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Expanding dropdown menus

Q: Expanding dropdown menus

This more a question than a 'problem'...

When you dropdown a menu, you get a selection of the ones you most recently used, and you have to click on the double-down-arrow to see the rest. Is there a way that allows me to always see the full menu instead of just the selection?

Daniel Klein

A: Expanding dropdown menus

Yes. Go to Start> settings> taskbar and start menus> then clear the check mark from use personalized menus.
PS I hate them too.


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I have a friend using Windows XP home edition with Internet Explorer 7.0. If she goes to a website like, whenever she clicks on a dropdown menu to change the date or information, the menu opens up as blank and the mouse cursor turns into a crosshair. If we click it 2 or 3 times sometimes the dropdown populates most times it doesnt. Some of the dropdowns on the site work everytime while others are extremely intermittent. I have went to a few other sites with dropdown menus and experienced the same issues.

I tried the same websites on a different computer with Windows XP and IE 6.0 with no issues.

Any ideas why these dropdowns are not coming up properly?

A:IE 7.0 and dropdown menus

Go through all the defaults on Tools - Internet Options (press ALT on keyboard to view this menu in IE)

Also go to and do the flash install again (without google bar)

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if I go to start or any other menu for that purpose, the windows will only show the most commonly used programs while hide the others, so I always need to click the double arrow to see the other programs. I want to deactivate this so that all options are always shown. any idea how to do this?

A:dropdown menus

This should help you:

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In my version of XP PRO, I haven't been able to find any provision for removing entries from my various dropdown menus. This is really annoying in
IE6 where my various download managers came in and added to an already overpopulated menu. I'm also tired of sending by Email when I want to save.
Also, my desktop icon lettering is almost invisible. How can I change size and color? I was able to do a lot of this in 98SE as I recall but almost nothing useful ( like XP's useful ) in XP. I'm beginning to think P stands for PIG.

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Im not sure exactly how to describe this...but when i open a menu on anything (including the start menu), it doesnt fill in right away. I included a screenshot of the problem..can anyone help me or tell me whats going on?

I might have forgotten something, if so, let me know


A:Dropdown menus not showing

When you open a folder window and click a menu, the drop-down appears but it may be completely transparent, and thus the Menu text may be invisible until you hover the Mouse pointer over the sub-menu. Not sure which particular setting is cause this, but here are the things that you can try:
Click Start, click Run, and type sysdm.cpl
Click the Advanced tab
Under Performance, click Settings
Click the Visual Effects tab
If you have any custom settings, note the configuration in a paper.
Set it to Adjust for best performance
Click Apply
Repeat the above steps (1-3) and reset your preferred settings again.
If that does not help, change the theme to Windows Classic and then revert back to XP Style.

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Have been having a problem just recently with dropdown menus not working.
Clicking on it brings up a blank box , won't display the list of selections.
This has happened on numerous websites including airlines (for
city selections, # of passengers, etc.) and others.

A:Dropdown menus blank

try IE without add ons via all programmes or with firefox firefox safe mode if works then add ons/toolbar issue

run your anti virus scanners fully

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i need to create a dropdown menu in access. but it is a little more complicated than that. i am going to have two dropdowns, and based on your selection in the first dropdown, it determines the options in the second. hopefully this is possible. i think if i just create a filter it would work, but i don't know how to apply the filter after i make my selection in the first drop down. and i would need different filters based on what is selected, so apply the filter when drop down equals a certain value...any suggestions?

A:MS Access Dropdown Menus

It might help us a bit better if you tell us a bit more about what exactly you're trying to do. Dropdown menus are indeed possible in Access, but it's hard to guage it unless you know what you want in exact terms.

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When I try to use a dropdown menu in email, my cursor changes to a drawing tool and drags everything all over the page. How do I stop it from happening?

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I am running Windows 8 Pro 64 bit and 2 days ago the dropdown menu on ESPN stopped working. It works fine on Firefox (see screenshot) I cleared my browser cache, deleted my browsing history, deleted my default profile, removed Chrome entirely from my PC, cleared reg settings, reinstalled Chrome(twice..once with reg one with new beta version), reinstalled flash, java, and nothing has worked. Anyone else ever have this happen and what on earth can I do to make it work? Thanks in advance.

A:dropdown menus not working in chrome

Originally Posted by samhfoley

I am running Windows 8 Pro 64 bit and 2 days ago the dropdown menu on ESPN stopped working. It works fine on Firefox (see screenshot) I cleared my browser cache, deleted my browsing history, deleted my default profile, removed Chrome entirely from my PC, cleared reg settings, reinstalled Chrome(twice..once with reg one with new beta version), reinstalled flash, java, and nothing has worked. Anyone else ever have this happen and what on earth can I do to make it work? Thanks in advance.

Excuse me, but can you provide more details on your issue? Windows 8 isn't in a beta anymore and this may be at fault of ESPN's site. I opened ESPN and the dropdown menu did work fine. Maybe try IE or Chrome on Desktop or metro, it may be the browser's compatibility too.

Hope this helps!

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Hi all.

Since yesterday, my dropdown menus have become a gray colour, from normally being white.

I had this problem a few years ago and corrected it, but I can't remember what I did.

Thanks for any help.

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For some reason, whenever I right click on something I get a blank box and options won't appear until I put cursor in box and drag it down. All the options (such as "delete") appear and stay there until I do something else. All the options do work.

I must have changed a setting without realizing it.

It happens in Live Mail program, on my desktop, etc. - anywhere where a right click gives a utility menu.

Any suggestions please.

A:Strange issue with dropdown menus

If you right click on desktop and then click refresh .... the refresh stays there, until you do some other action?

fill up your system specs.
See your system specs and fill it up here. We need the info about your GPU and RAM.

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The drop down menus for the various forums no longer drop down and reveal the sub forums when I hover over them. Is that the site or my browser? I have made no system changes recently.

I am running Vista Home Premium and Firefox v3.0.11

A:Solved: Dropdown Menus Won't Drop down

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Well that's kind of a redundant title.. I'll explain it better down here. I have several programs pinned to the start menu for convenience sake and part of the convenience of pinning programs like Wordpad to the start menu is the dropdown submenus that some programs have. I could just scroll over Wordpad and open the document I want to like that. Now the dropdown menu isn't working so I have to open it first and maneuver from the C drive that I hardly even use to my D drive and several more folders inside. Now that's still not too bad, I know. But I miss my shortcuts. :c Anyone know why this might not be working?

To be extra clear, this is what I mean by "dropdown menu:"

A:Start Menu Dropdown Menus Not Working

Hello ZomBrony, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Do the menus open if you click on the arrow?

If so, then see if checking the Open submenus when I pause on them with the mouse pointer box in Customize Start Menu settings may help.

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I'm running a celeron 733, 128ram, windows 98se. I have office 2000 premium edition and for some reason the drop down menu's come down very slowly. It's only just happened. I re-installed it but didn't work. I only have this problem with office 2000.

