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Win XP or 2000 Compatibility

Q: Win XP or 2000 Compatibility

Can games and software written for Win98 run under Windows XP or 2000 or Pro?

A: Win XP or 2000 Compatibility

Some can, some can't. Depends on the game.

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I have a program that will run on all flavors of windows however a protocol that attaches to the nic will only run in 2000. Is there a way I could install or run this protocol in compatibility mode? The protocol is LAT and is for a terminal emulator that connects to an old mainframe. Ideally if I had a copy of Pathworks32 v7.4 I could run it on XP. The question is however can I install and run the LAT on compatiblity mode and have it work?

A:compatibility w/ 2000 pro

Doing a little DEC stuff huh? I haven't anyone talk about LAT in years. I didn't think it was still around. Wow...

Anyway. LAT is a protocol and I very much doubt you could run it the way you want. You may want to look at running Pathworks under Virtual PC mode since you have W7 Ultimate.

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I have office 2000 on my current computer using xp now. it i get a new or another computer with vista can i load off 2k and expect it to work?
hope someone knows the answer to this question. [email protected]

A:office 2000 compatibility

Hello officeuser

Office 2000 will work fine on Vista.

Please don`t post your email address on the open forum


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Yeah, I'm running Office 2000 (Pro) .

I'm currently running Windows XP but am planning to upgrade (with a new computer) to Windows 7 this year. My big problem is whether or not my Office will work. I have seen for myself that it works in Vista, but Microsoft's database says that Office 2000 doesn't work in 7.

Two questions:

a) Will it work in XP Compatibility mode?
b) If not, will it work with Windows XP Mode?


A:2000 Backwards Compatibility

Not sure who is having a problem with MS Office 2000 in Win 7, albeit I have been using it with my laptop which is running on Win 7 32 bit.

A) yes
B) yes

After reading your post I loaded up Office 2000 into XP mode and it worked just fine. Also, loaded up in VMware's Workstation running XP and it worked without any problems.

Hope this helps, and BTW "Welcome to the Seven Forums."

Now if you can still download MS Office 2010 beta I would recommend that you do, and test it out, it is an excellent upgrade to 2007, 2003, and 2000. There is a compatibility mode so you can convert either forward or backwards.

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I have been an ACT user since it was developed by Symantec!

Last upgrade was to ACT 2000, and have not felt any need to upgrade (with the ridiculous price tag!). I operate a microbusiness, and the old version almost does everything I need it to do.

Here is one "wish for". I use Thunderbird as my e-mail client, and I have to go through cut & paste or rewrite e-mails to recipients. ACT will launch the two versions of Outlook and a "cc Mail" or "internet mail" option.

Can I configure ACT 2000 to launch a Thunderbird e-mail compose message?

If so, how?

A:ACT 2000 compatibility with 2010 stuff

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I have created a document in Word 2003 with the header and footer protected from editing but with the main body being editable.

This works fine in Word 2003 but anyone opening up the document in Word 2000 cannot edit anything!

Is this just an incompatibilty issue or is there a solution?

Thanks in advance,


A:Word 2000/2003 protection compatibility

The selective editing was put in the 2003 version and is incompatible from what I have seen with the 2000 version. Maybe one of our VBA experts knows how to lock the Header/Footer.

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I recently got a Cannon Bubble Jet BJ-100 Printer and it won't print. I've gone to Cannon's Support Site and they only offer one download, and it's not for Windows 2000. I have been to Windows Support Site and have gone thru numerous pages and menu's leading nowhere. First, I did find out that this printer isn't on the Windows 2000 list, so what do I do now? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help

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Since 2000 I have created hundreds of projects using my ?Windows Home Publishing 2000? installation.
It is compatible with Windows 98 through to Windows XP but, I?ve discovered, not with Windows 7.
It is inevitable that that I will end up with Windows 7, so does this mean I will lose all my projects or is there other ?Publishing? software I can transfer my work to that will run in Windows 7?
I cannot be the only one in this situation so I do hope someone can help me to resolve this problem

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Bought an XPS 8900 from Best Buy May 2016. Used as stock config since then as a home CAD machine.
I think it came stock with a GeoForce 730, maybe ?
Had it hooked up to a single Dell monitor via the DVI cable.
I took an NVidia Quadro 2000 2GB video card from an older XPS 8700 that I had installed it in and had been running fine, plug and play, and removed the GeoForce 730 from my new XPS 8900 and installed the Quadro 2000 in the new 8900, expecting no problems.
The Quadro has DVI out and two (2) Displayport out. I tried the DVI, no luck. The tried the Displayport, still no luck. Monitor is asleep, does not respond.
I know this card is a little older, but I am not sure why it would not be supported on the 8900, when I just plug and played it on the 8700, no problem?????
is the NVidia Quadro 2000 not supported for some reason? why?
Is there any way I can make this work ont he XPS 8900?

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Alrighty! Here goes!

I've been searching online for five hours looking for fixes for this. I recently replaced the Windows 8 on this Notebook with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Edition because, simply put, I bloody hate Windows 8.

This has become problematic for me because it appears that there are no compatible drivers that pair Windows 7 and this device's hardware.

I posted in Yahoo Answers about an hour and ten minutes ago and I'm incredibly frustrated with the results (go figure). A link to that question, in case I forget any information I mentioned there: Downgrading to Windows 7 with HP 2000-2b89WM Notebook? - Yahoo! Answers

The product information page for the HP 2000-2b89WM Notebook is located here: HP 2000-2b89WM Notebook PC Product Specifications HP 2000-2b89WM Notebook PC | HP? Support

I have several drivers that are "Out of date." The main one that I'm worried about is the Graphics/Display driver. On the HP website, the device is listed as: Intel HD graphics 3000 with up to 1696MB total graphics memory.

I've tried installing the Windows 8 drivers (which do nothing) and I have also tried updating my drivers through Windows Update. I've also visited HP's driver site, Intel's, and even NVidia, I believe, all to no avail.

I'm hoping that an informed someone can tell me whether or not there are drivers for my graphics chip, and if there are, where I can find them and how I can install them in working order.

Thank you so much for any help! ... Read more

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Will Microsoft Office 2000 Professional install and function properly on a computer running Windows 7 (64 bit)?

The microsoft Compatibility site was of no help, merely wanted to sell new version of software.

A:Solved: Microsoft Office 2000/Windows 7 Compatibility

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I'm one of the elderly members of this community who hates to change platforms without good reason.

Office 2000 is familiar and does most of what I want to do. I'm finding that running it in compatibility mode under Windows 7 Professional x64 is problematic. Most of my problems appear to come from Word documents containing images, often copied and pasted from the web directly. Word stops responding. It can only be restored by a hard reboot which is a PITA. It seems that if both Excel and Word are open, both are reported by Task Manager as 'not responding,' and that is the end of the session. If anything, the problem seems to have gotten worse recently. Could it be an enhancement to the operating system that is just, by chance, causing this problem?

