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Port Forwarding For Telephone Tech To Do Remote Maintenance-Is It Safe?

Q: Port Forwarding For Telephone Tech To Do Remote Maintenance-Is It Safe?

I just helped a small office transfer all their existing computers and equipment over to a new office site. They had new voice and data cables run, as well as patch panel and telephone and cable modem equipment set up in new office

The private telephone tech requested that I port forward port 8000 to the telephone equipments' IP address

He also requested that I provide the Office Static IP address to him

My question is--am I opening this office's network up to any security risks by forwarding port 8000 to his telephone equipment's internal system IP address and providing him the actual Static IP address of the office Internet connection?

Thanks to anyone that can give me some insight on the possible security risks

A: Port Forwarding For Telephone Tech To Do Remote Maintenance-Is It Safe?

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I Have Laptop that im using to connect to two pcs at home. First pc got working on port 6001. But cant get port 6000 for pc 2 opened. Have Clear Internet Service Motorola modem and Dlink Router DGL-4500. Using Radmin Remote Software

A:Remote PC / Port Forwarding

Hello & Welcome to Tech Guy Forum.

Connecting, as in ethernet LAN; as in wi fi LAN; as in VPN?

Is this the product to which you refer?

Have you ever had "Go to My PC" LapLink, or other remote access software installed on any of these computers?

Which OS on each of the computers? I can't tell, from your profile specs.

Which firewall on each computer?

Have Clear Internet Service Motorola modem and Dlink Router DGL-4500. Click to expand...

What's the hardware on the other end?

Has this system ever worked? If yes, what changed?


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I would Like to know if port forwarding in general is safe and if anyone knows if port forwarding 25565 for minecraft is safe,

A:Is port Forwarding safe (port 25565)

You only need to forward it if you are running a server. Opening up any port leaves you open to any exploits that may be out there in regards to unpatched and under secured servers.

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hey all!

you guys have always proved great help when an answer is not easily found on google, so here goes:

i have an office with a networked all-in-one.
everybody in the office was set up to print to it by adding a network printer on the pc.

i would like to set up a pc that is offsite and not part of the network to print to that printer.
i know setting up a vpn is one solution, but i would like to go for the simpler opening up the ports solution.

i guess if i enable DMZ on the router to the printer's IP it would work but i don't know if that is not as good an idea as just finding out the ports i need and forwarding just those instead.

i would think the ports are not printer based but standard (netbios?) and i found a document online saying open the following for windows file and printer sharing, is that what i need?
" To allow file and print sharing traffic, create and enable the following service definitions. In the External and Internal Ports, allow these ports: UDP 137, UDP 138, UDP 445, and TCP 139, and TCP 445"

what do you guys think?

A:setting up remote printing (port forwarding?)

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I just want to know how to port forward the ports that is used for remote desktop using command prompt. Any help is much appreciated

A:Forwarding Port Number for Remote Desktop

Port Forwarding is done on the router, so not sure if possible with command prompt (in the common sense).

For what you have asked - How to Forward a Port in Cmd |

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I just want to know how to port forward the ports that is used for remote desktop using command prompt. Any help is much appreciated

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I will give you an idea of my set-up then what I am trying to do and what I have done.

I have a BT router with Static IP, two wired computers, both have DHCP IP?s but BT Router makes static IP?s assuming computers MAC address don?t change (according to BT)

I am trying to connect using Remote Desktop and port forwarding for each PC e.g.

The port is open when checking via but when trying to connect via Remote Desktop it times out/doesn?t connect.

I have set each PC to listen on the respective port in regedit but still nothing.

Windows Firewall is also configured to allow connections through each port.

Still nothing?

Any ideas of where I?m going wrong?

A:Problems configure Remote Desktop with port forwarding

Have since reset the port listening to deafult 3389 and allowed this port through my router and it works.

So therefore the problem is when I change the port? Any ideas??

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I have posted here in the past and you guys solved my problem in no time, so I'm hoping you can help me here too. Basically what I need is more of an explanation as opposed to helping solve a problem.

I do a lot of torrenting, but my dad thinks that forwarding my ports for better speeds is unsafe. I am kind of getting fed up because I have extremely fast internet yet I am getting quite slow download speed when torrenting. The main reason that my dad thinks that opening the ports is unsafe is because I am using the internet connection from my basement, where he runs his business. He thinks that if I open up my ports, then a virus could get through to his work computers. I am connected to his network through a wired router that a few of his work computers are also attached to.

So my question is this: I am fairly sure that opening a single port for use with uTorrent would not cause a security risk for any of the computers (there may be some small risk for me but I am not too worried about that). Am I right about this? Also, please provide an explanation as to why or why not it would be safe to open the ports, because I will hopefully show this thread to my dad to convince him to let me open the ports (as long as I get an answer).

Thanks in advance, and I hope you will be able to help me out ,

A:Is port forwarding/opening safe?

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I got a pop up that was loud and wouldn't let me close it saying, "your computer has been infected call Microsoft" and I did because I turned it off and it was still yelling st me when I turned it back on. I gave the tech remote access and he said I had a tiny something trojan virus. Well I didn't fall for paying, got off the phone, held power button down and turned computer off. Am able to use it fine now with no more warning but am I safe after giving the remote access? I was on the phone for about 30 mins while he was going around to different areas in my computer telling me what all of the "problems" were.

A:Gave remote access to a "Microsoft tech support" am I safe?

It wasn't Microsoft, it was a scam.   I suggest you have a look here and create a new post asking for assistance to ensure your computer has not been compromised .

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Hi All,
I am able to do RDP from windows 7 to windows 10 pro using port forwarding but not able to from windows 10 pro to windows 7.
I tried VPN way (it says it connected and in windows 7 incoming clients it shows connection but when I do RDP does not connect and also with port forwarding)


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Interested in finding out how fake telephone tech support scams work? Well, grab a cup or glass of your favorite beverage, and prepare to be educated, entertained, and horrified.
Chances are that you or someone you know has gotten a call from someone claiming to be from "Windows technical support" phoning up to tell you that you "computer has a virus" and offering to remove it for you - for a fee.

See also: What's the best and worst browser for Windows 10?

Now I don't know about you, but I've never had the time (or patience) to play along, so I've always been curious to find out how the conversation pans out.

Well, if you're interested in finding out what happens, grab a cup or glass of your favorite beverage, fire up YouTube, and prepare to be educated, entertained, and horrified.

