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P50, mini Display Port ... direct connect 4k monit...

Q: P50, mini Display Port ... direct connect 4k monit...

I'm looking at a 4k external monitor, and had assumed the need for the Workstation dock for a DP 1.2 connection to the 4k monitor. Is the P50 (right side) mini Display Port able to drive direct connection to the external monitor (at 60hz etc) ... with a miniDP-to-DP adapter?? thanks

A: P50, mini Display Port ... direct connect 4k monit...

According PSREF Max resolution:[email protected] (DisplayPort via Mini DisplayPort cable);[email protected] (Thunderbolt);[email protected] (HDMI)

__________________________________ThinkPad (1992 - 2012): R51, X31, X220, Tablet 8.Do you care about privacy and security ? Leave Google behind

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Hello, I am attempting to use the mini display port outpt on the Thinkpad Yoga14 to connect to an HDMI monitor using a miniDP to HDMI adapter. I've tried two different adapters. The monitor is never recognized. However, the mini-display port will work with a miniDP to DVI or miniDP to VGA adapter cable (I verfied this at a store where there were multiple cables and monitors to use). miniDP to HDMI: does not workminiDP to DVI: worksminiDP to VGA: works Has anyone else seen this problem?

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I just try to connect the thunderbolt (from my laptop) to a display port (my monitor) and nothing happen.
The cable I use is coming with my monitor, mini display port to display port.

I had google for this, some mac can use their thunderbolt as a mini display port, can win7 do the same thing? or I need to find a thunderbolt adapter? or I need to find an ext. graphic card to have the video output?

A:can I use thunderbolt as mini display port?

Hi have you tried using the FN key with an F key to select it to the external monitor

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Basically, I have this eye-finity graphics card, and it has 5 mini display ports, I need to buy a Mini-display port to VGA, but I'm not sure which will work.

On Amazon they have Mini-display port converters for Mac, they all seem to be Mac related, would a mac one work on my Windows PC? since it is just a converter? If not, then where could i buy one for PC for cheap?

I appreciate you taking your time reading this.

A:Mini-Display port to VGA converter

A few to choose from here:

It is a hardware adapter, so the operating system doesn't matter.

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Hi,I have a ZBook 17 G2 and  its plugged into a docking station. Its been fantastic, however, seems wth the last update it installed on 9/25 (Intell Wireless LAN) my mini-display port no longer functions when plugged into the station. I've a dual monitors plugged into the dvi output on the dock, and I had a mini-display port plugged into a large external LCD (to show clients projects up on a big screen). I had been working totally fine- being able to see an extended desktop on both the two regular monitors )plugged into dvi output on the dock) and the larger one plugged into the mini-display. If i remove the laptop from the dock, the mini-display port functions again, so I know its nothing wrong with either the external display, the cables or the the mini-display->HDMI adapter. Any idea how i can roll back that update? I think its the culprit, as it was functioning totally fine until it was installed.Thanks for your help,-Dan

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HiI cant get a picture on my monitor using the mini display port, i am using a mini dislay port too hdmi cable, but i dont get anything on the monitor.  My notrebook is a Lenovo L540 with only Intel HD4600 graphic and windows 10.

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Hi, I just tried to connect my macbook pro (early 2015)with EliteDisplay E240 (as an external monitor) using 'Mini display (Mac) port to HDMI (E240)'. However, the monitor or macbook do not show any reponses. Do I have to install a specific driver on my mac for this issue?

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Hello, I am attempting to use the mini display port outpt on the Thinkpad Yoga14 to connect to an HDMI monitor using a miniDP to HDMI adapter. I've tried two different adapters. The monitor is never recognized. However, the mini-display port will work with a miniDP to DVI or miniDP to VGA adapter cable (I verfied this at a store where there were multiple cables and monitors to use).
miniDP to HDMI: does not work
miniDP to DVI: works
miniDP to VGA: works
Has anyone else seen this problem?
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

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I have a T450s and since I updated to Windows 10 I don't get anything out of the mini-display port. I have tried installing all new drivers and updating the BIOS per Lenovo's support website but I still can't get an external display to work over the mini-display port. Please provide a solution to this problem!
Moderator note: Post moved to T series forum.  Model added to subject.

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I have 3 monitors connected to an AMD HD5770 graphics card. Two monitors connect via HDMI, and the third through a Sapphire Active DisplayPort->DVI adaptor. Things have been working fine for years, but recently I started sleeping my computer when I am not using it during the day, as opposed to my previous habit of leaving it on all day and then shutting down at night, and a couple of days after starting this new habit, I received a 'Display Port Link Failure' message:

"The system has detected a link failure and cannot set the requested resolution and refresh rate on your DisplayPort display. Your display might not support the requested resolution or there may be an issue with the cable connecting the display to your computer"

Now, even upon resuming my normal habit of leaving the computer on and shutting down, the monitor will work sometimes but randomly stop other times.

How can I either fix the issues with sleep, which I would prefer since I want to save energy (a money issue rather than believing my actions make any difference to the environment), or if there is a problem somewhere, determine if it is the graphics card or the adaptor that needs replacing.?

A:Display Port Link Failure, Active Display Port->DVI

It could be the hardware is starting to give out. Not all problems are software related. Going to be hard to nail down if you don't have another cable. Could be the cable or the port.

Any way to test with a straight cable, not the adapter cable?

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I'm using a Dell U3415W monitor. My video card is AMD Radeon RX480. The monitor is connected via DisplayPort to my computer. The monitor is connected via HDMI to my work laptop. When I want to switch over to HDMI, it acts as if I shut off the monitor on the Displayport shifting everything over to my secondary monitor. It causes no problem, but drives me nuts because when I switch back over to DIsplayPort, I have to move my open programs around again. Is there any simple way to make this stop? If I don't use DisplayPort, and instead use HDMI/DVI combination, the behavior described does not happen. I'm guessing that is just the way it is, but I'm hoping there is an easy way to make it stop.

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Went to device mgr and noticed that i had a yellow ! mark at my MINI PORT ADAPTER # 2 i tried to update driver with no luck. I went to Microsoft knolage base and could not find anything helpfull may be i missed something?Running Windows XP HOME with service pack 2.Any help on finding driver for my PBLM?

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I have been having issues with hanging at the boot screen lately and decided to have a look see in my device manager. There is a yellow exclamation point next to wan mini port. When I open it it says Wan mini port (atw),network adapter, manufacturer, American online, then it goes on to says NDIS.VxD,NTKERN. VxD device loader could not be loaded for this device, code 2.

I don't use American online, we do have AIM instant messenger. I did tryy to update the driver, but it couldn't find it.

There are no check marks in the boxes under Device usage.
Any ideas! Thanks!

A:Yellow ! under Wan mini port!!!!

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I have a large screen TV that I need to run PowerPoint presentations on, and maybe video. The IT department set up Cat5 from the PC to the TV, but I cannot get anything from the PC to display.

I am trying this on two different computers. One is XP Pro, and the other is Win7 Pro. I would prefer the XP machine, but will sacrifice the Win7 machine to this if I have to.

Both the PC and the TV show connectivity at the ports, but there is no display on the TV. Multiple Monitors do NOT show in either machine.

Is this possible without additional hardware?

A:Connect TV to PC with a direct connect Cat5 Cable

Quote: Originally Posted by mac173

I have a large screen TV that I need to run PowerPoint presentations on, and maybe video. The IT department set up Cat5 from the PC to the TV, but I cannot get anything from the PC to display.

