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I'm back on an HP laptop after having spent the last few years using a Dell Precision M4600 (which I miss already). I was hoping that HP would have improved their Driver and Software download site to provide more and better information to help users identify applicable drivers, but sadly it doesn't appear that much as changed. The website still leaves it to the user to determine which drivers and software apply to a particular computer. There are a number of cases where if you look at the revision history for a driver, for example, the Intel I217LM/V and I218LM Gigabit Ethernet Driver, there are versions of the driver available that are newer than the "recommended driver". Here is what's on the website: Version:1.00 S (13 Feb 2015)Version: A (8 Dec 2014)Enhancements- Provides improved support for Connected Standby.- Provided improved messaging when the system resumes from standby mode.- Provides improved ultra-low power (ULP) performance while the system is connected to or disconnected from an external audio cable.Version: A (26 Aug 2014)Enhancements It's not obvious why the revision history would show newer versions of drivers if they are not applicable, but if they are applicable, why does the website not recommend the newest version, instead of the version from 26 August 2014? Both Intel and Nvidia have newer drivers available for the network adapters and display adapters, respectively. Does anyone get drivers for these devices from Intel and/or Nvidia? HP has two applications, HP Support Assistant Software and HP SoftPaq Download Manager. Do either of these applications provide any useful capability for keeping drivers up to date? Thanks.

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A: Drivers & Software Questions

To answer your question, yes you may absolutely download newer drivers direct from the manufacturer (Nvidia or Intel etc) website if you wish. The drivers that are on the HP website are the most recent ones that have been tested to work specifically with HP hardware, which is why sometimes you might see a difference in the versions. I would definitely recommend running either HP Service Assistant or Softpaq download manager to help keep your drivers up to date. This will take a lot of the guess work out of whats needed and will save you time from having to keep checking the website for updates to drivers. You can even set the downloads to occur automatically if you wish! I hope that this helps to clear some things up and point you in the right direction. Please don't ever hesitate to give us a call if you need help with your Zbook at 866-625-1175.

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Really know nothing re Drivers, except that it is apparently a good idea, always, to use the latest.

Anyway, was thinking of possibly downloading the latest drivers for my Radeon graphics card from the ATI site.
(But my questiosn really relates to any drivers, not just those for my graphics card)

My understanding is that one is supposed to delete the present drivers from the control panel prior to downloading and installing the new ones.

BTW: I looked in "Control Panel," but it is not clear to me how one deletes, safely, the present drivers for a particular program. How is this done, please ?

So, what happens immediately after the deletion of the present drivers before any new ones are installed ?

Will my graphics card (or any other program where I have removed them) still function even without "any" drivers at this point ? How is it possible ?

If someone could explain this for me, would be appreciative.

Also, I read that one should use in addition a "driver cleaner".
Why is this (also) necessary ?

What would be your recommendation for a good free or inexpensive one that is
also safe ?


A:Drivers Updating Questions

You un-install drivers from the "device manager". Do a search and you will see it.

With Nvidia drivers you simply download and run. It installs "over" the old one.

I have to assume the ATI ones are the same. you should be able to download and run.

You'll be fine. It not hard. I was looking for the same information about 18 months ago.

I understand your concerns. It will be okay after the first time. Good luck.

BTW - make SURE it's the correct one for your exact card and OS (64bit/32bit).....that's the main thing.

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Sort of a stupid question, but I'd rather ask and not need to ask later.

I'm reinstalling Windows this weekend (srly) and I'm grabbing drivers from Dell for my laptop. I've grabbed all of the Chipset ones, audio, ALPs, video, and network. I'd like to not install drivers I don't need (old computer, don't need stuff lugging it down). So I'm positive I don't want the Dell QuickSet one, but I don't know about a bunch of the others...

Do I need the BIOS download?
Do I need the Communications downloads?
Do I need the Diagnostics downloads?
Do I need the System Utilities download?

Also, when I switch the hard-disk out of the tray to my new hard-drive, do I have to worry about static? If so, best way to deal?


A:Drivers from Dell questions

Actually you do need all the drivers that came with the computer, otherwise you'll just have a bunch of useless stuff that's still gonna be there 1 way or another, to get the computer running at it's max potential (Speed wise) you need all the drivers

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You know how you think of something you dont know the answer to, and it bugs you all the time but you keep forgetting to ask? Yeah, well I have quite a few, strangely I remembered a lot of them recently (maybe because I started taking my ADD medicine since my knee is healed enough I have to go back to school today)...
I've looked around Google and forums and such, but nothing is like myself asking the question and reading suggestions.

1) I've had a DVD burner (Sony's DVD+-RW1 (DRU-540A)) for a few months now, got it for my b-day... But I havent gotten around to actually learning how to convert videos, burn DVD's make custom menus and all... I was wondering what programs you guys recommend...
I want to be able to take mpg's, avi's, ogm's ( a lot have codecs like divx/xvid on them) and so on, and be able to put them on the DVD and make my own menus and stuff.

2) I've got years worth of digital pictures.. And they take up a nice amount, I think like 1.3gb...
So I was thinking of ways to decrease the size of all of them without rar'ing them or something... And if I recall, I believe some of them are set to resolutions like 1600xwhatever... So, I've always been wondering if there was a program that could take a whole bunch of selected pictures and downsize them all to a certain resolution...

Hmm, I kinda forgot a lot of questions now....
3) For those of you who use mIRC, do you prefer a certain script? I've used nnScript ... Read more

A:A lot of software questions...

HMMMMMMMMM......thats a truckload of questions. well, here's what i have to say:

1) I've had a DVD burner (Sony's DVD+-RW1 (DRU-540A)) for a few months now, got it for my b-day... But I havent gotten around to actually learning how to convert videos, burn DVD's make custom menus and all... I was wondering what programs you guys recommend... I want to be able to take mpg's, avi's, ogm's ( a lot have codecs like divx/xvid on them) and so on, and be able to put them on the DVD and make my own menus and stuff.Click to expand...

I assume u have all the codecs for converting and watching dvds. To convert dvds to divx, I use this program: Gordian Knot. go to this site: This site is just perfect for beginners and experts equally. Its got guides that tell u very clearly how to work with the program. Just follow those and u can make perfect rips of ur own. For creating DVD menus, and backing up DVDs, use Ulead Movie Factory and DVD Shrink respectively. Both u can download, but they might be trial versions. Also try Nero. It can burn DVDs, as well as make menus. Most writers come with Nero as bundled software.

2) I've got years worth of digital pictures.. And they take up a nice amount, I think like 1.3gb... So I was thinking of ways to decrease the size of all of them without rar'ing them or something... And if I recall, I believe some of them are set to resolutions like 1600xwhatever... So, I've always been wo... Read more

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I bought a home built computer from a friend that is pretty good with computers. It worked great and I had no problems with it but decided to build an upgraded one myself. I used the hard drive from the old one and have started getting a message that the Windows home build system software isn't registered properly or some nonsense like that. The system still works fine but I get this message after the computer is on a while. Upgrades from Windows seem to work fine. Since this started, I read where OEM software only works with the original motherboard. Could this be the source of the notifications? If so, can I buy another OEM software and re-install it over the old one without loosing everything? Does it have to be ultimate version or can I use home premium?

A:Software Questions

If you changed the mobo then OEM version dies with the old mobo. Sometimes with a good reason MS phone activation will activate it for you anyway.

Activate Windows 7 by Phone

If not you can buy online at a major retailer like NewEgg or Amazon and insert a new OEM product Key at Computer>Properties Activation link to activate it. If for some reason that link doesn't appear then use the slmgr command below to insert key and activate.

SLMgr Commands and Options with Windows Vista Product Key Activation ? My Digital Life

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Hi everyone,

A few months ago, I downloaded and installed two pieces of software, one called ErrorSmart, and the other called Rollback RX.

When performing a spyware/virus scan a day or so ago, Spybot identified ErrorSmart as a threat and asked to remove it.

Can anyone here tell me whether ErrorSmart is regarded as a sound piece of software?

Moving on to Rollback RX. A while back I had some problems after suffering a virus attack on my PC. I used Rollback RX to recover to an earlier time that day, and before the virus attack.

After successfully restoring to the selected earlier time, the PC continued to run just fine for a few hours, before developing the same type of problems that were experienced after the original attack. It was as if, after Rollback and restore, the clock just ticked away the minutes between beginning and end of the rollback period and then re-launched the same problems all over again, a bit like like taking the arm off of a vinyl record just before it reaches a bad scratch, and then placing the arm back on the record near the beginning - I mean, eventually it's just going to arrive back at the bad part of the record again, or, in this case of my PC, the same point in time where the original problem kicked-in.

So, my question here must be, does anyone have any experience of either of these two softwares and whether they are generally regarded as useful, or not. I mean, they both came with glowing reports.

Oh, one other thing. Before installatio... Read more

A:Software questions

As far as your problems with ErrorSmart, I am not very familiar with the software. However, I would like to offer some words of advice concerning some things that I have seen online concerning the software. Although the software claims to improve performance, I generally consider it a policy of my own to pay these types of software no attention. Adding utilities such as ErrorSmart to your computer many times means adding additional processes to your computer. These processes can be intrusive to software on your computer as well. This could be the reason that it is considered to be adware. The label of adware is given to software sometimes even if it is not an immediate threat. The software could merely be deemed as unnecessary. This could mean that the software would be "dead-weight" to your system resources. As far as maximizing performance, I usually try to keep it as simple as possible. Keep your hard drive defragged and try to have as little startup software as possible. This is software that automatically loads when your computer is booted. While some software may benefit from running at startup, this is not necessary a lot of the time. One last thing, try to keep as few cookies on your computer as possible. Cookies stored by your internet browsers can be tracking cookies which are considered to be threats to your system and perhaps its performance. As far as rollback, I am not familiar at all with that type of utility. I apologize. Hope some of this helps. Goo... Read more

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I would like to know if they make any of these two programs for XP.

#1 I am looking for a program that I can password protect my system before windows starts. Something that you just cant hit cancel and go on the pc. I would like one that actally works as a gaurd.

#2 A program that can record exactly what is on your pc screen. Thanks fellas

A:Two Software Questions...

