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Created new network by accident; other computers can't connect!

Q: Created new network by accident; other computers can't connect!

I have had a netgear router for some time now (WNR2000) for three home computers, all Windows Vista+ and recently had to buy a new wireless adapter for one of them (WNA3100). Previously, all computers were connected to a security-enabled network called 'Johnson'.

I installed the new adapter via the wizard and it ended up creating a new network entitled 'NTGR_zhOXSTT8ZSXtTUsaRd5lXfrq-WPS'. Johnson has now disappeared from the list and no other computer is able to connect to this new network. I tried changing from WPA2 to WEP and changing the password in hopes that the other computers will be able to login but it didn't work.


A: Created new network by accident; other computers can't connect!

Why not (on the router) change it back to the old SSID and WPA-PSK or whatever encryption you were using, make sure you didn't enable MAC Address filtering, and stay away from those strange wizards?

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I recently built the computer shown in my specs. I didn't get to joining the existing homegroup quick enough. My wife needed files from one of the homegroup laptops. Having not joined, my wife attempted it but ended up creating a new homegroup on the new build. When I go into homegroup (start menu) I don't have the option to join a homegroup, nor do I have one to leave the homegroup.

So how do I delete the new homegroup created, so I can join my established group?

A:New homegroup created by accident

What you need to do is remove each computer from the new homegroup.

Once you've done that, the homegroup will no longer exist, leaving you free to rejoin your original homegroup.

Leave a homegroup

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Hi use vista. You know when downloading it tells you to pick a place to save it?

I accedently clicked desktop and draged it to another place. Now I have about 3 desktop folders

Please help me how to fix this. Is there a program?

Please answer!

A:Created some 'Desktop' folders by accident

It's not quite clear where or what these desktop folders are, but is anything stopping you from deleting these folders if you don't want them?

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Just recently, I was at a friends house and was having trouble connecting to her internet. By accident, I created a new network, and now she is unable to find her original network or connect to the one I created. I don't remember setting a password. All I had to do to create the network was enter the PIN number that I found on the wireless router. Please help she is getting upset!

A:Accidentally created a new network and can't connect!

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Hi There,

I have a Belkin router in my home which two PCs wirelessly connect to with no problems. I also connect my laptop to the wireless network when I bring it back from university.

However, this time when I try to connect a problem occurs. I go to look at the list of wireless networks, connect to my one, and a message appears telling me I'm connected. But then when I try to access the internet nothing happens (ie an "unable to connect" screen appears).

Troubleshooting steps I've taken so far:
1) Reset the router and turned off all security. Again, the laptop said it was connected then my browser failed to connect to the internet.
2) Turned off my laptop firewall
3) Tried different browsers on my laptop
4) Typed to access the router itself; but it fails to bring up the router menu (when I do this on the PCs I can bring up a router menu).
5) Tried attaching the laptop to the router with a network cable.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!


A:Two computers can connect to my network... one can't!

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I am not sure if this should be posted in this forum or not, but it is essentially a windows problem.

I recently had a run-in with a virus/malware that was running ping.exe in my background constantly. I had tried several programs (PC-Cillin, Malwarebytes) which never found the problem. I had found a forum post somewhere else that recommended ComboFix as the solution. Stupid me, I just downloaded it and ran it without reading any of the disclaimers / instructions. On a positive note, all of my virus/malware related problems are solved. However, now I can no longer see any of the other computers on my network.

I have verified that both my NIC and wireless card drivers are both up to date.

I have also changed my workgroup to match up to the balance of the computers on my network, even though I never had to do that previously.

I have tried "repairing" my network connection and get the following error when doing so:
"Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed:
Clearing NetBT

For assistance, contact the person who manages your network"

I am running Windows XP Pro SP3


A:Can't see / connect to other computers on the network

Worth a look, .


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So I'll try to describe my problem as best as I can. I just installed a new computer on my network and it joined the network great and I can access all computers on the network and vice versa except for one. When I view the workgroup computers and click on this particular computer(I'll call it Comp 2), it asks for a username and password.

So I go over to comp 2 and try to access the new computer and it asks for the same username and password. However, from Comp 2 I can access the other computers on the network just fine and vice versa. For some reason that is beyond my understanding of networking, these two computers require this username and password for access.

So in summary, these two computers can access every computer on the network and vice versa, except each other. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Both of these Computers are Windows 7 Professional and password protection is turned off on all computers


A:Need Help, Two Computers Won't Connect On Network

Anyone with ideas????

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I have two computers in my home. A laptop and a desktop. Both are connected to my wireless router wirelessly. Laptop has Windows Vista and desktop has Windows 7. I tried to connect the computers wirelessy for file-sharing. But i failed. someone help me. Note: While im in my desktop (windows 7), the other computer (windows vista) is listed in the network. But when i double-click to access it, it prompts a window saying "Windows cannot access \\computer2 check spelling of the name blah blah blah".

A:How to connect two computers that are in a Wi-Fi network ?

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I am trying to connect two computers to each other that both use windows 7. I'm wondering about when it asks me for a username and password, and because there is no password, we put ion the username and left password blank. Then it brought us to another window that asked for a username and password, and we could not go any further. How do I get them connected? and is it safe to set the password protected file sharing to 'off' or do I run the risk of someone hacking into my network? Thank you.

A:Cannot connect two computers to network

I am trying to connect two computers to each other that both use windows 7

But your Subject says you want to connect to a network.

If wanting to connect the 2 computers only to each other you could try an Ethernet Cross-over cable or maybe a LapLink USB cable.

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I am clueless so please bear with me. I have 2 desktop computers. An old Compaq that I have upgraded hard drive,cd burner, win XP, etc but it has no ethernet card. I have a D Link DFE-530TX+ pci adapter and a Linksys Wireless-G pci adapter(wmp546) not installed, just bought them cheap. I want to move the old computer upstairs and use both computers from the same DSL connection. New computer is Emachines(don't laugh-I'm poor), windows XP, ethernet port on front, westell modem via Bellsouth DSL and Vonage Motorola router?. My question is should I put the pci adapter in the old machine and use a wireless router to connect the 2 machines? Or, what should I do? I am pretty secure working inside the machines but I am clueless as to what I need to put in them to get them to share the DSL. I would greatly appreciate details and instructions for dummies. Thanks in advance!


A:What do I need to connect 2 computers to one DSL?Network??

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Here's my setup:

* I am using a Blackberry to USB tether to my desktop (internet works on pc)

*Ethernet to WAN (from PC that has internet to wifi router)

*I get DNS is not responding now from any other computer connected to the network either wired or wifi

* Set up my network as following: Tether has internet sharing turned on and connected to Local Area Connection

* Local Area Connection has IP4 configured as:

IP address:
Default: blank

Preferred DNS Server: (my ethernet connection so the internet connection is sent to wifi router)

I have tried everything...I mean days of effort and searching. IP6 is disabled. Microsoft Virtual is disabled.

This SAME exact setup was working perfectly a week ago with an older Linksys Wifi router. Then I bought a new Linksys E2000 and because I wanted something new (Bad move). That setup no longer worked on the new it no longer works on the old router.

Please please please help, I've seriously tried everything and then finally came across a thread that got it working but then broke it with the new router....I wouldnt post if I didnt troubleshoot for hours upon hours

Thank you!

A:Cant get any other computers to connect to network but my desktop

Please guys I beg you
Pretty much every time I try to diagnose on a laptop it says DNS Server isnt responding

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This is a setup problem. I have a Windows 8 Pro laptop, and a new Windows 7 Laptop. When I try to setup the connection so that I can share files and folders between the two computers, I am asked for the User name and the password. I see the password in the homegroup, but entering it does not help. What is the user name in this case? My computer name or the other computer name or something else? Many thanks.

A:Solved: Can not connect to other computers on network

The new laptop was not connected to any home network. Once connected, I could get access to the files.

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I realise there are quite a lot of these about, but from searching, no-one seems to be having quite this problem.

