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Sharing a hard drive on my network

Q: Sharing a hard drive on my network

I have a simple problem with my network that's proving very difficult to solve.

I want to add a 320 GB hard drive and a 500 GB hard drive to my network. They are both USB (normal enclosures, nothing fancy) and both work great when they are plugged directly into my PC.

When they are shared on my network (hand holding the folder, folder showing up in My Network Places) and I try to access them, it gives me an error "Not enough server storage to process this command". The two popular solutions to this problem are A) increase the IRP stack size by 3 and keep going until it works and B) decrease the Paged Poolsize to 0. On both my machines, the IRP stack size is maximum (50) and the Poolsize is 0.

However, it is still not working for me, same error on both drives.

My PC's are both running XP Home over a Linksys WRT54GL router. Every other shared folder works like great. I just cannot get these hard drives to share.

I have never installed Norton (usually what causes the settings to be changed). I am running AVG Free on both computers for anti-virus and Zone Alarm for a firewall (both set to trusted zone on medium, which allows sharing.)

The desktop which my hard drives are connected to is connected via Ethernet, and the laptop which I'm trying to access the drives is connected via wirless G.

If you need any more info, I'll be happy to provide.

Thank you for your time.

A: Sharing a hard drive on my network

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Hi everyone, Merry Christmas too, hope you are all well!!
I dont know where to start, so here goes..
For Christmas I am getting an Acer Aspire One AO751h-52Yk, I would like to share my hard drives (main and backup) over the network so i can use the programs and files on them on the laptop. so far i have managed to enable sharing on them but i would like to password protect them if possible. Is there any was to do this? the OS on my main pc is Vista Business and on the laptop it will be Vista Home Basic, would it still work?

thanks, Daniel.

UPDATE; tried to access the files/folders on my dads computer and it asks me for a user name and password, any ideas on what that could be?

A:sharing my hard drives over my network...

Try reading this, it will fix you up...

File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista

There are some rules you have to follow to get your home network running smoothly.

Good luck.

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I've networked to computers using a router and I am wanting to share the hard drives on both computers. One computer is running win98 other is running XP. From the system with XP I have no problems accessing the hard drive on the system with win98, but when I try to access the hard drive in the XP system I can only access certain folders and I need to be able to access the program folder and when I try the system gives me an error of "Program files not accessible access denied". Anyone have any ideas? Need some help on this one.

A:Sharing hard drive on XP!!

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Hey Techspot.

I'M usually running up and down the stairs transferring files from my Desktop upstairs to the laptop downstairs with a USB pen.

Can anyone give me a link or instructions as to how to share a hard drive over the network.

The hard drive is a secondary hard drive on my desktop which hasn't got windows on for added security, not that there is anyone around to steal the middle of know were (less than 1MBPS broadband he he)

Also the only thing is does it matter that my desktop with the hard drive on that i want to share is linked to the home network via a wireless card? eg it hasn't got the router plugged into it directly?

Its also Vista by the way. Ive shared printers before through XP but not hard drive or anything with Vista.

Thanks for your help

A:Sharing hard drive

Here's some links to give you what you should need

Recommend you first look at
File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista

Vista - XP networking / Troubleshooting
Five Windows Vista Tips for Networking and File Sharing
Beyond Simple File Sharing: Using Mapped Drives

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I am trying to share the cd drive on my desktop over my wireless network so I can install sotfware on my laptop that does not have a cd drive. I have tried going to the properties of the cd drive, and enabling sharing there, with no luck. I have also tried mapping a network drive on the laptop, by inputing the address shown for the cd drive on the desktop, which is \\Desktop\e, but it fails to find the drive. If I try to browse for an address to map a network drive, the laptop does not find my desktop or the cd drive. For that mater, when I go to Network places on either computer, neither of the computers see each other. My desktop is running Windows Vista, and the laptop XP, which may be what is causing the problem.

And by the way, I have tried using google to find a method

Anyway, thanks in advance for any help.

A:Sharing CD drive over network

Do you have a workgroup setup? That's probably what you're missing.
Once you do that, the computers should be able to see each other, by default, when you click on the other pc's drive, you will only see the basic properties dialogue. If you set cd drive to share already, it will be accessible.
Let me know how you do

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Trying to share the drive with my other laptop on my network. I can go all the way into the share file after right clicking the drive and share but the box pops and I'm not able to click the share in that box. Help ?!?

A:Sharing dvd drive on network

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I got a small network setup at my home. I am using Windows XP Pro

I want to share one complete drive except some of the folders present in tht drive, is there any way to do it??


It would be better if I can share the complete drive and when someone need to access those particular folders, it asks them for a password (probably my a/c password or wateva tht is known to me only)

Any solutions!!!

A:Sharing a drive on a network

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I have not been able to share the C: Drive across the network on the Win 7 PC, but I use to able to. The C: Drive has the same permission rights as the D: Drive I can share across the network.

Can anyone point me in the right direction.

A:sharing drive across network

What group/accounts have you got in the Permission tab? Everyone, and the accountname you log on to the machine with?

On the other machine, type \\ipaddress in Start > search box and see how you do.

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Hi everybody,
I have a drive on my main PC (D:\) which contains all my videos and music. I would like to be able to share this drive with my laptop so I can watch movies on my laptop without messing around with USB drives, but I can't find a clear guide anywhere. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

A:Sharing a drive over a network

\\computername\d$ would be the share name, but this is for administrative purposes.

Is your Media organised into folders?
It would be better and more secure to share the folders you need access to rather than the entire drive.

To browse a share by UNC path you could type the UNC Path into your address bar of any explorer window, e.g. \\computername\sharename

If you want to see a list of the folders the remote computer is sharing just browse to \\computername

If you wish to map a network drive to the share Right Click the Computer icon and from the menu select Map Network Drive
In the window that pops up, select an available drive letter and then type in the UNC path of the share you wish to connect to.

Hope that helps

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I'm trying to share an external USB hard drive on our home wireless network, but I want only certain people on the network to be able to use the hard drive (ideally, only two users to even see it, if possible)

My desktop computer on my wireless network has Windows 7 professional, and the computer which the external USB hard drive is connected to has Windows XP professional. We're connected via wireless router

I'm following this guide here

Windows XP: The Complete Reference: Sharing Drives and Printers on a LAN

The external hard drive is an NTFS hard drive, and under the security tab under the hard drive's properties I have

1. Creator Owner
2. Everyone
3. System

Under properties if I right click the hard drive, under the security tab, if I click the advanced button and the owner tab, it shows me the name of my computer, which is exactly the same as what it says it is under my router settings. The two computers I want to share the hard drive with are, under my router settings

1. sean-929d03249c- the laptop and
2. Sean-PC-Desktop

with two different IP addresses. But, it doesn't appear there's anywhere in windows that will let me specify which other computers I want to share it with. I don't want my desktop to be the owner, just be able to use the hard drive and see it in windows, just as if I had it connected to that computer.

A:Sharing a drive on a network help

Right click the HDD/Properties/Security/Edit/Add the users you want to be able to share this drive with. If you want them to edit the files, choose Full control or Modify. Add the users you do not want to access this drive and choose Deny Full Control. they will see the drive but not be able to access it.

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OK I have a one Terabyte External Hard drive. It is connected to a Windows Vista system that is a desktop I would like some step by step instructions on how to be able to access it on my wireless network it stays on all the time.

Please hep asap.


A:Sharing an external hard drive

Hello RainbowDustin, for entire drives to be accessed you need to enable both the sharing permissions and more importantly the security settings need to be changed for the drive also. Sharing entire drives is considered a security risk so Windows makes it more difficult to share them.

