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Solved: I need wireless networking advice!

Q: Solved: I need wireless networking advice!

The specs for my "main" computer are below. I would like to network (wirelessly) my old computer. Specs for it are: 450 MHz P2, 128 MB Ram, Win98 SE. My ISP is cable broadband. I've been looking at equipment, mostly at Walmart. (Yeah, I know, but it's cheap, and I get instant gratification.) The local one is carrying Linksys and Belkin. I'm thinking I don't need to spend extra on "Speedboost", I'm just looking for wireless G.

When I look at the Linksys, the router requirements states a minimum processor speed of 200 MHz. The wireless PCI card states a minimum processor speed of 500 MHz, and 128 MB of RAM. (Doing the math, my old computer doesn't quite measure up, right?) The Belkin gear doesn't really state much of any requirements, other than a minimum RAM of 4 MB.

Which type of gear, in your opinions, is superior? I would probably like to go with the LinkSys, but do I dare ignore their 500 MHz lower limit? Do you think I am overachieving by trying to set this network up in the first place? A plus for the Belkin is that router and card run about $75, compared to about $100 for the Linksys. I would greatly appreciate any input. I've done some googling, but would feel more secure with the input of real people such as yourselves.

A: Solved: I need wireless networking advice!

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Hi Guys and Gals

Ok what I am trying to do is network 2 buildings together without digging a trench to bury wire through a parking lot. The two buildings are approx. 60 yards apart with several businesses in between. We need to eliminate separate servers and connect with QuickBooks on 1 server by 4 workstations. there are several options for 14DB antennae and routers with detachable antennae. I am not opposed to outdoor antennae if necessary but I feel that's a bit overkill.

Here's the Router I would like to use and one of the antennae. Question is do I install wireless network adapters in the two machines in the other building or di I find a way to set up another 300mbs router to connect to the first and hard wire the pc's I could use 2 antennae if I go with two routers.

Am I just over thinking this? it's a small network in 2 huge buildings about 100 yards between their furthest points.

A:Need Wireless advice for distance networking.

There are many ways to get this done although for 100 yards distance going through walls to clients you may require something more robust. It may not be possible to cover an entire building with a single A/P.

At that long range setting up a secondary A/P as a bridge or repeater may work better. In bridge mode the A/P turns into a wired access point where you can plug into it from other PC's but it gets the signal from wireless.

There is lots of outdoor specific hardware to choose from.

EnGenius ENH700EXT 802.11n Wireless Outdoor Access Point -

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A friend has asked to help with setting up her home broadband network - as I've got my own home system working she thinks I'm an 'expert'

Most of the network will be wired Ethernet, but there will be a wireless link from the router to a laptop. The basic problem to solve first is - what level of wireless capability to provide:- 'G' 'G+' or 'N'? Her main use will be e-mail and web-surfing, so high speed/bandwith is not a concern, but she does not want to spend more on a router than is necessary.

She lives in a modest sized (in UK terms!) dormer bungalow. The router will be located upstairs (for various reasons not relevant here) and the laptop will be used downstairs - essentially therefore one floor down and offset by about one room. In product terms she is looking at one of the variants of the Netgear DG834 - either G, GT or PN models. If the G will suffice there is no need for her to pay the extra for GT or N, on the other hand if the risk is too high that it will not be much good to be stuck with a product which she can't exchange.

We've read umpteen reviews etc, but it's difficult to get any real idea as most reviewers concentrate more on the speed/throughput rather than the wireless range. Is it just a case of "try it and see", or can anyone offer any advice please?


A:Wireless networking range advice please

Shouldn't be an issue unless the building has metal plates running threw the floors. The only choice you need to make is which WiFi flavor to use.

G: Stanard everything works with G and there are no cons I can think off. Stick with this untill the N standard is finalized.

G+: Based on G but has "enhancement" to extend range and speed. Wether MIMO, Range Max or the others work is open for debate and differnt manufactures use differnt standards so you will need to get matched equipment from the same manufactures it to have any benifits assuming you do get any.

N: Nothing good about N at all right now. The standard is still not finished. They say it's close but lawsuits and what not are holding it up. Some N equipment still doesn't work with other N equipment and there is no guarantee that when the standard is finalized that the current N equipment can be updated. Typically N equipment from the same manufacture works fine together.

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Hello everyone!

I just received my very first notebook (an IBM T42) the other day and I'm trying to learn as much as I can about wireless networking so I don't screw anything up, but it is quite an intimidating subject! I found these threads in an effort to educate myself, but I realize now that I know even less than I thought (which I wasn't even sure was possible). So, instead of asking a bunch of inane questions that I'm sure you are all very sick and tired of hearing and answering, I was wondering if anyone could point to me a simple, effective guide that will help me understand the basic concepts, as well as some of the more important complex ones, regarding wireless networking. Pretty much, all I know is that I need broadband access, a broadband router, and a wireless card on my notebook. Beyond that (e.g. how to set it all up, how to use firewalls, how to share files with my desktop, etc.), I am utterly clueless.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Wireless networking for beginners - advice needed

Take a look at the Netgear support page:
In the lower half are a number of papers (e.g. "Wireless Glossary - simple definitions of wireless terminology" and ""The ABGs of Wireless LAN" - detailed explanation of the different wireless technologies") which might provide a useful starting point. "View Network Diagram" might shed some light.

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I'm seeking advice on how to create a more extensive home network.

Just finished doing the basement refurbishment thing. I've only been in the house for a year and am the 2nd owner but I discovered that the house is wired with Cat5e to every phone jack in the house. I didn't know that when we moved in. So, I continued the cable installation in the basement. Now I'm deciding how best to proceed with connecting it all up.

Currently, I've got a wireless network (based on a DI-624) and 3 Mbps ADSL but I want to centralize the phone, network and video distribution in the house, and provide a more secure wired solution within the house where practical. All current computers run WinXP, but I will be experimenting with Linux in the future. I've already tried, but I haven't spent enough time with it yet to get it to connect to the Internet.

I see two options, and both involve a 16-port (or two 8-port) switch in the basement. Do I: 1) Feed the ADSL to the new switch and then to the wireless router, or 2) vice-versa. Does it make a difference?

I suspect that if I feed the ADSL to the router then the switch, I'm limiting the bandwidth to all of the other ports to <100Mbps since that's all I'll get out of the router.

Any advice?


A:Solved: Home Networking Advice Required

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I've read several posts here that come close to my issue but don't describe it exactly.

Yesterday on my personal laptop (Dell E1505 running XP SP3), I got a message box saying something about port forwarding and that I wouldn't be able to get to my website, or something like that. Unfortunately, I didn't pay much attention to the message and dismissed it. Now, I can't get to the internet using wireless. Here are some details:
Another laptop connects to my wireless network and the internet just fine
All was working fine on the Dell until I got that message
I've checked the event log and can't find anything relevant around the time of the message
Connecting to the network/internet with ethernet cable works fine.
I'm definitely connected to my wireless network because I was able to open shared files on another PC
Other, likely non-related issues:

I'm having a little problem with the hard drive and will need to run chkdsk
Sometimes I get an error regarding the display adapter driver.

A:Solved: Wireless networking works but not internet; wired & wireless from other lapto

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page (don't collapse the Radar, Connection or Signal History) of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. If you need help with that see TSG Posting a Screenshot. FWIW to take screen shots with Windows 7 or Vista I prefer to use the built-in Snipping Tool.

Also show ...

Open a (black) Command Prompt window:
Hold the Windows logo key and press r; in the Run box type cmd and click on OK.

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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I'm tearing my hair out !
(And there's not that much of it.)

I have a set of laptops (used in a school classroom). They connect to the LAN via wireless .. or, at least, they used to.

Specifically: Toshiba SP2100 with D-Link AirPlus G+ wireless PCMCIA cards.

After trying many, many things:

- Boot SP2100 from XP CD (SP2)
- Don't fix any of the driver issues
- Plug wireless card in
- Cancel plug&play
- Install correct driver with d/loaded Setup_v204.exe
- WZC managing wireless connection
- Sees wireless network (WEP) but
- Won't connect automatically (after setup wizard)
- Won't connect manually
BUT ..
- Boot into "safe mode with networking" and wireless works faultlessly

I've got to be missing something really simple.
Please, please can anyone tell me what it is ?

Thanks !

A:Solved: Laptop wireless networking only works in "safe mode with networking"

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think i accidentally turned off wireless inspiron 1520/ Windows XP...message i get is press FN + F2..but that does nothing...i was traveling yesterday..with the computer working in an airport think i accidentally turned off but have no idea how to enable. Please help..i work from home on this machine and it's pretty critical i get help soon.
thanks so much

A:Solved: Wireless is turned off.. cannot enable wireless networking

Hi Jadewoman

On the left hand side of this laptop there is a wireless switch. This will turn it back on!

See page 27 of the owner's manual including a picture of the switch.

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Got a Belkin wireless router, hooked it up 2 pc #1, have internet connection, so got a Belkin usb wireless adaptor 4 pc #2 & hooked it up, have internet connection, altho zonealarm gave me fits til i added ip ranges 2 ea setup 4 each pc's ip addr. have ran network setup wizard, wireless network wizard, enabled file & printer sharing, but cannot get the 2nd pc 2 detect the printer on the mshome network. do i need a wireless adaptor 4 the printer as well?? have googled til i'm blue in the face & just can't figure it out. haven't figured out how 2 do file sharing either do i need 2 turn on the guest acct's like i read somewhere, or create a new acct on each pc using the same name? ready that also... any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!!