For a while, I have had two PCs (XP Home and 2000) networked together using a router (Netgear DG834G v2). (It's a wireless modem/router with four wired connections as well).
Both Pcs were connected via ethernet cables to the router, and both were able to access the internet, and to view shared files on the other. The wireless connection worked succesfully for any device wishing to access the internet (PDAs and games consoles for example).
However, we have recently purchased two Vista laptops (both running Vista Premium), which we wish to be able to use to connect to the XP machine (the 2000 machine isn't a worry), however networking the machines seems to be a problem.
Both laptops are able to access wireless internet over the network, and can see the XP machine on their network maps, but are unable to connect to it (a screenshot of the network map is attatched, with a couple of pieces of personal data censored. The top two computers are laptops, and the bottom, the XP machine). If wired to the network, they merely give a message saying something to the tune of "cannot create a map of this type of network". The XP computer refuses to see them at all, and will only find itself.
All computers can Ping each other by IP.

Can anyone help at all?
Thank you in advance.

A:Vista-XP Network, computers won't connect.

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I'm using a Windows 2000 network on three computers: two laptops and a disktop. The laptops are connected via a wireless access point to an ethernet router that is connected to the desktop and the internet. The desktop can see the NetBios names of the laptops in the workgroup but when I try to access one of them I get a "\\Laptop1 is not accessable" error message. If I try to connect with the IP address 192.168.0.x I can connect with no problem. Also I can ping the IP address but not the NetBios name. The laptops can see and access shared files on the desktop but not with eachother.

Any ideas?

A:Can't connect to other computers on Win2k network

Do you have the same user names and passwords on each machine? Also, you can try altering the HOSTS file. It's located at:


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I have a belkin home network and all the computers in my house can connect except mine, so it isn't a network issue. When I log onto my laptop, it says no networks are available so I can't even attempt to connect. Can someone please help me and tell me what to do? Thanks.

A:I can't connect to my home network while other computers can

Do you have the correct wireless drivers for your laptop?

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Hi everyone -

Recently we went from a 3 server (physical) environment to a multi-server (virtual) environment; it was a huge upgrade. Since the upgrade I have lost the ability to connect to computers remotely. I am trying to connect to them using \\computername\c$ etc.

I am currently on a Windows 7 64bit machine and all other computers are running XP Pro with SP3 (32 bit). We have a GPO that places all windows firewalls on with a variety of exceptions but I have no idea what I need to allow/open to allow these kind of connections to connect to varies networked computers. Of course if we turn the windows firewalls off it will work just fine so something is being blocked.

Just an FYI we have VNC and LogMeIn and what not which work fine, it's just sometimes I need to copy or look for files on someone's computer without disrupting them and that is the reason for connecting like this.

We are all using the same DHCP, DNS, IP Scheme, and subnets.

Any help would be appreciated!


A:Solved: Cannot connect to computers on network

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I had a network wich was connected through a cable modem to the internet.
After we moved to another house, i have an internetconnection through a speedport W 501 V over ADSL.
My main computer is connected with an excellent connection,
The other 3 computers can see the speedport, but cannot make a connection. The IP adress can not be refreshed. You cab see that the strength of the network is strong for these connections.
Because the signal was to weak for the other computers i have bought a Linksys wireless G-range expander.

How can i connect to the internet, how can i create a working XP workgrope as i had earlier (or is one problem connected to the other)

A:Solved: computers won't connect to network

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Ok, I am at a friend's house and his computer is Windows XP and it is set up so that he dials up onto his DSL access on this computer and then other computers connect to the network through this computer. He unplugged the network plug and I plugged it into my laptop couldn't get it to work. So I tried to set it up so that my computer would be the one it would connect to using Network Wizard and at the end of that it said it failed. Then we tried it on my friend's laptop again and no use. The internet works on his desktop but now whenever we try to connect through a laptop it comes up saying, Limited or no Connectivity. What should I do?

A:Network Isn't Working - Computers Can't Connect Through This One

I'll bumb this for you, so the guys can take a look.

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Came to pick some brains for help. Trying to help OP Rickman at forums. Told him I would post about problem over here

Because of connectivity problems he has just switched his old Actiontec GT701-WG for a new Actiontec GT701-WG.

His statement of problem,
The Vista desktop is connected through ethernet and the XP laptop is wireless. I am on my own wireless network and both computers can access the Internet but cannot share files or printer.

The Vista desktop will show the XP laptop in Network but clicking on it gets a "Cannot communicate message". On the XP laptop trying to see Workgroup computers gets a message "Network is not accessible. You might not have permissions.."

I cannot ping one machine from the other. I never tried to ping them when file sharing/printing worked before but I would expect that they could. I seem to remember some setting on the modem that I was told to change to make the networking happen the first time, but it was years ago. Thank you for you help.

What I have done so far.
Asked how he tried to ping. Suggested if he pinged only by name to try pinging by actual IP address of each computer.
Remember seeing a thread here about Hostname/IP Address resolution causing similar problem that was solved, but couldn't find it.

Thanks DLSayremn

A:Can connect to internet, but not computers on network

I suggest the person with the issue post directly. It's much easier to assist without a middleman, and if he can post there, he should be able to post here.

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I have a wireless network which includes a cable modem and a wireless router to send wireless signal to two computers. Everything was working fine for a long time until today. Suddenly, one of the computers, a laptop, was unable to connect.

The other computer, a desktop, continues to have internet access. Therefore, I assume the modem and router are ok and the problem is with the laptop.

The wizard on the laptop detects the network. The correct password is displayed in "properties". However, the wizard says that it can't connect to the network. Diagostics was unable to explain.

The wireless button on the laptop is green and the laptop says LAN is on.
I took a look at network adapters in device manager, which shows two wireless devices (one microsoft and the other realtech both "working properly."

I used system restore to go back the previous day which didn't help.

I ran ipconfig from the command prompt which says "media disconnected" on all of the adapters including the wireless.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the wireless networks which make no difference. I ran the procedure for resetting winsock to no avail. I was unable to update drivers on the laptop without internet access.

I'm stymied and need some ideas.

A:1 of 2 computers on wireless network can't connect

did you try a power cycle on the modem and router? Pull the power plug on both for a 10 count then plug back in starting with the modem.

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I managed to get folder sharing between a 7 and xp computer via lan cable to
It took houers, and when it worked I didn't know why.

After reinstalling xp, again I can't make the lan cable connection between
the xp and 7 computer work.

The lan has the same name on both computers, and ip on both computer are config'ed.
Icons on both computers say, that the lan connection is running.
However, if I ping the windows 7 computer from the xp computer, it
works. If I ping the xp computer from the xp computer, it works.
If I ping the xp computer from the 7 computer, it doesn't work. If I ping
the 7 computer from the 7 computer, it doesn't work.

And on the 7 computer there is an yellow triangle on the network icon.
But it was also there before reinstallation, and the lan connection worked

How do I get the lan cable connection to work?

A:Lan connect xp and 7 computer, computers do not appear under network.

Quote: Originally Posted by kjo

...If I ping the xp computer from the 7 computer, it doesn't work. If I ping
the 7 computer from the 7 computer, it doesn't work.

And on the 7 computer there is an yellow triangle on the network icon.
But it was also there before reinstallation, and the lan connection worked

How do I get the lan cable connection to work?

Did you try the diagnose connection option in Win7's Control Panel --> Network and Internet --> Network Connections app?? Right click on it...

You also said early on...

After reinstalling xp, again I can't make the lan cable connection between the xp and 7 computer work.

Can you desribe what you mean by LAN cable connection... is this a PC to PC (ad hoc) network, or do you have a switch or router?

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I've run into a problem connecting to the other computer on my network. It worked fine for a while, but one day a few months ago, although it at least recognized the other computer, it encountered problems actually letting me connect. I haven't worked with it again since then until today, and now the other computer doesn't even show up in my network, while my computer shows on the other one and can be connected to. I can ping the 2nd computer by name and ip, but if I try to use \\ name, it gives me: 0x80070005 Access is denied. Any suggestions?

A:Solved: can't connect to other computers in network

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Hi I have set up a wireless network in my home using s d-link N+ 300 DIR-655 and the desktop that is directly connected to the modem and router can connect to the internet and my laptop can access the wireless network and get online but I have another desktop that cannot connect to the wireless network. It can see it but when i try and connect i get the message that it was unable to connect or sometimes that i was able to connect but have limited connectivity. Im not really computer savvy but i follow directions well so any help would be greatly appreciated. This has been driving me crazy and i have done everything i know how to correct it and I am sure that i have the correct WPA password in there so that is not the problem.

