator, and the mute buttons types an "h". It just started recently, and for a few minutes after I closed chrome it went back to its normal function but a few minutes later it was back to the way it was. I know its not chrome because i closed it and opened it to check. I even tried to restart but it did nothing. I have a Samsung laptop if that helps at all.

A:Volume up and down buttons change commands?

Bump- Comon someone has to know how to reassign the volume keys... there separate buttons next to my power button at the top.

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Product: F9H96UAR#ABAModel: 15-g012dx I have had this laptop for about a year and a half and have had issues with the brightness buttons not working before.  Usually I could get them working again by restarting my laptop.   Now my brightness and volume buttons won't work at all even after I restart.  I can get the brightness and volume to change in settings and by clicking the volume button on the bottom right corner of the screen, but pressing the f buttons does nothing.  The only f button that seems to be working is f1 (?).  I have looked on a bunch of forums and there is a wealth of advice regarding installing drivers, rebooting, etc., but many of the links they suggest are out of date and lead nowhere.  Can anyone help me with this?

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Hi, I know this is not exactly the right sort of forum but I thought someone might know why the remote that came with my 5.1 speakers has 2 volume up and volume down buttons. But pressing either 2 of the volume up buttons just does the same thing, increase the volume on the display by one, and same for volume down.

So why does it have 2 sets? Is it some special feature or something to do with surround? Or even just for looks lol? Pic:

A:Remote has 2 Sets of Volume Buttons

As a guess, I'd say that one set is for the front pair of speakers and the other is for the rear speakers. It could also be that one is actually a front-to-rear fader and the other is a left-right balance control.

What brand and model are the speakers?

In Device Manager>>Sound, what do you see highlighted under "Set a playback device..." and what do you see selected when you press "Configure"? The fact that both sets of buttons do the exact same thing makes me think that Windows isn't sure what kind of speaker configuration you have.

Did the speakers come with any software? If so, is it properly installed?

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I have an issue with my laptop. About once a day, or every other day, the touch button on the keyboard controlling the volume seems to get activated, and my volume is thrown all of the way up to maximum. It gets stuck like that for a few hours. When that happens, all of the other buttons on the keyboard get frozen as well. Is there anyway to disable that strip of buttons on the top of the keyboard?

A:Disabling the volume buttons on keyboard?

Not sure if this is what you mean, but Im hopeful
For Vista too

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I recently updated to windows 8.1on my pavilion laptop (was forced to actualy) and since am having a lot of problems. The one that's driving me nuts currently is that my volume buttons and other function buttons are intermitantly not working. any advice would be much apreciated.

A:windows 8.1 function and volume buttons

 Try running SFC.  From the Search charm type CMD, then right-click CMD.EXE and click Run as administrator.  From the command prompt type sfc /scannow.  If that doesn't fix it, download, install, and get Malwarebytes up to date, then do a scan with it.
Good luck.

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I just replaced my old system with a new one, and used the sound system I had with the old one.

AMD 3500
1 gig Ram
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Boston Acoustics Surround Sound System
On board audio used- no sound card

I had a few problems getting sound to work, realized that had to use the digital out to get the system I have to work. After using an adapter from the digital out it worked fine. I proceeded to dump the Norton that was installed and download Mcaffee from AOL. I also downloaded Spybot and Adaware and ran scans,, deleted a few nasties that came up and ran scan with Mcaffee. Everything fine with the exception that the volume buttons on the keyboard no longer work. Ive been into all the Keyboard setup and volume controls and have yet to find anything to make the keyboard controls work again. It shows on the screen when u push the button but doesn't control vol. I can adjust externally or on the application. I have downloaded the latest drivers from HP but that didn't help either. All other controls work. Any ideas anyone?


A:Volume Buttons on Keyboard not working

What is the specific make/model of the keyboard? Many keyboards with extra controls require driver from the manufacturer.

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I have a HP Pavilion DV6-7080ee. From day one, the sound volume level is heard to be contunally changing when listening to music. No amount of adjustment seem to improve this awful effect. I see that other users on this board are complaining of exactly the same problem so I've posted this so that hopefullt HP can see that its affecting a range of their devices - if they do read this ? Ive tried all the suggestions so far, e.g. Disabling beats, adjusting the "space", using the "Movie" mode, reinstalling drivers (both via Recovery tools and manually) etc...but as with all the other owners, the improvement is not 100% Please HP can you please try to get to the bottom of this.

