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Ethernet Adapter Missing

Q: Ethernet Adapter Missing

Am unable to get on line with ZT desktop. The ethernet adapter is no longer listed in the device manager. Just the controller. When I ping yahoo it goes out and comes back with no packet loss. In my LAN properties it shows "connected". My laptop works perfectly on that same connection in the wall. I do have a "" IP address because it is connected to a router also.

A: Ethernet Adapter Missing

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Due to a virus, now removed, I have lost my connection to the internet. Right clicking on My computer/manage/device manager I found the yellow question marks in the internet adapter. Not knowing the the device needed, I ran and found the needed adapter. I then downloaded the required adapter and installed on my computer, but this did not fix the problem...any ideas?

A:Missing ethernet adapter

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Hi, well I had to reinstall the OS on my comp and after reboot when I tried to setup my internet/dsl connection it is telling me that the drivers for the PCI Ethernet Adapter are missing. I'd like to know if I have to find new drivers for this or if I can just reinstall the program.

A:PCI ethernet adapter drivers missing.

You're likely missing many drivers if you reinstalled Windows. If its for the Dell then you can download them from their site if you do not have the Dell Resource CD's.

Dell Support & Drivers:

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When I plug an ethernet cable into the port integrated into my laptop, the icon doesn't show up in the Network and Sharing Center, nor when the cable is unplugged. I have also looked in the Device Manager and haven't seen it there either.


If anyone could help me, I'd appreciate it. If you need any other information, just ask.

A:Solved: Ethernet Adapter Icon Missing

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Due to hideous misfortune I had to do a clean install of my personal copy of Windows Vista and remove the stock Windows XP from my netbook.

Many drivers were added my Microsoft during Vista installation but I have no adapter drivers for either wireless or ethernet controllers. Under device manager I have no category for Network Adapters but instead those two controllers are listed under "Other Devices".

Under HP downloads I found the driver for Qualcomm Mobile Broadband Drivers - Gobi1000 when I went through the process of stating my product ID and OS (Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit). I downloaded it onto my pc, saved it to the flash drive I had to use earlier as a bootable drive to install Vista (knew the lack of native cd/dvd drive would eventually haunt me) and then moved the flash drive to the netbook to run install.

After running the setup a blank 'ms-dos' window popped up, stayed blank and then disappeared. There was no confirmation of success of failure in regards to installation of the driver. But under Device Manager they are still listed under other devices and I am unable to do anything with them.

I downloaded, transported and ran the setups for HP help and support as well as the Wireless Assistant. Both run fine on the Mini. The wireless assistant simply states that Windows has no controllers assigned to find connections to maintain.

I was curious as to whether or not there was something I was missing, the driver was the inco... Read more

A:Mini 110 (1030NR) missing ethernet and LAN adapter drivers after upgrade

If you can get your hands on a third party/USB wireless adaptor, you might be able to use windows update to get the drivers. I've had to do it a few times with an older DELL machine I have.

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device manager under my Network adapter. I have my Intel Ethernet adapter listed and then underneath the bang with WAN Miniport (IP) #2. When I check the properties of the device It says it is not working properly. When I attempt to uninstall the device it tells me that the device cannot be removed because it is required to boot the system.

A:device manager under my Network adapter. I have my Intel Ethernet adapter listed and

go into your bios and under boot options, remove network/internet as a boot option if it is listed.

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Hey everyone,
First of all I need to say thanks for this web-page, it has helped me out in the past but this time I cant seem to find a solution to the problem that I am having. I cant connect to the internet on my laptop but on my other one I can with no problems. However my computer says it has local and internet connection. I am semi framiliar with the way things are done on this forum so here is hopefully enough information

Motorola Surfboard sbv5120
All lights are on including online

Netgear wireless g router wgr614v10
Blue internet light lit
Also the computer I am currently using is connected to internet via that router.

Laptop with issues:
Toshiba Satellite a305
Running windows vista home premium service pack 1

I have run ipconfig and here is the copy of that

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Owner-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-1F-3B-73-64-CD
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::e9ad:ce... Read more

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HI All...

i have a laptop

working withe win7 pro

and the Ethernet adapter and a wireless adapter disabled together in the same time until i restart the laptop

i format the laptop
and download the driver and install it in the laptop

and it disabled again

help please

A:[SOLVED] ethernet adapter and a wireless adapter disabled

What brand and model is the laptop?

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Control panel lists "HP EN1207D-TX PCI fast ethernet adaptor" installed but my machine has no ethernet card--only a phone modem card (working fine). I need ethernet for DSL. I thought "adaptor" meant "card." What's up? Thanks.

A:ethernet adapter but no ethernet card?

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Can any one just solve my below problem. I am having trouble with my Windows 10 network adapter problem.
It shows multiple adapter in network adapter settings. Please see below screen shot. and Sometimes it doesn't shows any adapter at all. and i see at my wifi-router no beeping in light where my Pc's Ethernet connection is.

Plz guys what to do, fyi last one is working right now-

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I'm getting a dsl connection. Will a usb ethernet adapter do the same thing as an ethernet card?

A:ethernet adapter

closing duplicate, view this thread

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I have just had broadband installed but cannot connect to the web because I can't load the driver for my SIS 900 PCI fast ethernet adapter. It is on my ECS K7S5A Pro motherboard REV 5.0 but for some reason I cannot load the driver. It is very frustrating, any advise will be greatly appreciated. The only network driver that shows in device manager is the 1394 net adapter.

A:can't use my ethernet adapter

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Good Day,

My DSL service has been working wonderfully for 5 months. Had a problem with my computer and had to scan disk. Since this has been done, my winipcfg will not recognize the Realtek Ethernet Adapter. I removed it and reinstalled, etc. What have I done here. I can get connected to the DSL, however I have no access to E-Mail or Internet, from that computer.

Please Help! Thanks gf

A:Ethernet Adapter

Hi there

Here's something to try...

I'm assuming that in "winipcfg" the dropdown is not showing your NIC as an option.

right-click on Network Neighborhood-select properties
on the installed components list make sure that you have the following...

Client for Microsoft Winfows
Realtek ethernet adapter

If you have any VPN adapters, remove them. also removew any AOL adapters and all protocols other than TCP/IP

reboot and check it out. If the NIC now shows in WinIpCFG, do a "Release ALL", then close out and power system completely off. Then cycle the power on the DSL Modem, wait for it to come completely back up, then reboot the PC
Good Luck!


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I brought home my computer from work and it was obviously connected through a smaller sized ethernet port so i went and picked up a pci adapter 10/100 mbps fast ethernet port and installed it in ok but my network conections still say that a cord is unplugged because it is reading the old slot that we use to plug the phone line into called msi/broadcom 440 x 10/100 integrated controller, so how do i get it to pick up the new port that i just installed that has the cord plugged into it?thanks.


A:pci ethernet adapter

You may need to install the NIC drivers.

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Hey all, I have a NetGear Fa311 Ethernet Adapter, (new to me) (Was still in box unopened) I just installed Windows XP Pro, SP2.

I hace a cable modem, 3 meg, Connected to a Belkin wireless router, then a RJ-45 cable connecting to the NetGear Adapter.

The card seems to have installed, I have also found the CD and updated the drivers. I then went through the network connections, and set up a network connection for a cable connection thats always on No password needed. I had it notify me if conneceted or not connected.

It says that its connected, however I cant access the internet? I threw on my belkin wireless adapter, and connected no problems, The rj-45 cable works with a different network card. But for some reason it does not for this card?

