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Outlook 2003 Forms HELP!

Q: Outlook 2003 Forms HELP!

Hey guys! Really could use your help on this one. Okay I have a program that reads emails for a Support box and creates Work Orders based on the Sender, Subject of the email, and the message itself. Well I wanted to create a form in Outlook 2003 that basically limited what they can send to this mailbox, which would be tremendous in getting all necessary information from them as well as make it easier for this program to understand what the user is trying to say. Here in lies the problem. If I make a drop down with a value of "DEPT" then the reader form also needs to show the "DEPT" box, which works for Outlook, but never is ready by my email monitoring Program. Is there a way that I can say for the user to fill out:
Dept: [this is the department
Type: [This is the problem type]
Subtype: [This is they problem subtype]
Category: [This is the problem category]

And take all that info and put it into a message box so that this email monitoring program understands what I'm trying to say? I'm really going to need your minds on this one. Anyone have any ideas?!?!

Thanks in advance all!


A: Outlook 2003 Forms HELP!

No one has any idea? I still am not sure if this is even possible!! I need your minds here!



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I am making a form in outlook 2003 and what I am trying to do is when you check the check box to enable the text box but i haven't found the way to do this. And it looks like the little I know of Visual basic won't work with outlook.

Also is there a way to grab the computer name and place it in a text box?

I am placing the code in the Script Editor.


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Does anyone know how to edit the appointment form in office 2003?

Basically, im trying to change the description box into a series of titled fields rather than just a big white box.

When I go into form design mode, none of the boxes can be clicked on or edited at all, unlike the contacts form in design view. The only change in design view appears to be some new tabs at the top P.2 - P.6 and some properties.

Is there any way I can edit it and make it the default form when I click "new appointment" from the calendar?


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I have created a custom form for telephone messages in OUtlook 2003 and it contains user defined fields such as "Caller Name", "Company" etc.

The form works great... the only thing is that when the recipient receives the email message, they only see all of the details if they open the message.

Most of my colleagues use the reading pane to review messages and these fields do not display in the reading pane.

My question is.... is there any way I can make my form fields to display in the Reading Pane so the message does not actually have to be opened.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank You!

A:Outlook 2003 forms

The problem is that the form is probably being held locally on your PC. If it is loaded onto the server then it should work perfectly fine. I have seen this before when I tried to setup a phone message form for former users of Lotus Notes and Groupwise.

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I have designed outlook form i.e. post using Standard forms library. In this form updated few user defined items. Then publish this form in personal Forms library. When I sent this form to my outlook id then I can't see user defined items selected in form. I dont have permission to publish form in Organizational forms library as well I dont have permission to create folder in public. How is it possible to see the items in forms to me as well other recepient.?

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I've designed a new form in Outlook and added an ActiveX control (Date Time Picker from CCRP
to a contact page. Everything works fine except the date is not retained when I save and exit the contact. It keeps defaulting back to the current date next time I access it.

Am I missing something?

Any advice is appreciated.


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Hi guys,

Where i work, we use a lot of the custom Outlook 2003 forms and they generally run pretty well.

Lately when i try to send one (that has been filled out) to a coworker, the form will turn up blank for whoever i send it to. It seems to be not saving and sending? When the recipient opens the form, all the questions will be there but none of the boxes are selected.

I have spoken to 2 different IT guys and neither of them have any idea how to fix this. If anyone has some suggestions, let me know as we are pretty desperate to sort this!

A:An Outlook 2003 question... (specifically Forms)


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I've designed a new form in Outlook and added an ActiveX control (Date Time Picker from CCRP
to a contact page. Everything works fine except the date is not retained when I save and exit the contact. It keeps defaulting back to the current date next time I access it.

Am I missing something?

Any advice is appreciated.


A:Problem with Business Contact forms in Outlook 2003

I would contact the developer(s) of the app. Without in depth knowledge of the app (which looks pretty cool BTW) it will be hard to advise. I'm not sure what date in contacts your trying to manipulate?

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We need to build a form in Outlook 2003, which will be sent to a customer to fill out their details. The details should get sent back to our email, we also need to be able to edit these fields and resend to the customer to update at anytime.

I have gone through the process and seem familiar with making the forms.

But when it is sent, it appears blank in the inbox and sent items...

What do I have to do in order to have it working, and working on the customers ensuring there settings will allow it to work?

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I am in the beginning stages of customizing Outlook forms. I would like the same field info e.g. Business Phone to appear on both the Contact (IPM.Contact) and Journal Entry (IPM.Activity) forms.

If I add the Business Phone field to the Journal form will it automatically be populated with the info from the Contact form when I open it?

As I said I'm new at this and if my question is hard to follow please tell me and I'll retry.



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I have a form bound to one query. The form is distinct on name. There are several records for each person. When I update the form it's only updating the first record for that person. My fields are... name, ssn, dob, ph id and cost. The first 3 fields are the same for that specific person and the ph id is getting updated in the form. Cost is the only field that's different which creates many records for one person. I need the form to update all records when I enter the ph id. I've tried everything except VB coding. I think I may need to code a work around but don't know VB.


A:Please Help... Access 2003 forms

Try going to the Microsoft Office section of TSF, they might be more helpful.

Edit: I see you've posted this in the Office forum already. I realize you have a problem, but please keep the post in the appropriate section and be patient, it usually takes some time for someone to post a solution.

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Hi, I am creating a form in Word 2003 (Running over Window XP Professional). I have inserted a field called Sdate and on the next line Firstname. When I reference the field Firstname in other parts of the document, it also includes the field Sdate.
So my result looks like this:
Dear Sdate
instead of
Dear Firstname

I am having no problems with referencing other fields, only these two. I have removed the date field and put it back in and still the same result.

Hope this makes sense and hope you can help.


A:MS Word 2003 Forms

Hi lotsacats,

Are you using Bookmarks as Field References?
Maybe the Ref for Firstname also spans the previous line including Sdate:

In Tools /Options/View tick the Bookmarks box and then check if the square brackets [ ] are like this:


If so, delete the bookmark for Firstname and recreate it ensuring it only covers the Firstname line.


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I am VERY new to Access 2003, and have spent $$$ on various books. I wanted to memic the Employees Form in Northwind database espically how to display pictures on the form. I copied the Employee's table and form to my new database. I also copied all of the code that went alone with the form and table. All seem to work fine until I selected a Jpeg from my folder. When I attempt to open the Jpeg, I get the following error, "Run-time Error: '2135' This property is Read only and can't be set, MS Visual Basic." It works inside of the Northwind database, but not in my database and I have no idea why it will not work. I have enclosed a copy of the VB Code and highlited where the errror is happening. I hope that someone with a lot more smarts than me can point me in the right direction.


