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Solved: Wireless Router Networking and Firewall problems OR

Q: Solved: Wireless Router Networking and Firewall problems OR


Need your help once again please.

This area I am not very good at.

Trying to connect in the initial stage 2 lap tops(later another desktop), both have WINXP.

The specs of the networking is as follows/
Broadband line in on ADSL2 PLUS Router, a Beetel 110BX1

From here I connect/split via the RJ CABLE ON TO

I get part success ie
I can open Yahoo on both, upto Inbox PAGE but attempting to open
individual page, no luck. The command seems to go but times out.
Most of the Wesbsites do not open, not even TECHGUY, only one I managed is
My Windows firewall IS OFF BUT I use the trusty COMMODO INTERNET SECURITY on both.
Any ideas what I can do from here to get things going normally?

All tips welcome with thanks.

A: Solved: Wireless Router Networking and Firewall problems OR

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I've had problems for some time with 'Page cannot be displayed' message. I've jumped through many hoops trying to fix the problem, many of them with Zone labs, because I was using Zone Alarm. I've done many things they requested, including reading dozens of other reports of very similar sounding problems. It seems that the folks at Zone Labs are not really intent on fixing the problem. Earlier today I shut down the firewall and started the one included with my Windows XP system. Since then I've had no problem.

Not conclusive? Right, but it sure feels good so far. I haven't gone this long for months without having to do a repair or restart.

I don't remember why I decided not to use the Windows firewall in the first place. Am I in more jeopardy now than I was yesterday? I have AVG for virus protection and, as recommended in earlier incidents here, I run AdAware and Spybot S & D on a regular basis.

Anyone able to puncture my euphoric balloon? Thanks for any feedback.

A:Firewall Problems With A Wireless Router

Although I'm no authority ... my information is dependent on the advice and suggestions of others ...
a firewall that effectively blocks the action of any intrusive code aimed to your PC from the internet,
allows no unwarrented actions regarding connectivity, behaves in relationship with all other software,
and otherwise prevents connection of sites that are undesirable to it, is a good one.

It should also "cloak" the identity of your PC itself, so it's unique descriptive features are not detected by any internet-based sources.

Microsofts Firewall does these things.

Each connection to the internet you make is dependent on the functioning of applications and services running on your PC, to some degree.
Your browser needs to be able to function to visit sites. Applications need to run that will allow installation of software. The operations within media players, some video display functions, or those of the Windows Explorer involving file & folder access, for example.

You can modify how these "local" applications perform.
The use of a toolbar cookie-blocker is an example.
Using a host file modification to block URLs.
Enabling filtering applications of many kinds,
like Javacool's SpywareBlaster for ActiveX installations,
or parental-control software, you are making modifications
designed to provide an additional layer of control to the
"default" configurations present in the OS that deal with connectivity to the net.

Zone Alarm, being... Read more

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I'm having problems playing multiplayer games through the Netgear wireless router.
I have allowed it in McAfee, but now, I think that the firewall on the router is now the problem. How can I change the settings on it?

A:Netgear wireless router firewall problems

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Hi can anyone help? I'm having problems (wired) networking 2 pc's both on xp to share broadband. i have the two ethernet cables going into the router as well as the adsl line. The two computers can see each other but the problems is, it would appear is the router. When i got to belkins auto setup on it infrequently works. when i do get a connection one of the computers has limited access to certain sites like ebay. I have turned off xp's firewall, left panda anti virus on, and even tried turning off the routers firewall but when i do that i lose connection. It seems that the router is unstable! Is there a possible firewall/security conflict going on here? why do i keep loseing connection? any help would be much appreciated! also one of the computers has "stopit" dialer installed recently set up for broadband, might this be a problem too, can't uninstall this by the way!

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Just purchased and installed a WRT300N to replace a DLink wireless router that was having some performance problems. The DLink worked ok except it had lousy range and speed to the Internet. But it worked and I was able to use it with an IBM NetVista desktop and 2 IBM ThinkPad’s to connect to the Internet and to share an HP Network ready printer that was plugged into Port 4 of the router.

With the Linksys, the Desktop is wired directly to Port 1 of the router and that worked fine right out of the box. I had some problems connecting with the laptops so with some help from the Linksys call centre I was able to get them connected to the net using the EasyLink Connect download tool. All was good it seemed. However the next day I went to print from one of the laptops and it could not find the printer, the home network but could still get out to the Internet. Same with the other Laptop and the desktop. Another call to Linksys support and he had me verifying the router config (all looked good) but when we tried to ping the laptops from the desktop, we got nothing. Time outs. Same with the laptops to the desktop. So, net result is everything works fine going out to the Internet, but the internal home LAN is not working. I only use Windows Firewall and wireless WEP security is set on each device (and obviously working as all can get to the Net). The tech said it must be a Windows problem or an IBM problem and he quickly passed the buck and closed the call. Not impressed! Everything w... Read more

A:Solved: Wireless Networking with Linksys WRT300N Router

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Ok so first off ill tell you what im running too hopefully give you the info needed to help me out.
Linksys BEFSR41 = Router
Linksys EZXS88W = 8 Port Workgroup Switch
Original PC = OS = Xp, 1 Account (Admin), Bosses computer.
Second PC = OS = Xp, 2 Accounts (Both Admins), co-workers PC
Third PC = OS = Vista, 2 Accounts (Both Admins), MY PC
I def have it wired right considering no one is having problems getting the internet.

To start, i was not here originally when my company setup the Modem and Router. When i got here i was literally swapping the cable with my co-worker to use the internet. We had some electricians come and setup wall outlets, so that now, we all have internet all the time on all PC's. To do this i installed the 8 port switch to the router because prior to that with all 3 computers connected, only 2 of 3 would actually get online, using this switch fixed that. Here it is a month later, and i have been asked to NETWORK all these computers together.

I have gone in on each pc and followed any guide there is to make sure i have all settings correct to be able to share files/programs over a small office network. Each computer is on the same workgroup and all that good stuff, yet i cannot see any other computer but mine on the network.

My best guess was there is a setting in the router that is stopping me from networking, so as usual i typed into my web browser and got the standard login screen.

NOW . i know that all linksys routers come wit a... Read more

A:Solved: All sorts of problems (networking and router help!!!!)

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I'm attempting to help a friend with a networking and router problem.

She was on her computer, and everything was working alright as of yesterday - then all of the sudden, she underwent a lot of networking problems similar to those under a very heavy firewall. Her download speeds were fine up until then - as of now, she can only download at roughly 15 kilobytes per second, a fraction of what her download speed was before.

Since yesterday, all of the computers on her local area network connection constantly have ping timeouts and are generally slow and unstable. Windows Firewall keeps turning itself on, I believe - but I haven't taken a look at it; additionally, programs keep telling her that specific ports are blocked, but she cannot rectify the problem when she opens the ports on her router control panel.

Are there any programs or users that could diagnose her networking problem? She is using a Linksys BEFSR41-v3.

A:Solved: Router and Firewall Problems.

unlug the modem and router router for 10 secs.

power the modem and let it aquire the signal, then power the router.

i don't use the firewall within xp or a 3rd party fw, just the router both wired/encrypted wireless.

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I'm a newbie when it comes to networks...and I would really appreciate it if someone could advise me of the steps that I need to take to network two computers.

The PC's are both running Windows 2K and I would like to network them via a D-Link, 4 port internet broadband router (with firewall).

I have the firewall correctly configured and operating well from one PC, but unfortunately the maker's help for networking only covers it in Windows XP.

I would like to be able to see the entire (C) drives of each machine from the other machine and on my previous attempts at networking (before I had the router) I never managed this - just a few designated files etc and only from one machine.

Both machines have had a clean installs of the OS and I would love to try and get it right this time.
Muchos Thank yous

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Im trying to run a wireless network to two IBM Thinkpads through a Netgear wireless router(model: FWG 114P) from a Hughesnet modem.

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Im trying to run a wireless network to two IBM Thinkpads through a Netgear wireless router(model: FWG 114P) from a Hughesnet modem. Im getting a connection, but it wont let me do anything on any browsers. What do I do?

A:Solved: wireless networking problems

Im getting a connection, Click to expand...

Meaning you can ping the router? Ping a web site? If so, what OS and service pack level do you have? If not, for one show ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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i'm having serious trouble setting up a wireless network in my house.
my sister and i both have laptops that we would like to use with wireless internet.

the computer (desktop) i'm on has a wireless card in it. i keep trying to set up a network through the network connection wizard, but it never works. i tried doing it manually, i tried doing it with the USB drive, nothing.

what could i possibly be doing wrong? i know for sure that my wireless network card in my laptop is compatible with the card in this one, but i'm not sure about my sisters.

any help?

A:Solved: wireless networking problems...

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Just switched over to AT&T DSL from Road Runner Cable Modem.

While I had the cable modem, I used a Linksys WRT54G wireless router that had my PC and laptops connected to it.