I am trying this on two different computers. One is XP Pro, and the other is Win7 Pro. I would prefer the XP machine, but will sacrifice the Win7 machine to this if I have to.

Both the PC and the TV show connectivity at the ports, but there is no display on the TV. Multiple Monitors do NOT show in either machine.

Is this possible without additional hardware?

Win key + P enables projection mode and displays it.

You sure it is Cat5, and not hdmi?

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hi guys,

i have an old computer which is running on Windows 98 SE. However, the cd drive doesnt work anymore, so i can't even connect to the internet since the modem driver requires installation from a disc as well. I've been thinking of using a serial cable to connect my old computer and my current one which is running on XP Pro so that i can transfer some of my files to the old one.

However, i'm not sure if it will work i.e. connecting an XP to a 98SE. And if it works, can anyone give me a general idea of how to set up the network and the procedure of the file transfer e.g. speed.


p.s. don't bother suggesting to try ethernet network or buying an external cd drive cos I don't want to waste money on those. they r pretty expensive...not worth a try.

And can anyone tell me what is a cross over cable? is it another method to link up the two computers?

A:need help with direct serial port networking...

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Is there a way to make the USB Type-C port on the VN7-572G a display port? Like downloadable drivers?

A:VN7-572G USB Type-C port as a display port

Also curious about the answer to this. Did you try it out by any chance?

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Is there a way to make the USB Type-C port on the VN7-572G a display port? Like downloadable drivers?

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Hi, iīm fixing a computer with a broken keyboard port. The plastic conector is missing. Iīve tried to weld wires to the mother and conected them to another plastic conector, but it doesnīt work.
The machine has a pci usb card and a usb keyboard to work with windows.
All I realy need to do is "Press F2 to load bios defaults".

Is there any way of having the bios load the defaults whithout pressing any key?

Thanks a lot.


PD:The usb keyboard dosnīt work for the bios.

A:Broken mini din keyboard port

Clearing the BIOS will load the factory defaults. There is a jumper for this on the motherboard.

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I'm not to sure exactly what i need to do... I'm trying to play Civilization 4 Beyond the sword with a friend. So i set up a direct ip game, but he can't join. How do i setup my router to let him join?

A:How to set up router for a direct ip connection Port fowarding maybe IDK...

oh btw its a WRT54G Linksys router.

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Hi there :)

i found an empty port in my T130, next to the hdd-port, see also here -> [klick|]

Is this a working mSATA-Port for mini-SSDs like "ADATA SX300 mSATA SSD 128 GB",
so that i can use both, SSD _AND_ HDD*??


(* for Example: Boot- and Windows-Partition: SSD, Data-Partition: HDD)

A:Satellite T130-10G: additional port for mini SSD?


I?m quite sure this isn?t mSATA port and this series doesn?t support the mSATA SSD definitely.

Fact is that models belonging to the same series support different hardware specs.
For example: some models were quipped with an: miniPCI 3G module and miniPCI Bluetooth module, and some models supported only the miniPCI WiFi.

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Mini HDMI port not working on my thinkpad S1 yoga. I cannot use this for my external monitor.  I Have tried different mini hdmi to hdmi cables with same result  I know the hdmi connection on the external screen is working.Can you suggest anything I can do to resolve this issue?

A:TP S1 yoga mini HDMI port not working win 10

Hi, did you manage to fix this problem?  My mini HDMI post doesn't seem to output video anymore... 

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ok, im running vista 64x on a hp pavilion dv2 notebook, and i have my wifi card bridged to my ethernet port so that i can use my wireless internet at home on my xbox 360 as well as the desktop pc in the other room...

now i have been doing this for the 360 for quite some time, however i just recently started using my laptop to surf as well as the desktop pc its connected to because im reformatting my desktop pc and i need to update everything on the desktop pc.... with me so far... cool....

my problem: just recently when i finally started to surf on my laptop while the desktop pc is downloading updates and such, i realized that the desktop pc is drastically hogging all of my bandwith and stealing it away from the laptop, whose wifi card the desktop pc is feeding off of. it will take so much of it in fact that i cant even check email from my laptop... i have never had the 360 slow down my laptop at all when i was on xbox live... and thats why this puzzles me...

my question: i was wondering if there is any way to limit/manage the amount of bandwidth that is aloud to pass thru my laptop for the desktop pc to use.... i wish to let my desktop have about 150\k and keep the rest of the bandwidth for my laptop.... is this possable, if so does it require special software...

if you need any other information, let me know.

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Hi. Is it possible to install sata SSD mini-PCI wwan port and its correct operation?BIOS version F.64Motherboard HM65

A:Is it possible to install sata SSD mini-PCI wwan port and it...

Hi, M.2 mini WWAN slot may work but not very often and it can be very small capacity. I don't think BIOS on your machine supports it because it is designed for a WWAN card. Regards.

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whenever the laptop goes to standby and comes back up, i can no longer find the devices connected via usb and my extra monitor also is disconnected. upon 'waking' the computer from standby, i also hear the sound i hear when i unplug a usb from its port. why is this? can it be fixed?

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i connected my Surface Book to a TV via an mini DP to HDMI cable adapter. I got video but no audio in the TV. I wonder if the display port in the Surface is fully mini DP compliant or, perhaps, is a limitation of the cable I bought.

A:in the surface book, does the mini dp port have audio out?

I get audio through my Gigaware adapter from my SB to my TV. So, I would guess it is your adapter or cable?

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I cannot access internet on wirelss linksys WRT54G router. my control panel under network adapters is telling me the mini port above cannot start. I have tried down loading a microsoft fix but it did not work. I've googled the problem and have seen where numerous other people have same issue. techs are coming back with solutions that are either not working or are very complex to me. I dont feel too comfortable tyring to unistall other programs or hardware to try to fix this connection. is this a Vista issue or is this an issue with my Linksys hardware? Do I need to bring my computer into a tech to have them attempt to fix this or is my compter and this vista software reaching the end of its useful life?

A:Microsoft Tun Mini Port adapter 2 problem

Hi -

What does the Device manager say? Check for red/ yellow flags -
START | type devmgmt.msc

Regards. . .



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Ok, so I have a really old laptop, but funcional none the less, and I need to install the software from a CD to use my wireless card, only problem is that my CD drive died this summer. So I have to figure a way to send this data from another computer with a CD drive to my computer so i can install the program. Being as my computer is old it also lacks USB ports. Therefore I have tried to realize this using a direct connection via parallel cable. However, whenever I try to connect in this manner, it says that the other computer is not responding (error 520 I think but I could be wrong). Windows suggests activating the terminal window for these conections, but this option does not exist under the security tab, nor any other in the direct conection properties, as is said. In Windows help it also suggested disenabling LCM but this also failed to help. The only computers which i have access to right now are running Windows XP, and mine has Windows 2000 Pro, so I don't know if that could be part of the problem or not. Anyways, if anyone could tell me what I need to do to make a direct connection via parallel ports between Windows 2000 (guest) and Windows XP (host), it would greatly appreciated.

A:Direct Connection via Parallel port Win2k>WinXp

How are you connecting now with your computer DSL or something? Just use that connection to download the drivers for your wireless card via the ethernet cable that is currently plugged in to your computer.

