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No Outlook Express Messages Are Printed

Q: No Outlook Express Messages Are Printed

I have had my problem for some time and had a work around which is no longer applicable hence I get a white screen where message should be so I don't know what is being said.

My problem started about 6 or 8 months ago on Outlook Express. At that time I was using dial up and changed over to with their e mail program Total Access. My problem immediately disappeared. One month ago I switched over to High Speed and the person doing the custom install saw I used Outlook Express so he reenergized (non computer word) the program. The custom installer saw my INBOX with about 30+ messages that go back a long way. EACH ONE LINE description was complete, meaning To: xxx,
From: YYY, Subject: ZZZ, and anything else that showns on the ONE LINE.

When I double click on one of the inbox messages I FIND MY PROBLEM! Everything that showed before is shown again, but now greyed out since it has to do with basics. HOWEVER, the text area (where the message should be) is 100% pure white. I have double clicked all 30+ messages and get the same thing,...a pure white screen.

I thought it might have something to do with installing SP-2 on my XP Home Edition BUT SP-2 was installed about 6 months ago and my e mail problem started about 8 months ago.
That is my problem! Can anyone offer suggestions?

A: No Outlook Express Messages Are Printed

Hi George-2

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

So if I understand correctly, you can send and receive emails ok.

The problem lies in that the messages you receive are blank inside?

If you run your mouse over the inside of the message, does anything show up in the highlighted/selected area?

Perhaps your fonts have a white color?

Are you able to create a new message and see the fonts inside?

Let us know.

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When I print an email from outlook 2000 sometimes my attachements will appear on the print-out and sometimes they don't. I've found that if I have my emails set up in HTML format, then the attacment won't appear, but if the emails are set up in Plain Text format, then the attachment will appear (as an icon) at the top of the message. Is there any way to get the attachements to appear on the HTML formatted messages?


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I mainly use Outlook 2000, however, in order to get a number of Hotmail messages onto my computer's HD, i synchronised Outlook Express with Hotmail. I now have messages from a folder I have on Hotmail on my hard drive too.

A search revealed that this folder (and presumably all messages in it) is stored under C:\Windows\Application Data\Identities\{00B31680-0793-11D3-A398-C0610D677E39}\Microsoft\Outlook Express.

I copied the .dbx file named hotmail - [folder name].dbx to my desktop. I went in to Outlook 2000 file>import blah blah blah, but it wont let me import .dbx files there anyway to get my messages from hotmail from this specific folder into outlook 2000? i no longer need the folder in hotmail and will just delete it as soon as i have a permanent copy on my hard drive in outlook 2000. im assuming that since the dbx file is on my hard disk with all the messages (which i can read offline in outlook express) that i wont need to set up outlook 2000 for hotmail synchronisation ?!?

A:Exporting Hotmail messages from Outlook Express to Outlook 2000

Somehow, I don't think you'll be able to do it:

Oh, but take a look at too, if you want to check their input.

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I'm trying to read the e-mails from my old Windows 98 computer on my current Windows XP computer but I haven't been able to figure out how to successfully do this. The e-mail client on the Windows 98 machine was Outlook Express 6 and the one on my current XP computer is Outlook 2002.

I followed the instructions listed on the Microsoft support site (Article ID: 270670) for backing up the data from Outlook Express which left me with a folder of .dbx files (Inbox.dbx, Drafts.dbx etc) which I then burned onto a CD and transferred over to my XP computer. My problem is that now that I've done that I'm not sure how to get Outlook 2002 to import that folder of .dbx files or recognize it. I googled it but didn't find any helpful results other than links to expensive conversion programs. So could anyone here offer any help on the matter? Thanks in advance.

A:How do I import messages from Outlook Express 6 into Outlook 2002?

Update: I realized that Outlook can't open the .dbx files and that Outlook Express has to export them to Outlook. However, when I tried this it only exported the messages in my "Sent" folder and none of the messages in any of the other folders, including Inbox.dbx which is about 500MB in size so I know the messages are in there. Any advice on what to do next?

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When WIN XP atrts up, error reads: "spoolsv.exe - application error - Exception in privileged instructions at location 0x66f46798". Too high tech for me! Bypassing this, I, cannot print any messages (emails) in Outlook Express (or Outlook). Get error:
" Error line 1343" If I DO hit debug a yellow arrow points to a line that starts with a colon. I can probably copy and paste that line here if needed.
Comments: No spyware, no viruses, because of other problems , reverted back to IE6 (from 7).
Please note: Word and Excel docs all print fine. I can copy and paste the email into Word if necessary. Outllook sends and receives normally, it is only the print function failing.
In Add/Remove did a repair on Office 2003, nothing changed. Googled spoolsv.exe and some think it is a virus (I don't).
Another error that came up (once) was simply: "c:\program files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe" If this file is missing, can I just copy it from another XP unit here and put it into place without further screwing up the works?
Any help appreciated - if further info needed (like a screen grab of the debug instructions) please advise.

A:Outlook and Outlook Express Print error messages

Delete Windows' temporary files using My Computer > (C:\) > right-click > Disk Cleanup and remove all except "Office Setup files" and "Compress old files" (Office setup used to maintain Office, Compress old takes to long).

After this is done on the "Tools" tab in the same area run Scandisk (restart required) followed by Defrag (after at least one complete restart) and see if the error condition clears up.

This all around, all purpose troubleshooting tip can sometimes resolve issues of an indeterminate origin. I checked Microsoft's Knowledge Base for "0x66" under "Outlook Express 6.0" and "All Products" and found nothing relevant. The Knowledge Base is at (FYI).

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Hi all,

I recently got a new windows 8 computer. I previously had XP. My XP machine had Outlook Express installed. My new Windows 8 machine has Outlook 2007. I would like to import my messages from my XP computer into my new W8 Computer.

I have exported the messages from OE and they are .DBX . How can I add the .DBX files to Outlook? I have have tried many different ways, but none have worked.


A:Importing Messages from Outlook Express, to Outlook

I do not think you can use the DBx files but take a look at this
Import your messages or account from Outlook Express to Outlook - Outlook -

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I know procedure for backup and restore my email messages from outlook express.
Now I want to switch to Microsoft outlook and I wonder if it is possible to transfer messages from outlook express to MS outlook 2003?

I assume it is possible since both products are from Microsoft, but I'm not sure about exact procedure.
Can anyone give me an advice?