Any Ideas?

It does give me IP addressess.
Address type
Assigned by DHPC
default gateway
Network connection details,
Physical Address 00-09-5b-1e-70-5b
DHCP server
DNS servers

There is nothing listed under the WINS Server

My VIA chipset is, KT133A
Southbridge vt82c686

If my VIA chipset is effected by a conflict, Is there a work around? As the card does not work in my other PC. Its the exact same thing??

Please only post if you know for sure whats going on. As a post with a reply will cause those who know what there doing to skip over the post..

Thanks in advance,
Thomas' 73
&nb... Read more

A:Ethernet Adapter

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I use a 3Com3C90x Ethernet Adapter on my computer.OS is W98SE.

Now I want to install the high speed internet on my second computer
which also runs W98SE.

For whatever reason I cannot find the above Ethernet Adapter which
I want to purchase.

Is this one obsolete and is so,what could I use as an equivalent ?



A:What Ethernet Adapter to use

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I hope this is the right forum for this problem.
I am attempting to install a Netgear N150 Wireless Router to my Dell Inspiron i580 computer. I have the new router cabled as directed, when I try to install it to my system I get this message: ?The Ethernet Adapter is either disabled or no Ethernet Adapter is installed on this computer. Either enable or add an adapter.? I am running WIN 8.0 and I have no problems accessing the web. Shouldn?t there be an adapter in my PC and if so how do I enable it.
Someone gave me a Kindle and I have to put in a Wi-Fi Router just to use it do I need something else too.
Thanks for your invaluable help, eddie460

A:Ethernet Adapter

Please post a screenshot of Device Manager with the Network Adaptor group expanded. . see the link in my signature for how.

How do I get into Windows Device Manager?

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I am running and old Acer laptop and have my RR cable hooked up to my USB port. My speeds are only in the 1600/330 range and a technician came out and told me everything was checking out and that an ethernet hookup for my modem would help a lot.

My question is will an adapter like the one mentioned in the title of this post work on my laptop and allow me to have a ethernet hookup? Also what else would I need to complete this connection?

A:USB 10/100 Ethernet Adapter

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Im on a semi odl computer running windows Me and wanted to connect my xbox 360 so i can play in my room. This computer is connected to the internet wirelessly from my other computer in my living room. I bought a Dynex Fast Ethernet Adapter and installed the drivers and the card and everything. I went to the device manager and the status says its working fine. The problem is it wont connect to the internet. I entered the appropiate IP address and gateway and DNS and everything but it wont work and idk y. Can anyone help?

A:Ethernet Adapter Help!!!

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I'm getting dsl. Will a usb ethernet adapter do the same thing as an ethernet card?

A:ethernet adapter

Either or, but the pci card is more common, but both will work

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Hi all, I have a laptop with no ethernet port. On e-Bay I find many adapters titled "USB to ethernet" but only one used one titled "ethernet to USB". I need to access the web from our home router which is supplied through ethernet cables. The two types I find seem different but I'd really appreciate clarification since I can't see a reason to go from USB to ethernet. Seems backward.


A:Ethernet to USB Adapter

Like the description says.Networking Made SimpleEasily connect your computer, game console, DVR, or other device to a wired network with the USB Ethernet Adapter. Small and light, it connects to the USB port of your device and provides an Ethernet jack to connect to your network.Something like this: LINKSYS USB300M 10/ 100Mbps USB Ethernet Adapter 1 x RJ45

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I have a cable modem with usb connection and I am getting bluescreen error "netrcacmxp.sys" Told by tech support to use a ethernet connection to get ride of the driver error. I dont have a ehternet card but saw a "Linksys USB300M Network adapter - Hi-Speed USB" where I can plug the ethernet into the computer via usb. Will this over ride the driver error or is it the same since it is still using a usb connection ? Thanks

A:USB/Ethernet adapter ?

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I recently tried to connect to the internet through my ethernet port and it would only do a local connection to the UNC Chapel Hill network. Normally this means that you just need to register your physical address with the DHCP service on campus. so i looked online to see if there was my ethernet physical address registered from last semester, and there was one. so i then checked to make sure that it was the correct physical address by going and doing ipconfig /all in cmd. and it turns out that it reads as follows...

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Media State ....... Media Disconnected
Connection specific DNS suffix .....
Description ........ : NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller
Physical Address.......: 00-00-00-00-00-00
DHCP Enabled ......: Yes
Autoconfiguration enabled .......: Yes

so i am very confused as to why the physical address is the way that it is. i recently tried uninstalling the ehternet network adapter and then it automatically reinstalled itself but did not change anything, also doing ipconfig /renew did nothing to change it (not sure if it would or not anyway). if you have any idea of what to do then please let me know. Also i am running Vista Home Premium.
Thanks a bunch,

A:Ethernet Adapter Problem

Reset your BIOS to factory defaults, if this is the on-board NIC, that may regenerate it's normal MAC address.

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Hi i have this problem after i uninstall my nod32 from my laptop i tried to trouble shoot problem but it said

''There might be a problem with the Driver for the Ethernet Adapter'' and ''There might be a problem with the Driver for the Wifi Adapter'' Both problems cannot be fix by troubleshoot i tried to reinstall the Ethernet Adapter but it doesn't work i also tried to run the System Restore too but still don't work. Please help

PS:Sorry for my bad english (OS Windows 10)

A:Ethernet Adapter problem

Run the ESET Uninstaller:
Read the instructions carefully, you must be in Safe Mode to run it and you'll need to use another computer and a USB stick to get it to the computer.

Also reset TCP as described in this article, same as for Windows 8:

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Ok so recently my psu died in my computer I replaced it with a corsair rm-750 and I bought a new gtx 760 for my system as well. I installed it all know problem ,but when I went to power my system it told my my pcie wifi card adapter family was having driver issues. When I checked the wifi adapter in my case it wasn't getting any power so I assumed it had died. I then ordered a brand new asus USB ac56 adapter and when I booted my system it tells me "there might be a problem with the driver for the Ethernet adapter" and "there might be a problem with the wifi 3 adapter"

since it's said this I've gone through my control panel and uninstalled my Ethernet adapter drivers only to reinstall them and have it tell me the same thing. I'm too the point now where I don't know what else to do. The wifi drivers are brand new and I don't understand why they wouldn't work. Nothing I've tried has fixed the issue. Would appreciate if any of you can help so I can have my pc running before the next battlefield release. Thanks.

A:Ethernet adapter issue

So, you just installed a new PSU and your pci-e wifi card died at the same time; correct? If so, I would look around inside the case and definitely try to reseat that pci-e wifi card. IMHO, you have most likely either disturbed a connection or somehow caused some sort of ESD damage when installing the PSU. So, did you use any of the proper ESD precautions (before/when) installing the new PSU? Did you use an ESD wrist-strap?

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Hey everyone,

I haven't posted on here in years, but could use some help now with the system that this board helped me build.

It's an ECS K7S5A AMD Athlon 1.14 ghz processor, I had 512mb of RAM
OS= XP Pro 2002 SP 3.

I had this unit in storage for about 18 months and just began using it again about 5 months ago. Before I stored it, I had installed a larger seagate HD which subsequently failed. I had to reload windows, and ever since then, my performance has been quite slowed, and I get these very short intermittent hangs when typing, searching pages, or watching youtube videos...pretty much everything. I figured it was a memory issue and bought a 1gb stick of RAM, now giving me 1.5gb. I just read maybe 5 minutes ago that the board capacity was 1gb. That change really didn't speed a whole lot up, but it did make some difference, though not enough to prevent the little 'hiccups'.

