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Subnetting diagram - find the configuration error!

Q: Subnetting diagram - find the configuration error!

Ok so, first of all I hate subnetting. Secondly, please find the attached picture. Now, the configuration error in this diagram is 'the subnet mask is improperly connecteed for the network'.
Click to expand...

Please someone put me wrong, but so far I think this network will still operate, It just wont make use of having 2 different subnetworks. With the mask of /27, all client computers fall into one IP range, which is - The answer also states that a subnet mask of /28 should be used. If /28 is used, then Client A & B will be in their own IP range, and clients C & D will fall into their own IP range aswell.

As it stands, without rectifying the mask this network should still operate correct?

Thanks in advance guys!

A: Subnetting diagram - find the configuration error!

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Hello I have a GT5432 gate way, pc. The old mother board broke and now I had to install a new one. I got it all together but now I cant figure out where the 2 cords go. The light for the power button and the power button its self. it?s a red/Wight cord and a blue/Wight cord if any can find me a diagram on it id be thankful it. The mother board is a HT2000, Serial ATA ATA133. I would start plugging it in randomly but I don?t want it to fry. And if you must know iv been looking for a long time.

A:Cant find a motherboard diagram

This should be your board
Close up here:
It sounds like you need the front panel header- it is marked item 9 on the diagram- the black header pin out on the lower right hand edge of the board. For the exact location you'll need the manual I think.
This should be it:

The HT2000 is actually an ECS MCP61PM-AM REV:1.0A
Note: AM is the suffix for motherboard produced for Gateway

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I would like to know where I can find a Wiring Diagram for An Emachines Desktop Model # W5243. Any info would be grateful. Thank you.

A:Where can I find a Wiring Diagram for A Emachines ...

I don't think you will find it. Are the wires pulled off the switch or something else?Was ir running when it was shut down or did it die?

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I would like to know where I can find a Wiring Diagram for An Emachines Desktop Model # W5243. Any info would be grateful. Thank you.

A:Where can I find a Wiring Diagram for A Emachines ...

I don't think you will find it. Are the wires pulled off the switch or something else?Was ir running when it was shut down or did it die?

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Dear: Windows Eight Forums
First of all you should know I am an electrical engineer. You see I trying to download this software called circuit diagram and I downloaded it successfully and I am running into a troubleshooting error. Just to let you know the error is unknown so don't bother asking me what the error is. Also I have ran numerous antivirus scans, restarted my computer, and ran troubleshooter compatibility and I noticed something weird. When I ran the troubleshooter compatibility when I noticed it said that the software is incompatible with my computer. That is a little weird when it said that on the products homepage that it should be compatible with my computer. I have downloaded the software 5 times can somebody please help me?
From: Noah

A:unknown troubleshooting error in Circuit Diagram?

Sorry guys in case you are wondering what circuit diagram is look here.

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I have just been looking at a thread and suggested running belarac to identify components in PC, however, unless the PC is configured correctly with the correct drivers installed - belarac does not report the config.

If someone reformats the harddrive and needs drivers for audio/video and does not know what they have - what utility can you run to identify the hardware on a PC.

"dbn" managed to sort out this problem in the original thread

A:how to find PC configuration

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Im trying to set up my new wireless netgear modem router, and before i start it says i need the following info to hand:
Virtual Path Identifier (VPI)/Virtual Channel Indentifier (VCI) parameters
Multiplexing Method
Host and Domain Names
ISP Login Name and Password (i know this!)
ISP Domain Name Server (DNS) Addresses (by doing an IPconfig/all i can get this)
Fixed or Static IP Address (by doing an IPconfig/all i can get this also)

my isp is orange. their website gives me no clue, is there any other way i can get this info?
cheers for any help

A:How to find out ISP configuration parameters

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I have a wireless network with hidden SSID, WEP security...
When I want to connect a new laptop to the network I should but the SSID and the password again,
What I'm looking for is where can I find this file that contains the SSID and the password in XP so I can take this file and put it in the same root in every laptop!
Is it possible?[/B]

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i run cmd as admin and i get the below

The boot configuration data store could not be opened.
The requested system device cannot be found.

not sure why it is not able to locate boot config

gpt partition and UEFI boot

let me know if you need additional information.

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Our network admin is currently trying to find the hardware configuration/specs of all the servers. Between looking at the General tab of the Properties box on My Computer and msinfo32.exe, I can get all the information that I need on XP and 2K machines.

Is there a way to get this information on a Windows NT machine?

A:How to Find Hardware Configuration Specs on an NT Machine?

techgirl05 said:

Our network admin is currently trying to find the hardware configuration/specs of all the servers. Between looking at the General tab of the Properties box on My Computer and msinfo32.exe, I can get all the information that I need on XP and 2K machines.

Is there a way to get this information on a Windows NT machine?Click to expand...

try getting it from dxdiag.exe

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Hello. I'm looking for a guide that explains in detail step by step on how to subnet. Thanks.


Try here:

Hope this helps.

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Hey Guys!

It's been quite some time since I've posted here! I've been quite busy, and finally received my first certification ever, for PCs!

I'm A+ Certified now!

But to the point!

I've posted on a few other tech support sites I visit, and help out on occasionally, but nothing too serious has been posted.

I'm currently enrolled in a Cisco CCENT course at my school. I'm having major problems with subnetting and learning it.

If your IP is / (Public IP), how do you know that you're subnet is going to be How can you tell at a glance that it's going to be that way.

I'm struggling really badly with this.

- Thomas

A:Subnetting on the fly...


Re your private addresses (192.168.1.x): This is a class C address range (Private network) that is not visible on the internet.

A subnet of means you can have 256 addresses (but you can't really use 0 and 255). You can actually use a different subnet if you want (assuming you needed that many addresses. For example, would give you 256 x 256 (65536) addresses, all for your own personal use (again, as they can't be used on the public Internet).