A:Transfer messages from outlook express to MS outlook

In Outlook, go to File > Import, and it will bring up a wizard to help you to select where to import the messages from.


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For some unknown reason my OE messages will not display. All my subjects are still listed but clicking (highlighting) them does not result in the message being displayed. Just as disturbing, or more so, this is also true of all messages store in folders in OE. I have also just discovered that I can not compose messages in OE either. I can address them, enter a subject, but not get into the message body to type my message. Note also when trying to read messages when I move the curser over the message body an hour glass occurs along side of the curser as if another program is trying to load. No matter how long I wait the message never occurs. Using IE 6 with OE. It has been working fine for years up until the past week. Thought about trying IE 7.0 beta to solve the problem but being a beta am not sure if I want to try that. Still getting my email through my isp and Thunderbird but I need info from those saved messages in my folders. Any help with this will be appreciated.

A:Outlook Express messages

Try a repair of IE 6, make a restore point before you try just in case.

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Something prompted the Boss's Laptop last Friday to reboot. He said something this morning about "Office Exec will reboot the computer in 25 seconds". When it restarted the Laptop, he's messages in the In-Box where outdated. Some were in there from 04. None of 06 were in it.

We're running 2K prof on a laptop. We have Norton AV running on it, and it's up to date. What is a good tool to run to see about Spyware that could be on this machine. I've seen several remarks toward HiJackThis on this forum.

Would this be a good tool to determine spyware or other problems running on this laptop?


A:Outlook Express 6 - Messages Gone

pfiltz said:

What is a good tool to run to see about Spyware that could be on this machine. I've seen several remarks toward HiJackThis on this forum.

Would this be a good tool to determine spyware or other problems running on this laptop?

Regards,Click to expand...

Hi ... Have a view at this site below ...


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My Outlook Express 6 has been frozen for months now, can't delete messages due to worm. For several months, I've sought the help from my internet provider, to no avail.

So I found your site, I followed the instructions on erasing the DBX file and like magic, all the messages are deleted.

I am very joyful today after months of agonizing and fear of having to take my computer to the store for repair and costing me money.

The instructions on "pasting" and "running" the file were very easy to follow, esp. for a non-computer-savvy person such as myself.


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I'm using XP. When I double click a message in the in box, it opens to a screen about half the area of the monitor. I can easily get it to expand by clicking the maximize button, but I have a lot of e-mail and it is a bother. How and where do I change toe proper setting to correct this?

A:Viewing Outlook Express Messages

When you double click a message, drag the edges of the message window that appears to the edges of your monitor, all 4 sides. Then close it normally. Each time you now open a message, it should open at the size you just left it.

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With Windows XP SP2, suddenly Outlook Express won't receive messages from the server. It connects ok (and the internet connection is fine) and attempts to download messages (you see the "downloading nn messages briefly), then reports "an unknown error has occurred...". I unintalled and reinstalled Outlook Express by Microsoft instructions. Then I DELETED all messages waiting on the server to be downloaded, then just sent a new message to myself, and got same error message. No Outlook Express settings have been changed on this computer. SENDING messages works fine - error in just receiving. Double-checked the POP address with the cable provider. I am considering a System Restore. Any other ideas? Thanks a bunch!~Moved from Windows XP Forum~ TMacK

A:Outlook Express Won't Receive Messages

I had this problem a year back. Reset all my accounts, TCP settings, and whatnot. I finally gave up. When the cable co. finally upgraded my service it was discovered it was on their end and they reset my account. The tier one customer service rep. was not help. I had to go further up the chain of command.

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I'm helping a friend with an Outlook Express problem, but this one has me stumped. Every message she receives automatically has the flag and the paperclip (for attachments) set. There are no attachments, and no rule has been set up to automatically flag messages. Any suggestions on how to turn off the automatic flag and paperclip? She is running Windows XP and Outlook Express 6.

A:Outlook Express flags all messages

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Does anybody know how to copy and save outlook express messages in from Vista to another pc using XP?

A:Copying outlook express messages

Have a look in the file menu for Import and Export.

You should be able to export the messages then import them on the other machine, unless you mean you want to share mailboxes between both machines, in which case it isn't possible.

If you do want to share mailboxes, look at changing to using GMAIL (which can use to get email from other accounts too) then you can use Outlook express to view the email, but keep it stored online, meaning you can access it from both machines.

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I have reformatted and reloaded XP, (saved all my files on an external disc) but don't know where to look for my old email messages.

Where are they filed?

A:Outlook Express Messages Lost

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Can't delete messages in Outlook Express 6 with XP. Hitting DELETE has absolutely no response - no message or anything. SHIFT-DELETE works. I tried completely reinstalling Internet Explorer 7 and Outlook Express with the same result. This is occurring concurrent with intermittently not being able to receive any messages - "encountered unknown error" - see previous posts and responses on this topic. Any ideas would be appreciated

A:Can't Delete Messages In Outlook Express

Sometimes that can happen if the Deleted Items folder is damaged.Move all messages you might want to keep out of the Deleted Items folder and into another mail folder you create. Close OE, then delete the file Deleted Items.dbx in your Identity's store folder. OE will create a new one when you re-open OE.

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Under sent my outlook express lists each email I send out twice.I tried emailing myself and only got one message but it still shows it twice under sent messages.Im hoping I havent been irritating everyone I have emailed with duplicate messages.Does anyone have any suggestions please

A:outlook express showing messages sent twice

Ahhhh the good old Outlook Express.

It's the Authenticated password thing.You can receive mail but you cannot send it. I had OE.I send messages and received an error message.It said " The Password was Rejected by the Sender(which is you)." Then your message is stored in the "Sent" folder to be resend each time you activate your OE.You have not irritated your recipients.Most likely they never received it.
When using your OE:
(1)Did you put under Incoming mail...pop.(your isp name)
(2) Your Outgoing mail...mail.(your isp name) ?
(3) Are you the "Main User" ?
(4) What is your OS ?


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The strangest thing just happened. Yesterday I stored an incoming message in an Outlook Express mail folder along with about 200 other messages, and today when I went to look for that message, all the messages I had to date were gone.

I have a PC, with adequate HD space and 2 GB RAM, all my updates for Win XP.

I am truly puzzled and cannot figure out how, only that folder had messages disappear.

Help please.

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Í'm changing my computer and I want to know how can i export my messages into a file so that I can put them on my new computer


A:How can I expor messages from outlook express

Hi infante and welcome to TSG!