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I have no problem connecting my laptop (Win Me) to my workstation (W2K SP2) with a direct cable between the computer's parallel ports. However, The W2K workstation will not allow my laptop to reconnect at a later time after I have disconnected. For example: I connect successfully. When I'm finished transferring files, etc. I disconnect the guest compter (laptop) from the host (W2K) by clicking on the disconnect button in the Direct Cable Connection Window on the laptop. If, later, I attempt to connect again the attempt fails. The laptop displays a message saying it cant find the host computer. The only way to resolve this problem is to re-boot the W2k workstation. After a re-boot I can connect. Only re-booting the laptop does not resolve this problem. The problem is with the W2K workstation. Having to re-boot every time I want to transfer files from my laptop to my workstation is ridiculous. The event viewer does not log an error. This problem occurs no matter which user is logged on to the workstation. (Administrator or regular user) Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I am unable use my LAN internet connection to create wifi using connectify or mhotspot. Im running virtual wifi on windows 7 pc. I am able to enable virtual miniport and able to connect mobile devices to it. but no internet connectvity. while checking ipv4 properties of virtual wifi minport, it shows some different static address and blank default gateway. Then I chose obtain ip adress to auto and unable to identify ip. I reinstalled wifi card driver serveral times, but doest work.

Sent from my HUAWEI MT7-L09 using Tapatalk

A:Virtual wifi mini port not working on windows 7

U need to set ur internet shareble in setting search on the internet how to do it

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My HP Compaq Notebook runs on Windows 7. The Device Manager shows two network adapters, one being Broadcom 4313 802.11b/g/n and the other being a Microsoft virtual WiFi miniport adapter.
When I look at HP Support Assistant it indicates that the Microsoft adapter is not connected. I do not know if this information is or is not correct, but if it is could somebody kindly tell me :
a) Can two network adapters be operative at the same time and if they can would the Notebook work any better?
b) If the answers to (a) is yes how do I go about connecting the miniport adapter?
c) If the answer to (a) is no does it matter which of the adapters is connected?
Thank you.

A:Why is the Microsoft virtual mini port adapter not connected.

Hi ... It is exactly as it says a Virtual Adapter ... Read the Link below it will explain things much better than me ...
IMO though just leave things as they are ...
What is Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter?

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Hello Sevenforums,

HARDWARE- I have Win 7,Home Premium,64bit,Dell Inspiron 15R N5010, Netgear DGN2200v3 wifi router+ADSL modem with USB port supporting various printers,drives & portable harddisc,1mbps broadband net connection.
SOFTWARE-utorrent 3.3

I want to save my torrent download data directly into pen drive/hard disc connected to usb port of wifi router without keeping my laptop on to monitor the downloads(without running utorrent software).
Please help me on this possibility, so that after programming this plan I can switch off my laptop and utorrent continues its download into pen drive/hard disc connected to usb port of wifi-router. Is it practically possible? I googled on this topic but didn't found any post or source on this matter.
Please reply with solution to fulfill this need.

Thank you.

A:Want to download torrent direct into wifi-router's usb port-pendrive.

Although it may be possible to access the Pen drive from outside your system dependent on opening the correct ports etc, torrents would require a program running in the router to do what you require, apart from utilising a PC as a router, you need the torrent software on your laptop to control the torrent download

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I configured a parallel port Direct Cable Connection to work between Win98 and Win95 machines but now find that the Win98 machine has lost the parallel port configuration and cannot reconfigure the parallel port. In fact, the setup program can't find any port to use and won't let me add one. Specifically, when I run DCC on the Win98 machine, the program goes through "configuring ports, please wait" box and then an error message says "Windows has detected a modem but was unable to add it because the setup info file is corrupt or cannot be found;" see DCC err.gif attachment. I then choose "cancel" and see a dialog box with no ports showing. This didn't happen when I first installed DCC in the Win98 machine (it worked fine for almost a year) and am wondering if the problem is now happening because I installed an external modem on the serial port and the modem captured the parallel port somehow.

To troubleshoot, I checked both serial (Comm port, COM1) and parallel (ECP printer port, LPT1) ports via System Properties-Device manager and found no errors. I also uninstalled DCC and reinstalled it and I also uninstalled and reinstalled the serial port modem only to find the problem still occurring. I also deleted and reinstalled the LPT1 (parallel) port.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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i know you all work so hard, i'm sorry to bother you, but i'm hoping someone will be able to help me...

my 3mo. old used simpletech 320gb ext hd w/ replacement mini b to dual male usb cable ...i have committed some sins like, leaving it plugged in for long periods of time or accidentally pulling out the cord (and i want to mention that the other day after that happened, i could hear, very faintly, like the drive was skipping a little ...and i could not internally stop the drive and had to disconnect it once more to make its blue light go off) - but after that i plugged it in and it seemed to work okay still...) and, now the mini b connection (which i think stayed in place before) is now so fragile that, literally if i barely breathe while resting the drive on my lap (w/ my laptop) the drive will no longer be recognized by my computer... i have to be PERFECTLY still, i can barely get in to look at my files before it happens again...

do you think i should try a new cable, or duct taping the mini b (not too firmly though, because pushing the plug also makes it disconnect) in place ...or do you think i physically damaged the mini b port when the cord accidentally pulled out? you think my files are toast?

i know you all work so hard and might not have time to help me but, thank you so much to anyone who took the time to read this...........................

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Im about to purchase this
Netgear GS105 Prosafe 5 Port Gigabit Mini-Switch

But before i do, i would like to ask some questions about this item.

First, the reason im going to buy this, is that i have a ps3 in a room 50 feet away from the room with the computer and the modem and router. I can only recieve about 25 to 40% signal from my router to my ps3 and the games lag online. I was wondering if i get this gigabit mini-switch, will i loose any speed to my computer or ps3. I plan on running a cat6 line to the ps3 in the other room. I have comcast high speed internet. And another question is , can i run my computer and the ps3 at the same time with this item without any problems?

A:Netgear GS105 Prosafe 5 Port Gigabit Mini-Switch

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Hello all
I have client who did a firmware upgrade to his e5450 because his old E-Port at home would not read his new laptop. he has admin rights so couldn't really stop him. now the laptop will not register on either e-port it does not detect the monitors at all. I want to undo his firmware update but cant seem to find where when or what did it upgrade. He ran this firmware Synaptics VMM2320 MST HUB Firmware Update( ) can anyone help to restore his displays or do I reimage ?

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i have a problem in Direct x

this is the picture of problem

and i can not set up Direct X :S

A:problem in Direct X in Display

If that's only indication of a "problem" it's not a problem at all, it just means that it is not certified by MS, I have a lot of them and everything works just fine, however updating graphic drivers might fix that.

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I have two problems at the moment. I am using windows XP on my laptop. I am unable to change the background on my Desktop and staays on NONE whatever I click and cannot add pics to it either.
Also I cannot download DirectX 9.0 either from a games disc or the internet any suggestions please would be very welcome

A:Display Properties and Direct X 9.0

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I'm trying to find a polarized screen I can apply to my monitor.

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My 2013 Lenovo K450  came with Intel HD 4600. I don't play games or do any graphic intensive works on this PC, so the Intel GPU was no issue. But recently I've been considering swapping one of my 2 monitors with a 4k @60Hz monitor and it seems that to achieve that frequency at 4k I need a dedicated card with DP 1.2, which this integrated card doesn't have.  Could someone recommend a good quality dedicated video card for this purpose? One monitor [email protected] and the other [email protected] Doesn't have to be powerful becuase I don't play games. I really don't wanna spend a lot of money. As long as it supports the two monitors and reqires no power supply upgrade (the K450's power supply is only 450W and I've already added a SSD and AC wireless adaptor so I assume there's not much left to spare). Many thanks.

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I have a webpage that displays well in all browsers and computers that I tested, except in my daughter's. It is an HP Mini running on Windows7.

