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Linksys WRT45G > Unable to access router configuration, whole network degrades

Q: Linksys WRT45G > Unable to access router configuration, whole network degrades

Alright, heres the setup:

(1) DSL Modem
(1) WRT54G Router
(1) Desktop WinXP Pro SP2 machine, hardwired to router
(2) WinXP Pro SP2 laptops, wireless - one with built-in wireless, one with a Linksys WPC11 Instant Wireless Network Adapter, version 3.
(1) WinXP Media Center SP2 laptop, wireless
(1) Ubuntu Personal Edition - "Feisty Fawn" 7.04 laptop, wireless

The router has been set up to use WPA-TKIP encryption on channel 6 with an always-on PPPoE connection; it also has an IP of to avoid an IP conflict with the DSL Modem. DHCP Server is enabled with default settings, MAC Address Clone is disabled, and Operating Mode is set to Gateway. Access is set to allow both B and G, as one of the WinXP Pro laptops is an older model Toshiba that only recognizes the B protocol (that's the one with the WPC11 card).

Here's the problem:

Initially, the setup works flawlessly. All computers are able to see the SSID, connect to the network, and connect to the internet. The connection is fine, doesn't slow down, and is overall pretty healthy. All computers are able to access, and are prompted with the username/password prompt, can change settings, port forwarding, etc.

Now, wait a few days. Usually about a week.

First, the Ubuntu laptop starts to get spotty with it's connection to the internet. After about 10 minutes, the connection to the network starts to fail. Sometimes it will see the SSID, sometimes it won't - and it's not a matter of moving the laptop. It stays pretty much on the same desk and acts as a desktop 98% of the time. If you try to access nothing happens. No username/password prompt, no "access denied" message. Rebooting the machine doesn't improve the situation. Manually entering in the SSID and password don't work, either.

At this point, all of the other computers are still able to access the internet. However, trying to access with *any* of the other machines fails. Even if I try to access it with the wired desktop machine, there is no prompt, no error messages, just a blank white page with a "done" status in both Firefox and IE.

After about a day or two of this, all other machines except for the wired desktop computer will cease to see the SSID and all connections to the network fail. No network access, no internet access. The only machine still connected to the network and the internet is the wired desktop machine.

What I've tried:

At this point, I usually power cycle the Linksys router - and viola, back to normal.

As far as settings-side, I've tried changing just about every setting I can that wont break the system; I've tried changing channels, changing the encryption, changing the IP of the router... and nothing seems to fix the problem.

I've also looked at just about every forum, posting, help-reference, and how-to, and I can't seem to find a solution to the problem, or even what's really happening to cause it.

Normally, I wouldn't take issue with having to restart the router. It's not a big issue for me, personally. But I set up this network for someone else, and at the end of this month I am moving, so I would like to fix and resolve the issue so that they don't have to restart the router every week. They are not very tech-savvy people and I don't want to make things more complicated than they have to be. At the least it's a minor inconvenience, and at the most it's a disaster and a call every week from them asking how to fix it.

A: Linksys WRT45G > Unable to access router configuration, whole network degrades

I'd first upgrade to the latest firmware, and reset to factory defaults and reconfigure. If that fails, I'd have to suspect an issue with the router.

Many times heavy use of P2P does this to SOHO routers, something to consider.

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OK, so after spending several hours trying to work out why this doesn't work - here I am.

I am running two notebooks through a Linksys WRT45G wireless router. One laptop is just hardwired to the router, and the other utilizes the wireless connection. I am having two problems with this. Firstly, I can't connect when security is on, leaving my only option at the moment an unsecured wireless network, but thats not my real concern - I just thought I'd mention it in case someone thinks it may have something to do with it.

My real problem - connecting to my office desktop remotely. Now to do this I have to connect to my company's VPN - No problem. It connects fine without any delay. However when I try and connect to my desktop after establishing the remote destination, the RDC comes up with a message immediately after I press connect. The message states the remote computer cannot be found, but I know it can. Now I thought that somehow this may be a firewall problem so I disabled the windows firewall completely. I tried to connect again - there was actually a delay in between pressing 'connect' and the same error message coming up, but nonetheless it did come up and I still can't connect. I thought this may be a wireless problem, but it must be the actual router because I have exactly the same problem with the other hardwired notebook.

I have tried port forwarding on my Linksys management console. I forwarded ports 3339-3339 and allowed both UDP... Read more

A:Cannot connect to RDC with Linksys WRT45G router

Are you sure this isn't a work firewall issue? The work firewall has to allow for Remote desktop ports to be opened. Also have you checked your work PC for any windows firewall software or anything?

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Hi, I have the TP-Link wired TL-R600VPN router. I was able to access its configuration page from my PC and set the security so that only the PC's MAC address would be able to access it. Now my PC's monitor died and I tried accessing the router's configuration from my laptop, and obviously the access was denied as the MAC address is different. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.

A:Unable to access router's configuration

If you have remote desktop setup on that computer you could remote into the the computer without a monitor other than that you may have to reset the router or if you have a computer running linux and you know the mac you could spoof it and logon

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I have had some issues with this for about 2 weeks. I had another router which was a dell 1184 Wireless broadband router that i was able to connect to the internet with for about 2 years up until a couple weeks ago. So today i bought a new wireless router because that Dell router fell on the floor and broke. The wireless router i have now is a Linksys WRT54G router and i am having issues with connecting it to the internet. I am able to connect to the router fine just no internet. And also i just reasontly reformatted my hard drive a couple weeks ago and noticed this problem of not being able to connect through the wireless before getting the linksys router.

Thanks in advance for any help,

and also, I'm not very computer literate so if possible can you explain stuff to me

thanks again

A:Unable to access the internet through my Linksys WRT54G router

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I have the following ethernet network configuration:


Router 1​

Router 2​
ISP Assigned Static IP
Static IP (A.B.C.1)
Static IP (A.B.C.2)
Static IP (P.Q.R.1)
DHCP Clients (P.Q.R.*)
ISP’s Gateway
Gateway = router 1 (A.B.C.1)
DHCP Server
Gateway = Router 2

DNS = router 1 (A.B.C.1)

DNS = Router 2
One of my computers is set up as a web server and which I can access it from outside my network, but from inside my computer LAN, I cannot acccess it.

Can someone help me on how to configure the Router 2 DNS so that behind the router2, my website URL resolves to the local web server IP address?

Thanks in advance,
Moiz Tankiwala

A:Help needed for Router DNS configuration - Unable to access website from LAN

I ran into the same problem and had to use a proxy service so my
router didn't see it as a local connection attempt.

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Since I changed the security parameters to my Linksys Wireless Router so my grandson could log in while visiting me on his laptop. I can't seem to be able to access my other computer on my home network. Enclosed is an "ipconfig/all" screenshot to help you understand my problem. I need to access my printer on my other printer which I was able to do prior to playing around with my router. All the diagnostics say more or less the same thing. They can "see" the computer but it isn't responding......

Anyway, please help me.

Thank you,

Kent G. Bailey

A:Can my Linksys Router block access to my network

The only real problem I'm seeing with the ipconfig is that the DNS is showing up as a LAN IP address in the 192.168.x.x. range rather than an actual DNS server IP. I'm not sure why this invalid DNS is showing up but it's not right.

If you think the router is somehow blocking anything then resetting the router should clear that up.

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I am unable to access a specific website from my Linksys E1200 router. The Linksys router is able to access every other website that I tried except for this one particular website. I am able to ping the website just fine, but cannot access the site. I narrow it down to the router since every computer connected to the router is unable to access the specific website, but when I changed to my other router, I'm able to access the specific website. Any ideas?

Edit to add: I've tried disabling the firewall...powering down router for a while...tweaking the MTU setting. I'm totally at a lost on what could be the problem.

A:Solved: Unable to access a specific website from Linksys E1200 Router

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I have a Linksys WRT45G router. Whenever I use IE, or browse CERTAIN WEBSITES, it crashes. Some websites crash it faster than others, it's really weird. Here's a list of the websites that crash it: on inbox is an INSTANT crash. I can wait till the network comes back up again and click on it all day long, and it will always INSTANTLY crash my wireless connection.

I've showed a few people I know and they have no clue what it could be. I've pretty extensively searched the internet and haven't found another person with my problem.

When I game online, any IM program, or voip program, it works fine all day long.

A:Linksys WRT45G Crashes On Certain Websites.

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My wireless linksys router is acting up on me again and i'm not sure how to handle this. I copied the error messages exactly as displayed. Sometimes the problem stops after i wait 30min or so but this is happening allot more frequently now.

I started getting these errors in this order

window failed to find domain name prpblems with DNS server
windows confirmed that ''primary DNS server'' is currently online, but is not responding to connection attempts at this time.

This usually means that a firewall is running somewhere between the two computers and is blocking ''domain''. windows has confirmed that windows firewall on this computer is correctly configured to allow this connection. However, a remote firewall might be blocking your connection.

The following policiy might need to be adjusted to allow windows to connect:

Policy provider: windows firewall firewall
filter name: query user

if the policy provider identified is windows firewall ,click for information about adjusting windows firewall settings. If a differnt policy provider has been identified, check the provider's documentation on how to adjust the policy settings.

Reset the network adaptor ''wireless network connection''
resetting the adaptors can sometimes resolve an intermittent problem.

A:Linksys router configuration issues

When Windows gives messages like that there are only two choices:

a. laugh; or

b. cry.

The problem goes away sometimes after 30 minutes with you doing nothing, right? Can you still access the router (ping it, or access its config or status pages)? Have you tried a reset or power cycle of the router? If so, does that clear the problem?

If it is a router problem about all you can do is make sure you have the latest firmware; then reset it to factory default settings and reconfigure it. Next step after that is to replace it.

