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How to Connect the Antenna Cables to a Mini PCI Wireless Adapter

Q: How to Connect the Antenna Cables to a Mini PCI Wireless Adapter

I have just replaced the 802.11b Intel PRO 2100 wireless adapter in my Dell Inspiron 600m laptop computerwith an 802.11b/g Intell PRO 2200BG. I am confused about connecting the antenna cables to the new mini PCI board. Originally, the grey cable was connected to the Main connector and the black cable to the Aux connector. This is how Dell shipped the computer with the 2100. However, the Installation Guide for the new adapter (2200BG) indicates that the black cable should be connected to Main and the grey to Aux. How would I know which connection configuration is correct? Thanks.

P.S. I don't know if this is of any relevance, but the Intel PRO Wireless 2200BG adapter appears to be intended for HP computers. The drivers CD has HP on it and the Installation Guide is "Copyright 2004 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.". Is the antenna cable colour standardised among computer brand manufacturers?

A: How to Connect the Antenna Cables to a Mini PCI Wireless Adapter

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In my home network I have two computers connected to my router by wire (I need the faster connection for these), and three PCs wirelessly. For the wireless range to be adequate, the router needs to be on the middle floor (of three). But this would require two 15m RJ45 cables for my wired PCs and another similarly lengthed RJ11 from the microfilter (all of which are downstairs). Now, I guess a more suitable option would be to keep the router downstairs and sort of extend its antenna cable to reach upstairs.

My question is, can an antenna cable be extended, and how far can it be extended before it begins to lose effectiveness of signal? And how about those new Wireless-N ones with three antennae? Can these be extended?

I know I could buy a repeater but I want to see if itís possible without much buying any other devices for my network.


A:Extending wi-fi antenna cables

I'd forget about long wires on the antennas. The losses in a long antenna wire will eat up any advantage of moving the antenna to a more optimal location.

Of course, you really only need one CAT5 cable to downstairs, a cheap Ethernet switch will split out the wired connection to multiple computers.

Perhaps you should consider just increasing the range of the wireless router where it's located now.

Hawking Tech has a number of products that will help you increase your wireless range. The root page is Hawking Hi-Gain™ WiFi Range Extending Products.

Some of the more interesting products are this Hawking [HSB2] Hi-Gain WiFi Signal Booster, which can be used on either end of a wireless connection to boost the signal power.

Another way to increase your signal strength is by the use of hi-gain antennas. You can choose from omni-directional or directional models, here are a some examples.

Hawking [HAI7SIP] Hi-Gain 7dBi Omni-Directional Antenna

Hawking [HAI15SC] Hi-Gain 15dBi Corner Antenna

[HAO14SD] Outdoor Hi-Gain 14dBi Directional Antenna Kit
This is just a sample of available products, many people have hi-gain antennas with similar specifications, but I haven't seen any other suppliers of signal boosters.

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I recently purchased a Compaq Presario desktop with no integrated wifi. So I picked up a usb adapter. The Retail Plus website says the adapter is compatible with Windows 7. However, after I run the setup and plug in the adapter, the drivers do not install. My apartment is wireless only, so I can't connect my desktop to the internet to download drivers. I do have a laptop with wifi, so I tried installing the usb adapter on it. Everything went smoothly and the usb works on the laptop. So I tried putting the drivers on a disc and putting them on the desktop, no luck. I downloaded a package from the Retail Plus website and I still cannot get the drivers to work.

Unfortunately, I am not very computer savvy. Any suggestions to make this work?

A:Retail Plus Mini Wireless USB Adapter

Hi jatermeer , Welcome to the forums , Power off the laptop , insert the usb adaptor, power on the laptop and windows will find the driver for you

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I have one of those micro/mini USB wireless adapters that I'm trying to get working on a reconstituted Win7 HP box. I have a fresh install of Win 7 but have no idea where the driver for the adapter is, so the machine does not see it. I'm not even sure it needs a driver.

Here's the weird thing; I recently plugged the USB wifi thingie into my other box (Win 7 Pro/64) in order to get the PC talking to my smart TV across the room so I could watch Netflix and it came right up fine with no tweaking. I didn't do a thing except reboot. If it needs a driver, it somehow just found it, or does not seem to want one.

On this 2nd box with Pro/64 I can also easily get to the display shown in attachment that shows wireless bars, but on the 1st PC with Win7 Home Prem, going to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing center produces no such display. All it shows is the broadband connection to the cat 5 cable running to my router. It's like the Home Prem system does not support wireless. I did reinstall all drivers from the GByte disc that came with the mobo.

Any ideas?

A:Need driver for mini USB wireless adapter

Have you tried different USB ports?
Especially the ones on the back.

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My notebook is a Medion MD 96360 sam2010 that i've upgraded to win 7 ultimate. Everything is working fine except the wireless that is - it says its working too it is just not switched on. there's just nowhere I can switch it on. according to Google I should press fn+f2 or f11 "doesn't work",  and there is no dedicated keyboard button for the wifi
No conflicts in device manager and all the drivers are up to date
i hope someone has a solution because my son has to use it in school 
in network connections the icon is activated and when i switch on/off it tells me there are no connections available

A:Wireless adapter card 802,11g mini pci not switched on

Some manufacturers (Toshiba is one) actually put an "on-off" switch somewhere on the lappy and eschew using a FN procedure. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but it's hard to find a trustworthy website where I can DL a manual to make sure.

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Hi there, I'm having an issue with my ever so brilliant IBM Thinkpad T42p, only it's not so brilliant at the moment as it has a wireless issue. WPA2-PSK is the standard for wireless security as I believe, my T42p was made in early 2005 and the adapter hasn't really been properly updated to support this security type. I have tried custom drivers to the latest drivers.

The latest drivers crash the OS for several minutes and fail to install, even when digitally signed and the custom drivers work a treat on WEP and other network security types not the modern standard though. Changing my wireless security type isn't an option, any ideas? Windows 7 works superb with the drivers but I prefer XP on this laptop as it can only handle so much and its aging. So I would need XP drivers on an quite frankly an ancient mini pci IBM Wireless card that supports modern WPA2-PSK.

If it's too much trouble I am just going to rip one out of my HP laptop but I prefer not to.

Again, any suggestions?


A:IBM 11a/b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Adapter II WPA2-PSK issue.

No one?

Anyway, it worked on some routers and failed upon others so I decided to bite the bullet and swap the cards from my other laptop.

It works great now, its an Intel something... and connects properly due to better and updated drivers. Interestingly the Thinkpad has all its original parts and the bios reported the CPU, Intel Pentium M and now I have replaced the card it's made it a Centrino (Intel branded chipset groups, Wifi, cpu and whatnot).

For anyone who owns a thinkpad and wish to check the parts list visit ThinkWiki. It maybe for Linux but hardware wise it applies to any OS and does give info on Windows anyway

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Hi guys,
I'm going bananas! Here's the scoop. I have a desktop & Dell 1520 laptop running thru a Netgear 2000 router/modem. The problem is with the laptop. I've set up the router wireless with wpa-psk security with the ethernet cable & everything works fine when I disconnect the cable. When I shut down for a night, laptop & router both off, then turn everything on the next day it connects wirelessly & all is fine.Here's the problem. If I leave everything on & let the laptop go into standby & then hit the switch to bring it out of standby, sometimes it connects OK & other time NO!!! When it disconnects & I attempt to re-connect the process with the card utility it assumes it is set for WEP, WHICH IT IS NOT!! & is asking for the appropriate password of either exactly 8 or 13 letters. Incidently the passphrase has 12 letters in it, but it's set for wpa-psk not wep! I've rechecked the router settings & thats what they are so it must be with the adapter.
I figure it's got to be a setting somewhere on the adapter but I haven't a clue.Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help will be appreciated.

A:Dell wireless 1505 adapter mini-card

The problem is that network connections don't always work after Standby/Sleep/Hibernate. Make sure you have the latest correct driver for the adapter. There's not much else you can do except try another adapter.

When I have that issue my workaround is to switch the wireless off (if integrated) or disconnect before Standby or Hibernation.

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I have an IBM T40 Thinkpad that has a built-in Intel Pro Wireless 2100 LAN 3B Mini PCI adapter. A while back, after trying to set up a router, and monkeying with settings, I found I could no longer connect. The OEM-installed IBM Access Connections was no help, and Windows tells me it cannot configure the adapter/connections. At first I thought the card was defective, but 2 new ones have the same results. I've been using a USB adapter, but would like to get the built-in working again. My friend thought I could remove IBM Access Connections and install different software to operate the adapter.

Two questions:
1.Does this sound feasible?
2.Can someone recommend some software (preferably freeware)?

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Good morning to all!!

I am trying to connect a Thinkpad to my wireless network. I have 2 other PCs happily chugging along on the network, which is 128-WEP enabled with OPEN authentication. I have typed the same key into the Thinkpad to no avail. I have never run into this problem before with another PC and am leaning toward thinking it's something with the mini PCI adapter? Any help would be appreciated.