A:{SOLVED} Office 2000 Dropdown Menus Slow

Go to Tools-Customize, Options tab. Do you have menu animation turned on?

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After restarting my computer today, I am having issues with drop down menus (among other things). For instance, when I click the search box drop down in firefox, it will not go away and it causes me to be unable to use firefox. Upon pressing alt+tab, the program instantly closes and the "shutdown" menu for windows appears.

When trying to play "team fortress", a similar problem happens where the program appears to freeze and upon pressing alt+tab the game closes and the shutdown menu appears.

When opening an explorer window, the dropdown address bar flickers on and off as if I am clicking it over and over again, and will not stop until I close out the window. A similar thing happens in firefox when I click the dropdown on the address bar, but if I click it again it goes away.

I tried doing a system restore, but it didn't fix anything. Please help, I don't want to have to format!

P.S.: Also, pressing Ctrl + T to open a new window in firefox doesn't work, but middle clicking a link to open one does.

P.S. 2: I just noticed as well that the text that appears in the box when you hover over certain links disappears instantly.

P.S. 3: Pressing ctrl + C to copy closes out all but one tab in firefox

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My numbers lock & scroll lock are coming on & off by themselves (along with "exception beeps"). In addition "b,n,*, & /", appear in text windows without me typing them. Sometimes they appear a few times, other times they repeat many times. Drop down menus appear & highlight different options without me doing anything. Sometimes a highlighted option is selected / clicked on without me doing it. At times my mouse becomes non functional, it freezes I can not highlight and use backspace to clear the offending text. Other times, the back space will not work without the mouse being froze. Less often, a new page that i didn't click on, will open.

Dell Dimension 2400 MS Windows XP SP3 Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller

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After restarting my computer today, I am having issues with drop down menus (among other things). For instance, when I click the search box drop down in firefox, it will not go away and it causes me to be unable to use firefox. Upon pressing alt+tab, the program instantly closes and the "shutdown" menu for windows appears.

When trying to play "team fortress", a similar problem happens where the program appears to freeze and upon pressing alt+tab the game closes and the shutdown menu appears.

When opening an explorer window, the dropdown address bar flickers on and off as if I am clicking it over and over again, and will not stop until I close out the window. A similar thing happens in firefox when I click the dropdown on the address bar, but if I click it again it goes away.

I tried doing a system restore, but it didn't fix anything. Please help, I don't want to have to format!

P.S.: Also, pressing Ctrl + T to open a new window in firefox doesn't work, but middle clicking a link to open one does.

P.S. 2: I just noticed as well that the text that appears in the box when you hover over certain links disappears instantly.

P.S. 3: Pressing ctrl + C to copy closes out all but one tab in firefox

A:Dropdown Menus and control button broken in Windows XP

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I'm having a few problems and wasn't sure where to post this, but I'll try to explain the best I can....
This doesn't happen all the time but most of the time if I get an attachment in an email I can't open it (it doesn't matter what email I go into) , or if I go to facebook I sometimes can't open a picture (I can go into the album but when clicking on it, it won't open up) If I click on a drop down menu it wont open, if I try to upload a picture In facebook or anywhere I can not. if I got to edit in facebook it wont open up, or if it does it wont update or upload.

Sorry if this post is all over the place but I'm trying to list everything that is happening, its not just one website it could be any, but it occurs while i'm online not when i open up folders on my computer.

I have done disk clean up and defrag. not sure what else to do. any help that anyone can provide would be great and thanks in advance.

I have windows vista, it's a laptop, and it's a wireless router

A:Solved: opening attachments, clicking on links, dropdown menus, etc...

Are you using Internet Explorer 9 ? Go to Internet Options > Advanced > Reset IE to default button. You may have to reinstall Flash and other plugins.

Sounds like you disabled Javascript somehow.

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to check this out.
I have checked various forums for an answer or modifiable answer to my questions, but I haven’t found anything that appears to suit my problems.

I am using MS Word 2010 (Windows8 64 bit) and VBA Controls from the ‘Legacy Form’ tool option, Dropdown Form Field.
The VBA code for PeriodicList is located in Module1, General, PeriodicList
The VBA code for Suburb is located in Module1, General, Suburb
I do not have Option Explicit at the beginning of the code module.

I am creating a form layout in a MS Word document (Macro enabled), for users to complete, print, sign then scan and email to us. I am not using the ‘Userform’ because it is too difficult to set out the way we want it to look.

I have tried various ways to re-gig things to try to get things to work …. But I am frustrated and unsuccessful after trying to source solutions from the net.

I am only relatively new to VBA and am slowly getting the gist of it … but it is a very slow process.

I have 2 questions:

Question 1:
Under PeriodicList()

When “Dropdown1” is clicked it shows the options available and when selected it will determine what is listed in “Dropdown2” – however, if the user goes back to clicking “Dropdown1” and makes a different selection, it doesn’t clear “Dropdown2” field, which can lead to confusion because the old content is still in the field.
How do I code it to clear “Dropdown2” if “Dropdown1” is clicked?

Question 2:... Read more

A:Cascading Dropdown lists using VBA in MS Word 2010 – 3rd dropdown list is not working

What existing "event" are you using to trigger the population of your combobox controls?

Are you able to post your sample document with the forms and code already attached?

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I have no idea what is going on with my system.
I try to install a program and get an error message saying that it is unable to write to C:\Users\[MYNAME]\AppData\Local\Temp
So I open Windows Explorer and check the attributes for that address and all is OK but every time I click on the Application Data folder it seems to replicate itself over and over.
One error says that there is not enough space when I have over 65Gb free on that drive.
Any ideas?


My System details
Dell XPS420
Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 1, v.721 (build 7601
2.40 gigahertz Intel Core2 Quad Q6600
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
4096 kilobyte secondary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (4 total)
Not hyper-threaded
Bus Clock: 1066 megahertz
8126 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
2000.20 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
723.55 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space
ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series [Display adapter]
DELL E207WFP [Monitor] (20.0"vis, s/n G264H8770DZL, July 2008)
ATI High Definition Audio Device
Creative SB X-Fi
Webcam Pro 9000

A:Like the universe, my AppData Folder keeps expanding & expanding

The Application Data folder under AppData is a Junction point, which is just a pointer to AppData. So when you click on Application Data you are actually expanding AppData, so you are in a never ending circle.

Confusing for sure. From what I understand, this was done to support compatibility with older software that expects an Application Data folder to be available.

Here are two very good articles on Junctions as used in Vista and Windows 7.

Windows Confidential - Junction Dysfunction - Raymond Chen

Junction Points in Vista

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I use Win7, when i try to open a program using a desktop icon, i often get two or three windows; I am unable to use drop-down menus (I click and it blinks there for a second and then disappears if I move the cursor) when i try menus that have scroll-down options i cant use the mouse. Help!