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I need some serious help. I have computer A hard wired to LInksys WRT54G router and computer B hard wired to Linksys WAP54G access point. Computer B uses Win 7 as its operating system. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get the access point to find the network. Can anyone please advise? Thanks.

A:Connect Linksys Access Point to Linksys Router

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I have a dell xps420/vista. I took my old computer a dell/windows 98 down to my basement to use in my workshop. I wld like to hook it up wireless. I bought a Linksys RangePlus Wireless Router which I successful connected. (with help fm Linksys-they had me type in

I also bought the Linksys Range Plus Network usb Adapter. I ran the cd on my new computer and got lost when it stated to input my ssid and webkey. I now stopped and have no clue.

Can anyone help?
Also-this may be a stupid question...but does that little brown usb thing go to my old computer? I also don't want to hook it all up unsecure. I am getting confused. I'm no computer wizard. Just an old broad still thinkin' she can do pull through this nonense.


A:Linksys Router and Linksys Network usb Adapter

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I have just bought a Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router, the one with the LED message board, anyway it is easy to set up and has WPA-2 security which is a definite improvement on my old router, which wasnt even G level, although it did serve our 2 Desktops and laptop. However the problem is with my Acer Aspire 5610 Laptop, it just won't allow access to my new wireless network. The 2 desktops are fine and were set up on the new security level. There is a red cross against the network when looking on the Laptop. Can anyone advise how I can resolve this.

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Short story even shorter, there was a semi-power outage this morning (lights were very dim but power wasn't totally off), and when the power came back on my router stopped working. Here's what I know:

-The WLAN LED is no longer lit so there's no wireless. That orange CiscoSystems button is no longer glowing orange either if that means much.

-For some odd reason a wired connection through any of the ethernet ports on the router no longer works either, though the LED's still light up when connected, along with the internet LED.

-The modem works fine, I'm connected to the internet directly from the modem right now.

-I've tried to reset the router, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

-I've tried to access the router config settings, and the page doesn't load.

-I've tried to look up the routers ip address through the command prompt but when I enter the command "ipconfig" when I'm wired through the router I always get the response something along the lines of "media disconnected". When I try the command when connected directly to the modem the default gateway ip address comes up as ''. This doesn't work either.
I've been searching the web for solutions for hours and I can't find one. This is actually the first time I've ever had to post a thread asking for help and I've experienced a slew of computer problems over the years, lol.

It may very well ... Read more

A:Solved: Linksys WRT54G router WLAN light off - no internet access via router AT ALL.

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i am unable to reset my router back to default username/password setting.ive been able to reset it in the past, but i cant remember what i did.

i have held the reset button down for 90 secs. then i unplugged the router while still holding down the reset button for an additional 90 secs. and finally plugged the power back in again still holding the reset button for an additional 90 secs.

ive tried switching between different web browser. default gateway is

tried using cmd prompt. used ipconfig /release. ipconfig /renew. just for the heck of it.

ive also read that this same model and version is giving alot of people trouble as far as resetting it goes.

honestly, im not sure what firmware i have installed. im not sure how to check it... if that may be the issue.

while trying to login to router via firefox, i get the security level 15 message

cant remember my username/password

A:Unable to reset linksys BEFW11S4 ver 4 router

Sounds like your router needs a hard reset, the following has helped me in some cases, but be aware, if these procedures don't work, than your router has gone bye bye, it's junk.

To reset your router to factory defaults, use the following procedure:

1) Power down all computers, the router, and the modem, and unplug them from the wall.
2) Disconnect all wires from the router.
3) Power up the router and allow it to fully boot (1-2 minutes).
4) Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds, then release it, then let the router reset and reboot (2-3 minutes).
5) Power down the router.
6) Connect one computer by wire to port 1 on the router (NOT to the internet port).
7) Power up the router and allow it to fully boot (1-2 minutes).
8) Power up the computer (if the computer has a wireless card, make sure it is off).
9) Try to ping the router. To do this, click the "Start" button > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. A black DOS box will appear. Enter the following: "ping" (no quotes), and hit the Enter key. You will see 3 or 4 lines that start either with "Reply from ... " or "Request timed out." If you see "Reply from ...", your computer has found your router.
10) Open your browser and point it to This will take you to your router's login page. Leave the user name blank, and in the password field, enter "admin" (with no quotes). This will take you ... Read more

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I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. I know it works because I was just using a few days a go. I was attempting to reconfigure it so my neighbors would stop using my network. I tried to go through the installation cd and followed all the directions. I even called Linksys and spent an hour on the phone to no avail. I know it's not the modem because I'm using it right now. What can I do to fix this?

A:Linksys router unable to connect to internet

Need more info:
Cable or DSL ?
Error msgs?

Have you reset the router to it's default settings?

Have you checked the Linksys site for current firmware updates?

Is it only a wireless connection that is failing or does the hardwaired connection also fail?

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I have two computers connected to a cable modem through a Linksys Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port Switch. I can surf the internet just fine from both computers, but I can't do any file sharing between them. They are both Windows XP Professional SP2 with different computer names and the same workgroup name. When I go under My Nework Places and click on View Workgroup Computers, a dialog box pops up saying, "<Workgroup Name> is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available." It's just a simple home network that I'm trying to build and I have my user accounts on both computers are administrators. How can I be able to share files?

A:Unable to share files through Linksys Router

You can try going into the computer by using teh ip address. Whatever you setup your individual computers IP addresses through your router. Instead of using \\compname use //local IP

If this doesn't work post back.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:

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I just bought a WRT54GL and have run through the setup wizard. The router tries to detect an internet conn at the end of setup and fails.

I have an ethernet internet connection, and have plugged it into the WLAN port of the router. If I plug the cable into my laptop, i use the following settings and I get onto the internet -


Proxy: PORT: 80

When prompted on the router setup to input ISP details during the setup, I tried DHCP and the above IP's.....

Any ideas why the router can't detect the internet connection?????

A:Linksys router unable to see internet conn - HELP

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Trying to forward a port. 2346, with a linksys router but to no avail. Please view below

Also no firewall of anysort and I have updated firmwire, and my router is NOT running hot.Message Edited by wwarriorww on 03-28-2009 09:43 AM

A:Unable to port forward with any Linksys router

What is the manufacturer and model number of your modem? (The device that connects to the WAN or Internet port of the router.)

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Ok, I have Windstream DSL that connects through a Siemens 4200 modem that goes into my linksys wrt54g wireless router. So how exactly do I access the modem, if when I type in goes to the router. How can I access the modem to port foward? The only current way I can get to access settings on my modem is to go to and go to configurations in the top right. From there I can access the modem. Is there any way to port foward with this modem?

A:[Siemens] Accessing Siemens 4200 configuration page with a Linksys router

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Hi, I have a linksys WRT54G v8 wireless router and no matter what I do I cannot access the login page.

I typed into FireFox and IE and I get Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

I uploaded a picture of my ipconfig I don't know what else to do becuase I've tried it on several computers.

Help anyone?


A:Can't access linksys router

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HI, i can get on DSL when the DSL modem is directly connected to my computer, and it works great.

But i have two computers!, and i want it to work with my BEFSR41 Linksys router (it worked fine when i had my previous DSL modem set up).

I have MCI DSL through MCI neighborhood, and i called them but they cannot help me!

I NEED TO KNOW THE WAN CONNECTION TYPE of this DSL. for example, is it PPOE? or static. I have no clue, and I also need a username and pass fo PPOE.



A:MCI DSL network with linksys router

You WAN Connection Type depends on how you are connecting to the internet with just the modem.

If you have to log-in with username and password, then your connection type is PPPoE.

Should it happen that you do not have to log-in, and everything just seems to be automatic with the modem, just set the router to Obtain an IP Automatically.

If you have a set of tcp/ip settings from MCI, then the router has to be set to Static.

Now, if you're pc has to be set to static and at the same time you have to log-in with MCI's username and password, just have it set to PPtP.

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In the past, I could access my routers set up by typing in as the address in my web browser. Now I am not able to access the set up window. I have connectivity to the internet and everything has been working just fine. I usally go into the configuration to turn on and off the wireless portion of my router. The router is a netgear VPN. Can someone please assit with this issue. Thanks!

A:Can't Access Router Configuration

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See if anybody knows what is going on here.

I just got a new job and they have in the office a Linksys WRT54G v5 wireless router. It has dual antenas.

That is connected to a Quest DSL modem.

What happens is that, about 15 times a day suddenly all the wireless AND wired stations will have no Internet access. And also local networking screws up.
If you look at the wireless config on any particular PC, it will say connected to the access point, but Internet cannot be found.
However, even though it's connected to the access point, it's more like notworking instead of networking

Ok, so before I got here, they used to do a full reset on the router each time. But that took to long so they just unplug power and plug back in, and it will work again for who knows how long.

I got on Linksys web site and saw they have firmware version 1.00.9 available, and this is running 1.00.0 (original).
I had credit card in hand to buy a new router, but decided to do firmware instead. And that was about 5 minutes ago, so we'll see if that worked.

But my question is, does anybody know of this router having trouble staying networked and connected to a DSL modem?

Here is the page which has the version info on the firmware:

If somebody reviews the updates in that list, can they tell me if any of the updates would affect this DSL connection and might fix it?
At first si... Read more

A:Linksys router keeps cutton off access

First, are your problems with the WAN or the LAN connection?

Do the clients get cut off from the router (the wireless status doesn't mean anything) or does the router drop its internet connection?

All PPPoE fixes could have fixed any issues with DSL.