A:Home wireless network 1 of 3 computers will not connect

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I am new here. I have been reading the threads. Looks like a great forum.
I had a working network at home. I had to change the router and now other computers can not see my computer at all. It said not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. I have tried going on the drives and giving permission that way. It didn't work. Can someone please help!!
Thanks Ron

A:How to give permission for other computers on my network to connect to me.


Since no one else has replied yet.......

I`m not too good at networking, but this occurs to me.
Check the firewall. Turn it off first and see if that helps

It probably was set up before with a ?trusted network" based on an address from the old router.

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I have a dell desktop running windows vista that connects to my wireless router with a cable.
I have an HP laptop that is running windows 7 that is wireless.
When I look at network computers on the dell I get an error message that says that the computer is not accessible. The same thing happens when I try to log onto the desktop from the laptop.
When I try to run the network wizard from the desktop, I see see connect to the internet, connect to a wireless router or access point, setup a dialup connection and connect to a workplace.
None of them make sense but I tried connect to a wireless router and got a message that said to set it up manually or set up a flash drive, neither of which makes sense. I tried set it up manually and all that happened is the router setup screen opened up.
I tried the same thing on the laptop and the setup the network wizard opened a screen that said choose a wireless router or access point to configure, but nothing ever showed up on that screen.
I hate to knock windows but this all seems unnecessairly complicated. It can't be that odd to have wired and wireless computers on the same network.

A:cannot connect to the same network with wired and wireless computers

sorry, not clear if your issue is connecting those pcs to the internet or if you are trying to share the computers across your network

do both pcs work on the internet OK ?

if sharing
Here’s how you can get your Windows 7 PC to share printers and files with XP and Vista PCs--and even a Mac

Share files between windows 7 and vista

Here’s how you can get your Windows 7 PC to share printers and files with XP and Vista PCs--and even a Mac.

Complete Guide to Networking Windows 7 with XP and Vista

if you are trying to get on the internet
can we see an ipconfig /all from both pcs - make sure we know which is which
ipconfig /all
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working comput... Read more

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Hi, I have had this Network setup at my home for a while. There is one desktop, which has Windows XP Professional (we'll call this XPA, antivirus is MSE), connected to the router through an ethernet port, and three laptops, one with XP Media Center (we'll call this XPB, antivirus is McAfee configured to share files and printers) and two with 7 Professional and Home Premium (one is my own laptop, 7-A, antivirus is MSE, and other is 7-B, antivirus is McAfee configured to share files and printers). A few months ago, every computer was able to see each other easily through their names, and were able to share files and printers easily, even with the two 7 laptops having password protection. All of them were in the same Workgroup (called WORKGROUP), and the two 7 laptops were in the same Homegroup, sharing files through passwords).

Now, I came back home from college, and oddly find that my laptop (which is 7-A Professional with MSE) can't connect either XP computers when I type their name (coming up with the error code 0x80070035: The network path was not found), I can only connect when I type in their IP address. It's the same when I try to connect from the XP computers to my laptop. I can easily connect to 7-B though, and 7-B can easily connect to my laptop, XPA and XPB (and vice versa). I have no idea why this is happening now, since I haven't really fiddled around with the settings in college (other than installing some program that will let me connect to the university netwo... Read more

A:Unable to connect to XP computers in Network Share

Disable the firewall temporarily as a test, see if it makes a difference.

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i have a time warner modem with a linksys router attached to it. associated with this network are 2 computers, one running vista and the other ubuntu with a vista partition. . both have wireless connections. the ubuntu machine connects to the internet through a firefox browser with no problems. the vista partition on the ubuntu machine also works. the vista machine which is at vista update KB2388210 cannot get out to the internet through either a firefox or internet explorer browser.

However, i can successfully ping internet locations using absolute addresses and i've gotten a yahoo response through a host tx (with the help of a friend). it appears that the internet is accessible on the vista machine and some unknown function stops normal (eg browser initiated) usage. i've done and tried several things like uninstalling Norten, unplugging routers, modems, etc without success. i've scanned Firefox and the I/E with AVG and anti-malware and did not find any problems.

do you have any suggestions on how to debug and solve this problem ?

A:multiple computers on home network one cannot connect

Try this:

Power off the modem

Power off the router

Plug computer directly into Modem power up Modem

Power Up Vista Machine

See if Vista Machine can connect.

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Hey guys, I just loaded up my machine with Windows Vista Home Basic and wanted to connect my another laptop to it via Wireless AdHoc network. I created a wireless adhoc network from the network and sharing center. But was unable to connect the other laptop to it. Everything is ok. My WLAN is on, drivers are also latest. Please help.

My system configuration-
OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic SP2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2390 @ 1.86GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1406 Mb
Graphics Card: VIA Chrome9 HC IGP, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 20002 MB, Free - 9600 MB; D: Total - 20002 MB, Free - 6003 MB; E: Total - 36303 MB, Free - 7469 MB;
Motherboard: HCL Infosystems Limited, Notebook PC, VT6363A, 1234567890
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled

A:Solved: Unable to connect computers to Ad Hoc network

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The problem is in the topic, I can see other computer in my network, yet cannot connect to any of them. Every computer has the password protected sharing off and discovery on, most are using Vista, one is using XP. At first the computers just didn't show up, but after a while they will appear in the network list but when trying to connect it will try for a while, then give you an error.

Windows cannot access \\*computer name*

Error code: 0x80070035
The network path was not found.Click to expand...

This computer is using Vista Home premium.

A:Solved: Vista can see other computers in network, cannot connect.

Alright, after some work we figured out the problem was with Mcafee. We were able to mess around with the network settings and got it all to work.

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There are two computers on our network that "suddenly" stopped connecting to the internet according to the user. All the other computers are running just fine. Neither Google Chrome or IE can connect to any webpage. However, both computers can access anything else on the network and also randomly change from showing "internet access" to "no internet access" in the network center. Also, even though no webpages can be loaded, the computer is still apparently connected to the internet because they can be accessed remotely through Team Viewer from outside the network over the internet.
System Restore helped with nothing and I tried to install Ad-Aware to do a scan, but the installation fails because it cannot connect to the internet.
The machines are running Windows 7 Professional x64 bit.
It was the same user who was on both machines when they went down, and based on the browsing history, it looks like this could possibly be related to some sort of malware/spyware as opposed to coincidental hardware issues.
**Edit** - I did check the Ethernet cables with my laptop and have no issues connecting to the internet from the laptop.

A:Computers on Network Suddenly Cannot Connect to Internet?

I hope your company's security infrastructure's intact and strong, so that whatever is troubling these two computers [via downloads and/or internet installs] will not travel to other computers within the company.  Could the company-wide security systems also be "interrupting" this particular user's "interneting?"

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Currently running a wireless network but I have 2 desktops downstairs that need WIRED internet. I don't want to have to buy 2 wireless cards to connect both machines to the internet AND network (I also need to transfer larger files since we work with heavy graphics).

Both have Gb network cards installed.
- One is a server, running on windows 2003 server
- The other is a regular desktop running win xp pro sp2
I was thinking of purchasing a wireless access point router or bridge that has about 4 ports (in case I add 2 more machines). Would be great too if I can use this same system to upgrade our bluray player =)

Currently, the cable modem is attached to a belkin wireless pre-n router [F5D8230-4] here's link:

Can someone help?

A:2 wired computers downstairs need to connect to internet & network

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Can someone tell me the exact steps to take to make a network connection between my new and old computers. Both are windows XP. I keep getting an Error # 777 .

I was given a cable with the same type connectors that plug into the internet receptor. What type connector is this called?

Thanks very much for for any help on this.

A:How to make network connect betw 2 home computers

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Hello. I am a complete newbie to server administration. At my current job, I have been tasked with setting up a deployment server. The server is a Windows 2008 server and is not connected to the Internet. The server is a domain controller on its own domain (different from the main domain my job uses). How would I connect this server to the Internet without disrupting other users on the network? By disrupting, I mean connecting to my server instead of the main server for DNS and DHCP. The server has Active Directory Domain Services, DNS, DHCP, and WDS roles set-up.

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At our office we have atleast 10 computers and they are all connected to a wireless Network using D-Link wireless adapters. All the computers are able to connect to the internet and browsing the net is not a problem, but the problem is in accessing some of the computers on the network, I keep getting thse pop up error messages saying " \\comp1 is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions". I am the Technical guy in the company overseeing tthe network. Please Help am stranded and my job is on the line.!