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I am creating a web page using Frontpage. I have a navigation bar that when you click on link, it takes you to the first page of that category, then displays the sub menus in the navigation bar.

Does anyone know how or where I can find script to create a rollover effect which will display the sub-menus to the side of the link, without having to actually go to a new page? Is this feature a javascript function? If easier to show, please refer me to sites that do this effectively so I can look at the code.

Thanks very much!

A:Slide on Menus/Sub-menus - Javascript?

Hi bench,
I am also using FP 2002 to make my website. I foudn some menu codes at .
I havedownloaded xara from This has add ins in FP that can help create menu.
Iam myself a beguinner.
If you have any ideas on menu/navigaion-I will appreciate your help.

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By creating folders with CLSID names (like the God-Mode folder) you can get a single toolbar that opens from one place into every place. Create one folder called "GOD" and then create folders in it with these names (or as many of them as you have any use for):

for the "Programs Folder" which is like a Start Menu

for the "Recent Places" Folder

for the Libraries Folder

for the Favorites Folder

for the Recycle Bin

for the My Computer folder

for the God-Mode "All Tasks" view

for the God-Mode "All Settings" view

for the "Programs and Features" view

for your User Folder

for the "Applications" Folder, the "all apps in one list" view

Then create a toolbar from the "GOD" folder and close it all the way, so it's just an arrow on the ... Read more

A:A Menu of Menus of Menus of......

This might help: Toolbars - How to Use in Windows 7 and Vista - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Anybody know if i can create a sub-context menu for all my custom context menu's ?, and how its done

A:Sub-context menus for my custom context menus?

Hi Hakon,

You would need to locate the Context menu that has been added in the registry;

for example


you would then add a new Key within that which would then produce what you are after.

If you give some details of what exactly you're after, including programs to run, I may be able to create a registry key for you


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I recently got a virus which put "desktop.ini" files in folders all over my C:\ drive, so I follwed the instructions on google and did a search for "desktop.ini" and deleted all the files.

However since I did this, the little dropdown menu at the top of the screen which is usually opened by:
1) holding down the "Fn" key
2) Hovering the pointer near the top of the screen

always seems to be open when I log on, or come out of sleep mode unless I press "Fn" multiple times and make it go away.

Here's a screenshot of what it looks like. As you can see, it's partially transparent, and not really fullly "selected".

How can I fix this problem? Thanks!!!

A:Fn Dropdown

Hi welcome to the forum.
As stated you recently got a virus. May I ask what happened to it?
Did you delete it, did you use AV or other software to scan your computer?Is it still there?
If so:-

First, to assist in the elimination of possible virus and/or malware.
I would ask you to please use your Anti-virus full scan program facilities, making sure, you have updated the software first. Please advise us of the results.

If you do not have any anti-virus loaded please go to this link and download Microsoft Security Essentials :- Microsoft Security Essentials | Protect against viruses, spyware, and other malware

Secondly, please download:- malwarebytes Malwarebytes a Malware searching program, again, an updated full scan. Notify results please. Both these programs are Freeware

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When I use an online search engine as soon as I start to type the content in the search box I get a dropdown box with umpteen different possible solutions as to what I am typing. How do I stop this box from droping down ?

A:dropdown box

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I have a four port hub connected to a server with three pc's. All the ports are taken and I would like to expand to add three more ports. I have a four port router. Can I use it so that I don't have to buy another hub or a bigger hub?


A:expanding a four port hub

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does anyone know if the RAM one the HP dv2550se can be upgraded further (up to say 3 GB?)? i know the dv2600se can go to 4 GB but i'm not sure if the
dv2550se can as well.

A:expanding ram on this laptop....

no, max capacity is 2gb

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So i got a computer from an aunt, which suffered a harddrive failure. It is pretty descent for an office computer, but i'd like to increase the speed a little bit. However i do not know how much i can expand upon the computer.

The specs are:

Motherboard: MCP61PM-AM
Processor: AMD Athlon x2 5000+ 2.6ghz dual core
Memory: 2Gb DDR2 667Mhz
Harddrive: (Will be) 1TB Western Digital 3.0gb/s 3.5'' 5400 RPM Sata
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce® 6150SE integrated graphics
Power: 300Watt Supply
Operating System: (Was Vista Premium) Will be Win 7 Premium

So how much can i expand upon this computer? Im new at computer stuff



A:Motherboard Expanding?

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Can I use my old 2 2gb ram sticks from my old pc with my new PC

My old pc was a dell

My new one is an eMachines


A:Installing/expanding RAM

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Hi all,

I have updated IE9 to the latest version & have this annoying issue: -

If I click on a threads attached picture the picture opens at the top of the screen instead of centraly in the window & can not be closed.

I have reset the IE settings & I have rolled back to IE8, that sorted it out.

I then reinstalled IE9 & it worked for about 3 or 4 goes & then reverted to the described issue.

Does anyone know what can be done?

A:IE 9 Picture expanding

I have ambivalent feelings about your problem. On one hand, Im sorry that you are having a problem on the other hand, I am glad that I may be able to help. Although, I have not experienced your particular problem, this tutorial may help. Although it mentions crashing, it has helped with various problems and situations
Internet Explorer - Reset
I think that this second tutorial, written by our own Captain Jack, also applicable to Vista may be of help, too
Try all suggestions,

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hi , i want to remove the motherboard from my computer to add a new one where i can have 64 gigs of ram (if its even possible)
and i really dont have an idea of what motherboard buying because im only a starter and i havn't gotten enough time to research , i would appreciate a good response

the link to the stats is here :

A:expanding HP Black 110-023

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Hi guys, i am a new guy here, but i need help. I am currently using windows 7 ultimate edition. One day my Kaspersky Antivirus told me that the file svchost.exe is trying to download a strange .exe file from the net,which seemed to me as a virus, so i concluded that the file svchost.exe had been infected by a new kind a virus ( kaspersky couldn't fix that)

the question is : How can I restore the original svchost.exe from the windows 7 disc through the system recovery ( booting from installation disc), because when i tried to extract it by using 7-zip extractor in win32 environment, the virus could detect it and then infected it again! so i need to restore it from the environment which the virus can't be activated. PLEASE HELP.

any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanx.

A:Expanding svchost.exe

Would a system restore be a lot easier?

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I need a few more ports at home, as I'm using 4 wired computer with my router (as well as 2 wireless ones). I just got Xbox Live, so I don't really want to keep switching out wires everytime I want to play, so I finally gave in and decided I'd buy a hub.

Now, what I'm trying to figure out is, being the cheapskate that I am, what is the minimum price I can pay for a 4-port hub. I probably won't be hooking up another computer to it for awhile, so I figure it's not a huge deal if its 10/100mbps transfer...