A:Solved: wireless networking

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Answer Match 53.34%'s my situation. At home, I have a wireless network set up for my3 computers. At work, we have a network set up for our 3-4 computers also. I use a laptop for work, but I bring it home at nights.

At work, my computer is part of the "WORKGROUP" network. But my home network is "something else" network. I want to be able to have access to both networks depending on where I am. I want to be able to access my shared folders at home.

How can I do this.

Also, I have my printer (HP CP2025dn) hooked up to my router (Netgear WNDR3800). I thought that this would just bypass the whole network thing and make it available when I connect wirelessly to my router...but my laptop can't find the printer.



A:Solved: Wireless Networking

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I'm new to this section. I'm working on a wired network and want to change to a wireless network because I have a new printer that works as a wireless. is there anything I need to be careful of when I buy the network cards for the computers? BTW I have a cable modem that does wireless. that's my connect point to the internet.

basically what I'm asking are the wireless cards similar to the old network cards where it didn't matter what card you had, once installed with correct drivers it saw the network?

A:Solved: wireless networking

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My set up

compaq laptop inbuilt wireless
Dell desktop wireless usb adaptor
netgear dg834gt-built in firewall

both have norton internet security 2005

i can connect to the internet ok
i can ping ip addresses ok
both have same workgroup and different names

my problem
i cannot see each computer in the view workgroup computers tab
i cannot ping either computers names

Compaq Laptop
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\antoine>ipconfig/all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : MOBILEMAN
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Networ
k Connection
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-18-DE-8B-DB-A2
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : 26 March 2007 13:47:00
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : 29 March 2007 13:47:00

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media dis... Read more

A:Solved: Networking 2 wireless pcs

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Hi Everyone

I have a netgear Wireless ADSL Router.
Laptop that does connect to the internet thru router wirelessly
Main PC that does connect to the internet thru router wirelessly

Laptop does find the home network but wont connect just gives the following
Error code: 0x80070035
The network path was not found

so im unable to access my files or printer from my laptop that are on my
main PC

Can anyone help please Im running Vista Home Premium on both machines

Thanx everyone

A:Solved: Wireless Networking

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hi ,

i've two laptops, one router and a broadband connection. The broadband cable goes into router.

Now when i turn on both of my laptops both get different ips.

when i go to second computer and Start->run and type \\ ... i get the contents of the other computer... but when i go to first computer and type the ip of other computer \\ , i get error message. Network path not found ...

why is it so? why only one way communication.


A:Solved: wireless networking help

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OK i have my daughters computer finally set up on the wireless.. i am on it now.. its connecting to the internet fine. but when I try to set up a network so she can have access to the other 2 computers in the house it will not find it when i run the network wizard its only finding a lan connection not the wireless as it did yesterday. ohh yea had this set up.. since reformated and now not working right. what can I do to get it so she can access the other computers

A:Solved: wireless networking

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I have now 2 promedion 802.11 g USB Wlan stick's.
they are installed on both pc's.
and i want this setup to work
-- <wired )) <wireless
so i installed and found some info...
the problem now is im not getting connection..
it got a ip that doesnt seem right to me (but im new to wireless) MY PC GATEWAY
MY PC doesnt receive packet's
and it send's only a few
GATEWAY has received a couple thousand packet's
and havent sent a packet
GATEWAY is using the ad-hoc type
and mode is station MY PC is also station
i hope its enough info...
i would really like some help

A:Solved: Wireless networking!! help me!

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I am thinking of going Wireless when I connect to the Internet...... is it as secure as a traditional cable connection ..??? what security can I put in place to guarantee the best security from Hacker's and general snooping etc ..!!!.
I know I will require a wireless Router but I believe these are easy to hack into ..?????.


Jumbo 1

A:Solved: Wireless Networking

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I have just got a negear dg834g v2 router.
Plugged it into my laptop. Ethernet connection works no problem.

when i rty to set up wireless it says "no wireless networks in range"

so i try to set up new network.I have "wireless network connection prism 802.11g adapter (3886)" but the wizard says it is disconnected!!!

I go into the prism properties and it says everything is working normally?!? WTF?

I have now spent ~15 hours over 2 days on this. Pease help me before the laptop becomes truly wireless as it flies into the nearest bin!

A:Solved: wireless networking

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i have a hp dv6113us laptop
I cant get the wireless to work,

Ive went to device manager and theres no network device. Ive tried to reinstall the broadcom wireless driver. it wont reinstall. the computer has a switch to turn on and off the wireless on the front of the computer and ive tried that it always stays amber in color.

ive tried the hp wireless assistant but that wont open, ive tried to uninstall it and reinstall it, still no go.

ive scanned for virus in both normal mode and safe mode all is clean.

i dont know what else to try.

If anyone has any advice please let me know. Thanks in advance

A:Solved: hp wireless networking problem

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I'm trying to set up a home network between a few computers. I have one desktop and one laptop, both wireless. My internet connection is a DSL line. The problem is that both machines have internet access, but cannot see each other, or share files.

I tried using the windows network setup utilities but to no avail. The network name is the same for both machines, but they still aren't communicating.

I'm not sure what to do, any help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Wireless Networking Issues

I notice this is solved, can you tell us how it was solved?

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I am having a problem setting up a new wireless router that I have purchased. I have a desktop and a laptop with wireless capability. I have used the installation CD to install the router and router config to the destop and I have done the same on the laptop. When I turn on the wireless on the laptop it displays the following message:
Windows has detected an IP address conflict

Another computer on this netwrk has the same IP address as this computer. Contact your network adminitrator for help resolving this issue. More details are available in the Windows System event log.
Some backround info/specs,

My ISP is Charter.

The desktop is a Studio XPS
-6GB Tri Channel RAM
-i7 Proccesor
-512MB Graphics Card
-Intel 82567LF-2 Gigabit network adapter

The laptop is a XPS 1530
-4GB Dual Channel RAM
-Dual Core Proccesor
-256MB Graphics Card
-Bluetooch Device(PAN and RFCOMM Protocol TDI
-Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini-Card
-Marvell Yuko 88E8040 PCI-E Fast Ethernet controller
-Microsoft ISATAP Adapter #2? (This has a exclamation mark on it, and it says that driver are unknown and it say that windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. But I can still browse and get on the internet even though.)

Router Specs.
D-Link Xtreme N Dual Band Gigabit Router
-2 netorks in one router etc(box labeling)
-DIR-825(box labeling)
Im very familiar with computers b... Read more

A:Solved: Wireless Networking:IP Conflict

More than likely one of the computers has DHCP enabled
and is conflicting with the router IP.
Run the network setup wizard on both computers and follow the
Make sure to select connects directly to the internet and
automatically obtain an IP.
Should correct the problem
Start/control panel/network setup wizard.

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I'm getting ready to throw this computer against the wall. My daughter bought a Belkin Wireless G Router to connect to my grandsons computer. I had to install a MSI Wireless PCI card on his computer. everything worked great until i was installing some virus scanners on his computer. Now it says the signal is excellent and the lancard status is good, but when i try to go online in explorer it just keeps saying page cannont be displayed. not sure what caused it to stop working, any help would be appreciated. Both computers are running winxp, the host computer is working fine.

A:Solved: Wireless networking problem!!

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i'm having serious trouble setting up a wireless network in my house.
my sister and i both have laptops that we would like to use with wireless internet.

the computer (desktop) i'm on has a wireless card in it. i keep trying to set up a network through the network connection wizard, but it never works. i tried doing it manually, i tried doing it with the USB drive, nothing.

what could i possibly be doing wrong? i know for sure that my wireless network card in my laptop is compatible with the card in this one, but i'm not sure about my sisters.

any help?

A:Solved: wireless networking problems...

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Just set up a wireless home network, but the problem I'm having is, my desktop C:\ drive is not listed on my laptop, but my laptop C:\ is listed on my desktop machine. Both running Win7. Hope this is clear.Thanks Keith

A:Solved: Home wireless networking

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I have a small adsl wireless network of three computers running XPHomeSP3 through a Billion 7401VGP router using LinkSys Wireless-G USB network adapters. I am trying to connect a Win98SE computer to this network using the same model adapter without much success. The aapter appears to work and will access Internet Explorer but drops out as soon as I try to access a web site. Is this going to work at all? or will I need to use an ethernet cable connection to the router and access the web from there?

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Hi there community. Newbie here so please be gentle.

I'm trying to setup a home network using a Desktop PC (which has a wireless card installed) running on Win XP SP3 and my laptop which is on running on Win 7 Home Premium.

Both PC and Laptop are accessing the net via my Netcomm NB504 Wireless router which in turn is connected to the cable modem.

