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Single IP, multiple devices

Q: Single IP, multiple devices


I have an ethernet connection running from a router to another room and I wonder if I could use that single connection for multiple devices (computer, game systems, etc). Will a hub work for a connection coming from a router?
Is it possible to have them all up and running simultaneously or does it have to be one device at a time?


A: Single IP, multiple devices

If it's a standard SOHO router, and not a switch or a modem, you can have up to 253 devices attached. (There are 256 addresses available, but you can't use the first or last address, and one is reserved for the gateway--the router itself.) Note that the 253 addresses includes wireless devices.


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I'm trying to set up something at work and am looking for ideas. I'm trying to get multiple Roku devices to connect to a single computer which can then take control of them all (about 10 devices per computer). I'm thinking about something simmer to PuTTY where you can just connect to the devices and they will show up on different windows and from there you can take over control. No idea if there is any hardware/software that will be able to do something like this. Does anyone have any ideas?

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I have a single excel sheel with one single column containing words with some special characters. I want to search for multiple words from that single column.

A:Search multiple words in a single column in a single excel s

A bit of clarification:Does each cell contain multiple words or just one word?After you find your target word/s what do you want done with them?And, in the future, Excel questions are best asked in the Office Software forum.MIKE

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I am writing about printing on an HP 1410 All-In-One. The problem is this.
I have a Word 2003 .doc. I then insert a jpg from a file. I locate it in the document where I want it and size it accordingly. For example: let's say the picture is 2" x 3" on the printed page. The document appears correctly in the program and in print preview.
However, when the page is printed, the jpg is printed twice, one over top of the other. Note: they are not superimposed. However, there are two images (2" x 1.5") and the perspective is "squashed."
Any suggestions if this is a Word 2003 problem, an OS problem (Windows 2000 Pro), or a printer problem?
Thanks for your help.

A:Single JPG Prints Multiple Times in Size for Single

I don't really understand what you mean. Maybe you could scan the print and attach it? The quickest way to tell if it's the printer or print driver would be to print something similar from a different program.

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I have several sets of folder trees, each with multiple sub-folders, each sub-folder containing multiple files. I would like to merge all of this into a single folder tree, retaining the same sub-folder structure and each sub-folder containing a single set of files, eliminating all of the inevitable duplicates that will arise from the merging.

Doing this manually with Windows Explorer is both tedious and time consuming. I have to select all of the files in one of the sub-folders, then drag the selection to the corresponding sub-folder in the main folder tree, choose 'move and replace' and tick 'do the same for the next x conflicts' and repeat this process for each of the many sub-folders.

Although I did an online search before posting this plea for help, I have only seen utilities that will merge all files in multiple folders into a single folder, I have not seen a utility that will do what I need.

I'm hoping that someone will know of a utility that will save me doing this manually for the next many years!

Thank you in anticipation.


A:[SOLVED] Merging multiple files in multiple sub-folders into a single folder tree

I would really look into Robocopy from microsoft. It's a pretty simple yet very powerful tool for copying files, mirroring directories, and many other file tasks. Here is a small tutorial outlining some of the cool things you can do. If you'd rather have a GUI, look at Robocopy GUI.

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I have several folder trees each containing many sub-folders, say A, B, C, D and so on. The names of the sub-folders are mostly the same between the various folder trees, although there could be an X, Y, Z in one folder tree and not in others, or only 20 sub-folders in one folder tree and 40 in another.

Each sub-folder contains many files, most of which are the same as those in other sub-folders of the same name. For example, folder A in one tree may have 50 files, 40 of which are the same as sub-folder A located in another folder tree.

What I am trying to achieve is a single 'master' folder tree containing all of the sub-folders in each of the existing folder trees, each sub-folder containing all of the files in all of the sub-folders of that name, without any sub-folders or files in each sub-folder duplicated.

I can achieve exactly this by manually moving files to the corresponding sub-folder in the 'master' folder tree, clicking 'move and replace' and ticking 'do this for the next x conflicts', but it is tedious and very time consuming.

Thank you in anticipation that someone will know how to automate this otherwise laborious process.

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I am running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 on my laptop.  I have a Fedora Core 7 server running SaMBa.  They share a /28 subnet (with 0, 6, and 7 taken by networking, 1 - 4 on the server, 5 on the laptop).
The server has multiple SaMBa shares (for this example, \\myserver\share1 and \\myserver\share2).  There are two SaMBA users, user1 and user2, each either their own passwords.  user1 can access \\myserver\share1 and user2 can access \\myserver\share2 .  I log on to the Vista laptop using a separate user/pass from either of those two accounts.
When I attempt to connect to these shares, I can do so without a problem if I connect to them singly using "connect using different user name".  However, if I attempt to connect to both simultaneously, I get:
"System error 1219 has occurred.
Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed.  Disconnect all previous connections to the server or shared resource and try again."
I need to be able to connect to both shares simultaneously, but using the different credentials (I don't want user1 creating files in \\myserver\share2 and I don't want user2 creating files in \\myserver\share1).
I have tried manually using NET USE and I get the same error when I try to map the second drive after the first is mounted. I have also messed with regedit and changed \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\... Read more

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Hi there

Not sure whats happening here but getting multiple displays for the same devices !!!!

Any fix, or is system Broken.


A:Devices and Printers - devices being displayed multiple times

Looks like Ghosts of DLNA devices. Start by taking offline any DLNA capable gear, reboot the Gateway and also clear its IP Table.

Also clear out those ghosts from Devices and Printers.

For some reason this started in Windows 7, when Microsoft started to play games with DLNA and media Shares.

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I consider myself an advanced user, but this one I've never seen, nor can I find info out for...

I haven't been able to plug a video camera or external hard drive into my computer via FireWire. I then tried a different cable, nothing. I then tried a different device and cable, nothing. I then tried a different computer with two devices, nothing.

My USB2.0 works fine with each device and computer. I also took the new computer into CompUSA and they tried their firewire device and all worked. I bought a new firewire cable, but I have the same luck with each device.

How can 2 external hardrives, and one sony camera not work, after working for a year. What happened? What do I need to do?

A:Multiple firewire devices on multiple computers not working

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There are multiple websites that I cannot connect to, facebook, rottentomatoes, youtube, to name a few. Others seem perfectly fine. A few seem okay, but seem to be running slowly.

This is the case for both my computer (on which I am running Windows 7), which is connected directly to the router, *and* mobile devices which are connected wirelessly.

On my computer I have tried using several different browsers to no avail, but when I used the TOR browser to proxy, I was able to access them.

I apologize if this has been asked, but I haven't been able to find anything this specific.

Thank you.

A:Can't connect to multiple websites on multiple devices

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We are using one financial software on Windows XP is working fine with multiple IP address on single NIC but after switch to Windows 7 with multiple IP address configuration financial software is not working. Can anyone tell me what's the problem.

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Our ISP recently updated their hard ware to work with the Sprint network. Note: our ISP is not Sprint, but the local phone company.

Our Hardware:
Internet: DSL 10.0 (highest speed available)
Modem: Comtrend (ISP provides)
Router: Belkin N
Computer: 10 yr old Dell running XP - service pac3 - wired connection
Kindle Fire (first edition, no HD, etc) - wireless connection
Xbox 360 - wireless connection

Xbox - went from constantly bumped from Xbox Live game by losing internet connection to not being able to enter a game at all
Kindle - went from occasional "network error' message during online tasks to having to restart download (multiple times) or refresh page for most any or all online tasks
Computer - have to click refresh to get most any page to load after the home page

What we've tried so far:
I have recently cleared the cache on both the computer and Kindle. XBox's new security measures have been met.

My questions:
Do any or all of these issues seem to be related?
Is there a piece of equipment or something we may be missing to make all of these things work? I am a networking novice.
Who should I call to get these issues corrected, my ISP or a tech service? Note: if I start with the ISP and they do not find an issue I have to pay for the call.

A:Multiple issues over multiple devices

First. You should try to NOT use a wireless connection for any type of gaming: PC, Mac, Console, etc. If you can hard wire the xbox you'll be waaay better off than using wireless.

Now... Yes, the issues could be related - there maybe an issue with the Belkin N router. I'd try to first reset the Belkin router to default settings, check on manufacturer website for instructions how, most routers you can press a "reset" button w/ a paperclip or ball point pen. Reconfigure the Belkin router, recreate the wireless network and see how everything works. If you are still having issues, humor me and connect the Dell directly to the DSL modem, bypassing Belkin router. See if you still have connection issues, if you do then it could be the DSL modem that is the problem and call your ISP to replace. If you don't have same issues then it's most likely an issue with the Belkin router. Replace it. Don't buy the dirt cheapest router at the store, but you most likely don't need the most expensive one either. Find a good middle ground router, ask sales associate to assist you accordingly.