This MS Knowledge Base article will show you the way:;EN-US;q270670



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When I close Outlook Express I get a message offering to compact messages to save disc space. This has only recently started to appear.

Any idea why this should suddenly start to appear?

I really don't have many mesages in any of the folders as I regularly delete anything unwanted. Also is this a good thing to do as there is no help item associated with this message to explain it?

(NB did recently install SP2 but nothing else altered as far as I know)

A:Compacting messages in Outlook Express

As I understand it, OE stores messages within a database, which tends to grow in size and degrade the perfomance of OE. According to one source I checked, even deleted messages that are removed from the folder take up space in that database. Compacting your folders will REMOVE all the records that you have deleted.I do not know why this message is now appearing, unless you changed something in OE. I regulary compact messages in Email folders.Hope this helps,Regards,JohnVide:

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Problem started today. Can't delete messages in inbox or deleted folder. I get a little box that says can't delete, there is an error. Doesn't tell me what error is. Haven't downloaded anything in a few days. Running xp pro, ie 8, all systems go until today. Does anyone have any idea what error could be, and how to fix? Much appreciated. Insurer

A:Outlook express won't delete messages

Maybe you reached the limit of Outlook express. Can you try the maintenance options found under tools/options/maintenance tab. Start by clearing the deleted folder, then run 'clean up now' to compact unused space. Let us know how it goes.

If that works....also advise you to delete old emails not wanted again and compact again afterwards also.

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Outlook express will not delete messages. Does anybody know of a fix for this?Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Outlook Express Will Not Delete Messages

Do you wish to delete all messages, some messages, or messages in a particular folder (s)?

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In OE 6.0 I would like to remove messages from my deleted file by sender address in one fell swoop rather than clicking one each one and holding down the shift key. Is there a way of doing this. When I have used the block sender function, it not only deletes the message currently received but indicates that it has deleted all messages from that sender. Is this a key to the solution---or if not, what is? Thanks much.


A:Outlook Express Remove Messages

To delete multiple messages from a sender you first need to click on the column to sort by the sender(From heading). Then select the first and the last email while holding down the Shift key and then delete the emails. Note that if you are deleting emails from the Deleted Items folder you do not need to hold down Shift when selecting Delete. If you hold down Shift when choosing delete it permanently deletes the email from other folders like the Inbox or Sent but for the Deleted Items folder its kind of redundant. And as I mention above Shift can also be used to select multiple messages as can the CTRL key to pick and choose emails by holding CTRL down and clicking on each message.

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Hi there!

I have a load of Outlook Express files / emails on a CD as a .pst file. How can I upload them on to my new PC (Outlook Express, Windows XP PS2)? It won't let me import them.

Any help appreciated!!

If I can get my old PC to work again should I export them as dbx files?? It was definitely Outlook Express I was using on the old machine.

A:Uploading messages to Outlook Express

PST files belong to Outlook, an entirely different program to Outlook Express (despite the name similarity)

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Windows XP Home Edition
Cannot delete messages from in box or sent. Nothing works such as toolbar or right clicking and hitting delete. Have run RegCure, but no help.

A:Deleting messages on Outlook Express

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The computer is running Windows XP Home.
Here's the situation. I'm trying to export the messages from Outlook Express. I've been able to export the contacts just fine.
I cannot export the messages because for some reason there is not Outlook folder under "%userprofile%\Local Settings\ Application Data\ Microsoft". I've even tried creating an Outlook folder with no luck. I checked where the identities are stored and that seemed fine. When I try exporting the messages I receive no error message. Just a window that tells me that the messages will be exported from Outlook Express to Outlook or Exchange.

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I am helping a guy with his computer - he cannot delete messages from his inbox without highlighting them and then pressing shift+delete this is for each individual message - I have tried deleting various boxes in .dbx but it does not cure it - It did the first time but now it is back . if I install OE 8 will he lose his messages address book etc.

A:outlook express - cannot delete messages

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After sending e-mails in Outlook Express using Bcc, how can I know to whom I have sent them since I can't see anything written in the source (unlike when sending them using just the To: or Cc? Thanks.

A:Sending messages using Bcc: in Outlook Express

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I'm running XP Home SP2 and Outlook express with all the windows updates. Now when I go into OE my new messages come in fine, but when I exit out and then go back into OE the messages are GONE! Completely gone in all the folders! I have ran Ad-Aware and the sytem is now clean and I did a complete scan with Mcafee and it came back clean as well. Everything else on the PC seems to run fine with no problems, has anyone seen this problem before or know what's going on??


A:Outlook Express deleteing messages?

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I tried doing what it said to backup all the messages by compacting the files, but I couldent find the file it compacted. It never told me where it put it, and dident let me name it. So I poked around for a while and ended up finding the area where it saves all the messages in C:\Documents and Settings\Timma\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{2169B9EC-C551-4F4D-A3F0-316B50FA458C}\Microsoft\Outlook Express
After seening lots of files that matched the messages in OE I figured that I could save all these files, then replace them after reinstalling WINXPHE. The old operating system was WINXPHE too, the computer just needed to be cleaned up. Anyway, after placing them back in their original spot it wont detect anything like i was hoping, am I missing something? Plz help, I really need these to come back. Thanks in advance.

A:How do I restore old messages to Outlook Express

Hi MrFuzz

Almost there!
With Outlook Express closed, go back into that directory and delete the Folders.dbx file.
Restart Outlook Express, a new Folders.dbx file will be created and your folders and messages should show.

Check these steps:
In Outlook Express
Tools > Options > Maintenance tab
click the Store Folder button to see the path where the Identity keeps its .dbx files.
Close Outlook Express.

Open Windows Explorer, navigate to that directory, delete the Folders.dbx file for the Identity.

Move or copy the saved .dbx files into that directory.
Verify the file attributes are not Read-Only.

Restart Outlook Express, your folders and messages should appear.

Let us know what happens.

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I Have Windows XP Professional and Outlook Express 6 on a PC.

I have lost the messages from around 6 or 7 or my Outlook Express folders. The individual folders are still there, under Local Folders as usual, but they are now empty.

I can see .bak files in the Recycle Bin with the same names as the folders, and have tried to import these back into Outlook Express after changing the .bak suffix into .dbx, but without success. I always get an error message that says: "No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open. Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have files open."

Can anyone help, please? Also for my education, is a .dbx file an OE folder file or a message file?

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I was moving some messages to another folder in Outlook Express and now it won't show any messages past July 22, 2006. When I hit send/recieve, it will show that I am retrieving messages but I can not see them. What happened? Can you help?