Option Compare Database
Option Explicit
Dim path As String

Private Sub AddPicture_Click()
' Use the Office File Open dialog to get a file name to use
' as an employee picture.
End Sub

Private Sub Form_RecordExit(Cancel As Integer)
' Hide the errormsg label to reduce flashing when navigating
' between records.
errormsg.Visible = False
End Sub

Private Sub RemovePicture_Click()
' Clear the file name for the employee record and display the
' errormsg label.
Me![ImagePath] = ""
errormsg.Visible = True
End Sub

Private Sub Form_AfterUpdate()
' Requery the ReportsTo combo box after a rec... Read more

A:Access 2003 Forms

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I'm a major beginner trying to create an access database for client management/data reporting.

I have 6 tables and all the underlying relationships set up how I think they should go.

Here's my current hang-up (and there have been/will be many!!):

I'm trying to create an main "Intake" form that is linked to 3 tables; tblclient, tblintake, tblecase. (client has a 1-M relationship with intake, intake 1-M with case).

On the form that I created, case is a subform, while intake is integrated into the main form. The issue is a staff member will have to either fill in (or tab through) every single entry that's linked to tblclient, before they can start entering data that's linked to tblintake, and the same thing for tblcase. It seems so simple, but I can't figure it out! Is there a way around this?

A:Access 2003 Forms

co11co11, welcome to the Forum and the wonderful world of Access.
I am not sure why you have the intake integrated into the main form, I would have thought that the logical form design would be a Client mainform with an Intake Sunform which has it's own Case subform.

As to your question "a staff member will have to either fill in (or tab through) every single entry that's linked to tblclient, before they can start entering data that's linked to tblintake, and the same thing for tblcase", isn't that what you want them to do. ie fill in all the data?
If you just want partial filling in of data the user can use the mouse to move to the other Forms to enter data in to them.
However something needs to be in the mainform to set up the correct link to the subform(s)

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I have a problem! I made a form field in Word and placed a second form field right after the first field. When I started to fill the first field the second just moves closer to the right side of the page. How can I keep the fields form moving. I locked the form fields but that makes no difference. Thanks for your help.

A:Making forms in Word 2003

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I need to require that certain fields in a form be populated before a user can move on to the next record in that form.

I included the following formula in the BeforeUpdate property for the form:
=IIf(IsNull([Combo40]),MsgBox("Please select a value for SAP Adjustment required"))

I've tested this formula and it works. The problem I have is when I click OK on the message box the form advances to the next record. I would like to keep the same record visible that prompted the message.

Can anyone advise how I do that? Is there something wrong with my formula or do I need to do something else?


A:Solved: Access 2003 Forms

How are you inserting the data? With a button click, or moving off the last field? If your using a button, I would use the Click event. Test each field's text box/combo box/etc to see if they contain data AND the proper type of data (IE you expect Alpha characters in a test box and someone tries to enter numbers). Once all your conditions are met, then and only then do you add the data to your table. Otherwise, move the focus back to the control that needs data.

IF your inserting data by moving off the last field, try using the before insert event Do your checking here. You might also check out the On Dirty event (either use the on-line help or do a google search).

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I have created a form with fields and drop-downs. 1. Is there a way after tabbing through the form's fields to convert back to the word processor of Word to allow the author be able to type a narrative and still have all the functions of Word? and 2. I have followed advise on this site to have a field cross-referenced to another field if the answer is the same. Within the first field I checked "calculate on exit" and on the second, insert, reference, quick reference and chose the "text#" of the first field. When you tab away from the first field (while protected) a blank box is promted asking "ok" or "cancel". I have to click one answer twice and the field does appear at the second location. Is there another way to auto-copy fields or a way to get rid of the blank box being prompted? Working with Windows XP. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

A:Word 2003 Creating Forms Questions

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I am trying to make a database I have built available for people in my office. They will be adding data to it with the forms I have created, but I have been having a hard time finding how to set up what I have on a network so that it can be accessed by many clients.

I would really appreciate any tips as to where I can find this information. Thanks in advance!


A:Access 2003: Making forms available for clients

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hi guys :

got coupld of questions regarding form creation in MS words 03.

1. i need to add a "check box" to each selection in my forms

western food []
japanese food []
chinese food []
korean food []
vegetableian []

how can i limit the user to only make a single selection only ?

2. one of field in my forms is a date field and i would like to see a small calendar to pop-up when the user click on that field ? (the effect will be similar to outlook calendar one. when user click the start date, a small calendar will pop-up)

many thanks


A:Help : Questions about creating forms in MS Words 2003


1) You can use the OnClick event of those checkboxes, so that when a user clicks a checkbox, a macro clears the other checkboxes. But this is needlessly complicated. Use optionbuttons instead. Use frames to create optionbutton groups

2) Use the Enter or DuobleClick event of the textbox to show the calendar popup. I'm not sure about the actual object or ActiveX control to use...
See the attached document for examples and code.

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Using continuous forms, I will see a series of my records, stacked one on top of the next. Is it possible to devise a way to highlight areas on ANY record related to values in the record.


Two records (R1, R2), if a date field in R1 is less than 30 days away from Now(), then show a flag (maybe image.visible=yes) only for that record.

Meantime, R2 does not need to show the flag because the rule applied does not evalute as true.

I don't think this is do-able - you guys may know otherwise?



A:Solved: Access 2003 - Use of Color in Continuous Forms

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I'm trying to get excel 2003 enter a row of data into a website form so i can submit it and repeat the the process with the next row...

I'm submitting inventory to a website but have the data in an excel spreadsheet, so I'm hoping to avoid manually entering each and every item onto each and every website. Some sites have a bulk upload feature using XML, but this is for the sites that don't...

Is this possible? By using excel's web query feature i can pull data from a site, i guess I'm trying to post it to the form...

Any takers?

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration...

A:Solved: Excel 2003 to autofill website forms?

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Hi everyone.

Just wondering if someone can give me a hand. I simple used the wizard to generate a tabular form that gets the data out of a query in Access. I simply would like to click anywhere in the form and then select that record I clicked on.

Once selected the record, how can I get that record's ID so then I can run a SQL statement to delete it.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Access 2003 Tabular Forms - Record selection

negvillamizar, welcome to the forum.
I normally get quicker responses if you post your Access questions on the Business Applications Forum.

As to your question, I am not quite sure why you need the Record's ID to run an SQL statement, having clicked on it, you can just press the delete key and it will delete the record for you.

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Hey everybody

Okay, been playing around with our Access Database here.

I was wondering if there is a way to hide certain elements on a form, when a button is clicked to view the form?

For example, I have a form called newHireForm, that is shown when you click on a button on the switchboard. Now, I also have a form called recruitingContactForm, which has a lot of the same information that newHireForm has, except it has different dates, and a few different fields.

Now, I figured I could just have one central form called newAgentsForm, for instance. Then on my switchboard have a button for seeing New Hire, and then a button on the switchboard that lets me see Recruits Contact. Is there a way to let certain fields be visible, while others are not based on what button I press on the switchboard?

I hope I was pretty clear with explaining. It's hard to put in words exactly what I want to do.


A:Solved: Access 2003 - Hiding Parts of Forms/Fields

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I was losing track of things on my website, so I thought a data base would be very helpful. I've set out to learn Access, but I'm still a beginner and I'm stuck on 3 things so far.