Here's the settings specific to the configuration of the mini PCI adapter:

11a Transmit Rates: 54Mbps
11b Transmit Rates: 11 Mbps
11d Mode Switch: Enable
80211b Preamble: Long and Short
Auto Transmit Rate: Enable
Extended Channel Mode: Disable (for N. America)
Network Address: Not Present
Power Save Mode: Maximum
Radio On/Off: On
Roam Time (sec): 45
Roam Time Threshold (db): 15
Transmit Power: 100%
Wireless Mode Selection: Auto

I have tried the Wireless Mode Selection in both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz, but it didn't make a diff. My router is D-Link AirPlusG 802.11g and I allow for backwards compatibility, with open authentication. I run a DHCP server for up to 10 clients and am currently only serving 5. As I live in BFE and broadcast my SSID (closest neighbor is 5 miles away lol). I've tried filtering by MAC, as well as disabling the WEP 128 encryption entirely. I'm at a total loss on this one.

Thanks for the help......Bubblz
UPDATE: I have now tried running my router wide open with no WEP encryption. The Thinkpad sees the wireless network in "View... Read more

A:IBM Thinkpad & Dual-band Wi-Fi Wireless Mini PCI Adapter problem

Are you using a 3rd party firewall (security suite) that is configured to block your LAN?

Please dump the MAC address filtering, disable encryption, try to connect to the router via ethernet and wireless and show ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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Hello, this problem has really confuzzled me. I have just bought a new wireless USB adapter, ran it through the setup entered the password etc. Fine. Nicely connects to the router everytime (well ok most the time). But it cant seem to find the internet, which i know is there because my house mate has no problems with it. I've read quite a few complaints about this adapter. Is it worth just returning it and trying a different one? Or does anyone have any ideas?

It finds the submask, ip address, sets a channel automatically. One thing i noticed though is it doesnt create a gateway. (i asume cos i cant find the net). I did have internet before but they were wired. I've since then disabled the normal ethernet adapter and disabled the old connections. So i dont think theres anything conflicting.

Please help?!!
Thank you in advance i really appreciate it.

A:Belkin Wireless adapter - can connect to the adapter, but not the internet!!!

I'm going to guess that the IP address that it finds is 169.254.x.x and the subnet mask is, right? It's really NOT connecting to the router, which is why you don't have a Default Gateway or DNS servers.

You don't have to disable the wired interface to connect wirelessly, there's no conflict.

I'd suggest you first disable the encryption and see if it connects. If it does, then you need to make sure you enter matching passwords for the encryption on each end. Note that for WEP you should ONLY use the HEX password, do not use the passcode option.
Please supply the following info, exact make and models of the equipment please.

The name of your ISP and country of residence.
Make/model of the broadband modem. If dial-up, please specify.
Make/model of the router (if any).
Connection type, wired, wireless.
If wireless, encryption used, (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc.)
Make/model of network card or wireless adapter.
Make/model of your computer (motherboard if home-built).
Version and patch level of Windows on all affected machines, i.e. XP-Home (or XP-Pro), SP2.

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Alright i have one black wire and one white wire on a laptop that has mini wifi. on the card it has a main and an aux which one goes where?

A:mini wifi antenna how to hook up?

Probably entirely dependent on the laptop make and model. But we have no idea what that is?

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i bought this device from ebay but the driver for it won't work on win xp or win 7, system does recoize the device but software won't load m,windows can not match device to software so it won't install the driver. can you help me with this problem.

A:150Mbps 150M Mini USB WiFi Wireless Adapter Network LAN Card 802.11n/g/b

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Do you happen to know the name of the driver?

It will be on the CD that came with the product.

Look on the CD for the driver and please reply with the name of the folder containing the driver.

It will be something like "RTL8188SU"

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I recently downloaded an updated driver for my laptop PC's Atheros AR5001X Mini PCI wireless network adapter but when I tried to install it the installation fails and I get an "Access is denied error". The following is an extract from the setupapi.log:

#-166 Device install function: DIF_INSTALLDEVICE.
#-006 Setting security on key HKR\Ndi\params\MapRegisters to "D:ARAI(A;;GA;;;BA)(A;;GA;;;SY)(A;CI;GA;;;IU)"
#E033 Error 1208: An extended error has occurred.
#I123 Doing full install of "PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0012&SUBSYS_7005144F&REV_01\4&3A321F38&0&10F0".
#-006 Setting security on key HKR\Ndi\params\MapRegisters to "D:ARAI(A;;GA;;;BA)(A;;GA;;;SY)(A;CI;GA;;;IU)"
#E033 Error 1208: An extended error has occurred.
#-035 Processing service Add/Delete section [ATHER_DEV_2022.ndi.NT.Services].
#E033 Error 5: Access is denied.
#E275 Error while installing services. Error 5: Access is denied.
#E122 Device install failed. Error 5: Access is denied.
#E154 Class installer failed. Error 5: Access is denied.
#I060 Set selected driver.
#I125 Installing NULL driver for "PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0012&SUBSYS_7005144F&REV_01\4&3A321F38&0&10F0".
#I121 Device install of "PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0012&SUBSYS_7005144F&REV_01\4&3A321F38&0&10F0" finished successfully.

It looks like a registry permissions error but I can't work it out. Any suggestions guys?

A:Atheros AR5001X Mini PCI Wireless Network Adapter - Driver Installation Error

Try installing it within Safe Mode, which is accessible using the Boot Menu. To access it reboot the PC and depress F8 after the hardware is listed.

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I have an IBM Thinkpad with a High Rate Wireless mini PCI adapter III radio inside. My router is a D-Link DI-524. I'm currently connected through an ethernet cable (DSL).
I have a separate computer connected to the router as the main connection. (I do file and print sharing, but i doubt that effects the problem I'm having.) This laptop (the one with the problem) occasionally connects to the same router through an ethernet cable, but should also be able to connect wirelessly.
The problem now is that my wireless connection does not show up (or rarely shows up) as an available network on my list of available networks. If it does, it's intermittent as to whether I can connect to it. For a while it seemed as though it could only connect to the wireless network if it was also connected by cable. If I can connect it lasts less than a few minutes, before the network disappears as an available network.
At the same time, my neighbors' networks do show up as available. They are protected, so I can't see if I can actually connect through them. I brought in a separate laptop which didn't have any problems connecting through my wireless. Furthermore, I borrowed a wireless usb adapter and was able to see and connect to my wireless and this computer that way. I'd rather not have to use an external advice though if possible.
These problems all started when I installed AVG (firewall and virus protection) about a month and a half ago. I've gone back an... Read more

A:Thinkpad High Rate Wireless LAN mini PCI Adapter III won't receive home signal

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Cant connect to wireless networks with HP MINI 110 Notebook....Device manager show Atheros Fast enternet is connected and working properly. Dont see any icon on taskbar for wireless.
OS is Win XP PRo.....

How do I get the wireless to work?

A:HP MINI 110 Network...cant connect to any wireless

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I know others have had this problem but their advice doesn't work for me. My HP mini will not connect to my wireless network although wireless network show up as fully charged and up and it says I'm connected but I can't access the internet. It has a "Acquiring network address" message that does not go away.It tells me I have an invalid IP address when I run all the conection tests thru the troubleshooter.

A:mini won't connect to wireless network

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I just bought a Compaq Mini that uses Windows 7. I'm attempting to connect to my router using wireless but I get an error saying "Possible network security key mismatch". I am using Verizon FiOS. I am certain I typed in the correct WEP key, because it's printed right on the router. My desktop also runs Windows 7, but uses a Netgear wireless USB adapter and works fine. I was also able to successfully connect to an unsecure wireless network and through ethernet with the netbook. After googling, I found someone suggesting disabling Internet Protocol Version 6, but the problem still persists, so I enabled it. Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm having the same problem as another user Baduga whose thread is copied below. I did download the driver version for the Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN device which was released February 03, 2010. However, when I try to connect to a secured wireless network it seems to see the router, but just spins and spins with the message "acquiring network address" and it never actually connects.

Baduga, below, also had this problem once the drivers were updated. He reported the fix was by following the instructions on HP customer service page that flavallee linked earlier. It turns out my password was missing from the association page of the wireless network connection.

Can someone give that link again, and be explicit about what you have to do to get to the association page of the wireless network connection, and exactly which password needs to be entered there/

Many thanks, NeverHadSoMany (Problems with Wireless Connections)

Success at last!

Here is the support and software site for the HP Mini 1035NR netbook. You need to add and save this site to your browser favorites/bookmarks list so you can refer to it when needed.

It came with Windows XP Home Edition SP3 pre-installed.

Here is the link to driver version for the Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN device which was released February 03, 2010.

Download and save the driver, close all open windows first, then double-click the saved file to install the driver, then restart your computer.

I'll lea... Read more

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Hey all,

I happen to have a Supermicro Mini-ITX motherboard that has a free mini-PCIe slot.

I'm usually vehemently pro wired Ethernet, but in this particular application I just can't find a way to wire things to make it work, so I am considering sticking an Intel 7260 WLAN card in the slot, and using that instead.

The one thing I can't seem to figure out is, what do I use as an antenna? I've only ever used mini WLAN cards in Laptops and all-in-one mini-PC's before, where they come with preinstalled antenna wires that use those tiny little connectors.
I have searched eBay/Amazon/Newegg for 2.4/5.8Ghz wifi antennas, but all of them have the larger BNC type connectors on them, not the tiny little ones that the mini WLAN cards need.

Is anyone familiar with any mini WLAN connector headers or anything like that? Essentially, those BNC-type connectors on one end with a little retention ring, so I can just drill a hole in the case, and tighten them in and connect an external antenna, and those tiny little plugs on the other end.

Or is there another way of accomplishing what I need to do?

