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Solved: Desktop PC turns on when wireless Laptop is turned on!

Q: Solved: Desktop PC turns on when wireless Laptop is turned on!

My brother in law has a weird situation.
He has a Linksys wireless router installed.
He only uses the router for use with lap top for the wireless convenience around the house.
The desktop PC is Ethernet wired;.

When both laptop and PC are shut off, and then he, in another room turns on the laptop, the Desktop PC start up all by itself.

Has anyone heard of this?

Is there a setting on either of these PC or router that need adjustment?

I will sincerely appreciate assistance with this ghostly matter.

A: Solved: Desktop PC turns on when wireless Laptop is turned on!

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Hi there,

I have here a HP Pavilion g6 running Windows 7 with quite a strange issue. Once the wireless is turned on common programs e.g. Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer etc. stop responding. I can't figure out what's causing it. Any help would be appreciated.

What I've tried:

Scanning for viruses with Malwarebytes - None found
Reinstalling the wireless driver
Refreshing the network stack

Thanks in advance,


A:Solved: HP laptop hangs when wireless is turned on

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I have a printer (with wireless capability) wired to desktop (Windows XP) and a wireless laptop (Windows 7). My question is, can the printer be connected wirelessly to the laptop as well as wired to the desktop, or does everything have to be wireless?
Another question: If I want to share files between the two computers, do they both have to be the same operating system? (one is Windows XP and the other is Windows 7)

A:Solved: Wireless Laptop/Wireless Desktop (via wireless adapter)/ printer

I would guess that the printer can be connected by ethernet and wireless, but I've never had one with both capabilities so I don't really know.

I once had a printer that worked OK connected to a network plus connected to another computer by USB. Even so, that may depend on the particular printer.

There may be two operating systems that cannot file share with each other but I don't know which ones that might be. Windows XP and 7 are fine sharing with each other (but not claiming that nobody has had any problems).

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Just bought a Gateway MX6453. I have DSL at home, with a wireless modem. In order to get online, each time the laptop has been closed, I need to start Wireless Zero Configuration. Under properties, it is set for startup type=automatic.

Then I have to go to Open Network Connections, Properties, Wireless Networks, and check "use windows to configure my wireless settings". It is always unchecked when the computer is restarted.

How do I set this up so it really is automatic? On the old laptop, it connects automatically when the card is in and you turn the laptop on.

Tried one office yesterday that has a secure network, you need to type in a key each day. Even after going through all of the above, my laptop couldn't even see the network, although the laptop 2 feet away was online fine.

Is there some firewall or something resetting these settings? I thought I uninstalled all the McAffee stuff that came with the laptop, just using Windows firewall and AVGfree antivirus.

New laptop also has bluetooth, is that what is causing this issue?


A:New laptop, wireless needs to be turned on each time?

Probably your wireless adapter's utility is also running. Please see this thread:

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Every time i turn wireless lan switch "On" it gives error screen n restarts my laptop and will repeat if i dont turn the switch "off". Sony vaio windows xp. Model: PCG-4A1L PLEASE HELP. ALSO wont connet to my wifi.. Here is pic of error screen

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think i accidentally turned off wireless inspiron 1520/ Windows XP...message i get is press FN + F2..but that does nothing...i was traveling yesterday..with the computer working in an airport think i accidentally turned off but have no idea how to enable. Please help..i work from home on this machine and it's pretty critical i get help soon.
thanks so much

A:Solved: Wireless is turned off.. cannot enable wireless networking

Hi Jadewoman

On the left hand side of this laptop there is a wireless switch. This will turn it back on!

See page 27 of the owner's manual including a picture of the switch.

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So i put in an old belkin g wireless card in my new pc. the card hasn't been used for pretty long. i know the card is capable of fast enough speeds, so im not sure what the problem is. i ran some tests at and my speeds are like 3 times as slow on my desktop. could an old wireless card cause this or what?also im using an xp driver on vista os, only one that works
both computer are right next to each other but the belkin wireless utility says that i have no connection, but the network connections thing shows that i do

i ran a connectivity test with the belkin wireless utility and it failed the "Belkin" and "Heartbeat" tests.

it's F5D7000 v.6000 and im using the xp driver for it, the vista driver is beta and doesn't work
pretty sure it's 802.11g but they also have 54g drivers on the website under the same product name (F5D7000)

their website says vista has it's own drivers to use but it didn't work for me, but actually i had to unplug the card then install the drivers, turn off the computer, then plug it in to get it to work. maybe if i do that again except uninstall the driver first it will work? but then it would have done that the first time wouldn't it...

actually it says that for ver.1xxx but itd prob be the same for me since i dont have vista drivers

i got fast speeds a while ago but now it's back to the same slowness

A:Solved: Wireless internet much slower on desktop than laptop

Well, with no exact models, and using the wrong drivers, there are plenty of places to go wrong here. How about more information?

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Desktop XP Pro hardwired to Linksys WRT160Nv2 Router(N).
Linksys hardwired to nameless MOTOROLA At&t supplied DSL modem.
Compaq Presario M2000 Laptop wireless(G) to router.
Mixed mode on router setup so that laptop could communicate with it.
WEP security is the highest that allowed connection, I suspect because of the G level on laptop.

Desktop machine name: DESKTOP
Router Wireless Network(SSID): RouterNet
Laptop machine name: LAPTOP

Laptop is new to me. I have no info on the type wireless card in it.
RouterNet shows up on laptop as secured network.
I am able to reach internet on either machine without any problems.
Laptop prompts for ID, password and domain... I have no idea what to type in. The connection icon in the system tray states that it is validating identity... and never stops.

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner>
ipconfig /all
Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : DESKTOP
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-11-11-B9-F7-3F
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . : 192.168.... Read more

A:Solved: Wireless laptop communication to Wired Desktop

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I have:
1. Wireless Modem/Router: Dlink DSL G604T
2. Desktop: WinXP(32bit) latest updates internal ethernet card
3. Laptop: HP nc6220 WinXP-Pro(32bit) internal Broadcom wireless

Connection to internet:
1. Desktop - G604T through ethernet
2. Laptop - G604T through wireless

All is working fine.


I want to connect my laptop to my desktop so i can explore the files on each, through a wireless connection.

Is this possible?

Do I need any other hardware?

Do I need any other software?

How do I do it?


A:Solved: Desktop to Laptop network with a wireless router, is it possible?

You must select a folder on the desktop that you want to access through Windows Explorer

Right click and select "Sharing"

Tick the folder that says "Share This Folder" and make a note of the name

Find the Netwoprk name of the Desktop by right clicking my computer and then properties and "Computer Name" tab

Go to the laptop

Right click on My computer and select "Map networkdrive"

Choose a drive letter

Under "Folder" type \\computername\foldername and click OK

This should open a window allowing you to browse files.

Firewalls can sometimes get in the way so be aware of that.

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Hi! New guy here. I have searched the forums for help before posting this, however Im not certain if the threads Ive thought relevant would help or hurt. I need to get a small problem fixed to help restore domestic tranquility (wink)
I currently have a homebuilt desktop that runs win xp pro connected to roadrunner time warner, and it is connected to a linksys wrt54g router. I have an ASUS laptop that runs xp pro and is connected wirelessly to the desktop. Router uses WEP 128 bit encryption, and i have the passphrase and key. OK, so far so good. Now my daughter has bought a Toshiba Satellite A215-S7428 laptop, running Vista home (i think) which we would like to get connected to the wireless network. Unfortunately all it will do is see the network, not connect to it using the Vista connection wizard. I dont know enough about this to troubleshoot it myself. The wizard ends up leading me in circles. Once I dont have anymore directions to follow, Im stuck. Any help you could provide would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

A:Solved: help with wireless vista laptop to xp router desktop

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows Vista.

Start, Programs\Accessories and right click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt.

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog

Reset IPv4 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

Reset IPv6 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log

Reboot the machine.

In addition, here's some other changes that may help.

Changes that may help to increase the compatibility of Vista with older networking devices:

Disable the IP Helper service:

1. Go to Start and type in "services.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter
2. Scroll down to the IP Helper service, right click on it and select Properties
3. In the dropdown box that says "Automatic" or "Manual", set it to Disabled and then click on "Apply"
4. Then click on "Stop" to stop the service from running in the current session
5. Click OK to exit the dialog

Disable IPv6:

1. Go to Start and type in "ncpa.cpl" (without the quotes) and press Enter
2. Right click on each network connection and select "Properties"
3. Remove the checkmark from the box next to "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)
4. Click OK to exit the dialog

NOTE: You should do this for each network connection.