Post back, Hope this helps!!

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Hello again everyone. I'm trying to make sense of broadband download speeds. I use Speed-o-Meter for a ballcourt data download speed. I have recently transferred to an ISP who say that my line is capable of 2MB broadband bandwidth. OK so far. On an average day a single download will show an average 'speed' of around 750Kbs. I discovered that, if I set up another concurrent download - a large file, say, speeds on the meter treble, quadruple, even go off the 8MB scale.
So, can my highish spec PC with XP Home be tweaked to receive those high speeds on a single download? How does it work? I accept variability during the day due to demand etc.
Any and all information will be welcome.

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I have an HP Photosmart printer connected via USB cable. I have noticed it will make printer entries in the control panel (like HP Photosmart 7200c Series then HP Photosmart 7200c series Copy 1). One is listed as connected via USB001 and then the other by LPT1 (parallel). Only one is listed as being online and seems to switch randomly.

Another issue is there seems to be a 333kb file trying to print that is listed as being sent to the printer three months ago. I have to restart the pc and power-cycle the printer every time to get it to work and change the default printer to the one listed as being Online.

OS is Windows 7 64-bit.

Any ideas as to why it would be doing this?

A:multiple entries for a single printer

The LTP1 one is an error, you should delete it. Cancel all print jobs in the queue first.

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Hello everyone!
Happy diwali to all of you.

I would like to know the procedure to connect to multiple Access points with my laptop.
For example, my laptop is connected to office WIFI for file sharing. Now, I would also like to connect to another AP for internet connectivity. If i currently do that, it disconnects from the previous network. how can i Simultaneous connect to multiple APs?

1 Wifi virtual miniport adapter by microsoft

2 this link,
Microsoft Research Virtual WiFi - Microsoft Research

However, I am not able to figure out how to use or configure these things.

A:Connect to Multiple WIFI APs with single NIC

I have my home network set up with one wireless modem and then 6 WAPs. The way I got mine to work seamlessly was to use the same SSIS, password and security. I do use different channels so I don't get interference. It works great. I need so many because I have a farm with 3 buildings and some CB walls with rebar that doesn't let the wifi signal pass thru.

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I have a Yahoo! Small Business Web Hosting account currently using I want to add another one, to the same account. Can I simply point this new domain from Network Solutions to Yahoo!?

A:Single Host, Multiple Domains

Is network Solutions doing DNS for you.

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Hi, i'm new here, already tried to search the site for help but can't find what i'm looking for. I have 3 computers that I have already reinstalled Xp on them. Problem is they wont validate because the disc that I used came with another computer and i'm using the product key off the computers that I was reinstalling XP on, and when I go to validate them the product keys obviously dont work because they are suppose to be used with the OS that they came with. I did not know this until it was to late. So my question is, is there a xp disc, software that I can use to put on my computers and then use the product keys that are on the case to validate. I also just bought a win7 full version, both 32 and 64 bit disc that I have put on my laptop. So could I use the Win7 disc and just buy the product keys if the the xp option doesn't work?

A:Using Single Xp OS disc on multiple machines

Welcome here.

I couldnt get you clear in your previous post.

You installed XP with the same key to 3 machines and when you went to validate, it isnt validating.You would buy a new win XP but still not willing to reinstall the XP. you are looking for a software so that you could just update the key on the already installed xp rather than installing all over again and validate. If this is what you want, give a reply, will let you know the solution.

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When I am pressing a F4 key (which is used for wireless screen connection mode selection) for one time, it is being pressed for multiple times. I called support team and my laptop is under the warranty even as per the online warranty check tool of HP. But the supprot team is saying your warranty has been ended and they also told me to upgrade the BIOS which I had done already even after that I am facing the same issue. Could anyone please tell me what should I do to solve this problem? 

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I have a sheet with a lot of adresses and I need to have only one record for each adress. How do I insert the second / third / forth records of one adress into different columns so that I will have one row for each adress.

Present format of my sheet

Store Lisboa
Liberty Street
post code 1300

Store London
Oxford Street
post code 2033
phone number 1234453
Required format

Store Lisboa | Liberty Street | post code 1300
Store London | Oxfrod Street | post code 2033 | phone number 1234453

I saw a code for a macro but it doesn't work in this case:
"Sub test()
MainSheetRows = Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
For Each Cell In Range("B1:B" & MainSheetRows)
x = WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Range("New!B:B"), Cell)
If x = 0 Then
y = WorksheetFunction.CountA(Rows(Cell.Row))
Cell.Offset(, -1).Resize(, y).Copy Sheets("New").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1)
y = WorksheetFunction.CountA(Rows(Cell.Row)) - 2
z1 = Application.Match(Cell, Range("New!B:B"), 0)
z2 = WorksheetFunction.CountA(Sheets("New").Rows(z1))
Cell.Offset(, 1).Resize(, y).Copy Sheets("New").Cells(z1, z2 + 1)
End If
Next Cell
End Sub"

Can anybody help? Thanks!

A:Excel - Multiple rows to single row

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Hi Folks,
After wasting a bunch of my time, I discovered that Windows easy transfer cannot be used to move user data from a 64 bit computer to a 32 bit computer. Upon discovering this, another question came to mind;

I partitioned a 500GB external USB drive into 4 partitions, and created an image of my 4 computers, each to its own partition. The partitioning was done on a 64 bit machine. Am I able to put a valid image from a 32 bit machine onto one of the partitions created by the 64 bit machine?

All input welcome, and TIA.


A:Backing up multiple computers to single HDD

Quote: Originally Posted by DaveT

Hi Folks,
After wasting a bunch of my time, I discovered that Windows easy transfer cannot be used to move user data from a 64 bit computer to a 32 bit computer. Upon discovering this, another question came to mind;

I partitioned a 500GB external USB drive into 4 partitions, and created an image of my 4 computers, each to its own partition. The partitioning was done on a 64 bit machine. Am I able to put a valid image from a 32 bit machine onto one of the partitions created by the 64 bit machine?

All input welcome, and TIA.


Partitions are not Bit specific. You can transfer, read, write from one to another.

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I am looking for a program like DOSBox that I can run multiple instances of to enable me to run multiple instances of a single modern windows program on XP or other version that is by artificial nature alone a program that only allows you to run one-of-one instance. Sort of something to prevent me having to run a virtual OS just to open a second instance of this one-of-one allowed program. It allows one, i want to run two. I just lack the language of what I am looking for... any ideas specific or general?

A:run multiple instances of a single program

VM is the only way I 'am aware of.

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I have a workstation running Win XP Pro with a single NIC. This workstation has following IP Settings on it:
1st IP:
Default Gateway:
Pref DNS:
Alt DNS:

For some reason, I have to add another IP on the same NIC:

Please tell me someone, what should I do to route traffic to/from 2nd IP to (which is a VPN Router). Shoud I add 2nd Gateway for 2nd IP and put a static route in routing table... or what? If so, then how?

Thank you.

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I have a sheet with more than 3000 records of 1500 employees. I need to have only one record for each employee. How do I insert the second / third / forth records of one employee into different columns so that I will have one row for one employee.

Present format of my sheet
Emp No. Emp Name Exp
22334 John A AA Co.
22334 John A BB Co
23444 Lana dd Co
23444 Lana KK Co
23444 Lana AC Co

Required format

Emp No. Emp Name Exp1 Exp2 Exp3 Exp4
22334 John A AA Co. BB Co
23444 Lana dd Co KK Co AC Co

Can anybody help?

A:Excel - Multiple rows to single row

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Is it possible to have 2 computers (or more) having multiple display on a single monitor? (not KVM, if you know what I mean?)

A:Multiple display on a single monitor?

Most certainly not without some very special hardware. What would be the point anyway? If you split a monitor in half, the resolution would be so low that it would be unusable with modern user interfaces.

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I am working with a spreadsheet for invoicing.

(I put 3 attachments of all the docs I am utilizing)

{ this is what I figured could work. If anyone has an alternate way of doing it, I welcome suggestions}

I am trying to find a solution that takes every person's reservations and puts them across one row, I am doing this for an email merge to pull all of the data into an invoice to email each client.

I have an extremely long column data sheet, so I am not sure what exactly you will need.