Troy Hunt, security expert, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, and the brains behind the Have I been pwned? data breach service, takes the time to show us exactly what happens.
Full Article. Here's how fake telephone tech support scams work | ZDNet

A:Here's how fake telephone tech support scams work

Great article and I hate how these people do this kind of thing to innocent civilians by taking advantages of their knowledge. But the main question is how are they able to get the victim phone number? I been received numerous of phone called from these kind of people and the first thing they said is this: " Hi my name is blah blah blah, and we're from Microsoft Technical Department. Our server have received several reports from your computer and based on your reports it show signs your computer been infected with a virus." But good thing is I able to keep them on the phone for 30 minutes and at the end the scammer curse me with profanity words and I replied this: " Thank you for compliment, and you know? I able to keep you on the phone for 30 minutes so you can't scam other 30 innocent people."

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Hello! I am trying to forward a port so i can connect to my computer because i want to stream a radio station from computer to my phone.

I'm trying to forward port 88 on my Linksys WRT54G Version 6

I tried that but Boardwave audio streaming server still says it's not open!

Here are some pictures:

I'm using Windows XP Professional 32-Bit
Eset AntiVirus
and using Windows firewall
What am i doing wrong?
Thank you for your help!

Windows firewall screenie:


A:Solved: Port forwarding issues, Cannot forward port Please help! Linksys WRT54G

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i have a router/modem, Thomson ST536 and a router, Netgear WNR 1000. i have a static ip address already and port forward for both router with instructions from yet, when i check if the ports are open using simple port forwarding, only the tcp port is opened. the udp port remains closes. is there something else i must do to open the udp port?

A:problem with port forwarding. tcp port gets opened but udp remains closed.


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Hey Guys,

I have been messing around with Apache from (XAMPP) on my Windows computer. I know that it is not secure, but I am just testing it for right now (for fun).

I am behind a Linksys WRT54g router. I can easily access the apache server from internally (locally), and in order for me to be able to access it externally (external IP in address bar), I have to port forward in my router.

So, I port forwarded port 80 and everything worked fine. I just had a question about this.

Since most internet (HTTP) traffic is served through 80, and I just port forwarded 80 to one computer, how do the other computers on my network still have access to the net. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome that this works, but I would just like to know how. Theoretically, wouldn't all the traffic that is coming through 80 be routed to that one computer?

Can someone explain this to me?

Also, when people use Apache to host sites, do they usually keep the apache ServerName (in httpd.conf) at localhost, or do they change it to a different IP? I would imagine they would keep it at localhost, so what would be the reason for changing that to a different IP?


A:Question about port forwarding port 80 (for apache) and a couple other questions

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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I have been using an DSL Siemens speedstream 6520 router at home. I usually carry out some R&D by placing servers behind the router. I access the services on each of the servers from the ouside using port forwarding and it has been working fine for http, ftp, RDP, any user defined ports etc but in the case of port 25 SMTP its not working at all. I have checked the port on the local lan and I am able to telnet to that server but from the outside only on this port 25 I am not able to telnet. But If i were to change the SMTP port number from 25 to any other port like 24 or 26, I am able to telnet from the outide. Is there any way i can make SMTP port 25 to work and access the same from the outside.


A:SpeedStream 6520 DSL Router - Port forwarding for port 25

Is it possible that port 25 has been blocked by your ISP? This is a pretty common thing for ISP's to do as a SPAM prevention measure.

As you can see, there are quite a few ISP's blocking port 25 on this list.

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I was tired when 50th result in google named "port forwarding" was actually question how to open port.

To be specific, I would like windows 7 to do the same what this program does. Which means forward port...
NOT fowarding port on my router
NOT opening port(allow connections) in windows rules
YES forward port to other destination on X port.
Thanks in advance!


A:Port forwarding(redirecting), NOT(!) port opening

Honestly no one knows?

Maybe it's just impossible?

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I just got gmod and when I go to make a listen server with create multiplayer game I follow the exact instructions my friend used to get his server up and for some reason no one can join my server. They say that it is not responding. I was told I had to forward ports and when I try I get an error. Please help me. Thanks

A:Port forwarding port overlap occured please help.

Hi, I also got the same problem may someone help?

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I would like to be able to run a report which will indicate a PC's disk capacity, and how much free HDD space it has. This would need to be done for all of the PC's on a network.

I would then like to be able to remotely run a disk cleanup of temp files, etc, if needed.

Is there a way to do this using built in tools within WinXP Pro?

I would be doing this on about 500 PC's. Of course, budget is a concern, so anything that is built-in would be best, but I am open to suggestions.


A:Remote disk management and maintenance?

Is this something you want to run automatically or when needed? You can use mmc to remotely manage disks on a pc on a one off basis. You could setup a scheduled task to run disk cleanup on each PC. Maybe check into roaming profiles if you want better control over user's folders. Or a logon script my be what you are looking for....

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Is there a way to do safe maintenance that won't pretty much destroy your computer if you attempt it? I try to maintain this one computer at work but it is used under harsh conditions where it is pretty dusty and computer has many problems from software to hardware. When using long processes such as scan disk, defragment, spyware checking, antivirus scanning, installing programs, or installing updates it has a tendency to crash. When it does this it often completely messes up the computer requiring a reinstall of windows or a formating as it can often seriously corrupt the computer. Is there some precaution you could take before attempting a long process to make sure it will not ruin your pc if it crashes?

Today I tried to do an update for a service pack and during registry backup the computer froze. Probably video card overheating due to dust and prolonged use. This prevented the computer from booting up windows and would just restart nonstop.

I am reinstalling windows now and have made a backup of all the files that where needed so it can be reformatted if need be. Problem is that it will again require updates which can take a long time and the cycle may well repeat itself.

It is not like I can even replace the video card with a better one that has better heat management as it has integrated components either. I rather not buy a new one for the pci slots anyway. Might be better to just by a cheap computer I guess but it seems a waste to just throw this one away.
... Read more

A:Safe Maintenance

There's no software option in the world that can keep a hardware problem from happening, therefore ruling out hardware would be a necessary first step.

Two of the most common hardware problems are heat, and bad power.

Post your specs for the PSU, and install Speedfan and report the temp of the CPU at idle, and also (if possible) at maximum load.

Speedfan also lets you display the voltages in a graph over time, so that you can see if the voltages are inconsistant. Post a screen shot of these graphs, and we can take a look and offer opinions.

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Hello, I have a D-Link EBR 2310 router which I would like to forward ports allowing the MicroCell to communicate with the AT&T site. I thought the Port Forward page was straight forward but every time I try to check the ports on the router it comes up blocked. I have tried telnet Port Forward checker and several other online checking tools. however all turn up closed. I guess I don't know enough about forwarding ports. How do I open them for inbound and outbound traffic?