Since I switched to AT&T DSL, I have been using AT&T's all-in-one device, the Westell DSL modem/wireless router/firewall.

I've noticed that uPnP doesn't work as well on the Westell as it did on the Linksys. I also had to change some settings to get my VPN to connect to my company's network.

Which is better? Should I put the Westell in bridged mode, and reconnect my Linksys? Or keep it the way I have it running it though the all-in-one device?

Thanks in advance.

A:Westell DSL modem/router/firewall VS. Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router

I'd put the Westell in bridged mode, which will then emulate your old configuration, which apparently worked properly.

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Belkin G wireless router 2.4ghz-802.11g
Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN mini-card

I am having an odd problem with the wireless capability of my wireless router. When I first got my router I used the Software included but that did not work so I set up my network manually. For several months everything was working perfectly and both physical and wireless connections to the router were working. Recently the wireless capability of the router has stopped working, however it still emits a strong signal and functions perfectly as a non-wireless router.

The problem my laptop encounter when it is try to connect is that the connection status constantly displays "Authenticating". I have tried to rebuild the network, no effect. Have clicked on the repair button, it sits indefinilty on the step "renewing IP address". I have tried physically entering my IP address, no effect. I am positive the problem is not my laptop wireless card because it still fuctions perfectly on all other networks.

Is this a networking problem or is it just time to get a new router?

A:Solved: Belkin G Wireless Router, Wireless Problems

Reset the router to factory default settings and reconfigure. Initially try to connect wirelessly with encryption disabled.

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I have a small (5) peer to peer network running Win XP Pro. I would like to add an additional wireless router to existing setup.

Exisiting setup is a PC with a Compex DS 2216 router and a Cisco firewall, netiher of which I have the private IP addresses for. The wireless router to be added is a NetGear WGR 614. I am think I may have to set the second router as an access point, but am clueless how to do this.

Am I on the right track?

A:How do I add a second wireless router to existing router or firewall?

Why do you want to add a second router? Adding an access point will save you a lot of trouble.

If you insist on using a router then there was a thread about using two Linksys routers the hard way. You can also connect the routers using the easy way by using the LAN ports only.

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I have a linksys E1500 wireless router and it suddenly stopped working. I went through their tech support but they couldn't figure it out ether. When it is connected directly to the wall via ethernet cable it works fine but when I connect the ethernet cable to the router the wireless doesn't work. I get signal but I can't connect to the internet. I got a new router this time a Linksys E1200 because thats all they had and installed it but I am still getting the same problem. my internet service provider is SLIC. Could anyone help and I you could explain it in a way that person who doesn't know what any tech lingo like DHCP, DMS, subnet mask means. I did a IPCONFIG /ALL and this is what I got.

A:Solved: wireless router problems

The ipconfig /all shows an apparently good Wi-Fi connection to a router. Please show these tests the same way you ran/displayed the ipconfig results ...





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Hi all, I recently got the ZyXEL P-660HW-D3, and I managed to set it up just fine. It's connected to two computers via Ethernet and there are no problems with the internet. However, when I try to connect wirelessly with a laptop, the internet on both computers go. I am still able to login to MSN or talk on mIRC, but none of the browsers work. I've tried IE, FF and Opera. The internet on the laptop works fine though.

Anyone know what's wrong?
I'm running WindowsXP on all computers.

A:Solved: Wireless Router Problems

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I have just bought a new linksys router, and a laptop. I have a desktop running vista, and I have my laptop running vista. How can i configure the network to let me share files through the linksys router?

A:Networking over a wireless router

Please, does anybody know!?!?!

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Ok i have my modem connected into my Airlink router, and an ethernet cord from that going into my ethernet slot and my internet runs perfectly find, fast, and smooth! but....i have my sisters computer hooked up to it with the wireless part and i have a feeling it's not at its highest potential because it disconnects frequently and when it is connected it doesn't get past "good" connection rating...and our rooms are RIGHT next to eachother...

what could i have done wrong?


thanks soo much!

A:wireless router networking??!!?

You probably haven't done anything wrong; the first thing to look for is interference. Interference can be from a 2.4Ghz cordless phone, microwave, almost anything electrical, a metal object in or near the signal path (metal in the wall, filing cabinet, stack of CDs, etc.). Even the computer itself depending on its position relative to the adaptor and signal source.

If you have 2.4Ghz phone, that's almost definitely the cause of the disconnects; unplug it and remove the battery for a test.

Otherwise, move the router and/or computer to try to avoid other interference.

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I have a PC and a Notebook (both running Windows XP SP2) NOT networked but both hard wired to an ADSL Firewall Router (via Ethernet). I would like to be able to use my notebook 'around the house' - so a wireless router seems the obvious answer.

I shied away from wireless previously because the consensus seemed to be that wireless wasn't as secure as hard wired - however, I think it's time for me to 'bite the bullet' but I have a serious knowledge gap ;-)

I don't think I need a wireless PCMCIA card for the laptop - am I right?
My laptop is an Acer TravelMate 4601WLMi - the various labels say - 'Centrino - 802. 11b/g wireless lan' - 'Acer SignalUp: High-efficiency antenna technology.' and the Device Manager listing for Network Adapters shows:
1. 1394 Net Adapter
2. Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet
3. Intel(R) POO/Wireless 2200BG Network connection.

I think I DO need a PCI adapter wireless net card for my PC (there's nothing at all there at the moment for this)

Obviously I need a wireless router - should I be looking specifically for a FIREWALL wireless router?

Or is it possible to put the wireless router BEHIND my existing firewall router? (maybe this is a real silly suggestion) ;-(

Last question: Will it be possible to use the wireless router to network the two computers together - but keep them indepentently able to go online. For instamce, I don't want the notebook to have to access the pc for it'... Read more

A:Wireless Router/Networking

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I have a D-link wireless router and two computers, a desktop which accesses the router via direct cable and a laptop which accesses it wirelessly. I have in the past been able to network two pc's using this kind of set up so that each computer can access the other's files, etc. But on this occasion the stars have aligned agin me...

I have followed online instructions, making sure both computers are assigned to the same workgroup and asigning the correct share settings on both, but when I try to access the workgroup on either pc I get the error message shown in the attached screen shot.

Any help mucho appreciado...

A:networking 2 pc's thru wireless router

try having a look through this link
TCP/IP Home Networking and File Sharing Tutorial

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Here is the dilema. The house I am in has the ethernet jacks in the basement to all the rooms, and ther are 4 bedrooms with computers....but I also have a laptop that uses wireless (which is weak signal from basement).

The way it is set up now is that the cable modem goes to the wireless (netgear) and out one of the lan ports of the wireless goes to the router(linksys) in the basement. The router in the basement then feeds all of the computers from there.

I have no problem going online, but what I really want is to be able to network the wireless connections with the lan connections. The wireless is setup as and the other is I know I have to change the 3rd number to be the same to be on the same network, but when I do that it goes crazy.........any tips

I have tried disabling DHCP on the linksys with a new IP and it didn't help, right now it is active on both


A:Networking with wireless router AND lan router!!

Connect the routers using their local ports, the only connected WAN port should be the one going to the cable modem. You have to disable at least one of the DHCP servers. And of course you have to make sure the local addresses of the routers themselves are different (but in the same subnet).

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hi everyone. can anyone help me with my problem? i have a d-link DIR-600 wireless router connected to another router (which is the main line by the way). i always experience disconnection every morning. i tried resetting the router to its factory settings and i am back online. this has been going on for 3 days already. the router is used by the school, and we have at least 20 PCs connected to it, wireless and wired. i am from the Philippines and we have a DSL internet connection.

A:Solved: wireless router connection problems

need to establish exactly what is disconnecting
is it just the d-link DIR-600 that is disconnecting or does the main router disconnect

If just the d-link DIR-600 is it both cable and wireless or just the wireless

assuming as your post implied , its just the d-link DIR-600 wireless
would you do the following from a PC
would you post the following tests when the internet is working OK, and then repeat ALL the tests when the internet disconnects.
Make sure you also indicate on the reply which tests are for what condition.
please include the xirrus screen shots for both conditions - see how below.

ipconfig /all
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply
Note: you will see entries named Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface: we dont need to see that information - JUST the infomation above those entries

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

For Windows 8
to open a Cmd Prompt or... Read more

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I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. I've had it for about one year with no problems. Occasionally, over the time I've owned it, I've been unable to connect to the internet wirelessly. Every time this has occurred in the past, I've just unplugged the modem and the router and plugged them back in about a minute later. That's always fixed the problem.

Suddenly last night the wireless internet went out. I reset the modem and router multiple times and it still wouldn't work. I finally got the wired internet to work on my desktop but the router doesn't seem to even be putting off a wireless signal. Both my laptop and iPhone are reflecting that my wireless network simply isn't there.

I tried logging into the router's settings and it's saying my password isn't correct. I know I'm using the right password, as I've logged in multiple times in the past.