If you wanted to limit the number of addresses you might use which would split your network into 4 subnets. This can get complex, so you might want to look at Understanding TCP/IP addressing and subnetting basics or IPv4 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia if you really want to understand IPv4.

Regarding you public address:

Typically an ISP will use a subnet of This means that you get only one address, the public address they give you. This is how they segment and allocate their finite IP address range. It also help with security from their perspective, as it helps prevent spoofing.

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Hi folks,

i'm new here because i have a problem with subnetting

I have a case but i'm not sure how to solve it....


You are recruted as an network technician in the company University.

Your first job is to configure all the hosts in a network. You have to assign fixed ip addresses to
every host in the network. You must use IP version 4. Before you implement this network, you
have to test your network on a simulation tool: Packet Tracer 4.1.

The company made already an analysis of the network. The results of this analysis you’ll find it

So you start your job with the following data.

The company has establishments at 4 different places, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven
and Nijmegen. There is a WAN connection between Rotterdam and Nijmegen, between
Amsterdam and Nijmegen, between Eindhoven and Nijmegen, between Rotterdam and

In the Amsterdam establishment are the Board of directors. In Amsterdam we need 17 pc.

In the Rotterdam establishment are the logistical service and the stock management. For
the logistical service we need 5 pc and for the stock management we need 15 pc.

In the Nijmegen establishment are the production department and the sales department.
For the production department we need 150 pc and for the sales department we need 20

In the Eindhoven establishment are the financial services and the administration. For the
financial services we need 8 pc and for the administration we need 33 pc.

The ip address you ca... Read more


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Hello, I am a current college student enrolled in a TCP/IP online course. Now that I am on my last week of class I realize I would have best learned this probably in an actual classroom. I have failed the last 3 quizzes for this course because my book does not seem to explain things to me in a fashion I can understand it. On the last quiz my teacher had 23 subnetting questions on something that was not taught in the book and I could not find online. I emailed him about my tests and how I have not grasped this and asked him to point me in the right direction but he told me I can retake these quizzes this week but I have to figure it out myself... I have my dad and brother helping me trying to understand this but still cannot get it.

Anyways I have come here to see if anybody here on the forums could be kind enough to help me figure this out and explain it to me.

Here are two examples of each that I need help with.

With 3 subnets required has a custom subnet mask of:
With 258 subnets required has a custom subnet mask of:

With 300 subnets required what is the range of the 25th usable network:
With 30 subnets required of what is the range of the 15th usable network:

Thank you to anybody that attempts to solve these and help explain it. It's much appreciated.

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If I have a Class C network for example 192.168.10.x with a subnet mask of how do I determine the amount of subnets and hosts that are available?


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Hello everyone, first time poster. I am currently working on some practice subnetting problems and need some assistance. I've filled out most of the answers myself, but I still need some help on a few of them.

The following questions are the ones I was able to answer:

Host IP Address - - six bits have been borrowed to create the required subnets.

Class? - C
Default subnet mask? -
Subnet mask? -
Subnets created? - 64
Usable hosts per subnet? - 2
Network Address? -
Broadcast Address? -

These are the ones I am having trouble with:

The following addresses are either Network, Host, or Broadcast - answer appropriately.


How am I supposed to figure these out? Is there an easy way of knowing? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

A:Need help with subnetting!

The Network address is the lowest IP in the subnet; the Broadcast is the highest; all others can be assigned to hosts.

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Is there anyone who can help me with sub-netting class A,B, and C.
Also, i need help with VLSM - Variable Length Subnet Mask.

if there is anyone who can help me please reply to this post.
Host IP =;; subnet mask: i need to know how to find network address and broadcast address.
VLSM Example....

Host IP
Subnet Mask:
Number of Subnet bits:
number of subnets
number of hosts per subnet
number of usable hosts per student
subnet address for this IP address
IP address of the first host on this subnet
ip address of the last host on this subnet
broadcast address for this address
I need explanations pleaseeeeee.
and thank-you

A:Subnetting, NEED HELP Please

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having a bit of a problem and was hoping someone could clear this up please.
now i thought if you subnetted your network of lets say
123.111.321.0/24 and subnetted it to 123.111.321.0/27, now we have eight subnets with 31 hosts each i believe and what i thought that this was like having seperate networks as in and ie cant talk to eachother without a router. but it seems that people are telling me that
123.111.321.1/27 can still talk to 123.111.321.60/27 over a switch, even though these are different subnetts. is this right as this is comming from a pretty reputable source.

Thankyou for you help


Without knowing how your network is set up, concievably the switch could be a layer 3 switch providing the routing between subnets or there can be a router on the subnets to route between them.

At the very basic level, if someone mis-configured their subnet mask, then there can be some be some overlap between subnets.

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IP 10.0.00 SNM Need to know the subnet number 19.
I drew my bits and found out that I needed to borrow 12 bits, the way that I was though is that you subtract 1 from the desired subnet number, in this case 19-1=18*16(the interval) = 288. But the problem is that I cannot get a number larger than 256. Anyone in CISCO?? I really need help.


A:subnetting help!!

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Reading this book currently at the chapter covering subnetting and am a bit confused. It explains the class B subnet of IP address

Now it talks about creating 2 to the 8th power or 256 subnetworks by borrowing 8 bits frrom the third octect resulting from:




with a new network of

What confuses me is I watched a DVD on subnetting some time ago that explained it very well and the instructor demonstrated splitting a class C network into 2 networks in a different way. What he did was instead of

he used

Both ways seem to make sense, but according to this book could this class B network be done the same way?

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Can anyone here help?

A:I need some help with subnetting.....


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Can someone explain to me how to find the usable IP addresses and default gateway for the is IP address and subnet mask?

Or tell me where to find it?
Thxs in advance

A:Subnetting an IP address

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I have a network of 192.9.200.x with a subnet of I want to break out the network for more hosts. I was thinking maybe 8 subnets with 254 hosts per subnet. My question is, can I start moving the network to the new subnets while leaving the other equipment on the current subnet mask without losing communication? Or is it an all or nothing where once I start I have to move every device and cannot do it in increments?

