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Linksys Router Power Adapter

Q: Linksys Router Power Adapter

Hi -

First post for me - but what a helpful site!

I have a Linksys WRT54GX, ver. 2, wireless G router to which I have lost the ac power adapter. The manual lists it as a 12 volt DC 1 amp (12VDC 1 A).

I have been to Radio Shack, Best Buy, and numerous electronic outlets, as well as exhaustive searches on the net, as well as contacting Linksys directly (they will not sell one separate! Imagine that for tech support!).

You guessed it - I cannot find one. I even went to my pack rat brother who probably has beat Noah and has collected at least one, if not two of everything on Earth - just in case, as he says!

Anyone have any idea where I can get one of these things?

The ones I have found are 12VDC but .5a, 1.something amps, but none are 1 amp.

Anything anyone can chime in on would be appreciated.

(No there is no USB connection on the router to draw power from the CPU, either! Darn!)


Noel in Northern NY!

A: Linksys Router Power Adapter

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I have tried everything. I recently moved out of the parents house and into my new house and upgraded to an N-Router from a G-Router. Now before my PC even starts up it crashes with the blue screen of death. I've isolated the problem to have something to do with the compatibility between my Linksys WRT160N Wireless-N router and my Linksys WMP54G Wireless-G PCI adapter. When I take the computer back to my parents house it works and connects fine to the old network. If I unplug the antenna from the PCI adapter the PC works (no internet.) If I disconnect the power supply from N-Router the PC works fine (no internet.) But if I put the antenna back in or plug the N-router back in it immediately goes from being fine to the blue screen of death. Can anyone help?

A:Linksys N-Router/Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter incompatibility?

I should mention that I can use the internet fine with my laptop and iPod touch.

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I have a dell xps420/vista. I took my old computer a dell/windows 98 down to my basement to use in my workshop. I wld like to hook it up wireless. I bought a Linksys RangePlus Wireless Router which I successful connected. (with help fm Linksys-they had me type in

I also bought the Linksys Range Plus Network usb Adapter. I ran the cd on my new computer and got lost when it stated to input my ssid and webkey. I now stopped and have no clue.

Can anyone help?
Also-this may be a stupid question...but does that little brown usb thing go to my old computer? I also don't want to hook it all up unsecure. I am getting confused. I'm no computer wizard. Just an old broad still thinkin' she can do pull through this nonense.


A:Linksys Router and Linksys Network usb Adapter

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last week you helped me by telling me i could have 2 pcs share 1 dsl account by using a router. so i bought a wireless linksys and adapter to use on my 2 desk tops in different parts of the house. it seems to hook up fine, (both on windows xp) but the pc with the adapter totally shuts down to re-start as soon as you hit the web. linksys support guy said get a new adapter or get another computer to test it on. i chose to trade in the adpater, but the new one does the same thing. i have no other computer to try it on, so???any advice?

A:wireless linksys router with adapter

Give us some more details about the computer and the adapter

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Im becoming infinitely frustrated over this problem. Your help is immensely appreciated.

I have a linksys wireless adapter in my dell desktop. I have had no problems with this in the past 3-4 years. Over the last few days I had reformatted my computer and re-installed xp onto it. I then went to and downloaded the drivers for my specific computer. I burned those to a cd and installed them onto my desktop. Now I cannot connect to my router at all. I can see the connection and the signal it is giving, but it wont allow me to connect.

I am not all that good with computers and fixing them is not fun for me. Initially I went to to see if they could help me on their online chat support. They could not because after some minutes of generic questions they said that I had owned their product too long to recieve online support, they gave me a phone number to call their tech support.

Instead I called verizon to try and have them help me. I have verizon service and a verizon router. After 20 minutes of BS with them they said they could not help me and that it was most likely a problem with the linksys adapter and that I need to call linksys.

So they gave me the phone number for linksys and after 20 minutes of BS with them, they say that my adapter is out of warrenty and they cannot help me. I had 3 options with them. 1- go online to, 2- spend 34.99 for a one time charge for tech support and continue talking to this guy, 3- spend MORE money for ... Read more

A:Linksys adapter not connecting to Router, PLEASE help

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I am having problems getting my sister's WXP Pro Dell to see the her new Linksys WRT54G.

Her home network was running fine with a Belkin 802.11b wireless router, but the wireless connection went down and could not be repaired (the laptop Orinoco PC card was not the problem) so we attached her laptop via Ethernet cable to the Belkin and everything worked fine. Dell has always been Ethernet cabled into the router. We then decided to go 802.11g and bought the Linksys WRT54g.

However, after swapping the WRT54G in, the Dell cannot see the Linksys, tho the laptop can connect with no problem. In Network Properties the Local Area Connection 3 icon is X'd. All TCP/IP settings are set to automatically obtain etc. Router is set to dynamic IP. There is nothing wrong with the cables. Swapping the old Belkin router back in restores connectivity.

It's a cheapie Dell that did not come with an Ethernet card so she bought a Belkin USB to Ethernet adaptor, that worked fine with the Belkin router. With the WRT54G, the Device Manager does not report any problem devices and the USB to Ethernet adapter is shown as working properly. Restarting the Dell after the WRT54G has been swapped in invariably brings up the Found new Hardware Wizard, tho she cannot figure out what has to be (re)installed. So I had her reinstall the Belkin USB to Ethernet adapter, even tho the Device Manager show's no problem. This does not help. Put the Belkin router back in the system and the Dell start... Read more

A:Linksys 802.11G router incompatible with USB to Ethernet adapter?

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hi, my first post here hope im doing things right.

i just bought a new Linksys Wireless - G Broadband Router and
a Linksys Wireless - G PCI adapter, and im having some problems but lets start by telling u what i am using it for.

i have a pc out in our basement that that has a SB4100 cable modem (Motorola Surfboard) and id like to get the same highspeed in my room which just has dial up so i went out and bought some Liksys products and i followed the tut's that werent difficult, so now i have the router conencted to my cable modem so the internet on the pc in my basement works, and i have the adapter hooked up to my pc in my room. they connected fine and the adapter connected with the router fine as well, they say they have a very good to excellent connection but the problem is when i try to get the pc in my room to something online it tells me that "this cannont be displayed offline."

in the bottom right where it shows my internet connection theres 2 different connection symbols one that shows the Linksys wireless adapter and one that shows my old dial up connection the dial up connection shows as off line and when u put the mouse over it it says it has been disconnected, but the linksys wireless connection symbol says online with a great conenction.

i tried taking the old dial up card out but that didnt do anything (i didnt expect it too) and the same thing came up again.

so the problem is it says im connected to my main modem in the other ... Read more

A:Linksys wireless-G pci adapter with G broadband router

do this.

Start>run>cmd hit enter
type "ipconfig /all" without the quotes.. hit enter

look for line that says IP address .. it should read 192.168.1.x where x is random number generated by routers dhcp..

also look for the following Default gateway. should be (if you didn't change the routers default ip address)

also look for DNS Servers.. you should have atleast 1 most times 2 listed here.. they will be assigned by your cable provider.

if you do not see something close to the above your router is not allowing wireless internet access.... i have seen this before. you will have to login to the admin console of the router. typically from a internet explorer window.

then click on the security tab, then go to wireless, and enable wireless internet access.(location may not be exact depending on model of your wireless linksys router)

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I'm sorry if this isn't the correct place for this post, please let me know if it's not so I can post under a different subject.

My father has a Windows XP and a Verizon Fios router and a Linksys Wireless Adapter. Sometimes the adapter works and sometimes it doesn't and he is at his wits end. It's hard for me to help him since I only have an iMac.. so my question is: what the heck is going on?!

He says that the icon says he has excellent strength but the webpages won't load, as they say he is not connected to the internet. He tried re-booting the computer and now it doesn't even say the adapter is connected. When he tries the "repair" it says it cannot be repaired because it cannot be disabled. The computer that is connected to the Verizon is working fine, along with the internet.

For reference: I live an hour away from him and have to do this over the phone with him. But, he does know how to work the computer so this is good.

A:Linksys Wireless Adapter NOT Reading Router?