Much obliged,

A:Adding Mini PCIe WLAN Card to Motherboard. Antenna?

also, you can buy cards for putting minipci in a regular pci slot that has these antennas

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Hi. I have an IBM T40 Thinkpad laptop running Windows XP with CISCO Aironet Client Utility installed to manage my wireless networks. I don't understand the point of this utility as I find the Windows XP wireless connection management more reliable and straightforward, but I don't know how to disable this thing. I would if I could and I have tried, although not that hard.

Anyway, I was using the CISO Aironet Client Utility (or whatever it's called) fine, then I visited a friend's house and needed to get on his network. He started poking around and one day it was working and the next it was broken. It kept saying it couldn't find a radio signal or that it was off. I came home and it wasn't working for a month or so.

One day, I messed around with it and it started working again. Only problem now is whenever I shut down my laptop and re-open it, it never reconnects to my wireless connection automatically. I always have to do it by hand.

Any suggestions here? How can I get it to reconnect automatically and if I can't, how can I get it to use the Windows wireless features that are built in and bypass this CISCO stuff?


A:CISCO PCI Wireless LAN Adapter (Aironet) Won't Auto-Connect to Wireless Network

i'll move to netwroking you should get a better response

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Hey guys, need some urgent help here.

I have a program on my computer called Intel(R) My WiFi Technology, which has something to do with my network adapter (Intel (R) WiFi Link 1000 BGN). I recently had an annoying notice popping up from this program saying 'The Wireless Network Adaptoor could not be found'. So I decided that I should find a solution on Intel's forums. I came across a thread that discussed my problem, and one of the Intel workers mentioned that Uninstalling and Reinstalling the program would be the best solution. So I followed the steps and came across a huge problem . Turns out that once I removed this program, my computer wouldn't connect to my wireless network in my house. I went onto my other devices throughout the home and they all seemed to be working fine, and that my router was still working fine aswell. I went onto my other computer and downloaded the program onto my USB, and installed it back onto my original computer. There still wasn't any difference, and my computer still currently can't connect to my wireless access point. I've rolled back drivers, updated them, and I've refreshed wireless network adapters in my Network and Sharing Center in Control Point. I'm starting to run out of ideas, and I really need some help. My computer can still detect networks though, but I've discovered it can connect to my Mobile Phone's Access Point, meaning I can connect to 3G through my phone. I'm sus... Read more

A:Uninstalled/Reinstalled Wireless Network Adapter - Can't connect to Wireless Router

Make sure you have the latest wireless driver from your laptop manufacturer's web site.

Delete all wireless profiles. Then try again to connect.

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector and show ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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Hi everyone: Iím having an extremely frustrating problem connecting to my Netgear DG384G v3 wireless router in my flat.

In short:

Ever since I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP Pro, internet browsers do not detect a connection to the internet despite a wireless connection being detected in the network connections (and the icon in the system tray) when my wireless adapter is plugged into my PC. Connection problems only occurred after the reformat, another PC in my flat connects wirelessly to our router with no problems (before, during & after the time I reformatted; Iím posting this using his PC) and the router config settings have definitely not been changed in any way so its not a router problem. It appears that the wireless adapter is able to detect a signal from the router but the router is not sending information to the adapter (I canít even connect to the router setup IP address

More detailed:

1) I wiped the PCís harddrive then reinstalled Windows XP Pro Ė I thought the recovery disk would have drivers with it (like others Iíd used) but it didnít so I had to manually find nVidia chipset & 3com Ethernet controller drivers and SP1 (for USB 2.0 functionality), download them on another PC and transfer and install them on mine. I got SP2, this didnít change anything, I changed back to SP1, still no change to connectivity.

2) When my Netgear WG111 v2 wireless adapter is plugged into a USB port, Windows recognises it as a d... Read more

A:Can't connect to net despite wireless adapter connecting to router's wireless network

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I've been using my USB adapter for quite awhile now and decided to go back to my laptop's wireless adapter and when i did it refuses to connect to my Internet.
I try diagnostics but it says there is no problems but it would keep verifying if the network diagnostics service is active. However it is functioning but still doesn't find a reason to why my internal adapter isn't connecting to the Internet.
Could it be that my laptop's network adapter is not functioning? 

A:my wireless adapter won't connect but my usb adapter can

Did you check your wireless settings to make sure the device is enabled?Control Panel/Network and Sharing Center/Change adapter settings which is on the upper left side of the page.What does it say for the laptop's built in wireless adapter?To answer your question, yes it is possible that it's "broken" and will not work.

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I have the linksys wireless g pci adapter WMP54G, according to the box it is compatable with wireless B. I have it installed on my new Vista desk top computer that i bought today with the correct drivers. It will connect to my neighbours wireless g router so the adapter is working. however it shows a signal from my DLINK DI-514 Router but when i try to connect i get this error message "wireless association failed due to an unknown reason".
I have called DLINK and Linksys and they are no help.
I think that i need to somehow set the adapter to B wireless but i don't know how or if it is supposed to be automatic.

Please help me i have spent countless hours trying to fix this.

A:Wireless G PCI Adapter will not connect to my Wireless B router but I should

I see the post is pending an answer from Linksys
You could try their Live Chat :

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This morning I went to go on to the internet and it says it can't connect to a network. I've never had this problem before so I clicked on the network and it said it couldn't detect any.

When i clicked on "diagnose the problem" it says "there are driver or hardware problems with the network adapter "dell wireless 1390 WLAN mini-card" on this computer.

I have a Dell Inspiron 640m

I can find the cord to hook it up to the internet with a wire (I can buy one if absolutely needed) and I do have the original software CD.

I not good with computers so if anyone can help me out I would appreciate it.


A:Laptop won't connect to wireless 1390 wlan mini-card.

Hi:Take a look at device manager,particularly the WLAN card.Any error indicators?
Let’s take a look at the status of the network adapters

Device manager:

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type devmgmt.msc

Please respond to all the following steps.
1. Under Network adapters, please tell me all the devices listed.
2. Are there any devices under Network adapters that have a red x displayed?
3. Also, are there any devices anywhere in the Device Manager display with yellow ? or ! displayed?
4. should be enabled and working properly.
5. If error code,what is it ?

It would be best if you could post a screen shot of Device Manager with the Network adapters and Other devices sections expanded.

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file. To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.

Also.Go to the Dell site.Search the drivers available for your particular model by inputting the service tag # for your unit.Should be on a side or bottom tag along with model and serial #.This will make it a lot easier to determine the proper driver(s) to download/install

Also,let's see this:
Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

In the command prompt window that opens, type... Read more

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Hi there, i found out that Wireless N was a very bad choice to use so i went back to Wireless G.
My wireless Network Adapter has an antenna on the front of it directly like most do, are there any antenna extensions available to buy that come with a long extended cable and stand?
Thanks, Jordan
heres an example. Heres the antenna
This is the cable

would i be able to buy these two, and connect one end of the cable onto the back of my Network adapter, then plug the other end of the cable into the Dbi antenna/Stand

A:Available Network Adapter Antenna Extensions

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I currently use drivers from 2008:

Driver Version - 10/1/2008

for my Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini-Card.

Whenever I run Microsoft Update it tells me to upgrade to the latest drivers, however, with the newest drivers I experience a SIGNIFICANT drop in throughput- something like from 108 mbps with my current setup to 1-15 mbps with the "updated" drivers.

I'd like to have the most up to date driver, but do not want to limit my Wifi bandwidth either. Any advice would be greatly appreciated-- all my system info *should* be in my profile.

PS I'm a brand new user, so I apologize if this is not a well written post!

A:Updated Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini-Card Worse Connect

If the new driver causes problems and the old one works fine, best to just stick with the old driver. Typically you only need to update your drivers if you are experiencing problems or the new driver adds some functionality. Otherwise it is better to just leave well enough alone. If is listed as an important update, right-click the update and hide it.

If you are set on updating, you can try downloading the driver from the Dell website (link below) and uninstalling the old driver prior to installing the new driver. You can also look at the fixes and enhancements listed on the Dell site to determine if you really need it.

Driver Details | Dell United States

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I had to do a System Recovery, when it was finished, I was able to access the internet via my wireless adapter. However, my computer is kind of old so I had about 78 updates after the recovery. After the updates, and the restart, I cannot now access the internet. I have Windows XP home edition, and My adapter is a Linksys wireless-g. What has changed, if anything?

A:Can't connect with wireless adapter

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I have a laptop (HP Compaq cq62) with Windows 7 64 bit and I have a strange problem with my wireless adapter.

When I close the lid the laptop goes into sleep mode. When I open the lid and log in on my laptop, the wireless adapter can not find any routers. I have to go to my network settings window, disable my wireless adapter, enable the wireless adapter and then it is working.

Does anyone know how to solve this? Obviously, I just want to open my lid and direct have internet access instead of disable/enable the wireless adapter.


A:Wireless adapter does not connect

Go into Control Panel, Power Options, Change Plan Settings, Change Advanced Settings and disable the setting to allow the Wireless to be turned off. That usually fixes this kind of problem.

You could also check the manufacturers web site and see if there is an updated driver for your wireless device.

You will need the full model number as there are many different ones available: Select a product or category from the list below - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

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My IBM T41 has an installed adapter. It says that it connects to the wireless networks I set up for it, but when I open web browsers, it doesn't really connect to the internet. I know the icon in the system tray for it is a computer monitor. The screen of the little monitor should blink if it works, and mine does not blink. I tried putting in 2 new adapters, but those failed to work.

