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stuck in limbo with multiple OS's

Q: stuck in limbo with multiple OS's

a friend of mine gave me his laptop and asked me to upgrade it from windows 98 to 2000, i accidentaly put windows 2000 server on. when i tried to install windows 2000, and on the install screen where it gives you the option to delete the old partition, i pressed d but nothing happened. i tried to just install but it said there was either not enough memory or the files on cd were corrupted. now when you start the comp, you have three choices windows 2000 server (doesnt work, says the ntoskrnl file is missing), continue 2000 setup ( again the message either "not enough memory or the files on cd were corrupted") or just simply windows (which im assuming is the 98) and all that does is give a black screen with a blinking cursor. i dont know what to do. its on a toshiba tecra8000. and when the comp. is starting, i cant figure out how to get into bios. ive seen on different websites where it says to hit f2 while starting, but nothing happens when i do that. any help would be appreciated.

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a friend of mine gave me his laptop and asked me to upgrade it from windows 98 to 2000, i accidentaly put windows 2000 server on. when i tried to install windows 2000, and on the install screen where it gives you the option to delete the old partition, i pressed d but nothing happened. i tried to just install but it said there was either not enough memory or the files on cd were corrupted. now when you start the comp, you have three choices windows 2000 server (doesnt work, says the ntoskrnl file is missing), continue 2000 setup ( again the message either "not enough memory or the files on cd were corrupted") or just simply windows (which im assuming is the 98) and all that does is give a black screen with a blinking cursor. i dont know what to do. its on a toshiba tecra8000. and when the comp. is starting, i cant figure out how to get into bios. ive seen on different websites where it says to hit f2 while starting, but nothing happens when i do that. any help would be appreciated.

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so i was givin an HP DV7 laptop free. they said if i can fix it then its mine. it currently has windows 7 installed but its not genuine. i asked the guy whats up with it and he said they sent him an upgrade in the mail, upgraded it but lost the product key. so i want to reformat it back to windows vista because i have the product key for it underneath the laptop. only thing is, is that the boot up thing isnt stored on the computer, so i need to find a way to work around this..

A:stuck in OS limbo

You can order a set of Recovery disks from the manufacturer - around $25-50.
Or you can install using a retail Vista Home Premium disk, and the COA Key on the sticker that should be on the machine.

You could also (assuming that the machine has a readable COA sticker) purchase an Upgrade for Win7, and use that for a clean install (cost depends on edition of WIn7 you purchase)

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I own a PC with windows 8.1 and was attempting to boot into safe mode. Now my monitor says out of range. I cannot get into safemode or normal mode and I am stuck. I'll turn on the PC and hold shift+f8 and it brings up a startup menu but can't seem to get the monitor working.
I've tried 2 other monitors and get the same response, also tried messing with settings on monitor but did not have an option to tweak display settings. Not sure if this is the right place to post.

A:Stuck in limbo

You'll need to enable low-resolution video in Windows 8.1. This guide tells you how to do it. Scroll down on the page to find Windows 8.1 and follow the instructions. Let us know if that helps you.

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Pentium4 - 1.71meg
Window XP Professional

Accidentally place blank CD disk, screen popped up stating “Non-System or Disk error. Replace and strike any key when ready”.

I removed the Disk and struck any key but it keeps popping up the same message. I can’t seem to go past this screen at all. It does provide me to access "Run BIOS setup", but that's it! Anyways I don't know what this is?

Can anyone help??


A:Stuck in Limbo!!!

Solved, Please disregard request


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i don't know if i have a virus or my pc has just given up, hence i am unsure as to where this post belongs.
i am using xp pro which has a cable connection via a router which is wirelessly connected to a laptop. The laptop is fine but the pc seems to be stuck. i pushed the button to turn it on, the 2 lights lit up near the switch and another light for the E drive and nothing else is happening, no noise or flashing lights. so i have power. this happened the other day and i ended up turning it off at the socket and while it was off i turned off the pc switch then turned the socket back on. It was then off so i turned it on as usual and all was well until today. Have tried same thing today but no response. Wondering if anyone has any ideas. Security wise i use Shredder, Zone alarm, spybot, spyware blaster,ewido and avg.

A:Pc Will Not Switch On Or Off. Stuck In Limbo?

Hello Jane HWhat OS (Win XP/2000, etc) are you using? What were the results of your anti-virus and anti-malware scans?Have you performed any online Virus scans? If not perform a scan at Trend Micro Housecall[Watch the Address bar in IE. You may receive alerts that "This site might require the following ActiveX control...Click here to install...". Click on that alert and then Click Install ActiveX component.]What you describe does not sound like a typical malware problem but you should eliminate that as a possible source.

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I have vista home premium and run windows mail, about 2+ weeks ago an outgoing message got stuck in outerspace, windows mail shows 1 in outbox but nothing is in there and everytime I start up or shut down or close mail program I either get an error box or a do you want to send this email now. I call my local mail server ie: phone company and they said there is noting they can do? can any of you help in getting this stuck mail out of here? thanks for any thoughts help or ideas............

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Please see Previous post labeled "Second Thought" -- I have new information since I posted this thread and its easier to follow through the first thread--SORRY FOR THE TROUBLE!

A:Please Help---Stuck in Computer LIMBO

Ok, I looked at the thread, if something new has come up post to it and state the new information there. It is marked "Solved" but you can post to it.

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Hey people,

Okay, my PC is currently stuck in limbo. I'm running a ASUS P5K-E motherboard with WinXp and its been working fine for months.
Firstly, my BIOS is currently not reading my Keyboard. When windows boots the keyboard works fine, but up untill that point it doesnt so i cant get into my BIOS.

Secondly, my monitor turns on and shows the BIOS boot screen and the Windows XP load screen but as soon as the windows desktop boots the montor turns off and goes into standby....
Now i've tried a few monitors and keyboards and its definetly something with my computer but god knows whats wrong or how to fix it.

I cant get to my BIOS or Desktop lol Heeeelp?

A:Solved: Computer Stuck in Limbo....

Is that a USB keyboard or PS/2 one?

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New to this forum - appreciate any help. I've seen an old thread on this similar topic but not the exact same error type (forgive me if I did miss something). Every time I try to update itunes to the latest version (v9.2) it downloads the new version and when it goes to install, I get the attached network error - "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable" (I'm not on a network). It also happens when I try to uninstall. If I try to browse for a source manually (not like I know what I'm looking for), it says that I'm missing the itunes.msi file. I've tried to attach the errors in a word doc but I'm new and I can't tell if it worked.

I've looked at older threads on other forums that mention the same problem and say to get the Microsoft Windows Cleaner Utility - everyone on the posts say it works but when I go to get the utility from Microsoft's website ( they say they don't provide it anymore because it damaged other components.

Now I'm completely stuck, can anyone help me before I wipe everything clean and start over?

A:itunes won't install or uninstall - stuck in limbo

You can try Revouninstaller to remove iTunes. Don't know if it will work.

Or you can try this
though I haven't tried it yet but people seem to think it works.

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Hi guys, I'm having this weird problem with my PC that I've been troubleshooting for a while now, and I can't figure it out.
It doesn't seem to happen every night, but more likely 2 out of 3 nights, my PC seems like it's going into a sleep mode or something, that I can't wake it up from. Looking through the event viewer, I can see events up until 12:13 AM, then there is literally nothing until 8:31 AM, where it says that the system has booted up. I assume 12:13 is when the computer went into this weird limbo mode, and 8:31 is when forced the computer to reboot. The weirdest part about this whole thing, when this happens, my entire network goes down. My router loses connection, taking down my access points connected to it. Once I boot my PC back up, connection re-establishes, everything is all good.
This for the most part only happens overnight, but it happened again this morning around 9:50 AM. So that's twice in the same day
My computer is set to never sleep, hibernate is not enabled.
This was happening to me on Windows 8. I downgraded to Windows 7 because I couldn't figure out the problem, and it went away entirely. I recently upgraded to Windows 10, and the issue is back again.
I'm at a loss here, I don't know what else to check.
Any ideas?

A:PC gets stuck in limbo overnight, takes down entire network with it

So this has happened about 4 more times since I posted the OP. it happened again at 12:13am, not sure if that is significant. the other times seem somewhat random.
I thought it may have been something to do with the WiFi USB dongle i had plugged in, but it still happens without the dongle plugged in.
Any advice?

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Hello, I've been trying to gain access into my laptop after installing SteamOS for awhile now, but now I'm in this sort of secure boot loop. I'll go step by step in what happened. May laptop was using Windows 10 prior to this problem 1. I installed the SteamOS files and then unpacked them into a USB flash drive 2. I went into the BIOS by Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Restart Now and then entered firmware. There I disabled secure boot. 3. I then booted the USB and installed SteamOS. After that, I restarted the laptop and went back into the bios and put secure boot back to enabled. 4. Now I'm unable to boot my hard drive or USB. Every time I try to boot up, it says something along the lines of "Unable to boot because of secure boot policy". How do I get out of this limbo?

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OK Guys I'm seriously stuck here, I've tried everything I possibly can but nothing has worked so far.

(I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium)

I installed Avast! 5 Free yesterday, I heard good things about it and wanted to try it, so I installed and it was all fine but then I started to notice a lot more system slow down than before, so I went to Uninstall it and Re-install Avira

I used Revo Uninstaller which told me it had successfully uninstalled it, and told me it had successfully cleaned up all leftover files

Did a re-boot and what the heck, the Avast shield icon is still there in the bottom right hand corner, so I check to see if it shows up in any of my "uninstall program" clients, Nope, I put on Hunter Mode in Revo Uninstaller and go to the icon, it wont let me uninstall because it says the system files do no longer exist, it wont let me terminate it.

To make things worse I have no way of stopping it starting up when I start windows, and I cant install any new Anti-Virus because any new AV thinks its still there!

I have tried everything, if I go into system files the folder is still there, but despite the fact I am Admin and only user and have full rights and privileges it wont let me delete the folder as it says I do not have sufficient rights

I have tried some clean up methods, Auslogics, Ccleaner, Chkdsk in CMD

What else can I do :(

A:Can't Uninstall Software, System Stuck in Limbo, Not Protected - Helpings :(

Try Avast uninstaller


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I'm trying to fix a friend's son's computer. So far I've only been able to run AVG and Panda. I'll post the reports below.

Symtoms are the Security notice balloons, a fake wallpaper, multiple cmd.exe windows opening and closing and some of the other usual Trojan related issues.

I was able to download HijackThis but it won't run. I don't have access to the Task Manager or Run.

Thanks for your help!!

AVG 8.5 Anti-Virus command line scanner
Copyright (c) 1992 - 2009 AVG Technologies
Program version 8.0.354, engine 8.0.387
Virus Database: Version 270.13.48/2292 2009-08-09
C:\WINDOWS\system32\scecli.dll Locked file. Not tested.
C:\WINDOWS\fonts\services.exe Trojan horse Clicker.AAQM Object was moved to Virus Vault.
C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\services.exe (1244) Trojan horse Clicker.AAQM Object was moved to Virus Vault.
C:\WINDOWS\system32\braviax.exe Trojan horse Injector.FH Object was moved to Virus Vault.
HKU\S-1-5-21-2702600962-4251220217-3447453859-1006\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\\braviax Found registry key with reference to infected file C:\WINDOWS\system32\braviax.exe Object was moved to Virus Vault.
C:\DOCUME~1\DREWFR~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\fv0re8.exe Virus identified Packed.Monder Object was moved to Virus Vault.
HKU\S-1-5-21-2702600962-4251220217-3447453859-1006\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\\AntiSpyware Service Found registry key with reference to infected file C:\DOCUME~1\DREWFR~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\fv0re8.exe O... Read more

A:Multiple Trojans and I'm Stuck. Help please.

I was able to restore Task Manager and when I try to run HJT or SpyHunter, I notice Processes pop up and then disappear. They have names like mssual.exe and also Regsrvr32.exe pops up and disappears.

