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Win 2k: 100% CPU usage and large System 32 folder

Q: Win 2k: 100% CPU usage and large System 32 folder

These are my problems:
1) My CPU usage is constantly 100%, then when I go into task manager it is at 100% but quickly jumps down to 2% - 6%, made me think virus
2) My c:\WinNT\system32 folder is 10gb

A: Win 2k: 100% CPU usage and large System 32 folder

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I did google a few times but couldn't find a way to solve. I'm using Windows 7 pro x64 (I think I upgraded from windows 7 home edition). I had same problem last week but while I was cleaning out some stuff windows was updated so I had to restart....and then there suddenly was 17 gbs free space. But ever since last update my HDD is down to attachments.

I'm on laptop with followings:

ASUS N61JQ-X1 16-Inch Laptop
1.6 GHz Intel Core i7-720QM Quad-Core Processor
Windows 7 Home Premium

I'm using TuneUp Utilities 2011 (luckily the new guys who took over and messed up TuneUp stuff decided not to mess with anything before 2012 version) with Avast. As you guys can see from my attachments, Windows folder and System Volume Information alone are taking 50+ Gbs. I'm also wondering if I need all these crabs with amd64-microsoft-naturallanguages-blahblahblah? I have 84000 files of these craps. I do keep it hibernation which is about 3gbs. I moved system restore point to external HDD so no back up whatsoever in C drive, all games except few, which are located in D drive, are located in external HDD.

Is there any way I can possibly clean up from windows and system volume information without harming my computer? btw, I didn't do a single format ever since I bought this computer because it still runs smoothly. The only thing that's bothering me right now is C drive space, and I don't want to format because I'm going to grab a new machine for programming at th... Read more

A:Window folder and System Volume information too large.

Note: I see you moved System Restore to another drive, no idea how that affects the following! Follow it regardless.

Avast Bug

Please read
Also check

Avast sets System Restore disk usage % to 50.

You can try:
- go to control panel-> programs and features -> Avast -> change
- remove the component NG (down below).
- change % back to 10% (windows default) or whatever you like it
- restart
- check if % is what you set
- check restore points (seems this NG delete old restore points when run out of space)
- manually create a restore point if there are none
- open command prompt ->vssadmin list shadowstorage
- see how much space it takes.

You can also try uninstalling Grimefighter if above won't solve your problem.

For Windows folder:
Did you run Disk Cleanup yet?

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I found that my windows consume lots of RAM (70% above) even my RAM is 1GB. Firstly i tot that i'm infected, but the scanning result shows nothing. what is the problem?

A:Large Ram Usage

hi,,,, win vista uses nearly all the ram with superfetch, but gives it back instantly when called for,,,, take a look at this link google superfetch & take a look,,, also if you can maybe add another gig of ram you'll find vista opperates alot smoother with 2 gig of ram,,,,,,,,,,good luck

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My system has been having a lot of usage spikes that hang the internet and some programs for a few seconds. Any thought on if it's malware related would be appreciated. Thanks.C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch Buttons\QLBCTRL.exec:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSvcHst.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Wireless Assistant\HPWAMain.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Wireless Assistant\WiFiMsg.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\HpqSRmon.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP Software Update\hpwuSchd2.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Boingo\Boingo Wi-Fi\Boingo Wi-Fi.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\Shared\HpqToaster.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Contacts\wlcomm.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\IEUser.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exeR1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = - HKCU&... Read more

A:Large usage spikes

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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svchost.exe using 50 to 100% of my cpu in windows 7. Need to find a fix. computer running slow and hot! happened before went away after a bit of fooling around. Computer challenged.Have run Trend, Malwarebytes and Defender, no help!message edited by randoh

A:svchost.exe using large cpu usage.

"there are hundreds of updates up until 6-15-2016"Ok, that will take days using MS servers.Use this.

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so like the title says i have been using Brinks method to reset Data Usage by deleting the SRU folder contents , now somehow the SRU folder decided to stop rebuilding data , so i would like of all who has any sort of knowledge about this topic to supply tips regarding :
1 - If there is an MS Fixit app dedicated for that issue ?
1 - Appropriate folder permissions for the SRU folder
2 - Registry entries related to data usage and folder
3 - Services that regulates/operates data usage
to help me trouble shoot that issue ?

thanks in advance !

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PCchips M811LU mainboard VIA KT266A / 8235 chipset
AMD Duron 1.8 GHz
1 x 1 GB Ram
NVIDIA GeForce 6200
Promise Ultra133tx3 PCI IDE Controller card
Western Digital CaviarŪ SE 320GB Hard drive
Western Digital 120 GB hard drive
Generic CDR/RW
SIIG USB 2.0/Firewire 400 controller card
Saitek Executive USB Keyboard
Gyration USB Mouse
Win XP Pro SP2

Optical drives are attached to mobo Primary IDE channel.
Hard drives are connected to Ultra controller card
320 gb drive is on ide 1 on the card, and the 120 gb drive is on ide 2 on the card.
After installing windows onto the 320 gb drive sometimes I see Hardware Interrupts use up 60-70% of the CPU when accessing the drive.

I opened windows explorer to a folder with 1700 jpgs and switched to thumbnail view. Using Systernals Process Explorer I watched the hardware interrupts use around 60% of cpu, until all the thumbnails were generated.

A second test involved copying a 1.7 GB folder from one drive to the other. Very little cpu usage for Hardware interrupts during that test.

The annoying part is small random jumps in the hardware interrupt cpu usage while NOTHING is going on. I open process explorer, watch the graph and the hardware interrupts will jump up to 10-35% very quickly, then back to 0%. I am not touching the keyboard or mouse during this time. This itself is not a big problem, except sometimes the mouse will jump/skip. I haven't really started playing movies/audio so I don't know if it will a... Read more

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hey, my parents recently bought a new computer and its pretty decent. its an Acer so i do realise the modem is BRUTAL. ANYWAYS they are comming from a 1.6GHz processor and like an Nvidia 5500 and 512Mb SDRAM... and the new computer has Dual Core amd 4200+ processors, nvidia 6100 and 1024G DDR ram. So i mean, this should be a big upgrade... Odlly enough it doesnt seem to be much better... I still get the same losuy fram rate in games like World of Warcraft and same poor speeds all around. Im wondering if i can get some instructions on how to REALLY reduce CPU and RAM usage using Vista. ALSO another strange thing is that when i check in bios the computer reads 1024 Mb of RAM, however when i look in system in windows it says 768... i took it to the store and they said its an ACER or Vista error and that if i want i can check back in a week. figured id ask on here first, considering they probably wont tell me anything..


A:Incredibly Large Ram Usage and Error

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My page file usage is really high for some unknown reason. Frequently i'm thrown a message telling me my Page File issue is too high, even when there's just MSN, Word and Excel open. After bootup, the pagefile usage is 450MB+ and it reaches 800MB if i have opera, excel, word and MSN open together.

Any ideas why it is so drastically high? My system is clean of viruses/spyware thanks to Glaswegian!

A:Really Large Page File Usage


Any help? Please!?

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I have been experiencing severe decreases is speed (it would take over a minute to open internet explorer). Also, the CPU usage seems to be high all the time. I'm running windows XP. Here's the hijack this log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 16:42:48, on 24/04/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16640)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
D:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0\avp.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Common\Google Updater\GoogleUpdaterService.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\RegSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony\VAIO Event Service\VESMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony\VAIO Media Integrated Server\VMISrv.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sony Shared\VAIO Entertainment Platform\VCSW\VCSW.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony\VAIO Media Integrated Server\Platform\SV_Httpd.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sony Shared\VAIO Entertainment Platform\VzCdb\VzCdbSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony\VAIO Media Integrated Server\Platform\UPnPFramework.exe
C:\Program Files\Common... Read more

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So i consider my self to be a very safe user and i have a lot of security programs that i use to keep it that way (malware bytes, spybot, combofix, sdfix, i also run noscript addon in my firefox) but lately i have run into a problem that it seems none of them can really fix permanently. It seems about every 4-5 days i keep getting infected by the ave.exe virus and getting brower redirects when i click on links and i am also getting this same pop up that comes up on every single site i go to advertising some game or what ever.So i took the steps that i normally take running MalwareBytes to rid of anything that it could find, also running sdfix and combofix as needed and using spybot to block and immunize against anything it could see, this would take care of the ave.exe until it returns again in a few days, but its not fixing my brower redirect and pop up problem. I have also noticed that one of my svchost is running at a much higher memory usage (currently 121,353 k as i type this) that i am sure has something to do with all this.As for the browser redirects i have cleaned my hosts file but yet i still get redirects when clicking links.So currently ave.exe is not affecting my computer but i expect it to strike again soon, i am still getting browser redirects and a popup as well as one of my svchost using a ton of memory.Edit: I used malwarebytes full scan and combofix to make sure computer was as clean as i could, posted new logs. (i ran combofix, then malwarebytes, then got... Read more

A:I keep getting infected by ave.exe + Redirect & pop ups, large svchost usage

I appear to have fix the redirect problem but not the pop upEdit: never mind i was wrong

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I have noticed unusually large CPU usage on my Gateway netbook even though I only have 1 or 2 programs running. Task manager has shown my usage the past two days as almost always at 100%. When I went online looking for help, the links I would click on Yahoo search would re-direct me every time. I finally got the hint and started Firefox in safe mode, which has helped, but it still tries.
I was using AVG, but since it obviously did not fix anything, I used Malwarebyte's program and that helped improve some, but something is obviously still going on. I was in the middle of a Trend Micro scan when I found your website again and decided following your steps might help end this insanity, LOL! PLEASE HELP!!