A:Subnetting question

You're not being very clear so let me clarify what i think you are asking.
Firstly it appears you want to subnet (which means split an existing network) your 192.9.200.x network into a further 8 subnets with 254 hosts on each. If this is the case then no you can't. At the moment you can only have 254 hosts on your existing subnet anyway so splitting it further will mean less hosts per subnet. If you were to subnet this network into 8 subnets you would need to borrow 3 bits from the host ID (4th octect) leaving you with only 5 bits for hosts. 2 to the power of 5 gives 32-2= 30 hosts per subnet. So you can subnet it to 8 subnets but you can only have 30 hosts per subnet.

Subnetting is about splitting a network into smaller "sub" networks. If for example you set the subnet mask to then your network ID is now 192.9.x.x and you can SUBNET this further.

I dont see your point though...What are you trying to achieve? If all you want to do is create 8 different subnets with 254 hosts per subnet just assign 8 class C IP address ranges using a subnet mask of IE your ranges would be:
192.9.200.x mask gives you 254 hosts
192.168.1.x mask gives you 254 hosts
192.168.2.x mask gives you 254 hosts
192.168.3.x mask gives you 254 hosts and so on...

If you want to truly subnet a network you would have a root network like 172.16.x.x (Class B) with subnet mask Then you can subnet t... Read more

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I'm doing a worksheet in my CCNA class.

It provides the following: with a subnet mask of

and asks:

Is this a valid IP host address? Why or why not?

Just having a little trouble with this question (I haven't gotten around to finish reading the chapter we're in the middle of just yet).

Thanks for the help.

A:Question about Subnetting (I think...) is a Class B network host address. The only thing that might make this an invalid address is if it is a subnet address or a subnet broadcast address. The subnet mask shows that 8 bits were borrowed to create subnets. This results in a subnet table that would look like this:
SN#0: Address: hosts: - b'cast:
SN#1: Address: hosts: - b'cast:

So, lies within the valid host address range of SN#0, so it is valid. If you are using classful addressing in your router, however, the CCNA curriculum states that no SN#0 addresses can be used. Routers CAN use classless addressing, so this address really would work. It depends if the question is asked based on classfull addressing being used or not.
A Brayshaw, CCAI
Cisco instructor

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Hello everyone,

I'm on trying to figure out subnetting through the amount of host and subnets required. I am mostly getting wrong answers by just a bit or two and I'm not seeing what I'm doing wrong. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

Example 1-

"What subnet mask would you use for the 172.0.0 network, such that you can get 170 subnets and 170 host per subnet?"

My work, 2048 1024 512 256 | 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1

255.255. (class B)

Borrow from 256, so that's 9 bits. So convert 8 of those to 255 and the last one to 128 right?

So Which isn't the right answer. Apparently the answer is
Example 2-

"What subnet mask would you use for the network, such that you can get 1670 subnets and 30 hosts per subnet?"

Class B again. So 255.255 from the start.

2048 1024 512 256 | 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1

Borrow from 2048, That's 12 bits. Convert 8 of those to 255 and the next 4 from 128-16. Which is 240.

So But it says the answer is

any assistance on where I'm going wrong would be appreciated.


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Hi im am just posting in regards to a question about CIDR subnetting, ive included 2 printscreens and i just need someone to confirm or deny that the working out is correct, thanks


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This 'should' be really easy to do, right? I am trying to subnet my network into two indipendent networks. I have a fair understanding of networking, but subnetting is just killing me! I am running an Untangle server and have an extra router on hand to get the job done. Here's what the network looks like..... (please do not suggest adding another interface to the UT box. I don't have an extra on hand.)
AP --> UT Box ( /27)--> Switch -->Router ( /27)

Please guys/gals.... I NEED HELP WITH THIS in the worst imaginable way!

A:Subnetting woes....

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Just a quick run down on the subnet mask. For the longest... I've read ton's of material even doing a virtual training course by CBT Nuggets now, but I just don't understand why for example:
Why is the mask always 255? What does the 255 actually mean/determine? I know that = a mask of because 255 = 11111111 and 3x8=24 but I just don't understand why a mask is 255.

I saw in another post a good link by JohnWill it looks very good, but still I don't know what 255 determines.
The idea I get, hopefully this makes sense is that because of the 0 I can have upto 254 clients on that one netmask.

Sorry for my stupidity/n00bishness but I would just like to understand

A:Understanding Subnetting

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My friend and I are having a friendly debate that seems to have centered on a rather semantic issue. The point in question is whether an IP address 192.168.x.x/16 is referred to as a full class B or a supernetted class C. The following is the most recent stances we have taken via emails:

We know that any IP address beginning with 0-126 is a class A, 127-191 is class B, and 192-224 is class C. It doesn't matter if you subnet it or supernet it. By definition, the first bits of the first octet of the ip address will always designate it as a class a, b, or c...
You can't call an ip address starting with 192 a class B. I am confident that 192.168.x.x/16 should be referred to as a supernetted class C network. Just like 10.x.x.x/26 is a subnetted class A. Are you saying you would refer to 10.x.x.x/26 as a class C network?

Absolutely, a network of would be a FULL class C. We are dealing in semantics, you are hung up on the classful way of defining the IP address and I am using the term "class C" to define the size of the network... my way happens to be the more common way now that clasfull networking is no longer used (except in books).

Can anyone clear this up for me? Should be referred to as a full class B or a supernetted class C?

A:Subnetting Question

I vote for Ted. I mean, Cisco Kid. Yeah, you pretty much make sense. Your buddy sounds like the type of guy who would argue with you while running from a bear. You can thank Charles Darwin for letting you know that it'll be you who gets the networking job, and your buddy who gets eaten by a bear while trying to figure out if it's a brown bear or a black bear.

PS, don't run from bears.

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Can anyone suggest the Best Way to learn and then perform Sub netting and Super netting?
I would be very grateful for any advice that you might wish to supply.