I have set up and related several tables including:
website pages (title, description, date written, etc.) auto number primary key
graphics (file name, size, description) file name primary key
keywords (word, stat1, stat2, stat3) word primary key

I've also set up junction tables since the website pages table has a many to many relationship with both graphics and keywords.

Question 1: How do I make a form that has multiple sub-forms?

I tried to use the wizard to make a data entry form. I wanted a form with multiple sub-forms.
If I enter the fields from 2 tables, I can easily make a form with a sub-form. If I enter fields from all 3 tables, the wizard acts completely differently and I can't figure out how to do sub-forms.

Question 2: How can I make a combo box that will cover multiple fields at once?

I fill the graphics table as I make the graphics. I wanted to use a combo box so I could choose an existing graphic OR add a new one. The combo box works fine for the file name.
The problem:
I want it to auto fill the size and description if I choose an existing file name OR allow me to enter size & description if I enter a new file name.

Question 3: How can I handle many to many relationships between records within one table?

I want to track links from each page to ... Read more

A:Solved: Access 2003 Data Entry Forms - beginner needs help please

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iam using Outlook 2003 , when iam sending or receieving mails through outlook 2003 and then iam checking on any browser (Internet Explorer etc)... i cann't find mail there... i want to keep the mails there too ...any option so that after receiving mails from outlook 2003... they will also remain over there...

A:Outlook 2003 mails vanishes from Browsers when downloading in MS Outlook 2003

On the Tools menu, click E-mail accounts.
Select View or change existing e-mail accounts, and then click Next.
Under Name, select the POP3 account you want to change, and then click Change.
Click More Settings.
Click the Advanced tab, and then under Delivery, select the Leave a copy of messages on the server check box.

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I’m working in Access 2003 building a database in which the records will all have the same basic fields, but will be a library of info covering a very wide range of topics. In order to make easier how the information is pulled out by the end user, I want to very strictly control how the info is categorized when it is initially stored in the db. I cannot allow careless input clerks to misspell any of the labels that categorize the record they are entering, or perhaps invent their own labels.
So, each record starts with several columns of categorization labels. The clerk will be presented with a series of drop-down lists and will select one option from each list in order to categorize the record. Each choice will fill in the corresponding column in the categorization section of the record. The options available in each of these drop-down lists are carefully controlled to represent the only sets of acceptable parameters to describe the information contained in the record at each level of detail. Each successive column in this part of the record, representing one of the drop-down lists, covers the next-deeper level in a hierarch of information labeling for the records. As you follow the columns left to right, you are describing the information in the record with greater and greater detail.

A simple example: The first drop-down shows the options “animal, vegetable, mineral”. You select “animal”. Upon you making that choice, the system returns to you a list of ONLY ANIMALS t... Read more

A:Access 2003 Data Input Forms for Mutually-exclusive and Hierarchically-categorized Re

blothrop, welcome to the Forum.
It is quite common. The key to successfully doing this is twofold. The first is to base each successive Combo on the selection made in the previous one, the second is to requery each combo once the previous combo has made it's selection.
If you Advance search this forum for poster OBP and Combo in the text you should find various databases that I have posted that do just that.

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Hi folks,

I need help with creating a form on Outlook.

What I need to do is creat a form that gives you a choice of sending a mail to a choice of two destinations with a copy always to the sender.
And I need it to have a number of fields that you are prompted to complete. Probably about 12 fields.

Can anybody tell me how to produce something like this or can anybody point me to a good user guide?



A:Help with forms on Outlook

Are you running an Exchange Server as well to publish these forms to?

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I am trying to add a contact in outlook 2003 winxp sp2 with only the name and address. each time i try and do so i get a message stating the form required to view this message cannot be displayed. Contact your Administrator. I dont have any custom forms so why would i be getting this message. No one else gets this message.

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I am currently trying to set up an outlook form consisting of various combo boxes and text fields which users can eventually access via our intranet, complete the relevant information and submit their results. I have never actually designed an outlook form and was wondering if anyone could direct me to a good tutorial so I can read up on the basic design tips etc just to get me started. In truth I didn't think it would be that difficult as I am very familar with Access and the tools etc are pretty much the same however on playing about with this the controls that I have designed on the form are not showing up when the message is actually sent and I've no idea why.

Any help anyone could offer me or lead me to to read up on this would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

A:Outlook forms

hales: Why an Outlook form?

Why not an Access form so the user's data is put right into a DB?

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A long time ago, I found an outlook form called 'While you were out'. It looked like one of those phone message pads we all have on our desk. Our administrative office would like to use something like this, but for the life of me, I can't remember where I downloaded it from. I've already looked on Microsoft Office site but couldn't find it. Does anyone use this type of form and could you tell me where you got it. Thanks.

A:Outlook Forms

Outlook 97/98 Template: While You Were Out Form

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I have created a custom form in Word mail 2003 when i go to publish it, i dont get a option, now i have a locked fields in it, i have found nothing on the enternet about this issue, any one have any ideals.

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I'd like to change the "Contact" form in Outlook. In developing a new contact, the following fields are by default within the form (in their order too):

Business Fax

I'd like to change the above two lines to the following:

Company Main Phone

Since the company main phone and business fax usually doesn't change when creating a new contact from the same company, I'd like this to repeat when selecting "Create New Contact from Same Company".

Currently (MS Outlook's default) has the recurring fields, when creating new contacts from the same company, as follows:

Company Name
Business (phone)
Business Fax
Web Page

I'd like this to instead be:

Company Name
Company Main Phone
Business Fax
Web Page

The above solution should be simple, I hope. Conceptually, it sounds simple, but who knows.

It is unusual for Microsoft to have the Business number replicated, when it should be the Company Main Phone. Also, the Home field really isn't used alot by most Outlook users I assume, as Outlook is usually used by businesses where as Outlook Express (w/o the Contacts) is usually used by the home user.

Well, someone else get on the soapbox here and help me out. Please. Thanks!

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I have created an Outlook form. I have a section with different types of maintenance such as emergency and scheduled in checkboxes. I have a division head approval text box at the bottom of my form. Depending on if the emergency box is checked, I want the division head text box to show. If the emergency box is not checked, then I don't want the division text box to show. Can someone please help me? Please

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I have a client who just upgraded all his computers to Outlook 2003 (from 2000) (Exchange from 5.5 to 2003). He has a couple of custom contact forms for data in public folders.

I can make those forms work, but that have the old look. When I try to design a form based on the new look, I hit a dead end. The old layout appears for modification, not the new one. I tried this on several installations of Outlook 2003, including that was virgin, never set up.

I am looking for someone or some site that explains how to modify the new contact forms.

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I am in the process of creating some outlook form templates with fields and drop down menus. The forms look great but we need a way to export the text in the form fields to notepad so that the text from the form can be pasted into a document. CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+V does not work on the form and we have no way of copying the text from the form unless we copy each form field separately. Any suggestions?

A:Outlook forms question....HELP!

Outlook form templateS? What language is that in?