Also, I'm having to shut down and start up several times to do anything without it locking up.

Any suggestions?

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I'll be super brief and to the point here::

I just bought a new Acer Aspire AX1700. I assumed it came with a recovery disk.. Given such, I proceeded to wipe the drive clean.

...And now I'm stuck without a 64bit OS. ( I have 4GB of RAM and a Dual-Core processor, so it would actually benefit me.)

Yes, I could revert back to a Windows XP 32 bit install or even a Vista 32 bit install, as I have both disks.

However, I have NO ACCESS to a 64 bit disc at this time. (Yes, I'm an idiot. However, it is also VERY idiotic for the manufacturer not to provide the user with a physical restore option.)

Here's the bottom line--- How damning is this in terms of performance? Will I see a noticeable decrease in frames when I play games or run applications? I already know that under the 32bit architecture, I wont be able to effectively use all of my RAM...

Should I install the Windows 7 RC (64bit) as a temporary fix?

HELP! :-(

A:OS Limbo..

Someone?? :-(

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I think I have had multiple infections, and the one which got my attention yesterday was the "NewDotNet" problem which I fixed up using a tool from Symantec.BHODemon kept telling me that I had a new BHO - it was called "byxurom.dll" and from my research it seems to be a random name. I was able to delete the dll, but I cannot get rid of the registry entries - they keep coming back.I thought I'd boot in safe mode to try to get rid of the registry entries, but no matter what I did the machine would not come up in safe mode. The symptoms were that after hitting F8 I'd get the normal choice of boot and select "safe" the PC would then just proceed to boot into normal mode.Looking at your site I found the alternate way to boot into safe mode in a tutorial. I set the msconfig as per the tutorial, and now I'm in deeper trouble than before.When I try to boot the PC just goes blank for a while then I get the XP Pro splash screen for a few seconds bofore the screen goes blank again then after a few seconds the splash screen is back and this just cycles around for as long as I leave it.It seems that one of the infections I had has set something to prohibit safe mode, and now that I have a boot file demanding safe mode it will not boot at all.I have forgotten everything I used to know about DOS, but I tried booting from a floppy and it would not let me see the C: drive - not sure if it is my crap memory for DOD commands or a real problem but the result is... Read more

A:Multiple Problems - Part Way Thru Fix Now Stuck

You should print out these instructions, or copy them to a NotePad file for reading while in Safe Mode, because you will not be able to connect to the Internet to read from this site.Please download SmitfraudFix (by S!Ri)Extract the content (a folder named SmitfraudFix) to your Desktop.Next, please reboot your computer in Safe Mode by doing the following :Restart your computerAfter hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, tap the F8 key continually;Instead of Windows loading as normal, a menu with options should appear;Select the first option, to run Windows in Safe Mode, then press "Enter".Choose your usual account.Once in Safe Mode, open the SmitfraudFix folder again and double-click smitfraudfix.cmdSelect option #2 - Clean by typing 2 and press "Enter" to delete infected files.You will be prompted: "Registry cleaning - Do you want to clean the registry?"; answer "Yes" by typing Y and press "Enter" in order to remove the Desktop background and clean registry keys associated with the infection.The tool will now check if wininet.dll is infected. You may be prompted to replace the infected file (if found); answer "Yes" by typing Y and press "Enter".The tool may need to restart your computer to finish the cleaning process; if it doesn't, please restart it into Normal Windows.A text file will appear onscreen, with results from the cleaning process; please copy/pa... Read more

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Recently when I try to download from websites my downloads get around halfway done then just seem to hang there in limbo. My download manager says that my download is still going at X amount of speed and there is X amount of time remaining, both don't change after a few minutes. The only way I can complete my downloads now is to wait until it goes into limbo, close my download manager and return to the site I'm downloading from and start again, my download manager picks up where it left off and finishes. For larger files around 700 MB I have to do this several times.

This only happens when downloading from websites, p2p like Emule or UTorrent I have no problems at all.

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Does anybody have ideas on how to get Vista to operate with hp 1000 laserjet or an hp designjet 5000 since hp is of no use?

A:Driver limbo

I am assuming you have been to HP and checked for 64 bit drivers and they do not have them. Some x86 drivers do work in vista 64 . If you have tried installing and it won't work you can try opening the printer in the hardware manager and click on update driver. If this doesn't work I am afraid I am lost.

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I am in deep dung with my winxp. Somehow through some registry deletions trying to get rid of all remnants of Symantec I screwed up my system. I got a blue screen that just hung there. I've tried to do a system restore from the dos prompt which is the only thing i can work through after booting from a Winme disk which can get me to c prompt. I know where i can locate a backup file from Registry First Aide. But i don't know how to move it or activate it. I've tried this scareg command i've seen mentioned often but that isn't recognized. HOw can i do a system restore from command prompt?
be advised i can't do a reinstall from xp disk as i got a prompt my
product key isn't valid..i don't know why and now when i boot from hard drive I perpetually get to winxp startp screens. help...please

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I have an apparently severely corrupted NTFS boot partition in a xppro sp 2 installation on a laptop. Ordinarily, booting with the original retail cd allows you to either reinstall or utilize the recovery console. In my case, however, trying either option results in a fatal error screen reading: "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL." What should I do? Just prior to the booting problem, the hard drive was successfully scanned for viruses and spyware, and the computer is routinely run through a software firewall. Thanks for any help. Unfortunately, I do not have an ASR disk set for this installation. By the way, what can screw an installation up to the point you can't even do a reinstall from the original factory CD???

A:windows xp limbo

See if this helps:

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My PC was giving me fits. I have my family (3) accounts on it and it has Xp home on it. I wanted to do a Repair install on it but when I went to reinstall XP home, it wouldnt accept the Product Key on the side of the PC for Home Ed..
So I reinstalled but used XP PRO instead.
The problem is now I can see our old accounts floating around but cant directly access the previous documents, songs, apps and such. When I try to copy the old acct. folders to the contents of the new account folders I get an error of in use or similar.
All my old XP home stuff is there but I cant access it!
Is there a way to restore to have access like previous to the XP pro installation?
help Thanks

A:Accounts in Limbo!

google taking ownership of files for your solution. Or look thru previous posts here for the links provided for your same issue.

This is a result of the new install and new accounts not having the same sid [security identifier] as those user sids attached to the files.

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a few days ago,i installed nero7.i didnt like it at all so i decieded to uninstall it and go back to nero6.but nero7 wont uninstall!even in the add/remove section in control panell,theres no option to remove it!whats worse,now i can't even use nero 6 because it says i must remove the newer version im stuck.can anyone tell me please how i can solve this situation,because as it is now i cant even burn anything.thanks in advance.and i cant just use nero7 because it says some files are missing and that i need to reinstall,but as i stated earlier,i cannot uninstall it

A:nero 7 has me in limbo!

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Hey guys I was trying to remove a google redirect virus and I accidentally deleted LMHOSTS.SAM from C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/DRIVERS/ETC. After I deleted this little file my PC will no longer connect to the internet. The Local area connection is still there, but it refuses to work. On the system tray it shows the 2 computers with a little orange ball going left to right. If anyone could give me some help with this it would be much appreciated.

A:Network Limbo HELP PLZ! xp

The LMHOSTS.SAM is only a sample file for configuring LMHOSTS and deleting it wouldn't affect the machine connecting. It sounds like you have a ZeroAccess infection and something has deleted a file and/or registry entries needed to connect.

Programs recommended can be downloaded to a USB flash drive and transferred to the infected computer.

Please download DDS by sUBs to your desktop from one of the following locations:

Double-click the DDS.scr to run the tool.

When DDS has finished scanning, it will open two logs named as follows:


Save them both to your desktop. Copy and paste the contents of the DDS.txt and Attach.txt files in your reply please.
Please download GMER from:

Click on the "Download EXE" button and save the randomly named .exe file to your desktop.

Note: You must uninstall any CD Emulation programs that you have before running GMER as they can cause conflicts and give false results.

Double click the GMER .exe file on your desktop to run the tool and it will automatically do a quick scan.

If the tool warns of rootkit activity and asks if you want to run a full scan, click on No and make sure the following are unchecked on the right-hand side:

Any drive letter other than the primary system drive (which is generally C).

Click the Scan button and when the scan is finished, click Save and save the ... Read more

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I have a unique problem. When I try to open a saved Word or Excel file it only shows me files that start with the letters a through f. Yet if I remember a file name starting in a letter from g through z, I can type it in and find the file. Unfortunately, I don't remember all my file names. I have looked for these files on Windows Explorer and can't find them there either.

A:Files in limbo

Hello and Welcome to TSF

Did you do a search for all .doc files?

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I am trying to install windows Xp Home Edition Oem on a computer that has a partial installation of windows 2000 professional on it. When I say partial installation was I was not able to complete the setup since the cd key wasnt working. So now I have a windows Xp Home Edition Oem Cd and I want to format the Hard drive to install it but not matter what I try even if I boot from the win Xp cd windows 2000 tries to load and it restarts the setup for windows 2000 I wan to start the Xp cd so I can reformat the drive and install it.

Any suggestions.

A:State of Limbo

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Dear all,

When moving my cursor between my two monitors, it stops at the border. To get to the other screen I either have to keep moving my mouse towards the border or move the cursor at high speed between the two. The issue occurs no matter where I cross, and does not appear to be related to the metro charms or multitasking.

My desktop just recently installed the Windows 8.1 Update (Pro 64-bit), and since then I have had this problem off and on. I do not know what causes it to happen. I have two monitors, side by side. A 1050x1680 monitor on the left, with a 1920x1080 monitor on the right. The top edges of these monitors are aligned.

This phenomenon is incredibly annoying, so any methods of stopping this would be much appreciated. I'd also be interested to know how and why this happens.



A:Mouse Stuck between Multiple Monitors in Windows 8.1

dont know what may have caused it ,i to use 2 monitors,with win8pro updated and it never happened to mine (my mouse is wireless),perhaps try uninstalling and reinstalling mouse drivers ,check device manager for the drivers

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I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this message, please move if necessary.

Alright, I'm not sure if these two issues are related or not, but I decided to include just in case. Between last night and this morning, I had a total of 3 BSOD, I did not get the error numbers from the first two as I was asleep when they happened. The third BSOD had this information under the technical information "STOP: 0x0000000F4 (0x0000000000000003, 0xFFFFFA8007465B30, 0xFFFFFA8007365E10, 0xFFFFF800031D77B0", again I'm not sure if this information is relevant at all, I figured that I would provide everything I had.

Then this morning I was able to start my computer normally and use it for a few hours. After coming back to it after it sat for a bit, it was completely frozen, so I did turned it off by holding down the power button. When I went to turn it back on, it got stuck on one of the start screens for much longer than normal. I did another hard reset and now I'm stuck in this situation. When I try to start now, I have the option between starting the start-up repair or starting windows normally. When I chose the start-up repair, it goes through a few loading screens and then gets stuck at a screen that looks like the background screen of when I log it. It just sits at that screen and nothing pops up. If I try to start Windows normally, it gets stuck at a loading screen and I can't do anything either.

I can't get it into safe mode when it boots, it just goes back to the &q... Read more

A:Multiple BSOD, now Startup repair stuck

REboot and tap the F12 key to boot into Dell Utility partition to run full Diagnostics. This will tell you the status of the hardware. Dell Hardware Diagnostics from F12 Menu

If this fails or freezes, boot into BIOS setup to Reset to Defaults: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS.

If hardware passes work through the steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start
which try everything that can be done to start Win7 leading up to if necessary rescuiing your files to run Dell Windows 7 PC Restore or do the vastly superior Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Hey, guys.

I recently purchased a D-Link DI-624 108 Mbps Router and a D-Link DWL-G520 108 Mbps PCI Adapter. I use Comcast as my cable internet provider. In the home office hardlinked to the router I have a Dell Deminsion 800 mhz PIII with 384 MB RAM and an 80 GIG hard drive. I run Norton 2004 Professional AV, Spybot S&D, Spywareblaster, Adaware, and ZoneAlarm Pro. All are updated and current. The desktop in one of the bedrooms with the wireless card is a Compaq 400 mhz PII with 256 MB RAM and an 80 GIG hard drive. I have ZoneAlarm running on it with the free McAfee Virus offered by AOL (I plan on changing this as soon as I get reliable Internet connection to it).