I have two worksheets in 1 workbook

The Spreadsheet One is Where I am Pulling Data From:
My Columns Are:
Full name Reservation Type Rooms Date Start time Length Finish time cost cum hrs Mo Pkg Cost IPC_Rooms Date Start time Length Finish time cost cum hrs Mo Pkg Cost
This column has multiple rows of the same name showing every room reservation they have done for the month. There is up to 30 rows of reservations.

All of the other data I am using is pulled from other resources.

The Second Spreadsheet is what I have developed to use for the email-merge its columns are This:

Name Email Outstanding Balance Private Locker Thrive Workshop TP Reward PI Comp Coupon Monthly Pkg Mo Pkg Rate IncChg_Type_1 IncChgDay_1 IncRm_1 IncLngth_1 IncRate_1 IncCost_1 IncChg_Type_2 IncChgDay_2 IncRm_2 IncLngth_2 IncRate_2 IncCost_2 Res Type_1 ResDate_1 ResRm_1 ResStart_1 ResLength_1 ResCumHrs_1 Res Type_2 ResDate_2 ResRm_2 ResStart_2 ResLength_2 ResCumHrs_2 Res Type_3 ResDate_3 ResRm_3 ResStart_3 ResLeng... Read more

A:Excel- Multiple Rows into a Single Row

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hey all,

just a quick question whilst I await a HJT diagnoses I read in the CC Cleaner tutorial and was not aware that if you have more than 1 user profile on a single machine you have to run CC CLeaner on each user account????? does this also apply to any/all Anti virus, malware, and spyware removers as well?? thanks

A:Multiple profiles on a single machine

Most, if not all, malware/anti-virus scanners will scan all user profiles. CCleaner is annoying because, yes, it has to be run on every account.

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In 2001 I purchased a Compact Presario with Windows XP Home Edition. I have slow dialup with MSN 9 as my browser and provider.

Over the last few months, my PC has developed the following problems. They seem to have gotten worse when I was forced to upgrade from MSN 6 to MSN 9 last August.

1. About 70% of the time after signing in, I get a dialogue box that reads " Microsoft has encountered a problem and needs to close." I eventually log on after an attempt or two.
2. Pages sometimes freeze for up to 15-20 minutes before a new page finally opens up.
3. About once a week, I get the smaller bubble that reads that I am running low on virtual memory.
4. Pages do not usually close when clicking on the "X" in the left corner.

I recently signed into www.double my for a scan. The scan detected 837 errors of various sorts.
I spent nearly three hours speaking to one of their techs from India who took over my computer ostensibly to diagnose the problem. He eventually determined that the $40 annual "fix it" option would not work because I have " very, very bad things" on my computer that needed my immediate attention. He showed me the page with all my errors, and took me to google which explains them. He said I was a victim of hacking. He took me to a page where I was going to get immediate help.
Of course, all this help was going to cost $250 for the package. I hung up and disconnected.

I am very un savvy when it comes to computers, ... Read more

A:Could these multiple problems have a single cause or solution?

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Can anyone recommend an email client for Windows 8 which will support multiple email accounts but with the following features:
- A single inbox for mail sent to all accounts
- The ability to easily select a sender id/reply email address when a new email is being created, or when responding to an existing email?

I've tried using a separate Gmail account to bring the emails into a single inbox, but the Windows 8 mail app will only allow selection of an alternative sender id if I also add my other email accounts to it, and even then the process of changing the sender id is quite laborious - i.e. 2 additional clicks just to get to the option of selecting the "sender" account.

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This has been posted before and I attempted the macro given, but it did not seem to work. It only seemed to copy the data from one sheet to a "new".

Column A Column B Column C Column D
George 12345 Red Book
George 23456 Blue Television
George 34567 Orange Computer

Need data to appear as follows:
Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E Column F Column G Column H etc
George 12345 Red Book 23456 Blue 34567 Television

In my actual sheet, there 6 columns of data excluding the name (Column A). The rows are multiple.

Can someone possible help?

A:Moving multiple rows of data into a single row

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Hi there

I'd really love a keyboard that had say 4 buttons on it --like Fn buttons that would switch output to any one of 4 machines -- such a simple idea but why nobody hasn't yet got one out on the market I can't understand it

I'm really FED up with messing around with two / 3 physical keyboards and I don't want a USB switch box on my desk.

All the keyboard would need is 4 USB outs (or 4 receivers for wireless) the active connection being made by a key press on the keyboard. In fact the only difficulty would be the right receiver for the wireless transmitter but that is easily solved by say a different colour key on the keyboard and an id (same colour) on the receiver.

I'm sure some of you testing several machines on a workbench have faced similar problems of multiple keyboards.

Any budding entrepreneurs out there --I'm sure loads of you have felt a need for this type of keyboard. Maybe there is one - but not seen at all !!.

Any engineers -- any idea how I could even consruct one --I'm quite handy with a Soldering Iron etc.


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Our web server is a Win2k machine. I'm a budding IT guy, so here's my question...

Can we host multiple websites with multiple domain names on this machine using just our one public IP address?

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Hi all,
I have a query if anyone can help, I have 2 desktop running window 7 and a work laptop running XP, I recently bought a data switch that allows the 4 computers to run on 1 monitor, 1 keyboard and 1 mouse all connected via ps2 connectors, however the laptop does not have a ps2 connection.
The desktop work fine and I can switch between, i bought plugs that convert PS2 to USB but the laptop (Toshiba) just refuses to recognize the mouse and keyboard, I also have an original docking station for the laptop but that also has no ps2 port and will not see the mouse or keyboard

Any help?

A:Multiple computers to single mouse and keyboard

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Hi, I currently have 2 partitions on a single hard drive (each one is running xp).
The older partition (the one that I want to get rid of) is the primary partition,
while the newer one (the one that I want to keep) is the extended partition. Could
someone please tell me how to delete the primary partition and make the computer
recognize the extended partition as the primary partition?

A:multiple partitions on a single hard drive

Not doable, in my experience, within the capabilities of the OS. An extended partition is just that, an extention of the primary partition. I'm not sure of this, but you may be able to save the installation on the extended partition with Acronis True Image. Or parhaps there may be possiblities using a program like Partition Magic.

I've never attempted to do such an operation, but it may be possible. I'll just leave it at that and let others comment.


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I have just rebuilt my PC and decided to make the jump from Windows XP to Windows 8. The jump has not been smooth, but it looks like I have ironed out my biggest problem (incorrect installation due to not creating a system partition therefore WIN8 = no DVD, no boot; rookie error).

Now I am stuck with an issue that is a real pain - windows detects my only screen as more than one. Sometimes it thinks I have two, more often it thinks I have 3 or 4. Installing the current nVidia drivers did not help.

What I have at the moment is 2 generic non-PnP monitors and 2 generic PnP monitors detected, according to device manager. nVidia control panel calls them Dell SX2210, VGA display, (i can't recall the 3rd one, I'm on my laptop now), and TV. Windows display setup calls two of the SX2210, and the other two are either generic non-PnP or PnP monitors. In nVidia control panel it looks as though I have a clone setup (2 screens enabled) with the Dell SX2210 and the VGA display. In windows display setup it looks as though I have a clone setup (2 screens enabled) with Dell SX2210 and generic monitor.

I have repeatedly unchecked the secondary monitors in both nVidia control panel and windows display setup, leaving me with what should be a single monitor arrangement and 3 disabled monitors. This works until I restart my computer, which then reverts back to what it was before. This is OK as a workaround most of the time, but sometimes when I boot up the computer it detects the wrong s... Read more

A:Single Monitor detected as Multiple Monitors

Did you disable the built in video on the mother board?

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Hi, I have a 2014 Z840 model K7PO7UT and a 2016 Z640 model T4N72U8#ABA. The Z640 is runs almost silently and has a single fan mounted at the CPU heatsink.  The Z640 has one 6 core CPU. My Z840 has a single 8 core CPU and I do not plan on adding a second CPU.  It has the large tool-less multiple fan assembly.  The assembly is rather loud and ramps up and down in speed.   Can this Z840 assembly be swapped out for just a single fan at the CPU like in the Z640?  If so, what parts do I need to order an how are they installed?  Will the BIOS or other software need to be updated?  The Z840 fan assembly was designed for two cores. Thanks in advance for assistance, Mick

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I have a great brain-teaser scenario. Something unique that I haven't been able to find any info on...

I have a SINGLE physical disk which I will be plugging into TWO different Sytems with different CPUs. My problem is that if Windows is installed while the disk is in System1, when I plug it into System2 (with different CPU brand) there are obvious hardware differences and of course I get BSOD.

My approach has been to create two partitions, one for each system. Is this the only or best approach?

Step 1 - I am able to create two different partitions on the drive, one partition has Windows install for System1, the other partition has Windows install for System2.