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I had some problems with my linksys wireless-g router, which i use for my desktop (xp) and laptop (vista). I went through the linksys automatic phone system resetting computer and going to, etc., using my desktop. When I was done, I have internet access on my desktop but the laptop gets an error message that "This computer is set to "linksys" with security enabled etc. I suspect I have unintentionally switched from a secure to an insecure wireless setting.

Can anyone help so my laptop can access it again?


A:can't get laptop access with linksys router

You need to configure the wireless capability of the router using your desktop wired connection. After you setup the wireless encryption, remove all the stored wireless network profiles from the laptop and connect, it should ask for the encryption key again.

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I cannot access just ONE Web site on either of my home computers when I am connected through my LinkSys router, but I can get to that site with a straight modem connection so that tells me it's an issue with the router. I have tried resetting it multiple times and doing a factorr reset. Has anyone ever had this issue and actually solved it??

A:Cannot access ONE Web site using Linksys router

My questions are so good, no one can ever answer them.

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WRT54GS wireless router which needs rebooting at least 4-5 times per week. Using bittorrent a lot and all of a sudden I can't get a green light so I want to check the router settings. Won't access the router. Times out. I've tried and (which worked in the past). If I remember right you don't use http://. Tried both with and without and it doesn't make a difference. Any ideas how I can get into the router before I replace it. I've had it with this piece of junk and won't buy Linksys again. And, while I've got your attention, any recommendations for a wireless router for general web use? Thanks.

A:Solved: Can't Access Linksys Router

To make sure you're entering in the right number, go to start>programs>accessoires>command prompt. Type in ipconfig, and make sure it is the address that is listed for the default gateway.

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Alright, I have a linksys router (802.11b). Before I got my new laptop I had one PC directly hooked up to the router with an ethernet cable, another PC with a wireless linksys card, and a laptop with a wireless linksys card. Everything was working fine until I got my new laptop and connected a Netgear wireless card. For some reason everything stopped working when I installed the netgear card except for the computer that is connected through ethernet.

After trying to get the new computer connected with the Netgear card for awhile, I asked someone for help and they said try opening up command prompt and typing in ipconig/ release ipconfig/ renew. That seemed to work because it connected to the linksys network and I am browsing from it fine now as we speak. For some reason my other two computer that used to work fine on the network (both with linksys cards), still don't work. They both show excellent signal strength from the router, so that isn't the problem. I can't get connected, not even to the linksys setup (

Any ideas of some stuff I can try to get these computer working again?

A:Help getting network working again with linksys router.

Have you tried restarting the other two machines?

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Please help newbie network 4 PC's using Linksys router

I am actually asking this for my girlfriend who is a techie and wants to network 4 PC's together.

Has Wired outlets
Has Linksys Router
All machines are running Windows XP Home

Network PC's to share:
-Internet Connection
-Files on each PC
-Programs on other PC's (doubt it can be done without VNC perhaps)
-Print to any of 2 printers connected via USB or parallel port but not Network capable (Ethernet/LAN) printers
Help, To-Do's, Things people usually forget, Gotchas, Security, and even links to Tutorials or an easily obtained book (in a store) is much appreciated.

Thanks for any help in advance

A:Please help newbie network 4 PC's using Linksys router

which router is she using? If it's just a DSL router you're not going to be able to create a network, you'll just be able to access the internet from all 4 pc's, independently. In order to create a network you'll need a router with a built-in 4-port switch (or not built-in; separate). Let us know the router make/model for the instructions you asked for on how to setup.

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Question is how can i share AOL dsl connection? i configured the network and it's is working , using a LINKSYS {EthernetFast Cable dsl router} but the internet connection doesnt work.
the modem that i use is WESTELL... i installed aol 6.0 and it will work only if i change WAN --> TO the UPLINK {modem connection} This router can share 4 computers, it has WAN port and a UPLINK Port.. according to the installation manual the modem cable is supposed to go to the WAN Port. And also i called the TECH support, they went through some installation procedures..
Lan Ip address
Wan IP Address---obtain address automatically
The problem that i'am having is through their router setup screen when i check for to connnect it gives me an error saying that autentication failed. according to tech support they told me that it's the user name and password {aol}.. i put the same sn and pswd which i use for aol, used my other one's, same error.
Tech support told me to enable PPPoE
under there i put the User name and password for aol. above--^ ERROR

if u have any tip that u can give me i would appreciate it...
thank you,
e-mail me at [email protected]

A:How to install the AOL dsl onto the network using a LINKSYS DSL ROUTER?.

on the router, there should be a filed that you can specify for a PPOE or something like that, you need to fill out the info over there,

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I can't seem to access the routers web configuration page, I get a Gateway Timeout message. I tried rebooting the router, then rebooted my system, but still nothing. It worked fine a few weeks ago. That was the last time I remember using it. I'm not sure what has happened. I checked the TCP/IP properties and everything is set to contain an IP address automatically. Plus in the ipconfig the default gateway is

I am running windows XP and my netgear router is PR114

I did look around the site to see if this question was posted before, but I didn't find anything off hand. If this question has been posted before, please post the link.. Thank you..

A:Can't access router web configuration page

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I have new Toshiba laptop with Windows 7, I am connected to my wireless network but can't access the internet. Do I need to something unique to get to internet ?? Going on 2 hours of frustration!!

A:Laptop internet access to Linksys Router

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Can anyone offer help on this, please?

I have a new 64-bit desktop running Windows 7 (Home Premium) and an old 32-bit laptop running XP Pro, networked via a linksys router with a HP printer attached to the desktop. I have installed a Windows 7 printer driver in the desktop, and it prints fine. I can no longer print from the laptop, however, although it recognises the printer.

The desktop replaces a previous one running XP Pro. I don't think I have a printer driver in the laptop (but it is possible), nor do I know if it is necessary.

Can I get around this problem by installing an XP driver in the laptop, or is there a 32- vs 64-bit incompatibility causing it?


A:Home network printer, linksys router, 2 different OSs

If you connect the laptop directly to the printer and install the driver and check that everything is working.

once this is done disconnect the direct link and go through the network add printer and it should see the printer and allow you to use the "existing driver"

if not you need to create a new port in the xp printer driver, ( printer properties - ports- add port), a TCP/IP port pointing to the address that the printer is on the network - (either the machine address,(/computername/printername), IP address,(/192.n.n.n/printername) or just the IP address for a network printer

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Now that you understand the general concepts of a network, explaining port forwarding is easy. When a computer on the internet sends data to the external ip address of the router, the router needs to know what to do with the data. Port Forwarding simply tells the router which computer on the local area network to send the data to. When you have port forwarding rules set up, your router takes the data off of the external ip address: port number and sends that data to an internal ip address: port number. Port Forwarding rules are created per port. So a rule set up for port 53 will only work for port 53.

A port can only be used by one program at a time! Think of how this rule interacts with NAT. Well you've only got one external ip address on your router. When computer 1 is using port 500, it is using port 500 on it's internal ip address. If you have set up a port forwarding rule for computer 1 and port 500, the external ip address's port 500 is also in use. This means that you can only use port 500 on one computer on the network at a time. Using port 500 on two computers at the same time would violate the one program rule, and your data would get messed up. Most routers require you to specify an internal ip address to forward ports to, just for this reason. Some do not, so be aware of this. Port Forwarding rules will only work for one computer at a time! Click to expand...

looking for a way around this rule,... Read more

A:LinkSys router, need TCP packets forwarded to two PCs on network

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Trying to help sister - she has linksys router using wep/128B+/open/with network key (excuse ignorance in terminology). Internet works on xp and laptop, but not on win98 machine with linksys wireless-g pci (used to work before I added network key). Here's control panel info:
configuration - linksys wireless-g pci adapter - properties - advanced - ssid matches router - shows binding to tcp/ip linsksys wireless-g pci adapter
tcp/ip linksys wireless-g pci adapter - properties - specify ip address (should this be on router somewhere?) - host on dsn config matches router - dsn server ip matches router ip
Somehow missing link between win98 machine and router. HOW???????
You guys are awesome! Thanks, Sheryl

A:win98/wireless linksys router/network key

You should be using automatic IP addresses. If there's some reason for using static IP addresses, you should make sure that you've specified the Default Gateway at or you won't get connected to the Internet.

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I've updated the firmware of the router and now have problems galore of not being able to connect to the internet and other computers. Here's the specs:

Linksys BEFSR41 version 2 (wired) router
Firmware: befsr41v2.1-v1.45.11_code.bin (installed using befsr41v2_14511_Tftp.exe) This is the June 2004 firmware.
Cable modem and four computers on the router.

What I've done:

1. Pushed the reset button.

2. Reset the the router (i.e., hold the reset button down for 20-30 seconds, unplugged the router for 30 seconds, powered up again).

Once I reset the router (both ways I mentioned above), it works for a few hours then no internet connection again.

I've had no problems with this router for four years and now it's going weird on me.

I checked with the cable company and there is no problems with the service in my area. The cable modem lights show that the modem is working properly and is sending data to the computer.

Am I doing anything wrong? Did I mess up a setting on configuration? Help!