1- Try enabling a BIOS password. Depending on the type of PC you have (Dell, IBM, etc...) there is a different key to press to get into the BIOS. It should appear on the screen as you boot up.

2- Are you looking for an actual recording, or just various screen shots? If you're just looking for screenshots, you can hit ALT-PRTSCRN which will save the screen to the clipboard, and then you can go into any picture editor (MSPAINT comes with Windows), and go to EDIT, then PASTE and you will have your screenshot. Be sure to save the file! As far as video recording, not sure on that one. Sorry...

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1. Is there a program to capture video (with audio) played on screen ?. I have "Screencast-o-matic" but it is limited to several minutes recording ? (no sound I think)
2. The installed CCleaner is registered, now I read (on this site) there is a new version, (downloaded already), if I install it over the current installation, do I have to re-register it ?
Thanks for answers.

A:About software questions

Originally Posted by Motim

2. The installed CCleaner is registered, now I read (on this site) there is a new version, (downloaded already), if I install it over the current installation, do I have to re-register it ? Thanks for answers. Motim

I do not believe you have to re-register. The only time I ran into re-registering/re-licensing was when some item jumped a whole version number.

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I was wondering if you can run software that says win 98, ME on the xp platform?


A:Software questions.


Right click on the program
Select Properties
Select Compatibilty tab
Tick "Run this program in compatibility mode for: "
Click on the arrow - and select Windows 98 / Windows ME

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Anyone care to comment about this software:
Especially interested in reading what past, or current, users think of it. Free trial for 30, or maybe 60 days. As usual, TIA
I notice that WMP11 is the only WMP version listed by the author of the software. I am using version 9 and hesitate going to version 11 if it is not truly needed. (Can I easily "revert" to version 9 if I don't like it?)

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My first question is about CCleaner. I'm not sure what I should check and what I should uncheck and i'm afraid of deleting something important. There are three tabs, Wondows, Applications, and Issues. I'm just wondering if anyone here that has experiance with that program can let me know what I should check and uncheck on each of those 3 tabs.
My second question is that I see on here you guys tellin everybody to uninstall Viewpoint. In my programs folder I have a Viewpoint folder. But when I look in the Add/Remove programs, all I see is Viewpoint Media Player that has the Windows Media Player icon next to it. How do I get rid of it?

A:Software questions

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What software,paid & shareware/freeware, do you regard as being very usefull/indispensable ? I am upgrading my system to a p3-866,256mb ram,30gb hd,12x10x32 cd-rw. I need to know what i should get ! I already have Win98 se,norton utilities,& office 2000. What else do i need ?

A:Software questions !

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How can I get Myst to work on my WinXP Pro Pre-installed w/SP1 computer? When I double-click on the shortcut, It changes the screen to a small screen resolution (my estimate is 300x400) and to 256 color, as it should, but stays there...

Also, when I put in an MS Office 97 Pro CD, it autoruns and shows a menu, and when I click on the first one (the one to install) it shows a little window and freezes there... (I'll update with the message later)

For both I've tried the Compatibility Wizard, but it doesn't seem to help... I've been able to get both to work on a WinXP Home computer rather easily, and w/o Compatibility Wizard (at least i think so)

Finally, where can i find the Indeo XP 5.2 codec? If possible, for free...

Thanks in advance!


A:Several software questions...

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I am thinking about moving from 32-bit vista ultimate to 64-bit ultimate, but I have read that non-certified drivers cannot [easily] be used on vista x64. Has this changed much in SP1, etc?

If not, what are the chances I will be affected by this rule? ie, what percent of non-beta drivers out there are NOT certified, etc? If virtually all non-beta drivers are certified, then I figure this restriction won't bother me as I never use beta drivers.

Is it recommended that I look up (on the appropriate websites) each and every driver that I would like to run, and see if it is certified??

Lastly, if any of you happen to know off the top of your heads whether the following hardware has certified drivers, please let me know...
I have the following hardware that I would like full functionality from in vista x64:
a LITE-ON DVD burner
creative sound blaster x-fi platinum fatal1ty
logitech orbit MP webcam
MS natural ergonomic keyboard 4000
logitech rx1000 laser mouse
nvidia 8800GT


A:general questions about certified drivers

Creative is a definite HELL NO and will always be a HELL NO because they aren't going to release a certified driver. Instead they are going to repackage the same card with drivers that work and call it the X-Fi-2. Check out the creative website for their forums and see if this is the type of company you wish to be cheated by, I mean do business with anymore.

8800 GT, yes:

Logitech Quickcam Orbit MP, yes:*,en

Logitech RX1000 Lasermouse (ROEM) yes:**,en

nVidia 8800GT yes:
ForceWare Release 169

MS natural ergonomic keyboard 4000 come on, what do YOU think lol)***〈=en&driverVersion=IntelliType%20Pro%206.2%2064-bit%20for%20Windows%20Vista
Lite-on DVD burner, who knows. There were about 30 lite-on optical drives to choose drivers for at the lite-on site. You could have any or all of them for all I know.

*Logitech does not say exactly on their website that their drivers are WHQL labeled, but my g15 keyboard works with the downloads I got there.

**Check the logitech forums under web cams for more info. Depending upon when your web cam was made, there are different drivers.

I have not installed my MS wireless keyboard or mouse, but I have been read several places on this forum that there is a Vista optional update or KB that you have to install so that Vista will ... Read more

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Hey guys, I used to be a member here, and I know what great advice you guys offer, so I decided to come to you guys first.
Anyways, I got a couple of big questions.

I have an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro... if want to upgrade/downgrade my driver set, do I need to go through a certain pre-install process (like uninstalling and removing certain files), or can I just install the new/old set over the one I currently have?

Also... I havn't exactly used my video card in about 8 months (I've been doing WAY to much filmmaking work, so I havn't had time) but I'm starting to use it again and play games (DirectX 8 and 9....most of them are). Right now, I'm using DNA drivers (based on the Official 4.11 drivers), but they seem to be running alot slower than my old DNA 4.2 Drivers did a about 8 months ago. I was getting 5800 on 3DMark2003 back then, and now It's like 5000!!! EEEEK! Is this cuz the latest iteration of drivers is made for the X800 series of graphics cards? Should I downgrade to the fastest ones I can find? Also, if anyone knows, what IS the fastest driver set for the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro?

thanks guys, once I get these question answered, I shall have a good time playing my games.

A:Some big questions about drivers for the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro...

The DNA drivers sometimes perform worst then the Catalyst drivers, from what heard they are not the best choice.

I would stick to the official Catalyst drivers or those from

ATI Driver:!

You do not need to uninstall the old ATI drivers/Control Panel but you can if you wish through ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS.

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Hi I would just like to say thanks for the help so far as i have managed to install windows 7 on this machine by searching posts on this forum I am now missing some drivers and wondering if anyone could help unkown ACPI/HPQ0004*HPQ0004 Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E31&SUBSYS_18FA103C&REV_04PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E31&SUBSYS_18FA103PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E31&CC_0C0330PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E31CC_0C03 SM BUS PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E22&SUBSYS_18FA103C&REV_04PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E22&SUBSYS_18FA103PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E22&CC_0C0500PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E22&CC_0C05 PCI Simple Communications Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E3A&SUBSYS_18FA103C&REV_04PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E3A&SUBSYS_18FA103PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E3A&CC_078000PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E3A&cc_0780 PCI PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV&5229&SUBSYS_18FA103C&REV_01PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV&5229&SUBSYS_18FA103PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV&5229&CC_FF0000PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV&5229&CC_FFOO Ethenet Controller PCI\VEN10EC&DEV_8136&SUBSYS_18FA103C&REV_05PCI\VEN10EC&DEV_8136&SUBSYS_18FA103PCI\VEN10EC&DEV_8136&CC_020000PCI\VEN10EC&DEV_8136&CC_0200 I also have a few questions Is there any other drivers i should install to make sure everything is working to its full potenial? For exmaple the netbook has an hybrid HDD but im unsure ho... Read more

A:14-b003sa Windows 7 Drivers and other questions

You should be able to use the drivers for Windows 7 64 bit from the Envy 4-1030us except BIOS: The USB Controller is your USB 3.0 so that is not working yet. The HPQ0004 is hard drive protection. SM Bus should come from Intel chipset. Simple Communication is the Management Engine Interface. PCI is the card reader. Post back with any more questions. 

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Hello everyone:

This is my first post on the Windows 7 forums.
I currently have an old P4 running 32-bit Windows 7 RC. I don?t think I can put 64-bit on that machine, but I am considering 64-bit on the retail version when it is released in October. I tested about thirty 32-bit shareware and freeware applications on 32-bit Windows 7 RC and they all work well.

My questions concern 32-bit drivers and unsigned 32-bit and 64-bit drivers on Windows 7 64-bit retail.

I have seen references to a BCedit command. I ran Bcdedit /set Bcdedit nointegritychecks ON on my Vista SP2 machine and it ran successfully. I have not tested what it will let me do as I now have no Vista driver issues.

Here are my questions:

Which of these is the correct command to disable the signature check on Windows 7 RC?

bcdedit /set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS


Is there any reason to use the correct command rather than using F8 during the boot process?

Does the correct command work for both unsigned 32-bit and unsigned 64-bit drivers on a 64-bit Windows 7 system?

Is the correct command useful on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 for driver signing issues generally?

I assume the command works for only 1 boot cycle. Given that, is there any reason to run a command to re-enable the driver signing check if one reboots again after the driver installation?

Is there any other solution other than third party software, which I would prefer to avoid as ... Read more

A:Unsigned drivers questions on 64-bit Windows 7?

Welcome to the forum.

Lots of good questions there, I'd encourage you to search for 'driver signing' using the search feature, there are quite a few good threads on the matter already.

All of your questions have been addressed in other threads. Bear in mind that there is a way to 'self-sign' drivers so that F8 doesn't need to be used every time you boot.