DDS (Ver_2011-06-23.01) - NTFSx86
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_21
Run by DEIDRE at 13:54:35 on 2011-06-26
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.1014.77 [GMT -5:00]
AV: AVG Anti-Virus 2011 *Enabled/Updated* {17DDD097-36FF-435F-9E1B-52D74245D6BF}
FW: AVG Firewall *Disabled*
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k WudfServiceGroup
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k Aka... Read more

A:Unusually large CPU usage and link re-direct

Hello and welcome. Please follow these guidelines while we work on your PC:Malware removal is a sometimes lengthy and tedious process. Please stick with the thread until I?ve given you the ?All clear.? Absence of symptoms does not mean your machine is clean! Please do not run any scans or install/uninstall any applications without being directed to do so.Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don't hear from you within five days this thread will be closed. Download and extract TDSSKiller.exe to your desktopExecute TDSSKiller.exe by doubleclicking on it.Press Start Scan
If Malicious objects are found then ensure Cure is selected. Important - If there is no option to "Cure" it is critical that you select "Skip"Then click Continue > Reboot now
Once complete, a log will be produced in c:\. It will be named for example, TDSSKiller. that log, please. Download ComboFix from one of the following locations:Link 1 Link 2 VERY IMPORTANT !!! Save ComboFix.exe to your Desktop * IMPORTANT - ComboFix will not run until AVG is uninstalled. This is because AVG falsely detects ComboFix (or its embedded files) as a threat and may remove them resulting in the tool not working correctly which in turn can cause "unpredictable results". Since AVG cannot be effectively disabled before running ComboFix, the author recommends you to uninstall AVG first. You may do this throug... Read more

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Hello, I've recently encountered a problem. It seems as if my computer is using way too much RAM for some reason. I currently have 6GB of RAM installed. As soon as I start my computer up, I'm greeted with this warning:
So I decided to open up task manager and see exactly how much RAM I'm really using:
No process is using up any amount of RAM to come close the above number. The most RAM using is 70mb or so from Google Chrome while typing this post. Clicking on the performance tab of task manager gives me this information:

I don't know what exactly is causing this problem, I haven't downloaded anything recently. I had this exact problem a few weeks ago and a system restore fixed it but I'm not wanting to wait on the computer to restore again or for this problem to just come back again. Any help would be appreciated, if you need any more information, let me know. I'm running Windows 8 on a Toshiba Satellite L875D-S7332.

A:85% RAM usage on idle, large cached memory.

The real problem is the very high commit charge and that generally indicates a memory leak. Post a screenshot of Resource Monitor memory tab sorted by "Commit". Hopefully that will show where the problem lies.

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When i'm managing large files (1-10 GB) using explorer in Win7 Ultimate 64 bit: renaming, moving (not copying) etc. it happens that it takes forever (read: doesn't work) and my computer gets messed up.

Ram slowly, steadily climbs to max ram (4GB - normal operational level is around 2GB) and stays there having some dips now and then, to rise to the roof again a bit later. Process Explorer doesn't show any process eating all this ram. Sometimes it suddenly gets fixed but sometimes it requires a reboot to fix.

The files/directories i have this with, are the same ones. Most folders/files move/rename just fine, others always trigger this issue.

(oh, btw, it's not a program having a lock on the files, this wouldn't explain the ram problem anyway)

When i copied everything over to a new harddisk, the same problem persisted with the same files on the new disk.

Solution: copy and delete works, but since the files are huge and plenty, this is not acceptable.

When I add new large files, about 1 in 4-5 have this problem and must be copy+deleted to remove the problem for that file.

anyone has an idea, plz?


A:RAM usage maxed out when manipulating large files

Try adjusting your virtual memory. If you adjust that it should take some stress of the physical memory.

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My computer seems to be leaching memory, and I can't figure out why. I have 3gb of RAM, and at all times at least 1.5gb are being used - even when no programs are running. Anyway, here is my log:

Deckard's System Scanner v20070905.67
Run by Andrew on 2007-09-19 22:16:13
Computer is in Normal Mode.

-- Last 5 Restore Point(s) --
8: 2007-09-20 02:10:22 UTC - RP196 - Removed Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer
7: 2007-09-20 02:09:45 UTC - RP195 - Removed Linkit_eBay
6: 2007-09-20 02:07:47 UTC - RP194 - Removed FIFA 08 Demo
5: 2007-09-19 17:27:24 UTC - RP193 - Uniblue RegistryBooster
4: 2007-09-18 21:36:52 UTC - RP191 - Windows Update

-- First Restore Point --
1: 2007-09-17 11:59:41 UTC - RP187 - Installed Stranglehold Demo

Backed up registry hives.
Performed disk cleanup.

-- HijackThis (run as Andrew.exe) ----------------------------------------------

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 10:19:48 PM, on 9/19/2007
Platform: Windows Vista (WinNT 6.00.1904)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16512)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Windows\system32\SearchFilterHost.... Read more

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Hi there
Workstation Version 10.2 Host running these distros - same observations for both hosts. Opensuse / Linux Mint 17 both 64 bit. Guest is windows 8.1 update 1.

I seem on the df -h command get a /tmp file around 4GB which is 95% allocated. This goes down to 0% when the vm is powered off.

I can't seem to find any way to increase the size of this file or configure it in any way -- is this just VMware using disk space or will my Guest eventually fail because lack of disk space. There's actually plenty of space on the HDD itself. !!


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Hi there. My computer has been lagging very hard recently and checking the Task Manager I have noticed that I am using at a minimum roughly 3GB of memory and my CPU usage is fluctuating between 25% and 100%. Any thought about why this is happening? Not to mention that multiple games which I have installed that have been running perfectly fine for months prior are now failing to open. Thanks!

A:Large amount of RAM and CPU usage recently, making computer much slower

Lets have a look at some logs.
Adware Cleaner Scan.
Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your desktop.
Close all open programs and internet browsers.
Double click on adwcleaner.exe to run the tool.
Click on Scan button.
When the scan has finished click on Clean button.
Your computer will be rebooted automatically. A text file will open after the restart.
Please post the contents of that logfile with your next reply.
You can find the logfile at C:\AdwCleaner[S1].txt as well.
JRT Scan.
Please download Junkware Removal Tool and save it on your desktop.
Shut down your anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall software now to avoid potential conflicts.
Run the tool by double-clicking it. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, right-click it and select Run as administrator.
The tool will open and start scanning your system.
Please be patient as this can take a while to complete depending on your system's specifications.
On completion, a log is saved to your desktop and will automatically open.
Please post the JRT log.
Adware Removal Tool Scan.
Download Adware removal tool to your desktop, right click the icon and select Run as Administrator.

Hit Ok.

Hit next make sure to leave all items checked, for removal.

The Program will close all open programs to complete the removal, so save any work and hit OK. Then hit OK after the r... Read more

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Just recently I have began to notice that on start up my computer is using 3GB out of the available 8 without starting up any programs. The CPU usage is constantly fluctuating from 25% up to 100% and nothing on the performance monitor is out of the norm nor using too much memory. Any thoughts on what could be causing this and is there anything else I need to post here to give more information on the topic.

A:Large amount of RAM and CPU usage recently, making computer much slower

Check for Malware!
and your anti virus

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Hello. New user here looking for some help. I was cutting and pasting 4 media folders from C:/media/movies to C:/media/TV shows
I cut them. Clicked my media folder link to open it in file explorer and the TV shows folder was missing.
It was just there 5 minutes prior because I was looking to see what files I had there already and what I needed to move over. This folder was pretty large...30ish shows with multiple seasons. I believe it's too large for the recycle bin, but I checked there anyway. I also ensured the view hidden folders option was checked. I can see all other hidden folders. Not sure how that would have happened anyway. Also, a search for file names produces nothing. This is the only drive on the PC. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't notice a big increase of free space as if it was deleted. All other folders in C:/media ate still intact.

A:large folder vanished

Just FYI - I no longer use "cut".  I always use "copy", then I go back and delete if it's not needed.
I've lost too many files that way
If you've cut and it hasn't appeared, try pasting again to see if it was just a glitch
Try GetDataBack Simple from here:
The free version will tell you if there's something left to recover - then they'll want money if you want to recover it.
You can also use the free PCInspector from here:

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what are these index.dat files in this folder?
AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery\High

Last i checked there is 600,000+ dat files & its over 4gb. seems a waste of space just for internet explorer. With so many files is this an error or a sign something is wrong?