I cannot see how it can be due to incorrect coding as it works well on other systems. I thought that it might be due to malware but after many scans including help from TechSupport, it does not look like that could be the cause of the problem.

That leaves me with the possibility that this is related to some problem in the actual computer, but am at aloss as to what could be.

The computer renders the page incorrectly in the two browsers that are installed: IE11 and Chrome.

The page is and the problems are the social media buttons that should be at the bottom of the sidebar, but somehow are at the top. And the bottom of the list in the sidebar which is made up of two identical divs but has the font size larger,

Any help much appreciated.

A:Wrong display on HP Mini

Make sure you have all the latest drivers installed. To help you find the drivers we need that actual model number of your HP mini.

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My HP Mini 311-100NR running Windows 8 release preview build 8400 is having display issues. When I switch programs or screens the display will Flicker for a couple seconds and sometimes goes black. (usually when in browser)

I tried downloading the win 8 driver installer for the NVIDIA ION LE from Nvidia site. No luck installing, says can/t find hardware. Device Manager says I have a NVIDIA ION LE.

Not sure what to do next ???
I am running Win 8 32 Bit.
Hardware ID of the ION LE:

So far nothing works, I tried the update procedure you suggested, message says I am using most current version of driver.
The NVIDIA win8 driver is one you have to run an installer for. I tried to find the file you suggested but nothing like it found.
I wish you could get on Team Viewer and look at the mini 311. I got some improvement by disabling the internet connection but not
much. I think there is a memory conflict somewhere. I can't even get on internet with an USB Adapter, the screen flickers so fast
you can't point or type. Also when I try to do a software shutdown the screen flashes and sort of says there is a memory error and can't terminate a program. Maybe I should go back to win 7, I am trying to learn Visual Studio 2012 and you have to have win 8 to use.

And I want to thank you for your su... Read more

A:Having trouble with display on my hp mini

Firstly, you could try posting the Hardware IDs for your current card.

Open Device Manager, select Display Adapters and list the name(s) of the card(s) there.

Next, double-click the ION LE (and any other) card, select the Details tab and then the Hardware Ids drop-down. Using CTRL+A and CTRL+C, copy and then paste (CTRL+V) the Hardware IDs shown there into a new message.

It is possible that the NVIDIA driver does not support the HP ION LE and/or that the driver requires additional components not included with the stock NVIDIA driver.

Also, is this running Windows 8 Release Preview 32-bit or 64-bit?

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I'd been reading up on direct-connect networking using an ethernet crossover cable, when I saw something about a usb-direct connect cable. Since the NIC on my pc is currently hooked up to a cable modem, would this be a simple solution? What steps would be needed software-wise?

I just want to connect a laptop once in a while, to my pc....within a few feet. Any considerations...downsides....etc?

pc is running WinMe...laptop has XP pro....

( TSG search showed same question last year, but links given in response don't seem to be any good)

A:usb direct connect

Hiya phoneguy95

I was going to tell you that oyu would need something like laplink or USBLinq which has controlling software, but I did a search and found that you can setup a "true" network via USB.

Take a look at for precise instructions. That site also has a link to which sells the USB cable and gives good info.

The other one I checked into was

Good luck and tell us how it worked out.

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i was given an address to connect on dc hub but have never used direct connect or any type of hub. how would i connect

lotw then a group of numbers

thank you

A:help with direct connect hub

when in "Direct Connect" click the button that says "Connect" this should open a window. at the bottom of this window, there is a text box. in front of that text box is a label, "Address: ". simply type your IP/Server name into this box and click connect.

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Hey Guys..
I reformatted my computer on Friday. I downloaded AIM 4 (Its not the most up to date version of AIM, but its the only one that works with my deadaim) and of course, DeadAIM.

Now, for some reason whenever anybody tries to direct connect with me it won't let me. I dont know why.. I have always been the person that would be able to direct connect no matter what.

Please Help.

A:Not being able to Direct Connect on AIM

What kind of connection do you have? If you are behind a firewall it might not work. If you are connected to a router you might need to forward a port or two to your computer.

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Repeat question, with new info.

I am running Windows XP Professional on 2 Computers:
1) Dell Dimension 4700 Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz, 512 MHz ram.
2) Sony Vaio Intel Celeron, 367 MHz, 256MB ram.

I am trying to set-up and use a direct connection via Lpt 1, parallel cable.

Everything seems to work. I get a connection established, showing an Incoming connection (unauthorized user) on the host computer
and a valid connection on the guest computer.

I, at that point, can proceed no further. I can't find any method to actually do anything with the connection.

I recall in my recent searches for this help, I read about someone having a similar problem with a twist. There was something about the connection causing a problem with regular internet connections.

I thought I remembered something about this indicated that something was set up wrong, but I did not at that time pay much attention. I wish I had as I, too, have a problem with internet connections when trying to make a direct connection, ie: My DSL connection does not work at all.

As I've said before, Please help. I've tried asking in a lot of places, including the purported "AllExperts", with no luck at all. Seems I know as much as most of these "experts".

Dev Lee Shant

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Trying to do a direct connect with my laptop.

From the desktop I can see the laptop shared drive (C) but when I try to go the other way the laptop can not find the c drive of the desktop.

sharing is enabled

I have the protocol set the same in both computers

Network Dial-up adapter and binding are set the same

I am using a parallel cable

Does any one have any ideas?

Thanks but I'm not using passwords

A:Direct Connect

Passwords???? Maybe

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ever since i built this new rig, i haven't been able to direct connect on AIM. I have firewall on but AIM is listed and checked and as exception, and i've even tried doing it without firewall...and it still doesnt work. Any suggestions?

Please help ASAP

A:AIM direct connect?

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I am not sure where to place this question but will ask here for now.

I am using Windows XP HOME EDITION and have AlphaShield for a external firewall. When I use AOL Instant messenger and try to use the direct connect feature to share photos and files It hangs and we can't connect. Anyone know why I have this problem


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i need to get files from the laptop to the desktop.
both are running xp;

can i do this via a usb connection. How?

how else, can i do the file xfer.

A:pc to pc direct connect

you can do via the LAN if you have an ethernet connection on both machines
you will need a crossover cable

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I have two computers one new one old and I'm trying to transfer the larger files using the direct connection app incorperated with 98se between the two computers. Every time I atempt to do so which ever computer is the guest gives me a message that there is no connection. I'm using a new parallel cable to link them together and have no other money flow to purchace new equipment. Help please!

A:Direct Connect

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I am having issues with a few things. I believe it is due to display settings. #1) My yahoo messenger stops working. #2) When I go to display/device and click on advanced, Windows explorer stops working. I have uninstalled and reinstalled DirectX/Microsoft. NET/Java/Microsoft C ++ I have checked that my flash is the most current. I have done all the updates for Windows. System specs are:Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Admin>wmic computersystem get model,name,manufacturer,systemtype
Manufacturer Model Name SystemType
Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC SHAN-HP x64-based PC

I am operating in admin acct, as my user acct won't run adobe flash at all anymore.

My Directdraw and 3D are either disabled or not available, and I can find no way to enable, or find more information regarding this.

I am probably forgetting some of the stuff that I have done, but these are the basics.

A:enabling display direct draw/3D

Welcome to our forum ShanRE627.

I'm thinking your notebook doesn't have the hardware or horse power to run 3D.

I have never owned a notebook or laptop so wait for others to replay.