A:Subnetting and Supernetting

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Given an IP address range, select the correct subnet mask for the scenario. IP address: You need to create 6 networks with a minimum of 28 hosts per network. What is the correct subnet mask and the 3rd subnet range?

This is the answer I came up with. I just need to know if I'm on the right track... - -

Thank you in advance,

A:Help with subnetting assignment.


You are correct with the subnet mask. The netmask of will give you 30 hosts minus 2 for network and broadcasting address. So your networks would be,, and

How did you come up with the subnet mask?

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I am a Computer Networking student and cannot seem to wrap my head around this subnetting and supernetting. Any one know of a good video on YouTube or even a good link to break it down for me? Thanks.

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Thanks guys for bringing this kind of wonderful site up. Am an industrial maths student i need help on the activities of deploying a WAN or LAN network in organization that has one or two branches. am going to be using network model in operation research to determine the latest and the earliest time it will take to finish the project. please specify the time to complete each activity. thanks

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Hi Guys,

I'm new to networking. One of my assessments requires me to create a network and subnet it, depending on the amount of hosts on each LAN. We get given a random block of ip addresses to work with.

What i was wondering is: say i get a class b network to work with (, and one of the LAN's need 60 hosts on it. Am I able to use the subnet mask, because its total hosts is 62. Or is that subnet only allowed in class c addresses? If not, which subnet mask do I use, because the subnet mask range for class b addresses are 510-65534 hosts, and that is too many hosts for what I need.

I just need it cleared up for me,

A:Subnetting question

Welcome to TSG.
Yes, that is the reason for subnetting. You are trying to conserve ip space.
I have used this workbook, it's pretty good;
Once you get you head wrapped around subnetting, for test prep;

If you don't get it at first look for different explations/tutorials.

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I have a class project coming and we had to partner up, my partner was in charge up the subnetting. I don't have much knowledge of it. He finished it and gave it to me to look over.

And from what little I know, it looks wrong. Really wrong. I know there is a way to do classless subnetting, but I don't think thats what he is doing here. If some one could glance over it and give me some feedback that would be great.

Oh, the project was to subnet a 3 story building.

172.16.0/16 IP Address

(usable ip addresses)

Warehouse - : 30 addresses
Wan link floor 1 - : 2 addresses

8 IP addresses unallocated.

One /30 block of 2
One /29 block of 6

Floor 1:
Sales - : 14 addresses
Sales office - : 14 addresses
Wan link floor 2 - : 2 addresses

Floor 2:
telemarketers - : 14 addresses
Managers - : 14 addresses
HR - : 14 addresses
Marketing - : 14 addresses
Accounting - : 14 addresses
Training - : 14 addresses
Administrative - : 6 addresses
Security office - : 6 addresses & up unallocated

One /28 (or smaller)
One /27 block available, 44 IP addresses max left on this floor
68 addresses unused.

A:Subnetting problems

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I've got an assignmet where I have to:
Subnet the network to which the IP address belongs in order to create 300 subnets
I have to provide the following for each:
Subnet mask Subnetwork Address Range of usable Host IP
Addresses Broadcast Address Use?

I honestly am not sure where to start. Could someone help me. I would really like to understand this.


A:Trying to understand Subnetting. Need help

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I am having a little trouble here. I am given the Host IP Address and Subnet Mask and am left to figure out the rest, I have filled in parts of it but am somewhat at a loss on what exactly I use to figure subnet bits and amount of subnets. Would the subnet bits be 30, 14, 6 or 0? and to figure amount of subnets I use the formula (2^n)-2 still? ( I may just be burnt out at the moment. ) Any help is appreciated.

After some digging, can anyone confirm this.. I figured my subnet bits to be 14 and my number of subnets to be 16,382? would that be right?

A:Solved: Subnetting?

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Hello guz, can any one give me a few tips on IP ADDRESSING AND SUBNETTING, your help will be greatly appreciated

A:How to ip address and subnetting

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Hey there, im currently studying for MCSE, and im just making sure that i've understood the below article correctly:

"If a TCP/IP host with the address sends a packet to the address, the host first performs a bitwise AND operation beteween the local address and the locally configured subnet mask. Because ANDing and is 172.20.00. The host then performs a bitwise AND operation between destination address and the same subnet mask which results in binary equivilant of TCP/IP compares the values and if they're the same, it concludes the destination is on local subnet. If the two values differ, the host determines that the destination is remote"

In this case, the destination address is a remote one correct? Because it is a class B address and class B addresses first 2 octects are network ID and not hosts.

If the destination was on a class B address, then the destination would be local correct? Thanks very much in advance!


A:Quick subnetting question


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How do I do the Subnetting in Very Easier Manner FORMULA Plssssssssssssssssssss.
Thanks & Regards

A:Method of Calculating Subnetting

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the problem is that when i configure ADSL modem/router on ip address
and subnetmask then it allow ip address range from to which is understandable, but varios other ip address like this 192.168.1. 239 & etc are also acceptable but computer not access web services

A:issue related to subnetting

Why are you screwing around with the subnet for the router? Most SOHO routers are designed to function with a standard class-C subnet. I suspect the router is ignoring the subnet, but the Windows system at the other end is getting confused.

What do you hope to accomplish here?

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Hello everyone, I'm wondering what's the best way to manage & separate devices on a large network? I'll try to explain what I'd like to do:
-I'd like to have 3 vlans on 3 different subnets (separate the broadcast domain), let's call them vlan 1 (, 2 ( and 3 ( They will be used for data devices (pc, printers), voip phones and ip cameras, respectively.

-I'd like to have the possibility to move the devices around (all devices will have static IP), plug them to any ports on the edge switch in the IDF and the switch will automatically tag/route the traffic from that device to the appropriate vlan based on the type of the traffic (3 types here: data, voip, ip video stream). This mean port based VLAN will not work for me, as far as I know.

-Edge switches inside IDF cabinets will communicate with core switch in MDF via a single trunk link. So we have 3 VLAN traffic going through a single port (trunk port, I assume?)
So the question is: Is it possible to do what I want to do? MAC based, IP based vlan?