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I am not able to connect wireless to the internet. It has been working for years. Then several computers in the house stopped connecting and our xbox 360. After a few weeks the other computers and xbox started working. Our main computer kept internet connection, the one hooked up to the router, but all the wirelss stopped working. Now my wirelss desk top will not connect. I get the networking SSD to come up, but when I click to connect it pings then says not connected. I have re-entered the key several times, tried to set up the home networking again. Was wondering if I uninstall my linksys adapter program and re-install if this will help. Can anyone help me. I do not want to buy a new adapter if I don't need to. What is strange to me is, all the wireless computers stopped working at the same time and one by one the others started to reconnect. I really don't know if I messed things up by trying to run set up wizard several times. Thanks for your help.

A:linksys wireless adapter and router not connecting

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Help please! I have a Linksys Wireless Router set up on my desktop and have been able to network my husband's laptop without any problems. Now we have decided to add my son's desktop to the network. I purchased and installed the Belkin USB network adapter but cannot get the two computers to recognize each other. The desktop with the router has XP Home and my son's is running Windows 98. What do I need to do to get this darn network to work so he can access the internet and the printer?


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I have cable internet connected to a Netgear WGR614v5 wireless router. On my laptop (W98se), I have a Linksys wireless USB Network Adapter (802.11b) plugged into a USB port. This device has worked fine for a year or so, and can pick up the neighbour's internet. But although it finds the Netgear's signal - it will not connect to the internet with it. The internet connection is fine though - as confirmed by the computer hard wired to the Netgear router. PLEASE don't tell me that the Netgear router and Linksys adapter are incompatible!

A:Netgear router, Linksys wireless adapter problems


ipconfig /all

rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste
This may help find any signals that may be interfering

Free software to check signal strength of wireless is netstumbler 0.4.0 available for download from
have you tried to ping things like google
have you installed any firewalls - or upgraded to SP2 - etc ?
any hardware installed?
any software installed?

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Why is it that My Linksys WUSB54GC Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter can't detect the Netgear router(MR814v2) in my home ? Any ideas?

A:Solved: linksys adapter works with netgear router?

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I bought one of these for a computer of mine. My uncle bought one, but I can't seem to get his to work.

The linksys program home says it has connection to the router, but not to the internet.

If anyone has experienced this problem, please let me know what you did to fix it.


A:Linksys Wireless-G Network Adapter - connects to router, but cant get internet

Check the wireless security on the router including - mainly encryption and mac address filtering. Also does this adapter work at other hotspots?

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I have an HP ZE5300 laptop with a built in LAN-Express IEEE 802.11 PCI Adapter. I have been using a Linksys BEFW1154 router for a year or so. My girlfriends PowerBook works fine without a wire but when I try to connect my PC wirelessly, it tells me I'm connected but I can't access webpages. It acts simularly at the library and at friends houses with varing brands of wireless routers.

Thanks in advance and please try to keep the language simple.


A:LAN-Express IEEE 802.11 PCI Adapter & Linksys BEFW1154 wireless router problems

You need to make sure the wireless card is set to get an IP address automatically. If it set to use DHCP, but is unable to get an address the IP address will appear as a 169.254.x.y address. If this happens, you probably need to make sure the wireless card's drivers are properly installed.

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Please, please someone help me. I've called Comcast 4 times and Linksys twice. I'm new to wireless connectivity but heres what I know. I have one desktop and one laptop. The router is connecting on the main floor of my access via the cable jack. The deskstop downstairs has a Linksys eternet adapter (sorry, don't know the type offhand). The laptop connects using a wireless card. My laptop is fine, connects to the internet but my desktop can not. The software that comes with Linksys states its connecting to the source but can not find the internet. I am getting a 169. IP address. I've tried powering down the router, reinstalling the adapter, purchasing a new adapter, IPCONFIG renew, etc. Nothing is working. I think its a setting problem but no one will help me with the WEB settings. Who assigns the passphrase? What is the SSID? Etc., etc.,

A:XP OS, Comcast Router, Linksys Adapter... Connect to source but cant locate Internet

you need to set the default gate way on your pc to the default on the linksys..
you can acces a configuration window through a browser just enter the ip addres of the router as a url and this should bring up a configuration window..
the reason the laptop is fine is because the wireless card will pick up the gateway automatically you will need to set it on the pc which im presuming is wired to the router..

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I have an occasion to use a previously stored Linksys BEFSR41 wired router ......... I find now however that I do not have the power supply adapter ......... does anyone know the correct voltage requirement for this unit as I do have a multi-voltage universal adapter..............

A:Power requirement for Linksys Router

input 120vac 60 hz 15w

output 9vac 1000ma

right from the befsr41 adapter.

good luck.

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reset. Dumb me I just accepted what Linksys set up said and did not copy down new pass words or set up stuff. Why I am on the internet I don't know but it seems to work. Somewhere I saw that the router must be factory reset. UH???
I have other stuff using this network. They will all be dead. Linksys help number lets me leave a message. No live support. Left a note on 'contact us'.

Other than buying a new router and starting from "0" what is a dummy to do?

A:Power failure linksys router

whats the exact model of the router ?
and what password are you referring to
the password to loginto the router and setup the configuration pages
the password you need to setup with in the router to connect to the ISP service over a phone line?

Who provided the router - the ISP or did you buy it
Are you also using a modem to get internet into the home ?

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I have a linksys router. Wireless G Broadband Router Firmware Version: v1.00.0

it was a real hassle to get working in the first place but i finally got it thanks for forums from this very site and has been working for a few weeks.
however, today the power flickered. not even long enough for the TV or alarm clocks to notice.
but now the router won't work. i have no idea how to fix this. i've been at it for a couple hours. help please.
willing to offer any more information needed.

A:Linksys router disrupted by a power flicker?

also, the online button on the modem is blinking and the internet button on the router is blinking rapidly

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I have a wrt54gx2 router and no AC adapter. If someone has this router, could you look at the specifications listed on the AC adapter? By the way, it is also marked SRX200.

I need Voltage out, amperage out and whether center positive or center negative.

I can't find anything on the 'net about this.

A:Solved: Need power supply specs on this Linksys router.

Looks like this has the info you need.
Ebay link

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Every time a fuse blows my router to network setting will undo for i dont know what reason but it's very annoying ,and im no expert ,constantly talking to at&t and linksys technicians for 2 hours every time it happens. I guess from what i know so far after going threw this so many times is that the IP address setting will change to default , I ask how to prevent this from happening again and they they refuse to take the conversation any further.

PS: will post more info if needed

A:linksys router settings will erase constantly when power goes

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We just had a poweroutage for a about 2 seconds, when power came back up, the power light on the router (linksys wrt54g ver 7) started blinking. I unplugged the router, plugged the modem in, and started surfing the net for solutions. One solution I found was on this site. I started reading a thread with a similar problem. Basically, its telling me that the firmware on my router is corrupted and I need to updated it again but by using the tftp.exe program since I can no longer enter the GUI of the router. The instructions I red said I need to assign a static ip first on my computer but it requires the DNS of my router and apparently (according to the instructions I red on the thread here with the same problem) the only way I can get the DNS is to access the GUI of my router and copy it from there. Since I'm unable to do that, I can't set up a static address, I can't use the tftp.exe program (I can't find a site where I can download it anyway); well there's nothing to start until I get that DNS number. I was wondering if I have other options left. I also tried resetting it. It didn't work.

A:Power light on linksys router blinking nonstop

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Like the title says, "Does anybody know the exact power requirements of a Linksys Wireless-G 802.11g Broadband WRT54GS Router with Speedbooster? My elder borther is letting me use on of these but lost the power converter so he could not give me it. If anybody knows please tell me so I can get a hold of a replacement. Thanks, Erlehacker

A:Anybody know the power requirements of a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband WRT54GS Router?

Erlehacker said:

"Does anybody know the exact power requirements of a Linksys Wireless-G 802.11g Broadband WRT54GS Router with Speedbooster?Click to expand...

Input Voltage: 12 V Dc Device - Input Current: 1.0 As HERE Not necessarily that particular one.

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My son hit the off button on the power strip to which my computer, modem and router are plugged.
When I rebooted everythihng, I was able to access the web via our two wireless laptops using my linksys wireless router WRTP54G.

However my wired desktop computers that do not have wireless showed that they were not connected (even though they were. )

I tried resetting the modom and router bythe usual unplugging and replugging in sequential order. it didnt help.

so i went to the page of linksys to see if the settings were okay.

in the "mac clone" area i saw it was to disable so i clicked on enable and then hit save settings as instructed by the linksys website..