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Before my recent reinstall, I was using a 2nd monitor with my laptop, where my 32" was the main display, but the laptop 14" screen would displaying other instituted programs e.g PDF file. It was easy to do this setup and I loved this multitasking. After a recent Win7 reinstall and updating the AMD adapter I am enjoying great resolution in display on the laptop screen, but I am not able to repeat the simplicity with which I did it before. The 2nd monitor is connected thru an HDMI cable. Whether with Extend Display or Duplicate Display, if I use laptop screen as the main, Desktop shows the program icons and Taskbar, but when I switch the main display to the 2nd monitor, Taskbar disappears and the same program icons go beyond the screen. When Screen Resolution is clcked on the desktop, both the monitors show side by side, but Monitor 1 is 32" 6x9 format with correct name and resolution, when it should be the 14" 4x3 of the laptop. "Detect" & "Confirm" also testify them to be 1 & 2, but sizes are opposite. I rebooted without the 2nd monitor hooked and as would have been expected, it displays the laptop's screen in its 4x3 format. At the desktop, now attaching the 2nd 32" 6x9 (widescreen), makes the "Screen Resolution" show they are flipped in size, but correct resolution. This all seems to have been from updating the ATI's AMD M880G adapter I'd love the capability to use a 2nd monitor Any help. I'd greatly appreciate

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I am intersted in doing this too.
Both are running Windows XP.
The old one has 40 GB hard drive; the new one has 180 GB.

So I get this CAT5 cable. Now what do I do with it?
Isn't there one that is made especially for this?
Is there another way?

What will the result be?
Will I get some kind of "new hardware found" message?
Will they behave as one computer?
Or what?

Will I have all the icons from both computers on my desktop?
And of course can I access all programs as if it were one computer?
Or what?
When I download new programs how do I tell it which drive I want it to go on to?
Will I get some kind of message box asking whether I want drive X or Drive Z?

Will computer #2 automaticly be on the internet? DSL
Or is there something special that I have to do there?

Would I maybe have to delete programs that are duplicates from one or the other so they don't get themselves confused?
Or what?

Thanks in advance for any help here.

A:Direct connect two computers

All the crossover cable does is connect the two PCs. You will need to set up a network...

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I think it must be something with my network but my Direct TV receivers won't connect to the internet. I haven't done anything different and it was working before. I ran a ipconfig/all and this is my results. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Stacy Kern>ipconfig/all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : StacyKern-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . :

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Atheros AR5007 802.11b/g WiFi Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-24-2B-20-4B-CC
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::4c68:e26b:5d27:5c79%11(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Sunday, January 19, 2014 9:04:14 PM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Monday, January 20, 2014 9:04:14 PM
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DHCPv6 IAID . . . . . . . . . . . : 234890283
DHCPv6 Client DUID. . . . . . . . : 00-01-00-01-10-DA-6E-87-00-2... Read more

A:Direct TV won't connect to internet

I don't know anything about Direct TV receivers, but that one seems to be running Windows Vista.

The following was put together mostly by etaf with a little help from me.

Atheros Wireless Adapter - AR5007EG & AR5007
Over the last four or so years we have been seeing a lot of problems with the above adapters, mainly concerning WPA and WPA2 encryption and mainly on windows Vista.
We have seen just a couple of issues on other windows operating system, windows XP and windows 7.

Windows XP:- A driver update has resolved the issue
Windows 7 :- No conclusive results for a fix

The wireless adapter gets an IP configuration, and shows as connected, but communication is non-existent or sporadic.

Log into the Router and disable the wireless security and see if you are now able to connect to the internet and surf OK.
Please post back a reply here, and let us know if that works or does not work.

Here are a number of possible solutions

--- 1) In Device Manager right click on the wireless adapter and "update driver."

--- 2) Download and install the latest wireless driver from your laptop manufacturer's web site support section,

--- 3) On one occasion re-setting the router back to factory default and re-configuring the router settings has resolved the issue

--- 4) The majority of members, have now used the drivers from the atheros driver site, which has resolved the issue.
- see ... Read more

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I have recently been given an assignment to implement NDM (Connect:Direct) in the WINDOWS environment. I need to invoke a process in NDM from a .cmd. I want to be able to pass the NDM process to the Connect:Direct software.
As usually, I have little to no manuals. Does anyone have any knowledge in this area that can help me out?

My email address is posted in the profile. Thanks.

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I've been having this headache for awhile now, I have an IBM Thinkpad Laptop and a Desktop PC (see specs below) and both are running WinXP SP2. I've been trying to setup a network between the two computers for sometime now and have had no real success. I have been able to play certain lan games if it has a direct connect option, but only if the Desktop is the host and the laptop is the one connecting. The other issue is, in the network connections folder on the Desktop PC everything is fine as far as the connection goes on the laptop however, the icon for the Lan connection has an exclamation sign next to it and says something to the extent of "waring this connection has either limited or no connection status" and if I try and repair the connection it just sits there for awhile thinking and then another error message pops up saying "Repair failed, IP address not available" But I know that the connection is fine because I have been able to play a few games by hosting on the desktop PC and on the Desktop in the network connections folder it shows a steady flow between data packets sent and received on the laptop however only data packets are being sent, not received. Now I am using one of those Ethernet Crossover things, but it was store bought not home-made and I've had my friend test it on his two computers and it works fine, also if I can fix this problem I'd love to be able to transfer files to and from both computers via the lan conn... Read more

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hello all techspotters!

my question is simple:

What are the speed differences (if possible actual speed magnitudes, but if not just tell me which is faster) for directly connecting two PCS (through crossover/ethernet) and connecting two computers through a wireless network. Essentially, i want to know which will get file transfer done at a fast rate and, if possible, how much faster. thank you everyone!!!


A:direct connect vs. wireless

There are multiple standards for both wireless and CAT5 connections.
Currently the fasted wireless I've seen is 125Mb/s
Currently the fasted CAT5 I've seen is 1000Mb/s

Wireless comes in 11Mb/s 54Mb/s as standards with proprietery technologies (pre-802.11n) speeds over 100Mb/s

CAT5 (Twisted Pair, commonly used for ethernet) comes in 10Mb/s 100Mb/s and 1000Mb/s

Your hardware must support the necessary protocols in order to operate at any of these speeds.

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Just updated my DTV to a HD receiver which has the ability to access movies/shows via internet so I hard wired my belkin router to the TV receiver and I can't get it to connect. The router light does not go on showing me I am not connecting to the TV receiver. When I go into the DTV receiver it reads all my IP address and has an OK behind them, but says there is an error and the internet is not connected. When I plug the same cable into my PC or my laptop the light on the router does come on. Also my iphone does receive WIFI via the same router. I called DTV and they said everything on the receiver is correct. I called my router folks and they said everything is correct and that it must be the DTV receiver. I've been using this router for several years and their tech guy sounded like he knew what he was doing. Any suggestions as to how I can get the router to recognize the TV receiver?
Here are my router settings: I used the WAN IP info in my TV receiver.
Home| Help| Logout Internet Status: Connected LAN SetupLAN SettingsDHCP Client ListInternet WANConnection TypeDNSMAC AddressWirelessChannel and SSIDSecurityUse as Access PointWireless BridgeFirewallVirtual ServersClient IP FiltersMAC Address FilteringDMZWAN Ping BlockingSecurity LogUtilitiesParental ControlRestart RouterRestore Factory DefaultSave/Backup SettingsRestore Previous SettingsFirmware UpdateSystem Settings

Version Info Firmware Version4.03.03 Boot Versionv1.03.09.t2Hardware F5D7230-4Ser... Read more

A:can't connect to Direct TV HD receiver

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I recently downloaded direct connect for the first time. I tried to connenct to a server which was reccomended to me. A message in French came on the screen. I THINK it wanted me to get Direct Connect version 1.x.

