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Devices and router teaming up to fry my brain

Q: Devices and router teaming up to fry my brain


So I have had the same router for years now (Belkin f5d7623-4) and whilst its had its problems over the years its generally been okay. On my home network I have my Sony Vaio and my Asus, a ps3, both my iphone 4 and 5, my samsung tv, as well as my mum's acer netbook and her galaxy s3.

My iphone 4 is a few years old now and has for some time struggled to consistently connect and stay connected to the wifi, my asus had some problems but they were hardware related and I fixed them a couple of months ago. The acer netbook had been connecting to the wifi fine since my mum was given it when a few months ago it suddenly wouldnt connect and no matter what I did to the settings of the laptop or router it could not be solved, as my mum is not heavily reliant on technology we got her a long ethernet cable as a short-term fix. A few weeks later I wanted to use the internet functions of my samsung tv so I took the cable from the netbook as my mum wasnt there at the time. When my mum returned she complained about me having taken the cable but then found her netbook was working over the wifi again, since then it has stopped working with the wifi again. My vaio and ps3 have never suffered problems before and my 5 has only began to struggle since being water damaged.


About 3 days ago I was in my kitchen where the wifi barely reaches and therefore paid no attention when my vaio lost connection and wouldnt regain it. It wasn't until the next day when I realised there was no connection still that I decided to investigate. After restarting the router and relocating to my living room the problem was solved. Then yesterday I became ambitious and tried to find a solution for the iphone not working over the wifi either.


I now since last evening cannot get my vaio to connect to the wifi no matter what, I've read other solutions on the internet and whether they dont solve my problem or ive implemented them wrong nothing is getting the wifi back.

It either displays as LIMITED CONNECTIVITY or as an UNIDENTIFIED NETWORK with NO CONNECTION, through ethernet cable though there is absolutely no issue.
I also have a BT HOMEHUB 2.0 although im with TALK TALK so if someone knows how I can flash the homehub then that would also be a solution for me


My asus works although it also had an unidentified network, I managed to get rid of this by disabling the windows miniports.

I tried the same fix on my vaio but it had no affect.

Managed to get my vaio to identify the network by assigning the ip myself rather than automatically but this also did nothing in terms of getting me connected

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A: Devices and router teaming up to fry my brain

With the iphone I would try to forget the wifi network under your settings and then trying to reconnect it. They have weird issues like this often and that usualy fixes the issues. I have also have seen issues in the past with how my wireless routers have been configured. I have seen issues with mixed mode configurations and such. Can you send me any information on how your wireless router is configured?

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Okay I couldnt really find a better place for this :[ Sorry

What do you guys think about using brain waves as a form of computer input?

I read in a magazine article (that I couldnt find online..) that the average response for a gamer using a keyboard and mouse is ~150ms. However, in a test with a gamer using a brain wave input device which had the brain waves mapped to the keyboard and mouse, and only using the mouse for pointing (not clicking it), reaction time was ~50ms.

I want it!!

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Ok heres my issue. I have a wireless lan setup. I am using a Linksys router WRT54GL. This router was working fine for the longest then one night a power shortage hits, it comes back up and everything seems fine. But now my LAN game cannot play.

I had a heck of a time setting it up to play and finally had been using Hamachi so I could create a makeshift VPN and have my friend play with me over the net.

So my setup was like this 2 PCs behind a router played with 1 PC on the internet. One of the 2 PCs behind the router would ALWAYS host.

Hamachi worked perfectly and everything would work so long as the firewalls were down.

Then that outage happened and I could no longer play. My problem is, I cant even play locally so now I know something is up with my router. At least I think something is up.

I have tried everything: my LAN is working, I can share files and folders between the two PCs and ping them.

But as soon as I go to play the game. Neither computer sees the other persons' game.
I am in utter AWE and shock cause I have tried everything I want to purchase a new router to see if thats the problem but I am not sure what to do.

My router allows me to go online, ping the each other and even share files. So I am really at a loss.

Does anyone know any program I could use to monitor ports and whats happening when the game starts?

Or maybe a networking consulting company in the NY/NJ area. Im really desperate at this point and wouldn't mind paying for thi... Read more

A:Is my Router Dead or am I being Brain Dead?

If I were you I will try to reconfigure the router after you upgrade the firmware of your Linksys and try to play online again

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I have a very faulty dsl connection and a very expensive 3g connection. every time my wired connection fails I hook up my phone. but I would love to combine them or switch between them seamlessly, or put the phones connection into sleep mode, for the time the wired connection is active.
am I asking for too much or does anyone know a way to do all this or any of it?

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Please clarify my understanding below.

NIC teaming is a way to put two NIC cards in one computer and get double the network bandwidth on the single computer. This means that if i use NIC teaming i could hook my computer up to two ports of a dsl router and get twice the internet speed as well.

A:NIC Teaming

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Hello everyone,

My motherboard supports 2 Gigabit Ethernet LAN through Teaming. Since I have a D-Link DIR-615 router that has 4 ports, I was thinking about trying to see what gain if any can be gotten with LAN teaming if I can get it to work.

I understand the basics about it, but I was wondering if anyone actually has or had LAN teaming (link aggregation) setup and how well did it work for you. I have searched the net, but there really isn't anything very helpful or detailed about setting it up. I'm hoping that someone could provide some more insight about this before I dive into it and find myself without a network connection for a bit. LOL

Thank you for anything you can add to help with the setup,

A:Ethernet LAN Teaming

If you want my opinion, it is going to be expensive to implement so let it go.

Your DIR-615 doesn't support or LACP. There is no way that you will be ablue to use port teaming with your current neteork equipment.

I've done port trunking on Windows Server 2003 with Cisco switches using LACP for my company. I have no idea how much the switches cost at work but I'm sure they were alot, as in tens of thousands of dollars alot. Every application of port trunking, old term I guess it's now teaming, was for a server that needed a bigger pipe so it could spit out the data faster to the end users. If you're just intending to use this on your pc for general use, gaming or whatevernot I think the cost of the switch may outweight the benefits, which IMHO are going to be none if you don't have at least 10 to 25 fast computers with gigabit connections requesting resources from your server.

Datasheet Here: Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switches with LAN Base Software* [Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches] - Cisco Systems

PC Price for an 8 Port 10/100/1000 switch with LACP support - $805.93 - Link: Cisco Catalyst 2960G-8TC Managed Ethernet Switch - WS-C2960G-8TC-L - 93616 |

I've only done a search on cisco mainly because they're the only brand I work with for serious networking. There may be other companies that may make a cheaper switch but I can also guarantee that the cheaper switches will work just as well as the money paid for them. Experience on hand o... Read more

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I am running an el cheapo clone 20gig, 256mb ram with Windows XP Pro Corporate. My modem is an HSP 56K. Being on dialup my maximum speed is as a rule 24,600. I have ivestigated something a friend suggested about modem teaming. Has anyone from this site ever tired modem teaming? Can anybody suggest any positives or negatives to modem teaming? I am willing to try just about anything to get more productivity from my pc. Thank you. Daniel

A:modem teaming

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I have become interested in "teaming" multiple isp's to produce greater connectivity. I have done some research and found that previously 2 companies had great software to handle this at the router level. For some reason it seems support for both these softwares has not been available for several years now. I am also aware of the hardware solutions which are basically a router with multiple wan connections. What i am really interested in though, is there a software that will work on a single, end machine with two NICs? ( not at the router level)

I already have all my routing and switching taken care of. now i have two ethernet cables from 2 differnt ISPs that i wan't to plug into one machine only.

Just curious to see if anything has been developed for the small bussiness or home user. All i can seem to find is sever based.


A:Connection Teaming?

this is called a multihome ip system (ie multiple gateways to the internet).

this is not a means to increase the bandwidth, but rather;

creates a redundant interface if one fails
allows selective routing of requests via the 2x gateways

on (2), the issue is the routing table (see netstat -r for the table itself and route /? on how to change it)

Every routing table has ONE default gateway. Unless some rule says otherwise, all
traffic will exit your system via the default.