A dialog box came up which said that if i saved the settings the system would have to reboot
....i clicked on ok
When the laptop came back u, not only could no longer connect with that laptop, when i clicked on the little cinnection icon that is in the system tray on the right by the clock - it would not give me any info.

so i did a hard reset on the router by holding in the return to factory reset button for 30 seconds
-- this fixed the problem with my desktops. they have connectivity...
and my other laptop can connect to the internet with wireless

unfortunately i cant get the computer that i did the mac clone experiment with to connect any more
i go to control panel and networking and it will not bring anything up.

and when i click on the system icon for hte connection it doesnt bring up... Read more

A:Power outage caused linksys router issues.Did.a mac clone enable, now have problem.

well another reboot and it all came back... thank you anyway.
best regards

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I recently got Comcast cable internet. I have 2 computers, the one downstairs (the one I am using now) has the wireless router and modem connected to it. The computer upstairs has a PCI wireless adapter.

The computer upstairs had a great connection for about... 1 day. Then yesterday, The internet upstairs gave out for like 2 hours (It couldn't receive the internet signal, but it could receive the router signal), then went back on again.

This time, It hasn't picked up the Internet transmission.. for like.. a long time. Anyone know what the problem is? Any help will be appriciated.. thanks.

A:LINKSYS PCI wireless adapter picks up router signal, but not internet signal!

I'm not sure if this apply's to your model, but it might be the same answer.*&p_li=
It's better if you give all the info on what version Windows your using and the model numbers of Router and PCI card so that we are not guessing.

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I presently have a Linksys WRT54G2 V1. I've been looking at the WRT160N to purchase & use as my main router. I'd like to wirelessly bridge the WRT160N to the WRT54G2 & have that as a repeater so that my signal is boosted, and my parents laptop wireless connection doesn't go all low & dragging when they're at the other end of the house. Is it possible & if so, can someone point me in the right direction as to procedure & configuration? Thank you.

A:Solved: Linksys Router Wireless Bridge to 2nd Linksys Router

I don't believe you will be able to do this "out of the box", look at third party firmware like dd-wrt. Never used it myself but I've read it works fine.


It may be easier to run a cable to the second router and set them up with the same SSID and security.

Have them on different IP addresses and channels something like:

Router 1 channel 6

Router 2 channel 11

You won't get "true" roaming but when one signal is dropped the wireless unit will pick up the other automatically.... or one could simply manually change from one to the other depending where they are in the house and which signal is stronger.

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I'm having difficulties finding adapters for my 2 x 5V 2A Belkin routers.
I know the Sony PSP adapters fit so I ordered 2 from ebay but they have been wrongly described and are actually 5V 500mA.
They power up the routers but are they OK to use long term?

Best regards,

A:Solved: Belkin Router Power Adapter

Welcome to TSG!!

I'd continue looking for the proper output power supplies. The 500mA may work for a while, but they may be being overstressed and will likely burn out prematurely.

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I just moved into a 2 story duplex with my downstairs neighbor and I sharing the utilities. He's got the internet and I've got the waste utilities.
At any rate. He's broadcasting an open WiFi signal that I'm trying to connect to with my HTPC. All I have is a Linksys WRT54 series router.

Can I configure this WiFi router to pick up this signal or is it for broadcasting only? What would you call that 'recieveing-only' type of connection?

A:Can I use a Linksys WRT54 router as WiFi "adapter"?

Different ways in setting up your Linksys wireless router

5. Cascading your router
You can extend your existing wireless network by connecting two (2) routers which are capable of sharing network resources. This process is called cascading.

With cascading routers, you can improve the performance of the network without removing your older router and isolate the network traffic. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

NOTE: Linksys routers cannot be used as wireless repeaters, bridges or media connectors. If you want to extend the signal and improve the performance of your wireless network, you will need a wireless range extender (RE1000 or RE2000) or a wireless media connector

Linksys WRT54 manual (PDF)

Why not negotiate hooking up your router to your neighbor's network? That would isolate his use of wireless from your use. Or just pick the signal - with permission.

This of course implies that your neighbor is inclined to share their resource.

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I have misplaced my power adapter - need to know the power ratings:

Ehome eh100H/w version A1
F/w 1.00
s/no. 0101A16A020145

Please email power ratings to [email protected]

Thanks a million

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Hello friends!

I'm having a bit of trouble tonight trying to connect to my wireless router. Here are the specifics-

Router: Linksys Wireless B
OS: Windows 7
Wireless Adapter: Netgear Wireless G

I used the Netgear installation disc and ran the setup wizard. I was able to connect easily initially, and firefox opened to my google homepage. I tried a simple google search and it went offline. The taskbar icon shows "connections available" and when opened and prompted to connect to the found network, it was "unable to connect". I opened the Netgear set up wizard and it just keeps scanning the channels and never connects. Any suggestions??


A:Netgear Wireless G Adapter to Linksys Wireless B Router

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I need some serious help. I have computer A hard wired to LInksys WRT54G router and computer B hard wired to Linksys WAP54G access point. Computer B uses Win 7 as its operating system. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get the access point to find the network. Can anyone please advise? Thanks.

A:Connect Linksys Access Point to Linksys Router

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Short story even shorter, there was a semi-power outage this morning (lights were very dim but power wasn't totally off), and when the power came back on my router stopped working. Here's what I know:

-The WLAN LED is no longer lit so there's no wireless. That orange CiscoSystems button is no longer glowing orange either if that means much.

-For some odd reason a wired connection through any of the ethernet ports on the router no longer works either, though the LED's still light up when connected, along with the internet LED.

-The modem works fine, I'm connected to the internet directly from the modem right now.

-I've tried to reset the router, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

-I've tried to access the router config settings, and the page doesn't load.

-I've tried to look up the routers ip address through the command prompt but when I enter the command "ipconfig" when I'm wired through the router I always get the response something along the lines of "media disconnected". When I try the command when connected directly to the modem the default gateway ip address comes up as ''. This doesn't work either.
I've been searching the web for solutions for hours and I can't find one. This is actually the first time I've ever had to post a thread asking for help and I've experienced a slew of computer problems over the years, lol.

It may very well ... Read more

A:Solved: Linksys WRT54G router WLAN light off - no internet access via router AT ALL.

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I have an 8 port "wired" router from Linksys that I have been using in conjunction to a wireless access point which had been plugged into one of the open ports on the wired router. Lately I have been having connection issues with the WAP so I decided it may be time to upgrade. Not thinking about it, I picked up a new Linksys E1000 wiress router (as opposed to a WAP) and, after a lengthy support call with Linksys, got that up and running.

So I have operability for both wired and wireless devices, however I have noticed a substantial slow down on my wired devices. I also just upped the plan with my ISP to increase my bandwidth which I see on the wired PCs but not on the wireless which seem less. Would a WAP be faster than a wireless router by nature?

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

A:Slow wireless after connecting Linkys wirless router to Linksys wired router

Have you made sure you have the latest firmware for the wireless router? If you updated the firmware be sure to reset it to factory default settings and reconfigure it.

What speeds do you get with a test such as with a connection to the wired router? With an ethernet connection to the wireless router? With a wireless connection?

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Just switched over to AT&T DSL from Road Runner Cable Modem.

While I had the cable modem, I used a Linksys WRT54G wireless router that had my PC and laptops connected to it.

Since I switched to AT&T DSL, I have been using AT&T's all-in-one device, the Westell DSL modem/wireless router/firewall.

I've noticed that uPnP doesn't work as well on the Westell as it did on the Linksys. I also had to change some settings to get my VPN to connect to my company's network.

Which is better? Should I put the Westell in bridged mode, and reconnect my Linksys? Or keep it the way I have it running it though the all-in-one device?

Thanks in advance.

A:Westell DSL modem/router/firewall VS. Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router

I'd put the Westell in bridged mode, which will then emulate your old configuration, which apparently worked properly.

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I don't know if this is possible, but this is what I want to do:
Have the dsl modem router and linksys voip connected together.
I want the voip router to assign dhcp and the dsl modem router to
be used to get internet access but not assign dhcp (I think)

This is why I want it:

I have 8 wireless linksys cam's configured through the voip router.
Setting the cam's to the modem router didn't work well because of
AT&T's firewall cannot be disabled, only modified to open ports. It's frustrating as when I opened the ports for the cam's, a consistant "an unknown error has occured". So I opted to just set up the cams on the linksys router as the cams are also linksys as well. Thus, figuring they would communicate better anyway.