Disable the DHCP Broadcast Flag:

Link: Read more

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Set up new WLAN yesterday and there seem to be a few glitches. Grateful for anyone's wisdom in words of one syllable!

1. First attempt resulted in successful ADSL sharing but the two machines each in a network of its own - now I have two identical networks, and would like to tidy up by getting rid of one. This is something that XP 'help & support' doesn't tell you how to do.

2. Internet access seems erratic for no discernible reason. Every few minutes IE will refuse to connect, or even to open at all, and everything seems to go slow or stop altogether. On the wireless-connected laptop IE occasionally freezes at 'Detecting proxy settings'.

Whinge coming up (no action or response required) - I bought an ADSL router and a wireless adapter card for the laptop, both of which have gone so far down the road of trying to keep the instructions etc simple that they are almost no use at all! Unless everything really does work in 'three simple steps' (and does it ever?) you are left high and dry trying to work out what went wrong - and only TSG is there to help.

Whinge over.


A:Solved: New wireless network - desktop plus laptop, both XP - queries

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I have been searching for an answer for this one but hit a brick wall with it so I hope you can help.

I have just moved to a new flat and my broadband connection won't be up for another 8 weeks. I have a desktop pc and a sony vaio notebook with a wlan adapter. I have spoken to my neighbour above and he has a wlan connection, he's been kind enough to give me the WEP key to access this until mine is installed.

I have tried this on the laptop, I can access it fine from a couple of the rooms. However my main pc is my desktop and this only has LAN cards I have attempted to share the WLAN connection with my desktop using ICS however the router is configured on and Windows needs this IP to enable shared internet on the notebook. I can't really ask my neighbour to change this just so I can share the connection to my desktop.

I have managed to create a lan connnection between the two machines so I can RDP into the notebook to browse the web.

I need to know if there is a way I can configure the network connetions within xp to allow the connection to be shared and if not, If there is some kind of proxy application that will allow me to share the connection with my desktop, I have had a look at winproxy but it's all a bit over my head.

I know it would be much simpler to buy a WLAN card for my desktop but this is only temporary so I don't really want to spend the money on something I will never use again.

Can anyone help with this.

both ... Read more

A:Solved: Sharing laptop wireless connection with desktop via ethernet.

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Hello All ---

I have a wireless network via a Linksys WRTG54 with DHCP enabled. My desktop is hardwired to it, and my laptop runs via wireless connection. I also have a Buffalo Ethernet Wireless Converter to connect my DirecTv HR20 to the network (it has to be hardwired, can not accept usb).

I have a couple of issues that are extremely frustrating and I have been unable to resolve. I created a workgroup so that the desktop and laptop could be connected wireless.

1) My desktop, running Windows XP SP2, CAN NOT see the laptop under 'My Network Places' with or without the firewall on (Sunbelt Firewall or Windows Firewall). The desktop computer is also UNABLE to share Music or Pictures with the HR20 DVR using WMP11, On2Share, TVersity, or Cidero.

2) My laptop CAN SEE the desktop under 'My Network Places' however, when I attempt to connect I get an error message stating that I don't have permissions...etc, etc., etc. The laptop is running Windows Media Center along with Windows Firewall. However, Unlike my desktop, this laptop IS ABLE to share pics and music with the DVR(HR20) using On2Share, WMP11 or Cidero - however not TVersity.

I have tried opening up the specific ports to the DVR, but still no luck on gettting the desktop to see the DVR (or laptop).

Can anyone offer some suggestions on what else I can try? This has been very frustrating.

Thanks for any and all replies.

A:Solved: Wireless Issue - Connecting Desktop to Laptop and DirecTv DVR

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I'm an old Windows XP guy on my desktop who is struggling with Windows 8 on a new laptop. My current issue is the fact that each time I turn on my laptop I have to reconnect to my wireless network. I have to go to my settings and than to change PC settings and go though a series of steps to get it re-set. When doing the initial set up I did set the wireless connection as always on (or what ever the wording was). What do I need to do to keep the connection.

A:Lose my wireless connection each time my laptop turns off

Is the Wireless connection set to connect automatically?

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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-CS110D and recently just shut down my computer to let some Windows updates install. After turning my computer back on my wireless stopped working. My wireless switch is turned on and its green... its able to turn on the bluetooth but not the wireless. I've tried diagnosing the problem but my laptop just says that the wireless is not turned on.

I've looked around online and it seems like there's a problem with the updates. I've tried the suggestion here:

where it says to delete the third party LAN in the registry but I do not see any third party (or I just don't know what they look like)

Another suggestion I found was a system recovery but I'm iffy to do a full system recovery.. does anybody have any detailed instructions to just recover my wireless adaptor driver or any other suggestions?


A:Solved: No wireless connection w/ wireless turned on

Oh and my operating system is Windows Vista and I know for sure its my laptop problem since my wireless works on every other device in the house.

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I have the two computers in my system specs, running Clearwire Wireless as my ISP, a Vonage VOIP Router/Modem. The Laptop is connected to the network Wireless. The Desktop wired. When I have the Vonage Router connected I lose my AIM and Yahoo connection frequently. When I try to play at POGO the games will lag and finally freeze up after about 4 minutes. I am not using any encryption and have my Netgear router set up in the Setup Wizard's Basic setup. I also have trouble connecting to my pop3 email account with the Vonage Router connected. If I disconnect the Vonage router from the system everything works perfectly. It doesnt matter if I have the Clearwire Modem connected to the Netgear Router or to the Vonage router. The same thing happens everytime. Normal Web Brousing seems fine either way.Vonage connected or not. ANy ideas as to a fix would be appreciated. ALso I have not tried connecting the Clearwire to a network hub then to each router separately from there. TIA for any help. Not very Network savy. This is just a simple home network.

A:Solved: Netgear WGR-614 v6, Vonage, Clearwire, Desktop, and wireless Laptop problems

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I was working on my computer and it was fine. and the next day when i got on it again the desktop was white, the icons are fine but i can't remove the white from the desktop. It won't allow me to change any of my wallpapers or any other background. I have included a log file can someone please help me.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 2:59:48 AM, on 09/10/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
c:\program files\devnz\gbpvr\gbpvrrecordingservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Ghost\Agent\VProSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\IWP\NPFMntor.exe
C:\WINNT\system32\n... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Desktop turned white

I cant see anything wrong in you log so you will have to go through these fixes one at a time to see which one gets you up and running.


Download an run this Background Fixer


Run this file.Double click to merge it.

Go to Control Panel > Display Properties. Click the Desktop tab and click the Customize Desktop button. Click the Web tab and make sure all checkboxes in this window are unchecked. If any look a bit odd, check them then uncheck again.

Next, check hidden files and folders
To show hidden files instructions (WinXP)
Doubleclick My Computer | Tools | Folder Options | View tab
Select Show Hidden Files and Folders
Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types
Uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)
Select Apply to All Folders | Yes | Apply | OK

Search for C:\Windows\Web\Desktop.html and delete it if you find it.

Reboot and see if this helps.


You will find a fix here.Look for item 214 (Windows XP Style Changes )


Then go here a... Read more

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Help please - I've got xp and I was trying to get out of a non responding download by
using alt/control/del and my desktop turned sideways on the screen and this has
happened to me before , but I can't remember how to get back to normal , plus the
taskbar is too fat and won't minimize down-any help appreciated.......thanks

A:Solved: desktop turned sideways

Usually, the way to get it back to normal is to press Ctrl+Alt+Up button (usually associated with video card software).

Just to note: Ctrl+Alt+Down button will flip it upside-down, Ctrl+Alt+Left button will rotate it anti-clockwise, and Ctrl+Alt+Right button will rotate it clockwise.

If it doesn't work, let us know.

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i go to turn my pc off but then 2 seconds later its already booted itself back up. however, sometimes the pc does shut down without any problems. im thinking it may have something to do with the power shorting itself out. help

A:PC turns itself back on when i have just turned it off

Get into the BIOS and make sure things like "Wake on LAN", "Wake on Ring", etc. are disabled.

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I'm using an Acer Aspire 5710 laptop (see my computer specs for more information) and I had it set up nicely and it was all working fine... But I lent it to someone and now I've got it back the wireless doesn't work. I'm using the Acer eNet management and it says there are no wireless networks. I can connect to my network using the same model of laptop, so it's not that.

When I use windows to diagnose the problem it says my wireless card has been disabled and there should be a switch on the outside to enable it (which there isn't) or a function key combination (which I can't find). The wireless card is built in to the laptop.

I would be extremely grateful for any help.

A:Solved: Wireless Card turned off?