A:Linksys Router Freezes = No Internet/Network

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Some of us don't use just a wireless router, but a combination of wireless and wired routers. In such cases the configuration of the devices can be a little tricky. But this thread it will be explained in depth, each step how to set up a wireless access points for laptops

This tutorial is going to explain how to set-up wireless for people who have setups similar to this model:

Modem -> Wired Router -> Wireless Router

Modem -> Wired Router -> Switch -> Wireless Router

***Note, there are pictures at the bottom of this post, use those for reference when going through this guide***


- Wireless router / power cord
- An ethernet cable to go from the router to the computer we'll be working with
- Oh, a computer with Internet Explorer or Firefox, no chrome yet lol

Step 1: Getting everything ready

- Take the wireless router, plug in the power, and take an ethernet cable from the back of the wireless router ***NOT THE INTERNET / WAN PORT but any port labled [1,2,3,4]*** plug the other end into the computer or laptop

- Now, once the laptop is booted up make sure its connected to the router

- Open up Internet Explorer or Firefox
- in the address bar type in the default router IP address which for dlink's is for linksys products its usually and hit enter
- if prompted for a username and password:
- dlink: username: admin password: blank
- linkys: username: admin password: admin

Step 2: Wirele... Read more

A:Wireless Router Configuration as a Access Point

I'm guessing its not too useful or it needs to be revised lol

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I am so sorry for posting a new message when I've read several posts about this same problem. I have tried everything posted on here without luck. My problem is I had my desktop in for service (just needed a fan replaced and they did a fresh install of my os instead ... ack) and now I am trying to get my wireless router setup. I don't understand ANY tech please dumb it down for me lol. I have an Acer Aspire 5315 laptop with Vista (built in wireless). It was connecting to the internet thru my router before the service to the desktop and now I'm getting "local only" access and at times will get an error DNS or 322. When I first got my desktop back home and everything connected again I was able to get internet on my laptop but it kept disconnecting. I was able to get it back on each time until someone told me that I needed to set up the router again to stop it from "popping off"..ugh big mistake I guess lol. I had a tech from Linksys walk me thru setup because I couldn't get it to setup using the cd that came with the router. Now, I can only get "local only". When I talked to Linksys tech support (several times) they told me that the router was acting as a switch and not a router and gave me instructions on how to fix it....nothing helped. I've read everything on here and nothing has helped. Please help...I'm getting grey hair over this lol. Thank you!!

A:Linksys WRT54G broadband router getting local only access

Hi:Ok.Generally speaking adapter driver issues are not uncommon over an os re-install,so,let's start with that possibility and I will need some more info about your environment.
Let&#8217;s take a look at the status of the network adapters

Device manager:

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type devmgmt.msc

Please respond to all the following steps.
1. Under Network adapters, please tell me all the devices listed.
2. Are there any devices under Network adapters that have a red x displayed?
3. Also, are there any devices anywhere in the Device Manager display with yellow ? or ! displayed?
4. should be enabled and working properly.
5. If error code,what is it ?

It would be best if you could post a screen shot of Device Manager with the Network adapters and Other devices sections expanded.

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file. To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.

Make and model of modem and is this a cable or dsl isp ?
And then let's see how your pc "see's " it's environment
Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before th... Read more

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Is it possible to set my router or win2000 to prevent a specific, persistent software from accessing the net?

A:Linksys BFSR41 router + how do I prevent software from access to net?

Originally posted by erwin1978
Is it possible to set my router or win2000 to prevent a specific, persistent software from accessing the net? Click to expand...

What software ? Can't you just unload or turn off the software ? Zone Alarm lets you restrict what software access the net.

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Since upgrading to Windows XP, I havenít been able to access the DHCP server by entering "" in the browser. Nothing appears.

I havenít changed the server address and Internet Explorer is up to date (v. 6).

One of the online games I play uses a certain port which I need to ensure is open.

Router: Linksys BEFSR41 Ė Firmware was upgraded
Your help is appreciated.

A:Cant access router config browser BEFSR41 Linksys

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Good day all,

i have a slight but very annoying problem with accessing secure web pages or logging into such things like msn, email, p2p networks etc. i have one pc(win me) connected that works fine and accessing all no problem, i use a laptop(win xp) connected wirelessly(in built). i have no secure encryption within the router settings, so does this mean i have to use some wep or other measures to access these pages? i have dhcp enabled,should i use a static ip for better connectivity? MAC filtering is disabled and i have firmware v 3.03.1

the connection often disconnects as well, and it will only re-connect if i re boot my laptop?

plz help , i appreciate your advice. thnks.

A:no access to secure pages with linksys 54WRTG router

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first, some quick background:
My cable modem is connected with a Linksys 4-port router with VPN. My wife's work demanded this for when she works at home with her company's laptop. This set-up is upstairs. I want to get a wireless set-up going for my laptop computer (it is downstairs). I tried hooking up a Linksys 4-port wireless-g router to it, but between me and Linksys email tech support, we could not get it done. Taking the VPN router off and just using the wireless router worked fine, but then my wife cannot work from home.
Here is what I want to do:
connect a the Linksys 4-port wireless access point to the VPN router. I figure this is the best shot I have of getting wireless to work for me while my wife has her required VPN router going also.
Here is the question:
before I go buy the access point, I would like to know if there are any issues with getting the access point to work with the VPN router. Is this an easy task? If so, are there any special steps to take in doing this?

Thank you for your help.

A:connecting Linksys wireless access point to VPN router

don't know if this will help as i'm not using a vpn.

i run the wap from the hardwired linksys router to the lap top.

which linksys router?

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I was wondering if someone could help me with this. I use the IP and get the log-in box but when i try admin for the password or username it doesn't work. Does anyone know if I can figure out the username? If so, I pretty sure I know the password.

A:Changing NAT Settings on NR041 Linksys Network Anywhere Router

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I have a Linksys wireless router (3 years) on my main (server) unit, and three other computers in the house that connect to it with the wireless cards. All were working OK until yesterday, when the 3 could not connect. I entered the router at, and all settings were correct. Network connections shows the connection (called local area connection 2) is not available, (says it is unplugged). There are 2 other connections there, a 1394 (and) another called local area connection which is functioning as the linksys (generic) connection and thru which the server connects but the others cannot. That connection is not the SSID that is encrypted by the router, and they cannot connect to it. I don&#8217;t know if I am making this clear; it&#8217;s hard to describe, but the bottom line question is how do I get the local area connection 2 enabled (only option by right clicking is &#8220;disable&#8221;, AND how do I get the other three to recognize the router as they have been for some time. Sorry I can&#8217;t get this down to 25 words or less. Any help appreciated. Hope you had a nice holiday.

A:Solved: Computers on network can't find linksys router

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I have a Netgear MR814 router. I used to be able to access the configuration screen by entering in the address bar and then inputting the default username (admin) and password (password).

That stopped working a while ago. I decided to reset the router to its default setting by pressing and holding the reset button on the unit. It didn't seem to work. I can still access the internet, but I can't get to the configuration screen. Sometimes it says that the server is busy without giving me the option to enter a username and password. Other times it does ask for the username and password. When I input them, it seems like it is going to work and the screen starts to load. Then it asks me enter the username and password again.

Can anyone help.

BTW the ISP is Comcast

A:Netgear MR814 Router can't access configuration screens

try resetting again, but hold the reset button in while unplugging, wait, and then re plugging the power supply to the router.
if that doesn't work, dropkick the router across the room. When I had this problem, my roommate did that (to my horror), and everything magically work, and has been working ever since.

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Hi everyone,

I recently tried setting up a Buffalo WHR-G54s router on my desktop (which has Windows XP on it) so that I can access the internet with my laptop as well. I have no problems accessing the internet on my desktop after connecting everything, but I can't access the configuration page to set a password and change the SSID.

The default IP address of the router config is supposedly However, when I run ipconfig /all, the default gateway is listed as This IP address also pings successfully. Nowhere is seen after running ipconfig /all.

When I try accessing either of these IP addresses in IE or Firefox, nothing happens. I even temporarily disabled all PopUp Blockers and shields (as far as I can tell) to see if that would help as well. But nothing seems to work. Anyone have any ideas?


A:Cannot access configuration page of Buffalo Router WHR-G54s

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Hi guys
Thanks for viewing my post.

I recently went 'wireless' in my home office because I had to move it upstairs, but the router needs to be positioned downstairs on the other side of the house. I have ADSL2+ 8MBPS provided by Nildram. At the time I had just one elderly computer running Windows XP, a single 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 which was more than adequate for my modest PC gaming and office needs. Because the signal upstairs was always showing as weak, and because I wanted to play MMORPG, I invested in a new router - the wireless N model in the post title. I also got a brand new gaming spec pc, a 'Titan Wildfire' from Overclockers Uk spec here:

plus wireless N linksys card and Vista Home Premium.

I found it impossible to set up a home network with this new router - not even seeing the other pcs despite internet access and Linksys suggested I update the firmware which I did but no improvement. The router has also since the firmware update started to drop off the internet randomly but some days often enough to be really annoying especially when playing WOW. When this occurs it often requires a reboot of the router but sometimes just using the windows connection 'repair' facility in the machine running XP will fix it. Observing the process when I try to access the internet, there seem to be DNS lookup errors.

Has anyone any ideas what might ... Read more

A:New WAG160N Linksys router no networking but internet access keeps dropping

Renew the IP address. And you may have to tell your firewall it's OK so your ISP can renew your IP address.

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Bought a box on a sale and it had a Linkssys Wirelss Access Point Router in it. My question is can I use this just as I would a linksys wireless G router to setup a home network. If so, what is the difference between a router and a access point router? This is a Linksys wireless access point router 2.4 GHz Data Rate 11 Mbps, so I guess my whole question is this.

Can I use this just as I would a wireless G Linksys router which I am used to setting up. and if so can I just use the same cd that comes with the wireless G router to set this one up, on the cd it gives you a chice of what router you using. this one hasn't got the cd with it. Maybe someone could explain the difference or point me to a site that will tell me in layman terms.

says it is a Instant wireless series, model NO, befw11s4 VER.2
Supports Universal plug and play , capable of up to 128-bit WEP encryption
access your network remotely over the internet through VPN ETC

A:Solved: Linksys wireless access point router- have some questions

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I presently have a Linksys WRT54G2 V1. I've been looking at the WRT160N to purchase & use as my main router. I'd like to wirelessly bridge the WRT160N to the WRT54G2 & have that as a repeater so that my signal is boosted, and my parents laptop wireless connection doesn't go all low & dragging when they're at the other end of the house. Is it possible & if so, can someone point me in the right direction as to procedure & configuration? Thank you.