This is my problem:

When I connect the dsl modem router to the
WAN port on the linksys router, the dsl modem assigns it
a fixed LAN ip. What I want is the linksys router to pull a WAN ip so I can log into my cam's remotely from my laptop at home.
No matter what I do, disable dhcp on linksys router, set linksys router on the dsl modem router to DMZ, set linksys router to bridge mode.....
nothing seems to work.

All I want to do is configure the linksys router so that when I go to my internet explorer on my laptop and type in " to connect to the cam's. But when I go to linksys router config. pages to see the status, the internet ip is which is a LAN address assi... Read more

A:2wire DSL Modem Router and a Linksys VOIP router setup advice

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Hi al u guys

i have a simple question reguarding the range of any cheap $50 to $150 max wireless router when place outdoor... actualy i am thinking of making my own network of friends living in a single street of about 100 meters apart from my house at max... for multiplayer gaming and file sharing etc etc... as my house is in the center and its quite high amoung other houses i decided to place router outside on my roof at height... may be inline of sight of other house(provided i will take care of climate conditions) ..... and as for clients i dont want any instrument installed at client except wlans... at max i will make an extention for clients to place there antenas outdoors

now tell me wether this is practically possible or not under very limited budget.

tell me if i am unclear about some thing....

thanks in advance

A:Outdoor range of Wireless Router eg. (Linksys router wt54..) or anyother with 108

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So I have AT&T DSL. I bought a Netgear N300 ADSL2+ Modem/WiFi Router that is compatible with my service.

Previously with this Modem/Router it would constantly drop the wireless connection for the Wii I have that was used to stream Netflix.

So recently I bought a Linksys E2500 Router so I could be able to use the Wii, along with 3 other desktops, 1 laptop, and 3 phones.

My ideal setup would be this:
Set the ADSL2+ Modem/Router to be just a modem (I know how to set the option for this)​Connect the Linksys Router to be what all the devices connect to wirelessly (this would serve as the DHCP server) ​
I have read that one of the Routers has to be set to "BRIDGED" mode, yet I don't know which device has to be Bridged


A:Solved: Netgear N300 ADSL2+ Router/Modem and Linksys E2500 Router Setup

Set the ADSL2+ Modem/Router to be just a modem (I know how to set the option for this)Click to expand...

this is being set into bridge mode - by changing to a modem

then connect the modem to the WAN on the router and you should be good to go

Do you have a wireless laptop that you can you can put next to the wii - would be useful to see the quality of the wireless signal and how many other wireless are there which may cause interference

put xirrus onto the laptop and put the laptop next to the wii and post a xirrus screen shot
Run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and install the program.
You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.
Direct link to the program is here

{If the above link does not work heres another link,77196-order,4/download.html}

Then run and install t... Read more

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I recently got qwest DSL and I configured my Wireless to work and accept my wireless MAC Address, but when I plug it into the WAN slot in the Linksys router it doesn't work. I went to linksys site and did their configuration which is changing the router LAN IP to, then power cycling, but this doesn't help. I cannot access the internet still. Both the modem/router and the router are operating DHCP, but if I disable the modem/router, I cannot access the wireless function, and if I disable the DHCP on my Linksys router, I cannot obtain an IP from the modem router via the linksys router.

This is frustrating lol.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Qwest DSL (Router/Modem/Wireless) not connecting to my Linksys Router (VPN)

I just got a Zonet Broadband Switch Router (product model ZSR0104C).
I have Qwest DSL.

I followed the instructions.
I can ping the router but nothing else.
Can't access internet.
Scoured Zonet site/forums.
No driver updates.
No errata on installation or any pertinent info.

Looked up Qwest specifications for Router set up... nothing helpful there.



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I own a business that offers free Wi-Fi to customers. Originally I had the blue linksys wireless G router hooked up to the booster on the roof. At another location, I just got a Netgear wireless N router, and that worked way better than the linksys. So I got another Netgear router, and installed it in the first location- but I'd like to hook it up to the booster. The guy at Fry's said that the Netgear router will not hookup to the booster- I'd have to hook the Netgear to the linksys, disable something on the linksys, and then the linksys to the booster.
So, my question is, how do I do that?

Thank you very much!

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I just want to know how to bridge my comtrend 5071t dsl router with my linksys wrt160n wireless router

A:Solved: How do I bridge my comtrend dsl router with my wireless linksys router

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My home network use to consist of 3 comps all running XP Pro and a Vonage router. With the addition of a 4th comp, I have had to use a port on the back of the RTP 300 for one comp. The four others ( 3 comps and the Vonage router )are connected to my Linksys WRT54GL. and I have no problems sharing files and printers. The one comp connected to the Vonage router will not allow file sharing or show up in Network Connections although it has no trouble accessing the net. Is there a setting in the Linksys router that I have to change to allow this one comp to share? I can't access the RTP 300 to make changes as it is locked. I have made sure all the comps are using the same work group and all file and printer settings are set the same on all comps. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Vonage router and Linksys Router sharing problem

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My network needs to connect to 6 wired PCs and 1 wireless PC.

Right now the Linksys 4 port router connects to the ADSL modem and 4 PCs -and I want to add a new Belkin wireless router to provide a wireless LAN access and have 2 add'l LAN ports.

Therefore, can I, and how do I configure the devices, so that the ADSL modem would go into the Linksys router; the Linksys would provide LAN connection to 3 PCs and the 4th port would go to the input of the Belkin router, which in term would provide wireless access and 3 more LAN ports?


A:Combining Linksys Router and Belkin Wireless Router

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

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My new home has is pre-wired and uses a UStec TP-IPR8 Router (<>) to share my broadband connection with every room in the house and provide a home networking environment.

I want to add my Linksys WAP54G Wireless Router (<>) onto the network so that I can connect wirelessly too.

Can anyone help me out with the appropriate settings for the Linksys and/or the TP-IPR8 so that I can accomplish my goal??? They don't seem to want to cooperate for me!

Thanks in advance,

A:UStec TP-IPR8 Router and Linksys 54G Wireless Router

First Step: Plug a computer to the Wireless Router, change the IP address of the wireless router so that it's in the same subnet as the main Router (the one that is connected to the Internet Modem); give it an IP that doesn’t conflict with the main router's base IP address, or the DHCP server range. This will ensure that you can reach the admin server of the old router from any LAN machine, and that the Wireless Clients IPs are assigned correctly.

For Example:

- Main Router’s base address is, with a DHCP server range of to

- Set the Cable/DSL Router to (the one you're using as an Access Point) base address to any IP address between to

Second Step: Switch Off the DHCP on the Wireless Cable/DSL Router.

Plug the Wireless Router to the main Router. Regular Port to Regular Port, using crossover cable (or straight patch if one port is an Uplink or auto-sensing).

The WAN input of the Wireless Router should stay open, do not connect any thing to the WAN input of the secondary router.

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XP wired connection to a just installed Linksys Wireless WRT54GS. As witnessed by this plea, the wired connection works. Try to add a wireless device and the Linksys EasyLink Advisor (LELA) tells me I need to establish a wired connection to the router. It can't find the router. God this makes me mad. My first attempt at a wireless setup at home and here we are. Anyway, how can I make this work? Just bought a Dell laptop that has wireless capability but this dumb thing won't let me set it up. What's the solution? E-Mail and web work fine through the wired connection. Thanks.

A:Solved: Can't Find Wired Router (Linksys Router)

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Hello Friends,

Below is my scenario:

1st Router: Netgear (Currently working/Internet ON)
2nd Router, 3rd Router, etc... : All Linksys Routers (Trying to set-up).

I have cable internet and currently Netgear is connected with the cable modem and is supplying internet perfectly. However, I purchased additional Linksys routers and would like to configure them to work with Netgear Router, I have a static IP from the ISP.

Netgear Login IP:
Linksys Login IP:

BTW: All Routers are wireless as well. Awaiting your reply.