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Ok, I'm going to be building a new computer next week, (or whenever my videocard arrives), and I need help deciding how I should install the drivers. Here are my specs, if needed:

-GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS3L LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard
-Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz 2 x 4MB L2 Cache LGA 775 Quad-Core Processor
-BFG Tech BFGR88640GTSOCE GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB 320-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported
-OCZ Gold 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory
-OCZ StealthXStream OCZ600SXS 600W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready Active PFC Power Supply
-Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3250410AS 250GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive
-CD/DVD Drive
Liteon SOHW-1693S
-Antec Solo Black/Silver Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

Ok, now that's out of the way, here's how I think I should install the drivers. First, I'm planning on downloading all the newest drivers on to a CD for easier access. The order should be BIOS, motherboard, onboard sound, then videoca... Read more

A:Solved: Questions about installing drivers on a new PC

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I'm familar with the concept of device drivers, and finding and installing the correct onces (e.g. graphics card, sound card etc.). However, I cannot claim to fully understand chipset drivers or even BIOS updates. In fact, I'm not entirely sure what a chipset is....

I took a punt and used the GIGABYE software to flash my BIOS : all good and no trouble at all.

So, the question is : is there a bit of software that can give me a picture of the status of chipset+associated drivers, possibly even my current BIOS version.

I'm looking for a bit of an education into parts of a PC that I don't know much about.


A:Chipset drivers & BIOS questions

Hello Golden,

I was about to launch, then remembered this page I had recommended to a friend. Its a nice, easy read on chipsets.

Everything You Need to Know About Chipsets | Hardware Secrets

As to what chipset you have just type dxdiag in the search box, then click on the display tab, that'll show quite a few things including the bios version.

You can also type msinfo32.exe in the search box for info.

Or you can take a peek in the device manager.

Or you can download a 3rd party like Speccy or CPUID to tell you more about your computer's hardware.

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Out of curiosity...and I know this might sound like a dumb question.....Lets say you've installed the Intel chipsets first as you are supposed to do...then you install the rest (Intel Management Interface, graphics, SATA, Audio, Network and any other driver updates that are required).
What happens if 6 months later a newer version of the Intel Chipset software becomes available?
!. Do you install it or not?
2. If you do install a newer version of the Intel chipsets do you then have to install all your other hardware drivers ((Intel Management Interface, graphics, SATA, Audio, Network) again? i.e does it affect the previous drivers that you might have installed in a recommended installation order. The reason I ask is because I know its critical that Intel Chipsets are installed before anything else and Im not 100% sure why though I have a good idea.
Would installing a newer version of the Intel Chipsets affect any previous hardware drivers you installed or would it just make the new chipsets more compatible with any new devices you might install in the future without interfering with any previous drivers for any hardware that you have already installed?
Sorry if that sounds like a stupid question. Im just trying to get a better understanding of how the Intel Chipsets work

A:A few questions about installing the chipset drivers

I find that most times if the computer is working properly there is no pressing need to update many drivers unless a new feature has been added that wasn't available when the motherboard was in production. Some updates offered by Microsoft may not be exactly right for the hardware in the computer, especially for add-in cards like Video/Graphics as the vendor of a card buys the chipset on it then implements as they desire. I use the Sapphire line of ATI/AMD video cards and have never had success using Windows drivers with them.

Same for BIOS updates. I've had to do only one BIOS update and it was years ago to allow support for HDDs over 512MB after 540MB HDDs became available.

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I have a very clever young son who knows how to get around our web-filter. It took me a bit of work to find out how he does this, basically he goes into the control panel and disables the virtual driver associated with the filter and reboots. This essentially puts the program "to sleep" for his viewing pleasure and then when he's finished he simply reactivates the driver and reboots once more. Not only does this enable him to bypass the filter, but effectively "hybernates" the log files and web tracking files preventing them from logging any information during this period of use.

Now normally I would simply just set up a separate non-administrative account for him, that should solve the problem of him being able to access system files like that. However the programs and software he needs for school require admin privs and his father and I both work so we can't be around to supervise him all the time.

I guess my question here is: is there a way I can prevent him from disabling this driver, or from accessing system files on his account, without removing administrative rights?

Any suggestions are welcome... I'm at my wits end.

A:Questions About Drivers and Admin Rights

My recommendation is to perhaps look at some third party software that will not allow him to disable the filter unless he has the password.

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First off, sorry if this is the wrong forum or section for this question. I read down the list but couldn't really decide where to post this. Let me know if there is another section where I should move this or somewhere else where I might get more responses.

I have been using my computer for about 3 weeks. I bought it from someone who custom made it. It had a clean install of Windows XP but it has been running pathetically from day 1.

It is slow, glitchy, and gives errors. The sound quality is also bad and crackles a lot.

After doing a bit of reading on the net Ive been led to believe that this computer is out of date with its drivers and that is what's causing all of this.

Here are the system Specifications that dxdiag shows:

2048 MB of Ram
Page file: 484 MB used, 3453 MB available
Processor: AMD Sempron™Prcessor 3000+, MMX, 3DNow,~1.8GHz
System Manufacturer: AWARD_
System Model:AWARDACPI
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00pg
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600)
Computer Name: OWNER-5A18BC4B4
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)

However the sticky piece of paper that I assume the person who made this computer put on it, says 80G (not sure what), 268(not sure if its a B or and 8) ram, Xp SP3, and NVIDA Titanium 4200.

I have no idea why what this sticky says and what dxdiag says are different. I think I read somewhere that dxdiag is not very accurate, is this true?

Here are some specs from the System Hardware Device ... Read more

A:Questions about drivers and updates before I download anything

I was going to use a registry cleaner program but I read that they are not safe and the computer is still quite new so I dont think its too cluttered yet anyway.This is correct, as registry cleaners most times do not know what they are actually cleaning.Please perform the following, so that we can get the exact specs of your computer. This will better assist us in helping you more.Publish a Snapshot using SpeccyThank You -

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I want to move all my work software and projects to W7 Pro x64 from WXP Pro x32.

I was wondering if anyone knows whether Access 2002 with the Access 2007 update, and Office 2000 Small Business, and Visual Studio .Net 2008 will work?

I really need Access 2007, Excel and Word.

Also what mail program can be used in W7 Pro x64. I am used to using Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook.


A:Hello to all! New here. Couple of software questions

Hi, not sure about your question with the older stuff, but I know Outlook 2007 runs under Win 7 x64.

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How would a person know if keylogger software is hidden in the background of their computer tracking every keystroke?

Are there any signs that people should be aware of?

How do keylogger software infect a computer in the first place? Do they work like spyware or malware and people download it without their knowledge, or do people simply go to the wrong site, and the software downloads itself into the computer?

More information about keylogger software and prevention techniques would be appreciated.

I have ran Adware SE and found nothing but cookies, but below is my HJT Log just in case you need it. Thanks in advance.


Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.0
Scan saved at 9:56:01 AM, on 1/19/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Sygate\SPF\smc.exe
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework\FrameworkService.

C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\mcshield.exe
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\vstskmgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Logitech\iTouch\iTouch.exe
C:\Program Files\ASUS\Pro... Read more

A:Questions about Keylogger Software

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This is a shot in the dark. I'm looking for a Spector Pro user for some troubleshooting advice.

I cannot get support on this software and wonder if anyone on this forum uses it and has moved it from one computer to another. My home machine went belly up and I replaced it with a Toshiba laptop from my office. When I installed the software, it did not respond to the hotkey. I reinstalled it twice with the same results, then reinstalled it using the non-stealth installation. This allowed me to enter the program, however I see that it is not recording anything even though all the settings are correctly at default. This computer is set up the same as the desktop that was in my office. It has XP home premium, same as before. The hotkeys used were the default hotkeys. Installation was done with all spyware and virus detection software disabled.

This company has a 6 month support policy and I think that is inappropriate for simple questions. At the very least, their online help should address troubleshooting. This software is registered with them and perfectly legal, being used on only one machine. Their FAQ section indicates that the software disables itself if used on more than one machine and since this is a second machine replacing a dead one, their website controls cannot see that and sees this as a pirated copy.

The company won't even answer that simple question without charging me $30. I would like to circumvent that charge for such simple inquiry.
&n... Read more

A:I have questions about Spector Pro software

sorry. piracy is not condoned here on TS.

Either pay for the software or seek alternatives.

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Hey all

I want to create a database of my movie and music collection, which are both HUGE. I was wondering whats the easiest software to use, Access, Oracle, or is there something better?


A:Database software questions

If you have Access it is ideal, I have already created a CD/DVD collection database for someone else, which held every CD and every song title by every Artist and his collection was HUGE (697 entries under A in the a;phabet alone). It would be easy to add the Movie section to it.
You are quite welcome to a copy of it or I can modify it for you.

Also Computerman has developed a Movie database, of which there is a copy on the Forum, but it was for lending out the Movies.

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O.k so here are my system speks before i get started

XPS 400

CPU: Pentium D (3.00GHz)
GPU:HD 5570
OS: WIN 7(Ultimate)
H.D.D:One Terabyte(1,000GB)


O.k plz tell me if i posted in wrong section..i will re-post......

So my first question is that if a .DLL file can effect the NAT type on a router......iv been having so much trouble with this....the game is MW2(this post isnt about the game) sometimes it shows my NAT is open And sometimes It shows that it is STRICT....?? just wondering...i will get to Y i ask if .DLL files effect this in a my ISP is Century Link (DSL) connected to a 660 modem(not wireless)...them that is hooked up 2 a netgear router....The modem is set to BRIDGE mode...and i have ports forwarded to the game and steam and etc......If i connect the modem directly to my PC then my NAT is ALWAYS its with the router........ the reason that i asked if .DLL files effect my NAT type is that i have an SVCHOST.exe Problem...iv done some research and found out that i might have a virus or something becouse all of a sudden my computer starts to run SLOW then i open task maneger and see that an SVCHOST.exe servise is taking up like 70-100% Of my CPU usage.....So what i do is i usualy just stop the servise from running......Sure usually somthing weird happens like my Windows theme will turn all crappy or something like that ..but my computer will run smoother.... Read more

A:Couple Software Questions

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Hi! I've been using the following programs for a long time and don't want to go without them:
1.) SUPERAntiSpyware Pro.
2.) Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware
3.) Spybot Search & Destroy 1.6.2

I enjoy Avira AntiVir Premium Security Suite, am currently using the AntiVir Personal, as it's free... but find it too sensitive, even when set at a low detection level.

My ISP gives us full-version Norton Security Suite priveleges as subscribers, but I simply don't like it and it misses things other A/V programs would catch. No explanation necessary on that one.