This is the problem. I routinely receive DNS error messages on both computers when attempting to use IE to access the internet. Functionality returns after both cable modem and router have been unplugged and restarted. Mail and automatic downloads will still function during DNS errors. I have contacted D-Link Tech support twice about this issue. We walked through some resets and changing of the router settings. On the second call, the rep said it was a ZoneAlarm issue and that there was nothing else D-Link would do. I find this interesting as the router software shipped with a 30-day trial of ZoneAlarm Pro on the disk, but that's another discussion for another time.

I have scoured the ZoneAlarm website for answers, and none have seemed to work. Any ideas? The computer in the home office seems to be workin... Read more

A:Wireless Networking Limbo

I would completly uninstall zonealarm on all machines until you get everything up and running then put it back on asap.

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when my vista was up and running i tried and tried and i could never get my compaq presario vista to accept a after market graphic card which always puzzled me cuz the brand came out with a pcie slot but vista wouldnt accept it.  i was wondering if any other vista gamer users had that same issue?

A:Just out of curiosity cause the my vista is in limbo right now.

really?  everybodies but my vista machine had no issuses installing a graphic card like nvidia or amd into there pcie slot?

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Hi there. I downloaded a windows 8 pro today, to get in on the special pricing that expires 1/31/13.
Microsoft upgrade assistant makes it that it is meant for the PC I downloaded it into. However, I wanted to buy it to install on a PC which is not in my home. Now all the download info is sitting in a folder called 'websetup'. I've got the key, and of course my c-card was charged. What now? Can I use that setup on that other PC? Is there a different way to handle it at this point? Thanks in advance.

A:Downloaded Upgrade in limbo

Hello Gallicbear,

Double check using OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to see if you may have the hidden C:\ESD folder to use to create an ISO file with to use to create a Windows 8 installation DVD or USB with.

Afterwards, you could use the DVD or USB to do a clean install on the other PC.

Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

Hope this helps,

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I was having trouble installing the Bisoncam NB pro drivers on my laptop. When trying to reinstall I choose the remove option. The program crashed in the middle. Now it gives 3 options, modify, repair, remove. When I choose to repair, modify, or remove it thinks the program is not installed. It will not give me the option to install.

The program does not show in control panal delete programs. I tried going through the registry and deleting all instances of bisoncam.


A:Install/Uninstall Limbo

Try going back with system restore to a time prior to your changes.

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Most of the time, when I cut and paste to an internal or external folder, the copy and paste goes in to limbo. It get's stuck on estimating how long it would take to finish the file transfer. If I kill the process from Task Manager, the Desktop goes away.

I've Googled the problem and it seem's like a lot of people are having the same problem and with no real soutions.

What I've done so far:
1. Scan for spyware
2. Widows Update
3. Scan for viruses

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Answer Match 44.1%

Hi All,

I've done searching for "verifying DMI pool" but I have a few more questions than those threads will satisfy, so I hope this post is not too redundant.

I have an old windows 98 (1st edition) PC with an IDE drive in it. I want to retrieve files off of it (nothing is backed up, whoo!) but there seems to be some corruption with the cd drivers and it doesn't have USB drivers installed, so I figured I would pop the drive out and use a IDE-USB adapter that I have used to pull data off HDs in the past.

I plugged the drive in and got it to spin up, but XP machine would not mount the drive (it showed up in device manager, but not disk management). I figured that was odd, so I popped it back in the original machine to see what the deal was. Now it just hangs at "verifying DMI pool" and I am a little afraid that I have bricked the darn thing.

This is what I have tried so far:

1. Re seating all cables
2. Setting bios to default
3. Resetting CMOS

The drive does get power (I can hear it spinning up).
The bios is old (far older than me) so It is missing a lot of the features mentioned in other threads i've found.
When I tried to change the master/slave options in the bios it did get past verifying DMI pool, but then it just hung at that screen indefinitely.

I'm not sure how what I did (hooking it up to the IDE adapter) I really need to get the data off the drive somehow. The OS is of little matter, I just need to get documents and ... Read more

A:Verifying DMI Pool Limbo

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I think it is stuck in tablet mode even though it is positioned in notebook. This happened after using it in notebook mode then closing the lid and setting it up against a wall sideways. I noticed the fan working louder than usual so I opened it back up and it was in tablet mode.I have tried restarting and shutting it down. I tried settings adjustment in system > tablet mode > when I sign in "go to desktop" and to "always ask" before switching.My keyboard is locked. No mouse. I tried pushing the rotation lock button on the left side. No change.I also have no wifi all of a sudden even though the Internet is working. I tried wifi settings and it won't let me turn it on nor does it recognize my internet. I tried Turing on and off airplane mode. No change.

A:Multiple flex 3 problems - tablet mode stuck and n...

hey there, about the wifi problem - i had the same exact thing on my flex 3.after looking for a solution for couple of days, i found the way to fix the software application (both software and driver, not only driver) from the intel site :** select yout OS and 32/64 bit.about being stuck in tablet mode - try to run the "hardware scan" on the lenovo site, it might find that something is missing.Good luck

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Had to restore machine using HP Recovery; all is wonderful now except that at login username "Administrator" is no longer an option. Trying user manager from control panel attempt to create "Administrator" and get "That account already exists". Any ideas how I can regain access to "Administrator"?

A:Administrator account access limbo

If XP Home, reboot to safe mode.
If XP Pro, press CTRL+ALT+DEL twice at the Welcome screen. This brings up the classic login box. Type in Administrator for the user name, and enter the password. If there is no password, just leave that box blank.

The Administrator account will only appear on the Welcome screen if there are no other accounts on the PC (or you edit the registry to allow it)
You can use TwqeakUI or manually edit the registry.
See the section Hide Users from the Welcome Screen on this page.



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I'm still not sure what happened but a few weeks ago all of my tiles disappeared. I did a clean boot, but did not find any issue. I then refreshed my PC, but the problem still persists. All the apps that I had downloaded before 'the disappearance' are in my windows store as 'already installed.' But when I search, they are not installed on my computer. When I swipe down to 'My Apps' in the Windows Store and hit install from that menu, it says 'installing', it completes 'installing' but alas the app is still no where to be found on my computer.
This is only happening for apps that were previously installed before the incident, new apps install fine.

Any help would be appreciated!

A:Previously downloaded apps are now in limbo

Are you using 8 or 8.1?

BTW, "Welcome to the Eight Forums." . . .

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I submitted a more comprehensive set of symptoms here
but did not get any replies.
In an effort to see some progress, I post this to see if anyone has any method for forcing either the start or shutdown on wususerv. For over a week, despite multiple shutdowns and restarts and attempts at update, and whatever type of fixes you can imagine, wusaservehas stated that it is either starting or stopping and to try whatever I'm doing later. Try to start? try later. Try to end? Try later. Try to update? wuauserv starting try again later.
Is this something that will necessitate a hard format and reinstall? Is there a way to shut down or startup that forces wuauserv? Any tips appreciated.

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dear wise friends,

i just went on my old system (windows xp) to back up the last of my files on it before sending it out to pasture, and so i held ctrl to select a few files, right clicked and clicked "cut" and went to right click > paste them to my backup media, and... i had no idea how messed up this computer was----------------when i right click to show the menu so i can "paste," paste is not visible ...i've also tried clicking edit at the top of the window's frame and paste is not visible there either, and basically the computer is hardly performing any functions - i was able, after 5 tries, to establish a connection to the internet (but no web pages work, and if i minimize the aol window - or ANY window, it doesn't minimize to the tool bar, it goes invisible - having me thinking i've closed it ...but when that happened with aol, i tried to restart aol and the aol window appeared, still signed on...) ...i'm telling you this because i am scared that my computer's so bad off that it will not ever be possible to paste the files and, that i've lost them while trying to do the right thing, back them up (( ...............there are ghost images of the files still on my desktop, i wish that means they still somehow exist but, i'm not getting my hopes up...
i can't touch that computer until i find out the fate of my files ...can someone please help me? my tummy is tied in knots!!! ~princi

A:Solved: i can cut but not paste , my files are in LIMBO , PLEASE HELP, PLEASE!!!

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I am having masive problems with the playback of wave files, I used to be able to play them now I can't what I was doing was converting mp3 files to wave files and it worked great, then installed a few games and everything went to hell, so I wiped my system (I wanted to anyway) and reinstalled everything like I had before except for the games still no progress , they start to play then they stop if i skip a few seconds they start to play again I installed Direct X 7.0 and it made a difference by a few seconds of extra play but I feel it's something else but can't figure it out, I am pretty experienced with PC's but am baffled on this one someone PLEASE HELP!

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All,I have been having trouble with my computer recently. A combination of some RAM going bad and viruses.While running in safe mode (MSCONFIG, checked /SAFEMODE on boot.ini tab) and using Anti Virus and Spyware remover software, the system crashed in the middle of an attempted repair. After that booting the PC produced a message saying the windows installation was corrupt and could be repaired using the original installation disc. I figured out some RAM was bad by booting with an Ubuntu boot disc and performing a memory check. I am guessing the bad RAM caused the system to crash.I pull the installation disc out of the filing cabinet, boot from the CD/DVD drive, and begin the repair. All goes swimmingly until the repair needs to reboot the system so the setup can continue. The system reboots, starts Windows XP in safemode, tries to continue the repair/setup and pops up a modal dialog stating setup cannot run in safemode, and the system will reboot. All I can do is click "OK" in the dialog, and immediately the reboot happens. The PC reboots, windows starts in safemode, tries to continue setup, has to reboot, etc...I am not sure how to get out of this cycle. Ideally I would like to restart NOT in safemode, but I do not get a chance to change the setting back once windows start. I do not know of a way, prior to windows starting to force normal mode.I am about to try setting bios again to boot using the CD/DVD, but instead of running a repair, do a ... Read more

A:Windows Xp Repair / Safemode In Limbo

All,Ideally I would like to restart NOT in safemode, but I do not get a chance to change the setting back once windows start. I do not know of a way, prior to windows starting to force normal mode.Any help is appreciated.Thank you,KevinYou have to replace the boot.ini file from Recovery Console:

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A few days ago pop-ups and links started appearing at random on my screen. When i downloaded a spyware remover to combat the problem it told me to restart my PC to finish the install. Thats where the problems started. For a day after that i couldnt get my PC to load. It would start, and just before the log in the screen would go blank, apart for the cursor and then that was it, safe mode aswell. For some reason it let me finally get past that and log in - but same thing happened. I log in, safe mode is the same, and all i got was a blank screen with cursor. I used alt-control-delete to access some things using task manager. The notable internet solutions i could find such as manually starting explorer via task manager didnt work as i apparently dont have permission, even when logging in as admin. My registry was saying what i think it should although i deleted a file on the recommendation of some posters at another forum who had seemingly simlar problems in the past. Still nothing. Finally i tried running system restore via task manager. It loaded properly but the please wait etc. screen froze - it was running for 11 hours and still didnt restore. When i reset the machine after that i then got the same thing but instead of being able to get task manager i had a "windows detected an unotharised change to windows" with the options "learn more online" or "close" which just sent me back to the log in screen. After a few power on powers off's this cle... Read more

A:Help! Vista not working - computer in limbo!

and welcome to the Forum

It sounds like you need help with cleaning out malware, please follow the instructions here, and post the logs in a new thread in the malware removal section.

After running through all the steps, please post the requested logs in the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum, not here.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.

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During the computer turning on, I picked up the keyboard and accidentally pressed a key that apparently starts system recovery.

The system recovery hasn't yet started but it refuses to allow me to cancel.

Picture related

I'm stuck on that screen.