A:Configuring Linksys Router with Netgear Router

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I can't ping from the network on Cisco Router 1. The router is connected with network to a linksys router.
I also can't ping from the linksys router to a IP address that is connected to the cisco router.

sh run output
DOTO-R1#sh run
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 1853 bytes
! Last configuration change at 20:29:20UTC Tue Feb 1 2011
version 12.2
service timestamps debug uptime
service timestamps log uptime
no service password-encryption
hostname DOTO-R1
enable secret 5$1$pgGu$0NZyoHuybx5Xy74gxKEiS1
ip subnet-zero
ip host-routing
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp pool
ip dhcp pool
controller E1 0/0
interface FastEthernet0/0
ip address
duplex auto
speed auto
interface FastEthernet0/1
description SERVERS
ip address
duplex auto
speed auto
interface Ethernet1/0
description DOTO
ip address
interf... Read more

A:Solved: linksys router - to cisco router

Who are you sharing RIP traffic with on .50-.54? Because you're not sharing any route information with your Linksys router?

Do you have a static route from the Linksys router pointing to the Cisco router at to reach networks .50 to .54?

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OS: Windows 2000 on Desktop
OS: Windows XP Home on Laptop
Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL 8-Port Router
Netgear Wireless Firewall Router WGT624 V2
Netgear Wireless PCMCIA Card
Motorola Surfboard 4200 Voice Modem

The devices are connected like this:

Cable Modem>Linksys 8-port>Netgear Wireless

This is a friend's computer network at her home which I was helping to add more ports with a new 8-port router:

I am unable to get internet access with a laptop which is connected wirelessly to a Netgear wireless router which is in turn connected to a port on a Linksys router

I am able to ping the ip address of the Netgear Wireless from laptop using and the Laptop is getting an address of from the Netgear device. This tells me that the card is communicating fine with the wireless router. I don't think I was able to ping the address of the Linksys at from the laptop. I do not remember if I was able to ping Netgear router address from the desktop computer. The desktop is getting an address of from the Linksys router. Are these two different ip address ranges causing a problem? I am unfamiliar with Netgear wireless products and I only found the internal config page (and login password info) just before I had to leave and I did not notice what address the wireless router was being assigned by the Linksys router or if... Read more

A:Connecting Wireless Router To Linksys Router

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I'm looking for some opinions on Linksys Max Performance Wireless N Dual Band Router (E4200-CA) and D-Link Xtreme Wireless N Router (DIR-825).
These are the 2 I've narrowed it down to, I just don't know which one to get.

I'll be mostly using it for wireless online gaming on 3 pc/laptop simultaneously. but it will all so be use for wifi on about 3 other small devices, wired on 1 pc and 1 xbox.

any help or opinion on either one would be appreciated.

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We just had DSL brought to the house. We have three computers to use with the internet. We had satelite with the Linksys (WRT54G) wireless router. Now we have the DSL. The problem I am having is getting the wireless router to work with the DSL router. The DSL router is a Siemens SpeedStream 5890 (Bridge Router). I believe it is also the modem. The phone line goes directly to the router. I can get intenet if I plug into one of the ports on the back (there are 4 (5) of them).

One of the computers is directly hooked up to the 5890. My laptop is currently hooked up too, although, I would like to be able to use the wireless so I can get on the internet anywhere in the house.

When I hook up the Linksys to the 5890, the internet light comes on, on the front of the Linksys, but when I try to use the internet through the Linksys, I get nothing. My laptop and the another computer see the wireless and can even connect to it, but there is no internet.

Please help.
Thank you,

A:DSL modem router to Linksys wireless router

If the Linksys's WAN had any configuration other than "dynamic connection" to work with your previous service, you will need to change that.

If both routers are using the same LAN subnet (192.168.1.x?) you will need to

a. change one of them (e.g., to 192.168.3.x),
b. bridge the modem/router to make it work as a modem only, and then do whatever configuration is needed to connect to your DSL service, or
c. configure the Linksys as a switch and wireless access point.

While (a) is probably the quickest and easiest short term solution, either of the other two are preferable unless you have a need for cascaded routers. Solution (c) is ...

JohnWill's procedure for configuring a secondary router as a switch and, optionally, wireless access point follows.

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no... Read more

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i recently received a 2wire 2701HG-B Gateway Modem/Wireless Router from a friend to replace my old AT&T modem for my DSL, but i found that the wireless connectivity and set up was a little off. (dmz not properly working, lose of signal at times) i want to use the modem portion of the 2wire for the internet but i want to use my Linksys WRT54GS v.5 Wireless Router for my wireless/LAN needs.

is this possible? if so any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

A:2wire modem/router to a Linksys router?

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I'm using a home network for Earthlink DSL from my PowerPC (OS10.2.8) to my wife's iBook (OS9.2.2).

When I first set up the home network I was instructed by Earthlink to use a Linksys home network adapter (Phoneline 10M USB Network Adapter). It all worked fine. Then my wife's iBook crashed and had to get a new hard drive. When I tried to reconnect the iBook to the home network, a message came up on the iBook saying it could not locate the Linksys software. Upon visiing the Linksys web site and talking to a Linksys tech person, there is no Linksys software that supports Mac. I don't remember how I got the Linksys to work in the first place or where I got the software that allowed the Linksys to work on the iBook. Any help or direction on where to get software that will support the Linksys on an iBook would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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hi all!

I apologize if this has been brought up before, but I am needing some help.

I just bought by husband a PC with Windows 7, 64-bit. I bought a Linksys adapter to get him fixed up on-line as we have been running all of our computers on it for several years. I bought the WUSB54GC after being told that it would work, and that all I needed to do was update the driver. Well, I did that, and it appears through device manager that it recognizes it, but when I try to get any kind of internet connection, it says an unexpected error has occurred, and won't let me move any further. According to the manage networks program on the computer, the device is disabled, but when I click to enable it, nothing happens.

I hope I have given enough info to get some help here. talking with Linksys didn't seem to bring me much hope. Thank you all!

A:Linksys adapter for Windows 7 64-bit

I have never used the Linksys brand but I have used a couple of other brands of similar type USB wireless adapters. I've used one in a Windows 7 64 bit PC and a Windows XP Home 32 bit PC. In each case you are instructed to first install the driver and then plug in the USB adapter afterward. Did you follow this order? If not, uninstall the driver in Programs and Features and start over.

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In my home, my wireless router is downstairs and my adapter is upstairs. My computer has always been able to connect to the router, and my internet was never very stable but it worked. Now like 2 weeks ago my internet dropped, and i've had problems ever since? The other day i actually got it to connect to the internet, and i was on for a good 30 mins but since then it hasn't worked. I'm thinking my router isn't strong enough, because my mom has a wireless on her lab top and it works fine in my room.. so it's kind of confusing. But i'd like to make sure there's not something i can do to fix it before i go out and buy a new one.. Has anybody else had a problem like this?

A:Linksys Wireless Adapter..

Please do not start multiple threads for the same problem. Keep replying to this thread please:

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ok so i have this notebook adapter by linksys i have no idea how to make it active, please i already uninstall then reinstalled and then disables the eather net cable and all that step by step and still thig hardware will not work!!!!!!!!! do you guys have any suggestions... thanks Latinfox

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The Linksys router on the new computer (Acer w/ Vista) works fine and the Linksys adapter on the old computer (emachine w/ xp) worked the first time that i hooked it up. Since then I unplugged the computer and when i plugged it back in the Linksys adapter hasnt worked. The Linksys support people said the problem was in the xp or emachine system, because the Linsys checks out fine. I cant find anyone who can help me with this so...

How can I simply remove/restart the Linksys adapter on the second computer all over again with the cd rom? Problem is that the Linksys program doesnt even show up when I call up the programs to add/remove. Maybe if I could clear it all out it would allow me to reload the cd-rom from the beginning - when it worked for me the very first time.

A:Linksys adapter restart help!

If you not seeing the adapter in Device Manager (Right click on MyComputer select properties > Hardware tab Device Manager) just reinstall the drivers, if you are seeing it with or without a yellow ? right click and select uninstall.

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Cleaning out some old carry cases and found this.
Linksys Compact USB 2.0 10/100 Network Adapter Model USB200M
It's about the size of a large thumb drive.
It's free to a good home if anyone wants it. All I need is a SASE (6 X9 inch) envelope to mail it and its manual.
If no response in a week or so, I'll trash it.