To share the entire drive:
Open My Computer -> right click Local Disk D or which ever drive letter your drive is using -> select Properties -> select Security tab -> click Edit button -> click Add button -> enter the name of the User you want to set Security permissions (it is the same user name you've set the sharing permissions for, ex. Everyone will set the read permissions to every user. Put check marks in the boxes for full access and control -> click OK hit apply-> select the desired permissions -> click OK -> wait while permissions are set -> and your Done.

You will also need to use the Advanced sharing tab Sharing>Advanced put a check in the box to share the drive, then click on the permissions tab and "add Everyone" then use the check boxes to allow Everyone full access. Hit the apply button on both windows.

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Here is my scenario:

In my house we have 2 desktops and 3 laptops. Personally, one desktop and laptop are mine. My desktop has 2 hard drives in it. I want to share the one I use for data storage (music, pictures, movies, school work, etc).

That is relatively easy (well this is all easy I'm just missing something). I got my hard drive to be shared over the network successfully. However, I want to permission it so that I have full rights on my laptop, but that the other computers in my house have read only rights and all other computers that find their way to my house (friends laptops and such) have no access.

So how can I permission my hard drive sharing on a per computer basis? All computers are using Windows Vista except for the other desktop (rarely used so it doesn't even really matter).

Thanks in advance.

A:Hard Drive Sharing Permissions

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Not sure which forum is for this question.

Guest OS - Windows 8 in VMware Player
Host OS - Windows 7.

I have an external hardrive containing almost all my files. I leave the C drive pretty empty.

Right now, if I were on VMare player, my ext. hard drive was grayed-out. I would have to Connect (disconnect from host).

Is there a better way so that I can switch back and forth from the 2 OS and still use the hard drive automatically ?

Thank you.


A:sharing external hard drive between Win 7 and 8

Hi there


On the HOST set the C drive properties to shared and the share name such as VOLC and ensure you give yourself the read / write access etc you want. Ensure that Networking is enabled in your VM.

Now in the VM you should be able to see the Host computer with a C drive .

If you don't see it then you'll have to mount it manually in the VM via windows explorer.====> Mount network drive

when you get the prompt enter \\Hostname\VOLC

If the HOSTNAME can't be resolved then enter the IP address of the Host (use ipconfig to do this)

Some networks are fussy so you might have to try any combination of NAT, BRIDGED or HOST ONLY networking on your VM --just trial and error it.

You might also have to re-boot the VM especially if it's XP -- sometimes XP has a real problem with Network mapping.

BTW you can do this in REVERSE as well == you can share your VM's Virtual drives with your host machine --just do the same as above (you can even share any External Network drives that the VM is attached to as well if you can set these as shareable --in the VM).


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I apologize beforehand if this should be in the Windows Vista forum.

Okay. I have hardwired desktop with two hard drives. One has the operating system and all my programs on it. The other is for data storage. I want to share the data storage hard drive over my home network. I was able to set this up and now all computers on my network can access the hard drive.

Now, the problem is that I don't want everyone to have full access. The only computer I want to have full access is my laptop. I don't want my parents and siblings to have full access to these files, just be able to read the files.

Additionally I kinda want to set it up so that my laptop has full access family and friends have read access, and everyone else on my network has no access (like my sister's friends and what not).

Please let me know how I could accomplish this as I could not figure it out myself.


A:Hard Drive Sharing in Vista

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I have 5 external HD's on my system. On 2 drives I have folders (Music, Photos, Videos) that I would like to share with other users of the PC (each has their own user account) and my XBox360. The other drives and folders I would like to block access to. I tied dragging 1 folder from 1 of the drives to the "Shared" folder - but it appears to want to copy the contents of the external drive to the shared folder on the main system drive and that's not what I want at all.

When I log on one of the other user accounts ALL the drives and folders are visible as it stands at the moment.

If the user doesn't have access to the drive or certain folders on the drive I want them to be hidden. The only account which should have access system wide is my own account.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:External Hard Drive Sharing

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I am running a desktop with XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 3 and a netbook with XP Home Edition Service Pack 3. I am having trouble sharing the desktop's CD drive over my wireless network. I think everything is basically set up right, i.e. both are in the same Workgroup, I am using the same username/password on both machines, etc. I am able to share other files successfully, just not the CD drive. The drive appears in the Network Places of the netbook, but when I click it I get the following message:

"\\Jessica\E is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

Access is denied."

I feel like I have tried everything. Some steps I have taken, to no avail:

-setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa -> restrictanonymous to 0
-setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\ CurrentVersion\Winlogon -> AllocateCDRoms and AllocateFloppies to 0
-enabling NetBIOS over TCP/IP
-creating a Guest account and setting Guest permissions to allow access

Any thoughts? Thanks!!

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Ok, i really need help fast!. My friends computers need to be reformatted, but i have to back up 30GIGs of info onto my hard drive, so i hooked his computer onto my network. I know the connction is good cause he gets internet now. My two computers at home have windows xp PRO and i have unchecked "use simple file sharing' on both so that i can access each computer's C drive entirely from the other computer (with full access).

Ok, so I try to map my friends C drive as a network drive, I can get it to connect with \\workgroup\Owner\c$ (where Owner is the username). The problem is when the password box pops up, it has the username as \\workgroup\\Guest, even though guest account is turned off (and when i turn it on this doesnt work at all). I can't even get int o guest, what I need is the files on the OWNER account. I think this may be because I cant turn off SIMPLE FILE SHARING on my friends computer. he has WIN XP HOME. I looked in tools, folder options, but this option is not there for some reason. Lol did dell take it out somehow or something??

So now I look at my workgroups computer on MSHOME, and I do see his computer. I go to his computer, right click C drive, go to sharing, and share his entire C drive. Ok so now i double click on his computer in workgroup computers, VOILA I SEE HIS C DRIVE. So i go in, go to documents and settings, go to "owner", and i get an error saying i do not have permission to access this resource.
Like what the he... Read more

A:sharing C drive of one computer on the network

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Hi Guys,
I shared a drive on my home network. It works fine, but now I want to rename it. When I go to the sharing tab and try to rename it, it won't let me. I tried in "My Computer" and "Explorer" (anywhere I could access the drive). It looks like I can change it in "Network Places", but not sure if I should. I can check the box "allow other users to change my files".

Thanks, Brian

A:Solved: Sharing Drive on Network

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Heya guys,

i was wondering if you can share a DVD drive over your home network so that you can burn files from my laptop to my desktop.

i have 2 windows XP Machines and they both are connected to the network. i have been able to share the Drive and watch movies and all on the drive but not being able to use Nero or any other burning utility to see the drive and allow me to burn to it. and i don't really want to be creating .iso files all of the time

can you please help me!!!

Thanks and greatly appreciated


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I'm connected to a workgroup via a wireless network. Some of the computers in the workgroup are windows xp and some have windows 7. We need certain harddrives on the computers to be accessible to all workgroup users. My problem is that in the windows 7 computers, I can't manage to make hard drives accessible, although I went to advanced sharing and to permissions, and allowed 'everyone' to read edit etc, in short, gave all possible permissions. I still cannot access those harddrives from other computers in the group, even though the computer itself (to which the drives belong) is part of the network, and I can access its public folders.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!


A:sharing a hard drive with other computers in a workgroup

Hello Lipkind and welcome to the forum.

In order to share an entire harddrive in Windows 7 you need to set the permission settings as you have already done but also the Security settings need to be set to allow Everyone to access it. This is an extra layer of security that has been added for drive sharing with Windows 7.

To share the entire drive:
Open My Computer -> right click Local Disk D or which ever drive letter your drive is using -> select Properties -> select Security tab -> click Edit button -> click Add button -> enter the name of the User you want to set Security permissions (it is the same user name you've set the sharing permissions for, ex. Everyone will set the read permissions to every user. Put check marks in the boxes for full access and control -> click OK hit apply-> select with check marks the desired permissions -> click OK -> wait while permissions are set -> and your Done.