I also have an issue where windows cannot find the drivers for the SM Bus or Ethernet adapter. I tried both the XP setup disc that I have as well as the disc that came with the mobo, to no avail.

I dowloaded the AMD driver update package and it said it couldn't find any AMD products! My system screen says the update package lies! (well not literally, but the two certainly aren't agreeing at the moment, as it clearly says AMD Athlon under the "Computer:" section of the general tab.

Could the two issues be related? I have nothing else showing up yellow in my device m... Read more

A:XP can't find SM Bus Or Ethernet Adapter

Take off the side of the case and reaffirm the make and model # of the MOBO. Download the drivers from

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Hello, I have a problem with the ethernet adapter on my computer that worked fine in the past. Basically when I use the ethernet adapter, I get a constant on and off message that a network cable is unplugged when it is not. In one second, the ethernet adapter works fine and I can connect to the internet, in the next second, I get a "message" saying that a network cable is unplugged. Also, recently when I have been connecting to the internet, I keep on getting disconnected to the internet even when I am not using the adapter but a USB cable! The only way I can connect to the internet ok is through a USB cable and by disabling the adapter. It is inconvenient this way and I want to get back to using the ethernet adapter.
I have tried "solutions"; that is, updating the driver software, disabling and reenabling the adapter, and other solutions on the microsoft web site and other places yet nothing seems to work.
Can anyone help me fix the problem?
The ethernet adapter is Intel Pro VE 100 Ethernet Adapter.
O/S is windows xp.
Thank you.

A:Ethernet Adapter Problem

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I just formatted my drive and reinstalled Win98SE. I have a 10/100 PCI Ethernet Adapter. The Device Manager is not listing it. I'm pretty sure the driver is missing. I went to the manufacturer's website and downloaded what they listed as the driver for it. When I unzipped it, I got, netrts5.inf and Rt8139.sys. Shouldn't there be a .drv file there somewhere? More importantly, where the heck do I put these files? I don't have a clue.

Thanks for any help you can give.

A:Ethernet Adapter not recognized

If the PC isn't recognizing it at boot up then there might be a problem. Is it showing up in device manager? When installing the drivers you downloaded it will look for the .inf file as a reference to where the fles are and where they will be installed and any registry settings. Put them on a diskette or a folder on your hard drive.

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I have been battling with my internet provider for over a year now, yesterday they tell me my laptop is at fault!  The problem is my internet speed, on wireless I get around 140mbs, but when hardwired to my router I only get 90mbs at best? My provider now tell me it is due to my ethernet adapter, it is only capable of 100mbs. If this is the case, how do I increase the speed, or replace the adapter?   Regards   M

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I have bought a Lenovo ideapad Yoga 13 and am having problems.
The laptop doesn't come with an ethernet port so I have bought an adapter to plug into my USB port. The adapter I have bought is the 'Asix AX88772A'. I have tried making it work and it started off alright, then after about 30 seconds the internet stopped and in the device manager, there is an error message saying:
This device cannot start. (Code 10)

{Operation Failed}
The requested operation was unsuccessful.

This is really annoying because in my student accommodation they don't have or allow WiFi.

I would appreciate any help, thanks.

A:Solved: USB to Ethernet adapter

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Currently i am connected via wireless sierra modem with no problems.
I would like to add a firewall via a router, butb it requres ethernet connection (sockets) but the sierra modem is USB>
Do I simply buy a ethernet to USB adapter and connect.
Your help willn be appreciated.

A:Solved: USB to ethernet adapter.

Depending on the Sierra cellular modem you have, you can use one of the Cradlepoint routers.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 530 using Windows Vista that I bought in July 2007. I have been trying to make it work faster. I recently added 2 gig of memory giving it 4 gig total. I am using IE 9.

My current problem is the internet just isn?t working right. It is slow, choppy at times or doesn?t load all items on a page. If it doesn?t load a page sometimes I click on the stop X, followed by refresh and the page pops right up. Sometimes if I don?t get a complete page a refresh will fix it. It is just a pain to work with.

There is an icon which I think is called Network Connectivity in the right corner of the task bar. It is two small blue screens. It keeps changing from a red x, an exclamation point, and three blue balls or nothing. If I rest on the icon it flashes the status of the network:
Red X ? You are not currently connected to any networks
Blue Balls ? Access: Local and Internet
Exclamation Point ? Limited Connectivity
Just two screens ? Access: Local Only

I called my internet provider. They said to call Dell to get help uninstalling my Ethernet Adatper. I called Dell but since it was out of warranty and I chose to try it myself. I uninstalled the Intel 82562V-2 10/100 Network Connection in my devices. I scanned for hardware changes and it reinstalled it. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver but there was no change.

I hope you can help me with this. Also as we are working on this if there is anything you see that I could do to speed up the ... Read more

A:Ethernet Adapter problem?

FWIW: Slow Computer-browser Check Here First; It May Not Be Malware -


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So I'm having problems with corrupt downloads. This only happens with large downloads like games(500mb+). Although i can download large video files perfectly(usually 1.5gigs). I usually try to get games like granado espada via bittorrent so i can repair the download but it always comes out corrupt no matter how many times i repair it. I had a friend test the torrent and it worked fine for him(we're both on vista 64). Doesn't matter whether I get the games from bittorrent or sites like fileplanet or gamershell, they all download corrupt even though the files are good. So I started to google corrupt downloads and such. Found some possible hardware and software solutions. So I reinstalled vista ultimate 64(needed to anyways XD). That didn't work obviously. Thought it could be the memory so I decided to run memtest86+ and it returned 0 errors after 12 passes. I ran check disk thinking it might just be my hard disk corrupting data( 0 errors there). So I then went to my ethernet adapter and made sure the drivers where up-to-date and they were. Then I did a ping and traceroute test and got no packet loss or anything. So I came to the final solution i found and that is to get another ethernet card and try it out but I am reluctant to do so since i have no $$ at the moment. Is there anything else I can try?? any help would be greatly appreciated! thx

attached are my system summary created by Everest

A:Faulty Ethernet Adapter?

Do you have a on board to plug into and try it?

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Trying to download drivers for "realtek RTL8139(a)-based pci fast ethernet adapter.
Found some on a site but can`t seem to install them. When i go into update drivers and try and specify a location (which is on a disc in drive E i get a message saying "location doesn`t contain information about my hardware".Any ideas on what i`m doing wrong would be gratefully accepted.

A:drivers for ethernet adapter

Try this driver and see if it installs.
login= drivers Password = all

If not use hwinfo or PCwizzrd to find out what kinda card it is.

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can anyone tell me how to disable this in the BIOS: SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter ???

A:SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter

Does your bios have the option to disable it there?

Also, why do you want to disable it?

It can also be disabled via device manager.

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I'm doing this for a friend as he can't get online, he has a dell dimention 2300, winxp, he reinstalled winxp with the dell cd, everything went ok but when he tried to go online winxp can't recognize his usb ethernet network adapter, in device manager he has a question mark for serial bus controller (usb) and 10/100 lan, he said he installed all the drivers that where on the dell resource cd, in the right order

A:XP won't recognize usb ethernet adapter

Was the adapter an optional component or something he added later? If the former, you could find drivers on the Dell site, if the latter, check if it came with a drivers CD, or if it the manufacturer's web site has drivers for it.
Also check out the unknown device identifier
I don't know how good it is, but it's worth giving it a try.
If you know you have the right drivers for the right, but it still won't get detected in device manager, there's always a chance of the device being faulty or broken.

