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Configuration of 2 ISP in Dual WAN Router

Q: Configuration of 2 ISP in Dual WAN Router

I have 6 units of PC and i have 2 Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Using a dual WAN Router, how can i configure it to have my 3 PC connected to 1 ISP and the other 3 PC is connected to another ISP.
ISP 1 >>> >>> 3 Computers
>>> Dual WAN Router >>> Switch/HUB
ISP 2 >>> >>> 3 Computers
Just thinking if it is randomly get an access to net. If there is a way to configure or assign them on which connection them will be pls. guide me.
If can't get my illustration i will make a better one. ^_^

hmMm... and does this settings can connect my 6 Computers with each other? So, that i will have an access to them? Or in use of LAN Games or File sharing?

what is the disadvantage and advantage of this settings?

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Is there any security benefit (extra firewall, etc) from using two routers to connect to the internet. For example, this computer connects to port 1 on my Netgear. From the WAN port, a wire connects the port 4 of my Dlink. The WAN port of my DLink connects, of course, to my modem and the Internet. second do I access the secondary router. Anytime I type in "", I only access the DLink interface. (I was confused about configuring the Static IP on the secondary Netgear so I left it as is) Any ideas/ suggestions. Can I somehow use this dual router to my benefit?

I have a Netgear (RP614) and DLink (DI 714P+). Networking has always somewhat eluded me, and I was wondering what benefits/unique configurations may be derived from two routers.

Here is the setup.

Thanks in advance


A:Dual Router Configuration

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i have netgear FVS336 dual wanport vpn router. one wan port is connected to my company server through vsat and having static ip and gatway. second wan port is connected to isp dsl modem which is having dynamic ip. now i required configuration to use both wan ports same time. please help me

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I was a bit of a loss and maybe it's because I have been out of the game for a long time but I came across a disturbing development. I call century link because my router was not connecting at the proper speed of 7 mbps. That problem was easily remedied over the phone but the lady said she could see several devices connected. This lost me a bit because I have a double router configuration. The Actiontech PK5000 i turned into nothing more that an internet modem. I disabled the DHCP and configured my Linksys E1200 for all the internal DHCP so there is only one cable going to the PK5000. I should technically speaking look like one user on there network with natural protection from the second router. I may be kidding myself or man I'm getting old but if someone can tell me how that works it would be fun to know and what would even be funner to know is how to stop it!!!!!!!!

A:Interal network security with dual router configuration

Erm. Could you clarify what exactly you want? Your message is very... convoluted.

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Hello Everyone,

I just wanna ask for some help regarding configuration of a vpn firewall router that is connected to a 4g modem/router combo.
I am new in setting up a vpn and not so much familiar with others things or what setup is necessary, kindly help the poor guy please???

This is what I need:
- I need to connect the VPN FIREWALL router and use its features at the same time connected to the internet ( the VPN FIREWALL will act as the security for the whole network and the 4G modem/router will be the one supplying the internet)
- Need to establish a VPN connection later after the configuration.
- The server and other lan pc's must be accessible outside the local network when connected to VPN (web server, local pc's shared folder and files, etc)

Here's some details that i hope might help:
- I am using a Quanta 1K5 4G LTE modem/router combo
- I am using a Dynamic public IP address,( but this is not a problem because i am using s DDNS)
- My VPN FIREWALL brand/model is Micronet SP881 B VPN FIREWALL router
- Right now i am already connected to the internet using the vpn firewall physical connection is:
4G modem/router-->hub-->VPN firewall router-->PC
my connection is 4G(LAN)-->VPN (WAN) set the connection type to Dynamic IP
-The remote connection and remote access (web server, ftp,RDP) is working fine on the 4G modem/router alone.

I attached some screenshots of the VPN firewall router
Looking forward to hear from you guys, Thanks in advance!
&nb... Read more

A:HELP! 4g modem/router combo to vpn firewall router configuration

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I currently have Edimax dual wan router connected to my home network. Comcast provides cable broadband & Verizon DSL provides 2nd broadband connection. Both provide 15mbs, which is best I can get in my area until Fios is available via Verizon. 9/1/07 is target available date at this time for this service.
I have both wan line connected to Edimax, then I have Linksys wirelessG connected to a lan port to provide wireless connectivity for my wireless home network. I also have 2 etherned(wired) connections to this Edimax router. My laptops connect wireless. This setup works great until I have to work. Let me explain...
Here is my issue: I work remotely and I use my office desktop which is wired to Edimax dual wan router. When I connect to my company vpn, I have good connectivity and have no issues with timeouts or any other connectivity issues. However, when I am connected to company vpn, (IP tunnel) I lose the rest of my home network. No system, wirelss or wired can get past my connection to public internet.
Is there a way I can configure my hardware as to have best of both worlds? I tried creating dmz, I tried static ip routes and I still have same problem. It is possible I may not have done this correctly, but I am also thinking that I may need to reconfigure my hardware to facilitate the vpn connection and still leave a route for my wireless connections to get out to public internet. Any suggestions? Let me know if further information is required.
I thought I ha... Read more

A:Dual wan configuration

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I have a ASUS P6T Deluxe which has dual NICs. I'm just wondering how you configure which traffic goes through which NIC? Is there any benefit and possibly teaming the NICS?

A:Dual NIC Configuration

I seriously doubt you'll see any benefit to fooling around with teaming or trying to use both NICs. If you have a gigabit network, you should have sufficient bandwidth using one to ignore the other one. I have several machines with dual NICs, and one is unused.

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Hi, I have a Asus P5P800 SE mobo and I have installed 2 crucial 1gig DDR400 units on it. They are recognized and I get a total read of 2gigs RAM.
When I boot the system it says that the memory is in linear mode.
What does that mean? How can I make sure that the two units are working in dual channel mode?

A:Help with dual channel configuration

In which slots have you put the ram? Put one stick in slot 1 and one stick in slot 3 see if that does the trick

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I recently added a hard drive, installed a Linux OS on it, and configured my PC to ask me which OS to run upon boot up. How do I un-do the dual-boot configuration?

A:want to un-do a dual-boot configuration

If you're using something like LILO or GRUB in the boot record, it should be pretty simple.

Boot from an MS-DOS floppy and type the following command.


This replaces the boot sector with a standard one that will boot to just Windows. You can find floppy boot images at

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hi... someone just told me that dual channel of RAM configuration is better.... that is... rather than using 1GB x 1 DDR2 RAM, its better to use 512MB x 2 DDR2 RAM

can someone pls help me understand this funda.... why is it so......??

thanks in advance,


A:Dual channel RAM configuration

This all depends on what hardware (motherboard) configuration you use. If you run 1 stick of memory, this cannot be a dual channel configuration. Dual means 2. It is also nice to have matched pairs of memory in Dual Channel. It doesn't matter if you use 2 512MB sticks or 2 1GB sticks, or even 2 2GB sticks in Dual Channel. Remember it's your motherboard that determins the best Dual Channel setup

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Hi ,

I have a windows 7 x64. I separated 40 gb my disk and installed windows 2008 R2. But my boot info did not change. How can i add my new OS in my bcdedit? (I need exact commands)


A:Windows 7 DUAL boot configuration

No need to use commands as modern tools automate these commands. Install EasyBCD to add the missing OS. The older versions of Easy are free.

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Hey all!
First of all I would like to introduce myself to this forum and say hi. Hope you are all well. Secondly I would be more than grateful if someone could help me with this particular problem.

I?m running windows XP Media Centre Edition (SP3). All drivers updated, latest virus definitions etc etc. Now, a few days ago I had what one would call a catastrophic error. Basically removed the following file (please don't ask me how I still don't know and its quite embarrassing lol) C:/windows/system32/config/system.

So, we all know that this is a massively important file and serves as a basic boot up requirement file. Mine was missing or corrupt. I used the Win XP start up disk to use the "repair" function and entered the recovery console.

Using the command prompt I firstly tried the FIXBOOT and then FIXMBR to try to salvage my C partition, unfortunately to no avail :(

So, I knew this was bloody serious! I then proceeded to do a BOOTCFG (was not or have never been familiar with this command nor understood its purpose but I was clutching at straws at this point and was a last resort) and did a BOOTCFG \REBUILD.

Now, this basically in the description gave me or the "user" the ability to add an OS to the computer or at least that?s the jest I believe (please do correct me if I'm mistaken). So, in doing so I "accidentally" entered the option to do this and realised I didn't actually want to ADD an OS as I knew at this point that it wasn... Read more

A:Accidentally set up dual boot configuration!

I had an issue like that a while back. If I remember correctly, right click on my computer,. go into properties, and look through there. I believe there is an option that allows you to choose which OS the system boots into. I can't remember exactly where it is, but I'm pretty sure it's in that option grouping.

Hope this helps.

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I have a dual NIC in my work desktop (Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit) connecting to separate routers. Eeach router has internet access, each on a different segment, each on the same subnet. We have 2 independent networks here. One segment is a domain and the other is a work group. Both have multiple servers.