However, I wasn't sure if it's still a bad idea to only get a 10mbps hub. The XBox probably doesn't utilize it because I haven't really figured out a way to share the hard-drive on it I won't be doing any mega file as far as I can figure, getting a cheap 10mbps 4port hub should be fine. Also, I don't think it should matter, but any hub I should buy should pretty much be plug-and-play with my Linksys router right?

A:Expanding the network...

I see a 5 port 10/100 switch on Pricewatch, shipped to your door, for $18.75. Do yourself a favor and spent the money, it shouldn't break someone with multiple computers!

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Hi I have a dual boot system, windows 7 and ubuntu linux.

The windows partition is really outgrowing its living space - can I increase this without upsetting the balance of the set-up?


A:Expanding my partition?

Hello lister, welcome to Seven Forums!

That depends, are you using Grub and which OS was installed first?

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Just started using diskkeeper and after analysis it said that the MFT usage is 99% and that i should increase it. I heard there was a way of increasing it in regedit if someone can help me thanks.

A:Expanding the MFT (MasterFileTable)


In the right pane, look for the value named NtfsMftZoneReservation. If the value doesn't exist, you'll need to add it. Select New | DWORD Value from the Edit menu. The new value will appear in the right pane, prompting you for a value name. Type NtfsMftZoneReservation and press [Enter]. Double-click the new value. You'll then see the Edit DWORD Value screen.

The default value for this key is 1. This is good for a drive that will contain relatively few large files. Other options include:
2—Medium file allocation
3—Larger file allocation
4—Maximum file allocation

To change the value, double-click it. When the Edit DWORD Value screen appears, enter the value you want and click OK. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't give any clear guidelines as to what distinguishes Medium from Larger and Maximum levels of files. Suffice it to say, if you plan to store lots of files on your workstation, you may want to consider a value of 3 or 4 instead of the default value of 1.

When you're done, close Regedit. Your registry changes will be saved automatically. Reboot your workstation. Unlike other registry changes, which take place immediately for maximum benefit, NtfsMftZoneReservation works best on freshly formatted hard drives. This is because XP will then create the MFT in one contiguous space. Otherwise, it will just modify the current size of the MFT, instantly fragmenting it. Therefore, it�... Read more

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Can you tell me how to expand a slide in powerpoint please.

I am using office XP and I have a booklet for powerpoint 97, it says to go to tools expand slide, but the option isnt there.

If you could help it would br great.



A:Expanding a slide

I'm afraid it doesn't exist in later versions of Powerpoint

However, this page does give you the Visual Basic to create your own version, and tells you how to use VBA in Powerpoint

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Good Morning All,

We have an AIX server that is used as our e-mail server (Squirell Mail). The /home directory is filling up quite rapidly. We cleaned it out once a few months back by getting rid of a lot of e-mail that were obviously just old. That dropped it down to 60% used or so. Now it has krept back up to 99%. I'm told that there is a way to tell how much each directory has been allocated and whether there is any room to expand. Basically I need to know how to check this and then If there is room to be expanded into how I resize the /home directory into that space. Thank you all for your help. As you can tell I am a unix beginner at best. Thanks again.


A:Expanding the /home on AIX

Well, for disk usage there's du command (-g, -k or -m parameters make the sizes easier to understand). lsfs should list the filesystems and give some general information about them.

Resizing /home depends on the filesystem used. I found this as one example for AIX.

However, I've never used AIX myself, so I don't know much about the details.

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Hi I have a 250GB HDD with three partitions. One Partition is about 55GB, another 150GB, and the third 45GB (rough numbers). I want to extend the 55GB and 150GB partitions to wrap up the 45GB partition that is just hanging out there. Any way to do that without losing the current data on each partition?

There isn't anything on the 45GB partition I want to do away with, but there is lots of data on the other two that I don't want to lose. Over 100GB worth of data.

A:Expanding Partition

Quote: Originally Posted by Stabgotham

Hi I have a 250GB HDD with three partitions. One Partition is about 55GB, another 150GB, and the third 45GB (rough numbers). I want to extend the 55GB and 150GB partitions to wrap up the 45GB partition that is just hanging out there. Any way to do that without losing the current data on each partition?

There isn't anything on the 45GB partition I want to do away with, but there is lots of data on the other two that I don't want to lose. Over 100GB worth of data.

You can extend the 150>195 without too much trouble. but splitting the empty space to the first 55 and the 150 is a lot harder. In either case you are going to need a third party app to do it for you. One I have used in win 7 32bit that works is parigon disk suite 2009. there are many others and everyone has their own personal favor.
Hope this helps


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Hi everyone!

my current laptop has 6gb RAM. I've opened it and it has two slots: one has the 4gb RAM board and the 2nd slot has a 2gb RAM board.

I want to change the 2gb RAM board for one of 4gb so my computer gets 8gb RAM memory at the end.

How does this work? What do I need to know? Can I use a RAM board from any manufacturer?

This is the current 4gb RAM board I have (which came with the laptop from factory):
Samsung M471B5273CH0-CH9 DDR3-1333 SODIMM 4GB Original Notebook Memory - Electronic Inventory Online

Here is another pic:
Resultados da pesquisa de no Google


A:Expanding RAM memory

As long as the laptop's MB supports 8GB of RAM, then a 4GB RAM module with the same specs as the current 4GB module should work.
However, suggest getting another Samsung module, because precedence indicates that problems can sometimes arise when using RAM modules from different manufacturers.

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Im not sure where to put this, so i chose here.

Anyways, On my old laptop i could be navigating through folders and to the left there would always be a sidebar displaying where i was with all of the folders open and cascading. Since getting my new laptop, this is gone, it only shows the drives and doesnt expand to show where I am.

A:Where Did Folder Expanding Go?

Could it be the OS is different? Could you tell me which OS came with the new Laptop? Windows XP, 7, 8?

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Hi. for a couple a days now my screen display has been expanding then contrating as if it`s going to explode!
If anyone knows whats up with it and how to stop it i`d be really grateful. Its an old Evesham pc running xp.

A:Screen expanding.

I had never heard of your model of PC, I was curious and Googled it. The attached link may be of help to you.Phil

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I created a drop down list into a word document within a table. But I wanted that table in another document, when I copied that table to another doc, the dropdown did not work. Does anyone know how to make this work?

A:Word Dropdown

what about including that whole page with the table in your document

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I keep getting the following message everytime I boot-up:- There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk\harddisk3\dr15. The only way I can get rid of it is to keep pressing the cancel button until it disappears. How do I remove it??
Many Thanks.

A:dropdown message

Hi check link..

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I am a new member, Just hope i am in the right Forum. I have Windows Vista, with 4 GB memory.

Trust this makes sence .

A:Dropdown menu

Have you looked at 'Sticky Notes' which is inc in Vista? Explanation and screenshots at this link:

Hope this might help?