With two or more gateways, you need to tell the system which domains will be routed
to the alternative gateway. If you read carefully, you will see that routing is by IP address,
so subdomain requests like / and / will go to the
same root as / UNLESS the site has configured separate servers to handle different workloads.

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I've never worked with Teaming NICs before in a server environment and I'm a little confused as to how they should work.

Can I just plug in the Teaming nic? Or do I need all 3 connected? (the two Teamed NICs and the Virtual NIC).

A:Teaming NICs in a Server


the vmware site has an article on the subject. Is this YOUR environment?

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Dual port NIC for teaming (desktops) question


I am currently learning some basic networking stuff. Is it true that desktop motherboards cannot support NIC teaming using dual port NIC's and that they are for servers only?


A:Dual port NIC for teaming (desktops)

this one StarTech

says:OS Compatibility Windows® 98SE/ ME/ 2000/ XP (32/64-bit)/ Server 2003 (32/64-bit)/ Vista (32/64-bit)/ Server 2008 R2/ 7 (32/64-bit), WinCE 4.2/ 5.0 Linux Kernel 2.4.x and later Mac OS 10.4 (Intel-based) SCO OpenServer 5.0.7/ 6, and Novell​

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I am in the process of setting up a Windows Home Server using an Intel-based micro atx board and plan to put a 4 NIC Intel Server PCI-e card in it, and "team" the four NIC's for a max throughput of 4gb/s. I am also building another Desktop. This will be my "main" PC and is going to be very high end with an ASUS Z87 Expert motherboard and the unlocked Haswell i7 CPU. I plan to install a 4 NIC Intel Server PCI-e card in that as well (and set up teaming) so I can get an effective 4gb/s transfer rate between the new PC and Windows Home Server. The rest of the house will have a standard gigabit connection. And yes, I have a switch that supports LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol or "teaming").

Anyway's bottom line is should I install Windows 7 or Windows 8 on my new Desktop PC? I would prefer to install Windows 8, but I was told by someone on another forum ( that they thought LACP was not supported by Windows 8 and that I would need to use Windows 7. I searched all over the web, but I can't get a clear cut answer to my question. Anyone know for sure?

A:Does Windows 8 support LACP (NIC teaming)

NIC teaming is limited to the Windows Server operations and is not in the Windows Client (7 and 8) OS.

That is the default NIC teaming method that can offer you the choice to use LACP or to use switch independent so that each interface can be on different switches.

That being said some manufacturers make certain drivers to allow NIC teaming on client operating systems however I am not sure whether it supports the LACP protocol.


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I'm not sure where exactly to post tis but I'll try here. Ever since the newest update of windows 10 pro network teaming has stopped working . I have three network adapters that team together to give me the network speed I need to develop my apps. Now
Windows suddenly stops my computer from being able to team. so now it's using only one adapter for everything while my other two adapters just sit there doing nothing.

Is there an alternative to teaming that I can use so that my system uses all three network adapters again other than going in and setting the default adapter for specific application?
With almost all new computers coming out with multiple network adapters what is Microsoft doing to fix this issue

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Hi guys,

I setup an VM Esi Server, and setup the 2x physical adapters for network teaming. I understand i also have to do this on the cisco switches (2960g). Does this config seem correct?

SwitchA - 2960G
interface GigabitEthernet0/5
description EsxiServer
switchport access vlan 200
switchport mode access
spanning-tree portfast
not shut

SwitchB - 2960G
interface GigabitEthernet0/6
description EsxiServer
switchport access vlan 200
switchport mode access
spanning-tree portfast
no shut

thanks heaps for all your input very much appreciated

A:Network Teaming on Cisco Switch

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Hi all,

I was just looking for some info on connection teaming in Windows 7. Basically I have one landline connection running at 2megabit/sec, and one unlimited data plan on my mobile phone running at about 12-14megabit/sec. I figured if I could find some way to team these 2 together, I'd have a half decent download speed so I set about looking for some way to do this in Windows 7 but it appears Windows 7 does this all by its self! Has anyone else got any experience of this? Currently downloading at around 1.6MB/s so it must be working correctly, I just can't believe no one seems to have heard of this before!!

A:Connection Teaming automatically in Windows 7?

Actually, scrap that. It appears I'm downloading at 1.6MB/s just over my mobile phone connection :P

So, my question is how can I combine these 2 connections to get a higher download speed? Is there any software for that?

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now for some head banging decided to make use of my spare intel nic and all the tweaking I have been doing on my DSL connection (10,000 ft awayfrom hub)
after 3 hrs of trying to find info use said info and the software deleting and reinstalling drivers on and on wheew !!
low and behold I have sharing or teaming of 2 nics
before I did this my average DL was 80 kbs
high as 210kbs with a intel gigabit card pro 1000MT
removed this and replaced with a reg pro 100 and a 10/100 pro server
on one site test I now get 1200kbs on another I get 712kbs ?
DL's are now 70kbs average high at start 600kbs ,but whats weird is webb pages load like crazy
and my web checker says my average is 350kbs
anyone knows some way to tweak this system as I am not very familiar with teaming allmost forgot uploding has gone up to 130 no matter what time of day
Thank you very much

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I have My PC (Win7) with Netgear WGR614v7 connected by Wired LAN to Topfield 7100 Pvr and Laptop (XP Pro). My main concern is the Topfield Pvr which must download programs from IceTV Interactive for Recording. After setting it up as DHCP (reccommended by both Ice TV and Topfield) and Pinging both ways to prove connection, I logged into the Router to check Network Status. The Topfield was displayed in the Attached Devices Page of the Router. Satisfied that all was setup OK, I logged out of the Router. Later in the day, I again logged into the Router to again check the Status of the Network. The only thing showing in the Attached Devices was: My Pc - the Topfield and the Laptop, both previously present, were not displayed in the Attached Devices Page, even though they were still Connected, On, and able to be pinged. The bring them back, I have to Re Activate the Topfield connection, unplug and replug the Cable on the Laptop.
I am of the belief, that once Devices are Setup, Remain Connected. Remain ON and are available for Communication (proven by Pinging), they should at all times be visible in the Attached Devices Page of the Router.
As I am not familiar with how the Router maintains its contact with Devices, I am at a loss to understand if my belief is correct or what may be the cause of my apparrent problem.
Any advice will be most helpful. I do not particularly want to buy a new Router.
I have also set the Topfield to a Static IP Address and Reserved this Address in the Rou... Read more

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My wireless devices are having a hard time connecting though my router. They see the router and can connect to it but cannot get on the internet. When I go into my router and check Wireless Status to see connected devices the window is empty. Usually if I reboot my router some of my devices will connect but if I leave them idle for any amount of time the connection is dropped. Suggestions. I have Dell 530 desktop running Vist Home Premium and the router is Dlink Dir 615. The desktop has no issues connecting to the internet as it is connected through LAN port

A:Devices can see router but cannot connect

Please show for the Dell 530 and, if any of the other devices are running Windows, the following ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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ok so i have a set up, all wifi where only some devices connect. ill start by putting some details. these are the devices i have on my network:

1 PC runnin Win 7 (connected
1 PC running vista or 7 (connected) <--- new roomates
1 iphone 4 running iOS6 (connected) <-- new roomate
1 iPhone 4S runnning iOS6(no long connects)
1 PC running XP (no longer connects)
1 PS3 ( no longer connects)

network hardware:

Modem: Motorola surfboard
router D-link DIR 615

the problem:

let me first start by saying that i know that EVERY device mentioned above is able to connect to the WIFI. they just dont :s.
Ie: jst yesterday i was on my PC, on wifi on my iphone.

since my roomate moved in, the above mentioned devices won't connect anymore. his do though :s.

i tried powering off and on both modem and router, nothing. the same devices will connect only none of the others.
i would like for all my devices to connect, all the time, without the need to reboot.

can anyone help here?

i did an ipconfig /all and 2 pings :
let me know if u need anything else.

also, im pretty good on computer but crap on networks.