AT&T sent me this:
Configure the network to allow the following:

DHCP is on
MTU is set to 1492
MAC address filtering is either turned off or allowing the MAC address of the AT&T 3G MicroCell
IPSec Pass-Through is Enabled
Block Fragmented Packets is Disabled

NOTE: All ports listed need to be configured for inbound and outbound connections.
123/UDP: NTP timing (NTP traffic)
443/TCP: Https over TLS/SSL for provisioning and management traffic
4500/UDP: IPSec NAT Traversal (for all signaling, data, voice traffic)
500/UDP: IPSec Phase 1 prior to NAT detection (after NAT detection, 4500/UDP is used)
4500/UDP: After NAT detection, 4500/UDP is used

Additional Troubleshooting
1. Ping or perform an NSLookup on If the address does not resolve to 12.230.x.x, manually map the name to the IP address returned or change to an alternate DNS server that includes the entry.
2. Temporarily Disable Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI). If this resolves the iss... Read more

A:Port Forwarding

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Hi, I own a Mentor 4-Port ADSL Router and I'm trying to forward a port to one of the two machines plugged into it so that I can host a number of things (which don't really matter, but basically server type things that people connect to).

I can't find Port Forwarding anywhere in my Router CP. Looked in NAT...well i've looked everywhere, there's not that many options. Do some Routers not have this? I assumed they all did. I know it's not a brilliant Router but it was cheap and has always been perfectfor what I need it for so far .

Any ideas? Thanks.

A:Port Forwarding

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what a great site! i'm excited that there are friendly people that provide free support - especially having spoken to my ISPs technical support department who told me that my problem fell in the realm of premium support and would cost $100.

i'm not a novice at computers, i'm quite good at them, and good at following tutorials - but i am a novice at networking.

i have a friend who makes videos. i have no idea how he's done it, but he's set up a private tracker to share his stuff with his friends.

my problem is that i'm not connectable through his tracker and can't download anything. he knew nothing about my router, so he wasn't able to help me.

i'm using a Technicolor TG587 n v3.

Technicolor is either the new name, or the Australian badge name for Thompson.

so i followed this - ... orrent.htm

this isn't for my exact modem, but the interface that it walks you through is pretty similar and it was the closest instructional i could find

the static IP works. i've followed the instructions on uTorrent. my router already had an application set up for Bit Torrent, so I even downloaded that, which surprising gave the same result. everything else seems to work. but there are two problems:

- when I go to assign a game or application, when I select the new port map from the drop down box, it won't let me select my computer name, only the router. i'm pretty sure that i need to... Read more

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I already know how to access the basic control panel for my router and look and what's kicking around in there, people have told me to go to but it has been little or no help, so I'm going to be specific in what I need assistance with:

Here is a screenshot of the setup in the router has, now to my knowledge I've not touched this aside running the original wizard a while ago, in regard to setting up a network. The idea is I want to forward these lists of ports on my router and I'm wondering how to do so:

3724 - 3724
80 - 80
3306 - 3306
8129 - 8129
8093 -8093
6112 - 6112
3036 - 3036
8050 -8050

Thanks in advance.

A:DL-624+ port forwarding

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I was trying to forward a port, and I got my static ip adress, but now when i type in my ip to access my router settings, it always says the server is taking too long to respond. Whats wrong?

A:Forwarding port

Check here for guidelines:

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OK, so, I wanna port forward for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour, because my online play won't work unless I'm the only person in the server who doesn't have their ports forwarded, if theres 2 or more, it doesn't work.

I don't just want to open up ports for everyone, and I only play with a few of my friends. None of them can forward their ports. So, is there a way to allow their IPs into my network, and block all others, which would allow me to play with them?

If you have any other ideas, please tell me.

-Silent Thunder

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im trying to connect to a file sharing program. it doesnt seem to be working. i will get and error saying that the port isnt open. how do i open it?

A:port forwarding

Use this website, it'll help. HERE/

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I am currently running Windows Vista, (never a problem and runs great), however, I am using the TP-LINK TL-SF1008D to link two computers to be able to use the internet. My problem is this. I wish to use uTorrent and I wish to achieve good download speeds, but in order to do this, I need to do port forwarding. How can I do this? All help is appreciated. Thanks Yowie

A:Port Forwarding

I don't believe that you can do this with your TP-Link switch - you'll need to get a router to do this.

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I'm playing a game online called Socom 3 and it's through the PS2. Now I can play the game fine but often can't hear or speak. I've forwarded the correct ports to the IP address of the PS2 and enabled the DMZ to the same IP address. Lowered the MTU settings to 1492. It's a Linksys router. I did not have this problem with my D-Link (can't use it because it's not wireless) and didn't have the proble straight to the modem.

Any ideas? I've also tried resetting the modem and router and configuring it from scratch.

Little help?

A:Port Forwarding


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i am having trouble forwarding my ports. i have a Thompson speedtouch 536. if anyone could help me forward a port it would be great.

A:port forwarding

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ok. i am trying to forward some of my ports for a game. i type in in the address bar and it takes me to a login creen. i have an actiontech mi424 - wr rev C. router and idk the login... or pass... im pretty sure they are the defaults . i tried admin admin and admin password to no avail.

A:port forwarding

username: admin
password: password

These are defaults.

Reset Button
To restore the Router’s factory default settings, press and hold the Reset button for approximately ten seconds. The reset process will start about ten seconds after releasing the button. When the Router resets, all the lights on the front panel turn off, and then the lights start flashing. The Router has completed its reset process when the Power light glows steadily green.
M Caution: Do not unplug the Power cord from the Router during the reset process. Doing so may result in the loss of the Router’s configuration information. If this occurs, reset the Router again.

Actiontec Support MI424WR Wireless Broadband Router

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I was reading a very extensive guide on port forwarding. I don't understand why someone would have to do that, is it to get around a firewall?
So if ports are forwarded on your router, then only those ports can access things, so if i have port 80 forwarded and nothing else then if i installed an app that use port 90 it would not connect to the internet?

A:Port Forwarding

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ok i decided to set up an FTP server using crossftp so i can access files on my laptop when im traveling, once i got it set up everything works but only on LAN and when i logged to a diffrent network to see if it worked it did not so i need to port forward my router so it lets crossftp through but it cant figure out how to do that through my router settings. i am using a 2WIRE 2701HG-B and my ISP is at&t.

thanks much.

A:FTP Port forwarding

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Recently, a friend had me start using utorrent. I am new to torrent files and realized I couldnt have set it up right when only 1 out of every 15 would download. When I clicked to see if it was "forwarded" correctly it told me it wasnt. I have a Belkin Pre-N router and I have found a web site that tells me where I need to go to change my forwarded port. It is the "Virtual Servers" tab of my Belkin set-up page. I also have the port # UTorrent is giving me. The problem, I dont know what to type in! If anyone has a clue about what Im talking about please help...
here are some pics of what im workin with...

I just dont know what to type in either side of the Imbound port, the end of Private IP and BOTH sides of the Private port.
Hopefully someone has done this before...