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I have a Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 500gtb external hard drive. I have recently bought a pc and put windows 7 on it (had a multiple license).

Me and t'other half use laptops most of the time, we wanted a pc to put all our external drives on (both the seagate ones) for ease of access.

When either of us try and connect to it from our laptops it says that we dont have permission. Have been into the network properties and set it to allow everyone to connect (the one about requiring a password) but its still not letting either of us in?

Tis getting somewhat annoying now as we went down this route to make access a little easier! lol



A:Troubles sharing external hard drive.

Forgot to add, all of the laptops are using windows 7.

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have you ever tried this on your windows explorer?
\\Machine Name\username\volume$
after this windows will ask for username and password. and guess what? you might get "access denied" error.
this is because you are using your Microsoft account to login to the windows. you need to have a local account to do this.

-The problem with sharing a drive/s on a computer is, everyone on your network will have access to that drive just by typing the "\\Machine Name" in windows explorer.
-but there is a problem with local accounts! still everyone on the network can have access to that specific machine by typing \\machine Name\username\Volume$

So now we have a computer that uses Microsoft account(lets call it the Server Machine) to login to the windows and we want only specific users(lets call them Client Machines) on the network to have access to its hard drive while other users can only have access to \\Machine Name\share folder
here is what you have to do :
1. login to Server Machine using Microsoft account
2. go to Computer Management (type computer Management)
3. system tools> local Users and Groups > users
4. right click on Administrator, select Properties
5. uncheck the check box with value of: " Account is disabled"
6. close the Properties window and right click on Administrator again
7. click on set password and set your password for administrator account
8. on the Client machine type \\machine name\d$(for example) windows... Read more

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The problem is when I right click on the hard drive in "My Computer", and click on either properties or sharing, nothing happens.
I have looked at other forums which say to run scan disk and virus scan. I have done that. I was able to run scan disk from dos. I keep getting no errors/viruses, but I still can't share or view properties. I was also able to start the computer in safe mode, start scan disk, reboot and have it run scan disk in dos mode. This still didn't work. I ran Fix-It Utilities 2000 and it still isn't fixed.

Windows 2000, current updates
McAfee anti-virus subscription
Zone Alarm Pro

A:can't access properties or sharing on hard drive

Try this Start/Run type: gpedit.msc
Navigate to-Computer Configuration/Administrative Template/Windows Component/Task Scheduler,on the right pane ,right click on "Hide property pages"and make sure it is set to either "Not Configured"or "Disabled"

Do the same for "User Configuration"

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Hi everyone! First post, let's go!

I am trying to find a solution to transferring large files (100+GB) between myself and a client of mine at a different location through the internet. The easiest one I have found was through a Private Network through Logmein's Hamachi, as you can browse other connected computers' files through this network.

Of course, to show the shared drives by the host computer, you need to input a username and password through the UAC. Obviously, if I insert my own username and password, I can see the folders I've shared. However, how do I configure a username/password for my client? Are these users the same as local users? I would like to avoid having to make a local user for him on my own computer.

Just for reference, I have no control over my network I am connected to, so no FTP, no port forwarding etc.
OS: Windows 8.1

Thanks for any help in advance!

A:Sharing drive over network to non-local users

In the access settings allow Read access by Everyone

You can make a password for the Guest account according to this article:
How To Set A Password For The Guest Account

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Hi, I have a Dynamode R-ADSL-C4 router, maxtor external hard drive, printer and 4 computers. I want to know can all 4 computer use the external hard drive and printer the same time, ( thinks it's called net working). If so where do i start is it in the setting of the router or the computers settings. I run windows xp pro on all computers. What problems can i come accross if one picks up a virus based problem, would it infect all the computer or external hard drive. Thanks for your time ,,,,, doj ,,,,
P.S should i move this to networking threads??

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Is there any way of sharing hard drives/folder over the internet with the client side need to install anything.
I.e use add network location option in my computer
Or a client programme that is user friendly

The server side will need to run on my computer,
looked at FreeNas thats not an option,
Filezilla looks like it the best option server side of things but uses a client programe.

Im happy to run any programmes/OS's in a VM if that were needed.

Thanks in Advance

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I've browsed this forum for quite some time, I actually do tech support for a living and I get some pretty good answers for crazy quirks here.

The problem: I can't seem to get my internal 500 gig SATA HD to actually be accessible by any other computer on my network.

I've shared the drive through Vista, the way it's supposed to be shared, just like my 500 gig External that shows up fine and is accessible anywhere on my network. I mostly run programs from my internal storage drive and though I don't really "need" it shared, sometimes I need to copy my stuff to different computers on the network using that drive. This is driving me insane, actually.

What I've done:Formatted and cleanly installed my operating system.
Transfered all the files over, deleted the partition to the storage drive, remounted, reformatted and totally made it a DIFFERENT drive letter, I tried 3 actually.
And last but not least I've pulled out my hair O.o.

Any suggestions? Thanks for reading and hopefully I can get some help.

A:[SOLVED] Problem Sharing a Hard Drive in Vista


Are the other network computers Vista or XP?

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I have some NTFS partition issues when sharing a external SATA hard drive with XP and the Vista Home Premium 64 bit version. I have one 22 GB NTFS partition on that drive, which is used only for storage, also it has 3 Linux installed that are booted from a grub on the XP PC. So when I just got a newly built good Intel core 2 dual based computer with Vista, and connected that external drive by eSATA, all I did was to save some Vista files onto that partition. Then when I booted the XP PC and did connect that external drive to it by eSATA, when I attempt to open that NTFS partition, which is seen as drive D:/, it hung up lots, and the mouse froze some, but finally opened to access the folders and files. Is that issue due to the new and improved Vista NTFS file system not fully compatible with the XP type? Would the best solution to this be to just create and format a 2nd NTFS partition from in Vista, and use them separately, ( the first one use only for XP) ? Or do I need to buy a 2nd external HD?

A:issues when sharing a external SATA hard drive

I think this issue is due to some incompatibility with the Vista boot files, such as the BCD, which is; "boot configuration data", and I also save copies of the 2 main Vista boot loader files; bootmgr and winload.exe. I had used a program called; easyBCD to back up the BCD files to that external hard drive shared with XP. When it did freeze up the XP PC, the CPU did stay near the maximum of 100%, which caused the mouse to barely work. But now I will only connect and use that external SATA hard drive only with the older XP computer.

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Hey guys. I'm having a strange problem where I cannot share files from my external hard drive (Seagate) over my home network. The error I get when I double click on the folder from the other computer is "You do not have permission to access \\[my ip address]\test. Contact your network administrator to request access". The problem is strange because I can share any file on my other hard drives just fine. All the sharing, security settings, and owner settings are virtually identical on the folders I've tested with, so I'm kind of at a loss here.
I'd also like to throw in that password protected file sharing doesn't work at all for me with any files period. When I turn that on, I get a separate error from the other computer that says "\\[my ip address] is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer."
The computer I'm trying to share from has Windows 8.1 pro installed. The computers I've tested with have Windows 7 Home and Windows Vista Ultimate. Any help is appreciated guys.

A:Problem Sharing Files From External Hard Drive

I guess no one had any idea about this problem. At any rate I needed to reinstall Windows because I got a new processor and that fixed the problem I was having. So this is no longer an issue.

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On my desktop, I have my pictures folder mapped to an external harddrive. The pictures icon still shows under This PC, which is where I want it.

I have a new laptop, also with Windows 8.1, and I'm trying for the same setup. However, when I try to set it up I can only get the icon to show in the library and not under My PC. When I try to work it to show under My PC, I get a message saying the files need to be indexed. I have tried to index them but I haven't been able to. Network files don't show as an option for indexing.

Any ideas?

A:Problem sharing folder on network drive and indexing

Nevermind. It resolved itself after a reboot.