C:\Users\ziggy>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : ziggy-pc
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcast
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection 2:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnect... Read more

A:router only connecting to certain devices

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I have a Cisco Linksys E1200 router. Three computers are wired to it while my laptop connects to it wirelessly. When I look at the network topology (Network and Sharing Center->See full map), it shows that my laptop is connected to E1200 (this one has the same name as the router but different icon. The icon has an antenna. Thus, I think it is some kind of wireless device) which is connected to a switch, then a hub, then to the E1200.

Why are there three devices between the wireless router and my laptop?

A:Why so many devices between my laptop and the wireless router?

Just a quick guess....

Is one of the "wired" computers set to use Internet Connection Sharing? My dad (80 y.o. and still buying the latest hardware) did that once in the XP days and had an issue similar to yours. He never lost connectivity, but took the long way to get there. Found the issue doing a traceroute.

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I use Fing for Android which shows me a bunch of info for connected devices on the router including their IP address and name, but sometimes it's not enough and I'm looking for a Windows 7 tool that does the same thing. Is there something I'm missing in Control Panel or command line or do I need to install a third-party tool?

A:Get router attached devices info

I don't know that Windows itself has that info, but if you log into the router itself (run ipconfig /all in command prompt, and use the default gateway as the address in a web browser) - this should give you what you are looking for.

Per example:

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Both my DSL modem router and a wireless surveillance system (cameras and receiver) use the 2.4 GHz frequency; of course, one inactivates the other.
Does anyone know a DSL modem router operating in another frequebcy range (fixed or adjustable)? :evil: :evil:

A:2.4 GHz for modem router and other wireless devices?

802.11a WiFi standard uses the ~5GHz frequency. These devices are considered enterprise class though and cost more than your normal wireless.

Have you tried changing the channel on your current WiFi gear? Changing it from 1 to 13 for example may be enough to make both your systems fit into the band.

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Slowly lost app's now have no control. Or admin privilege. The screen looks fake. There's drives listed I can't access. And every download was hijacked. Now theres no real Network or bios driver installed. after multiple attempts and no system functions available I want to use another computer and try to download virus software there. Noticed something strange happen and both laptops havea Dll bug long story short my Android, laptops, printer and router have all been hijacked and I do not know what to do at this point

I haven't seen or been able to find anything on something so expensive enedina have any other laptops that are accessible at this time so even doing it from my phone is challenging

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I have a THOMSON TG585 v7 DSL router and when I browsed devices connected i found 2 unknown devices and apart from my 2 pcs, a switch and a media player I have nothing else wired and the wireless option is disabled.

A:unknown devices connected to DSL router

Obvious question #1: do you learn anything by clicking on the unknown devices?

Obvious question #2: do the unknown devices correspond to the switch and media player (check the MAC addresses)?

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I have a Linksys RT31P2 router which seems to be acting funny. What happens is it randomly seems to assign my pc different IP addresses. I have it set to hand out a max of 50 addresses (100 - 149) and my pc has always been .100, but for some reason yesterday it assigned it .134. It's really annoying because several of my programs need ports forwarded to work and having to change them in my router is tedious and unnecessary. Anyone know why this is happening?

A:How can I tell what IP address my router is assigning various devices?

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It's been month reading and searching around forums but I just can't get it done. It's totally another level for newbie like me.
My laptop Samsung, desktop Alienware both got corrupted. Factory image being modified, download anti virus program but get mod become useless. Do not have admin rights on my own computer. Window firewall policy got mod but have no idea how to get it fixed. Window defender can't be run due to its service is missing. I have TEMP/TMP folder which can't be remove in my profile. All the files and folder is being shared but I did turn off sharing setting. Can't be delete due to admin access. Shortcut, and thumbnail have invalid path. Group policy is being mod which I'm totally clueless how to get it done. Workstation is running which I'm on a home network. Background process like CTF loader and COM keep running even thou I keep end the process. Window installer keep running but no idea what is it for. Window update keep searching but can't be install. Sometimes it get freeze. Registry is being mod, have no knowledge about it so don't dare to delete some of it. Cmd can't be run. Lots of svchost running in the svc. Did so many correction once restart everything back to square 1. Guys please help. Cause the one who did this is just staying right above me. So I'm clueless how I get it fix.

A:Computer devices got compromised using the same router.

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***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of t... Read more

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A friend currently has a Belkin wireless G router and uses a D-Link DGL-3420 gaming adapter to connect her XBox 360 to her wireless network. This configuration works fine but she did have an issue where the connection was lost and the troubleshooting tool on the Xbox 360 recommended using an 802.11a connection to avoid possible interference problems. Apparently, the wireless Xbox 360 controller she uses broadcasts at 2.4GHz, just like 802.11g.

So, I'm looking at replacing her Belkin router with one that supports 802.11a. I see 802.11n wireless routers should support 802.11a/b/g devices but I was wondering if anyone here had any "real world" experience with connecting to a 802.11n wireless router using 802.11a.

Did it work for you? Have any problems?



A:Anyone have experience with 802.11a devices and a 802.11n wireless router?

I've connected to my ZyXEL N router using an 802.11a adapter, worked just fine. That's a sample of one.

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Basically, what's happened is that after transferring my old PC's data onto my new one, and putting that one in place of my old one, therefore hooking up my modem to it, my wireless devices have been having trouble connecting to the router. Everything's hooked up fine, and it was working perfectly before, but now my devices such as my laptop and Droid Pro can SEE the router (As in connect to it and say that they are getting excellent signal strength), but when I try to open my browser, it asks as if I'm not connected to anything at all. The PC that's wired to the modem through the router works fine, however.

A:Wifi devices can see router but not connect.

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I have a D-Link DIR-652 router, and I can see that it is broadcasting but I cannot connect through my laptop, tablet, or phone. Sometimes it will let me connect but other times it says it is unable to. I can connect when I plug into the router through a cable. I'm doing that now, and I did an ipconfig/all in case it's helpful to see that:
Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Kyle-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection 2:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 82-B9-A5-D2-D0-5B
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : ASIX AX88772B USB2.0 to Fast Ethernet Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 9C-EB-E8-02-9E-37
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::7830:64d7:7d49:c0fb%18(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Friday, February 15, 2013 8:52:29 AM
L... Read more

A:Router is broadcasting but no devices can connect

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Hi everyone. Ive been having a problem with my Netgear WGT624v3 router. Its broadcasting the WIFI signal ok. My devices pick it up but cannot connect. If i go and unplug the router and then plug it back in all the devices connect. They will stay connected for several hours but then the connection will drop. They can still see the router and they try to connect but i have to unplug it and then plug it back in, then they all connect again. Its happened with my phone, my laptop and my Kindle Fire. Any ideas guys? Thanks.

A:Devices sees Router but will not connect

can we see the following form one of the wireless pc when connected and working and the repeat ALL the tests when it disconnects

ipconfig /all
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here

We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results in a reply here

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt

It will export the results to notepad and then automatically open notepad.