Step 2 - ? How can I get an automated start-up script that could detect which System the disk is plugged into (is CPU1 present or CPU2 present?) and then have it choose the correct boot partition? I have seen where there are options to manually choose it of course, but I need to create something automated.

A:How can I share a single disk between multiple systems?

Why would you want to do this? It's a disaster waiting to happen in my opinion.
Buy another disk and keep one in each computer. Much simpler and a whole lot safer.

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Apparently I had unwittingly installed multiple viruses onto my Toshiba netbook yesterday and it seems to be becoming more and more difficult to fix the issue as time goes on.

At first, my Toshiba had multiple windows come up saying there was a threat (a Trojan), but I did not click anything and tried to use Task Manager to kill it, but the Toshiba was shut down prior to that, presumably by the virus. It then restarted automatically with a ThinkPoint screen. I used Task Manager to kill the program (hotfix.exe) and then started up explorer.exe. I noticed that there were multiple pw.exe's also open. On another, Mac computer, which I'm currently using now, I was trying to find how to go about removing the virus, when another program, System Tool, started to say that files were corrupted. There was also a Win 7 Antispyware 2011 program, CFSwMgr.exe, and csrss.exe. There may be more, but Task Manager gets shut down shortly after explorer.exe is started.

I tried to open Task Manager again and can't. Nor can I open any programs. System Restore was also ineffective.
Using a USB with U3, I tried to download the Malware Bytes installation from a third computer, a Fujitsu. Malware Bytes is not U3 capable (as far as I know), so we tried to simply install it from the USB to the Toshiba, but, of course, it was blocked by one my the multiple viruses. AWESOME.


A:Multiple Viruses, Impeding Solution to Any Single One

Just a clarification:

ThinkPoint causes explorer.exe to not work. When I reboot the computer, I can still use Task Manager. Once I kill ThinkPoint and start up explorer.exe, that is when all the other programs start up to raze my poor netbook.

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270413-how can i close the minimised windows
i have opened ten text files.( wordpad files). how can i close them altogether. if it is
excel files how can i close them in a single step?

A:how can i close multiple windows in a single step?

Place your cursor over the program icon in the bottom task bar. Right click. Choose Close all Windows and click it.

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Pretty new to the whole digital photography thing. I recently was given a digital camera and a frame with space for multiple tiny pictures. I've succeeded in resizing some of my favorites down to fit in the frame spots, but I haven't been able to print them out because I can't set them up on the page the way I want. Is there software where I can drag and drop the images onto the page layout without having them automatically resized?

A:Printing Multiple photos on a single page

Fotoslate is a good program


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Hi, I currently have 3 discs of recovery data to reinstall windows. Usually, during installation, the system will prompt the user to insert Disc 1, 2 or 3.Currently, my DVD RW drive is not working. Therefore, I am looking to transfer the data on the 3 DVDs to a single bootable usb (doing this on another laptop of course).Does anyone know how to go about doing this? (including software needed etc). Direct transfer without burning to windows first would be even better.
Thanks in advance.


A:How to Rip Multiple DVD (Recovery Data) to Single Bootable USB

I am not certain this will work.  I am sure you can make an ISO of each disc with Imgburn but the question is how to load the ISOs as though they were discs?  I know YUMI can make a multi-bootable flash drive but I'm still not sure it will work.  You may have to use some sort of CD/DVD emulator.
BTW, what version of Windows are you trying to reinstall?  Windows 7?  Were these discs supplied by the manufacturer?  We might be able to find another way around the problem.

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Hope everyone is doing well!

I need to connect 9 to 15 monitors to a single computer so that I can show multiple photos. Also, each monitor must be a slide show to avoid burn-in.

What hardware and software will I need?

Any help is really appreciated!

A:Connecting Multiple Monitors To a Single Computer

More computers!

I think you'll be better off with something like thin clients to drive the monitors, having that many monitors on a single system would be cumbersome and expensive. I'm not sure I even know if hardware exists to support this.

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I know that this is a Windows 8 forum, but I am using Windows 8 and wondered if you guys knew if there is a solution to what I am trying to do.

Is there a way that I can make a shortcut for Chrome that will open multiple URL's at once? I know how to make one that will open a single URL, but is there a way to open several? For example, can I make a shortcut on my desktop that will open, and all at once.

A:Chrome: Opening multiple URL's in a single shortcut

The new chrome I don't see a setting to open new pages in tabs. I assume it's the default behavior.

To open more than one url just leave a space between them. That's how my BrowserBunch program works.

XP and later the command tail can be up to 4095 characters long. So you can actually open quite a few.

Example target line
x:\chrome\chrome.exe site1 site2 site3 site4 site5

(I'm not typing in urls or the forum software will dereference the links)

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Hi , We are using Ghost2003 to creat and Copy the images of HDDs used in deffent machines. We are having total 5 defferent images. Can i burn all those images to a single Bootable Ghost Disk and during restore i can select which image i want to restore on HDD ??

A:Multiple Ghost images on Single disk

We are having total 5 defferent images.Can i burn all those images to a single Bootable Ghost Disk and during restore i can select which image i want to restore on HDD ??Something tells me you may not fit all 5 images on a single disk. I'd find out if they all fit first before going any further. If you have the images already made, just add them all up (their size on disk) and do the math.You should be able to make the disk bootable and just include a menu allowing you to choose which image to install. Research "bootable CD" or "bootable DVD" on google. If that doesn't work, google "el torito disk"

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Hi guys,

I haven't posted in a while, but I have a problem that is really beginning to frustrate me!

I was recently running a setup with dual monitors. This allowed me to move toolbars and menus out of the way to maximise working area when 3D modelling. Unfortunately, I've had to temporarily rever back to a single monitor.

The problem is, when I load the application and open the toolbars, they open off the screen, on the missing second monitor. I'm sure there is a quick and easy way of fixing this problem, but I can't find what it is for the life of me! I'd really appreciate it if somebody could help out.

Thanks very much.

A:Change from multiple to single monitor setup

For XP.
Right click the desktop and click properties.
Click the settings tab.
Right click the monitor with 2 in it and click the attached
listing to uncheck it.
Click apply/OK.
May have to restart.
For vista.
Right click the desktop and click personalize.
Click display settings at the bottom of page.
Do the same as above.

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I've run into a problem in excel that I'm not to sure how to solve. I've looked through numerous other posts about condensing data from multiple rows into columns but haven't run across a method of condensing multiple rows into a single cell on a new line.

Here is what I am trying to do.

I have a sheet with two columns which looks something like this:

ID Software
1 Software A
1 Software B
2 Software B
2 Software C
and so on... Each ID can have up to 50 Software items, what I need for a project database is for each piece of software to be in the same cell on a new line, like this:
ID Software
1 Software A
Software B
2 Software B
Software C

Where ID is one cell and the corresponding software is in another cell. I can then perform a vlookup to import this into the project database based on ID.

I was able to use code from another post to move those rows into multiple columns so that each ID has only one record, now is there an easy way to move those items all into one column?

Sub MoveRows()
vStart = 2
Do Until Range("A" & vStart).Row = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row + 1
If Range("A" & vStart).Value = Range("A" & vStart + 1).Value Then
Range("B1:G1").Copy Destination:=Cells(1, Cells(vStart, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column + 1)
Range("B" & vStart + 1 & ":G" & vStart + 1).Copy Destination:=Cells(vStart, Cells(vStart, Columns.Count).End(... Read more

A:Condensing Multiple Rows into a Single Cell


Sub ConcateRows()
Dim start As Range
Set start = Range("A2")
Do Until start = vbNullString
If start = start.Offset(1) Then
start.Offset(, 1) = start.Offset(, 1) & ", " & start.Offset(1, 1)
End If
Set start = start.Offset(1)
End Sub

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there is an address in cell A1 containing two locality and in another sheet column A contains database of locality. My question is how to find more than one locality from certain address.message edited by BipinBisht

A:How to search multiple value in a single cell in excel

Can you provide an example of what the cell contens will look like and what the 'database' looks like too?

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I'm quite confused about the "correct" use of databases. I have some basic knowledge of SQL and databasing from a course I was attending, in which data was always stored in several smaller datatables, and for presentations purposes a table of foreign keys was built. I do not understand why is that the case. As I'm being quite vague I'll use an example.

Say I want to create a database representing a library's book collection. My simple intuitive thinking would be something along the lines of:
1 table with the following fields BookName, Author, CopiesInStock, TotalCopies

But according to what I've learned, the "correct" way would be using 3 different tables:
table with the fields BookName, BookID,
table with the fields AuthoerName, AuthorID,
table with the foreign keys BookID and AuthorID, and the fields copiesInStock, TotalCopies.