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My wife's laptop running XP with SP3 suddenly no longer wants to connect to our wireless network. The icon for the wireless adapter shows "The wireless adapter is turned off" yet when I try to use the Intel Wireless Troubleshooter is says to use Fn+F2 . That seems to do nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Wireless is turned off and can not get it back on

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All my desktop icons have now got trees in front of them. I've done virus and malware scans and re-booted but they remain. How do i get rid of them please?

A:[SOLVED] Desktop icons have all turned into trees!!

Delete the Icon Cache and restart the computer to rebuild it. How To Rebuild Icon Cache In Windows 7 To Repair Icons

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HELP!!! Suddenly, all the images on my desktop have turned 45 degrees to the right!!!!

How do I fix this???

Attached is a screen shot of what I am seeing (all sideways!):

Well, for some bizarre reason, the two screenshots I attached show the desktop images right side up.

However, looking at my screen, I see the bear's nose (in the wallpaper image) is pointing toward the TOP of the screen, and the deskton icons are all lined up across the top and the bottom of the screen!

Thanks for any help on getting this back to normal!


A:[SOLVED] Desktop view has turned 45 degrees to the right????

Try pressing CTRL+ALT+ Arrow Key (left, right, up, etc)

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Have had a number of pop-up ads appearing over the past few days (never had this before after exclusively using Firefox and not IE) and now problem has escalated to the point that when PC is turned on it just freezes immediately on the desktop screen and will not allow me to do anything.

Have therefore started in Safe Mode and this results in a black screen with "safe mode" written in each of the 4 corners of the screen, nothing more.

What are the 1st steps I need to take? I am running XP and PC is 3 yrs old.

(Am using my laptop at the moment to access this website).


A:Solved: PC freezes on desktop screen when turned on...?

Try a Windows Repair, for details see:

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I'm having trouble with two of my desktops.
Desktop #1 Problem:
When all cords and such are plugged in, I press the power button. The desktop turns on for about 1-2 seconds and then restarts. The bios doesn't flash, the os doesn't boot. As far as I can tell the desktop restarts indefinitely. Any ideas what's going on here?
--Desktop Type: HP Pavilion a705W
I found someone with a similar problem here

Desktop #2 Problem:
I bought some 3M Dust Remover a few days ago. I disconnected power, along with everything else, from a desktop of mine. Pulled the cover off and started blowing the dust out of the case. I put everything back together, plugged it in, and the desktop doesn't work. It boots to a blank screen with the the power and hard drive led's stuck on, on the front of the desktop. The led on the back of the power supply turns on, I can hear the hard drive spin up, it detects the cd/dvd drives, floppy drive and then just hangs with the led's stuck on. Anyone have an idea what might be going on here?
--Desktop Type: Compaq Presario S4200NX

Thanks for the help, I'm hoping to get atleast one of these back online w/o buying a whole new desktop.

A:HELP! Desktop turns on and restarts repeatedly, other turns on to black screen


Desktop 1:

Do you see anything on your screen at all while this is happening?

Have you tried to press the setup key to see if the BIOS will come up and make changes?

Do you have any USB devices (other than keyboard or mouse) hooked up? If so, try disconnecting them and see if it will at least POST or attempt to go into the OS.

WARNING: Before checking the capacitors, disconnect the power cord on your system and press & hold the POWER button to allow the power to discharge! Also, you should always ground yourself before touching computer components to prevent static discharge!

Just FYI, some of the motherboards in this series of HP’s have issues with the capacitors.

You should take a look at the capacitors to see if the tops of them are raised or discolored. Also, if you put your finger on the top of the capacitors, they should feel as if they are INDENTED and not flush or raised. Raising or discoloration (up to and including a black tar looking substance on the tops indicate a leaking capacitor).

Desktop 2:

Any POST sounds (beeps) produced at all?

Have you tried the monitor from Desktop 1 on this one?

Anything at all displayed on the monitor, to include CHECK CABLE message?

Recommendation: Open the case again and ensure that all the cards, memory, drive cables and so forth are all connect properly and not loose or dislodged.

Do you know how to RESET your BIOS to default using the onboard jumpers?

Here is a detailed link on troubles... Read more

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hi, does anyone know why when i have had my comp on for quite a while, now and again when i turn it off, it automatically restarts, then i turn off again then it restarts again, the only way sometimes to turn off is to hold button in, to reset, i got win xp, but that ainīt the prob i donīt think, if anyone knows why this happens please let me know, this does not happen all the time, but most times, canīt figure it out,

A:comp turns itself back on after being turned off,

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My Dell Inspiron N4030 on Windows 7 64bits started crashing and shutting off completely on its own this morning. No blue screen, no error messages, just turns off. I tried starting in safe mode, and it still turns off after about a minute. I did the initialization repair process twice, no deal. I can`t even get to the "restore to original state" page, it shuts off before. I don't know what else to do, I'm desperate. I'd LOVE to save about 20 pictures about my family that I have and will not be able to retrieve from anywhere else, but I don't know how to keep the computer on for enough time to back them to a flashdrive. Pleeeease help me!!

A:Computer turns off on its own after little time of being turned on

Your documents are fine, so don't worry about that. You could always pull the hard drive and copy the files to another machine.

Can you try booting the PC and go into either the BIOS or the boot menu and leave it there to see if still powers off? BIOS is usually F2 and Boot Menu may be F11 or F12 when you first power on the system.

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I am having this same problem with the same computer build and have followed all steps. it's still shutting down after a minute or two.

A:Re: Computer turns off on its own after little time of being turned on

Please do not Hijack someone else's thread. I have moved you to your own thread. The OP in the original thread had a laptop and not a build, so what works for them will not work for you.
As for your problem, Shutting down is usually caused by Power Supply Unit failing or overheating. Open the case and blow out all fans with a can of compressed air. Take a look at the PSU label (Desktop not Laptop) and report the make, model and Wattage. If it continues to shut down, then replace the PSU

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Hello. I have an 8 and a half year old PC with XP, and for the past few days, whenever I turn on the monitor after it's been off for a while, the green light on the Power button turns orange and it's dark like it's off, butr when I move the mouse, it stops.

Someone recently adjusted the color on the settings, could it be to do with that? Also, I was wondering if opening up the case and cleaning in there (which I have never done) would help the PC run better and extend its life, or not?

A:PC Monitor Turns Dark When Turned on Sometimes

Hi at 8.1\2 years old you certainly should clean it this will give you some tips for that How to Clean Your PC, Inside and Out | PCWorld
If the settings have been changed then yes it is possible it has made things different there is also the possibility that the graphics are giving out but reset your color and clean it first then get back to use and be safety conscious remove all power and cables from the machine before opening and be sure to touch the unpainted area to discharge any static from you before touching the insides.

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On Vista.
I accidentally touched two or more keys and theDesktop screen immediately shifted 90 degrees to the left.
Help would be appreciated because tilting my head is giving me a pain in the neck!!!

A:[SOLVED] Desktop screen turned 90 degrees left

Hi, you can thank Dunedin for this:-

ctrl+alt+right key = screen rotated 90? to the right
ctrl+alt+down key = screen rotated 180? (upside down)
ctrl+alt+left key = screen rotated 90? to the left

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My HP Dv8 has a Wireless touch button that will randomly turn off during use, causing me to lose the connection to my bt home hub, which is currently working fine. What could cause this? I have tried scanning for viruses using mcafee security scan plus and avast free.

A:Solved: hp dv8 wireless turns of randomly

Have you opened the access door on the bottom and reseated the wireless adapter?

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I have a desktop running windows 2000 connected to a wireless router with ethernet. I also have a laptop running windows xp connected to the router wirelessly. The each can access the internet perfectly fine...but how do I access the desktop from the laptop. How do I print from the laptop on the printer connected to the desktop. Please help....I have been looking for hours on how to do this and have found no solution.

A:network wireless laptop(xp) with desktop(2000) through wireless router?

you can do a remote desktop connection, provided that you enable it on both machines. you'll need the DNS names of both machines, btw.

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Hello to who will help me.
2 days ago i got this annoying problem
explorer keeps on shutting down and restarting every 14 seconds or so. all icons disapear then come back again and again and again, but the background still is there. I now shut down explorer through task manager and open things up through it as well. the internet is fine, apps run fine, just explorer doesen't.
in event viewer I get hundreds of errors all saying the same thing about "winlogon" at the same interval (14 seconds)
I have found a couple of similar threads here but not quite enough to help

in "event viewer\application" I keep getting this warning

Event Type: Information
Event Source: Winlogon
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1002
Date: 28-Apr-2008
Time: 11:30:12 PM
User: N/A
Computer: UPSTAIRS
The shell stopped unexpectedly and Explorer.exe was restarted.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

My HJT file is:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 11:31:43 PM, on 28-Apr-2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16640)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
... Read more

A:Solved: desktop. explorer turns on off every 14 seconds . winlogin error

fixed it, I had to reformat computer seem as I couldn't get answer from anywhere
cheers to all those that looked

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I have a toshiba L505D-S5965 I replaced the DC jack now computer will only come on for 15 sec then there a click ( not a beep) and then come back on right away then about 15 sec make the click sound sounds like it is coming from the hard drive area. I took off the top turned on computer and listen sounds like from the hard drive area. after the third time doing this it turns off for good. There a orange light in front.
I only took off the keyboard and the top of computer put the new DC jack. This DC jack you just plug into the MB. Any help out there.