Is the router a brick now or is there some way to fix this?

Any advice is much appreciated.


A:Solved: Wireless Linksys Router Problems

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Hi All
I'm hoping someone out there will be able to help me because I am stuck and confused.

I purchased a new laptop and a Belkin N Router.
I am wanting to plug the router into my wired PC which has Virgin Cable broadband and then use my laptop to wireless access it.

I have read the instructions on how to plug in the various leads and know which goes where and how to boot each one for set up, but that's it!! The problem is...

In the the back of my Vigrin Modem, I have always had a blue ethernet lead and a USB lead that both connect into the back of my PC. Now..I understand from various sources, that I should not need both to connect and only need the this correct?

If so...I have tried unplugging the USB and kept only the blue ethernet in, the router lights up wonderfully and all correctly after that, but my internet connection drops and a message comes up saying it has failed to get connecton or connection is limited. The only way it will work with full connection is with USB lead in...but if I put this is, the router will not work and flashes an orange error light (modem light) instead of a blue.

I have looked in the internet connections and the Lan connection is a USB if thats the do I change that and get an connection through my ethernet only, for my router to work?

Does anyone know what I need to do to correct this or what I might be doing wrong??

My PC has XP and new laptop will be running on Vista, if that's of ... Read more

A:Solved: Wireless Router Setup Problems

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Okey guys i need your help. Ive bought a d-link dir-300 wireless router connected my ethernet cable to lan port1 and and another ethernet cable to lan port two and my desktop pc. I went to my laptop and saw the dlinskys connection but it was unsecure. I double clicked on it,entered the pin adress made it - security type wpa2-personal(recomended) and the AES encryption. But somehow the internet on the wireless laptop is local only in vista. In my desktop pc is perfectly fine. And i cannot acsess the usual my ip adress is

A:Solved: Problems d-link wireless router

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My problem is that I can not access the internet and print at the same time. I access the internet thru a modem with a ethernet connection directly to my laptop and I also have a wireless router (TrendNet 54 Mbps, TEW-432BRP) that I use to connect 2 printers.

If I want to use the internet I have to disconnect the wireless router and then if I want to print, I have to re-connect the wireless router which then prevents me from accessing the internet. I can only connect to one of these at a time which is driving me crazy.

I also receive error messages about ip address conflicts on my laptop so I don't know if this has anything to do with my problem. I hope someone can help me with this.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU B815 @ 1.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4039 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1795 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 260242 MB, Free - 119605 MB; D: Total - 29690 MB, Free - 27423 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO, Base Board Product Name
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Thanks & God bless,


A:Solved: Ethernet & Wireless router problems

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I have a Netgear Wireless N-300 Router and I'm able to get on the internet on my computer that is hardwired into the router, but the wireless feature does not seem to work. I cannot get wifi on my iPhone, my netbook my iPad, or my laptop. All devices tell me i'm connected to the router, but I am not able to update any pages or connect to the internet. it's very frustrating, as Netgear will only help you if you spend $40/month on tech support and I've done all the firmware updates and have tried everything I can think of. Has anyone else had this problem? All of the lights on the router tell me everything seems to be working fine. And my phone tells me that I have a strong wireless connection, but nothing works. Very frustrated!!!

Thanks in advance for any help offered. PLEASE HELP!!


A:Solved: Netgear Wireless Router problems

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I have been trying to create a LAN in my home . I have a wireless router that my PC (win 98) is directly attached to and two notebooks (win 95) with cards in them. No problem using the internet on either of the notebooks and no problem accesing the notebooks from the PC. The problem is the notebooks can not access the PC for printing or file sharing which was the whole purpose of creating the network in the first place, Linksys told me they could not help and to try microsoft (yeah right try getting hold of them) Does my PC need to be wireless too? or should I be able to access it from the notebooks as I have it set up? SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!

A:networking with linksys wireless router

It'll happen.
Can you ping the PC from the notebooks?
I'm assuming that 1) the service for MS file & print sharing is installed in the network panel and 2) you've checked "I want to share my files" and/or "I want to share my printer"
If you can see and browse the two notebooks then you do not have an IP adressing problem.
Let me know if you can ping. I'll check back.

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I am currently on DSL. Just received my new networking devices. Bought wireless router. What do I do first. Does router go on 2nd PC? Thanks

A:dsl home-networking where does my wireless router go?

Don't know what the rest of your kit is, but typically:

DSL Modem --- (WAN port) router (LAN ports) --- PC(1)-PC(4)

Where you might have up to 4 PCs wired to the LAN ports of the standard router.
Then being wireless the wireless PCs would also be talking to the router.

Normally you would get the DSL connection working with just the modem and a PC directly connected (no router). Then disconnect modem and connect a router LAN port to PC if there was any configuration of the router required from the PC. Finally connecting up everything. The modem and router documentation should cover all eventualities.

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My new computer didnt come with a wireless card and both my old computer have wireless cards. Because i cant viod the warrenty or else id just install one of the cards onto my computer but i need the warrenty for work. I tryed to networking my computer directly to the wireless router which is then connected to my adsl modem, i set that up and i was getting internet through that lan. this morning though i turned on my computer and i couldnt access any internet pages but msn opened. Then after restarting i couldnt access the internet at all but my connection was fine and was accessign the network. I started again and did everything i did last time and it didnt work. i tryed networking computer to computer and trying to access the internet that way but i could never get the network to work that way with the lan and the wireless running at the same time. Any ideas?


A:Direct Networking with A Wireless router

While we'd love to help you, you didn't really provide any useful information in your post.

What is the make/model of the router, modem, and wireless cards. What version/patch level of Windows is on the comptuer.

Since the connection appears to change every time you restart, have you considered trying a new cable? With the machine connected, do this:

For 98 or ME, Start, Run, COMMAND to open a DOS window:
--- or ---
For 2K or XP, Start, Run, CMD to open a DOS window:

Type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

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i want to network my two computers together. one of them is running xp home (my main comp) and the other is running 98se (old comp, want to use some stuff on it). i'm also running dial-up, not sure if this will matter at all though.

i've got a wireless linksys 802.11g router (model wrt54g) and a linksys wireless nic for my old computer. how would i go about getting everything connected?

could i just run a cat5 cable from my card on my xp computer to the router, and then have the wireless card in the 98 computer (or hard wire the 98 one into the router as well with a phone cable, rj45 i think)?

btw, i don't need (or want) the one running 98 to connect to the internet which is why i'm not really sure what to do. i basically want to just be able to transfer files between the two.
i'm also thinking about just using usb to do it but i'm not sure what kind i'd need. would a male A to male A usb extension cable work? or is there something else i'd need to have with it too?

i'm just looking for the easiest way to do this. i'm not sure if what i wrote makes sense so let me know and i'll try to clarify. i'm pretty stupid when it comes to networking.


A:networking with wireless router question

does it have to be wireless connection or not?
if you do have LAN on both computers, just use a crossover cable and connect them directly
if this doesn't help you, than try to explain a bit better

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Is it possible to network/access the internet with a Desktop Pentium III running Windows ME with a primary Desktop running XP and a new laptop running VISTA? It has been unsuccessful so far trying to access the internet with the Windows ME Desktop using a wireless router. We really need to access the internet if possible with this Windows ME computer because our niece is taking college classes on line and cannot buy a new computer yet. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.

A:Networking Vista & ME via wireless router is this possible?

Are you connecting wired or wireless with the ME machine? There should be no issue connecting with a wired connection, the wireless will depend on the availability of drivers for the card you're using.

Let's see this from the ME machine with a cable connected to the router.

Start, Run, COMMAND to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following command:


Open c:\IPCONFIG.TXT in NOTEPAD, copy and paste all of it in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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My aunt and uncle have wireless router connected to their DSL modem and a firewall on their computer. Their tell me that now I need to by a certain chip from radio Shack for $80 dollar to get online with my Toshiba laptop. I fairly new to wireless and routes so what is the easy way to connect to the internet via wireless? Laptop has built in wireless and ethernet card. need to find out how to allow router to be access by laptop?

A:Wireless router and firewall

Buy a USB wireless adaptor and plug it into a USB port on your laptop, or buy a PCMCIA wireless card and plug it into the PCMCIA slot - either should work
Personally I prefer the PCMCIA approach, as it sticks out less when installed and therefore is less susceptible to damage if the laptop is moved, but on the other hand USB is more versatile as you can use in any PC with a USB port, whereas most desktops don;t have PCMCIA slots.

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I was told that there's no need for me to have a firewall program since I am connected via a wireless B router. Is this true?

If this is not true...
I just recovered from a SPYWARE STRIKE infection thanks to the generous help of CYBERTECH in this forum. Would a firewall have helped protect my system?




The router's firewall may prevent hacking but a software firewall can stop some problems caused by viruses after you're already infected. I doubt if any firewall would block spywarestrike.