If I press next, all my files are deleted. If I press cancel, it asks "cancel and reboot?" and when I click yes on that, the reboot takes me right back into this screen.

I'm unsure of how long I can keep the computer turned on, and on this screen, so this is somewhat urgent.


A:URGENT! System Recovery Limbo

Try hitting f8 on start up and select normal boot.

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A friend of mine asked me to fix their laptop, there was two main issues, the first was the battery was dead, unplugging the machine caused it to power off. So I got a new battery and that issue was solved.

The second issue was that Windows Vista install would constantly sit at the loading screen. Not a big deal I thought, I've dealt with that sort of issue many times. So I tried Last Known Good Configuration and Safe Mode. No joy. So I tried both a recovery and install CD and the same thing would happen, it would sit at the loading screen never booting into the recovery options. So I tried a USB. Same thing again with both the Windows Recovery Disk on USB and with an Ubuntu Live USB.

Having the same issue across multiple OS's suggests to me a hardware issue, but what?

Any help you guys could offer would be great.

A:Solved: Multiple Operating Systems Stuck at Loading Screen

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It took me over an hour to get here... I keep getting page not found or nothing. I did a system restore, released and renewed my IP (as per ISP instructions) I finally uninstalled my tiny firewall and shut EVERYTHING down with End it All and it STILL took forever to get here. It is not just here, but any other web page as well.....

FOR THE RECORD, before you tell me to get rid of these... I have been using webshots, the weather channel and DT desktop loader for MONTHS so unless you know FOR sure these are my problems causers, please don't ask me to get rid of them (it may take another hour to read 1 response) I like them and use them OFTEN.

I also ran ad-aware, spybot and found nothing but cookies.

I also note lately that my system resources drop significantly from about 80% to 14% within a few hours of using my computer.

I hope someone can make sense of this.. here is my hijack log, I will try to get back to post my start up log as well. (for the record, I hit submit and nothng happens, no status bar or anything.. this could take awhile)

Logfile of HijackThis v1.94.0
Scan saved at 10:37:09, on 16/06/2003
Platform: Windows ME (Win9x 4.90.3000)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

O1 - Hosts:
O1 - Hosts:
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {AA58ED58-01DD-4d91-8333-CF10577473F7} - c:\windows\downloaded program files\googletoolbar_en_1.1.70-deleon.dll
O3 - Toolbar: &Radio - {8E718888-423F-11D2-876... Read more

A:[Resolved or what] Please help!! Hijack log here: computer NOT working, I am in limbo

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Windows7 sp1 OEM
It's a madhouse.

I got a virus, & so I used that as an excuse to clean out the PC, get it organized & start fresh. So I went to this AAAAWWWFUL 34-part guide on to learn how to clean out my harddrive & reinstall windows. It basically said "Stick the disk in & follow the directions, but keep reading this tutorial for important details that will mysteriously never be revealed". (Which I did.)

I deleted the partitions (one main drive & then the special one that's put aside for the system). The installation process began, the computer restarted a couple of times, & that was about it. Now I just get this black screen with a mouse pointer. I let that go on for about half an hour before I suspected it wasn't normal & restarted the process.

The thing is, I still get the Windows7 startup screen at the beginning. It's like it halfway installed. But there's nothing to work with aside from a black screen & a mouse pointer. I could really use some help, here.....

now I'm getting the Windows Error Recovery screen...the one that says it didn't shut down properly & asks if I'd like to start normally, or in safe mode, etc. Whatever I choose, I get the black screen & pointer.

I tried starting in SafeMode today, & it got as far as loading Sys32/Drivers before an animated screen came up saying it was preparing my computer for first-time use. Then a notice popped up saying it can't finish installin... Read more

A:Installation limbo - black screen with pointer

I can get as far as step 10 in the tutorial I found here
Clean Install Windows 7[2]=General%20Tips

but then after the restart I just get a black screen & pointer.

If I try to restart it in SafeMode now, this is what I get:
Any clues? I'd really appreciate it...I've gotta get some work done...

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Ok my set up is:
Thermaltake toughpower 750W ATX12V
2X XFX Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit DDR5 in Crossfire
4x Seagate Barracuda 250GB gard drives in RAID 5 for data storage
3X OCZ Reaper HPC 2GB DDR3 1600
ASUS Crosshair IV Formula AM3 AMD 890FX
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition Thuban 3.2GHz
OCZ Agility 2 40GB for OS
HTOmega Claro Halo XT Sound Card
My problem is is that on a cold boot i get the stuck at the "Starting Windows" screen approximately 15 times before the computer finally boots all the way through. Then, usually, but i dont want to test it, the computer will reboot successfully until i cut it completely off and come back the next day. It boots into safe mode just fine everytime.
Ive tried reseating all hardware, disabling all non microsoft services, installing all new drivers for everything and I found one problem were the molex connecter for power was disconnected from one of the video cards, but this did not actually fix the issue. Ive also tried disconnecting different peripherals and such but that didnt work either, once i gave up on trying some things and put everything back to normal, 3 reboots later it worked again so i decided to post here and ask for help.

Thanks a lot guys. (I hope its not the Power Supply, saving that for last)
UPDATE: I removed one of the graphics cards and everything works fine now, is this a power problem?

A:Stuck at Windows starting screen, but after multiple reboots eventually works?

hi xtimymx,

Its unlikely to be a powersupply fault but it may be a power problem on the Graphics Card itself. how long you had the card? would try an RMA on it just incase there is a fualt there.


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The bluescreens are really random and like to happen out of no where. I could be playing League or Blade and Soul and it when it happens. I usually always have chrome open in the background watching something. Some days PC would boot up and I would have to restart because it's slow and not opening anything. I would appreciate some help on to solving this problem or finding this defective part.

A:Multiple BSOD caused by "Thread Stuck in Device Driver"

Please uninstall everything of AMD using Display Driver Uninstaller and install new drivers from AMD. Be sure to ONLY install the display drivers using custom/advanced options.

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for atikmdag.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmdag.sys
4: kd> lmvm atikmdag
start end module name
fffff801`64ed0000 fffff801`6662b000 atikmdag T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: atikmdag.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\atikmdag.sys
Image name: atikmdag.sys
Timestamp: Wed Dec 23 16:58:26 2015 (567AC4A2)
CheckSum: 016EC495
ImageSize: 0175B000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Please fill in your system specsPlease follow this tutorial and download the tool. The tool will give you detailed information about your system specs, please fill in your system specs more completely.How to fill in your system specs:

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After a power outage 3 weeks ago I was having issues with the system going down at around 5 minutes and then less and less time after that. I was told it was a display issue and to uninstall and reinstall my display drivers. I uninstalled my drivers and it was still the same. I felt like it was temperature related. I found my graphics card (Radeon 5700) was dirty. I cleaned it and thought I was back in business. Everything was back to normal, all I needed to do was update my graphics drivers. Once that was done, my computer would no longer load past the Windows splash screen.

I used Puppy Linux on a flash drive and I have access to everything. I can use the internet and access all my files. This to me says that it is not a hardware issue.

The fact that when I try to go into safe mode it gets stuck for more than a day on classpnp.sys (when I finally give up). I understand that classpnp.sys has loaded but, there is something after that that the computer can't load. I have seen some people have atipcie.sys load after classpnp.sys and it makes sense to me that it would be a graphics driver that is causing the issue.

I need my Windows 7 up and running for school and work projects. Any ideas, thoughts, or help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Stuck on Windows splash screen, safe mode stuck on classpnp.sys

Hi ,
Follow this tutorial to run SFC /Scannow at boot.
SFC /SCANNOW : Run in Command Prompt at Boot
If you want to run the command from a USB drive follow this tutorial.
Boot Windows 7 System Repair Disc from USB Using Grub4Dos
And apply it to the first link instead of the ERD (Emergency Repair CD).

Generally a good tutorial to read.
Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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Computer gets stuck On the motherboard screen, and when I try to enter the setup when pressing delete it will change screens and say entering setup but will get and will not load the setup. I think I obtained a virus from a torrent and made my computer act like this.

Specs: windows 7 home edition
Ripjaws 4gb ram
Intel core i5
Motherboard : msi p55a-gd55

A:Computer stuck on motherboard loading screen, and stuck in setup.

Wrong forum for malware issues. Please post here: Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help - Tech Support Forum

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i went from windows 8 to 10 about a year ago ans now i got this problem... and also sometimes it loads up pc detected a problem restarting for u.. and it just keeps doing that... and then gets stuck tp another black screen...i have this pc for more than 2 years.

A:Pc stuck in hp logo then stuck in black screen and startup r...

Hi, Shutdown the notebook.  Tap away at the esc key as you start the notebook to enter the Start-up Menu.  Select the Diagnostic Menu option ( f2 ) and run the tests on the Hard Drive and Memory. Post back with the results, including any error codes that may be generated. Can you also post back with the full Model No. and Product No. of your hp 2000 series notebook - see Here for a guide on locating this information. Regards, DP-K

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Mr.... my lap suddenly stuck after 5 ,10 minutes switch on... after that it doesn't work... so i have to long press power button for machine off...... so what can i do.... thank u.... appreciate ur help..................!

A:stuck suddenly stuck after 5,10 minutes switch on my lap

By far the simplest fix is to use System Restore to roll back Windows to a point in time when everything when your computer was functioning correctly. It allows you to undo system changes without affecting your personal files, such as e-mail, documents, or photos. Video: Fixing a problem using System Restore​ If that doesn't help, try restoring an earlier system image or backup. No suitable restore point, backup, or image available? Kick yourself -- you missed the easy solution, and you're left with digging through Windows' many settings.

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My computer automatically updated when I turned it on. It's on the HP logo screen. The update stops at 9% and won't budge for the past 2 days.

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hey guys, im not sure if this is actually a problem with vista or my pc, so if im wrong feel free to move this thread....

so im having lately problems with my pc\vista, i donu.
i leave my pc alone for a few minutes and when i get back its Frozen, i see whatever was on the screen the moment it gut stuck and i cant move the mouse, and the LED at the Front of the PC, the one thats on when the computer is "thinking" is Switched ON and stays that way.
this started happening a few weeks ago, i dont think i installed anything new that might have caused this.
and one other thing, im almost sure its related, i tried installing the beta version of windows 7 and in middle of installation it gets stuck the same way i described before, i tried different versions of the Windows 7 and a few times each and it gets stuck every time and each time in different progress of the installation...
please help me.

A:Vista Gets Stuck, and Stuck on windows 7 install

I'd suggest starting with running a memory test ( ); then following that with a bootable hard drive diagnostic:

Here's a description from my blog:

What you'll need:
- a blank CD
- a computer with an internet connection where you can download a file, install a small program, and burn a CD (doesn't have to be the computer that you'll be testing).

1. Determine the make and model of your hard drive

- In Windows XP - Go to Start...Run...and type in "devmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter. Click on the + sign next to Disk Drives and use Google to search the information listed there)

- In Windows VISTA - Go to Start...and type in "devmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter. Click on the + sign next to Disk Drives and use Google to search the information listed there

- From outside of Windows: Unplug the system from the wall, remove the battery (if it's a laptop) and crack the case open. Look inside to locate the hard drive and write down the make and model number (although the model number isn't required for the test, it will help you to identify what sort of drive to replace if the test says that the drive is bad).

If you're unable to see the hard drive info, follow the steps below for the Hitachi DFT. At the screen where it asks you if the list is correct, the model number of your drive will be there. Use Google to search for the model and that will let yo... Read more

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Hi Guys,

We have a single user here that has problems with stuck outbox messages in outlook. Off of only one of his email accounts in his profile. Off of only his computer. There are definitely some patterns of characteristics from the emails though, which I would imagine have something to do with the problem. They are: They almost always include attachments, they've always got multiple recipients and CC's, and they're almost always replies in threads of emails being sent back and forth.

Clearing out and recreating his profile doesn't help, doing the standard "take off some of the 'RE:'s in the subject line", throw it in drafts and then re-send it, copy-and-paste it into a new message altogether... some of these randomly help solve problems at total random, but 99% of the time they don't work.