The first NIC's IPv4 is configured with a static IP Address on a Domain and has a gateway configured. The second one also has a static IP address in a work group and is configured with no gateway. This seems to work fine, but the second one shows up as a Public newtork and I would prefer it to be a Work network.

Researching this pointed me to an article that said networks without default gateways are always public.

I changed the second NIC to also have a default gateway, matching the router's IP Address on the second segment. Windows slapped me for having 2 default gatewyas and let me save it anyway. Now, both connections are showing up under Domain Network and everything seems to be working fine. Both connections show that they have internet connectivity.

I fear that just because they seem to be working does not necessarily mean that is is working efficiently. I am also not positive that it even matters that the second one is listed as a Public network. Can anyone identify the proper configuration in my situation?

A:Dual NIC, 2 Segment configuration question

OK, after a bit more poking I now have the second router configured to assign a static leased IP Address for my second NIC where it assigns the NIC an IP address based on the MAC Address of the card. Then I configured the ipv4 for that card to obtain an ip address automatically.

Now, that connection's details show the original IP Address (the one I had previously set as a static IP on the card itself) as well as a default gateway (Router #2's IP Address), and I am no longer getting slapped by Windows for having 2 default gateways (even though each connection shows that it has a default gateway in the details). It is also showing up as a connection in the Domain Network's location.

Visually, this seems to be set up the way I would expect to have it, but I am still not 100% positive that I have good expectations.

Any input?

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In my old Dimension 8300 (BIOS A07) I now have a pair of WD Velociraptor 280gb SATA HDD
Other than having them as C & D drives respectively - can anyone recommend any better configuration arrangement when I install Windows 7 32bt (I am currently running W7 Evaluation)?
I already have an external 1TB for backups/archives etc - my total "in machine" storage requirement is only about 200-240gb (but probably smaller if I did some house-keeping)
My system usage is a bit of Flight Sim (FSX), photoshop, music storage.
Ideas that occur to me are:
a) Raid 0 for ultra fast speed - but can I do that without a Raid Controller card in Windows 7?
b) A contiguous virtual (?) drive that combines both physical HDDs
c) Any other ideas?
Its really a case of I know they're good HDDs but I wonder if if I am doing the best that I could with them?
I would welcome anyones suggestion on what to do (with any detail on the how-to would be welcome too)
Best wishes,


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Okay, here is the scenario...

Drive #1 is split into two equal partitions

Partition C: has Vista Home Premium on it

Partition D: has XP home on it

Drive #2 (Drive E:) is for my data/games/etc, and has no OS on it.

I had the system set up where I could choose either OS upon boot.

Yesterday, for whatever reason I was greeted with...NTLDR is missing and I couldn't get into either OS.

Booting from the Vista DVD I repaired Vista, which is the only OS that appeared on the list and the system now boots straight into Vista, with no sign of XP.

I accomplished this by following the directions on THIS website under Step 3, but when I try and proceed as the administrator with step 4 I get...

"An error occurred. The system cannot find the file specified."

Out of curiosity, at command prompt I typed in "bcdedit" and under Windows Boot Manager, next to Device it says Partition=E:

Does this make sense? Drive E: has no OS on it. Why would the boot configuration be on it?

Any advice as to how I can get things back on track?

A:Dual Boot Configuration problems

Thought perhaps this would help....

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I originally stated out with XP Pro and then installed Win 7 in a separate partition with dual booting. Now I want to get rid of the XP OS and recover the partition the XP OS is in for other uses.

Running bcdedit shows the the Win 7 as drive C and XP as drive D. The master boot record, I am guessing, in is drive D.

So how do I get the master boot record into the Win 7 partition so I can delete the partition containing the XP OS?



A:Want to delete an OS from a dual boot configuration

Hello bmwmcrider,
As per my experience i dont think you can remove the 1st installed OS from your computer and make the second one work without the first one. You have to keep your first OS in order to make the other one work. (If i am going wrong please correct me)

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Just after advice on dual configuration RAM:

I'm running an AMD AM2 3800+ on an ASUS-M2MPV-VM board with an ASUS EN7300GS video card, it came with one stick of 1GB DDR2 PC4200 533MHz RAM, I've just bought another stick of generic 1GB DDR2 PC4200 533MHz RAM and was wondering which slot would be best to plug it into. I realise for dual configuration RAM you should use the same make of RAM but I don't have two the same so would I be best to run it as single or dual??
Also, if I should run it as dual does that mean plugging one stick into slot A1 and one into B1? I have four slots A1 and A2 together, and B1 and B2 together.

Thanks for any advice.

A:Dual configuration RAM advice needed.

You're talking about dual channel RAM right?

Then you'll be able to run the RAM in single channel mode only. For dual channel operation the two sticks need to IDENTICAL.

I would put them in the A1 & A2 slots.

BTW, Welcome to TS!!

Regards :wave:

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Ok, so I just added Windows 7 to my lineup. After an epic battle with permission problems between XP and 7, I finally managed to fix it and have moved on to a slightly more odd yet annoying problem- my dual monitors.

The way I used to have my monitors set up was my monitor on the right had my task bar and icons... but the monitor on my left was the main monitor. That way when a program opened it would open on my left monitor (which is right in front of me) while still allowing me complete access to everything under my taskbar and all my icons to my right.

Is there any way to do that in Windows 7? When I select "Make this my main display" it moves the task bar over to that monitor, which is annoying. Any suggestions?

Note: for those of you curious on how to do this in XP or Vista- pick the monitor you want to be your main monitor (the one programs open on) and pick the one you want to have your taskbar. Let's use my setup- main monitor on the left/Task bar and stuffs on the right).
-Go to display, right click on the right monitor and uncheck "attached". This will turn it off. Now all you have is the left monitor with taskbar and stuff all over it.
-Right click the right monitor again. Check "attached" AND "Primary". Click apply. Right monitor turns back on. Everything refreshes and task bar is on the right monitor.
-Right click left monitor and click "Primary". Ta... Read more

A:Odd configuration: Setting up Dual Monitors


I found it immediately after posting this. You can just unlock the task bar and drag it to the other monitor. Problem solved.


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Wasn't sure if this should go in hardware or here seeming as it's about monitors as well as the graphics card, but yea.. move if needed I guess

So.. today I got a new monitor. One of those korean 27" 2560x1440 displays, the QNIX qx2710. I have also an LG 22" old flat panel screen, and a 20" hdtv that's got DVI on it. For years I've used my 22" as my main and my 20" tv as the second screen (extended, not duplicated)

Today is where it got weird, although I THINK I've worked out what is going on, I'd like some people in the know to chime in as my expertise is software, not hardware. The new monitor works beautifully (typing this on it now.. amazingly good considering it was ?200 brand new!), it's one of those panel only single input things that make your GPU do all the work, whereas some don't (from what little I understand of monitor complexities). It appears my 22" is also one of those, or at least I'm guessing so, as it's a single input also and was pretty cheap when I got it years ago. My GPU (hd6850 sapphire toxic edition 1gb) has a bunch of ports on it, two mini display port, plus two DVIs, and a hdmi.

The 27" and the 22" (both single input monitors) will not work together, on ports that work in other configurations, with wires that work in other configurations, etc. Here's what I've tested. Top herein refers to the top DVI port on the GPU, which I assume is the 'main' or w/e, and bottom the other one.

27 (top) + 22 (bo... Read more

A:Dual Monitor Configuration - HD6850

This is your card, eh?

Windows 7 lets you manipulate them in the Screen Resolution settings (right click desktop and select that), just get them all working together, by any port possible.

I suggest you call Sapphire on this for direct support, video cards vary greatly on this and that will get you FIXED IN A JIFFY, otherwise we are just guessing.

Tell them you have 2 monitors + a HDTV and the connector specific limitations of each, then let them walk you through it.

Tell them what you have available now, and perhaps you will avoid buying anything.

SAPPHIRE Toxic 100315TXSR Radeon HD 6850 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity -

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I would like to access my router to configure it for maximum internet connection speed. The router is a NetGear WGR614v4 with both wireless and hard wire connections . My operating system is Windows XP Professional and I use a cable high speed interenet service. My router is out of the warranty period and NetGear will not provide tech support.

A:Router configuration

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could anyone please let me know the router configuration steps.

A:router configuration

best place to look is in your router's user guide.

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I want to configure a wireless router on my compute

steps taken

wired conn- run the cd-put user/password and with wired connection I am able to go on line and once I am taking out the wire from the laptop it shows "page cann't dispaly"

A:router configuration

and welcome to the Forum

See how much this helps your understanding of networking:

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I currently use a router with my isp connection through the cable provider in my area .The problem I am experiencing is when the computer is plugged DIRECTLY into the cable modem provided by my isp, bandwidth(via speed test) is at expected speeds .
(cable modem is a thompson dhg574)

HOWEVER once the router(dlink DLR-645) is plugged in to the cable modem the bandwidth essentially cuts in half (@7mbps)or more of the 20mbps service I subscribe to.