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I just bought an ethernet adapter from eBay for my MacBook Air 2010 which of course doesn't have an ethernet port.

With the CD that came with it, I found a heap of random drivers, but I installed one that seemed appropriate. Now I'm not sure what to do to get it working. I've got the cable connected and everything but - maybe I'm just a big noob - but I have no idea what should be happening now.

It's something to do with Moschip, I don't know if this is relevant. BTW, I'm running OS X Lion.

I'd appreciate any help!!! Desperate to get it working. Oh, and the adapter isn't official Apple version.

A:Help with ethernet adapter & Macbook Air

closing duplicate, please respond at . Please do not create duplicate threads for the same issue.



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Hi folks

I am interested in playing some of my ps2 games online, more specifically pro evolution 5.
At the moment my setup is i have a switch connected to my blueyonder cable modem 1mbps. is it simple case of me buying this network adapter that i attach to my ps2 and run a cat5 cable to my ps2 to switch and bobs your uncle

Do i need to pay extra fees to blueyonder to receive this service. thanks.

I have looked on the blueyonder website and cannot find anything to do with console gaming which proved useful.

Also does anyone know any uk sites where i can pick up a cheap network apater for ps2.

thanks again

A:ethernet adapter ps2 question

is very simple to hook ps2 online, just buy network adapter and hook the cat5 cable from network adapter to router or directly to modem. No need to configure nothing. Only thing you will be ask by ps2 is to make a connection profile which is self explainatory and easy to do.

No need for extra free or nothing.

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Had a virus and system kept trying to restart. I rebooted xp operating system. Now when i tried to hook my router back up it says my ethernet adapter is not recognized or not working.

A:ethernet adapter not recognized

What do you mean by I rebooted xp operating system? Did you reinstall XP?


Go into the Device Manager and advise what's listed in Network Adapters.


What's the model name and model number of that eMachines, and is it a desktop or a laptop?


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Can you tell me just what the SIS 900 Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter does and is it onboard the mobo or is it like a card setup idea? When would you have it disabled or enabled? If it was disabled would it make a difference when trying to connect to the internet using dial up connection?

A:Fast Ethernet Adapter

Fast ethernet could also be something to do with the gigabit ethernet.... Rick is right, If you are not in LAN or ADSL/DSL you won't need it

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I am looking for a driver that will work with a Pocket Ethernet Adapter. The product that I have is an "IQ Pocket p-LAN II"

I have searched far and wide with no success.

The device has a bar code and probably what is a useless S/N 90564389.

I have gone as far as taking the thing apart to look for a FCC ID Number. I can't see it if it's there.

Any suggestions?


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I reformatted an old Gateway computer and now am unable to connect to the Internet but the computer is connected to a linksys modem. the cable provider said I needed to find an "Ethernet Network Adapter for Windows XP" but I have downloaded 5 with no luck -- I've been on Gateways site, Intel's site and just googled it ... anyone have a better solution? Thank you

A:Ethernet Network Adapter

Please post your system specs using the program Everest.

There is a link located in my signature where you can download it.



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I'm hoping to make the jump from dial up to DSL internet and am wondering if this "SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter" is the NIC that is required to connect my comp to the DSL modem? Also, how can I tell if it is working properly without actually being connected (I don't want to purchase the service if I need to get new comp parts first)? Under device manager it says "this device is working properly", should this be enough reassurance to go ahead and order the DSL modem?
Just as an aside .... whats a "RAS Async Adapter"?

A:DSL and SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter ?

It seems like you are good to go from what you have mentioned..... as long as you go to device manager like you mentioned, and it tells you that the device is working properly, your all set...

Have fun with your DSL..... once you get it, you never go back.

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I just bought an ethernet adapter from eBay for my MacBook Air 2010 which of course doesn't have an ethernet port.

With the CD that came with it, I found a heap of random drivers, but I installed one that seemed appropriate. Now I'm not sure what to do to get it working. I've got the cable connected and everything but - maybe I'm just a big noob - but I have no idea what should be happening now.

It's something to do with Moschip, I don't know if this is relevant. BTW, I'm running OS X Lion.

I'd appreciate any help!!! Desperate to get it working. Oh, and the adapter isn't official Apple version.

A:Help with ethernet adapter & Macbook Air

If it is a Moschip USB to Ethernet then probably either a model MCS7830 or MCS7832.
Search of Moschip site for drivers sends you to site which shows the same driver for both models,
This is the page for the MSC7830. Drivers are listed at the bottom of the page.;74;109&PLine=74

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Good Afternoon,

My ethernet port is not working on my PC (not sure why) and so I've reverted temporarily to a USB adapter which enables me to connect my ethernet cable via USB. Problem I have is that the adapter was supplied by my broadband company back when we originally got broadband internet company around 10 years ago (the PC I had back in them days did not have an ethernet port!) and so I have no idea who the manufacturer of the device is.

I'm using Windows XP SP2 and the device will not plug and play (treid 3 different ports), does anyone know if there is a driver embedded within Windows that I can manually activate, or failing that suggest a generic driver that I can get online?

USB is only a temporary measure, Ive just bought a new Router (sods law the one port I require fails the day I buy a shiny new device!) and need to connect it via cable for initial setup. I'm curently connected to my old router through WiFi.

Any Help is much appreciated.

A:USB Ethernet Adapter Windows XP

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So everytime i go on the computer via ethernet for a while,say 1 hour or so,the ethernet will stop working and sometimes the adapter will turn itself off,even when im booting the pc from scratch,im confsued on this one :S

Any ideas?

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Hi guys, I have big problem for internet connection. I have cable internet (Tv and internet share same cable) but when I turn on my PC icon for connection is with yellow sign (identifying network) or with red sign (cable is unplugged). They periodically blinking (first yellow than red sign) and I don`t have connection. After 20 minutes after turn PC on, my connection is back and is stable as long as I do on my PC. When PC go to sleep mode same thing happening. I have build 11082. I check cable and it`s OK. Also I try to flush DNS but same things happening. What is wrong with windows 10 and ethernet adapter?

A:Ethernet adapter big problem

Most times it is because of an issue of the adapter not getting the correct info from the Gateway, same as the Gateway not getting correct info from the computer network adapter.

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I'm trying to connect a pinnacle showcenter with a 2 ethernet adapter. I have one integrated ethernet adapter in which my modem is plugged into. Now I also have a 2nd one in which the showcenter is plugged into with a tp-cable (crossover). The little icon in the bottom right corner says that it is connected but my showcenter isnt showing anything connected to it. I'm mailny wondering what IP is should give to the 2 nd ethernet adapter.


A:Need help connecting a 2nd Ethernet Adapter!

This device is designed to connect to a network. Why not pick up a cheap broadband router and connect it the right way, it'll be a lot less complicated? I'm guessing it will be looking for a DHCP server, so you'd probably have to use ICS on that machine to get it to be recognized.

Connect the ShowCenter Player to your home network with the supplied Ethernet cable or 802.11g wireless card. The player automatically detects and connects all PC servers on your home network. If you don't have a home network, don't worry; you can also connect using the included Ethernet crossover cable directly from your PC to the ShowCenter PlayerClick to expand...

Since they say it's possible to connect with a crossover cable, what are the specific installation instructions that came with the unit?