My only workaround that works completely is using a virtual box (or logging in through another PC), setting up his profile and forwarding the stuck message from the outbox on the alternate computer.

Now obviously that means it's not our email host, and it's not some strange format or character that's universally just not able to send... what happens with these messages is that they aren't even looked at, they don't even begin to send (sometimes attachments would explain a delay as it would take time to send out a big file), they're just ignored permanently on his computer.

I obviously see a solution would be to switch out his desktop, but that's kind of like saying "... Read more

A:Outlook stuck outbox- Not conventional 'stuck' either


I have a bit of experience with Outlook and Exchange, so I have a few questions for you--
Are you running in a Microsoft Exchange environment, and if so, which version?
What antivirus are you running on the affected PC?
Do you have any special spam filtering or virus scanning on the mail server that is specifically for email?

I've seen where certain antivirus products can cause these "stuck" outbox issues. I assume you've tried the basic F9 (send/receive) to try and force the message through as well?


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this is a many faceted and increasing in facets issue (ill try to make it as short as possible);

the male side of my video cable connection (the part on the motherboard) had bent pins; the pins were unbent and the cable was able to fit back in, BUT

the picture was garbled--wrong colors, moving lines, etc. the people at a tech store told me the video cable was pinched and knowing that it had been jammed in the hinge for a while, i believed it extremely feasible. I finally ordered a new video cable but replaced it, and to no avail. the picture may have been slightly better--but not significantly if so; additionally (and im not sure if it was this way the first time as well) the computer was displaying at the size of the external.

i restarted, and reazlied that the laptop screen displayed nothing at startup, until logged in--exactly like the external. i figured that at least a portion of what was going on was the computer was sending the external screen signal to the laptop.

things i've tried:

-reseating both ends of the new video cable MANY times
-turning the computer off, taking out battery, holding start button, putitng battery back in, restarting
-every variation of screen resolution/external monitor setting
-pluggin in the external, putting laptop to sleep, unpluggnig external
-reinstalling video/image drivers
function key combinations

when i tried to put in safe mode via F8, the screen went blue or light gray and stayed that w... Read more

A:stuck booting safe mode, which doesnt work; stuck in external monitor mode?

i managed to change the safe mode option, unfortunately the laptop screen still isnt working correctly (the external is)

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I was asked to give additional info on my problem. I am using windows 7 on internet explorer. We are connected with at&t for the internet. The computer is a 4 month old Dell Inspiron 660 with i5 processor. I recently had a trojan horse that totally messed up my computer so badly that I brought it to a computer repair shop and had windows reloaded. The computer is working fine now. Before the trojan horse I was using Office 2003 and doing all my emails from outlook. When windows was reloaded I uploaded the same Office 2003. I configured emails to go to outlook but for the life of me outgoing emails are getting stuck in the outbox. I can go over to google gmail and both send and receive emails (I just like the outlook setup). There is alot of info on the internet on how to change your emails over to outlook. I am currently using IMAP. I also tried it with POP3 but no matter what I do outgoing emails go to the outbox. I feel the system is configured correctly. I get a message that the info I put in is correct. I have no problem receiving emails on outlook.

What can I do to be able to send emails out using outlook 2003? I can send an email out on google gmail so I don't have a problem with the internet connection. Thanks for your input!!

A:Solved: outgoing emails stuck in outlook 2003. Emails getting stuck in outbox

In almost all cases, it's just a matter of the settings not being correct, maybe the SMTP port number is incorrect or authentication needs to be turned on.

Also, if you had messages already waiting in the Outbox before changing any settings, you should delete those and try sending a new message.

Here's the AT&T settings:

And the configuration steps:
It's pretty close for Outlook 2003.

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Answer Match 31.92%

EDIT: Should be aswRVRT.sys
Computer worked fine in the morning. Then I turned it off later (had windows update)
then when I came home in the afternoon to open my PC it just didnt work.
When I try to go to safe mode it just gets stuck at aswRVRT.sys.
If it helps I already ran FRST.
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 31-10-2013
Ran by SYSTEM on MININT-FK8MU7P on 03-11-2013 12:38:52
Running from K:\
Windows 7 Home Premium (X64) OS Language: English(US)
Internet Explorer Version 10
Boot Mode: Recovery
The current controlset is ControlSet001
ATTENTION!:=====> If the system is bootable FRST could be run from normal or Safe mode to create a complete log.
==================== Registry (Whitelisted) ==================
HKLM\...\Run: [GamecomSound] - C:\Program Files\Plantronics\GameCom780\GameCom780.exe [777448 2011-12-01] ()
HKLM\...\Run: [AdobeAAMUpdater-1.0] - C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\PDApp\UWA\updaterstartuputility.exe [472984 2013-06-03] (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
HKLM\...\Run: [MSC] - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\msseces.exe [1356240 2013-08-12] (Microsoft Corporation)
HKLM\...\Run: [MsmqIntCert] - regsvr32 /s mqrt.dll
HKLM\...\Run: [Nvtmru] - C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA Update Core\NvTmru.exe [1028384 2013-10-17] (NVIDIA Corporation)
HKLM\...\Run: [UMonit] - C:\Windows\SysWOW64\UMonit.exe [49152 1999-12-31] ()
HKLM\...\Run: [RTHDVCPL] - ... Read more

A:Windows stuck on "starting Windows" screen/ Boot menu stuck at aswRVRT.exe

Anyone please?

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I have several folder trees each containing many sub-folders, say A, B, C, D and so on. The names of the sub-folders are mostly the same between the various folder trees, although there could be an X, Y, Z in one folder tree and not in others, or only 20 sub-folders in one folder tree and 40 in another.

Each sub-folder contains many files, most of which are the same as those in other sub-folders of the same name. For example, folder A in one tree may have 50 files, 40 of which are the same as sub-folder A located in another folder tree.

What I am trying to achieve is a single 'master' folder tree containing all of the sub-folders in each of the existing folder trees, each sub-folder containing all of the files in all of the sub-folders of that name, without any sub-folders or files in each sub-folder duplicated.

I can achieve exactly this by manually moving files to the corresponding sub-folder in the 'master' folder tree, clicking 'move and replace' and ticking 'do this for the next x conflicts', but it is tedious and very time consuming.

Thank you in anticipation that someone will know how to automate this otherwise laborious process.

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I am using Access 2010 and Excel 2010. I need to have VB script to export the access table 502 records by 38 fields into Multiple Excel workbooks each having multiple tabs. In the Access table each record has two fields: Div and Tab that will be used to name each workbook and each tab (sheet). There are 6 unique "Div"'s to name the 6 workbooks and there are several "Tab" names for each Div (workbook).

Note: These 6 workbooks with multiple tabs were orignally imported into Access from one common folder on my desktop by this routine.

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit
Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim blnHasFieldNames As Boolean, blnEXCEL As Boolean, blnReadOnly As Boolean
Dim lngCount As Long
Dim objExcel As Object, objWorkbook As Object
Dim colWorksheets As Collection
Dim strPath As String, strTable As String
Dim strFile As String
Dim strPAF As String
Dim strPassword As String
' Establish an EXCEL application object
' On Error Resume Next
' Set objExcel = GetObject(, "Excel.Application")
' If Err.Number <> 0 Then
' Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
' blnEXCEL = True
' End If
' Err.Clear
' On Error GoTo 0
' Change this next line to True if the first row in EXCEL worksheet
' has field names
blnHasFieldNames = True
' Replace C:\Filename.xls with the actual path and filename
strPath = Me.myFileName
strFile = Dir(strPath & &q... Read more

A:Solved: Export Access table to multiple excel workbooks with multiple tabs

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I have several sets of folder trees, each with multiple sub-folders, each sub-folder containing multiple files. I would like to merge all of this into a single folder tree, retaining the same sub-folder structure and each sub-folder containing a single set of files, eliminating all of the inevitable duplicates that will arise from the merging.

Doing this manually with Windows Explorer is both tedious and time consuming. I have to select all of the files in one of the sub-folders, then drag the selection to the corresponding sub-folder in the main folder tree, choose 'move and replace' and tick 'do the same for the next x conflicts' and repeat this process for each of the many sub-folders.

Although I did an online search before posting this plea for help, I have only seen utilities that will merge all files in multiple folders into a single folder, I have not seen a utility that will do what I need.

I'm hoping that someone will know of a utility that will save me doing this manually for the next many years!

Thank you in anticipation.


A:[SOLVED] Merging multiple files in multiple sub-folders into a single folder tree

I would really look into Robocopy from microsoft. It's a pretty simple yet very powerful tool for copying files, mirroring directories, and many other file tasks. Here is a small tutorial outlining some of the cool things you can do. If you'd rather have a GUI, look at Robocopy GUI.

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I've been having BSOD trouble over the past four or five months now. The BSODs typically happen once a week, sometimes twice, with small strings of daily crashes here and there. I'm at my wit's end when it comes to trying to figure out where the problem lies. All of my parts are under warranty, so I'm desperate to find out which one, if any, are at fault.

I've tested my hardware extensively. Memtest86 for 7 passes on multiple occasions, using different stick and slot combinations. Ran torture tests using Prime95 for the processor. All hard drive checks come back without problems. Ran Furmark on my video card with no artifacts.

The BSODs happen most commonly when using video playlists for both Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic, multiple types of files. They also sometimes occur when playing particular games (Borderlands II, Dark Souls). Installing a fresh copy of Windows 7 did not remove BSODs, even after running it in factory settings with no additional installations.

I have attached a dump file, and I thank whoever attempts to assist me.

A:Multiple BSODs, Multiple Bugchecks (0xD1, 0x3B, 0x50, 0x0A)

Hi anthonylert.

The versatility of the bugchecks are the indication of failing memory prima facie, but as you said you ran Memtest86, can you run the memtest86+?

Test your RAM modules for possible errors.
How to Test and Diagnose RAM Issues with Memtest86+
Run memtest for at least 8 passes, preferably overnight.

If it start showing errors/red lines, stop testing. A single error is enough to determine that something is going bad there.

Also, disable bluetooth,at least as a test. The Atheros bluetooth module is appearing to be failing.

Free up the startup. Windows does not need any other program to auto start with it, but the auto start programs often conflicts and causes various problems including BSODs.
Click on the Start button
Type ?msconfig (without quotes), click the resulting link. It will open the System Configuration window.
Select the ?Startup? tab.
Deselect all items other than the antivirus.
Apply > OK
Accept then restart.
Let us know the results.

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Hi, i had been having issues with bluescreens once every week or so. I took action by updating my drivers etc but this did not fix the issue. I re-installed windows and got all my drivers on and such yet the problem persists with more bluescreens, more often and with more driver causes.
Before the re-install the bluescreen was always atikmdag.sys but now i have had two others. I believe these may be due to the program ESL Wire which is an anti-cheat program for counter-strike tournaments. If there is any way to have ESL Wire and not experience the BSOD then please let me know as i need to use it for tournaments. I am not aware of the cause of atikmdag.sys and have tried beta graphics drivers but the problem persists.
I have attached the DM Log Collector results.
Thanks for reading,

A:Multiple BSOD Multiple Drivers - Fresh Install (atikmdag.sys = main)

Robbie, I haven't completed looking at your dump files yet, but so far they all list your Graphics driver, as you know.

lmvm atikmdag
start end module name
fffff880`11e30000 fffff880`12dd9000 atikmdag T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: atikmdag.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\atikmdag.sys
Image name: atikmdag.sys
Timestamp: Fri Jun 20 21:36:23 2014 (53A4EFA7)
CheckSum: 00F44F2A
ImageSize: 00FA9000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
I am not familiar with the ESL Wire program you mentioned. I do know what it is, and a brief search on the internet shows you are not the only one having issues with it, just not all the issues are the exact same as yours. Have you tried uninstalling it and doing the same thing as you normally do that causes the BSODs? That should answer that question, one way or the other. I know you need it for what you do, but has proven to be a problematic program, it seems. ESL Wire has a forum you may want to post there and see what suggestions they have. If their tech support people frequent there, they made the program and would be the best ones to resolve any problems with it.