For some reason, I cannot view both computers on the same workgroup from either the laptop or the PC. I've checked common things like ensuring workgroups are the same. Both adminstrator names are the same (although neither have passwords on them). Also ensured firewalls are switched off and checked that Netbios is enabled over TCP/IP on the adapter properties.

any ideas? Its driving me mad. The last time I setup a workgroup at home was several years ago using a Ethernet cable (wiring reversed) between the 2 pc's which worked first time every time... Not sure if this is router related or pc related. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Cheers

A:Solved: Home Networking with wireless

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Im trying to run a wireless network to two IBM Thinkpads through a Netgear wireless router(model: FWG 114P) from a Hughesnet modem. Im getting a connection, but it wont let me do anything on any browsers. What do I do?

A:Solved: wireless networking problems

Im getting a connection, Click to expand...

Meaning you can ping the router? Ping a web site? If so, what OS and service pack level do you have? If not, for one show ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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Im trying to run a wireless network to two IBM Thinkpads through a Netgear wireless router(model: FWG 114P) from a Hughesnet modem.

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I do not know enough about the subject of networking so here is my scenario and question.
I have a wired network using Cable Broadband. I can see the other wired desktop computer when hooked up and can access the other machines files.
I have bought a laptop and a netbook with wireless networking built in and wanted to take advantage of this with being able to use these machines anywhere in the house. I bought a wireless router and ran a cable from wired router to the new wireless router. Evidentually piggybacking like this seems to be working just fine. My question now is accessing the wired computers thru the wireless system, or any other way. I was told I can not access the wired network via the wireless network. I assume it is true. Wondering if there is any way to set this up to accomplish this.

I am using a Cable modem to a Leviton 4 port gateway for the wired part. I have a Cisco E3000 wireless router now attached thru the Gateway.

I tried plugging a wired cable into the back of the wireless because it has open ports and can accept a plug. I either can not do this or not understanding the way to hook it up as I can not see the wired machine. Since all ports are used in Leviton Gateway, I would have to physically unplug a wired port and plug a wire into the wireless netbook.

Can someone straighten me out on what is the proper way to hook up, if it is not possible to do what I would like or just deal with having to use a wired cable on the wireless machine. If it can... Read more

A:Solved: Networking wired and wireless together

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Hey there everyone,

I have a few questions regarding wireless networking, first off I am wondering if anyone has a good link or two to some information o nwireless channels. My next question is hypothetical, if I am setting up say 6 access points, same SSID on all of them, but use the channels 1, 6, and 11, and one of the WAPs has its link to the net unplugged and is still broadcasting a signal, and the person connecting can see the WAP that is down, and another that has the same channel will they have issues connecting? If anyone needs further clarification let me know. Thanks!

A:Solved: Wireless Networking Channels

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A:Solved: Cannot Enable Wireless Networking

The thread was closed because the poster did not supply the information needed for a solution.
Please post the information that etaf requested. None of the information will compormise your privacy. Your Internet IP Address is not shown. I will post my info and try to explain why it is needed.

ISP - InsightBB (cable)
Modem - Arris TM602G/113
Router - Belkin FSD7234-4-BC
Computer - Dell OptiPlex 170L S/N - FVVSM81
Wireless Adapter - Belkin Basic N150 P/N - F7D1101
Identified my ISP, modem, router, computer, and adapter.
IPCONFIG /ALL - Shows if your adapter is connecting properly to the router. The IP addresses are defaults for a Belkin router connected to an InsightBB modem.. My Internet IP address is not shown. The Ethernet Local Connection has no information because this desktop has never been connected by wire. If I had wireless problems and used an ethernet connection the info would indicate what my wireless IP's should be.
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : DonniesOld
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : Belkin

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 5:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : In... Read more

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the title says it, Im having major pains maintaining a reliable connection with my Belkin G card, on my laptop. I just believe its too weak and too far away. In the Library it gets a strong and fast connection. I'm getting a desktop setup soon and I have to go wireless for now. To avoid these same problems, who has a suggestion or recommendation for the best and most reliable wireless adapter. The router which I grab my signal from is Verizons Actiontec MI424WR model. I believe it only puts out G. I havent gone to a an N adapter yet, because i,m not sure it would help.Trying not too keep wasting money. Help is appreciated,. Thank you very much, this IS a GREAT site. P.S., My sytem will be Vista, And PC will have, 4GB and 320 GB, with 2.6 ghz dual core ................

A:Solved: need advice on best wireless adapter

I would recomend a netgear. I have set up a bunch of home networks and never had a problem with their equipment. I have , onthe other hand, used belkin and had a few problems. It seems that they have some good products and some that are just a pain to use.
I do not, will not and absolutly hate d-link as their support and equipment is over-marketed junk in my opinion.Other than Netgear, I would use link-sys.
By the way, I have set up over 20 home networks with netgear and never had a problem, or call back.

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My Dell Dimension 3100 (XP) connects to my BT Home Hub wireless router using a Belkin 54mbps G USB wireless adapter. My computer had a virus so I ran Avast virus scanner and repaired or removed any infected files. Now the program doesn't start automatically like it used to and when I try to open it i get an error message saying "Unable to locate files: C\ Program Files\ Belkin\F5D7050v3\brdcm2k.dll". I also have the disk for this but when I try to run it it says "An error occurred while defining the dialogue box." I also get this message when I try to uninstall or change it. Any way I can get this program to run again?

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Belking Wireless Networking Utility

Try uninstalling & reinstalling in safe mode.


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Hi, thanks for reading this.

I live in an economy apartment (fancy way of saying my credit sucks and I live in a hotel, hahaha). I have two wireless cards: an Airlink101 802.11g Wireless PCI Adapter and a Netgear WG311v3 802.11g Wireless PCI Adapter. The Airlink Adapter will acquire and hold an IP address (obviously, as I'm online posting this now); however, it's *pitifully* slow. I got the Netgear card yesterday, installed it, and it worked great. However, a little while into internetting with it, my connection dropped. It will not acquire an IP address.

Yes, the profile name is a joke.

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
C:\Documents and Settings\Rotdusk the Slasher>ipconfig /all
Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : DEREK
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcast
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
Ethernet adapter Wi0rless:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Airlink101 802.11g Wireless Cardbus/
PCI Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-18-E7-2D-31-FB
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . : Read more

A:Solved: Problem with wireless networking, did all I could think of. In dire need of h

I would certainly disable one connection when using the other. And bridging those two will, at best, cause confusion.

Make sure that only one wireless utility is running. For example, when using the Netgear card you use the Netgear utility or Windows XP's WZC; make sure the other one is not running.

Did you use the proper WINSOCK repair? If not, do it now ...

(From a JohnWill post)

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows XP with SP2 or SP3.

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt.

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog

Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ip reset reset.log

Reboot the machine.

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Hello friends
i have a strange problem that i faced today.
I have a Trendnet 300 Mbps wireless Access point.
And some of my clients laptop was unable to detect the wireless device. While Others were using happily
I am using the wireless device in Wireless AP mode with WPA enabled and channel was set to 13
Now i changed the channel to 10. All of sudden everything was fine. all the client with problem can now see the wireless device and connect to it.

Today Again. In different location, I came along with DLINK Wireless Router whose channel was set to 11 and some clients have the same problem while scanning there was no wireless AP shown. I was smart this time. I just changed the Channel of AP to 9 and Bang everything was fine.

So i have a typical question over here. Why some laptop doesn't detect the wireless AP while the channel is set to more than 10 ??
Thankyou for your input

A:Solved: Wireless Networking Channel Issue

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when i rune the home network wizard and then insert it into my laptop it tells me it can not run the wizzard as the computer is part of a domain. this is true as it is part of my work domain, how can i set it to file and print share with my desktop without upseting the current work domain settings.

A:Solved: Wireless networking - domanis and workgroups

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I use Comcast as my ISP. Originally I had a cable modem with a ethernet cable coming from it and going into a wall connection. That wall connection is hooked up to a ethernet connection to a bed room in my house. The cable from that connection goes into a Linksys/Cisco E2000 wireless router. That worked.

I now have a new desktop next to my cable modem that needs a wired connection. I replaced the cable from the cable modem with a new cable going into the WAN port of a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. I took the cable that used to be going into the cable modem and placed into one of the four LAN ports in the WRT54G. I have a cable from the new desktop to one of the LAN ports in thee WRT54G. The desktop can now get online.

When I hook up the ethernet cable that is in my bedroom directly to a computer I can get online. When I hook it up to Internet port on the E2000 when I connect to my wireless network I cannot get online.

What do I need to do so I can get online via my wireless network?

A:Solved: Comcast and wired and wireless networking

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I have a brand new Aspire one with Windows XP. I am trying to connect to an existing home wireless network. The router is a Belkin and the other lap top that is connected is a Toshiba, it works fine as wireless.

The Aspire can detect the wireless home network...I have added the Aspire to the network with a USB drive, but when I try to connect it reads " unable to find certificates to log you on to network" and continually reads "validating identity".

Any ideas?


A:Solved: Acer - Aspire One and wireless networking

I too am having a problem. I did not add the notebook to my existing hp desktop which is running wirelessly with linksys through a usb drive. Acer told me that it should work and it is a network problem, but it would make sense to add the computer with a usb flash to my network first. Currently there is no ip address either on the acer and it states the media and wireless adapters are disconnected. It finds the linksys but it shows it is unsecured and cannot hook up to it. Any ideas?

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hi all, seems that i need some help again

Im having problems with my wireless internet. Last night my wireless connection just shut off, and when i tried to reconnect it couldn't detect the network. I tried resetting the wireless card, turning off wireless and starting again, and also turning encryption off.