Now all you need to do is copy and paste those results to a reply here
to do that:
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Select all
all the text will be highlighted
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Copy
Now go back to the forum - reply and then right click in the reply box and paste

Ping Tests
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need... Read more

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Hey, whats up?? I'm new to this sight and new to computers (5 mths)... and i'm glad I found this sight because I enountered a problem I cannot fix on my own, I need some expert advice....when I reformatted my computer and I ended up getting sdbot out of the blew,probably from not having any of the needed microsoft critical udates and patches.... So, then I downloaded the needed patches and got the updates... But recently after going through your 'before you post' instructions you said not to install sp2 until you could be sure there were no more threats, so i didn't install it yet.......I'm still getting threats showing whenever I do the scans, or, they come back the next day or someting...And, even the threats I find I delete, but I they come back on my system somehow, or duplicate themselves... It might be the system restore thing, but system restore confuses me....I have some questions too:1.Is it okay to have more than one antivirus program on your computer???.. Do any of them rival with eachother???.... I want to have Nortan antivirus paid edition as well as Trend micro and Ewido, would this be okay???....2. If I don't have my firewall configured correctly is it possible that it might allow Spywareor viruses to infect my computer??? ( I currently have the following, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox,Zone Alarm).....3. I've had bad experiences with Winupdate in the past, is it possible to find out on my ownwhich updates are needed, so I can just get them myself and manu... Read more

A:Sdbot Worm, Msdirectx, Poebot, Tag Teaming My Computer..

Hi and welcome to Bleeping Computer!We are sorry it has taken so long for someone to reply. As you can see it?s pretty busy here. I am currently reviewing your log, and will be back to address your problem A.S.A.P. Please note that this is under the supervision of a fully certified Analyst.Please subscribe to this thread by going to the top & clicking on Options > Track this topic, so that you are notified when a reply has been made.Please be patient with me during this time.Thank you,RavenMind

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I have 2 wireless PCs and a BlackBerry that connect to my dlink router. I am finding that my BlackBerry is constantly getting kicked off the network, and I always have to reconnect before I can use the internet. (It still says that it's connected though) I was told that a dual channel router would fix this.

So my question is, will 3 devices work without a problem on a dual channel router? Or is my BlackBerry still going to be "booted off"?


A:How many devices can a dual channel router handle?

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Normally some router default is opening of some ports like http, and ftp which may be made more secured , by portforwarding the ports to unused devices ip, in one"s pc. This is the solution given by leading av, and i do not know, how to know the ips of the unused devices on my computer.

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Can anyone help with this?

having some trouble all of a sudden at work (small business, no IT dept)

Everything worked fine Friday and Monday my computer couldn't connect to the router - it was off all wknd no updates or anything.

When I run an Ethernet cable to the router I get internet access. My phone and iPad recognize the router and have Internet access. My laptop has the same trouble as the desktop - can't see the router at all.

Desktop - Toshiba DX735
Laptop - HP (dont have it here, not sure of the specifics)

Internet Provider - Comcast

Cable connection

Using a Western Digital My Net N900 router

Problem computer has norton installed.

Things I've tried:
* power cycling the router and computer
* ipconfig renew and release both wirelessly and wired
* a different command prompt - netsh followed by other stuff I could look up if necessary
* updating the drivers for the wireless connection
* uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the wireless connection
* resetting the router
*system restore to when it last worked

Hoping someone can help me!!!

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Hey guys,

Just a quick one I'm sure most could answer, I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to Wifi, and my router is kicking devices off when we have more than 4, picking and choosing which devices it will allow Wifi too. We often have 3 phones, 2 laptops and 1 PC in the house which need constant connection. What do I do to make this happen?

My Router is a D-Link: DSL-2780, I'm with Talk-Talk in the UK.

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Router kicks Wifi devices off.

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In the past 3 days I've noticed that I periodically get randomly redirected via link bucks when browsing the internet. It was odd when it happened on my nexus 7 tablet but also has started happened on the 2 laptops that are connected to my router.
There's no specific pattern, time or website but it is certainly happening on websites that wouldn't use link bucks (Facebook/university e-mail). I have security software installed on all devices (lookout on nexus 7, MSE on windows 7 laptops).
Any advice anyone could offer would be appreciated, its getting annoying now!
P.s. - at the same time my nexus 7 stopped connecting to Google now with a connection error, but only when connected to my network, on other networks it works fine

A:Linkbucks redirect across all devices connected to router

Welcome aboard  Try resetting your router.... Turn the computer off.On your router, you'll find a pinhole marked "Reset".Keep pushing the hole, using a pencil, or a paperclip until all lights briefly come off and on.NOTE. Simple router disconnecting from a power source will NOT do.Restart computer and check for redirections.NOTE. You may need to re-check your router security settings, as described HERE 

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So I have a TP-LINK TL-WR841ND 300Mbps router and the basic problem is, that it repeatedly drops the internet connection and also the devices connected to it. But the my main computer, which is wired to the router has never had any problem, even at the time,when the wireless doesn't work. I use many os like win7, ios 5.1.1 on iPad 3rd, a samsung smart tv and a samsung smartphone with android. But as I mentioned it only happens with wireless, never with the wired computer. When the problem occurs there is no device, which can connect to the internet and to the router, except the wired one.

I've tried all of the encryptions and security methods, at the moment I use WPA2-PSK with AES (also tried with TKIP and automatic mode, and with disabled security too), but neither have helped me. Then I contacted the reseller and they gave me a new one, and said it could have had some special problem. The new one, which I'm using now, got the same problem.

Have any ideas why this problem occurs repeatedly? Or if you need more information about my devices, router or settings, please write me. Thanks in advance!

A:TP-Link router drops wireless devices

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I have a new tower (desktop computer). When it's powered on (active or sleep mode) it will boot all other devices in the house using the router (another desktop, 4 laptops, and 2 game consoles via ethernet or wifi connection - doesn't matter). The new tower does NOT have wifi and does NOT have to be connected to the router via ethernet to cause the disconnect.

Here's what the utility brought up about the tower:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 B55 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 3
RAM: 4095 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series , 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 430697 MB, Free - 388993 MB; D: Total - 999997 MB, Free - 763832 MB;
Motherboard: ASRock, 770 Extreme3,

Photos from device manager are located here.

Senario: Josh is playing on his laptop via ethernet. Bill is on his via wifi. I'm watching Netflix on the Wii on TV. Eric fires up his new computer, hasn't even put his password on the login screen and everyone is booted offline.

Here's the list of devices and how they connect to the 2Wire DSL router (which works fine until the new tower is powered on, and it's the ONLY thing able to connect to the internet):

NewPC - Desktop - W7 - ethernet
OldXP - Desktop - XP - ethernet
HollyPC - Laptop - Vista HP - wifi
JoshPC - Laptop - W7 - ethernet
BillPC - Laptop - W7 - wifi
RyanSPC - Laptop - W7 - wifi
X... Read more

A:New Computer Boots All Other Devices From Router/Network

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I have 4 apple devices in house. 3 on 5ghz connected to access point, and 1 on 2.4ghz.
its a belkin router, model N10117.

the belkin router is connected to a virgin router.
thier is a setting on the belkin router, which allows you to use it as an 'access point'.

all 4 devices can connect perfectly. and use programs like 'VLC remote' perfectly.

but when it comes to itunes on the pc, after setting all the apropriate settings on itunes,
itunes is unable to see all 4 devices for 'wireless syncing'.

ive come to a hault, and stuck :/
many thanks in advance,

A:Router 5ghz and 2.4ghz not see apple devices?

as etc info -

I have virgin router 4 lan ports - port 4 is connected belkin N10117 router, and setting is set too 'act as access point'.

PC is connected to virgin router via LAN...

is it something to do with the IP address maybe?


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Recently installed a new motherboard -- ever since then I've been randomly disconnecting all users on my network -- four different computers usually. I've tried everything we can think of, including anti-spyware scans and antivirus scans, reinstalling ethernet drivers on the onboard ethernet, using a different ethernet card, releasing/renewing IP address, etc.

My friend told me to run a scan, and I removed two proccesses already but this is the update log I have for right now:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 9:59:11 PM, on 7/8/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\guard.exe
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\nTune\nTuneService.exe
C:\Program Files\Winamp\winampa.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_01\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe
C:\... Read more

A:[SOLVED] HijackThis Log -- Disconnecting all Devices on Router

Any help, please?