Which is better? Which is more correct? And why?


A:Solved: Single datatable Vs. Multiple datatables

The reason for creating multiple 'small' datatables is normalization. See for details.

The most interesting part of the article for you is 'Problems addressed by normalization'. There are several anomalies you can avoid if you use normal forms. And normal forms mean 'smaller', multiple datatables.

On the other hand normalization usually means lower performance, so you can denormalize as well. The details are in the same article.

So you have to choose between speed penalty and anomalies. Many table <--> one table. It's your choice.

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Hi Friends,

I want to view multiple html pages in a single html page without using iframes.

Please help me...!!!

A:How to view multiple pages in a single page

Hi lisawilliam24, welcome to 7F!

Would this help? https://Multiple distinct pages in one HTML file | you would have to know how to run code.

https://Multiple Pages in Single HTML with continuity between pages |

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Hi, really hope you can help me with a tricky (I assume) VLOOKUP problem in Excel 2010,I have a spreadsheet provided by a colleague which lists asset information over a number of similar sheets. Each sheet is a room and the sheet lists up to 60 assets along with associated asset data. Each row is a unique entity/asset across the whole spreadsheet. On all these sheets the unique identifier is in Row A and I need to return the value in row W (asset life).I have added a MySheets sheet which lists the sheet names.I have added a master sheet which lists all entities (taken from another asset list) but has older data (which I need to update). I've added a blank column G next to the existing data that I want to compare. For each of the 7000 rows in the Master sheet I need to search for the same unique item in column B throughout all the other sheets (column A). I then need to return the value in column W from whatever sheet it is on into column G of the correct asset in the Master Sheeet. Sorry for the long winded explanation, hopefully it makes some sort of sense. I've tried various versions of VLOOKUP and INDEX (found after google searches) but can't work out the correct syntax. With luck one of you much cleverer individuals may be kind enough to assist.Many thanks in advance.message edited by GaryG

A:How to return single value searching multiple sheets?

It can be done, but it's a bit complicated, this page hasa good tutorial on how to get it to work: if it does what your looking to do.MIKE

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How can I have my mail boxes to be open on a single PC? On my iPhone, I can check my 5 email addresses without signing in and signing out. It is a pain to have 3 different hotmail addresses while signing in and signing out.

A:How can I have multiple emails open on a single PC like on iPhone?

Quote: Originally Posted by Erkronos

How can I have my mail boxes to be open on a single PC? On my iPhone, I can check my 5 email addresses without signing in and signing out. It is a pain to have 3 different hotmail addresses while signing in and signing out.

What email program are you running on your PC?


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Hi guys,

I'm in the middle of migrating users from 1 exchange 2003 server to another. (We need more space, its an old server)

Issue is that I have to keep some accounts on the original box for now, so i need to be using both box's at once. Mostly this isn't an issue since migrating the mailboxes is fine, accessing them on the new exchange from outlook is fine...

where my problem lies is that some of our users use OWA (outlook web access) and they cannot access this yet from the new server.
I use ISA 2004 to control all traffic on my servers and obviously have all the certificates in place and routing setup to route users entering to our OWA (on original server)
I am failing however to be able to setup so that users who have had their mailboxes moved to new server can access it via OWA while the rule in still in place pointing users to our original exchange server.

I thought about adding a DNS record to do this e.g.
but is there anyway to just use the 1 domain for both OWA sites? and not have to give users a new domain to use when trying to access their mail externally? especially since once all users are moved over, we will be using the original domain for accessing the new server anyway.

any help would be appreciated and if you have any questions that need answered to better understand the situation please feel free to ask.


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When opening a program I get a message saying "Choosing to explore 42 items at once may take a long time and cause your computer to respond slowly". Opening document files causes many other files / windows to open as well. Is this a virus or Windows issue?? None of the standard fixes I would normally use will allow me open them to solve it (system restore, task manager, Norton, creating a new user, etc).

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today i learned f.e.a.r. combat is still going despite gamespy servers shutting down.
i downloaded & installed the free to play game & noticed a problem.
at first i was only getting less than 30 frames per second, but then i read about a logitech HID fix.
that fix involves going into the device manager to disable all the 'HID-compliant' devices.
(they said the game engine does weird things with the logitech hardware because of the way the game engine polls the usb port)
after i did that, my frames per second went up above four times as high.

but i noticed a problem, about every second or two the game would pause for a split second.
i tried flipping around the settings for the game in the nvidia control panel for the specific game, but none of it made the problem go away.

i joined an empty server that was supposedly 50-60 miles away from me (had a ping of about 40ms) and i had fraps running.. well i spawned into the map & ran a fraps benchmark .. the benchmark results are 80fps minimum & 115fps maximum.
i didn't move the mouse or touch the keyboard & everything on the screen was still (nothing was animated) yet the frames were jumping up & down 35 frames per second.

why did i say the problem is showing up multiple ways?
on to that..
it doesn't matter if i use firefox or chrome, h.264 1080p 60fps videos on youtube simply won't play without problems.
720p 60fps videos play smooth with less than a dozen dropped frames the entire length o... Read more

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I know Microsoft stated, especially for XP that everything should be on 1 partition. XP would arrange the data, what was less used was put on the end of the drive (or almost) what was frequently used on the beginning of the drive.

In my opinion everyone (who wants to) should have 3-4 partitions, if the drive(s) are big enough, or if you have a raid solution you probably have even more space at hand.

Here is what i would do (and do). My old Dell Pentium lll, 600 mhz has only 1x15k Scsi drive of 18 gb. So the O.S. (Win2000 Pro) is on a partition of 8,5 GB. The second partition is used for stuff not for daily use but also for Office 2003.

However with the large disks available now ( a few hundred GB), i would suggest to use at least 3 partitions, i use 4 on the main computer.

So why this thread?

Personally i use the C: partition for the O.S. like everybody does.
then comes the O: partition with office 2007 on it for Word, Excel, Access documents.
Then there is the J: partition for the jokes and video stuff i receive daily from some friends. I save everything so right now 8,5 gb.
Finally the R: partition for the music and other stuff like downloads only used for installs like Dreamscene or whatever is downloaded. Once installed you hardly reuse this again

The benefit of having the OS on a stand alone partition (nothing else on it) is:

when crashing and the OS needs to be reinstalled, the Office documents, the foto's, video's etc will still be on the disk. If you put... Read more

A:View on multiple partitions on a single drive

Good point Fran?ois.


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I am trying to print up my task list in outlook 2002. I would like to print it up using the memo style as opposed to the table style. The problem is it won't let me print multiple items on one page. It has the print each item on a separate page checked and shaded so I can't uncheck it. Does anyone know why this is or how I can get around it. The table view doesn't have the detail I need like the time spent. To do each one on a separate sheet is prohibitively wasteful and time consuming.

A:Printing multiple tasks on a single page-outlook xp

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How to install Fedora core 6, Ubuntu 6.06 and Kubuntu in a single harddisk of 80 GB. Step by step installation is requested as I am an intermediary as far as Linux OS is concerned.

A:Installing multiple linux OS in a single hard disk

vsraman5 said:

How to install Fedora core 6, Ubuntu 6.06 and Kubuntu in a single harddisk of 80 GB. Step by step installation is requested as I am an intermediary as far as Linux OS is concerned.Click to expand...

Why do you want so many OSes?

Have you looked on the linux site?

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I recently bought a dell inspiron 14r laptop. It came with windows 7 Home premium which was pre-installed. The problem with it is, the whole 640GB was allotted to a single drive C. I want to repartition the hard disk into 6 drives. But they didnot gave me the windows 7 installation disk or its serial. What should i do now?

A:How to make multiple partitions from a Single pre-partitioned disk

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

How to use Dell Recovery Partition,make Recovery Disks & how to order Recovery Disks.
Dell - Support

I recently bought a dell inspiron 14r laptop.

I take this as being NEW. You most likely have three partitions, which is the MAX.

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management?

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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Not sure how to explain this, so thought i would attach the doc. Is it possible to print multiple images (as shown in doc) numerous times i.e 6 on one A4 sheet? Basically asking if you can somehow 'minmise' this 'flyer' so you can get 4/6 on a A4 sheet?

A:Solved: Word - printing multiple images from single doc?

Simple way would be to PDF it, then copy the PDF as an "image" and downsize it and place into a Word dociment 4 or 6 times?

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Basics: Windows 2003 Server with a domain behind Cisco 1811 router/firewall.
Primary Domain Controller and Secondary Domain Controller both Win 2k3. 30 workstations. Active Directory setup with roaming profiles. No proxy server.