Next i opened a wireless utility that came with the card and i could see my network, but i could not connect to it, also windows would still not detect it.

Finally i changed the wireless channel, from what I've used the past year (13) to 1, and it connected. After testing more the wireless is detected on channels 1-8 but not the rest + the signal is also weak, i have checked for interference but cant find any. Any suggestions on what could cause this or a fix?
Another issue ive been having is with an xbox 360 that i just got, the issue is with xbox live, it only connects when i turn off the firewall on the router. Ive tried port fowarding but it still wont work.
Thanks for the help.

Router :Netopia
Model: 3347NWG

Wireless card : Dell Wireless 1500 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini-Card

A:Solved: Wireless problem + xbox networking

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Hi Guys,

I wonder if anyone can give me some advice please.

I have just had ADSL broadband enabled at our new home but the modem supplied by the provider is a USB modem. Heres the rub, I do not wish to have to trail cable throughout the house to use the internet, The only phone point is in one room, the main desktop is in another, and the laptop wherever.

Is it possible, if I purchase a wireless modem, to set it up in one room unconnected to a computer and access the internet wirelessly from the desktop pc and the laptop from whichever room they are in?
I presume initially that I would have to use the laptop to set-up, but would I then be able to remove the laptop and still have the connection?

I already have a Belkin wireless router from our previous home but there is no USB port on it and I cannot locate any means to convert from USB to RJ45, presumably because of the power requirements of USB.

Anyone any clues on this?

Any help/advice greatly appreciated


A:Solved: ADSL Wireless modem advice please

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I'm think about getting this router

I'm based in UK, always have two laptops connected wirelessly often 3 - then at weekends, may be 5 or 6 ......

I would use the USB to connect a 1TB drive I have, although sometime in the future I will be purchasing a NAT, (although i've just finished a contract and waiting for the next one to come along )

It needs to be ADSL connection to Telephone line, wireless and 4 port LAN

any suggestions welcome

I also want a printserver for a USB HP laser printer laserjet 1300, so suggestions welcome

A:Solved: Advice on new ADSL Wireless Router

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Issues is as follows;

I have a HP i7 OS Windows Vista that was hard lined through ourNetgear WGR614 Wireless-G Router, with my xbox360. Was able to network them together and stream videos, view pictures etc. Recently my wife decided she no longer liked the 15 foot black ethernet cable running through the middle of the floor so I bought and installed a HP Wireless 802.11 b/g/n PCIe Card. Had some issues originally (was not able to access the internet, unknown if the xbox was able to stream at that point), which were fixed (changed from channel 11 to channel 10), although now that it is working I am not able to stream video or view pictures.

Obviously something is different, but I am still able to access the sames files on the computer from the xbox (and the computer shows the xbox in the network screen), I can find all the same folders with all the same movies and pictures although when I select one to play the error of unplayable format appears and I am unable to play the movie or view the picture.

I have never really used the Windows Media Extender on the xbox, before, I would just access all videos through My Xbox - Videos - PC - Video Folder - Movies. I did try setting that up though, but after asking me to adjust my firewall settings, it seems to time out and I cannot get past that point. I switched between Norton and window firewall and still was not able to have the extender complete the process.

Please let me know if you have questions or more importan... Read more

A:Solved: Networking a wireless computer and a wired xbox 360

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Environment : Standard wireless network router connected to a shared Lexmark ZX52 printer.
The ZX52 is bidirectional so as we all know, to make it work as a shared printer on wireless you have to turn off the "bidirectional" feature.
Problem is, after a while the printer decides ink is low, whether it really is or not (you'd need full bidirectionality for this to work as it should.) Then the printer gets into a sulk and refuses to print. Rebooting, clearing the print spooler etc sometimes works but sometimes we've messed around for DAYS until the printer decided to work again - not really knowing why or which tactic was the one that really worked.
Help! Does anyone know how to make a ZX52 behave reliably in a WiFi environment where bidirectional comms are not possible?

A:Solved: Wireless networking hates bidirectional printing

Run a wire.

Seriously, WiFi is half-duplex, and i've had other issues with wireless print servers not supporting bi-directional printers.

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Need your help once again please.

This area I am not very good at.

Trying to connect in the initial stage 2 lap tops(later another desktop), both have WINXP.

The specs of the networking is as follows/
Broadband line in on ADSL2 PLUS Router, a Beetel 110BX1

From here I connect/split via the RJ CABLE ON TO

I get part success ie
I can open Yahoo on both, upto Inbox PAGE but attempting to open
individual page, no luck. The command seems to go but times out.
Most of the Wesbsites do not open, not even TECHGUY, only one I managed is
My Windows firewall IS OFF BUT I use the trusty COMMODO INTERNET SECURITY on both.
Any ideas what I can do from here to get things going normally?

All tips welcome with thanks.

A:Solved: Wireless Router Networking and Firewall problems OR

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I have a Dell Dimension connected through a 2701HG-G (2-Wire) Modem/Router and I am getting a fine signal. My problems are this...We have a 2nd desktop upstairs (Compaq) running Windows 2000 and a Wii System in the living room (1 room away from the router). There is a connection at the upstairs desktop but no internet access and the Wii just keeps getting error messages when it tries to connect. We bought adapters for both PC's. Does anyone have any instruction on how to make this work? I am tired of believing what they tell us because everytime we turn around there is something else we need to buy. It is becoming much more of an expensive venture than we anticipated. And we have spent way too much time on the phone with "support" people who do nothing but take up our time (and we are talking hours here) and giving us nothing in the way of help....or hope.

Help Please.


A:Solved: Bell Wireless Home Networking Issue

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Could someone help me here? Here's my dilemma:

I need to connect my work laptop via Ethernet. Wireless causes problems with my secure connection to a corporate network (think remote login).

See the diagrams below of what I have now, and what I need.

Would these work?
TRENDnet TEW-650AP Wireless Access Point:
Rosewill RC-405X 10/100Mbps 5-Port Switch 5 x RJ45


A:Solved: Home Office Wireless/Wired Networking

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Just purchased and installed a WRT300N to replace a DLink wireless router that was having some performance problems. The DLink worked ok except it had lousy range and speed to the Internet. But it worked and I was able to use it with an IBM NetVista desktop and 2 IBM ThinkPadís to connect to the Internet and to share an HP Network ready printer that was plugged into Port 4 of the router.

With the Linksys, the Desktop is wired directly to Port 1 of the router and that worked fine right out of the box. I had some problems connecting with the laptops so with some help from the Linksys call centre I was able to get them connected to the net using the EasyLink Connect download tool. All was good it seemed. However the next day I went to print from one of the laptops and it could not find the printer, the home network but could still get out to the Internet. Same with the other Laptop and the desktop. Another call to Linksys support and he had me verifying the router config (all looked good) but when we tried to ping the laptops from the desktop, we got nothing. Time outs. Same with the laptops to the desktop. So, net result is everything works fine going out to the Internet, but the internal home LAN is not working. I only use Windows Firewall and wireless WEP security is set on each device (and obviously working as all can get to the Net). The tech said it must be a Windows problem or an IBM problem and he quickly passed the buck and closed the call. Not impressed! Everything w... Read more

A:Solved: Wireless Networking with Linksys WRT300N Router

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PC --- wireless --- Netgear WL router --- DSL modem --- Internet

This is an old PC with Windows XP with SP2 and Netgear WG111v3 USB dongle. The PC was connected over wireless to a Netgear Router (sorry dont remember the model number - I will mention it a bit later since I am typing this from a laptop not near the above setup).

As usual, everything was working fine, when suddenly one day, the PC would not connect over wireless anymore. I tried re-entering the password manually on the WG111 GUI, but it did not work. I even removed the security on the Netgear router so that no password is needed. But it still did not connect.
Meanwhile I was able to connect to that same Netgear router from this laptop before and after removing the password (after making necessary config changes on the network setup on the laptop).

When I did ' ipconfig' on the PC, it would show that the IP addr was
When I checked the ' Attached Devices' on the Netgear router, I would see the MAC address of the PC, but it would not show the IP addr and the PC name.

When I tried to go into Settings -> Control Panel -> Networking -> Wireless adapter -> Protocols -> IP, the properties button was grayed out. When I clicked on the 'Install' button, I got the following error:

The string universal unique identifier (UUID) is invalid

I tried System Restore, and I briefly succeeded in getting a wireless connection, but when I rebooted, it wen... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Wireless networking works only from Safe Mode

I'm guessing that some other device (more exactly it's driver) is conflicting with the driver for the Netgear usb wireless adapter. It works in safe mode with networking because in that mode only the network driver is loaded, which means no other third-party driver can interfere with it.

The offending driver may not be a hardware driver. Third-party firewalls and antivirus software also install drivers, as do some CD-burning applications.