3 years ago I had this same problem. I called my internet provider and someone was able to control my laptop from his computer. He opened some sort of settings screen that I had never seen before. I didn't even see how he got to it because he did it all so fast. After he changed a setting, my laptop was able to connect to the wireless internet. Since then, my internet provider has begun charging for this service so I've opted out of doing it again. I wonder if the man was using settings on the router website. If he was, what settings did he change that allowed my computer to connect?

A:T41 wireless adapter will not connect

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I recently moved No longer have connection to the internet.. However my apartment provides wirless connection. So i bought a Netgear USB WG111 Adapter ... Installed everything. Says I have excellent Signal But it wont connect?>?? Hlep please.

A:Wireless USB adapter!!!Can not connect....Help

Does the apartment's wireless connection require a static IP? Is it encrypted?

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I am trying to clean my girlfriends computer which cannot connect to any wireless router.  I have gone through the normal malware and security cleanses (Malware bytes, JRT, AVG) and got to the point that they come up clean when rerun (but had a host of issues prior).  Two issues are still present - I randomly still get chkdsk errors, but cannot fix them in the command box, as it tells me it is being used by something else so I have to schedule it for next reboot.  The second an main issue is that I cannot connect to wireless.  Initially the adapter would not even show any wireless routers.  After deleting/recreating the adapter and other tricks I have found it starting showing all the routers in my building but if I tried to connect to them it would not give me a prompt for a password (the icon also did no indicate that it was secure network).  I ran SFC /Scannow once and the logfile shows tons of files that it could not repair.  After all that, my adapter is no longer showing any wireless routers anymore.  I believe I still have some viruses (or reminiscent thereof) but I think I have many corrupted files.  Also - no Windows recovery disk and the only option this MSI laptop has is a full blown recovery that wipes the disk which is my last resort.

A:Cannot connect to my Wireless Adapter

Have you tried those steps from Safe Mode with Networking

Can you run this if needed copy to a flash drive and run from there.
Please download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
[list]Flush DNSReport IE Proxy SettingsReset IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsReset FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Users, Partitions and Memory size.Click Go and post the result (Result.txt). A copy of Result.txt will be saved in the same directory the tool is run.
Note: When using "Reset FF Proxy Settings" option Firefox should be closed.

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Right now I have MoCa adapter netgear mca1001 and I just want to know if I can connect OTA antenna to the adapter or not? Because I am just using the moca adapter just carry internet on the line right now but I want to add OTA tv to it I got Mohu Sky amp OTA antenna. Whats the proper way of setting this up?

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heya everyone, just bought a Linksys G PCI Adapter and a Hawking Tech 15 DBI antenna. Thing is, they both are male connections, and they didn't include a female to female connector. Any idea where to get one? I'm not even sure what that type of connection its called, and CompUSA closes in an hour! Will radio shack possibly carry something like this? any quick help would be greatly appreciated

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Dell desktop has a dell USB wireless adapter. System worked fine a week ago and now all of a sudden won't connect to the network.
Doesn't even attempt to get an IP.

It can see the networks in the area but can never connect. Repair doesn't work, reset TCP/IP stack didn't work. Uninstall and re-install adapter didn't work. Updated driver didn't work.

System is running XP SP3.

All the other systems in the house work fine. Router is provided by Comcast and uses WPA2.

A:Desktop with wireless adapter, cannot connect

Have you tried restarting your router?

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I have an interesting issue that I'm wondering if anyone can set me straight on. To preface, I am computer literate. I am not asking for basic step by step instructions here.

I installed the Alfa AWUS036H 802.11b/g wireless adapter. Initially, I used the drivers contained on the included CD for my OS (Win7 x64 Ultimate). The drivers installed correctly according to the feedback I was given. From there, I was immediately able to see the available networks through the Windows wireless function as no third party utility was installed. However, I could not connect to any of the wireless networks that I have the credentials for (2 different networks). One is an open network, and one is WEP. It could not connect to either, I verified my credentials were correct as well.

At this point, I tried the adapter on another computer running WinXP (32 bit), the corresponding winxp drivers were used and I was able to see AND connect to these two networks. Therefore, I verified that the adapter is not defective.

After this, I went online and downloaded the most recent drivers. Uninstalled the previously installed drivers and installed the new package two separate ways. Way 1: Installed only the drivers and tried with Windows managing the connection. Didn't work. Way 2: Uninstalled drivers and reinstalled complete package which included Realtek wireless utility. Again, able to see the networks but not able to connect to any.

I am at a loss at this point as to what may be t... Read more

A:USB Wireless Adapter (AWUS036H) Can't Connect

Quote: Originally Posted by bamowo

Hi, I have an interesting issue that I'm wondering if anyone can set me straight on. To preface, I am computer literate. I am not asking for basic step by step instructions here. I installed the Alfa AWUS036H 802.11b/g wireless adapter. Initially, I used the drivers contained on the included CD for my OS (Win7 x64 Ultimate). The drivers installed correctly according to the feedback I was given. From there, I was immediately able to see the available networks through the Windows wireless function as no third party utility was installed. However, I could not connect to any of the wireless networks that I have the credentials for (2 different networks). One is an open network, and one is WEP. It could not connect to either, I verified my credentials were correct as well. At this point, I tried the adapter on another computer running WinXP (32 bit), the corresponding winxp drivers were used and I was able to see AND connect to these two networks. Therefore, I verified that the adapter is not defective. After this, I went online and downloaded the most recent drivers. Uninstalled the previously installed drivers and installed the new package two separate ways. Way 1: Installed only the drivers and tried with Windows managing the connection. Didn't work. Way 2: Uninstalled drivers and reinstalled complete package which included Realtek wireless utility. Again, able to see the networks but not a... Read more

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I was wondering if anyone can help,

I have been having trouble connecting to the internet via my wireless adapter on my laptop.

I have been able to connect when i hard wire the laptop but not when i try to use it woreless. I managed to coonect yesterday for a few hours but today i am having te same problems.



A:Unable to connect through wireless adapter

Hi. Please supply the laptop make and model along with the router model.

If you are able to connect with an ethernet cable then it's highly unlikely to be the router.

Is your wireless network secured ? i.e. do you need a WEP / WPA key in order to access it?

Do you have wireless USB adapter or is wireless capability built into the laptop? Either way if you go to Device Manager look for any yellow exclamation marks next to your Network Adapter.

Go to RUN and type services.msc , make sure the following Services are set to Automatic and say started


DHCP Client

Wireless Zero Configuration.

Then go to RUN and type cmd

When the Command Prompt Window Opens type ipconfig /flushdns

The message should say Successfully Flushed the Resolver Cache.

Just some pointers - I can maybe of more specific help if you provide more detail. Good luck.

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Does this wireless adapter work with this motherboard? The wireless adapter uses a PCI interface but the motherboard has PCI express. If not could anyone recommend a cheap wireless adapter that is N compatible?

A:Will this wireless adapter connect to this motherboard

it has 2 pci slots, you;re good to go.

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I hate to be posting about this, but I am out of ideas. My existing Netgear WNDA3100V2 which I have been using it for maybe 6 months without problems suddenly refused to connect to the router, so after trying to update the firmare and still not working, I went and bought a new one Netgear WNDA3100V3 and it's still isn't working. The router seems to be working just fine because my phone can still connect to it and I am using the ethernet connection coming out of it linking it to my computer so I can use the internet. Can anyone tell me what they think might be going on since I am out of ideas? Thanks for the help in advance.

Here is my system info:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoftģ Windows Vista? Ultimate, Service Pack 2, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4025 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 367988 MB, Free - 196654 MB; S: Total - 1535 MB, Free - 1485 MB;
Motherboard: Sony Corporation, VAIO
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Wireless Adapter won't connect to router

By the way, my router is Linksys E2000

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I have a Netgear 108 Mbps Super Wireless ADSL router (DG834GT) which is directly connected to my 1st desktop. Just bought another PC and trying to connect using the Netgear WG111T Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter. Both computers are running Windows XP Pro SP2. The 2nd PC can detect the wireless network, plus a few others from neighbouring houses. However, cannot seem to connect to my home network at all. Security options have been disabled as I firstly just want to get it working. Incidentally, I can connect to one of my neighbours access points but notwithstanding, cannot bring up any web pages.

Please advise!

Thanks in advance.

A:Cannot connect to the Internet using USB Wireless adapter


I have exactly the same problem with my wireless adapter. I have surfed around on the net looking for answers and solutions, but none appear to work. I fear it may be a problem with the WG111T device itself. What other options are there?
any advice welcome

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this is my set up

Windows XP
Netgear wg111v.3 wireless adapter
roadrunner connection
Belkin f5d7231-4 wireless g router

I can get on the internet, my netgear wizard shows me connected with it. I can't get on or 1.1 to change my router settings and I can't connect my Wii to the internet. the little computer icon for netgear states I am connect to my belkin router but still i can't get the routers website to run. i can ping the netgear ip address but when I try to ping or 1.1, the request times out.

Can someone help?


A:Can't connect wii with netgear wireless adapter

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I have seached everywhere trying to find instructions on how to connect to two WLANs with one wireless network adapter but I haven't been able to find anything.

Apparently this is possible using the Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter - but how?

The reason is that I have two WLANs - one is a router which connects network attached storage, the other is a router connecting the internet.