A:Large index.dat folder

I believe that folder perrtains to your browsing history. You may want to donload ccleaner and try to remove them, if you want the space.
Before taking any action, be sure that the folders that you want to delete are identical to the one shown here:

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I need to ZIP a folder containing files of about 250 MB. How do I go about this in Windows 7 Home Premium? Also where is the "Compressed (zipped) Folder" (in the "send to" drop down menu) located? Thank you

A:How do I 'ZIP' a large folder in Windows 7

Launch Windows Explorer. Select all the files/folder you want to compress (you can also use CTRL+click to add more files). Right-Click > Send To > Compressed Folder. The ZIP will be located in the folder you are workin in. There is a tutorial if you need more info : Zip a File or Folder - How To

Here are screenshots of how it's done with the built-in zip feature :

If you want more features though, I recommend 7-Zip. It's lightweight, has a LOT of options, usually has better compression on ZIP (or you can use the 7z format which compresses even more), and is open-source : 7-Zip. It will add a context menu accessible via Right-Click in Explorer.

Here are screenshots of the same process with 7-zip :

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my windows 7 (32bits) folder on the C drive is too large (21.1 GB) is there a way to clean it up?

I have deleted temp files and also run the commands:
cleanmgr sageset:99 (Check all the boxes)
cleanmgr sagerun:99

still the same size.

A:windows folder too large

Your Windows folder is within reason. Mine is slightly over 23 gbs.

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I'm having trouble with a game all of a sudden and I'm not sure if it's hardware or software related, so I may try to reinstall the game (even though it has been working perfectly fine for 4 years until now ) and see if that helps.

The game... NASCAR Racing 2003 Season... takes up about 15 gigs on my hard drive. I will burn most of the files to a CD, but I'd like to copy the entire folder or subfolders somewhere else on my hard drive (ample space) to make it an easier transfer later on.

The folder is 15 Gb. Will Windows let me copy and paste something that big? How long will it take?

Or is there a certain reasonable limit for each copy and paste? Don't want to make my CPU and hard drive explode to make matters worse.

A:The Big One- Copying a large folder in XP... How big is too big?

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i am trying to copy a 300 bg folder from one hdd to another

all i get is effor message "cannot copy file"

is there a reason for this

i have actualy copyed this folder before so i no not understand


A:error when trying to copy large folder

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hi-i have just realised that my firefox folder is about 750mb in size.there are two files in it labelled-video.avi.ddp.they are both approx 350.oo mb in size it normal to have these files?can i safely delete them?

A:[SOLVED] large firefox folder

Which Firefox folder are they in? You normally have two. One in Program Files and one in Application Data. The second one is your profile and is the one that would be more likely to get large.

Are those files in the cache?

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in my intel dir is a folder called "analyze", it is 27gb large (see screenshot) is it okay to delete this Intel dir., (i think it is related to the "Intel Driver Update Utility 2.2" program) or rather, can i safe uninstall this program? i still am using Vista.

thanx in advance

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Hi guys,

My C drive is getting full and I have 5GB of files in the C:\Windows\Installer folder. I google'd around and found numerous articles/posts about running a command "msizap.exe G!" to properly clear out un-needed files.

Everything I've found on properly deleting files from this directory points back to a download that used to be here:

which now has a note: "This article previously contained a link to the Windows Installer Cleanup utility (MSICUU2.exe). If you were directed to this article to solve a problem installing a product other than Microsoft Office, please contact your software manufacturer for installation support on the product."

(thanks Microsoft... do I contact YOU then??)
Does anyone know the current correct procedure to clear out this folder? Or if this tool is still available somewhere? (and safe to use on Windows 7)


A:Large C:\Windows\Installer folder

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Last night, just before bed time, my wife informed me that she had seen, earlier in the day, a message indicating low disk space on our Windows 7 (Home Premium) Laptop. I took a look at the properties on C drive and it was down to about a half GB free space. This was on an 80 GB partition on which Windows is located. I ran Disk Cleanup and there is still only a bit less than 3 GB free space. I took a quick look at the properties of each folder at the root of C drive and found that the C:\Windows folder occupied about 48 GB. Isn't this way too much? Could this be related to Windows 10 to which we never upgraded? I'll look a little further this weekend to see if I can locate the bulk of the files, but I'm guessing I'm going to have to remove some Windows Updates or something, and if so, I'll likely need a little coaching on that.

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Hi there. Trying to free up some space on my measly 32GB SSD. So far i've disabled hibernate which has saved me four gigs already which is great. And now i'm looking at windirsat here and i see that the program 'doubletwist' is using up nearly 2gig in the appdata folder, even though i have the actual program installed to a different HDD. So basically i'm wondering if i could move those files out of the appdata folder, but in a way that doubletwist will still read them, as otherwise it's just going to save more files in there.

Hope all that makes sense. thanks!

A:large appdata folder on ssd, can i save it somewhere else?

Hello hendoben

The only way I know of is to move the whole user folder which includes the AppData folder. Have a look at these tutorials - User Profile - Change Default Location
User Profiles - Create and Move During Windows 7 Installation


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Looking at the properties of my C:/Users/Pauline folder, it shows a size of 198Gb, yet opening the folder and viewing the size of each file and sub-folder, they add up to no more than 2Gb (I keep all the libraries and user data files on a separate drive).
Another user, myself, as C:\Users\Malcolm shows a size of 9Gb. Even this is much much larger than the sum of the sub folders, but I could live with that.
Going to folder options and showing hidden and protected files shows nothing in the way of very large files.
Any ideas welcome, as my C: drive is almost full and I don'y know why!!

A:Windows 7 C:/User folder large

Your best bet would be to download an application like SpaceSniffer which would give you a graphical view of where the consumed space is going.

It's real easy to use. Just open the zipfile you download, drag the application to your desktop, and launch it.

I see your specs as Windows 7. You may want to right-click on the application and select 'Run as Administrator' which might give you a better view into folders that might otherwise be restricted.

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Is there a way that when there's only 1 video inside a shows a big thumbnail instead of small?

like this:

A:One video in folder = Large thumbnail?

Right click on the folder
Select Properties
Choose Customize
Select "Choose Picture"
Find a picture that looks like a Racing car (ie your example)

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I've heard that folders that contain more than 4GB's of data are prone to become corrupt or possibly crash the HD. With that in mind I have organized my music into one folder and then 4 subfolders each containing about 4GB's each. Any truth to this?
I have also heard that file size is an issue with .pst's which makes more sense.

A:Large Folder-Corrupt Potential?

No its not true at all

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I have several questions and I think they all probably have to do with virus or spy ware, so I thought I would start here. Operating system is Windows XP

1.When I start my computer it is taking about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes to get to the log on screen. Then,the System 32 folder opens up and is just open on the desktop. This has never happened before.

2.When I go to the Internet in IE I generally can't access items on the page. Example. If I open my bank website, it won't let me go to anything else on the page. It acts like it's doing something, takes forever and then goes back to the page I was on. I don't have the problem if I access the Internet through AOL.

3.When I access Google,a help page,my bank site, even your site, either in IE or AOL all of the print on the page is in a large font and if I print anything it is in this large font. Does my computer know I turned a year older? What gives with this?

Things I've done.
I've run my virus scan and supposedly it's up to date according to McAfee.
I've run my SpyBot and my AOL Spyware. Spybot found MyWebSearch and supposedly deleted it.
I uninstalled games that were expired,I've been running the Clean-up program
and finally last night I ran my defrag.
When I ran the defrag I delayed the screensaver by 90 minutes and it also changed my desktop even though I had not asked it to do that. Now it doesn't have the saved picture that I was using (the name is there, but it i... Read more

A:Solved: System 32 on desktop at startup.Slow system, large font.

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I had trouble defragging {dbcbca6a-9a27-11df-94f4-028037000300}{3808876b-c176-4e48-b7ae-04046e6cc752} in C:\System Volume Information using defragler. It is more than 2GB large. Is it normal for one system restore to be that large? Norton and MBAM says the my system is clean. Only 31.1 GB total used. Abou 250 GB (I think) total hard drive space

Also the tracking folder is showing weird characters:
?Cf????? ?O?8m   windellstudio15 NW?Dc`A??$??{?? =?e? ? ? ????  ?             ... Read more

A:ONE System File in System Volume Information more than 3GB large. Can't Defrag

Defragging does not reduce file size, it only moves files to improve speeds.

Do a disk cleanup maybe its system error storage, or something the operating system stores
Unless it is a virus that is hogging your hard drive space (Inwhich case I would do a scan with Malwarebytes anti malware from
It could be a crucial file, but I would think it would be a bit smaller.

your hard drive has enough space to make that 3 GB look like megabytes....

Keep your eye on that file. If it continually gets bigger, chances are, it could be a virus.

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i love portable .paf apps and pretty much download all i can find that i "might" use one day. every time i try to enter the folder i keep them in, explorer goes into the not responding state like it is
indexing all the files, or scanning them for some reason. i have defender off, do not use any software based firewall or any real time antivirus scanner at all. the process to enter the folder takes over a minute and every time i restart my system the same thing happens again. as long as i dont shut down then it is instantly accessible like all other folders on all my other hdds including the same hdd that the folder is on. it only seems to happen with the .paf files.

the folder is only 409 files at slightly over 5gb.

any suggestions?