A:Port Forwarding

Sorry we won't help with any P2P set up problems

thread closed

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hi . I have aol pladinum and 2m for the area that I am broadband and a wirelless router speedtouch 576. Unfortunatelly my dowload speed is virtually none. Is about 0.5 - 2 kbs. I run all the tests and my broadband speed is very good and i disable all the firewalls that i know. I want to do a port forwarding but with this router is seems nothing to working.
If anyone knows how and what to do i would really be thankful. I am trying for two weeks since i purchase this package . Before I had a bt broadband 1m and my download speed was 140 kbs. And i am paying a lot in order to be able to download as much as i want but i really cant download anything.

A:port forwarding -help

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I dont know if i am placing this in the right area but im trying to port forward for minecraft and cant get it to work. Ill explain more and fix my grammar when i get to my pc

A:Port Forwarding

I am using a wirless router = SGB6580C8, windows 7 64 bit, I have port fowarded before with windows 7 and the only way I got it to work was a port range to port forward once (2500-8000 ex and it worked, but I don't remember the port range and I am trying to port forward for minecraft. I can start the server and connect to it by typing in local host but my friends can't connect no matter how hard I try, Nothing is using port 25565 and all my anti virus is off and firewalls are off and to be safe even added the exceptions in windows firewalls. I don't know where I'm going wrong or what.

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On Limewire, the designated port I'm using is open and accessible (there's no wall in front of the globe). However, on uTorrent it's not.

I've forwarded the port in my router console and have also allowed the port exceptions in Windows Firewall.

What could be the problem?

A:Help forwarding a port

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Hey guys thanks for your help earlier. And know im stuck on a little thing. Port forwarding is completely new to me and im pretty sure this is the place where i will learn. The thing is im a torrent fan big user of skype and all of those p2p programs seem to a bit laggy, i learned that the port is not opened. I folowed the instructions easy thing BUT im lost at the point where you have to configure it. The instruction says this and this is how the control panel of the router looks like and can you explain to me what to i have to put in there?;]

A:Port forwarding

From the TSG Rules, which you should have read when you joined.

P2P Instructions - We do not support P2P file sharing applications and any threads requesting help for such will be closed. This includes Kazaa, Bearshare, WinMX, and the like. If you're interested in the topic, you are free to discuss it on our site (and please visit, but information on how to use them will not be provided.

We are aware that there are legal applications for file sharing but we have chosen to take this postion as we cannot determine when the assistance requested is for illegal or legal purposes and the illegal far outweigh the legal in this medium.Click to expand...

This thread is closed.
P.S. Skype requires no port forwarding, it works fine for me and all the people I've set it up for right out of the box.

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I have a Westell DSL modem, and need help with some port forwarding.

What I'm looking to do is forward certain ports from this DSL router to my VOIP router (linksys), and then to my wifi router (also linksys), and finally to my computer.

I have tried following the directions to forward the ports from the DSL router to the VOIP, but this doesn't seem to be working, and I can't seem to figure it out. I've even turned the DSL's firewall "off", but it's still not forwarding requests to my VOIP router.

Could there be something wrong the the VOIP router? Each router is on a different subnet, and all my computers are on the same subnet as the wifi router.

Would it be better for me to connect the VOIP and wifi routers to the DSL router, without using the uplink ports, so they are all on the same subnet (and hard-code IP addresses), and what is the best configuration to allow ports to be forwarded through the dsl router to the wifi router, then from the wifi router to the computer?

A:help with port forwarding

Yes, your best thing is to use your DSL router and put the rest on the same subnet, however, I think you might lose VOIP functionality if you don't pass the traffic through the WAN port. You might be able to put the VOIP router in the DSL router's DMZ then put the rest on the same subnet.
Let us know how it goes.


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hi there,
since i installe my new router (DSL 265OU) i can't use my emule properly and my utorrent also works poorly.
on e-mule, i keep getting a message that i have a low id and somehow i was referred to do 'port forwarding' which i completely failed after some tries. another thing that might help understand the problem is that the kad networks gets connected but the edk2 doesn't.
can you please help me solve this ?

A:Low id and port forwarding

You may get some help here:

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What is port forwarding?

A:port forwarding - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall

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I'm trying to install and download a game, but I was running the launcher and it was showing extremely slow download speeds. My internet results showed ~26 mbps, whereas the game launcher was downloading at a speed of ~4 mbps, but went as low as 1 kbps. So, I decided to try port forwarding to see if that might be the issue. I haven't, however, been able to figure out how to get my ports forwarded. I have tried this with another game in the past, thinking it had worked, but after using the Port Checker tool for, I've been told that the ports aren't open.

My router page is attached that shows what I've tried to do with the ports. I am running Windows 7 with a Motorola SBG6580 router. My static IP Address, which was set using another tool from In addition, since installing the two tools, my default search provided changed from Google to Bing, and I'm getting random popups and had some programs installed on my computer that I didn't ask for and don't want.

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Hi, right now, I am hosting a file transfer server... a server where everyone can connect to it and download files. But before that, I need to have my port 411 open... Which I dunno how... right now it is on stealth... can anyone please help me?

I have done quite a bit on this... but it still remains stealth... I don't wanna tell everyone what I did because it will makeyou guys miss out telling me how to open a port properly. Thanks

A:Port forwarding

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Yes, yes. I know about

I have a DSL connection. I'm using an Actiontec modem, and a Linksys WRT54G router.

I'm trying to forward port 10000 (both UPD and TCP protocols) for utorrent in the router's console, but it's not working.

I use Windows Firewall, and, yes, I made the exceptions, but unfortunately I still can't get it to work.

Please help...

PS: Yeah, I did set up a static IP in Network Connections.

A:Help forwarding port

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hey guys I am at wits end to even open a port. I have done any and everything just to even open a specific port on my pc and try PortForward's port checker and web based checkers, and I can't get the port or any port to show as open.

I am trying to make an IP webcam on my network viewable from the internet.

My setup is like this

"gigaset 204a" / DSL modem \ (Ethernet cable goes into internet port on LINKSYS WRTGS wireless router)

from my LINKSYS another Ethernet cable goes my my desktop.
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Pandemic>ip config /all
'ip' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

C:\Users\Pandemic>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Pandemic-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : domain.invalid

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : domain.invalid
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-25-22-CA-4C-66
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::c0be:44bd:e67d:ebdf%11(Preferred)
IPv4 Address.... Read more

A:port forwarding help

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I can get online using the browser with my PSP, but I cannot play my online games. I think that I may have to open some other ports but I don't know what the numbers are.

A:Help With Port Forwarding With PSP

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I recently purchased a Foscam FI8916W and I'm having a hell of a time getting my modem/routers to port forward. Here is my setup:

Cable Internet (Provider: Time Warner)
Cable line directly connected to my Arris TG862 Modem/Router.
Arris TG862 modem is then connected to a Belkin Wireless Router (because the Arris does not have wifi capability).