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I have a main Lynksys router on my new computer (Acer) which runs on Vista. I have a remote wireless adapter hooked into my old computer, an emachine that runs on xp. When i first hooked it all up it ran fine with both computers getting an internet connection. But when I unplugged it to relocate it to another room, the emachine wouldn't connect to the internet. I spoke with Linksys support and everything is working correctly with the Linksys install, except that I can't get a Linksys icon on the emachine when I call up 'Network Connections'. The Linksys support tech said I needed to fix that problem first, as it is a problem with the xp operating system on the emachine. So that is where I am stuck. Help!!

A:no Linksys Adapter icons!

What happens if you return the router to it's original position? Does the Emachine work again? If so, rule out the Windows XP problem, it's something else. Perhaps the distance between devices, or some type of interference.

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I have a linksys network link Lkg65b098. It always wants to format any drives i connect to it, is there any hack/way around this?


A:Linksys networking adapter

The only thing that Google and Bing can find for "Lkg65b098" is this thread. What is it?

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Hi, I purchased this wireless card a while ago, and ever since I've had the same issue. Every now and again (couple minutes usually) my internet connection will drop for a second or two then resume working at full capacity. My system tray icon tells me I have full bars with a superb connection. I have a few other computers connected to this network, all using wireless built-in cards (they're laptops) and they play the same games and perform the same tasks at lightning fast speed with no "drops". I have attempted to use Linksys' live chat for support, but the person in charge of my problem was, to say the least, not understanding and just instructed me to reinstall the card. I have done that and the problem persists. Anyone have any suggestions or advice?


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Driver for Linksys Wireless pci adapter will not install on Windows 7 x64. Is there anyway I can force it to install or extract the driver somehow? It worked fine in my Vista Home Premium 32 so it should work right?

A:Linksys Wireless Adapter

Have you tried to install it with Vista compatibility mode?

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Usually, it's 2 green lights. But this time I see an orange light on 'Link.' 'TX/RX' remains green, while blinking. What does the orange mean?

EDIT: typo

A:Linksys Network Adapter 10/100

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hi ,
i ve bought a linksys 10/100 usb network adapter,model usb100tx ,i am running windows 2000, my ip address is, and i am trying to configurate the router,but i cannot access to access my router.(page cannot be displayed).

what is the problem?

it is extremely important that i manage to deactivate the device firewall.

thanksx for your consideration.please help

A:linksys adapter usb 100tx

Start with the model of the router, and the type of Internet service you have, cable or DSL.

If you open a command prompt (DOS window), and type:


The gateway address is the address of the broadband router. If you paste that address into the IE address window, you should be able to access the router's setup page.

I'm curious about "deactivating the device firewall", since the "firewall" protection of most SOHO broadband routers is primarily the NAT layer, which can't be deactivated. What exactly are you trying to accomplish by turning off a firewall?

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Has anyone found a driver that will run this adapter under win7? I have the SRX version with the 3-foot antenna and a triple antenna. Under XP it pulled in connections from the far side of the 12 story, 200 unit brick and steel apartment building on the other side of a 200-foot wide road. Now it's a paperweight.

I am pretty disgusted with Cisco Linksys. The adapter was perhaps the very best available for XP. It was also one of the most expensive - but it worked so well it was worth it. But now that have simply walked away from the card. No driver for Win7.

This is a "G" card so the service is not obsolete.

I will never buy another item from Cisco. The risk of being orphaned again is too great.

Meanwhile, if someone has a solution to this situation, I'd appreciate hearing it.

A:wmp54gx linksys adapter

Vista driver won't work?

Any issues showing in Devie Manager?

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I've had a Linksys wireless adapter for a little less than a year now with no problems. Recently it has ceased to work. When I plug it in to any USB port, the light on the adapter does not blink like it normally does, and I can't search for networks. The adapter doesn't even show up in the device manager. I don't understand why the device would all of a sudden stop working.

A:Linksys Wireless USB adapter not working

it may have just broken
if its not in device manager you could try re-installing the drivers you got with the device or downloading and copying onto the machine
control panel>
hardware tab>
device manager button>

network adapters
click on the + sign

post backs whats there

also any ! X or ?

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Ok so i just bought this linksys USB adapter from this lady for like 10 bucks. Its 802.11b instant wireless series. Now im hoping i didnt buy the wrong thing when all i wanted was a wireless card. When i go to connect to any network it just wont connect it will say aquiring network address then say not connect, any clues?? its WUSB11

A:Linksys wireless USB adapter problems

Hellfang said:

Ok so i just bought this linksys USB adapter from this lady for like 10 bucks. Its 802.11b instant wireless series. Now im hoping i didnt buy the wrong thing when all i wanted was a wireless card. When i go to connect to any network it just wont connect it will say aquiring network address then say not connect, any clues?? its WUSB11Click to expand...

The wireless adaptor is B-mode (802.11b).
Unless it has other capabilities, it will only connect to a WiFi router which supports and is configured to support B-Mode. Many routers will support multiple modes;

What brand and model router are you using?

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I have a wmp300n Wireless N adapter from linksys that i have been using for almost two years. I took out the adapter to move the computer to a new house and it stopped working. I took a look in the devices menu and saw that the person who installed it did a terrible job because the device it thought it was was a microsoft adapter. Is there a way to install it again without the installation cd and it is already inside my computer?
-thank you.

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it was not a linksys wusb 11network adapter problem but a duo connect 1394/usb card.the built in usb ports on my hp pavilion 8700 windows xp pro are not working.what do i need to get the functioning?

A:linksys wusb 11network adapter

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I'm a networking newbie. I have a W98 PC connecting to internet through an SMC wireless router and cable modem. I used the Linksys wireless adapter setup wizard but couldn't connect to Internet. I used Control Panel, Network settings and found the wireless adapter and tcp/ip for the wireless adapter. Using Properties I found the adapter had the wrong ESSID name and channel.. Changed that, re-booted, and now could connect to Internet. Don't know why the setup wizard didn't change this! Went back and checked Properties for the wireless tcp/ip and noticed DNS was disabled. Should it be enabled and point to the router's IP address?

A:Linksys wireless adapter tcp/ip settings

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After installing the driver for my Linksys wireless thing, sorry I don't know what to call it. Basically the antenna on the back of my computer that gives it wireless internet.

So anyways, it came with a program called "Linksys Wireless-G PCI Network Adapter with Speed Booster". And it always starts up and freezes whenever it starts. It's really annoying, im using the Windows Wireless program. But it still pops up whenever I start up my computer.

How do I get rid of it? Because when I try to uninstall it, it uninstalls the driver for my wireless.


Computer Specs:
* System:
Microsoft Windows XP
Version 2002
Service Pack 3
* Computer:
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz
2.79 GHz, 2.00 GB of RAM


A:How can I get rid of the Linksys Wireless Network Adapter?

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I am a network newbie. I had my Linksys wireless adapter working fine on my W98 PC connecting to an SMC wireless router. I decided to change the routers default SSID name and enable MAC filtering so I hooked up my other PC via ethernet cable to the router and did so. Went to my W98 PC and changed the SSID name using the Linksys wireless LAN Monitor SW and after rebooting W98 I got connected. Did same on my other PC (XP) and it connected. Went back to W98 PC, updated my Norton NAV 4 virus files and updated to newest level of ZoneAlarm Free (both from Internet) and everything was fine. Returned to W98 PC later and couldn't connect to Internet but could connect to router. THe LAN Monitor was then showing two wireless adapters, both with excellent signal strength, but one had a blank SSID name and the other had the new SSID name and some unreadable appended characters. Being totally stumped I decided to uninstall the wireless adapter software, unplug the adapter, and re-install (Lan Monitor and adapter network sw) using the Linksys install CD. After installing SW, plugged in the adapter and the LAN monitor (WUS11B) errored with page fault!!! I need help!!

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Please tell me can i use my linksys wmp54g router as network adapter to receve internet from my brothers network who lives next door to me

A:linksys wmp54g as network adapter

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I have a linksys adapter WUSB54 G ver.4 connected to my computer. It have been there for about 1 to 2 years. Well, one day I come home and the internet is disconnected. I try and fix it, but I can so I uninstall the software and the adapter in the port it was in. I have done this about 15 times on this computer and other ones. When installing the software and windows logo pop up and says this hasn't been digitally encypied or something with windows xp and if installed it might harm the computer. This has never popped up before, so I was very confused. So I clicked ok anyway and let it install. When it got to the point were the adapter installs itself on the computer. The computer restarted. When it got to the welcome sign it restarted again and never fully rebooted. I took the adapter usb out of the usb slot and the computer started working fine again. Know everytime I put the adapter in and enter the wep code the computer restarts like stated above. So I uninstalled the software again and this time there was no logo. It worked fine, but still has the problem. So the main problem is everything the adpater usb cord goes in the computer restarts.