A:HP Pavilion DV6-7080ee Sound Volume Level Continually changi...

yeah i have been facing the same problem with my dv6-7010tx.hp please rectify this problem as soon as possible.

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A couple days ago, but unnoticed by me right away, my computer seemed too loud when there were any sounds being produced. When I clicked on the volume icon in the taskbar next to my clock to lower the sound, however, I was unable to lower the volume past a certain point. It would snap back to this minimum set point after moving the slider lower with my cursor.

After fiddling in the Sounds and audio devices area for quite a while this minimum setting disappeared and I thought the problem was solved, albeit inadvertently. I'm not sure wheat I did to cause this to happen, except that the last thing I remembered doing was to highlight my default audio device (Realtek HD Audio rear output) rather than the item at the top of the "Devices" list under the hardware tab of the Control panel's Sounds and Audio devices.

Unfortunately this "minimum" volume setting has returned, but no amount of fiddling in the Sounds and Audio devices area seems to eliminate it this time.

Would anyone have an idea of how or why this (too loud) minimum volume setting is occurring, and of course, how to correct it again...permanently this time?

I'm not sure this "hardware" forum is where I should be posting this issue, but when I saw "drivers" and other such issues listed I thought maybe this was the best place to start. Incidentally, my default audio device driver is supposedly "working properly", and the troubleshooting list of options d... Read more

A:Solved: Volume suddenly adopted a new (too loud) minimum level

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The controls (volume, brightness, keyboard brightness, etc) on the F1-F12 buttons are not working.  This is probably a setting issue but my XPS 13 is new and I haven't done much with it except let my kids play with it.  If I want to adjust volume, I have to manually open up the program to adjust it.  It is just getting annoying.  Please help.

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I did a clean install of Windows 7 on my Hp DV9823CL. The quickplay and dvd buttons work,but the volume and mute buttons do not. This is what I sent HP:

problem description : I did a clean install of Windows 7. Prior to the clean install all quickplay buttons worked fine. Now the quickplay and the dvd buttons work,but the volume and mute buttons do not work.
troubleshooting : I reinstalled quickplay, as well as the quick play buton drivers that are listed. I also did a troubleshoot that worked once when I removed the battery and put it back in. This also does not fix the problem.

This is what their repsonse was:

Thank you for contacting HP Total Care.
Scott, as I was checking your notebook?s specification I found that your notebook was shipped with Windows Vista. Your notebook is not upgradable to windows 7 as there is no driver available your notebook?s driver page. Your notebook is design to perform its best in Windows Vista. So I request you to get back to the original operating system.
If you need further assistance, please reply to this message and we will be happy to assist you further.
For information on keeping your HP and Compaq products up and running, please visit our Web site

So do they really think, I should dump a better OS and go back to Vista,just because the volume and mute buttons do not work..there must be a solution.

A:Volume and Mute buttons do not work with Windows 7

I remember getting such a msg from HP one time. I was stubborn and got hold of another person at HP who pointed me to the info I needed. Trouble is your inquiry gets handled by a Tier 1 newbee who doesn't know up from down and only has a script of answers to questions. Hang in there.

Also, try out the WIN + X combo You will possibly find what you are looking for.
The WIN key is that one with the funny looking wavy flag on it.

For Microsoft's evaluation of your hardware and software compatibility, please use:
Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Download - Microsoft Windows

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I really like the "Download this Video" link in RealPlayer, because it will download any movies or videos from the web --- but when I play the movies/videos in RealPlayer, the maximum volume is way too low. I've downloaded the most recent IDT Codec, and made all the volume and IDT sound/volume adjustments I can think of -- but nothing seems to help. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

A:REAL PLAYER VOLUME Level Poor When Playing Downloaded Video

No RealPlayer users in the crowd? Or am I the only one with this problem?

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Following updates the on screen volume level indicator has disappeared
on my Medion laptop.
The sound system is Realtek.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:On Screen Volume Level Indicator Has Disappeared On Medion Vista Laptop?

Should be easy to solve
Notification Area - System Icons

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I'm having a real problem with the volume level when I download a video using Real Player's "Download This Video" link. Then, when I play the video I get either very, very low sound or no sound at all, (whereas when I played the video on-line before downloading it, the volume level was normal).