A:I can connect to the wireless network in my office but i cant access some computers:

Sounds like you don't have permissions. Is this a domain or a workgroup network? Sounds like a workgroup.
Turn off any firewalls for debugging. If the firewall is the problem, you'll have to configure it to allow access to "trusted zone" addresses. Note that some firewalls must be completely uninstalled to stop them from affecting your networking.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt.

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands:

PING each remote computer by IP address, and if successful, PING by name. Open a command prompt as described above and type.

PING <ip address>
PING <computer name>

<ip address> - is the x.x.x.x IP address
<computer name> - is the computer name

A failure to PING is almost always a firewall configuration issue. Any failure to PING needs to be corrected before you go any farther.

Note: You can obtain the IP address and computer name of a computer by opening a command prompt (DOS window) and typing IPCONFIG /ALL. This should work for any Windows version. The IPCONFIG /ALL display will provide a wealth of useful information for debugging your network connection.

Check your Services are Started on all PCs:

COM+ Event System (for WZC issues)
Computer Browser
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
TCP/IP Netbios helper
Wireless Zero Configuration (XP wireless con... Read more

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I recently purchased a new Thinkpad laptop. It failed to connect to my Belkin wireless router (limited or no connectivity message) even after I typed in the correct network key. When I turned off WEP protein through my old Dell, the new one can be connected. I then re-enact the protection through the new one using the same key. Now it can be connected under the encryption but the old one is left out. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I have deleted one of my networks in the Wireless Network Connection box. It now has a red X beside it. How do I get it back?

A:Windows 7, deleted network by accident help!

Not sure I understand, but if I do understand all you should have to do is to connect to that network again.

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Hello, a few days ago I deleted the network adapter driver from my laptop by accident after I was having issues with Windows 10. Plugging an Ethernet cable into the laptop will not connect to the Internet (haven't been able to connect via Ethernet for a few years, I've always used wifi). Is there a way to get the driver back without downloading it to a usb and installing?I've tried doing the "scan for hardware changes" option but nothing comes up. The only selection I have under Network Adpaters is VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapters and I cannot connect using an Ethernet cable.

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Network Description:
5 computers are connected to Linksys router (
the Linksys router is connected to the internet.

NetGear router is connected to the Linksys router (
2 computers are connected to NetGear router.
These 2 computers are able to surf the Internet but I can't see the other computers in network through them...

How should I configure the NetGear router to be able to see the other computers in the network

BTW: all the computers configured to WORKGROUP


A:Connect router to router and be able to see all the computers in network

There`s a good page HERE which almost certainly has the solution somewhere.

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hello all,
I have turned on "sharing" to share my printer with my other desktop.
I have created a network on one of my XP machine's called 'Grandview'.
I did it using Network Setup Wizard, thinking I could use 'Grandview', instead of MSHOME as the default.
I wanted to then un-share the USB printer that is connected
to this machine, from MSHOME and share it only through the 'Grandview' network.
(I reasoned that hackers search for open sharing on MSHOME
and not other networks that a user has created like 'Grandview'... probably a dumb assumption.)
I couldn't make the USB printer a network printer because I don't have an the ethernet cable connection in the printer...

BTW.. I have two desktop machines connected to a WRT54GS 'wireless' rounter.
Both machines are running XP Pro.

Anyway, Now I want to delete the 'Grandview' network, because I haven't had any luck
unsharing MSHOME and I suspect that I won't, either.

What I need is some advice on how to delete the 'Grandview' network.
I cannot find any threads that discuss deleting a network created in Network Setup Wizard.
Would anyone have some suggestions and help?

Thank you
Rick (shobuz99)

A:I want to delete a network I created in Network Setup Wizard

A different workgroup offers no protection from hackers. If they are connected to the network and can see MSHOME, they can see any other network workgroup as well.

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As the topic says, I'm having an issue where a computer on a network cannot see the other computer on the network.  It is able to connect to the internet, and I double-checked based on earlier threads and the network discovery IS ON.  This computer
is able to create a Homegroup and the other computer on the network is able to see the shared folders when it joins the homegroup, but I cannot create a homegroup on the
other computer and have this computer see it to join it.  The other computer sees this computer in Windows Explorer under Network, but as far as the problem computer is concerned, it is the only computer on the network.
Despite this, when I open up the Network Map, it shows both computers, the router, and the modem.

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When I open Steam and then attempt to connect to a server I get a "Game is not available: Please Try Again Later" notice followed by systemantic telling me I have "Static." Originally there was nothing in alerts box only an icon above it saying Static, but now it pops up with ~5.tmp, ~3.tmp, and ~45.tmp. It says they are Trojans and that they were quarantined, but everytime I attempt to connect to a server it gives me the same message. I ran a system scan and it does not detect anything, but then when I try to connect to a server it goes off again.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:10:43 PM, on 7/8/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NvMixer\NVMixerTray.exe
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NetworkAccessManager\bin\nTrayFw.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Hardware\Mouse\point32.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\PDVDServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.... Read more

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I have accidentally created a 'network' when i was trying to set up an internet connection, now my lap top asks for a username and password (which we don't know!). Can it be fixed?

A:accidentally created a 'network'

Hi and welcome to TSG forums.
What brand computer and what operating system are you using?
Knowing this will make it easier for us to help you.

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With a bit of luck, I have created my first working network between a PC and a laptop. What I want to do is make it a secure network. I'm a bit confused, can anyone point me in the right direction to do it?

Host PC:
Asus P5K-E WiFi-App Edition Motherboard ( using the included antenna thing )
Windows XP 64bit
Verizon High Speed Internet Modem
Is connected to internet

Connected Laptop:
Windows Vista
LinkSys reciever card / antenna
Connects to internet via the network

Unused / Disconnected:
LinkSys router

As you can clearly see, my ignorance is quite exposed when I call these pieces of hardware 'antennas.' The network is working and I can access the internet from both computers. However, when I was connecting to the network from the laptop I noticed that the network was labeled as an unsecured network. Also, there were two instances of the same network. I wonder if it is something small that I missed. Would it be a simple process to make it a secured network? Where would I go / first step on the host PC, Windows XP 64 bit?

Other Information:

In Control Panels, Network Connections I see the following:

Lan or High Speed Internet:

Local Area Connection 3
Connected, Shared, Firewalled
Marvell Yukon PCI-E

Network Bridge:

1394 Connection 4
Connected, Bridged, Firewalled
1394 Net Adaptor #4

1394 Connection 3
Connected, Bridged, Firewalled
1394 Net Adaptor #3

Network Bridge
Connected, Firewalled
MAC Bridge Miniport

Wireless Network Connection
Connected, Bridg... Read more

A:Created my first network by luck, just need one bit of help.

As you can clearly see, my ignorance is quite exposed when I call these pieces of hardware 'antennas.' The network is working and I can access the internet from both computers. However, when I was connecting to the network from the laptop I noticed that the network was labeled as an unsecured network. Also, there were two instances of the same network. I wonder if it is something small that I missed. Would it be a simple process to make it a secured network? Where would I go / first step on the host PC, Windows XP 64 bit?Click to expand...

It may simply be that another wireless signal from a neighbour with the same make of router is broadcasting.
If you post the make and exact model of the Modem and Router or modem/router combination we can find the manual and point you in the direction for securing
All you need to do in principle is Log onto the router setup page and goto the wireless section and enable the secruity and give it a password - then all devices need to know that password to connect

Download and install
Then run the program
if you get an error - You need NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.

post a screen shot of the program running - if there are a lot of networks showing can you click on "networks" top lefthand area - so we can see all the network information, and also post which network "Adapter Name" (1st column) is yours on the list

To post a screen shot of... Read more

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While trying to connect my computer to our wifi system I accidentally created a new network, and I can't figure out how to delete it. It's a dell 745 on windows XP.