A:Linksys Adapter WUSB54G ver.4 problem

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Hey guys,

I recently installed Windows XP Home on my computer that was previously running 98SE. I'm using a Linksys Wireless-B PCI Card to connect wirelessly to my network. For months its worked fine, but now with XP, the card doesn't want to work. I can connect to the internet for maybe 5 minutes, then the connection breaks down. I've got a Wireless-G router, which is compatible with the Wireless-B card. I think that the problem may have something to do with Windows XP's built in wireless network program, but I'm still not sure. I'll try to boot my machine up on 98 today to see if that may be the problem.

Thanks again,

A:Linksys Wireless-B PCI Adapter Trouble

G'day Campbell685, these kinds of problems are nothing new to WXP, especially if you have loaded SP-2 over the top.
It often affects USB's as well, most especially on machines with AMD processors.
There are some notes on MS's boards about it but it appears the problem is due to drivers being affected somehow.
I have addressed some of these odd types of problems by using Johnwill's suggestion of slipstreaming WXP with SP-2 and finding things then worked again on at least one problem board..
The slipstreaming program mixes both the raw WXP and the SP-2 and you then make a new modified installation disk. You will need a burner and use a slow speed to ensure the burn is good.
A bit of a pain having to do it but it certainly does help with odd unexplainable problems.
The program I used was "Autostreamer" Google should find it, it is a freebee.
I placed the SP-2 on the hard drive and combined from there.
The destructions are simple and it is a worthy exercise.
Cheers, qldit.

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I recently moved into a new apartment, and I found that I can pick up my landlady's internet on my laptop, so i bought a LINKSYS WIRELESS G ADAPTER WUSB54GSC and installed it into my computer. The install went fine, and when it comes on, it says that it is connected to the internet. But when i open up internet explorer, it reads "Cannot display page offline." and when the linksys is connected to the internet, the little networking icon with the two tvs says its disconnected, and visa versa.

I don't know what else to do.
I'm running Windows XP Home Edition on an HP comp.

THanks for some help in advance

A:Problem Connecting Using Linksys Adapter

what is she broadcasting? Linksys, netgear, belkin..etc. Whats your reception range?

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Ok, so everything i try to connect to my wireless network with my desktop using my wusb600n adapter, everything works perfectly for about 30 seconds, and then nothing. webpages stop loading, and online games stop working.

like even know I loaded this page, and will have to repair the connection by the time im done writing this. its really annoying because I haven't changed anything with my computer in a month and it was working fine like 3 days ago.

im really not sure, i tried disabling my firewall, but it still works for 30 seconds then stops.

i tried closing my anti virus, but still nothing (however it still has a background process running.

i read other threads on this adapter, but none of them solved my problem.

im really stumped.

A:problems with linksys wusb600n net adapter.

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I have a WPC54G Version 1.2 Adapter that I have previously used with XP. I recently accuirred a laptop on to which I loaded XP along with all the latest hotfixes. Now when I attempt to load the adapter driver fro the CD or from the latest driver dowload from the Linksys site XP tells me that it can't locate the drive for the device. I get the same results if I have it search the internet. I spent a very frustrating hour on the phone with Linksys tech support with junior and senior techs. They kept asking to connect the laptop to my router via a ethernet cabel and have my wireless adapter plugged into the laptop ayt the same time so they could run their diagonostic utiity. I could not get them to undersatnd that it is physically impossibe to isntall both at the same time. Somehow I can't help but think this may be related to a windows update

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Hi, I just put windows 7 on my Dell Dimension E510 and it is awesome. I am having the problem of getting the wireless adapter Model No. WUSB11 ver. 2.6 to find the access point which is only 20 feet away. I used this for about 2 years no problem on xp. Then i switched to xp black edition no problem. After installing 7 I have installed the adapter to my pc and it is not finding anything. As of right now I have the Ethernet cable plugged in which is pretty sweet and fast but, i rather keep that in my ps3 lol. I really have no idea how to get this to find the router again but i will say, i have lost the installation cd but installed it off of the linksys site. Any help would be sweet, thanks.

A:Solved: Wireless Linksys Adapter

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I have a Compaq Presario 2100 laptop here, running XP Home. I just installed the linksys wcf11 v.4 wireless-b adapter on the Compaq, with the latest drivers from the linksys site. I have a linksys wireless-g router with WPA-PSK, TKIP encryption on the traffic, already functional with an emachines laptop with a wireless-g card.

I can't configure the Compaq to connect to the network: there are no other encryption options than WEP. I tried downloading a bunch of windows updates, since the laptop owner hasn't kept up. The laptop is extremely slow so i didn't make sure i got ALL of them. Is there one in particular i should be looking for? Is it a problem with XP? With the Computer?

My question is: can this adapter (w/ this computer) support WPA? If so, how do i get the option to show up?

Also, what are the consequences of using a b computer on a g network?

A:WPA with linksys wcf11 v.4 wireless-b adapter

WPA is a new wireless security standard, and no, it is not compatible with WEP. Unless the card's mfg has released drivers that will allow the card to participate in a WPA wireless network, you would have to change the Access Point's configuration to use WEP, and the other laptop(s) to also use WEP. This isn't advised, but it is possible.

I'd suggest making the laptop's owner shell out for a G card that can participate in WPA.

As for a B card participating in a G network, the B card will obviously be slower when connecting/transfering data on the local network, it shouldn't have too much of an effect on the G equipment, but it is another device in a shared medium network, each additional device means less bandwidth available for all participants.

If the computers are just used to connect to the internet, The B card's performance should be nearly identical to the G equipment. The only caveat to that is since you mentioned that laptop was older and slower, it will be slower to process the incoming information, so it may give the appearance of being slower, but that's a function of the processor, not the network. Both B, and G are much faster than most consumer internet connections; it's the internet connection that is going to rule how fast the pages appear.

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I upgraded from vista home pre. 32 bit to win 7 64 bit. My linksys wireless adapter worked fine in the 32 bit mode, the driver will not install in the 64 bit OS. Has anyone had this happen to? How did you resolve it. Linksys is no help at all.
Thanks, sharky1012.

A:Linksys WUSB 11 wireless adapter

Quote: Originally Posted by jhoya1

I upgraded from vista home pre. 32 bit to win 7 64 bit. My linksys wireless adapter worked fine in the 32 bit mode, the driver will not install in the 64 bit OS. Has anyone had this happen to? How did you resolve it. Linksys is no help at all.
Thanks, sharky1012.

We would need the model number and version to access any of the support pages on Linksy
Try continuing from here
Linksys by Cisco - WUSB11 Support

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I have a Linksys WUSB54GS wireless adapter connected to an HP PC running XP Home. I also have a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router connected to a cable modem. The wireless router works great all through the house with my home laptop and my office laptop when I bring it home.
The problem is with the usb adapter on the PC. It says that I have an excellent and strong signal but I cannot connect to the internet. If I snake a 100 ft long ethernet cable through the house, I can connect the PC instantly to the internet. Then I can disconnect the ethernet cable and remain connected with the usb wireless adapter. If I reboot, it says it is connected to the network with a strong signal but cannot find the Internet. I have tried several uninstalls and reinstalls. No change. On rare occasions, it will find the internet. I have moved the wireless router around but cannot get any better signal on the wireless adapter on the PC - it is shown as strong and excellent.
I would appreciate any help that anyone can give me.

A:Linksys USB adapter cannot connect to Internet

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Hey everyone, sorry to bother you all with a question, but this is my last resort.

My problem is a Network Key that has been set up on all computers in the house. Our connection used to be open to anyone in the area (not on purpose) and was just recently changed. Now a key is required to gain access.

However, FFXI has now blocked me out, for lack of better words. The thing I noticed, is my Linksys Gaming Adapter is unlit on the right box, meaning it is unable to find a connection. I'm clueless how to work the Gaming Adapter, since it usually finds the channel with the connection, thought none of the channels connect.

Is there anyway I can fix it for FFXI? If not, would anyone know how to disable the Network Key and allow it to be open again?