Does anyone have any fixes?



A:Office 2000 in Compatibility Mode - Unrealistic Expectations?

You could try using a virtual machine or xp mode since you have win 7 pro.

They you can run your old software with no problems.

See here:

Windows XP Mode - Install and Setup

Install and use Windows XP Mode in Windows 7

Windows XP Mode - Microsoft Windows

Video: Using Windows XP Mode - Windows Help

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I'm running Win XP SP1

Just wondering if it will cause any problems if I add Powerpoint from Office 2000 to a machine which has Office 2002 with SP3 applied.

What's the position with Forward and Backward compatibility with Icrosoft programs?


A:Compatibility: Can I add Office 2000 components to a machine with Office 2002 SP3?


The general consensus is that it's best to

1) install the older applications BEFORE you install the newer ones
2) install them in different folders

c:\program files\msoffice2002-xp\
c:\program files\msoffice2000\

TAJ Simmons
microsoft powerpoint mvp

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Can Office 97 doc's. (Word, Excel, Acces, Powerpoint, etc.) read Office 2000 documents?

Can Outlook 2000 operate ok with Office 97 installed or does Outlook 2000 need Office 2000?

Can Outlook 97 read Outlook 2000 created mail?


A:Office 2000/Office 97 compatibility

Can Office 97 doc's. (Word, Excel, Acces, Powerpoint, etc.) read Office 2000 documents?

Word, Excel, and Powerpoint 2000 files can be read by Office 97 applications as long as you did not use any features not available in Office 97, such as table within a table in Word.

The other two I'm not sure about, but I'd suppose they will. I'm not sure why you would want to set it up that way. Perhaps if you tell us why, we can give you better answers.

At work, I run 4 different versions of Microsoft Office, and 3 different versions of Outlook. Do I use all the Outlooks to send/receive mail, no. Things like Send To commands may get very confused or not work at all, depending on your setup. And clicking on an email link can cause havoc if it doesn't know which program to use.

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The closed thread "Act!200/Vista Compatility" starting Dec 9, 2009 at 11:55 am needs the following addendum:

ACT! 2000 successfully installed on 64-bit Vista.

64-bit Vista Home Premium
Service Pack 2

- ACT! 2000 CD
don't use setup.exe in root of CD; instead use the setup.exe located in yourCDdriveLetter:\Act2000\setup.exe

RIGHT-Click the Setup.exe and "Run as Administrator"

I just did it and it worked and am using ACT! 2000 now.

The previous posts were incorrect about 64-bit Vista, though perhaps SP2 helped.

Again, this isn't speculation. I just did it.

A:ACT!2000 on Vista: Addendum to closed post: "Act!200/Vista Compatibility" of 12/9/08

ACT! 2000 actually has issues even on XP prior to 5.03 (can't properly reindex or correctly detect disk space)... it also won't connect to Office 2003 or 2007.

You should look at an upgrade to ACT! 2009, which properly supports Vista x64 (it's what I run)

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I recently had issues with my PSU and rather than play guesswork on whether its still functional, I rather just replace it.

My motherboard is a m3n78-pro. Its a bit dated but I'd like for this pc to last another 6 months before I build an entirely new rig. If I read the manual correctly, it requires ATX 12V V2.0.

The PSU I'd like to change to (since it just has to last another 6 months) this 900 w PSU. Would the m3n78-pro be compatible with this PSU? One concern I had was that the m3n78-pro requires a 4 pin ATX +12v connector. If I read the PSU's specifications correctly it has one 12V 8-pin (4 + 4) CPU power connector. Is that 8-pin two separate power connector, ie do I just use 1 of the connectors to fit into the 4 pin ATX +12v connector?

Please excuse my noobishness but what exactly does the v2.92 Motherboard specification entail? I tried to google it, but got less useful information and product results from newegg.

Also I read the wiki on the ATX 12V V2.X standard, but it didn't answer my question - is ATX12V v2.3 backwards compatible with the ATX12V v2.0 standard?
Thank you very much for any help you can give.

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Will someone please explain to me briefly what the difference is between all of these? Why would one want one over the other?

I guess that Windows 2000 is sort of like NT Workstation. If not, please tell me.

And what is the difference between Windows 2000 Server and 2000 Advanced Server?

A:{Advice Offered} - Windows 2000 Professional, 2000 Server, 2000 Anvanced Server--the difference?


Win2K Professional is, indeed, just NT Workstation 5.0

The real difference between Win2K Server and Win2K Advanced Server is scalability. To quote a CNET article: "Three versions of the operating system will be available next week (it's an old article): Windows 2000 Professional, aimed at PCs and workstations; Windows 2000 Server, for file-and-print servers; and Windows 2000 Advanced Server, supporting clustering, which is a way of making several systems act as a single, more powerful computer.

To quote the FAQ from
Windows 2000 Professional is the workstation edition of Windows 2000. This is basically Windows NT Workstation 5.0, although Win2K Professional of course includes all of the new technologies for Win2K.

Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server is the server edition of Windows 2000, which is designed to serve small- to mid-sized businesses and workgroups. Server supports up to 4GB of physical RAM and up to 4 processors per computer. Advanced Server supports up to 8GB of RAM and 8 processors per computer.

Windows 2000 Datacenter Server is designed for large businesses and computer clusters. Datacenter supports up to 32 processors per computer and up to 64GB of RAM, as well as built-in clustering and load-balancing features.

Is that what you wanted?


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]


Every morning i... Read more

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Hello. Ok here is the problem I recently installed Windows 2000 aka Win2k Service Pack 3. Today I tried installing Trend Micro PC-Chillin 2000 for Win2k/NT OS. Everytime I run the install it gets almost complete and then it "rools back and cancels." Can somebody tell me why it does this? How to correct it? Plz somebody.

Here is the Cut & Paste from the Event Viewer.

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Service Control Manager
Event Category: None
Event ID: 7000
Date: 8/10/2002
Time: 4:35:43 PM
User: N/A
Computer: WIN2KASUSAS7333
The Trend NT Realtime Service service failed to start due to the following error:
The system cannot find the file specified.


Should I try removing Win2k SP 3?

Thank You For Your Asistance.

A:Trend Micro PC-Chillin 2000 - Can't Install - Windows 2000 Service Pack 3

Your event viewer show that it's installed but doesn't start because of a missing file. Was it installed before?

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I don't quite know which forum to post in so I'll start here.

Has anyone ever have trouble signing a VBA project on Access 2000?
(I'm using Office 2000 premium.)