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A free tech told me that buy the cheaper ethernet card adapter because it's same stuff inside it. Is it correct>

I prefer Linksys Ethernet Desktop Adapter (LNE100TX) because I'll rebate 15.00 so it costs $10.00 from Circuit City site.

Which ethernet card adapter do you like?

Can I use SBC DSL modem because it's free or Do I buy the better DSL modem?

A:ethernet card adapter ?

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Our ethernet card died, so were without our broadband net right now. I know ethernet adapters are cheap, but does it matter what I get?

A:Need a new ethernet network adapter, what should I get?

Any of the brand names will work fine . .

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Windows Vista Home Basic - My nic went kaput halfway through installing windows updates. There was 1 optional update in the mix for the Realtek adapter. Kinda wonder if that update got screwy somehow. The cable connection is good(tried on other pc)but the icon balloon on Toshiba lappy says not connected. I checked drivers in device mgr. and all looks fine, has best drivers. It's like the computer cannot "see" that it has a cable plugged in. I did check the view installed updates list to uninstall the nic update but it only shows the Windows OS updates. Anyone know where I can find the optional Realtek hardware update to uninstall it?

A:Ethernet adapter problem

try going to control panel>network and sharing>diagnose and repair (link on the left side)
if that don't work, list the name and numbers of the controller (in device manager)

good luck

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So here is my problem, i just reformatted my old hard drives because i got a new one (western digital raptor 10,000rpm) and when i got into windows it was auto detecting all the hardware i have plugged in (video card & network card) but when i try to install the drivers for the network card they don't work. i can install the ones that come with windows but it says in the device manager "This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)" and still won't work. And i've tried getting all the lastest drivers for my mobo and network card. Any Ideas?
System Specs:
Intel D865PERL motherboard
2 x 512mb pc3200 ram
36 gig western digital raptor hard drive
80 gig western digital hard drive
90 western digital hard drive
D-Link DFE-530TX+ PCI network card
Geforce FX 5900 ultra

Ask me if you need any other info.

A:Ethernet Adapter Problems

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I have an old Dell PC Windows XP, service pk 3, one day, the internet did not comunicate. I looked on the back at ethernet port and is dead=no lights flicker none! I checked DSL modem, cable and NOTHING, dead. I disable and enable the connection but a message keeps saying."no ethernet cable attached" I looked inside and is a metal box attached to motherboard, not a card. HOW DO I FIX this? I have a reformating disk but the disk is not read by the CD driver. thanks

A:ethernet adapter dead!?

Sounds like the ethernet card died, you can buy a pci nic card for under $20.

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I'd never heard of Ethernet to USB adapters, but they're out there. I can't seem to figure out exactly what they can be used for, though. It appears you can use one (EDIT) to connect to a wired network (/EDIT) if your laptop doesn't have an Ethernet port.

If the signal levels, logic and timing are compatible for the above use, I wonder if I could use one to connect my personal laser printer (not an all-in-one) to my network?

Both my printer servers are WEP only; new ones here are upwards of $80. I just moved into an urban environment where it's prudent to use better security.

I have an unused game adapter (Linksys WGA54G) that can use WPA, but it has only an Ethernet port. The printer has only USB and parallel printer ports.

A:Ethernet to USB adapter -- can I use one with a printer?

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I play World of Warcraft and for some reason my latency is really high. We recently upgraded our ISP to high-speed internet, and I thought that might help. I was fiddling with the network adapter device properties and maybe I did something I shouldn't have... Now it is even worse. I am running Vista and what I want to know is what should all the settings in "Control Panel/Device Manager/Network Adapters/Realtek RTL8168C(P) 8111C(P) Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0)/Advanced" be?

A:Best Ethernet Adapter Configuration?

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I ordered DSL form Sprint and do not have a NIC card so I ordered a usb to fast ethernet adapter. When I plugged it into my usb, there was smoke, I'm pretty sure from the USB not the adapter, this is the type of usb that connects via jumper to the motherboard, and now my printer does not work which is also connected to the USB. So I'm pretty sure I fried the USB.

MY questions are,
Did I hurt the motherboard or is there some protection in the usb?
I only had 2 slots, so I would like a better usb, I do have open slots to install other type (whatever you call the slot), my next question, is what type usb would be better, the one that attaches via jumper to the mother board or what?

I need to call sprint and tell them what happened, any suggestions, did their adapter possibly do this? should I ask them to pay for a new usb? free one month service? or what. Can I test this usb adapter or should I heve them send me a new one?

Or should I go with a NIC card?

A:USB to fast ethernet adapter

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I have a "VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter" and I suspect i'm not geting it's full potential. In it's properties->Advanced tabs there are properties and values for:

Adaptive interupt (enabled),
connection type (auto-negotiation),
flow control (disabled),
network address,
receive buffers (set to 64),
transmit bufers (also set to 64), and
wake up time (os controlled).

I have a Cable connection (100 Mbps but limit set to 50kb/s download) and windows xp pro.

I would like to know what these values should be for optimal performance.

A:Ethernet Adapter Properties

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I bought a used usb ethernet adapter for my friends laptop, in order to connect him to the internet via high speed. The problem I am facing is that the adapter did not come with an install disk, and although the drivers are dowloadable from the manufacturers web site, I cannot get the program to initiate once downloaded. Basically, I am downloading the driver on my computer, and then transfering the file exactly as it comes in over to his computer via a 3.5 inch disk. However, none of the files on the disk are executable, none of them Run or initiate any kind of an install process. When you download, it gives you the option to open, and when you choose this it brings you to a dos prompt, but because his computer cannot currently connect to the internet, I have no means it seems of getting his computer to this stage even, and further, I do not know what to do even after getting to the dos prompt. Help please!! Thank you!!

A:Connecting usb ethernet adapter???

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This is really weird... I have been trying to install an Olicom OC-2232 PCMCIA modem/ethernet combo card on my old Win98SE laptop. I downloaded the latest drivers from the net. I installed the card, and the modem part works fine, and the Device Manager says the Ethernet adapter is also working properly (no exclamation mark over it either).

In Control Panel / Network, I see the Ethernet adapter and a TCP/IP protocol entry for it. The bindings and all the settings are as they should be.

But ipconfig and winipcfg don't see the Ethernet adapter at all. The only adapter I see on the menu in winipcfg is the PPP adapter. There are no "standard modem" devices in Device Manager, only the Olicom PCMCIA modem device which works and dials ok, so I do have the Olicom modem/ether combo drivers installed properly.

I have tried uninstalling the whole Communications part of Windows 98SE and then re-installing the networking stuff from scratch. That didn't help either - the Ethernet adapter is not seen at all by ipconfig or winipcfg.

I have an ADSL modem with both Ethernet and USB. I want to use the USB for my desk computer and the Ethernet connector for my laptop (the modem manual says they can be used simultaneously). Just out of curiosity, I tried installing the USB driver on the laptop, and it worked perfectly - the USB net adapter is shown in winipcfg menu next to the PPP adapter, and the USB net connection works fine. If only I could achive the same with the Ethe... Read more

A:Ethernet adapter not seen by ipconfig

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Any help on this one would be great!

I am using a Belkin USB to ethernet adapter to connect to my Netgear ADSL modem/router as the win98se PC in question does not have an ethernet card.
Via the other XP PC connected to the router I can see the win98 pc is 'attached' and also can successfully ping the router via the win98 machine.