A:Solved: laptop turns off after 15 sec then on again

Battery problem, perhaps? Take out the battery, try using the computer, see if it turns off again. If it doesn't, then the battery pack may be suspect.

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Hey, I've been working on this problem for a little bit, so I hope I can find some help here.

My internet is pay by the month wireless. Use the name and password they give to log in threw a browser to get internet. I'm not sure this matters since my issue is with wireless connectivity, but I figured I'd through it out there.

I have two computers. One is a self built desktop running XP Pro and using a WMP300N wireless card. The other is a Dell XPS M1330 running Vista Business using a Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG. (Let me know if more system specs are needed).

The wireless connection that is offered isn't the best out there. Signal strength usually isn't too high, and every now and then its non-existent. The thing is, many times when its non-existent on my desktop, its there on my laptop. Or my desktop will drop connection every now and then or, like its doing today, it will loose and quickly re-establish connection about every 5 to 10 minutes. But again, my laptop has no issues. And my laptop works no matter where it is, and its usually right next to my desktop.

My best guess is it's either something with the wireless cards or the operating system, cause I can't see anything else really effecting it. The one thing I do notice is that when I look at my wireless connection on Vista is it will show multiple connections. While XP just shows "Network Name" Vista will show "Network Name", "Network Name 4", "Netw... Read more

A:XP Desktop Wireless vs. Vista Laptop Wireless

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i have an odd problem, for some unknow reason, everytime i move my screen my laptop shuts down.
Anyone heard of this problem before ?

Thank you.

Laptopackard bell EasyNote F5

A:Solved: Screen turns off laptop

i worked out the problem. For some reason the cable that connects from the screen to the motherboard was pushing down on the motherboard and stopping the button from being pressed. This was turning the laptop off.

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Running original XP install disk. This is on a P3 800, 512 meg ram, with a 30 gb hdd. The PC originally came with windows 98 but was recieved with no OS. I put in the 30 gb HDD after the fact as the original did not come with the PC.

Here is where it gets interesting... When I turn the laptop on it will boot to CD or to Floppy just fine. I can boot into dos on a windows 98 boot disk and can do anything I want to on the system. I even once left the Pc up overnight at a DOS prompt with no problems...

I put the CD-Rom into the drive bay and I boot it up it loads windows startup gets past the EULA. Works on formatting then when that finishes upon copying the files to the HDD the power turns OFF!

Okay so I figure its a bad HDD I swap it out with a known good 6 gig I had laying around... same situation as before works fine in dos mode for hours upon doing Windows XP install powers off.

Okay must be a hardware problem? Well I run memtest, PC-Check (which a friend supplied), and even do a swapout of individual parts with my T21 (same 800 mhz laptop configuration).

T21 works fine with all these different parts swapped into it... the other laptop still powers off each time upon trying to install windows...

The only thing i have not tried is this is a Windows XP sp2 CD should I try it with a standard base windows xp install? I fail to see how this would be the power off reason though?

A:Solved: XP setup turns off Laptop?

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Hi all,
I connected an external screen for testing a presentation (just a second monitor), and ticked presenter view, clicked extend desktop and then it correctly identified the monitors., but the resolution on the external was low. So I turned it up, and fiddled around a little, then suddenly my laptop screen went blank (probably after I clicked yes to something) amd only the external monitor now shows anything. In display settings it now suddenly has two of my external monitors, and not my laptop one listed...

Identifying them shows nothing on my laptop, and the screen being "1"

I really need it back to my laptop screen, as it's hard to do stuff when the laptop is 1m away from the screen! I'm writing this post like it...

So please help!

Edit: Oh and by the way, unplugging the screen gives No Signal, and nothing to the laptop

Edit 2: Somehow I made both monitors appear in the list again, but still only the external will display anything. If I choose my laptop screen and click extend to this, it asks me to keep changes, I say yes, then it greys out again

A:Solved: Connected external monitor, then my laptop screen turned off,. now not seen

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I have a gateway m-6851. I bought this battery 2 months ago. This just started happening today. My laptop is running fine, I unplug it to move it. I assumed it went to battery power, but nope. It turned off. This happens 100% of the time. I've tried reseating the battery twice. Windows 7 reads it at 100% with no problems. any ideas?

I don't know that much about hardware, but is there maybe some setting thats messed up. Such as a setting that tells windows to switch to battery, or try to switch to battery, because windows reads the battery just fine.

A:Solved: Laptop turns off when unplug, battery 100%

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For the past few weeks, my Samsung laptop has been showing the 'You may need to replace battery' on my Windows 7 OS computer.

Today, I plugged in my computer to the power socket and turned on the computer. For a while, the power indicator was lit in red color without any other kind of response.

After a while, this turned green, and the computer turned on while pressing the power switch. On bootup, the computer asked me to either 'launch startup repair' or 'start windows normally'. Even before I could respond, the computer turned off..Pressing the power switch does nothing..but every now and then, the computer turns on by itself and turns off before the intro 'Samsung' name is displayed. This has been continuing for a while.

Is there anything I can do to fix this issue?

Thanks a lot.


OS : Windows 7
Model : Samsung R428 (the specs I could gather from the internet are :

Intel Core i3 350M Dual Core Processor (3MB Cache, 2.26GHz Speed)
6 Cell LI-Ion Battery

A:Solved: Laptop Turns On & Off When Plugged Into Socket

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Hey guys i've had a bit of a problem i've been trying to use my Wireless laptop as a modem for my Desktop PC because i have my desktop pc up in my room and my router is downstairs so is there any way i could use a ethanet cable to connect the two so i can connect to the internet on my Desktop PC?
you helo would be apreciated

A:Using my laptop as wireless for my desktop

Pal I would recommend you get a wireless adapter for your PC.

They are really cheap nowadays (anything from ?5-30) and allot easier to set up than trying to use your laptop to connect

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I have a Desktop & two laptops both running on Windows XP Home edition. The laptops have been wireless for some time running through a Netgear router without any problems, and guests have had no problems with wireless laptops. Recently, I decided to set up an office and made my Desktop wireless through the Belkin Wireless G network adapter. Here is the problem...When I turn on the desktop, the laptops are no longer connected - if I shut off the desktop, the laptops work fine....

I have only had both working at the same time for maybe a day. Now, for some reason, I can't even get the Desktop to the internet, even though it says it's connected to the router ?

Anyone ??

A:wireless on desktop & laptop

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I have a desktop computer wiht a linksys usb adapter. It has worked fine for months. Now, i cannot connect to any networks. The internet is provided by the apartment complex, so I do not have acces to the router. I have a laptop that connects with no Issue.

The real problem is that when I open the network connections properties window and click on the wireless networks tab( to delete saved aces points) the program stops responding.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!!

Also, about the same another problem occurred..when I shut down my computer, it always restarts. Don't know if they are related, but the wireless connection problems is what I want to tackle for now

A:Wireless on Laptop not on Desktop

Remove the wireless adapter drivers and reload them from scratch.

The other issue may indicate more serious issues with the installation, but let's try this first..

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The laptop is able to connect to wireless but the desktop does not yet have a wireless adaptor.

Would it be possible to physically connect a desktop and laptop together to share with an ethernet cable?

A:Laptop and Desktop Wireless

YOu can do that with ICS, but it would be nice if you told us about the whole network topology? What is the laptop connected to with that wireless adapter?

Please supply the following info.

Make/model of the broadband modem.
Make/model of the router (if any).
Connection type, wired, wireless.
Make/model of network card or wireless adapter.
Make/model of your computer.
Version and patch level of Windows, i.e. XP-Home SP2.

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My old wireless was working fine, I simply updated my internet to faster speed and so I updated my router and modem hardware. I've consulted online manuals but cannot find the locations I'm told to go to enter new WPA-PSk codes for the new router. The wired internet is working fine and the XBOX & my phone shows a listing for my new router however I get an error message when entering the passcode from the router - my guess is that my desktop still has the old router info - I just can't find where to enter the new.