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Does anyone know how to create forms in Outlook 2007? I used them in my previous job but I haven't had the chance to create one.

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I am in the process of creating some outlook form templates with fields and drop down menus. The forms look great but we need a way to export the text in the form fields to notepad so that the text from the form can be pasted into a document. CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+V does not work on the form and we have no way of copying the text from the form unless we copy each form field separately. Any suggestions?

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I designed and published a Contacts Form and want to make it the default Form for a specific directory (folder). It works when I click new. But, when I import a list of contacts from an Excel file, they end up in the standard Contacts Form. Please help. Thanks

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I hope someone can help with this as it's driving me mad. I want to design some Outlook message forms that I can use on a website, so that when the user clicks on a link the form comes up in an email. I have designed some forms and when I run them they look OK, but none of the data typed into the fields appears in the recipient's message. There is just a blank email.
Thanks in advance.

A:Outlook message forms

I found the answer to this one. I was putting the form on the message page instead of on page 2. Easy if you know how but not immediately obvious, and I couldn't find it in the help pages.

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Does anybody knows how to modify forms in Outlook 2007? I just installed it in my computer and I feel the need to move the fields in the contacts section. thanks

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Using Outlook 2000, I would like to edit the form used currently for about 2500 records. Is this possible... I know how to design a form and publish a form...but I want to change the existing form for all exisiting contacts records.

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How can i transfer Outlook forms from one machine to another?


A:Transferring forms from Outlook 2000

Find the file (*.oft I'm pretty sure) and have the other user open it, then File-Save as, and save it to their own forms folder. That's the easiest.

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Contains the Outlook 2000 Forms Administrator (Formswap.exe) and a Readme file.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP

Office 2000 with Outlook 2000; compatible operating system.



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Hello all,

I created a custom form in outlook 2007 the form works when send it to other in the office, however, for the people who use the BES Black Berry service see theemail come to their phone, however the email is blank. None of the custom for shows in the email.

Any help?


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Does anyone know if there is a way to change the type of form I created. I created a Note and I would like to change to a format that I can use in public folders such as a Task or Journal. This form is pretty extensive and I would hate to have to redo everything.

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Hi all
I have created a custom form in Outlook for collecting requests for service. I used a message template and have inserted Option Buttons and Combo boxes to make it easier to use. I have created a short cut to the form on the Outlook toolbar and it works well.
I have been asked if I can make it smarter in that depending on which option button is selected, the form gets routed to different recipients. I am fairly confident this is possible but I have been unable to find out how to do it.
Also, I want a field to populate dependent on a selection from a Combo box, how do i go about this.
Any help will be appreciated

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I want to create one Attendance Form wherein employee will fill the same and send.

Also, If we can solve this in Word Form or Outlook Form or Access Form. Post the same with the help of Macro we would consolidate the leave.

Form Example :

Employee Name :
Employee ID :
Direct Manager Name :
Direct Manager ID :
Business :
Function :
Type of Leave : Sick Leave, Casual Leave, Maternity Leave, Sabbatical Leave, Long Leave.
From / Start Date : Employee would be able to select Calendar
To / End Date : Employee would be able to select Calendar
Remarks :
Would appreciate your prompt action / views on the same.
Rahul Gandhi

A:Help Required in Forms : Outlook / Word / Access

I think you need to be more precise about how this "Form" is supposed to work.

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Is there any way that a person can create a custom form in Outlook and have that same form sent through email?
I have been trying to find information on this topic for several weeks and the only thing I could come up with was a XPrint utility.

If anyone really knows Outlook extensively, I would appreciate any step-by-step tutorial!!!!

Thank you!

A:Help with Outlook 2002 creating custom forms!

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Hi All,
i have created a custom outlook 2000 form and successfully integrated an excel spreadsheet into it. the only problem is that whenever anyone enter info into the spreadsheet portion, it dos not save. i have tried following the instruction on, but i still cannot get it working.

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I have created a customized outlook form with a text box in it. Whenever I, or another individual, create a form it is not visible to the people that we send it to. But, the form is visible to he and I. The people we send forms to only get the standard email message with no user defined items. I have put a check in the box to make the form a one-off, but it is still not visible on the reipeients computer. The same users that are unable to see my forms are able to create forms and send them to each other, and myself, as a one-off and they are fully visible. Also, some of the older forms that were created using outlook 2000 were intially only showing up as the default email message format until one random older form was opened. After that form was opened, all the older forms were able to be displayed properly but that started the problem with the newly created one's showing up as the default message format. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling outlook but that did not solve the problem. Publishing the form to the exchange server is not an option. We have to send the form's as a one-off. ALL of the computers are configured with the same versions of Windows XP SP2 and Office 2003 SP2.
NOTE: I also noted that when I try to create the form on my Windows 2000/Office 2000 SR-1 computer I get the same results.
Any clues what I can do to get the one-off forms to display properly?

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Can't sync iPas/iPod with Outlook

I have an iPad 2 and Outlook 2003. Outlook won't sync with my iPad..

However, they will sync on another computer. Then I can clear the iPad calendar and then sync to main computer but the old calendar info syncs.

Outlook/ my computer seem to be holding on to the old calendar info in some kind of cache.

Any ideas?

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Using Outlook 2003, Part of MS Office Professional Edition 2003, which has the capability of having multiple, separate & complete email addresses, each functioning in their own profile.

E.g. I open Outlook and it gives me a drop-down box to choose which email I want to go to, say email1 or email2.

Email1 has 2 "Contacts" areas defined.
1st problem is how to combine and synch these two. I don't want two.

Email2 as 1 "Contacts" area.
2nd problem is to combine the contacts from Email1 with Email2.

I thought these were *.pab files, but a search for *.pab comes up empty.
I do find multiple *.pst files

Any suggestions?


A:Help with Contacts Merge in Outlook 2003,Part of MS Office Professional Edition 2003

Oh, and I need tips on how to make SURE I've got the existing stuff backed up before I mess with anything. This isn't my computer I'm working on, and there are 4000 contacts involved.

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Dear All,

Im new to this so be basic with me!

I currently have a problem at work, where a user sends an email it gets stuck in the outbox folder until you click on another folder within outlook - I have the same problem with receving emails, you dont know you have a new email until you click on another folder, then suddenly you recieve a new email.

This is happening with four of our Windows XP machines, we have 6 Windows XP machines in the office approx, and 60 Windows 2000 machines, running from Microsoft Exchange Server 2003... We use the SMTP type for our emails..

I have been looking on the internet for months but not found anything, I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction

A:Emails stuck in Outbox - MS Outlook 2003. Windows Exchange Sever 2003

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I am having the exact same problem and can't figure it out. My email used to work fine, so I am not sure what changed.

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I have a few computers running Winxp sp2 @ my company. I got most of the PC connected to the Exchange server 2003 via VPN (Exchange offsite).

I have one stubborn machine that is having trouble finding the exchange\host name. During the setup it will prompt me servername: "server" (checked cache mode). The second is the firstname.lastname, and when I click find, it could not locate the server or/global list.