However, I cannot seem to gain internet access which is working fine with the XP machine. I have tried configuring static IP addressing with manual dns configuration (Using the DNS addresses reported by the router) and, again, the router shows the win98 machine attached at the chosen IP address. Internet explorer just sits there saying 'Finding' but fails to connect.

Heres hoping someone out there might be able to sat where I've gone wrong!


A:USB to Ethernet Adapter Problems

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i need driver for a f=ma gfc2204 fast ethernet adapter. i've tried driver guild but driver are no good.

A:need driver for ethernet adapter

try here

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I have a working netgear router and cable modem for my network. I have tested it with my laptop running xp pro and it's great.

I am trying to add to the network a sony laptop running windows 2000 that has only one usb port. The laptop has no ethernet port, so I installed a usb-ethernet adapter that I plugged into a working usb hub. I could not conncect to the router configuration page. If I put the adapter directly into the laptops usb port (not the hub), everything works great. If I put it back into the hub, it works for about 3 minutes, then I cannot connect to the router configuration page again.

We have a lot of usb devices on the computer that we need.
Help!! Thanks!!

A:USB to Ethernet adapter won't work through hub

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Just like the title says - I upgraded to Windows 7 pro 64-bit, and I can't find working drivers for my Trendnet TU-ET100C.

Is anyone using a USB to Ethernet device under Win7 64 that works well, or has anyone found Trendnet drivers that work?

Thanks in advance!

A:Looking for a USB Ethernet adapter for Win7 64 bit

Quote: Originally Posted by Jeffbx

Just like the title says - I upgraded to Windows 7 pro 64-bit, and I can't find working drivers for my Trendnet TU-ET100C.

Is anyone using a USB to Ethernet device under Win7 64 that works well, or has anyone found Trendnet drivers that work?

Thanks in advance!

Trendnet doesnt seem to have win 7 (64 bit) drivers. You might be able to use their vista driver if you install them in compatibility mode.

(right click installer>properties>compatibility mode> choose OS)

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I dont know if i am in right frounm so please point me in right direction if i am not.

Alright i have a D-LINK AIR 2.4GHz Wireless Cardbus Adapter, and I am trying to find a way to connect it to an ethernet cable to connec tto my xbox 360. I have taken apart a laptop to get its cardbus, thinking that there would be some wires that i could try to splice and solder. 40 screws later i realized that tthe cardbus connects directly into the motherboard.

So if anyone has any idea how i could get the internet from my cardbus adapter into my xbox it would be greatly appreciated.

A:Cardbus adapter to ethernet.

i would greatly appreciate anyone writing down their thoughts about this, i really need help.

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I recently had to reformat my PC because I was getting a blue screen which said windows would not start properly, I tried repairing my windows but that did not work either. I use Verizon DSL and I've never had an issue installing it when I first got it. I can't get online unless I have the software of verizon's installed, but I can't install the software because when I go to "Install my Modem" it can not connect to my Ethernet Adapter. It says that I do not have an "Ethernet Adapter". I'm not positive, but I think an Ethernet Adapter is the same as an Ethernet card, please tell me if I'm wrong.

I'm assuming when I had to improperly shut my computer down I may have fried something (such as my ethernet card ) and that I need to purchase a new one. I've gone through all of the troubleshooting issues and none of them resolved my problem. I don't feel like calling on July 4th because I have family over, and I figured I'd get better help here anyway.

I'm an avid gamer, and a decent Ethernet Card would be nice (If that's even my problem!?)

1) Do you think it's my card?
2) If I get a new card, what kind of card should I get?

Thanks to everyone in advance, your help is greatly appreciated.

A:Ethernet Adapter Issue

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I have recently installed an old WinXP desktop PC to my workshop. It lay in the loft the last few years packed and unused. I have it all working now updated to XP SP3 final updates and it is at present connecting to the internet through a long Cat5E cable from my Virgin superhub 2 modem. The XP PC connects via a VIA VT-6102 Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter on the motherboard. My question is, can someone with more technical knowledge tell me if this adapter is wireless capable and if so what do I need to get it connected wirelessly to the Virgin Superhub wi-fi?.

A:Ethernet Adapter Question?.

The VIA Rhine product family comprises 10/100Mbps Ethernet Network Interface Card(NIC). Purchase wireless USB adapter to connect to wireless router.

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Hi guys,
I hope someone can help me. i am trying to sort my friends computer out and we had to do a clean install of windows on his hard drive. Its windows XP and for some reason it has not picked up the drivers for the ethernet card sound and video card! I have looked in device manager and can see a yellow exclamation mark and question mark next to them. i have tried to update driver but it won't install and I don't understand why! it keeps stating its recomended to look for an internet connection to download the driver but ofcourse the internet isn't working because we are installing the ethernet driver. How can I install this driver? Any help would be appriciated its a Dell Dimention 5150.

Thanks for any help.

A:Ethernet Adapter just will not install!!

If these are motherboard sound and Ethernet then the drivers are on the Motherboard disk. Do you have it? Or look here from another PC. 5150/E510&os=WW1&osl=en&catid=&impid=

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I have been having problems with my computer randomly dropping my internet connection. Usually my ping spikes real high, Skype disconnects me, the game I'm playing disconnects me. I had this problem before upgrading to windows 10 and don't know if its my killer e2200 that came integrated with my motherboard. The driver is updated and I thought I might as well start here before trying to replace modem or router. I also want to add that I have a brand new Cat 6 cable Ethernet cable.

The only problem is trying to find a PCI Ethernet network adapter that is compatible with windows 10. I would really like to avoid using a USB 3.0 and prefer to use a PCI slot. Of course it doesn't need to say "good for gaming" as I think any generic 10/100/1000 Ethernet adapter will do. The problem is finding one that works with Windows 10. Thanks.

And if anyone want to try and solve my network problem your welcome to. I notice it only when I'm playing a game and talking to friends on Skype. I might also be listening to music with a mixture of downloaded and streaming from Spotify. When I'm playing a game and talking I will notice that the persons voice is getting broken up and my game starts to lag, ping spikes way passed 1000. When this happens Skype says I'm offline and I'm trying to reconnect. The problem I'm facing leads me to believe it could be my router thinking that I'm taking to much bandwidth or something. I have a Linksys EA4500, and I have my computer under Media Prioritiz... Read more

A:Need a PCI Ethernet Network Adapter

Changing the adapter isnot going to resolve an issue on the ISP side.

What do your power levels show on the modem? Post a Screenshot.

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I have got a Dlink DFE-538TX 10/100 Adapter and I have problems with it. Whenever I set it up with at least 100 Half duplex, the damn thing won't connect. Heck, it can't even acquire the IP! I checked the cables and they seem fine. I've also updated the drivers, no luck. Little help?

A:Ethernet Adapter Problem

Have you tried configuring it for auto mode? How about some information about what it's connected to? Did you try a new port on the router/switch it's connected to? How about a new cable?

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Alright i have a D-LINK AIR 2.4GHz Wireless Cardbus Adapter, and I am trying to find a way to connect it to an ethernet cable to connec tto my xbox 360. I have taken apart a laptop to get its cardbus, thinking that there would be some wires that i could try to splice and solder. 40 screws later i realized that tthe cardbus connects directly into the motherboard.

So if anyone has any idea how i could get the internet from my cardbus adapter into my xbox it would be greatly appreciated.

A:Cardbus adapter to ethernet.

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I've got myself if a reall problem!
(I'm writing this from my work computer, because I've totally messed up my Dell Dimension 8250 running XP Pro).