A:Solved: Updated Wireless Hardware on Windows XP Desktop - Can't get new wireless to w

Delete the wireless profile and scan for your network. When you try to connect you will be prompted for the WPA passphrase.

If that doesn't work disable encryption on the router and try to connect. Assuming success you can probably re-enable encryption and reconnect.

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my laptop turns on then suddenly turns off after few seconds. any suggestion regarding this issue? is this a common issue on hp laptop? thanks in advance. 

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I have an older Compaq laptop that usually works fine, but now when I press the power button it just lights up a few of the lights, makes an odd beeping noise and immediately turns off. Nothing appears on the display and it never goes farther than that. I?ve tried a "hard reset" and reseating the ram modules, but neither worked and I have no idea where to go from here.

A:laptop turns on for 1-2 seconds then turns off

Welcome nabbed_clones.

Could you mention the make and model of your laptop please and explain what the odd beeping noise is (e.g., is it a quick one beep noise, or long beep noise, or many different beeps?) Any other sounds?

(Have you tried turning on the laptop with the mains power plugged in and the battery out?).

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My modem by two wire does not have wireless and I have DSL through dialup.
I want to use a cable or other means to be able to use this modem for both the lapto and desktop at the same time. connecting to phone line wont work since the desktop already is using the line. can this be done easily? I have WIN XP with XP2 on both

A:cabling laptop to desktop without wireless

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Hello all, I have an HP (Vista) laptop, that's not seeing the desktop (XP pro) on the wireless connection. I keep paitent files on both but transfer between the two of them.

The Folder/Files are shared and the Workgroup on both are the same. The router is a Airlink 101.

Any suggestions are help is encouraged and appreciated.



I'm not sure if this makes a difference or not but both computer connect to the net just fine.

A:Laptop not seeing desktop and wireless network.

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I have a desktop with an Asus M32N-SLI deluxe motherboard. It is hooked up directly to the internet, with other PC's running through it to connect to the internet. No problem there.

My question is this, the Asus baord has a Wi-Fi connection, is there a way that I can have my laptop connect to my desktop via this wireless connection. I tried just creating a bridge, but the desktop just keeps searching for wireless networks, when what I really want is to have it provide a network.

Any comments would be great.


A:Wireless Laptop to Wired Desktop

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I have a custom-built desktop and an HP Pavilion dv9408nr with Windows Vista Ultimate x64 installed on BOTH computers.

I have absolutely NO money at the moment, so I thought I'd be clever.

My laptop is connected to my NETGEAR router wirelessly. It's able to connect to the internet and LAN with full speed. My desktop is right next to it, with a crossover cable connecting the laptop and the desktop. I then created a bridge on the laptop between the wireless (router) connection and the wired (laptop -- desktop) connection.

When I did this at first, it worked marvilously. No problems, full 12Mbps (megabits) on the DESKTOP through the laptop. Speeds vary with broadband. But not as much as what seems to happen occasionally:

I haven't TOUCHED the laptop, but on occasion, I lose connection to the internet on the desktop. Also, if I take the laptop upstairs for a moment and then bring it back down and hook it back up, it works, but really really slowly. The laptop gets full speed connection, the desktop downloads at MAYBE 2KB/sec (kilobytes) per file if that. Browsing the web, however, doesn't seem too bad.

I tried Internet Connection Sharing, but the desktop was unable to connect to the internet using ICS. If anyone knows of a solution or a better way to do this, I'd really REALLY like to hear it because, like I said, it works SOMETIMES.

A:Using Laptop as Wireless Card for Desktop

I think I fixed the problem.

After posting, I tried:

Restarting the desktop - no effect
Restarting the router - no effect

Then looked on the laptop at the status of the network bridge and the wired connection (laptop -- desktop). The wired was reporting "10mbps" and the bridge reported "24mbps" which did not look good enough to me at all. These are both gigabit cards!

The problem was the crossover cable. Guess maybe the fact that it's a crossover cable should've been a clue as to why it's not getting full throughput. And it has crimps in it from folding, as well as the clasps that hold it into the network ports were broken off.

I got out my NETGEAR 100Mbit switch, and my two faithful patch cables, and now I am seeing the difference. I know there is some speed limits due to the overhead of going through the laptop, but 2kilobytes per second is ridiculous.

If anyone has any other ideas as to what may have caused this problem, it's probably a good idea to share them, so other people can see.

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I recently purchased a new notebook (did not receive it yet.) Its a Dell Inspiron 6000 (Intel Centrino 1.86Ghz)

My question is; Can I connect it to my desktop via Lan?
The notebook should have a wirless lan card in it, right?

If yes, is there a wireless lan card for a desktop? how much does it cost (approx) and does it work? I want to be able to view/transfer data, files, and folders between the 2 copmuters...
Is it efficient? (is it fast or slow or is it just like transfering files on the same computer from one destination to the other?)

If not, can the wirelss lan card in the notebook be connected to a regular lan card in the desktop or do I need to get a non-wireless card for the notebook? How much do these cost? (approx)
Any help is much appreciated...


A:Can I connect my laptop to desktop via Lan? Can it be wireless?

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I have wireless internet using NETGEAR software on my desktop, with the wireless PCI card installed. It works fine, signs me on and off CONSTANTLY on aol instant messenger. And the only thing I can do to have the internet on my laptop is to disable the security settings on my desktop on the (NETGEAR SETTINGS SITE) and then my wireless laptop recieves the signal becuase its not protected. I was wondering if I can have the internet on both of them at the same time. I've been trying for quite some time to solve this my self, but haven't been successful. If any one has any ideas, please post them.


A:Wireless Internet on Desktop AND laptop

The system should prompt you - while trying to gain access through your laptop - to put in the network key. Clearly, it isn't so the quickest work around is to cable the router to the laptop and set it up in there in identical fashion to the way you did it on the PC. Once the cable is out, you should be able to connect through the network.

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I have a Linksys router with cable modem for desktop. I had it set up a few years back so I could share the internet connection with my laptop. I bought a new laptop and now I cannot use the wireless - the laptop will show the connection but it is too weak to use - is then an encryption or password problem, and if so, how do I find out the password that may have been set when my original wireless network was set up?

A:laptop won't receive wireless from desktop

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I have an XP desktop with a printer connected ethernet to an external wireless cable modem/router.

I have an XP laptop connected wireless to that same wireless cable modem/router.

Both can access the Internet fine, but neither can see the other in any way, so I can't move files or print from the laptop to the printer connected to the desktop.

I can ping the desktop from the laptop, but I cannot ping the laptop from the desktop - the request times out. I cannot see the other computer from either though.

The Network Wizard on each only sees the network method it's connected to, ethernet and wireless - desktop and laptop respectively.

I'm sure there's something simple to get them seeing each other and sharing files and the printer, but I don't know what it is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:how to get wireless laptop and wired desktop to see each other

See if any of this helps.

Hints and tips from Terrynet on the Networking Forum

Printer and File Sharing

The following will set up a Microsoft Workgroup for File and Printer Sharing assuming the PCs are already networked via router, ad-hoc wireless or Ethernet (directly or using switch or hub).

In Network and Dial-up Connections (Win 2k Pro) or Network Connections (XP) right click on your connection and select ‘Properties.’ If not already there, install or add a check mark for “Client for Microsoft Networks, “File and Printer sharing …” and “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).”

Right click on My Computer and on the Computer Name tab make sure you have a unique computer name and the workgroup name that you want to use for all computers. Change if necessary.

Restart the PC.

You must uninstall or properly configure any 3rd party firewalls on each machine.

If using the XP SP2 firewall: Control Panel – Windows Firewall – on the General tab it should be “On” and on the Exceptions tab “File and Printer Sharing” should be selected.

The Shared Documents folder is automatically shared. Any other folders or printers you want to share, just right click on them and sharing ... . When sharing a printer, accept the offer to load other drivers if your other PCs have different Operating System(s).

When you first go into My Network Places there will b... Read more

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My laptop is connected to the network wirelessly using 2wire. This is working fine. I have the 2wire portal connected to a linksys dsl router ("etherfast"). The desktop is connected via ethernet cable to the linksys router. The internet works fine for the desktop. My problem is getting the two computers to see each other on the network. When I connect my laptop to the router via works. But when laptop is wireless (which I need to be logistically) does not work. Can someone help me figure this out?



A:help with wireless laptop/ethernet desktop

With the network connected wirelessly, go through these troubleshooting steps.

Turn off any firewalls for debugging. If the firewall is the problem, you'll have to configure it to allow access to "trusted zone" addresses. Note that some firewalls must be completely uninstalled to stop them from affecting your networking.