I have checked everything I can think of. All of my sound and volume settings are correct, sound devices are enabled and working properly, and I have the most recent version of my IDT High Definition Audio CODEC.

I have the latest Real Player, version 11.1.1, and my system is running Vista Home Premium x64.

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Alright, so it's a well known annoyance that HP's built in Beats Audio Control Panel has automatic volume leveling, but unlike other companies (Acer, Asus, and all generic replacements under the sun) They provide no way to disable it without removing the hp drivers and using the generic, the problem with this is the generic ones do not offer the proper equalizer meant for the speakers on the computer, and that they un-tie the Headphone jack and Internal speakers as a single output device, meaning programs that do not support switching need to be restarted, or programs that to support switching need to be switched over one-by-one, this simply isn't satisfactory. I'm looking for a way to disable auto volume leveling without having to resort to generic drivers, it's a feature which has been requested by more than 300 people at least on these forums, and I would like to see it happen. Solutions that include "Uninstall beats and install this update from HP (Realtek Generic Driver replacement)" or "Disable beats inside the control panel" Will not be accepted as they are not satisfactory either. Every other company can include a toggle for volume leveling, why can't HP? I spent over $900 on a laptop I believed was going to be at least the same sound quality as my previous $280 laptop. So far I'm left with a sour taste in my mouth. For now I will stop recommending HP to friends, family, and businesses I am contracted with. Get on it HP!

A:HP Beats Audio / Shipped Sound Drivers.. REMOVE VOLUME LEVEL...

and yes im aware of containing a "Loudness equalization" toggle and that does "Fix" the problem for now but it would be nice to still have a volume compression toggle button on the beats one so people dont have to resort to uninstalling drivers and removing software so it isnt automatically replaced and then installing this, not all your customers have any experience with driver installation

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Ok here's the deal: Im a gamer with microphone issues. Whenever i record myself using ts/vent/sound recorder, the vista microphone wizard or whatever.. Its like the microphone is set to ultra low or something. Its connected and it states that my mic is working. Still I need to hold the mic almost inside my mouth to hear something. Even if i hear something there is a drilling sort of noise as well (if i hold it an inch or 2 from my mouth like it should be, push to talk does not detect any sound). Ive been playing with the audio settings for 2 days now without luck. The mic is not muted and i have the latest drivers for my sound card, what can i do?

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Hello :)
I hope I put this in the right area..

I've been searching for a solution to this volume problem for a while now, but to no avail. I've found others with a similar problem, but no solution. So here's the deal: I just got a new motherboard, and ever since I got it my volume control has been faulty. First of all, all sounds are very quiet, even when all volume sliders are set to maximum. Next the main volme control has no effect whatsoever on the volume of the computer. I can can slide it all the way to the top, or all the way to the bottom, nothing changes. The only thing that makes any difference is the Wave control and it barely does anything. Also, when I put "Mute all" doesn't mute. However when I put mute for Wave control, no sound comes out.
All this is incredibly annoying because I often listen to music on my computer, but now I basically can't hear it. To note: I don't have a volume control on my keyboard, or on my speakers, and I know nothing is wrong with the speakers.

If anyone could help, I would really, really appreciate it. Thanks :)

A:Volume control issue-very quiet, main control uneffective

Are your speakers powered? If not you may have to invest in powered
speakers. This is a common issue with non powered speakers.

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Hello, I have an X1 Yoga and just noticed that the volume rocker (the physical buttons on the right side of the computer) don't seem to work when my lid is closed.  When the lid is open, the rocker works great.  But not otherwise. I have tried playing music from both Spotify and Youtube.  Both sources of audio don't work.  (Not sure if that's relevant, but just thought I'd mention it.) If there are any other X1 owners out there (Yoga or Carbon; I believe they're very similar), could you please test this out?  I normally adjust volume with the Fn keys (with the lid open, obviously) so I didn't notice this issue until today.  I was just trying to listen to music with the lid closed for the first time today when I noticed the problem. Thanks!

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like if im on youtube with the browser open and active then press the volume up botton it wont work but if i click outside of the browser onto the desktop then push the buttons it works fine only when the browser is active and hilighted i guess i would call it that the buttons wont work. can this be fixed?

A:keyboard volume buttons dont work when in the browser.

You could try reinstalling the keyboard driver for a start.