Why can't it find the server or global address list? I was able to connect via VPN.

Thanks in advance.

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I have a laser jet printer HP 2015. If i print email recd. with excel embedded cells in Landscape mode from a XP OS / Outlook 2003 / Excel 2003, the contents are fully printed.

But if i print the same email in landscape mode from Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Outlook 2003 / Excel 2003, the contents are not printed in full, i.e the last 3 to 4 columns of excel embedded cells are not printed.

Pl. help.


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I installed Exchange Server 2003 for one of my clients and they're really happy with it. the only problem I'm having is sharing calendars between some people. the CEO's assistant wishes to create a company-wide calendar on her Outlook and share it with the rest of the company, without having to share her personal "default" calendar.

I created a new calendar folder under her mailbox and named it "Company Calendar". I right-clicked on it and shared it, giving everyone Editor or Reviewer rights depending on the person. the problem comes when I go to open a shared calendar in someone else's Outlook. if I look up the assistant's name, it will give a message saying it can't find the "Calendar" folder..but that folder isn't shared because that's her personal calendar.

can anyone help me share a different calendar other than her default "Calendar"?
Thank you

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i have the hardest time trying to get the formatting in otlook 2003 right; basically, i need to send a press release so i draft a cover letter ; after that, i paste the press release (in word 2003) into outlook; it looks fine before sending but when i send it to myself (both in oe and outlook), the received mail's format doesnt look quite the same as what was sent

ie. some paragraphs are underlined and i cant seem to get rid of it; i tried the reveal code to figure out where the underline came from but no luck so far

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I am having issues with Word and Outlook 2003. I just upgraded them from 2000 and now I am running into a couple of issues. Help!

Microsoft Word 2003
- Can't highlight or select an area on my Word page with my mouse. I can use my keyboard, but that becomes quite annoying as you can imagine.

Microsoft Outlook 2003
- Can't highlight or select an area on my page with my mouse. I can use my keyboard, but that becomes quite annoying as you can imagine.
- Can't open Word document attachments only. I can open excel, pdf, etc..., but not Word.

I have restarted my pc, reinstalled office 2003, erased the profile, removed the 11.0\Word\Data registry and no luck. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Can't highlight in Word 2003 and Outlook 2003. Can't open Word 2003 attachments.

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I have several Word 2007 documents containing forms controls that I need to make compatible with Word 2003. When I save the 2007 doc as 2003, the controls become static content. I tried replacing them with legacy controls but can't get them to work. When I insert a drop-down list box, only the first entry in the list displays and there is no drop-down arrow allowing selection of other items in the list. Can you help?

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I just started using Word 2007 and am having some difficulty adjusting to the changes. Unfortunately this is the software I am stuck with and no upgrade to 2010 is possible.

Specifically, I have created a lot of forms in Word 2003 by using text boxes to be filled by the user. I've also used links and references so that the user doesn't have to re-type some of the duplicated information throughout the form.

After creating these forms, I protected the documents and other people within my organization use them as templates. These forms need to be uniform throughout the department.

Several problems. I'm having a hard time familiarizing myself with Forms in Word 2007. Another issue, is that I can't get the Forms Spell Check to work like it did in Word 2003. I want my users to be able to check the protected portion of the document. They also need to be able to unprotect the document if they have to make some changes in the form.

It would be very helpful if there was a Word 2007 guide that explains the differences from word 2003 and offers an interactive training.

I'm desperate. Can you help me?

A:Word 2003 Forms being used in Word 2007; And Creating New

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Hi all,

Has anybody come across this error "Calendaring agent failed with error code 0x80150856 while saving appointment.". This appears in application log files in exchange server 2003. Does anybody know how to fix this issue?


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For the past two weeks I have noticed that hyperlinks placed in email I am sending are being stripped by Outlook. I use Word 2003 as the email editor. I can write an email, insert (or have automatically convered) emails but if I either send or save those emails, the hyperlinks are removed. The problem does not occur if I use Outlook's email editor.

I have made no setting changes on my system, except moving from XPSP2 beta to XPSP2 Final.

A:Word 2003 hyperlinks stripped in Outlook 2003

Security by MS turned on by default in the final version.

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I am looking for help in writing a macro that will do the following.

With Excel 2003 open and the current workbook open. The macro should be able to save 3 variables from the current spreadsheet (some text, a value and a date ) The macro should open up Outlook 2003 as a task, attach the current workbook. In the Subject field of the task it should add the user's name, then the attached spreadsheet's filename then the text variable, then the value variable and finally the date.

Also it would be great if the Priority of the task could be set to High and the Start and Due dates set to 3 calendar days before the date variable.

Finally the macro would set a list of people the task is assigned to. The macro should NOT save the task as a check would need to be done manually.

I have tried unsuccessfully to write a macro in Outlook as I cannot seem to access the attachment filename or any data from the file. I have tried a macro in Excel which I can create a task and add some text to the Subject of the task but with no real progress on the attachment.

I have tried searching the net for help but a lot of code for Outlook is for the mail side of things rather than tasks and the little code snippets I have found have been of limited use. I have limited skills in programming Visual Basic and C so quite prepared to get my use code which does similar things

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This appears to be a common problem, with many solutions, though I have yet to find one that works for me. When using Outlook 2003 with Word 2003 set to be the email editor, Word opens and works fine to CREATE a new email. However, when trying to REPLY TO or FORWARD an email, I get the error message "Microsoft Word is set to be your email editor. However, Word is unavailable, not installed, or is not the same version as Outlook. The outlook email editor will be used instead...," and when I click OK to that message the native Outlook email editor opens. Word 2003 worked fine with Outlook 2003 replying to or forwarding emails till this morning, but the behavior described above now applies. The OS, by the way, is Windows 10. I have tried to both "repair" and "reinstall" the 2003 Office 2003 suite, both to no avail. Would appreciate a much needed solution to this puzzle.

A:Outlook 2003 Can't Use Word 2003 As Email Editor

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I originally posted this question on November 3, 2010 in the Email section and in spite of many views, there were no replies. That is when I thought I might be going about asking the question the wrong way.

Windows XP - SP3 Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook 2003

I use Word as my email editor for Outlook. I had had a problem or two awhile back and I used the Detect and Repair Function that comes with Outlook 2003. Problems cleared up HOWEVER I got a new and IMHO worse problem: my emails that are advertisements like Newegg, TigerDirect, Overstock, etc. are fine but anything else that is actually text that is sent to me comes in very, very small and I can not find a way to change it. I have looked everywhere in Outlook; Microsoft online, and Google. Sample attached.

I can't find it and it is driving me crazy. If anyone could help, I'd sincerely appreciate it!

Thank you for your time.

A:Word 2003 used as email editor for Outlook 2003

Hi and welcome to TSG.

From the main Outlook Mail screen, try ...

Tools ->
Options ->
Mail Format Tab ->
"Fonts ..." button in Stationery and Fonts section ->
"Choose Font ..." button under "When composing and reading plain text"

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This issue has been driving me crazy for weeks now.