However, I have a paid subscription to TrendSecure / Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2009, which as of now is SO different! Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security x64 Pro is blazing fast. No more 6+ background processes. It doesn't just crash at startup. It loads quickly. longer a memory and resource hog. However, they keep badgering the end-user about conflicts with MBAM & Spybot S&D.

Is it, in fact, safe to install TIS Titanium x64 Pro first, then install the free version (no Active System Protection) of MBAM 1.50.1, then Spybot S&D 1.6.2, only with Security Center Integration (no TeaTimer?)

The following link is from a site that I enjoy, which veritably re-states the benefits I've found, but, as always, leaves the ambiguous shadow of conflicting software over it.

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011, why it's our new A-List security software - Security - Software - Revie... Read more

A:A/V Software Questions (Conflicts?)

You should never use more than 1 A/V product or 1 firewall, There are different views on using more than 1 spyware products. It causes a lot of problems if you run 2
Myself I use KIS2011 with Windows Firewall and defender turned off, I've also got Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on my PC with Realtime PP turned off and just run it now and then.

iechyd da

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I have been reading reviews about antivirus software, and I just cannot make up my mind which software package to get.

So can you recommend what you use and why?

Thanks in advance.

A:Questions about antivirus software ...

It can be confusing reading reviews that others have written. Besides checking detection rates in independent tests, at the end I think it comes down to personal choice. The best thing is to try the products you're interested in, using free trials. One at a time of course, and use specific uninstallation tools from every vendor before trying the next one.

Having said that, I use F-Secure Internet Security. They have good detection rates, privacy policies, and I like their HIPS (Application monitor called Deepguard). I've tried other AV's but always gone back to F-Secure. And I like the fact that F-Secure develops new tools and products to further improve our safety and privacy, for example the free safe search:
And I like their Chief Research Officer, Mikko Hypponen. Here's a recent video where he talks about Internet: and here's his TED Talks video about NSA: Both very interesting IMO.
Also look at the policies at the bottom of

Whatever AV you decide, keep in mind that no product can protect you to 100%, and it's important to have different layers of security. I'd say that the most important layer is the user himself. Probably more important than the choice of AV.

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purchased a lenovo machine type 90bg
windows 8.1
the question critical updates
critical updates are turned off
looked at all updates and there are 2 gigs to download
should critcal updates be done and if done can they cause problems
support at lenovo told me not to do it
personally think critical updates are a waste of time
next how do you update drivers
lets assume display drivers there is a exe file there is no read me file
next lenovo web guard what is this program should it be uninstalled.
this computer has a 180 watt power supply  proprietary
burner looks cheap
not sure if it uses a regular hard drive or proprietary
out of curiosity can this machine last a 2 year with 8 hours usage a day
still have a lenovo 8258hbu working well 12 years old xp
find xp is better then 8.1
windows 10 does critical updates automatically no choice
thanks for your help in advance
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

Lenovo 3000 J105 (8258HBU)

A:H50-55 - Hardware and software questions. this is the machine

Lenovo 3000 J105 (8258HBU)

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I was wondering what the difference was if there is any of using CCleaner as opposed to Advanced System Care, Glary Utilities, or Wise Care 365.
Do they do the same thing? My understanding is they remove files and other unneeded items on hard drive. Is that correct? Which one have you used or suggest using if any of them? I know not to do any registry cleaning.
Do any of them really help improve computers performance?
Thanks for your help.

A:CCleaner and other Software Questions

Hello there,CCleaner (if downloaded from Bleeping Computer or Piriform's direct mirror) is free of bundled crapware, and its efficiency is confirmed by time and the community.The others that you mention, not so much. Especially Advanced System Care - its producer has dubious reputation, and there are no documented improvements after using their products.Regards,Alex

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I have an external hard drive and want to use it for backing up my office PC, a laptop I have and 3 other home PC's. I am wondering if I can simply use Microsoft's backup software that comes with Windows XP? I have also seen an application called Handy Backup for downloading, Microsoft's OneCare and a host of others. And, I am not sure what VISTA offers (I don't have VISTA yet).

Could someone give me tips for the best solution(s) you know of? Mainly I want to preserve data and photo files from several PC's.


A:Backup Software Questions

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I just bought a new laptop with Windows 7 and want to improve my backup situation. In the past, under XP I just backed up data files. Because I do software development involving working and testing with many products, under Windows XP the computer would become so slow I?d have to reinstall XP about every 18-24 months. It literally takes 1-2 days of my life to re-install XP and the software I use.

I would like to take an initial backup that I can restore at a later date (before the registry gets clogged or corrupted). Then, I would take normal data backups. If I need to restore, I can use that initial backup, re-install any programs loaded since and restore my latest data.

Does this make sense? Anyone have an alternate idea?

My new C drive is supposed to be 500 GB. W7 shows 452 GB capacity. You wouldn?t think you?d lose 48 GB in formatting. I have 46 GB of the 452 GB in use. So, if I do a disk image backup, do I need an external drive that is 46, 452 or 500 GB?

What is the verdict on the Backup Utility built into W7? Is it reliable and does it have enough features?

Why do the most popular backup programs have such horrible ratings?

Norton Ghost has 22 5-star ratings but 38 1-star ratings.

Acronis True Image Home 2011 has 14 5-star ratings but 23 1-star ratings.

Seems like these products are a waste of money or worse for more than ha... Read more

A:W7 backup software questions ...

Hi -

Windows 7 has on-board imaging. I would use it -

Regards. . .



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I was wondering what the difference was if there is any of using CCleaner as opposed to Advanced System Care, Glary Utilities, or Wise Care 365.

Do they do the same thing? My understanding is they remove files and other unneeded items on hard drive. Is that correct? Which one have you used or suggest using if any of them? I know not to do any registry cleaning.

Do any of them really help improve computers performance?

Thanks for your help.

A:Questions About CCleaner and other software

I personally would strongly advise using none of those. They cannot help you but can do a lot of harm. I you want to use a safe hard drive cleaner and you don't need to do that at all so you know I would recommend this:
TFC - Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer - Geeks to Go Forum

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I work for a non-profit and can get Adobe photoshop software at discounted prices.

What is the difference between Photoshop 7 and Photoshop CS2?

What can I do with Illustrator vs Photoshop?

Do I need both?

We want to be able to manipulate images for our website and for our brochures without always going to a graphic artist. We currently have Paintshop Pro but this is only good for simple editing.
Thanks for your help


A:Photoshop Software Questions

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I have a Dell Dimension 8300 desktop PC with a bad video card. Thanks to help from this forum (AtK SpAde was very helpful) I have ordered a new video card and am ready to install it. However, I have questions regarding installing the new video drivers. Do I need to uninstall the old drivers before installing the new card and accompanying drivers? Can someone walk me through the process?


A:Questions about installing drivers for new video card

You can easily remove any old ATI or nvidia drivers currently on your computer using Driver Sweeper. Just install and run it

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I am running Windows 7 Professional x64 Editionw/Service Pack 1
I have the latest and greatest beta bios from ABIT IP35 Pro Motherboard BIOS's
Date Code 2010/07/05
File: 2010-07-05 IP35 Pro 18ZZZ.rar
Release information:
1. BIOS modified by "Ligushka".
2. M629B18.ZZZ updated with:
a. Phoenix AHCI Option ROM 01.06.70 (08-13-2008)
b. Intel RAID/AHCI Option ROM
c. JMicron JMB363 Option ROM 1.08.01.

My first question:
Id like to update my Abit ip35 pro motherboard chipset drivers.
The Intel p35 chipset that this motherboard uses is neither listed under the chipset software at the Intel downloadcenter website nor is it listed under the latest Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility compatible products list.......
Normally, i would download all motherboard drivers from the official hardware manufacturer, but-in this case- ABIT is out of business since 2009!
Will the Intel chipset software automatic installation utility really work with this motherboard and they just forgot to add it because it is an older model?
Or, can anyone please provide me with the LATEST direct link or website for the drivers?
EDIT: Thanks stormy13! Still looking for advice on question number 2.

My second question:
I have an SSD connected through external ESATA rear port and 2 regular hard drives connected through internal on-board SATA ports + dvd/cd burner connected with SATA.
Id like to update my SATA/IDE/SCSI/JMICRON/AHCI/ATA controllers and drivers.
-This motherboard has 6 i... Read more

A:a few questions about my ABIT IP35-PRO motherboard drivers

Yes it will. Intel has way too many chipsets for them to list them all,

List of Intel chipsets - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

so they broke it down to series and families. Yours is part of the 3 Series.

Should i use the INTEL or the Jmicron SATA drivers

Both if you are using both the internal and external ports.

Would the Intel software installation utility work?

See above.

As for the rest, I'll leave that to our Intel/SSD users to answer.

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Hello all!  I have a couple questions.  I'm hoping someone might be able to help identify what these detections might be.
First off, my info...
dell dimension "XPS 410" Model DXP061
Windows Vista Home Premium SP2
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU (Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, 2.39GHz)
4.00 GB RAM
I run a very clean PC running regular scheduled scans with AVG Antivirus and I also run Microsoft Security Essentials with active real-time protection (automatically updating).
I keep Spybot S&D and Malwarebytes current and run regular scans with both.
Tonite I opened AVG Antivirus and started going through the scan detections from Scheduled Scans from previous weeks.
When I got to the detections from October 2013 I noticed an anomaly..
Scheduled Scan 9/25/2013 Infections: 0
Scheduled Scan 10/2/2013 Infections: 61
Scheduled Scan 10/9/2013 Infections: 56
Scheduled Scan 10/16/2013 Infections: 50
Scheduled Scan 10/23/2013 Infections: 0
All of these were classified "Medium" Security risks by AVG Antivirus.
Every single one of these detections were identified in AVG by "Anti-Rootkit" and all point to object..
The threat names vary widely.  Below are some examples...
"";"atapi.sys, hooked import ataport.SYS AtaPortWritePortUchar -> splf.sys +0x26D6, C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\splf.sys";"Infected"
"";"IRP hook, \Driver\volmgr IRP_MJ_INTERNAL_DEVI... Read more

A:Questions regarding: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\splf.sys

Do you have Daemon Tools installed. The file is a part of the emulation driver used by Daemon Tools and it is harmless.