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Hello, i am trying to clear the IE dropdown history. I have tried deleting cookies, clearing history and even ccleaner. THEY ARE STILL THERE!! can anybody help????? thanks

A:IE dropdown history still there

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When i click on a drop down box for instance gender the box is blank instead of male or female. This happens on every web site I have tried to use.

A:dropdown boxes

What protection programs are your running?

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Hello!, im having a bit of an issue. I have here a file with a list of "point"s in one tab, and then a drop down box that refers to that list in another tab. I am trying to make it easier for the end user to select the desired point. What i need is an autofill feature for the dropdown box, is this possible? There is way over 255 characters in the list of points.


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Hi all,
I am trying to make a dropdown box in excel that contain hyperlinks to other excel workbooks. Can anyone PLEASE tell me how to do this... I have tried and I'm thinking that I have my code wrong in VB. I do not know VB at all ( I copied the code from another forum that was doing almost the same thing I want to do) when I click on the link it gives me the "Run Time Error" pop up..

Thanks in advance for any advice.


A:Hyperlinks in Dropdown box

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Is there a way to add a program to the autoplay dropdown?

For example whenever I insert an SD into my computer, I would like the Nikon Transfer program to start automatically.

A:Autoplay Dropdown

You need to use the following application "Autoplay Repair" to customize the autoplay option.

Note: You need to right-click on this file (Application) and run as administrator in xp compatibility mode.

If you do not want to use some third party tool to add entries in registry, let me know so that i can add an lengthy tutorial to add them manually to "AutoplayHandlers" in registry

Good luck

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Re: Coupon Dropdown.   Grimace, Wasn't paying attention & apparently it loaded in background. Running Norton 360, and thought it would tell me if there was an issue, but Coupon Dropdown made it passed.  Spybot didn't find it, AdAware didn't find it.
Tried asking Norton Community, and they referred me here!
Dell Studio  laptop, Intel 64 bit processor running OS Windows Vista.Service Pack 2.Internet Explorer 9. (Need it to access a couple of programs for work, that do not runn on IE 11)
Tried to find previous posts of this issue, but each answer is a little different.
Any Suggestions for removal?
Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

A:Getting rid of Coupon Dropdown. I found a Post for You. I hope this helps .

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Hi there,

I'm trying to create a nav bar with sub menus on each tab. How would i go about doing so? I also would like to create my own nav bar and incorporate it with my CSS. Thank you in advance.


PS - Here's an example of what i would like to create.

Thanks again =)

A:Dropdown menu help please.

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In Access 2007 I have a combo box that is within a subform and a form.

In the combo box:

My Row Source is a Table called Issue ID.

My Control Source is called IssueIDJct. I cannot tell where I got it other than I know that IssueIDJct is is a field inside a table called CallidJunct. It is important because that is my junction table that handles a complex relationship.

Funny thing is that the multiple items that a user selects from the combo box alphabetize just fine.

The part I cannot get to alphabetize is the combo box drop down.

A:cannot get dropdown to go ascending

IssueIDJct is where your selection goes from your combo box.

The easiest thing to do is make a query based on the table and sort your records as you want them, then select the query as your row source.

another way is with SQL but you don't need to know SQL, when you are in form design go to the properties of the Control's "Row Source" clear out what is in the field and click the Build button ( 3 dots ...) this will open the query builder, you can add your table and then sort your fields accordingly ( put the field you want to see in the combo as the 1st column)...then DON'T save just close the query will ask if "you want to update the changes made to the SQL statement and update the property" YES and you will now see a "Select" statement in your Row source.

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I have been having problems with the display of the dropdown menus in explorer 8, outlook express or if i right click on desktop or an open page, the text is greyed out until i run the cursor over it, it then behaves as normal, except if i click on a command, the text & its blue box remains on the screen on the top of any pages i open. The only way i can clear it is to change the graphic properties & click apply, or reboot the computer, its an annoying problem that i have searched for a fix with no luck, it only started happening in the last month. I am running XP with service pack3, & i install OS updates regularly. The problem doesnt occur in M S Office programs, if anyone can help that would be great.

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Hi, I have a feedback form on my site. It lets users send a message to me without revealing my email address and also lets me know which are there favourites areas of the site and things like that so I can further improve it. One of the questions is "Who Is Your Favourite Character?" this is in a dropdown box format. I would like to add a feature where when a character is selected in the list an image of them appears next to it. I think I have seen this before on a logo generator site where when you clicked a font in the list a preview of that font appeared. I have all the necessary images and they are all avatar sized (about 50by50 pixels). I think Javascript could help me do this but I have looked on both Dynamic Drive and Javascript Source but couldn't find anything. Does anybody know of a script or knows a link to a page that might, I would be most grateful. Thankyou for any replies

A:Dropdown Images

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I wonder if anyone can help me with the following.

I have an Acer laptop with 160GB hard drive split as follows:

First partition (hidden recovery drive) 12GB
Second partition (C including system and boot) 79 GB - 10% Free space left
Third partition (D Data) 79 GB - 93% Free space left

I would like to shrink the D partition and expand the C partition, however, I have found that the disk management tool in Vista does not allow for this as the free space created is not adjacent to the C drive.

I have looked into using EASEUS but in their support pages they mention it is not advisable to use the software if the system does not reside on the first partition (I assume this is the case on my setup).

I also read elsewhere that it is possible to delete the D partition the expand the C partition if there is nothing important on the D partition, however, I also read that this was not a wise move if the D partition was a Data partition as it may cause Windows not to load.

Does anyone have any experience of dealing with this particular problem?

A:Solved: Expanding C volume

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I have 2 linksys routers that are WRT54GS, and one that is WRT54G. Very similar models, except for the speedboost difference. I previously had just the WRT54G hooked up and it works fine. I decided to add two more routers to the other parts of the house (in a series, first router connected to second router, and then second connected to the third). I can get the second router to work (DHCP off for routers 2 and 3). But when I plug in the third router, I can not get internet. Even more interesting to me is when I connect my computer to the 3rd router, i can ping only the first router. (I also made router 1's ip, 2's, and 3's I can not ping router 2 or 3, even though I am dirctly connected to it. I have tried both 2nd and 3rd router in gateway and router mode under the advanced settings, but I can not get it to work. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

A:Expanding to 3 routers, I hope...

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Anyone ever have problems with that? I have two toolbars added to my taskbar; Remote and Games. When I hit Remote, I have like 15 or so RDP shortcuts in there. Sometimes I hit it, I see the proper height window open but it's just pure white with a black border for like 5 seconds until it pops the icons in there. I tried moving it from my regular drive to my SSD, didn't make any difference.

Has anyone seen a similar issue, and if so did you find a way to stop that? Thanks.

A:Lag when expanding folders in taskbar

I have the same thing with two toolbars I added. I've asked several times on different forums with no resolution. Sure hope you find one!

