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Mobile wireless Disable Enable

Q: Mobile wireless Disable Enable


I use 3 Mobile Wireless for my internet connection to my desktop. I use the Three Huawei E585 which although a wireless device i connect to the desktop using the provided usb lead. I am running Vista.

The internet stops working all the time, although the device itself on its screen, or via the web interface still indicates that i have a good signal strength and that i'm still connected.

I have discovered that if i START / SETTINGS / NETWORK CONNECTIONS i can see the device listed. If i right click on the device i can see that the device is enabled. If I Disable the device and then Enable the device, i can surf again for a couple of minutes, before having to repeat the process.

Any ideas why this is happening, and why what i do solves the problem for a bit.

And crucially how to fix it

I am sure the issue is with the desktop, as i have reverted to using the wifes v old laptop running XP and i can surf without complication on this machine. Can also connect ipod touch to internet with no issues.

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Hi I am having this problem, the wireless radio enable button is grey out, device is recognise in device manager as well as in the Intel Proset application but somehow the Radio enable button is grey out and I have try the H/W switch ON and OFF many times it don't seen to help, it was working just before i did a system repair when windows crashed. Any help will be greatly appcreciated.

A:Wireless Radio Disable and I cannot enable

The notebook is a ACER TravelMate 290 i just found out the hardware radio switch is faulty. Anyone know if I can short the thing to get it turn on? without replacing the switch?

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IBM ThinkPad R51 Type 2883 -- Is there a way to enable/disable the wireless adapter? This built-in wireless adapter will not light up and I can't find anything on it.

A:How to enable/disable wireless on this ThinkPad?

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hi my fellow internet frds..

since i while ago my laptop's wireless been behaving really weird..
the wireless driver will suddenly disable and gone from the network list

going into Device manager, it says "this driver is not installed " or sth like that...
cant exactly rmb what it said,

and sometimes the wireless bars in the bottom will show a yellow "!" with no connectivity with showing only the network i connected to.
if i repair it the driver will be gone...almost have to repair like 10X times to get it come back on, (or i think i came back on itself)

or sometimes just no network "no connections are available"

1st thought was virus, but did full virus....just did a Full Format and reinstall window, and 1st thing i've installed the wireless driver..still happaning...

im starting to guess is hardware problem??!?!??!

did kinda drop my laptop a while back.........
maybe something is loose inside which causing this???

HELP!!! =( really really pissing me off

gonna buy a mac...!

ps: "Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)
To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer."

A:Wireless Driver Enable & Disable itself


This is the website of your laptop,

Sony eSupport - VGN-Z555DN - Support
Scroll down to the WIRELESS LAN ,is the last one in the list,there find download and install the Intel? Wireless Driver Update to "fix" any compatibility issues with Windows 7.
Then if needed install\update the wireless driver from that list.

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Hi. everytime i start up my laptop i have to push this button to start my wireless internet. My wireless network is managed by xp, but a signal will not be detected untill i press that button. I want the wireless to connect automaticaly upon bootup. It does connect automaticaly once i press that button now. Any suggestions?

The integrated wireless nic is made by Ralink Tech.

A:Button to enable wireless on laptop (disable help)

You'll probably find all that in the manual.

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In OS X, it's very easy to turn on/off the wifi. You just click on the signal icon.

In Windows 7, I have to go to the tray, right click on the network icon, enable and disable adapter and also go through the annoying UAC popup. It's like 12 steps. Is there any shortcut or method to get it down to a couple of steps?

A:Is there a 1-click to enable/disable the wireless adapter?

Wireless Connection Workaround for Standby or Hibernation

Check this tutorial out and see if this is what you are looking for!

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Hi all,

I'm setting up a computer for public access to a local site (repository). There are two accounts:

1.admin account: running a virtual machine as server for the local site. I need access to LAN through wired ethernet in this account
2.public account: the account for the users to navigate the repository. I need to disable the LAN access and just enable internet access through the public wireless interface.

I thought I could just disable ethernet card for the public account on the Group policies, but I didn't find out the way to do it. I've created a group policy for the public account; but under "user configuration -> administrative templates -> network -> network connections" I only see options for enable/disable LAN properties, settings, etc., and not LAN access itself.

---> Is it possible to disbable hardware for specifc users? In that case I could just disable the wired card driver for public user

Thanks in advance!

A:Disable LAN connection for specific user/enable wireless only

Ok, I go again (trying to do my best in english!) :

-There are two interfaces in the network:
a- LAN-> access through wired connection. Only for enabled MACs on the router
b- Public access to internet -> through wireless connection. For everyone.

-I cannot use router rules (for instance blocking MAC address, time settings, etc.) as far as I need both connections enabled at the same time, any time: wired for admin account and wireless for standard user account. Both users could use the computer at any time.

-I know I can set up preferred connections, but what I actually want is to prevent any way for the standard user to get connected to the LAN.

-On Group policies I've already disabled access to network settings and IE options for the standard user.

I appreciate any help (and really need it). Thanks!!

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I have a Lenovo desktop with Windows 8. The past couple weeks or so I have started having issues with the wireless internet, where the signal will flash an exclamation point stating that the network is "limited". This may happen once every couple hours or more than once per minute. If I go to the network adapter and disable it and then immediately enable it again, the internet works fine. Running the Troubleshooting program on the wireless results in a message saying that the default pathway was not available and that it reset my Wifi adapter.

I was assuming that the problem would be with the computer, since resetting the desktop's adapter fixes the problem and I don't have to touch the router. However, I've also noticed that both my iPad and smartphone, which also bounce off that same router, are having issues with wireless connectivity. And for both, the fix is the same as for the computer. I just shut the Wifi off and switch it back on, and it works afterward.

So then I started thinking the problem would be with the router, except that the three devices do not always lose connectivity at the same time. The computer loses it the most often, followed by the phone and then the iPad. Sometimes I have lost connectivity simultaneously on two or all of the devices at once, but the most common problem is that only the computer loses it, while the iPad and phone are still able to connect.

Does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this issue? Wo... Read more

A:Losing Wireless Signal and Having to Disable/Enable adapter

If I go to the network adapter and disable it and then immediately enable it again, the internet works fine.Click to expand...

how long for - until next reboot of the PC ? or for days ?
However, I've also noticed that both my iPad and smartphone, which also bounce off that same router, are having issues with wireless connectivity. And for both, the fix is the same as for the computer. I just shut the Wifi off and switch it back on, and it works afterward.Click to expand...

then its a router/modem cable ISP issue maybe

lets start by noting the lights on the router/modem
Please make a note of the status of the lights on the modem and on the router when working normally - post that light status here.
Now when the internet disconnects make a note of the status of the lights for the modem and router here again. also note which have changed.

next , lets see an xirrus screen shot from the desktop

Run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file to the faulty PC and install the program.
You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.