I've done the following:
1) installed digital signature in Office Tools
2) generated my certificate using Selfcert
3) oened my Access DB and went into the VB editor
4) opened the Tools> menu

Result: No "Digital Signature" selection was available. in the Tools menu

Looked in VB editors in Excel and Word…
"Digital Signature" *was* right there in the "Tools" menu.
Just not in Access.

In Access, went to:
View >Toolbars>Customize…>Commands>Tools
and whaddaya know… There's "Digital Signature" right there!

BUT guess what? I can't drag in onto any tool bar or open menu.

Does anyone know what's going on or has this happened to them?
I looked in Office/Access Q&A forum on the MSDN website and actually found similar posts but the only suggestions were to try the things I've already listed above.

I searched the MS knowledge base but found no pertinent answers. The Office on-line help gives little/no help for digital signatures.

Ideas? Answers?

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Hello Sir,
Please guide me through the process of changing Administrator Password of Windows 2000 Server (Where SQL 2000 Server is running having Mixed mode Authentication, with blank SA password). I have once changed it from logon screen (by pressing ctrl+alt+del). But after that my SQL server stopped running (I had blank password for SQL). I couldnot fix the error.

Please tell me both the process, to be followed, while changing Windows 2000 Server password, when the SA password of SQL is (1) Blank (2) is not Blank. Please tell me is there any step to be taken in SQL 2000 Server, after changing the password of the Windows 2000 Server Administrastor?

With alot of good wishes and thanks in advance,

Barun Kumar Tiwari

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I'm running Outlook 2000 with SP3 applied:
I'm having no luck importing an outlook PST, which I created as a new data file in Outlook 2003. I created it as a 97-2000 compatible file.

when I go through the import process, it imports nothing at all... No error message, just empty folders.

This happens when I import from the local machine OR the server.

Is it possible the file is corrupt? Is there a way of checking?

I've successfully imported the 2003 version into another PC running Outlook 2003 - No problems there.. Just when trying to import the 97-2000 compatible file in to Outlook 2000

A:Outlook 2000: Problem importing a 2003 PST saved as 97 to 2000 format

try connecting to it as a datafile ( personal folders)

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Hard drive error code 2000-0146
Dell Inspiron 1525 computer. Screen goes black after Dell logo is shown. Ran diagnostics available when F12 key pressed when Dell Logo appeared. Two error codes came up during diagnostics. 2000-0142 and 2000-0146 "Self test log shows previous errors" Co-incidentally an email had been received with subject line "I enjoyed you in secret video" Others have had problems after this email, yet I can't find any reference to it on the net. It may only be co-incidence.
I tried booting from the installation disk. Screen showed "files loading" bar then went to the next screen with the green progress bar for a few seconds, then black and soon the hard drive ceased any activity. After a few attempts now the boot from the DVD just grinds away. There is hard drive activity but no progress.
I'm thinking bad hard drive but it doesn't seem reasonable. It is only a few months old. Ccleaner is used regularly and there hasn't been any lead up problems.

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When working with a brand new spread sheet w/no links- Example: data is input for columns B-E, then data sum in column F.
When updating the next ROW, there is NO formula in column F, once the data is entered, the blank cell assumes the formula from the previous row.
WE LIKE this feature & want to know:
1. How does it do that?
2. How (& under what circumstances)can I turn this feature on in other columns?

A:{Moved from NT/2000 forum} - Excel 2000 formula assumption

Hi Nora,

When you turn on extended formats and formulas, Microsoft Excel automatically formats new data that you type at the end of a list to match the preceding rows and automatically copies formulas that repeat in every row. To be extended, formats and formulas must appear in at least three of the five list rows preceding the new row.

On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Edit tab.
Do one of the following:
To automatically format new items that you add to the end of a list to match the format of the rest of the list, select the Extend list formats and formulas check box.

To prevent automatic formatting, clear the check box.

Hope this helps.


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Whenever I launch Outlook 2000 the Office 2000 installer also launches.

I installed Office 2000 on this machine several months ago, and Outlook has run without any odd behaviour.

It also happens any time I click on a new email.

Although I installed iTunes 2 days ago, today is the first time Outlook has behaved in this way.

I'm running Win XP with SP1, and I've scanned with AVG, Spybot and Ad-Aware, with nothing negative being reproted.

A:?? When I launch Outlook 2000 the Office 2000 installer also launches

Try a Detect and Repair of Office.

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Hi There

This is not a macro question. I have been at this for hours now with no success. I have a picture in MS word 2000. The picture is text with a box around the text. See attached MS Word 2000 file. I want to copy this picture into Excel 2000. But when I do a copy and paste, it does paste into Excel but just the box shows up and not the writing. Can someone out there copy it and paste it for me in Excel 2000 and send it to me?? I can then copy it from your Excel spread sheet into my Excel spread sheet.

Thanks for your help in this.


A:Solved: Copying a Picture from Word 2000 to Excel 2000

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I'm running a k62 500 and am attempting to install Win2kPro on a 3 gig partition

I started the setup in win 98 and when it rebooted i selected win 2k setup instaed of win 98 dual boot seemed to be workinhg bu whe it continues setup it tells me the boot device is innaccessible

the partition Win2kPro is on going on is 3 gigs fat32 designated d: the version of win 98 on my c: is second edition and the partition is also fat 32 it is a fujitsu hard drive and i intend to use one o when another fails since i do a great deal of experimenting and make a large number of changes on a near daily basis

A:[Solved] win 98/2000 pro 2000 pro setup boot device inaccessible (HELP ME)

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Hi forum colleagues

Please help l have Microsoft Office 200 Permium having problems with particular Microsoft Outlook as soon l try use appointment and calender, l get error "essage interface has returned an unknown error please restart Microsoft Office Outlook".

l have installed sr1 fix patch from microsoft site for Office 2000 and windows no difference, l checked forum site for similar problems quiry didn't find any.
could someone who had this problem and has fixed it, could please email and explain it to me in point form how to fix it.

regards new forum member 02647..

A:Microsoft Office 2000 Premium Outlook 2000 - Help Me Please

Try this,;en-us;Q283175

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Cust. has an existing Win 2000 advanced Svr. There are about 25 PCs w/ 2000 & XP. Currently they do not log on to the Svr, but boss would now like them to. Tried, and they could not get onto existing domain. I kept getting a DNS lookup error? To add I could ping the Svr and see the shared drive on the network but it had a red x on it?

A:2000 pro PC cannot logon to 2000 advanced server domain.

Does the server has a static IP address? try setting the server's IP address as the clints DNS server (you just input the IP address of the server in the clients DNS server address in the network properties).

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I have installed outlook with my Windows Office 2000 disk. I am also using Windows 2000 Pro. I am logged in as Admin (default admin accout) and trying to run/setup outlook. It will not let me start outlook and tells me I need to be logged in as admin or have my admin do this for me. However, I am the admin trying to do this. What do I need to do to get this to work?