Where are you downloading your video card drivers from? And are you overclocking the cards? If you are playing Tournaments, I'm reasonably sure you would be. I would suggest resetting to default settings at least until we figure this out. ... Read more

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"Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68
Run by Owner on 2007-12-22 04:41:55
Computer is in Normal Mode.

-- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------

Successfully created a Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point.

-- Last 2 Restore Point(s) --
2: 2007-12-22 09:41:59 UTC - RP2 - Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point
1: 2007-12-22 09:40:33 UTC - RP1 - System Checkpoint

Backed up registry hives.
Performed disk cleanup.

-- HijackThis (run as Owner.exe) -----------------------------------------------

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 4:44:57 AM, on 12/22/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16574)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPLpr.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\Digital Media Reader\shwicon2k.exe
C... Read more

A:Popups, Multiple unknown processes, Multiple viruses and malware found...

TeaTimer is an excellent tool for the prevention of spyware but it can sometimes prevent HijackThis from fixing certain things. Please disable TeaTimer for now until you are clean. TeaTimer can be re-activated once your HijackThis log is clean.Open Spybot Search & Destroy.
In the Mode menu click "Advanced mode" if not already selected.
Choose Yes at the Warning prompt.
Expand the Tools menu.
Click Resident.
Uncheck the Resident "TeaTimer" (Protection of overall system settings) active. box.
In the File menu click Exit to exit Spybot Search & Destroy.

Double click ResetTeaTimer.bat to remove all entries set by TeaTimer.


Do a HijackThis scan & place a check next to these items and select "Fix checked":

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page =
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [Curb tool help dart] C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Move Bore Curb Tool\That This.exe
O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [CreativeWeb] C:\DOCUME~1\Owner\APPLIC~1\LITEPL~1\Defy bias plus.exe
O9 - Extra button: (no name) - {CD67F990-D8E9-11d2-98FE-00C0F0318AFE} - (no file)

Ignore any prompts for a reboot


1. Please choose from any of the above links. Download the file & Save it to Desktop.

2. Double click on ComboFix.exe & follow the prompts.

3... Read more

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i am uploading excel work book with 4 sheets, sheet no1 contains the record to be verifed/matched with the records in sheet no.2. we will match BTC_Name, BTC_Fname, Deg_RegNO of sheet1 with student name, father name, of sheet no.2, if records of sheet no.1 are matched/presented in sheet no.2 then the whole row of sheet no.1 should be copied in to sheet no.3 (if matched display here) else other wise mismatched/ not presented records of sheet no.1 in sheet2 should be displayed (whole row) in sheet no.4 (not matched display here). i have shown sample values in sheet 3 and in sheet 4 taken from sheet 1.

A:compare/match multiple column values in multiple excel sheet

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Hello VBA experts. Need your help. I have a workbook with 14 worksheets. Each worksheet has several fields all named the same. I need to sort 3 fields in each worksheet. Those are ascending in this order; Patient ID (in column A), DOS (in column E) and Code (column B).
Does anyone know of a code that can easily sort all 14 tabs at once? The range of data in each worksheet are different. Some worksheets have very little data to sort while other worksheets have maybe a 2,000 rows of data.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Excel 2010 - Sort multiple fields in multiple sheets


Here is a macro that will sort all spreadsheets each with 3 levels of sort, all ascending assuming that the number of rows in all columns is the same.

Give this a try on a copy of your file (can't stress this enough) and let us know what it didn't do right
[SIZE=1]Sub SortSheets()[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1]' Macro1 Macro[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1]For i = 1 To Sheets.Count[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(i).Sort.SortFields.Clear[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(i).Sort.SortFields.Add Key:=Range("A2:A" & Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row) _[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] , SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, Order:=xlAscending, DataOption:=xlSortNormal[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(i).Sort.SortFields.Add Key:=Range("E2:E" & Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row) _[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] , SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, Order:=xlAscending, DataOption:=xlSortNormal[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(i).Sort.SortFields.Add Key:=Range("B2:B" & Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row) _[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] , SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, Order:=xlAscending, DataOption:=xlSortNormal[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] With ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(i).Sort[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=... Read more

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System Specs:
Motherboard: ECS nForce 570 SLIT-A v5.1 Motherboard, NVIDIA, Socket 775, Serial ATA
CPU: Intel Pentium D 830 3.0GHz / 2MB Cache / 800 FSB / Socket 775
Hard Disks Used:
Original and Current:
Western Digital / Caviar SE 16 / 250GB / 7200 / 16MB / SATA-300
Also Tried:
Seagate ST31000528AS Barracuda 7200.12 Hard Drive - 1TB, 7200 rpm, 32MB, SATA-3G
Graphics/Video Card: XFX GeForce 8600 GT
RAM: Ultra 1024MB PC4200 DDR2 533MHz Memory x3
Power Supply: Cooler Master / 430-Watt / ATX / SATA Ready
OS: Windows XP, SP2

A while back, this machine was up and running with no problems until a nasty hijack put it out of commission. It sat untouched for 4 or 5 months until I finally got a new hard drive to reinstall windows on. I decided just to put the new hard drive (Hitachi 1TB) in there and use the old one (Western Digital 250GB) as extra storage on my other (problem-free) machine.

I installed Windows as usual, got it up and running, applied some updates (but not SP3), began installing my programs and CRASH. The restart would take forever and it would either a) hang on the Windows XP loading screen (with the running blue bar underneath the logo) or b) give me a ?Disk read error? before it ever got to a windows screen. I reformatted, reinstalled Windows, and the exact same thing happened again.

Thinking it must be a bad drive, I got an RMA for the drive, returned it, and tried a di... Read more

A:System Crashes, won't boot - on multiple (working) HDDs, after multiple re-installs

Hello thereisnoart,

you may have to wipe the hard drive with a 3rd party program like (KIllDisk

the reason for this is hijacker programs can be hard writen to the drive so when you do a simple formate it bleed thru and you jacked again

this is the same as for some virus's

follow the link

all the instruction on use and making the bootable cd are in the program of at the site

this will zero out the drives and make them like new

then reinstall

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I sure hope someone can provide, or direct me to the formula to accomplish the following in Xcel 2000.
I have a singe sheet consisting of 5,123 rows of data in 13 columns. A person has been maintaining this and we are about to convert it to cvs and install a text file in a CGI\Perl program to run on a web site. For some unknown reason the person who started and has been maintaining the file has set it up so that the first 3 columns contain data that should be all in one column. Here is an example: a ham radio call, we will say is: WW6XXX. In the first column (A), row 7, he has entered the prefix: "WW", in the second column, (B), row 7 he has entered the call district "6" and in the third column (C), row 7, he has entered the suffix "WWW".

I have inserted a blank column "D". I can combine, for example A7,B7 and C7 with the simple formula =A1&B1&C1 placed in D7. No problem.

Now the problem, and I'm sure you all ready can see it. I need to do this with all 5,123 rows. It certainly SEEMS, logically, that I should be able to accomplish this but durned if I've been able to do it. I have Googled, I have Jeeved it, you name it, I've tried it. I have found some "close calls" that almost answer it, but not the real answer.

Obviously I can do this 5,123 times, manually, but I'd rather find a simpler answer, if there is one.
Blessings to anyone who can provide me with the answer. This by the way, is for a... Read more

A:Solved: In Xcel, I Need to combine multiple columns containing multiple rows into one column

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Hey guys, I hope someone on here can help me out. I have a MSI GX660R laptop and its a monster, but I have been getting a lot of BSOD and reboots lately. Ive attached a zip with the five latest dumps and and looking for any help I can get. Thanks peoples.

A:Multiple BSOD and reboots on Win7 Ultimate. Multiple dumps included

Hi -

Run Driver Verifier - Driver Verifier - Windows 7 & Vista (BSOD-related)

Driver Verifier needs to run 24 hours minimum or until it BSODs your system, whichever is less. Then . . .

Provide full system info - Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions - Windows 7 & Vista

Also, run Speccy - Speccy - System Information - Free Download
- "File" | "Publish Snapshot" | Paste URL into your next post

Regards. . .



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THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now when I go online, IE automatically opens (I don't use IE, I use Firefox) and ads pop up. Also, Zone Alarm prompts me w/alerts regularly (esp. when I open a file or program) that <program name> is trying to access <something> which can track keystrokes, etc. I'm now also getting ZoneAlarm alerts saying that <random #s/letters> is trying to start automatically when I start the computer.

I downloaded hijack this, clicked scan button, and got this popup alert:

For some reason your system denied write access to the Hosts file. If any hijacked domains are in this file, HijackThis may NOT be able to fix this.

If that happens, you need to edit the file yourself. To do this, click Start, Run and type:

notepad C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

and press Enter. Find the line(s) HijackThis reports and delete them. Save the file as 'hosts.' (with quotes), and reboot.

For Vista: simply, exit HijackThis, right click on the HijackThis icon, choose 'Run as administrator'.

Hit the OK button and here is the log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 9:10:04 PM, on 3/4/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP3 (6.00.2900.5512)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\sys... Read more

A:Virus: IE opens w/ads, multiple times, also brings up multiple ZoneAlarm alerts

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Once again, my computer thinks it's been working correctly for too long

Here is the link to my previous thread: [SOLVED] Unknown BSOD from time to time

This time, it basically gives me a BSOD when the processor workload is higher than 20%, something runs out of memory or the computer has been idle for more than 15 mins. (Using YouTube, playing Games etc. etc.) Here are all the error reports:


PC specs:

Processor: AMD Athlon II x4 640
Installed Memory RAM: 4.00 GB (I don't know what manufacturer or model)
Motherboard: BIOSTAR GF8200E
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8200
DiskDrive: Hitachi HDS721050CLA362

As before, I have attached the needed files to the post. I was kind of stupid of me to mark the previous thread as [SOLVED] instantly.

A:[SOLVED] BSOD teasing me; Multiple issues and multiple 'corrupted' files.

Have you tested your RAM? You can use memtest 86+ or the ultmate boot cd. Have you tried booting in safe mode and then letting the computer sit for 30 minutes? Does the blue screen happen in safe mode?

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I have run malwarebytes, hitman Pro, ADWcleaner and multiple dllhost.exe *32 Com Surrogate processes keep popping up in task manager.
Computer/internet is very slow.
Here is the Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 04-11-2014
Ran by Pattie (administrator) on MININT-Q9CGG1P on 05-11-2014 15:57:31
Running from C:\Users\Pattie\Downloads
Loaded Profile: Pattie (Available profiles: Pattie)
Platform: Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 (X64) OS Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 11
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool:
==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.)
(AMD) C:\Windows\System32\atiesrxx.exe
(AMD) C:\Windows\System32\atieclxx.exe
(Microsoft Corporation) C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Application Virtualization Client\sftvsa.exe
(CyberLink Corp.) C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\PowerDVD9\PDVD9Serv.exe
() C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio\OEM\Roxio Burn\RoxioBurnLauncher.exe
(Nikon Corporation) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Nikon\Monitor\NkMonitor.exe
(Adobe Systems Incorporated) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\ARM\1.0\AdobeARM.exe
(Oracle Corporation) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched... Read more

A:Malwarebytes found multiple trojans, multiple dllhost.exe *32 processes computer

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! This message contains very important information, so please read through all of it before doing anything.
We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.
To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:
*************************************************** In order to continue receiving help at, YOU MUST tell me if you still need help or if your issue has already been resolved on your own or through another resource! To tell me this, please click on the following link and follow the instructions there.CLICK THIS LINK >>> <<< CLICK THIS LINK
If you no longer need help, then all you needed to do was the previous instructions of telling me so. You can skip the rest of this post. If you do need help please continue with Step 2 below.
***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of t... Read more

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I am infected. Can only boot in SafeMode. Removed multiple items multiple times. Is Combo fix my next step?