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Re-installed a new HD after original one conked out.
Most things work after re-install.

Running the 64 bit version of W7.

a. Thought I would go to Windows Update, and see if there was anything to update now that I did the re-install.
Windows Update will not function, for some reason.

Msg. says; "Windows Update cannot currently check for updates because the Service is not running. You may need to restart your computer"

I looked in Services, and for the line that says Windows Update, it shows "Started"

What's the problem, do you think ?

b. Thought also that it would be a good idea to re-install the Service Pack update for W7, called SP1, I think.

From their site, it shows about a dozen download options.
Have no idea which is the one to use (I have the 64 bit version of Windows)

Which download on their site should I use, please ?

Looks like a formidable task to update with SP1. How necessary is it really ?

c. Is there a simple way to check if all the Windows Drivers that are required are really installed ? If not, what should I do ?

Thanks for help,

A:Windows Update Problem. And, Questions Re SP1 & Drivers

Hi Bob
Win 7-SP1 (kb976932)is a huge download, it's about 7400 GB, the best is to install it via windows updates.
And to learn more about SP1 and how to install it visit this site:

Learn how to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

The simple way to check for drivers is via control panel then device manager.

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I am looking for a imaging solution that could be used in a med - large size business for the following: Putting a base image on a number of laptops/desktops without using a server. Trying to eliminate having to build pcs by hand, which can take 4 8 hours here, depending on the machine and the user.

Working on some disaster recovery preparation, and wanting to know what you would use in the following example:

Med sized company, say, 100 end users in one location. Fire/flood/tornado destroys the building. You need to get up and running.... Need to deploy 10 computers in 24 hours, all need a standard image before you can connect to a remote network to reach backed up user information. Computers could be bought off the shelf, or ordered from a vendor.... After intial 10 pcs are deployed, need to have the remaining 90 out to end users within a weeks time if possible.

Any ideas? I'd love to also here why you recommend it....

Thanks in advance..... Kim

A:Imaging/Cloning Software Questions

Acronis True Image with Universal Restore. I've used this many times. The Universal Restore feature basically strips the image of drivers that are specific to a particular machine and finds the correct ones during installation so that an image can be restored to a completely different make/model of machine.

I don't know of another imaging solution that has this feature.

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I have been using AOMEI Backupper free edition. I have been doing weekly differental disk backups.  I have done one system back up as well.  I backed up to an external hard drive.
If doing a new system backup using that software should I do a full system backup or would a differental system backup do the same? The software offers incremental and differental backups for system. I am trying to understand why those are offered for system backups.  I thought system backups should always be full backups. How often would you suggest doing full system backups?
Also would you use Backerupper to backup folders/files or would you sync them or copy them to external hard drive by copy/paste or drag and drop?  I know the choice is mine just trying to get others opinions.
I want to make system restoring as simple as possible should the need ever arise.
I only want to use free software. 
Thanks for your help.

A:AOMEI Backupper Software Questions

If you want a full backup never copy/paste or drag/drop. There are a ton of files and folders that you will miss for the simple reason that there are a lot of hidden folders.
You need to understand the differences between a full backup, differential backup and incremental backup
Both differential and incremental backups are "smart" backups that save time and disk space by only backing up changed files. But they differ significantly in how they do it, and how useful the result is.
A full backup backs up all the files in a partition or on a disk by copying all disk sectors with data to the backup image file. Creating a full backup for unknown or damaged filesystems copies all sectors to the image file, whether or not the sector contains data. This is the simplest form of backup, but it is also the most time-consuming, space-intensive and the least flexible.
Typically full backups are only done once a week and are part of an overall backup plan. Sometimes a full backup is done after a major change of the data on the disk, such as an operating system upgrade or software install. The relatively long intervals between backups mean that if something goes wrong, a lot of data is going to be lost. That's why it is wise to back up data between full backups.
Most of the information on a computer changes very slowly or not at all. This includes the applications themselves, the operating system and even most of the user data. Typically, only a small percentage of the information in... Read more

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ok i was messing around with ftp programs and i got bulletftp program to work and my friend using cuteftp was able to connect and we shared files. im on dsl and he is on cable. bad thing is that the fastest we could get steady was about 30k a second. is this normal? is there better software for speed and one that allows both of us to edit eachother's hard drives? im new to this ftp thing any feedback would be cool thanks

A:questions about FTP server software and which do you recommend

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On my new Dell, I used the Sonic Burning Software for the first time. I seem to like the simplicity of this program over the Roxio CD-Creator. At any rate, my new computer could read my CD-RW files created by my old computer, but could not write to the files created by the old computer. What I wanted to do is, I have duel CD-RW drives so I put the CD with my old files in it to be copied in drive D. I took out a new CD-RW (blank) and put it in drive E, selected the files that I wanted to copy from drive D to E and the burn was successful. (I did accidently copy two folders twice.) Problem is, I can't write to the CD-RW that I just burned. The files open fine but I can't write to them or delete them, or modify them in any way. Is this because:

1) My new computer could not write to the old RW's in the first place, so if it can't, no software is going to be able to copy files that can't be written to.


2) I didn't do something first to tell the Sonic software that the disk is a CD-RW in the preparation process for burning. Therefore, the software just closed access to the disk as its default setting and treated it like a CD-R?

Note that I did not format the CD-RW for burning, I just selected the files I wanted to copy and started the burn, so I think that's the issue here. How do I prepare a disk for formating using the Sonic software for burning so that it really acts and behaves like an RW-CD?

Right now, what I have is a CD-RW di... Read more

A:Questions About Sonic's CD Burning Software?

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I have a Kodak DX 6340 and running the latest version of Windows 2000. I have the dock for the camera, not the printing dock but the one that Kodak said would speed up transfers. After having some problems with the dock I have decided to hookup the camera directly using the USB cord provided with the dock. I am using the latest version of Kodak EasyShare software and I don't really like it. To me it is very lethargic and clunky, for lack of better words, and doesn't offer a great array of photo editing options. When hooking the camera up via USB I do get the WINDOWS Recognizes New Hardware box and then following that get the box stating it recognizes that it is a Kodak DX6340. From what I read the camera would usually appear as a removable drive which it does not, also when going into the scanners and cameras folder in control panel it does not show that a camera is installed. It gives me the option to select the type of camera but my camera is not shown in the the list of Kodaks, it also gives me the option to use a disk but there was no disk with the camera when purchased. What I would like to do is use another program to view, edit, save, print and send by email my photos. I had Nero 7 Ultra Edition which included decent photo programs which had more options when editing than Kodak has. I also downloaded Nero Photo Show Deluxe 4. The problem I had with those programs is that although I liked them better than Kodak EasyShare I could not get those programs nor wind... Read more

A:Digital Photo Software Questions

If I were you .. I'd also remove kodak easy share.
then go here ...
And get the freeware Irfanview .... you don't need to get the "all Plugins" to get started ... just the 900k program.
I use Irfanview as my system default Viewer and Basic Image Editor.
Irfanview is very popular here at TSguy ... come join the club.

You should be able to Download (and Delete) the camera images using windows and accessing the camera as if it were just another USB drive.
Some Cameras need to be setup, in their options, to function as a USB drive.
Don't know bout Kodak.
Got a Mem card reader ?

Photoshop Elements 4.0 will give you about 95% of the advanced Image editing features that a camera hobbiest will need ... for about $69 > $79
These two Image programs are all you should ever need.

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I have been using AOMEI Backupper free edition. I have been doing weekly differental disk backups. I have done one system back up as well. I backed up to an external hard drive.

If doing a new system backup using that software should I do a full system backup or would a differental system backup do the same? The software offers incremental and differental backups for system. I am trying to understand why those are offered for system backups. I thought system backups should always be full backups. How often would you suggest doing full system backups?

Also would you use Backerupper to backup folders/files or would you sync them or copy them to external hard drive by copy/paste or drag and drop? I know the choice is mine just trying to get others opinions.

I want to make system restoring as simple as possible should the need ever arise.
I only want to use free software.

Thanks for your help.

A:AOMEI Backupper Software Questions

Well, if money was not an issue, how I do things might differ... :)


Originally Posted by ryrhino

...Also would you use Backerupper to backup folders/files or would you sync them or copy them to external hard drive by copy/paste or drag and drop? I know the choice is mine just trying to get others opinions...

I personally copy and paste files to an external storage medium, rather than using any backup process/procedure. My reason for this is simple, probably 95% of the files on my system I do not care about. The other 5% are only a few GB of pictures, work files, perhaps music, and some games. If something ever goes wrong with my system, I am capable of re-installing the Operating System and then copying over my personal files from whatever external storage medium I used. This also makes it trivial to retrieve a single file from my "backup(s)" and it is easy to share those files with others (by handing over that external storage device).


Originally Posted by ryrhino

...If doing a new system backup using that software should I do a full system backup or would a differental system backup do the same? The software offers incremental and differental backups for system. I am trying to understand why those are offered for system backups. I thought system backups should always be full backups. How often would you suggest... Read more

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Hi ? Everyone.
I have many problems in my computer.

But first I have to description of my computer:

Win XP Home Service Pack 2
2 GB Memory -->ASUS P4P800 SE
74.5 GB Hard Drive --->Use: 25 GB, Free: 49.5 GB
CPU: Pentium 4, 2.53 GHz

Question 1)

I have WinDVD 7.0.
When I watched DVD by WinDVD 7.0, Video and Audio are getting slower.
I can't watch propery.
How can I solve this problem ?

Question 2)

2 days ago, I was access Netzero's web mail.
I can not access it. Therefore, I can't see my mail.
Somehow I can see my e-mail from web, so I contact Netzero assistant help.
I asked them to fix my problem but they said I have to delete Cookies and Caches. But It does not help.
Moreover, After I delete Cookies and Cache, I can't access my e-mail.
So, I post here to solve this problem.
Also, I am using Modem for connect internet

I am using "FireFox 1.0.6"

Question 3)
Recently, I want to download 20 MB to 40 MB of Program from web by using my modem connection. Every time, I waited 3 hr or 6 hr for complete to download. My problem is, when it almost completed download (90% Finish). My connection is lost. It does not support "Download Manager" like "FlashGet"

Also, I was trying to download images that less than 1 MB.
it stop long time and start download slow but it did not complete view( I mean it is half view of image).
So, I used "FlashGetr" to complete view of image but... Read more

A:random questions of Software and upgrade and etc.