Internet WLAN Gateway =
NAS WLAN Gateway =

An explanation of how I could maintain my connection to the internet WLAN while still being able to access data on the NAS through the NAS WLAN would be excellent.

Thank you!!

A:How to connect to two WLANs with one wireless adapter??

Hi there
Question unclear (or at least to me)

Do you need CONCURRENT access to both LANS or individual access.

I assume you need concurrent access -- so you need to turn something into a "Hotspot".

Try this piece of FREE software -- I think it should do what you want.

The Free version should enable "Shared Internet".

(If it's not applicable -- well I'm not 100% clear in what you want to do !!).

Features - Connectify


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Hi, this is a problem that has been bothering me for months.(about 10, as we've been too lazy to do anything about it) We own 2 PCs and one laptop. The main PC has a router connected to it, which sends out signals to the other PC and the laptop. Both the main PC(because it's bigger ) and the laptop get internet access just fine. However, for closing on like 8 or 9 months now the other PC in my room will not connect to the internet, although the adapter says it's connected to the router, it never brings up the message that it's connected to the internet. I've turned off windows firewall and such, but I'm starting to get to the point where I've just messed around with too many settings and would like some more expert help.

Because multiple users use this PC, I do not know the specific cause of the problem, but there was a windows update that I think was installed around the time of the loss of connection.

I also do not believe there is any connection at all, as the netgear activity chart is at about 1% if that helps, although the computer says it is connected to the main router. And yes this is a wireless connection that is having the problem. Windows XP 2000.

I have also restored the Internet Explorer 7 Default settings, and tried a copy of Firefox aswell. Niether of them can display the webpage.

A:Wireless adapter won't connect to internet.

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I have a Netgear wgr614v6 router connected to my main computer, and a Roswill pci wireless adapter rnx g300e installed in my backup computer. When I had WinXp installed on both, I was able to connect my backup computer wirelessly to the router. I upgraded my main computer to Windows 7 Professiional, and Windows Home Premium on my backup computer. I recently decided to set the backup computer up permanently and tried to connect to the router. The wireless card shows up in device manager and is installed correctly. When I try to connect, the card can see the name of my main computer, but cannot access the internet. I made the router open, ie no security to see if anything changed, but it didn't. I'm not sure if I have to create a home network first or not, but since the backup computer cannot connect to the internet it won't have an ip address. I use Norton Internet Security 2010. Can anyone offer a solution? Thanks in advance.

A:Wireless adapter cannot connect to my router

First, uninstall (don't disable) Norton Security and then reboot. It's hard to troubleshoot a driver or hardware problem when there is a third party firewall application installed. After that's done, try to connect to your router again. It that still doesn't work, check for drivers from the manufacturer. Sometimes Windows installs what it thinks is the correct driver, but turns out it isn't the one you need.

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I'm having trouble connecting my PC to the internet through a wireless adapter. It'll say "acquiring network address" then disconnect and then attempt to connect again. It'll also recognize the network, but will not connect to it. Hard-wiring directly to the router works.

A:Wireless adapter won't connect to internet

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Hey I have a new problem.

I got a new computer with Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6200 AGN wireless card and it will connect fine to my old router, but I upgraded to a dlink and when I go to connect it says no internet access. So I upgraded my driver and it still didn't work. I thought maybe it was the router so I got my old laptop out and connected to my new router and it works fine. So right now I'm kinda confused since it's not necessarily my router since my old compy can connect or my wireless card since i can connect to other routers.

I realize this isn't that much to start with, but I will be on here often to answer any follow up questions!
Thanks in advance guys!!

A:wireless adapter won't connect to new router


Your Wi-Fi adapter doesn't seem to be compatible with your router. Have you tried changing the wireless security - WPA or WPA2?
From your computer can you please post a Xirrus snip. Download, install and run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector.

To run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector, double click the Xirrus icon on your Desktop, you may use the Windows 7 snipping tool to crop or Paint by tapping the Print screen key on your keyboard, open up Paint (Click on Start>All Programs>Accessories>Paint) then choose Edit from the Menu and select Paste, then save it and please attach the file on your next post.

Can you also post ipconfig/all output for review?

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I just signed up today as I'm having a networking problem and I can't figure out how to fix it.

The main internet connection to the internet is through my main computer running XP (all my pc's are XP). I have a Linksy's router connected here. I have a computer in my sons room, a computer in my dining room, and my laptop, and they all connect through the wireless network. Everything was fine untill we got another computer (hand me down). I thought this other computer may be faster, and it is more up to date, so I unhooked my computer in the dining room, and hooked up the 'new' computer. I had to buy a new wireless adapter (USB for this one and my laptop. The other two have the wireless thing inside) so I could connect it to the network. It worked just fine. It found the network, and I was able to connect to the internet. Well, since then, the pc in my sons room, and my laptop, won't connect to the internet. They could find a network connection, but I'm thinking it was finding the new adapter I connected because instead of saying 'found- Linksy's', it said linksy's and some numbers next to it.
Anyway, after realizing the the 'new' computer was actually slower than the one we already had in the dining room, and since the other two computers couldn't get online anymore, I decided to just put the one that was in the dining room, back, and just not use the new pc. Now, I have THREE computers that w... Read more

A:My wireless adapter won't connect to my router

If your network is secured connect one of the computer to the router via ethernet and disable encryption. Try to connect wirelessly that way. If successful you can probably then re-enable encryption and reconnect.

If you can't even communicate with the router via ethernet reset the router to factory default settings and start over.

Note that if it is problem to move a computer to the router you can always temporarily move the router to the computer for configuring it.

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I just got a wireless network adapter for my kid's xbox, and I can't get it to connect to our home network. The console recognizes that it is plugged in, and I'm getting a solid red light. When I scan, the network doesn't show up, and when I set everyting manually, it says it can't connect. I'm using a Dlink DSL2760u, and I don't know alot about networking, but UPNP is enabled, and MAC filter in disabled. Anyone got any suggestions for me?

A:Xbox 360 wireless adapter won't connect to my network

Is the router's SSID broadcast enabled?

What wireless mode and what encryption are you using on the router? Does the new adapter support those?

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I have a Compaq Presario V300 laptop ith Vita and the wireless card works randomly. I recently bought a Belkin Wireless G Plus MIMO USB Network Adapter and it was working fine until yesterday. It does see my connection, but it won't connect.

I've tried just about everything, uninstalling and installing again, updating the drivers from the net, and still nothing. It does turn on (I see the green light blinking) and there are no issues on the device manager.

Can anyone help??

A:Wireless USB Network adapter fails to connect

Ok, try taking off the Belkin Network adapter and using it on a friend's computer.....If the Belkin adapter connects, then there is a problem with ur internet settings.... u can try using another working adapter on the system...if that does not connect too, then check your connection settings or call your ISP..

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Hi. I use my PS3 controller to play games. I had it hooked up to play a game and then my PC froze. This caused a physical memory dump. After this my wireless network card would see my network but would not connect to it. I can connect to it wired, and other computers in the house can connect to it wirelessly, but this computer refuses to do so. I have checked the device manager and there are no exclamation points. I have also checked to be sure the device is not disabled and it is not. I have also reset the router several times as well as rebooting and shutting down the PC. I have been using the wireless connection for about 8 months now so I don't understand why it isn't working now. Please let me know any info you need from me to get this working again. Thanks.

A:Wireless Adapter Will See Network Connection, but Won't Connect

I would try and re-install the driver as a first step, or have you tried this already?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 6000, which had Intel PROSet/Wireless. The computer now indicates that no supported wireless adapters available in the system. I do not know what happened to it. What can I do to fix this problem?

A:Inspiron 6000 Cannot connect to Wireless Adapter

Start > run > devmgmt.msc

Do you have a wireless network adapter properly installed there?

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hi there

i was working fine with my new router DSL-2730U D-link router and using it's wireless connectivity with G/N mixed mode..and i noticed that the range is so low so i decided to switch to N-only mode and when i did that i couldn't connect at all!..the router uses N-150 btw..

help, i really need to know if that's a software thing or should i return it..thnx

A:Can't connect through my wireless router if i select N-adapter only!

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I can't connect to the internet using our wireless router. The signal is excellent but there's a yellow triangle with an exclamation point. It says that there is limited access. I tried resetting the router, checked all the plugs, restarted my laptop., all to no avail. I tried connecting using my phone, and I can go online so the problem lies with my laptop.

I checked my device manager and under Networks, the 6TO4 adapters has a yellow triangle with exclamation point. With a code 10 error. I tried to run 'check for solutions" but I can't connect to the internet. Using my phone, I saw websites dealing with the same problem. I uninstalled all the 6TO4 adapters along with the isatap adapter because it also has the same problem except that it's reporting error 31. Then I restarted my laptop.

I can connect to the internet but only through LAN. I still can't connect through my wifi. I tried to reinstall the 6TO4 and isatap but it still shows the same message.

I'm not the only person who uses the internet in our house. My siblings also have the same problem with their own laptops.

Can anyone help me. How can I connect using wireless connection?