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I have a question:

I have a home workgroup set up. I just installed a hard drive, 3 partitions, set the sharing so others on the network can change files, and yet it will pop up: "access is denied"

my older drives have no problem. I can't see the difference in setting.

What could be the issue? Can you please help?

Thank you

A:Home office network... how do you set sharing to allow all folders on drive to

riddle solved. I unshared and shared the drives again and it fixed the error. thanks.

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I have a desktop Windows XP home computer wired and a Windows Vista Home Premium (64bit) that I have set up a wireless network for following the directions I found on the Microsoft web site. I have successfully printed from the Vista notebook on the printer connected to the XP machine with out a problem. I can access the shared files on the XP?s C:\ drive from the Vista laptop. On the Vista network I can see the XP computer and after double clicking on it I can see the icon for the external USB hard drives but when I try to access them I get an error that I might not have permissions to use the network resource and not enough server storage is available to process this command. On the USB drives the Network sharing is set to share on the network and allow network users to change the files.

I find it odd that I can both print and share files on the C;\ drive but cannot access the external USB drives. Is there a fix for this?

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hey all.

l just bought a new motherboard as an upgrade for my computer. However it only has one IDE channel and has a BUS that is connected to the board (that unique channel) and two connectors in the other side......

is ok to connect those two ports to my HD and CD unit??

is that something that l can do?

what are the consecuences ??

any ideas?

NO, l dont have a SATA HD is just a regual ATA type.


A:Hard drive and CD drive sharing the same bus?

Yes, it is ok... Set both the hard drive and the CDROM to CS (Cable select) and try booting

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I have an Actiontec GT701-wg DSL modem running a wireless network. I currently have two laptops with XP sharing the Internet connection. Since the modem has an open Ethernet port in the back, I was wondering if it might be possible to plug in a networkable external hard drive and have it available to both of the laptops wirelessly.

If it is possible, what setting would be required on the laptops to enable them to see the external drive?


A:Adding attached external network hard drive to wireless network

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I use Cobian Backup to produce a zip-file containing all files and folders, except for temporary-folders (I added an exclude-filter), of my system.

Before I can rely on this method, I need to find a way of restoring the 27 gb zip-file, which I store on a networked drive, easily.

Google-searches hasn't helped me yet, so I am trying out TSGF, warmly recommended to do so by a friend.

So: Is there an easy way of booting up a laptop with a formatted harddrive, be able to access a network-drive and extract all the contents of the networked zip-file to the hard drive?

Please help!

Any tips appriciated!

A:How to restore formatted hard drive from zip-file residing on network-drive

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I am running Windows Vista.I am using a 1TB Iomega Backup Network Drive.I have tried using the Windows backup and restore program to backup my drive and get the following problem:I then entered some password I found and get:the system cannot find specified path 0x80070003I have the same problem if I use the program it came with Retrospect. This is driving me nuts. any help appreciated.

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I've connected an external USB drive, but when I go to My Computer it shows it as a network drive. In addition, it gives it the same name as the mapped network drive that already exists there. When I change the name of the external drive there, it then changes the name of the mapped network drive, so again they both have the same name, although the drive letters are different. Any ideas how to make the external drive appear where it belongs in My Computer, under Hard Disk drives?

I'm also seeing some other odd behavior on this computer, and since it may be related I'll mention it. When I first opened my Computer, it showed the same networked drive repeatedly, with every letter from F thru Z. I deleted them all except one, but now every time I reboot, I get a logon connect dialog that asks to reconnect one of them. So with each reboot it is adding back one of the duplicate mapped networked drives that I had deleted. I expect it will eventually end up with all the alphabet letters like it was when I first sat down at this computer.

My main concern is to get the external hard drive to appear where it belongs.

A:External hard drive shows up as a network drive

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Hi all,

I have a wireless network set up in my house and I want to share some of the folders on my computer so that other family members can listen to my music etc. When I click to turn Network Discovery on, and click apply, it just stays off, same goes for File Sharing.
When I try to turn public folder sharing on, after I click apply I get an error message saying "incorrect function". I have shared stuff on my work network so I'm not sure what's wrong here.


A:Can't turn Network Discovery, File Sharing and Public Folder Sharing on

Make sure your network is designated home or work; NOT public.

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I have a netbook (home 64bit win10) and a PC (64bit pro win7) sharing the same wired hub. I want them to be entirely 'un-networked' so that no communication between them is possible. I have tried to turn off 'file and printer sharing' on my PC (because i assume i should) but when i reboot i find it turned back on. I've seen this problem addressed in this and other forums, but no solution that i could comprehend.

I also have a (VMP74) media player running off the hub and would like to access video files on my PC from that device, but only if that does not compromise access between netbook and PC.

I should add - in case it's not obvious - that i really don't have much of a clue what i'm doing and am very confused with the myriad options. Particularly the 'local' 'home or work' 'public' 'all' and media streaming options, whatever they are.

I'd be grateful if someone could explain and/or confirm what radio buttons to tick to achieve what i want to do. Many thanks

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well, acrually i don't even know if a "network hard drive" is the name for that, but anyway:

i just bought an external hard drive, and i have a wireless network with 2 laptops connected to it. is there a way to connect the external hard-drive to one laptop, and share it through the wrieless network with the other laptop, so that i wouldn't have to plug it in one and the other all the time?



A:how do i set up a network hard drive?

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is there a way to assign an ip to a hard drive that is in a computer so other pc can access it in the local network,, i dont want it to be visible or accessible over the internet just local, this drive is not the one with the os installed on that pc and its using ubuntu 8.04 lts

A:network hard drive

Just "Share" it. I'm not sure about XP but you can Share folders in Vista and Server 08 and they will then become avalible via your "Network" menu and at \\COMPUTER-NAME\Folder-Name.

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Hey Guys,

I just bought an external hard drive (Lacie 1TB Design by Neil Something model) and I wish to set it up so all computers on my network, which includes 3 laptops, and 1 desktop.

I connected it to the primary computer (most stationary) and installed as usual. I then proceeded to right-click and change properties for sharing. I have it set up to share, but for some reason, whenever a computer other than the one it is connected to tries to access it, I receive an error code 0x80070005.

All computers are on the same Workgroup and network and all have file sharing (without password) enabled. I am at wits end as to how to get this working.

Any help would be appreciated..



A:External Hard Drive On Network


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Wasn't sure where would be best to post this...

Someone who uses iTunes frequently and likes it, I need some advice. I have a wireless home network with one desktop and one laptop. My laptop is MY primary while the desktop is for the rest of the family. I use iTunes religiously to catalog ALL my music. I luv iTunes even though I know many don't. Herein lies my new problem: My music collection is growing incredibly large and I am in need of another drive. Now, considering iTunes and how the program runs, would it best if I just purchased an external drive and put my collection on the external drive? How could I get iTunes to always recognize that drive every time I unplugged it and plugged it back up? Is this when I would map the drive?

Or, should I get a network drive and just connect it to my router? The only thing there would be when I'm on the go with my laptop. My music collection would be stuck at home and iTunes would be out of the question.

Any thoughts and or suggestions?

Thanks in advance


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OK. I'm new to the whole networking thing. I've always maintained a wireless router just in case, and well, the time is now. My desktop is running XP SP2 and my new laptop (my baby) is running Vista (and loving it so far). My issue is this: I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling soon, and instead of bogging my hard drives on each system with all my digital media, I started thinking network hard drive. Like I said I'm new to the whole networking thing, I had to play with the network wizard on windows for a while just to get it set up. LOL. Well, I saw network HDs are pretty pricey, then I saw WD has there new World Edition "anywhere access" HDs at a VERY reasonable price. Sounded good. Haven't purchased yet, wanted to research first. Read the manual and saw this HD comes packaged with some software for the "anywhere access." I'm not much of one to install all kinds of useless software if I don't have to. Can't I just plug in the HD to my router and use it like a regular HD accessed through my network? If I'm remote with my laptop, can't I still access it as long as I can access my network? To do that don't I just need the IP address of my router when I'm mobile?