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I was having issues with my old router so I got a new linksys AC1200. I have some devices that use 5.0 and they're working fine but my other devices are very sporadic and only work for maybe 30 seconds before losing connectivity then start working after another 30 seconds or so. Wired devices work fine

A:Dual band router devices work on 5 ghz but not 2.4

If you have a Windows PC with the problem ...

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page (don't collapse the Radar, Connection or Signal History) of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. If you need help with a screen shot see TSG Posting a Screenshot. FWIW to take screen shots with Windows Vista or latter I prefer to use the built-in Snipping Tool.

Identify your network if it is not obvious.

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Yesterday afternoon, my internet appeared to have gone down. I attempted to fix it in the usual way (turn it off and on) but to no avail. I assumed it must be on the ISPs end and continued on with my day.

The internet was still not working this morning, so I checked to see if it might be the router that is causing the issue. Lo and behold, I can access the internet through the modem. Great, router is bust.

Reconfigured it, I updated the firmware, and then did a series of ping tests.

Ping test to google through the ethernet was successful. Ping test to router IP address through the router was successful. Ping test to google through router was unsuccessful.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be? Just to reiterate, this is an issue across all devices (Mac, PC, iPhone/iPad, Android, PS3, etc... )

A:Router spontaneously stops working across all devices

Hopefully, you know and can still log into the router.
find the WAN side, specifically Router Status or that display that

IP Address (the public address, not 192.x.y.z)
Default Gateway (your connection to the ISP)
DHCP Server (will not be one of your lan addresses)
Subnet Mask

DNS Server
Lease Obtained
Lease Expires
if any of the first three are missing, then the modem did not feed the information to the router
OR the router did not save it.

disconnect the modem->router
power off both
wait one minute
power on the modem
connect the router (but still powered off)
when the modem is fully sync'd with the ISP
power on the router
from your computer

ping (a ping by address)
nslookup (a dns request that should resolve to an address)

ping (a ping that requires nslookup to work)


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Just recently my Lenovo laptop w/Windows 8.1 will not connect to my Vizio wireless router but it was fine a few months ago. This laptop will connect to my AT&T modem/router.
All my other wifi devices connect to both routers. The only one that does not is the Lenovo laptop with Windows 8.1. I suspect the last windows update screw up my connection. My laptop will connect to Vizio router wired. Every time Microsoft updates I get problems. Vizio router is xwr100. Any suggestions?

A:All devices connect to router except Windows 8.1 Laptop

If you are using both the Vizio router and Att gateway, you would need to place the Vizio behind the Att gateway in a DMS Plus zone

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Earlier today i decided to format my desktop computer. I got a windows xp disc from my nan and put it in. I formatted my computer.

When it finished i checked device manager and there is no devices. I don't know what i can do. My router is all set up and working fine and i am on the internet on my laptop. The ethernet cable is plugged into my desktop but it wont connect to the internet.

Please help me


A:Formatted PC with Windows disc, no devices and cannot connect to router

what you need are the drivers for your PC.
If it is from Dell,HP or similar go on their support page and get drivers for your PC there.
If this is self built PC, than you will need to know what are the components inside,especially network card and than download the drivers.
I suppose you will download drivers on your laptop.Put the drivers on an USB key or CD and then install them on your desktop. usually once the chipset and network card is installed, the rest you can download directly on this PC. Do not forget to install anti-virus software and do the updates.

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Two days ago, somehow Windows lost the ability to contact any DNS server in the middle of my browsing for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and indeed a small browser called Midori. Strangely, Steam still had the ability to connect and browse, but after I rebooted in an attempt to fix the problem, steam could no longer connect.


IE Error: This page cannot be displayed.

Firefox Error: Firefox cannot find this page.

No other device in my house has this problem. All other computers can connect just fine.

Things I have tried

Cycling the power on the modem/router.
Using a direct ethernet cable rather than the laptop's antenna.
manually assigning a DNS server with control panel.
Reinstalling the network driver
flushing the DNS cache
Using system restore to go back DAYS before this problem ever emerged.

All yielded no change. I would really, really rather not have to reinstall windows 8 and lose all my information. I don't have the resources currently to back everything up.

A:Windows 8 DNS error; other devices work fine on same router

Please click on the link and provide the information requested in your next post: Pre-posting Requirements - for both Wired and Wireless Connectivity Issues

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I'm thinking of buying a wireless router for my son who has a laptop but he ALWAYS downloads huge files (games or whatever he does) when he uses my computer so is there a way to limit the bandwidth he gets when he connects to the router through his laptop?

A:Is it possible to limit the connection speed of devices connected to a router?

Look for a wireless router with traffic shaping and QoS. From my search, a Billion 7400 has traffic shaping. Also, the Actiontec MI424WR has it as well. Here's the shot from the Actiontec configuration pages.

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About a year ago, my wireless router would randomly not allow any wireless devices to connect to the network. A wired cable worked fine, but not wireless. So we had to unplug the router, and then it would work fine.

You could see the device, but not connect. We moved our wireless phone a little farther away from the router thinking it was interfering, but still no luck. It didn't matter if it was an iPod, our BluRay player, or a laptop. Sometime days would go by with no problem, and some days we would restart the router three or four times.

So we replaced the router, only to have the same problem. We called tech support, but they were no help. So we changed from a local ISP to Comcast, replaced the router for a third time (Cisco Wireless N), and we are still having the same problem. Any ideas?

A:Wireless router randomly locks out devices from connecting

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Hi All,
I have an issue with my wireless router that I needed some help with. To start off let me give you a bit of background...

I use a macbook at home and a pc at work and I wanted to be able to access my macbook remotely. I used RealVNC for this and had to open up port number 5900 on my router, and the local IP used was - which is the local IP address of my macbook. I am now able to access my macbook from my pc at work.

Unfortunately as a side effect, no other device is able to access my home wifi connection anymore, not another pc, my nokia e71 or my friend's iphone. Is this a by product of the port forwarding? or is it unrelated and should I try and figure out if something else is the matter?

My macbook seems to be able to use the wifi just fine.

Would appreciate any insight on this matter.

Thanks a lot

A:Has Port Forwarding Disabled Other Devices From Accessing My Router?

I think the other devices are not able to connect not because of the port forwarding, but because you went ahead and gave a static IP address to your macbook, The, and all the other devices for some reason also want this IP addresss. Try assigning your macbook to a different IP.

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-Here is my setup so far. I have a vista machine with 2 lan cards, one from motherboard, one on pci. The lan from motherboard is connected to the WAN port on my router. I have alltel wireless internet that uses ICS through that. The lan card on my pci bus is connected to a LAN port on the same router. When i am not using ics i disable the lan on my motherboard and vice versa. I am using the second LAN on my pci bus that is connected to one of the LAN ports on my router so my computer can use MCE and DIRECTV2PC. I have another line connected to a LAN port on the same router going to a switch which is connected to my 360 and my directv receiver.
-Here is the problem. Say im using DIRECTV2PC and the xbox gets turned on, what happens is i lose connection to my directv and my computer only sees the xbox and vice versa. I am confused on why that is, it should see both at the same time and not lose connection to any one of them right?

A:I lose connection to some devices on my switch connected to my router.

whoa man never heard of that kind of set up before. try connecting your internet to the WAN port on the router and connecting the rest of your stuff to the inputs on the router. its a little less complicated this way.
sounds like your computer is controlling your internet and getting confused... hope this info is usefull.

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I have 7 devices connected to my Netgear Router 600/3700v2 and the devices keep disappearing. I believe I have found the solution. Connect to your Netgear Router (you will see BASIC and ADVANCED options) and select the ADVANCED settings. Click the tab below ADVANCED SETTINGS and in the drop down menu select UPnP. You will see on the top of the screen ADVERTISEMENT TIME TO LIVE - this setting DEFAULTS TO "4" which is okay for "normal" home use (well, it didn't work for me). This setting is what controls your attached devices. If you keep losing them, try increasing the settings until they remain visible. I tried 5 first - no go. Then I tried 8 and I haven't lost the devices since. Hope this works for you!