If you do not have another PC - do ... Read more

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Bless as I do not even know if this is possible but any help would be apreciated:

I noticed that my PS3 plays games allot better online when my PC's wireless adapter is disabled and it cannot connect to the network.

However my PC is always on and it a task to do this every time I want to play online and then re enable once I'm done playing to resume my PC's downloads.

If I can create a desktop short cut to disable/enable wireless adapter, and link it to a hotkey on my keyboard my life would be almost hassle free.

any form of command line (i think) or .exe or shortcut or anything would help.

Much thanks

A:possibility of a wireless adapter enable/disable via a desktop shortcut

Go to start/control panel/network connections.
Right click the wireless connection and click
create shortcut.
It may say cannot create shortcut here,do you want to
place it on the desktop.
Click yes.
If it doesn't say that,drag the shortcut to the desktop.
Then,when you want to disable it,right click the shortcut
and click disable.
Same to reenable.

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I wonder how I can disable my wireless network and view their WAN or Lan properties in windows 7. I can do it in windows xp myself though.

A:How I can disable/enable wireless network and view properties of Lan connection?

Hi have you looked in device manager

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Port?g? R700-184
Part Number : PT311E-02Y01JEN


Can anyone tell me how to toggle wireless on/off using an external keyboard for the R700 whilst it is on it's docking station?

We only seem to be able to toggle wireless using the built in keyboard (Fn + F8) key.

Also, is there anyway that wireless can be set to off as default at boot up? Is this something that can be done through the BIOS or perhaps by tweaking a registry key?

Grateful for any assistance.


A:Enable/disable wireless whilst Laptop is docked (External Keyboard)

may seem like a silly question, but why can't you simply use the laptops keyboard????? or is it just a niggly type issue that you'd rather use external one?

unfortunatley the R700 doesnt have a hardware switch for the wireless so its purely mapped to the Fn key which is a toshiba function, so an external k/b is unlikely to be able to replicate it

you can always disable the wireless through W7 network and sharing centre -> change adaptor settings, so few clicks with the mouse or even shortcut it to taskbar/start menu for easy access.

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It seems that MS have enabled desktop emulation in Win10 Mobiles - but neglected to tell anyone how the heck to flip the switch either way.

Would some kind person please enlighten me?

Phone is a Lumia 640

A:enable Desktop emulation in Edge Mobile?

If you tap the little dots at the bottom right and select Settings

The top item should be for Mobile or Desktop sites

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Okay, I bought a new laptop recently, and I have a problem. Almost every game I try to play says, "AGP is not enabled....", and it tells me its needed for best performance. How do I enable it? I googled it, and I couldnt find anything, so I decided to ask here. My system specs are:

Computer Maker: TOSHIBA
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.70GHz
Memory: 1014MB RAM
Hard Drive: 200 GB
Video Card: Mobile Intel(R) 945GM


A:How do I enable AGP on my Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset family card?

From what I've read, you have an onboard graphics card(on your motherboard) I'm not sure if you have just that onboard card, or if you just have another card. If so, you could go into your BIOS(usually delete/f1/f2 at startup, one of those keys) read through it a bit. I know that sometimes there's an 'enable AGP' option, or anything that looks like it.

However, it doesn't look like you have an AGP card in your laptop.
Check that out first though. You might also want to check if you have the correct drivers for your card installed. On a side notenboard cards aren't very good for games, but they might handle a few.

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Hi Guys

Please let me know how to disable DEP temporarily in Windows 8:
I tried the below but did not work:

C:\bcdedit /set {current} nx Always Off

Then I would like to set it back to normal:

C:\bcdedit /set {current} nx OptOut

When I try, the following message appears:
"An error has occurred setting the element data. The value is protected by secure boot policy and can not be modified or deleted".

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Can anyone please tell how to enable/disable the

1.USB port

2.CD/DVD Drive

in the Windows. i have win Xp SP3 installed on my system.


A:Enable/disable USB

You could probably disable them using Hardware profiles but probably not what you want.

My other suggestion.
Remove the IDE cable from the motherboard for the cdrom.

As for the USB.

And another option.

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Hi All,

Can anyone let me know how to Enable/Disable USB port in Registry ?

Waiting for your reply.


A:How to Enable Disable USB in Win XP

Hi Sivags,
I looked through all my registry stuff and found nothing. But........I do recall that there is s search function in the regedit under the Edit tab I think. You might be able to search for USB and find exactly what your are looking for.

Not much help, but it might pay off.

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I always get a message, probably after 2 weeks, telling me that If you would like your computer plugged in for more than 2 weeks... And then it recommends me to enable "Desktop mode" but I don't really understand what it does.

So, which better? Enable or Disable it?


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Hi Everyone,
Have an annoying problem.When i turn my computor on, to use the net i have to first disable then enable to get to my home page i use, my router shows a permenant connection, and i have no problem useing the net once i have completed this process. I use windows xp professional and have all the latest updates from microsoft. I also am unable to turn on my system firewall although im advised that my router has its own firewall and im quite safe. Anyone got any idea's

Regards Andi

A:Disable Enable

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I am using Nero Rom burn and Nero Vision Express.

I heard in burning dvds one should enable DMA on your computer ?

Why is this and what does this do ?

How do I enable/disable DMA on Windows Xp ?


A:Enable and Disable DMA on Win. Xp

This article has some decent info -> DMA reverts to PIO | Windows Problem Solver

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I have a windows mobile 7 -- How can I disable all programs except for 1 on it.
I want it only to be able to run this one program that the users needs.

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Hello, I've got a 9 multimonitor system, 3X Nvidia GPU + 3X Usb UGA-165

I have disable the 8 of them, but now Win10 doesn't appear to me any of the disable monitor in "Display Settings",
I have re-enable the 5 of them using the Nvidia Control panel but I can't re-enable the Usb monitors cause they don't have control panel and Nvidia control panel doesn't control them.

The problem is that Windows "Display Settings" have remove the disable monitor, so is there any trick or registry setting that can change that?
As you can see there are missing monitors 6
, 7 and 8.

Thank you

A:How to enable a disable monitor?

Nevermind, I found a way to open old display settings

control.exe desk.cpl,Settings,@Settings

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How to disable/enable viewer. Need command prompt code (s).

A:Disable/ enable viewer

what do you mean by viewer?

do you mean the start bar and my computer viewer etc?

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Hello forum,

This is just a simple unanswered question: can anyone explain how to enable / disable a wan ping to make the pc more stealth against hackers and port scans?



A:enable/disable ping

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noticed the other day when I was trying to minimize what I have on my C drive ssd that the pagefile took up around 11GB and I did a Google search but I don't feel that the answer I got from there enlighten-ed me at all, I'm still wondering what to do.


A:Disable/Enable Pagefile?

You can easily change the size of the page file to something a lot smaller than 11 GB if you are concerned about space allotted to it.

Discussing whether or not to eliminate it entirely is useless. You can find opinions on either side, with each side positive that the other side is composed of morons. "I did X and haven't had any problems...........".