A:Can't connect using wireless: problem with 6TO4 adapter

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ok here it goes. I have a hp tx2000 laptop using vista with a alfa awuso36h usb adapter to connect to the internet. Ok heres the problem i was using this setup to connect to my neighbores wireless internet with no problems for about 2 weeks(yes they know and are fine with me using it). But within the past week (actually all of a sudden it wont work) my program that came with the adapter shows alot of networks with full signals but when i connect to any of them it shows connected but wont actually bring up the internet. When i click on i.e. It says i.e. Cannot display the webpage. And if it actually does take me to google it will disconnect for no reason and reconnect to a random network thats available. my neighbors connection i was using just all of a sudden quit working and if i try to connect to it , it says cannot connect to frontier87. Also the other networks that show up sometimes will say the settings saved on this computer for this network dont match the requirements of the network, but sometimes the same network will connect but wont actually bring up the internet. I guess i just want to know what has changed to make me not be able to use a network that worked fine for me last week. Please help.

A:laptop won't connect to wireless internet through adapter

read the rules
WiFi "Piggybacking" / "Wardriving" - We do not support the act of using someone else's Internet without permission. Also, please note that almost every ISP prohibits sharing your Internet connection with another home, and we will not assist you in breaking their rules.

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I just reinstalled WIndows 7 Professional. I located all the drivers except for the wireless adapter, I can't connect WiFi, here's the card number. I searched and couldn't locate the driver. Thanks for any help.  PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8179&SUBSYS_804B103C&REV_01 

View Solution.

A:Driver for my Wireless Adapter, Can't Connect to WiFi

Hi: You need this driver... This package contains the driver installation package for the Realtek RTL8723BE/RTL8188EE wireless LAN controller in the supported notebook models running a supported operating system. File name: sp72932.exe

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I installed the WG111T wireless adapter and i have found the network i want to use, the connection is strong to the router but when i clicked to go on the internet it says the page cannot be displayed. Can anyone shed any light on my
situation as i spent hours trying to resolve this problem with no luck.

Thanks in advance

A:Cannot connect to internet but i have installed wireless adapter

Are you getting a proper IP address from the router ? Launch a command window & type ipconfig to see what it says.

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Since the last major windows 10 update, every time I log on I have to run the WIFI troubleshooter to reset the wireless adapter - does anyone know why?

A:Wireless adapter keeps failing to connect to my WIFI

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Since the last major windows 10 update, every time I log on I have to run the WIFI troubleshooter to reset the wireless adapter - does anyone know why? DO you made all following win10 updates?

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I bought this yesterday and have still not managed to make it work, i'm on a laptop running windows 2000, it's a Dell Inspirion 800 (or something like that) and it's about five years old, i got it from my mums boyfriend so any other information is unbeknownest to me.
I have installed everything from the CD that came with it and plugged it in, all that happens is it flashes and doesn't connect, when i open the utility it shows the me the My Computer -!> Router -!> Internet and won't connect and doesn't even find my router even though the router can see it (apparently, thats just what i've been told).
I have tried changing the options but the Advanced Options won't open at all and neither will the router options.
When i tried the connectivity test I get something like the first four passing and anything beyond WAN just failing, i would be more specific but i can't get at it right now.
I know i should have looked first but i have just searched google and seen some pretty negative reviews on Belkin products.
I can't afford another one and won't be able to take it back so any help would be sooooo appreciated!
By the way, I connect to a Netgear router (can't remember the model number), before this i had a D-Link which worked perfectly well but he end of the USB broke of so it won't work anymore
Well as i said any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:Belkin 802.11g Wireless G USB Network Adapter won't connect.

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Hi I just bought a pc adapter to connect a 360 controller to my computer. Ive installed the most recent software and tried to connect the controller but when i try to connect the light on the controller spins as it is searching for a receiver
and some sort of connection is made because the light on the receiver turns solid but the light on the controller which should be solid in the region labeled "1" is actually blinking in all four regions...How does this thing work?

A:Xbox 360 wireless controller PC adapter will not connect

I would like to verify if the controller is recognized in Device Manager. How about changing different USB ports?

Please load the latest driver of the receiver adapter and the controller from Microsoft.

Xbox 360 Controller for Windows
Best Regards,
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I have a Wimax USB adapter on my laptop which connects to a Wimax tower on the roof of an adjacent building. So this is the only laptop in my home with internet access. What i want to do is transmit this connection throughout the entire house so that i can access the internet anywhere in my home with a Wifi enabled device. If I'm not very mistaken, I'll be needing a Wireless Router to do the job but i have no idea how to go about successfully creating this connection and what router to buy. A push in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.


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I am desperate. really really desperate, I don't know what to do anymore

I spent a lot of money on a new gaming pc and it has been a complete nightmare from the start. I have wireless network at home so I had to het a usb wifi adapter, the Netgear N300 WiFi USB Mini Adapter.

Its setup cannot complete because it is stuck eternally at "detecting adapter"

I sought online but it's only people reporting the problem and NOBODY giving a solution. pleas pleeeaaaase somebody help.

A:Netgear N300 WiFi USB Mini Adapter stuck detecting adapter

Power down PC...while it off remove USB wifi adapter....power on PC. When PC has finished booting up, search in the uninstall programs list for any software related Netgear and uninstall it. Reboot and start the process again.

According to the system requirements for that device, it does not support windows 10, which may be you issue.

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I recently found out my router username and password and so was opening a few ports for some software im using.

I accidently went to the unpn tab and there was a list of port numbers which were already there (around 7 or so) anyway, Instead of clicking cancel to leave the tab I clicked done and they all vanished ......

I panicked, clicked back on the browser and they were there again.

I then took a screen shot to note down all the numbers,

I then quit my browser, went back into the router settings, clicked unpn and nothing .....


so recently I was using my laptop which is not directly connected to the wireless router and accidently pulled out my 'marvell yukon' network adapter, I use it to help with the internet when im near a plug socket.

And then I clicked refresh page and 'page could not be displayed', my network lost connection,

now when I go to my router settings it says connected with limited access.

So the only way I can connect to the internet is when Im plugged in with my marvel yukon thing.

Is this somehting to do with my unpn settings vanishing ??

also I have updated my network card drivers.

Perfectly up to date!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!

kind regards, Jack

A:Wireless network wont connect unless adapter is plugged in ?

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My PC running on Windows 7.
I'm connected Internet via Wireless adapter.
And here is the route print :

IPv4 Route Table
Active Routes:
Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 25 On-link 306 On-link 306 On-link 306 On-link 281 On-link 281 On-link 281 On-link 306 On-link 281 On-link 306 On-link 281
Click to expand...

After that i try connect use vpn network.
And here is the route print after connected to vpn.

IPv4 Route Table
Active Routes:
Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 25 26 100 On-link 306 On-link 306 On-link 306 ... Read more

A:How to connect vpn client and internet wireless adapter simultaneously

If you're using a PPTP VPN connection, the PPTP clients defaults to sending all traffic (even Internet traffic) through the VPN. You will need to go into the PPTP network properties and uncheck the box for the option to send all traffic over the VPN connection.

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I'm pretty much a novice at doing this networking stuff, so I would be glad if I could get some help. I want to directly wire the router into my computer and bought a ethernet cable. I connected the cable to my router and computer and it doesn't work. Do I need a driver..I have reformatted my computer before and have installed the ethernet card again(or at least I think I did). Anybody have step by step information to get this to work? If so, please do tell. Thanks!

A:Help! How do you connect(with ethernet) a Wireless-B Broadband Adapter to a computer?

Please clarify. So you don't want to use the wireless feature of your router but rather use one on the wired ethernet ports on the router correct? So you've connected an Ethernet cable between one of your routers available ports and the Ethernet card installed in your PC correct?

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I'm having issues connecting to the net. First computer connects okay, it runs on Windows 7, though my main computer is running Vista. I tried system restore, I've reinstalled Vista. I've connected the working cable that I use for the Windows 7 pc to the Vista pc to ensure it wasn't a connection issue. In device manager the network adapter appears with no issues and I've uninstalled the driver for it to reinstall though still no connection. I'm not sure what else to try.

A:Vista can't connect wireless netowrk adapter not showing

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i just built my first computer yesterday(specs are at bottom) and i also bought the xbox 360 wireless adapter thingy that lets me use my 360 wireless controller for gaming and for some reason whenever i plug it in the sound gets all poppy and crackly and i have to restart the computer to fix that im pretty sure its the mobo's problem because when i first booted up(w/o adapter plugged in) it had that problem until i installed the drivers i heard something about disabling the usb audio legacy drivers but when i did that my computer wouldn't boot so i reset to defaults and now im here

any help would be appericated


Computer specs

asus m2n sli mobo
seagate 200gb barracuda hdd
antec earthwatts 500wat
xfx geforce 9800gt
amd athlon x2 5600+
4gb ocz special ops dual channel ram
Vista home premium 64bit dual booted Xp pro 32bit(same on both OSes)

A:Popping crackling when I connect Xbox 360 wireless adapter

What exactly does that X360 adapter hook up to, USB 2.0 port? If so, once you installed the drivers it should allow the system to boot normally. Perhaps the device is configurable through gaming devices? If there is any software (not drivers) required to use the adapter/controller, maybe it needs to be patched/updated for use with that mobo?

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I just bought a D-Link PCI card for wireless Internet (DWA 525 , Wireless N 150 Desktop PCI adapter).
I installed the adapter and the driver on my PC, surfed the Internet for hours.
But the next day , when i tried connecting to my Router , it wouldnt connect. ("Windows is unable to connect to <SSID>")

Here are the things I have tried ::
1)I am able to connect to the same router , using my laptop and 2 wifi enabled mobile.
2)I tried changing the SSID , the encryption type (even keeping it open). Still couldnt connect.
3)Reset my router , and tried to connect with its default setting.
4)Tried connecting to a manually created adhoc connection via my laptop as well as my android device (Hotspot), and connected to them successfully.
5)Updated the firmware on my router and installed the latest driver for the adapter.
6)Tried connecting to the same by booting into Ubuntu.
7)Tried connecting using various wireless network connection softwares.