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Hey, let me start off by saying I hope this post is in the right forum.
I have a house that has a top view kinda like this:

Now, the red dot is the place that I currently have my modem/wireless router(a Zyxel P-600). It is placed on top of my desktop, and an Ethernet cable directly connects it to the desktop. However, I recently purchased an iPad which I would like to use just about anywhere in the house, especially the room with the diagonal entrance-way. It's not just the iPad, though, there's also a Macbook Pro, an iPhone 4, and a BlackBerry Curve, which will be using the wifi, though not more than one or two at a time.
My brother purchased a Belkin F7D2301 router, which has much better coverage than my Zyxel, intending to fix the problem. At present the Belkin is connected to my Zyxel via Ethernet, since it doesn't have an inbuilt modem of its own. The Belkin still isn't strong enough for the iPad and other wifi devices to be used comfortably in the farthest rooms. Therefore, I thought of leaving the Zyxel where it is (for my desktop) and placing the Belkin at the Green point, while still connected via a long Ethernet cable. I would like to know if this is a good solution, especially since it would require a long cable, and some work to correctly pin up the Ethernet cable along the walls.
My father would rather that I used a completely wireless device at the Green point, so I was wondering ... Read more

A:Solved: Home Wireless Network Setup Advice

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Hi TSG guys and girls, it's been a while! Good to see the forums are still buzzing about with activity. Anyways, I'm about to run an ethernet cable downstairs and had a question about the cable I should use, then I remembered I had another question about networking and another and another and so I have this post.

Right now I have the basic Actiontec router hooked up to FiOS internet. I have a number of devices that connect wirelessly over 802.11g and a few that are wired to the router. I primarily use the network for internet access, however I do push files around from time to time.

1. If I buy an Airport Extreme to get wireless N throughout my house, do I just run an ethernet cable between the two routers (the Actiontec router is necessary for some of the TV features and so it must remain connected to the internet)? Will I be able to share files and see devices connected to either of these networks?

2. I am running an ethernet cable from my router (upstairs) to my basement for my PS3. Is there any reason to use a Cat 6 cable? The rest of my network cables are currently Cat-5, but they are all less than 10 feet in length and can easily be replaced, however the cable I am running is going to be around 100 feet so I'd like to buy the right cable.

3. A question related to both above: I've heard that connecting devices to a network in certain/different ways can slow down a (gigabit?) network. Would someone please explain this idea. Should I be running Cat-... Read more

A:Solved: Cat 5 or 6, Switch or Hub, and other Basic Wired and Wireless Networking Ques

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Hi guys, I need advice. Its come to the point where my wife and I need to modernize our office. We have been looking for an all in one fax/printer/copier/photo printer/scanner preferably wireless, because we use our laptops a lot, and we dont want to have to plug the computers in every time we need to print something. After galivanting around all day, we decided on the HP 2510, which pretty much has everything we were looking for. BUT, HP is discontinuing it in favor of the new HP 2610!! HP doesn't mention wireless connectivity in the 2610 specs, however it does mention it has bluetooth wireless...what is bluetooth?? Can I buy the HP2610 without having to buy bluetooth (?) hardware? BTW, both printers (HP 2510 and 2610) sell for the same price, so I'd rather buy the newer model if I dont have to spend another $200 to set up a wireless network. Are there any other printers out there with similar specs that we haven't taken into account? I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks guys

A:Solved: I need advice on wireless photo printer/copier/fax/scanner

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I have a Win98SE machine and a XP machine sharing a cable modem. They are both able to get out OK. I had file sharing and print sharing setup, but while on vacation I shut both computers down. Now the XP machine sees the 98, but cannot access it's files and the 98 machine does not even see the XP machine. I am using a Linksys DSL router. I have rebooted both machines as well as the cable modem and router with no luck. Can someone assist?

A:Networking advice

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hello everyone.

I'd like to get some advice on networking some computers. we're all home users, the heaviest usage is probably downloading a big program or a game off the internet. the network currently has 3 computers (2 desktop 1 laptop) that are actively used, 1 or 2 computers that are rarely used, a wi-fi capable printer (HP Photosmart 3310), a Nintendo Wii, and 2 Nintendo DS. there are cellphones too but never use the router to get on the internet.

current experienced problems:
- wi-fi card (on laptop) playing dead frequently
- sometimes there will be no internet connection for all computers unless the router is reset to factory setting or power-cycled
- when taken away from living room, most of the time the laptop will have a very hard time finding an internet connection. laptop is right now about a few inches away from the router
- printer most of the times will refuse to connect to network unless using WPA
wish list on "new" network:
- reliable connection on wi-fi either on desktop/laptop and no more playing dead
- router would behave nicely and work hard without much complaining
- want a faster speed (preferably the N but been hearing so much that most N stuff works good only on Vista while we're still on XP)
- still want to be able to connect the game consoles but want the speed (can't use pure N or pure G because the consoles only supports B)

currently router is DLink DI-624M, wi-fi card on laptop is DWL G650, desktops has built-... Read more

A:need networking advice

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Hey guys,

I'm looking for some guidance from a networking guru. (details below and questions at bottom)

Here's the current situation, the network I am working on has a lot of issues -- hardware placement, IP distribution, tracking, etc...

Currently we have a /24 from our ISP, and will soon be getting a second one (in order for us to qualify to apply for a /22 from ARIN). Our connection is a direct ethernet connection to their fiber via equipment in our building - this is plugged into our cisco router; we also have another ISP plugged into the cisco for redundancy, but until we get IP's from ARIN that are transportable it will not be "automatic" or as usefull as we'd like.
The ISP provides, basically, a MRTG graph of wan traffic -- simple in/out rates and sustained avg's. We need to be able to track this as best as possible to/from each IP in use and preferable the type of traffic (port and protocol). Since there is really nothing in place at the moment, I have installed a new server to act as our gateway and network edge.

This server is running IPF, IPNat, Netflow reporting software, and an IDS system (but that stuff is not important to this). There are 2 lan nics in this box, one to our lan and other to a DMZ zone for web servers etc...

Our webservers, SQL servers and such have serveral IP's (particularally the web ones), our workstations need to have a different external IP (due to the nature of their use...the users get them b... Read more

A:Networking Advice

Your network is a mess. 1:1 NAT for your phones isn't a good reason for your CIDR usage.

You can solve 90% of your issue by running a pair of firewalls (Cisco ASA for example), use SIP fixup for anything that proxies outside your network. Put your truly private equipment in a private only CIDR with a global NAT pool for outbound access.

The only reason you should need any 1:1 NAT's are for inbound access.

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i want to have multiple computers connected to internet. currently i have a modem that only works on one computer.what would be the best thing for my network a router or a switch?
and what is the difference between them?

A:Networking advice.

If your current modem is a modem/router combo then the easiest option is a switch if the modem is just a modem then you want a router.

You also can buy a router and attach it to a modem/router combination but that usually entails either changing the newly bought router to a switch by not using the LAN port and making some modifications to the programming OR disabling the router portion of the modem.

Think of the router as a splitter of your single internet signal. What it does is takes one internet IP and directs it to multiple local network IPs. Essentially "routes" from the internet to the internal network. The switch all it does is allow alot of computers on a single network to send information to each other. Essentially "switches" between multiple internal computers to pass the data to the computer that needs it.

I describe a router as a mail delivery system where a piece of mail comes in and then gets stuck in various slot for the different employees to get. The mail is the packet from the internet to your router, the mail slots are the ports the mail can go into, the employees can vary in size from 1 (a single computer) to hundreds if not thousands.

I describe the differnece between a switch and a hub as a person shouting (hub) or a person talking on the phone (switch). When you talk on the phone you dial up another number and talk to a single person (switch directing packets from one jack to another). When you shout everyone in the area can hear... Read more

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So..I need some advice.

I'm trying to help a family member with a networking setup at their place of business. They have a wired router connected to their computer in the office, which has the main printer connected to it. Off this same router a wireless router is connected which supplies internet connection to a pc across the shop.this pc that is connected wirelessly also has a printer connected to it.

Ideally, they would like these printers to be set up so they don't have to have any pc's on to print tot them. Also they want them all networked for file sharing. Obviously this would require some print servers and such, so what would you recommend?

As a side note, the main router can't be changed based on the way it was set up...long story.

A:Networking advice

Also they want them all networked Click to expand...

Then the second (wireless) router should not be used as a router. If it has an 'Access Point' mode you can probably use that. Else ...

JohnWill's procedure (Aug. 30, 2008) for configuring a secondary router as a switch and, optionally, wireless access point follows.

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ... Read more

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Hi. I have 2 computers--one with Windows ME and the other with Windows 98. I've got all the parts to hook up each computer seperately but what parts do I need for networking?

Thanks a lot,

A:{Advice Given} - Networking?