It looks like you have a lot of Ram. That's good. I would get a high speed online connection(using cable modem). If you want to download things efficiently and fast, 56k is no way to go. I always had problems downloading when I had 56k. Same thing, it would cancel around like 90 percent after downloading for a coulple of hours.

I don't think you have to get a new hard drive. You still have like 50 gigs left.

I'm sure getting high speed online will solve your email problems. It couldn't hurt right. As far as your pc, it looks like you have a good processor, lots of ram, and room on your hd so that's probably not the problem.

Also try to do a disk defrag, disk cleanup, clear history, clear cookies and run your virus protection if you have one. Also run an adware detector/remover program. You can get free versions of these if you don't have them.

As far as your windvd7, what videos are you having troubles with exactly. I use that program too to watch dvd's and mine works fine.

Well good luck!

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Okay, so I have a Linksys E1200 with DD-WRT big and apparently blocking websites does not work for https.
So I wanted to try any network filtering tools out there but I am completely unsatisfied with any of them.

I have seven devices connected wirelessly. None wired.
I can wire one if required.

I want to disable file uploading and email sites on 5 of these PCs.

How do I achieve this?

Won't using OpenDNS filter out all 5 PCs rather than just one?

Please help.

A:Network filtering software and questions?

That's a very interesting question.

Most software firewalls will let you block traffic to and from any site you wish to add to a blacklist. That should take care of the email sites. If you want to block email servers, you can just block the ports for pop3, smtp and imap.

File uploading could be tricky, do you mean ftp-type uploads? You can block the ftp port (and the SSH port for sftp), but that would block both downloads and uploads via ftp (and anything that tunnels with SSH). Maybe look for browser add-ons or some more advanced Parental Control software?
Tough! I would love to hear some suggestions, as well

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Hello,I have been using AOMEI Backupper free edition. I have been doing weekly differental disk backups. I have done one system back up as well. I backed up to an external hard drive.If doing a new system backup using that software should I do a full system backup or would a differental system backup do the same? The software offers incremental and differental backups for system. I am trying to understand why those are offered for system backups. I thought system backups should always be full backups. How often would you suggest doing full system backups?Also would you use Backerupper to backup folders/files or would you sync them or copy them to external hard drive by copy/paste or drag and drop? I know the choice is mine just trying to get others opinions.I want to make system restoring as simple as possible should the need ever arise.I only want to use free software. Thanks for your help.

A:AOMEI Backupper Software Questions

"I want to make system restoring as simple as possible should the need ever arise"The best way is to Clone/Image your drive when you know it is perfect.I then configure my backup program to backup all my important stuff to my backup drive, as it changes on my main drive.

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I am currently a hardware technician who does next-day warranty hardware installs. My knowledge of software is limited since we aren't allowed to do many software adjustments, changes.

I am interested in doing sidework as a technician for virus removal, OS installs.

I've done research but am very confused on the OS install when it pertains to machines that need a fresh install and the customer does not have their install disc but the machine has a product key on the panel.

What OS installation discs do I need. Example: if the product key was for XP SP 1, can a XP SP 2 disc work with that product key or do I need a XP SP 1 disc? In addition, should I get OEM disks and install but change the product key once the OS is installed?

Any help on what software tools I need for OS installs would be greatly appreciated!

A:hardware tech w/ software questions

FWIW (I don't do this for a living):There are a couple of ways to get the correct installed key...from a system...I suppose that most users settle on one.I use SIW Download - , which will reflect accurately license keys for Windows, MS Office and other programs. These will be under the Licenses category.The SPs themselves are only significant if you intend to try a repair install or want to run sfc /scannow to try to repair damaged/missing Windows files. These tasks can only be accomplished properly by ensuring that the disk used is at least as current as the installation.In other words, a slipstreamed XP SP3 disk...should be able to be used on any system with the same version of XP...for repair purposes (since SP3 is the most current SP for XP).Icrontic ? Blog Archive ? Slipstreaming Windows Easy - I guess that I see no need to change any product key at all, unless you intend to install XP on a system where the key info is unavailable, for whatever reason. The key for the system...if correct...will work with a different SP level for that operating system.Louis

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Compaq Presario 5000, Model 5BW220, Made 7/19/00, Windows XP Pro, 15 Gig master drive, 37 Gig slave drive, 512 MB RAM, 631 MHz Intel Celeron processor, Compaq 06C0 motherboard
I have a number of antivirus software questions. I included all the questions I have in one post because it?s easier that way. Answer whichever ones you feel like. What?s the difference between anti virus scanners like AVG, Avast, Norton, etc. and firewalls like ZoneAlarm, Comodo, etc.? Don?t the scanners operate constantly just like the firewalls? How many scanners are adequate? I?m using AVG and Avast. I also have Symantec. Doesn?t Symantec interfere with Avast? Symantec keeps turning back on after I disenable it. Symantec regularly quarantines Trojan Horse viruses, so is Symantec worth keeping? I also have AT&T Online Protection. Do I need this? Should I just delete it? I am currently using these anti virus programs and utilities: Free Internet Window Washer, Spyware Blaster, Ad-Aware, CCleaner, Spybot Search and Destroy, IE Spyad, MVPS Hosts File, Winpatrol. Are these sufficient or overkill? Do you recommend others? Thanks for any replies.

A:Various Anti Virus Software Questions

You need to sort through all that software (especially bundled applications) and get down to:
1. One Anti-virus (resident and turn on for real-time protection.
2. One Firewall that will scan both incoming and outgoing packets. Firewalls operate entirely different than AVs; the latter will only look for defined malware, while a Firewall scans all packets for legitimacy and will also "mask" your computer to the outside world.
3. Two or three (depending on your browsing habits and whether you are cautious about where you go) anti-spyware applications, any of which may have some sort of real-time protection.

Multiple AVs will slow down your computer, and often report the other's definition file as an infection. Multiple Firewalls can also slow down your computer, and produce serious conflicts when trying to handle packets.

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I need to know the good and bad things of a baspeed
and the ways to install it

I need to know the bad things and good things about Ram Booster
and the ways to install it

i want to know the good and bad things of Ram cleaner
and ways to install it

i need to know the good and bad things and bad things of the acelarator
and ways to install it

A:Questions about 4 performance boosting software

most performance software is crap.
However, ebooster does offer minimal improvement provided you have a FAST thumb drive. I use the beta version.
also read here:

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Okay, so I have a Linksys E1200 with DD-WRT big and apparently blocking websites does not work for https.
So I wanted to try any network filtering tools out there but I am completely unsatisfied with any of them.

I have seven devices connected wirelessly. None wired.
I can wire one if required.

I want to disable file uploading and email sites on 5 of these PCs.

How do I achieve this?

Won't using OpenDNS filter out all 5 PCs rather than just one?

Please help.

A:Network filtering software and questions?

Not sure that router has port blocking by MAC address which would definitely work for the email.
Maybe OpenDNS will do what you want:

Thing is, cheaper routers will have fewer options even with modded firmware, only so much firmware memory and CPU instructions available in the router. Have to buy a mid to upper class router to have real control over what devices have access to what on the network.

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I recently got a new 64 bit Windows 7 PC.

Since I have had 32bit PC's before, I was wondering should I install all 64 bit software if its available?
I'm a little confused on what is the better choices... so far,
I have;

IE 11 x64

Firefox x86

CCleaner x64

MBAM x86

As I found out, the main download link is not always (x64) on the download webpages. Can I install the x64 versions of Malwarebytes and Firefox over the 32 bit (x86) versions I have already ? Or will it cause an error... should I keep Firefox and MBAM as is?

I also would like to know what are the benefits and downfalls of the 32 and 64 bit versions. Does adobe run 64bit flash player more efficiently then the 32 bits?

It seems IE 11 x64 runs youtube much smoother then x86 Firefox, or is that the browser itself? ...

Any light on this subject will be great, and not too familar yet with the bit versions, so far I learned 64 bit can handle a lot more RAM.

A:32bit - 64bit Software Questions

You should always install 64 bit version when available.

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My computer has a 1TB internal hard drive and then I have two identical 1TB external USB drives for backups and additional space.  In the beginning when we had another computer we backed up our C: drive to the x:drive and the x: drive to the y: drive with some sort of software.  Over a year ago we got a new computer and we were really busy and never dealt with the back up .  I haven't lost anything but I really need to do some work on our storage situation. 
So here is where I need your help. 
1.  I need some sort of software that will help me sort out what is where and what is duplicated.  Get is all in one place again so I can start backing up again.  Does that exist?  My X:drive is getting very full.  My husband does a lot of photography and we are overflowing with photos.  Maybe I even need more space on a new drive but for now I just need to make sure I am not storing a bunch of junk.  Any advice will be appreciated.  I know this sounds like a mess because it is... 
2.  Second I need some sort of really good but hopeful not too expensive software that will do a really good reliable backup.  Something simple would be good.  What I need is software that is really intelligent so that it looks at the last backup and only backs up what is new...right?  Anyway any advice is great.
3.  If we decide to add more hardware anyone have any advice on reasona... Read more

A:Back up hardware and software questions

Ok so maybe that is too complicated sorry I tend to be wordy  .  So does anyone know of a good backup software?  Lets just see if anyone can help me with that part.  PLEASE   Or maybe even a source of good reviews for software.

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1)When I first visit the tech guy page there is software advertised - PC Rescue. Does this really do anything?

2) A friend just bought a new laptop and the store has put imitation software on it - instead of Microsoft Office -some free version - anyone know what I mean? What is it and is it any good??


A:2 questions- PC rescue and imitation Software


As far as the PC Rescue software I have no experience. I do use various anti-spyware tools such as Spybot S&D and tools for PC Cleanup and such, one example is called CCleaner. All of the programs which I use are free, so the price is definitely right.

As for the free office software, I ma guessing that the software is called OpenOffice. this software is very good and equivalent to MS Office in many ways, but it is free. BUT...if the store specifically said that they would place Microsoft Office on the PC, by not doing so they wronged the customer. In saying this, I am not in any way meaning to imply that OpenOffice is bad software (because it is truly amazing, rich in features, and fits the budget). All that I mean is that the store should give what the store says they will.