Arris Modem/Router has an IP of
Belkin has an External IP address of and an Internal IP address of

When I got the Foscam I hardwired it to the Belkin Wireless Router and found its IP address (192.168.2.XX). I then accessed the camera via that address and set up the wifi and right now I can easily view and access my camera via my LAN using port 5656 (ie navigating to 192.168.2.XX:5656).

However, getting port forwarding to work has been impossible. (FYI, I set up my static DNS with NO-IP AND dnydns just for good measure, but because my port remains closed I havent even gotten to the point of checking if those worked).

Because I'm behind two routers I followed some instructions I found on here. I opened port 5656 on my Belkin Router and then I took the Belkin Router's External IP address ( and plugged it into the DMZ of the Arris Modem ( So presumably the Arris should be sending data directly to the Belkin and the Belkin has its port 5656 open. Unfortunately, the port is not open.

I also attempted to open the port on the Arris using the Belkin IP address and... Read more

A:Port Forwarding HELP!

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Well I need to forward some ports for various game which won't let me play online because my router blocks some of the ports that they use to go online. I went through some guides to help me with this and I set up a static IP and also tried to forward the required ports but it seems that the ports are still not forwarded. The only reason I can think that it is not working is that I might be entering the wrong IP and I am entering the IP that I got when I set up a static IP.

My router is a Belkin F5D7633-4, I have tried to contact Belkin about this but there is no reply so far and was hoping that I could get more luck on these forums.

A:Port Forwarding.

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Hey guys ive got Gta Sa Multiplayer or SA-MP. Ive made a server on it but it wont appear in the main server list. Dont worry about that..they told me i should forward my ports..i did it for the port 7777 and unblocked it on my firewall.(port 7777 is the one this game uses.) I gave my mate the address to my server ip:host but it wouldnt work..i can get into it fine but it doesnt work. I have a Thomas/alcatec speedtouch 530 and i changed the settings on which should allow other people to use the server..
You probably dont no what im trying to say but can you help me?
Cheers Kyle:wave:

A:Port Forwarding?

did you configure the webserver software to LISTEN on 7777?
the default is 80 and 443 (for SSL)

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I have a few questions about the Port Forwarding and routers in general. I have changed the actual port numbers on the picture below to maintan privacy and security (but this was probably unnecessary, right?).

As you can see on the picture below, the internal and external UDP and TCP ports have the same number in my router settings for Skype. But in Skype, under the Connections, I have a different port number (6677). Should I change and enter the number that I've found under the UPnP settings of my router to make Skype work better?

I am pretty new to networks but it seems to me that even though the UPnP is enabled in my router Skype didn't get set up properly - as the port numbers differ. Or am I wrong?

Also, why is the number after the IP address :5698 and the port's numbers are 56985 (with the additional number 5)? What's the deal here, which port is opened then, 5698 or 56985?

Would my internet connection be (much) more secure if I would disable the UPnP completely and open the ports for Skype manually (if yes - how & do I have to do it for each computer on the network respectively)?

In general, is it true that one should always open only the ports above 6000 (for Skype and such)?

A little off topic: how can I check which Channel is best for my WiFi broadcast? Is there a (free) utility that would find the best possible channel for my wireless network? Or should I leave it on the Auto setting?

Thank you for your help in advance!

A:Port Forwarding

Personally I would leave UPNP enabled in your router, I would also check the box in Skype that says "Enable uPnP". I would then reboot your router to clear the UPNP settings and then start Skype again.

The reason it would say and not 56985 is most likely due to a Character Limit. I have no idea about whether you should only enable ports above 6000 for Skype, I would say it shouldn't matter too much so long as they don't overlap with other things.

As for your WiFi, never leave it on Auto as this tends to only use about three different bands not them all. The best way to check is to use this WiFi Analyzer on your phone:

When you open the app it may already be on the "Channel Graph" which looks like the screenshot with all the peaks (the first after the video), if not then tap View at the top and set it to it. This view lets you see what bands all the other routers around you are using, and what one your router is using. For your router pick the band that is furthest away from all the others, e.g. if there are routers using bands 1, 3, 4 and 5, but none of them are using the higher bands then stick your router up there.

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I want to forward port 23 on to my router having internal ip but when i access it from out site always on telnet configuration of modem is opened on telnet

A:port forwarding

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Ok here is my problem. Recently the old wirespeed modem gave up the ghost and Verizon sent me one of their new Westell 6100g. I port forwarded the verizon modem, then briged it to my router. But for some reason the prgogram I need the port forwarded for isn't recognizing the port being open. I know my port is forwarded correctly via the modem because when I connect directly through the modem everything works fine. But when I throw the router in the equation that's when it gets squirrely. I removed the port forward exception from my router page because Verizon doesn't offer static IP's to non business customers anymore. And it had no effect enabled or disabled. Just curious if anyone can help me understand why I can't open the port when everything is connected.

A:Port Forwarding

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OK issue solved!

A:Port Forwarding Help

Could someone please walk me through this.Click to expand...

Surely. You contact your IT department. They will tell you if the application is appropriate on your work PC, and how to configure the firewall or whatever is needed.

If you are trying to circumvent company restrictions you will get no help here.

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Before reading the rest please keep in mind that I am VERY new at this.

My issues is that my family uses a ZyXEL 660 that doubles as a router with a WRT54G linksys.
When I try to port forward with the WRT54G and then I test it it says that it isn't open, the ZyXEL itself has no option to port forward which is odd since I've seen screen shots of a port forwarding section.

Ive tried putting it into bridge mode and Ive read up online but I cant seems to be able to port forward.

Thanks in advance for any advice on fixing this, please bear with me though as I don't know what all terms mean since I have pretty much no prior experience.

A:Port forwarding help

Does ANYONE have a solution?
I really would like to find out how to set it correctly.
ANY advice is welcome.

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I've been wondering about this for a while and have been unable to find the answer:

Why do some services, such as Apache Web Server, Databases and such require you to forward the ports on your home router, but other applications, like AOL Instant Messenger don't need the ports forwarded?

A:Port Forwarding

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Hi, and thanks for any help that you can provide.

I have a d-link dir-515r wireless router. It has a rather unconventional screen for port forwarding and I can't figure it out. I've googled for help and fiddled around with the settings, but I just can't seem to get the port to be open. Whenever I check at it is set to closed.

Could you help me?

Here are the screenies:

A:Please help with port forwarding...

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Hi all!!
I m using the speedtouch 536v6 adsl/router..
I want t set up a dedicated server so i have t open some ports from the routers page..
Well i ve dine this and also i set up a static ip but finaly the ports where clased...
What i saposed to do??
please help!