2 Network Cards

1.Cross Over Cable for RJ45 (Cat5)

2.or you can use coax with BNC Connectors with 2 50 Ohme Terminators with 2 T Connectors

3. RJ45 Normal Cable with a Network HUB
Depends on if you are planning on expanding in the future

if you are
then i recomend

if you just want the 2 then option 1 will be the cheapest

should cost about

[email protected]
[email protected]
Get your Free E-mail @
Sign up near the middle of the webpage

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Hi guys, I was just wondering if I could get some advice on what router I should buy if I want to connect a typical USB hard drive to the router for sharing to anyone on the network. I would like one that allows me to the drive in under "Computer" in windows 7, without additional software. I ask for no additional software because I wish to access this with my android tablet.\

I currently own the dlink dir 825 b1, which does have usb support however it requires some additional software to make use of it (the additional software isn't the greatest and it has no linux or android support). As for this NAS, it this just basically a computer connected to the network with ftp enabled? Just in case i messed up my jargon here, is it safe to say that if I wanted to set up an NAS, I would need another computer with an attached hard drive that is connected to the network? Also what steps would have to be taken to make this possible (any links to a good guide is fine, I know I'm asking for alot here). Also what OS would be best to use so that it is compatible with basically every modern platform (xbox(probably requires additional automated software such as vuze), Windows 7, Android)?Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for any advice in advance

A:Need advice on home networking

if I want to connect a typical USB hard drive to the router for sharing to anyone on the network.Click to expand...

you will need a router which supports USB drives - looking at the spec on that router looks like a USB connection to the router - rather than sharing a HDD

OR you could set up a NAS

most manufacturers have this type of router available
belkin, linksys , netgear

not sure what is available in canada

do you already have a modem
are you on cable or dsl

I have a linksys wag320N - but quite old now and will not dual broadcast on both 2.4 and 5 channels

NOT A recommendation just a list
heres a belkin
heres a linksys
Heres netgear

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Hi all,

I have an external USB HDD containing media and backups. I want to network it so that it can be seen (wirelessly), by my laptop, an xbox360 downstairs and another xbox360 upstairs. The xboxes can play the movies stored on the HDD on the respective TVs.

I have Virgin broadband so have a Virgin wireless router/modem. This doesn't have a USB port, so I believe I need to buy a separate wireless router that has a USB connection in it, is this correct?

Then I use that new router to share the external HDD? Will the xboxes in both rooms be able to see that shared HDD?


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Win 2k installed on a network of 4 computers ranging from a 333 to PII 450's. I would like to change from a workgroup to a server type situation with a domain. How can I do this.

A:{Advice Offered} - Networking

Install w2K server as a PDC on one system, creating a domain in the process. Add the other systems to the domain. If you want a public domain accessible from the internet you need to register your desired name with a domain name registrar.

for instance.

If you don't have the server edition of w2k you can't really do a "real" domain type setup, just peer to peer.


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I am interested in setting up a network at home. Primarily so that I can use my PPC and laptop around the house and access the web without cables.

My current set up is a Dell Inspiron 5000 laptop with Win 98SE. I'll likely upgrade to a new Dell Laptop in the next couple of years after the next Windows is out. I also have a Dell Axim x50v PPC. Currently I use a dial up but will be upgrading to Cox Cable high speed internet access prior to setting up the network.

I know I will need a "router" and a wireless networking card for my laptop. Any suggestions on brands/models that will continue to work as my setup changes would be appreciated. Any other hardware I should plan on?



A:Home Networking advice

You may need more access points or range extenders depending upon how big your house is. I usually tell people buy the same brand of all of those. Unless your planning on adding on this should be a fixed number for your house size.

As far as brand goes its all in preferance I believe. I like Linksys others detest it. So far I have not had 1 bad Linksys product (except a broth in laws router but that wasn't me and I still insit he was sitting drinks on top of the thing while sitting at his computer)
Other than that things to consider is security is it needed or not? Also are you going with the wireless router with 1 port or the wireless router with a few wired ports in case you want the higher speed and security of the wired cables.

Personally I like the hardwired router and then setting up an access point off it but thats me being a seperatist and not caring for wireless all that much eacept in the few times I need it.

I'll leave things for other PRO wirless users to expound upon.

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I've connected 2 PCs on XP via a crossover cable.

The PCs can see each other files wise, but I cant gain internet access with the 2nd PC.

I'm on Virgin Media Broadband via a modem (no router) direct to a Network card on the host and the crossover connected via another NIC to the 2nd PC.

I've configured both NIC's with the IPs & 2 respectively with subnet on both but no joy with the internet on the 2nd PC.

I've tried XP Network Wizard several times, checked and double checked the ICS option.

Driving me crazy so any help would be appreciated folks.

Many thanks in advance.

A:Networking advice required

I take it you've checked the XP firewall settings?

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This is a weird one.
I have a LAN set up with 8 PCs all running XP Pro or Home.
The workgroup is called EMBASSY and all the computers are configured to use that workgroup.
We have assigned IP ranging from to 0.10 for some reason sometimes some of the computers wont communicate with each other, nothing show up in the Workgroup or "net view" or by pinging them.
Why is this happening? Is there a fix?
Also when I look in network connections there are 3 LANS, one with my network card, one with a WAN, and one Video server. I dont need the WAN or video I just want the LAN. Is there a way I can completely remove all the connections, unistall the card and start again.

BTW The whole network was working fine last nite!!!!

A:XP Networking Woes, any advice?

This is an odd problem that I have been trying to figure out my self for a few months now. I am in a house with about 50 computers on my LAN and I used to be able to view people's computers, or even "net view", but a few months ago it quit working and I haven't figure out why or how to fix it. Other people on my LAN can see the other computers, but I can't. I konw there are a few other people who also cannot see all the comptuers...
Strange problem, hopefully someone has a solution.

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hi this is hari,
could any one help me regarding WIRELESS NETWORKING

A:wirelss networking advice

Take a look at this link -

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We have a HUB site with a 768 kbps circuit connecting to 9 other spoke sites. All the spoke site have ISDN as their backup link.
However when the HUB circuit went down, the spoke sites interface are still showing up/up assuming that the connection is still up, thus the ISDN backup did not kick in.

We have engaged our Tier 3 engineers, and after some investigations. Our engineers suspect that the probable cause is due to the Netsolve CSU. The CSU spoofs the link to make it seems UP. It doesnt work like a normal frame connection where one side goes down, you will see the other side go down as well.

There is something about this design that prevents that from happening. When a spoke site circuit goes down, it will activate ISDN. But when the Hub goes down, there is an issue.

Please advice us based on the Netsolve CSU, would they send LMI back toward the router or to the Frame Switch instead?

please advice why would the hub circuit go down but the spoke circuit remain up

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I have 3 computers on my network all thru a netopia r-7100 router hub which provides dsl service. I now have a second dsl line which goes into one of the hub ports on the router. Unfortunately, the new dsl service uses a XSPEED 320 dsl bridge and the IP address and gateway must be configured on the network setup on computer#3. When this is complete, the other 2 computers loose networking support with # 3.
The 2 computers, 1 & 2, use IP's that I can assign at will and are in the range of etc with a gateway to the netopia of The Netopia has its own Ip and firewall thus I can do this. The third computer uses a 216.33.54.xx address with a gateway of 216.33.54.xx. Since the xspeed isn't a hub or router the computer dedicated to this must be setup this way.
How can I restore network comunications between lost computer#3 and computers 1 & 2.
The only way I can do this now is to change the Ip and gateway and which is a pain in the neck.
In case you are curious why I have 2 dsl connections, the 2nd line is a backup line at a residential cheap $$ rate while the netopia line at a business rate--much more money. I will cancel the more expensive line when my contract expires in 8 months.
All computers using win 2000 pro.
Microsoft wanted $250.00 to answer this question, I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!

A:{Advice Given} - Win 2k networking with 2 dsl connections


Assign 2 IP addresses to the NIC in PC3.

Go to you TCP/IP settings on Computer 3. Click on the advanced button in the properties of TCP/IP. Add the IP address (192.168.1.xx) and subnet mask (, and add the IP address of the other DSL modem in the Gateway section, but give it a higher cost then the DSL modem connected to it.

See if that works.

Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]


Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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ANY help would be MUCH appreciated.

1)Three divisions in your company--accounting, advertising, and engineering---have each been running their own workgroup environment for over a year. THe MIS department has been tasked with connecting these three workgroups together and is willing to purchase a server if necessary. Engineering has been running a NetWare Lite network that has no server but does have nine NetWare clients. The advertising department has been using LocalTalk, which is built into their Macs. Accounting has been using Windows for Workgroups and Windows95 to share their files and printers. Develop a solution that will allow these three divisions to easily share resources. Include server software, protocols, any other options, and reasons why you chose those options.

2) As adminstrator for your group's MacIntosh network, you have been asked to help upgrade the network and conect it to the existing PC network. Your department has been growing rapidly, contributing to concerns about whether the network will be able to handle the expansion. With these considerations in mind, develop a plan to upgrade and connect the networks. Outline the specifications you will use to design the network, including the network architectures involved, protocols, cabling changes, transmission speeds, and so forth.

3) A local bank has just hired you to completely re-design its network. Money is no object, but its database transactions are time-critical, and PCs throughout the ba... Read more

A:{advice Given} - Help! Networking Questions I don't Get!!

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My unabashedly geeky goal is to run two Xboxes on Xbox Live with minimal cables.

I know you can get plug-in cards that add wireless capability to an Xbox, but I don't want something that specialized. I want a different sort of product, which I imagine *must* exist; I'm just having trouble identifying what it is called and where I can buy it. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

I already have a Netgear wireless router/gateway. I want a device that communicates with the Netgear, and which has at least two standard ethernet jacks. I would put the device in the room with the Xboxes and connect both to it with very short lengths of cable. They would then communicate with the Netgear through that device. I think this would be much better than running cable all the way from the Netgear to the room with the Xboxes, and probably cheaper than getting each Xbox a separate wireless adapter.

If I'm not mistaken, Apple's Airport Express would do the job for *one* Xbox, because it has an ethernet port. I want something that can handle more than one device.