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This has been my on-going problem. Whenever I take my laptop away from home and use it on a different network then return home I am unable to connect to the internet. The last time I did this: I uninstalled the drivers for my network adapter and reinstalled it. That worked last week, but didn't work this week.

My specs: I am on Windows XP, using a Netgear Wireless Router with a Netgear USB adapter.

I can get connectivity but cannot get on the internet. I have rebooted all the equipment and AM able to connect when I plug in an ethernet cable. Is something blocking my connection? I can't connect even through the internal wireless card. The computer says I am connected but I get an error message when I open Internet Explorer.

Please help me, I am increasingly frustrated with this problem. I need to take my laptop away from my home network for three days/ week and can't go through this every time I bring it back.


A:Solved: Problems connecting to internet via wireless router

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About 4 months ago, I bought a Toshiba P100-160 laptop with Vista operating system. I have two desktops connected to the BT Home Hub router using ethernet, and connected the laptop wirelessly in another room. I had no problem at all with my wireless connection and download speeds etc.

One month ago approx, I started having problems with the connection, which occasionally turned itself off. This quickly worsened, and when I came back from a couple of weeks away, I was unable to connect at all (or just occasional connections for a few minutes).

I tried calling BT who provide my router and broadband service; they investigated and sent me a replacement Home Hub, however this hasn't changed the problem at all. If I try and connect wirelessly, I usually have the error message:

"Windows cannot connect to BTHomeHub"
"Wireless Association failed because Windows did not receive any response from the wireless router or access point."

The above message is very common, even when my laptop is right next to the new router.

Sometimes the connection will last for up to an hour, but when it does, it is extremely slow. The router is not always visible when I hit 'connect to' then 'wireless' - neighbours' networks are visible instead. I am also able to connect occasionally to a neighbour's unsecured network, however the signal strength is usually pretty low. I haven't tried connecting something else to my home hub as I do... Read more

A:Solved: Vista - Router wireless connection problems

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I am literally about to pull my hair out... I currently have a cable modem and a netgear wireless router N600, and about a month and a half ago I suddenly lost all signals. I have been on the phone with my cable co as well as Netgear, and they are both telling me that their equipment is fine. In the meantime I have purchased 2 additional routers thinking it was a router problem, neither of them worked as well. I also hooked both up to a completely different computer and still getting the same results. It seems to me that the modem and router are not "talking" to each other. I can get on the internet fine with just the modem, but it doesn't connect at all after I connect the router to the modem (I am able to get a wifi signal from the router on my phone, but no connection) If anyone can please help me ive explored every option I know to think of. Thanks! Brandi

A:Networking issues with netgear wireless router

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I have been trying everything possible to get my laptop to connect to my home network. I am able to utilize my laptop when traveling, but, when I try and connect to my home router, it basically does nothing. I can plug in my laptop to the router using cable, and everything works fine. I have disabled WEP, changed passwords, you name it, I think I have done it. Could someone please help me. I have reset the router to default, and rebuilt it. Not sure what else I can try. Thanks!!!


A:Wireless networking using LINKSYS G 2.4GHZ Router

No help???

Come on, I know someone out there can point me in the right direction!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My Uncle recently got a new Windows 7 Gateway Laptop Core 2 Duo I think, and a Windows 7 HP Desktop Core 2 Quad with a Radeon 4650. In this deal he got a Bell 3G internet stick, and he wants to replace his Dial Up system with this 3G Internet Stick. He did have a Cradlepoint M1000 Router, and he tried to run the 3G stick through the Router via its USB port, but it didn't work and so he returned the router. My question is, are there any routers by D-Link or Linksys which utilize the USB port as a type of WAN connection, or is there anyway he can bridge the connection between the LAN and the 3G Internet stick?

Do you need me to clarify this question?


A:Networking a Internet stick over a Wireless Router?

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i have a router ( 4 Lan ports and 1 Wan Port) and a broadband connection. i connect the cable from Broadband service to my WAN port of router.

Now both my laptops (having wireless networking cards) are networked and can share files from each other. However, my my desktop PC, connected to router LAN port, isn't able to share stuff with the other two WAN networked laptops.
The broadband service works good on desktop PC. but i cant share my stuff with my laptops.

how can i share my stuff with dekstop PC. the 2 laptops and 1 desktop PC is connected with the same router.

The IP assigned by router to laptops are and The dekstop PC gets IP The gateway for all machines in and subnet mask is also same for all machines.
Thanking in anticipation.

A:1 router, 2 wireless laptop 1 desktop LAN networking help.

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I am trying to network the following:

Billion myguard 7202G wireless router (4x LAN and phone line in)
Samsung X20 running Windows XP
Toshiba Portege with docking station running Windows 98SE
Printer (old printer port thing, but still works, so I?d like to use it) can only connect to the Toshiba as Samsung doesn?t have that port.
Scanner (USB)
Huawei E220 wireless USB 3G modem
and in the future, plan on adding an external HD and/or desktop PC. Maybe also new printer when the old one dies :blush:

At the moment I have internet via the Huawei modem connected to the Samsung laptop. Previously I had internet via ADSL to the Billion wireless router.

I have tried to connect the Samsung laptop (with internet) and Toshiba to the router via wireless and LAN without any joy. I don?t know if it is settings, physical connections or you just can?t do that.

I?d like to keep the Toshiba running Windows 98SE as I still use some software that I haven?t been able to get to work on XP and the 3G modem will not work with this OS (one reason I?d like to network it).

I can make a crossover cable to connect the two computers, but would like (even if just for the project appeal) to have a more permanent and expandable wireless network where the computers are free to move.

Can USB hardware like HD?s and printers be connected to the router via an adaptor?
Can the 3G USB modem be connected directly to the router?

Basically, I just need the router to... Read more

A:Networking local wireless router with 3G USB modem?

No, you can not connect a USB modem to the router. You can make one computer connect to the internet using that modem and then share that internet to all the others through the router.

To configure the router, follow the guidelines for using two routers (plenty of threads and isntrucions on the net for that) imagining that the modem computer is the "primary" router.

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Hi everyone,

I just got a netgear wireless firewall Router WGT624 V2. I have a T1 connection our provider said is using NAT.... I have it connected to our switch. Can I plug this router from any port coming out of the switch??????

I was trying to configure it from my computer which is connected to my server but i didn't have any luck..!
Any help would be appreciated.


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I have etrust EZ Armour thru road runner. It expired today and I went to update the key and everything was working just fine and then it asked me for my firewall password. I use the firewall in my NETGEAR wireless router and I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about or where I can even find that. I set it up myself and keep track of all that. I couldn't even tell where to put in the password so it would work. I downloaded the manual and read what I thought would apply. I even bypassed the router and just plugged the computer directly to the modem.

My software would have been updated since I bought the router last fall. Thanks in advance for your help!

A:firewall password in wireless router

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So, several days ago - I was cleaning house, bumped into the multi-socket switch and cut off power to my Desktop and the Modem and Router hooked up to it. I turned everything back on and messed around with the modem/router (Unplugging them and reseting them) until the internet started working again. Unfortunately, while using the internet wirelessly from my laptop - I run into momentary lag spikes every several minutes, as if I lose connection for 5-15 seconds. I've went ahead and called my ISP and they told me that the problem wasn't with my modem but with my router and since the router is a 3rd party (not their problem), they told me they couldn't help me. I'm using a Dynex Enhanced wireless G Router.

I've tried everything I know how to do (which isn't much, I admit), ranging from reseting the Router, logging into the Router and reseting it from there and re-doing all my preferences and encryption protection on the Desktop. For my laptop, I went and deleted the auto-connect icon and hooked back up onto it and did my password and everything but my internet is still going slow.

I need help - Badly. These momentary lag-spikes are driving me insane!

A:Solved: Accidentally cut off Modem & Router - Wireless connectivity problems. Help?

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Hi guys how you doing? my question is about " 3 com ADSL wireless 11g Firewall Router. first let me give you information how i use with it. i have 256kbps connection and i get the DNS Automatically from the ISP. I don't have public-IP Address just it is DHCP. Right now, the problem is u know most of the time the Primary and secondary DNS become DOWN. there is no internet connection. and the horible thing is that it takes time to connect and needs restart 3-4 times. the 2nd question, is it possible to use ROUTING AND REMOTE ACCESS with this 3com Router? how you do it? THANK YOU

A:3com Adsl Wireless 11g Firewall Router

[quote name='mocca' date='Jul 30 2007, 03:32 AM' post='581363']Hi guys how you doing? my question is about " 3 com ADSL wireless 11g Firewall Router. first let me give you information how i use with it. i have 256kbps connection and i get the DNS Automatically from the ISP. I don't have public-IP Address just it is DHCP. Right now, the problem is u know most of the time the Primary and secondary DNS become DOWN. there is no internet connection. and the horible thing is that it takes time to connect and needs restart 3-4 times. the 2nd question, is it possible to use ROUTING AND REMOTE ACCESS with this 3com Router? how you do it? THANK YOU

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I am attempting to add a Netgear FVS318 firewall / 8port switch and Want to keep using my Wireless router to broadcast a wireless signal. I attempted to "daisy chain" the wireless router into the firewall 8port switch.. I am having a terrible time trying to figure out what I am doing or if it is even worth doing.