A:Running/Setup Outlook 2000 in Windows 2000

Simple, Login as an admin but in the local machine, not in the domain. You must be part of the local administrators in the local machine. Do it , 100% guaranteed.

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I would like to know if there was a way to forward messages based on content to a file outside of Outlook 2000, like Access 2000 in particular, maybe even Excel 2000. I know that a rule can be set up to forward messages to personal folders, but I would like to know if it can be done to an outside file. I didn't know if it had to do with messages being in pst format.

A:Forwarding message from Outlook 2000 to Access 2000

No. Not possible to my knowledge or without VBA.

I think it might be easier for you to set Access to import from the PST file at a given time each day. Of course, you'll have to have exited Outlook at that time or the PST file will report that it is in use.

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I'm having difficulty with an export I am trying to do. I have used the help in Access with both the TransferSpreadsheet and OutputTo actions, but they both produce the same result. They create an Excel file, but I can't open it.
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, "qryLegacy2004", acFormatXLS, "LegacyIssues2004.xls", True
DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8, "qryLegacy2004", "LegacyIssues2004.xls"
yes, I am deleting the file before I try again.. am I doing something wrong?

A:Exporting query from Access 2000 to Excel 2000

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After a worm messed up my exe. files I reinstalled win 2000 and now I have two 2000 OS. How can I get rid of the bad one? Before this happened I was at 18% free memory and now I'm at 1%. Is there any thing I can do? Thanks

A:Reinstalled Win 2000 after worm attack now two 2000 on puter HELP!


Is this showing up as two Win2000 in Windows Explorer? When you ran install off the CDROM, did you say Keep Original Settings and Files? If so, that could be your problem.
Not 100% with this, but if you did the latter, then if you try and reinstall it again, it should come up with that option. Just say No and it should install it on top of the last two.

Failing that, is this an upgrade from Win98, or a full installation?



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Using Access 2000, I have a number field, formatted number....
doing a mail merge in word, causes the field which is called Dues to loose it's formatting... Word says to apply a Numeric Picture Switch...{ Dues \# $#,##0.00 } but try as I might I cannot get it to work....

So I have the Syntax wrong on something? I am in a time crunch and have to have this letter out asap am tomorrow....

What is wrong???? I did a letter like this in January and it worked fine.....Help!

A:Access 2000/Word 2000 Mail Merge

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Inspiron 14R 5420. Service Tag: 838GMV1
Error codes: 2000-0333 / 2000-0334Under warranty.
I'm in Bangalore. Please advice on how soon can I get a fix.
Am travelling. Will be in Bangalore for a day on Aug 2.

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Up until today, i have connected to Access via ODBC, then chosen my query in Access, then used microsoft query to further filter the mail merge...

today i get an error that says Word can't reestablish a DDE connection with Microsoft Query to complete the task.

Do you know why or what happened...if you don't have time to answer, if you could just point me in the direction of a document it would be helpful.

A:HELPPPPPPPPP Access 2000 Word 2000 question

See if any of these help:

WD2000: "Word Could Not Re-Establish a DDE Connection..." Error

WD2000: ErrMsg: "Word could not re-establish a DDE connection to <Application> to complete the current task."

ACC2000: Word DDE Connection Error Using Table or Query with Quotation Marks

WD2000: Word Flashes on Windows Taskbar When You Cancel "Choose Data Source" in MS Query

WD2000: Error Message: "Word Could Not Locate or Start <path>\MSQRY32.EXE" When You Try to Use MS Query

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Hey there peoples,

This guy I work with has a computer at his house with WindowsMe on c:, and he just put win2000 on d:...

Among other problems (he didn't check w2k's hcl for his monitor), when he tries to access his modem from w2k, it doesn't work...It's coming into COM3, but his w2k doesn't even see COM3 to get to the modem. But when he boots Me, it works fine...

So, is this just as simple as the modem not being supported by w2k, thus it won't recognize the port? Would that cause it? Or is there something else that he needs to do?

W2k seems to be good at detecting deviced during installation, so I'm at a loos as to why it can't see the port or the modem...

Any thoughts?


A:Me/2000 dual...2000 cannot detect com3

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Can you run sfc /scannow using windows 2000 pro just like you would with Windows XP??

A:Solved: Windows 2000 pro-can you run sfc /scannow for 2000 pro like you do with XP?

Hi, Yes you can,

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Please help me someone. I'll try to make this short, but give you all the info. I have a Dell Dimension 4100 running Windows 2000 Professional with Microsoft Office 2000 Prof. My problem started with Microsoft Word freezing after loading. I'm able to load the program and even load a file then word freezes. I have already updated & run these programs in normal and safe mode:
Norton Antivirus; Spybot; Adaware. (No virus and all adware removed).

I've run CWShredder & have Spyware Blaster & Zone Alarm running. I've cleaned out my computer with CCleaner and it does not require defrag at this time.

As far as Microsoft Word goes, it will run in safe mode and sometimes runs when I load it with the a/switch, but has also been freezing up when loaded on a/switch. I have renamed and deleted all NORMAL.DOT files. I have checked start-up folders in Word to remove files, but there were no files to remove. I have changed Word's registry Data key and Option key. I have run detect & repair in normal Word and in a/switch mode. I have run repair from add & remove programs. It still doesn't work. I was preparing to remove & reinstall when I decided to check for office updates. I updated Microsoft Office with suggested updates from Microsoft. I can't tell now what updates I loaded.

Now my problem is my CPU usage stays at a steady 100%. Now I don't know if this happened before or after I updated my computer. I don't want to remove & reinstall ... Read more

A:help/windows 2000/microsoft word 2000

Hello and Welcome to TSF

This will be moved to the proper location so you will get faster response

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I've gotten error messages that have varied between these two errors every time my computer boots up. It runs Auto repair automatically, and I've had a few instances where it has gone to a full scan in BIOS. Each time it scans I get one of these error messages, and when the computer didn't go into BIOS and continued into the screen where I could choose what to do as the operating system couldn't start, it claimed that there were no factory settings that I could return it to to fix the problem. I was simply wondering if this is a problem with my hard drive, and if it could be fixed.

A:Error 2000-0151 & 2000-0145

The hard drive is faulty - it cannot be repaired;  the drive needs to be replaced.

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My computer will not start gets up to the dell logo then goes black with just the cursor. Will not start in safe mode.
I called Dell they told me you're on your own.
Is there a way to retrieve info from my hard drive or have I lost it all?
Bought the computer in April or May.

A:error 2000-0146 and 2000-0333

If the machine is under a year old why wouldn't Dell help? To get the data off you may have to remove the drive and slave it to a working system. Then you can copy the files off to wherever you want them.