EMachines, T6412, AMD Athlon 64, 3400+, 2.19 GHz, 1.37 GB of Ram, Windows XP SP2

Can only boot in Safe Mode.

Booted without Internet. And Unplugged Ethernet from computer.

Pop-ups include:

Your computer is not protected against spyware....
Internet attack attempt detected......
your computer is infected with spyware...
Your Computer is working slowly.....
Windows Security Center System Warning
full screen "Threat: CoolWebSearch"
Windows Security Center
full screen "Threat Name: TrojanDownloader.XS"

SpyBot (updated to the latest) has removed the following but they do not stay removed and I have removed them again many times. Wait 10 minutes, ran SpyBot again, they return again without rebooting.:


Ran AVG Antivirus numerous times - Vault items. Some repeat:

Trojan horse Downloader.Purityscan.y
Trojan horse Downloader.Agent.15.A
Trojan Horse Sheur.BJSJ
Trojan horse Generic10.VYB
Trojan ho... Read more

A:I Am Infected. Can Only Boot In Safemode. Removed Multiple Items Multiple Times. Is Combo Fix My Next Step?

Please run this scan first. Combo fix may be the next alternative,but it is NOT a tool you should run without guidance. That can all be done from the HiJackThis malware removal forum. But we'll try this first.Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on Download_mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan. If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue. If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed succ... Read more

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I am running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 on my laptop.  I have a Fedora Core 7 server running SaMBa.  They share a /28 subnet (with 0, 6, and 7 taken by networking, 1 - 4 on the server, 5 on the laptop).
The server has multiple SaMBa shares (for this example, \\myserver\share1 and \\myserver\share2).  There are two SaMBA users, user1 and user2, each either their own passwords.  user1 can access \\myserver\share1 and user2 can access \\myserver\share2 .  I log on to the Vista laptop using a separate user/pass from either of those two accounts.
When I attempt to connect to these shares, I can do so without a problem if I connect to them singly using "connect using different user name".  However, if I attempt to connect to both simultaneously, I get:
"System error 1219 has occurred.
Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed.  Disconnect all previous connections to the server or shared resource and try again."
I need to be able to connect to both shares simultaneously, but using the different credentials (I don't want user1 creating files in \\myserver\share2 and I don't want user2 creating files in \\myserver\share1).
I have tried manually using NET USE and I get the same error when I try to map the second drive after the first is mounted. I have also messed with regedit and changed \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\... Read more

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Thanks for taking the time to read this, I am new to the site and went to hardware to try to fix an issue, Wayne and Frank both were very nice, Wayne recommended that i go to malware virus first, i have three issue i hope to receive some free advice on. the hardware issue was a wireless button not working, i believe the driver is bad, qualcomm atheros 9485 802.11b?g/n. but following directions seemed very difficult, as i am having an issue with redirects, new tabs opening and pop ups, so many in fact i am having trouble following download directions, i believe i have had as many as 6 at once, mostly multiple, but at times only one. When downloading often a new window opens when thing are correct, but not a half dozen and some are clearly not related, but many are close to what i want. i had a malware q pro something, google told me how to remove it, it returned, the conduit, thing has affect me, toolbars are installed with out my ok, so i read carefully when going through the steps. now i do not know what is my problem with all the unwanted pop ups, redirects new tabs new links, my wife works daily on a computer, she is a CAD operator, while out of town she bought me a new laptop just like hers except software. my desktop was down i was trying to re install either vita or windows 7, i had the system disks and a mirror of computer i bought. got to final step and crashes. have any suggestion on the virus issue as this conputer works with an ethernet cable but not wireless, so i... Read more

A:multiple issues on multiple computers, maybe i am a beginner, thought i was moving ou

something is wrong?

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Multiple BSODs over the last year, sometimes while logging in, sometimes after 15 minutes of running. Have tried SFC/SCANNOW, memory test, CHKDSK, all with no reported errors. Did a system restore to Windows 8 a while back and kept getting BSODs. Could it be a hard drive problem, or a simple drive upgrade? Im currently working on trying to update all my drivers to see if that will fix it. All help is appreciated.

A:Multiple BSOD errors from multiple drivers, no luck fixing so far

Oh and I replaced the RAM and was still getting BSODs so I put my factory ones back in.

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Hey Guys,

I running windows 98 on a Gateway desktop with a HP Laser Jet 6L Printer, Here's my situation:

I can't figure this one out. I had to print out about 40 pages of a 2
page document in Word. I go under file/print/change the number of
copies to 40. What happens is, the printer is only printing 1 copy of
each page and isn't recognizing that I want 40 copies. So if I have a 2
page document, or a 3 page document, I get all the pages but not any
additional copies. (What is strange is that the printer window icon
shows the printer assigned to print 40 copies, but if it's only a 2 page
document the printer just stops after 2 pages) Nothing else unusual with
the printer itself and so far I just noticed it today and seems to be
only related to Word. Note that if I print Multiple pages of SINGLE page docs, everything is fine. I don't know what could be wrong.


A:Can't Print Multiple Copies of Multiple Page Documents on HP Laser Jet 6L

Which driver are you using? HP installs 3 different ones for the 6L and the PCL one doesn't always work right. Could be a memory or spool setting as well.

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Over the past few weeks my PC has had several issues:
1) Mouse pointer freezing or disappearing followed by a beep sound following which the PC locks up
2) Nvidia screen crashing and auto recovering repeatedly
3) One instance of numerous random programs self starting all at the same time - several dozen separate executables all auto initiated
4) A couple of weeks ago there were also a number of instances of BSOD (IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL)
To date anti virus is showing no issues (Malwarebytes and Avast). I also tried to run windows defender and the following message came up: "Application failed to initialize: 0x800106ba. A problem caused this programs's service to stop ..."
Dell XPS420
Windowa Vista 32 bit
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT
Thanks for any assistance you can offer

A:Vista multiple lockups and multiple programs auto starting

Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2. SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me.NOTE 3. If you receive UNSUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEM! ABORTED! message restart computer and Security Check should run Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeList Restore PointsClick Go and post the result. Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) to your desktop.NOTE. If you already have MBAM 2.0 installed scroll down.Double-click ... Read more

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I had a large music library in a folder called music.

I installed itunes, and it decided to re-organize all of my files... So now i have 1,111 (that's right one-thousand one-hundred and eleven) sub-folders in the music folder, each containing a number of sub folders, and each sub folder has only one of two music files in it....

I would be laughing hysterically if there was simply an undo button, but there isn't.

It could literally take six months to manually go to the bottom of each folder tree, pull the one song, past it in the root folder, and then delete the folder it came from, over 8,000 for each of the files in my library.

So the question is: is there some utility i can use to pull all of the files at once, and then delete all of the folders left behind?



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I have a word document that is 36 pages long. On several pages of the document I have to put in the same information, which is very time consuming. Is there a way that I can type in what I need and have it automatically appear everywhere else I need that information to be in the document? Any help would be greatly appreciated and a huge time saver.

A:Word 2007 - Multiple entries in a multiple page document

There may be a macro that would do what you want, but I don't know anything about using them. Cut and Paste would be faster than retyping the info.

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I have a pc that has Malwarebytes and AVG 2015. Malwarebytes continues to popup showing it is blocking several times. and the pc is running very slow. When I check task manager, many instances of dllhost*32 are running. I removed Google Chrome and Java which slowed down the start of the dllhost*32 but I am still killing the processes to work on the pc. I am also noting extra explorer.exe opening in task manager and am killing these when I see them as well. Thank you for your assistance.
Here is the DDS.txt:
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64
Internet Explorer: 11.0.9600.17344
Run by Deborah at 7:23:48 on 2014-10-31
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional   6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.3551.2024 [GMT -4:00]
AV: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2015 *Enabled/Updated* {0E9420C4-06B3-7FA0-3AB1-6E49CB52ECD9}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2015 *Enabled/Updated* {B5F5C120-2089-702E-0001-553BB0D5A664}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG2015\avgcsrva.exe
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32... Read more

A:Getting multiple blocks and multiple dllhost32.dll in task manager

If you still need help; download a copy of FRST and post its two logs and we will go from there:
Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your Desktop.
Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system, download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.
Looks like you can get the 64bit version.
    Right-click FRST then click "Run as administrator" (XP users: click run after receipt of Windows Security Warning - Open File).
    When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
    Press the Scan button.
    When finished, it will produce a log called FRST.txt in the same directory the tool was run from.
    Please copy and paste the log in your next reply.
The first time the tool is run it generates another log (Addition.txt - also located in the same directory the tool was run from). Please also paste that, along with the FRST.txt into your next reply.

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Hi there
I am having trouble with many pieces of malware at once I think.
A few days ago I noticed I was being redirected around to different websites (something like about 20% of the time when I clicked on any link. I have tried to get rid of it with malwarebytes, but it didn't go away. Today I noticed the computer slowing donw significantly and I have multiple instances of 300k+ memory usage "explorer.exe" being open and multiple "iexplore.exe" despite me having never used internet explorer.
I have tried using the dds tool to make a dds.txt, but it will only generate me the attach.txt  and no dds.txt file no matter the options I select. I visited this forum (or a similar one) many years ago now and was told to make HijackThis logs. Not sure if this is still a thing at all but I made some anyway and i'll attach those.
I also took a screengrab of all the explorer.exe's running
Hope you can help me, and I can provide any other things you need

A:Multiple viruses - Internet website redirects, multiple "explorer.exe's"

Hello! Welcome to BleepingComputer Forums!
My name is Georgi and and I will be helping you with your computer problems.
Before we begin, please note the following:
I will working be on your Malware issues, this may or may not, solve other issues you have with your machine.
The logs can take some time to research, so please be patient with me.
Stay with the topic until I tell you that your system is clean. Missing symptoms does not mean that everything is okay.
Instructions that I give are for your system only!
Please do not run any tools until requested ! The reason for this is so I know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.
Please perform all steps in the order received. If you can't understand something don't hesitate to ask.
Again I would like to remind you to make no further changes to your computer unless I direct you to do so. I will not help you if you do not follow my instructions.
Please download the latest version of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your desktop.Note: You need to run the version compatibale with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.
Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
Press Scan button.
It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please copy a... Read more

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I'm not new to Batch Files but i have a requirement that i can't seem to get my head around, I'm sure it must be simple'ish..

I have 2 .txt files (Locations.txt | Files.txt)
Locations is a list of directoriesFiles is a list of file names

I would like to write a Batch Script that would loop through each location in the Locations.txt for files names that match any in Files.txt

I think i may need to write a for loop to cycle through the locations but then i'm not sure how i would pass the file names through for it to check for.

Basically if it does find any of those file names in any of the location i would want it to echo a message.


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Good day all

Learner here, reasonably OK with Excel, well some of it, but struggling with VBA.

I have a Excel 2013 workbook with 96 worksheets in it. Each sheet records hours worked on projects in that week and is summarised. Using VBA I want to copy each sheets summary range, BH3: BI390, to a collection sheet and sum as I do so, i.e. copy, paste special add, them to get a record of hours worked to date on the projects.

There are four other sheets which I do not want to analyise and I think I know how to exclude them.

I realise I can do this using 3D formula but the number of sheets increase by one each week and I don't believe that 3D formulas can accommodate this whereas I understand VBA can?.

I have spent a couple of days searching various forums about this and cannot find an answer. It seems to me it ought to be a relatively simple operation but then what do I know.

I have tried recording a macro to do a similar thing, copy past special and add, on one sheet and then adapting to suit with no success.

Following is the code I tried following this approach, don't laugh.
Sub ConsolSheets()
Dim ws As Worksheet

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

For Each ws In Worksheets
If ws.Name <> "Master" And ws.Name <> "Log" And ws.Name <> "Total Summary" And ws.Name <> "Consolidate" Then
Application.CutCopy... Read more

A:Solved: Copy save and add multiple ranges from multiple worksheets

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We have three medical clinics and the front desk staff float from clinic to clinic depending on their schedule.

I only started here a few months ago and I am working on upgrading their Dell xp systems to Windows 7 systems.