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Evening all ! 
This is is driving me bonkers !
I recently changed the wireless access password on my BT Infinity router and disconnected every device - including 4 phones, 2 iPads a laptop and an aging Vista PC. 
I've changed all the passwords on all the devices and they all connect again to the hub under the new password - except the PC ! 
The PC connects via a Belkin USB adapter.
The wireless network appears - highlight, click connect - says getting information from BTHub, eventually asks for the password - enter my new password - and immediately get Windows cannot connect. 
Things I've tried :
Rebooted BTHub
Rebooted PC (several times)
Control Panel > Network and sharing centre > Manage Wireless Networks  and deleted network profiles. 
Deleted the USB adapter and reinstalled. 
The Belkin device is working OK as I can connect to an non-secure BT Hotspot on the PC and it's blue light flashes (as normal) when communicating with the BTHub.
Any advice greatly appreciated - this is the Old machine I've dedicated to the kids for You Tube etc. - they ain't happy !!!!!!!!!
Many thanks
Blue Sierra 

A:Changed wireless router password for security - all devices connect except PC !

Was the driver downloaded from the Belkin site? Right click the adapter in Device Manager and select Properties. Under the Details tab select Hardware IDs in the dropdown box. Copy and paste the first line in your next post. There may be a later driver available, especially if an intel chipset is used.
What is the model number of the Belkin? Did you change the encryption type on the router? i.e. from WPA to WPA2? TPIK to AES?

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I have a Fort Knox Policy Router, but no type of manual. I have searched the web for help with it, but found nothing. I cannot figure out how to operate it... when I plug it up to my network, I get IP's from a DHCP server on it. It has 3 NICs and 1 Modem in it. When I opened it up, i saw an AGP slot so I added a Vid. Car hopeing to see something on the screen, however nothing shows up. I'm familar with Cisco routers, and using console ports or telnet lines, but since I do not know what IP address this thing has, and it has no Console port, I have no idea what to do.
If anyone could either explain to me how to operate it, or point me to place that can I would greatly appreciated it.


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I have tried to research this and am not finding the information I need to answer the above question so hope a networking expert can help.

I recently for the first time went over my monthly data cap for broadband and looking it to it a bit more it looks like a lot of the programs my kids are using are hogging the bandwidth. I don't really want to pay for more bandwidth (as I already pay way above average as I live in a small rural village) but I don't want to restrict too much what my kids are doing.

The solution to me seems to be to see if I can monitor and if possible control to some extent the data on each of the IP connected to the router if that is at all possible.

I have looked at my router settings and unfortunately they do not permit anything more than traffic monitoring and there are no custom firmwares to allows additional features of any use.

Is there any software that I could use to do this?

Can anybody help at all with any advice about whether this can be done?

A:Can i monitor and control multiple router connected devices data???

It is almost impossible to restrict the total usage of bandwidth. To my knowledge there are no setting for that in normal routers/gateways.

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This is my first post and glad to be here among experts. I will list my issue, please tell me what information you need to be of assistance.

I have a net gear WNR2000vs with the latest firmfware to date. I have two wired devices connected: 1. my pc 2. xbox, and also one wireless device connected 1. my cell phone via wi fi.

Before I updated the firmware:
I would hard wire my 360 and pc to the router together. My 360 online play would work fine for about 10 minutes then my connection on my 360 and pc would drop. My network status would say 'resolving issue'.

After updated the firmware:
I now have my 360 and pc hard wired to the router together. These two seems to work fine together. When I try to connect a wireless device my connection drops. My pc resolves the issue and regains connection, but if I try to navigate a webpage or download anything from the wireless device then it starts the whole dropping connection thing again.

I'm not sure what information you guys would like but here's some basics. Thanks!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8190 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305142 MB, Free - 100720 MB;
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Updated and ... Read more

A:Net gear router losses connection when multiple devices are connected

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I have 2 laptops, an ipad, and 2 smart phones using a dlink router. All devices connect to the router beautifully but will not access the Internet.
Both laptops will access the internet when hardwired to the modem via Ethernet cable.
Rebooted the modem, rest the router, still no connection.
Reset router and one laptop can access the Internet. The other one can't.
ipad and 2 smart phones will not access the Internet even after the reboot of both the modem and router.

It would seem that one laptop at a time can access the Internet through the router with a lot of rebooting and resetting of the router.

I spent a long while on the phone with my Internet Provider and they were no help.
Any suggestions sure would be appreciated.

This is a new problem as all devices have formerly worked great.

A:Solved: Devices access the router great, but can't connect to the Internet.

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This is my first post so please be gentle, I have a Netgear DG834GT connected to Talk Talk with a WEP security key, I have 1 desktop, 1 laptop, ps3. ipod touch and iphone all using it wirelessy, there all connected to my home network, but its pot luck if you can connect to the internet at any time with any off them, it seems to be whatever is connected first is ok, whatever trys to connect to 2nd or 3rd and so on is pot luck, or the connection may even drop, please help.

A:Solved: Lose connection with netgear router, with multiple devices???

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I just received my new Cisco SG200-08 GB Managed Switch yesterday! Requirements were future proofing my network with IPv6, POE, VOIP, VPN,... Actually this thing has too many features... for now! Awesome switch @ $117!!! - Cisco Small Business SLM2008T-NA 10/100/1000Mbps SG200-08 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch 8 x RJ45

After setting up the switch and rewiring both Realtek 81xx gigabit nics to the new switch with cat6, I set out for all the info on TEAMING the 2 NICs on my Gigabyte EP45 UD3P Mobo. KEY ISSUE HERE: DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON YOUR NICS, MOBO, & "TEAMING UTILITY". This worked for me because I run a mobo with dual nics that support this "teaming" feature. I have a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P utilizing dual Realtek 81xx NICs, which do support "Bundling" the NICs. Any similar mobo with dual 81xx realteks should work the same... read on!

First off, to anybody who thinks this is going to be a magic cure... it isnt! Your 2.0 Gbps possible bandwidth on a pair of teamed NICs isnt going to make the Internet any faster... most "high" speed Internet connections here in USA top out at 50-60 mbps. This teaming, or more correctly link aggregation, can help if you run a media, file, or game server ON A LOCAL NETWORK. It might also help if you are a LAN party fanatic ! ...BYOS (Bring Your Own Switch)!

Link aggregation is often abbreviated LAG. Other terms include: trunking, link bundling, Ethernet/network/NIC bonding, NIC teaming, por... Read more

A:New Cisco SG200-08 Switch/Gigabyte EP45-UD3P/Realtek 81xx NIC TEAMING

Unfortunately I don't have any ideas. I've never tested my network speeds before and therefore have no experience in these matters.

First off, to anybody who thinks this is going to be a magic cure... it isnt! Your 2gbps possible bandwidth on a pair of teamed NICs isnt going to make the Internet any faster... most "high" speed Internet connections here in USA top out at 50-60 mbps. This teaming, or more correctly link aggregation, can help if you run a media, file, or game server. It might also help if you are a lan party type... BYOS (Bring Your Own Switch)!

50-60mbps?! We're lucky to get 3mbps here in Australia!

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As it says on the tin really! I am an absolute non technically minded person so have no idea how to even start trying to fix this problem. A few weeks ago our router quite happily let multiple devices attach wirelessly to the internet at once but in the last couple of weeks it has started only allowing one device at a time to connect to the internet. If say my partners work laptop is connected then our home laptop/iPad can see the wireless router but it will not allow them to connect to the internet anymore. Can anyone help me to try and sort this please...I can use my computer for basic things but am in no way technically minded so please be very clear and simple with any help you are able to give.