A:Accidentally created a new network

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Hello, I know that my computer was hacked and I know who did it, my stepson. He was trying to get my banking information for his Dad who coincidentally tried to kill me last week. Ok enough for the drama. I found when he hacked me and have restored some things but he is still there under "other network" that he created. He his somehow using Adobe Arm and not sure how. He has created a "Created Owner" user profile that I cannot delete. I am denied permissions, mostly when I am trying to get rid of him. I know the exact time and date and have the logs that show he turned off a lot of services at that moment including my antivirus protection. He installed Spyware Banker. Id which I have removed but I can't seem to get rid of him. Can you help. Here is my DDS log. The other log generated shows the time it was hacked. I can post it if you need to look at. Instructions were not to post. Please help. This is making me miserable. I can't do anything on my computer because everything is being watch. My privacy has been invaded and it feels horrible. My theory at the moment which could be very wrong is that he has tapped into the hidden administrator account in Windows 7 and password protected it. DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_x86 Internet Explorer: 11.0.9600.17937  BrowserJavaVersion: 10.51.2Run by Charlie at 9:40:59 on 2015-08-16Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate   6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.3034.835 [GMT -5:00].AV: Norton Security Suite *Enabled/Updated* {53C7D717... Read more

A:Hacker created new network can't get rid of it

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***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of t... Read more

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Hi guys,

I enabled Hyper-V feature in Windows 10 but unable to create a virtual switch. I tried to create private and internal types of virtual switch but every time the process stuck on "Applying changes".

What could be the reason of that?

Thank you.

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I can't join my homegroup, it randomly stopped working a week ago (ish) when i try to reconnect to the homgroup now it says "A homegroup can only be created on a private network...change settings blah bah..." Although I have everything setup correctly and i'm trying to join a homegroup not make one. I read,

Homegroup - Create in Windows 8


Homegroup - Join in Windows 8

did everything still nothing :I the 2 other computers connected to the main homegroup computer is working fine. Now i can't think of anything. All help is appreciated

A:A homegroup can only be created on a private network.

It sounds like you are on a public network, have you tried changing to a private network? Most likely you are already using a private network and something is off with the Windows services.

Network Location - Set to Private or Public in Windows 8

Try the Homegroup trouble shooting guide, pay close attention to the required Windows services which should be started, it sometimes helps to set the Peer Networking services to Delayed Start up Automatic,..

Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide for Windows 7 HomeGroup Connection Issues - Help Desk Geek

This link might also be helpful.
Why can&#39;t I join a homegroup?

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i've checked and there's a connection called torvm tap 32 don't no why its on there come to find out it's a bypassing or virtual connection i checked the websites of it any ideas

A:Solved: A Network connection was created on my cpu?

manyhelp said:

i've checked and there's a connection called torvm tap 32 don't no why its on there come to find out it's a bypassing or virtual connection i checked the websites of it any ideas to expand...
If you haven't installed this and no-one else has responsibility or control over your system, then you have a problem. Are you part of a network which is administered from elsewhere?

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Yesterday I finally got a router and adapter (Microsoft Base Station and USB adapter [11b]) and setup went smoothly. My dad and I setup WEP security and the other stuff. Now, here's where my question pops up... I start my computer and I get into my home network. I'll go on the web for a brief moment of time and suddenly I lose the signal. I restart the computer, get the signal again, but then it cancels out again. Is there any way to fix this so I dont have to go restarting all the time? My dad's computer (the one hooked to the router) is working perfectly.

Dad's computer: Windows 2000
Mine (the one hooked up to the wireless adapter): Windows XP Home

If you need more info just ask. I dont know if this is enough or not.

A:Question about my recently created network

More info:

My Base Station doesn't read any other devices on the network while the adapter on my computer reads a device (has the same IP as base station). I dont know if that helps.

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damn funny...but 7 new for me...i duno how to delete the network connection..i sometimes use modem direct or on LAN...wanted to use by created whenever i open iexplorer, it asks to conect..or work offline...offline doesnt work.

conclusion :
my to delete a new conection created on windows 7???

A:how to delete a network connection created?please help

Hmmm. I've never done this before but I've found a delete option in the Network and Sharing Center. Open the Network and Sharing Center and click on the Change adapter settings. This leads to a list of all available connections. For me this is my modem port, LAN port, etc. I can delete some of the custom connection setups. I hope that this is what you are looking for.

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Unable to see home network computers in Windows Explorer Network screen.

I have a home network with 2 laptops and 1 desktop. The desktop I use as a "file server" in that all work done on the laptops is stored to the desktop. The desktop computer name is HAL. One laptop is fine and sees the network. The other just stopped seeing it; rebooted the laptop; rebooted HAL; did a number of refreshes without any luck. I opened EXCEL and found a worksheet that was listed that I knew was saved on HAL. Was able to open the file and when I tried the SAVE AS I could navigate through all of HAL just as normal. Went to Windows Explorer and still no HAL listed as a COMPUTER on the NETWORK. I have a internet connection so I know I am making it to the router at least. And when I check NETWORK AND SHARING CENTER it shows an active home network. The laptop is running Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 Build 7601. Thanks in advance for any help! George

A:Unable to see home network computers in Windows Explorer Network scree

Still working on the problem. Tried to do a system restore back to the point where everything was working. Still no HAL showing as a network computer; Excel now does not recognize the path that worked yesterday. But now I am able to create a shortcut that will take me to HAL on the network. Guess this is a good enough fix for right now. When I go to Windows Explorer, Network it still only shows the 2 laptops and not HAL......WHY????

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I am about to return this brand new computer running Vista since it won't connect to my exiting computers on my wireless network. It will however connect to the wireless netork to get out to the internet. Here is what I have:

Brand new computer runnig Vista home premium
Wireless netwrok external netgear ma101 connection that can see the internet (I am using it now).

It can see a windows 2000 computer as well as my laptop running Windows Xp but when I try to connect to those computers it gives me an error message. I googled this problem and disabled my firewalls. I created same user accounts on all with same passords. I also tried same user accounts with no password. neither works. Any suggestion before I return this? i relaly want to make Vista work since it at last looks different (I like new interface - makes my life more interesting - I know VERY SAD).

Any suggestions?

A:vista connecting tomy wireless network but not other computers on network

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This was originally posted on the regular programs site but found out about this site and thought it was better suited to my questions.

I have a Motorola modem and router and it automatically set up a wireless network that I wanted to use for file sharing. I am running a desktop with Windows 7 Professional (32 bit) and a Sony VAIO laptop with Windows 7 Professional (64 bit).

The network is not usable for me because it asks for a user name and password or user credentials when I try to log on.

I have tried every user name and password that I have ever used and none will allow me to access the networked computers. I have no idea which user name and password they want because when it was set up, it did not ask me to set up anything except the router and I have tried those passwords (default and the one I created to take it's place).

I then tried to set up a Microsoft Network using HomeGroup and it gives an error saying that my Ipv6 is not enabled. In readying a Windows 7 book, it says that Ipv6 is enabled by default in Windows 7. Everything I can find on the computer idicates that it is available but after googling for a cure and trying it, it still does not work.

I removed the first Motorola installed network and rebooted the modem which then created another network but it still asks for a user name and password that I did not create.

I am tired of playing their games and want to move on to something that I set up and decide on my owner password etc. and not have pr... Read more

A:Has anyone here set up file sharing on network created by Motorola?

I'm not understanding much about your environment and problem(s).

Are you able to connect to the wireless network and access the internet with both the computers? If not try with encryption disabled, and make sure you are not using MAC Address filtering.

I don't understand what it is about the wireless network that you don't like. You can change the SSID and the encryption and pretty much anything else.

Don't want to get into the Homegroup or file sharing until we make sure we have a network with which to work.

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Hi.In Windows 7, clicking on Network tab now shows as this image below in attachment:Computers: shows computer name (opening it accesses Users shared folder).Media devices: shows when I open windows media player (but "Media streaming options" is disabled in Network and Sharing Center).Network Infrastructure: shows modem name (opening it accesses modem page).How to turn this off again to see what I always had when clicking on Network tab: This computer is not connected to a network. Click to connect.Please any help is appreciated.

A:Windows 7 strange behavior. Network created on its own.

not 100% sure it will get it back to what you use to see ,but for the most part I think if you right click onnetwork and choose remove network drive it will change back

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I have a Motorola modem and router and it automatically set up a wireless network that I wanted to use for file sharing.

It is not usable for me because it asks for a user name and password or user credentials. I have tried every user name and password that I have ever used and none will allow me to access the networked computers. I have no idea which user name and password they want because when it was set up, it did not ask me to set up anything.

I then tried to set up a Microsoft Network using HomeGroup and it gives an error saying that my Ipv6 is not enabled. Everything I can find on the computer idicates that it is available but after googleing a cure and trying it, it still does not work.