A:Port Forwarding

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Can you help. I set up VNC remote access. Now away from home tried to access files get message 'working behind NAT set port to 5900' how do I do this? My router is Thompson 585

A:Port Forwarding

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So here's my setup. Modem -> Router1 -> Router2 -- Ethernet from modem to router1, coming out of router1 is an ethernet that goes to my upstairs and connects to router2, router2 is connected to my computer and xbox. I am able to login to both of the routers, but I don't know where to start with port forwarding. I'm forwarding the ports for the game Warcraft 3 if it's of any importance. How do I do this? I've forwarded from R1 to R2 then from R2 to my PC, forwarded from R1 and R2 to my PC, R2 to R1 then to my PC, and none of them seem to be working. I've tried numerous other things, with no success.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Need help port forwarding.

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I have a hughes HN7000S modem and a WRT54GL V1.1 Linksys router. I recently bought a Defender DVR camera system. I can view cameras over my local network, but I cannot view them over the internet. I have talked to linksys and hughes and have made many changes in my settings. Nothing has resolved my port forwarding problems. If anyone can help, please go step by step. I am not computer literate. Thanks for your help.

A:Port Forwarding

It may be that your ISP will not permit you to run server services on your line (common for residential service) and block the common ports utilized by those services.

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can anyone tell me how to port foward on norton personal firewall? ive looked and cant seem to find out how to do it?

many thankz :-)

A:Port forwarding help

You can't port forward on a software firewall. You can only port forward on a router or base station. You may want to type "open ports" into the Norton Help to get some answers on opening ports to allow games and programs to connect correctly.

Hope it helps,

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So kinda bad with programming and what not but here's the thing

My parents have a firewall block (Netgear Router) for internet access. It comes on at 6p.m. the reason being is my parents don't want my sister on at night, but they said I could.... yet the block applies to everyone. I was looking into ways that I could get around the firewall schedule and found port forwarding.
At first tried it on my xbox, and it worked (used a tutorial), all I needed was my xbox IP and the port #'s the tutorial told me.
Now I want to try it on my laptop, but the thing is I don't know how.
I got my IP #, but how do I get ports? Is there some way to find out what ports I need to open for a laptop, or is there already ports determined? I'm lost.
anything would be helpful.

A:Port Forwarding

If your parents have approved it and you do in fact have the log in information for the router
there is a easy to use program for this.
Simple Port Forwarding | Simple Port Forwarding

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Is there anything different from windows 7 in 8 that I need to do to port forward? I have port forwarded on my other computer but I can't on windows 8. I have tried port 22 and 7171.

Trying to open 22 for PuTTY can someone help?

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I have a Belkin F5D8636-4 v2 router. I am trying to port forward but everytime it says WAN IP invalid ip. How can i fix this?
Do I have to set up a static ip? if so how? Thanks very much

A:Port forwarding

you will not normaly have a static ip unless ypu have asked for it as many isp charge extra for it. if you want to check then google what is my ip record you ip then restart the router and check you ip again, if it is static then it will be the same as before.

port fowarding is done through the router by logging into it and finding the right tab (port fowarding, vertial servers ect) normaly to foaward a port you go to or differs from router to router. log in to the system with what ever password you set. and have a look around for tabs or links that say port fowarding or vertial servers again differs from router to router

hope that helps

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What is port forwarding?

does it help in increasing the broadband connection speed or download speed?

A:Port forwarding!

Here is a basic explanation of port forwarding.

To do certain things, such as hosting web sites/servers, game servers, remote desktop etc., things called "ports" need to be open. As I saw an example somewhere, because firewalls block ports, you can think of a firewall as a wall, and opening ports as breaking holes in the wall. Thus, a computer can be vulnerable to security risks because the firewall isn't completley secured with ports open. Because port 80 has to be open to host a web server, every computer that has a web server is at least a little vulnerable to security risks.
I'm sure you're familar with the software firewalls such as Windows, McAfee, Norton, Zonealarm etc. But most routers also have a special type of firewall on them called NAT (Network Address Translation.) They pretty much do a similar thing as the software firewalls, but generally have a stronger protection. The term "opening ports" generally applies to software firewalls, and "forwarding ports" applies to routers.
Because with routers, there are also 2 IP addresses, a local and public, when forwarding ports, the router takes the incoming request and passes it through the LAN. That's why it's called "forwarding".
Routers generally give network computers local dynamic IP addresses, meaning the local IP can change automatically. But when you forward ports, you usually have to enter an IP address (since with NAT it only works to forward... Read more

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Sorry if this is the wrong section, first post

On my old computer I hosted a Minecraft server for myself and several friends.

I recently got myself a new PC running Windows 8. None of my friends can connect to my server and I suspect this is because of port forwarding. How can I open the port so my friends can connect to the server?

A:Port Forwarding Help

Well I'm going to assume you have already forwarded the port in your router to your local ip address. From that point, you need to go into your Windows Firewall and create a custom rule for the Minecraft Port you are using allowing it to pass through the firewall.

Configure Windows 8 Firewall

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my internet provider is O2 in london and im having problems forwarding ports normally
i know how to port forward and i even did that to my two friends with success... but they both have different providers and wireless boxes
my wireless box is speedtouch 780WL provided by O2 and when i forward ports in there, it has no effect.
i have found a different way of forwarding ports on win7 and that works for me , but it often resets , so i have to put all those numbers in again and again ... the way that works for me is quite simple , just go to Network and click properties>settings on ur router, port opener will be there.

i attached some screenshots showing the port forwarding setup of the router
u can see one example called cod mw2, with that done i still could not host the game, but when i opened the ports in my Network click properties>settings on router it worked.

P.S. i have checked this and it is the same thing i was doing all the time

A:port forwarding

Does this tutorial match your router?

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ROUTER : SMC7401BRA EU V2.0 !!
FIRMWARE : 1.01 (newest)

Problem : Port forwarding

right after many nights searching for the answer , i've came to the point where i need the forum's to help me . The problem is just that i cant forward ports , this is what i tried .

NAT -> port rdr's (like 100 of them)
IP FILTERS -> added like 100 rules

still no result , if anyone got the correct answer to forward a port so that a LAN computer who hosts a server (like game server (halo) ) becomes visible at the WAN side ( halo port is : UDP 2302 ) , anyone got this router ? wants to help ? or knows how to do it , i would be verry thankfull

scenario :
wan ip (81.234.x.x) (router) (webserver) (port 80) (halo server) (port 2303)
Greetings Lion

A:smc port forwarding

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I have a older pc with Windows Server 2003 running as a file & print server. I am trying to setup FTP with IIS and it works on the LAN, but I can't access it via WAN. I'm using dydns service to access it, but just says it can't be found. I use my WAN ip ftp://xx.xx.xx.xx and still no go. I have port forwarding set on my router to this specific PC. Is there something i'm missing?