A:Unable to connect multiple devices to internet using Huawei EchoLife HG521 router?

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hi, i'm using xp and there are three partitions
c-drive-40gb d-drive-56gb e-drive-44gb
i want to delete e-drive because i don't need the extra space
can i re-divide e-drive to both c and d to inflate
the room on both? and how?

A:doing my brain in

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what is brain DLG? my wife's computer at work says that is displayed as an open program on her task bar. spyware? virus? something else?

A:brain DLG

Synapse Media Player

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I have gotten blue screen of death and i'm just trying to find things that could be wrong. i stumbled across this unknown file in my device manager, and it is saying unknown and not allowing me to update the driver, Hoping anyone can help. I use a Belkin wireless router, but i have my internet through an Ethernet cord into my computer.
Thank you.

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My laptop is yet again teaching me that technology is not prefect. I have had a Dell Latitude D400 for about three years now and suddenly its beginning to crash. I have done the small things such as remove my pictures and most music from my laptop. Nevertheless there is still less then 5% of space left. I went to the add/remove file most programs there Windows XP needs in order to function. Also, I decreased viritual memory to the max. recommended of 381. I am not sure if there are any scanners I can download to find unused, half deleted parts of downloads from the past. At this point, I am not sure what to do. Can you please help me determine if there is more usable space on my laptop that I am not aware of? This is the error that my system sent to Microsoft (don't know what it means).

Error type : Windows stop error (A message appears on a blue screen with error code information)
Solution available? : No (see Next steps)
What does this error mean? : Windows has encountered an error from which it cannot recover and needs to restart
Cause : Unknown device driver
Computer symptoms : A message appears on a blue screen with error code information (for example: e.g. 0x0000001E, KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED)
Additional steps for you to take : Important: Please continue to send error reports so analysts at Microsoft can study and try to correct the problem as quickly as possible

A:Brain Overload?

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Goodmorning peoples

I have to buy a new computer - don't need monitor, keyboard, mouse

I have been searching Dell, HP & Sony. There is a lot of pretty stuff up there, but I don't have a clue what it all means and don't know where to begin to compare.

I just don't know here to start and I hope you can guide me.

Right now I have a sad sony with winme and it crashes all of the time. Mostly because I run out of memory, resources. I checked with the manufacturer and I can't upgrade - max memory is 256 for this thing. Now matter what, now it is beyond maxed out. I get frozen white screens daily and my dll's are messing up a lot. (I do use SpyBot and AdAware and I seem to be okay there ... dunno about the dll thing)

I (try to/want to) use my machine with many applications open
i.e. MSOffice/Outlook, JASCPaintShop, MSImageComposer, MSFrontPage, AdobePhotoshop/Illustrator, as well as ZoneAlarm, AVG, browser, my ISP hookup, etc.

I don't play games. I just like to work with a lot of pictures, graphics editing and webs.

Can you guys help me to get started?
(is this the right place to post?)

I am so exasperated I am not even sure if I have asked in here before. I know I have done a lot of searching this past few months and am still sitting here with this sad, sad machine, lost by techno terms I do not understand

Can you help?

A:buying new pc - brain is about to pop

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If I scan a photo say for instance 5 inches x 5 inches how do I get it to print at that size? I just cannot get this right at the moment,I would imagine I need to set sizes somewhere,but where? the scanner or the printer? help me please its driving me round the bend

A:I need help due to brain not working

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My daughter passworded her laptop, and doesn't remember the password. Is there anyway I can override or get passed this? HELP!!!!!!!!:

A:brain fart

sorry, but I've never seen it done in this forum. because of the rules. use google.

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Hi There.
I am running Windows XP on my computer with Office 2000. Everything was running fine until my computer was infected with the Sven virus. I removed the virus but was told that it could have made changes to my computer, making it vulnerable to another virus. For that reason I decided to re-install all software.
Since then I cannot send or receive faxes using Outlook 200 with the Symantec Fax Starter Edition. I can set up the fax ok, but when I send it just sits there until it times out. It displays the message "connecting to server" but never seems to connect. Then I get the error message "A Timeout occured while communicating with the server. (Account: 'Symantec Fax Starter Edition',SMTP Server: '', Error Number: 0x800ccc19)"
I've tried everything that I can think of, including re-installing it several times. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
Many thanks for taking the time to read this

A:Please Help before my brain explodes

Closing duplicate, please reply here:

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I've been trying out the new Bitdefender Multi-Device 2015 as I wanted to check out the new BRAIN, but there is no mention of it in the program, it's just Bitdefender Total Security 2015 - how do I know it's there/working??


A:Bitdefender BRAIN, No Where to be Seen???

It's AI**, and works with TS Multi-device meaning you need to have multiple devices using this* Bitdefender package.

"Bitdefender Reflective Artificial Intelligence Networks - that has been five years in the making in the company?s award-winning labs. BRAIN processes almost 200,000 queries per second from users at all points of the globe. Using advanced algorithms modeled after the human brain, it extracts patterns from malware and stops threats from the moment they are created.

Everyone connected to the BRAIN will benefit from this self-learning technology and enjoy instant protection from any online hazards. Whenever a new online threat is detected, it takes BRAIN less than 3 seconds to protect its users from it, even if they?re half way around the world."

* Scroll down:

** Computer system with self-learning capabilities - or so they say.

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Just curious if there is anything like nintendo brain traing out for the PC?

I think my little brain has turned to mush and needs a good workout


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I have a virus/spyware called antispybrain that basically tells me at every file is infected and tries to make me purchase antivir software. I'm pretty sure that it's just an exe file that runs on boot but I'm having trouble finding it on my vista machine. I did a google search but all the results look shady also so I haven't followed the directions in them. Anyone else seen this program?

A:Antispy Brain

Looks like I got it about an hour ago on my XP machine. Can't go anywhere online without a message the xxx.exe file is infected. (xxx being whatever program I tried to start) Can't start my Ad-Aware,Spybot or AVG programs from the start button or desktop. My 3 PM daily AVG scan appeared to start and run and finished but didn't fix anything.
I appear to be dead in the water. anyone have any thoughts?


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Hello, I'm not sure if I have anything left on my computer as it seems to be working fine. But I was hoping someone could check it out for me.

This morning I had antispy brain on my computer which told me that all my .exe files had viruses and tried to make me go to a site to purchase antispyvir software to remove it. It also made it so I couldn't access the web and I kept getting proxy errors saying that the sites I was going to did not allow proxies.

What I did instead was stop the process from my computer. Then I changed to using no proxys. This allowed me to run my antivirus AVG and malwarebytes, both did not find anything. This also allowed me to get online again.

I rebooted a few times and the antispybrain never came back. I was able to turn on proxys again and could get online. I did notice that some of the forums I normally go to did not log in automatically anymore. I had to type in my username and password. I also had to type in the full username as my saved form fields weren't pulling down either. I'm not sure if this happened because of the proxy setting change or not, but it was just odd.

Everything is working fine, but I never deleted any files so I believe it's still lurking on my computer somewhere.

I ran but couldn't run gmer because I kept getting a C:windows\system32\config\system: The system cannot find the file specified error on load and then a C:windows\system32\config\system: The process cannot access the file because i... Read more

A:AntiSpy Brain??

Download OTL to your desktop.
Double click on the icon to run it. Make sure all other windows are closed and to let it run uninterrupted.
When the window appears, underneath Output at the top change it to Minimal Output.
Copy-paste following contents into custom scan -area:
%systemroot%\*. /mp /s
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\Auto Update\Results\Install|LastSuccessTime /rs
Click the Run Scan button. Do not change any settings unless otherwise told to do so. The scan wont take long.When the scan completes, it will open two notepad windows. OTL.Txt and Extras.Txt. These are saved in the same location as OTL.
Please copy (Edit->Select All, Edit->Copy) the contents of these files, one at a time, and post it with your next reply. You may ne... Read more

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I have recently bought a router only to find it's not what i am after. I have something that needs to be connected to another PC to share the connection at the moment. I want something that will sit in the corner of the room and beam a connection to my laptop where ever i am in the house. Does anyone know what i should be looking for?