Would love for some imput

A:Installing Firewall / 8 Port Switch and Wireless Router

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I recently bought a Netgear Wireless N 150 router (although I haven't set it up yet). One reason I chose it is that I was told it can be used as a wired network between our two desktop computers, and as a wireless access point for the laptop. But frankly, I don't always trust what the sales people tell me.

I've read on many sites that wired computers have some advantages over wireless, including security and speed, so I prefer a wired LAN for the main computers (they are within feet of each other and will stay that way). But I would like the convenience of going online via the wireless connection with my laptop in the other room.

I've never done this before (I always just had a wired connection between the 2 desktops and didn't bother going online with the laptop) and I need to know if this setup will cause any problems I should know about.

Please don't suggest I go wireless for the entire LAN -- I'm just too set in my ways to make that leap right now. If my planned setup won't work, I'll stick with my current one and forget the laptop.


A:Solved: Can I use my wireless router as wired router & wireless access point?

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Basically I have 3 PC's all connected to a router which is connected to the internet. Two of the PC's are on Win2000 and one is on WinME. The two Win2000 machines can connect to the internet no problem. But the WinME machine doesn't want to know.

Also, how can I share files between these 3 computers? The user guide that came with the router is absolutely terrible.

Any suggestions anyone?

A:Problems Networking 3 PCs with a router

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First off, THANKS for your time - anyone who responds! And yes, I have searched and searched... and understand what I need to do mostly, but need some expert opinions.

We have a cable modem going to my wife's work Netgear ProSafe VPN Firewall which goes to her work computer and VOIP phone. The Netgear is basically a router and uses 192.168.5.#.

The problem is, I want to open some ports for our home computer and use wireless in our house - but cannot access her work router (not wireless) or have my wife understand anything I ask her to ask her IT people to do.

So, I have a Linksys wireless router that I want to connect to the modem FIRST -- so that I can control the wireless on that and open ports as needed, etc. and then connect her work router to ours ( where hers can then go off to her equipment ).

The issue: I cannot change her router settings at all... nor the gateway, IP's, etc. -- I want our home computer to not have to use her router's settings anymore... as currently, everything is plugged into hers as there are eight slots. Both CPU's are running XP.

I know in networking two routers, you have to turn one DHCP to auto get IP's from the other, etc. and make one address static - like while the other is with the range of IP's the second router pulls from.... but I do not know how to do what I want on my router WHILE using the settings from her router.

Can I reverse the process/order like this? If I connect my wi... Read more

A:Solved: Separating one router from one VPN Firewall(router) on two computers

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3Com® OfficeConnect® ADSL Wireless 108 Mbps 11g Firewall Router malfunctioning After connect and accessing internet the router show the red light and become hang. Restart the router and it will worked fine but after one-two hours the same problem. I have already reconfigured the router. I have disable the wireless setting. But daily i face a problem. even i search the solution on 3 Com site but i have not found anything there please suggest.

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I have setup a Static IP address through Windows XP, and I am trying to forward ports to my Xbox 360 (to avoid Strict NAT settings). The problem right now is that I cannot access my routers set up page.

I am using a D-Link WBR-2310, which is not installed on the PC, but runs a password-protected wireless network. I have run IPconfig, and have obtained the IP address and Default Gateway. When I type either in my Web Browser (tried Firefox/IE) I am led to my DSL modem's setup page and not my wireless router.

I have tried every IP address possible (from the default router address to the IPconfig) and I cannot access my wireless router setup. Through the D-Link website, I have also tried to use an emulator, but I am unable to make any changed regarding Port Forwarding. Once again, my wireless router is not installed, and the installation is not working because "The router is not detected- Error 322"

I have been trying to solve this problem for the past 4 hours with no luck so I would appreciate any help! Thanks in advance

A:Networking & wireless: Can't manage router- typing IP address doesn't work(port fwd)

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Recently I found out that our network wasn't secured, so I went through alot of trouble creating a new secured network. We have a router connected to the computer running XP and two laptops wirelessly connected to the network from the router. Fortunately all computers seems to be working now under a new secured network, but a couple days ago my internet connection was cut off out of nowhere. I reset the winsock through the command prompt and restarted the laptop. It worked. Now, a few days after it happened, I'm browsing the internet and it happened again. This time I did the same thing except also resetting the "int ip" and "firewall". I restarted the laptop and now I'm back online. My problem is that I don't want this happening frequently like this. Is there some kind of malware in my registry that's causing this? How can I check to make sure that there is nothing wrong with my laptop? Is this by any chance because of the new secured network I've created? Also, the computer running XP (directly connected to the router) used to be listed under the same network but now it's nowhere to be seen. Is this part of the problem? Thanks.

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@ days ago I downloaded the free yahoo music engine for a 7 day fre trail of yahoo music unlimited, but every time that i try to use the engine it say that i should first connect to the net, but i'm connected so i send and email to yahoo music and this is the ansear( i did call my isp provider(sbc they told me to contact my router) and call my router d-link di-624 and they told that it is to complicated for me to do the adjustment on the firewall and that i should call sombody and pay him to do what yahoo ask me to do on the email)can you help me?
here is the email:

lease ask your ISP provider or firewall manufacturer how to make sure
that the following ports are open to the respective protocols, or make
sure that your firewall does not block the following:

HTTP port 80

HTTPS port 443

In addition you will also need to allow calls to the ' -
'' range of IP addresses, and the following URL domains:






Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.

A:I have problems with my router firewall

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I have recently brought a Mercury KOB BR100 router and i have over the last couple of days tried to open a server via my computer and i have opened all the ports possible, and have configured my windows firewall to let me play MOHAA but it wont release my server into the server list on gamespy.
Im guessing that the reason is because of my router firewall but i have no idea how to configure it to work with the MOHAA.
#Any help would be much appreciated
Thanks in advance

A:problems with router firewall

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I'm running into some problems trying to network my 2 Computers to my Dell 2350 Wireless Router for Internet Connection and File sharing. Both computers are hardwired directly to the Wirelss Router, so there isn't actually any current Wireless connections.

My setup is of the following fashion.

Computer 1 (Dell XPS w/ Windows XP)-----.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [2350 Router]----[DSL Modem]-----
Computer 2 (Compaq Presario w/ XP )-----`

(Periods to the left of the router for spacing purposes only)

What is working:
The router does see both computers on the network if I do a Statistics/Diagnostic check.

Computer 1 has no problem connecting to the internet.

What isn't working:
Computer 2 I can't seem to get connected to the internet.

I can't seem to get file sharing to work. I did enable file sharing in the LAN connections and I did select the items that I actually wanted to share.

I did set up the router so that it is a secure connection. Both LAN connections have the Firewall disabled.

I have been through a plethora of tutorials with this very scenario and have tried doing everything that I have read.

The last thing that I checked was to turn everything off for a bit, then I turned on the modem, the router, then PC 1, then PC 2 to make sure IP's were being assigned - which they were. Nevertheless I still can't seem to get this working.

Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ver... Read more

A:Problems Networking 2 PC's W/ Dell 2350 Router

I'm sharing files at this point - Woohoo. However the sharing of the internet connection is still stumping me - Anyone know any things that I should double-check?

Once again any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I have 3 pc's sharing a cable connection over a linksys router. Out of the 3 computers, the fastest comp (Athlon 2100+ 512 mb RAM) has a slow connection. Browsing the web is slow. It takes neo-modus direct connect more than 30 minutes to work in the busy hubs. Additionally it won't work in active mode, even if I tell it to report the true ip and open up the port or put my computer in the DMZ. Also I can't upload files to my angelfire website or upload to people on kazaa or DC. On the other 2 computers the connection works in a flash. Whats going on?

A:Networking problems with Linksys cable/dsl router

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Is there a difference b/w a wireless router that will hok up to a broadband modem connection and one that will link to a cable modem connection ?

I was planning to buy the linksys wrt 54gs but i have a broadband modem which connects to the telephone jack at one end and to the rj45 jack on my notebook for which i also need to buy a nic card. is that the correct one to buy ?

Thanks !

A:Solved: Diff b/w wireless bb router and a wireless cable router

Yes. The key is the RJ-45 on the modem; you need a broadband router with a WAN ethernet port. That model will do fine. And you'll then connect the laptop to the router via wireless or a straight ethernet cable. You may need a cross over cable to go between the router and the modem.

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I'm trying to hook up a wireless connection in my home. When the DSL is connected regularly through the modem it works just fine. But when I hook up the Netgar router and try to set it up so that my son's laptop can have wireless, the internet will not connect. I get an error that gives me the option to redial but that never works either.

We tried a Belkin router (It just stopped working recently), then tried linksys, and now Netgar.