I am tired of playing their games and want to move on to something that I set up and decide on my owner password etc. and not have problems like the Ipv6 problem with Homegroup?

Is there any other way to set up my own network with file sharing outside the Motorola and Microsoft options? I would like to set up another and remove the one set up by Motorola.


A:Has anyone here set up file sharing on network created by Motorola?

Ask a mod to move this to the networking forum where you'll get the attention of the experts.
Win7 Homegroup only works with all Win7 machines on the network.
When I had this password issue on my network, I discovered that the user name was case sensitive, which hadn't been the case perviously.

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I was trying to connect to the wireless connection at the house i just moved into, and while connecting i was prompted to create a network and, foolishly, did so. I created the new network and a password for it, but now i don't know the password, and no one in the house can use the internet. when i try to connect it just says the security password is incorrect. I have no idea what to do but we all need the internet to do work, can anyone help? thanks.

my specs:

OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60, x64 Family 15 Model 104 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3006 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7150M / nForce 630M, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 178746 MB, Free - 103488 MB; D: Total - 12033 MB, Free - 2033 MB;
Motherboard: Quanta, 30CF, 85.26, None1
Antivirus: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! Anti-Virus, Updated and Enabled

A:I created a wireless network and forgot the password

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I have a network share drive and every day I have these random folders that keep appearing in it. They are named the day, month, date, and year but only the months of January and February. The folders are created at random times, and when I check the owner/creator of the folder they are only created by 3 users. I check both of their computers for any malware/spyware and virus, but could find nothing. I don't know if a program is creating the folders. The three users run the same software as everyone else in the company. If there any way to tell how these folders are being created?
All the users are running the same same software, there are about 20 users. All the computers are running windows 7 64bit pro, the server is running Server 2003. I have ran a full scan with malware bytes and it came back clean, ran a scan with Symantec Endpoint Protection and that came back clean as well.

A:Random Folders Being Created on Network Drive

All the users are running the same same software, there are about 20 users.

Hello jeff-j
Is this a business / school / city / or other than a private setup ??
Most of our work here is on small Private single systems.
If you are running 20 (or so) users, do you have any of your own computer service people ??
Also can you please list the other sites that you have posted this at .............

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After starting my Windows 8.1 laptop, if I go to the Control Panel\Network and Internet\View Network Computers and Devices, a device is listed that is not on my network.  It is listed as either a Ralink wireless client Model # RT286U or a full_ariel Model KFARWI and if I right click on the device and view the properties the Model #, Name, and MAC Address are shown. I checked the Device Manager and it was not listed in the Device Manager. Also, my router did not show it as an attached device. I have Win 8.1 laptop, a Win 7 laptop, an iphone, android phone, ipad, WD NAS, and HP wireless printer connected to a Netgear AC wireless router with MAC address filtering enabled. When I log into the router I have never seen either device mentioned above listed on the router list of attached devices nor do any of the devices I have on my network have the MAC address listed for either device.  After a short period of time the device disappears. I have set up my network as a private network.  My concerns are: Are the devices a security issue and can they access my network?  How come my computer detects them? The devices do not list either a work group or a network location so am I correct in assuming the devices are not connecting through my router? Is there anything I can do to prevent it from being detected?

A:Unknown Network Device in CP\View Network Computers, Dev.

Do you have a Kindle?  This (KFARWI) looks to be an Amazon Android device - of which the Kindle is the most common device (IMO).
Search Google for Amazon KFARWI

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I have created an ad hoc wireless network by the name "Trial1" and created a network key as "letstry99".

Now I am trying to login to this network from other computer which is in the same room at 5 ft distance. This ad hoc network appears in the list of available networks. When I try to login, it asks for the network key. I provided network key and then confirmed it, now when I click connect, instead of getting connected to first computer I am getting pop up window mwssage.
In the title bar of the pop window it says "Wireless configuration"
In the message it reads "The network password needs to be 40bits or 104bits depending on your network configuration. This can be entered as 5 or 13 ascii characters or 10 or 26 hexadecimal characters."

Then I changed network key to "letstry99999" (i.e. exactly 13 ascii characters) and now I am able to connect to the ad hboc wireless network of first computer.

Does it mean that network key has to bne exactly 5 or 13 ascii characters and nothing else than that. If not, then "letstry99" network key has ascii characters between 5 and 13 ascii characters, then why am I getting this kind of message ?

But now I can not browse files of fisrt computer from second computer or vice versa.

When I am connnected to ad hoic network and open network and sharing center, I see only one link "My computer -> internet" which is broken. Usually the link diagram ... Read more

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Hi i have problem
I need to make wireless networking generating from internet cable 
in my laptop i have internet connected by wire but i need to get WiFi signal from laptop computer to mobile
i create new network wireless by setup new connection  - add hoc and already created but it give me in end
waiting for user in status
when i go to mobile to see my wireless network i cannot found 
it not display. i get another mobile to confirm but also not display
My question is How to generated wireless WiFi from laptop internet cable
I using windows 7

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Hi guys. I have a print server. I need to connect two computers to one printer using my print server.

A:connect two computers

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Okay, so I just bought a Dell Inspiron 530 , just received it yesterday, and cannot connect to any networks. We have 2 other computers (a HP Pavilion dv6500 laptop running Vista) and another one that my bf built himself, running Xp. The dell is running XP as well. I tried to connect to our router (D-LInk model is DIR-615) directly with cable and i still can't get the internet. the wireless is not working either, JUST in the Dell. I feel like I've tried everything but can't get it to work please help!!!!

A:Can't connect 1 of 3 computers....

Please don't post duplicate threads for the same issue, answered in your other thread.

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Ok i have searched other fourms but it seems i cant find answers.

when i try to make a new "connection" i go to "control panel > network connectons>new connection>next>set up advanced connection>next my computer freezes for about a min or two and i get this error

"incoming connections depend on the routing and remote access service which was unable to start"

anyone have any ideas how to fix this or why this would say this? this is my first time trying to connect two computers.. I have my xbox 360 and this computer networking so that i can watch movies on my 360 that are on my computer, would this cause this problem?

i am running XP home SP2

A:Cant Connect Two Computers

Start - Run:

Maximize the Services Window
Scroll down to Routing and Remote Access
Double click on it
Change the Startup type from "Disabled" to "Automatic"
Click on Apply
Click on Start (within that box)
Close (X) the Services Window

Go back to setting up your network
I use Start-Run - NETSETUP

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I connected two computers with an Ethernet crossover cable but they cannot communicate. One computer runs Windows 2000 and the other Windows XP. Both computers have the network services and TCP/IP protocols installed. Both are part of Workgroup. I cannot assign static IP addresses as Windows 2000 is connected to a cable modem for internet access.
The computer that runs Windows 2000 can see the other one but not the shared files.
The computer that runs Windows XP cannot see anything.
Please help.

A:I cannot connect my two computers

I know for a fact you can set a static IP in Windows 2000. Go into Control Panel>Network Connections and right-click and go to the properties of your Ethernet connection, not your cable modem. In the first Tab, there should be a drop down box - double-click Internet Protocol TCP/IP v4, or whatever (I am on Vista and am trying to remember what everything is called).

Do the same for XP, then set the static IPs to be and, one on each computer obviously, and tab down to get the default subnet mask. OK everything and you should be able to type the name of the computer into windows explorer and a list of shared folders will show up. You may need to mess with firewalls...not sure if they take affect for LAN connections. That should be all you need to do - the connections should be good to go both ways. I have done this many times, so it should work if they are both on Workgroup.

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when i try to set up my pc computer here at home as the host i get this error:

incoming connections depend on the routing and remote access service which was unable to start. for more information check the system event log.
i've been searching for about an hour but i can't find anything that will help me.

A:cannot connect two xp computers

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Can anyone tell me how to do this? I want to connect my laptop to my desktop and use the same printer and internet connection. I am not sure how to do that exactly. Do I need a USB cable to connect the two or can everything connect through a router? Any way if you can help that would be great.

Thanks for your advice,

A:How can I connect two computers together?