Would you spend much time trying to convince someone of anything about religion? If you would, then Google and experiment all you wish with the page file. Put it on some other drive, some other partition, make it any size you want, or do away with it entirely.

But don't expect to be "enlightened". Do what you want. If you don't like the results, do something else.

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My IE has been really alow lately. I cleaned out my temp files, ran a couple spyware/malware programs but it still seems a little sluggish. Somebody had mentioned to me to disable plug-ins that you dont need, but I am not sure which ones are necessary/unnecessary. Any thoughts are much appreciated.


A:How do I know what IE Plug-ins to enable/disable?

Well that is down to the individual.

Ask yourself what plugins do you use?

Could you post a screenshot of your plugins?

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Personally I don?t agree with some of the ways that?s been listed for disabling TeaTimer. So I?m doing something about it. To Disable TeaTimer1. Right-Click you TeaTimer Icon in the System Tray. Choose ?Run SpyBot-S&D?.2. In SpyBot Search & Destroy click the Mode menu and choose Advanced.3. A dialog box will display on the screen read it then click Yes.4. In the bottom left of the SpyBot-S&D window is 3 Options. Click Tools.5. Now you will be displaying the Tools options. Click Resident.6.1. If there is a Check in: Resident ?TeaTimer? (Protection of over-all system settings) active. Uncheck it.To Re-Enable TeaTimer Follow Steps 1-5 above then do the following6.2. If there is not a Check in: Resident ?TeaTimer? (Protection of over-all system settings) active. Check it.Grinler/Mods: Please Place this where it can be of use. Fix it up as needed as well.I made all the Screenshots I haven?t contacted Patrick to see if its all right to use screenshots of his program. ?SpyBot?, ?SpyBot-S&D?, and ?SpyBot - Search & Destroy? are all Copyright of Patrick M. Kolla.

A:Disable/Enable TeaTimer

Sure you can put it where ever you want it Just hope People get a use out of it.

I sent Patrick an E-Mail asking i'm still waiting to hear back from him.
i really don't see a problem if you do give him the Credit but i'll let you know soon as i find out.

P.S. Sorry i didn't submit it like a tutorial.

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I'm an administrator and I would like to know how to disable the screensaver tab in Windows 2000. I want to set the screensaver and then make the option inaccessible to the users. Since I'm making an image, I would like to know how to enable it later, if so desired. Can anyone help?

A:disable/enable screensaver tab

start > run > gpedit.msc

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Hello, So my laptop has keyboard functionality to adjust brightness and etc with using F1...F12 keys. I actually like that. The problem is: when I play video games, I need to press those F1...F12 buttons quickly, but I need to press Fn key ALSO to use F1...F12 keys' normal functionality and it really annoys me. And YES, I KNOW THAT BIOS THING, but as I mentioned I like that functionality when not gaming so I don't want to restart everytime I exit/start my game. I have seen that some manufacturers' laptops have software support to disable/enable that feature temporarily without restarting and changing something in BIOS, but I haven't found anything like that on my HP LAPTOP, I AM REALLY TIRED OF THIS HP CRAP, MY LAPTOP HAS PROBLEMS IN EVERY STEP. if you can suggest something, thank you.

A:How to disable/enable Fn key when Gaming

Hi, Please try the following instructions: Regards.

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Is there any way to enable/disable each USB port in motherboard in Hardware level.

Please Help

A:How to enable/disable each USB port

Many motherboards allow you to do this. Check the BIOS. Press DEL or F1 or Esc when you first turn on your PC. If it is not a name-brand (Dell, HP, etc) , its always DEL.

But USB ports are wired in pairs (usually), so you'll disable 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8

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Fellow W7 users,

This is a challenge for anybody who can help me ...nobody could figure it out yet !

In windows 7 , IE 11 I cannot-enable-or-disable-any add-ons via tools , there is a stopsign in front of it.

There are no malware or virusses
I am the administartor
I have re installed IE11 several times via tools advanced etc.
Security level in IE 11 is normal. Enhanced security is off.
I even installed Local policy Editor, and via gpedit.msc, did the following :
1, click Start menu

2, type gpedit.msc in search box, press Enter to open Local Group Policy Editor

3, expand User Configuration-->Administrative Templates-->Windows Components-->Internet Explorer

4, in right window, find out and double click Do not allow users to enable or disable add-ons

5, click Not Configured or Disabled

6, click OK to save settings

Allas, everyhting failed, and I still cannot change my add-ons, it is blocked. See image.
The image is dutch but it speaks for itself.

Who can help ?



A:In windows 7 , IE 11 cannot-enable-or-disable-any add-ons

Hi and Welcome to the Forum
Has this just happened? If so try a system restore to a point behind when it happened, see here:
System Restore - Microsoft Windows
If not try running sfc /scannow see here:

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Hi not sure about this? is it good idea to configure Regedit to Enable in the Local Group Policy Editor?
I checked it and it says it's not configured it's not enabled either?
Do i just leave it ALONE or configure it?

A:Regedit - Enable or Disable?

Hello Puzzeld,

I would recommend to leave it set as Not Configured. Setting it to Enabled in GPEDIT will disable access to the registry for all users.

Regedit - Enable or Disable

Hope this helps,

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Dear All!
I want to enable and disable internet without using enable or disable network in lan network, I want program on and off? have any program?
thank with best regards

A:Enable and disable Internet

What? Is disabling the adaptor too hard? I'm sure there's something for this, but uh... really..?

Or do you want to disable Internet access and still have LAN access?

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Our organization recently invested in a large batch of 250 G4 notebooks. I'm wondering if there's a way to quickly enable/disable the touchpad, modify something in our group policy, or distribute a driver update or something to allow for this option. Due to the environment many of our staff are working in (frequently out in the community or even operating off of mobile hotspots in their parked vehicle), many users don't use a mouse, but would like the option to turn the touchpad off while typing to avoid misplacing the cursor. Naturally, they'll need the ability to easily turn the touchpad back on without the use of a mouse in this case. As a result, I don't see navigating to the mouse settings to disable the touchpad as being a viable option, as they wouldn't have the ability to turn it back on when they were done typing. I'm used to seeing a Fn + F key option to disable the touchpad, but this doesn't seem to be available on this model. Is there a solution that would result in functionality with that level of simplicity? If not, what other options are there?

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I hope I am not duplicating something here. . . . I did look - Honest!

I ran into an interesting problem and found an easy fix.

First: I wanted to ENABLE AHCI because (supposedly) it improves HDD performance. (It also enables a host of other interesting features.)

I discovered the trick of setting the START paramater in the registry key:
from "3" to "0" - and then making the switch in the BIOS.

I tried to switch back, and simply resetting this start value to "3" doesn't work.