A:Can't retrieve messages in Outlook Express!!

Hi kpattyn

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Are your Outlook Express View settings set to show all messages?
View > Current View > Show All Messages

If the View settings are correct, try using the Find option, set the search to show messages Received before: July 22, 2006 to see if it finds your messages in another folder.

Let us know what happens.

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When opening a message in outlook express all I get is an hourglass after installins sp2Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

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when i go into outlook express and try to open a message it gives me this error has occured and the message can't be opened. i am running verision 6.0 of outlook express. something similar has happened before but that was when i was trying to open outlook and i had to delete an update from windows. Now when i try to open a message it says this:" the address book failed to load. Outlook express is incorrectly configured. Please re-install." Nothing has been added or modified on this computer expect the automatic updates for windws.

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I let my folder get so big that I cannot open it, or delete it, or anything. My computer just freezes up and I have to do ctr/alt/delete and get out of it. Any suggestions?

A:Outlook Express cannot delete messages

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can not get messages from outlook express to import into windows mail followed directions on export from and importing to but files thatv were copied were dbx files and windows mail does not want to import them need to nknow if there is another way or a way to convert files from dbx to windows mail files

A:importing messages from outlook express

Try this link

Import messages into Windows Mail from Outlook Express - Windows Vista Help

Good luck

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As the title suggests, I don't use Outlook Express, I use Outlook (2007), however, every time I boot up my laptop I get a pop up message from Outlook Express asking if it can compact my messages.

Can anyone advise how I make this go away or what I should do with it? I've seen other threads about it, but the only ones I've found refer to people who are actively using Outlook Express.

Thanks in advance.

A:I don't use Outlook why is it asking to compact my messages?

Hello - I thnk this is malware arising from hacking. I had this on mine and only ever closed it down. Yesterday in the midst of copying emails to put in a file, a microsoftoffice window opened and at speed higlighted the emails in my in box and removed them.

My uni checked - they are not in the archives

I am trying to get a message about this abuse through to miscrosoft - but can't find the site

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Can someone tell me how to retrieve the messages I lost in Outlook Express? I was in a newsgroup, and noticed everybody else had a different identity. So I thought I'd change mine. Now I cant find the messages I had in the main program, and there is no option to select the newsgroup. Help!

A:Lost Outlook Express 6 messages


Was the newsgroup a paid or free group?

If it was paid, then you may have to subscribe again. If free, that one may have died.

Is it the messages in the newsgroups that you have lost, or your emails?



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When I turned my computer on this morning, Outlook Express locked up and had to be shut down. Upon restarting the program, I noticed that about a month's worth of mail was missing (from Oct 12 to Nov 15).

I've spent all day trying to find a solution. I've identified the location of the OE Files and tried copying the files from my inbox to another folder and then importing them. This resulted in duplicates of the files that were there when I started, but the missing messages were still missing.

I also tried renaming the old inbox, creating a new inbox, and copying the data from the old to the new and then using the new one. Interestingly, although I attempted to copy everything from the old to the new, the file size of the new one is much smaller. But my missing emails are still missing.

If anyone can recommend an inexpensive solution to this problem, I would appreciate it. We're a nonprofit animal rescue and the emails I lost included all of the applications on a litter of puppies I'm fostering, so I'm very anxious to recover them.

Thank you!

A:Missing Messages In Outlook Express

Which email provider are you using? Perhaps your POP settings are off. Go into account setting and see if all information is correct.

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Yesterday I could not open Outlook Express because of an error message : "The application was unable to open Outlook Express message store" and something else to do with "MSOE.DLL", so I took it back to the store where i bought it from and they reinstalled it.
Today, when i tried to create a message, the error message came up:
"there was an error opening this message. An error has occured."
I cannot reply, send or even open messages.

can someone please help me?
thanks in advance ~!

A:cannot create messages in outlook express

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When I receive Email I have duplicate messages of messages received.
Like every thing is sent to me twice.
any ideas what may be wrong? Everything was working fine.

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How can I retrieve compacted messages from Outlook Express?

A:Outlook Express Compacted messages

Read this.

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There must be a better way to find what has already been written on this subject, without creating a new thread.

I have Windows XP and Outlook Express and suddenly I cannot send messages, but can still receive them.

A:Cannot send messages on Outlook Express

But you have created a new thread?
What is your Email provider? or Internet Service Provider (ISP)? Google the Email provider and Configure Email settings for Outlook Express. Check you settings against what they suggest. Or you can contact the Email provider and have them walk you through it.

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I have a very large folder in my Outlook Express 6.0 filled with emails that I would like to export to be able to open in Open Office 2.3.1.

I need someone to walk me through this as I am getting the response "error occured while initializing MAPI"


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Does anyone know how to stop outlook express automatically compacting folders when exiting the program? It only happens from time to time but is very annoying as I have a lot of emails and it usually ends up "not responding" part way through anyway.


A:Outlook express compact messages

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums​
When posting, always state your OS and version numbers along with names
of programs involved in your problem. The correct answers can depend on
this vital information. If you have Windows XP SP1 / SP2:

OE turns on a feature under Tools->Options->Maintenance uncheck
Compact messages in background. This feature uses 100% CPU time
and slows down your system, while it is active. In addition, if the process
is somewhat interrupted, then the entire message store can become corrupt.

To prevent such corruption, turn off background compaction for each Identity
you have and then compact manually on a regular basis by going to:
File->Folder->Compact all folders.


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Outlook Express won't receive regular e-mails but seems to receive spam messages. This is on a friend's PC, a Gateway with 256 ram and XP Home version. The outgoing and incoming settings (POP and SMTP) seem to be ok.
The PC is on DSL (SBC) and uses Yahoo. The browser is Firefox, but also has IE

That is one problem. The other is that the CD drive can't seem to be recognized and won't activate software on CDs.

A:Outlook Express won't receive messages

You have your SPAM filter on backwards!

Seriously, I have no idea on this one, it seems almost like you have a filter intercepting the email. Have you tried a different email client, or even WEBMAIL?

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When sending emails using Outlook Express, many recipients receive multiple copies, sometimes throughout the day even if I've logged off. Anyone know why or what I can do to precent that?

A:Outlook Express - Multiple Messages

I hope you don't get this more than once. I tried sending you another email wondering if you have found a solution to this problem. The same thing is happening to me. It's becoming very frustrating.