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Being a non nerd and not very comp illiterate I need help.
Problem Is:
I partitioned my hard drives in the following way:
C: drive has only 8 mg of space avaialbe and contains all the boot data etc. (dumb arent I)
D: drive contains all program files etc and is 78 gig

I cannot delete c or d drives and I need more space on my C drive.
Is there a way to add more memory to my c drive so that I will be able to add more programs to that drive.
Be aware that I am a novice (obviously due to my stuff up of c drive).
Operating system is windows XP professional.

A:expanding boot partition???????Help me

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Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to set my new desktop computer to extend open windows in taskbar, while leaving my pinned programs in a smaller box; but I can't find any settings for it. Could somebody please help me? The left image is what I have; the one on the right is what I'm trying to achieve. Thank you for any information provided.

A:Expanding windows in taskbar

Welcome to the Seven Forums

Use this tutorial Taskbar Button Grouping - Enable or Disable and change it to Never Combine that should give you what you want.


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I'm a little puzzled here...

Just got a laptop, Gateway 6635b with:

Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900
Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT) supports up to 128MB shared video memory
It came with / is currently set to 64MB of shared video memory... I want to expand it to the full 128MB, and I'm lost as to what I need to do... do I need to buy or is it purely an internal setting where I need to allocate some more of the memory to video...

I'm quite experienced with desktops but am new to laptops... so help is much appreciated!!

A:Expanding DVMT in Laptop

It's "shared" memory so it will use your main system RAM.

Look in the BIOS for settings, if there are none then it may just use "what it needs" at any time up to 128 MB.

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I'm currently attempting to expand my wireless home network. I'm using an Orange Livebox and recently bought a wireless repeater to expand the network, but unfortunately, its range isn't as far as I expected.

I also have an old US Robotics wireless router (9108) so I'm thinking of making a bridged network like so:

Internet------Router A-----Repeater----Router B

I went through the user manual of the 9108 but it doesn't say much about bridging and google isn't giving me any useful results on how to bridge my networks.

So what I want to know is:

1. It this setup feasable?
2. How can I bridge my two routers?
3. Are there any alternative solutions?

A:Need Help on Expanding My Wireless Network

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I have a D-Link WIFI router with an ip
Its in the first floor.
The signal doesn't reach the ground floor. So I bought an Edimax EW7206APg with am ip to use as a repeater.
The problem is I don´t know how to setup correctly the network to have internet access in the PC in the first floor and in the one at the ground floor. Actually I only managed to have web access on the one in the first floor, but not in the one at the ground floor.

The pc in the first floor is in the backyard of the house directly connected to the DI-524 by a ethernet cable, and a cable modem is connected to the router.
The EW7206APg is 7 meters of the computer in the front of the house.
The ground floor pc is almost exactly under the EW7206APg in the first floor. It receives average wifi signal.

I've had a little experience setting up a wireless lan, but this new configurations is a bit confusing, so, can you help me with this one, please?.

Thanks in advance .


A:Expanding my Wireless Network

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Can you do it? I currently have Windows 7 RC1 installed and I just deleted my Windows Vista partition. Now I have unallocated space. I planned to expand my Windows 7 partition to this area, but it won't let me. Any ideas?

Here's what I mean:

A:Expanding a partition backwards

Windows will not do it. Yoou need something like paragon disk manager suite 2009 to expand to the left. You are like the third person with the same problem today. M$ should really let you expand if you have un allocated space.


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Hi guys,

I am about to install another 1Tb HDD into my new build. Currently my system is set up as below (its a W7 64 bit HP setup)

My current 1 Tb drive is split into 2 partitions, E:/ for Data and F:/ for Image backups. When I add in the new 1Tb drive I intend to give half the space to Image backup as I will be imaging other bits and bobs too.

This means that the images on my current F:/ partition will be copied over onto a new 0.5 Tb partition on my new drive. I will then want to expand the current E:/ partition to fill the disk. If that makes sense?

Do you recommend i do this in windows disk manager (if it can even be done in windows disk manager) or should i be using some other recommended tool.

Thanks guys

A:Expanding a partition - not sure where to post this

I would not move WIndowsImageBackup files as it can corrupt them. They must at least be run from their original drive-root location. This is another reason many here choose a more flexible imaging app.

I don't see why Disk Management cannot initialize and partition your new HD.

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Have downloaded Win 7 Pro (3 files: win7-P-Retail-en-us-x64.exe,, & Tried expanding from a USB HDD, a logical drive D:, and a DVD. Expand always hangs up after 871 files (202 MB). Numerous posts suggest checking RAM with memtest86.

Downloaded and extracted to a CD. Extracted info is a Readme.txt file and a BOOT folder containing files BOOT.CAT and MEMTEST.IMG. The Readme file just says memtest86+ is in the disc boot sector. Tried the CD in an ASUS notebook running Vista (on which my goal is to replace Vista with Win 7) and a Dell desktop running XP. Newbie question: Why won?t the PCs boot from this CD?

A:Win 7 Hangs Up On Expanding - Need To Test RAM

Where are you getting Win7? You should have the option to download an ISO file that's easily burned to DVD using ImgBurn at 4x speed for total accuracy. Then boot it to Clean Install Windows 7.

Can you download an ISO? What is the version you're buying?

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Ok I have noticed alot of people have had problems with this myself included, and the answer is almost too simple.

The problem I was having was once I got to the expanding files step it would get to 89% within a few minutes. Then it would hang for hours stuck at 89%. I tried restarting the installation 4 times. The first time it only got to 9% and stalled.

So on my fourth attempt after watching it hang for a good 2 hours I ejected the installation disk in the middle of installation and popped in another another Windows 7 RC installation disk that I forgot I had just to see what would happen. What happened is it immediately finished expanding from 89% and the installation was complete in about 20 minutes.

I should note that the first installation disk I was trying was a Memorex that had just been pulled from a jewel case prior to burning. The second disk I used was a Verbatim that had been burned some time ago and was actually pretty scratched up.

Both of the disks where burned using the same .iso downloaded from MSDN using the same burner and ImgBurn as the burning software.

Hope this helps some people.

A:Expanding Files Hangs at X%

i had to make an account to tell my story. After numerous problems and taking horus of my time i finally got it to install. Unfortunitely it hung at 31%. After like 3 hours of searching online i came across this web page. I then tried it and it worked! Well kinda. It hung again at 68% so i put in the other disc again and now it is on completing installation. Thank you very very very very fing much to op!

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hi, im having trouble installing windows 7. i burnt the disc and started custom installation, and it copied all the windows files but then it got stuck on expanding windows files. it didnt freeze, it just didnt get past the last 1%. and the worst thing is i cant use the computer with vista anymore, because when i try to boot it up it opens up some kind of system restore that doesn't work. should i just leave the install screen on overnight? does the last 1% always hang for like 2 hours?

A:expanding windows files (99%) ...

It might help to start over again after using diskpart commands to rezero the disk. The link below shows you how.