A:Portable Applications Large Folder Backup

It might do that once, but it should not be doing it every single time. You don't have to keep it in the Program Files folder, you can put it anywhere. I keep my portable apps in a folder off my C drive made for them, it never does this.

Welcome to Windows 8 Forums!

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I am puzzled why, as far as I can tell, everything else seems to be there except this one single folder.

This is what happened: I run registry cleaner section in Ccleaner, and following that it was giving me an error message that the locally stored profile can't load, and it could only log me on with a temporary profile. Needless to say, I could not access any of the things in my profile.

I took my computer to the service place, but first nothing was done for 3 days (3 very painful days without my computer and being worried about the fate of my things on it...) and then the IT guy did work on it some, but I don't know what he did and I don't think he did much or didn't get far in any case, because when I picked my computer up there was no difference.

After that I was searching for some answers or suggestions on various forums etc. I tried system restore but it could not restore it. Then I ran chkdsk and it worked, it repaired one file (ntuser) and then my profile loaded back, looking like it always did before, except that as far as I was able to remember, one single folder is missing.

I looked in the hidden files and folders (by doing: windows explorer : tools : folder options : view tab : check show hidden files and folders : uncheck hide protected operating system files : OK) but I don't see it there.

The folder I am talking about was probably quite large, containing many sizable word documents and a number of pdf files. I think it was in "my documents&... Read more

A:After restored profile, one large folder is missing

Have you tried using Windows' search tool to search for the folder or files found inside it?
See if this software reveals anything...

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looking for software (freeware) that will divide my 1 large folder into small folder w/o modifying any of the files in the folder

A:divide 1 large folder into small folders

If you DID find such software, on what basis would it be dividing this large folder??

And, why not do it yourself from Explorer, by creating new Sub Folders and drag/dropping the files?

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and also when deleting files recycle bin shows a black icon..

please help...

A:Folder Icons Are invisible when viewed large

Hi Qwerty77
Try this:

1) Right click the folder and choose properties.
2) Click on the Customize Tab.
3) Choose Change Icon at the bottom
Pick an icon you want top use for the folder,then click ok.

You may have inadvertently clicked on a "white" space when choosing icons. (It is possible to create invisible folders in that manner, hence the black box.
Try right clicking on your desktop first, and click refresh.
Hope this helps...

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I use OE 6 on an XP Pro platform, and I need to move a large block of business emails from one OE folder to another. There are roughly 8,000 emails in this folder, and I need to move half to a new folder so they will compact properly.

Is there a FAST WAY to "Select" or highlight 4,000 out of 8,000 emails? It would take hours to hold down the Ctrl key and individually click all 4,000. Using Edit>Select All will not accomplish what I need. In a regular Windows folder, one can hold the Ctrl key and drag the cursor beside a long list of files to select them. Is there any way to do something similar inside an OE folder? Thanks.

A:Moving a large block of OE 6 emails to a different folder.. How To?

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I have just received a running out of system disk memory notice on my Windows XP desktop computer. I was a bit surprised because I don't store much on the system disk, and as part of an exercise discussed on another thread here I had recently cleaned it up. I ran a scan with AVG free which came up with nothing and also Spybot S&D which cleaned out as many temp files as it could. After this I noticed one very large "hidden" folder remaining in the temp folder. It was called ~eu0000. In it was a single file called .eunf.
I have a dual boot so I could probably quite easily delete the folder and file, but before doing so I am curious as to whether it might have been caused by malware.

The composite image above shows the location of files on my very full system drive, as well as the results of the AVG scan.

This image shows the Windows temp folder (after the S&D cleanup) containing the offending large folder.
I should appreciate any thoughts anyone has on this.

A:Very large file in Windows\Temp folder

In it was a single file called .eunf

Is it eunf or just unf?

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Any clue as to what this file/folder is all about? And, more importantly, how to delete it? (Assuming it's not necessary.)

I was going to try to upload a .txt file here, but it is 62.22mb; and zipping the file only went down to about 42mb
I managed to take a screenshot of a small portion of the .txt doc contents. (I got that .txt file by using this DOS command: dir>0bad.txt)
You can see the obad1.jpg here on my website:

You can access the actual .txt document via my Dropbox account--it is a 62.22mb .txt file.

I've tried & tried to delete the folder...
~ via DOS commands
~ by right clicking it and selecting: delete.
~ by creating a .bat file

I've also tried to put the folder in my Comodo\s file list, so that I can mark it as: malicious.

I tried using: Fast Copy software --- because I read online that it might be good for deleting large files. (This 0bad file has about 1 million files in it--so says its Properties dialog box.)
I tried UBCD, but the CD would not boot up. (Despite using several diff CDs. I even tried it on another PC just to see if it would boot up--but no joy.

I tried to change its contents from a partially read only, by unchecking: read only. It took about 12 hrs for this process, but at the end of it, the: read only box is still "partially checked" -- meaning, it's not unchecked or check... Read more

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I have a small 64Gb SSD boot drive C:

I installed Windows ADK to enable EasusToDo imaging software to create a boot disk.

This has left 3 folders about 3Gb in size in my c:\users\me\appdata\local\temp folder

I have therefore very little free space left on the C drive.

The folder attributes are read only.

I as an administrator user have full access rights (confirmed in folder Properties) but when I try to delete the folders the error message asks for permission from me to delete. I give this permission, then it refuses, stating Try Again as it need permission from me.

This computer does not recognise boot CDs even though the BIOS order is set correctly. I was hoping to remove files using an Ubuntu live boot CD.

Windows Disk Cleanup utility just stalls - presumably it also cannot delete these files.

What to do?

A:Can't remove large files from Temp folder

Those are some pretty enormous temp files you have there. I've never heard of such large files in the temp folder before.
I've found using the program Unlocker really helpful in deleting stubborn files.

Download Unlocker 1.9.1 -

You may need to reboot if the file is especially stubborn but it tends to work most of the time.


The 64-BIT version is located here
Unlocker Free Download

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Clicking on a large folder in Explorer can cause a slowly-moving green progress bar. In some cases this can take several minutes to complete.

A common cause is thumbnail caching of image and video files, resulting from having properties | customize | "optimize this folder for:" set to pictures, vs documents or General items.

The most likely solution: in Explorer, right click on folder, select properties, customize, under "optimize this folder for:", select either General items, or documents. Set check box "Also apply this template to all subfolders", then click apply.

The slow progress bar is apparently caused by Explorer scanning the folder and all subfolders to pre-render thumbnail images for image and video files. This happens if the "optimize this folder" setting is pictures or videos. This happens when merely clicking on the top-level folder.

If "optimize this folder" is set to documents or General, the thumnails are not rendered until you actually click on the folder or sub-folder containing those.

This was discussed in another thread on this forum, but it was full of speculative remedies, and the actual cause and remedy was not posted until the last thread (and one year after the thread was started): Accessing drives in Windows Explorer takes a long time

I'm creating this thread with a more exact title and concise description, to aid in finding the solution based on a symptom search.

While the above is the most... Read more

A:Slow Explorer progress bar on large folder

My "Slow" folder was set up for Videos. Optimizing it for General solved the problem.


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I've got a little registry file that I run on all my new installs. One thing I been wanting to add to it is the ability to set the Folder View settings to "Large Icons" for "All Folders". The manual way to do this is...

- Open folder
- Right-Click > View > Large Icons
- Tools > Folder Options > View > Apply to Folders

So basically I'm looking for the registry key that I can change to set this via reg file. I've tried digging around in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\BagMRU & Bags but it looks like those are for all folders. I'm looking for the one specific key/value that windows checks to determine what the folder view should be.

Thanks in advance!

A:Registry Key for Folder View > Large Icons

Hello XenonKilla,

If you like, you could set your folder view settings to how you like, then use the tutorial to back up these settings as a .reg file that you can use to restore them in any user account.

Folder View Settings - Back Up and Restore in Windows

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Yesterday i copied a large folder 51gb into my external hardisk and I used windows 7. One file name was too long and I was prompted. I selected skip file. I remember seeing the folder in my hardisk after copy. But no longer there today. the space still occupied tried using programs like pci recovery. not found.
The folder has many work files. please help;

A:large folder missing on external hardisk

try to used power data it.....

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I recently discovered a folder on my C: drive simply titled Boot. (Filepath is C/Windows/Boot) It is taking up 27 GB of my 37 GB available space. It wasn't always that large, but must have increased steadily in size in the almost 2 years I've owned the computer. This Boot folder has 4sub-folders, ranging in size from 4 GB to 10 GB, totaling the 27 GB, but when I open any of those 4 sub-folders, there are only a few files of a few KB each. This is not a hidden folder, and I located what I believe is theactual boot folder needed to boot up my computer. I am not able to delete the C/Windows/Boot folder or any of the folders or files inside of it. (It says I need administrative privileges, but I’m the administrator and the only user of the computer.) Starting a few weeks ago, this folder is causing me to continually get “Low Disk Space” pop-up bubbles. The other night, I cleaned up some spaceon my computer, ended up with 750 MB of free space, went to bed, and woke up to find I was down to 42 MB of free space. I suspect that somehow, stuff is automatically getting dumped into C/Windows/Boot. Would love to be able to fix this so I’m not always dealing with the “Low Disk Space” message. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. (Laymans terms please, if possible.) Thanks in advance.