A:Solved: Linksys Router Wireless Bridge to 2nd Linksys Router

I don't believe you will be able to do this "out of the box", look at third party firmware like dd-wrt. Never used it myself but I've read it works fine.


It may be easier to run a cable to the second router and set them up with the same SSID and security.

Have them on different IP addresses and channels something like:

Router 1 channel 6

Router 2 channel 11

You won't get "true" roaming but when one signal is dropped the wireless unit will pick up the other automatically.... or one could simply manually change from one to the other depending where they are in the house and which signal is stronger.

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I was a bit of a loss and maybe it's because I have been out of the game for a long time but I came across a disturbing development. I call century link because my router was not connecting at the proper speed of 7 mbps. That problem was easily remedied over the phone but the lady said she could see several devices connected. This lost me a bit because I have a double router configuration. The Actiontech PK5000 i turned into nothing more that an internet modem. I disabled the DHCP and configured my Linksys E1200 for all the internal DHCP so there is only one cable going to the PK5000. I should technically speaking look like one user on there network with natural protection from the second router. I may be kidding myself or man I'm getting old but if someone can tell me how that works it would be fun to know and what would even be funner to know is how to stop it!!!!!!!!

A:Interal network security with dual router configuration

Erm. Could you clarify what exactly you want? Your message is very... convoluted.

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First let me explain how my network is configured currently:
On the groundfloor I have a cablemodem that is connected to the Linksys BEFW11S4. On the 2nd floor I have 2 pc's that are connected by means of a switch. On one of the pc's I installed a wireless USB dongle (D-Link DWL-G122). I tested the wireless connection between this dongle and the BEFW11S4 succesfully.
Then I created a network bridge (XP build-in functionality) between the wireless dongle and the regular network card, in order to give the 'wired' pc's the possibility to connect to the internet over the wireless connection.
Problems taht I'm having now:
- The DHCP server from the BEFW11S4 doesn't provide IP config to the pc's in the wired network (only 1 can obtain an IP adress whic is then associated with the MAC adress of the USB dongle).
- Once every 30 minutes I loose the IP adress provided to me by the Internet provider (to the cable modem)

Can anyone provide me with some usefull tips what I do wrong...

Thanks in advance!

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Hi All

I have recently renewed my Linksys WRT54G router and need to security protect my home wifi network. When I access the router admin panel and go to Wireless > Wireless Security > Security Mods, I see the following options:

Disable (currently selected)
WPA Personal
WPA Enterprise
WPA2 personal
WPA2 Enterprise

I assume the mode I need is WEP, but when I select that I am faced with another screen of options, and it is this screen I need information on please (see screenshot).

Which Transmit Key should I select, which WEP encryption should I select, and what passphrase should I use...? Also, when I then do this, what will happen to the laptops on my network when they try to access the internet? Will they be prompted to enter the 4 keys that are generated? Will this be just once, or each time they access the net?

Thanks all.

A:Home WiFi Network security using Linksys WRT54G router

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I bought one of these for a computer of mine. My uncle bought one, but I can't seem to get his to work.

The linksys program home says it has connection to the router, but not to the internet.

If anyone has experienced this problem, please let me know what you did to fix it.


A:Linksys Wireless-G Network Adapter - connects to router, but cant get internet

Check the wireless security on the router including - mainly encryption and mac address filtering. Also does this adapter work at other hotspots?

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I was attempting to port foreward for my PS3, but was having no luck. Long story short, I tried changing the router's IP to see if it would work. Here's where the problem began. I changed it from to, which I believe may have made it conflict with my modem. Now I'm stuck not being able to access the internet through the router at all or access the router's configuration to change it back. When I try to access it, I just get a "Page not Found". The computer connected directly to the router is running Windows XP. The Router is a Linksys WRT54GS v. 4.

I've tried disconnecting the internet from the Router to see if it would stop the conflicting problem (if that is indeed the problem), but it didn't work. I've tried setting up many different static IP adresses for the computer connected to the router directly, but it didn't work. I've tried nearly everything, but I just can't get it working.

I'm posting this through a computer connected through a switch to my modem.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Unable to access internet or router settings after changing router's IP.

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Here's what I've done so far on my laptop which I am trying to connect wirelessly to my home router: I have a Belkin wireless g notebook card #F5d701v7 and I have a Linksys wireless-g router. I have downloaded the latest belkin driver. And I downloaded the belkin card client which I have disabled, letting windows zero config run things. (You can't uninstall the card client without uninstalling the driver).

After I typed the password in my home network shows up at full strength and it is trying to connect because I can see the tiny green and yellow lights flashing on the netword card...... but it won't connect because windows error message says: "the network did not assign a network address to the computer". When I click "repair" I get this message: cannot renew your IP address.

This may help: On my pc, in which the router is plugged into, the IP number on the local area connection is different than the IP number showing on the laptop connection details.

A:Solved: Need help linking LINKSYS router to wireless BELKIN-g network card

can you post an ipconfig /all - see below

also do you have a firewall on the PC - if so close it down

then ping - see below

post all results back here
Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD (COMMAND for W98/WME) to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands one at a time, followed by the Enter key:




Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter to copy the contents to the clipboard.
Paste the results in a message here.

C:\Documents and Settings\wayne>ping {the default gateway ipaddress you got above }
C:\Documents and Settings\wayne>ping
Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=120ms TTL=243
Reply from bytes=32 time=107ms TTL=243
Reply from bytes=32 time=102ms TTL=243
Reply from bytes=32 time=101ms TTL=243

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 101ms, Maximum = 120ms, Average = 107ms
Click to expand...

C:\Documents and Settings\wayne>ping
Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=116ms TTL=243
Reply from bytes=32 time=113ms TTL=243
Reply from bytes=32 time=113ms TTL=243
Reply from bytes=32 time=1... Read more

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Hi, I recently moved downstairs in my household and was overjoyed to finally be able to use the network hub downstairs. Ive been using wireless lately which has served me well for my pc, but not for my Xbox 360.

Anyway I decided to plug in the ethernet cable and see if I might be able to set it up on my pc and then save the settings to a USB stick so I could use it for my 360 (right now it wont connect, says it cannot get an IP adress).

I didn't set up the network (my father did) so at this point I cant fiddle with the settings. Everything should be working, but its not.

When I plugged my pc directly into the hub upstairs it worked perfectly, but for some strange reason down here the connection comes up as

Unidentified Network, No Internet Access

Has anyone else had this problem before? The hub should be working (i even plugged it in after taking the cables out, resetting it if you will, no dice).

Also, forgot to add, it says that there is no connectivity, but I checked the connection and it automatically gets the ip and subnet address, which works fine with the wireless.

A:Linksys - Connecting pc to HUB, says No Network Access

Is the HUB in fact connected to everything else? Do other devices when plugged into the HUB work?

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I have a linksys roughter on myth my computers so they share the internet and i wanded to now how i can control recever computer to this one(thebase computer)
both run on windows xp
if that makes any sense


A:Remote access to PC on the my home linksys network

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i have two PCs
1.  A desktop that connects via a homeplug and ethernet
2.  A laptop connecting by wi-fi

Both use Bitdefender Total Internet Security 2016

Both had been upgraded to Windows 10 and on both I was getting an error message get the "one or more network protocols are missing from this computer" error message.

I have seen a number of listings for this issue which seem to indicate that Windows 10 - build 1511 is the root cause - and have various tried 

a)   netsh winsock reset
b)  netsh int ip reset reset c:\resetlog.txt
c)  ip refresh 
d)  deleting and re-installing the network adapter
e)  changes within "services.msc"
f)  Changed Adapter settings within Bitdefender

On the desktop I was advised by the supplier to rollback from Windows 10 to 8.1 (which was installed on the desktop ) but since then I am still unable to connect but when I run Windows Diagostics I get a new error message

"Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration"

I'm not sure if this is progress - but I am still unable to connect via ether net - I can connect by wireless hence I am able to post this question.

Can anyone proffer a solution?

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Hello, I am trying to configure a VPN to connect to my home network so that I can access files on my home computer whilst at the office. I have succeeded in being able to access a folder on my home desktop which I added using "add network location" on my laptop. However, while I'm connected through this VPN, I am using my home internet connection, going in through the router and then back out to the internet. So, is there a possibility of only using the VPN when I access the files on my home network and use the office internet for browsing... etc? Is this VPN configuration efficient or are there better ways to get access to files on my home PC remotely. Also, using this method I believe my router forwards all traffic on the VPN to my main home PC which assigns my laptop an IP. Is there anyway that I could just log into the router so that I was just another computer on the home network. As is I can only see files on the main home PC but it would be nice as well to have access to my HTPC.

A:VPN Configuration for Remote Access to Home Network

You can enable offline files that will sync up docs every time you get back to your home network, but if you have GBs and GBs of file, may not be efficient.

Windows Live Sync
from MS, can sync all of you files and folder between 2 computers free and efficiently. Very awesome for someone who has a PC and laptop.

Dropbox is also another program that can do it.

I would need to hear more about how you are using the VPN connection and what hardware/method.... if it is just for accessing files, I would use one of the 2 above, preferably Windows Live Sync.

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I would like to access two computers that are connected to a Linksys EZXS88W network switch. My computer is connected to that switch, as well ad my second. There is also a internet connection on that switch. How do you do this? Are there any protocols? Thanks!