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A:Office 2000: Installing on Windows 2000

Whoa, how 'bout that caps lock?

Do you have your Service Packs on Windows 2K installed (2 will cover 1 and 2)?

If not, what's your network setup? Are you sure you have administrative rights on the machine? Hard to say without more info...


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We have a peer to peer network using Win 2000 Pro (as a file server) and Win 95/98 machines. We've reached the 10 connection limit on 2000 Pro so we are upgrading to 2000 server 15 client on that machine.
We plan to install over the top od 2000 Pro.
Any problems/factors to consider?


A:Install 2000 server over 2000 Pro

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Two issues in one.
Excel , when launched it spikes up to 85-90% cpu making the application unusuable. Now i have ran virus scans, spyware scans, and also reinstalled office 2000. word 2000 once you open the program it constantly refreshes itself....

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Hi, Is there any program like PCAnywhere that I could use on my network to veiw other terminal screen "Real Time" without haveing to dial into them? I would like to do this over my network, not over the phone line. Thanx a lot for all your help.


A:Windows 2000 Server and 2000 Pro...

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No transport provider found if a cover sheet is selected to be
used. This happens on all users. Works fine if no cover sheet
selected. Happens only on a particular machine.

- Windows 2000 SP3 in a workgroup environment
- Outlook 2000 in CW mode with only 3 services:
Fax Transport
Outlook Address Book
Personal Folder
- Using standard cover sheets

A:#1 Outlook 2000 and Windows 2000 Fax

There are exactly 1 gazillion articles (hee hee) at Technet on:

Windows 2000 Fax

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No delivery message for successful fax if using a user account
other than administrator, even an account with administrator
permissions. If logged on as administrator, delivery messages
do appear.

- Windows 2000 SP3 in a domain environment
- Outlook 2000 in CW mode with only 3 services:
Fax Transport
Outlook Address Book
Personal Folder

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Cover sheet contains no sender information though it has been set up (company name, telephone number, etc)

- Windows 2000 SP3 in a domain environment
- Outlook 2000 in CW mode with only 3 services:
Fax Transport
Outlook Address Book
Personal Folder
- Using standard cover sheets

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I have windows 2000 and Outlook 2000 on several systems. I have the Windows taskbar is set to Autohide. I also have Outlook 2000 set to have a preview pane.
The problem is while outlook is displaying a Read Receipt the taskbar will not display when you move the mouse to the bottom of the screen. It works fine with any other message.
Has anyone experienced this problem or know what the solution may be?

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Hi. I have Win 2000 Server. If a printer supports Win 2000 Professional, should it normally work on a Win 2000 Server, too?


A:Win 2000 Prof vs Win 2000 Server

I would think so - but you can check the manufactuers wwebsite to see for sure

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I an new to all of this and have been slowly figuring out the things I need but I am stumped on a few issues.

I am revamping a Access 2000 datafile that I got from a friend. I have made all the changes I need in my form but have the following problems. I have an autonumber field on the form. I want to reset the number to an number other than 1 or 0. I also want it to increase it by 1 rather than a random number for each new record. None of the books I have seen discuss how to rest the number to a number that I want to start at.

Also I put a text box in between the autofield label and autofield box. I put a "K-" in this box. I wanted it to be like a prefix for the autonumber when the form is printed. The "K-" is there in design mode but when I switch to form mode, some other characters are in the box. I do not know where they came from. When I switch back to design mode, by "K-" is back in place. How go I fix this.

My Access datafile is set up to print the form. Then I want to go to Word and use the information in the fields to merge into various documents. If I open a document and do one merge, then Word sort of freezes. When I go to open another Word document, the open file screen is set for data files rather than Word "docs" and it will not let me open a regular Word doc. I have to back out of Word, restart it and then I am okay. I heard there was some similar problem in Acess 97. Is this the same problem. How can I fix this?

Than... Read more

A:Access 2000 and Word 2000

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Hi, i installed windows 2000, and i tried installin office 2000, but i got a windows file protection error, it asked me to put the windows 2000 cd in the drive but when i did this it still said it couldnt complete the installation. i tried the cd with a windows 98 system and it asked me to put the win 98 cd in when i was installing it and it worked fine when it did whatever it did with the CD.I tried installing it through safe mode on windows 2000 ( last time i got this error with windows/office 2000 it worked when i did it in safe mode) but it said it installer couldnt be used. It suggested it may be because it was runnning in safe mode....DUH!Does anyone know how i can get it to install on my win 2000 system?

Thanks if anyone can help


A:Installing Office 2000 on Win 2000

jst thot i'd put it back to the top

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I just recently installed exchange server and my outlook 2000 clients are having a problem. Email works fine any everything, however when the user is in a new message, they want to call users from their contacts list.

When they click on the "To..." button to bring up their contacts list, all it displays is the global address lists for exchange server, it doesn't have their personal contacts.

Normally to fix this you'd go to the folder list in outlook, right click and go to properties, outlook address book tab, and select "
show this folder as an email address book".

However when I go do this that option is grayed out. I can't select it.

I thought it was a rights thing, because my users are logged in as domain users, but my administrator account can't change it either.

A:Outlook 2000 and Exchange 2000

Before you try to show the Contacts folder as an address book, go to Tools/Services and add the "Outlook Address Book". When you right-click the contacts folder the checkbox should no longer be grayed out.

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Hi, I am trying to import a mailing list that was originally in excel, it has over 2000 entries. I successfully imported the file into access. Now I am trying to import to Outlook. I went to file-import/export- I went through the wizard, even mapping destinations if that window popped up, then I click finish and it shows a status box, it takes a really long time, then all the wizard boxes and status boxes disappear, with no message confirming that the files were imported, and the contacts do not appear. Then sometimes it has the error message that outlook has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. I even made a two entry excel document and tried to import and it did the same thing. I have done the detect and repair option, also reinstalled office. WHAT DO I DO???? I need this mailing list in OUtlook bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help!

A:Outlook 2000 and Access 2000

Hi Liz, there's an article on the MS Knowledge base
OL2000: Import Wizard Procedure Incomplete (Q198318)
which may or may not be what's happening to you. There are several others that are close. Try searching here for "errors importing from access" or from Excel

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I have an issue with word 2000 in the office 2000 suite. Sometimes when I'm typing a letter I will get a bunch of gurbage like this {}[][][][][][][][]()()()()()(), instead of my words that I typed. and it will only happen on a small portion of the file. NOw im completely up to date with service packs with office 2k, and my os is patched as well. and I do have virus protection and did a online scan with trendmicro housecall and everything came up clean. what else could cause this type of problem?

A:Office 2000:Word 2000

The first thing I would suggest is to get a clean default template. It cures most Word problems and is the easiest to do.