The problem begins to crop up when say a user named Sally will come in and sit down at this system for the first time.. Well, she needs to login, click on outlook icon, let it find her exchange PST and copy settings to her user profile, then she launches the application for the scanner that she uses to scan in ID's and insurance cards for every patient coming in.. The scanner is set to default settings and needs to be tweaked on color depth and double sided, etc.. Then after that, she needs to launch her Medical EMR application.. and then choose various options in the citrix client, ..

TL;DR - Each user needs to spend 20 minutes resetting the defaults at this updated system.

Well this is fine except, I am planning on updating 2 front desk systems at each clinic, the user Sally will need to do all these things EACH time she finds herself sitting down at a system I just swapped out the previous evening.

My thought is this, put a single system down in one clinic and let it sit a week giving most of the float users a chance to work on it for a day, setting all of their preferences etc.

Once I get a bunch of them with user profiles on the local drive, grab an image of that drive and just deploy that to each system I roll out..

Couple issues I... Read more

A:Multiple users on multiple win7-64 systems.. Easy way to clone one?

If Sally logs onto the computer with her name it should have all her preferences saved do you have a separate account setup for every user, maybe if you setup the account as admin to begin with then after everything is setup the way she likes remove the admin privilege and do the same for all users

look at this tutorial on Seven Forums
User Account - Create

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Hello All-
I am part of team of people who are experiencing a weird issue that we cannot seem to pin point the root cause of;
So far the only commonality between the computers seems to be Windows 7 and LabTech Software.
I, personally have seen the issue occur on 3 separate computers. It happens when you reboot the machine. However, we have a large network on machines on various clients and we are noticing the issue on a certain percentage of our clients, and then a certain percentage of their machines. It does not appear to be spreading, but it has affected a great number of computers.
One of the computers was unable to install windows updates, .NET seemed to have been turned off, unable to turn it on, event viewer was inaccessible, restoring windows worked the first few times and now the restore will not even work. (that computer is hosed after experiencing the crash 4 times)
Another computer, which I am currently on, is still repairing and rebooting into windows. I rebooted into a restore point from yesterday morning "after the crash." The user used the computer all day yesterday without issue. We decided that we would use it to perform some test on...
I booted it into safe mode and ran an MBAM scan.
I found 2527 threats and attempted to remove them (necessary reboot)
computer would not boot up, necessary restore.
tried to remove malware bytes which was still there, but could not, downloaded a removal tool recommended by MBAM, removed prog... Read more

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Sounds simple, but I cannot find a similar solved post.

I have a list of people (several hundred) in a worksheet and a list of zipcodes on another. The list of zipcodes (534 total) is a list of all zipcodes within a radius of multiple locations (one each for < 50 miles and one for >50 but less than 180 for each location). Both lists are maintained manually, I just need to lookup all the people with a zipcode that matches whatever list is selected. I am thinking the user selects the zipcode list to use from a simple validation dropdown but I am at a loss of how to return the list of people and their data.

I have attached an example file, I am looking to return the results on the "Who" tab. I have created the location selection from the header row of the Zipcode worksheet, I just need some help returning the People.

As always, TIA

A:Solved: Lookup multiple people from a list of multiple zipcodes

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I have a pretty elaborate home network consisting of a wired gigabit ethernet primary network and a wireless-N wireless network. everything i have been able to get functioning flawlessly excluding getting the windows shares and ps3 media server i run from a wired windows 7 64-bit server to share across the wireless portion of my network. i attempted to fix this issue by purchasing a 2nd adapter for said server so that it would have both a wired and wireless connection and be able to share across both the 192.x.x.x subnet(which already works) and the 10.x.x.x subnet(which hasnt been. I now have the 2nd adapter setup without a gateway as to not confuse internet traffic going FROM said server so it will use the primary wired gigabit adapter instead of wireless. I am able to ping from the wireless side of the network back to the servers assigned wireless IP but for some reason still cannot see the shares, i have been unable to find any adapter specific share settings in win7 thus far and am wondering if i am missing something. any help is appreciated. Thanks. network topography attached.....

A:Networks Shares over multiple network adapters on multiple subnets

I have a very similar scenario and I too would like to share Media Server/DLNA across multiple subnets. Have you found a solution to this?

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Hey there,

So just to start things off, I'm 18 and don't really have much technical knowledge when it comes to computer hardware and errors, etc.

I started getting BSODs a while back, but they weren't very frequent, so I uninstalled all the programmes I had on my laptop and it stopped for the most part, so I assumed that was the problem.
As time went on up until now, they have been getting much more frequent, with the error message at the top stating something different each time, getting what seemed more serious. Sometimes when I get 1 BSOD, it would BSOD again on Startup, then again after that, which is rather frustrating haha.
I was reluctant to posting on forums, but it's come to the point of either fixing it logically, or ending up punching the screen xD

I can't really define when it happens, as it's more often some times than others, I have a hinch it has something to do with my graphics card though, as I would be playing a game, then I'd open up a new tab and watch a video then get BSOD at some point.
However it happens (less frequently for the most part) when idle or with minimum programmes running.

The programmes I mainly use on the laptop is:

Google Chrome
Sony Vegas Pro 11 (Video Editing Software)
Total Media Extreme (Personal Video Recording Software)

I can't remember any of the actual error codes, but some of the display messages i can remember are:

Attempt to Execute to Non-Executable Memory
(som... Read more

A:Multiple BSODs, Random Occurences, Multiple Error Codes

Hello and welcome to Sevenforums.

Things we need
A nfo file

To get this: Start Menu -> Type msinfo32 into the Search programs and files box -> When it opens, go to File, Save -> Save as msinfo32.nfo and save in a place you will remember -> Let it finish the process of gathering and saving the system info -> Right click the .nfo file, click send to compressed (zipped) folder -> Upload the .zip file here.

BSOD Analyse

Update these(this) driver

Afc.sys Wed Jul 12 07:48:20 2006 (44B48D24)
amdxata.sys Fri Mar 19 17:18:18 2010 (4BA3A3CA)
archlp.sys Fri Feb 6 13:39:29 2009 (498C2F81)
bcmwl664.sys Wed Jul 8 02:45:04 2009 (4A53EC10)
GEARAspiWDM.sys Mon May 18 14:17:04 2009 (4A1151C0)
hcwhdpvr.sys Wed Mar 7 16:03:30 2012 (4F5778C2)
igdkmd64.sys Fri Jun 3 22:34:06 2011 (4DE9453E)
intelppm.sys Tue Jul 14 01:19:25 2009 (4A5BC0FD)
MpFilter.sys Fri Mar 9 12:05:26 2012 (4F59E3F6)
yk62x64.sys Mon Sep 28 10:19:31 2009 (4AC07193)
ht... Read more

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I am trying to get my wife's new computer up and running without any BSOD or program failures. Note that the system was not initially set up to capture the dmp files so all the earliest ones are missing. I presented the initial problems to the original seller who recommended sticking with MSE and uninstalling Norton 360 and I did that. Another forum suggested that Virtual Memory was the problem and I disabled and restored VM. Still having multiple crashes and I am hoping that I can get real help here. I do note that all the crashes have ntoskrnl.exe in the driver stack although sometimes alone and sometimes with other drivers.

System Info
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz
BIOS Date: 01/13/11 16:27:43 Ver: 08.00.14
8.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 533MHz (8-8-8-20)-Corsair 2x4GB
1024MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 (ASUStek Computer Inc)
NVIDIA High Definition Audio, Realtek High Definition Audio
2 Monitors: DELL 1908FP (Digital), Dell 1907FP(Analog) [email protected]
1) Hitachi HDS721050CLA362 ATA Device (2) WDC WD10EACS-00ZJB0 ATA Device (3) WDC WD5000AACS-61M6B2 ATA Device

I am attaching the zip file with Windows_NT6_BSOD_jcgriff2 and PERFMON.html included. I am assuming that the DMP files are included therein.

Please advise if you need more information to help solve this problem. Thank you for your help and wonderful support seen h... Read more

A:Multiple BSOD at Random Times with Multiple Drivers Identified

Quote: Originally Posted by a1newman

I am trying to get my wife's new computer up and running without any BSOD or program failures. Note that the system was not initially set up to capture the dmp files so all the earliest ones are missing. I presented the initial problems to the original seller who recommended sticking with MSE and uninstalling Norton 360 and I did that. Another forum suggested that Virtual Memory was the problem and I disabled and restored VM. Still having multiple crashes and I am hoping that I can get real help here. I do note that all the crashes have ntoskrnl.exe in the driver stack although sometimes alone and sometimes with other drivers.

System Info
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz
BIOS Date: 01/13/11 16:27:43 Ver: 08.00.14
8.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 533MHz (8-8-8-20)-Corsair 2x4GB
1024MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 (ASUStek Computer Inc)
NVIDIA High Definition Audio, Realtek High Definition Audio
2 Monitors: DELL 1908FP (Digital), Dell 1907FP(Analog) [email protected]
1) Hitachi HDS721050CLA362 ATA Device (2) WDC WD10EACS-00ZJB0 ATA Device (3) WDC WD5000AACS-61M6B2 ATA Device

I am attaching the zip file with Windows_NT6_BSOD_jcgriff2 and PERFMON.html included. I am assuming that the DMP files are included therein.

Please advise if you need more information to help solve this pr... Read more

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Last couple weeks i've been having a large amount of bluescreens, including but not limited to bccodes 116, d1, 4e, 1a, 50 and 7a. Last night it also froze two or 3 times with no bluescreen. I recently upgraded my Phenom 9550, Biostar A770E and 6GB of DDR2-800 with an i5-2500k, an MSi P67S-C43 and 4GB of DDR3-1333. The problems didn't start with the hardware upgrade, just escalated.

Yesterday I formatted my HDD and did a clean install of windows in hopes that my problems were just driver conflicts, so as of now i only have 3 crash dumps, 4e, d1 and 1a. 4e and 1a in BlueScreenView only show ntoskrnl as the culprit and no other drivers. d1 points at both ntfs.sys and ntoskrnl. A couple of the old crash dumps pre-format were citing nVidia and DirectX drivers.

I've put my RAM through 16hrs+ of memtest86+ testing, and used the windows memory diagnostic and the memory test in my BIOS. I also checked my PSU voltages with a multimeter, all of them check out. My graphics card is moody and sometimes artifacts heavily in games, sometimes works fine. Temperatures are not an issue, My GPU gets to about 72C in games and 86C in furmark torture testing without crashing. my CPU sits around 38C idle, 50-60 load, 70-80 in p95 without crashing.

Intel Core i5-2500k (stock cooler and clock)
2x2GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3-1333
MSi P67S-C43 mobo
ZOTAC nVidia GTS250 (512MB)
Plextor PX-880SA dvdrw drive
WD Caviar Blue 250GB HDD
Antec EA-650 PSU
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

A:Multiple BSODs, multiple BCCodes, does not happen in safe mode.

(The problems didn't start with the hardware upgrade, just escalated.)

so you changed out your motherboard/cpu/memory and did a clean reinstall of windows. so the only things left are video card/harddrive or power. have you updated your video card drivers? also try running chkdsk on the harddrive.


btw i love that screen name

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I have a large number of Brother PJ-622 printers that users connect laptops to. Even though they are all exact same model, the laptops are creating brand new local print queue for each individual printer. I suspect Brother has implemented the serial number capability within the USB spec.

The laptops are ending up with a large number of print queues on them (all labeled copy 1, copy 2, etc) which is confusing the end users. Nerds understand what they are and how to pick the correct one for the printer that's currently connected, but must of my users aren't nerds. Brother has a support document on this issue:

I have connected multiple printers of the same model to one PC but can only print from one of the machines. | Brother

But it simply describes how to choose the correct print queue, not how to prevent multiple queues from being created in the first place.

The printers are working great otherwise, but I'd really like to find a way to configure Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) to have just one print queue regardless of which PJ-622 it happens to be connected to.

Any ideas?

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