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Hi all ,

By starting with a given IP address and prefix (subnet mask ) assigned by the net administrator ,you can begin creating your network documentation

This is calculating and assigning address without VLSM .

He needs 4 subnetworks with 481,69,23,2 hosts so 9 host bits at a minimum to cover the subnet with 481 hosts and therefore you run out of addressing as you will only end up with 2 subnetworks each with 510 as calculated as follows .

The way I would interpret this is as follows : gives 2 subnets /23 and /22
the first 22 bits Network section
the 23rd bit the bit borrowed for subnetting the subnet
the last 9 bits host bits which gives 2^9 –2 hosts
ie 510 hosts per each of two subnets

Therefore , gives the following 2 subnets

Subnet 0
Subnet 1

You are borrowing 1 bit from the host bits as opposed to 7 bits which the following book interpretation does .
The Book interprets it as follows

In the book he starts with /23

the first 16 bits are the Network section
the next 7 bits are the bits borrowed for subnetting ie 2^7 subnets =128 subnets
The last 9 bits are host bits which gives 2^9 –2 hosts ie 510 hosts per each of 128 subnets
subnet 0
subnet 1
subnet 2
.... Read more

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I need some guidance on subnetting a wireless network.

Currently, we have a T1, wired network using DHCP. We want to keep the wired network wired. We would like to add a wireless access point for our in-store customers to use. We want to keep the wireless users from being able to browse our internal network. I am thinking of subnetting....

The firewall we now have (a SOHO 6) has a builtin DHCP that we use. If I get a wireless AP, how do I keep the DHCP numbers from conflicting with one another? I mean, both the AP and the FW will have to have the same external IP, DNS, etc., so won't they conflict somehow?

Grasshopper needs the master(s) help

A:Subnetting a wireless network

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I have a W2K server and a workstation that I play around with. The server has two NIC's in it, one for an internet connection and the other for the lan connection. The external connection works fine, picking up an address from my ISP's DHCP server. I'm having troubles configuring the internal TCP/IP settings for the internal NIC. Here's what I have:

The IP is set to When I do this the subnet mask defaults to I've set the default gateway to match the IP address. Reasoning for doing this: I don't have a router (the PC's are cabled directly together) so I figured the gateway for the workstation would be the ip address of the server.

When setup this way the external connection no longer functions. I have to disable the internal connection in order to use the internet on the server.

When the internal connection is enabled, the workstation picks up a DHCP address (, subnet's to, and picks up the default gateway of At this point the two computers can communicate, but I have no internet connection. I've tried to change the subnet mask on the server but the workstation still defaults to a subnet of

Further info: I am not running DNS on this server. I've set the internal connection to use the DNS of my external connection. Not sure if that's right.
Aside: I did have this working but I tried to install ISA server and things got messed up. I uninsta... Read more

A:Very confused re IP addressing, subnetting, etc

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The rest fo the error message says- "Failed to read configuration file. Please contact system administrator"
I have just R and R'd Firefox and I'm still getting this error message. It won't run now and now I see just how horrible IE is in XP,since I'm forced to use it now....sob
Please Help!!

A:Firefox won't startup-Error message says "Configuration error"

Only an idea!!!!  Not sure but it may be the newer FF may not run well on XP, you could experiment by down loading and older version.
Just checked I may be right check the link below!

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I've read through most all of the post in this part of the forum. It's been a big help in what direction I need to go in.

I have two Windows 2003 Servers one has two users in our CPA firm and the other is a Windows 2003 server which is used as a programming development server. We need to make both of these networks completely separate from one another and only share the internet connection.

We have two routers one is a both are linksys one is wireless. I need a straight forward approach to this task. The less complicated the better. We also use VOIP telephone systems and my boss also wants to purchase a netgear 24 port gigabit switch.

Thanks in advance...

A:Straight forward approch to subnetting...

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Hey guys, yes this is my first post and I am going to ask for some help. But, I'm not going to lie, this stuff really does interest me. I'm taking a class that has to deal with windows server 2008 and we are working with IP addresses right now, and to me is quite fun, so I'm not "just" looking for the answer and leaving the site.

Anyway my teacher gave us IP addresses and told us to find the network ID and the Host ID. Like here is an example of the one of the questions on the paper and the answers I got. The /8, /16, /24 make sense to me. I do that all day long.
Net ID:
Host: 4

Now, my question is, if you change the /24 to a /25, what happens? I looked it up and I saw the subnet mask is, but I'm having a little trouble trying to get a network ID and a Host ID out of it. I know there are tutorials out there like the, which I will look at later as I don't have much time right now. But I was hoping to get some help and for someone to put it in laymons terms. / 25
Network ID:
Host ID:

any and all help is appreciated =)

A:Solved: Question on beginner subnetting

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**** Nevermind ***
I figured it out.
I am trying to figure some subnetting problems out.

I have a Class A IP of and have a mask of Mathematically I am using 9 bit from the hosts which says 2^9 = 512 subnets. I am having a hard time figuring out how to get 512 subnets. I can see having 2 subnets - and -

Can someone explain how I am able to get 512 subnets and maybe show me the first 3 subnet IP ranges.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Subnetting problem/confusion

You can mark your own threads solved using the thread tools at the top of the page in the upper right corner.©

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Here is a link you don't want to miss for streaming online tutorials regarding the basics and some advanced information about TCPIP and Subnetting. Check out Learn TCPIP and Subnetting

Hope this helps those wanting to learn a little more than just the very basics of networking.

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Hi everyone,
Is subnetting only be able to configure via router and not individual computer?
Is any ISP router support subnetting, where can I find it for the router configuration?