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In system protection, the current usage is at 405GB while max usage is defined at 279GB (30%).
1) How this can happen ? ,and
2) How can I set the Max Usage to be kept?

A:System Restore - Current usage exceeds Max Usage

Hello Abax,

The tutorial below can help show you how to set the max usage for system protection.

System Protection - Change Disk Space Usage

Hope this helps,

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I am backing up my Win 7 folder just before moving to WIN 8. The folder is 65G in size. I just copy and paste from my laptop hard drive to my external USB drive. I started the copying just before I went to bed last night. This morning I saw a pop up windows saying that 12 files cannot be copied because the path is too long. The option is "skip' or 'Cancel'. I took the skip option and the copy job completed. But it does not tell me the name of the 12 files that I skipped.
Now my problem is how do I found out which 12 files are missing in my backup.
I know that I can do the copy paste again and watch out for the error message. But it is a waste of time sitting in front of the screen. That was why I do it over night.
What is the best way to do this kind of work other than using some backup software.

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For a while now my Windows folder has been taking up more space on my 60GB SSD than I think it should. The size breakdown goes like this:

C:/Windows - 28 GB

- winsxs - 11.65 GB
- System32 - 8.45 GB
- Assembly - 1.63 GB
- SysWOW64 - 1.30 GB
- Installer - 1.17 GB
- Microsoft.NET - 1.03 GB
- SoftwareDistribution - 0.85 GB

I do regular registry fixes and temp file cleans, and I do regular inspections on my drives to remove unnecessary files and programs. However, the large increase in my Windows folder which happened about 6 months ago is really bothering me.

Is there any way get rid of some excess files? Or is this just a case of Windows inaccurately showing the actual amount of free space due to hard links?

Help is appreciated, thanks

A:Abnormally large Windows folder, size reduction possible?

Have you run disk cleanup?

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I have been using Windows XP Version 2002 Service Pack 3 for a while with few problems, and run Norton 360 which I continually make sure is up to date with no warnings.

The problem that I have been having is that I have twice now found that my C: drive, which has 144 GB of hard drive space, keeps filling up when just a few months ago I checked it and it was less than half full. I downloaded a free program which shows me the folder sizes in Windows Explorer, and found that the cause of the drive filling up were these huge log files in my kids' "My Documents folders". There were many such files, but for example, there was one called CAGC0bd49d6c000a072e.log which was over 18 GB in size. I just simply delete them and empty my recycle bin, but they seem to keep reoccurring.

I am curious what they are, why they are so big, are they dangerous, and can they be prevented?

Thanks so much for any help!!

A:Large .log files in My Documents folder starting with CAGC*

If you scan with AV and AM and they show nothing, open a few and see what's in them.

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Hi all.
I have had lots of videos on my hdd for some time now building up a collection of car videos/movies. there is roughly 50gb+ of videos on one partition, 17+gb of these vids are car videos. When I go into my car video folder my HDD light comes on and loads like crazy, and then when I try to open one it takes for ages.

Also another problem which mite be related that I have is, Files go missing, eg. a 700mb car movie. the file is still there it shows all the bytes in properties and that is all correct, but when I try to open it says the file has been "compressed" or something along those terms. I know its not the codec, as I have just about every codec and these movies have worked previously. Especially after reformatting my files go missing from each of my back up partition drives. at the moment, 3.77gb of my fighting videos will not open :(

If anyone can help me, i would appreciate it. its really annoying not to be able to use the stuff on your HDD.

Mr. SaKaTuMi

A:Loads very slowly after opening a large folder of videos

hmmm....defrag your hdd and see if that helps. a good defraggin tool is diskeeper and perfect disk. so far i have experiences with diskeeper and it works great and the program is hella fast.

also since you are running winxp, try booting up with your winxp cd. of course and im sure you know this, you will need to change the boot order in the bios to cdrom as first boot device.

then when you boot up with the winxp cd, choose repair in the main console and it will take you to a command prompt screen. type out " chkdsk /r" without the "". also you will need a space between chkdsk and /r.

after it has finish, bootup to windows and see if this fixes your problem. also scan your computer for viruses, spyware, and malware. good luck

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I'm using Kolor Autopano Pro, on W8 Pro. In this application there is a 'Select images' control which opens an explorer window to choose the images for a pano.

Often it crashes with an exception c0000374, as follows:

Autopano Pro (Build 12/03/2013 )

Stopped working

‎12/‎05/‎2013 16:04

Report sent

Faulting Application Path: C:\Program Files\Kolor\Autopano Pro 3.0\AutopanoPro_x64.exe

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: AutopanoPro_x64.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 513f04c4
Fault Module Name: StackHash_58b1
Fault Module Version: 6.2.9200.16420
Fault Module Timestamp: 505ab405
Exception Code: c0000374
Exception Offset: PCH_1B_FROM_ntdll+0x0000000000002C2A
OS Version: 6.2.9200.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 58b1
Additional Information 2: 58b107ff772738b9d40473f199a9bbac
Additional Information 3: 398f
Additional Information 4: 398ffb97eb84e25cb020526ceb62d673

Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: dae2bdc92438601f1b7abf5ca3a5c973 (104288499)

In particular it crashes if I scroll the window rapidly while the thumbnails are still being populated.
If I scroll it one row at a time to the very end, such that all the thumbnails (from DNG, JPG and TIF files) are filled in then I can use the slider to scroll rapidly up and down the window, no problem at all. Cycling through the different ... Read more

A:Exception when scrolling a folder with 'large icon' view.

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis (even though you're not reporting BSOD's): Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

Also, Please do the following (preferably immediately after the app crashes - it'll be easier for me to scan):
- open Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc)
- expand the Custom Views category (left click on the > next to the words "Custom Views")
- right click on Administrative Events
- select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."
- save the file as Admin.evtx
- zip up the file (right click on it, select "Send to", select "Compressed (zipped) folder")
- upload it with your next post (if it's too big, then upload it to a free file-hosting service and post a link here).

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I'm sharing a folder on a Windows XP computer with 15,000 sub-folders/files over a small network. This folder used to be hosted in Windows Server 2003 machine. But after I made the switch to XP, accessing the shared folder over the network takes over 1 minute for the files to list.

Does anyone know what might be causing this slow performance? And is it related to the XP operating system?

Any tips and advice will be greatly appreciated.


A:Problem sharing folder with large number of files over network

if you are using sp2 or 3 i believe this problem could be caused by a tcp connection limit have a look at this

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Okay I will do my best to try and explain this clearly.

I had one laptop hard drive crash/fail on I purchased a new laptop and transferred all my files over via a window's backup and crash plan backup to make sure I got everything. Now the new laptop is having the same issue as the old laptop--obviously there is a corrupt file somewhere. The hard drive on the new laptop has not failed--yet--but 308GB of my 750 HDD has been sucked up by these temp files. I have attached a word doc with 2 screen shots--first showing the main window with all of these tmp files and the second with one file opened.

There 99 of these tmp files, with roughly 200,000 items in each taking up a lot of HDD space. I tried to delete one of these folders and the process took forever and it got hung up.

First, what are these folders and has anyone heard of this kind of issue.

Secondly, is there a way I can delete these files by by-passing the recycle bin since these things are so large. I thought I read somewhere I could use cmd to do this, but am not sure how.

I've used CCleaner and Malwarebytes and neither touched these files. As a matter of fact the Windows\Temp file never seems to get cleared out unless I manually delete what's in there. I was able to delete other files in that folder, just not these. I am getting very concerned for the life expectancy of my new HDD.

Also, one final note. I ran a chckdsk scan. It got hung up at 74% on Stage 1 and refused to budge from there... Read more

A:Need Help Extremely Large Files in Windows-Temp Folder Cannot Delete

You MIGHT have a root kit virus.

Some root kit removes...

Free Tools | McAfee Downloads

Sophos Anti-Rootkit - Free Rootkit Detection and Removal Tool

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System: HP w/ AMD 800 processor, 30G (24G free), 192M ram
Office 2000 Word - I have a folder (BigFolder) in My Documents that contains about 4000 subfolders. When I "save as" with BigFolder as the "save in:" it takes 30 - 60 seconds to bring up the list of subfolders. This just recently slowed down like this - it used to take 5 - 10 seconds. I have scanned and defragged. Will more memory speed this up? Any other ideas? I am currently saving into a "work" folder, then later moving the "work" subfolders into BigFolder.

A:Office 2000 Word - large folder slow to save into

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I'm having problems when I try to customize my folder icons on VISTA. The icons I usually make is 256x256 px size and when I apply it to my desired folders, the size of the icons is always 32x32 px. When I try to appear it on large icons view, it's still on 32x32 px. It's so frustrating.