Next, as previously mentioned I have a wireless router in my home, however, when I'm mobile, I plan to use a Sprint air card to stay connected. What is the best way to stay connected to my network without changing configurations? My... Read more

A:Suggestions for network hard drive....

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I wanted to put like a 500gb external hard drive on our home network that all 3 users can use to put files on, how would i go about setting somthing like that up?

A:backup hard drive for the whole network?

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whats the happy hap peep's ? >_<

ok well im kinda a nooby to networking/server stuf.

so I have been looking all over the place to find out if I can boot an alternative o.s. frum a network hard drive.

so fare all i can thaink of is a external hd.

What i need is to boot-up a partion (or what ever) of a o.s. on any pc in my network.

any info is greatly wanted
thank you for your time


A:Can I boot from a network hard drive

Hey Ken,
If you have "boot from a Network drive" option in the computers bios, enable that option. Then you need to tell the computer where the "network drive" is located and what its name or ID is... on the network

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So as I'm sure many of you are aware you can't transfer files to the PS3 through the network. One solution that I thought of was connecting a Network Hard drive to the router via WiFi/Ethernet and also connecting it to the PS3 via USB. That way everyone can access the HDD through the network, copy files to it and those files can be accessed from the PS3 via USB. I'm not sure if the hard drive will allow 2 different I/Os connected to it or not.

If anyone has any ideas if this will work and/or a link to some product that might do the job I'd greatly appreciate it.


A:External Network Hard Drive + PS3

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Hi All,

I am wondering if anyone has any personal recommendations for an external hard drive that I can plug right into my wireless network router (like the WD My Book World Edition). I really do not need anything over 500gb, and even that it is a bit much.

Any thoughts?

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I have my computers on the same homegroup, have them on the same workgroup, when I go to network and try to connect to the C: drive of my basement computer from my office I have no problems. However, when I try to connect to the H: drive of my basement computer (secondary drive, not external USB or anything) it gives me bullshit about how I don't have permission to access it. I have it set to share to everyone, password-protected sharing is off, and the C: drive works fine. I'm about 3 days away from a sledgehammer party. Anyone have an idea what the problem is?

A:Can't connect to one hard drive on the network

When sharing drives you need to apply security permissions to them in order to enable the sharing for users that aren't from the local machine. To do this simply follow this post to allow Everyone.

HDD sharing

Giving Everyone permission to the drive will allow anyone on the network within the same workgroup at least read access to the drive. This could pose a security risk and you should continue at your own risk

Hope This Helps,

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I have a external hard drive that connects to a computer via USB (there is no other way to connect it) I was wondering if I could set it up in my home network. I have a wireless network and I want to hook up the external hard drive to the computer connected by wire to the router. I hooked it up but the only problem with that is that I have 6 computers on the network; 5 desktops and one laptop. Two of the desktops are running Windows XP (the one connected to the router and the external hard drive is running XP) and there are 3 desktops running Windows Vista and the laptop running Windows 2000. For some reason the external hard drive does not show up on the network (something to do with protocol I think I donít know what it is.) does anybody know how to set it up.

A:External Hard drive on Network

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Saw this on another forum. What do you think?

A:Gmail as a Network Hard Drive

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Ok, I set up a home network to file and printer share. i have two computers on it as of now. printing works fine.

1.Desktop - Windows Vista Home Premium SP1
2.Laptop - Windows XP professional SP2

My desktop has 2 hard drives each 150 gigs, i wanted to be able to access EVERYTHING, program files, user accounts, change files, ect. I added those both hard drives to file sharing, set the permissions, and they work fine when trying to access them from my laptop. I can access everything.

My laptop has one 60 gig hard drive. I added it to the file sharing, and it set the permissions for me and i can't figure out how to set them. So when i try to access it from my desktop, it works fine, but i cannot access Program Files (EX: \\<Comp_name>\c\Program Files) or any of the user accounts (EX: \\<Comp_name>\c\Documents and Settings\<User>) and I want to be able to access everything. any help?

Here is the error i get when i try to access program files or a user account.


Windows cannot access \\<Computer_name>\c\Program Files

Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click Diagnose

when i click Diagnose, it just says ask for permission, and that doesn't help.

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I took my old computer and turned its hard drive into a network drive. Then I mapped it on all the computers on the wireless network. The wireless network is protected but I want to put a password on the network drive. How do I put the password on the drive?

Thank you for your help!

A:Network Hard Drive Password

You can't put a password on a drive except at the bios level and that is not what you are asking for.

You are asking that when some goes to access the drive they have to put in a password.

Only way I know you can do that is to have the user accounts on this drives computer have the same name for each user account but you have to put in a different user password then the one they use to logon their pc.

example: userA logs in locally using "happy" as their passwork. userA on the remote hard drive pc has password "sad". Same name, different password.

Then they will recieve a password challenge but once they enter it they have all access until the next time they logon and connect.

Otherwise you have to purchase 3rd party password folders/shares program. Google it for more info.

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I have posted this message below on the 18th and have not gotten any reply. I am trying again. Additional information is that when I do "Map network drives" with the \\laptop\C I can see the C drive in "My Computer" and can access it from there but is still does not show up in My network Place. Please help.

I have posted this message on the 18th andMy Network Place shows all the shared files on my network properly. Except, recently, it stopped showing the laptop hard drive C. It shows all the shared files on Drive C and allow access to them. Previously it showed both "C on Maincomp" and "C on Laptop" and all the other shared files on both computers. Now, it shows everything except "C on Laptop" it is the same listing on both computers. If I map the network drives I have no problem to access \\laptop\C. I tried to unshare the C drive and to re-share it but to no avail. This problem really baffles me. Why can I see the C drive on the main computer and not on the Laptop. I did not do any changes to the security or the administration privileges. The only updates are the ones that are done automatically by Microsoft via the internet.

I really need to be able to access the C drive on the network directly. Many of the files on the laptop, the ones I don't use often, I access just by navigating from the C drive.

A:Help again. Hard drive not showing on the network.

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I have an external hard drive that I used with my oldest laptop, windows XP. I have a newer desktop and laptop that are both running windows 7. I hooked my external drive to the desktop via USB port and want to be able to access from the other 2 laptops as well. What is the easiest way? Thanks for your help.

A:External Hard Drive to Network

you should be able to share the external harddrive to the other PCs

have you setup sharing at all ?

Sharing Files and Printers on a Home Network for Windows 7 , Vista , XP and Mac

Use the Homegroup Feature in Windows 7 to Share Printers and Files
The new HomeGroup feature makes sharing files and printers between Windows 7 machines very easy. This link takes a closer look at this new feature to show how easy the sharing process is.
Use the Homegroup Feature in Windows 7 to Share Printers and Files - How-To Geek

With Windows 7, you can more easily share files and printers across a network via the new HomeGroups feature. HomeGroups lets you connect to files and printers with a group password--if all the PCs have Windows 7. This link will show you how to get your Windows 7 PC to play nicely on a network that also has Macs and XP/Vista PCs
Set Up Your Home Network, Windows 7 Edition - PCWorld
Share and Stream Digital Media Between Windows 7 Machines On Your Home Network
One of the cool new features in Windows 7 is the ability to stream digital media to different computers throughout your house. The following link will show you how to set up Windows Media Player in Windows 7 to share and stream videos, music, and other digital media to Windows 7 machines.
Share and Stream Digital Media Between Windows 7 Machines On Your Home Network - How-To Geek

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i have a small network workgroup set up in my office and i was trying to figure out, if at all possible, how to save information (video recordings) to the external hard drive of a computer this computer is networked with. i can see the other computer's external hard drive, etc, but the computer doesnt view it as a drive it sees it as a folder and wont let me save anything to it (it will only let me save to the other computer's C drive) from the this (the non-attached) computer. is it possible to save recordings to the other computer's external hard drive? if so please please please let me know how. thanks so much!