I found a file called 'DirectConnect.dmg.sit'.

So then, 2 questions: (1) is it possible that DC would require me to download version 1 when I already have version 2? and (2) how do I open a .sit file?

A:Direct Connect and .sit files

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hey guys im new here and new to broadband....onto my problem....i recently switched to verizon dsl from bellsouth dial up i was able to direct connect with friends in generals no problem. Now that im on dsl i keep getting connection timed out same for them when they try to connect to me. I have a westell 6100 modem i recently found out its also a router im assuming its a port issue which i know next to nothing about also im getting pretty low download speeds on bittorrent clients mainly azureus. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

A:C&C generals direct connect

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On my Vista computer with Realtek 8168D/8111 network card (built-in to mobo) I can access my family computer by running a network cable directly from pc to pc, but when I plug my computer in through the router I can't access anything. I suspect it may be because of the presence of the Internet through the router, which I want to access, and my computer has problems getting an IP address or something. I know that the router is set up properly, because I'm using it right now (on family computer) to access this site. I know it's not a problem with the network cable, because I tried using family computer cable (which I know works) but it still doesn't work. Vista says that there is no cable connected in Local Area Connection, even though there is. I have VMware and VirtualBox installed which add their own network adaptors, but they were only installed recently, and this problem has persisted since installing Vista about 2 weeks ago. I am planning on installing the Win7 RC soon if no-one can solve my problem, as I had internet working properly on Win7 Beta. I have the latest drivers for my network card (as of june 15 '09), but Vista has no updates beside SP1 which was on the disk. I read somewhere that SP1 can affect network access, is this true?
Need answer by June 30th, as I am booked into a lanfest on July 4th-5th.
Any help is appreciated.

A:Can connect direct, but no internet

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Ive been using this file sharing software for 2 days and im starting to like it more than Morpheus since its harder for people to leech files and not shared since most hubs require you to share a min number of files. But I still got some doubts that I couldn`t answer in the Direct Connect website.

1.- Can you download the same file from multiple users at the same time? Ive tried downloading the same file by clicking on it from different users and in the dowloading status I see separate connections for the same file although in the recieved file folder I only see one file.

2.-How do I know if download is really compleated?
Unlike Audiogalaxy which uses temp files or Morpheus which uses .dat files Direct connect doesnt have temporary files in the recieved folder so if for example you are downloading an Mp3 file
and you have only downloaded 50 kbytes the file will apear as an mp3 and you dont know if it is completed or a partial file.

3.-Can you resume donwloads? I havent found a way to resume unfinished downloads. I have 3 files that are incomplete but dont know how to resume them.

A:Some questions on Direct Connect

Originally posted by Amigosdefox
1.- Can you download the same file from multiple users at the same time? Ive tried downloading the same file by clicking on it from different users and in the dowloading status I see separate connections for the same file although in the recieved file folder I only see one file.
Click to expand...

Yes, it will ask you what you want to do with them. You can just rename them, or put a 1 or 2 at the end of them

Originally posted by Amigosdefox
2.-How do I know if download is really compleated?
Unlike Audiogalaxy which uses temp files or Morpheus which uses .dat files Direct connect doesnt have temporary files in the recieved folder so if for example you are downloading an Mp3 file
and you have only downloaded 50 kbytes the file will apear as an mp3 and you dont know if it is completed or a partial file.Click to expand...

This is a little tougher, you will just have to go into your queue folder tab and check to make sure it has finished. If it has, it will be gone, but if it hasn't then, it will still appear, and all you have to do is hit resume.

Originally posted by Amigosdefox
3.-Can you resume donwloads? I havent found a way to resume unfinished downloads. I have 3 files that are incomplete but dont know how to resume them. Click to expand...

See above answer

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I'm trying to set up a connection with my desktop, running Windows 98 SE, and my laptop, running Windows 98. Whenever I try to configure my desktop as the guest, at the end I get this error message:

DIRECTCC caused an invalid page fault in
module RASAPI32.DLL

I'm using a parallel cable to connect.

A:Direct Cable Connect

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ok so say i wanna play starcracft over modem direct connect to an ip.......i can do that....but is it poss for mult ips or modems to direct with some of my buds we could get lke 3 or 4 on direct connect over the connection possible?

A:direct connect modem

Modems (you didn't specify what kind of) usually don't have fixed IP addresses when connecting, so you'd need to know your friends' addresses first. Other than that, I don't really see why it wouldn't work - unless the game itself doesn't support that. I haven't played Starcraft so I don't know if it has specific servers.

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hello all,

I built a new computer a couple weeks ago. just a few min ago i got this error

i'm not sure what i can do to fix this issue. I also get the error "the display driver has stopped working and has recovered". I ran the Microsoft fix it tool for the display driver stopped working error but it still does it. I also have set my power options to high power like one of the solutions said to do in one of the fixes for that error.

My video drivers are up to date and i have always done clean installs on my drivers.

here are my specs for my computer now.

MSI X97A 1150 Mobo
Intel I7 devils canyon 4.0GHz processor
corsair H100i cpu cooler
Corsair ddr3 vengence ram (16gb)
EVGA GTX 970 SSC video card
Samsung 500gb SSD
Ultra X3 1000w PSU


A:Direct X error and Display Driver stopped.

Download an earlier version from here and follow NVIDIA Drivers - Avoid Problems for the cleanest possible install. Test that driver and report back.

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My laptop notebook 11 won't connect to the wireless internet.  How can I connect it?

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Windows XP (Something but I think Pro)
1 GB of Ram
No CD or any Removable Drive
HP (Yeah, I know, I tried to tell her but she bought it anyways.)

I am so embarrased for asking as I am A+ Certified for a few years ago with not one but two different A+ manuals sitting around, please help.

My question is - My girlfriend brought over her HP Mini 1000 laptop and asked nicely for me to fix her networking problem and after mocking her silently to myself for getting it I sat down and attempted to help her. Her problem is that with this laptop she can no longer connect to any network or even see how as the icon at the taskbar for connecting to a wireless network is now gone and doesn't appear.

As wireless networking is a completely new field to me but I have a little bit of experience, I am no means an expert. I do not know of any way to restore her network connection or even show her a way to connect to a network via a wireless connection.

Following the various things I have read online as well as here, I can answer the following questions.

1. All Hardware is Enabled without problems, I viewed the Device Manager and a network adapter is listed.

The Network Adapter is
Broadcom 802.1 b/g wlan
and it claims it is working properly

2. I did the IPCONFIG in CMD and it comes up with nothing. I have done this several times while configuring my WIRED network at home so I understand how it works and I should see stuff like an MEDIA STATE or CONNECTION-SPECIFIC DNS SUFFIX but on h... Read more

A:HP Mini 1000 cannot connect to any WAN, please help

Hi:So,this worked once and doesn't work now. ?
If so,what was changed,if anything about the time this went south ?

And,the entry for wireless nic looks to be working properly ?

Can her pc make a network connection directly connected to the modem ?

Just for a brain check
Let's make sure that these are started.
• COM+ Event System (for WZC issues)
• Computer Browser
• DHCP Client
• DNS Client
• Network Connections
• Network Location Awareness
• Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
• Server
• TCP/IP Netbios helper
• Wireless Zero Configuration (XP wireless configurations)There should be only one wireless manager running.Either windows or the wireless nic's manager.
• WLAN AutoConfig (Vista wireless configurations)
• Workstation

Maybe you have checked all this,but we just need to kind of get a level set here.
Disable any firewalls that are running.