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Problem Scenario – Reseller Information and Order System
Reseller Information and Order System (RIOS) is a web-based reseller system for Amita Co to automate its operations. Amita Co is a reseller of various speakers and speaker products. It obtains its products from different vendors, and resells them to customers. RIOS can store and update specific information of sales orders, products, and contact information of vendors, customers as well as warehouse. All functions of RIOS can be accessed by a web browser via Internet. A common login interface is used for Amita staff, warehouse staff, customer, and vendor. Customer and vendor will receive their login IDs and passwords when their details are added in RIOS.
RIOS will determine the type of login from the privilege in user account and show available
functions accordingly.
RIOS consists of three sub-systems: Order Management, Product and Inventory, Contact
Information. The Order Management sub-system keeps information about sales orders and
allows sales staff of Amita to update sales orders. Customer can also browse their own order information to track the order process. The Product and Inventory sub-system allows sales staff to update products on hand. It also allows warehouse staff to browse its own inventory information. Vendors can access this sub-system for browsing products supplied by them.
There are three types of contact information stored in Contact Information sub-systems:
Customer, Vendor and Warehouse. Only sales... Read more

A:uml diagram

Hi teresa91198,

I've had a look to your sequence diagram. Good job !
To refine your class diagram, you still have to insert attributes and methods for each class.
For example, your Order class should show at least the customer ID and a list of ordered products as attributes.
To draw the state diagram, I would focus on the order as it is the central process of your application :
initial state : how the order is triggered
transitional states : the order is suspended while the ordered products are being checked for limit (20) or products shortage, all backs order must be received
final state : products are packed and ready to be shipped.

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just recently purchased a HP laptop . I have read all the books that came with it , but nothing telling what all the plugins are for . is there a diagram somewhere that tells me this. I dont know whats whats. thanks Roz

A:Is there a diagram somewhere

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I misplaced the diagram for my MSI 845E Max (MS-6566E) motherboard, so I'm looking for one online and not having any luck.

I tried the MSI site but the link for my board doesn't work and google isn't helping either.

The reason I need it is I need to know exactly which wires are the on/off wires for the front panel.

Any ideas?

Maybe someone with the same board could take a fairly hi res pic of their diagram and post it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:looking for an MSI 845E Max diagram

Never mind guys, I got it fingered out =)

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I own a HP Pavillion a330n that was kept in factory condition except for RAM upgrade. There have been some parts removed and I would like to put it back together for the kids. Does anyone know where I can find a few detailed pics of the wiring for the inside of the tower? I've tried the HP web site with no luck. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated as I've been looking for about a month now!

A:Wiring Diagram

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a switch is connected to a proxy server ---> firewall
----> router ---> then to the VPN .. i think that connection will be no problem... can the router that connected to the VPN .. pull another line to the modem .. and connect to the ISP ? and what router can do so ... or all the router ?

i dont know why the picture cant be clicked... and this is the link..

do router hav fiber optic ports???

A:the diagram correct??


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I need a diagram of a computer that has everything labeled. EVEN the cables, hardware, etc... inside the case for my students. I'm really busy can someone help me out please? Can the image be large or at least medium? This CANNOT be interactive its going to be printed

A:Computer Diagram

inside the case for my studentsClick to expand...

I had an outside the case Pic, that was good

But you are best to go to places like Dell or HP that have really good pics with details on removing HardDrives and things like that (in their support, documentation area)

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i have a dell dimension 2350 it said can not find primary hard drive. put in new power supplie other day. may have not got the right hard drive wire hooked up, looking for wire diagram for power supplie. can't find it from dell thanks...

A:wire diagram

See if you have two cables connected to that drive. One is the power, and it will have usually have just four wires, One red, one yellow, and two black. The other cable is for your data, and it will generally be a many-wire flat cable, which might be about 1.5" wide with up to 40 wires (if it is an IDE cable) or it could be about a half inch wide with about 7 wires in it (if it is a SATA cable).

Also make sure that the other ends of those cables are also connected to something. The power cable may be daisy chained from, or to, another drive device, but it doesn't have to be, since it may come directly from the power supply. If it does connect to another device that helps in figuring out if power is actually on that cable. As for the data cable it should be connected right to the motherboard (rare exceptions where be plugged into an interface card, but most likely you don't have that).

Other than making sure that the cables are correctly inserted, you shouldn't have too much of an issue. You can interrupt the bootup process to get into the BIOS. To get to the BIOS depends upon your computer's manufacturer. I think your Dell will probably as simple as pressing the "DEL" key soon after power on (check with your Dell documentation). In the BIOS you can immediately tell if the hard drive can be read, by looking for the drive info on one of the pages of the BIOS.

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Have machine with PC Chips mother board marked = M810D.
While changing HDD I inadvertently pulled a passle of wires loose from a connector block in approximate center of board. Have no idea which wire plugs onto which pin. Have googled until my fingers are sore. Anybody have any idea where I can find a wiring diagram for this mb?

A:Wiring diagram?

PC Chips has 2 or 3 810D's listed. Maybe this one will give you the pinout info you need. You can download the manual at this link.

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I hope this is the right board to post this question!:blush:

With endless hours & days of searching, and pulling my hair out: Does anyone know where I could find some type of a Viewing Schematic on a particular MotherBoard, such as: "DELL INSPIRON 5100?

I've downloaded the manual from Dell's website with NO LUCK!

Any & All Replies are Welcome!

Lady Essence

A:Schematics, Diagram, of...

you can try and find out the model of the motherboard that it uses first, then have a look for its info.. Apps like SIW and Everest Home can help you..

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Hello, I am trying to teach myself about UML case diagrams. I've read some documentation and found this example online and have attempted my own solution. I was wondering if anyone could validate it? My solution can be found at:

The following is what I used to create the case:

After several meetings, it is determined that you are to develop a data mining system design for the company. Vanessa excitedly led her team to meet with you multiple times to discuss their expectations. Here is a brief description:

“The system should be strictly a back-office application. To begin with, whenever a customer registered through the web site or regular mail, the marketing department will enter his demographic information into the customer database. As soon as that happens, we want the data to flow into our database automatically.