A:help using a network's external hard drive

You have to turn on file sharing on those PC with external drives.. If they're not turned on it won't work. Btw you can do the say with those 5-in-1 flash reader/writer drives be shared two..

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I recently got a Hard Drive that was on a Network Module, it wont let me access the data (to format). Device manager says its a disk drive. So far i've tried to make it my master drive, and going through my bios to get to some sort of menu, but nothing loads. I don't really know what else to do. Does anyone know what I can do to get this to work as an external HD?
-Thanks, Formorker.

A:Network Module Hard drive

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I have always been under the impression that it is not a good idea to share the entire "C" drive of a PC on a home network. I have always understood it to be a security risk but would be pleased to hear what the security experts think. Any contribution gratefully received!

A:Sharing the "C" drive on a Home network

To me, it would depend on who has access to your network & how secure it is.

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There is an important file on a network hard drive that I need but access is denied. Any way around ?

A:Network hard drive access denied

get permissions from the owner

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with my wireless network , on my hard drive was at 1.7gb free space at first, but after some time, it keeks shrinking and the free space is being taken away somehow very quickly, is someone using my space from the internet???

it goes down quckly, who is using my space when im not even installing new things

A:wireless network hard drive problem

I suggest you enable encryption on the wireless network!

Please supply the following info, exact models of the equipment please.

The name of your ISP and country of residence.
Make/model of the broadband modem. If dial-up, please specify.
Make/model of the router (if any).
Connection type, wired, wireless.
If wireless, encryption used, (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc.)
Make/model of network card or wireless adapter.
Make/model of your computer (motherboard if home-built).
Version and patch level of Windows on all affected machines, i.e. XP-Home SP2.

Also, please give an exact description of your problem symptoms, including the exact text of any error messages.

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Bought a new hard drive for my daughter's Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop. The system was successfully installed on the new drive. The computer does not appear to be receiving wireless, however - no bars, no wireless option under Network Connections. It has integrated wireless. Plugging directly into my home router does not allow internet access either.

Looking at the Device Manager yields some exclamation points, see screen grab. I have the system disk in, but it does not seem to yield the right drivers (if that is what I am missing at this point). I understand there are "like, some other disk's at Mom's," which I will try ASAP. Am I on the right track here?

Thanks much -


A:[SOLVED] New hard drive, XP reinstall, no network?

Yes you are. You will need to install the Drivers. If unable to find the Driver disc

you can download them from the dell website.

Install the Chipset first then the other Drivers.

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First time poster, frequent forum wanderer, so i'd like to thank all of you for your indirect help in the past!

My 1st question: is it possible for me to play large divx files from 2 external usb hard drives that would be connected to a usb hub that would be connected to an airport extreme router usb port. That router would be connected wirelessly to 802.11g notebook (i apologize for the explanation... i tried my best!). It would be mainly shows i ripped from my own, purchased dvds of seasons of television shows and the occasional movie. I had tried this with a belkin network usb hub and a d-link 54mbps basic router but divx playback was choppy and unwatchable.

Question #2: Would it work to do the same thing, only instead of the airport extreme use this router with a usb hub connected?

Thank you so much for helping me and i apologize for the lengthy post!!!!!!

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Hi guys

I have recently moved into my partners house and am experiencing problems with my external HD

Where i lived before i had the hard drive plugged into my wireless router and therefore could see and use it through my network connection. It connected to the router via an ethernet cable.

My partner has cable internet. The modem for which connects to a Belkin router (F5D8233-4v) This provides the house with a wireless connection. When i attempt to plug my hard drive in to the back of this again via the ethernet cable the router lights up to show a wired connection. But i cannot find the hard drive on my network places!!

I have attempted to re-boot a few times but i still cannot find it!

Can anyone give me an idea where i am going wrong?

Thanks in advance


A:Solved: Network Hard drive issues

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Hi not sure if this is the right place to post this but I just bought a seagate goflex network hdd and have all my videos and stuff on it is there anyway I can stream the stuff on the network hdd with my ps3 I see it listed on my ps3 but when I open it it says there are no files to view I used tversity when I had everything on my pc but took up too much hard drive space any solutions

A:using ps3 to play videos on network hard drive

If you see the folder structure, that means it working but perhaps you don't see files because they are not compatible with the PS3. Find a list of compatible file formats for the PS3, its probably pretty specific unlike a media player which usually covers a dozen or more formats. If you don't have files that match the format required they won't be seen and need to be converted to something the PS3 can see.

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So I want to have movies/mp3's/files available to all my computers without duplicating them and having them on each computer. This is when i found out that I could do that by connecting a hard drive to my network. Any recommendations for my needs? I'm looking for something less than 200. Simple, around 500gb, decent speed that would allow me to watch dvd's on the drive.

I looked at -

buffalo 500gb

lacie 500gb

western digital 500gb

iomega 500gb

A:Attaching hard drive to router/network

Well, I'd seriously consider the D-Link DNS-323, it has excellent speed, and you can size the disk to match your requirements. Many of the NAS units have lousy performance, so you need to make SURE the one you're picking has decent transfer speeds. I have a number of different brands of NAS units here, and the D-Link is my favorite.

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I have a usb connected hard drive connected to my Bell 2000 router. The instructions to access this drive is to go to the Documents folder and enter \\mynetwork. This then shows the shared hard drive as \\mynetwork\NETWORKHD. If I now click on NETWORKHD I get the following:
\\mynetwork\NWTWORKHD is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contac the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

Not enough storage is available to process this command.
This all worked for me under Windows 7. I am unsure if it ever worked under Windows 10.

If I plug a 2 gb thumb drive into the other port on my Bell 2000 rounter it works without any problem.

Is this a permissions problem or is there something else going on that I can fix!

Thanks for your assistance.

A:Can't access network usb shared hard drive

After many days of of trying everything I could think of doing, the problem was resolved by power cycling (rebooting) my router.

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I was wondering if it was possible to share an internal hard drive over the homegroup network or any other possible way that I can view video files on it on my tv?


A:Is it possible to share internal hard drive over network

That is the design of the software for you to be able to. File/Folder sharing has been around since the days of Windows 3.1 for Workgroups.

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Hello all. I am hoping someone can help me out here. I purchased an Iomega 500GB Network Hard drive a week or so ago and am experiencing extremely slow transfer rates over my network.

This is a small home network, nothing fancy. I have a D-Link WDA-1320 wireless card in my PC that communicates with a Netgear WPN824v2 wireless router. When I attempt to transfer about 5GB of mixed media files to my network hard drive it takes over an hour. If I take the network/wireless out of the equation and connect the hard drive directly to my PC via a crossover cable, those same 5GB worth of files transfers in about 17 minutes. I have checked the settings on my router and did not discover anything out of the ordinary. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

A:Transfer to Network Hard Drive Slow

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I have the bt home hub router and my pc connected with a standard 54g wifi card.
My network hard drive is connected via an ethernet cable into my router.
If i drag a file from my pc into a folder on my network hard drive, what should the max speed be?
Currently using W7, showing between 1.58 - 2.15 MB/second which is very slow, files I download off the internet are at least twice as fast as this.

A:Network hard drive transfer speed

if you plug the PC into the router with a cable - what sort of speeds do you get ?

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Hi, there might already be something similar to this on the site and it is most likely a silly question.
But anyway, I need to move all the files on a server to an external hard drive which can be accessed by all on the network. In a sense kind of just archiving all those files etc. Now as I understand it, this can be done with a simple external hard drive and a shared folder of sorts? but then the computer that it is connected to needs to be on at any time the other computers on the network might need access to the stored data right? So I figured I need some sort of NAS device, can you actually buy just external nas hard drives? or are they all just servers with different storage amounts? and does that even matter? And finally how can I find out what devices would be compatiable with each other so i know im getting the right one.