Thank you,

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hi guys

can you please help me....ive tryed to port forward my home hub2 for age of empires3 but im still having major problems connecting to most games......

im using a wireless connection, i know it works as ive had no problems untill BT reset my router to default settings. after i was unable to connect to internet this morning.


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I am using the Orange Livebox for ethernet connection, is it posible to us 'port forwarding' with the LiveBox?


A:'port forwarding'
Hope it helps...

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I am on a campus network, and I am trying to run a torrent downloader. My speeds are super slow, and I had heard something about port forwarding possibly fixing this, but (to be honest), I hate networking. However, I had also heard that some kind of filter had been put on to restrict torrent downloads (as well as online games, grrrrr). If anyone knows a way to set something like that up or has any other suggestions to get this resolved, I would greatly appreciate it.

A:Port Forwarding

If at the moment it is working, then nothing you can do can change the speed of your download.

The restrictions are put in place by the campus IT dept, take your complaint up with them, although they will likely tell you tough luck.


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I need help with port forwarding. I would like to be able to host my own chat rooms on Ares / Warez. I can already, except no one can enter because I dont have the ports configured correctly. Can someone please give me a step by step walk through on this ASAP! I need this as soon as possible... please and thank you.

I have already tried, it wont help me.

The router that I am using is a Linksys BEFW11S4, Firware-1.50.14 ...
Please some one help me soon!

A:Need help with PORT FORWARDING!

1. You must set a static IP address on the server.

2. Once the static IP address has been assigned to the server, open a web browser and type in the IP address of the router into the browser address bar ( is the default IP of Linksys routers).

3. When the username and password prompt appears, skip the username field and type admin for the password. Click OK or press the [Enter] key to load the router’s “Setup” page. If you have changed the password, use it to access the router’s “Setup” page when this prompt appears.

Note: If you have forgotten the IP address or the password of the router (if either was changed), you must reset the router to factory defaults by holding in the Reset button on the router for 30 seconds.

4. Click on the Advanced tab on the upper right corner. Once the new page appears, click on the Forwarding tab.

5. You will need to input entries into the first three lines of this Forwarding table.

Customized Application: A name you choose to name what the ports will be used for.
Ext. Port: The external range of ports of the application that will be used.
Protocol: The protocols that the application will use, TCP, UDP, or Both. May be chosen with checkboxes or a drop-down menu depending on firmware version.
IP Address: The static IP address of the server computer. This IP address was set in Step 1.

Click Apply at the bottom of the page to make the changes.
Restart your computer

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K so i have a no-ip ddns setup, and im trying to set it so all connections will go through port 80 to another pc on my network, simple enough, right?

well once port 80 is forwarded to that pc, how will i be able to access my router again if all connections to my routers ip go to that pc?
(using as my router)

using firefox to access it would just take me to the ip running the apache server and website, instead of going to my router, can i exclude a computer, or use something else besides http?

using the the LINKSYS WRT160N

or could i have it so all connecitons going from port 70 go to port 80 on the rotuer?

ie, i type in and it goes to the router start page, instead of just

A:port forwarding

Remember that incoming port 80 requests are different than outgoing port 80 requests. It's quite normal to have port 80 forwarded to a web server on your network, that doesn't affect port 80 requests from all the other computers that are using HTTP to access the web.

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I'm trying to setup rinetd to forward port 25 to port 1025
My rinetd.conf file looks like this: 25 1025

I'm trying to make an smtp server that opens each email and then runs the email as a shell script then sends the results back to the persons email address
but I want to avoid running the scripts as root
so therefore I want to run the smtp server run as a non-root user
when I run the server as root, it works fine, but I don't want everyone who sends an email to have root access
but non root users can't listen on ports below 1024
and I need it to listen on port 25
so I'm trying to use rinetd to forward port 25 to 1025
also, I'm running sendmail listening on port 25 but only on localhost
so I need to configure rinetd to only listen in on the public ip

A:Port Forwarding

Usually you do this on your router. The exact method would depend on the router itself.

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I am setting up an ftp site using default windows setup. I have added an ip address specific to the ftp. Everything works from inside my network. I would like to know how to forward throught port 21 to this ip so I can give a username to someone and have them access it over the internet. I have a cisco pix 506 firewall. I can't seem to get the info I need from their site. I figured what I was asking for was too simple. I am doing this from the command line. I don't know the web address for the pix. I have previously logged in as privilege mode.
Thanks in advance for any help, Jason.

A:port forwarding

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im trying to set up a ftp server. i have it all set up except for my modem. my modem is connected to my linux computer and my windows computer is connected to linux. the ip address of linux is and the address of windows is my modem is a Netcomm NB1 and i went into the port forward part and i noticed that when i forward port 21 to linux and do a security check it says port 21 is open but when i forward it to windows it still says its closed and im not sure why.

A:need port forwarding help

It doesn't work because there is no direct connection between the modem and the Windows computer.

You should either connect the Windows machine directly to the "modem" (your modem seems to include a router device) or set up another port forwarding rule on the Linux computer.

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I have a devolo 85 dlan ethernet starter kit and ntl modem.

some programs require port forwarding and no matter which port number i choose
and i have chosen quite a number they all come up with "ERROR port is closed"
exeptions for most programs and anti virus have been made in windows firewall
can any one help me please.

A:port forwarding

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i have a WoW private server and would like to make it public. in order to do so, i must forward some of my ports. i have the verizon actiontec mi424-wr V2 router and i can log in, i go to the port forwarding tab, and there is no add button? i need to be able to add another port forward.

A:port forwarding

Hi skinnymaniskool

You may find all you need > Here

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If you could help me with forwarding my ports in my Netgear router, I mean, actually assist me while I go through setting it up, I'd like for you to leave me a date and time(pacific US) that you'll be able to help, I'd like it a lot.

A:Need port forwarding help.

If you want real-time help, then you are better off visiting the IRC channel or perhaps contacting someone via instant messaging. I am hardly ever online and in a very inconvenient timezone unfortunately.

In the mean time, you can try Reading The Friendly Manual to get some background info etc.

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I have a network set up that conists of a cable modem going to a Linksys router that has two wireless routers run off of that. We are using a remote desktop client for remote access and the computers that are linked to the wired Linksys router have port forwarding configured on that and they work fine. However I cannot get the port forwarding figure out on the wireless side of things.....Any ideas how to port forward with the wireless attached to the first router?

A:Port Forwarding ?

Are they wireles routers or just Access Points? I am not sure of the logic for having the extra two routers.