I know that the router can be successfully configured because it was set up in the past but I no longer have the information to do it anymore.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7988 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -325 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 395883 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 08VFX1
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:router configuration help

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I am attempting to set up servers for various games on my PC. The only problem is the my system connects to the internet through a (wireless) router and others (non-LAN) cannot connect to me. I have read many articles on opening router ports and configuration settings but it is all too confusing for me to figure out and i dont want to screw up my low-latency connection! Does anyone know how to make this work?

A:Router Configuration

Go here
and find your router and it has good instructions to set up port forwarding. They might even have the game you use listed.

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I am trying to configure my router so that it will play Asheron's Call. I went onto and my router is Linksys WRT54Gv6. I go to the default IP address for configuration and when it asks for my password/username, none of the ones that were given (i.e. blank or admin) work in any combination. I was wondering if anyone would know how to find out this information for this model/version or if there is another way to port forward the ranges 9000-9001, 9004-9005, and 9012-9013? Thank you!

A:Router Configuration

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Hey guys, new here. Found this forum via google.

I have this question.

I have currently a dual-boot configuration XP/Vista, with XP installed first on a primary partition and Vista installed later on a secondary (logical) partition.

I've been using Vista for the past 2 years but now I would like to Upgrade XP to 7 with keeping Vista.

Problem is, I've read that when installing Vista on a secondary partition after XP, the boot files of Vista are located on the primary partition (the XP one)...

Is this true and can I upgrade XP to 7 without messing my Vista installation/boot.

Thanks for any replies.

A:Upgrade XP to 7 on a dual boot XP/Vista configuration

To upgrade XP to Win 7 requires the custom install which is basically a format/clean install it will not do a direct upgrade. I have done a Vista to win 7 upgrade on a dual boot XP/Vista and win 7 reconized the dual boot and preserved it, Not sure about doing a custom install.

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I recently bought a new system with 2 x Zotac GT 430 Cards. I'm having trouble setting the displays to 2x2 configuration. I am only able to do 1x4 configuration.

can anyone help me? I'd like to be able to drag items freely to all monitors.

Current setup is 1x4 Configuration
[ ][ ][ ][ ]

2x2 Configuration
[ ][ ]
[ ][ ]

the boxes represent the monitors.

A:2x2 Configuration in NVIDIA Dual Graphics Card

Have you tried right clicking the desktop > Screen resolution and moving the monitors to the position you want them?

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I have a strange problem on a HP z600 with dual Quadcore Xeon @2,93 Ghz with HT, OS is Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

CPU-z can see correctly two cpus with 4 cores but with only 4 threads.

I checked BIOS settings and I enabled HT and multi cpu support, than with CPU-z i can see only 1 processor with 4 cores and 8 threads.....

On msconfig>boot>advanced options>Number of processor the scroll-down show from 1 to 8 as maximum.

Testing with cinebench or frybench only 8 cores are working instead of 16.....

Where is the problem?

A:Can´t see all my CPUs/trheads on dual Xeon configuration

No ideas?

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I have a new HP dv8000t with MS Win XP media center. The laptop has 2 100G hard drives. My question is what is the best way to configure these 2 Hard drives.
C: with operating system and software D: with data and doc's.
What are your suggestions.


A:Dual Hard drive configuration question

Yup, that is exactly what we did on our new HP. That way your data is safe if the os goes down etc.


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I had xp and vista installed on two seperate partitions that I created using parition magic. I went in and formated the partion with vista and used Partition magic to reallocate the space back to my c partition with xp.

The problem now is that I still get the screen asking which os I want to load on bootup. I have tried going into the recovery console and running fixboot, but I get an error saying can not find the system drive, or the drive specified is not valid When I run chkdisk it also gives me an error The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems

Does anyone have any suggestions to remove the dual boot screen?

A:Help Removing Vista from a dual boot configuration

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High gang, 1st computer forum post.What I'm working on is an Emachines T-5082 (My Mom's computer). This came with Vista 32bit home. This machine currently has 2 hard drives the original 164Gb Hitachi and a Maxtor 40Gb from her previous Emachines T2542.Ive had this configuration working fine for her under Vista for over a year and used the 2nd HD for backups and archive. My mom hates Vista and I'm not a fan either but I hate to wipe it out completely. I do have the manufacturers recovery media but not a separate Vista disc.What I want to achieve is to make this a dual boot machine with XP as primary OS and Vista access when desired. I have the recovery disc from the old (and dead T2542) to use for a legit XP install.Currently the Disc's and partitions are set up as follows:Hitachi: C:<99Gb> System (Vista), Boot, Page File, Active, Crash Dump, Primary Partition // D:<8.5Gb> Primary Partition (Recovery)//X:<45.8Gb> Primary Partition (currently empty NTFS)Maxtor: F: <38.8Gb> Active, Primary Partition - This has all the T2542 recovered files from the recovery discThe HD's are set up as Cable select with the Hitachi in primary position. It will boot fine to Vista but will not boot to the XP system, or give me an option to try. I unhooked the Hitachi but it still wouldn't boot up the XP - it tried but just kept going back to the boot menu (i.e. Normal, safe, safe w/dos prompt etc). I also set the maxtor to master when the Hitachi was u... Read more

A:Trying to reformat into a dual boot XP and Vista configuration

<<I have the recovery disc from the old (and dead T2542) to use for a legit XP install.>>

I think you misunderstand. On OEM (eMachines, HP, etc.) systems...those disks belong with that particular system. If the system dies, the license dies.

Additionally...any recovery/restore CDs from a different system...contain the drivers necessary for that system, which are highly unlikely to be the same as those for a different system.

In cannot achieve your objective, using disks from a different OEM system, IMO.


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Hi, I am actually trying to configure a router, with a serial and fast ethernet interface..
now i have a network address of and i have used for the fast ethernet interface and for the serial interface, but it giving me an error, saying its overlapping the fast ethernet address of, is there anything i'm doing wrong there? can anyone help me please...

A:Hi everyone i have router configuration error...

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I am running a Netgear WGR614V5. I can connect fine to the internet and everything using the tourer but I cannot connect to the router configuration page. I did have a password setup on it, but I was connecting to it earlier today fine. For some reason the reset button does not seem to be working. When I ping none of the packets are received. When I put in ipconfig /all this is what comes up.
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . :

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : CNet PRO200 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapte
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-08-A1-31-A0-97
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :

A:Router Configuration - Not Working

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Hi I have a D-Link DSL 604+ Router and modem conected to a 2mb broadband connection which works fine appart from me only getting 2kbs download speeds when using bittorrent. I have been told that this may be because i have not configured some ports on my router? Is anyone able to help me solve this problem Please

A:D-Link Router Configuration

Won't get much help with this issue due to the function of bittorrent....I doubt it is your router, however
[tsg=welcome]to TSG![/tsg]

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I have a WNDR3700 connected to a wired network that I access through wireless. When I get pretty far away from the WNDR3700 I loose the ability to connect and I was thinking if I could extend the wireless network by adding a DAP-1522.

I want to have the WNDR3700 and the DAP-1522 connected via wireless and using a laptop I want to be able to access the wired network from anywhere in the facility.

Can this be done and could you guys tell me step by step how to do it, I will definitely appreciate.

A:Router plus Bridge Configuration Help......


For best performance is good to have cable installed between WNDR3700 and d-link access point at remote location. All those repeaters, extenders and wireless distribution systems affects wireless performance.

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Been having problems with my router today, was working fine and then all of a sudden dropped out.With a notification that the Modem wasn't working. I plugged in my laptop via Ethernet to Modem and it worked as fine.

Contacted my ISP and they said it was the router just broke, therefore I purchased another Router today, to my disbelief, still the same problem,can connect via ethernet but not WLAN.

Devices will connect locally but not to the internet.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Russ

A:Help needed with Router Configuration

is this all wireless devices cannot connect to the internet
and thats with two different routers

whats the make and models of the routers

is there a modem involved ?
if so make and model

do a power cycle - see below


How to power cycle

&#8220;power cycle&#8221; process to reboot or reset the modem/router

Switch off all the devices modem, router and computers also unplug their power cables.
Wait at least 1 to 5 minutes. We have found in some instances you need to wait at least 15 minutes
Plug the power cords back in, but don&#8217;t switch them on.
First turn on the modem and then wait for a few minutes for it to settle and all the lights to become stable.
Next switch on the router (if a separate device) and then wait for a few minutes for it to settle and all the lights to become stable.
Now turn on your computer, You should now be able to access the Internet.

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Hi guys!
I have a Wireless Router,Belkin F5D7230-4 Router.
Model: F5D7230-4 - Data Transfer Rate: 54 MBps - 2.4 GHz - Wireless Connection.

1)Previews we changed default ip address to some thing.But now I forgot that default page ip address.How to get that page.I restarted that back side button.But it is not getting.Can any one any one?

2)How to configure it?

Thanks for Apperication.......

A:Wireless Router configuration

Hold the reset button for about 15 seconds. After that you should be able to use the address to get back to the config page

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My Internet cable is rj45. If i connect that cable directly to my pc, and set up the connection (PPPoe, requires a username and pass), i can access the internet.
then i bought a tp-link wr841n router which has a Wan (rj45) i/p socket.
and i ran the tp-links setup software, configured the router with the username and pass, but still it wont connect to the internet.
and help please ?