I combined my dual OS computer into only one large partition and Fdisked(wiped out my OS(s) on my primary hard drive, in an attempt to reinstall on XP OS for my computer.

To make a long story as short as I can, I removed(Fdisk) and "clean installed" my XP Pro OS from Dell's XP installation disk on my unpartitioned primary hard drive, But I can NOT connect to my ISP or the internet because I lost the driver CD and can't connect to the internet to download and install then.

Looking in the My Computer/Device Manager, by clicking on the "plus sign" of mt network adapter shows 2 big yellow question marks meaning somethings are missing. the driver for the Ethernet Adapter, and the other is a Mulimedia driver.

How do I find out WHICH Ethernet driver I need....and HOW do I get it without the CD or access to the internet to download it?

Any ideas, please?

A:What is an Ethernet Adapter driver.....And....?

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So I have a Dell PC I bought a little over 1.5 yrs ago that came with an integrated ethernet adapter on mobo.
worked fine uptill november last year when it started giving me problems where the comp would not recognize the adapter on start-up, a reboot would solve the problem and I'd be able to go online. recently even that stopped and I can not go online, neither would it recognize the adapter on the system device list at all.

Thinking that the port has gone bad, I bought a new PCI Express X1 card and installed that on the computer.
It showed up on the device manager list only the very first time I started the machine, on every subsequent start-up, the device manager list does not show either of the adapters and I have not been able to go online on that machine for more than three weeks now.

any help on this would be great if somebody has gone thru similar predicament.

A:Ethernet Adapter not recognized

Welcome tdcv,

Is there any way you can tell us the make & model of the Dell & a service tag number ?

Also make & model of the PCI card ? Did it come with a driver Disc ?

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I network an XP box and a 98 box via wired Ethernet. Currently, a DSL connection is shared via a Zoom modem with a built-in router (5651_X4_2_2) connected to a Linksys switch (EtherFast 10/100 5-Port Workgroup Switch EZXS55W).

Just bought a laptop with a wireless card installed and want to share Internet connection and files wirelessly as already done via wired Ethenet (between XP box and a 98 box). Laptop features VISTA Home Premium.

Instead of connecting the Laptop to the switch via a patch cable (to share DSL and files), thought maybe there's a type of Ethernet to wireless adapter product that simply plugs into a port on the switch that would in turn transfer a wireless signal to the laptop. Or not?

Thanks in advance.

A:Ethernet to wireless adapter

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Hey First time poster here.

Now I apologize in advance for being to computer illiterate to be able to do this.

I recently brought a TP-Link 10/100M Fast Ethernet Adapter to connect ADSL to the computer...we just brought a new computer and we only had one SMC adapter.

Well I got it in ok, turned the computer on and put the floppy disk in. However it isnt installing, I think because it cannot find the installer drive on the floppy. I manually searched it and couldnt find anything. You can find a copy of the floppy at

That is an exact copy of the floppy. So if anyone can please help so I can finally install this.


A:Installing Ethernet Adapter

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Hi,I have to connect the public network with integrated lan card and share it to the other PC via USB ethernet adapter.After installing the USB adapter, the adapter is disabled automatically and it shows error code 22 in device maanger.Once I click enable the device, it can be enabled for less than 1 second and then goes back to disabled. This condition happens on both of Axis chip and Realtek chip.Is there any solutions to enable the USB adpter successfully?

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Is there an all-purpose diagnostic programs for ethernet adapters? The DIAG program that came with my adapter only returns "cannot find adapter". Windows 2000 tells me that the adapter is up and running fine, but I can't get any throughput to speak of. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it several times, using several different copies of what seems to be the same driver downloaded from manufacturer, vendor, etc.

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I know little to nothing about computers! I have just gotten DSL from my phone co. The guy came over hooked it up, gave me a installation guide and left. The problem is it doesnt work like it should the right stuff does not pop up for me to click on,so I called and was told that I must need a networking card, is that the ethernet adapter? Thats what the guy at bestbuy gave me. If the plug in worked in the back of my computer and all the lites came on the dsl box then do i still need the adapter and if so how in the world do i install it? There are three spots in the back that all look the same to me. And how do i know if i should use the usb port or the line plug thing? HELP ME

A:installing ethernet adapter

Explain us why it doesn't work, do you mean that you can't get on the internet?

Next time you need to make sure network sets up correctly, and ask the network guy if its set it up correctly?

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Thanks for the birthday greeting. I have a problem with trying to connect my linksys router to my computer. My pc is win98SE with a usb port connected to my cable modem. I tried to adapt the usb port to ethernet in order to connect the blue wire from the router to my pc. It won't work. I can use my laptop if I disconnect the connection to the pc or use my pc on the internet if I disconnect the router connection but I can't use both at the same time. Am I clear? Help. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

A:usb 2.0 to fast ethernet adapter

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I have recently installed an old WinXP desktop PC to my workshop. It lay in the loft the last few years packed and unused. I have it all working now updated to XP SP3 final updates and it is at present connecting to the internet through a long Cat5E cable from my Virgin superhub 2 modem. The XP PC connects via a VIA VT-6102 Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter on the motherboard. My question is, can someone with more technical knowledge tell me if this adapter is wireless capable and if so what do I need to get it connected wirelessly to the Virgin Superhub wi-fi?.

A:Ethernet Adapter Question?.

Ethernet and wireless are not the same thing so no you cannot use it to connect wirelessly to the internet. However you can buy a wireless adapter if you can find one compatible with XP. That won't be easy and you might have to go with a site that uses private sellers such as ebay or amazon.

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I'm running Win XP Pro fully patched. I've got a Netgear FA311 Fast Ethernet card installed and a DSL modem. To connect to the internet, I have to open my Network Connections panel and disable and then reenable the netgear adapter after every restart. After doing, so I connect just fine. Before I disable and reenable the netgear adapter status reads "enabled" but is not, in fact, recognizing the the dsl connection.

I've reinstalled the drivers as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Ethernet Adapter Issue

Do you have the newest driver installed? If so I would try one or two versions back on the driver.

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I have a Acer Aspire 5920G with a spoilt ethernet port. I find wireless too unstable ... so I want to use ethernet. I cant find a USB Ethernet Adapter in most hardwarestores in my country but I found Apple USB Ethernet Adapter but will it work on a Non Mac?

A:Will Apple USB Ethernet Adapter Work on a Non Mac?

Quote: Originally Posted by jiewmeng

I have a Acer Aspire 5920G with a spoilt ethernet port. I find wireless too unstable ... so I want to use ethernet. I cant find a USB Ethernet Adapter in most hardwarestores in my country but I found Apple USB Ethernet Adapter but will it work on a Non Mac?

USB is USB but if you can find an apple find a PC its cheaper and more compatible.

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I recently got a new computer, that my brother had built a gave to me. When he first brought it, everything worked fine. I want away for a few days and when i came home it wasnt reading any ethernet cables. As it turns out my router had stoped working. I bought a new one, and now every other computer works, but not mine. I look at the drivers and the Nvida Nforce network controller says its installed and working properly. So out of bordem i grabed and old router that doesnt work anymore, and pluged it in and plugged my computer into it. Now it says there is a cable conected..but not when it is plugged into a working router. I have Vista Home Pre. x64. Any help?

A:Network adapter not reading ethernet

Open a command prompt and type the following without the quotes and paste the results back here, "ipconfig /all". Also open IE, click tools, click Internet Options, click Connections tab and click Lan Settings tab and make sure all check boxes are clear.

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Does anyone know if Windows XP supports this PCI Card?