The issue here is that there are actually TWO keys that control the IDE/AHCI interface choice:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\msahci
When the system is in IDE interface mode, the respective start values are:msahci's START value is "3"
pciide's START value is "0"
When the system is in AHCI interface mode, the respective start values are:msahci's START value is "0"
pciide's START value is "3"
It is entirely possible that setting the START value to zero in the key representing the interface type you wish to use, may cause the corresponding key in the other interface type to automagically switch to "3". I do not know this, nor have I tested it.

What works for me is setting both START values to the values that correspond to the interface I wish to use.

It should be trivially... Read more

A:Enable and/or Disable AHCI

Hi jharris. Welcome.

First: I wanted to ENABLE AHCI because (supposedly) it improves HDD performance. (It also enables a host of other interesting features.)

For me, the reasons to enable AHCI are Native Command Queuing and Hot Swapping, hot swapping being the most important to me.

As far as switching back and forth, I could imagine issues arising from that (including confusion as to what mode I was running in at a given time...).

But if I needed to do it as a utility to convert drives to vhd's, I would consider a dual boot, with the AHCI disabled boot just a simple OS with whatever utilities I needed to get the job done. Keeping it simple would mean a quick boot to desktop and a small partition.


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I use my Win Vista laptop at home and the office.

I use wifi at home and wired lan at the office. My laptop does have any settings in the TCP/IP properties. Everything is at default.

Every time I I try to use it at the office I have to disable and reenable the Lan connection from Manage networks, otherwise I do not get Net connectivity (except local lan).

No problem at home.

Since everything is default it picks up my IP from DHCP and gets other settings same way.

Why do I have to Disable and Enable the Lan connection before it starts accessing the Net.

A:Enable /disable Lan connection

If you put the laptop to Sleep or Hibernation before disconnecting the cable that may the cause. Try disconnecting the cable first.

The adapter/computer may not be "signing off" the network properly. Make sure you have the latest ethernet driver.

If the laptop is not rebooted from one day to the next, and
the work router or server is reset while the laptop is away, and
the lease time is long enough for the computer to think it still deserves the "old" IP, then that is a problem. Ask the network administrator to shorten the lease time, or shut down when you transport the machine, or live with your work around.

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Just recently I disabled my internal mic in favor of an external mic. I tried to disable it the normal way but every time I kept disabling it, it would re-enable. I went to the administrator section to disable the internal mic that way and it worked, but it worked a little too well. Now when I go into my sound menu, it says no audio devices are installed. I can't simply right click and show disabled devices to re-enable it. I know this trick and it's not helping me. No devices are showing up either way. Now that I've done this, my external mic is not even working. Usually I can figure these types of things out on my own but this one is a whole different story. Please help!

A:Can't re-enable internal mic after disable

Turns out I actually got it working. By typing "internal" in the start menu search box, there is an option to find and fix problems. Luckily, it recognized shutting off your internal mic as a problem and it fixed it.

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Are there any advantages or disadvanteges in disabling iPV6? It comes enabled by default in Vista 64.

A:Enable/disable iPV6

Someone else ask this same question on another thread and I was just going to ask it as well so, no solutions here, just an attemp to bump up the thread and get an answer to it since I am having some connectivity and network printability issues myself

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I have lumia 730, and updated officially to windows 10 mobile recently, noted new feature of transition/animation, anytime we swtich to other screen, returning home or opening any app. It is causing battery to drain alot, and search whole setting , no option found, i dont want to decrease speed, i just want to disable it? any help guys????

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I am a newbie to windows scripting.

I have a Windows XP Pro machine which has an Ethernet connection (internet). There are 5 users with seprate user accounts.

I want to restrict access to ethernet connection to some user-accounts. I am aware that this could be done through logon-scripts but no clue how to implement it.

What exactly I have in mind is that the computer should know whether to enable/disable a connection for a particular type of user-logon.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Enable/Disable LAN through logon scripts?

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I am always brushing the touchpad when I'm typing which causes the cursor to jump.  Is there an easy way to disable/enable the touchpad? (or is it called a clickpad on my model?).

View Solution.

A:how to disable/enable the touchpad/clickpad

#HPExpertDayYou can get into Mouse settings and disable/enable but that wont be a quick thing to do.From start type 'mouse' and choose mouse from search results. Click on TOuchpad/Luxpad tab and you will find a radio button to do so.

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I recently used a projector that plugged into my computer. Once I got the projector to work, my touchpad mouse on my laptop stoppd working, but I didn't think anything of it and just plugged in a wireless mouse with USB and my mouse worked again.

Now, I can't figure out how to get my touchpad working again, so I am thinking it is just a simple enable/disable option.



A:How to enable/disable touchpad mouse?

manufacturer of the laptop please?

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I got my new Asus board yesterday, but there is a switch on it called GPU Boost, should I enable or disable it?

It was enabled by default but I turned it off.


A:Asus GPU Boost - Enable or Disable?

Enable it if you play games and dont have a dedicated GPU.

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I went and inadvertantly disabled both monitors on my Ti4600 vid card. I just wanted to disable one as I thought having two caused problems using my mouse with the game Manhunt(retail copy). Mouse buttons worked but movement didn't.I tried three mice-optical,usb,ps/2 etc.I noticed the mouse cursor spanned both monitors during gameplay.
I installed on a slower machine (single monitor) and the mouse function as it should(ver slow computer though).
BACK TO ORIGINAL PROBLEM-I disabled one monitor, but picked the wrong one, went to disable the second and now I can't get any view of my desktop in order to re-enable them. Switched plugs, switched monitors et al.
AMD cpu:2.6g
1gig ram
os/winxp home
ti4600 vid.
creative audigy aud.

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I'm assisting a user migrate from Win XP to Win 7. The new computer is running Win 7 SP1 x86 in a domain AD environment.

I have migrated scheduled task from the XP machine to the Win 7 machine (.job files to .xml files). The migration seems to have worked ok and the credential seem OK.

Using my account, which has admin rights, I have disabled all the newly created task as the users wishes to enable them one at a time and ensure that they run correctly on the new PC before allowing the tasks to run as per their schedule.

The issue is that the user, who does not have admin rights, does not have permissions to disable/enable the tasks.

I have granted the user full permissions on c:\Windows\system32\task, have added her to the local Power User s group and this full permissions to the above but none of this seems to work.

Any suggestions on how to grant this user the rights to be able to disable/enable schedule tasks.



A:not able to disable/enable scheduled tasks

See if this will help, maybe you can give permissions to the individual tasks instead of the folder and configure the task to run as the user in question?

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Vista Home Premium SP 2
IE 8
How do I enable or disable Javascript?

A:Solved: Javascript Enable Disable?

Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom level... > Find "Active Scripting" > Check "Enable".

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Wondering what is best...Enable/Disable TCP Auto Tuning?

A:Enable/Disable TCP Auto Tuning

Quote: Originally Posted by canspec

Wondering what is best...Enable/Disable TCP Auto Tuning?