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HI All,

When i try to access a email in Outlook i get the follwoing error messages:#

- One or more parts of the message could not be displayed.

When o ok this error i get another

- There was an error opening this message.
There is not enough memory.

I am running windows xp with 4gb of ram and no other applications are running to drain the memory.

Any ideas please help.


A:Outlook express 8 error messages

What version of Outlook are you running? From Office 2000, 2002, 2003, or 2007... and with the Business Contact Manager, or without?

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I think I may have received a couple of corrupt e-mails. I couldn't open them or delete them. My computer froze everytime I touched them. I could receive ad send e-mails, and I could delete all othere, except, those 2. Now, I can't delete any e-mails. I followed the directions to delete my deleted items.dbx file, but, which I did, but, I still have the problem. I have Windows XP. I am limited to what I can do so if anyone has any advise, please be very detailed. If you get too technical I won't understand what you are telling me. I appreciate any help. I hate the thought of having to take my computer somewhere.

A:Deleting messages in Outlook Express

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I use Outlook Express as an email client. Under 'Local Folders' I have probably 15 subfolders, and most of those have sub-subfolders, and some of those have sub-sub-subfolders.

Some messages vanished - I have no idea where they went.

For instance, I have a 'pending orders' folder as a subfolder to my inbox folder. Messages in the inbox stayed, but messages in the 'pending orders' folder have disappeared - the folder is empty.

Another example, I have a 'Nissan' folder under 'Local Folders'. The 'Nissan' folder is empty. I have an 'Orders/Net Stuff' folder with several subfolders. The 'Orders/Net Stuff' folder and all of the subfolders are empty.

I did not delete these messages, they just vanished. All in all, I have lost probably 2,000 messages out of the 15,000 messages stored. All the folders are still there, organized in the same manner, but some folders have been emptied.

I've checked the actual folder locations - For instance, "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{EF678184-310F-4A05-B543-A23898D84F9C}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\Nissan.dbx"

The 'Nissan.dbx' folder shows it contains 51.9 MB of data... so the messages are still there. When I right click on the 'Nissan' folder in OE, it is pointed to the above address... so why don't the messages show up? Where'd they go?

A:Outlook Express - Some Messages Vanished

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Hi - new here pls bear with me
Am on XP and OE 6. Some of my OE folders are showing empty but when I look at the dbx, they seem fairly large as tho they actually do have the messages in them. Dunno if related, but my computer came down while OE was up. Help please...? Thanks. Alison.

A:Outlook Express 6 not showing all messages in DBX

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cannot delete outlook express messages.

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I've been having problems with Outlook Express 6 (XP Pro). Any new messages I receive will not be highlighted or bolded. The only way I know is by hearing the audible alert, seeing an updated number in parentheses next to the folder name or noticing the closed envelope icon next to the message.

How do I fix this?

A:Outlook Express 6 - new messages not highlighted

Maybe the folder is corrupted. Try this.
You may be able to fix the problem like so
In OE tools>options>maintenance
Click on store folder. Now highlight and copy the long address you see there. Be sure to copy the complete address all of it will noT be visible.
Go to run and paste it in ok. Now you will see all the OE folders
Delete the DBX inbox folder. A new uncorrupted one will be
created the next time you open OE. Move all the emails in the inbox because you will lose all of them with this procedure

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When running Outlook Express (OE6 and IE8 with WinXP), any attempt to open an email message gets me the following error: "Outlook Express has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

Tools, Options, Read (tab) and checking box "Read all messages in plain text" allows opening of messages ... but of course, not in HTML.

I have cleared Inbox, Sent and Delete boxes and done compacting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I just upgraded to a new computer. how do i get my old messages from outlook express onto the same program on a new pc?

A:backup messages from outlook express?

Outlook Express stores emails in .dbx files. You would need to somehow move the files to the new computers, maybe CD-R/RW or a USB key. Then use Outlook Express' import feature to restore the emails. The address book is a .wab file and can be imported in Outlook Express as well. You can use the Search/Find to locate the files. The location of these files varies between Windows 9x and XP and the files are hidden in XP.

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Hello. First, I am not very computer literate. (Sigh). (I'm old!) I have a problem with Outlook Express. It stopped allowing me to click on the hilighted New Messages and see them. It still receives messages, I just can't reach them, they don't show up in the inbox. I was able to finally find them manually, by going into Edit, then Find, then find messages in folder, and putting in a check by "find messages received before", then somehow lucked onto finding one, and it listed them.
I don't know what to do to get the thing to simply display the new messages in inbox. (It displays them in a darker ink).
I would appreciate any help.

I did call my provider, Adelphia, but they couldn't help.


A:Outlook Express won't display new messages

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I've just copied my emails from one PC to another (and from W98 to XP),
apparently successfully. BUT even though I can now see the text etc of all
my messages in the viewing box at the bottom of the
screen, I can't open them or enlarge them or reply to
any of them. Any ideas how to remedy this?

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Good Morning All,

For a few days I have been getting error messages (0X800CCC15/0X800CCC19/0X800CCCOD) and can't send or receive e-mails. I can access e-mails via webmail. I have contacted my ISP and re entered the e-mail settings to no avail. There was a vague mention of network issues, but nothing has been restored. I have uninstalled the Trend Micro security package but that did not help.

Does anyone have any suggestions, please?


A:Outlook Express 6 Error Messages.

It appears that the problem is with the Trend Micro Pccilin package and I await a response from Trend Micro.


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I have tried many times to kill the "Compact Messages" nag in Outlook Express but nothing seems to work. The suggestion of changing the registry value to "0" in "Compact Chect Count" merely resents the count but doesn't stop the nag from reappearing. I have changed the default location of my emails to another HDD so that all my information and emails don't disappear when windows crashes. (I've learned this the hard way, believe me.) Nonetheless other forums have tried to convince me that if I don't compact the messages when I am TOLD to do so, the world will come to an end or at the very least, the mailboxes will get corrupted. This is true but only after the dbx indexes have reached upwares of 2 to 3 gigabytes. Even then, there are recovery programs available, so I'm not too worried. An addition irritation is that the warning message comes up when exiting Outlook Express but when I click on the "Compact now" button, I am rewarded with the notification that the files are in use and the operation cannot be performed. No wonder Microshaft removed it from subsequent versions of Windows despite it being the most popular email client in the history of computing and attempting at least to drive us all into the cloud...probably the WORST idea in history. (Regardless of how safe they claim it is, I wouldn't store my dogs medical history on some unnamed, unknown server which can easily hacked by any number of unscru... Read more

A:Outlook Express 6.0 Compact Messages Nag

You can't stop the "Compact Messages" dialog. It's built in to the program and will pop up every 100 times OE is opened.
As you apparently know, you can reset the counter to 0, but that will only delay the pop-up.
The only way to make it semi-permanent would be to have the counter reset each day with a scheduled task.