A:Solved: Router configuration

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Hi everyone, new here. I've just got a buffalo airstation WZR-1750HP and i cannot for the life of me configure it for internet access. I have entered my isp username/password but still no joy. I must admit i'm utterly hopeless with networking, but not bad with other computer matters. Hoping some wireless whizz kids can tell me what my settings must be.

A:router configuration woes

Dual band AC routers can be tricky as they sometimes are not compatible with older wireless N clients.

Best to upgrade any wireless n NIC's to AC NIC's if they can't connect consistently.

Also depends on if there are any other routers in the network, or if the modem is a modem/router or just stand alone modem, not enough information here for me to give directions.

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I recently bought a NetGear Router to setup my lan to use internet access to more then one PC. I finally got everything working fine. However, I am curious on what is PPPoE use for?

Could some one tell me what this is use for and what it means.

Thanks in advance.

A:NAT with PPPoE Configuration on router???

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my xbox 360 online runs through my pc i've just changed to a wireless connection for my pc and now my xbox wont regester with my pc sayin it doesn't hav th ip adress and tells me to go to my router configuartion web page where do i find this?

A:router configuration web page

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For some time now, my home LAN has been experiencing some problems. The router (an ss2624 speedstream wireless) sometimes doesn't want to work, (or most of the time) and sometimes it does. I have three computers connected to it, and they all can access the router's web page. However, none of the computers recieve internet access.

One of my computers is able to connect the the cable modem directly and receive internet. I use all the numbers I see from running winipcfg on my directly connected computer when I setup the router, but for some reason the router will not work. I make it so that it uses a static IP address from the ISP (which I'm not entirely sure even is static, even though I always see that same IP address, I also see a DHCP server number) and also I put the DNS server I see, although I am able to choose between 4 different numbers. (I put the others as alternate.) Am I missing any information from my ISP?

A:Router configuration problems

Set your router back up to receive DHCP if your ISP requires it. Sometimes ISP's use private IP's for you, that conflict with your current router config. If your router IP is, then make sure the IP that you get from your ISP is not 192.168.1.(1-254) Earthlink is bad about this. If it is the case, just change your router (inside address, not the external ISP address) to or something other than just change the second to the last number to anything else.

Not the best at drawing a mental picture here. but

If WAN address is
and router is , they conflict. Plus the router needs a different network like for you to be NAT'd

Hope this helps.

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Hey all,

Not sure if I'm in the right forum. A couple months ago I had to switch providers, and had to get hooked up with a wireless router. Ever since then, my download speeds have crash landed.

I'm running XP. Any tips on where to go for help would be appreciated.


A:need help with wireless router configuration

What bandwidth are you supposed to be getting?

What speeds do you get with a test such as Speakeasy connecting by wireless, by ethernet to the router and directly to the modem?

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Hey guys i was wondering if you could help me Port forward and or Proxy my Wi-Fi router.... Im using a TP-LINK WR340G.. really need help.

A:Wi-Fi router proxy configuration help

Port forwarding has these requirements

the machine to which the forward will point to must have a static IP address
once port(s) are so configured, NO OTHER system will be able to use those ports.
(1) can be done manually on the target system, or more easily in the router by using IP Address Reservation.

Pg 33 of the manual describes (1)

Pg 34 describes the setup for port forwarding

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I am using an edimax 3G-6200n router with a 3G usb modem on the '3' network to connect to xbox live. I can connect easily and play most games and join most partys but sometimes i cannot join certain friends games and matchmaking is slow on some games such as modern warfare 2. I have tried DMZ and UpNp on the router but the NAT remains strict. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Edimax router configuration

Do not open multiple threads on the same topic. You already have replies here.

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I recently purchased and installed a Linksys RT31P2 wired router while converting to Vonage VoIP. I installed the RT31P2 behind an Actiontec GT-701 DSL Gateway (modem/router). I plugged a telephone into the RT31P2 and my VoIP phone service works great. Because my Actiontec GT-701 DSL Gateway only has 1ea Ethernet port, I had to remove my local computer from the Actiontec Ethernet port so that I could connect the RT31P2 to the same Ethernet port. After removing the local computer from the Ethernet port on the Actiontec GT-701, I moved it an open Ethernet port on the RT31P2. The local computer has Internet access and appears to work normally accept that it can no longer file or print share with the other computers on my home network. Prior to this change, I had 3ea wireless NIC-connected computers and the Ethernet-connected local computer configured onto my local network via the Actiontec GT-701 DSL Gateway. All of these computers were configured to file/print share and did so successfully. After the installation of the Linksys RT31P2 router, the local computer can no longer file/print share with the 3ea wireless NIC-connected computers. I have some basic networking knowledge and I understand that by adding the Linksys RT31P2, I have essentially created two networks. The problem appears to resolve around the fact that there two networks are currently not able to properly communicate in a manner that will allow file/print sharing between them. Is this problem solvable utilizing ... Read more

A:Multiple Router LAN Configuration

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My computer wouldn't wake from sleep mode a few days ago so I hard rebooted it. When it booted I no longer had internet access.

My local area connection was listed as an unidentified network with no network access. I used the troubleshoot tool on the connection and it returned "the router does not have a valid IP configuration". I could not change the network from public to home/private.

I am able to connect to the internet using the same router and cable on this laptop. The wireless is also working fine.

I have tried:
disabling and enabling the network adaptor, DHCP and the local connection
updating the network card drivers
disabling ipv6 in local connection
Resetting the router to factory settings
I disabling bonjour (I do not have and have never installed mcafee)
clearing the TCP/IP stack with netsh int ip reset
using ipconfig /release /flushdns /renew
system restoring to before the issue occurred
doing a clean install of windows (it saved my old files under windows.old - I assume this is still a clean install)

I am running windows 7 home premium 64, my network card is an Intel 82567LF-2 Gigabit, the router is a Thomson TG782T and I am using Bigpond ADSL2+.

It's been a couple of days and I'm well out of my depth. I didn't expect the issue to continue after a clean install. Any help would be really appreciated. Attached is the ipconfig I get. Attachment 288972

A:Router does not have a valid IP configuration

If you could attach your ipconfig please because I can't see it

This can help us determine possible causes


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In the past, I could access my routers set up by typing in as the address in my web browser. Now I am not able to access the set up window. I have connectivity to the internet and everything has been working just fine. I usally go into the configuration to turn on and off the wireless portion of my router. The router is a netgear VPN. Can someone please assit with this issue. Thanks!

A:Can't Access Router Configuration

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Hi folks,

Glad to be on board, this website came highly reccommended by to me by some fellow members of a Boston Red Sox fansite, and I must say, the info here is great.

I finally have a question to ask:

Recently, I set up a pretty complete wired home network so that I could work from home more often. In so doing, I added two laptops and another desktop to my office, which used to house just a single desktop. They are all connected to my cable modem through a router.

Over the past several months, my partners and I have been using AIM and MSN Messenger's talk programs (I believe this is called Voice-over-IP, is it not?) pretty regularly throughout the day to stay in touch.

When the single PC was connected to the internet without a router, these programs worked easily and flawlessly. Now, as the four PC's are connected to the internet through the router (and are therefore behind the router's firewall??) I can not use either application for voice conversations on any one of the four PC's. Simply put, they will not establish a connection to my peers on the other end.

I am now on my second router (switched from D-Link to Belkin). The tech support from both companies has been horrible, and neither has been able to help me connect using these apps at all. They are all pretty sure that I will eventually need to open the correct port or ports, and will need to configure the router accordingly, but none of them seems to know how to do so themselves, and as suc... Read more

A:Router Configuration Problem(s)

i think you have open the ports in the router setup,have a look in your manual
mine come under advanced features,coference and telephony

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I sent over a Linksys DIR-615 router to a friend in Venezuela as he does not have any wireless internet, now from my understanding and what he has explained he has a modem to router connection already, however the router does not have wireless.

He got the router today and I told him to replace his current router with the one I sent him. Now the connection going from his modem to router wouldn't work in the WAN port. So we placed it in LAN ports along with his two PCs and great, he got internet on both computers but he can't access the router configuration to set the wireless.

Now I made sure it all worked before I sent it, I replaced the router I have at home with it and it worked with the IP
However when he enters that it doesn't bring him to the router configuration, nor with,, and some others.

So I told him to use ipconfig to get the gateway IP and trying to use that to access the router, but still it won't work.
The Ipconfig looked like:

Adaptador Ethernet Conexión de área local :

Sufijo de conexión específica DNS :
Dirección IP. . . . . . . . . . . :
Máscara de subred . . . . . . . . :
Puerta de enlace predeterminada :

So basically I have come here in search for help on how I can get to the router configuration and enable the wireless for them.
Anything you ask I can ask of him and report back.

Thanks in advance!