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I need to split a folder containing several levels of subfolders into dvdr sizes for backup. I would like to retain not only the folder name but subfolders names.

Ex. C:\Pictures\Summer is 7gb and i would like to split it into C:\folder1\pictures\summer and C:\folder2\my pictures\summer

Any one know of a util? RAR/ZIP is an option but I would really like viewable access to the files on any disc.

The folder I need to split is quite large 70GB.

A:Split large size folder into smaller ones retaining subfolder names

Your talking about 16+ DVDs for that one file. The odds of one of them being bad is quite high.

Why not backup to an external hard drive instead?

Also, most burner software will do this for you automatically. I know Roxio will for sure. It will put as much as it can on each DVD then prompt you for a new one when that is done.

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This is similar to a post I made several days ago that only got one response, but this time I've really narrowed it down.

My computer has a problem specifically with the combination of the NTFS file format and JPG Files. I used to have my drives formatted as FAT32. I never had a problem going into Windows Explorer and expanding a folder full of JPG files. Even a really large folder, like 15Gb, would open instantly.

However, I recently converted all my drives to NTFS. Now any folder with over about 2Gb of JPG Files in it takes for bloody ever to expand! The bigger the folder, the longer it takes. For example, a 5Gb folder will take about 30 seconds. A 20Gb folder will take upwards of 2 minutes. It drives me crazy!

It's as if something in my computer related to the NTFS format is trying to catalog or make thumbnails out of all the JPG's in a folder before it expands that folder. However, I can't really support the "thumbnail" theory because all of my folders are set to be viewed in the "details" mode. I don't use thumbnails, icons, or mini-icons.

Any and all suggestions are welcome because I've been struggling with this for several days now and tried every trick I know.


A:Large Folder Full of JPG Files Takes a Long Time to Expand

Here are two items that might shed some light on how to fix the problem:

1. Once a large jpeg folder has been expanded (oh so slowly) in Windows Explorer for the first time, it will open instantly any time I come back to it as long as I don't turn off the computer. But once I restart the computer, I have to wait a long time all over again for any of the large folders to expand.

2. I just discovered by accident that if I use the "search" function before expanding any of the folders in Windows Explorer, all of the folders will expand instantly no matter what they contain or how big they are.

This seems to be telling me that once the operating system has "touched" each folder and file one time, it remembers them better then next time (until I reboot). I wonder if all of the folder/file information is getting dumped into RAM the first time it's expanded or searched? It seems like maybe this is an NTFS related cache issue. I have 2Gb of RAM, so I've experimented with turning off the page file (virtual memory), but it doesn't seem to make any difference whether it's off or on. There must be some other file caching system in NTFS that I'm not familiar with.

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Hello there,

I have a problem on my computer where when I goto a folder with a large amount of .avi files, it crashes explorer.exe. I researched on google, people had the same problem and the way they fixed was by deleting windows media player, however I need windows media player to stream my videos to the xbox.

Any ideas?


A:Windows Media Player, Explorer.exe, Folder with large amounts of .avis

You could always split them into sub folders so there are less files present at once.

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This has been happening for over 2 months now, It happens around every 3 hours for about 20 mins each time, but it gets really ANNOYING. My friends said that I was lying and stuff so I invited one of them over and he saw it happen and he was stumped.

Here's a screeny:

Anyone got any advice?

A:95% CPU usage and 95% System Idle Usage?

There are times when task manager will misrepresent the total processor usage as well over 100% constantly. This is usually caused by one of three things :
1.Bad DriversMalware on the system
2.A Flaky Windows install - was this an upgrade or an old OS install?
3.A Problem with the motherboard (try a firmware update)

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This just started happening recently but when System Resume starts the screen is extremely large. My login screen only shows the tip of my login icon. It some what resembles "Safe Mode" only larger.

Anyone else have this issue?

A:Large Font on System Resume

I think that it's a graphic card related. What is the resolution of the screen when System Resume Starts?

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I went in and set my system value to '1' in the registery in mem management. That is I enabled large system cache. Now what I want to know is what is the value of this to me? I use apps like office occasionally but more often I am playing games online such as Everquest which is graphic intensive. Now am I better off leaving my value at '0' or keeping it at '1'? My system is WinXP 1.2gig athlon and 1024mg DDR pc2100 ram with a 30gig HD. If someone can please explain the advantage to both set ups and in my case what would perhaps be my best choice. If you need more info please post here and i will reply as soon as possible.


A:What is advantage of large system cache?
Hope this makes it clearer .

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I get this whenever I try to move the file to either one of my external Hard Drive.

There's plenty of room on either, so what's the problem?

(And I pretty much own every DVD or VHS of Star Wars I could lay my hands on, FYI ; )

A:Too large for the destination file system.

They're FAT volumes. You need to split the file into smaller parts. I think the max file size for FAT drives is 4.00 GB. You might be able to reformat your external hard drive using NTFS. Try right clicking on it in Computer, then click Format... and choose NTFS in the dropdown menu under File System. Note that this will erase all data on the drive.

To split the file, I recommend using HJSplit from here. It is a very lightweight program and no installation is required.

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shoulld i enable Large System Cache or disable it which is better

A:should i enable Large System Cache

any help

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I just installed Diskeeper 2008, and am wondering why it always shows a large System Reserved space on the first row of all of my HDD's. I have no page file, no hibernate file.
The system is RAID0 with two 160GB HDD's. I also have a 3rd HDD not in the RAID system, and it also has that large system area near the top.



A:Large System Reserved space

You referring to C:\System Volume Information? (whether on C and/or other drive letters). That's space reserved for System Checkpoint/Restores. You can set it to 0 but don't think you probably want to do that.

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I downloaded a 4GB .mkv file of a concert I wanted to watch. But since this was on my netbook, I tried to transfer the file to a 16GB Kingston USB Drive which is empty as I have bought it new. However I get an error saying that the "file is too large for the destination file system" and thus, cannot move my file to the USB. What is going wrong here?Here's a picture of the popup that occurs.

A:Too large for Destination File System?

How is Kingston drive formatted? I`m guessing fat or fat 32.

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Hello, when I am playing games,
eg: Minecraft, the system process uses around 50-80 CPU in task manager.
(Not system idle process.)

I have a relatively clean computer, full scans with Microsoft Security Essentials,
and Malwarebytes have come out without any viruses.
Please help, it is getting so frustrating...

A:System process is using large amounts of CPU.

My bad, I think this is in the wrong section.
Excuse me if it is...

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I have two excessively large system files located in C:\Windows\:


The first is 43.4 GB and the second is 26.6 GB. Together, they constitute 30% of my total disk usage or over 42% if you ignore my Linux VM.

Standard questions:
- What are they / what do they do?
- Why are they so big?
- Can I delete them?

I'm Running Windows 10 with a clean install originating from a late insider build. My present OS build is 10586.36. More information is available upon request.

A:Excessively Large System Files

If these are under a System Volume Information directory, they are files used by System Restore. If you don't use the System Restore function, turn it off. They will be automatically deleted. Another possibility is Hibernation. Same deal.

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System is a 3 yr old Gateway. P4 1.8 Ghz 256M, 80G Western Digital HDD (NTFS) running win2k pro

System was working flawlessy until last summer when the HDD croaked. Replaced with nearly identical Western Digital 80G unit. Re-installed OS and SP4 and put things back from backups.

Since then, if I try to copy a file bigger than 70Mbytes from the HDD to my CD-RW, my system hangs. Sometimes I can Ctl-Atl-Del and restart cleanly, other times I have to hit the power to get it back.

Saw the "delayed write error" message once but all the other times, the system just freezes.

Ran a memory test today with no errors.

Application can create large files with no issues.


A:system hang when copying large files

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I have been applying different visual styles to my machine, and I recently applied one that had a small font, which I didn't really like.. So I deleted that font from my system fonts, and then reapplied the theme (I really like the theme, except for the font used). However, now I can't view some dialogs, like the windows sounds dialog for example, as you can see in the attached screenshot below. I imagine that somewhere in the visual style, the size of the font is enlarged, so as the accomodate the supplied, smaller, font. I don't know how to change it back.. I've tried applying different visual styles, and even the default visual style (through the Personalize dialog).

Does anyone know how I can change the font back to the original size?

This is the visual style that I applied that had the undesired font:

This is how my dialogs look:

<TSG SysInfo>
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 520 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3957 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 597449 MB, Free - 343092 MB; H: Total - 1907726 MB, Free - 1350523 MB; I: Total - 1907726 MB, Free - 1557328 MB; S: Total - 114470 MB, Free - 38412 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, NSKAA
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated ... Read more

A:Solved: System font large and bold

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I am doing some "Spring Cleaning" on my HD, finding and deleting duplicate files and looking for large space-hogs to get rid of.

Noticed that my "System Volume Information" File was almost 3 Gbytes. I recall somewhere in the XP settings there is a place where you can adjust the percentage of HD space used for SOMETHING (system restore?).

Is this System Volume Information File the place I am thinking of ?

Is there an "optimum" size for this SVIF ? Is there such a thing as "too small".