Should have you explain us more...Looks for Vista:

Disable TCP Auto-Tuning to Solve Slow Network, Cannot Load Web Page or Download Email Problems in Vista My Digital Life

Vista Tutorial

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Dear Friends,

I think I'm fighting a network permissions problem, but I'm stuck.
I have reliable connections to my DSL modem and to the internet. I would like to enable/disable my network interface, in this case the ethernet connection to my DSL modem, (not the DSL modem connection to the phone line).

After cruising through the Control Panel/Network and Sharing/Change Adapter Settings/ menus, I made a desktop shortcut to my Ethernet device. Right clicking on the shortcut shows a context menu with "Disable". This option works fine and cancels the connection to the modem. After that, the shortcut context menu remains the same: no option for "Enable" is shown.

However, if I follow "Open file location" to the control panel's Network screen, the context menu for the target icon DOES contain "enable". More strange: after clicking on main Network context menu, now the desktop shortcut displays "Enable". Sometimes nothing "enables" until I run the "Diagnose" option several times with administrative priv. (I am the administrator). Any clues as to how to proceed?

Thank You!

A:How to Enable/Disable eth0 Interface in 8.1?

A better description of a non-working desktop shortcut in Win 8.1....
Network connections to my wired DSL modem work fine, internet connection fine. As administrator, I have made a desktop shortcut to the Control Panel\Network Connections\Ethernet Network. The context menu of the shortcut does not update to reflect the status of the network connection (computer to modem connection).

Simply opening the Control Panel\Network Connections\Ethernet Network window (I can get there easily by choosing "Open file location") instantly updates the shortcut. The shortcut works if it is correctly updated (Enable/Disable). The shortcut is not pointing to a file as such, it indicates that the target is a long Hexadecimal number.

I don't think this is a permissions problem, and I'm not being asked to run the shortcut as administrator. It looks like a software issue at this point. I can't think of any troubleshooting method that would help on this question. Ideas?

Thank you,

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I have ThinkPad P50 and I am loving it, but there are a few things that I miss from my Dell days.It appears there is no way to automatically disable touchpad when usb mouse is connected.  I am looking for next best option.   Is there a way to set a hot-key to enable and disable touchpad?thanksPaul 

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Hey guys,

I'm wondering if there is a way to disable the image preview of your windows in your taskbar. For example, if I hover my mouse over MSN, it will show up all my MSN conversations in small windows above my taskbar, which I find highly annoying and useless at times and want to disable it.

I have googled it and tried several solutions/workarounds, but none of them work. There is one option that actually lets you disable it, but it also says it is a Vista only feature. Why have the option in Windows 7 if it's Vista exclusive?

Help to "fix" this would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,


A:Preview taskbar enable/disable

There's a tutorial on this. Here.

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable[2]=Taskbar%20Start%20Menu


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A friend mentioned to me that Intel's HT CPU's actually work like two half-speed P4 CPU's so my 2.6Ghz HT CPU actually runs (in HT mode) at 1.3. He said if you set it to non HT mode you will actually see some performance gains depending upon the task you are doing.

Firstly, is this true and secondly my motherboard has an enable hyper threading option ... is that what I would change to get supposed benefits?


A:Hyper-Threading: Enable Or Disable?

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Im developing a project on web cafe management system for that i want to disable a net connection programatically..
so which API should i wsed for the same.
Plz help me..

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I'll make the question at short and sweet as possible. I have two programs (FaxTalk and WinPage) that both use the modem. I keep FaxTalk running in the background most of the time.

During the day, I need to use WinPage to send text pages to co-workers. To do this I have to close FaxTalk, start WinPage and send the pages, Close Winpage, and restart FaxTalk.

The reason that I must do this is because FaxTalk "grabs" the port and if FaxTalk is open Winpage gives me the error, "Error Opening Com Port! Port Id=-3". It does not work the other way around (ie have WinPage open 1st, then open Faxtalk and get an error from Faxtalk). I assume this is because Winpage just sits there and does not lock onto the modem port until it actually goes to send the page, and FaxTalk continuously is monitoring the port for incoming calls. So I was just wondering....

Is there a way to maybe assign an "alias" port id to the modem for one of the applications, temporarity disable the lock that FaxTalk has over the port, give WinPage priority over the port, or something similar. Any Ideas or suggestions.

Thank you,
John R.
Semper Fi

OS: WinXP Pro sp1 (all updates - but still leary of sp2)
CPU: Dell Diminsion 2400

A:Solved: Enable / Disable Modem ???


I think that the way you are handling it presently is the way that you are going to have to do it. It appears to be a shortcoming in the way the application was written.

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Hey, Because i have a question like a topic said, so i don't open the new post to asking for, There i have the case that i needed is disable all the USB port and only leave one for use. I have been pay a long day to search a way to do this. I mostly found out the way is disable all of that. But my case is just for one, so it is not matching my requirement. I already try out the USBDeview, But is seem like to disable the device that your won't let it connect to your computer, and i is not want all the USB Storage connect for. And as Phantom010 mention to disable the USB Hub, it also seen nothing happen when i disabled.

I also know the method to turning off via the physical way for example to disable on BIOS, or unplug the USB hub. But those not i want to. i just need a software or window OS method to disable the USB port. Do anyone can help?

Sorry for my terrible English.

A:Re:Can I disable/enable a single USB port only?

I moved your thread here while the topic is really the same the reasons are different and you will get better response from a new thread rather than dragging back am old one.
Sorry I am really struggling with your English and I know you are trying but there really is no effective way I know of to close 1 usb port. You probably can disable all the Usb ports in the bios or pull a plug off the motherboard that is clearly marked "Usb" to disable the front ports.

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I have a problem similar to some I've seen posted here but with some differences that I haven't seen. My Secondary IDE controller shows a yellow exclamation point and it tells me it's running in compatability mode. I've done the "no ide" proceedure and I've tried reinstalling the Master without a favourable result. However I've found a work-around. By disabling the controller, rebooting and then enabling it, it works. This can't be normal, how can I make it boot with the secondary ide working without going through this long drawn-out proceedure

A:Disable/Enable Secondary Ide Controller

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In Windows "Favorites" List in the Left Pane seems to be deactivated.
The Icon is there...but I can't seem to add anything to it...

"add current location to favorites" and
"Restore Favorites Links" doesn't seem to do anything...not even an error..

I Opened the folder via "Open in New Window" and tried manually sliding links in but just got the red dashed circle.

After much thinking on what happened to cause this..
It's possible that while Transfering files to this notebook...I accidently
clicked an old .REG file disabling it...and I can't find the .REG file to reactivate it online

Hope this is in the right category..thanks for reading..

A:Explorer Favorites Enable/Disable

Hello livingdeadboy, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if this may be able to fix your Favorites.

Favorites Empty in Navigation Pane - Fix

Hope this helps,

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Where has this gone in the anniversary update?