Thanks for checking out this post, it is greatly appreciated

I can give pretty much any other additional info you require, Thanks Again.

A:Linksys Gaming Adapter/Network Key

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I recently purchased a wireless router and a wireless usb adapter to make a wirless network between 2 computers. The guy in the store told me I could mix and match as long as they were both compatible with 802.11 or something to that effect. Well the usb adapter is a linksys model # WUSB11-CA ver. 2.5 and the router is a hawking model # WR254S
I got the wireless router hooked up and the computer hard wired into it - computer 1 with the dsl modem - is accessing the internet so everything seems fine on that end. On computer # 2 there is no connection. Part of the problem could be the installation cd inluded with the linksys usb adapter? I run the installation program to install drivers, etc. and I get an error box that says: Unhandled Exception, Error Number: 0x80070725, Description: Incompatible version of the RPC Stub, Setup will now terminate. Before it was also saying w32n50.dll was missing but since I ran the firmware from the linksys website that has stopped.
If you have any ideas on how to solve this problem I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks, Trevor

A:linksys wireless usb adapter problems

I would totally remove the Linksys USB adapter from the system. Remove the driver.

Then plug straight into your router with that computer and download the drivers for the USB adapter direct from the Linksys website. Then try the whole shabang again.

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Hello, I am using a 3 year old Gateway with XP Media Center OS. I am trying to install a Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter and I keep getting Error Code 31.I have worked with the Linksys people for about 6 hours and can't seem to get this resolved.

One gentleman said that the problem was a conflict with SP3, so I uninstalled that to no avail. I have moved the card from slot to slot and still the same error. I have tried downloading the drivers from Linksys site and installing manually to no avail.

ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated. Please email if you have any ideas.

A:Code 31 While Trying to Install Linksys PCI Adapter---Need Help

' I am trying to install ' doesn't really tell anyone here much. How about you take a little time and describe what you did.


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I have a fresh install of XP sp2 running on an ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe board. The system runs stable unless I have my Linksys WUSB54G v4 connected and running. ..If it is connected Windows crashes and gives me the memory dump/blue screen error and's at random times while the connection is active. I can't seem to find any info with this issue...Does anyone have any ideas...I'm not sure if it's motherboard drivers or what i could do to remedy this conflict.

A:Linksys Wireless Adapter Crashes Xp

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Hi I have windows 7 and I seem to only be able to use my wireless-G adapter: which is built into my mobo, But I want to use my Linksys 802.11n PCI Wireless Network Adapter its the one with the wired antenna connected by wires to the card. But every time I try to use it my windows 7 claims its not installed when I have installed it and even installed the software that works for it(). So I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix that. By the way I have an Asus Mobo with a built in wireless-G adapter. So thanks for the help

A:Linksys 802.11n PCI Wireless Network Adapter

Hi have you looked on cisco's support site for that model to see if they have a win 7 driver,you might also try compatibility mode right click on the driver and choose run in compatibilty mode

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Has there been any info. from Linksys as to when they plan on releasing a driver for their Wireless-G USB adapter for Vista x64?

A:Linksys wireless-G adapter v4.0...x64 driver?

find vista 32/64-bit driver for Linksys here: ? Support/Technical Support/Downloads

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My ISP issued me a new modem/router and the LAN side is and the Linksys router that I need for port forwarding is also the series. Is there a way to use the Linksys router with the modem router? The modem router is an ADSL that has the encapsulation settings and the ISP's specific settings in it. It is a lot different than any of the AT&T modems that I have used. The ISP is a small company that is protected from the AT&Ts of the country, so it's their way or no way. Any help is appreciated! Alan

A:IP segments on router and Linksys router

Basically three choices, in no particular order ...

a. "Bridge" the modem/router to make it operate as a modem only. If you have (A)DSL this will probably mean that you have to configure the WAN section of the Linksys for PPPoE and your account/password.

b. Change the IP subset for the LAN on one router (e.g., to 192.168.3.x).

c. JohnWill's procedure (Aug. 30, 2008) for configuring a secondary router as a switch and, optionally, wireless access point follows.

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary... Read more

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I have a new VoIP service, and because of that, I use a Linksys Broadband RT31P2 router, included with the service. The computer which is connected to this router works perfectly fine, and so does the phone. Everything works fine, but I now want that router (Linksys) to provide wireless access to a laptop.

The problem is that the laptop is not picking up a signal from the router, and the router configuration page has no option to "send" a signal for wireless connection. I am starting to think that the Linksys Broadband RT31P2 router is not meant for wireless access, or it would have this option, and make a mention of wireless access.

Here's the product page for the router:

I also have a Netgear WGR614v4 router, and wondering if there's something I should do with this router. I thought of connecting the Netgear router to Linksys using an Ethernet cable. Therefore, the Linksys router would be the main router, and I'd use the Netgear router as some sort of a secondary router that would give a wireless signal to the laptop. I also tried it the other way around, having the Linksys router connect to the Netgear router.

Its a bit confusing. I don't know where to go from here. If I make Netgear the main router, the computer will work, and eventhough the laptop receives the signal, it will not connect to the Internet. If I use Linksys as the main router, the computer will work, but the ... Read more

A:Using Linksys Router with a Netgear router?

That linksys router isn't a wireless router. I've never tried hooking up two routers in serial so I can't help you there, but linksys does have a wireless router that supports VoIP that would eliminate the two router problem. The linksys model number is WRT54GP2.

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I am trying to network my router with the installed apartment network at my school.

I am in a 4 bedroom apartment with access to internet. The landlord has internet coming in and then connecting to a Etherfast® Cable/DSL Router BEFSR8 behind a locked box which i have admin access too. My 4 bedroom apartment has various ethernet jacks in all the rooms.In my room I have my WRT54GL router connected to a jack.

I am trying to network my WRT54GL with an xbox or another computer that is connected through one of the ethernet jacks through the BEFSR8 in my apartment

Do I need my WRT54GL in Router or Gateway operating mode?

Attached is a diagram of my network.

A:Networking router behind another router (linksys)

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I have a new VoIP service, and because of that, I use a Linksys Broadband RT31P2 router, included with the service. The computer which is connected to this router works perfectly fine, and so does the phone. Everything works fine, but I now want that router (Linksys) to provide wireless access to a laptop.

The problem is that the laptop is not picking up a signal from the router, and the router configuration page has no option to "send" a signal for wireless connection. I am starting to think that the Linksys Broadband RT31P2 router is not meant for wireless access, or it would have this option, and make a mention of wireless access.

Here's the product page for the router:

I also have a Netgear WGR614v4 router, and wondering if there's something I should do with this router. I thought of connecting the Netgear router to Linksys using an Ethernet cable. Therefore, the Linksys router would be the main router, and I'd use the Netgear router as some sort of a secondary router that would give a wireless signal to the laptop. I also tried it the other way around, having the Linksys router connect to the Netgear router.

Its a bit confusing. I don't know where to go from here. If I make Netgear the main router, the computer will work, and eventhough the laptop receives the signal, it will not connect to the Internet. If I use Linksys as the main router, the computer will work, but the l... Read more

A:Using Linksys Router with a Netgear router?

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Hi, I have a Windstream DSL modem with a built in Router running with no problems. I have a wireless printer, 3 smartphones and a laptop all connected. The problem is my xbox 360. When I ran with no security password, my xbox hooked online through my Linksys WGA54G Gaming adapter. Then I found my neighboors stealing my wifi, so I put a password on it. Now I can't get the xbox to connect. I hae tried everything I can think of. I ran the setup for the gaming adapter, putting in the security info. But when I hook it to the xbox, it doesnt connect. I tried going to the ip address of the router to get into advance settings, but it is not the default address so I dont know what it is. I tried hitting the reset on the router but that doesnt seem to have any effect. Any clues? thanks.

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Hey all,

I have Win7 Pro installed on my PC, which uses a linksys wireless USB adapter for internet. I have the latest driver installed, but what happens is the driver won't be retained in the settings after I reboot it. The only way to keep this from happening is to hibernate the PC. Never had this problem before and it seems very odd to me since I don't see a reason for Windows to delete the driver...

Help is appreciated!

A:Linksys wireless adapter driver gone after reboot

that is odd mmmm what model is that USB adapter just curious.
try re installing it (C: drive) reboot ,and tell me what happens ok?

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