Affected Workstation: Windows XP SP3 with IE8. Rebuilt TCP/IP stacks and Winsock on workstation. Removed and reinstalled IE. Listed 2 internal and 2 external DNS Resolvers in DNS tab. Can ping external IPs from command prompt.

Problem: I have a single user that can not log onto the Internet with IE8. No one else is having any issues. In the information bar at the bottom left when attempting to open Google (or anything else) it gives the "DNS Error.html" warning then displays "Website can not be opened". I can log this user off of the workstation, log on as admin or anyone else, and internet connectivity is no issue. If he logs onto a different computer that has no problems, he has the same issue of no connectivity. This would indicate that it is somewhere in his personal settings. How would I diagnos this or make changes in these settings so he can get on the internet? Or do I need to look somewhere else?

A:Single user can't connect to internet on IE8 on multiple machines.

Hello and Welcome to TSF!

See if resetting the Hosts File helps.

Also, please verify if you have any Proxy settings, if you do then remove it by following this guide.

An update will be appreciated.

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Hey all,

I have a folder with several sub-folders with hundreds of files within those sub-folders. Is there any script/batch commands that would allow me to move all these files into one folder.

It would save me having to go into each one of these folders and copy/paste them into the new directory.

If there is no easy way to write a script/batch file (BTW I know very little about writing Windows scripts..) can you recommend a third party application that can help me.

Thanks guys

A:Solved: Move multiple files into single folder

Posted via Mobile Device
Could be done with batch but I believe xxcopy has that functionality built-in to flaten a directory structure.

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Hi there

Is there any way to link directories on several DIFFERENT HDD's to the SAME top directory / library.

Trying a Multi-media server with video files on HDD1, HDD2, HDD3.

What I want is to say create a top level directory videos, then under that directories video1, video2 and video3,so my application which says Multi-media folder -- I could point to directory videos -- then I'd get the 3 folders as part of the top level directory.

(Using Spanned disks can work but I'd rather not go down that route these days as the 3 disks I want to use are EXTERNAL HDD's and spanned disks need ALL the drives to be available and if there's any error you lose THE LOT. !!! )

With Linux it's easy -- just create 4 directories in your /home folder say /mnt/videos as top level, then in this directory create 3 sub directories /mnt/videos1, /mnt/videos2, mnt/videos 3

then mount the devices /dev/sdb1, /dev/sdb2, /devsdb3 in /mnt/videos1, mnt/videos2, mnt/videos3

then browsing your home directory with mnt/videos you'll see all the data files in the 3 directories from all 3 HDD's -- no matter what their size, -- you only need a FEW BYTES too in your home directory !!. You don't actually copy or move any data from the HDD's to these directories. Things like search are great too since you point the search at the top level directory and the system will scan all the sub directories (so all 3 disks) too.

A lot of multi-media type programs seem only to handle ONE top level folder so when th... Read more

A:Link directories on MULTIPLE DRIVES to a single folder

Hello Jimbo,

You should be able to use Libraries for this in Windows 8.1 as well.

You could add folders from different locations to say your Videos library.
Library - Add a Folder to in Windows 8

Libraries - Include a Network Folder - Windows 7 Help Forums
Afterwards, you could set the "Default Save Location" and "Public Save Location" to what folder you want in the library.

Library - Set Default & Public Save Locations in Windows 8

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How to install Fedora core 6, Ubuntu 6.06 and Kubuntu in a single harddisk of 80 GB. Step by step installation is requested as I am an intermediary as far as Linux OS is concerned.

A:Installing multiple linux OS in a single hard disk

vsraman5 said:

How to install Fedora core 6, Ubuntu 6.06 and Kubuntu in a single harddisk of 80 GB. Step by step installation is requested as I am an intermediary as far as Linux OS is concerned.Click to expand...

Why do you want so many OSes?

Have you looked on the linux site?

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For the past couple of weeks (since a Firefox update) whenever i click my mouse multiple boxes open (especially tabs), or they open and quickly close.I have run a DDS and it is as follows:-DDS (Ver_09-03-16.01) - FAT32x86 Run by Owner at 12:17:37.18 on 03/05/2009Internet Explorer: 7.0.5730.13 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_11Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.991.370 [GMT 1:00]AV: COMODO Antivirus *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated)AV: ZoneAlarm Security Suite Antivirus *On-access scanning enabled* (Outdated)AV: avast! antivirus 4.8.1335 [VPS 090502-0] *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated)FW: ZoneAlarm Firewall *enabled*============== Running Processes ===============C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunchSVCHOST.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcsC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k WudfServiceGroupSVCHOST.EXESVCHOST.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\ZONELABS\vsmon.exeC:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exeC:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeSVCHOST.EXESVCHOST.EXEC:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exeC:\Program Files\Kontiki\KService.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\DRIVERS\W32X86\3\lxdiserv.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lxdicoms.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k imgsvcC:\... Read more

A:A Single Click of the Mouse Opens Multiple Tabs

It is now 10 days since I posted my problem, but alas no one has responded. Is anybody looking into this?===========Hello While we understand your frustration at having to wait, please note that Bleeping Computer deals with several hundred requests for assistance such as yours on a daily basis. As a result, our backlog is quite large as are other comparable sites that help others with malware issues. Although our HJT Team members work on hundreds of requests each day, they are all volunteers who work logs when they can and are able to do so. No one is paid by Bleeping Computer for their assistance to our members.Further, our malware removal staff is comprised of team members with various levels of skill and expertise to deal with thousands of malware variants, some more complex than others. Although we try to take DDS/HJT logs in order (starting with the oldest), it is often the skill level of the particular helper and sometimes the operating system that dictates which logs get selected first. Some infections are more complicated than others and require a higher skill level to remove. Without that skill level attempted removal could result in disastrous results. In other instances, the helper may not be familiar with the operating system that you are using, since they use another. In either case, neither of us want someone to assist you who is not familiar with your issue and attempt to fix it.We ask that once you have posted your log and are waiting, please DO NOT "bump... Read more

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Hiya folks

At work, we install a lot of different operating systems on computers, both for use within the school and for staff members' personal computers. In order to make things easier, we want to be able to create a USB pendrive that contains all of the operating systems we want to use and some form of menu to start the installation of each. The problem is, I've not been able to find guides that explain how to do exactly what we want. The operating systems that would be going on this are:

Windows XP Home OEM
Windows XP Pro OEM
Windows Vista Home Premium OEM (32-bit)
Windows Vista Business (32-bit)
Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit)
Windows Vista Ultimate (64-bit)
Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit)
Windows 7 Professional (32-bit)
Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit)
Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)
Ubuntu 9.10 (32-bit)
Ubuntu 9.10 (64-bit)

We have the CD/DVDs for all of these, but we don't like wasting consumables by writing multiple CDs (and of course they get scratched easily) and they fill up a lot of space when they're in those CD wallet things. Plus, my experience with installing from USB drives has been quite positive and seemed to go much faster than installing from CDs and DVDs.

Now, there are a lot there, but we have drives big enough. I know that I could use WAIK if I was only going to put Vista and 7 but as far as I am aware I can't use that with XP and I wouldn't even think that there was a remote chance of installi... Read more

A:Install multiple operating systems from single USB drive

You could use the Automated Installation Kit for Vista and W7 and the good old-fashioned unattended installation of XP across the network. Saves time, consumables and shoe leather.

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I have twenty-four pages in Microsoft Word 2000 format, each page a separate file. These pages have text boxes with text, text boxes with photos, some horizontal and some vertical pictures.

They were all created by my father-in-law (85 years young and doing well to do what he has done) who doesn't understand how to create a miltipage document for his Eighth Airforce Historical Society newsletter.

Now I must stitch these pages together into a single MSWord 2000 file so I can print 225 copies of this 24-page document in my duplexing printer (prints front and back in one operation).

Does anyone know how to join these? I'm under the gun on this and have to get his chestnuts out of the fire within two days or his newsletter will be late.

A:How to join multiple MS Word files into a single file?

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I am working in a very large spreadsheet and am having a problem with selecting individual cells. If I put my cursor in one cell it selects 6 more cells to the right as if they were merged while they are not. I am unable to copy formulas out of the single cell as it wants to select all 7. I don't know if it is a bug or what, but it is my 5 year financials and can't start all over. Does anyone have any ideas of what might be wrong? Please help!

A:Excel selects multiple cells in spreadsheet instead of single

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Is it possible to have a Vista media centre PC with multiple users?