I hope that I have been of some help.

Take care.

PS: The advertisements (to my knowledge) are generated by Google (I believe) based upon different titles or wordings within posts and such. I'm not sure as to the specifics of it, but the ads are automatically generated. I wish that I could be of more help concerning the PC Rescue software, but I'll post a few links below to some good free software for protection and such. Take care.

Anti-Spyware products:
AdAware SE Personal
Spybot S&D


And if you or your friend(s) is looking for a better Internet browser than Internet Explorer (this is in my opinion; if you already have this, sorry for restating...), try... Read more

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Hi all...

I have been having problems with my Hard-drive keep failing but I have now just about fixed it all. The only problem is that my PC always now logs onto the acount called 'owner'. It still has all my old software and files from before, but it won't run any of them. Under 'documents and settings' it still has my previous username 'guitarist' but I cannot log onto that name even if I click 'log off'.

Also, service pack 2 has rolled back and it is as if I have starting my PC from scartch, with the 'activate windows' icon and all. Is there any way to restore all my software, desktop, etc?

Everything is definately still on there as I have about half of my disk space used, as before. The only thing is that I copied the contents of C:\windows\repair into my system32\config folder (Because My main problem was that the files in my Config folder were corrupt. Does this mean I have to reinstall everything?

Thanks a lot, if you need me to clarify anything, I'll be more than happy.



A:Questions regarding transfering files and software back

Its a bit unclear what you have done, but if you have a fresh registry from a Windows reinstall (which sound like the case), then yes, you will have to reinstall every installation from scratch.

Although the files may be present for the installations, when they are "installed" there are thousands of keys written into the registry to allow the installed programs to run.

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hi i have just formatted my hard drive several times and scared to loose the life of my hard disk so some one suggested to me to use hard disk monitoring software so i downloaded any one from and used to see the life of HDD and it showed everything fine and more surprisingly it showed the "estimated life" too. so i wanted to know that the info shown by the software is true ? to what level ? like it showing health,temperature,surface test.etc

so what info may be correct and what is just a hypothetical? if any hard disk monitoring software is there which gives me the real information of HDD then please suggest cause i am ready to purchase....

regards to helping hands

A:important! questions on authencity of various HDD monitor software?

posting the name of the software would be useful.

My personal experience, is that HDDs don't have an "estimated" life. They can run for 5+ years nonstop or fail after one week. And when they fail, they can do it with little notice. Even same brand.
Normal quality ones should generally outlast the device they are in. A little percentage fails though.

The only way is to make backups of your important data, and if you can, image the system disk regularly, so if the HDD fails you can write that image on a new disk and keep living.

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1. I'm trying to decide which Internet security suit to get. My choice is kaspersky but some IT guy work with my dad recommended zone alarm. Which is better? (I'm looking for anti-virus, firewall, spy-ware.) I'm willing to pay reasonable price for good product.

2. Can I have multiple anti-spy-ware in my PC? If so, which are the one that I should get?

3. Can I have multiple firewall in my PC? I'm not really familiar with firewall, how exactly should I use firewall effectively?

thank you !

A:Couple general security software questions.

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This is my third day with Windows 8.1 and I just have a couple of questions at this stage:

I was unable to install SQL Server 2008 R2 properly. Is it difficult/impossible to install properly?

When I used Windows 7 or XP, I uninstalled flash player from add/remove programs. I also did the maximum to stop having applications running in the background as I have limited bandwidth now.

With Windows 8.1, I checked in Uninstall/Change Programs and there is no flash player. I have disabled windows update and am using firefox so there is no flash (I hope). I am just really looking to prevent anything downloading/updating in the background without my knowledge. Is there any way to double check this?

Many thanks for any help.

A:Testing W8.1 Ent Eval - software installation questions

Everyone is hoping HTML5 will take over from Flash anyway, it may be obsolete soon. Unfortunately I still need it but using only as an add-on to FF. Most MM players can handle flash too, so it's not really needed for normal use.

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Hi....I am not sure this is the right forum for this question. But here goes and if i need to ask somewhere else, if you could send me in the right direction i'd appreciate it. I am a member of an email list where this person is asking for a copy of the excel software. I thought that this was illegal. Am I wrong? Can you just give someone a copy of your software?


A:Questions about legality of selling software program

NO totally illegal

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Some beginner questions about 10. Did some reading on the forums, some important questions still left. (I thought I will just wait until Threshold 2 to come out to install it)

1. Comparing Home and Pro (and Education and Enterprise): all the ISOs are the same size. I see no benefit for the Pro for my personal use over the Home. (Enterprise or Education would be nice, but it's unavailable)

Will the Home take up less space on the drive and be more fast on a slower system than the Pro?

2. I'm planning to have Windows 10 on 2 machines: one older laptop and a new "Windows with Bing" one I will buy in the near future, presumably coming with 10 preinstalled on its 32 GB eMMC drive. if I understand, WIMboot is phased out by 10 (I will upgrade, I mean, will do a clean 10 install from my 7 system; I completely skipped 8).

The question (regarding installing on the old laptop first): what's the difference between a 10 Recovery Drive created from Control Panel and the clean ISO? First I have to install from the clean ISO obviously, then I can create a Recovery Drive from Control Panel, but later can I use the same Recovery Drive USB for clean installations as well?

3. Any information on available on how Windows 10 installations work on these 32 GB small drive machines? How do I recover, do a clean install, and how do they save space by default? I understand there is a commend with which you can compress a 10 install on a large drive, but I suppose the installs on these smal... Read more

A:4 beginner questions: Home-Pro, Recovery Drive, 32 GB eMMC, drivers

1. Home will take up less space than pro, not sure how much less space. It will not run faster or slower than pro. (In fact, running home might take up less resources than pro because of the extra services pro has to run - so home might gain a slight performance edge over pro).

2. If you want Windows 10 activated for free, make sure you do an upgrade first - or capture the genuineticket.xml file (procedure for that on this forum in tutorials). If you have the install media created (USB/DVD), I don't see any reason to make a recovery drive. As far as I know the recovery drive has no additional or less capabilities than the install media does. The only time I make an actual recovery drive is when I get a new computer and I use the manufacturer's software to retain all the drivers and crapware on a backup.

3. I just purchased a Nextbook Flexx 10 from WalMart. It came with Windows 8.1 Bing. Make sure you make an image of that before you mess around with upgrading because you can't download a Windows 8.1 Bing ISO anywhere that I have found. I just used Macrium Reflect free to make the image of the entire hard drive into one file. I suppose making a recovery drive before upgrading would work to.

When I upgraded the Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, I ended up with an additional 500mb recovery partition and the factory 5+ GB recovery partition was left intact. On 32GB eMMC machines Windows 10 will install in a compressed state by default, whether it is upgrade or clean insta... Read more

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Alright I have a few questions, about windows 7 pro software raid 1 on 2 IDENTICAL 2TB drives of the same production date (well 1 day difference)

What will happen when I reinstall the system? Will the raid reactivate itself or do I lose the data.
Is the raid synched at all times through software raid or does it have resynching periods? (EG 24:00 of each day)
Can I upgrade to windows 7 ultimate or windows 10 pro without the raid falling apart?
Can I go from software to hardware raid without issues (I have an X79 motherboard, Rampage IV formula, no additional raid controller) and with that I mean, if I have an hardware raid and I reinstall/upgrade, what would happen then?

Some other things: The disks contain data, 1.2TB mirrored and therefore they are Dynamic volumes
I got no additional copies at the moment.
And there is my final question, will I lose anything by reinstalling with the disks disconnected and connecting them after installing (I mean the data will be there but can/will Windows detect it under the following 3 scenarios (reinstallation/7 ultimate/10)

That is all,

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I've done a search of these forums regarding disk imaging software and Acronis True Image (11) seems to be highly rated by the majority of people here. I'm interested in purchasing this software but am clueless to how it actually works (I was hoping someone could answer a few questions for me).

Problem / Scenario
I currently have a (12month old) 250GB Samsung SATA HDD. For some reason when booting my machine (Win XP - SP2) it occasionally (1 in 4 times) takes ages to get to the login screen, normally either stalling on the Windows XP progress bar (just keeps cycling round) or just after when the screen goes blank before the login screen appears. This is pretty much a top spec PC (or atleast it was 12months ago) and when all is working fine XP loads in maybe 30seconds, however on the occasions when it doesn't the time is extended to anywhere between 1 and 2 minutes (but it gets their in the end) during which time the HDD LED is flashing constantly.

Now, to me this seems like the drive may have a problem (all though once Windows is loaded I don't notice any difference/problems). So for me the safest bet would be if I can create a copy of my drive as it stands at present (Disk Image?) which in the case of the drive dying will allow me to buy a new drive and using the saved image recreate my system as it is now.

The Questions
1. Does the above software come with its own CD/DVD Writing software, currently all I have is Record Now MAX (which isn't v... Read more

A:Questions: Acronis True Image or Similar Software

For Acronis True Image.

1. Yes, it writes to optical media without additional software.
2. You create a stand-alone bootable recovery CD, no Windows required.
3. Networked drive, External Hard disk, or DVD.
4. Size is obviously dependent on the source size. Normally, a bootable partition will compress to 40-60% of the source size. If you have 20gigs on the source, count on an 8-12gig image file.

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Hello. Recently I accidentally reformatted a flash drive that contained some valuable pictures. So I went to > and did a search for "data recovery." The search results were extensive with a number of products rated high, by both Cnet and customers.

Search URL > recovery&tag=srch.

One program am trying right now is called Active Undelete--Data Recovery 5.1.019 [ ] I've read the reviews and most say the "full version" is good, but the interface is difficult for inexperienced users. Also, there are some issues with slowness. I am looking for something under $100, preferably between $25 and $50.

Tried out the demo version. It is "extremely limited," and it's somewhat confusing for the ignorant.
Comments, suggestions, recommendations, etc? Thank you.

A:Data Recovery Software: Applications, Questions, Uses, Recommendations, etc.

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At some point we are looking into the possability of consolidating our cable, Internet, and phone services into one package. I understand that Road Runner gives you AV protection, firewall, pop-up blockers...ect. Are these things turned on by default when the software is installed? How do they compare with Norton, McAfee, on-line security, and OS security?