And just for the heck of it,let's do this.

Stack repair for XP
Courtesy of Johnwill of the Networking forum.

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows XP with SP2/SP3.

Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands:

Note: Type only the text in bold for the following commands.Netsh commands
Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults, type: netsh int ip reset reset.log

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults, ty... Read more

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I've just switched to a different computer and am having trouble connecting my mini dv cam. It's a Samsung SC D382. I've attached my firewire cord and have made all attempts to have the computer recognize it, but still nothing. The computer is an HP Compaq DC7100C. Is there something that I need in addition to the cord? There isn't any software that comes with this cam. I've been trying for over 6 hours, please help. Thanks.

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"For Dim display issue if you use a flash light and point it on the screen you'll actually see the screen behind....And for display cable failure there will be no display or blurry..lines etc.."IF this is true, when flashing the light on the black screen, I was able to see it, although it was very dim, So, what do i need to do in order to fix the screen?

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After the BIOS Update yesterday my secondary monitor has not been working. The computer fails to detect it in Device Settings. Since this has happened, I have: Unplugged/Replugged Cables and made sure everything powers up (when plugging the HDMI from the monitor into the notebook the monitor cycles through Analog and HDMI a few times and goes to sleep so it's getting a connection)Have tried two HDMI cables, one brand new Attempted to update drivers, was told that they were updated Downloaded new drivers from HP Support Assistant and Installed, Rebooted Rolled back the BIOS to the previous version I tested the monitor on my MacBook and it works, so it's not the monitor and the notebook still does not pick up my monitor! PLEASE HELP! 

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Hi guys, Just bought two new HP Elite Display E220t screens, they both work a treat running VGA on an old machine, likewise other monitors work a treat on my machine witch has a mini DP but yet i cant seem to get any output from the E220t, just wondering if anyone has found a fix for this, Thank you in advanced, Dolmja

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Hello. I got my Lenovo Thinkpad p50 with W10 about 3 weeks ago and have been using it with lots of success but just today I tried to connect a Dell U2414H conventional external display via mini Display Port and the laptop sounds once I plug the cable but then the external monitor goes to "Energy Saving Mode" and shows only black screen. Looking inside the configuration at desk.cpl, both, integrated and external displays are shown but for the external display the fields of "Resolution", "Orientation" and "Advanced config" are grayed so I can't change anything. Can anyone please help me with this? Thanks in advance.

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So, I own two computers and I need to monitor a file on one of them. Is there a way I can connect the two computers together without a cable?

I've seen it done with computers in colleges/libraries.

If this isn't possible, then is there a way I can have the computer constantly upload the file to an FTP so I can download it?

The file is a .txt file that I'll be using for parental control.

I guess this sounds like I'm asking for RATs/Trojans, but I dont want to use things like that. That's dangerous and unneeded. If you think thats what I want, rest well assured it's not, because I know how to obtain those things anyways. It's not rocket science.

Cant wait to see you guys work your magic.

Thanks in Advance


A:Constant FTP upload / Direct Connect to PC

Sound like VNC might work for you.

I've used this before and was happy with the results:

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I'm trying to hook up my laptop, running Windows 98, to my desktop, running Win 98 SE, so they can share files. I'm having a lot of trouble cofiguring them so that this happens. I have a parallel cable that connects to both printer ports, but after getting a recurring error message when trying to set up my desktop as the guest, I purchased a RJ45 crossover cable to connect the ethernet ports together. The error message failed to go away, but when I changed my desktop to be the host instead of guest, I finally made it past step 1.

Now, when connect the two computers, I cannot get the laptop to log onto the desktop. I can't see anything in the network nieghborhood on the desktop. I know there are a thousand things to configure to set up a network, and I don't even know where to begin. For some odd reason, when I run the Win 98 Network trouble shooter, it goes blank after the first question on both desktop and laptop.

Why is this so hard? You would think that hooking two computers together would be relatively easy in this day and age. Someone please help!!!!

A:Direct Cable Connect Problems

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Alright, so I need to install dirext x for a game, (MapleStory) but every time I try to execute the file, the following message comes across:

"Cannot connect to the database - please check the database. Setup cannot continue".

Since I am not versed in computer technicalities, I have no understanding of what that really means. D:<

Anyways, my cousin helped clean out a few viruses that my computer had, so it cannot be that.

I appreciate any help~

A:Cannot Connect to the Database-Direct X Woes

Ehhh, well I don't see anything in quarantine. Nothing is there right now. I have Microsoft Security Essentials.

I kind of foresaw that it may hinder me playing MapleStory, so I made it skip scanning a few things pertaining to Maple. Or should I not do that? D:

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I set up a dc hub for people at work using opedchub.

The users that will be using this hub are pretty braindead when it comes to computers. I wanted to know if someone could reccomend an easy to use, install, setup dc client. It doesn't need a lot of frills, in fact they will only be connecting to one hub (my hub) with it.

I use DC++, but it always seemed kinda busy and bloated. I was wondering of there are any better options.

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I have a xp box that is on a home network that connect to a dsl modem. box-router-dsl modem. When ever I try to direct connect to send pictures AIM says it can't connect to the internet. I check the network status and all is good. I then repair the network, some times it takes a few tries. Then it will work like nothing happened. This is really frustrating. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Direct connect on AIM disconects internet

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Hello, I was wondering if it were possible to "LAN" or just direct connect to a computer VIA your Ethernet cards, rather than running through a hub. My friend and I just wanna hook our systems up to trade some stuff and play a LAN game. Is it possible? If so let me know. Thanks.

A:Direct connect VIA Ethernet Cards.

Yes but you can't use a standard network cable. You need to have a crossover cable for it to work.

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I have 2 laptop computers that i have connected via parrallel cable. Both computers have Win XP Home Edition. They both regonized each other, one is the host, the other the guest. What i want to do is transfer date from the host to the guest, and i have no idea how to do it. Someone please give me specific directions, thank you.

A:direct connect via parallel cable

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) I connected the two computers with a serial cable

2) I ran the direct connection (wizard) on the windows 98 machine, setting it to be the host and to listen on COM1. It waits patiently for the connection to be established.

3) I ran the new connection wizard on the XP machine. I selected the "advanced connection" option for connecting two machines directly using a Serial cable, and I set the XP machine to be the guest so that it "dials in" to the 98 machine. It says the connection was created OK and puts an icon for it on my desktop.

4) I run the connection icon on my XP desktop, it prompts me for a user name and password. I leave them blank and click "connect". It connects, and puts an icon in my notification tray saying "connected at 19kbps". On the host machine (Win 98) the "waiting to connect" dialog changes to "now connected". Both computers now show data transferring across the network connection.

Unfortunately, now that my connection is established, I can't find the remote computer anywhere on the XP machine. There's nothing new in "my computer" nor in "my network places" and when I click on the connection itself, all I get is the data transfer status. How can I go from this network connection to browsing the files on the windows 98 machine from the XP machine?

I have "file and printer sharing" installed on both machines with it enabled on both machines and the roo... Read more

A:Direct connect Winxp to Win98

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can someone help me with this, im so stuck its not funny, ive heard every theory under the sun of how to directly connect but ive had no luck, the biggest worry ive had so far is my computer not recognising that i have my guitar plugged into it, i get no response what so ever, ive tried both my mic jack and my auxiliary jack and had no luck, ive unmuted all my volume levels and turned them right up and had no luck, ive updated my driver (creative sound blaster live series) still no luck, ive tried running my guitar through my amp and into the computer via the pre out jack on my amp, no luck, im really stuck on this. if someone could just throw as many ideas as you can at me, other then the ones that i mentioned, then ill be very grateful.