A:Need help with router configuration connection. there a default gateway listed in the ipconfig above ?
And you said linksys.Did you mean d link ?
Is the ISP cable or dsl ?The setup would be different I believe.
Might be a good idea to go back to basics,just to make sure that everything was done in the correct order.Like so.
Tips on setting up broadband connection, courtesy of Johnwill

You don't need any setup disk to configure a broadband router.
. The following procedure should get you a connection with any broadband modem that is configured to use DHCP for the router connection, such as cable modems, and many DSL modems. If you require PPPoE configuration for the DSL modem, that will have to be configured to match the ISP requirements.
&#8226; Turn off everything, the modem, router, computer.
&#8226; Connect the modem to the router's WAN/Internet port.
&#8226; Connect the computer to one of the router's LAN/Network ports.
&#8226; Turn on the modem, wait for a steady connect light.
&#8226; Turn on the router, wait for two minutes.
&#8226; Boot the computer.

When the computer is completely booted, let's see this.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD (COMMAND for W98/WME) to open a command prompt:

NOTE: For the items below in red surrounded with < >, see comments below for the actual information content, they are value substitutions from the previous command output!

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands one at a ti... Read more

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I have a (hopefully rather basic) problem with the configuration of my new D-Link router DIR-657.

Now, what I had in mind was rather simple, but apparently I don't know the correct settings to
achieve it... (A lack of knowlegde on my side, I guess. I have some experience setting up simple
networks with a few windows computers and broadband modems, but the last time was some
time ago and this one here seems to be a bit more complicated than I thought...)

I have one PC (Win7 Ultimate 64) with a 3G modem (via USB) and want to use this computer (PC1)
and the 3G connection to act as the internet connection (using ICS) for my home network.
This computer now connects to the new D-Link router (via LAN).
I want to use this router to connect the other devices in this network (LAN/WLAN) with PC1 so they
can also use this internet connection (via ICS) and also for the other basic network uses (file sharing,
printing, ...).
The setup of ICS was not a problem (I think) and the local network (LAN/WLAN) is working alright,
but how do I have to configure the router so he "knows" that all internet traffic is going through the
3G connection (ICS) at PC1 (LAN port) and not its WAN port (which is empty) while maintaining
the functionality of the network (file sharing, printer,...) of course.

[FYI... I want to use PC1 (with 3G) for my internet connection because I want/need the VPN
connection I have installed on this PC. While there are a few (WLAN-)router out there that can
hand... Read more

A:ICS + LAN/WLAN Router configuration

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I have been dealing with the same issue for the last couple months. I only need the router because I use my cable connection for TiVo. I am going to try your instructions.

A:Router configuration issues

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Hello everyone.
I just acquired a tablet (Transformer Prime) and wanted to add another wifi router to my network connection as a way to increase the signal on my room. I tried following the instructions on this Linksys help article:

I've tried the first method described and completed all steps and still couldn't connect the second router. when i connect both by the ethernet socket only the first one, unaldutered, worked providing internet access to my PC by wire but the second one didn't increased reception on the tablet at all.
Ipconfig shows no sign of any other device besides the working router when they are connected by the ethernet socket. When i connect only the second router ipconfig reveals there is no "Connection-specific DNS Suffix" and "Default Gateway". I cant change options back to normal in the web browser because i dont have a default gateway number anymore

What have i done wrong? how can i fix this and configure this damn router to give me my precious wifi speed?
Any help would be appreciated and I'm verry sorry for the long and badly explained post (im a noob with pcs, to say the least)

BTW: first post, but I'll introduce myself later on a proper post

A:Problems with second router configuration

Reset the second router to factory default settings and try the following procedure. It is the same as your linked article Option 1, but maybe it will be easier for you to follow.

JohnWill's procedure (Aug. 30, 2008) for configuring a secondary router as a switch and, optionally, wireless access point follows.

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-... Read more

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hi there. my name is fred and i heard about a router configuration panel that people with routers for their dsl and cable internet connections. is that true? if it is how do i get to it. i heard of one way but it doesnt work. i know my router/cable modem is from rca. and i know my ip address. since i dont know how private that is i will just leave it at that. any help??

A:router configuration panel????

The router configuration panel differs from brand to brand. Linksys, for example, has a default of, with a blank username and 'admin' as the password. DLink routers use

Do you know what the IP of your router is?

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How can I find all the companies ip address for setting up wireless router? For example, Netgear, Linksys Dlink, and other compamies.

A:configuration of wireless router

How can I find all the companies ip address for setting up wireless routerClick to expand...

do you mean what default gateway they use

you could look in all the manuals - a lot of routers manuals are on the manufacturers sites - it would also give you the default username and password

why are you after so much info???

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I just bought a new PC with two video cards(7900 GTXs). In order to get the full power from this configuration do both cards need to be plugged into the moniter? Right now there is only one card plugged in. Thanks!

A:Stupid question about dual video card configuration

As long as you have the SLI bridge connector that is connecting the two cards (and since you have a pre-built system you can probably assume that the bridge is connected), you have it right. Only one of the cards connects to your monitor ,usually the card that is closest to your CPU, but check your manual to be sure.

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On my Dell Inspiron E1705 laptop I recently added a second screen (Acer 20" flat screen), hooked up with a DVI-D connection. The laptop (via the Intel GMA 950 video card) supports both clone and extended screen mode--I am using it exclusively in extended screen mode, i.e. just as if I had a desktop machine with two monitors attached. By default it sets my laptop screen on the left, external Acer on the right, with the Acer screen resolution set to match the laptop (the laptop is perhaps 10-20% smaller).

Using the standard Windows XP control panel applet ("Display") I went to settings and made two changes:
A) Dragged monitor 1 from the left of monitor 2 to the right of monitor 2.
B) Increased the resolution slider on monitor 2 to its maximum (1680x1050).
These changes took effect immediately, the spatial arrangement worked as expected, and everything is fine, even through a reboot.

The problem:
When I hibernate and then later resume from hibernation, the display settings revert to the default, undoing both the (A) and (B) changes I indicated above. In testing, I also tried Intel's native control panel (GMA driver) which allowed me to do make change (A) above, but the same problem resulted. And as I stated, the changes *do* persist through a reboot.. Any ideas on how to make the display configuration persist across hibernation?

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I was wondering if it's possible to maintain a dual monitor, extended desktop configuration when moving a relatively large network from XP Professional to 7 Enterprise. As it stands now, after the Win 7 image finishes installing the secondary monitor does not automatically attach leaving the user to have to do so when they log on for the first time. We have seen cases where the second monitor does attach, but the primary monitor has switched. This greatly increases calls to the help desk, so if its possible to have the second monitor automatically attach that would be helpful.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to set the secondary monitor to attach at first logon essentially maintaining the former XP extended desktop configuration?

Thanks in advance.

A:Maintain Dual Monitor Configuration when mass-upgrading to 7 from XP?

If the hardware is identical, you could configure one system with Windows 7 and set up the software, settings, etc, then sysprep the drive and clone it. You can use an answer file, or you could do a quick registry edit that will prevent sysprep from deleting the drivers.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\Sysprep\Settings\sppnp set PersistAllDeviceInstalls to 1.

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I am using a Professional Dell Laptop under Windows 7.
I am also using this computer booting on an external SSD with Windows 8 from the eSata port (with my private stuff).
On the regular HDD, I have 3 partitions (No letter: Reserved system, C: Win7, D: Data). I access only to Data partition.
I had 3 times the same strange problem:
After using Windows 8, the system is no longer booting in Windows 7 (BSOD). If I reboot in Windows 8, access to Windows 7 partition is denied.
I tried to change the permissions, it is not possible because it is greyed, but I can create a full access for "Everyone".
When rebooting, it seems to work but boot is never finishing (grey screen with the mouse active).
At the end, I found no other solution than restoring the partition from a backup image.
Is some of you understanding what is happening and what can be done to avoid that?
(for the moment, I am disabling the HDD from the bios, but obviously I am loosing the access to Data partition).

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This is a repost of an old expired posting but the issue still exists!....wondering if anyone can help provide suggestions...I thought it was OS related or docking station related but I have ruled that out. I tried using the correct docking station for the M6500 and also windows 7 or windows xp and same results!...the dual monitor configuration will NEVER save and we always have to keep redoing the settings every single morning..............if anyone can provide suggestions or things to try that would be most helpful!!
Keep losing dual monitor settings, Dell M6500 Precision Laptop
I have a Dell M6500 precision laptop that has 1 DELL monitor hooked up to it so that it is in a dual monitor configuration with the laptop.

Everytime I undock or reboot or power down the laptop or take the laptop out of the docking station, the laptop would always forget it's dual monitor settings and clone my other monitor rather than keep the "extend the desktop" settings. After I check I can confirm that the laptop always unchecks the Extend my monitor unto this laptop checkbox automatically.

The laptop also seems to reverse and move my icons around the screen and I would have to manually move them all back again. This is frustrating to have to keep doing this and moving my icons back to their original location as well as redo the dual monitor settings again every morning.

I read that a lot of people think it can be a drive problem but I did download the latest drivers from ... Read more

A:DELL M6500 Laptop keeps losing dual screen configuration

i have a dell precision m6300 and it came with no docking station. can i make a real stupid suggestion? mine works just fine without one maybe u can try using the computer without the docking station and see what happens.i dont think its a driver problem u might have to go into the display settings in the control panel and see if u can change the monitor settings so that they wont have to keep being changed. hope this helps u.if someone can think of more suggestions im sure they will be by to offer assistance.