Enable the viewing of hidden and system files.
Do not have Word running.
Search for and delete all occurrences of the "" file.
There must be at least one, if you find none, you have not enabled the viewing of hidden and system files.

When you next run Word, a new "" file will be created.

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I was trying to configure Word 2000 to send email, but I can't seem to find the means to configure the bloody thing. I have tried help files, but wasn't much help.

Anybody plz?


A:Microsoft Word 2000 aka MS Word 2000 - Sending Email - Need Help Configuring

Word itself does not send (or receive) e-mail messages. You may configure Word to be your e-mail editor, but it still requires an e-mail program (such as MS Outlook) to send messages.

You can send e-mails from within Word by using File, Send To, Mail Recipient (or Mail Recipient as Attachment), but this still uses Outlook to do the sending and receiving.


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I am using word 2000 and printing to a HP laser printer. The problem is the the word document
is split into two sections becasue I want to print one section as Landscape and the other section
as Portrait. The first section is Landscape and the section below it is set for Portrait. The problem
is that when I print the document, the Landscape prints fine but the section set for portrait has
the font stretched and looks nothing like arial or courier or any other font. No matter what font
I change to for the portrait section it always prints like the letters are stretched. Have any ideas
on how I can make this print the way I want it too?

A:Printing problem (Windows 2000, Word 2000, printing to HP laser

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Hi, I prepare large reports in word 2000 live linked excel 2000 data and charts. The documents are fine on screen, but when printing the charts become badly corrupted. If I break the links before printing, the document prints fine.

I suspect it's a memory problem, but the system seems to have plenty available.

Thanks for any suggestions, ...C

A:print corruption using links in excel 2000/word 2000 when using links

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Can I upgrade Office 2000 to Office XP, while still running Windows 2000?

I could use some of the features of Office XP, and would really like to retain my Windows 2000 environment. Do you think I could make this upgrade in Office?


A:Can I upgrade Office 2000 to Office XP, while still running Windows 2000?

Office XP can run on Windows 2000. Even though the operating systems and office suites have the same naming convention, that doesn't mean that they have to match up (Windows 2000-Office 2000, Windows XP-Office XP).

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Can I easily re-install Windows 2000 over my existing but broken Windows 2000 in Dos? I was hit by viruses and can no longer get into Windows 2000. Can a non techie re-install Windows 2000 in Dos? If so, can you please give me the steps?
I have my disc partitioned into Windows 98 which is what I am using now and Windows 2000 which I can't get into at all.


A:How do I re-install new Win 2000 over old Win 2000 in dos?

Hi Streaker,

What you want to do is to boot up into Windows 98, and then insert your Windows 2000 CD. It will come up and ask you if you wish to upgrade, and you select yes. As setup is running for Windows 2000, you will have a choice of where you want your installation files installed, and you simply need to pick the partition your old Windows 2000 files were installed in. After the installation finishes, you should then be able to boot back into Windows 2000.



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Hi, I am new to the forums and I need some computer help. I just got a new motherboard and processor. My Mother board is an ASRock K7V88, my processor is a 2000+. The thing is is that when I go to clock my cpu to a 2000+ it doesn't let me. I have my jumpers set to 12.5X and my default speed is 100, (comes out to 1250mhz) but when I try to bump it up to 133, (133 x 12.5 = 1.67) I save changes and restart and it just says that there is an error and that it will load the default bios settings. Please anybody have any advice? Thanks

A:Clocking my 2000+ to a 2000+

What kind of RAM are you using?

I can't check right now, but take a look at Asrock website for known issues with your CPU.

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We are running a 2000 pro machine as a file server and not having any problems until now that we want more than 10 people to access it. I have purchased the Server 2000 software and am planning to install it this weekend. I will need to keep all the information that I currently have. Is there anything I should be careful of? Can anyone give me any clues to watch for? or do I just cross my fingers, hold my breath and press "enter"

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Is it ok to have installed in my PC AntivirXP and Sygate Firewall??


If you mean the XP firewall and Sygate then the answer is no. You need to disable one or the other, I recommend turning off the XP firewall and going with Sygate.

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After doing a little more research, I have one more question regarding changing my CPU fan. An article I read said that I must check the compatibility of the new fan that I am going to use as a replacement for my 7+ year old CPU fan because it must blow at the same speed as the original fan;otherwise, the BIOS may not recognize the fan. How do I find out if the specifications of the new fan are the same as the old one? I already purchased a 80 mm fan but I'm not sure if it is the correct one to be placed on the heatsink. Thank you. 

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Hello This is my first attempt at a build and my hardware knowledge is limited compared to my software.
I have used PC parts Picker but Micro Center is near me so I built this desktop there. Now I need to see if it all fits and is compatible.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit - 1pk DSP OEM DVD1$139.99
SKU: 805465
Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz LGA 1151 Boxed Processor1$179.99
SKU: 804831
Corsair Vengeance Series 16GB 2 x 8GB DDR4-3000 PC...1$89.99
SKU: 942441
EVGA GQ 750 Watt 80+ Gold Semi Modular ATX Power S...1$109.99
SKU: 926998
Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-01 Mid Tower Gaming Co...1$47.99
SKU: 509786
ASUS Z170-AR LGA 1151 ATX Intel Motherboard1$119.99
SKU: 818716
ASUS 24x Internal DVDRW SATA Writer1$29.99
SKU: 407361
Samsung 750 EVO Series 250GB SATA III 6Gb/s 2.5" I...1$74.99
SKU: 032862
Subtotal $780.94
In-store Pickup $0.00
Tax $43.28
Grand Total $830.22

?BIOS does it need flashing, ?paste needed or not with Intel, ?more cables, ?fans,

Is there a site where I can enter these parts to see if they are compatible or is there some one who an help me.
I wold gladly check this with PC PP but I cannot figure how to enter it unless it is built there. If I build it at PC PP a lot of parts are not available at Micro Center.
Thanks for taking a look.

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Hi! May I know whether my desktop (motherboard model: MS-7613 (Iona-GL8E)) is compatible with GeForce GTX 680? Is there any other upgrades necessary for the aforementioend GPU, such as a PSU? It would help me a lot if you can point out which PSU is needed/suitable for the new GPU. 

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I'm currently running XP Professional with 256MB 3200 DDR, and I'm looking to upgrade with another 256 stick, bringing the total to 512MB.
That's what I'm looking to buy.
My current RAM according to CPU-Z is Kingmax Semiconductor DDR-SDRAM PC3200 - 256. Will there be any compatibility issues with the new stick of RAM?


A:RAM Compatibility?

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Belar Advisor suggested I write to you.