For example is it possible to have the media centre set-up in your front room and have a monitor / keyboard in a separate room and have multiple users e.g. someone watching the media centre in front room while someone working in a study with a remoate monitor / keyboard - all from the same media centre box?

I have looked at some of the linksys / falcon etc... wireless media extenders but they only seem to extend movies / pictures / TV to another room and not the functionality of the PC through use of keyboard / monitor.


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How to extend dvi output to multiple hdmi monitors? Have Samsung Series 7 Slate tablet computer running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Nature of computer prevents swapping out graphics card/module. Please advise.

A:How to extend single dvi output to multiple hdmi monitors?

You can get an adapter to run a second monitor from a USB port. There are serveral available on amzon and such. Just search for "USB to HDMI Adapter" Assuming your Tablet has a USB port.

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Hey Friends and Neighbours!

Is there some way to install different standalone apps on one computer...

I have tried, but windows 7 tells me that I cannot have more than one installation installed at one time....

It tells me to uninstall the first app from the control panel....

Surely there is something I am missing....

Thanks in advance!!!!!

A:Multiple Access Runtime Apps on a single comouter

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I have multiple .dat(more than 100) files with me . Each contains data as below (sample).

5/07/2014|YEMU Euro BOB OXY FOB Rdam Bg Mini|Abcdfr Futures|10/1/2015|AOM|F||864.946|4.815|11/2/2015|5033
5/07/2014|YEMU Euro BOB OXY FOB Rdam Bg Mini|Abcdfr Futures|11/1/2015|AOM|F||858.765|4.715|12/1/2015|5033
5/07/2014|YEMU Euro BOB OXY FOB Rdam Bg Mini|Abcdfr Futures|12/1/2015|AOM|F||856.524|4.79|1/4/2016|5033
5/07/2014|YEMU Euro BOB OXY FOB Rdam Bg Mini|Abcdfr Futures|1/1/2016|FOG|F||860.039|6.172|2/1/2016|5033
5/07/2014|ZEMAL Euro BOB CAR FOB Rdam Bg Mini|Abcdfr Futures|2/1/2016|MIG|F||860.797|4.515|3/1/2016|5033
5/07/2014|ZEMAL Euro BOB CAR FOB Rdam Bg Mini|Abcdfr Futures|3/1/2016|ULM|F||859.065|4.099|4/1/2016|5033
5/07/2014|ZEMAL Euro BOB CAR FOB Rdam Bg Mini|Abcdfr Futures|4/1/2016|ULM|F||898.499|5.248|5/2/2016|5033
From this I want to create a dat file contains data for Licence ULM only.

Anybody please help

A:Solved: Import multiple dat file to single excel

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This is my first post. I installed windows 8 last night, not knowing all that much about it and realize its going to take a bit of getting used to. I'm upgrading (actually built a new computer, so its actually a fresh install) from a win 7 box that my wife and I share. We typically use a single user account, with auto login-- basically no or minimal security. She checks her email and facebook in a browser, and I'll do the same. I'm trying to figure out what's best for us with windows 8.

I want be able to try out and use the new interface and live tiles, but I suspect that given that we have different personal accounts for email, social networking, and such- it probably makes sense for us to have two separate windows accounts-- in fact, I'm curious if there is a way to have two sets of email/calendar live tiles on a single login account. Is this the case?

If I decide to use two separate accounts for win 8, instead of a single account, is there a way to make it easy to switch between users without needing to enter a password? (I suppose the answer will depend on whether the accounts are password protected to begin with; right now, I've got my account setup as a windows account w/ password).


A:Home computer: single account or multiple accounts?

I've been setting up 2 separate accounts for the past 2 weeks and I am nearly finished. The problem is I had to set up 2 new accounts on Outlook so as to be able to login and administer both and for each of us to login separately. The problem occurred when trying to separate emails for each other. I have had to login all our accounts on the web such as Amazon ebay etc, and give them each separate and new email addresses. Make no mistake this has to be done as in the future things will get very complicated having one email address for two people. Now it's finally done no probs.....

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Can I use a System Repair Disc created on one computer to Boot/Restore a second, different brand computer with its own System Image?

I ask this because I made one for a friend whose Dell created a System Image successfully but will not create a System Repair Disc due to a conflict with its native Dell Backup software. Will his Dell System Image be restorable using a System Repair Disc created on my non-Dell computer (with the same Win 7 64 bit OS version).

A:Can A Single System Repair Disc Be Used On Multiple Computers?

Don't be concerned about repair discs, etc.
Do what I and most of the other senior forum members do
Download the free Macrium Reflect.
Once every few weeks make a system image of your hard drive.
Put the image on an external hard drive.
No matter what happens (as long as it is not hardware) you can be up and running with the image. Nothing to reinstall.

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As the title says I was wondering whether if there is a way to make the lockscreen slideshow just show one picture at a time filling the whole screen rather than occasionally showing multiple at different sizes.
An example of what I mean.
Any help will be appreciated.

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"How to Create a System Image in Windows 8 and 8.1" at System Image - Create in Windows 8

includes the following approach for create multiple system images on a single external drive. Will this approach work in Windows 10?

1. Navigate to the backup location above for where you saved a system image that you want to keep before creating a new system image.

2. Right click, or press and hold, on the WindowsImageBackup folder, and click/tap on Rename.

3. Rename it to something like WindowsImageBackup-Copy-1, press Enter, and click//tap on Yes if prompted by UAC.
NOTE: This way you can just easily change the 1 an the end of the name to 2, 3, 4, etc... for each new system image that you make a copy of.

4. You now have a different system image version that you can leave at this location to be able to keep multiple versions.
NOTE: When you want to restore a system image in a renamed WindowsImageBackup-Copy-1 folder in the future, then you must rename the current WindowsImageBackup folder first, then rename the WindowsImageBackup-Copy-1 folder back to WindowsImageBackup in order to be able to restore it. The WindowsImageBackup folder must be in the root directory of the drive, and not within another folder.

A:Can I create multiple system images on a single external drive?

Hello Robert,

Yes, you can use the same method in Windows 10 to create and save multiple system images on the same drive.

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Our company has users who work at client locations and are attached to the clients domain. Is there a way to configure their Outlook 2003 client for two exchange accounts on the same profile? We use RPC over HTTP so our users can access there exchange account without being joined to our domain. I am interested if there are other email clients that support this functionality or the configuration for Outlook. Any advise or direction is appreciated. Thanks!!!

A:Is there a way to access Multiple Exchange accounts on a single email client?

Why not use webmail to access one account, and exchange for the other?

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Hi everybody!

We have a company organisation chart in a document by itself, but it appears in other documents. Is there a way to link/insert/reference the main document into other documents so changes made in one will automatically update within all?

I know you can insert a document by dragging into into another document, however when you update the original it does not seem linked like how I'd need it.


Alex Dunnett

A:Having multiple Word 2010 documents update with a single change


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Scanning a single seashell using the stage creates a 3D model with multiple instances of the seashell.  I have run the calibration routie but I get the same results before and after the scan.Any suggestions?   

A:Multiple Objects Captured Scanning single object with Stage

Here is the resulting scan of the single seashell.  The seashell did not move on the stage when being scanned.

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We use Peoplesoft within a browser.  We had some software upgrades including an upgrade to IE 9.  When I open multiple tabs within a single browser instance, I used to manage unique activities in each tab.  Say I open an "Items"
menu in one tab and a "Requisition" menu in another tab, then do work or investigation within the Items tab.  If I start to work within the Requisition tab, in less than a minute the content of the Requisition tab will clear and I get the message
"THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE."  And "To continue, return to your most recent active page or select one of the navigation icons in the header above." 

Whatever I saw in the Items tab now is duplicated in the Requisitions tab after the error message is displayed.  All work in the Requisitions screen is replaced by a duplicate of the previous tab.
No back button is used at any time.
Our I.T. says it's Peoplesoft and Peoplesoft says it's the browser.  I have a feeling there is a setting within IE 9 that can be tweaked to turn off this bleeding between tabs.  It didn't bleed between tabs in the previous version of IE. 
Any inspiration? Suggestions?

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ok, heres the setup:
Windows 7 64 bit ultimate.
I have a drive that I am sharing called M drive
I have ONE user, named user1 with a password of ab

Is it possible to say map the M drive on another computer using the user1 and ab password while at the same time accessing that same mapped share on another computer (example playing a movie through that share). at the same time?
See I have a Western Digital media player and while I was coping a movie TO the shared folder, the WD dropped seeing the shared computer all together. As soon as the transfer finished, the shared computer was visible again. I am trying to narrow down the problem and i suspect the WD tv player to be the problem............. any thoughts? do i need to provide more info? thanks in advance.