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Hard for me to believe but I'm having trouble finding the answer to this. I'm preparing for a fresh install and plan to once again set my primary HD for dual-boot. I currently am doing this having partitioned my 180Gb SSD into 3. There are 2 bootable Win7 partitions and a 3rd that I consider common. On the common resides a few shared documents along with Outlook data files and not much else. Now I have to wonder if there's a standard setup that might suggest many more common files could and should be placed centrally for use by both bootable partitions? Maybe even all the common application program file such as for anitivrus, Office, possibly even Flash, Java, etc?

Hope I explained myself properly. Any insight or a link to info that could help me with understanding this would be greatly appreciated.

A:Best option for configuring shared apps in a dual-boot configuration?

For data files, a shared partition is OK - although you can run into permission problems.

For programs, it won't work. There is more to it than just program files. When you install a program and direct the installer to that partition, it also sets the registry entries, etc. to point to that installation. Your second partition would not have those settings.

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Hi, I have the TP-Link wired TL-R600VPN router. I was able to access its configuration page from my PC and set the security so that only the PC's MAC address would be able to access it. Now my PC's monitor died and I tried accessing the router's configuration from my laptop, and obviously the access was denied as the MAC address is different. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.

A:Unable to access router's configuration

If you have remote desktop setup on that computer you could remote into the the computer without a monitor other than that you may have to reset the router or if you have a computer running linux and you know the mac you could spoof it and logon

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Ok quick question, i currently have 2 Dlink DSL 2640R's networked together and set up correctly, the Master router is assigning DCHP addresses and the secondary is forwarding to the relevant computer thats connected to it.

I have two PC's both connected to the secondary router, which are able to network together and use the master routers internet,

However, my girlfriend is buying a new laptop next week, and wants to be able to stream music from one of my PC's to her Laptop while connected to the Master router (so she isnt affected by any lags due to networking happening between my two pc's i regularly switch files between them, hence the second router)

so 2 questions:
Firstly, am i right in my above statement that if My 2 pc's are transferring via router number 2 router number 1 will serve her with no overlap between the 2?

and Secondly, DCHP is off on the 2nd router, and as far as i can see, the main router see's my pc's and the 2nd router is invisible, so am i right in thinking that her PC will be able to see both my PC's on the 2nd router? or will she just see router number 2? (i read somewhere that some routers see all clients connected to the 2nd router as one IP address and the 2nd router sorts it out when it gets there)

A:Solved: Multi Router Configuration

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I've been trying to solve this problem for over 4 months now by myself so any help would be appreciated. I don't like asking without trying to solve and search for this by myself first, but I just can't do it

- Desktop Computer (works fine when directly connected)
- Laptop Computer (works fine when directly connected)
- Cable Modem
- Wireless-G Router (Model CWR-854) - Firewall enabled - All wired connections - No wireless enabled

1) BitTorrent won't work properly. “Checking for firewall...” just keeps going
2) It won't allow access to internet banking sites completely. Accesses main pages, but times out when trying to log in.
3) Google Videos and YouTube slower.

When I disable the firewall on the the Wireless-G Router, everything works fine. It's just the settings on my router firewall which is messing things up.

Attempted Solutions:

For 1) Allowed port 6881 for inbound and outbound TCP access on router firewall - didn't work - tried disabling Automatic port mapping (UPnP) - didn't work

For 2) Allowed port 443 (SSL) for outbound TCP - still didn't work

For 3) Haven't tried anything!

A:Configuration on Router Firewall - Painful :(

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Do you have any idea on setting up the Linkys Router with 4 port switch (besfr41)? I have followed the directions in the manual but I get nothing, no connection to the internet. The modem is connected to the router and the router is connected to the pc. Although I am using a straight cad 5 cable between modem & router. Use a crossover cable instead between the DSL modem and router? Any comments would be great.


A:{Advice Given} - DSL/Router networking configuration

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I can't seem to access the routers web configuration page, I get a Gateway Timeout message. I tried rebooting the router, then rebooted my system, but still nothing. It worked fine a few weeks ago. That was the last time I remember using it. I'm not sure what has happened. I checked the TCP/IP properties and everything is set to contain an IP address automatically. Plus in the ipconfig the default gateway is

I am running windows XP and my netgear router is PR114

I did look around the site to see if this question was posted before, but I didn't find anything off hand. If this question has been posted before, please post the link.. Thank you..

A:Can't access router web configuration page

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Attached is a diagram of a network I’m trying to get configured. All devices are on the same subnet.

The Moden/Router “A” is WAN connected to the internet. Its LAN IP address is Its DHCP server function is ON. Its DHCP range is to

Router B’s default address was but I changed it to and turned its DHCP OFF. It is assigned static IP address It is wired LAN to LAN to Router A.

Router C’s default address was but I changed it to and turned its DHCP OFF. It is assigned static IP address It is wired LAN to LAN to Router B.

Four devices connect wirelessly to Router A and do have internet access. One computer connects wirelessly to Router C. That computer has a local USB printer.

I have three network devices that I assigned static IP addresses to so they won’t be changed by Router A’s DHCP service. Two are connected to Router A and one to Router B.

Router C has three Linux computers wired to its LAN ports. One of those computers has two USB hubs wired to it and several USB devices are connected to each hub.

I want to be able to access the internet from any of the computers simultaneously and I need to be able to print to any of the four printers from any of the computers. I also want to be able to access the USB storage devices from any of the computers and access files on any computer from any other computer.

When I connect wirelessly to Router B I do have internet access. Rou... Read more

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I have a serious problem with cisco 2960 router,i am using a dell dimension 3000 running a microsoft windows xp proffessional.ANY HELP IS HIGHLY WELCOMED!

A:cisco 2960 router configuration

what problem are you having? Dunno if I can assist, but am curious as to your network setup.

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My wireless linksys router is acting up on me again and i'm not sure how to handle this. I copied the error messages exactly as displayed. Sometimes the problem stops after i wait 30min or so but this is happening allot more frequently now.

I started getting these errors in this order

window failed to find domain name prpblems with DNS server
windows confirmed that ''primary DNS server'' is currently online, but is not responding to connection attempts at this time.

This usually means that a firewall is running somewhere between the two computers and is blocking ''domain''. windows has confirmed that windows firewall on this computer is correctly configured to allow this connection. However, a remote firewall might be blocking your connection.

The following policiy might need to be adjusted to allow windows to connect:

Policy provider: windows firewall firewall
filter name: query user

if the policy provider identified is windows firewall ,click for information about adjusting windows firewall settings. If a differnt policy provider has been identified, check the provider's documentation on how to adjust the policy settings.

Reset the network adaptor ''wireless network connection''
resetting the adaptors can sometimes resolve an intermittent problem.

A:Linksys router configuration issues

When Windows gives messages like that there are only two choices:

a. laugh; or

b. cry.

The problem goes away sometimes after 30 minutes with you doing nothing, right? Can you still access the router (ping it, or access its config or status pages)? Have you tried a reset or power cycle of the router? If so, does that clear the problem?

If it is a router problem about all you can do is make sure you have the latest firmware; then reset it to factory default settings and reconfigure it. Next step after that is to replace it.

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hi hope someone can help me.

How can i delete my nat entries where it says create protocol?

I am a beginner at this. I want to be able to make it more secure.

How can i do this?

Can i edit it using notepad and then import it using the browser?

Also my little network has 3 windows xp workstations and have been setup using windows xp networking ie. i created a disk and setup the other workstations on the network. Everything is working ok except for accessing files on the network. It takes about 2-3 minutes to connect to a share on another computer and access the files. Can someone tell my why?

Does the hostname in this firewall have to be the machine the modem/router is connected to?

here is a copy of my firewall

[ env.ini ]
set var="CONF_REGION" value="Australia" set var="CONF_PROVIDER" value="BigPond" set var="CONF_DESCRIPTION" value="BigPond defaults" set var="CONF_SERVICE" value="Router,PPPoA,DHCP,NAT,VPI/V* * CI 8/35" set var="CONF_DATE" value="Configuration modified manually" set var="HOST_SETUP" value="auto" set var="UPGRADE_URL" value="* * pgrade500.htm" set var="COLUMNS" value="80" set var="ROWS" value="24" set var="SESSIONTIMEOUT" value="120" set var="HOST_MAC_ADDR" value="xxxxxxxxxxxx" set var="HOST_IP_A... Read more

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I have no idea where to start, a friend of mine sent me a link for Windows 8 Pro link, it's not original nor cracked, it's just non-activated (it kept asking me for activation key), that's not the problem tho.
I have windows 7 already, downloaded the iso he sent me, I tried to extract it into a flash, tried to boot from it, it didn't work, I said why not extracting it? I did, and opened setup.exe, and installed windows 8 successfully! And I could dual-boot normally.
I went back on windows 7, backed up my files into another partition, renamed the partitions into Windows 7, Windows 8, Others(backup) and went to windows 8 and started restorting from the new parition, after all I went to delete windows 7 in a stupid way by deleting the Windows 7 partition, it didn't work fully, some folders stayed as Windows/Windows.old ....etc, so I went to windows 8 partition to extend it since I deleted lot of gbs off the windows 7 partition, I've done so, and there was option saying to make it primary parition althought it was checked on windows 7, I checked on it and it went unchecked on windows 7, I didn't care much.. and it asked for reboot, and I did.