Sorry if it the question is a bit long, and thanks in advanced for any help!

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I would like to know if there is a way to get Windows XP pro to think that a map network drive is a local hard disk. I'm trying to get my ftp Filezilla server to show a folder from another computer on my network but the software is not compatible with network drives, it really needs to be a local drive to work. Links don't work either.

I've tried the "subst" command in DOS but it only creates another map network drives.

Is there a software be like Deamon Tools (for virtual cd) but for network folder instead of iso file ?

Thank you!

A:Map network drive as local hard disk

Mapping a network drive makes a network share work like a local disk. A network drive is the closest you will get to a Local Disk without putting the other drive in your local pc.

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I am running windows7 home premium with windows media player 12 and i am using a seagate hard drive networked through a linksyse3000. I have all my media saved to the external hard drive. i have setup windows media player to scan the proper folders on my network hard drive so my library is accurate. All is well and fine there, i am able to watch/listen to all my media on my laptop.
I also have a network bluray player, a sony (bdp5480) that i want to stream to. I have setup the sony properly and am able to stream media to the blu ray player, but only media that is physically located on the laptop running windows media player.
So i am wondering why my entire library will not stream?
does anybody have experience with this?

A:wmp12 streaming FROM network hard drive

Well thanks for taking a look guys, ill update if i ever solve this issue

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OK so i have windows 7 and wmp12, and i have wmp setup to share its library, and stream over the network. I have my library set up to scan a newtworked hard drive where most of my media is saved. The player is able to stream all the files located on that network hard drive, and all the media shows up in the library. When i use my bluray player, i am able to access the wmp stream and i can stream media, BUT ONLY MEDIA STORED ON THE COMPUTER RUNNING WMP, NOT THE MEDIA STORED ON THE NETWORK HARD DRIVE

does anybody know why this is happening?
i know that all the settings are correct because
1. the library on wmp12 is accurate
2. the blu ray player is able to connect and stream from wmp12

i just dont know what the issue is with streaming TO THE BLURAY from the networked hard drive

A:wmp12 streaming FROM network hard drive

Does the network storage drive support DLNA?

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I may have posted this before, so I apologize for being repetitive.

I have a hard drive that is connect to my modem / router via a usb connection. The drive is accessed via


After rebooting my router, this will work for some number of days before it fails.

When it fails I get a message that says something like:


\\mynetwork\NETWORKHD is not accessable. You may not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the Administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

Not enough storage is available to process this command.


What changes over time that precludes access to my network hard drive? How do I fix it. Thanks.

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I have 2 XP pro machines, i will call A and B. A have a USB Hard Drive Omega with FAT32 forma file.
I wanto to share the drive with the B XP Machine, but i received an error related with a memory problem.

I share other folder between the machines sucessfully and i suspect a problem related with USB Drive and XP sharing method.

Before this i have a similar configuration on those machines using W2K in the A machine, acting like a network file server and the B machine with XP acting like a client , everything were working well.

Why, when i changed the W2K for XP in the machine linked to USB drive i cannot access the USB Drive over the network?

Any suggestion?

A:Cannot share a USB hard drive over a home network in XP

Did you uncheck the box under "tools" in windows explorer labeled Use Simple File Sharing? Uncheck that box and then your system will share just like W2K does including advanced security etc.

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Dear All, I have just purchased a iomega Home Network Hard drive as I need to be able to access the content of several PCs at home as well as storing my data on a hard drive. (I do research studies and I would like to save lots of articles on either PC and be able to consult in any other). Now that I have bought this I've read some not very positive reviews about it : slow, difficult to set up. Would you accept to advise me and tell what would be the best for. Sharing printer is a plus but not a necessity. I have a Laptop running XP + a desktop XP and a Desktop Vista. Broadband connection through Echolife router. Tkx and Happy Holidays to all,

A:imoega Home Network Hard Drive

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I changed hard drive labels on an networked computer but the old labels are still there when viewed from another computer on the network. How can I get the new labels to appear across the network?

A:Changed hard drive labels on network

Change the share name.

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I installed an USB external hard drive (FAT32) on an XP machine to act as a backup device for a special data base. I have this machine work grouped with a 98se. All network functions are working correctly except using the new external HD from the 98 machine. While attempting to access the USB HD from the 98 machine i get a message saying insufficient memory, and i can not open the drive. (i have the drive sharing set)

Any thoughts?

A:USB Hard drive visible but not accessabe over network

Try inserting more Random Access Memory that is compatible with your mobo

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Here's the background:

Computer has an Asus M5A88-M motherboard, with an AMD FX-8350 cpu. It had been running Win7/64. It has two harddrives, an SSD Samsung 850 evo (C drive) and a WD Black spinner (D drive). In Win7 I was unable to get the SSD into AHCI mode. (The mobo has Sata ports 1-4 as either IDE or AHCI or RAID, and ports 5-6 as IDE. I have Bluray ODD in port 6.)

I decided to upgrade to Win 10. Prior to the upgrade, I disconnected the D drive, which shouldn't have anything on it but games and some personal docs and pics. I performed the upgrade with just C connected.

All was good.

I successfully changed my C drive to AHCI mode. Rebooted several times. All was still good.

By "all is good", I mean EVERYTHING seemed good, and the internet/networking worked.

This morning, I decided to plug in the D drive back into SATA port 2. Upon booting, there was a yellow exclamation symbol over the network connection near the task tray and I had no network at all. I used a usb stick to upload the latest Win10 Network driver for the mobo's Realtek 8111E network interface. The yellow error symbol remained.

I tried various troubleshooting techniques (safe boot with network, limited services, etc.) and nothing changed.

The network switch shows connectivity and the port on the rear of the computer shows a solid green light and flashing yellow light. That indicates Gigabit speed connection and data input/output. This is with the yellow exclamation symbol and no ne... Read more

A:If I plug in my D hard drive, I lose my network?!?!

Additional information:

- I've just powered down, disconnected the D drive, booted and again all is good...

- Powered down again and connected D drive to Sata port 5 (an IDE drive). Booted up...and all is good.

The problem seems to be using D drive (which is PURELY a data drive as far as I know) in the AHCI mode. Looking at Disk Management, the D drive seems to be an MBR style.

Note that the D drive is totally accessible when it is in the Sata 2 port (AHCI port). There is nothing wrong with accessing or using D drive. The only symptom is total network dysfunctionality. (Sata port 5 allows networking and D drive access.)

I'd like to use it in one of the AHCI sata ports (1-4).

Still stumped...


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I have a client who is thinking of getting a new file server. I suggested that since they only use the server as a filing cabinet, it might be better and cheaper to just get an external network hard drive.

Their office only has 5 people and they run all their applications on their workstations. The only function of their file server is to store their data files.

After doing some research, I'm a bit confused as to what to get. What I'm in the market for is a stand alone drive that you just plug into the network.

Do I need to get a NAS Server or will something like the Western Digital My Book World Edition do the trick?



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New to the site and hoping to get some help. I am trying to set up an external HDD on Network Drives in my office. I have selected the tab to share the file on the network and all that. I notice it comes up as "E:" and that is not an option to choose from when I select Map Network Drive. Where it asks for the folder I put in \\Server\name of new drive. It keeps saying "Network path can not be found". I have tried to put the ip in and then the name of the new drive, like so: \\\name of new drive. Still can't be found. I have the hand also showing under the drive indicating that it CAN be shared. I formated the drive to NTFS as are the drives on the network.

I'm not a pro when it comes to networking and I don't know if I'm asking a stupid question here but any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Can't set up new My Book External Hard Drive On Network Drives

Try this simple guide: (One of MS better guides I believe)

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Hi folks

I want to find duplicate files on my network drive, i know how to do it on local drive, I use an application called Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, but the problem is that this app only detects local drives (C), it doesn't detect my network drive.