Can I manually delete this thing safely ? If so, how much ?

Thanks in advance,


A:Large System Volume Information File

If it's related to system restore, turning off system restore should empty the file. just be sure you won't need to restore your system.

You can adjust the size of system restore:
control panel>system>system restore>settings

10 % is reccommended, but it depends on your needs.

start>run>all programs>accessories>system tools>system restore. Select restore my computer..

You will see a list of restore points. If you have restore points for six months, and you know you won't need to restore to a pont that long ago, you can reduce your size. It's really a judgement call from there.

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This is actually for a friend and I tried everything I could think of but nothing works. She recently installed WindowBlinds and as she was installing Avast it apparently happened (if this helps)

What happened is the icons in the System Tray, and the Quick Launch icons because the Start menu, and even the icons inside the Start menu have enlarged. They are probably 1.5x the size of the original and are also blurry. The time in the bottom right now includes the date also.

I thought her taskbar was moved up a notch, but it's as low as it can go. So thats not the problem. If you right-click the taskbar when it is unlocked and go to View, you can change the icons from large to small. It's on small. So something else happened.

Any clue what could've happened?


A:Taskbar/System Tray icons all LARGE... how do I fix this?

Could be a crap theme. Try changing themes or uninstalling WB completely.

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On my current computer (XP), I have a 500gb HDD, and have two partitions. 30gb for the system drive and 470gb for files. I have ran out of room on my 30gb system drive and I dont even store any files (music, pics, docs, videos, ect) on it.

I'm currently building a computer to do a fresh install of Windows 7 when it comes out. I will be using one new internal 500gb HDD.

What are your suggestions for partition size? Because 30gb is way too small.

It would be nice to actually put my music in the "my music folder", and my pictures in the "my pictures folder", instead of storing them on a separate partition.

Can I use all 500gb as the system drive? If I can, is that a bad idea?

A:How large should I make the system drive (on 500gb HDD)

In and of itself, it is not a bad idea. The consideration, other than drive failure, is what to do when your install of Win7 craps out. How difficult will it be to recover your Users folder.

I would create a 64 GB partition for Windows.

It is WAY to easy to point all of your User files to the second partition.

User Folders - Change Default Location[2]=User Accounts

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Yesterday I tried to do a system restore to fix a Flash Player problem but I did not have restore points going back as far I wanted. I only had 3 Scheduled system restore point going back to March 23rd and 8 restores points done by Revo and various Flash Player install/unsintall restore point created while trying to fix said problem. I thought those 8 restore points might have deleted older scheduled ones but my maximum space hasn't been reached yet and I did not turn off system restore.

From what I read online, I have a crazy amount of space allocated to shadow storage so I was curious as to why I did not have more system points to choose from. Any ideas? Is there anything that can delete restore point besides turn system restore off?
Used 33 GB
Allocated 35GB
Maximum 87GB

Also when I went to select the disk to restore it said
Partition_1(C:) (system) Ready to restore
(Partition_1(C:) The disk cannot be found
I have two disks Partition_1 (C:) and Recovery (D:) which is the factory restore stuff and is locked so I don?t create points for this one.

The Partition_1(C:) (Missing) shows in the available disks in system protection. Should I just uncheck it?

A:System Restore Disk Space Usage and System Recovery

Hello pineapplegrunt.

Do you regularly run programs such as CCLeaner and/or Disk Cleanup? It is possible to delete restore points with these tools (and other similar ones).

I believe your problem is that System Restore points are automatically deleted, by default, after 90 days.

I believe there are ways to change this, although from the top of my head I think you have to use a third party application (to do this easily). However, it is not really recommended to keep such long system restore points, if you want an image of your drive going that far back, you probably should look into creating a backup image or something and not relying on system restore.

Can I ask what your flash player problem is, have you been able to fix that?

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Hi! So my friend has a PC with Windows 10 (installed from USB-Stick with the WindowsMediaCreationTool). It ran fine for about two weeks, which is when the problem started: The "System and compressed memory" and "System interrupts" processes taking up *a lot* of CPU time even at idle.
The system is usable for web browsing and such, but everything that needs performance like games is severely hindered by these processes. It also doesn't allow the processor to ever go into a lower C-State ("power saving mode" / reduced multiplier), it runs at full speed all the time. Needless to say this is *extremely* annoying and defeats the purpose which the PC was built for in the first place (playing games). Now, this is what we have tried so far: After I couldn't find a solution, I just told him to re-format since that usually solves these kinds of problems. And it did! But only for around 3 days, then the problem was there again. Disconnecting all cables except for the monitor and power cables didn't help. Disabling devices in the device manager didn't help. Disabling automatic updates and Windows defender didn't help. So I just told him to re-format *again* just to see at what point the problem would appear. But this time, right after the system was booted up, and the usual update and search indexer processes were done, the same problem appeared again. So he tested his memory with memtest86, but found no errors. His SSD seems... Read more

A:System and compressed memory & System interrupts unfixable CPU usage

Hi, please feel free to search the forum for threads on "system and compressed memory" where you will find useful information and some fixes.

Here are some I collected on this topic:
System and compressed memory- solutions.doc
System and compressed memory.doc

Please read thru these, keep a list of what you try, then if you still have this problem, post again, listing what you have tried. Good luck!

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Hi All,
I've recently setup a clean install of Win10 onto a new system.
Prior to this I backed up my 'Users' folder from the old setup (also Win10) onto my d:\ drive, on a second HDD.
Now that the system is up and running, I've noticed that the backup 'Users' folder is being 'seen' by Win10 as a system folder, resulting in my inability to rename it etc.
Searching for a newly created document that is located in 'My documents' on c:\drive results in it being called up as existing in:
c:\users\neil\documents (where it actually lives)
d:\users\neil\my documents
d:\documents and settings\neil\documents

How best can I disassociate the d:\drive backup 'Users' folder from my system folders ?
Thanks for the assistance.
Cheers, Neil

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Hi All,
I've recently setup a clean install of Win10 onto a new system.
Prior to this I backed up my 'Users' folder from the old setup (also Win10) onto my d:\ drive, on a second HDD.
Now that the system is up and running, I've noticed that the backup 'Users' folder is being 'seen' by Win10 as a system folder, resulting in my inability to rename it etc.
Searching for a newly created document that is located in 'My documents' on c:\drive results in it being called up as existing in:
c:\users\neil\documents (where it actually lives)
d:\users\neil\my documents
d:\documents and settings\neil\documents

How best can I disassociate the d:\drive backup 'Users' folder from my system folders ?
Thanks for the assistance.
Cheers, Neil

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I have domain user account, with user home folder located on samba share.
When I try to make new folder into my home folder i got following error:
Unable to create folder "New folder" File system error (65535).
An unexcpected error is keeping you from creating the folder. If you continue to recieve this error, you can use the error code to search help with this problem.
Error 0x8000FFFF: Chatastrophic Failure.
However the folder is being created. How to solve it?

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Hello I hope you can help, you have before and that was great!

I have had no problems since you last helped me but I ran a Spyware Doctor scan and found around 30,000 .exe files that were obviously some kind of trojan. I tracked them down and found them in the System Volume Information folder where I the system restore points get filed. I went into safe mode, activated permissions to get into the folder and deleted all of the files. This worked for a while then they just reapeared again!

I found somewhere that someone said to just deactivated the system restore service which again worked but hasn't corrected the problem.

I have just run another scan and it again has found over 30,000 files (around 2gb of data) in the RECYCLER folder (which I understand in the deleted files area).

Can you help me firstly get rid of them and help me find what ever it is that is causing these problems and get rid of that forever!

I really rely upon and need my laptop for work and this is seriously slowing things down.

Can someone help?!

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Hi all,
I have an HP Spectre laptop. I work in television and have to transfer very large files (70-100gb each). When a drive containing those files are connected, the system will hang - sometimes for a short time, sometimes it requires a hard boot. Not sure what is causing this, but it makes my system completely unusable and makes Win10 useless at my work.

I have tried checking the ALWAYS SHOW ICONS, NEVER THUMBNAILS box in folder options and it doesn't really seem to make a difference.

The first time I had the problem, I was dealing with DNxHD video files. Now I am working with ProRes 422 files and it seems to be even worse.

I know it is not the external device, because it happens on all external drives.

I use ex-FAT formatted flash drives, Mac formatted hard drives (and use Mac Drive to access them) and both have the same issue.

Any thoughts or fixes?

Thank you!

A:Large files on external drive cause system to hang

This seems to be a recurring theme with Windows 10, Windows 10 Freezes when dealing with large (75GB) MOV files - Windows 10 Forums

How bizarre. I routinely deal with large files in Windows 7 and it does not have any issues, moving them from drive to drive, etc. Like I said in the other topic, Windows 10 could be trying to do something dumb like caching the entire file in RAM.

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I am having a problem when copying large files in Windows 7. (By 'large files' I mean my steamapps folder, which is around 30gb but it hangs pretty early on the bigger 1gb+ files.)