A:Solved: Access multiple computers via Linksys Network Switch

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Hello, recently out of the blue my computer hasn't been able to connect to the internet, I have a wireless laptop and wired xbox on the same router which can access the interet.
Here is a bit of my IPCONFIG:
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 3:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Marvell Yukon 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ether
net Controller #3
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-22-15-4B-9F-46
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::b806:f52:5f1a:32f0%19(Preferred)
Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address. . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCPv6 IAID . . . . . . . . . . . : 436216341
DHCPv6 Client DUID. . . . . . . . : 00-01-00-01-14-31-1A-23-00-22-15-4B-9F-48

DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . : fec0:0:0:ffff::1%1
NetBIOS over Tcpip. . . . . . . . : Enabled

Network adaptor is on automatic ip addressing, I have uninstalled the bonjour service thinking that was the problem; uninstalled/installed and updated the network adaptor drivers; and have reset the tcp/ip stack none of these have worked.

I have tried a different cable in both a different ethernet port on my computer and a different ethernet port on my router.

Ive tried searching and finding a solution for two long days but have found no solution, can anyone shine some light for me here ... Read more

A:Windows 7 unidentified network - No Interet Access and no access to router

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I have tried everything. I recently moved out of the parents house and into my new house and upgraded to an N-Router from a G-Router. Now before my PC even starts up it crashes with the blue screen of death. I've isolated the problem to have something to do with the compatibility between my Linksys WRT160N Wireless-N router and my Linksys WMP54G Wireless-G PCI adapter. When I take the computer back to my parents house it works and connects fine to the old network. If I unplug the antenna from the PCI adapter the PC works (no internet.) If I disconnect the power supply from N-Router the PC works fine (no internet.) But if I put the antenna back in or plug the N-router back in it immediately goes from being fine to the blue screen of death. Can anyone help?

A:Linksys N-Router/Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter incompatibility?

I should mention that I can use the internet fine with my laptop and iPod touch.

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Here's the deelio..... I was going to check the DHCP Clients Table in my UI of my Linksys WRT54G2 I typed in as I always have in the past.....and nothing happened (Firefox Browser) I tried it in IE.. got Diagnose connection problems. ....funny thing is I was connected and browsing the internet just fine. So I ping and pings were successful.......Ipconfig shows the gate way correctly as my entire network seems fine....I just cannot access the UI of the router. I have changed nothing in the way of adding devices etc etc......I am kinda stumped as to why I all of the sudden cannot access the UI.

A:Unable to access router UI

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I am currently running a Netgear WNR3500L with an attached 500gb HD and recently I went to access the router to modify some settings and found out that I cannot access the router through or

I can ping the router and browse the internet but I am unable to access the interface or networked drive from any system on the network.

Network Diagram and Ipconfig are included.

A:Unable to access router

here's a link to the manual.. you should probably reset the router to factory settings and try again

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I have a Linksys router BEFSR41 version 4. I bought it last week and have been trying to set it up since yesterday. I have a dell dimension 4700 which has a windows xp home edition installed. And a dsl modem.

My problem: I can't access my router. I checked my cable by testing them between the computer and the dsl modem and they are ok. I checked the way I set things up over and over again. I reset the router to the factory settings by pressing the reset button for more than 10 seconds and did that many times too. I used internet explorer and mozilla firefox to reach the ip address ( but it didn't work. I pinged and it also didn't work. I even used my Knoppix Live Linux CD to check whether the problem is in the operating system, couldn't reach the ip

The interesting part is... on windows xp home edition... when i check local area connection status, i see my ip (which is is assigned by DHCP and gateway address appears as

I am stuck at this point. Any help is appriciated. Thanx in advance.

A:Unable to access to the router

Also check that you use the correct Cat5 cable. On home PCs, normally cross-over between modem and router, and straight between router and PC (or network-printer).
Holding both ends of the cable next to each other, with the same side up, you can see the 8 different wires.
If both ends have the same colour-sequence, it's a straight cable, otherwise cross-over.

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Hi, I'm posting this here in an attempt to fix a problem with a laptop with no internet access in normal windows mode. I believe I've cleaned all viruses off, but need independent verification. Spybot S+D and MB's AntiMalware both report a clean machine, but again would like verification. Here's the DDS log, and the attach file is attached:DDS (Ver_09-05-14.01) - NTFSx86 Run by Reason at 19:40:05.35 on Mon 06/01/2009Internet Explorer: 7.0.5730.11Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.502.151 [GMT -4:00]AV: Norton 360 *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {A5F1BC7C-EA33-4247-961C-0217208396C4}FW: Norton 360 *enabled* {371C0A40-5A0C-4AD2-A6E5-69C02037FBF3}============== Running Processes ===============C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunchsvchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcssvchost.exesvchost.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSvcHst.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\WLTRYSVC.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\bcmwltry.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\AOL\ACS\AOLacsd.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exeC:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exeC:\WINDOWS\eHome\ehRecvr.exeC:\WINDOWS\eHome\ehSched.exeC:\Program Files\Common ... Read more

A:Unable to access internet - safe mode access is ok, network is ok

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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I wanna open up ports 6881-6999 (I bet some of you know why... speeds don't go over 10kbps ) so I thought I'd learn how. I tried all the directions I found, but everything haults when I get to entering my default gateway into my web browser. I always get hit with a "User Name" and "Password" bar. I tried putting "admin" in only the user name bar, only in the password bar, in both bars, but I never get through. This is the only thing stopping me from changing ports on my router and it's really irritating.

I hope someone can help me. and if it helps, I have a Westell router.

A:I can't access my "Linksys" router site thing...

There may be a hardware reset button you push in with a pen on the router. You can press this and it will reset it to factory settings and hopefully allow you to change password. Maybe someone changed your password? Did you have WEP or WPA enabled? If not you may have been hacked.


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I have a Toshiba laptop with Motorola Modem and Belkin wireless G Router. Everything was working fine until I attempted to set up security on the router according to the Belkin instructions. I misread them and connected the computer directly to the modem bypassing the router. I connected with the Belkin website and set the WPA/WPA2-Personal (PSK) password. Now I can access the Internet directly from the computer but not through the router. When I attempt to connect to a network Belkin 54g I get the message: The settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network. I cannot make any changes to the router settings as it will not connect to the Internet. Please help.

A:Unable to access Internet via Router

Hello, just reset the router to default settings. There is a reset button, you press and hold it for 30 seconds, then reset the router correctly.

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Every time I try to login to my router's interface, using Edge browser, I get the error: HTTP/1.0 401 Authorization Required. The prompt acts like I've typed the wrong password, but it works fine using IE.
OS Windows10.
Please help

A:unable to access router's interface

Hi Welcome to Windows Central! You may have to reset edge. Here's link showing how to do that! If you need more help,please join the forum! How to Reset Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 Join the Windows Central Community!

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I have windows XP and a Linksys Router. Everything worked perfectly until recently when my Comcast modem went out and they came and installed a new modem. Now my router shows the proper illumination of the LEDs, but I cannot access the server (Comcast) with either of the 2 computers connected to the router.
If I hook the modem to the PC directly, all is well, but not with the router in place. I'm sure the answer is simple, but I just have not managed to come up with it. Turning the power off and on on the router, modem, and PC doesn't do any good. Thanks for any help. Barney
Barney E. McLarty
191 Love Bridge Road
Calhoun GA 30701-4913
(706) 625-5459
[email protected]

A:Router unable to access server

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When typing the IP adress in my browser I get the following but the links all say not found. Shouldn't I be able to get to those settings? Two machines that can't connect to anything are showing the following IP addresses even though they're supposed to be assigned:

A:Unable to access moden/router

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First, an explanation:

Last week, I lost DSL access; I could only reach the internet through dial-up. After many hours on the phone with Bellsouth tech support, I now have DSL access back.

However, I can only connect when I'm directly connected to the modem. When I reinstall my router, everything seems OK. My network is fine, but I cannot access the DSL modem... no internet, and I can't even bring up the modem interface.

Bellsouth found a problem with the DSL line (and supposedly fixed it). They also sent me a new modem. Just getting the modem to work reliably was an incredible hassle, but it finally seems OK... now I just need to get my router (LinkSys wired) to work with it!

A:Solved: Unable to access DSL modem through router

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Dear Tech Support Guy,
1) Last week, while working in my University-based email account from home, could not return to INBOX after reading a single message;.

2) my printer (setup via wireless connection) "failed to print document;"

3) my internet TV (setup via wireless connection) cycled to the SETUP CONNECTIONs page SAMSUNG BlueRay Disc Player;

4) after closing browser, & attempt to reopen, there was NO connection to the internet;

I shut off everything, & restarted all several times. I turned off the router, and pressed "reset" button.

Although, I was unable to re-connect to internet, I received a web page requesting: My username & password for the Router, several times. ( 2 days later, I thought I remembered this info and filled in what I believed at the time was the actual info.)
Several Days later, I discovered this info is WRONG.

Since, all of this, I have been able somehow to reconnect to the internet via the DSL Router but still unable to:

1) connect to the Router web page using the in the browser - "Internet Explorer is unable to display webpage;
2) unable to get a signal from, at one time working Lynksys Wireless Adapter;
3) unable to "connect to access point" on internet TV after typing in all settings both manually, & AUTO;
4) unable to find signal from DSL router for wireless printer.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Se... Read more

A:Unable to access router settings on internet

whats the make and model of the router - does it have a separate modem, if so make and model

whats the status of all the lights on the modem and the router

if you have a separate modem - connect a PC to the modem and do a powercycle - see below and post back an ipconfig /all
If its a combination router/modem - do the same


How to power cycle

&#8220;power cycle&#8221; process to reboot or reset the modem/router

Switch off all the devices modem, router and computers also unplug their power cables.
Wait at least 30 seconds.
Plug the power cords back in, but don&#8217;t switch them on.
First turn on the modem and then wait for a few minutes for it to settle and all the lights to become stable.
Next switch on the router (if a seperate device ) and then wait for a few minutes for it to settle and all the lights to become stable.
Now turn on your computer, You should now be able to access the Internet.

ipconfig /all
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here

We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results in a reply here

Hold the Windows key and press R, then ... Read more

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Running WinXP. I get a good subnet mask and IP address, can ping my default gateway but cannot access the internet. Have been able to successfully get out to the internet through the router on this computer in the past (months ago). Don't know of any changes that were made to the computer before internet connectivity was lost. A different computer running Win2K that is connecting through the same router is able to access the internet. Any ideas?