Thanks in advance.

Here's my hijackthis log:
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 6:24:33 PM, on 12/24/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16705)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\guard.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Common\Google Updater\GoogleUpdaterService.exe
C:\Program Files\Linksys\Linksys Updater\bin\LinksysUpdater.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\WINDO... Read more

A:Wireless Problems: Internet works w/o router but not with router.

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I'm trying to use new combined router / modem (Belkin F5D7632) with my broadband connection but am having problems. I only get problems with a wired connection to my PC, not with a wireless connection to my laptop or with a wired connection to my laptop.

If i switch my PC back to using the old usb modem the problem disappears. Basically I get intermittent, sometimes persistent slow page downloading and some sites simply refuse to load at all, but others work fine. I have IE7 and firefox2; both are affected the same.

I have XP media centre with SP2. I've disabled windows firewall, uninstalled stopzilla, adaware and google toolbar . I still have avg anti virus and windows defender left for protection. I've tried resetting IE7, but still no difference.

I thought about installing IE6 to see if this made any difference, but now i can't get to the windows download site.

Belkin support think there's a problem with my PC, since my laptop works fine when wired or wireless.

I'm fresh out of ideas. Can anybody help?

A:Problems web browsing through router but not with usb modem [Moved to networking]

Well, I have to agree with Belkin on this issue. Since wired and wireless connections work fine, it's hard to blame the router.

Please post a HijackThis 2.00.2 Log here.

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I'm on the edge of pulling all my hair out. I can't seem to figure out how to get some of my firewalled ports working properlly. Mainly, the one that annoys me the most is AIM Image connecting. When AIM 'direct connects' it allows users to send pictures back and forth to one another, as well as other files, sounds, zips, etc. My problem isn't that I can't get the Image direct connection to work, but that I can't get it to work properly.

I can almost always directly connect with somebody but THEY have to initiate the connection. If I attempt to connect then it times out and whines about a firewall. If they connect it works instantly. This isn't just for one person either, but for practically everybody I meet. And it's so annoying having to explain to people where the dang button for direction connections are.

As far as I understand AIM uses port 4443 for this, and I have both the TCP and UDP protocalls open. I am utterly confused.

A:Firewall/port problems with a Linksys router

Have you tried looking in the manual to see how you can log in to the router and open the port up?

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I had a previous thread where guys helped me set up a local network in my house. The result was that my Norton Firewall was preventing the network from being set up. I have turned on Windows Firewall instaed and deactivated the Norton Firewall. The rest of the Norton Internet Security 2007 is doing it's thing still.
My new questions is "Is the windows firewall good enough against viruses etc?". My Orange router has a hardware firewall already. I would appreciate some advise as I use the computers for internet banking etc.
Many thanks.

A:Solved: Windows Firewall For Local Networking

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I've read several posts here that come close to my issue but don't describe it exactly.

Yesterday on my personal laptop (Dell E1505 running XP SP3), I got a message box saying something about port forwarding and that I wouldn't be able to get to my website, or something like that. Unfortunately, I didn't pay much attention to the message and dismissed it. Now, I can't get to the internet using wireless. Here are some details:
Another laptop connects to my wireless network and the internet just fine
All was working fine on the Dell until I got that message
I've checked the event log and can't find anything relevant around the time of the message
Connecting to the network/internet with ethernet cable works fine.
I'm definitely connected to my wireless network because I was able to open shared files on another PC
Other, likely non-related issues:

I'm having a little problem with the hard drive and will need to run chkdsk
Sometimes I get an error regarding the display adapter driver.

A:Solved: Wireless networking works but not internet; wired & wireless from other lapto

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page (don't collapse the Radar, Connection or Signal History) of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. If you need help with that see TSG Posting a Screenshot. FWIW to take screen shots with Windows 7 or Vista I prefer to use the built-in Snipping Tool.

Also show ...

Open a (black) Command Prompt window:
Hold the Windows logo key and press r; in the Run box type cmd and click on OK.

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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Our office currently has a Linksys 10/100 Router with assigned IP Address of that our wired desktops connect through, as well as our printers, data storage server and cable modem. All of the connections have IP Address based upon the All of the computers on this router, except for one of the printers and the data storage server, are DHCP assigned IP addresses.

We have a D-Link Wireless router attached through the Linksys Router with an assigned IP Address of that we use for wireless access/hard wire access in the office for anyone that comes in and needs to have access to the internet or our data storage and printers.

I can connect a laptop wirelessly or wired to this router. The computers can browse the internet and see any computers on the network, but cannot connect to any. Specifically the data storage server. I am not too concerned with the laptops connecting to the desktops connected to the Linksys router, but I need them to connect to the data server especially and have the ability to print to at least one of our printers.

Any suggestions? I know that it's probably something really simple that I am missing or doing wrong, but I just can't put my finger on it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Wireless Router and LAN Router Setup Problems

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I have a Sierra Wireless Internet Card (USB) that is connected to my desktop computer. I also have a wireless network setup, and working, in my home with a Linksys WRT54G Router. The network works perfectly with respect to connecting my computers (Dell Desktop - wired & Mac Laptop - wireless) and sharing files. The internet works perfectly on the desktop computer where it is plugged in and I have designated the internet connection as shared but for some reason the Mac Laptop cannot access the internet connection through the wireless router.

I had previously set the network up with a DSL modem that was plugged directly into the router but I cannot do that this time as the AirCard is USB only. I also, eons ago, had the same type of network setup with dialup to the desktop computer and was able to share that. I've set it up exactly the same but no luck.

Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

A:Problems sharing AT&T Wireless Internet over Linksys Wireless Router

The internet works perfectly on the desktop computer where it is plugged in and I have designated the internet connection as sharedClick to expand...

oops; whenever you have a router, you do not SHARE the internet connection;
each computer is configured as a DIRECT CONNECTION.

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Motorola cable modem
Belkin wireless g router
dell inspiron 8400 desktop

Im posting because my wireless internet stopped working a few days ago randomly. Wierd thing is my laptop would connect but wouldnt receive files. My internet on my main computer would do the same thing unless i disconnected the wireless router and just connected the cable modem then it would work. So obviously the belkin router is the problem, i tried resetting it and the same problem occured. (the belkin people are idiots... already tried them). any help would be appreciated. thanks, rob

A:wireless networking problems

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First off, I am using a D-Link 802.11b wireless router and a couple of D-Link 802.11b wireless USB Adapters. Both computers are running Windows XP Home. I am trying to get two computers (one in my room, one in my sister's room next door) to be able to both use the same DSL internet connection. We can see the internet and each other on the network with no problem but there are some websites that we cannot get onto. Such as Hotmail. I can get to Hotmail but when I try to log on it takes forever and then gives me a "cannot find server" message! Another website that will not load at all is Ebay. This problem was nonexistan when I had a wired DSL modem straight to my computer. Any ideas why this could be happening? Thanks guys. If you need any more info let me know.

A:Wireless networking problems

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I have a guy who is having problems with accessing secure pages in IE6 when he tries to connect through his network on his laptop. It is a toshiba laptop with a Netgear WG511T wireless network card.
His desktop is wired to a Linksys router and his broadband modem. He has no problems at all with this setup but when he tries to connect with the laptop to secure sites it won't open the page but all other pages open without a problem.
I have lowered his security settings in IE6 but to no avail. I suspect it may be a problem with the wireless network card but have checked through the software with the card and there does not seem any way to chabge security features to lower them is necessary.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:IE6 problems and wireless networking

the network card doesn't care what site you access. Matter of fact, if the card can connect to the router, the card is doing its job. The problem is most likely in the browser settings or maybe firewall settings. Maybe even an ad/popup blocker.

The only security features I've ever seen on a wireless card are related to encryption on the router(WEP, LEAP, etc...)

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Today while I was out of the house my router went down. My friend was at my house when this happened and informed me that it just went down for no reason. The internet works fine without running through the router, as you can see P). I cannot access the other computer which is on the wireless connection. My computer runs into the router via cable and the other computer is wireless. When I attempt to refresh the other computer's connection with the wireless router it says connecting for a second then says disconnected. I am running XP Pro on my main computer and 2000 on my other computer. The wireless router I have is BEFW11S4 -- Wireless-B Broadband Router and the Wireless NIC I have is WMP11 -- Wireless-B PCI. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Wireless Networking Problems

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I submitted a thread some time ago about problems that I'm having with my laptop and wireless connection.

I have a Belkin 802.11g combined ADSL modem and wireless 802.11g router.

My desktop is running Win ME, with an 802.11g network card and there are no problems.

I have a Toshiba Satellite running XP and bought a 802.11g card to stick in the side of it. Initially it worked fine (can't remember if this was before I connected my desktop), but now it will connect to the network saying that the signal strength is excellent, but I cannot connect to the internet - I'm sure that it's something that I've done, but I can't work out what!

Please can anyone help?