PING each computer by IP address, and if successful, PING by name. You can obtain the IP address of a computer by opening a command prompt (DOS window) and typing IPCONFIG. This should work for any Windows version. A failure here needs to be corrected before you go any farther.

All computers should be in the same workgroup for computer browsing to function properly. File & Print Sharing has to be enabled on any computer you wish to share files or printers from. You also need to actually share the resource in question from My Computer, right click on the drive/printer/folder, and select sharing.

If you encounter difficulties accessing computers that are visible in Network Neighborhood, make sure the computer being accessed has an account with the same name/password as the system connecting to it uses to login.

While the default NetBIOS setting is correct for normal network configurations, it's possible for it to be altered, and it costs nothing to make sure it's correct. NETBIOS over TCP/IP must be enabled for normal network browsing.

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I have an existing PC (XP Home OS) with dial-up access to the web and I just bought a notebook that has a wireless network card in it (XP Pro OS). I am assuming I'll need to purchase a network card for the desktop PC before I can setup this network, does anyone have any suggestions on what I need to buy? Price range, etc. My office is in the basement of my home and I want to be able to share the internet connection, printer, files, etc. on the desktop from the living room of the house (floor above). I would probably just use the Network Setup Wizard that is in XP...that brings up another this all do-able between XP Home and XP Pro? Thanks for any advice.

A:Wireless network between desktop PC and Laptop

I would recommend you consider a wireless router, something along the lines of the SMC Barricade. It had dial-up and broadband support, so you'll be ready for faster speeds when they come along. You can connect directly to it from the desktop machine. If you shop around, it won't be a lot more than the WAP (Wireless Access Point), but will offer a lot more flexibility.

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I'm a complete novice when it comes to wireless connections. Because I just bought a laptop, I installed a D-Link DIR-601 basic 150N router. I installed the router using my desktop. The desktop connection, which started out at only 65 mbps, was eventually brought to it's max of 150 mbps after going thru the setup. However, the laptop network connection varies between only 58 and 65 mbps.

First question is why are they different? Second question is what do I need to do to increase the laptop connection to the full 150 mbps?

A:Wireless speed on laptop much less that desktop

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I have a Gateway Desktop P4 1gb ram 2.40gzh with Win XP. It is 32 bit operaing system. I have a Gateway Laptop Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2.26 GHz with 64 bit operating system. They are networked together with a Linksys wireless-G broadband router. I have to connect the laptop with a cable to get it to connect to the desktop to use the file and the internet. Is there anyway to fix this so I can get the laptop to go wireless to connect to the internet and the desktop? I am thinking of getting a NAS for backup of the data I work with on the desktop. Will that fix anything?

A:Wireless network with 32 bit desktop & 64 bit laptop

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I have a Sony Vaio laptop (Windows XP) that has a wireless card built into it. I also have an HP Desktop (Windows Vista) that I used to go online with, plugging it directly into a modem. I no longer have the modem, however I am still able to go online with my laptop b/c I pick up a good connection from my neighbor.

So basically, I am wondering if there is any way I can plug my laptop into my desktop so the desktop picks up the connection.

I have already been looking into this for a couple days now, I found threads that were kind of helpful. Based on the threads, I have tried pluging an ethernet cat5e patch cable (is this the same as a crossover?) into both of the computers. I have messed around with network connections and changed the ip addresses all around. After hours and hours of doing this my ending result was this..............The Desktop's Local Area Connection said I was connected. However, when I tried going online I kept getting, "page could not be displayed". So I'm not sure if what I'm trying to do here is even possible or completely rediculous.

Somebody, please please help me!!!!!

I am not computer illiterate, I would say I'm Intermediate if that helps with answering me. And I already know my problem could be easily solved if I just go out and buy a wireless card to put in the computer but let's just say there is a reason why I no longer have my modem anymore. Now a days every dime I have is going directly into the mouths... Read more

A:Connecting Desktop to Wireless Laptop for Internet.

Site Rules -
WiFi Piggybacking / Wardriving - We do not support the act of using someone else's Internet without permission. Also, please note that almost every ISP prohibits sharing your Internet connection with another home, and we will not assist you in breaking their rules.

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using a wireless dongle which has always worked fine on x3 pc's in the houseold

had a virus or malware (windows cannot find logon.exe) on the desktop and now cannot connect using the dongle.
tried the dongle on another pc and its fine

no changes to router - no access restrictions etc.

the pc in question shows the wireless network with good signal strength etc but almost immediately comes back with "limited or no connectivity" message - does not even seem to attempt to get an ip address.

when i use ipconfig /all - ip address and subnet mask are
when trying ipconfig /renew, get the message

"an error occirred while renewing interface Wireless Network Connection : thr RPC serve is unavailable."


A:wireless dongle works on laptop but not on desktop

the virus may have affected the PC - i think we should look at checking to make sure the virus has been removed
However, as that may take a while as the virus forum is busy
would you check the following, and report back the status of all the processes

From a Johnwill post

Check your Services are Started on all PCs:

COM+ Event System (for WZC issues)
Computer Browser
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
TCP/IP Netbios helper
Wireless Zero Configuration (XP wireless configurations only)
WLAN AutoConfig (Vista wireless configurations only)

Note: You can check the services in Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services.

All of these services should be started, and their startup type should be automatic (or perhaps manual).

If a service is not running, open it's properties and check the dependencies. Check each of the dependencies and see which one is preventing the service from running. Checking the event log is also a good idea here, there may be clues to what is failing.Click to expand...

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Like the Title says my IBM T23 laptop has a good wireless connection but my Dell 8200 desktop cannot connect even though it says it has a connection? It was working fine last night and I shutdown and when I started it back up today I can't connect to the Internet or my ISP e-mail account with outlook, I checked all my cables, settings and everything seems right, I have a Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router hooked up to my DSL modem that is hooked by network cable to my Desktop, I'm getting good wireless speed from the Linksys router to my laptop as the pic below shows so what could be the problem? Thanks for any help.

A:Wireless laptop has internet, desktop doesn't?

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I am not the sharpest computer person but I do know how to get around my computers. My problem is my Netgear DGN2000 is hooked up and the ethernet cable is running into my desktop with XP. The "Local Area Connection" says 100Mbps into the router.

The problem is the desktop is getting speeds of .60 Mbps download & .40 upload. My wireless laptop and another that uses the wireless connection & Windows 7, are getting about 3.0 Mbps, but sometimes really slow as well.

I know how to get into the router settings and just wondered if something might be set wrong? I have gone into the browser and reset and updated the firmware of the router. Still confused about why it is running so slow. I called the ISP but of course they say it is the computer. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

A:Ethernet Desktop faster than wireless laptop

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Here's the situation I'm in, the university I work at provides wireless laptops. They are running XP.

The apartment I live in is close enough to campus to receive the campus wireless signal. i would like to be able to log my desktop onto the wireless network, but there are a few issues, mainly that the campus policy is that only the school's laptops may access the the network.

So what I would like to do is set up my desktop so it is networked to my laptop via a Cat-5 crossover cable, then use ICS so that my desktop can access the internet.

I'm cautious to try this because I'm afraid of messing up my laptop's network settings during the process.

I should also mention that the way the laptop is configured, the wireless connection in 'Network Connections' shows up as 'Not connected'. But the software Aironet Client Utility manages the conenction.

What steps do I need to take to make this happen?

P.S. I would also be fine accomplishing this via Firewire.

A:Netorking Desktop to Laptop for wireless internet

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I'm piggybacking on the wireless connection of the hotel next door to my apt. They're fine with that; they gave me a username and password to log on. Problem is, I have to bring my laptop into my bedroom to get the signal, and my desktop is in the living room. So I bought a 50' ethernet cable and connected it from my laptop in the bedroom to a router, which then connects by ethernet cable, to the desktop. When I do this, the LAN connection icon in the taskbar of the laptop thinks for awhile, and then says "this has limited or no connectivity", with a yellow triangle and a black exclamation mark. Furthermore, when I try to get on to the internet from the desktop, it says it can't find the server. I set up a local network between the desktop and the laptop, and I can see my laptop from my desktop and vice versa in "My Network Places" of both computers. I can pass files from one to the other, and can even print from the laptop, through the ethernet cable, to the desktop and then to the printer. If I go to "Workgroups" in "My Network Places", I can even see computers from the hotel, and my neighbor, who also uses the connection from the hotel (I would like to be invisible from them, however). But I am NOT able to access the internet from the desktop, through the laptop, using the wireless connection from the hotel. Why?

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Its weird.
My laptop gets on the network fine wireless. However, my desktop which is connected by ethernet does not connect / minimal connection after installing Avast anti-virus.