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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-CS36GJ laptop. I upgraded it from Windows Vista to Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit). Now, my AV Mode and other shortcut buttons for volume, camera, etc. are not working. What driver should I download and install? Can you give me a link for this driver?

A:Driver for AV Mode, Volume, Camera, etc. SHORTCUT Buttons

Here are all driver updates for your model
VGN-CS36GJ : Downloads : Support : Sony Asia Pacific

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Two days ago I uninstalled a codec pack while I was logged in as another user. Since then the buttons on the front of my laptop that control my volume don't work. They don't light up and are unresponsive. I know its a small thing, but I've grown reliant on those buttons and I'd like them to work again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:External Laptop Mute And Volume Buttons Won't Work

Which codec pack did you uninstall?
If you log in as an administrator is it still there?

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I have recently purchased an HP Pavilion laptop pc with Windows 7.

Whenever I touch the mute button or the volume control (whether I'm in a game, at the desktop, in email, etc.), Microsoft Excel is launched. I have Office 2003 Professional.

Any suggestions on how to correct this?

Thanks in advance.


A:Mute button/volume buttons launch application

Sounds like your keys are not mapped correctly. Does HP have some utiliity that does that for your system?

Also check the control panel and keyboard. You might be able to map those keys there.

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When I watch Netflix in full screen mode, the volume, mute and screen brightness buttons no longer work. As soon as I exit out of full screen into a normal window, the buttons resume their functions. How can I fix this? I'm running Win7 Pro and Firefox 47.0.1. Thank you.

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I'm running windows XP on an old Dell Inspiron 1501 and I'm trying to get my microphone to play directly through my speakers so I can record them both simultaneously. The only answer I've been finding is to tick the 'microphone' checkbox in the volume control playback properties panel, but I don't have a microphone checkbox.There should be a 'microphone' box under SW Synth and CD player but I don't get one apparently.I've downloaded the latest SigmaTel Audio drivers from Dell and despite not having a problem with them before this, I'm inclined to believe that they're the problem. Any ideas?

A:No microphone control in playback Volume Control panel

Okay well of course I find an answer right after posting the topic:

Those two pages detail how to get an Input Monitor checkbox which functions just like the microphone one I wanted (although you can only mute it, not alter the volume). I used Instructional Set 3 from the second page, having to add the 'RecMonitorMute' entry as detailed in the first page and I can now hear my microphone input directly through my speakers.

HOWEVER, I'm still unable to record both the microphone and speaker sound at the same time. I thought recording the 'Stereo Mix' channel with the microphone coming through the speakers would work but it isn't and I don't know why. Any ideas?

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I've been searching for a solution to this volume problem for a while now, but to no avail. I've found others with a similar problem, but no solution. So here's the deal: I just got a new motherboard, and ever since I got it my volume control has been faulty. First of all, all sounds are very quiet, even when all volume sliders are set to maximum. Next the main volme control has no effect whatsoever on the volume of the computer. I can can slide it all the way to the top, or all the way to the bottom, nothing changes. The only thing that makes any difference is the Wave control and it barely does anything. Also, when I put "Mute all" doesn't mute. However when I put mute for Wave control, no sound comes out.
All this is incredibly annoying because I often listen to music on my computer, but now I basically can't hear it. To note: I don't have a volume control on my keyboard, or on my speakers, and I know nothing is wrong with the speakers.

If anyone could help, I would really, really appreciate it. Thanks

A:Help with volume control-very quiet, main control unnefective

Do you have any other soundcard-like devices like a USB headset?
Do you have the latest drivers for your soundcard installed? Please check the motherboard maker's website.
Did you get some special program with the motherboard drivers that would give you more control over sound than the Windows standard volume utility?

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How can I get the Quick Touch Volume control buttons to make the sounds it used to make before on my HP DV9700 Laptop. I click on sounds in the notification area for the volume control and the 3 options I used have are gone. I can't find the option in Control Panel / Hardware and Sound / Sound / change system sounds either!

Can any body help?

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Hello! I upgraded about a month ago. My laptop locked me out entirely shortly after the upgrade so I had to take it to be wiped clean. When I got it back everything was in working order with Windows 10 except the top row of keys that control volume, brightness and the ability to pause, rewind and skip songs now solely does the standard system commands of f1-f10 *caret browsing on/of, find in page, etc* Im not sure if they worked the first time I tried to upgrade because I couldn't even log on to my computer after I upgraded the first time so I reformatted. How can I make those keys usable for volume and brightness again? Thank you!