A:Wireless Networking Problems

Start with no encryption enabled to get connected, that's a frequent cause of failure to connect.

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i have two computers that are hooked up to the netgear router......i have had no problems for a good year...all of a sudden i started getting kicked off and on the internet. like the two computers are fighting each other to get online. i have uninstalled/reinstalled...i have raN a repair on my connections. if i go into the netgear connection and look to see where the computer is trying to connect to and there are other networks that it is gosh i think i have my neighbors. i have also noticed that the netgear connection is not secured. i bet my neighbors can get on my router. how do i stopp my computer from finding other networks than mine and how do i make it secure. i have set mine as the default and when i have both computers going they seem to start search and i get in trouble again. does this make sense?????


A:wireless networking problems

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I need some help please.....

I have a Dell desktop and a Toshiba Sat laptop. I recently bought a Belkin ADSL modem with built in wireless router (Model F5D7630-4A) and a card for each machine (D/T F5D7000, L/T F5D7010).

At first each computer accessed the net no prob's but then something happened (what did I do??) that meant the laptop would not. It's still picking up the wireless network connection, but when I open explorer I cannot even access the router's configuration screen.

Also, does anyone have any pointers on setting up the file and print sharing facilities please?

Many thanks.

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I've been having wireless problems with several laptops now, most current laptop is a Compaq Presario CQ62 (mainly purchased because price was = netbook, and was looking for netbook functionality). Wireless connections drops several times a day, old Linksys B router (7 years old) must be reset in order to bring connection back, sometimes 2-3 times in a row. I have cable internet service.

Is it my router? My laptop? Both? I've been looking at purchasing a new router in hopes that would alleviate these issues, but the prices seem to have gone up considerably since my last purchase. Friends have recommended the Linksys E3000 or the Apple Airport Extreme. Thoughts?

More disturbingly, I just ran a speed test because my upload time feels like it is getting longer and longer... (I'm assuming this is a reliable site for this?):

I also have a desktop but it is wired. No problems with connectivity but the same problems with upload speed.

Help, please!! I don't have near the tech knowledge I had 10 years ago.

A:Wireless Networking problems, help please!

A new router with wireless N and GB LAN speeds would make a huge difference. You are bottle necking your fast Road Runner connection with that old wireless B router. The newer router will most likely fix your dropped connection problem also.

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Hi all,

I have recently purchased a wireless router (Siemens model ss2624) and the wireless PCMCIA card to go with my laptop. I have my desktop wired directly into the router and am using the wireless card with the laptop. I hooked them both up and followed the setup wizards and everything seemed to work just fine. However, there are certain sites that do not work properly for some reason. For instance, I can log into Hotmail, but it times out when I try to click on an email. On many bulletin board sites, but not all obviously, I can log in just fine but I can't post as it will time out as well. I cannot log into ebay at all. I also cannot run Windows Update. I plugged the ethernet cable directly into the laptop (bypassing the router) and have had no problems. Any ideas?

I'm running WinXP Pro on both machines and am using Bellsouth DSL service.


A:Wireless networking problems

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I am trying to file share b/w my laptop and pc for the first time. I have them on the same network but when I try to connect it asks me for a username and password I don't know.
 helppp.jpg   15.49KB

A:wireless networking problems

What O/ on each computer?

What is the name you gave the workgroup?


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Hey techguys,

My parents have recently bought a new router (Netgear RangeMax DG834PN) but it's not working with the desktop computer. My laptop works fine. There seems to be a problem with the adapter (Netgear RangeMax WPN111) and I get the message 'Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing (Code 39)'. When I try to update the drivers by the CD it tells me that I don't need to because everything is fine.

Also, when I try to Start the Windows Zero Configuration setting, it tells me that it could not start and also says 'Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start'.

This is all very frustrating, any help would be much apprciated.


A:Wireless Networking Problems

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I recently built a desktop computer, running Windows XP Home. I set it up in my bedroom which is down a 40 - 50 foot hallway from my wireless router (D-Link DI-524). I intend to run network cable to my bedroom through my attic, but I want to wait till the temperature in my attic stays below 100° Fahrenheit (I'm not that fond of attics, especially when it's 150° F up there). So, a buddy of mine had a spare desktop wireless adapter, he agreed to let me use for a few months. It's a US Robotics USR5416. I like my D-Link router, but I have no experience with US Robotics networking products, but hey, it was free and just temporary, right?

Well, I installed the USR5416 with its drivers and voila, I have network and internet service. Whoa, but wait a minute! I keep losing my connection every 5 minutes or so and I can't figure out why and I was hoping one of you wireless networking gurus can lend me hand. Anybody have any knowledge about the US Robotics USR5416? Can a brand of adapter make a difference in the quality of connection? I thought they were all pretty much similar, especially name brands, like US Robotics and D-Link. Are there any troubleshooting steps I can take to help determine the cause of the dropped connection and of course, eliminate it?

More info that may be helpful:
1. My signal registers "good," and stays between 60 - 70%, even when it drops.
2. The adapter never automatically reconnects. I have to manually reconnect.
3. I also h... Read more

A:Wireless Networking Problems

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Hi all,

I am a virtual admin assistant for someone in another city. My boss has a wireless network set up there that has been giving her problems. Before she moved, her network worked fine. Since the move there have been numerous problems.

Her laptop cannot find her desktop at all. Also, when trying to access the laptop from the desktop, I get an error message saying that I am not authorized to access this device, etc. (My boss gets the same message.) She also recently got a u3 flash drive as a gift and has the Migo software on it. She thinks that something happened to her network after she synched the flash drive - is that possible?

I am a wireless network newbie so any help would be much appreciated.


A:Wireless networking problems

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It seems to be a common problem, but I am having trouble connecting a wireless adapter to my laptop and getting a connection. My first problem was a rocky installation. My laptop being from the stoneage, running windows 98SE, didn't have required .dll files on the 98SE cd. I searched for the 1st, dhcpcsvc.dll and found it in my C:\windows\system, that continued the installation untill it stopped again, looking for locproxy.exe, I found this on the net and downloaded it. The last file I needed was rsvp.exe which was also in my directory. After this the installation seemed complete but I have no connection. I am using a Linksys wireless-g notebook adapter with a wireless-g broadband router. I tried Linksys techsupport but they said I was missing too many of the above files and thus it was my operating systems fault and there was nothing they could do, please help.

A:Wireless Networking problems

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Both my desktop running XP pro and the laptop running XP home connect fine wirelessly for internet connectivity but are unable to reliably see each other. Most of the time they can't see each other at all but occasionally they do (about 5 to 10 percent of the time). When they do see each other though, they still will not connect to any shared files with each other. These computers have no problems connecting to each other if networked non-wirelessly (cables). How can I get the wireless networking to work reliably for more than just internet?

A:Wireless networking problems

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Hi, I have recently hooked up a new wireless network consisting of a desktop on XP Pro and a brand new out of the box laptop on XP home. I have a linksys brand new wireless router and all of the internet and games work perfectly on each machine. As far as the network goes, the laptop can see, share, and print from the desktop. However, the desktop cannot see or share with the laptop. I ran the network setup wizard repeatedly and restarted each machine. I tried to disable the firewall and that did not work.

A:Wireless Networking Problems

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Im new to wireless networking, i got it set up last weekend , all connected and running etc


it doesnt load 90% of sites - in fact a number of sites. It really weird cos they load on the computer downstairs (the main one) but they dont on mine (upstairs)

is there any reason for this? its really annoying

is it anything to do with Firefox? cos thats what im loading the interent through upstairs whereas downstairs its just the normal aol windows...

i really dont know please help

A:Problems with wireless networking

you need to first attach the computer directly to the router and setup the wireless, eg: SSID, channel number, & WEP or WAP keys. Then you can go wireless. Details are in the manual.

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Ok, I can't figure it out, please someone else help if you know what to do. I have a Linksys Wireless G Router and Wireless G USB network adapter. My host computer is using Windows XP and there is no problems. My downstairs computer, which I'm trying to connect to the internet, is running on Windows ME. My problem is, the client computer downstairs IS recieving a signal from the Router just fine, but I cannot get the internet! I've tryed setting it up in Internet Options under Tools, tried setting it up using XP's wireless networking program setup thingy for when your setting up a wireless network. Nothing works. And I'll state the problem again. Windows ME computer is recieving a signal from the Router, but I can't get the internet to work. Its not Windows XP firewall upstairs, because we've tried that. Also, a friend of mine brought his laptop over, and connected to my router in like 3 seconds, and was playing WoW and going on the internet. I've lost almost all for this computer. I believe the problem is dealing with my OS, so please someone help!
Mortgage Calculator girl dress up games

A:Wireless Networking Problems

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I have recently installed Wireless Cards and Wireless Router linking 3 pcs up.1 pc connects to the internet via Dial up - ISDN has Windows XP Prof with SP2, 2nd PC has a 2 OS namely ME and XP Professional, 3rd PC has XP Prof With SP2....All Pcs Ping each other and the Router but i cant get the internet Sharing right...