After about 30-60 seconds of copying large files from one drive to another the file copy hangs, and then eventually everything else hangs until it all grinds to a halt. Cancelling the file transfer does nothing except change the window to notify me that it's cancelling. The only way I can regain control of my computer is to restart it with the reset button on the case.

When I first installed Windows I had this problem when copying files over the network, upgrading my network drivers fixed that. This problem has only recently been affecting me, possibly a little over a week. Having said that though, it's not often I try to copy large files.

I like to think I have a decent knowledge of computers and what not, but this really has me stumped.

Things I have tried:

I have 4 hard disks in the machine, and I've tried various different combinations of which drive to copy from and which drive to copy to, just to see if that is the problem, so unless all 4 hard disks are broken, I don't think I can blame the drive.
I read somewhere that virus scanners and firewalls have the potential to interfere, and so I uninstalled Zone Alarm, yet the problem still occurs.
I've tried the SFC /SCANNOW thing but that doesn't seem to have helped.
I've tried to get new motherboard drivers from the ASUS site, which I've no... Read more

A:System Freezes When Copying Large Files Between Drives

I had a similar problem when I went from Vista to Windows 7. File transfers would grind to a halt and freeze the system. In my case I only needed to bump up the NB "north bridge" voltage one notch and everything worked perfectly again. I have seen this work on more than a few systems over the last year and a half. Windows 7 seems to put more load on the memory controller and chipset for some reason.

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related & similar but different from

goal: run presentations on PC and using dual monitors, display on large
display screen ~ 20ft away in a conference room (w/o any systems in the room).
intent is to use wireless VNC connection from laptop to control pc running the presentation.

video screen will be at least 37" wide, have wide angle viewing.

No gaming or HDTV required, only good graphics for Powerpoint presentations.


cable distance to pc
dvi vs hdmi
resolution for viewing powerpoint

Initial thoughts are to use an nVidia 9600 dual ported card and run it in 720p.

What do you think?

A:Presentation system to large remote display screen

I found this DVI / HMDI switch to manage the long distance cabling.

Would solve the connectivity issues (computer DVI video vs large panel display using HMDI)
and add signal boost / filtering and audio+video in the same cable

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After a large  group of upgrades, where the system went through a number of"system being configured" "don't turn off" messages.  System rebooted a number oftimes then same messages.  System no longer boots. Dead screen . I notice that power is on the USB ports. The DVD drive makes starting noises. No activityon screen.    Attempted "ESC" key on "POWER ON". Attempted F9 then F12 on power on.Get no response from machine.  Looking at network I do not see machine "on line" DVD will never read. Where do I go from Here?

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I need help on how to move all my files from my internal harddrive to my external harddrive. Everytime I try to transfer my files it will transfer for like 1GB and then it will freeze and restart. Anyway on how to fix this ?

A:System Freezes When Copying Large Files Between Drives

Run a Disk Check on both drives starting with external.

If this isn't enough then run SFC -SCANNOW Command.

Then if required Troubleshooting Explorer.exe Crashing Issues - Windows 7 Forums and if necessary
How to replace explorer.exe in Windows 7?

As a last resort try Repair Install

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Hi there

Copying 2.7 TB of files (music, video) from USB3 ext drive to RAID 0 internal fast HDD on Windows --- nearly 8 hours.

Copying same 2.7 TB also to RAID 0 on identical system though running Linux with XFS file system on both sets of HDD's 2 hrs 45 mns. !!!

Not sure if it's the NTFS system or Windows hardware RAID 0 on internal HDD -- but this is appalling compared with Linux.

On both machines nothing else was running other than the file copy. RAID controller was genuine hardware RAID - both systems showed the RAID 0 target HDD as a 9 TB single drive. Striping parameters identical.

On a small nr of files NTFS was OK but it gets HIDEOUS when copying 1000's of files. !!!

Am I doing anything wrong --fortunately I don't normally have to copy that much data.

Note no file conversions were involved - two identical bits of computer hardware, same make of HDD's. Windows was 100% Windows and Linux 100% linux. Both machines had proper USB 3 ports.


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anyone want to go in detail? which is better to set it at? programs (0 in registry value) or system cache (1 in registry value).

A:adjusting large cache: System resources or programs?

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I got a virus on my pc, and the windows foulder became a hidden system foulder
I then scanned it with norton, it removed the virus, and now it wants me to reboot, is it safe to reboot?

A:Virus made the windows folder a hidden system folder

go ahead reboot. also do a full scan with Malwarebytes : Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO removes malware including viruses, spyware, worms and trojans, plus it protects your computer malware bytes free version and post back

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i had this computer given to me and i ran a mbam scan and it found alot of trojans in it and it deleted them all and ran a full scan and came up clean.. ran super antispyware as well and was clean but i'm trying to delete a folder that has pictures in it and as soon as i click on that the cpu usage stays at 100% and will not go back down and everything is very slow.. i did all the updates to this computer as it was sitting for 2 years. any help would be appreciated thanks!...

here was the mbam log.. note: i already updated this to the current version

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.41
Database version: 2775
Windows 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2

11/11/2009 11:58:58 PM
mbam-log-2009-11-11 (23-58-58).txt

Scan type: Quick Scan
Objects scanned: 107392
Time elapsed: 5 minute(s), 14 second(s)

Memory Processes Infected: 0
Memory Modules Infected: 0
Registry Keys Infected: 21
Registry Values Infected: 0
Registry Data Items Infected: 2
Folders Infected: 1
Files Infected: 5

Memory Processes Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

Memory Modules Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Keys Infected:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{5fc05375-f157-4d82-a834-b339fbf44f96} (Trojan.Vundo.H) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify\pmkhg (Trojan.Vundo.H) -> Qua... Read more

A:very slow 100% cpu usage if i just click on a folder..

What is the name of the folder and what are it's properties and file path??You might have to take ownership: try deleting it in safe modePlease download Dr.Web CureIt, the free version & save it to your desktop. DO NOT perform a scan yet.Reboot your computer in "Safe Mode" using the F8 method. To do this, restart your computer and after hearing your computer beep once during startup (but before the Windows icon appears) press the F8 key repeatedly. A menu will appear with several options. Use the arrow keys to navigate and select the option to run Windows in "Safe Mode".Scan with Dr.Web CureIt as follows:Double-click on launch.exe to open the program and click Start. (There is no need to update if you just downloaded the most current versionRead the Virus check by DrWeb scanner prompt and click Ok where asked to Start scan now? Allow the setup.exe to load if asked by any of your security programs.The Express scan will automatically begin.
(This is a short scan of files currently running in memory, boot sectors, and targeted folders).If prompted to dowload the Full version Free Trial, ignore and click the X to close the window.If an infected object is found, you will be prompted to move anything that cannot be cured. Click Yes to All.When complete, click Select All, then choose Cure > Move incurable.
(This will move any detected files to the C:\Documents and Settings\userprofile\DoctorWe... Read more

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i want a utility which shows how much hard disk is being used by folders in windows explorer like it shows for files

A:hard disk usage by folder

Here's a thread all about it from a couple of years ago, as far as I can tell nothing has changed.

Folders size

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First off, thanks in advance for your time and for whatever help you can provide.

I'm running Vista Home Premium 32bit.

A couple of weeks ago, I noted that something was causing the explorer.exe program to spike in its CPU usage. When this occurred, CPU usage would immediately spike to over 50%, and would never drop below this level without closing out and restarting explorer.exe in the task manager. If I tried to click on another folder after the 50%+ spike, explorer.exe would immediately spike to 100% CPU usage, and nothing futher could be done until explorer.exe was closed and restarted in the task manager.

In trying to discover the root of the problem, I found that this was happening whenever I clicked my shortcut to open Windows Explorer. This didn't happen, though, when I simply opened "My Computer." Further examination has shown this strange phenomenon to be what's causing the issue: any time a link to the "Documents" folder is clicked, the CPU spike occurs. This only happens when "Documents" is clicked in either the "Favorite Links" pane or the "Folders" pane below it. I can navigate to the "Documents" folder the long way (Users--My Name--Documents) and the spike does not occur. Also, I can click in any of the sub-folders (and all of their sub-folders) within the Documents folder from the "Folders" pane without the CPU spike occurring. The spike only occurs when the Documents folder its... Read more

A:Explorer.exe CPU Usage & Documents Folder

Did I post this in the wrong forum, or is there just not an answer out there to be had?

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Hey guys,

I'm having a problem that when I open my Music Folder it makes my explorer.exe CPU usage go to 25% and only reseting my PC solves the problem. No other folder makes my PC behave like this.

The music folder is quite big... It has a lot of files and uses lot of space.

I tried to google the problem and found some tips to try solving this, but none helped me.

What I already did:

- Divided the music files into sub folders (Didn't help)
- Chkdsk to try finding an error (No errors found)

The music folder is inside a brand new HD - Seagate ST 1000 DM003 - 1TB

So I'm here trying to find some light to my problem
Anybody can help me?

Ps.: I've uploaded two screenshots, one is what happens when I open the music folder, it never ends the "refreshing".

A:Folder increasing explorer.exe cpu usage

Good chance one of the files, music is badly formed when Explorer is attempting to read it for its various data or just so many...who knows.

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