The "other forums" that have tried to convince you to compact are giving you, at least partially, good advice.
You don't need to do it on OE's schedule, but you DO need to do it.
Compacting the database files is needed to keep them working properly.
When you move or delete messages, the data stays in the DBX file and merely gets "tagged" for later removal by the compact process.
If you don't compact it periodically, the file size will continue to grow with data that won't be displayed because it's been "tagged".
Every time you open that folder, OE has to "look" at that data to generate the display. Eventually you'll reach a point where OE will just choke on it and either refuse to open or dump the DBX file and generate a new one.

This is true but only after the dbx indexes have reached upwares of 2 to 3 gigabytes. Even then, there are recovery programs available, so I'm not too worried.Click to expand...

If you want to keep those messages, you SHOULD be worried. A DBX that gets over 200MB is far more likely to corrupt. You can get away with larger files if you d... Read more

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I cannot send out messages using outlook express and No problem with receiving.

A:Cox outlook express sending messages

Hi cindylou882
Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!
Can you post the Exact error message you are receiving when you attempt to send messages?

I am moving your thread to the Web and E-mail forum.
Windows 7 does not have Outlook Express.

What operating system and e-mail program are you using?

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I was wondering if there is a way to change outlook express and the way it stores messages. Whenever I have to delete my account or reformat (which I have had to quite a few times) I lose all my email messages. Is there a way to change it so outlook express stores my messages on the second hard drive and then even if the pc dies I still have my messages?


A:Outlook Express and storing messages

If you are going to reformat, it would be a good idea to back everything up. You can use OE itself (check help button) or this is a freeware:

BTW, if you are reformatting often....something you're doing isn't right. If it is from virus/spyware etc; check some threads here to find out what steps you can take to prevent reformatting so often. There is an entire forum here on security:


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I use Outlook Express as my e-mail program. When I receive new messages, ALL of the messages are sent to me in duplicate!! Both messages are identical - same time, date, content. Any clue how to correct this?

A:Double Messages On Outlook Express

It's been so long since I used outlook, but if I recall it has something to do with the "synchronization" settings in outlook. Turn it off.

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Hi all.My Outlook Express is receiving messages, but doesn't show them until I click the Send/Rec button on the toolbar.How can I get the messages to show without me needing to do this?Thanks for any help.Mod Edit: Topic moved to more appropriate forum~ TMacK

A:Outlook Express Is Not Opening Messages

Hi Bone Idol.It's been a very long time since i've used OE but is it set to go directly to your inbox folder on startup? (Tools>Options>General Tab). It would also need to be set as your default mail handler if I remember correctly.

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Every time I logon on to my Outlook, the messages are empty. I found out that I need to click Start, Run and then type in: regsvr32 inetcomm.dll

This then reveals my messages, but I have to do it everytime I logon.

Is there a way to fix this permanently?


Auckland, New Zealand
6.08 pm Tuesday 11 May 2004

A:Empty messages in Outlook Express

Download, check for updates, and then run ("Fix") CWShredder
( with no other
applications running in the background.

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I found out how to block emails in outlook express. The only problem is is that I still have to sit and wait for the blocked messages to download into the deleted items folder. Is there a way to completely have it so that the message isnt downloaded either? Thanx.

A:Blocking Messages in Outlook Express

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When I go to the deleted items section of Outlook Express I have 85 messages listed.

How can I delete all the messages at once ?

As of now I am highlighting the last message and clicking delete. I than get a pop up screen asking if I am sure I want to delete the message. I click yes and the message will be deleted and it moves on to the next message.

I would think there is a way (I just can't find it) to get rid of them all at once instead of going through the above process 85 times.

Could someone please advise me ?

Thanks for your time,


A:Deleting Messages From Outlook Express

Open OE, then your deleted items folder.At the top of the page, click on EDIT.From the menu that opens, choose 'Empty Deleted Items Folder'.Confirm that you want to delete.They'll go bye-bye.note: You don't even have to open the deleted folder. Deletion can be done while you are looking at the inbox or any other folder. Just follow the procedure above.

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Hello to all,

I need to format my hard disk and install win xp from scratch. I need to backup all email messages from outlook express (both Inbox and Sent folder). I'm not sure how to do that.
Is there any standard way to do it using outlook itself, or I need to find where these messages are placed and copy that folder?

Thank you

A:Backup messages from outlook express

Hello Mikas

Here is how to do it

Here is how to restore it all


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I have 2 problems:

1. Several days ago, instead of getting my messages at Outlook Express 6, I instead got this error message:

The server responded with an error. Account: 'Elaine', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR problem retrieving message.', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC90

I called up my ISP and they said a message was either too long or corrupted. My incoming mail server is from Yahoo. I have things set up to have my Yahoo messages forwarded to Outlook Express. The tech told me to manually go to my yahoo mailbox and delete messages until my Outlook Express works. I did so and it worked. I thought the problem was solved. It wasn't. I keep getting that error. I started taking notes of what messages cleared the problem and it became obvious that it has nothing to do with the messages. Some are from friends and other e-mails I often get. It just happens.

Could anyone please help?

2. My system gets an error that it's going to shut off in 30 secs I believe is the time listed. It goes off too quickly to write down the error. This has been happening for a couple of months and restoring the computer to earlier didn't help.

A:Outlook Express Can't Download Messages

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Hello there,

I have another issue with outlook express 6. When a message is sent, it goes to the outbox and just stays there, it's bold for a 3-4 sec then is normal text (the like you get when you've opened an e-mail). But the thing is outlook keeps that particular message in it and the receipient gets the mail 5-6 times. and it's not shifted to the sent items either. so any solution to this problem? Please.