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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I've got a four port router (linksys)working with a cable modem. Will I be able to expand my router with a simple ethernet hub?
I have one leftover from before I got the router.

A:Expanding 4 port router

Yep, just plug connect the hub to an uplink port on the router, or a regular port on the router to an uplink port on the hub, or if neither have an uplink port then connect them with a CAT 5 Crossover cable.

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Wondered if I might get a little help expanding my system drive C: that my windows 7 is installed on. I have an empty partition named Limbo sitting there that I would like to "merge" with my current system drive C: however I cannot expand the C: drive in any traditional method I am familiar with. I have attached a photo for clarity.

I must confess I am no expert and welcome any suggestions to get this done!



A:Expanding System Drive

If Limbo were to the right of C, you could likely do it with Windows Disk Management. But Limbo is to the left.

So you would need a third party application such as Acronis Disk Director, Partition Wizard, or others that escape me at the moment. I think Partition Wizard 4.2.2 is a free download.

While you are at it, you may as well put C to the extreme left to make it easier on yourself later on.

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When I collapse a full screen window to tray using the dash on the upper right corner,
and then click on it in the tray to expand the window, it comes back as a reduced window
instead of full screen again.
Under "Folder Options" - "View" - "Remember folder's view settings" the box is checked.

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I have recently decided to try Windows 7 and made the necessary preparations. I am trying to build a dual boot system with the OEM 32bit Vista Home Premium and 64bit Windows 7. My machine is far above the specs and I have 3gb ram.

I burned the image twice after reviewing the other posts in the forum. I burned the first on at 8x and after reviewing prev posts I burned again at 4x. Both freeze at the expanding files 0%. The first one would hang for hours until I told it to cancel. The new one hangs for a few minutes and then gives an error that there is a corrupt or missing file.

I also read that this may be a result of ACHI but my bios does not allow me to disable.

I would appreciate anyone's thoughts and hope I can get pointed in the right direction.

Thank you all in advance.

A:Frozen at Expanding Files

Use only one stick of ram when installing. see how that goes.

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When installing Win 7 it comes upi with an error code ******** during windows expanding still at 0% after maybe 2 minutes.

I have 3 harddrive showing at the moment and though there was a problem with the partitions, so i put my XP cd in and deleted all partition and all are now unallocated.

Thought this may solve the problem, i have been reading and somewhere around the forum it has been mentioning that there maybe issues with video cards. I have a Winhauppage TV tuner. could this be the problem. I do not need this now so i can take it out.

if someone can give me ideas, i am doing it tonight. so a quick repsonse would be great!!


A:Win 7 wont go past expanding!!


It is always a good idea to disconnect hardware before installation. See my post

Now what is the error code you are getting?

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Hello all,

I'm in the process of trying to expand my Windows 7 partition. However, I'm not entirely sure how to go about it in my particular circumstances.

I have about 7 gigs of unallocated space immediately prior on the drive to the System Reserved boot partition, with Windows 7 itself immediately following that.

Due to this layout I can't expand the Windows 7 partition directly; the partitioner also doesn't seem to offer any option to move either the boot or the 7 partition in front of the unallocated space to at least place the Windows 7 partition next to the unallocated space.

I would move the partitions with a different tool such as GParted, but I'm concerned that this may make it impossible to boot Windows 7 once again, as moving a Windows Vista partition once did.

I wonder whether anyone could offer some advice?

A:Expanding Windows 7 partition

Well..... we go again.....

A couple of questions.

1) Is it a multi boot configuration?

2) How manny physical HDDs do you have?

3) Do you have a disk imaging tool and are you comfortable with it?

IMO the first step is to get rid of the "System Reserved" partition.

There are a couple of options available.

There is a thread that expands on the topic, the cause and corrective steps:

You can peruse it for info but the exact method for your case may depend on the 3 questions above.

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I am using excel 2003 and I have reached the end of the sheet is there any way of increasing the size of the spreadsheet?

A:expanding excel 2003

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I love the Windows 7 Start Menu, and its versitality astounds me at times, but the inability for the "Computer" menu to be completely expandable cripples quite a bit of my productivity...

This problem does not exist with the personal menu, which quite frankly I could care less about completely expanding.

In general, Windows 7 has seemed to abandon the concept of expanding menus which can actually make things much much quicker at least for me, but I have gotten a separate toolbar working in the taskbar, but this seems inconvenient coming from someone who has always used classic menus on the Start Menu.

Don't get me wrong, I am very GLAD that Windows 7 makes such improvements to the way the start menu functions and in general these improvements have greatly added to my efficiency, but this really cripples someone like me!

Any suggestions?

A:Expanding Computer Menu

Hi jc4gavejc,

I'm sure a registry hack will fix this. I'll look into it.


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Hi Techguy users!

I am wondering is i could use a Netgear DG834GT as the main wireless router with a adapter that will recieve a wireless signal and then go into a switch/hub, via Cat5e. I only want the wireless signal to output to a Cat5e connection.

Is this possible, if so what adapter can i buy?

A:Expanding Wireless Network

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I have a Dell Latitude d600 and am running Windows XP Professional service pack 2 and my File System is Fat32. My C drive is 20 GB and is almost full. However my D (Recovery) drive is 8 GB, only 1.5 GB of which is actually being used. Is there any way to recover some of this dead space without having to completely wipe my drive and build partitions from scratch? I tried using DISKPART, but that only works on NTFS systems.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Expanding drive without repartitioning?

to be honest 20GB is not a lot of space and having a few gb off the partition is only going to last a little while -
Why not get and external USB harddrive - they are quite cheap now - less that £60 for a 1TB in uk on sale at the moment - I have one of these
and another two different 1TB drives
and copy the files onto that

also run disk cleanup from
start - programs - accessories - system tools

get rid off all the internet temp files etc

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ok, i got my brother a computer and installed his OS for him (XP) I Partitioned the Drive C: at 7.5gb for the OS, and used the rest on a D: Drive for him to save his stuff to. Well, he got stupid, saved all his stuff to the C Drive, and now has ran out of space, He has stuff on both drives and wants to keep it all, but wants it done fast...

Is there a way to merge the 2 back together to make one full drive? And if not, whats a better option?

A:Solved: Expanding the C Drive

have a read here

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This is my objective:

Move a copy of a XP Acronis image onto the virtual XP I now have running. Then use a CD to "restore the image to the virtual XP". I went into the V-disk manager and set the virtual HD max size to 300 GB.

Next I mount the virtual and try to copy the image into a pre-made folder, but there is not enough room: just the original ~125 GB; not the 300 GB.

Probably I am trying to do something either in the wrong way or it cannot be done.

Suggestions welcomed....