Thanks in advance if anyone can point me toward a particular product, or class of products.


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Hi there,

I work for a small business in France and we have just branched out and setup three separate offices and are looking for a solution that will help us all connect, share files and have access to each others computers.

We have tried using LogMeInís Hamachi2 product to connect with each other but it doesnít seem to be working for us. We are having major issues, specifically with using files in Dreamweaver, where we are unable to connect quickly enough with the machine that stores our files offline to modify pages etc.

I was wondering whether anybody on here could offer any advice that could be suited to small businesses that would allow connections between three separate LANís and multiple computers on those LANís?

We require a secure, strong, fast and reliable connection between us all in order to work efficiently.

One problem we do face is that our three locations are on different Internet connections although each connection is through the same service provider. Two of the offices we have are on reasonable connections of around 10Mb and the third is only on a 1Mb connection due to being Ďout in the sticksí and obviously a good distance from the local exchange, hopefully this connection can be upgraded in the future.

Does anybody on here have any advice towards a solution that would be able to work with the Ďsetupí we have and allow us all to connect securely and quickly without any issues? The only option I have found through Internet searches is to ... Read more

A:Networking Help/Advice Needed

First, you need to determine if your ISP circuits are symmetrical or asymmetrical. This means you either have the same upload and download speeds or you have a larger down versus up.

Next, I have never been a fan of third party VPN services. I always suggest setting up your own VPN service which you control in a business setting. With that said, you'll need a VPN firewall, router, or concentrator at each site. A VPN site to site tunnel would need to be set up. Hopefully, each site is on unique private subnet(s) to make the routing easier and cleaner. This would be the way I would go.

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Do you have any idea on setting up the Linkys Router with 4 port switch (besfr41)? I have followed the directions in the manual but I get nothing, no connection to the internet. The modem is connected to the router and the router is connected to the pc. Although I am using a straight cad 5 cable between modem & router. Use a crossover cable instead between the DSL modem and router? Any comments would be great.


A:{Advice Given} - DSL/Router networking configuration

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I recently upgraded to Windows 2000, and am having some problems networking over my school's Ethernet network because I am new to the world of NT. I can use the network from my computer for browsing the internet and the local LAN, but I can't seem to get anyone else on the network to access my computer (or my shared folders).

Here is what my settings looked like in Win98 (in Control Panel, under Network):

Properties for TCP/IP Ethenet Card:
Automatic IP Aquisition
Enable WINS (and two IP addresses entered)
No Gateway addresses
DNS Disabled
Client for Microsoft Networks checked
File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks checked

My Primary Network Logon was Client for Microsoft Network

I show up in the Workgroup, but other computers (that don't have Win2K) seem to need a password to access mine. I didn't set a password in any of the network settings, all all my shared folders give everyone read permissions. I don't know where to change that password, and I tried all the passwords I could have given it. (The dialog box on the Win98 machine says it is trying to access "\\kwdrum42\ipc$".)

What am I doing wrong?

- Kevin

[This message has been edited by kwdrum42 (edited 05-05-2000).]

A:{Advice Offered} - Win2K Networking



Firstly, you need to re-create the shares on your HD. The reason for this, is that NT shares information slightly differently from Win98.

Also, the default shares that get installed with NT, are invisible shares, to Win98.

So, to share your C: drive, right click on the c: drive and select "Sharing..."

It will come up with the default share name of "C$". Any share with a $ sign at the end is a hidden share, and only NT machines can access them.

So, you need to click on New Share button.

Input a new name

Click on the Permissions button. By default, the "Everyone" group has full access to that share. You might not want to give them Write access. That way, no one can overwrite a file of yours. They can see, and copy it, but not change it on your machine.

Hope that helps

Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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I'm currently running 5 Windows98 workstation and 1 NT 4.0 server. I have one printer attach to the server as a print server. However, now I got another printer that is a HP 4050TN which has a NIC. Do load the printer software to the server and it will configure itself or I need to configure the printer. Whats the procedure?

Thanks in advance.

A:{Advice Offered} - Networking the printer

You'll have to create a print server on your network, but the NT printer drivers will need to be loaded at each desktop that will use the printer.

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I have 2 computers and 2 different brands of network cards but they are both hooked up to this 5 port hub from Linksys I bought and I am unable to network them together.. The computers can't seem to "see" each other. It seems like I have the right settings but they just won't "see" each other...

Also I am on a cable modem right now with 2 seperate ip addresses, I don't know if that information is pertinent.


A:{Advice Offered} - networking with Win 98SE

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I have a 3com network ethernet hub to connect two computers with Win 98SE. Each computer has an ethernet NIC card installed, with the ADSL line currently connected to the one in computer #1. I was told to just plug the ADSL modem line into a hub port with a line from each ethernet card from each computer which also go into the hub. Is this correct?

A:{Advice Offered} - Networking hub question

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Just got cable internet and want to network my other computer to take advantage of it. What would be the beat way to go about it in your opinion. Also any links to doing it would be appreciated. Was thinking wireless.

A:Cable Internet and networking Advice

add a router to share the internet and protest your system. if you don't have money to buy a router, use windows ICS (Internet connection sharing). check this page for more details,

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Hey Gang!

This post might be a bit on the long side but please bear with me. I thank you in advance for your advice and replies, it's greatly appreciated.

Here's the deal. A local kennel wants to get their office computerized. Currently they're doing everything on paper and it's just becoming overwhelming for them. They've appointed me the task of handling the job and maintaining their systems, and...well...I have no idea which direction to go with their setup. I've never networked in a business location before and never had to network more than three systems.

They have a large U shaped front desk where they will need three computers. The employee in charge of bookeeping/finance will also need a computer - her office is sort've behind the front desk in a cubby hole kind of thing. I plan to custom build all computer systems. All four computers will be running a boarding program called Kennel Connection ( - but only the finance office PC will also need Quickbooks. However, all four computers will need access to a central database where the QB and KC files will be stored. They'll also be sharing a printer. I'm not too sure what else they'll be sharing but I imagine maybe a fax at the most. It would be nice to set up remote access so I could offer them support off-site but it's not mandatory. I'd like to avoid using a server; I've just never worked with them before and would hate to get i... Read more

A:Office Networking - Advice & Planning

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All I want to do is setup a simple wireless network so I can share an internet connection and also be able to move the laptop from room to room. I have a Dell desktop running windows xp on a DSL connection. I will be buying a wireless laptop (toshiba P205-S6237) running Windows Vista Premium. I bought a Belkin wireless router (F5D7230-4) not realizing it was not compatible with
Windows Vista. Belkin tells me there is an updated driver on their website and that I need to download it in order for this thing to work. My question regarding downloading. Do I download the driver to the desktop or the laptop or both. Is this driver a new version of the "network wizard"? Thx!


A:Newbie need pre-networking setup advice

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I'm new at networking. I would like to network 2 laptops and 1 desktop.

1) What equipment do I need?

2) And if I'm running Win98, do I need any other software?

3) What kind of transfer rate can I expect out of this simple network?

A:{Advice Given} - Networking two laptops and desktop PC

1) A network card for each computer. PC Card NICs for the laptops, and a PCI one for the desktop. A hub to plug all the wires into.

2) Nope - 98 has all you need for standard networking.

3) That depends on the hub and NICs you buy. If you get 100BaseT (which I recommend) you will get a very fast transfer rate.

Note - this will NOT share the Internet over your network. For that you will need a proxy server. Windows 98SE has a simple one built in though.

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Changing from peer-to-peer to client/server later this week, and I was wondering about some of the basics. What are the benefits of double NIC-ing? Is it just a security measure? I was planning on using just one.

Also, the path I was going to take was: wall, adsl "modem", hub, systems. Server based networks are new to me, and I just want to make sure that I don't totally screw it up. I am certified to TCP/IP and Windows 2000, but this will be the first real-world test (shiver).

A:{Advice Offered} - Networking basics


Going from Peer-to-Peer to Server/Client should not require a hardware change. What you are doind is changing the LOGICAL network, not the PHYSICAL network.

Things to remember:<ol>
<LI> If you plan to use the Active Directory, then you need to have the AD add-on for all your non-Win2K PCs (The clients for Win9x/ME are on the Win2K Server CD under CLIENTS and the NT4 client is still in Beta phase but will be released with SP7 for NT4). For instructions on how to use the AD, you can look here:<ul>
<LI> Active Directory Online Documentation
<LI> Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Active Directory

<LI> You need to make sure that each PC is set to log onto the domain. In Win9x/ME, this is done by selecting the Client for Microsoft Networks and clicking on the Properties button, and then putting a tick in the "Log onto an NT domain" option and putting in the correct name of your domain in the space provided. In NT4, open up the network applet in control panel, and on the first tab, click on the Change button. Then move the radio button to the Domain section, and type in the name of your domain. Then put a tick in the "Create a computer account on the domain" box and put in a username and password for a user with DOMAIN admin access (this is only used once to create the computer account). In Win2K, right click on My Computer, and go down to properties. Click on the "Network Identifiaction" tab and the... Read more

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Win ME, Protected error reported during reboot once Home Networking Wizard finishes. Computer will not come out of safe mode. Network is all setup before running wizard. Connecting two computers ( Eventually 3) to each other via a Linksys 5 port hub. The Ethernet (3Com) card installs fine. The cable modem is connected to the computer via a USB EZconnect card. That seems to be working fine. I have to uninstall the connection before I can reboot in normal mode.