Are these services such as the AV and firewall provided by Time Warner Cable or a third party vender. Just how free are they?


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I've got a HP 3330 printer/scanner/faxer
I have a cd with the 32 bit drivers for it along with the software
I just upgraded to a 64 bit OS.
I downloaded the 64 drivers from the hp website but the damn thing dont come with the software.
So i tried to use the cd to install the software but if it installs the software it HAS to install the drivers too! (32 bit, incompatable)

I just need the software to use the printer to scan something.
Is there a free software or something i can do to scan from the laserjet?

A:HP Drivers do not come with software.

You may be out of luck.
I believe the 32 bit software and drivers will work just fine.

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is there any software app that can find all updates for drivers? without me having to search the net?

A:software for drivers

There's a few knocking about, but never actually used one, apart from a beta one uploaded here a while ago, which was registering Intel systems as AMD and vice versa, so have chose to stay well clear of them altogether.

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I am trying ot run game software and language software. It says No drivers. Where Could i get Drivers and DLLs?


A:Software drivers

Hello teak and welcome to the forums

Could you please specify what programs you are trying to install? Does it mention any drivers in particular? Or give you an error code?


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Hi everyone!! How can i get the updates for my Laptop with Windows 10?  And will it be available for my model. Thank you !

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I can not find drivers for windows10my computer is HP G62-b54SE Notebook PCplz help


@Opada You will need to find the hardware ID for each one and search for the driver. You can also post the ID here and we could help to find them. REO

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When I try to download drivers , I get the following error message We were unable to retrieve the list of drivers for your product.  Please select the desired operating system and select ?Update? to try again.

A:software and drivers update

@Sounakroni? Your drivers are here. REO

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I want to update my drivers.Is there any software which can tell me which drivers need to be updated.Basically it should scan my hardware and tell me to update the drivers.

A:software to update my drivers!

You're better off going to the manufacturers websites, a lot of those programs aren't always accurate.

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Hello all, just tried to re-install my printer/scanner and after re-booting my computer the new found hardware wizard could not locate the software.

I once had a CD that came with it but since lost it. I have no Ideal where to start. Any help would be arreciated Thankyou.

A:Software/Drivers for LexmarksZ82

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I wanted to hear your opinions on what software you think is more reliable for updating the drivers. The reason I ask is because I am currently running two driver update programs but each of them are showing different updates for the hardwares. I read somewhere that drivers for 64 bit processors are difficult to find and those companies usually update the 32 bit.

A:Software for updating the drivers

Let`s stop using such a programs.Best drivers are from Manufacturer`s website.

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I am using a notebook which has windows 7 professional operating system on it. I use Windows XPMode to operate software applications that cannot run on a 64bit system. In general my system works fine in both Windows7 and XPMode, however, if I have to install
new software or drivers and if I get any updates for my computer it appears to cause problems whenever I next log on.
The computer boots up to the log on page, but my mouse and keyboard do not work, so I cannot access my log on profile or enter my password. Each time this happens I have to restore my computer to and earlier restore point just to access my device, but this
is not a good situation because I currently have to add new software for a particular application. I think that there is a conflict between the Windows7 and WindowsXP that might be causing this and am not sure how to go about resolving this issue. Any help
would be greatly appreciated.

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is there any software that update and remove old drivers for hardware like chipset ,videocard ,audio drivers ???
i dont want mess up my pc ,by removing or deleting something that doesnt need to be deleted .
free softwares welcome and to pay for one : its ok if its less than 30 bucks
thanx for any response , i searched in google ,but i couldnt find something good .

A:any software that update drivers ???

anyone heard of this kind of software ???i guess no one

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I recently purchased a new ASpire (ACER) computer with VISTA already loaded. I am not able to use my printer (Lexmark) drivers are not yet available to run with VISTA and there is another software I use for personalized books, which is not compatible and they say it will not be for about six months.

What are my options; I'm told VISTA is the os of the future as far as Windows is concerned.

I feel like I should take it back and find a system with XP OR I was told I could load XP on my current system - I am not sure about this.

What are the pros and cons to the above?



A:Software/drivers incompatibility

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So I just got a mp4 player from a friend, he also gave all the original stuff except for the box...
In the "Pocket Guide" it doesn't say anything about any web pages or bran or anything
useful and the original cd is so badly scratched that the cd drive don't even recognize it as
a cd and when i google i can only find some random forums but nothing useful and no

So plz hlp me, I can't even get music to the player without software :/

on the back it says "zero3" and on the fron "M.series"

thx in advance!

A:Need drivers and software for mp4 player

Did you even try searching Google? Here is a link I found by putting in the search box "zero3 M series mp4" It nneded to be translated from Estonia to English. I'm not sure how far you can go with the link but its a start.


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Is there a program out there that can help me uninstall/remove "drivers detective software". I am running Vista. I am running out of patience with this dang program. I hate it and cannot uninstall no matter what way I go - am hoping someone can help me.

A:drivers detective software

and welcome to the Forum

Try the Revo Unisntaller . .

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I'm running Vista Business 32 bit. Do I need any other software installed to get games working properly? Additional codecs or Java or Quicktime? Or will the Business version runs games as good as Vista Home Premium?

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I can't anylonger install my HP 6500 E709 series printer on my ASUS laptop. I have Windows 7 professional loaded and still gives me an error. Operating sytem on the computer not supported. Current OS. 601.00

support: Vista 64 bit, Vista, Windows XP

A:installing drivers and software

Quote: Originally Posted by johodun

I can't anylonger install my HP 6500 E709 series printer on my ASUS laptop. I have Windows 7 professional loaded and still gives me an error. Operating sytem on the computer not supported. Current OS. 601.00

support: Vista 64 bit, Vista, Windows XP

You can install the viswta driver in compatibility mode.

right click the installer>properties>compatibility>choose OS

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Back in the XP days I used to integrate all the drivers and other machine specific software onto the CD I used for installation however things have changed a lot since then so I was wondering how to do the same things with a Windows 10 USB drive?

If it makes any difference here is a list of that needs drivers/software post-install

Intel Rapid Storage
Samsung Magician
Intel Management Engine
Card Reader (RICOH)
Audio drivers/software (Conexant)

The card reader and management engine are just a bunch of drivers and some inf files for install but things like the Rapid Storage and Samsung Magician will need automatic calling with command line switches for a silent install.

It isn't a huge deal to me but this is a test system (ThinkPad T420s) that I wipe every couple of weeks to play around and it would save me 10 minutes or so each time if it can be done.

A:How to integrate drivers/software to a Windows 10 USB?

You would have to roll your own custom install.

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I recently refurbished an old HP MediaCenter m7350 computer by reformatting the hard drive and installing more memory and Windows 7 Pro.  Everything seems to work except the sound.  Unfortunately, I did not get the original software recovery disks and this product is no longer supported by HP. How can I get a copy of the original drivers, especially for the sound card?

A:Need original software (especially audio drivers) for HP Med...

Hi: Below is the link to the specs for your PC. According to the specs, you would need this audio driver. Accept the agreement.  Download and install the 1st driver on the list and restart the PC. Definition Audio Codecs

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I need replacement software and drivers for and IBM 30 bit flatbed color scanner. IBM 0275-001 part number 01K1226. My computer crashed and I misplaced all my folder with all the scanner information and drives software and scanner software. I need to reload everything on my reformatted hard drive. Any hints on how to get my scanner up and running again would be appreciated.


A:IBM flatbed scanner software & drivers ions%7CScanners%7CColor+Flatbed&model=IBM+Options%7CScanners%7CColor+Flatbed%7C0275001&doctype=Downloadable+files&subtype=All

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I have just installed Driver Agent Plus and it shows 13 out of date drivers. Should I rely on Windows 10 to update necessary drivers or should I use a 3rd party program? If the latter is Driver Agent Plus a good choice.?
My set-up is as I want it and I am a bit concerned new drivers will cause problems. I know for example that my old printer does not work properly with latest driver but is fine with older version.

A:Update Drivers using 3rd party software?

I do not recommend these updater services. If you're happy with the performance of your PC as it is, I would leave it.

I prefer to periodically go to the manufacturer's website manually to check for updates, then you're sure you're getting the right driver.

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Any driver backup software that I can use for free on XP? I got my Computer downgraded from Vista (computer was shipped with it installed) to XP by a person and he had installed all the drivers already.

I'm trying to find a software that can automatically back up drivers on this computer just in case I have to do a clean install of XP.

And please no trial or any other of those "crapware" products.


A:[SOLVED] Any backing up drivers software for XP?

you can give drivermax a try

personally I just backup my windows/system32/drivers folder.

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Is there software that can run and download all the drivers currently being used on your laptop/pc so you can store them on usb etc.

This possible?

A:Software to download all your drivers from current PC

have a look at driver max
only use the export function - to save your current drivers - dont use the update driver section
it is free

see here

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When my computer starts up, it right away has the phrase "CD Recording software" cannot load. I've removed the software and this keeps coming up. What do I do?

A:CD Recording Software not able to load drivers

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If you Know any Software Please Give me a link to download Them
I Will be very Grateful if you can find Advanced Driver Update from this site Advanced Driver Updater - Keep device drivers up-to-date
HACKED because the free version don't let me download the drivers

A:Any software to download my PC lastet drivers

Why use a driver update program rather than going to the hardware manufacturer's web site?

Do you always update drivers even if current drivers are working OK?

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Hi, i just bought Yoga 3 pro and i'm going to install new win 10 x64. I need to decide what drivers and lenovo software to install from original Lenovo site: is 25 items to install, some of them i doubt they are essential or usefull. I need just maximum speed and battery life, dont want some special features, just basic w10 system.I would like to ask experienced Yoga 3 pro users for advice. what to install and what to avoid. thank you.

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This is the list I found: Some of those drivers have not been listed by HP Support Assistant, so it'd be great if you could tell me what I simply HAVE TO install. Also, are there any that I better avoid installing because they're known to be buggy on my Envy model? Any at all? Thanks  #### Windows 10 Home 64-bitIntel Core i7-4510U @2.00GhzBIOS: F.34228D 77.35NVIDIA Geforce GTX 850M (

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