OS is XP Pro, SP2.

I work for a large ISP here in Atlanta. We get e-mails from vendors, peers, customers, internal departments, etc., all the time. I have to keep them in separate personal folders so I can easily sort them, and because we have very limited mailbox space on the Exchange server.

I easily get 1000 e-mails a day.

I currently have 28 rules setup. The first 3 are server side rules, deleting a lot of crap that I just don't need. Those 3 server side rules run just fine automatically.

The other 25 rules are client side (because they are the ones moving e-mails to personal folders).

The first two work fine automatically. They are:

Apply this rule after the message arrives; with XXX in the subject; move it to the XXX folder; and stop processing more rules.


Apply this rule after the message arrives; with XXX in the recipient's address; move it to the XXX folder; and stop processing more rules.

("XXX" being work related terms / addresses)...however, *none* of the rest of the rules will run automatically. If I run them manually, they work just fine. The next rule after the two above is:

Apply this rule after the message arrives; with 'Read:' or 'read:' in the subject; move it to the [B][U]Read Receipts[/U][/B] folder; and stop processing more rules.

...and so on and so forth. Every rule has the "and stop processing more rules." on the end.

Now, I can... Read more

A:Outlook 2003 / Exchange 2003 / Rules Not Running

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I am at a users desk as we speak. Using Outlook 2003.

When I sent an email to myself or anyone in the GAL for that matter, the email remains in the outbox for 30 secs plus. If I click another folder the email sends immediately. If do not click on a folder it can take up to the before mentioned 30 secs plus.

I have checked DNS/WINS, and all are correct.

Any ideas?

A:Exchange 2003 Outlook 2003, Messages stuck

Having same problem

Have you got any feedback as of yet?

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I have automatic Windows Update on each day but it will not update for OutLook 2003 and Office 2003 including Security Updates. Help?

Jerry Ryan
Gulf Breeze, Florida

A:Failing to Update for Office 2003 & OutLook 2003

Jerry: Go to Start>Windows Update. At the site you will see Update to Microsoft Update. if you have not already done this, do it now.
If you update to Microsoft Update, then both your Office product updates and other updates will be listed when you click Custom updates.
It's a good idea to do this periodicaly, even if you have Automatic Updates checked, because there may be hardware drivers on your system that need updated. Automatic updates will give you both Office and Critical updates for your computer, but not Hardware updated.s.

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Please let me know what you're using to encrypt or protect your emails:

1. do you encrypt all emails or on individual basis
2. cost and setup time - any anual fees
Were using Outlook 2003 on a Exchange server.

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Hi there,
I want to push specific data from a selected contact in Outlook 2003 to a predefined Excel 2003 spreadsheet. The scenario is that I want a naive user to enter data into a new contact in outlook be able to push a button and insert that data into a quotation that exists as a excel file. The data that I am interested in moving includes.

First name
Last Name
Address Fields
Telephone Number

I have already created the spreadsheet based Quotation form in a file called Quote.xls. I have not named the individual cells at present just having the Name in Cell B1 The company in B2 and the address fields in B3 to B7.

I have done some macro and VBA programming in Excel, but have little or no experience in using Outlook macros.

Any help/suggestions/solutions gratefully received.



A:Pushing Data From Outlook 2003 to Excel 2003

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Hi folks!
Weird issue here. WHen I have an Excel spreadsheet open at the same time as Outlook, I try to copy and paste a portion of the spreadsheet to a new Outlook message. But as soon as I click on "New Mail Message"....Outlook stays open, but Excel closes immediately and what I copied to the clipboard isn't there any more.
I tried this on a second computer and it seems to work fine.
Any ideas on why this is happening on this one computer?

You people provide a wealth of information!!!

A:Outlook 2003 / Excel 2003 issue

Have you tried to perform a Detect and Repair to see if that resolves the issue?

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I am trying to setup email in Outlook 2003. I imported all settings from Express into Outlook and and then click on "Test Account Settings", everything seems to work fine.

However, emails are still being delivered into Express and when I try to send an email from Outlook I get the following message.

"The operation failed. An object could not be found."

Any ideas on what I am missing?

Thank you

A:Outlook Express 2003 to Outlook 2003

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Hi All

I am beginning to think this is impossible but........I have spent the last 10 days or so getting really fed up with W8. My lovely old XP is dying so I thought I would upgrade (big mistake). However I have managed to get around all the problems it has thrown at me. I was just tidying up the homescreen when I espied an Outlook icon. I installed Office 2003 on the W8 PC (I really only need Excel, Word and Powerpoint and that version is good enough). The only problem I have now with W8 is that it will not work with a POP email account (I know, I know) but there is a work around that I managed to do using a GMail account, and that is okay I guess.

However as Excel etc seem to work fine, I wondered whether I could run Outlook on the new PC even though it is running W8? I got quite far, I set up the account okay but when I tried to import my old emails it told me it could not open the folder. I am wondering if this is because it searches for a file location that does not exist (at least that is what I found in the guts of Outlook) but equally I could have made a schoolboy error and it will work it is just I am doing something wrong.

Would be grateful for any help, but don't point me to the MS solution because I have tried that and it does not work. Perhaps it is not compatible but it seems odd that Excel and Word etc work okay.


Rob S

A:Outlook Express 2003 (XP) to Outlook 2003 (W8)? - Help!

Hi there
try this - it DOES work so I'm not sure why you are having problems - but follow the instructions EXACTLY.

Outlook Express to Outlook 2007/Windows 7 - Microsoft Community

If you have any problems post again - I've got OE on a Windows 2003 server Virtual machine with Office installed so I'll have a test with 2 or 3 emails to check the procedure.

(You can backup your Outlook 2003/2010/2007) files with pfbkup.exe outlook backup program from the ms site so save your existing outlook files , delete etc and then do exactly what the ms post says --you can then re-import your original outlook files again by opening the backup file created).


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I need to convince Nuance and Adobe to play nice together. I have Nuance PDF Converter Professional 7, and a form I originally created in MS Publisher and made a PDF from. I used Nuance Converter to make a fillable form from that PDF, which works really well in Nuance PDF Reader, and allows the user to type in the form and Save or Save As.
However, when the same form is opened in Acrobat Reader 7.0, I get an error message that says "You cannot save data typed into this form". I could work around this if I thought every computer in my target department could print to PDF, and if I thought the employees in said department could manage that. I have my doubts on both scores, so I need Nuance and Adobe to play right. Any tips on this?

A:Nuance PDF Forms to Adobe PDF Forms

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I just put in a new hard drive and installed the latest version of Office 2007. I kept the data and archive files from Outlook 2003 so I could import them into Outlook 2007 and get back to business. However, that did not happen. It was able to read and bring up most of the data, but I am missing some folders which are critical.

The critical folders are folders that were created manually. They were used to store email messages that came in that were important. They were simply dragged from the Inbox and put into that folder. There were also folders within that folder. I'm not sure if these folders and subfolders were in the Inbox or not. They may not have been.