Really don't want to do another reset because it takes forever to get the laptop to connect again after resetting. Is there anything I can do to the desktop to make it connect?

A:Laptop can connect but not desktop to wireless router

Do you have the evil friend, COMODO, installed. That has been our usual cause lately... they have moved beyond their reputation

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Heres my problem I have shared my wireless connection on the laptop, hooked up an ethernet cable from desktop to laptop but its saying unplugged on desktop there is no light by the ethernet port on desktop, both computers running windows 7
now I have tried 4 different cables that I know work, both the ethernet ports on the laptop and desktop work have tried them both and they connect almost instantly, is there a setting somewhere I am missing, please help because I really dont want to go buy a 50 footer and run to connect my desktop to internet.
Thank you in advance.


A:Sharing laptop wireless connection with desktop

Have you right clicked on "share this network connection" on the adapter in the connection manager:


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ok, I have a desktop computer running windows xp pro sp2 and a laptop also running wxp sp2. I bought a linksys wireless-G router to share the internet connection and I also want to share files and a printer between the computers. The internet connection is fine, the problem i'm having is that none of the PC's see each other in the my netwrok places area.
I''ve ran the wireless wizard setup and added the ip adresses to the firewall settings and still nothing. What am I missing here guys?

A:I can't connect my wireless laptop to my wired desktop

nevermind guys, I found a way to work around this problem
if you are able to ping to each pc, then you can access each pc's resources using thier IP address. For some unknown reason the PC's show in the "my networks places" section but wont allow you to access the shared files, only if you acces them through their ip adress:

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i have a desktop PC and a laptop with a built in wifi/wireless network capability. my PC is acer aspire m1620, my laptap is sony vaio. what do i need to connect my laptop to my pc internet? i have comcast (3 in one service). i have only one outlet for cable/phone/internet. this outlet goes to the modem and then the modem has usb ports for phone, cable, internet. all i want is to create a wireless network between my pc n laptop but dont know if my PC is wifi ready like my laptop. wat shud i do?

A:desktop to LAPTOP connection wireless problem

Well, the first thing you need is a wireless broadband router. Next, you need to determine if your desktop has wireless capability, my guess is no. Is there any reason you don't want to connect the desktop with a wired connection, it's much more reliable and will be required for initial configuration of the router anyway.

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I can only get dial-up where I live. I have a desktop - Dell (2 yrs. old) and just got a Gateway Platinum laptop. Can I get wireless network so as to use laptop in other parts of the house with only dial-up connection? All wireless routers I come across say they are for high speed internet. Please help!

A:Dial-up only! Can I get wireless network between my desktop and laptop?

You may be able to find a wireless router/dial-up modem device. Most people with your situation just suffer with Internet Connection Service (ICS).

Two basic choices if you decide to go the ICS route. Buy a wireless router or a wireless Access Point and connect it to your desktop via ethernet. This is probably the best way if your desktop already has ethernet. If you go this way with a router, ask here for how to configure it.

The other choice is to get a PCI or USB wireless adapter for the desktop and set up an ad-hoc wireless network between the two computers.

In either case you then enable ICS on the desktop, and I am assuming that the laptop already has a wireless adapter (probably integrated).

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Hi all -

Hopefully someone can help me with this. I've tried everything I can think of.

I have a Belkin 54g wireless modem/router, a desktop PC and laptop, both with wireless cards installed. The desktop finds the modem/router and connects to it and the internet with no problems.
The laptop shows a connection to the wireless network solely by the icon in the bottom right taskbar. When I go to network connections and right click on the Wireless Network icon, which says enabled, and go to 'view available wireless networks, this window is grayed out and contains nothing. No internet access is possible with the laptop. By typing in the IP address of the modem/router on the desktop I can see the router settings - the laptop will not do this. In the router settings, the only thing showing as part of the network is the desktop PC.

The desktop runs Win XP SP 2. Laptop Win XP SP 1 so there is no wireless connection wizard. I can connect the Laptop to the net by wired means, but it will not download Windows updates!

Any ideas as to what is wrong with laptop would be appreciated. It's Intel Pentium 4 3ghz, 512RAM...

A:Wireless network - desktop and laptop problem

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Hi Y'all - I have a desktop computer running XP and nice reasonably fast Broadband on virgin media. I'm quite happy with the setup and don't want to go messing about with installing a wireless router in place of the Virgin Broadband Modem. I am getting a wifi Laptop for my wife and want to "Piggy-Back" it off my desktop. Someone told me I could get a "Dongle" that would sit in a USB port on my desktop and relay to the laptop via wifi.
Is this possible ? I can't find such an item.

A:Connect wireless laptop to wired desktop

jameswwa said:

Hi Y'all - I have a desktop computer running XP and nice reasonably fast Broadband on virgin media. I'm quite happy with the setup and don't want to go messing about with installing a wireless router in place of the Virgin Broadband Modem. I am getting a wifi Laptop for my wife and want to "Piggy-Back" it off my desktop. Someone told me I could get a "Dongle" that would sit in a USB port on my desktop and relay to the laptop via wifi.
Is this possible ? I can't find such an item.Click to expand...


The USB WiFi adaptor is the receiver side that would access a WiFi router or Access Point (AP).
You need the transmitter side so that wife's laptop can connect to it.

IMO, wrong approach.

what you have (apparently) is

VB Modem ===>Your Desktop
what you are attempting looks like

VB Modem ===>Your Desktop - - wifi - - laptop
1) this requires the ICS active on the desktop and
2) then put a wifi router(or AP) for the laptop to connect to.
If you're going to get another router then --

what you really want to do is

VB Modem ===>new wifi router ===wired ==>Your Desktop
+ - - - wifi connection to the laptop

This is NOT replacing the VB modem, but adding to it downstream so all the VB settings are left asis

This has the advantage of
allowing either system to be powered off and still ... Read more

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Hi Guys

I have a laptop and desktop in same room, when I turn on the laptop the desktop conflicts with the laptop therefore no connection, when I turn off the laptop the desktop connection is good again. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


A:laptop and desktop wireless conflict in same room

Try downloading and installing the latest wireless drivers for each PC.

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Ok here goes I have a windows 10 pro desktop but originally windows 7 so there's no miracast thing. So I'm trying to share it with my windows 8.1 laptop. Wireless.

I don't want to connect through wifi since its not my internet I'm actually using. So I want to try it a different way. Like through bluetooth if possible. Plus there is no vga on my laptop only hdmi. And the cord is only 4 foot long.

I want to be able to use my laptop screen to change file names and such. Because I have already gone as big as I think I can with the text for the windows 10 desktop pc I'm also running it on a 32 inch tv.

So I have went to personalize and took it to 125% and can't go any bigger. And I don't want to sit in front of the tv to see the writing. So I thought about sharing the screens wireless. Please help me figure something out.

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i have a router ( 4 Lan ports and 1 Wan Port) and a broadband connection. i connect the cable from Broadband service to my WAN port of router.

Now both my laptops (having wireless networking cards) are networked and can share files from each other. However, my my desktop PC, connected to router LAN port, isn't able to share stuff with the other two WAN networked laptops.
The broadband service works good on desktop PC. but i cant share my stuff with my laptops.

how can i share my stuff with dekstop PC. the 2 laptops and 1 desktop PC is connected with the same router.

The IP assigned by router to laptops are and The dekstop PC gets IP The gateway for all machines in and subnet mask is also same for all machines.
Thanking in anticipation.

A:1 router, 2 wireless laptop 1 desktop LAN networking help.

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well i just bought a new wireless router (netgear mimo-g) nd it works fine nd everything. I already got my desktop and laptop running from it. I set up the same workgroup on both systems and i can view both the systems on my network places. the onlyt hing is, from the laptop, i can access my desktop but from teh desktop, i cannot access my laptop files. whenever i double click on my laptop icon in my newtork places, i get the message something like " its not accessible, please ask administrator for permission"
im a very beginner in networking..

A:Wireless Networking (xp desktop- vista laptop)

Read through your two manuals once more. The "how to" is there. There is also a lot of good stuff online.

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Hi. I'm trying to get my desktop set up but I'm having trouble with the wireless connection. The signal strength is really low.

The thing is my laptop gets fine signal in the same place. Any ideas?

A:Wireless - laptop fast, desktop slow.

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Ok, this is a long shot so don't rack your brains too hard over this.

I've got a wireless router on the second floor of the house. My bedroom has been moved to the basement. In the basement are two computers, a laptop and a desktop. There is no cat5 in the basement yet to get the desktop on the network.

My question is this, can I share the wireless connection of the laptop and run a short cable from the laptop to the desktop to share the internet connection?