And here's the problem, it cannot boot anymore ...
It gives this error:
"The Boot configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors."

I certainly don't have any idea where this problem was made, because there's like 3 mistakes ..

1- Resizing and moving location of partitions?
2- Trying to del... Read more

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I have two Samsung SyncMaster 2243BW monitors that are connected to a single computer with a NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 graphics card.

The problem I am having at the moment is that when you maximise a window, it gets maximised across the two displays rather than only on its relative display. As well as this, during log-in, the dialogue box is displayed directly in the middle of the two displays, making it unreadable.

Is there a way to correct this so that a maximized window would only be maximized on the display it appears on rather than across the two displays?

Also, it may be of relevance that when I view the 'Settings' tab in the display properties, only the settings for one monitor appear. I need to access the NVIDIA control panel to adjust settings for a dual-monitor configuration.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Dual-Monitor Configuration: Stop Maximizing Windows Across Both Displays

This issue actually resolved itself! I posted a moment too early.

A simple restart enabled additional options within the display properties to achieve what I wanted.

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I have two U2715H monitors connected via one mDP->DP cable each to an E-Port Plus docking station (actually a EURO2 Advanced Port Replicator) in which is seated a Latitude E7450 laptop. All items are brand new. The E7450 is equipped with 16 GB RAM and two graphics cards: Intel HD Graphics 5500 and NVIDIA GeForce 840M; selection is automatic, which usually means the 5500 is in operation. It runs Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 (64 bit). The docking station apparently has DP 1.2a capabilities (for daisy chaining) but DP 1.2 is disabled in both monitors.
I have successfully set up the system to have the Windows desktop span both monitors at 2560x1440 resolution, even with the Latitude's internal screen as a third extension at its full resolution (1920x1080). The Main display may be set to either of the two (or three) and I can successfully move the sequence of the monitors around (left, middle, right).
So there is no doubt about the system's capability to support the intended configuration. However, when I dock the Latitude (mostly with the lid shut) and boot it, most of the time it cannot reestablish the configuration of the two external monitors. Some of the symptoms are: One or both monitors go black, indicating cable connected but no signal arriving from the docking station. If there is a picture on one of the monitors at startup, it may or may not contain the login screen. (I can still log in because I know what keystrokes to send.) If the login screen is visible, ... Read more

A:Latitude E7450, E-port 2, U2715H - dual monitors - unstable configuration

No responses, so I will add my own, on the way towards a solution, which I believe requires driver enhancements. Are you listening, Dell?
Together with a colleague who knows better than me what to look for, we discovered:- The Intel HD graphics control panel -> Display port topology only discovers one, not two display ports. This could be a problem with the panel or with the graphics driver.- Both Intel and Nvidia have more recent driver releases for their respective hardware components in the Latitude E7450 than those available from Dell but they cannot be installed directly. (NVidia 353.06 vs 341.27; Intel vs - I suspect digits 5 and 6 reflect an OEM numbering scheme). Intel says their driver update includes critical fixes for display support.- When we attempted to install the latest Nvidia driver, the display flashed in what seemed to be a non-trivial manner (before the update was automatically aborted). This could be related to a conflict between the two drivers.
I also discovered that even when only one of the Dell U2715H monitors is connected, it frequently goes black when it shouldn't. So it is not a question of a dual monitor configuration as I originally thought. I have also swapped docking stations to eliminate random hardware error in this component. The Intel driver's handling of display port(s) seems to be the most likely culprit.
Guessing from seeing repeated patterns of monitor behavior, a more precise diagnosis could be t... Read more

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Back for more, and thanks in advance for any useful advice. I appreciate it. I've just finished configuring a dual boot Windows 7 (native OS)/XP Professional setup on my HP Pavilion dv4 2040us, and now that I've tweaked both OS's to my taste I'm wanting to do image backups of everything in the event of a catastrophic failure. Paranoia is good. Anyway, my questions: I know that Win 7 has a "System" partition that I must image WITH the Win 7 partition in order to recover, but I don't know if the XP partition is standalone or, because of the dual boot setup, it needs files from either the System partition or the Win 7 partition in order to boot properly. More lucidly: I would like the ability to reinstall either partition INDEPENDENTLY of the other, in case it's not a hard drive issue but instead an issue with that particular OS/partition that's pushing me to reinstall, but I'm not sure what all I need to image to gain this independence. Basically, I don't want to image the entire hard drive as one because if I'm only having trouble with one partition then I'd have to reinstall both to correct this. . Please, does anybody know the proper way to (combine) image(s) so that I can reinstall either partition/OS independently? Ahhh, I'm using Macrium Reflect Free Edition for the imaging, if it matters. Thank you for your patience, and thanks again for any help.

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OK, I'll give a brief overview of what I'm working with and then describe my problem. I have a relatively new notebook (bought it about 2 months ago, I wouldn't think the exact specs are necessary but if they are let me know), a DSL connection and I have a Linksys Wireless-G router.

I've attempted to play two games online with a friend (Age of Empires 3 and Diablo 2), both of which resulted in nothing by headaches. In both games we attempted to directly connect to each other via IP. He also has a notebook and is using a wireless router. We've tried it both ways; me trying to connect to him and vice versa, same problem both times.

Now, I don't know a whole lot of anything about networking and routers and the such, but I'll put in what I do know. When I try hosting a Direct IP game, both games listed an IP at the top of the screen, but it wasn't my IP, it was what I think is called the local IP? It's; now I know that's the address to the router and if I type that in my browser address bar I can access the router's configuration and all that good stuff. I also noticed that if i go to that address one of the options under the router configuration is "Applications and Gaming". When I go there it lists a bunch of stuff about opening ports and triggering ports and some other stuff that I've never heard of.

I've talked to a few people and they tell me that I would need to open certain ports and... Read more

A:Online Gaming/Router Configuration Problems

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At work I am trying to figure out how to configure out wireless router. What I need to be able to do is to have people who use wifi to be able to also connect to our office file server (which will have shared printers so we can monitor usage amongst different departments). How can I do this? 90% of the office connects through wires using a static ip. Would I need to configure the router with a static ip as well? If so, would the wifi laptops need to have a static ip as well?

A:Wireless router configuration for use with file server

If there is a DHCP server on your office network, the following configuration for the router and allow the connections you seek. You could also use a wireless bridge if you haven't purchased yet.
Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

This procedure bypasses the routing function (NAT layer) and configures the router as a switch (or wireless access point for wireless routers).

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Some of us don't use just a wireless router, but a combination of wireless and wired routers. In such cases the configuration of the devices can be a little tricky. But this thread it will be explained in depth, each step how to set up a wireless access points for laptops

This tutorial is going to explain how to set-up wireless for people who have setups similar to this model:

Modem -> Wired Router -> Wireless Router

Modem -> Wired Router -> Switch -> Wireless Router

***Note, there are pictures at the bottom of this post, use those for reference when going through this guide***


- Wireless router / power cord
- An ethernet cable to go from the router to the computer we'll be working with
- Oh, a computer with Internet Explorer or Firefox, no chrome yet lol

Step 1: Getting everything ready

- Take the wireless router, plug in the power, and take an ethernet cable from the back of the wireless router ***NOT THE INTERNET / WAN PORT but any port labled [1,2,3,4]*** plug the other end into the computer or laptop

- Now, once the laptop is booted up make sure its connected to the router

- Open up Internet Explorer or Firefox
- in the address bar type in the default router IP address which for dlink's is for linksys products its usually and hit enter
- if prompted for a username and password:
- dlink: username: admin password: blank
- linkys: username: admin password: admin

Step 2: Wirele... Read more

A:Wireless Router Configuration as a Access Point

I'm guessing its not too useful or it needs to be revised lol

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I am using Tenda wifi router. It has a problem, it is that it need configuration every time when I start my laptop or connecting with any mobile device. What is the problem with that?

A:Tenda wifi router need configuration every time

The Tenda wifi router's internal battery may be dead

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I have a D-Link Wireless N ADsl2+ 4-Port Wi-Fi router and my PC (running Windows OS) is connected to the router via. LAN cable
Other devices like Laptop, Tablet, etc. are connected to router via. WiFi

My ISP IP address, subnet mark and DNS Server IP address are configured in Router
And also a different DNS Server IP address is configured in Window OS as well in (TCP/IPv4)

I have few basic questions
a) What is the difference between configuring internet settings in Router and internet settings in PC ?
b) If I configure internet settings both in Router and OS, then which internet settings applies or takes precedence ?


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I'm trying to run a server for a java application called mekwars. The program needs ports 2347 and 4867 open.