Wireless Adapter :: D-Link Wireless N 150 Desktop PCI Adapter
Router :: Netgear DGN1000 wireless router
Windows 7 64 Bit

Where is the problem!?
is it the router settings ?
or my PCI card ?

A:PCI wireless adapter unable to connect to a specific router

I have exactely the same problem as You!
I first used a TP-link in the one and only PCI-Express-16-slot. Worked perfect in my Acer Aspire M5800. Then my grafic card broke down and the new blocked the slot! So I changed to D-link DWA 525 full PCI but cannot make it work . Hope someone can help us!


Quote: Originally Posted by malaykeshav

I just bought a D-Link PCI card for wireless Internet (DWA 525 , Wireless N 150 Desktop PCI adapter).
I installed the adapter and the driver on my PC, surfed the Internet for hours.
But the next day , when i tried connecting to my Router , it wouldnt connect. ("Windows is unable to connect to <SSID>")

Here are the things I have tried ::
1)I am able to connect to the same router , using my laptop and 2 wifi enabled mobile.
2)I tried changing the SSID , the encryption type (even keeping it open). Still couldnt connect.
3)Reset my router , and tried to connect with its default setting.
4)Tried connecting to a manually created adhoc connection via my laptop as well as my android device (Hotspot), and connected to them successfully.
5)Updated the firmware on my router and installed the latest driver for the adapter.
6)Tried connecting to the same by booting into Ubuntu.
7)Tried connecting using various wireless network connection softwares.
Wireless Adapter :: D-Link Wireless N 150 Desktop PCI Adapter
Router :: Netgear DGN1000 wireless router... Read more

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I have had nothing but hell since reinstalling vista. I have a wireless card which worked prior to reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling vista. Now it cannot detect it. I tried downloading wireless drivers for this exact model hp pavilion 6700 but still no luck. I have no idea what to do now and I have already spent money fixing this laptop and buying another copy of vista to try and get it working again.

Can someone please help

A:Reinstalled vista and now it doesnt connect wireless adapter

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I bought a new Tp-Link WN721N Wireless adapter and after starting it, when it was connecting the wireless network, a BSOD suddenly came. it happened for the first time.My pc is running on Windows Ultimate x64 i installed who crash it and this was the message i got

On Fri 26/04/2013 8:59:47 AM GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\042613-28126-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: ntoskrnl.exe (nt+0x75BD0)
Bugcheck code: 0x1E (0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
file path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
product: Microsoft? Windows? Operating System
company: Microsoft Corporation
description: NT Kernel & System
Bug check description: This indicates that a kernel-mode program generated an exception which the error handler did not catch.
This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem.
The crash took place in the Windows kernel. Possibly this problem is caused by another driver that cannot be identified at this time.

Can any one help me solving this? i have attached the dump file. hope it helps.

Thanks in Advance

A:BSOD When pluged in TP-LINK Wireless adapter and trying to connect wif


Crashes indicate a possible issue with the windows installation. Please post this report before we begin:Windows Genuine and Activation Issue Posting Instructions

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I have recently just moved to a new city, and i am trying desperately to get my desktop computer connected to the internet. This computer is fairly old, and hasn't been used in a while but it worked fine when it was last used. It is a Gateway computer, with Windows XP. I have always used a wireless USB Network adapter (Linksys 2.4GHz - fairly old) and it has always worked fine in the past. I bought a new wireless router, which is also a linksys. My laptop connects fine.

I have tried EVERYTHING, so I'm not sure if I did something that made the situation worse. I have tried renewing my IP address, changing my security key for the router, configuring the IP settings to match my laptops, installing the same program that i used on my laptop onto my desktop (which i think might be the problem but i don't know how to uninstall it.) The program I installed was for the Linksys router, but it wouldn't finish the installation b/c i had already installed it on my laptop.

Anyways, I think i made a mess of things. When i try to connect to the internet using the task bar icon, it says that Windows cannot configure the wireless connection, and if i have enabled another program to manage this wireless connection, to use that software. So, i tried using the half installed Linksys program, and I type in my security key then it takes a while trying to connect. Finally, it will say that it could not connect to the wireless network, but it shows at the bottom that there is e... Read more

A:Desktop computer won't connect to internet with wireless adapter

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Hi there,

I'm starting this thread because I can't get my new Linksys AE2500 wireless use adapter to connect to my new Linksys X2000 ADSL modem. I purchased both of these devices because my old 2wire modem kept dropping the wifi signal and I had to keep turning off and on the modem in order to get the wifi signal back. Now my problem is that I can't connect my AE2500 adapter to the x2000 modem at all, heck I can't connect any wifi enabled device to the modem even though the SSID and password is correct. The adapter finds the network but it can't connect to it at all. The x2000 modem works perfectly since I can use the internet if I connect my computer to it via Ethernet cable but unfortunately I have my desktop in my room and the modem is in the living room so connecting using an Ethernet cable really isn't an option. I tried using my old 2wire modem to see if it would connect to that modem and it did as a matter of fact and the speeds were good but as of late, the speeds have been horrible and the signal drops every few minutes. I get 1 bar in the network status and speed of 1.0 Mbps. Here is a picture for reference:

The problem only persists when using wifi though because when connected to the 2wire modem, the speeds are fast. Range isn't really a problem because im like 10 feet away from the router so I'm not sure what's causing that problem. I assume it's the modem being that its about 7 years old so I would really lik... Read more

A:Solved: Wireless USB adapter can't connect to Linksys modem

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help i have a EDIMAX 150 mbps b/g/n usb wireless adaper with the latest drivers but my it never automatically connect to my internet? why is this?? plz help

A:my usb wireless adapter doesnt automatically connect or save connectio

Hi sogone209,

See if this helps, if not we'll try something else.

Click on Start => Control Panel=> Network and Internet=> Network and Sharing Center, click on Wireless Network Connection=> Wireless Properties, make sure that 'Connect Automatically when this network is in range' is checked off.

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I'm having troubles connecting to the net. First computer works okay, it runs on Windows 7, though my main computer is running Vista. I tried system restore didn't work then reinstalled Vista. I connected the cable that works on the Windows 7 pc to the Vista pc to make sure it wasn't a cable issue and it still doesn't appear on the modem. The network adapter appears ok in device manager and I've tried uninstalling the driver then reinstalling it. I'm not sure what else I can try. Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Vista cant connect: wireless network adapter not showing

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The wireless internet aspect of my daughter's laptop failed. It is a system board malfunction.

I purchased a USB wireless adapter to overcome the issue and after installation it immediately connected to the access point which is connected to my wired Linksys router.

Cliff Notes:

1. Went to connect wirelessly in another room. No connection.

2. Unplugged the power to router, modem, and access point for 15 seconds in order to reset. Did not resolve the issue.

3. Access point is recognized by the laptop and shows it connected and signal good.

4. Wireless adater in device manager recognized and fully working. It is "Device funtioning properly."

5. Attempted to do a repair several times but here is the repeated message: "Connot connect with DNS server. Network Diagnostics pinged the remote host but did not receive a response."

So, Access is functiong and recognized by the laptop as connected and signal is good. The wireless adapter is recognized as fully functioning. Yet I can't receive a response.

Advice please. Networking isn't anywhere near a strong area for me.

* One other thing. My old Toshiba laptop connects with its a/b miniwireless card.

A:Access Point Recognized/Wireless Adapter Working: Can't Connect to the Internet

I assume your using some encryption mode? (WPA, WEP, etc.)

1. Make sure by the access point and the wireless adapter are set to use the same mode
2. Have you entered the network password correctly?

If any doubt, see if your router lets u backup its setttings. Then turn off all encryption in both the AP and adapter and see if they connect then (easiest way to prove it's an encryption issue )

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I just connected a linksys WRT54G version 8 wireless G router to a desktop computer in my apartment that's directly connected to the internet via cable. I have a desktop pc in the next room with a WUSB11 version 2.6 linksys adapter. I'm trying to connect to the main computer's internet connection. When I first set up the router, everything worked fine. The second computer was connected with the wireless adapter. As soon as I secured the network, that second computer couldn't connect anymore. I've tried both WPA and WEP, and my wireless connection settings on the second computer are configured correctly according to the linksys site and various other places with instructions on the web. I've rebooted my router, reset passwords, tried disabling that wireless zero thing in windows administration tools I've read about online, and looking through every option on that linksys router website ( Any more suggestions? I'm a Windows XP home user.

A:Solved: can't connect to internet via wireless adapter AFTER securing network with new router

Just so we're clear. If you disable encryption on the link, you connect fine, but any encryption on the router inhibits the wireless machine from connecting?

Have you tried using only WZC and not the adapter's wireless client?

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I'm unable to connect to MS Wireless Display Adapter from Dell Latitude E5450 laptop running Win8.1 Enterprise x64. Laptop is able to see the device and was add the device to my device list but when I try to project it is not able to connect.
I was able to successfully connect from Samsung Note 4 and Surface Pro 4. Any settings that i need to modify on laptop?