The way I imported it was by going to TOOLS>ACCOUNT SETTINGS>DATA FILES tab>and pointed to the old PST file.

I also pointed to the archive.pst file as well, but later went to FILE>ARCHIVE and pointed to the old archive.pst file in there. Bot ways did not reveal the folders that are needed.

Is Outlook 2007 not able to read all data from Outlook 2003 pst files, or is there a fix for this?

Please advise.

A:Move from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 not successful; not reading certain folders

I purchased a new Notebook with Office 2007 installed and copied over my Outlook 2000 pst file. I also had manually created folders for filing important emails. Mine were sub folders within the Inbox folder. Everything copied over, but I could not see the manual folders at first until I double clicked the Inbox folder in the side panel and then they spilled out. I would look for them in that panel and double click anything there starting with Inbox, Sent etc. Also try doing a search for any subject or address of an email you may have saved.

When copying over the pst file I think everything is copied. Appears you did not just copy contacts for example, but the complete pst file. I think the folders are there as Sub Folders, just hidden within one of the main folders such as Inbox.

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I have some users on Outlook 2003.
Here is the situation: When he opens outlook it automatically opens with the Outlook Today window. That is fine. But after he moves around and goes to the Inbox and then clicks on the Tasks. When he clicks on mail again he wants to go back to the Outlook today window.
He says he has done this on his home Outlook but can't remember how he did it.
Is there a way to do this.
I have played around but could not find a setting.
Any help would be great.

A:Outlook 2003 - Always move back to Outlook Today (Personal Folder)

All I do is click on the very top "Personal Folders" and it takes me back to Outlook Today.

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I can't open Outlook 2003 to get my email and the error message I get says: "errors have been detected in the C:\Users\Sparky\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst." THe error message goes on to say to use the "Inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe)
to diagnose and repair errors in the file." 
I cannot find my outlook.pst nor the scanpst.exe files. 
Got online and tried 4 different suggestions and none worked. Would anyone please have suggestions? I want to upgrade my OS & Office, but don't know if my files will be retained or not. Thank you to anyone who can help. 

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We've purchased a new laptop and are using Office 07 now, Windows XP, instead of the old office 03. Regarding Outlook, when I tried to save the old .pst file(Outlook 03) and then import old emails and contacts, the emails imported very easily into Outlook 07. However, none of the contacts were imported. Is there a simple way to export or save Outlook 2003 contacts to a file that can then be imported into Outlook 2007 on a separate computer??



A:Trouble transferring Outlook 2003 contacts to Outlook 2007

Export the old contact as a .CSV file and then re-import into the new installation.


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I have an external software that creates and distributes an email to users with a link to view a report. The external software creates the email with Outlook 2007. Recipients that are using Outlook 2003 do not see the link, just the plain text. The workaround is to highlight and paste into the browser.

The software company says that it is a Microsoft issue.

I see lots of posts about creating HTML in 2003, but nothing about reading...


A:Links created in Outlook 2007 not a link in Outlook 2003

Some mail servers do not accept HTML formatted messages and only allow plain text? Are these recipients on en Exchange server or just some random POP accounts?

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Ive got an Outlook 2003 using Boss and a Outlook 2002 using Assistant who are having issues with sharing their calendar. The assistant is inputting appointment data into her bosses Outlook 2003 Calendar.

The issue is : The 2002 user puts in a whole day appointment on a given day (say 10/10/2004). When she opens her bosses 2003 calendar, the same appointment is still a whole day, but it stretches across 2 days (in this case 10/10/2004 and 11/10/2004). Both users use common Regional Settings (Australia).

Outlook 2002 user is at Office XP SP3.
Outlook 2003 user is at Office 2003 Pro SP1
Exchange Server 2000 (sp unknown)

Anyone have any ideas for me?

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I'm using Outlook 2003 SP2 in a standalone configuration with Win XP Professional SP2.

When I click on the Inbox item on the Outlook Today screen (not referring here to the file list at the left of the screen) I get the following message:

"Unable to display the folder. Microsoft Office Outlook could not access the specified folder location."

I backed up my .pst (and archive) files, uninstalled Outlook, re-started Windows, and re-installed Outlook. The problem persisted.

I can click on Inbox in the file list on the left of the Outlook screen - works fine. The problem is more of an annoyance than a major problem, but I'm uneasy that something's not working proprerly - Outlook's too important to me for odd, unexplained things to be happening!

A:Outlook 2003: Outlook Today unable to display the folder.

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Folks I have read the MS tech notes on how to get Outlook 2003 [I have it via Office 2003 Professional, full install] to import from OE6. It fails under either option: import from "another program" or "Import Internet Mail....". Under the former it is pointed to the correct folder, but fails with Error: Cannot open,.. another program in use" but there's not... I tried copying the folder to a nice clean location on the C: and checked all the properties, nothing interfering, still won't open the folder.
Under the latter option it just doesn't do anything after directing it to the correct folder. Seems to accept the command, closes the window, but does not import anything. No error messages.

Umm.... do MS teams communicate with one another??

Closely related: If I could just get the FOLDERS I had setup it would be a great asset, or if i could just get the ADDRESS book it would help. Do you know how to import *.dbx folders into Outlook 2003? Or the old outlook Express address Book?



A:Outlook 2003 Will Not Import Outlook Express folders, mail, anything

They are written in two different formats that are uncompatible. The Oulook Express has a file sytem totally unique to it.

I had the same problem about 6 weeks ago going from XP to Win7.
I had to transfer address book to notepad and put it into Outlook one at a time. The old mail sits in the old PC.
I have heard you can transfer the OE mail files over to Windows mail or gmail etc. Then transfer files from the new mail server to Outlook.
File system is changed over with the mail transfer- I haven't tried it though.

I did a Google and found this. I didn't find this page six weeks ago.

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I just launched my email and I've lost everything. It looks like a whole new program has launched (Outlook Express 6), whereas I used to have Outlook 2003. The only thing I can think of is I needed to find my email password to set up email on my mobile, so I went to Start/Programs, but all I could find was Outlook Express 6. Perhaps an automatic update has taken place. Anyway, I went to Tools/Accounts/double clicked on my username/Servers, but the password was blanked out. I therefore killed the program, but when I hit the email button on my keyboard to launch Outlook 2003, Outlook Express 6 launched, which has no emails at all.

The only thing I can think that has changed since yesterday is my Norton 360 Antivirus software expired today and I intend buying an update tomorrow. Perhaps there's a connection? What do you think happened, are my old emails stored somewhere, and how can I restore Outlook 2003?


A:Solved: Outlook 2003 Suddenly Replaced by Outlook Express 6

When you launched Outlook express do you remember that box that came up and said something along the lines of:

"outlook express is currently not your default mail application, do you want it to be?"
and you clicked yes without reading it properly...?

Well it has done exactly that. You have two email apps on your computer, one of them has to be default. when you did that you changed it to outlook express. Luckily for you it is easy to fix.