I have a Sony Vaio VPCCW21X and have bought from Sony two Crucial 4gb CT51264BC1339 to replace the 2gbx2 RAM presently in my computer.
I need to verify if CT51264BC1339 is compatible with my machine.
Crucial says it is but when checking their website it is not listed as compatible. They list instead:
They mentioned something like "external" number... that I don't understand.

Could you please explain? Also what will happen if install these two RAM and they are not compatible with my PC, will it kill it?

A:RAM compatibility

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PC Anywhere 10.5 seems to have issues connecting to machines running previous versions of PC Anywhere such as 9.2.

Is there any way around this problem??

A:PC Anywhere 10.5 Compatibility


Take a look at these:

Compatibility between the current versions of pcAnywhere

Because of these differences in versions, Symantec Technical Support does not recommend using mixed versions of pcAnywhere on a regular basis. Symantec Technical Support will not provide support for mixed versions of any software product other than the currently supported versions of pcAnywhereClick to expand...
and then this is linked in the first site:

pcAnywhere and operating system compatibility
Does that shed any light?



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I am looking into developing apps on Windows 8 using my desktop and laptop, which are both running Windows 8 Pro x64. I do not own any physical Windows RT devices. Is there any way to emulate Windows RT on Windows 8 Pro or does Metro handle the compatibility (sort of like Java between Windows and other OSs)?

Also, I have Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate installed.

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(bear with me im new at this kind of computer stuff)
i have a Intel P4 cpu 1.6ghz processor (socket 478), if it is a willamette could i use it on a mobo that says it supports presscott cpus? and what is the differance between the two?

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I am buying a new processor for my motherboard and was wondering if this would work?

Via P4M800Pro-M478 (obviously Socket 478)


Intel Pentium 4 Processor 3.0E Prescott (what's e stand for?) @ 3.0ghz w/1MB L2 Cache

The reason why I ask is that it has the letter "e" at the end of the name and that someone who wrote a review had trouble with his motherboard.

A:P4 Compatibility?

That will work with socket 478. The guy who said he had a problem with the socket probably had a different socket and was a newb. All socket 478 procs fit all socket 478 mobos and your mobo is compatible with this proc. Enjoy... and get urself a new vid card.

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i just received a wireless mouse for my laptop and discovered that it wont work. it works fine on another computer in the house. its USB 1.1 and all i have is USB 2.0. should it work anyway or should i send it back and wait a few years until firewire and/or usb2 mice are available?

running win XP pro

A:USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatibility

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I want to build this system:

CPU - Intel Core i7-2000K
Motherboard - Asus P8P67 Deluxe
RAM - 8GB (2x4) Kingston ValueRAM PC3 1060 DDR3 Dual Channel
Hard Drive - Seagate 1 TB Barracuda Green SATA III 64 MB Cache
GPU - 2x EVGA GTX460 768MB (1 Existing)
PSU - Corsair TX750W (Existing)
Monitor - ASUS VH236H 23" 1080 HD (New)
Secondary Monitor - Acer AL1916W (Existing)
CPU Cooler - TBD
Case - Antec 1200 (Existing)

I want to run the new monitor through the HDMI port on the back of the GPU.

Is the EVGA GTX460 768MB compatible with the Motherboard and vice-verse?
What about the RAM?


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I was curious that if I start out with a Pentium 4-M 1.7 GHZ CPU which uses the Intel 845MP chipset, would I be able to use a CPU such as a Pentium M (Socket 478, of course) when the Pentium M needs the 855 chipset series?

A:CPU Compatibility

If they both have the same Socket then they will work

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Will this dvd burner be compatible with my motherboard? The dvd burner is E-IDE Interface but I dont see anything E-IDE on the motherboard specs.

Tigerdirect has them for $9.99 w/rebate


DVD Specs
Sony DRU-120C Multi-Drive / 16x8x16x DVD+RW / 16x6x16x DVD-RW / 5x DVD-RAM / 8x+R DL / 4x-R DL / 48x24x CD-R/RW / Black Only / Retail Internal DVD Writer


Cache Size
2 MB

Transfer Rate

DVD Specs

DVD+R Write Speed

DVD+RW Rewrite Speed

DVD-R Write Speed

DVD-RW Rewrite Speed

DVD Read Speed

DVD-RAM Write Speed

DVD Access Time
130 ms

CD Specs

CD Write Speed

CD Rewrite Speed

CD Read Speed

CD Access Time
135 ms

Physical Specs




2 lbs.


Load Type

Interface Type

Enclosure Type

Compatible Writable Media

Supported Formats
DVD Video
Photo CD
Video CD

MOBO Specs

Chipset : VIA K8T800Pro + VT8237
CPU : Supports AMD Socket 939 Athlon... Read more

A:DVD Compatibility ?

Thanks Rick, I appreciate the quick reply. It may not be the best dvd burner out there,but for $9.99 and what i will be using it for its perfect.


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I am looking at getting a new psu and hdd but after a heap of searching the internet to determine compatibility with my existing system, I'm still not 100% sure.

I'm thinking of an Antec ATX Smartpower 450W ver2 and a Maxtor250G 7200rpm 16M cache HDD.

My existing specs are...
DFI AD77 VIAKT400 (not Infinity model)
Award BIOS v6.00PG
AMD Athlon 2800+ (Barton core)
2x256M PC3200 HTL
1x512M PC3200 Kingmax SuperRam
nVidia Geforce 6600GT 128M AGP
Soundblaster Audigy2
WinXP Pro

Do you think the new psu/hdd would be suitable for this setup?

A:new psu/hdd compatibility

Looks like a good match to me. You can go here to see how many watts your system needs:

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I purchased a Dell laptop last May with 64-bit Vista. A number of web design and graphics apps I use were not fully functional on that OS, so I downgraded to the 32-bit Vista.

I now plan to upgrade that laptop to Win7.

Does anyone have any idea if the compatibility mode selections in Win7 64-bit will allow me to run more 32-bit applications than on Vista? I would like to take advantage of the extra RAM on my system, but not at the expense of applications not having full functionality.

I welcome any insights anyone can offer before I do the OS installation.


A:64-bit vs. 32-bit compatibility

Hmm... Logicaly if its having problems running on the 64bit before then you might have problems running on the 64bit version of Win 7.

But Win 7 does have backward compatibility and should not have any problems running 32bit applications. No guaranties though with 3rd party software and that it may still cause problems but idealy you should not

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Hi all:

We are going to implement a large network using 802.11n access points and mostly 802.11n NICs. But there will be some 802.11g NICs in there. I read that 802.11n NICs can be used with 802.11g access points, but can 802.11g clients be used with 802.11n access points?


A:802.11n and g compatibility

You bet, should be 100% compatible. 802.11n is backward compatible to 802.11b/g

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Ok...i have been having lots of problems lately...and its not related to software because my hard drive worked fine on another computer. I want to know if this list of what i have is compatible with each other and with xp.