How can i find duplicate files on my network hard drive?
are there some applications to do so? or windows itself can do it?


A:Find Duplicate files on network hard drive

Quote: Originally Posted by alibahaloo

Hi folks

I want to find duplicate files on my network drive, i know how to do it on local drive, I use an application called Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, but the problem is that this app only detects local drives (C), it doesn't detect my network drive.

How can i find duplicate files on my network hard drive?
are there some applications to do so? or windows itself can do it?


Hi alibahaloo , Have you tried this free software Find and remove duplicate files with Duplicate Cleaner

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Question. Is there any product available that you can use to back up numerous home computers over a network?

For instance. I have 2 laptops and two desktops. Numerous removable hard drives. I would like to set up an automatic backup schedule so that the laptops and the desktops back up automatically at say 3:00am to different partitions on a 2tb removable hard drive hooked to one of the desktops.

Is there any way to do that? I have a PogoPlug for making files available over the Internet to family and friends but I don't see a way to use that to back up files.


A:Solved: Backing up hard drive over home network?

Plenty of backup software out there to do this plus Vista and 7 have a much upgraded backup capability compared to XP. Search the forums. this subject is covered on a regular basis.

Would like to throw one thing out to you though. Take a look at Windows Home Server if you have a spare pc laying around.

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Hi everyone,

I just want to ask, how am I supposed to add specific PC connected on my LAN.

see Image below.

you see, on the Properties of my hard drive > on the sharing tab > advance sharing > permission > then I want to add one. I'm stuck on entering the object name.. what I want to enter is my Other Laptop connected on my network.. by the way the hard drive I want to share is on my Desktop.

A:Hard Drive Permission to Share Specific PC on Network. Help

It's ok, you have done what needed to be done from the desktop. Close everything saved the disk properties window.

You now need to go on the laptop and in its My Computer window you need to click on "map a network drive", you select a drive letter (anyone is fine), and write the address you see in the sharing tab of the disk \\Jhude-pc\I in your casein the "folder" field. Or click on Browse and select it (writing it is faster).

In case you want to give the shared drive a more descriptive name than just "I", go in the advanced sharing tab and click on Add, write the name in the "share name", the click Ok and select that name from the drop down menu. Note how the address in the sharing tab is now different.

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Hi Everyone,
I'm new to the forum here and have an issue I've been trying to reslove.

I have a Windows Vista laptop (Dell Inspiron) and a Linksys wireless network. I recently installed a LaCie Ethernet external HD to the Linksys router. I was able to map the network drive to the LaCie HD and can access it. However when I log in the next day, the drive is mapped, but I have to re-enter the username/password again.

How do I set it up so that I don't have to enter a the username/password each time? I have not created any shares or users and am using the default admin log on's.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hello everyone, I'm having a strange, randomly occuring issue with my laptop.
Firstly, let me describe the boot order set in the BIOS:


Now, it was recently disassembled to bits, to give it a thorough cleaning and address minor issues like loose hinge and broken battery latch. After that, when I booted it up for the first few times - it worked just fine.

The problem appeared after I hibernated it for a few nights, each time I powered it back up, it wanted to resume windows (didn't show the usual text "press F2 to go into bios" etc.) but instead it entered Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 build 002 and attempted to boot from the network, but failed (that's okay) with an error message "Check cable connection!" followed by "Exiting Intel PXE ROM." and it repeated the process again - stuck in a loop, spamming the screen with text.

I can press the power button, del, F2, F12 and nothing happens or it'll restart (same with CTRL+ALT+DEL) now, why does it do this? I have no idea. It does do the same thing on fresh boot. The CMOS battery is fine, it keeps time and settings. After restarting a few times in various ways (usually 8!) it will boot properly... I don't have any external devices plugged in except wireless mouse.

I would really love some help with this, it's very annoying and I simply don't know what to do

A:Laptop doesn't want to boot from the hard drive but network instead

If the hard drive is not detected the BIOS will just move on to the next item in the list. Your seeing the boot from lan on screen because its the last option and that's where it stops. Double check that your hard drive is securely mounted and any cables are firmly attached. It could also indicate that the drive may be failing. I'd double check all your internal connections first, as you've had it opened up.

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Good afternoon,

Can I connect my Western Digital External Hard Drive to my home network using a USB to Ethernet adapter? I want to be able to access the contents of the hard drive (pictures, music, and documents) from any computer on the network.

A:Solved: Connecting External Hard Drive to Network

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My ethernet is being used for dsl and I don't have firewire. I have USB2. This is my first attempt at networking. I have Windows 7 on my laptop and Windows xp and Windows 7 on my desktop (two separate drives)

A:Solved: How do I network a laptop & a desktop so I can see each other's hard drive's

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I have a network hard drive mapped as Z: which I have become unable to do ANYTHING with. I can't delete anything, change anything, or add anything to the drive. I just get that blasted "Destination folder access denied. You need permission to perform this action."

The internet has provided me with a plethora of solutions to this issue, and none of them have worked.

I'm logged on as administrator.

User Account Control is totally off.

Windows 7 will allow me to neither change permissions nor ownership of Z: or any folder or file within Z:.

I try giving Full Control to Everyone and it says "An error occurred while applying security information to (file name). Access is denied."

I go into Advanced and click the Owner tab. It states the current owner of everything on Z: is "nobody," and if I try to change the owner, it says "Unable to set new owner on Z:. Access is denied."

I've tried going into command prompt and changing ownership using "takeown /f Z:" and I just get "Z: Access is denied."

I've run out of ideas. Please help.

A:Access Denied and Can't Take Ownership on Network Hard Drive

Have you checked permissions on the server-side of the folder that the Z: Drive maps to? Have you tried remapping the drive? Additionally, if you go server-side to this folder, what permissions are set on it? Does your account have the appropriate share permissions for this folder?

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Sorry... have i missed something? O.0
No one knows...?

Second attempt at trying to explain

External Hard Drive: ----> eSata ----> Gaming Laptop.
External Hard Drive: ---> Ethernet---> Router ---> Ethernet--->Xbox 360.
External Hard Drive: ---> Ethernet---> Router ---> Ethernet---> PC
External Hard Drive: ---> Ethernet---> Router ---> Wireless---> Laptop (Aunt's)
First attempt at trying to explain.

I want my laptop to be my gaming system.
I want to store the games on an external Hard Drive.
I need the connection to be eSata for Random Access Speeds.

I also want my external hard drive to store films/music/pictures etc...
I also want other computers on the home group to be able to access this, Ethernet or wireless. (Ethernet to router, then wireless)

What type of hard drive am i looking for?
What sort of price range will it be for a 1TB?
My laptop has much better gaming specs than my PC will ever have.

I want the laptop to access the hard drive through eSata but when the laptop is not turned on, the attention from the hard drive is pushed towards the other side of the network.
How do i do it?
How much will such hardware cost?
Is it possible?
Is it difficult to setup?
I heard that if the Hard Drive has eSata, it WON'T have any pc software to allow Ethernet compatibility on it's own, therefor my laptop must be turned on at all times? (is there a way to get round this problem?)

A:External network hard drive - Ethernet + eSATA

Bump...Getting my 40 megabit internet on Thursday, was hopping to have had this by then but it doesn't look like it.

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Sorry if this is wrong section... I have Xerox Phaser 6180MFP scanner/printer in home network plugged into router with network cable. Printing and scanning works flawlessly, currently scanned files are saved on laptop in My Documents folder. The second option would be to save them on a network drive, but I don't know how.

The network drive is GOFLEX_HOME and its ip is apparently

With configuration below printer gives me error: Connection timed out. I have no idea what to configure here to achieve what I need. Could anyone give me a helping hand?


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