I have obtained an ip address from my ISP and registered with dyndns. I can ping my public ip address (my router)

I can access my server from any other computer in the LAN. My router is a Zyxel p660hn-T1a. I have configured port forwarding of both ports to my server.

I have disabled the firewall in the router and restarted it.

My server is running CentOS 6. I have opened the ports in the server iptables, I don't think this is the issue as I can connect from my lan to the server.

When I try to connect (from within my lan) to the public ip address of my server the program tells me it cannot find the server. I can't telnet to port 2347 and nmap tells me that the only ports that are open are 22, 23 and 80 ( I believe this are open by default on the router to allow remote management).

I can telnet from the lan. My networking isn't great and I'm used to having an "ip passthrough" option on the router to assign to my server. I do have it set as the default router in port-forwarding so I had hoped this would be a similiar option.

I've a funny feeling I'll have to telnet to the router to take care of some hidden options but I'm posting here first hoping some network guru will be able to say "Ah I ran into this problem back in 19dickity6... "

Can anyone give me any suggestions as to where I'm going wron... Read more

A:Help needed with router configuration for home server

When I try to connect (from within my lan) to the public ip address of my server the program tells me it cannot find the server.Click to expand...

You mean the public (WAN) IP address of the router, right? Some routers will "loop back" the way you want it to and others will not.

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I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section.

I have been trying to achieve a Remote Desktop Connection with my office PC (Host -- Win XP Pro service pack 3) with my wireless laptop (Client -- Win XP Home) at my house.

The RDC works at my office in the LAN, when I have my laptop connected in the office network. However, from my home's LAN, I cannot access the Host over the Internet (WAN).

I have tried to open port 3389 for the RDC in the PortForwarding section on my Office's D-Link DIR-615 router setup and did the same for my home's belkin 54G router at home, under Virtual Server, in that setup.

Has anyone had this type of problem with Microsoft Remote Desktop?

A:Solved: Correct setup of DIR-615 router configuration for RDC

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I had a couple of guests over and they were having problems getting online (actually they were on for a day but one laptop dropped) the problem was with the guest laptop itself. While troubleshooting we opened the router as an access point. It gave us a new address for configuration but did not get it all down. It is a Belkin Wireless G router and the previous config address was the new one was 192.168. then 2 0r 1 follwoed by three number sequence I believe starting with 2 (I tried 245 and 254). When I right click on my wireless connection icon and go to properties none of the address work some now start with 70. Is the a way to find the address and if not how do I reset my router?

A:Solved: A Router Default Configuration Address?

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hello guys,

good day! please i need your help on what to do's regarding wrh54g client configuration. i been setting up today the point of access for its secured network mode with WPA shared key on XP-SP3. tried successfully on a client with windows7 lappy, but then my problem was that my boss want me to set it on a manual mode. i mean, he wanted it that everytime he disconnect the wireless and decide to connect again later he likes to input again the password. but as ive see it everytime i tried to reconnect, the password is automatically inputted already and ready to connect. not unless u click the wpa box and the password will be deleted. boss wanted this kind of setup for security purposes. i hope u can help me on this matter. my other options also were not successful.

all comment and help will be highly appreciated.



A:[SOLVED] please help on WRH54G router client configuration..

Let me say this much. If that were the case with my wireless network, I would be entering my 64 character passkey every time I connected to my wireless network. I could just copy and paste it from a text file, but then what is the point of doing that over just letting the computer save it for me? If your boss wants to make sure his wireless security is strong, his efforts are much better spent doing what I have done by going to the website linked below, copying the "64 random hexadecimal characters (0-9 and A-F)", while using either WPA, or WPA2. The kind of authentication I think he is getting at, is something a radius server would be better at providing, provided your computers were part of a domain.

In Windows 7, I know it is possible to have it not remember your passkey provided that you do not check the checkbox during the connection setup. My memory is a little off with XP. Does it provide something similar?

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I have the following ethernet network configuration:


Router 1​

Router 2​
ISP Assigned Static IP
Static IP (A.B.C.1)
Static IP (A.B.C.2)
Static IP (P.Q.R.1)
DHCP Clients (P.Q.R.*)
ISP&#8217;s Gateway
Gateway = router 1 (A.B.C.1)
DHCP Server
Gateway = Router 2
ISP&#8217;s DNS

DNS = router 1 (A.B.C.1)

DNS = Router 2
One of my computers is set up as a web server and which I can access it from outside my network, but from inside my computer LAN, I cannot acccess it.

Can someone help me on how to configure the Router 2 DNS so that behind the router2, my website URL resolves to the local web server IP address?

Thanks in advance,
Moiz Tankiwala

A:Help needed for Router DNS configuration - Unable to access website from LAN

I ran into the same problem and had to use a proxy service so my
router didn't see it as a local connection attempt.

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I have a Netgear MR814 router. I used to be able to access the configuration screen by entering in the address bar and then inputting the default username (admin) and password (password).

That stopped working a while ago. I decided to reset the router to its default setting by pressing and holding the reset button on the unit. It didn't seem to work. I can still access the internet, but I can't get to the configuration screen. Sometimes it says that the server is busy without giving me the option to enter a username and password. Other times it does ask for the username and password. When I input them, it seems like it is going to work and the screen starts to load. Then it asks me enter the username and password again.

Can anyone help.

BTW the ISP is Comcast

A:Netgear MR814 Router can't access configuration screens

try resetting again, but hold the reset button in while unplugging, wait, and then re plugging the power supply to the router.
if that doesn't work, dropkick the router across the room. When I had this problem, my roommate did that (to my horror), and everything magically work, and has been working ever since.

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I have a Dell 2350 wireless router which I have happily used in the UK for the last 12 months.

I have just relocated to Australia and am having real problems reconfiguring using the CD driver.

It acknowledges that there is an internet connection direct via the ethernet cable into the PC; following the steps the internet light is then on; then there are lots of flashing lights whilst it tries to configure; LAN port light flashes; but configuration fails; and there is no internet availability.

Please help if you can, I am at my wits end.


A:Dell wireless router configuration / connectivity problem

I have had the same router for years, and in my personal and professional opinion, can it and buy a better one, it never worked well and was always laggy. but otherwise reset it to factory settings and begin setup from the ground up.

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Hi everyone,

I recently tried setting up a Buffalo WHR-G54s router on my desktop (which has Windows XP on it) so that I can access the internet with my laptop as well. I have no problems accessing the internet on my desktop after connecting everything, but I can't access the configuration page to set a password and change the SSID.

The default IP address of the router config is supposedly However, when I run ipconfig /all, the default gateway is listed as This IP address also pings successfully. Nowhere is seen after running ipconfig /all.

When I try accessing either of these IP addresses in IE or Firefox, nothing happens. I even temporarily disabled all PopUp Blockers and shields (as far as I can tell) to see if that would help as well. But nothing seems to work. Anyone have any ideas?


A:Cannot access configuration page of Buffalo Router WHR-G54s

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Our ISP provided a DSL modem/router (Netopia) that I connected to the Netgear wireless router with dd-wrt flashed. All I've done so far is connected the two. I have a connection, but I want to know if it's possible or advisable to configure everything from the Netgear router. But following the instructions here, it seems I have to configure DNS and such using the Netopia router. I don't have a full grasp on how to use them together the correct way - like using the Netopia as an ethernet bridge. Thank you,


Sent from my Motorola Electrify using Tapatalk 2

A:Netgear WNR2000 Router behind Netopia 2241N Configuration

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My computer is connected wirelessly to a Linksys router, which is connected to the internet through a modem/router that my ISP provided. When I enter, I am taken to the configuration page for my ISP's router. How do I access the Linksys router's configuration page?

I have tried all sorts of combinations of 192.168.x.x, but nothing has worked. Is there a way to figure out the address the Linksys router's configuration page? ...or is there a reason I am unable to access it?

A:Solved: Trouble accessing router's configuration page

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my internet connection uses PPPoE to connect to the internet. i'm trying to set up the router for this configuration but it does not work. if there is anything else i need to post up pls tell!!

A:Configuration problem for belkin adsl2+ modem with wireless router

the MODEM uses PPPoE, the router should not. the ADSL modem will hold the connection
regardless of anything being active on your router or systems, so imo, the router
should not be configured for PPPoE.

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Components involved in network
Dell Dimension 3000 Tower OS Win XP SP 2
Dynex Wireless G Router
HP Laserjet 4050 TN
What I'm trying to do.

Get the wireless router to recognize the Laserjet and assign it an IP address though DCHP.
The laser jet was originally configured on a physical Net Gear Route, thus it has RJ45 ehternet connection. When I connect the laser jet, Dell PC and the Dynex Wireless Router. The wireless network works fine as far as a laptop accessing the network, BUT the router does not recognize the laserjet and does not assign it an ip address. The laser jet had an static address with its old configuration. How do I get the router's DHCP to recognize the laserjet and assigne it an IP address? Any ideas or ways to configure the Laserjet to accept an IP assignment or lease?

A:Solved: HP Laser Jet 4050 configuration with Dynex wireless G Router

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