A:Outlook express 6 outbox messages

You probably hav a damaged outbox DBX.
Open OE>tools>options> maintenance>store folder and copy that long address. Be sure you copy all of it.
Go to start>run and paste it in.
The OE folders will be there. Find Outbox DBX and delete. A new one will be created when you
open OE again an empty one. If you want to keep any messages in there move them to another folder first

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Ok, I have about 400 messages that I deem inportant to me in my outlook express. I would like to save them to a folder on disk and refer to them if need be at a later date. How can I do this? Thanks in advance


A:save messages in outlook express

I have a folder created in My Documents entitled, of all things, 'Saved Emails'. I then click on the email I wish to save, click on 'File' and select 'Save As'. Then navigate to the folder in My Documents, open and click on 'Save'. Unfortunately I haven't figured out a way to save more than one email at a time.

Just my 2 cents worth

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How do I fix error 0x800CCC0F in outlook express 6?

A:outlook express will not let me receive messages

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Hi there,
I have xp pro and use outlook express 6. Every time i close out of my email program i get the following message followed by a 'ding' sound

"To Free up Disk Space Outlook express can compact messages, this may take up to a few minutes."
It gives me the option of OK or Cancel. I always hit cancel but i don't want that message to pop up at all. i want to close out of outlook express without that message coming up. It didn't always do that. It's annoying. What would happen if i said ok? What does the message mean and how can i keep it from popping up. Thank you so much for helping me.

A:outlook express 6 compact messages

All of your email is stored in a single file on your hard drive. When you delete messages and empty the trash, the file becomes "fragmented" similar to how your entire drive becomes fragmented when you delete files and download new ones.

Clicking the OK button basically defrags your Outlook Express mail file. It MAY empty your trash folder, but other than that, it doesn't delete anything from your inbox, etc...

I would say that clicking OK and letting it run will not only clear up some space on your hard drive, it will make the message go away in the future.

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My wife and I both have an HP Pavilion with XP and Outlook Express. Her e-mail suddenly began receiving every message up to #17 in duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate form, then starting with #18 out of 97 (she doesn't get that many any day), no message gets to be displayed. If she sends me a message, my computer's inbox shows that there are no viruses in it but the message itself doesn't show. (The antivirus is AVG; it analyzes daily.)

A:Outlook Express inbox duplicates all messages

Have her access her mail through your ISP's "webmail" interface, and delete message # 18.

Chances are that message 18 is either corrupt or has a huge file attachment on it, which is causing OE to time out and not send the server a "received" status for messages 1-17, which is what is causing those messages to be received again.

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Help -- some of my folder have the messages missing. THe title of the folder is there, but no messages. It didn't happen to all the folders...I really NEED these messages ASAP!!!


A:Outlook Express messages have disappeared from my folders

Hi Juli1234

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

What operating system?

Do you recall what changes: software, hardware, upgrades, that were made before this occurred?

Let us know.

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Title pretty much says it all.
Does any one have an idea how to do this?


A:how to import aol email messages to outlook express

The last I heard AOL uses a proprietary file system for storing e-mails and address books. I am also not aware of any freeware that works with more recent versions of AOL. I did find one company with a Google search. They are selling a $24.95 software package that is supposed to do the job. I have never used the software and can not speak for how well it works or ease of use.

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can't foward multiple messages, i can only foward one at the time...
i downloaded ie 7 would this have someting to do with this? i used this before without any difficulties. now i get this error every time i foward more than one message at the time???

A:outlook express can't fowarding multiple messages

Check out this link:

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I just resolved the problem that started yesterday when I sent emails with an attachment. The message would cause an error message "Some errors occurred while processing the requested tasks. Please review the list of errors for more details. The email would just sit in the Outbox and keep sending. But it would not get recorded into the Sent mesages. Whomever I was sending emails to did in fact receive them with the attachments.

After reading an answer on here that the issue could very well be the size of the Sent folder (all sent messages from 2002 through 5, 24, 2008), I moved the sent messages to newly created folders called Sent through 5242008. When it wouldn't let me move more messages to that folder, I created another one called part 2, part 3 etc. Now I have about 10 folders dated back to 2002. The issue is that in the Header titles at the top of the Sent box instead of saying "To it says From as if it is the inbox messages and instead of saying Sent Date, it says Received Date.
How can I move all of these newly created folders into 1 large one, and correct the header title of the newly created Sent From to TO and instead of saying Received Date to say Sent Date.

I really would just like to move all of these messages into 1 big renamed SENT through 05242008. How could I do that to eliminate all of the above 10 folders and have this folder show up on the Outlook Express tree when I launch Outlook Express? I know if I search through Explorer and find Out... Read more

A:Outlook Express sent messages cause error message

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I'm working on a system trying to import Outlook Express files (.DBX) from a previous Windows XP Professional SP2 system running OE 6 to a new system with XP Pro SP2 and OE 6. The error I receive is attached. The read-only attribute is not set. The file is on the hard drive locally with correct NTFS permissions (all groups Full Control).

If anyone has any ideas to try, it would be much appreciated.

A:Unable to Import Outlook Express Messages

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Outlook express wiil not open pictures in certain messages,text appears,but in place of where the picture/s ,there is a blank frame with a small red "x'in the upper left hand corner,these are not objectionable items btw,jus comical or informative subjects,how can I solve this problem?

A:outlook express will not open certain pictures in messages

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My messages are listed in the Inbox/Outbox/Sent boxes, but, when you click on the message, the message contents do not appear, nor do they appear in preview pane.

I was deleting files from my drive, but don't recollect deleting any .dbx files. In fact, I can find .dbx files for the inbox, outbox, sent box etc which all show that they have contents. Can one open these .dbx files to see the contents?

What could I have done to have lost the message contents? Is there any way to restore the message contents.


A:Solved: Missing Messages in Outlook Express

mandav said:

My messages are listed in the Inbox/Outbox/Sent boxes, but, when you click on the message, the message contents do not appear, nor do they appear in preview pane.

I was deleting files from my drive, but don't recollect deleting any .dbx files. In fact, I can find .dbx files for the inbox, outbox, sent box etc which all show that they have contents. Can one open these .dbx files to see the contents?

What could I have done to have lost the message contents? Is there any way to restore the message contents.

SydneyClick to expand...

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Hello. Like the subject says, I am looking to backup my outlook express messages, so that I can wipe the hard drive clean on this machine, and start over with a new installation. I managed to export my address book into my documents, however, I cannot export my actual email messages into a file in my documents. I think what it is trying to do is to export them to other programs, but I just want to back it up to a file, that can be imported later when the reinstall is complete. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:How do you backup messages in outlook express 6, for new install.