Each transaction would be carried out by the customers and would be captured by the real-time transactional system monitored by IT. We want that data flow to come into our database real time as well.

Data miners (that is us) constantly monitor all activities through this system. We conduct many different analyses. First, we cleanse the data. There are potential “noises” in the data. Dirty data caused by human error when they are entered, bad data like canceled purchase, etc. We start by setting up several flags in the system such as illegal data type, bad dates, marker for cancellation, etc. The ... Read more

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Any web sites where I can get a picture of the inside of a Dell model 4600?

A:Dell Diagram

Have a browse around this one.

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I got a new on/off switch for my Gateway SX2800 which has an MBG8101001 Motherboard. Can't figure out where on the motherboard to plug it in as connection popped off board. Need labeled schematic or someone to tell me exactly where to replug wires into board. Help urgently needed

A:diagram for motherboard

Would the manuel help?

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mother broad diagram web

A:repair diagram

Please do NOT duplicate posts here, i will close this post continue here

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Where can I find a wiring diagram for my HP Pavilion a1010n?  I took out the power supply  to get a new one and I forgot where the wires go.

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help me i wont to find computer mother board repair diagram web site

A:repair diagram

what's the make and Exact Model of the motherboard
Should be able to get the user manual for the board off the manufacturers website
mother board repair diagramClick to expand...

- exactly what do you want to repair - all lot of boards are multiple layer and NOT easy to repair
BUT if you want a full circuit diagram - that will not be available as far as I know

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i recently tried to play a game using steam and this window popped

Build UT2004_Build_[2004-11-11_10.48]

OS: Windows NT 6.1 (Build: 7600)
CPU: GenuineIntel PentiumPro-class processor @ 2095 MHz with 4028MB RAM
Video: No Video

Can't find 'ini:Engine.Engine.GameEngine' in configuration file

History: UObject::SafeLoadError <- UObject::StaticLoadClass <- InitEngine <- FMallocWindows::Free <- FMallocWindows::Free

I'm not sure what this means, and i have no clue how to go about fixing it. could someone please enlighten me?

A:Can't find 'ini:Engine.Engine.GameEngine' in configuration file

Lot's of advice in this Google search:

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I'm new with this company, and nothing is diagramed out. Is there a piece of software I can DL that will look at the local network, and provide me with routing and IP addresses of everything that is attached?

A:Networking Diagram Software

Only if the devices on the network are SNMP capable. There are tons of them out there, but I have never heard of a free one. Maybe Johnwill or others know of a free one

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i have installed this motherboard. mcp 61sm ecs ht2000. i need a picture shownig me the various onboard connections. like power, usb, and led connections etc: thanks

A:Motherboard connections diagram

Here You Go

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disassembly of s3600f to ultrasonic tank cleanse heat exchanger fouling and vacuum cleanse interior case to remove all atmospheric contaminants laden since 2008 production year. also perform cleanse smps interior then proofed dc load testing iaw designed maximum allowable ampere draw of output dc supplies. most of the case interior far-reach umbilical wiring is easy to reconnect back to the mobo pinout headers BUTthere are two each single-inline female-header umbilicals that i believe coexist together as a dual-inline-female-header when adjoined to the usb mobo male header. the mobo usb male headers appear all equivalent, there are three mobo usb sites and one of these is vacant, but which one? the two single-inline-female-headers umbilicals are for the memory cards bay, and the other for the pocket drive bay, correct me if i am wrong should have not relied on brute memory! then this post would free up participants with more legit pleas for tech assistance.btw, quantify the cleanse by query core temperature, it MUST show marked improve as the heat exchanger is the exodus for thermal energy release to ambient, no different than constipation undermining toxins discharge to ambient

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Hi if anyone has used the Violet program for designing sequence diagrams, how do I change the size of an object box and I can't seem to put calls in at all?
Thanks, Carl.

A:Solved: Violet diagram app


Is this it:

if not, can you point us to the site?



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We recently had to create a diagram showing the TCP and UDP ports used by Active Directory and related services. It's quite useful as a quick reference - see

We've also made the Visio source file freely available in case you want to customise the diagram.

Best regards...Paul

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Is there software that allows you to window and cut a diagram in a large pdf document and
save the entire diagram as a pdf file?
Thank you,

A:Window & cut a diagram in a pdf file.

There is software that (I believe) will allow you to split a pdf, but unless the diagram was 1 whole page, I don't think there is something that allows you to just cut a portion. You would have to convert the pdf to a graphic such as a jpg file, and use software for graphic manipulation to copy or cut the portion out and save it as a separate jpg, then convert that back to a pdf.

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I'd like to take an IP address range and submit it into RedSeal in order to "draw" a Network diagram for each area subnet.

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I just picked up a motherboard and processor from an hp z400. Im putting it into a new case(Thermaltake element T). I've been googling for hours on a motherboard diagram or atleast a pin diagram of the front panel connector and have failed miserably. It would be much appreciated if someone can help me out. im just trying to connect the power switch so i can power it up.

A:HP z400 motherboard diagram...

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ok ..... first, i drew a diagram ....

was wondering if this was possible and if this was the correct way to set it up ....

i would like to set up my own personal webserver .... but that really isnt the issue (well, maybe not now, maybe in near future)

so i have a cable modem .... with static IP address, and am allowed to have my own server (service has open port policy to allow me to use port 80 for my webserver) ....

so i have the cable internet, plugged into the WAN port of the WIRED router .... the router is set with the IP/DNS settings .... it has NAT enabled, so the address range for that router is from with the gateway being at for the router (thats the address of the router where the setup screen is).... with one of the ports, it is wired to computer #4 with an address of and gateway set to ....

ok...yea, i know thats the right setup... but the next part, is where im iffy at ....

on a 2nd port, it is plugged into the WAN port of the WIRELESS router .... i set the settings for the IP to be dynamic, so it would pick up an IP from the WIRED router and connect to the internet ... am i correct on this? (i would guess the WIRELESS router would be assigned an IP of with the gateway IP being

and of course, the WIRELESS router has NAT enabled, and its address range i set to being with the gateway being (again, the addre... Read more

A:networking help .... diagram included :)

Why not just get a WAP and connect it to a port on your router. The wireless clients will still get the 10.0.0.x addresses from the wired router and you would only have one network.