Hey Charlie,
Well I have done this in the the past is that you connect the desktop to where ever you get your internet from whether it be a modem or a direct connection to the wall using a usb cable. You then connect the ethernet port from your laptop to the ethernet port in your desktop. On your laptop, I am assuming you are using windows xp, you set up a new network connection with the option "this computer connects to the internet through another computer or gateway".
Hope that helps

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Hi I have two computers and my internet is with cable i dont have a modem so can i use direct cable from one computer to another

A:How to connect two computers

Quote: Originally Posted by Albanian

Hi I have two computers and my internet is with cable i dont have a modem so can i use direct cable from one computer to another

There are several ways. the easiest is to use a "cross over" cable, or "null modem" cable If one of the computers has two ethernet ports.

Could you tell us about both. wifi, and ethernet.

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i 'm sure it's an easy one for many of u;

i was working away and suddenly i can't connect to other computers within my LAN; but the LAN icon in the bottom right says that it's connected; i tried to tighten as well as replug the connections

BUT when i do an ipconfig, the ip is not what it should be i.e. , instead it's

so i guess that's the culprit, but i dont know how to reset it to the correct value?

please help

thank u!!
btw, it's on XP

all the other computers within the LAN see each other fine except for this one

A:please help; can't connect to other computers in LAN

oh nevermind, i figured it out; thank u anyway

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I have two computers(HP & DIT). I want to use them both. When I unplug the cables from one computer to use on the other the "Local Area Connection" is disconnected. I have to use the Installation CD-ROM to reinstall the USB Drivers. I have plugged both computers into a KVM Switch but have the same problem. I would like to be able to use both computers without installing drivers when I change from one to the other.

Harry Danner [email protected]

A:Connect two computers

Do both PCs have an ethernet port?

If yes, then get a router and plug both PCs to the router and the router to the modem. No drivers, and the KVM will never touvh your connection.

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A:Connect Two Computers

I'm assumming that you are using the DCC build in win to achive that. What you need is to add the Netbeui and IPX/SPX protocols on top of the TCP/IP that you should already have...
Then start DCC on host machine then start DCC on client. Don't forget to enable " sharing" on both machines

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I am try two connect two computers via a crossover cable. But in some trouble.
One of my Computers has Windows 7 Operating System & the another has Windows Xp Operating System.
I just want to transfer Data fastly. But I can't afford a router or an ethernet hub. Please Help.

A:Connect Two Computers

Hello Nishant Verma , and welcome to SevenForums. This is the only thing I am aware of that works : Using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) - Windows Help

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Two computers, in different rooms, both running W98se.
Computer A is the main computer, and is connected to the Internet via an external cable modem (broadband connection).

My son-in-law recently fitted Ethernet cards into both computers, with a very long cable joining the two. At one point, the computers could actually 'see' each other, but Comp A wouldn't share the modem with Comp B.

Following a re-boot, the computers could no longer 'see' each other, and haven't been able to since.

I eventually decided to replace the Ethernet card in Comp A with an internal 4-point router card, knowing that if I wanted to use ICS, it would still just be treated as an ordinary Ethernet card. As it happened, the special software which came with the router card, brought my system almost to a complete halt, so decided to uninstall it and revert to ICS.

When I checked the various settings, some of the places that should have been showing the word 'shared', weren't. I therefore assumed that ICS hadn't been installed correctly to begin with. I tried re-installing ICS, but got the message that the necessary hardware hadn't been installed. Checked the device manager, which said that the Ethernet card was working properly!

I'm not sure whether my son-in-law tried to set up ICS previously, but I suspect he did, even though it appeared not to work. I can't un-install the networking options and try again from scratch, because of the ... Read more

A:Still can't connect two computers

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Hi, Im new and I do not know if this is the right area, if not maybe the moderator can move it to the right spot.
I have a Dell 2400 desktop and using winxp
I also have a Dell Insiron 5100 laptop with winxp
When I first got them both, a computer man here in town sold me a cable that connected the 2 together, everything worked fine till I messed up the laptop (I deleted the wrong account and had to reload windows), then I had a problem with the desktop and had to do the same. Before all this I was able to "Communicate" between the 2, now I cant. I can not remember how to set it up, all I remember is that I had to go somewhere and create a share folder. Can youn help me set it back up? I looked through some of the forum first for an answer, but this seems to be a rather large forum.
Thanks, 1902

Did you know that Doppler used the shifting of the white light in the spectrum to prove that our universe is expanding in all directions at the rate of 1 million miles per hour?

A:Cant connect 2 computers

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i have a packard bell laptop and i have generic desktop my problem is the desktop has no keyboard or monitor can i connect the desktop to the laptop?
what do i need and how do i go about it?

A:connect two computers

Yorien says:

Duh, as far as I know you cannot connect the laptop's screen or keyboard to a Desktop PC. Sorry.

Yorien Dragonard

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how can I connect 2 computers? a desktop, and a laptop, both can connect to internet at the same time. Do I need to have a software installed? Or I can connect both "as is", i mean no softwares needed, only using the internet, or the phone port. Is this possible? if yes, please help.

*both computers are Windows.

A:how to connect 2 computers?

Start here:

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First off, I have never done anything with networking before, so this may be a silly question.

I have two computers (which is a good start for networking (LOL)

One is my basic, used for online, has a printer installed on it, Hewlett Packard with WIN 98 SE.

The other is a Packard Bell, I took out the original WIN 95 and put in WIN 98 (regular) and tried for around 6 weeks to get it to detect a modem (tried 2 modems, one the original one).

I have "temporarily" (till I learn/find out more) given up on the modem problem and set it up in my bedroom, to use for typing and doing "office" programs, which I'm now learning.

Could I hook up the two computers together, at least so I could use the printer with them both? Send information (files, etc I might need to use online with) from one to the other? The alternative, (my original plan) would be to save on floppies and transfer any info back and forth in this way. If I needed to download something from online, I'd use the main computer, and save it (I'm in the process of setting up a CD burner on this one, too). If I need to email something, do it from the NOT online one to the online one.

This seems kind of awkward, if there might be a way of running a cord between the two PCs in some way.

I would like a way to do this without having to spend a lot of money (none at all would be preferable (LOL)

Even if I can't do it without spending money (I don't have to spend) I could at learn ab... Read more

A:Can I connect two computers?

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I've seen some cables to connect 2 systems, 1 CRT, in a computer catalog. Is it a good idea, one computer has Windows 98 and the other is the new one with XP home. Any advise would be great.
ALso plan on buying and external CD burner, read the thread talking about the NEC DL ND-3500A. Found it in EBAy, any other suggestion on where can I get it at cheap price.

A:2 computers, can I connect them?

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Does anyone have any ideas? Greatful for answers.

I'm trying to connect two computers, using an utp cable. So I could transfer data between the two (I do not need to connect them on the internet or anything). But it does not work, so.. this is what i´m working with and what i have.

- 2 * XP Professional computers
- 1 * UTP Cable between these two
- Both have the same value entered for "workgroup"
- I have shared the folders I want to be visible over the network
- I have assigned them diffrent IP numbers (Im clueless here)
- I have gone through the wizzard a few times now...

Browsing the workgroup nothing pops up..

Ok, that´s the basics. Anyone with ideas

A:Connect two computers

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I have a pc n a laptop that I wish to connect so that I can share net connection.

I already have networking (just a simple wire connected to both) to transfer data, but that way I cant share the net. What are the things needed to do that, I dont have much idea about this. I am thinking of buying a LAN card, do I need to buy something more too ?

Thx in advance!

A:Connect 2 computers.....LAN ?

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Hello TechGuys!

I have two 32x machines running on winxp and win7. They used to be connected through a simple home network some time ago via the router my old ISP provided me. They were connected to the internet and to themselves independently and I used Synergy to run both from one keyboard/mouse combo.

Now, in the last few months I moved houses and never tried to connect them to each other until today via my old Sitecom modem router. At first I managed to transfer some files from one comp to another and run (with some connectivity problems) Synergy. After sometime, to get rid of the connectivity problems, I downloaded the new version of Synergy and installed it on both machines and that was the point where ze sheise hit ze fan 300mph.

Here is the train of disaster that took place, all in a time period of two hours approximately:

I never was able to make Synergy work again. I thought it was because the port I assigned to Synergy was not forwarded correctly on this modem, but alas it was not the case.

While forwarding my port I lost connectivity between the machines so I said to myself; "Hey, most probably if I set up a new network all those problems will vanish like in an oxidaction!" so I proceeded setting up a new connection via the network setup wiz.

I tried to create a regular residential gateway network from my xp machine but I don't know what and where "that" thing went wrong, I never managed to create a network.