A:Direct connect from guitar to computer

Hey revel and welcome to Techspot! Does you amp have a regular "line out"? I am not talking about one labeled as a preamp out. If it does and you have the right cable to convert the plug, this should work. Another option is to use a DI box. This is what I use to connect my guitars to my PC. I also use Nuendo for the recording software, I highly recommend it too! The link below shows the box that I currently have. Good luck.

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Trying to play Direct Connect Zero Hour with a friend and his times out and doesn't even connect...but I can play with them going Online and using a password.

His firewall is correct and Anti-Virus is set OK.....we can talk on Messenger as-well.

I'm on Broadband and they are on broadband.

I can play with other people Direct Connect.......but theirs just says timed out...they have all updates for the game

Using different Networks....Mine NTL. Theirs TalkTalk

Any ideas....could it be their Service Provider or what?

A:Direct Connect Zero Hour Times out

Has your friend tried to disable his firewall completely before you try to start a game?It might help.

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Having a problem installing and running Microsoft 'Direct Cable Connect' between 2 PCs connected by crossover parallel cable. I setup the folders I wish to share. All proceeds well and I get a message that the two are connected . The guest then asks for the name of the Host computer. I enter the name shown in 'Belarc' (also in 'System Information'). I then get a message "\\(host computer name) is not accessable. Unknown error 2114". Of course the big mystery is is meaning of error 2114. I tried several tutorials listed in Google. But most of them show the basics, but not 'What to do when---'. Added the following to network Configuration:

Dial-Up Adaptor
IPX/SPX -comnpatable protocol-TCP/IP
File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks

Any ideas?

Win98 SE.

A:Direct Cable Connect Problem

I'm confused when you say connected with a crossover parallel cable. There's no such thing. Its either a crossover network cable (in which case you can't use it for DCC) or a null-modem type cable that connects to the parallel port, which will work with DCC.

To your network setup you will want to add NetBEUI, the Client for MS Networks, and also check that file sharing is actually enabled as well as added. You will need to change your primary logon to Client for MS networks, and log onto both machines with it using the same username and password on both machines. I can give you a full step by step if necessary, but it sounds like you've got one already.

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i want to transfer files, remote desktop, lan gaming....actualy lan gaming works fine without doing anything just connecting the cable

but how do i transfer files and remote desktop....what software do i need??????

pc1 windows 7
pc2 windows xp

A:how to connect 2 pc with direct ethernet cable

Easy Transfer.

Are they connected to a router or switch ? Do you have a homegroup setup.

You should be able to see each pc from the other and pull off each, whatever you want.

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I was wondering if you could use the program direct connect to make a virtual hub in order to play Halo over this newly created network.

I was thinking maybe I could have a Nic to connect the ethernet card to my computer, and then use Broadband to connect over the internet. I don't think it will work but I was just giving it a shot.

Thanks fir your input....

A:Question about Direct Connect and Halo

The answer is No.

DCC is a one way transfer connection. One PC is the host, the other is the client. The client can download from the host, but not vice versa.

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I have a new Lumix GX7 camera which I'm trying to connect to a Dell laptop running Windows8.1 using WiFi direct.

The laptop sees the camera's WiFi signal but connects with "Limited Connectivity" when I input the camera's SSID and password.

What does Limited Connectivity mean and what should I check to enable a full connection so I can copy photos from the camera to PC via WiFi?

A:How to Connect a Camera using WiFi Direct?

You will always get that with a device like that. Especially if you already have the laptop connected to a wifi access point. Suggest you read Panasonic's instruction on how to connect to the camera through its Wif hotspot. This is the owners manual. See pages 70 to 72.

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can Xp desktop and 98se laptop do direct cable connect?
No luck getting it to read my laptop. Have no NIC card in desktop but on in laptop if I need to do that.

A:Direct cable connect Xp\98SE

I had a laptop running XP connected to a desktop running WinME for months with no problems...just grab a NIC for the desktop and a crossover cable, XP makes the networking setup very easy.

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I'm having problems with two programs, direct connect and cool edit 2000. first off I have an elite Athlon 1.2 GHZ with win 2K (what a mistake!). My first problem is direct connect, when I try to download or request a connection it just says closing and well closes the connection. I used DC for quite some time before this happened and I don't have a firewall.... Any suggestions???
Problem 2 is with cool edit 2000 ( and many other programs including: win zip, real player, and cubase.) When I try to open them it says there is "errors being generated" in the exe. file, and then says to "restart the program". I've tried re-installation numerous times all with the same end result, Can any one help me????????

Ian Johnson

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The system Im having trouble with is a:

Pentium 4 Prescott 2.8Ghz
Gigabyte GA-8IP775-G mainboard
1GB Corsair DDR 400 2x512 dual channel
GeForce 5600, GeForce 4MX 400, or ATI All in Wonder 8500DV (the problem exists with all video cards which were tested on other systems without fail)
Windows XP Professional SP2

The problem is, in any Direct 3D game, the dispaly is just glitchy. Its impossible to describe so I took some video of the problem and made a windows media file out of it. The video shows Guild Wars and Rise of Nations with a very similar issue. Triangular garble stuff randomly or severe flicker. (ignore the flicker caused by the video camera on the monitor, you can still see what Im talking about) The stability of the games seems normal.

[Right click - save target as]

Ive tried two Nvidia cards and one ATI card and had the exact same issue. Ive evend sent the mainboard back to gigabyte only to get it back with a no fault found slip. Ive taken the next step and included the hijack this log below:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 3:23:29 AM, on 9/21/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\WINDOWS\Ex... Read more

A:Direct 3D trouble / glitchy display (video example included)

Looks like they're overheating.

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Hello all!
My friend got a HP Mini 210 from Verizon, I believe a few years ago. It has a sim slot, but there isn't a sim card in it. I don't know if she took it out, or if she never needed one.
It is an HP Mini 210 running Windows 7 Starter.
Apparently she isn't using Verizon anymore, as she recently bought a T-Mobile hot spot instead. She can't get it to connect to the T-Mobile hot spot wifi, and I brought it home, and can't get it to connect to my home wifi either. Well actually it says "Connected" but "No Internet Access." Internet is fine and working well, so that is not the problem.
The Verizon connection is under Dial up and VPN(I think it is broadband), do I need to remove this connection to get the wifi to connect properly? It is not connected to the Verizon connection though. Is it possible that this laptop is "locked" to Verizon the way cell phones are?
The Troubleshooter says "Windows can't communicate with the device or resource. (primary DNS server)
This isn't my computer, so I am hesitant to do anything that I am not sure about. Any help would be awesome!

A:HP Mini from Verizon won't connect to wifi

They probably set a Proxy in the unit, either in Internet Explorer, or in the Registry.  Yes, delete the Verizon connection in Internet Options, in the Connections tab.  Check for a proxy in that same tab.

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I know others have had this problem but their advice doesn't work for me. My HP mini will not connect to my wireless network although wireless network show up as fully charged and up and it says I'm connected but I can't access the internet. It has a "Acquiring network address" message that does not go away.It tells me I have an invalid IP address when I run all the conection tests thru the troubleshooter.

A:mini won't connect to wireless network

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