A:Can no longer use volume/brightness/skip song buttons on my keyboard

Sounds like your missing the driver for them, what is the make and model of your laptop?
Also try go to start and type 'Check for Updates' this may download them automatically.

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Hello i came across this forum and thought maybe someone would be able to help me. i have some speakers i need to control the volume with a remote control instead of the knob on the speaker itself. Below is a list of hardward i would be using with the box.

That i Have Now:

DirecTV HD/DVR Box connected by HDMI to my TV

Bose Companion 2 Series II - PC multimedia speakers connected by 3.5mm Jack to my TV.
I dont like this because the sound is low and not the best. I have plug the speakers direct to the directv box and the sound is dramatically improved, the only problem is i can no longer control the volume using the remote. i have to use the knob on the speakers which makes it very inconvinent.

I had an idea for a simple volume control box that i think would be easy enough to make (if i knew what i needed). I put together a mock up to kinda of show you what i think would solve my problem. Do you you think it is possible? Anyways your input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Volume Control has suddenly disappeared from my system....I checked the 'show speaker icon in tray' and got this message.

Windows cannot display the Volume Control on the task bar because Volume Control program has not been installed. Use Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

I have no idea how to do this as it has never been a problem. I have XP Professional installed. I changed over from Zone Alarm to Sygate last week as it was causing a few problems with software. I also have SpyBot and Ad-aware and use them I do hope you can advise me what to do

A:Volume Control

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I cannot hear any sound on my PC, it says that volume control program is not instaled on my computer and i cant find SndVol32.exe on my computer. Please help

A:volume control

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A couple days ago, when i clicked on the speaker in the taskbar to adjust the Bass/Treble, it would not show up. Now, It has completely disapeared from the task bar. I dont know where i can get this file to install it again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a subwoofer, and the bass is stuck way higher than i would like.



A:Volume Control Gone!

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ok. I have windows XP. (sadly enough). and...I decided to run disk clean up. And well apparently it was decided the following are no longer worthy of being on my computer:

*Games (the bundle of games like solitaire)
*IE link in status bar and desktop
*WMP link in Start Menu
and most importantly...
*Volume Control in system bar

...and when i go to control panel -> sounds and audio devices...

the checkbox IS clicked for display in system bar. so i uncheck it, then check it, tells's not installed.


freaking DISK CLEANUP uninstalled my volume control. wth.

well i've managed to get the IE links back...i've decided i really don't use the WMP link, but the volume control and games I have not. could someone help me? any help would be appreciated, thanks.

A:Volume Control

You could try doing a system restore to a point just prior to doing the
disk clean up. **See link below


Do a sfc /scannow *see the below link

Those would be your best options.


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How can I prevent Roxio Audio centre from lowering the master Wave volume everytime I insert a CD. At least I think it's Roxio that's the problem. Cheers.


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Hello, i'm currently using internet explore 8. i was wondering if there was a keyboard hot key to lower and raise the volume on youtubes player... Feedback would be great thanks...

A:is there a hot key to control the volume...

A single keystroke could not work as how would it know if you wanted the volumn up or down? At the bottom left of the You Tube Preview window is the volumn slider. Just rest your curser on the speaker icon then it's no great effort needed to slide that back and forth!

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My volume control icon disappears from the system tray every couple of days. If I go to 'Sounds and Audio Devices' in the Control Panel the "Place volume control icon in the taskbar" will still be checked even though the icon is missing. The only way to get it back is to uncheck the box - hit apply - then recheck it and hit apply again. In my Taskbar Properties I have not selected "Hide inactive icons" nor "Group similar taskbar buttons" nor "Hide the Taskbar". This isn't a major thing until you open an email and have music blasting at you and you can't mute it or turn it down quickly. Any ideas will be appreciated.

A:Volume Control

check the start, control panel, taskbar and start menu and see if hide inactive icons is checked . If so , uncheck it.

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I have no volume control in systray and when i go to control panel and go to it says no audio device. anyone no how i can fix this please.

im running firefox

A:NO Volume control!

Hello ascot

Go to Device Manager and check out the sound card

Right click My Computer/Properties/Hardware/Device Manager
Is there a yellow splat at "Sound"

In any case try updating the drivers for the sound card


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