A:Can connect to DSL router but unable to access internet

Welcome to TechSpot
Try swapping the ethernet cable, try another port on the router.
Try to ping the XP from the W2K.

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Hi all

On my (Hardwired) Win 7 desktop and a wireless Win 8 laptop I can see my RT-AC68U router in the network (1st image) also showing my win 7 laptop is connected, however I am unable to see the Router on my wireless Win 7 Laptop (2nd image) although I am connected to the router and can use the internet freely. There must be some settings in Win 7 to enable me to see it. I have a 2TB drive connected to the router containing may films and TV programs, it would be nice to view them on all devices. I've looked through the tutorials and used the search but but generally the search comes up with problems connecting to the router.

Edit: Just connected my spare Win 7 laptop and that can see the Router??? Baffled

A:Unable to see Router in Network from wireless Win 7 laptop

A few things can cause this
is the laptop in the same workgroup as the other pcs
is its ip range the same
from a cmd prompt type
netsh wlan show network

can you see it there?

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Hi all,
i have some problem with my wireless connectivity,
When i try to connect to a wireless network, it keep saying "Unable to Connect to X" (let's assume the network name is X)

When using network troubleshooter,
it recommend me to turn off the router, keep it for 10 secs, and turn it back on,
i've done so, but the problem still there
and then the troubleshooter say there're some problem on the access point or the network adapter (Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN)

but it seems no problem with other networks and all laptops except this S57B works fine..

and the strangest of all is: somtimes it works fine, and sometimes disconnected + unable to connect.

What possibly causing the problem?

Additional Info:
BenQ Joybook S57B
OS: Win 7 Ultimate x86 (Upgrade ver. from Vista Home)
Network Security Type is WEP

Thx in advance

A:Win 7 unable to connect to wireless network(router)

I have had trouble adding a separate cisco switch and a wireless router onto the comcast cable router. I have the phone and internet. After running a PING test I saw the speed was significantly slowed down by 1/4 due to the netgear wireless router. So I unplugged that and bought a non-wireless cisco router that did not slow the speed down. Now I need a wireless router as my wife bought a Ipodtouch. Don't waist your money on one of these, get the real ipod phone! Just a note! These are worthless if you can't get online! Only good for photo's, Music, and videos downloaded onto it. Back to the wireless network problem. The main router needs to have multiple ports or the DNS will not work. I am guessing you are running more then 1 router inline.

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Hi Guys,

I have been racking my brain with this issue for about 5 Hours now and am no further forward.

First my network Setup:

Sky Broadband UK 14.5Mb (ADSL2, not fibre)
Sky Hub SR102 with Wifi turned OFF
D-Link DIR655 A5

So the issue is:

When I connect to my wifi a few times per day I get the message on Windows 7 saying No Internet Access with the exclamation mark.

I have done ipconfig /all and the connection looks fine from there. I have tried nslookup during try this period and it does not resolve. Both on Google DNS and Sky's DNS.

Also if I try to connect to the router ( or the Hub ( niether appears to respond which to me indicates a loss of signal but surely in that case I should be recieving the message with the astericks on my wifi instead?

Please help, I'm at the end of my tether with this one?

Many Thanks,


A:Have correct IP config but unable to access router/modem.

Quote: Originally Posted by Will01

Hi Guys,

I have been racking my brain with this issue for about 5 Hours now and am no further forward.

First my network Setup:

Sky Broadband UK 14.5Mb (ADSL2, not fibre)
Sky Hub SR102 with Wifi turned OFF
D-Link DIR655 A5

So the issue is:

When I connect to my wifi a few times per day I get the message on Windows 7 saying No Internet Access with the exclamation mark.

I have done ipconfig /all and the connection looks fine from there. I have tried nslookup during try this period and it does not resolve. Both on Google DNS and Sky's DNS.

Also if I try to connect to the router ( or the Hub ( niether appears to respond which to me indicates a loss of signal but surely in that case I should be recieving the message with the astericks on my wifi instead?

Please help, I'm at the end of my tether with this one?

Many Thanks,

Will usually works better with the http part. Although I have the DIR-655 and it's gateway IP is

Perhaps if you can explain which one you were using for the gateway.

The IP will change when you set only one to be the gateway with DHCP being turned off for the other devices.

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Hi John Will,

I am UK based
Router-BT Voyager 205 (Wired)
PC=Dell Inspiron 530 Vista home (notSP1 yet)
Dual booting, using WinXP2 fully patched & clean.

I am unable to access internet with above router on either Vista or Windows using Ethernet connection to this PC. No box shows requesting ISP Username/password.

Have not attempted to connect secondary PC yet.
Have followed exact setup procedure for router.Wiring has been certified serviceable.

LAN TCP/IP properties set to:-Obtain IP address automatically
" " " " :- " DNS server address automatically .

Web browser Internet Options set to:- never dial a connection.
" " Connections tab with no selections ticked.

Device Manager showing "Unknown PCI, no drivers installed for this device(Code28)

Have researched for drivers but indications are that I need to D/load complete motherboard drivers but am wary of going that deep.

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

J:\Documents and Settings\Simon Foxtrot>ping

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=121ms TTL=48
Reply from bytes=32 time=125ms TTL=48
Reply from bytes=32 time=125ms TTL=47
Reply from bytes=32 time=125ms TTL=47

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in mill... Read more

A:Solved: Unable to access Internet with router engaged

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In Network my router has gone. It is ofcourse still functional.
I am connected by wire.

The past 2 weeks after getting this new router, the router has shown up in the Network folder and loaded instantly. Now it takes a long time to load that folder and after waiting, the router doesn't show up.

Before the new router I had a similar problem but it was slightly different. The router and network infrastructure would show up but if I right clicked it and pressed properties, there was 99% of the time no Settings button to add my upnp settings, when ever that settings button wasn't there my nat went back to Moderate (it may as well be called Pathetic).

So maybe this problem from 2 different routers (old - netgear, new - TP LINK) has something to do with my pc?

If I log on to the router and go to the UPnP section, it only shows me the list, it wont let me add do it

I didn't add those things.

My static ip ends in .30 .

Preferably I would like my network infrastructure to come back to my Network folder so it doesn't take for ever to load the network folder.

My network is set as home/work.

A:No Network Infrastructure and unable to add UPNP settings on router.

NAT being moderate? Are you playing a call of duty game? To my knowledge that is a proprietary term that is used on those games.

UPnP is an automated system that dynamically opens ports when a valid application asks for it. It is a slightly buggy system and is not a guaranteed way of opening the relevant ports since it needs to be requested.

Your best bet would be to open the ports manually on your firewall.

What is the make/model of your router and the game that you wish to 'open' the NAT type on?


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Hello everyone,

I recently bought a Linksys wireless router so that I can finally get wifi in my home. The computer I'm on now is going to "host" the router. I use verizon dsl, and a dsl modem. I correctly plugged the Linksys in all of it's intended ports, but Windows Vista doesn't pick it up. I "googled" around a good bit for the solution. I basically found out that the CD with the Linksys is useless, and I have to allow my modem to connect itself and the linksys at the same time manually (configuring). To do this, apparently, I have to get my gateway address (which would be, and type that into my web browser (being firefox). The Westell site comes up with my connection info. - I "log in" with "admin" "admin" as the user and pass. Now I have the administration to change my modem and connection settings, WHAT SHOULD I DO FROM HERE?

Thank you all very much,

A:Linksys Configuration Question.

That would be unusual that your LinkSys disk is useless, because most will get you started in VISTA as well as WXP.
There are updates at the LinkSys site for each operating system. You will benefit from going to the LinkSys Support site, while knowing your model number and version number, then download and print the Quick Install Guide, the long User Guide in PDF format, and the latest drivers... which may be about 36 MB or more.
Then follow the instructions in the quick install or user guide after you install the latest driver... you are on the right track... you may want to talk to tech support of your high speed connection to see what they require, codes wise... as they vary from location to location.

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I am unable to access my router's web based setup page because of the following error message: Warning: This server is requesting that your username and password be sent in an insecure manner (basic authentication without a secure connection). Do I have an internet setting that is preventing me from using a secure connection?

A:Solved: Unable to access router web based setup page

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I have recently setup a small, home, wireless network. It has been running flawlessly for about two months now. A couple of days ago, we had power to the house drop out for a couple of seconds (while the host computer was on and connected to the internet) and since then I've had this problem.

Host is running XP pro. MB has built-in network adapter which is connected to my Belkin wireless router. The router is connected to a motorola cable modem.

My son's computer is running XP home. It has a belkin desktop wireless card installed. His computer can, wirelessly, access the internet. Everything on his system works properly and was unaffected by the power flash.

The host computer operates normally on all local operations, but cannot access the internet. It cannot renew the IP address when I click "repair" connection. I can't directly access the router by typing in on IE's address bar (from belkin's manual). XP tells me the network adapter is "working properly". I've looked at all of the obvious (to me) settings in the various network settings tabs and everthing matches up with how it was setup before. I've uninstalled the network adapter though XP and let XP detect new hardware at startup and that didn't help. The router and modem seem OK since they're both working for my son's system. I have tried replacing the cable from the computer to the router too.