I searched the Windows Catalog and couldn't find any info on it.

I use this to network to my roomate's computer to use a cable modem connection.

I am upgrading from Win98SE to XP Home and would like to know if I will need a new driver or anything. I went to Network Everywhere's site and they just have one driver for download and no info on compatibility with XP.

Does anyone know where I could find out if this PCI card will still work?

Thank you.

A:Network Everywhere Fast Ethernet Adapter

It's a pretty old card. Since they have no drivers, unless the drivers were included with XP, you're probably out of luck. New NIC's with drivers cost about $10 and up, so this isn't a big loss. :) I'd stick it into an XP machine and see if the O/S recognizes it, a lot of network drivers come standard with XP, I rarely have to install the manufacturer's drivers.

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Compaq Presario 5010 CA
Can't get the Accton EN1207D Driver to work
Error message "The NDIS.VXD NTKERN.VXD loaders for this DEvice could not load the device Code 2
Where can I get this driver " SMC EN50308 (Windows 98SE) FCCID=12078a1 1070 "

A:Solved: Ethernet Adapter Driver

I would start by looking on the Compaq website. Is this an onboard NIC or is it a NIC you added via PCI slot. If the later look at the Accton Website for drivers.

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All, We are having issues with an X1 Carbon USB to Ethernet Adapter.  We have logged multiple support calls with Lenovo, and all they do is send out new adapters. I now have 3 adapters..!! The issue are having is that we connect the USB to ethernet adapter to the machine, and everythings works smoothly for 3-5 minutes.  It then drops the network connection and stops working. We have updated to the latest drivers for Windows 8, changed power management settings, tested on a Windows 7 Machine, tested on 2 different networks, and different cables and we all get the same issues. Lenovo is hopeless in supporting this, so i am looking for other ideas from the community no how we could fix this.  We have another called logged, but guess what, they are sending me another adapter..  Ill have enough spare parts for life at this rate.  Any thing you guys suggest that we can try, or is anyone else expericencing the same issue? If their is any Lenovo Representitives on here, i would love a call from you to help us out.  We are a large business with over 150 laptops from lenovo, and right now, im ready to stop buying lenovo aftert all the issues we have with support on this case. ThanksScott LancasterIT Manager

A:X1 Carbon USB to Ethernet Adapter Issues

Hi, try disabling all USB ports power saver (4 of them) in device manager. In Windows, click on Start >Control Panel (or Start >Settings >Control Panel).Double-click on System, then open the Hardware tab.Click Device Manager.Click the + at Universal Serial Bus Controllers.Right-click USB Root Hub and select Properties.Open the Power Management tab.Clear the checkmark from Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.Click OK.Repeat this procedure for the USB 2.0 Hub.

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Can anyone help?
I am trying to get a local area network set up at home and running the windows xp setup it states that my sis 900 based ethernet adaptor is unplugged. I have to confess that I do not know where to start.
Is a plug/ card not plugged into my motherboard, if so where do I start looking?
Is this a software problem that requires a fix?
Is this a Bios thing?

My internet connection is good and the bridge (ignoring above device) enables me to share the internet, pictures and music between computers via my Belkin router/modem. Tho it seems I have to constantly reload network LAN set up if I turn off computer!!

I was just hoping for a lot more sharing of programs between computers. Is this a realistic hope?

A:Unplugged sis 900 based ethernet adapter

It means that net network cable is unplugged. You are either:
- using a wrong kind of cable
- using a bad cable
- using bad drivers (get the latest from the internet)
- having incompatibilities between the two networking devices (try setting the link speed and duplex manually in the NIC properties)

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I used a wireless connection for a couple years. I moved and now I want to use a wired connection. I am not able to connect to the internet at all with the newest(2015) Realtek driver. The only way I can get a wired connection is by rolling back the driver to previous(2013) version and change speed and duplex to 10mbps. I would like to get internet without bottlenecking myself.

Any help is appreciated
My system: HP ENVY dv7 Notebook PC
My Router: Linksys e1200 v2
My Adapter: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller RTL8168
Cable: 25ft Flat CAT6 Ethernet Cable
OS: Windows 8.1 64bit

A:Ethernet Adapter Limited to 10mbps

have you downloaded from here

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hello!! Needed some help on what I believe are some related issues. I took it in for a free diagnostic at a local store and was told most likely I'll have to get my motherboard replaced - hoping it may not be so! I've done some troubleshooting on my own, so hopefully this will all make sense. Here's my long saga ...
I have an HP HDX16t laptop.

Problem 1 is I noticed first that even though my laptop was plugged in, it wasn't recognizing as so and was running on battery power. Since I have my laptop connected to a monitor, thankfully I minimally use the battery. I replaced both the battery and the power cord and that didn't seem to help resolve the recognition of the AC adapter issue. Right now with the new battery, it somehow is keeping the charge at 100% while plugged in, but isn't recognizing that it is and the blue light isn't showing up. I've tried checking again for the hardware and updating the driver, but the driver is up to date. According to the device manager, the device is running properly though (which may explain why I'm not draining the new battery, thank god!)

Problem 2 is that my Ethernet port isn't being recognized. I prefer a wired connection and when I plug in a cable that works on my work laptop, it isn't being recognized on my HP. My wireless ports are good though. I've tried setting up a new network and updating the drivers, but the Ethernet port/LAN network isn't recognized. I've... Read more

A:AC Adapter/Ethernet Issues (HP Laptop)

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I work with many different setups, but this one is giving me some trouble. It's a laptop with Win98, setup to connect to the LAN at work. Occasionally, I need it to receive UDP data directly from a single machine (peer-to-peer). This means I disconnect the laptop from the LAN, and use a cross-over cable to connect it to the other machine (Win2000).

But because the adapter is setup to find a DHCP server (LAN), it blocks ethernet access commands if the server isn't found -- and I can't receive any data.

2+ solutions: boot the laptop while connected to the LAN (untested because not practical), change the TCP/IP settings every time (give me a break, please), use a feature in Win98 that I don't know of and allows "dynamic" swap of settings (?), or use a 3rd party program to manage connections/settings (?).

If you can help with my "question marks", know of another way to deal with this... Please let me know.

Thanks all!

A:multiple connections through 1 ethernet adapter

windows XP has this feature to allow 1 NIC to have 2 different ip configurations exacly for the reason you seek

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I have just fitted an Ethernet adapter into a PCI slot on my Win98 desktop (pc2)

i downloaded the driver HP EN1207D-TX on my Win XP (pc1) and carried it over to PC2 via mp3 player (which im using as a memory stick)

i dragged the file to the desktop on pc2 but when i double click the file it asks which program should i open it with???
When i downloaded the driver it was a zipped file so assuming it hasnt/couldnt change in transit then thats what it is =P Any suggestions?
all i want to do is install the driver for the ethernet port so i can continue puzzling out my network problem =)

also i tried going through the add new hardware wizard but that does pick it up =/ always get the msg no drivers found and i couldnt find it on the list

A:Ethernet adapter driver driving me mad

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I installed Windows 10 the day it came out.  Since then, about 8-10 times per day the Ethernet adapter quits working - Windows will say that it is disabled.  If I get that far, telling it to enable it works, or I can reboot and fix it (for a while).  It is built onto my motherboard (Broadcom Netlink gigabit Ethernet). I had it check the drivers, and it says that I have the current one.  I checked the power settings and the "allow computer to turn off to save power" is NOT checked.
I don't know anything else to check - does anyone have suggestions?

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