A:Problem with expanding virtual HD

Hi there
Do it this way

1) Create New Virtual Machine -- BUT DON'T INSTALL THE OS.
2) define the size of your VHD's for the Virtual machine.
3) set the Virtual machine to boot from a bootable ACRONIS recovery program (either via physical DVD /CD or an ISO image)
4) Power on the VM
5) at the Acronis boot point to your acronis image and follow the on screen instructions to restore the image. The smaller image will simply install into the large image.
6) now simply re-boot the VM

However I have a better solution -- I'm not sure why an XP system would need 300GB HDD space -- you should once you've got the machine up and running try and split the OS away from the DATA -- an XP OS partition shouldn't be more than 20 GB at the most. Then your data could go on to its own partition -- and if you decide to scrap / upgrade the XP system you've still got all your DATA intact.


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Hey everyone,

I am having trouble with windows 7 installation. Every time I try to install windows 7 professional, it goes to expanding windows files and stays at 0% and I tried this with 3 dvd-rs that I put windows 7 on through Microsoft dreamspark, and I keep trying to put it on my new western digital blue 750 gig hard drive

Can someone please help

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C Drive is Full. Need to add space. See attached photo of Drives.

I have deleted unused programs, files and System Restore. One partition is 20GB WINDOW Recovery SYSTEM.

ADOBE Photoshop Scratch Disk Partition can be Decreased in size or removed.

A:C Drive is FULL: Need Help Expanding

ADOBE Photoshop Scratch Disk Partition can be Decreased in size or removed.

To Remove:
Open disk management (Win+X->Dismanagementright click on the scratch disk->Delete VolumeRight click on C: ->Extend Volume then use default for max size

To decrease in size: (Assuming it is just scratch disk, nothing need to save)

Open disk management (Win+X->Dismanagementright click on the scratch disk->Delete VolumeRight click on C: ->Extend Volume and enter the amount of space you want to extend, Example: 50GB then enter 51200

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Just switched from an old Gateway Win 98SE (that worked just fine until all the new software revisions started to obsolete it even more than it was). Bought a refurbished Dell GX620 with a very fast 3.4 Gig processor. The computer came with a certified version of XP Pro. I have hunted and pecked my way through most basic operating procedures but I can't find the way to expand all the different places I go on the computer. If you're in a window and manually expand it to full screen, the next screen you go to is the small minimized size. Someone told me to go to the next small screen, expand it by pulling out the corners until it reached full screen size and then, instead of hitting the X in the upper right corner, go to the file menu on left side of the screen and hit "exit" to get out of that window. I have tried this on both applications and Web stuff and it doesn't work. Is there a way to do this or am I stuck with having to expand every new window I go into?

Buzz Jameson

A:Expanding new windows automatically,2817,2339650,00.asp

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How far can you expand your average dell computer?

hey all, could someone tell me if i can change the motherboard in my factory dell vostro 410 desktop, so that i can replace it with a motherboard that is SLI enabled?

If so what motherboards should i be looking for, is there a specific one due to the size of the case?

Also, being a dell computer i realize your limited into what your changing, does that apply to the PSU and CPU?

Thank You, look forward to your replies

A:HELP: Expanding Dell Computer

The case is standard ATX size so a standard ATX motherboard will fit. Find one that is SLI enable. Since you are switching the motherboard out, why not build a PC from scratch? You'll have to look in the case but the PSU should be interchangeable.

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I often drag from the right pane to the left pane in Windows Explorer. In each case I ALWAYS expand the left pane first so that I can see the folder I want to drag into.
However, if that folder already has subfolders it often expands and I have no idea where the drag will end up. Is it possible to turn off this autoexpanding function?

A:How to turn off auto expanding

You are correct that folders will open in the left pane. But the target folder will always be highlighted.

In fact, you can move the highlight up and down the entire C\: drive all day, opening every folder, until you finally release the left mouse button in the highlighted folder

BTW1: Of course, someone in the A-team might know how to turn off the folder action.

BTW2: I never use drag and drop in Windows Explorer. I use Ctrl+X in the source right pane, then Ctrl+V in the target right pane.

Reason: Because several times I've dropped into the incorrect folder. Either because the folder name was *similar* to the correct folder name. Or *identical* to the correct folder name, but in the wrong branch

By opening the target right pane, I can see what files and dates already exist (if any).

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First time posting -- kinda trivial problem but irksome.
In IE7 re-naming or deleting a favorite leaves the drop down menu open. In IE 8 the drop down menu closes. Is there a way to get IE 8 to behave as IE 7?

A:Keep DropDown Menu Open in IE8

Hello and Welcome to TSF!

IE7 Browsing Mode In IE8: Open up IE7, click on Tools then Developer Tools

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How can I delete individual lines from the address bar dropdown menu,
without deleting all of them??? (Internet explorer 5.5 on W95)

A:IE5.5 Address bar dropdown menu

I'm not sure why you would want to do this, when you can just add the address you want into your Favorites, and when you want them just click Favorites and there they are.
(1) Start Internet Explorer.
(2) On the Tools menu, click Internet Options, and then click the General tab.
In the Temporary Internet Files section, click Settings. Click View Files.

(3) On the View menu, click Details. Click the Internet Address column header,
and then find the Internet addresses of the cookie files. For example, a cookie
Internet address may be named similar to the following name:
Cookie:[email protected]

(4) Click a cookie file, and then press DELETE. If you are prompted to confirm that you
want to delete the file, click Yes. Repeat this step for each cookie file.

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I was wondering how to remove web addresses from the dropdown bar in IE. After going to clear history, there always remains one web address and i have no clue how to delete it. thanks.

A:removing webaddresses from dropdown on IE

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs

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When I use dogpile or google (Search engines) if I type in say 'b' anything I've ever searched comes up. In this case: Bikes, basketball ect...

How do I clear it?
I used CrapCleaner and applied auto-form complete, so is search assistant aut-complete (I guess thats the wrong one) with FireFox closed.
What do I do?

A:clearing a dropdown list?

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In Vista HP 32bit, when clicking on the Windows Start button in lower left corner, then the "Computer" option to pull up an overview of the system, the top Location Bar says "Computer", but when clicking on the dropdown arrow on the right, it shows a buch of random files, folders, and addresses. How can I edit or clear these? I've tried highlighting them & deleting - they just reappear next time I hit the dropdown arrow. These items seem completely independent of memory caches, cookies, & "recent items" lists which I always clear before logging off. I haven't found any trick yet - and I apologize if this has been previously answered.
Thanks for any help you can steer my way!

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Not sure what I did or if something changed but for some reason whenever I select a dropdown menu from any application the dropdown menu is right justified. Since I'm not use to it being that way it is a bit annoying.

Does anyone know where I might change the global setting for this issue. I have searched online and I can't seem to find anything.

Any help on this one is greatly appreciated.


Windows 7 64 bit

A:Dropdown menu justification

Hello Foutjo, and welcome to Seven Forums.

This may be able to help you by setting it to open to the other side instead.

Menus Open to the Left or Right Side

Hope this helps,

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