A:network share single user multiple connection and simultaneous

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Hello Tech Guys..

I have a facebook account for work and another one personal, and another one for my family, sometimes it's distrubing to log in into the 3 accounts at once,
is there any solution how to log into the 3 accounts using a single Skype ID? or a chat webpage such as meebo before instant chat which acquired by google on the 11 of july 2012, I used to log in meebo using my 2 MSN accounts an 1 yahoo account at once, it was a great one indeed,

Kindly advise if any solution, many thanks

A:How to log in multiple facebook accounts with a single skype ID or a unique webbased

You can only have one Facebook account per their terms of service. You'll soon find 2 of them closed, possibly all 3. Start cleaning that up now.

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I am trying to match two fields in two different tables.

Table 1:
Account #1 | Name #1 | Days #1
Account #2 | Name #2 | Days #2

Table 2:
Account #1 | Code #1 | Charge #1
Account #1 | Code #2 | Charge #2
Account #1 | Code #3 | Charge #3

Now when I match on Account #, I get:

Account #1 | Name #1 | Days #1 |Code #1| Charge #1
Account #1 | Name #1 | Days #1 |Code #2| Charge #2

Is there a way I can eliminate double entries of Days #1? My end goal is to sum up all the days (Days #1 + Days #2...+ Days #n). Currently, there are duplicates in this field.

I hope I was able to explain my issue well. Please do let me know if you need clarification. Above all, thank you for spending your valuable time trying to resolve this problem of mine.

A:Solved: Access 2003: Match Multiple Values to Single

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I have a very simple DB set up. There are five columns: Project | Version | Link | Complete | Dependencies

My issue is with the Dependencies column. The dependencies column will list projects (see first column) needed by the project in that record. My issue: many of my Projects have four or five Dependencies! How do I enter those multiple values?

Endgame: I want to be able to print a report that shows me all the projects that are both A) Marked Complete B) Have all Dependencies marked Complete. Also, I want to print a list of complete projects that are being held up by dependencies.

Is there a way to do this in Access or am I going to have to try with a different program?

A:Solved: Access 2007: Multiple values in a single field

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I have a single Access 2007 table with too many fields to display on a single form page. How do I add additional forms and have the forms update and see the same record?

A:Using multiple forms to update a single record in Access 2007

TLE, welcome to the Forum.
I would use a Tabbed Form, the Tabs all use the same Table or Query.

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Help Request: formula or macro to Import all text files (tab seperated text file) in one worksheet
(NOT as seperate sheets in one work book). [Excel 2013]

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Excel: How to import multiple text files in single worksheet

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Hi there! First post. My question to all you tech-ies out there.
I am currently running 10 computers attached via wired network to a server running xp pro at my business. From home, I have set up remote desktop so that I can log in to my server and operate the software I need to from home, using the server as another workstation.
I am looking at uprgrading a few other computers to XP pro, (yeah) or sadly Vista Business (boo) which will allow connections to those computers too. I know about port forwarding, because I had to with the server that is connecting to the Web by a D-Link router. I want to make my salesmens computers which will have remoted desktop host enabled on them to be available from their offsite computers. I've searched the web, and found a few diff. ideas on this, but would like your opinions on this one that I found. My questions is, can the connections from offsite be performed concurrently.
"Well, you could make it a whole lot easier on yourself and just setup port forwarding on your work router like this:
external port -> internal IP -> local port
3889 -> -> 3889
4889 -> -> 3889
5889 -> -> 3889
In this case, you now have one pass-thru and two redirected ports. This means you don't need to modify anything on each host, only the network configuration changes. Note you can reach each rdp session remotely using your public IP address and one of the external ports. Say your public ... Read more

A:Solved: Remote Desktop - Exposing Multiple computers over single IP Address

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Referring to the post with subject line "Solved: Excel: How to import multiple text files in single worksheet", which is already in solved state.
I had a doubt and so i have opened a new thread for this.
I have downloaded the first sheet attached in the post mentioned above and I have changed the file names in the sheet2. But of no result.
Here I just wanted to know the procedure of how to use this to import the data from text files.
Please help me here. Early reply is highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance for the help.

Nagasayana reddy J

A:Solved: Excel: How to import multiple text files in single worksheet

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I use w10 on 3 devices, a mid range gaming PC, linx7 tablet, and lumia640. On the whole the experience is pretty good, syncing works well, reminders, alarms, contacts etc. This was one of the reasons I opted for android early, using chrome on a PC gave a similar, yet skimmed down, one OS feel.
I've not had one BSOD since updating the 'rig', my mobile works great, and the tablet is amazing for ?49! I was talking to my father in law who uses all 3 main OSs every day, and we both agree that windows just feels more 'grown up' than iOS or android. He wants a win10 phone next to replace his android (he'll have to keep the company iPhone4).
So like I said, does anyone else have a similar experience?

A:Who else uses w10 across multiple devices?

yeah i have no probs with my Lumia 920, HP work laptop and 2 of table computers at home.

just pisses me off to have the same background on each computer and i seem not to be able to find a setting to keep that sync out

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I want to use the audio simultaneously from my ati 4550 HDMI, Sony blue-tooth speaker via usb BT dongle, 3.5mm jacks on my mobo, and also from a spdif and digital coax linked to the mobo via on board header to expansion bracket with ports.

I know this all may sound like overkill, however I don't have the funds for high end switches / replicators, etc. So manually changing them has been a hassle.

I have done some reading and I know se7en doesn't let you. I did this with xp x64.

Anyone know of a "work-around" or hack to enable all devices at once?

Intel E2140
Intel DQ965CO
4gb Kingston 667mhz
MSI r4550
Ultra MD3 Dashboard
Gyration RF MCE Universal Remote


From what I see, you can only have one "Default" Playback device so I doubt that what you want to do can be accomplished.

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Integrate Multiple Antivirus Rescue Disk into One Single Disc or USB Flash Drive with SARDU ? Raymond.CC Blog

A:Integrate Multiple Antivirus Rescue Disk into One Single Disc or USB Flash Drive.


I like it!

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hi, i'm relatively new here, so i'm not really sure how to do this but alot of my games are having problems i.e. ? has cause in invalid page fault in unknown. I am led to believe it is a soundcard problem, i use an onboard sound card with the VIA VT1612A 2-channel audio Codec and i look in multimedia properties under audio devices, i had two different ones, Audio for via Ac'97 Enhanced Audio Controller(WDM), and Audio for Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM), i was told by a friend to uninstall the drivers and then reinstall to fix this, i did, now on top of those two devices i have a second Audio for Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM). I also have three MIDI for WDM-based Device. ANd Mixer for VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller (WDM), along with two Mixer for Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM),this may be normal, but like i said i'm relatively new at this and it doesn't really look normal, so can someone please help me? Thank You

A:need help, multiple audio devices

Look at the back of your computer. Do you have onboard sound AND a seperate PCI sound card? If so then you need to disable the onboard sound in the BIOS setup and use only the PCI sound card.

Now go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall ALL VIA AC97, AC97, Vinyl audio drivers and anything else that looks like it goes to sound drivers.

Then go to Device Manager and uninstall/remove all remaining VIA/Vinyl/AC97 devices listed under the Multimedia heading. Reboot only after all are removed.

Then download the latest VIA Vinyl drivers. When you first run the new driver setup program it will look to see if there are still drivers installed, if it finds any then it give you the option to uninstall them. Do that and reboot.

Then run the VIA installation again and install the drivers, and reboot.

At any point Windows may redetect the sound card and want to reinstall the drivers - let it. Do NOT click Cancel on the Found New Hardware Wizard. If all goes well prior to install the latest driver the sound card should be detected as a PCI Multimedia Device and that means all the drivers will have been removed.

Here's the latest drivers:
They are in a ZIP file, once extracted you need to run the SETUP.EXE file to install the drivers.

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I use laptop, with system speaker volume too low, almost inaudible.
It has inbuilt sigmatel HD audio, with 3.5 mm jack ( I do connect my headphone with it).
I also posses a bluetooth headset (DELL).

Is there any way I can get output to both the headsets?

I need this to watch movie, so that me and my room partner can easily listen via saperate sets fo headphone without difficulty.

A:using multiple sound devices

as far as i know you cannot output to two audio devices at the same time from one program unless the program alows this (eg. PCDJ)

To solve the problem you could get a 3.5mm spliter and another set of 3.5mm headphones but this would probably require a trip to an electronics shop unless you have one already.

also post what OS you are running in case someone else knows of another way.

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