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Hope this is the correct forum for this post. I am trying to help someone on another computer by using the Remote Assistance feature of Windows XP. I have a Netgear MR814 wireless router connected to my DSL modem. The other computer has just a DSL modem (Westell 2200). For the two computers to communicate, I assume I must open port 3389 on both machines. I went into the Westell modem and put 3389 in the Global Port Range (both start and end port boxes), then put 3389 in the Base Host box. There is nothing about inserting an IP Address.

In my machine, with the Netgear router, the settings for Port Forwarding required a service name, start and end ports, and Server IP. I inserted Remote Assist, 3389 in both start and end port boxes, and the LAN IP Address of MY machine (which I got by going to a command prompt and typing "ipconfig."). Is this correct? Or should it be the IP Address of the machine I want to remotely control?

Before answering the question of whether my IP address goes in the Netgear settings or the IP of the remote machine, I must confess that I am also confused about what the IP address needed is. I have gotten widely diverging advice from different technicians at BellSouth, so I'm confused. For example, if you go to a website like, it will identify my computer as having an IP Address starting as 68.223...... and the tech said this was the correct number to put in the router. Someone else said to use the LAN IP that comes from ... Read more

A:Port Forwarding

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Hello all, Not sure if this is the right place but here goes

Im running ubuntu and i wanna host a mud (multi user dungeon, a text based online game for anyone that doesnt know). Anyways i have the game up and running on my localmachine on port 4000. I can telnet to 4000 and it runs perfectly. So now im attempting to set up port forwarding so i can have my friends log in, however i've never done it before and cant seem to get it to work!.

heres what im trying. My static internal ip is, my external ip is My router is a gigaset se567. (my game runs on localhost 4000)

i went to this website

it tells you how to set up port forwarding for my router

so i selected port forwarding for tcp, and ports being 4000. ip address being

and nothing.....i've tried a few things, i just cant seem to get it to work, any help will be greatly appreciated!

A:Port forwarding!

isn't your ip meant to be .1 would be your router.

Anyways, make sure that your friends also do portforwarding. Or go into your firewall and turn it off to see if that helps.

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Hello all,

I am trying to download shared files using bit torrent however my download speed is very slow if its running at all!!!
I have checked the FAQ's etc and I think I need to change the settings on my firewall or do something called "Port Forwarding" which I am unfamiliar with can anyone help me PLEASE

A:Port Forwarding Help Please

Sorry but we do not provide assistance with P2P programs.

Please read the forum rules:

Closing thread.

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hi i am running windows xp and have a netgear modem router DG834G.I installed new world viewer and want to know how i set up my router so that the viewer will how to set the ports required to open. Please can anyone help.

A:port forwarding

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I am having two router, The is Nanostation v5, Which is placed as tariff for catching up the Internet Connection & That router is connected to my Wifi Device of TP-Link. I want to Port Forward for Pentesting purpose.

I am confused which one i have to port forward the Nanostation or TP-Link.

A:Port Forwarding

The TP-Link.

Look on the bottom or back of it for a model version name, perhaps on a sticker or near the serial number.

Then go to this page and look for your model:

Once you select your model on the next page that loads click the orange 'Default Guide' link for the pictorial and follow it.

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i have no idea how to forward my ports. help!

A:Port Forwarding?

Consult the user manual for your router, it should tell you how to do this.

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I just got a new router. A Jensen Scandinavia 59300, and I want to be able to port forward Warcraft 3. I've activated Port Forwarding, Virtual Server and special applications, but it simply won't work. And I've also done the windows firewall settings. Any suggestions?

A:Port Forwarding

Port forwarding requires that you specify the IP of the computer running the service. And the ports to forward.

So what ports did you forward and to what IP?

You need a static LAN IP on the computer you are forwarding to.

I do assume the Internet is working, correct?

Look at this:

And common ports:

And be sure these are permitted thu the Firewall actually turn off firewall for trouble shooting. I all works till the FW is turned on well.....


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I'm having trouble getting some ports open. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for asking, but it's the best match.

The issue is, I'm almost positive I did it right. When we were at our old place, it worked perfectly. Now, we're in a new apartment, and I have a new computer but the same router. The ports show as open on the router, and they're open in the firewall, but nothing can connect through them.

I'm using Windows XP. The router is a Westell model 6100G. I'm using the Windows firewall program. I'm not sure what other info is needed.


A:Port forwarding

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Thanks guys, I got my ps3 back online with your help, now I have another problem, I get NAT 3 , so I really can´t play most of the games because they require NAT 2, but I have an Ambit 60678eu cable modem and I don´t know how to "open" its ports or port forward them, any tip?

A:Port Forwarding

go to or just do a google search.
I had the same problem, and to be honest, the ps3's connection SUCKS.
I also found that using a wireless connection solves the problem.
Hope this helps

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Hi I have a problem trying to port forward.
The computer I am trying to forward is connected to another computer via a Switch. The other computer connects to the Internet via a DLink Wireless adapter to a Fritz Box WLAN 7050 Router.

Both computers are running Windows XP SP2. Both are on a static IP address. The computer directly connected via the DLink adapter port forwards fine with its static IP address, but the other one does not seem to work.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong.

Many thanks

A:Port Forwarding

Port forwarding within your local network does not involved the router, you have to make adjustments to the local software firewall settings.

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After setting up my BEFSX41 router, I have setup VPN at work.
My objective > Is to access work network from home.And to be able to access Unix Server which is behind the my router BEFSX41. My Unix Server has static IP of And normally at work if somebody has to access this Unix Server...I have TinyTerm emulator software. Therefore after installing this TinyTerm emaulation software...I am saving my Unix server's static IP in the telnet connection box. Then to access this Sco Unix box ...I would open Tiny Term and use my login & password ( which has already been created in Unix server)
Finally I see my Unix Server thru Tiny Term.

I am getting confused ...To access work network from home and then to be able to access Unix server too...
How this VPN works ...I have downloded 3rd partySoftware which is again similar to Tiny Term emulator >PUTTY...what IP am I using...only the external IP or ???.
And when do I use(if at all...??) that 'PRE SHARED KEY' which I defined while setting up VPN...basically I am asking how can I access this VPN tunnel...or what do I need to do access??
Based on my scenario do I need a 3rd party VPN client & also the emulation program...or just the Putty client is enough.

DO I STILL to do PORT Forwarding in my Router. As I am thinking that from external IP how would I get to Unix I need to forward my Unix server's IP on the router.
I have WAN connection type as PPPoE. Also Dynamic IP w... Read more

A:VPN / Port forwarding

For VPN you need special software that works with networking devices at your work.

If you want to telnet to this Unix server from home you forward telnet port to the IP in your work firewall(s).

It makes sense to use the DDNS tab in your router. This way the IP gets updated every time it needs to even if coumputer(s) are offline.

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