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I am getting pieces together to setup a home network for a friend. I want to show him the setup that will be taking place. It will be coming in from a modem out to a wireless router out to a gig switch and from the switch out to a nas, computer, computer. From the wireless out to a laptop. I can't find a nice diagram of this setup anywhere. I know it sounds lazy but what I show him I would like it to look good. I could draw it but that does not look as nice. Does anyone know where I could find a diagram. I have been on google for an hour but must not be looking good enough. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Looking for a diagram of a home network

Here you go... you lazy bum

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First time buying a laptop.  I do high-end 3D animation and with high speed always being desired, I'm curious about the number of PCIe lanes for this board. The Xeon I'm looking at can manage up to 16 lanes.  That's how many lanes the Quadro graphics card will take. The CM 236 chipset can manage up to 20.   What are those lanes being used for? Are all the HD ports PCIe capable>?   I'd like to be able to use a PCIe x4 for both M.2 SSDs and for the standard SSD.  If I understand things, this should be possible.   At least "in theory".

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I am trying to reverse engineer a Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for an existing Access 2000 database.

I don't have Visio.

Anyone know any good free software that can help me with this?


A:Entity Relationship Diagram

Excel has many different shapes on the Draw menu (look for Auto shapes button)that are used for Flow charts. It also has "Connectors" (lines & Arrows) that will join to the shapes at various points. Once connected they will move with the shape.

It's not as versatile as Visio, but will get the job done and still look good.

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I am trying to find an exploded view of my HP ENVY dv6 laptop lid. I am having problems with the logo light on the screen lid. It cuts off when I close the lid and comes on when I open it. I know this sounds like it's supposed to do this, but it's not. It used to stay on all the time and then just started doing this. I don't really feel like having this sent off for 3.5 to 4 months just to have it looked at. If I can find some diagram for the lid and the wire for the logo light, I am confident enough to look at it myself, but since this is my everyday computer, I don't want to go in blind. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Also, HP documentation for this computer and HP's site were the first places I looked.

Thanks, Adam

A:Solved: HP ENVY dv6 lid diagram

My dv6 works the same on/open off/closed. It's part of the power saver functions. But here's the guide anyway.

Maintenance and Service Guide:
Try page 32.


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Hello Everyone,
I need dell Inspiron 15 N5010, Service Tag:GRV92N1, battery circuit diagram. Please help me where can I download?

A:Battery Circuit Diagram

Unfortunately, there are no downloads for Dell Computer Schematics for any product and are not available to me for distribution.

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I am looking for a diagram of a P.O.S.T.Diagnostics card diagram to connect on a PCI slot.
Thanks a lot.

- Please do not create multiple threads on the same subject

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I was wondering if my AGP Card is getting good flow and cooling towards it.

Right next to it, there is a big 120mm fan, pushing lots of air right next to the Video Card. I'm wondering if this is creating a sense of negative pressure or not enough cooling for the video card.

Please check the attatchment, then tell me what you think.

Thank you.

A:AGP Fan Air Flow Interrupted? (Diagram)

Why would that interrupt your airflow? What was another way of doing it you have in mind?

I have an 80mm fan blowing in on my video card, in the side case window. It works perfectly fine. I still retain my S-shaped airflow model, too.

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I found this diagram site on a networking forum called I thought I'd share. I thought it was pretty cool. Here's a image of my own home network.

A:Cool Diagram Site

Those look a lot better than the Network Notepad I was using this last semester.

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Can you introduce me any tool that Generate a Diagram about my Local network? Something like :

Is it possible?

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I need motherboard circuit diagrams , can some mail me same or atleast tell me where from i get these diagrams here in India. Thank you in advance

A:motherboard circuit diagram

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where can i find a diagram for an fic k8mc51glf mother board i tried the fic web site but could not find one

A:mother board diagram?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

I can`t find that model on the fic website either. Are you sure you`ve got the correct model number?

Is the mobo currently in use? If it is, the free Everest or SIW programmes may be able to identify it.

Regards Howard

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Recently, my son worked on my new computer using an diagram he had brought up on the monitor. The diagram showed the back of the pc with all connections labeled. Last night he was unable to find this illustration again. Does anyone here know how to access it?

A:[SOLVED] Diagram of PC Connections

Absolutely no idea what he would have used, but did you try this one ? :
I found it on google within a few seconds.

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This is the first time here for me, have searched the forum and could not find an answer to solve my problem, maybe I have overlooked it.

Here is the problem, when I turn my computer on I get this error message.

CPU = Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 2.00GHz
639K System Ram Passed
638M Extended RAM Passed
512k Cache SRAM Passed
System BIOS shadowed
Video BIOS shadowed
Mouse initialized
0162: Configuration Error - Default configuration used

Press F1 for Setup
If someone could give me some guidance it would be greatly appreciated, the operating system is Windows XP Pro.

Thank you

A:Configuration Error

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I have an HP pavilion A6303w,every I tried to booted it.It always come with a message stated configuration error code purple...It's a windows vista desktop..I even try to change the windows vista to windows xp..As soon as I insert the cd in the drive,it started downloading just fine.As soon as it started to set up the windows it stop..And come back with that message configuration error..Please help thanks.

A:Configuration error.

I have never seen something give an error message "code purple". Maybe it is a BIOS error message? Do you see that "code purple" as you boot the machine or would Windows start running and give you that error ?

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When I try to run SPSS which I recently installed it receive an error message stating that the application can't run because of a configuration error. Can any one help with this? My professor was telling me what that meant and honestly really freaked me out.

A:Configuration Error

It simply means that it didn't install properly/completely...for whatever reason. It's not set up properly for use.Program settings are configured (usually) after install...or using the default settings.Google LinksLouis

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