A:Disable/Enable Problem Reporting

Control Panel - System and Security - Security and Maintenance - Maintenance - Check for Solutions.

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i want to to Enable Services that has been disabled by Administrator,
In My College, i cant Access Many applications,
Like " RUN Dialogue"
"Internet Access" , " command prompt ". . . .
Now tell me what to do with this?/
plz Help me

A:Enable Services that has been Disable by Administrator

We don't assist in bypassing legal restrictions, please read the TSG Rules before any future posts.

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I need a script/batch file that I can click to quickly

enable/disable a user.

How can I do this?

A:Script to disable/enable a user

A one-liner bat file can do that pretty easy. This will do the trick:

To enable a user:

net user username /active:yes
To disable it:

net user username /active:no
Where username is the username to enable/disable.
This requires administrator permission to succeed.

Some reference can be found here:
Enable or Disable user account from command line (CMD)

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If you notice the I with the circle that shows up on some machines and not others and I cant seem to find out anything about it or find ANY setting in the bing desktop that enables or disables it? Anyone?

A:Bing added this ... how to enable / disable?

Hello Machistmo,

Is this for the Bing Desktop? If so, then you might see if it may be part of the wallpaper toolset.

Bing Desktop Wallpaper Toolset - Turn On or Off in Windows

Hope this helps,

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i am using windows XP and i want to disable the usb port (i dont want it to detect flash memories or external storage devices) but at the same time i want it to detect the usb printer, so i cant totally disable the usb port...
is there a way for this, please help fast and urgent!!

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Is there a way NOT to enable + disable Pagefile.sys through Systems dialog but with a Registry key?

When enabling from disbaled state it should take the previously (eventually in the past) set partition location and file size.

If this is not possible then pagefile.sys should be set to "system managed".

Be aware: I am NOT talking about just a deletion of pagefile.sys at shutdown but a complete disabling!


A:Enable+disable pagefile.sys in registry?

The registry value that controls the pagefile is "ExistingPageFiles" in the key:
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management"

I don't know what the value would be to disable the pagefile but I am quite sure that this will lose the previous values.

You can determine the values yourself by setting the pagefile configuration the normal way and checking what the results are.
Note that this is a REG_MULTI_SZ type as there can be multiple pagefiles.

The setting does not take effect until after a reboot.
Disabling the pagefile is not normally recommended.

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Hello all,
I'm trying to launch my application directly after boot. Someone had adviced me to replace shell from "explorer.exe" to the application I want to launch.
Is it the correct way for launching the application after boot.
Please advice.

Narayanan K

A:Windows 8 enable or Disable shell

Have you tried At Startup---

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I love to be able to disable and enable SSD or HDD storage from Bios. Why It is useful? 1) You can  enable one of available storage  as secure backup  target and disable it when backup is done. 2) You have option to disable some extra storage to save battery life and speed up boot time.3) You can disable  main OS storage ( let  say first SSD with Windows)  and install another OS at second  SSD without effecting  main storage. ( let say you can experiment installing  Linux or MacOS at another SSD without being worry about Windows at first SSD)4) You can clone First OS from first SSD into second  SSD. Then you can boot from second  SSD by  disabling first SSD and vise versa 5) You can disable broken SSD if it create issue with boot. I know @Amy response is, Think engineering  happily can add it if there are enough demand for it. So please vote on this feature request  if you think it is cool to be able to disable and enable storage from BIOS! Thanks!  

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A program called Cyberlink Rich Video Service runs in the background whenever I start up. What is this program . . . anybody know? Do I need it running in the background all of the time? Thanks, for any help U might give.7Erik7

A:Start-Up Programs: Disable/Enable

It's a part of Cyberlink PowerDVD and no, you don't need it to be a startup.

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Yesterday for some reason the internet was connected however the server was unable to display most webpages. To try and fix the problem I reset the settings under internet options, advanced. This disabled all add-ons. Now the server seems to be fixed however I'm now uncertain which add-ons I should re-enable.
Also loading web pages seems to be far slower than usual.

Will appreciate any help

A:Problems with loading, plus what add-ons should I enable and which should I disable?

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My computer started acting funny after watching videos online and getting tons of pop-ups. Some of which claimed I could have a potential virus. Now I know this came from a site and I should never read into it. but it had me wondering.
Then i noticed all of sudden some of the websites I was looking at like would stop opening and would be unavailble.
Now I have AVG Virus Protection on my computer. It is letting me know that my PC health is not good cause the administrative share is enabled and it says I should disable it. 
i do not fully understand what this means and why this was an issue in the first place. What should I do? Do I enable or disable and why?

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I received my Plextor M5P 512 GB today .
Could not resist and it is already installed and the wind! What a difference compared to my Seagate Momentus 7200.4. I'm running a Tecra R840 laptop, and now everything loads quickly! The Win boot is phenomenal .
Everything went smooth, which was great! Zero issues, and I restore it to factory state and then removed almost all the bloatware/sw that I do not use/need!

Now I need (?) to make some tweaks, right ?

1- Defrag is already schedulled to it is ok, right?
2- Should I disable restore (restore points)? (pros/cons)
3- Should I disable Write-caching to the ssd? (pros/cons)
4- Should I disable "allow files in this drive to have contents indexed in adition to file properties" ?

Anything else? (I just want a robust and reliable system! I do not need anything faster...!)

I will appreciate all the help .


A:Plextor M5P installed :-). What to enable/disable

My opinion:
1 yes.
2-4 no.

Other than defrag, why not just treat the SSD as any other drive. That is what I'm doing. If the technology is not good enough to work that way then I'll move back to a 7200 or 10K SATA drive when the SSD dies.

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I have a Seagate Backup Plus 5TB external HD conntected to my PC via USB. The external HD is only used for weekly backups. It is the loudest component of my PC. I don't want to listen to the HD spinning up, which happens frequently from what I can only assume to be background Windows processes.

I currently have the external HD disabled through Device Manager. I manually enable it on Sunday evening before going to bed so that the scheduled backup can write to it over night. I disable the external HD again in the morning so it will remain silent. I would like to be able to schedule the device to automatically enable/disable before/after the scheduled backups. This will ensure the backups happen even if I forget to manually enable the device.

I have tried to figure out a way to do this using Task Scheduler, but didn't see how I could set this up as a task. I have also tried creating two batch files (one to enable, one to disable) that would change the Start value in the USBSTOR registry key but I could not get this to work successfully. When I ran the batch file to disable USB storage I was still able to see and access the external HD (I confirmed that the Start value did change to a 4 which is supposed to disable, so not sure what I did wrong here). The plan was to set up the batch files to execute using Task Scheduler. Not sure if that would have worked anyway, as the batch files need to be run as administrator.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there any freeware avail... Read more

A:Enable/Disable USB device on a schedule

You will find some good information here on using Powershell to manage devices, along with links to using other methods, like WMIC.