A:{Advice Offered} - Home Networking Win Me

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I have 2 PC's, both connected to internet via wired router (broadband cable modem) Both are using Win98SE. Where can I locate knowledgable article(s) about setting up a local network?

A:basic networking setup advice please

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local restaurant wants to offer free WIFI to their customers. i've done work for them before, but because certain issues and thick adobe walls, i would like some advice how to approach the WIFI setup.

it's about 8000 sq ft. (rough outline of the space attached) on the top in small office are their computers and comcast modem + switch and WIFI router.

what i want:
1) do bridge connection to existing switch, but separate the network so guests do not have access to the shared computers
2) distribute the signal over the 8000 sq feet. there are thick 4ft wide adobe walls. (more of them and more comlex then the outline)
3) originally intended to distribute internet over power outlets, but the property is old and they have 7 different power circuits as it expanded over the time. it's a mess. that won't work.

in the middle is large open patio surrounded by seating space with thick walls.

how would you approach this ? chain of WIFI expanders ? run cables to key locations and have routers there ?

A:advice on WIFI networking for a restaurant

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Hello all:
My wife and I purchased a computer from a university auction. When they erased all the files off of the computer they erased dial-up networking off of the computer. We did not get the Windows NT Cd so we are unable to connect to the internet. Is there a free download out there that would help? Help please.

A:{Advice Offered} - Dial up networking


Before I help, I think I should say that it is important to get hold of a CD with the install files for your operating system. There are many times where a solution would depend on using your install files to help with the completion of the solution.

Now, as for getting a dial-up networking alternative:

WWW.Winfile.Com's Windows NT Dial-up Networking Dialers

I hope this helps

Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]


Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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I'm running a machine with Win ME and Win 2000 in dual boot mode. I also have two other PC's (running Win98 only) and the three of them are connected in a network.

When I boot into ME, I can see the other 2 PC's, so I know that my physical network (cables) are OK.

When I boot into Win2000, which is configured to be part of a Work Group, the only PC I see is mine when going to "My Network Places --> Computers Near Me". I checked the TCP/IP seetings for both NIC's on my machine and assigned the internal network NIC the IP address ( I even un-installed and re-installed the 2 NIC's from "Device Manager". I also spent the last two hours trying many settings and combinations but still no good.

Is there something that I'm missing ? Thanks for any help

A:{Advice Offered} - Win2000 Networking


Um... the "Computers Near Me" is for when you are connected to a Win2K domain, running Active Directory. What you need to click on is Entire network/Microsoft Windows network/{Workgroup name}.

If that still does not work, try ping the IP addresses of the other PCs, and then try ping their computer names. Then try browsing again.


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]


Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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Is it possible to connect 4 computer systems with NO HDD to a Win NT server?
if yes how.

A:{Advice Given} - Networking dumb machines

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(This was originally posted as a reply to a "solved" problem. I realise now that I should have started a new thread....)

as a few of you actually have this device, perhaps you can answer my questions while I wait for mine to be delivered.

I currently have two PCs permanently networked - one has two ethernet cards so it acts as a server for the other. The other card is connected to a (NTL) cable modem. I'm currently switching the other Orange unlimited service, but am not sure of the best configuration to adopt. I've recently bought a Buffalo Linkstation Pro which supports gigabit ethernet. I want to be able to access the disk from either PC without needing to turn the other on.

Am I right in believing the Livebox only supports 2 wired ethernet connections? If so, I guess I need to connect one of them to a switch or a second router. But which? so far I haven't seen any gigabit routers. Am I right in thinking that the switch will do the job?

Has anyone got any experience of using livebox with either a separate switch or router? if so, what pitfalls (if any) should be avoided?

I could connect both PCs and the linkstation to the switch, and the switch to the livebox,
or use both livebox connections and only have two of the devices connected to the switch, but then one of the PCs will only be able to access the linkstation via 100 base T. (the loss of speed is possibly not a great concern)

or I could connect the PC with 2 ethernet cards to both t... Read more

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Hello. I'm gonna lay out the full situation first and see if anyone can help. My two roommates and I decided to share an ADSL line among our three computers. Supposedly, because of Bellsouth, we cannot hook the DSL line directly to the network hub and split the lines that way. So, instead I decided to use my desktop, currently running Windows 98 1st ed., as a gateway to the other two.

So far I have only attempted to hook up the network to one other computer but my results have been quite bad. He has a laptop running windows 95. I assume that all the connections in and out of the network hub are fine because I'm getting green led's all around, but whenever I attempt to access the network from the roommate's computer I get an unaccessible message. I set his network protocol default to TCP/IP, just like mine, and yet his computer doesn't seem to recognize the network.

My questions are: what else can I try to get his computer to recognize the network? and after the network is running, what must I do to allow internet sharing (because it isn't built into my windows.)

A:{Advice Offered} - Networking 3 computers with a hub/DSL

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Here Goes...

I have been asked to put together a network of around 65 computers + 4 imacs. I have chosen the client/server based network. (M$ network)
Altogether there are...

01x NT4 Standalone (MAIL/EXCHANGE/RAS)
(all run SP6a)


The problem is that i cannot get 90% of the w95 terminals to logon to the domain server. I have looked at each terminal individually and still cannot figure out whatís going wrong.

I have checked and compared the configuration of the w95 terminals that work and that donít and the only difference is that one is better than the other. Can Anyone Shed Some Light On My PROB

P.S I have checked and all of the NIC's and other hardware is functioning normally.


A:{Advice Offered} - need help networking old stations

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Hi all.

I'm currently running an ad-hoc network at home, which is growing as more family members acquire computers in their bedrooms, etc. I'm wondering if now might be the time to look at consolidating some of the activities into dedicated servers.

Email and calendaring, I think, would be best 'served' from a central location - possibly using exchange or similar (are there any cheaper / free alternatives?). It would be great to have each family members' diaries accessible from any of the terminals in the home.

Also music could be stored centrally - currently all of us have mixed up music collections on each of our local drives, only accessible to others using file-sharing.

It'd be great to automate 'my documents' backups for all the machines, too, as well as periodic 'system' backups (OS and software).

I'd also like to be able to centrally control internet access, particularly for the kids for obvious reasons. Perhaps a proxy server to ban unsuitable sites, and to handle AntiVirus, etc?

Now, I have a Dell PowerEdge 600 (P4 2.x ghz, 512mbram), not really being used for much, which I could use as a general server. Would this be an appropriate box to use for the above tasks? (email, calendar, proxy, backup). I can hook-up some USB drives to it - I have a LaCie 500, and a Maxtor 400.

Our current configuration is:

Dell P4 (wifes work-from-home terminal with all her music, plus whole family calend... Read more

A:Home networking advice request

rednek said:

(1) I'm wondering if now might be the time to look at consolidating some of the activities into dedicated servers.

(2) Email and calendaring, I think, would be best 'served' from a central location - possibly using exchange or similar (are there any cheaper / free alternatives?).

(3) Preferrably I'd like to be able to explore possibilities without incurring extra expense!Click to expand...

1+2 implies a Windows Server with Exchange; This will contradict (3)

If anyone has suggestions as to how best I might improve the efficiency of the home network, I'd be extremely interested.Click to expand...

The network per se is rather easy and efficient (unless one or more users start
using BitTorrent P2P programs).

I'd also like to be able to centrally control internet access, particularly for the kids for obvious reasons. Perhaps a proxy server to ban unsuitable sites, and to handle AntiVirus, etc?Click to expand...

Proxy is a great idea. This setup would allow tight control of the usage and virus protection;

isp--modem---Control.Server---router--other systems
The Control.Server can filter all traffic and access, but AV still is needed everywhere.

If you just want a free fileserver, look into a Linux system as the Control.Server
and be sure it has Samba or can have it installed.

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Okay, here's my trouble: Our school has a computer lab, an easy, basic setup, with 21 computers plus the teachers computer all hubbed together. No central server. The teacher's computer is hooked to the internet through the library's Netware IPX protocol. However, the other 21 computers are not. I need to install an IPX 32-bit Netware protocol on the other computers. (TEacher=w98, others=w95b) Now, the driver is not on the W95 cd, and I don't have the driver disk, so i copied the driver from the teacher's computer. The problem is, when i tried to install it, it says "The specified location does not contain information about your hardware" Any ideas???

A:{Advice Offered} - Networking ? - probably easy to answer

Windows is pick about the darn drivers... You will have to locate teh driver and actually browse to it then type the path in the input box. For some reason it dosent do a search for the driver files. This is the best I can offer. Others may be able to assist you more. t

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I am having some problems creating an F: and tieing it together with a Win95 and Win98. First I need to know how to create an F: and then network it to the other computer. I know that this sounds so simple, but it is giving me a lot of problems!!!

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Um... what exactly are you trying to do????

Are you attempting to create a share on your server that will house each user's info, and each user will see it as the F: drive?

or, are you just trying to add a new drive to a PC?

Can you please be a little more clear as to what result you would like to achieve, what you have done to try bring about that result, and what the problem you are experiencing?


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