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I have an acer x3400 desktop - no wifi card. I installed a 6db gain usb wifi antenna. Everything looks good but...
I cannot connect to one of the local networks - It is WPA preshared key TKIP/AES
The realtek wireless lan utility never gets an IP address despite excellent signal strength. I have an acer netbook running xp with built in wireless connects perfectly.

There is a second local network that is not encrypted. I have connected to the system - acquired IP address, Subnet mask and gateway. Network and sharing show the connection PC to Network, but no connection to the internet. My netbook does not have enough gain to access that network but I am sure that it is working fine.

The initial firewall setup was using Mcafee. Mcafee wouldn't let me in without an internet connection. So I uninstalled Mcafee. I have disabled the windows 7 firewall.

I have tried to connect using the Realtek utility and with the windows 7 wireless network connection screen.

media state ... media disconnected
connection specific DNS suffix ... blank
description ... Realtek RTL8187 Wireless 802.11b/g 54MBPS USB 2.0 Network adapter
physical address ,,, 00-0F-11-07-00-1C
DHC enabled ... yes
autoconfiguration enabled ... yes

Device properties indicates that it is working properly.

such is life - Any ideas?

A:RTL8187 USB wifi antenna cannot connect to the internet

Any more information from the ipconfig? You're not even showing as having an IP address unless you chose to leave that information out.

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My PSU does not have the extra 12V cable for Pentium4 (or AMD64).
I'll be getting an Abit AV8 3rd Eye with AMD64/3200 Winchester 90nm.

PSU: QTechnology ENS-0240QT, 400W, EPS12V capable
+3.3V = 30A
+5V = 25A
Max 200W on +3.3 and +5
+12V1 = 15A
+12V2 = 16A
Max 216W on +12V1 and +12V2
-5V = 1A
-12V = 1A
+5Vsb = 2A

I've seen adapter-cables on the web, are they providing enough and stable enough power, as needed my the mobo? Anybody use one with what result?

A:How good are ATX12V adapter cables?

Hi Real....
I have never used one ,so I am sorry I can't offer you any advice based on experience.But ,I just question as to whether it is worth using one, given the core importance of that power block.Any voltage fluctuations +/- of the specific design parameters can cause all kinds of errors as you well know.
The upgade you are planning is significant and a compliant PSU is not much money.
Use the the old equipment for a nice little Backup server,etc.
Then have a cool one down at the Pub!

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Hey guys, haven't been on in a while, but i need your help again

my sisters laptops wireless antenna used to turn on automatically, after a few updates and whatnot, i need to press fn+f2 every time i boot, granted it's not much of a problem,but i believe i just need to add a program to the start up list and the problem is sorted...any idea what program i need to add?

the laptop is a Asus k50c, with windows 7 on it

Thanks in advanced

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So my recently purchased 6870 GPU has dual mini displayport outputs. I purchased two mini to standard displayport cables. My monitors (2) have DVI, DSUB and HDMI inputs. Is there an adapter to convert the monitor cable end from a male std. displayport to a male HDMI, DSUB or DVI?

A:Bought the wrong cables is there a adapter for my mistake?

They should have female to male Hdmi connections at frys

look in the component department i seen then months ago when i was on the hunt for a HDMI cable

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I have exposed cables within my battery charger adapter. What should I do and how do I do it?

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I only recently discovered that you can buy directional antenna for wireless routers/pci cards. Since i live in an area with high wireless activity (detecting up to 15 networks) i deicided my network was taking as much interferance it could so i decided to get one.

D-Link 6dBi Indoor Directional Antenna - Ebuyer

It has increased & stabalised my network signal loads. To put into perspective, i used to get -55dbi at most when there was a few networks in my area. Then it gradually started to decrease as more networks popped up. last few weeks ive been stuck with it dropping to -70dbi which is always dropping out. After attaching directional antenna, ive got -50dbi with a good strong stable connection.

Now that wireless routers are popping up all over the place coz the broadband companies offer them for free, it might be worth investing in.

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Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but I was trying to get an antenna (possibly make one like ) and was wondering how I would connect this thing to my laptop. In the picture they connect it somehow to a wireless NIC card, but mine is built in. So, where would I connect it, and with what?


A:External antenna for wireless

With built-in you might be out of luck. e.g in my laptop the aerial is inside the leaf with the display wound round three sides of a square (rather like the internal aerial in some mobile phones such as Nokias where there is no external aerial) and there is no facility to connect an external antenna.
In the case of this exernal antenna I think you would have to resort to getting a wireless NIC with an aerial connector ... !

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I've just bought 2 Belkin wireless USB network adapters (F5D6050), and want to connect them over 110m (335ft) outdoors.
I intend to connect an external antenna to each one using co-axial cable, but dont know how. I opened one up, and saw two antenna cables going into each rubber antenna from the circuit board. Does anyone know how i should go about it?, or do they know of any online tutorial somewhere on the net?

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Hi there, I'm having some problems with my dad's pc which has been completely knackered for some time now. Although it is a reasonably fast pc, it's been running horribly slow and has had several things wrong with it for ages now which made me suspect virus infection, as he's a novice user and hasn't really been keeping up with his antivirus software. Rather than go through all the bother of trying to remove them, we decided to do a clean install of windows xp.

This has cleaned up all of the problems, but we now have a few missing drivers, mostly in the "other devices" section of the device manager, and also the wireless antenna driver was missing so I could not connect to the internet to replace these drivers.

I downloaded the latest driver for the speedtouch 121g antenna on my own pc and installed it on his pc. The antenna light blinked on and the pc reset so I thought it had restarted to complete the installation, but it just continually restarts over and over again before it reaches the windows loading screen until the antenna is unplugged. If I do unplug the antenna and restart it, the pc starts normally but resets itself as soon as the antenna is plugged in.

Does anyone know why this is? I'm being driven mad by my dad suggesting things like "maybe the internet's not switched on" or "try plugging it into a different hole" so I thought the best thing to do was ask people who know what they're talkin... Read more

A:Wireless antenna crashing pc

You made the mistake of formatting the hard drive and doing a clean install of XP without first identifying the devices in that computer and then obtaining the XP drivers for them before you started.

What's the brand name, model name, and model number of that computer?

Go into the Device Manager and advise what's listed in

Display Adapters

IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers

Network Adapters

Other Devices

Sound Video And Game Controllers


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Hi folks... Been wondering about something and would appreciate any hints about setting up a high gain antenna so I can use a neighbor's internet satellite modem (with permission, of course). I live in an area with no cable or DSL, so satellite is about all that is left. I tried Verizon Wireless with their external window mount antenna with no joy. This neighbor has Direcway satellite and is willing to share. I have been able to connect with my laptop when I'm outside her house, but I lose signal about half way to my house.

My question relates to trying to understand just how this would work. Since internet is a two way process, would I need an antenna at both ends? My impression from what I have been able to find so far is the antenna would connect to the satellite modem and transmit the signal to my computer wireless. That seems to me to be one way only, thus the basis for my question.


A:Wireless antenna setup

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hi guys,

i have a lan with sbs server 9 clients...bla bla bla

i have an antenna at the factory (where the lan is)
and an antenna at the house...
(where we need internet)

there is a linksys wireless access point connected
to the antenna at the factory by
coax (and its plugged into the main switch
[by ethernet cable]) and a linksys ap at the house.
(that a coax comes from the dish to the AP)

how would i go about getting the link working
is it wds that needs to be configured
or do i have to bridge

can somebody please briefly explain what
needs to be done to accomplish the link...

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On my new acer laptop with Vista installed, for some reason lately when i boot up, it give me an empower technology window that says " you are connection to the internet... are you sure you want to close the antenna?" I didn't ask it to shut down the antenna so why is it continuously asking me this question when i boot up? any ideas?

A:wireless connection antenna

Is there a driver/app for your wireless card or is it using a native vista driver?

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I'm trying to bring my wireless out to the garage which is a metal building

the signal is strong outside it, but inside you get no signal

I've seen booster antenaas but do those only transmit? I have a WRT54G

A:wireless antenna question

You don't need a booster; you need a hole in the metal. An antenna in front of a window would probably do; else figure out a way to mount an antenna outside.

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I have 2 buldings about 1000 ft apart and have a D-Link wireless system in place.

Both antenna are OMNI-Directional (360 deg range).

I want the remote building to have a Directional anntenna that will narrow the direction to the main building. Reason being is that there is company behind us that is on wireless aslo.

The only product that D-Link has that is out door directional is a YAGI antenna that will hone into the direction I want but travel a few miles beyond the building.

Can anyone help with some feed back or knowledge of wireless antenna or otherwise a better security feature other than WEP.

A:Wireless outdoor antenna help

The purpose of a directional antenna is to receive weak signals not provide security.

This page contains good advice for wireless security:,1558,1152933,00.asp

This page contains several articles on wireless security:

You can get a secure wireless network running with several precautions taken. Even without spending loads of money, you can make your wireless network very difficult to break into. You should also assess the value of what you are protecting and the threat to it to decide how far you want to go into the security of your wireless network. For example, how worried are you about that other company? Are you afraid they would casually somehow connect to your network or do they have a hate on for you and will hire experts to try to spend months trying to get your secrets?

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I have a wireless card now ( GO wireless Data Diamond card 802.11 b) and it looks like there is a slot for an antenna but i cannot seem to find one, is there such a thing? where can i get one and are they worth it? is it also an internel accelerator?


A:laptop wireless antenna

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