Device Management PowerShell Cmdlets Sample An introduction | Server and Cloud Partner and Customer Solutions Team Blog

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I cannot disable or enable my Windows Firewall. It doesn't make any sense! I am useing an Administrator Account and I am useing a Router and a Modem.

This image shows what the screen looks like trying to switch my Firewall:


A:I Cant Enable Or Disable My Windows Firewall!

Geek49, you have just posted multiple threads within the last hour, it seems your system is in need of some help and we will try to help you. But, we cannot possibly keep track of all your issues unless they are in 1 thread. It makes it so much easier to help you.

Plz follow my instruction on the 5 step thread to removing malware.

This thread will now be closed.

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My notebook originally on Windows 8 but changed to Windows 7 ultimate which I have had no problems with for years, till the other day when entering my password I kept receiving error username and password incorrect. I am now getting error no boot drive found error 3F0. I have done a diagnostic test on hard drive and it passed. I have a Windows 7 ultimate disk but cannot get it to install. I have read that I need to enable Legacy Support but am unable to do this as I am cannot choose yes at the prompt, arrow keys do not move from the no position. Is there something else I can do or should be doing to get this to enable. Thanks

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2008-11-16: I have posted some more settings, scroll down to message 19 in this thread to read them. Hi,Here's some good news for anyone with a Lenovo 3000 N200 model 0769, who is disappointed and frustrated with the lack of options in the BIOS setup menu. (I had a moan about that in this thread.) This is a long post but I hope you'll find it worthwhile. Here are the features/settings which I will explain how to enable:The BIOS disables the execute-disable bit function of the CPU, with no way to turn it on. You can enable it.You can set VGA and VESA graphics modes to not be stretched to fill the whole screen (sharper graphics with no distorted aspect ratio).Speed up the POST display by skipping the memory testDisable various features (if you don't use them, that might save some power): the HD audio controller, WLAN card, on-board LAN, shadowing of the video BIOSEnable beep before booting the OSEnable key click sound (only in DOS, not Windows or Linux) I'm still working on this, and hope to figure out more hidden settings soon, e.g. to disable the DVD drive and trackpad, and to change the video output from NTSC to PAL. The information below applies to the Lenovo 3000 N200 model 0769 with BIOS version 3.03. My N200 has Nvidia graphics. For some background on the general principles/research required to figure this out, please see this thread at To change the settings, you need to create a bootable DOS floppy disk or USB drive. Download SYMC... Read more

A:How to enable execute-disable bit and other hidden...

It's just insane :-). "data execution prevention", "screen scalling" and "skipping memory test" tested and working on N200 769-BNG ( BIOS 3.03, T7250, 1680x1050 LCD,GForceGo7300 ). Thank you for the detailed HowTo, best regards, Jonathan

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Does anyone knows how to solved this? I couldn't even change any of this settings here in this tab. Please Help

A:Unable to disable or enable Enhancement Tab

Do you have generic, MS drivers for Realtek or Realtek's own ?
You can find newest and older drivers here: Realtek
With Realtek drivers you will have it's own settings in Control Panel where everything can be set more precisely.

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how to find Volume Control and how to add Mic to the taskbar, i want to enable and mute mic manually
but know mic is enable all za time...
how to do ?

A:Where is Volume Control ? Mic Enable & Disable

Hi ITZAD, right click the volume icon at the bottom right of the taskbar and there it is, Volume Control Options.

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Well folks, got a small problem. At work we use a LAN and Windows NT Workstation on each terminal. I was browsing the web when to my dismay I came to a site where I needed Java and found it to be disabled. While I'm not too familiar with NT or the inner workings of a LAN, I am assuming the Administrators can make this setting system wide. If not, is there a way I can reenable Java on my IE?? Thanks in advance!

A:Enable/Disable Java for IE5 on Nt Workstation LAN


Click on the Tools button, and go to your Options.

On the Advanced Tab, make sure that the JIT Compiler is enabled.

On the Sercurity Tab, change your settings (to do this, click on the Custom button) to allow for Java.

If this IS already done, then your Network admins may have disabled Java on the proxy server. You will need to talk to them about allowing it through.



Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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To connect to the internet using my old IBM notebook 600e, I just boot up or come out of standby mode; click on browser (IE) and it's always ready to go. With the newer Lenovo T61, I must disable the connection before I go on standby, or problems usually result. When I come out of standby, I must enable connection; otherwise the little computer icon is missing from the lower right bar and there is no "repair connecytion option." If I click on "view available networks," none are found. Then it is difficult to get things going again. I use a siemens modem and a Belkin router, but doubt these are responsible as the 600e has no problem.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I'd especially appreciate a list (however short or long) of possible things to check.

A:Why must I enable / disable connection each time?

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I recently disabled several hardware items on my laptop (CDROM, PCMCIA, etc.) to save the battery life.

My question is, is there a way to setup a "command" to enable and disable these hardware without going to the Control Panel, etc.?

Many thanks in advance.


A:Enable and disable hardware command...?

A shorter route would be Start > right click on Computer > Properties > Device Manager. Is that any help?

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ok i got this game and it wouldnt work it said it couldnt load opengl subsystem. well i put couldnt load opengl subsystem into google and see if i could find a remedy. and one said to go to properties>settings>advanced>adapter and then disable it. i did then i rebooted and it was a really tiny screen and i tryed to renable it but i could find how but i looked at the adapter thing again and it was something different, but it said alot of the stuff was unavailable and i disabled that and i tryed to exit settings and i accidently rebooted the computer with like, not graphics i guess.. so now im screwed.. i tryed pressing f8 at the boot thing and enable VGA mode but it didnt work so if you can help, PLEASE do! i really need my laptop for my JC

A:PLEASE HELP!! video card is disable, i need to re-enable it but i cannot see!

If you don't have a Bios ESCD reset then a CMOS (bios) reset via whatever your manual advises is next (sometimes a key press, others a jumper or battery removal).

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is there a possibility to create shortcut (hotkey or another fast method) to disable and enable device (like in device manager)?
If not for all device, is it possible for built-in cam and/or microphone?
(preferred not by 3rd party aplications)

A:Shortcut to enable & disable device

There's not specifically an easy way without a bit of scripting on your part. I attempted to write you a quick VBScript that would use the WMI_SystemDriver class to enumerate all devices that contained the word "camera" in the description and then stop them.

The problem is, my Lenovo webcam doesn't allow that call; the driver exposes itself to the OS as 'unstoppable' in terms of user service control. I have a suspicion that a lot of webcams may work the same way. To get around this, you need to make a DLL call to tell the OS to disable the hardware device, which cannot be done in VBScript.

I could certainly write you such an applet, but then you'd have to simply trust me rather than being able to see what was inside - unless you have access to a C# compiler and just want the source code to compile yourself.