All you need to do is go into the Start menu and find Outlook 2003 and run it. It will prob be under All programs > Microsoft Office> Outlook. Run it and then you will get the same prompt as you did for outlook express about making it the default app, choose yes to this. This will now make Outlook 2003 your default email app again and fix your problem.
Let us know if this works.

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whatever i try to do on my outlook that has to do with .PST file management results in a crash where outlook quits - below the event log on one circumstance.

if i go to control panel > mail settings > data files 2 of the files that are in use (& work) do not show up, one of them the default mail delivery .PST. in these two, trying to access the advanced properties gives an error:

The operation failed. An object could not be found.

now - general googling tells me that recreating the profile could perhaps fix this - but i would love to avoid that as there's no manageable UI to set up the email accounts and there's many in use.

any suggestions? any way of backing up email accounts but not the other things pertaining to the profile?

event log on trying to open a pre-existing .PST that's not in the current profile:

Faulting application name: OUTLOOK.EXE, version: 11.0.8169.0, time stamp: 0x465f28e3
Faulting module name: msmapi32.dll, version: 11.0.8164.0, time stamp: 0x4627afa6
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x000ffccf
Faulting process id: 0x30c
Faulting application start time: 0x01ccc51f6b43b93b
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\OUTLOOK.EXE
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033\msmapi32.dll
Report Id: b49bb612-3112-11e1-949b-00e04c09fab2

A:outlook 2003 - any .PST file operation crashes outlook (win7-64)

Hello zdoe,

Just a hasty fly by...

* Have you always had this problem on Win 7?

* Have you a System Restore point you can return to PRIOR to the current problem?

* Have you tried the Outlook Repair Facility?

* Have you uninstalled /reinstalled?

A mixed bag of links for you to peruse.

pst file Corrupted - Repair

Outlook PST File Repair - Troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook

Repair Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost) - Outlook -

How can I search for my .OST file (Outlook2003, Win7)

mapi32.dll Error installing Outlook 2003 on win 7, 64bit - Microsoft Answers

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I had a Windows XP corruption to my system folder wherein I had to reinstall my operating system and "wipe out" my harddrive.

I have my entire "old" harddrive with all settings, files, etc. on it, and now my computer is up and running with Windows Vista Business.

I have successfully added my old PST file to the new OS and it works, however how can I get my Outlook 2003 rules, email accounts, etc? I'm not able to "export" as I cannot run the old Outlook program?...

Are these files located somewhere that I can manually add them (replace, whatever) to the new Vista OS/hard drive?

Thanks in advance...

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Most of my users are on Outlook 2003, but some are on Outlook 2007. When a 2007 user uses the scheduling assistant to try and set a meeting, the message appears No Information. No free/busy information could be retrieved.

Note: a 2003 user can see the other 2003 user's schedule.

Is this something that needs to be set at the Exchange level? How do I resolve?

All users are on Windows XP SP2

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I had Outlook 2003 autocomplete on this Windows Xp pc for years and grew dependent on it. It was there for me every day regardless of how often I opened and closed Outlook.

My hard drive crashed and Outlook 2003 was re-installed. Ever since then, every time I close Outlook, it "loses" all my autocomplete names. I checked my Outlooks settings, it's set on--I knew it was because I get them for the current session of Outlook only.

I went to the Microsoft site and it suggested that I had a corrupt *.nk2 file. Following a link on this site, I did find my .nk2 file and renamed it (as instructed on the Microsoft site), but still no luck.

What else can I do to keep all my autocomplete names from day to day?

I'm desperate and stumped!! Thanks.

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I have been using the beta version of Office 2007 til it expired last month and during that time exported a back up of Outlook (contacts, calendar etc) to My Docs.
Not all that fussed with the '07 Office suite, I uninstalled it and then reinstalled Office 2002 but when I try to import the pst file to this earlier version of Outlook, it tellss me that it is not compatible and to contact the Administrator (me!).

If I cannot work around this somehow I intend laying on the railway tracks quite shortly as life without my files will no longer have any meaning to me!

I guess as a last resort I can download the latest trial of 2007 Office and see if that will let me re-import the backed up pst file but what a drama!

A:Cannot import Outlook Beta 2007 pst files to Outlook 2003

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It is a small but annoying problem. I upgrade my Office 2000 program suite to Office 2003 professional. I selected the upgrade option on the installation CD. I first selected to upgrade the regular Office software (Words, Excel, Outlook, Access,etc). After this first installation, I noticed that I had 2 Outlook icons in my start programs: the Outlook 2000 icon and the Outlook 2003 icon. I then installed Frontpage 2003 and the Outlook 2000 Icon was replaced by an anonymous .exe program icon. When I clicked on this icon, I got a message saying that this icon only works with an installed application. So I thought it was only a residual icon and I deleted it. Where is the bug?
Well, next to my user logon on Window XP, I get a message that I have 1 unread e-mail. When I open Outlook 2003, there are no unread e-mails. I tried to import e-mails from other applications and I got an e-mail that had been received on Outlook 2000 (A welcome to Outlook 2000 Version 6 message). The problem is that this message keeps reappearing from time to time and I always get this message saying that I have 1 unread e-mail which I cannot see on Outlook 2003. I know I still have some Outlook 2000 files on my C drive but I cannot delete them because the system then tells me that the files cannot be deleted because they are used by an application.

1-How can I remove completely the Outlook 2000 Version 6 from my system (It is not listed in the Control Panel add/remove program list)?
2-If ... Read more

A:Residual Outlook 2000 files after upgrade to Outlook 2003

not a complete answer for you, but to get rid of that annoying "Unread message" at the logon screen see this to turn out via the registry:

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i run outlook 2003 on windows xp. Send and receive does not start immediately when I open outlook, as it used to do. How can I fix this???? it is very annoying.

thanks in advance,

A:Outlook 2003 send and receive does not start up when outlook is opened

Usually, it would not do so immediately, but rather on a schedule per your settings.
To get email upon startup, just click send/recv to get the first downloads for the day.

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We are using Exchange Server
Some staff in our executive branch have brand new laptops (lucky guys) with Office 2007[Of07]. They are creating calendars which need to be shared with other employees, most of which are running only Outlook 2003 [OL03].

Calendar(s) are made, and invites sent for specific calendars to specific groups of users.
IE: Regional Sales Mgr. creates several supplemental "events" calenders he wants to share with his different teams.
---Default, Corporate, Dist1, Dist2, Dist3, Region
---DistGrp1, DistGrp2, DistGrp3
---Dist1 calender --> DistGrp1
---Dist2 calendar --> DistGrp2
---Dist3 calendar --> DistGrp3
---Region --> DistGrp1, DistGrp2, DistGrp3

All OL03 users get an email with a link to Microsoft explaining how to open shared calendars. Off07 users get the icon to click and open specified calendar.

OL03 user then follows MS instructions, and pulls up the Off07 user's default calendar, with no option to open or even locate any other calender.

Is there something lacking here? Anyone have any work-a-rounds for OL03 users to open a shared calendar (other than the default or main calendar) of an OFF07 user?

Thank you.

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