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Each of my out-going messages is being received 9 times. They are still showing in my outbox and I can't delete them. I have run a virus scan; and went to and did an online scan. They both show no viruses. Has anyone else had this problem? BigRed

A:Outlook Express sending multiple messages

Hi guys,
Disregard the above post. I got some help that solved the problem.BigRed

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I can get into outlook express, but I cannot write or recieve messages. I've checked the firewall and it is inabled. I've talked to Adelphia and Aol and they said it wasn't their problem. Everything on their end was O.K I need help. please help me.

A:outlook express( need help) will not let me send or recieve messages

hey, welcome to TSG!!

this is a stupid question, but sometimes even the best of people forget the simplest of things. have you set your account up through outlook express? check and make sure yu typed all the mail servers and everything in correctly. wat version of OE do you have, there is a security issue in one of them that you need an update for but i cant remember which version.

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I posted this to the Business Applications also. This might be the better forum.

All of a sudden some incoming email is undeletable. About one out of seven messages cannot be deleted. Clicking the Delete button has no effect and no error message. Dragging the message to the Deleted Items folder yields the following message:

Selected message(s) cannot be moved. An error has occurred.

I tried searching Tech Support Guy and found a suggestion about moving the messages out of the Inbox, then deleting Inbox.dbx from my OE identity. I did this. A new Inbox was created just fine so I moved the old messages back into it but the old messages that were undeletable still are. And so are some new incoming messages. So, the "delete the Inbox.dbx" trick did nothing. I can't identify anything about the sticky messages that makes them any different from any other messages.

Very weird problem.

A:Solved: Outlook Express messages won't delete

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When I close O. E. it wants to com pact all messages but half way through it give me an error that the folder is currently in use by another application or in use by O. E.

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All of a sudden, all my email messages disappeared in OE, all of them. All the folders and their contents.

I looked in the stored area for the dbx files and they are gone too.

I suspect, the Inboox file may have been excessively large.

Is they any way, any software that i could use to recover those dbx files. I have serached the files I have on the computer and all I can find is a back 'Identities' file up I made in 2009

I could sure use some help

A:Lost all email messages in Outlook Express

Did you check the location
%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{Identity-GUID}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\ .dbx

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I'm attempting to delete over 5000 messages from my OE sent folder. If I select more than a few, say 20, and click delete, my system hangs up. Is there a better way? Win XP

A:deleting multiple sent messages from Outlook Express

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hi guys, newbie here so be kind
forf months now i have been inputting my works e-mail passwords etc, to receive my works e-mails at home. all of a sudden, in the last few weeks, i have had problems in receiving my messages. it seems to download x amount and the hangs (lets say on message 10 of 120) and then just keeps timing out. i have pressed contime loads and loads and loads of times, but still it hangs!!!

its frustrating because i live in birmingham, but work in nottingham, so if i want to keep in touch with my messages it means driving the 50 miles, just to read them. as i say for a few months i have had no probs until recently. is tehr anything i can do?
many thanks

A:outlook express incoming messages hanging

How do you connect? (dial-up or broadband)?

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For some reason nearly all my email in Outlook Express (in Win 2k) comes with the attachment paper clip icon, even tho most of the email has no attachment. Needless to say, I'm a little nervous about attachments anyhow and am reluctant to open email from people I know. I have my provider's (Earthlink) spam filter on and am using AVG's email scanner.


A:Outlook Express displays all messages as having attachments

It sounds like you should be covered then. Earthlink does have good protection even if their service isnt the best.

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On this forum months ago I recieved incredible help to detect and delete a virus. Semantic Corp had not as yet even had the virus totally figured out when some of you helped me rid my system of it, as it was also "network aware" and would create folders to hide itself in.

I now am getting spam and my outlook express does not let messages delete. I can't even "move" folders from my inbox to the "delete" folder.

Does anyone have any idea if this is virus caused? It seems like someone is monitoring my e-mail and not letting me delete messages. It's real frustrating. Perhaps it's John Ashcroft monitoring my "political" e-mail. (Just Kidding.)

If anyone knows just what I can do to get my outlook express to work properly again on the issue of "deleting" e-mail please let me know.

I have not done the "microsoft update" crap that was sent around months ago, as I don't like it or trust it. The last virus I had was named "Microsoft Critical Update.exe." Can you blame me for being a bit paranoid at Microsoft or anything under that name to be installed as a "patch" or fix of some kind?

The "internat" below is for Korean launguage characters.

I have run Hijack this and have the following log file:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.95.0
Scan saved at 9:19:59 PM, on 11/1/03
Platform: Windows 98 SE (Win9x 4.10.2222A)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes... Read more

A:Virus in Outlook Express? Won't delete messages

Corrupted files may be the cause.
1) take any emails you want to keep out of inbox/outbox/sent items/deleted items/drafts folders.
2) be sure OE is closed
3) These are the DBX files you need to delete:

Here is where they are located (for Windows 98)(use FIND if yours are not located here):

Outlook Express will rebuild - but if you are nervous
about deleting or just want to save the data, move
them and save them until you are satisfied that OE
is working properly.

Also, if you leave a copy of your emails on the server, be sure to go there and delete all old emails.


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Hi Everybody!

I am new here and hope I posted this in the correct forum. I did not see any specific to Outlook Express and decided to post my problem here.

I constantly make back-ups of my email messages and write them to CD. I then simply delete the messages (and even folders) I think are superfluous and effectively start with a "new and clean" email client.

I eventually made a mistake somewhere along the line and now have emails in my Sent Items folder on my system from a certain date to 25 APRIL 2011, then nothing from that date up to 31 MAY 2011 and then messages from 1 June 2011 up to the current date.

I found the missing messages (from before 25 April up to 31 May) on one of those back-up CDs ? but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get those messages to form part of the current messages in my Sent Items folder.

My email is stored in a folder named Email on my Desktop. I changed this name to EmailX and created a new empty folder called Email.

I then copied the Sent Items.DBX file on my backed up CD to the empty folder named Email. I opened OE and the "lost emails were in my Sent Items folder within OE. I then created a new folder called "anything" in the opened OE. I then exited OE, went to the previously created Email folder and copied the newly named DBX file "anything.dbx" to the usual Email folder I'd renamed to EmailX.

I then deleted the Email folder, changed EmailX back to Email and reopened OE - bu... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Merging messages in Outlook Express

Someone younger than me will probably have a more modern solution, but I'd use the command prompt and the DOS Xcopy command to transfer back what you want from your backup CD to your destination folder. The Received button in OE will arrange by dates either latest to earliest or vice versa.

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