Let me know, thanks in advance!

A:Laptop's wireless connection shared with a desktop.

I'd just spend 40 bucks on a wireless card for the desktop, but a crossover cable-ethernet to ethernet- and a network bridge on the laptop might work. I've never tried to 'piggyback' off a wireless connection, but I don't see why you couldn't.

That said, greater minds than mine may see why you couldn't...I'd hang around for more input.

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Sorry if this is an obvious problem, but I am a complete newbie when it comes to networking especially wirelessly!

I have an XP home desktop pc and a 2000 laptop that both have wireless cards in them which enables them to communicate through my combined wireless adsl modem and router.

I cannot get them to see each other though to utilise file and print sharing...

I have enabled file and print sharing on both (I think...)
I have made sure that they are both in the same workgroup

I can't think what else I am missing...

Belkin have passed me to Microsoft, and Microsoft have passed me to Belkin...

TechSpot you are my last hope! (for my sanity!!)

Any help would be gratefully received!



A:Wireless Network Between Xp Desktop And 2000 Laptop

Have you tried accessing the computer by their IP addresses? Meaning instead of typing \\desktop....try \\192.168.x.x for your desktop. You can find the ip address by going to Start>>Run. The type "ipconfig /all" without "s.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:

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Yes/No, look at the pic. Notice the much larger receiver compared to USB dongle size. I mean does it totally defeat the purpose? Or I could forsay just use the mouse just for home and use the touchpad when im out?

Which is the best suited for laptops.

Wireless laptop mouse
Laptop mouse with pull out cord

A:Do you think its wrong to use a wireless desktop mouse on a laptop?

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I have had to install a new hard drive in my daughters Dell Dem 2300. So I had to re-install windows and all the drivers. I think they're all in ok because there are no questionmarks on the hardware profiles.

Anyway-- to the network. I have a Netgear pci wireless card in her machine. It picks up a signal but a low one 1-2 bars max. But when I use my Dell laptop in the same room, the signal is excellent!

The Dell 2300 is upstairs (one floor in a suburban bi-level house) from the wireless router (Linksys), and over about 10 feet.

The machine can connect to the web, but downloads are deathly slow. My daughter is 15 so if I don't get AIM or Trillian installed immediately, I'm a dead dad.

I tried reinstalling the drivers, up dating them, and I'm at a loss. What can I do or check to fix this?

A:Wireless signal good on laptop bad on desktop

I don't Know if this is any help but...Take a look at this and see if I have this set up correctly:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Don>ipconfig /ALL

Windows IP Configuration
<This is the machine with the router>
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Downstairs
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) PRO/100 M Network Connection
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-07-E9-D0-F9-5B
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Thursday, April 14, 2005 12:08:51 PM

Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Friday, April 15, 2005 12:08:51 PM
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner>ipconfig/ALL

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : alexis
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcast
IP Rout... Read more

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Please help. I am struggling to establish a network at home between my laptop and desktop, i have managed to get as far as creating one and them both connecting to my (home) network, but i can not share files or more importantly print from my laptop(vista) to my printer attached to my desktop(xp) is this even possible.

A:wireless network between desktop(xp) and laptop(vista)

Windows XP And Vista On The LAN Together

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i am trying to network my two computers at home but i don't seem to be able to detect either machine when i try to set up a new network, please tell me this is incredible easy and point me in the right direction, many thanks

A:wireless network between desktop(xp) and laptop(vista)

This should help:

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The area I live in does not have dsl or cable internet access. We had Direcway satellite access for a couple of years but I was not impressed and had gone back to modem until a few weeks ago. I now have a LaptopConnect Card 3G- Sierra Wireless AirCard 875 and the response and download times are awesome compared to modem and are even much better than I had with satellite. I am looking for a way to use the wireless internet card with my desktop. I hoping there is some sort of device out there that can plug in to desktop CPU and accept the card as if it were the laptop. That way I could use the wireless internet card with either the laptop or the desktop. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

A:Use laptop wireless Internet card on desktop

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Hello all!

So, I've done this in the past but I can't seem to get the magic configuration down correctly in order to get this done.

My setup is: I live in a two family house, I have a laptop upstairs which uses my friend's wireless network downstairs.

I also have a desktop PC that has no connection so I would like to use the laptop's ICS functionality in order to use the desktop from time to time.

I have the laptop, an Ethernet cable and a good, working wireless connection.

How do I achieve this?


A:Sharing a laptop's wireless connection with a desktop

Ur laptop connects to the friend's computer through lan or through wireless?

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I have a desktop PC running WINXP Home and a Laptop running Vista Home Premium SP1. I have a Belkin Wireless G router on the desktop, which is connected to DSL. Internet connection sharing works fine.

I simply want to be able to use the printer that is attached to the desktop from my laptop.

I tried going to the XP desktop PC and setting up "sharing" for the printer, which took me to the Network Setup Wizard. Ultimately, going through its steps produced the following error message:

"Cannot complete the network setup wizard. Other computers cannot connect to the Internet through this computer."

There must be something I need to do first -- I've jumped the gun. Can someone please let me know where to start?


~ N

A:Sharing my printer from my desktop to my laptop via wireless

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I recently purchased a gateway wireless capable laptop. when I first started using it I was able to connect to the internet using my desktop DSL connection (I have an Actiontec DSL modem with wireless gateway) because the laptop was able to detect the connection and use it. I went away for a week on vacation and upon returning home tried to use the laptop again but could not connect to the internet. I ran the wireless network wizard on both computers and established the connection again but now my laptop cannot use it because it says it is a "security enabled wireless network" How do I allow the laptop to access the internet through this connection?

A:using my desktop internet access on my wireless laptop

I'm completely confused about your network. Do you have a wireless ad-hoc network between your PCs and using ICS? Or, more conventionly, using the modem/router combo to connect one PC wirelessly and one via ethernet? Something else?

At any rate, "security enabled wireless network" means that you've encrypted your network with WPA-PSK or WEP. To connect you use the same WPA passphrase or WEP hex key(s) you used on the router.

If you did not yet enable encryption on the router, then you should connect to your network instead of trying to connect to a neighbor's. And after you succeed, enable WPA-PSK encryption (or WEP-128 if that's all you have) to keep others out.

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I have a pc desktop, pc laptop, and a Macbook. ATT DSL is my IPS, and the router is a D-link DI-624 v. C, and it has the most recent firmware.

I can be on my Mac for hours, and when I turn on my desktop PC, the Mac gets kicked off the wireless network within minutes.

Is it the router?

Don't think it's the Macbook, as I have no problems at hotspots.

A:Keep getting kicked off wireless network when second wireless pc is turned on

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i have desktop with internet connection via cable to
ADSL2+ Router
and 2 laptop with internet connection via wirless to
Wireless Access Point which is connected to the ADSL2+ Router

Uploaded with

how i share files between desktop and one of laptops
or between the two laptops
thanks for you all

A:Wireless Laptop ( WAP ) to Wired Desktop ( ADSL router ) LAN

i can see one of the laptops but when i click on it give me an error msg windows cannot find \\LaptopName
and viceversa on laptop i can see my desktop and when i click on it it give me the same error

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I have two computers a desktop (pc1) and a laptop (pc2) I cannot get the laptop to see any shared folders on pc1. I have had a computer company come to my house to network it and they spent over 2 hours but could not get the laptop to see the desktop. I have a linksys wireless router and a netgear adapter for my desktop and a wireless card for my lap top. I have unchecked the simple file sharing on the desktop. Please help, no one has been able to fix this problem. Both computers have XP Professional with service pack 2. Thanks for your help.


A:[RESOLVED] laptop cannot view desktop on wireless network

What firewall on the Desktop? . . you can disable it long enough to set up the sharing, then enable it

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I am connected to the internet with a Tranzo TR CPE80 Wireles Lan device (802.11(b)). I want to connect my desktop and my laptop to the WAP at the same time with out necessarily havin to actually have both computers running at the same time.

What I need to know is if I were to purchase a wireles router connect it to the desktop by lan cable and the laptop via wireless PC card would I be able to access from either computer at separate times? Also if I want to use both computers and share my connection so that both computers can be online at the same time would I need to use, say the desktop as sort of a server? I have no networking experience as you mght have guessed.

By the way I love my wireless access! I have a 512/512 (SYNCHRONOUS) service and I actually get 504/509 all the time!

A:wireless internet access connected to a desktop and a laptop

If your ISP connection is Ethernet, you should be able to connect it to a broadband router and share the connection. Without knowing how the wireless ISP service is configured, it's pretty hard to know for sure, it's not something I've ever used.

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