ASUS A7V8X-X AMD Athlon/Athlon XP/Duron Socket A (tech: )

CPU: 1.83 GHz
Type: XP 2500 Barton Core
Cache: 512K L2, 128K L1, Total 640KB
BUS: 333MHz
Socket A

-184-Pin, CL=2.5-Unbuffered Non Parity 2.5V, CT6464Z335 Requires DDR supported Motherboard

Hard drive
80GB Western Digital - 8mb cache... -I got this from circuit city...

Video Card
Geforce 4 MX 420 - PCI - by evg(or somethin) - its a year old but worked fine on this comp

DVD Drive

ANTEC SOHO File ServerTower ATX Case Model SX1040BII with 400 Watt Smart Power, Power Supply (tech: )

I am getting the mb replaced with the same one. Are any of these incompatible, cause they look fine to me. And they all should work with xp right?

If you want to see the problems i have had, just search for some of my posts.



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I have my hp scanjet 3300c working with XP. My problem is when I try to send a scan to Adobe photoshop album 2.0. I can send it to the other destinations like e-mail or Adobe photodeluxe home edition 3.1. It won't show 2.0 as being an option.
Any ideas??



have you tried from Adobe photoshop album 2.0 getting from scanner

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I want to buy two more 4gb ram sticks but how do i know if they will be compatible with the ones i already have without unplugging everything and opening up the computer? I'm not sure what brand they are ... they've been in there for a few years. my motherboard is DDR2

Thanks for the help!!

A:Ram Compatibility

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How do tell what psu my pc is compatible with?

A:PSU compatibility?

You don't have to worry about psu compatibility. What you have to worry about is if it will fit in the slot and if it has the proper cables; i.e molex cables if the gpu requires them. A psu is one of the only pieces of hardware that doesn't have to match the motherboard/cpu.

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I have a DC7700 SFF with these specs wanted to upgrade my CPU and I was wondering what options do I have. I mean what's my limit ?  CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 @ 1.86GHz 46 °C Conroe 65nm TechnologyRAM : 2.00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 331MHz (5-5-5-15)Motherboard : Hewlett-Packard 0A54h (XU1 PROCESSOR)PSU: 240 W 

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I have a 5yr old Dell Dimension.
How do i determine if i have USB 1, or 1.1?

And...if a CD drive is usb 2.0, will it communicate
with my Dell's USB ports?


A:USB compatibility

A USB 2.0 drive will work as it's backwards compatible. It just won't work to specification that's all.

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hello all
recently i have bought a dell laptop with windows 8.1 os.
previously i used desktop with windows xp os.  the previous
version was compatible to certain programmes developed
by a reputed company but it was an older version (say in
32-bit format).
back of the above programme has been taken in an external
hard disk.
when i tried to work on this programme, in the new laptop with
8.1 version, a message comes to indicate that this new laptop
with 8.1 os is not compatible.  
is there any solutions for this.  i would also like to know whether
i can install windows xp along with 8.1; if so how.
if this is done, any harm will be caused to the system.
thank you,
m s narayanan

A:8.1 os compatibility

What program wont install
I am guessing you have a 64 bit system?
32 bit programs should run on a 64 bit system

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vaio pcg-grt25 at some time i'm going to replace the lcd panel. where can i find which different models of lcd's or vaios i can get a screen?

A:lcd compatibility

I think you're going to be very limited in what you can replace this panel with. Even if the physical LCD display is the same as another make/model, the controller and the mounting hardware is normally unique to a specific model laptop.

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I have W10 on my laptop and the graphic cards are being shown as incompatible and am currently using Windows VGA mode. I have dual card one for battery and one for elec plug in Radeon HD 4xxx series and HD 5xxx series respectively.
Does anyone have a line on when patches/upgrades will be forthcoming? I have friends with Nvidia cards that have the same compatibility issue.
Tags: win10, radeon hd, ringtones download, mobiles game

A:W10 & GFX Compatibility

Hello, and Welcome
Did you update to the latest AMD drivers?

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Here is the pop up message I now get when I try to open a trading software program I have used since 2007 on my Dell laptop Windows XP service pack 2 installed. It says I'm running the program under Microsoft Vista or Windows 7 but I aint!
consequently the program won't run.

You are running the Refined Elliott Trader (RET) under Microsoft Vista or Windows 7.

RET is not fully compatible with these versions of Windows, but can operate in the Window XP Compatible mode while running as Administrator. It is very important that you set RET to run with both these options activated - otherwise RET will not operate correctly.

You will only need to do the following once:

1. Right mouse click on the RET icon that you clicked to start RET
2. Select Properties, then select the Compatibility Tab
3. Check the option: "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
4. Select "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)" from the drop down list
5. Check the option: "Run this program as an administrator"
6. Click the OK button

When you click the Exit button below, RET will close down, ready for you to restart - this time running in Windows XP Compatible mode as Administrator.

It may be necessary to restart your computer before RET will function correctly.

A:XP compatibility

also install xp service pak3

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Is spybot - search and destroy immunization, spywareblaster, and ie-spyad all compatible together?

thanks for the help.

sorry if this should have went in the software section


I use all 3 and they work fine together.

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My HP Pavilion DV666OSE laptop had a hardware failure two months ago. The original hard drive was a 250GB 5400RPM SATA 1 HDD. This specific kind of HD is not made any longer. My question is this: is a SATA II or SATA III HDD operating at a much higher RPM compatible with my system?  

A:HD compatibility

Based on the HP Pavilion dv6500, dv6600, and dv6700 Entertainment PCs - Maintenance and Service Guide, the following were factory installed hard drives in the series; 2.5-inch hard drives x 9.5-mm, Serial ATA? 250-GB, 5400-rpm? 200-GB, 4200-rpm? 160-GB, 5400-rpm? 120-GB, 5400-rpm? 80-GB, 5400-rpm Any like drive of the 2.5" SATA II/III 7mm/9.5mm variety will work just fine. This includes drives with higher rotational speeds, as well as many 2.5" SATA III SSD (solid state drives). The only issue you may encounter is use of your HP Recovery Media may not function properly, leaving you without an operating system. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Please click the White KUDOS "Thumbs Up" to show your appreciation

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I currently use Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus for video-editing on XP; however, I have been informed that it doesn't work correctly with Vista unless I upgrade to Studio 10, which they will make a patch for. Is this correct?

If so, I could upgrade for ?15, but would prefer a free solution such as an emulator. Any recommendations?

Vista is an absolute must-have. I'm not going to stay with XP.


You could try right clicking the icon for Pinnacle Studio 9 and click properties, then click on compatibility tab and choose Windows Xp Service Pack 2 and apply the settings and see if that works. Please note that I do not know what that program is but that tip can be a general fix for some things.

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