I have run the ping... Read more

A:Unable to access Belkin 54g wireless router with host computer

go to command line and type ipconfig /release

and then ipconfig /renew

if this doesnt work try assigning static IP address set the default gate way to the IP of the router

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Hello everyone!

I am facing Trade Exchange virus which creates additional tabs while using browser.
I did some research on internet and have tried few methods (Malwarebytes & Adware Removal Tool), but to no help.

I read somewhere that this actually is a DNS settings issue and that I need to reset my Router?

If that's the case, then I need help with resetting the router...I don't want to reset it and then not able to get it back to original settings, which I don't know how to..

I tried accessing router settings page on which is also not working! It used to work before..

Can some one kindly help me with the issue?


A:Trade exchange virus + Unable to access router settings

Here's a link on how to flush your DNS.

Resetting an Internet Connection (Flush DNS) | Learning Studio Technical Support

Resetting your router generally involves holding in a tiny switch at the back with a pen/paper clip. If you go to your router manufacturers website, there should be instructions on how to do that on your particular make/model.

Since you can't access the router, not sure how you could save your settings. Most routers allow you to export the settings to a file you save on your PC, if you can access the router. The manufacturers site may have further information that can help you access the router.

Not sure if you ran this adware removal tool, if you haven't tried this one yet give it a shot. AdwCleaner since this is good at ferreting out adware.

AdwCleaner Download

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Hello, I changed my old router (TP-Link tl-wr740n ) to a new ( TP-Link TL-WR841N ). The problem is when I plug all the cables in to the new router I get "no network access" I tried messing with wireless settings, setting up new wireless connection, cloning MAC address. I have no modem in my house, it's a direct wire that goes in to my router, the also weird thing is if i'm plugging the internet wire in to my computer, it also get's "no internet access". I'm using the wireless router since there are 3 other computers in my house.

A:New router - No network access.

Quote: Originally Posted by Brokas

Hello, I changed my old router (TP-Link tl-wr740n ) to a new ( TP-Link TL-WR841N ). The problem is when I plug all the cables in to the new router I get "no network access" I tried messing with wireless settings, setting up new wireless connection, cloning MAC address. I have no modem in my house, it's a direct wire that goes in to my router, the also weird thing is if i'm plugging the internet wire in to my computer, it also get's "no internet access". I'm using the wireless router since there are 3 other computers in my house.

You need a modem to go with that router.

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Hi all,

For reasons I won't bore anyone with, I decided to add a second router to my network. I connected the second router to a laptop and changed the default IP address to and disabled DHCP. After I applied the settings I was no longer able to access the router no matter what IP address I tried. Deciding I really didn't need to access it as long as it worked, I connected it to my network by plugging a cable in to a LAN port, and connecting two other computers to LAN ports on the router. Everything works fine, all computers on the network have internet access whether wired or wireless (wireless from the the original router, wireless on second router turned off).

So my question is - why can't I log into the second router? Of course I can always access it if I really need to by resetting it but I'd like to be able to do it without pulling it off the network.

BTW, the second router is a Netgear WGR614.V10, first router is a Linksys WRT54G.

A:Can't access second router in network

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I have an 8 port "wired" router from Linksys that I have been using in conjunction to a wireless access point which had been plugged into one of the open ports on the wired router. Lately I have been having connection issues with the WAP so I decided it may be time to upgrade. Not thinking about it, I picked up a new Linksys E1000 wiress router (as opposed to a WAP) and, after a lengthy support call with Linksys, got that up and running.

So I have operability for both wired and wireless devices, however I have noticed a substantial slow down on my wired devices. I also just upped the plan with my ISP to increase my bandwidth which I see on the wired PCs but not on the wireless which seem less. Would a WAP be faster than a wireless router by nature?

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

A:Slow wireless after connecting Linkys wirless router to Linksys wired router

Have you made sure you have the latest firmware for the wireless router? If you updated the firmware be sure to reset it to factory default settings and reconfigure it.

What speeds do you get with a test such as with a connection to the wired router? With an ethernet connection to the wireless router? With a wireless connection?

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Just switched over to AT&T DSL from Road Runner Cable Modem.

While I had the cable modem, I used a Linksys WRT54G wireless router that had my PC and laptops connected to it.

Since I switched to AT&T DSL, I have been using AT&T's all-in-one device, the Westell DSL modem/wireless router/firewall.

I've noticed that uPnP doesn't work as well on the Westell as it did on the Linksys. I also had to change some settings to get my VPN to connect to my company's network.

Which is better? Should I put the Westell in bridged mode, and reconnect my Linksys? Or keep it the way I have it running it though the all-in-one device?

Thanks in advance.

A:Westell DSL modem/router/firewall VS. Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router

I'd put the Westell in bridged mode, which will then emulate your old configuration, which apparently worked properly.

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I don't know if this is possible, but this is what I want to do:
Have the dsl modem router and linksys voip connected together.
I want the voip router to assign dhcp and the dsl modem router to
be used to get internet access but not assign dhcp (I think)

This is why I want it:

I have 8 wireless linksys cam's configured through the voip router.
Setting the cam's to the modem router didn't work well because of
AT&T's firewall cannot be disabled, only modified to open ports. It's frustrating as when I opened the ports for the cam's, a consistant "an unknown error has occured". So I opted to just set up the cams on the linksys router as the cams are also linksys as well. Thus, figuring they would communicate better anyway.

This is my problem:

When I connect the dsl modem router to the
WAN port on the linksys router, the dsl modem assigns it
a fixed LAN ip. What I want is the linksys router to pull a WAN ip so I can log into my cam's remotely from my laptop at home.
No matter what I do, disable dhcp on linksys router, set linksys router on the dsl modem router to DMZ, set linksys router to bridge mode.....
nothing seems to work.

All I want to do is configure the linksys router so that when I go to my internet explorer on my laptop and type in " to connect to the cam's. But when I go to linksys router config. pages to see the status, the internet ip is which is a LAN address assi... Read more

A:2wire DSL Modem Router and a Linksys VOIP router setup advice

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Hi al u guys

i have a simple question reguarding the range of any cheap $50 to $150 max wireless router when place outdoor... actualy i am thinking of making my own network of friends living in a single street of about 100 meters apart from my house at max... for multiplayer gaming and file sharing etc etc... as my house is in the center and its quite high amoung other houses i decided to place router outside on my roof at height... may be inline of sight of other house(provided i will take care of climate conditions) ..... and as for clients i dont want any instrument installed at client except wlans... at max i will make an extention for clients to place there antenas outdoors

now tell me wether this is practically possible or not under very limited budget.

tell me if i am unclear about some thing....

thanks in advance

A:Outdoor range of Wireless Router eg. (Linksys router wt54..) or anyother with 108

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So I have AT&T DSL. I bought a Netgear N300 ADSL2+ Modem/WiFi Router that is compatible with my service.

Previously with this Modem/Router it would constantly drop the wireless connection for the Wii I have that was used to stream Netflix.

So recently I bought a Linksys E2500 Router so I could be able to use the Wii, along with 3 other desktops, 1 laptop, and 3 phones.

My ideal setup would be this:
Set the ADSL2+ Modem/Router to be just a modem (I know how to set the option for this)​Connect the Linksys Router to be what all the devices connect to wirelessly (this would serve as the DHCP server) ​
I have read that one of the Routers has to be set to "BRIDGED" mode, yet I don't know which device has to be Bridged


A:Solved: Netgear N300 ADSL2+ Router/Modem and Linksys E2500 Router Setup

Set the ADSL2+ Modem/Router to be just a modem (I know how to set the option for this)Click to expand...

this is being set into bridge mode - by changing to a modem

then connect the modem to the WAN on the router and you should be good to go

Do you have a wireless laptop that you can you can put next to the wii - would be useful to see the quality of the wireless signal and how many other wireless are there which may cause interference

put xirrus onto the laptop and put the laptop next to the wii and post a xirrus screen shot
Run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and install the program.
You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.
Direct link to the program is here

{If the above link does not work heres another link,77196-order,4/download.html}

Then run and install t... Read more

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Yesterday, I decided to relocate my PC from one room to the other. Not a big deal I would assume. However, I was unable to connect to the internet with Firefox at the new location. I checked my signal strength to my router and it seemed fine. So I opened Task Manager and checked the WiFi performance chart, what I saw were very brief moments of connectivity, meaning I could connect to the internet for about 10 seconds, then it would stop, but the signal to the router would still appear strong. This would repeat constantly about once every minute or so. I've been trying to fix this for the past day and I could not find an answer anywhere. I've tried to restart everything, I've tried to reset some network settings, and I've tried messing with the local/ static IP address. I doubt it's a problem with the IP address though. Any help would be appreciated.

On an additional note, whenever I run the Windows Network Troubleshooter, it tells me to restart my router (Which obviously didn't work).

A:I can connect to router, but no network access.

Could be a signal issue. You can still download inSSIDer 3.4 from Moving it, should not have caused this issue. What channel is your router/gateway on? Could be just signal interference on the channel your Router/Gateway is using. Just moving a laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. can make a big difference in how many A/P's it can pick up.

I have my windows and doors closed right now and only pick up two other A/P's, beside my own two. The minute I open my doors and windows on my house. It jumps up to 20 available A/P's.

So check what channel the Router/Gateway is on. Also use inSSIDer to check for signal quality on your router/gateway. Just moving to another room, can also cause the signal to go down from what it was in another room. Maybe moving the router.gateway up higher on the wall, may help.

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Is possible to get access to a router without join to the same network first and how?

A:Is possible to get access to a router without join to the same network first and ho?

No, you need to get on the network to access the router.

But not the windows network, just on the router.

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