Another alternative that requires a lot of download time but then would allow you to use a simple DOS command to do the toggle is to grab the Windows 7 DDK from Microsoft. Part of the DDK is a utility called Devcon, which is a command-line version of WIndows device manager. A little bit of DOS wizardry with the FOR /F "usebackq..." command to parse a devcon status statement followed by another devcon enable or disable statement would allow you to toggle the hardware state and would get you where you want to be. But it's a huge download for a single stupid file, unless of course you already had use for the WinDDK.

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Hello,guys.I have a LAN (cable) internet connection.Two days ago my computer slowed down,but the only obvious error seemed to be the disability to control enable/disable property of the internet connection.Apparently,though the connection was enabled and I could access internet,it's icon showed disabled.The only time when the connection icon showed proper status was immediately after starting up the PC.Since I have Kaspersky Internet security,I ran the complete system scan.Kaspersky detected two trojans and removed them.The successive scan showed no infections.I ran Ewido anti-malware with the same result.Still,I can't control the internet connection enable/disable option.I'm wandering wether it has something to do with the previously detected trojans.I would appreciate some help with this.Thanks in advance.

A:Not able to control Enable/Disable LAN option

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i am using windows XP and i want to disable the usb port (i dont want it to detect flash memories or external storage devices) but at the same time i want it to detect the usb printer, so i cant totally disable the usb port...
is there a way for this, please help fast and urgent!!

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Hi all. This is my first post so be gentle. I'm not very computer savvy and this is probably so easy!

My desktop Windows 7 Prof has 2 X USB ports at the front panel and 4 X USB ports at the back. I'm assuming that 'port' means 'plug'? Anyway, from a USB port at the back I have a device connected by a long series of end-to-end Bluetooth extender cables into the back yard. The long cable operates in a very high temp environment and is not that reliable, but it works. To conserve its operability I wish to turn off/on the USB port (and only this port) at the back of the computer (at a very inaccessible spot) when I don't need to operate the remote device (connected to solar panel inverters via Bluetooth). The computer is used for work, so I can't really turn it off.

So summarising; how do I turn off/on one (and only one) USB port?

I've got as far as the 'Device Manager - Universal Serial Bus Controllers, but no further. PS. There's plenty of stuff out there about turning on/off all the USB ports, but nothing about turning off/on one only.

Thankyou for your help.


A:[SOLVED] How do I disable/enable a single USB port only?

The easiest way to turn off a single USB port might be to just install a mechanical switch.

USB 2.0 4 Ports High Super Speed Hub On Off Switch LED for PC Laptop Black -

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I have a HP 6735s and he has no special key for enabeling/disabeling touchpad.
I tried every combination with Function key and its not any of them.
Is it any way to make something that turns it off and back on when i want with combination of some keys?

Help please.....


A:How can I make shortcut for enable/disable touchpad?

From google it looks like it is disabled when you plug in an extrenal mouse, but I may be wrong

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If my computer is not right next to the router and is idle for a while, the wifi connection drops. I have to "Open Network & Sharing Center", "Change adapter settings", disable and re-enable to reconnect. It's not a router issue since all other devices connect just fine.

A:Wifi drops - have to disable then re-enable to connect

Hi: The only suggestion I can offer would be to see if unchecking the 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power' box on the Power Management tab for the wireless card in the device manager, resolves the problem.

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for all ppl who have dell computers with vista and the volume buttons on front of computer, you all know the volume meter that comes up when you change volume, it looks like the display brightness meter when you push Fn and Up/Down Key.....
the brightness meter shows up, but all of a sudden, one day i think i might have done something and the volume meter does not show, eventhough the keys external keys do change the volume settings,
how do i enable it back on, the volume meter
any help would be greatly appreciated...

A:Enable/ Disable Volume Meter. for Dell


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Hi !
Maxtor 500 gig, external hdd. win xp pro

Works fine, the issue is that after I safely remove the hdd from the tray icon and I wish to re-enable the hdd , I have to physically power off and on the hdd.
Is there a way that I can re-enable the hdd without switching it off and on .

many a times it just runs when I need to access any other drive thus delaying the access time. Personally I prefer to keep the ext hdd disabled.

Just need some shorcut to detect the hdd.

any help

A:External Hard Drive enable / disable

I don't know of a way to detect the drive after you have gone through the safe removal process, but if what you are concerned about is repetitive on-off cycles of the drive, you could simply unplug the USB connector and reconnect it. That will do it.


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I am sitting in front of a Win7 computer which has a MAC style taskbar at the top border of the screen (in addition to the "normal" taskbar as known from WinXP).

Is this an add-on of built-in in all Win7 systems?

How do I enable/disable it?

How do I configure it?


A:How to enable/disable/configure MAC style taskbar?

They are probably using Rocket Dock..

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Anyone out there knows if it's possible to enable/disable (turn on/turn off) Airplane Mode either using CMD or with two separated shortcuts (i.e. desktop shortcut 1 enables Airplane Mode, desktop shortcut 2 disables Airplane Mode)?

A:Enable/Disable Airplane Mode with CMD or shortcut?

Hello TheRene,

I'm not aware of a way to toggle this with a shortcut, but you might see if using the "Networks" shortcut below may help make it easier to turn airplane mode on/off from the Start screen or where you like.

Networks flyout Shortcut - Create in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I am running Synaptics V19.0.12.95. I recently got this PC and I quickly noticed I couldn't move my trackpad whilst typing. After researching I learned I had to disable Palmcheck. When I went to look for the option, there was nothing there.I'm currently downloading an updated driver, but I wanted to check here and ask what everyone elses solution to this issue was.

A:HP Notebook- No Palmcheck option to enable/disable

Have a look at this page:   

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I'm in the midst of reconfiguring IE Enterprise mode for a customer. Here's the current state:

There is a site list at http://ieem.internal.domain/production.xmlThe site list is readable by all users and contains the correct current list of sites and rendering modes (maintained by the Site Manager tool)Active Group Policy settings:Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Use the Enterprise Mode IE website list: Enabled, Location = http://ieem.internal.domain/production.xmlUser Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Use the Enterprise Mode IE website list: Enabled, Location = http://ieem.internal.domain/production.xml
If I browse to a site in the Site List, Enterprise Mode is not enabled.
If I now set EITHER of these policy settings:

Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Let users turn on and use Enterprise Mode from the Tools Menu: Enabled; ORUser Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Let users turn on and use Enterprise Mode from the Tools Menu: Enabled;
the user is still not forced into Enterprise Mode. However, they can turn on Enterprise Mode manually and the site list appears to apply correctly (as long as they turn it on on a page where it's supposed to b... Read more

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Is there a way I can disable access to the hiding/showing hidden files option in tools? Also would like to be able to reverse this...

A:Disable/Enable Hidden Files Option

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hello, sir

need a batch file to Enable and Disable The Local Area Connection


A:Need some help to Enable and disable the local area connection

Found it thanx'

@echo on
netsh interface set interface "Local Area Connection" DISABLED
netsh interface set interface "Local Area Connection" ENABLED

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