A:Wireless Networking and ICC Problems

So your internet connection is dialup on one of the PCs and you want to share that to others?

What purpose does the router have? The router's DHCP server may be stealing clients from Windows ICS (Windows ICS runs its own DHCP server).

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I installed Comodo firewall since it was the only 3rd party firewall available when I first got my new PC. I got tired of it not remembering rules, and decided to uninstall it. Upon rebooting, my internet connection did not work. Vista said no connection was detected. I checked in the device manager for my network adapter. Comodo had created three entries in the network adapters section. I didn't tell it to.

NVIDIA nforce Networking Controller(default)
NVIDIA nforce Networking - Comodo Firewall Miniport
WAN Miniport (IP) - Comodo Firewall Miniport
WAN Miniport (IPV6) - Comodo Firewall Miniport

The default device says it is still working. The other three entries won't let me remove them. I deleted every file and registry entry that had to do with Comodo with no luck. I reinstalled the nforce drivers from Nvidia, and they didn't change. I reinstalled Comodo, and then uninstalled again with no luck. I tried to let Vista diagnose the problem, and it said that the drivers/hardware were having problems but offered no solution. My ethernet is integrated , and can't be removed. How do I get rid of this crap and get my connection back?

A:[SOLVED] Networking screwed after uninstalling Comodo firewall

Exactly the same thing has happened to me!!!!

I have Vista Business but never understodd where the problem was. I manually uninstalled it just like you (removed everything in the registry that had to do with the word "comodo") - since Comodo couldn't uninstall itself for some reason - and now none of my internet connections work; pcmcia-broadband modem, LAN/Ethernet or my WLAN!
This is very frustrating and I were contemplating reinstalling Vista before I read that I wasn't the only one who had experienced this.

Have you solved this? I am very anxious to get my internet working as I'll be moving soon and really need the internet to work for me.

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I'm tearing my hair out !
(And there's not that much of it.)

I have a set of laptops (used in a school classroom). They connect to the LAN via wireless .. or, at least, they used to.

Specifically: Toshiba SP2100 with D-Link AirPlus G+ wireless PCMCIA cards.

After trying many, many things:

- Boot SP2100 from XP CD (SP2)
- Don't fix any of the driver issues
- Plug wireless card in
- Cancel plug&play
- Install correct driver with d/loaded Setup_v204.exe
- WZC managing wireless connection
- Sees wireless network (WEP) but
- Won't connect automatically (after setup wizard)
- Won't connect manually
BUT ..
- Boot into "safe mode with networking" and wireless works faultlessly

I've got to be missing something really simple.
Please, please can anyone tell me what it is ?

Thanks !

A:Solved: Laptop wireless networking only works in "safe mode with networking"

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I have a belkin wireless G USB Network Adapter which looks like this:

And I have a router:

Okay before I start with my problems I just want to say I've called Belkin tech support about 12 times and this issue has never been resolved. And if it has, it lasts for a few minutes like when we switch the channels.

Okay there are 2 computers:

One is a laptop that is standard Windows XP Home edition. It has a built-in wireless networking card (I don't know what it is) but if I were to guess some standard dell one that came with it. It works completely fine with the network.

Then there's my desktop which is Windows XP Home edition. It is a pentium 4 1.99 GHz, 250 gb HDD, and 512 MB DDR1 RAM. I don't think the specs matter much but there they are anyways...

Okay the problems are:

When I start the computer it takes a good 3-5 minutes to go online. I see the tv icon appear and it connects instantly but the internet connection is non-existent for 3-5 minutes for some reason. Under properties sent is high but recieved is very low it's like 100-200 kb per every 45 seconds.

I get constant dropped connections. No matter what I do on the internet whether I download, browse youtube, send e-mails etc. The connection drops for a good 15 seconds every 5-10 minutes then comes back on full speed just fine.

As far as my ... Read more

A:Belkin Wireless Networking problems

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Hi was wondering if someone can help with my ongoing access point problems.

attached is a map of the school i work at with areas where we have wireless access points.

now we have around 70 laptops around the school which connect to this wireless network and we seem to be having intermittent problems.

the 3 main problems we get are:

1. on our windows 2000 laptops. we use a dynamode 54mbps wirless card and its really odd, as users have to login and then log off and then log back in again and then it picks up the network. it seems like the laptop picks up a wirless connection after they log on. but the problem with that for us is we run scripts so they do not run at startup so thats why they have to log off and log back in again for it to work. it like a windows service is activated only once the machine is logged into. we also use dlink dwl-650+/650 cards and we dont seem to have that problem with those. also we have windows xp laptops with SP2 where we use windows to manage the wireless connection and dont seem to have these problems.

2. the second problem we get is if a teacher moves from one place to another he/she will lose a connection. now from what i am told, this is normal because when u move from one radio frequency to another it needs to pick it up again. just require a second opinion on this.

3. finally, i was wondering if someone could tell me about what range of channels can be used. as in the school we have 4 triband access points and the rest are normal ... Read more

A:intermittent wireless networking problems

any advice on this

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I've recently set up a wireless network in my house so 2 pcs can share an internet connection. The set up is that I have an ADSL modem and single point router going into a wireless router through one of the LAN ports so it's simply using it as a switch.

I've successfully set up port forwarding for one application that uses it and the internet works fine apart from the fact that when I try to stream with either realplayer or media player it loads the inital amount needed to start playing, but then doesn't load any more, so i get to hear about 2 seconds of what I want to listen to. I've searched a fair bit and found no answers so does anyone know of a common problem?

I've already noticed that on media player you can set it to stream using UDP and gives a list of ports, I've set up port forwarding for these ports but it didn't make any difference.

A:Wireless networking streaming problems

I'd also like to note that previously I was connected to the same network with a cable instead of wireless and streaming worked fine (with all the same equipment) but it's only since I moved house and needed to use wireless that I've had this problem.

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I recently switched from Vista to Xp and i am having trouble sharing my folders with other computers. I disabled my windows firewall (as i use comodo) and enabled the folders to be shared on my network. I am connected to my wireless network and other computers cannot see my shared folders. When i had vista there was no problem with this (however i did not not have comodo but im not sure if that is the problem). I also made sure the other computers have file sharing on. Any idea's here?

A:Xp and Vista wireless networking problems?

I'd totally uninstall COMODO, you're not the first to have a problem getting it configured for file sharing.
Turn off any firewalls for debugging. If the firewall is the problem, you'll have to configure it to allow access to "trusted zone" addresses. Note that some firewalls must be completely uninstalled to stop them from affecting your networking.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt.

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands:

PING each remote computer by IP address, and if successful, PING by name. Open a command prompt as described above and type.

PING <ip address>
PING <computer name>

<ip address> - is the x.x.x.x IP address
<computer name> - is the computer name

A failure to PING is almost always a firewall configuration issue. Any failure to PING needs to be corrected before you go any farther.

Note: You can obtain the IP address and computer name of a computer by opening a command prompt (DOS window) and typing IPCONFIG /ALL. This should work for any Windows version. The IPCONFIG /ALL display will provide a wealth of useful information for debugging your network connection.

Check your Services are Started on all PCs:

COM+ Event System (for WZC issues)
Computer Browser
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
TCP/IP Netbios helper
Wireless Zero Configuration (XP wire... Read more

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I have a belkin wireless G USB Network Adapter which looks like this:

And a Belkin Pre-N Wireless Router which looks like this:

(I post pictures to help others get a better image of what I'm working with)

Anyways, I recently had to reformat everything and start over. Everything seems to be working rather smoothly but the USB Network adapter. My connection speed is literally 10-20 mbps. When it normally runs a nice 60-80 mbps. And before the reformat it worked completely fine.

So here's what I have tried and done in order to resolve this issue. And by the way there are 3 other pc's on the network and all work just fine and are up to speed connection wise and also use wireless belkin network cards, except for the one downstairs which is an older usb linksys (which is now Belkin) adapter. Anywho...

I have tried moving the adapter around in case there is interference.
I've updated all the drivers to the latest version.
I have tried different USB ports and installed the software each time.
I have updated windows xp home with all the updates.
I've tried resetting the router and adjusting it's position.
I've configured the wireless connection for encryption, manual IP and server. I've also tried auto detect.
I've scanned for viruses, spyware, malware, dialers, keyloggers. I cleared with fl... Read more

A:Belkin Wireless Networking problems

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think i accidentally turned off wireless inspiron 1520/ Windows XP...message i get is press FN + F2..but that does nothing...i was traveling yesterday..with the computer working in an airport think i accidentally turned off but have no idea how to enable. Please help..i work from home on this machine and it's pretty critical i get help soon.
thanks so much

A:Solved: Wireless is turned off.. cannot enable wireless networking

Hi Jadewoman

On the left hand side of this laptop there is a wireless switch. This will turn it back on!

See page 27 of the owner's manual including a picture of the switch.

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