Now my winxp laptop do... Read more

A:Help me cleaning this simple 2 comp home network mess I created please:)

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The message symantec rules automatically created for network proxy service pops up over then again.I Then quit is this any case for concern.
Ewido only had tracking spyware statcounter .and it cleaned it.
What does that mean about Norton ?

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This is the setup. this is on a shop floor setup.

Got a PC that is on an NT domain.

What we want to do is network that PC to another PC that is connected to a shop machine.

So it acts as a pass through to the shop machine.


WE added an Extra NIC card to the PC ON MAIN NETWORK and plugged a crossover cable from that PC to the PC BY ITSELF.

But they won't talk, what the correct setup for this?

What IP/SUBNET/GATEWAY/DNS should the PC ON MAIN NETWORK use for it's second LAN connection NIC that goes to the PC BY ITSELF?

Thanks in advance...........


A:Trying to Network 2 computers together, one connected to a bigger network


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Preface: I am running a laptop which I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10. I also have a desktop that is still running windows 7. One of the hard drives on my desktop is shared, and I often-enough will copy files from my laptop to my desktop. The laptop connects wirelessly and the desktop is wired.

Today however, I could not get my laptop to see my desktop on the network. It is connected to the network; I am receiving internet just fine.
When I first click the network tab in the navigation pane, it does not list any section for any computers. So I tell it to refresh, and after a moment, it now displays three computers, all of which were ones I would see on the network from a house I no longer live in.
Now as it just so happens, one of those computers is my desktop, as I had it back then, but when I try to access it, it just gives me the spinning wheel for a while, and then just says it can't access it. If I click "diagnose" it doesn't find anything that's wrong. This is pretty much the same result I get form trying to connect to one of the computers from my old house.

I haven't changed any settings, and I was indeed able to connect to that computer at this house just a week or so ago.

Not sure what the problem is, but I haven't tried much other than resetting the computer. I'm open to suggestions.

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I ran through the Network Wizard again, and put in the address of my desktop computer and voila!, the icon came back. I'm not a tech wizard by any means, and didn't know what the address of my desktop computer looked like, but I found some hints online and tried them. Thanks for the help guys.

A:Resolved: Network Places - Can't see one of the computers on My Network

No need to post a new thread to tell us this, just respond in the original thread. Also, you can mark the thread solved using the thread tools at the top of the page.

Here's your original thread:

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I have a DL-804 router and i have connected 1 more computer to it and i have noticed my speed is less, though the computers arent accessing the net at the moment but its still slower, how can i fix this?

(My cable provider has a stupid 3GB limit and when i hit it it limits my speed to the equivalent to a 28kb dial up modem which is now alot slower with the new computer)

Though, when i unplug the network cable of the computer from the router it seems to be back to normal speed but i don't want to keep doing that.

A:More computers connect, less speed...

Just curious - who is your cable provider? Sounds like it's time to go DSL or find someone else. 3GB limit my rear, I do easy 150mb/day on my dialup (which is saying something)

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I have a wireless router and until this morning both my (win8.1) and my husband's computer (win7) connected effortlessly to the internet. Now I get essentially a blank screen (using FF 30) and a screen that says "This page cannot be displayed" and an address in the window of,9fbd6a47-4a6a-45cb-b2f3-82aa7a595644,&pi=1 (for ie 11.0.9600.17207). No matter what I type in the address, I cannot connect to the internet. My husband's can, my tablet can, and my laptop can, using the same wireless router.
I have tried several restore points and I always get a message that restore didn't work because it couldn't find a particular (unnamed) file.
Now what? I have run Windows Defender (has always been in place since I bought the computer about 6 mos ago and MalwareBytes and they find nothing.
I ran MiniToolBox and got this. Any ideas? Should I just reformat?
MiniToolBox by Farbar  Version: 06-07-2014
Ran by Pamela (administrator) on 19-07-2014 at 14:53:29
Running from "C:\Users\Pamela\Desktop"
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro  (X64)
Boot Mode: Normal
========================= Flush DNS: ===================================
Windows IP Configuration
Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.
========================= IE Proxy Settings: ==============================
Proxy is not enabled.
No Proxy Server is set.
"Reset IE Proxy Settings": IE Proxy Settings we... Read more

A:Have 2 computers, only one will connect to internet using ie or ff

 I see several errors in that MiniToolBox report.  Malwarebytes is crashing, so I'd disable it and reboot.  There're reports of file index errors, so I'd run chkdsk for that.  There're also reports of code integrity errors so I'd run SFC for that.  To run SFC, click Start and type CMD in the search box, then right-click CMD.EXE and click Run as administrator.  From the Command Prompt type sfc /scannow.  
If none of that helps, there're other things we can do, but let's try these first.
Good luck.

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I just wanted to know on how to make more than my computer to show up on my network. I am mostly on my Wireless network connection a lot, but so much as Lan which is hard-wired. Now I would just like to see on how to get some other computers on my own network, be it wireless or Lan. I know this command I put into the command prompt which is the Net View command. I go to my prompt and type in net view, and it says the command has completed successfully, and my computer name is there as well.

But no other computers are there at all, except for my own. So why is this for? I would really appreciate it to see some other computer names listed there on my command prompt, when I type in Net View, but I just see my own name there! That is no good. So is there any way to figure this out? Do you have any ideas or solutions for me that will work. And also I use Cain and Able a lot to check other computers and their IP's. So when I click on ARP Poisoning, that won't work either. I tried on my wireless and my Lan, but I had no luck.

Actually I am not sure if I tried Lan or not, I will have to look into that. The ARP Poisoning I think actually works, I can get it to say "Posioning," but then it just sits there and does nothing. Also, at first I use the sniffer to start off. And when I scan my wireless network, it just shows up only my router gateway IP and my older Dell desktop IP, and that is it. It only shows like 2 IP's in my network. So something is ... Read more

A:I would like to know on how to connect to some more computers (IP addresses in my net

How many computers are you running?

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hi i'm new to this forum and, sadly, a novice when it comes to overall computer no how. I've had a netgear wgr614 wireless router for about 2 years and it's been working fine until about 2 months ago when i came back from campus. When i go to the wireless connect screen and choose my home router it will have the little connect icon showing that it is "acquiring the network address" but it never connects. My sister's laptop does the exact same thing and when my cousin came over and brought his laptop it wouldn't connect either. But my mom and dad's laptop connects just fine and so does the desktop downstairs *it uses a wireless adapter* I suspect it has something to do with an ip problem but i have no idea how to resolve that sort of thing . If anyone can help it'll be greatly appreciated ^___^

A:can't connect to router, other computers can

I suspect this is really an encryption key issue.

I'd start by disabling encryption on the router and see if it connects. Then enable encryption with a known key, and see if you can connect. For WEP, use ONLY the HEX key option, not the passcode option.

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I have a computer wired to my netgear router that runs on XP and connects to the net fine. I have a laptop running XP and another desktop running Vista that are wireless. These 2 connect to the network but cannot connect to the internet. The hard drive on the vista desktop was just reformatted and vista reinstalled and still will not connect I was getting error message "cannot communicate with primary dns" So I was advised to reset winsock, IPv4 TCP/IP, and IPv6 TCP/IP. After doing this the message changed to "cannot find server".

Please help

A:can't connect to internet on 2 out of 3 computers

In internet explorer click on "diagnose connection problems and it will giuve you options to click on to try to fix it.
Good luck!

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I've been trying to connect to windows live messenger for ages this morning, but none of the programs I tried work. But a friend on yahoo says he's able to connect to WLM just fine.
I've tried trillian astra, pidgin, WLM, meebo and some other web-based service whose name I forget, and when they all failed I tried atsra again on another computer and it still failed. On WLM I get error code 80072efd.
I tried checking the server status, but the site says "Sorry, Spaces is temporarily unavailable at this time. The service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

I've tried two computers, one with vista, one with XP (SP3). I'm worried the problem is with my router, but I have no idea how to fix that.

A:Solved: Can't connect to WLM on any of my computers

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I have a PC and a laptop. The laptop is wireless, and connects to the internet without a problem. My main issue is that I want to be able to print from my laptop, while the printer is hooked up to the PC. I've gotten as far as putting both computers in the same workgroup, but I am unable to see the laptop from the PC, and vice versa.
I really don't know what to do, and would need to be walked through it step by step. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: How do I connect my computers?

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