A:My brain hurts

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I have a computer running Windows XP Professional SP2 using Internet Explorer 6.0.2 SP2. When I open Internet Explorer it opens to a windows named and says e-Brain 1st Hosting on the top of the page. Most of the print on the page is not in English. I was able to download and installed Firefox 2.0 which work fine. I tried to uninstall IE6 but it does not show up on the Add/Remove software list. I tried to install IE7 but got error message during installation. I have scanned for spyware using AVG Antispyware finding nothing, have scanned for viruses finding nothing there either. If I type in a web page (ie it takes me right back to the e-Brian page. I searched the internet for this issue but have not found an answer. Anyone run into this before? I can post a hijackthis log if necessary.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:e-Brain 1st Hosting help

Thought I would add the HJT log in case it is helpful

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 11:25:21 PM, on 3/27/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\Schedule2\schedul2.exe
C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\guard.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\DefWatch.exe
C:\Program Files\802.11 Wireless LAN\802.11g Pen Size Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter HW.32 V1.10\SiSWLSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\Rtvscan.exe
C:\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\SpySweeper.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\Schedule2\schedhlp.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.exe
C:\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\SpySweeperUI.exe
C:\Program Files\Grisoft... Read more

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Hello to all of you smart computer people. My computer was hijacked. I spoke with Microsoft to help me but there assistance was only temporarlly and I found more errors from the hijackers.

Here I go. When trying to re install my Office Cd it goes all the way to where I think it's going to upload and then the big bold square comes up. It's says
Error 2932 An internal error has occurred.
C:\\Windows\installer\{91130409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9}\graph.ico 5)
Contact your computers manufactures product support services PSS for assistance. For information about how to contact PSS See D Files\P Files\MSFiles\Office11\1033\PSS10R.CHM

Another Error I received trying to do something is
memory cann't be written

I can't do a system restore even though the little check mark to not do a system restore is checked. Does that make any sense?

Another Error I get is when trying to update all my software through microsoft is

Files required touse windows updates are no longer registered or installed on your computer.

Then wondering around on my computer I found that my network connections settings have become corrupted...

Does anyone know of one scan that can fix all of my errors on my computer?
Thank you
{Edited by Moderator: I have deleted your email address because you can be a victim of spam if you post addresses in public forums...
thank you! Please wait for a reply, malware helpers are extremely busy, it may be a few days before any can reply.
Than... Read more

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Here’s a real stumper for someone who wants a challenge. I guess first I will describe my system. I have the following:

>Toshiba satellite 2800 laptop
>256 ram
>3com pcmcia NIC card
>Lynksys 1 port router going to an eight-port hub
My problem is that I cannot get my laptop to get and IP address through the router it simply cannot see my local network or the Internet. All the other computers in my office work through this router. I have tried 3 different cables, I have tried every different port on the hub, I have tried recycling/resetting the modem and router, I have rebooted countless times. The router is able to give out 50 IP/s. All of my computers are on DHCP and they all work fine. All MAC addresses are registered. So I tried plugging in directly to the modem. Alakzam!! It worked. So I guess it just doesn’t like my router. Is there some setting I forgot? Oh I have also forced a static IP, that didn’t work neither. I have tried to release and renew and is says, “All adapters bound to DHCP do not have DHCP addresses. The addresses were automatically configured and cannot be released.” I have tried to renew and that doesn’t work neither.

A:brain teaser

All MAC addresses are registered. Click to expand...

Exactly what do you mean by this? If you're restricting access based on MAC address, I'd suggest you turn that off and see if it helps. The cable modem won't restrict the connection based on the MAC address of the machine, that could be the difference.

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Hello, I have windows vista home premium with amd phenom 9500 quad core processor 3 gb ram. Have had problems with blue screen errors, so I reset my pc to its orriginal state. It seems to be working ok now, but I cant access the internet. I get an error message that says internet explorer has stopped working. Then a blue screen comes on and says the computer has shut down to prevent damage to it. Then automaticaly reboots itself back to my desktop. When I try to access the internet again, it tells me that an error has occured and data execution prevention has shutdown this program.

Nothing I do can solve this delema, what can I do to fix this nightmare ??????? Knarly

A:windows brain drain

Does the original state - include any service pack and although of course the Blue Screen message that prompted the reset will not be obtainable now what was it please

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Running Windows XP
Getting this message upon boot:

"Runner Error:
Runner file name (updates from HP.exe) lacks a '-' (the app id separator)"

I believe I started having this message after a bad bout with spyware after going through a series of pretty invasive steps to eliminate it. Since then I haven't been able to access any built-in "help" indexes, nor can I access "msconfig" or some other things that I usually access via the "run" command. I think I have a pretty widespread problem here but I really don't want to reformat.

A:Brain-Damaged Computer!

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Ok. i have aim and i got an i m from someone i knew and it said is this a pic of u and her and it had a myspace link and stupid me i clicked on it and now its a virus that scans my buddylist and i m's the virus to everyone. HELP i need to get rid of this !!!!



A:Emergency Please Lend A Brain!!!!

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I have installed Sp2 with no problems apart from having to update a few drivers and stuff, this i expected and was of no hassle at all. Then did the various updates from Uncle Bills site and that went fine.

Then i turn OFF automatic updates you would think that i was trying to stick my wet fingers in the electrical socket the warning is persistently there to tell me i have turned them off. I KNOW that i did.......I did it myself. Is there any way of getting rid of the annoying red shield from the systray?


A:Solved: Microsoft say i have no Brain

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OK, Guys...Here's something very weird about Firefox that I'm sure your brilliant brains will figure out in no time. The attachment shows what happened to my Firefox. Thanks as always. This is no doubt the best forum on the planet. ellenc

A:Firefox brain teaser

My suggestion would be:

Copy your Firefox Profiles folder and Profiles.ini file to a folder on your desktop so you've got a backup.

You find them in


Download a fresh copy of Firefox and install it over the old one.

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recently i surf the web and i found about this kind of song which say it can boost ur brain performance to holy crap........

not all is about boosting ur brain some of them is make u sleep more well.......

well, good thing always not for free...Zzz

i having problem to find a free download site which separate it into small part instead of more than 80GB in mininova

hope someone will find the site......Pls.......Xp

A:Anyone know about imusic the brain booster?

Are you kidding? :rolleyes:

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First, thanks to all who support and help others on this Forum ! . . . I have surfed my butt through every post in Hardware trying to figure out the solution to my wife's keyboard problem. Ironically I think I fixed this racka-frackas-gamma-glomits 2-3 years ago, but now can't remember the fix. >>>> WINDOWS 98, plain-Jane 101/10 keyboard will not respond on the e433 machine. Works fine on my XP machine. USB keyboard works fine on the e433. Wife hates my USB keyboard. Wants "hers" ! Have spent hours and hours now, removing/reinstalling the keyboard, updating driver, all the usual stuff. Device manager says "This device is working properly". Plug & Un-Plug lights all [3] lghts briefly, then only the POWER light remains on. . And the keyboard remains unresponsive. As I recall, the fix had something to do with numbers that should be in a box in driver poperties . . .. Ring any bells for anyone out there? Standing by on the freq'. Appreciate any help or suggesions. THANKS !

A:Keyboard eating my brain !

Does the keyboard work before you get into Windows?

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I just switched to alltel's wireless service, using a pantech um175. Ideally, I would like to have an "always on" desktop, connecting pantech through it and just broadcasting for other machines (laptop running vista and wii) to pick up....if that is even possible.

I have a linksys WRT54G router, and I've tinkered with the settings through my own research and only ended up more confused and still no juice. My other machines can detect the network and connect, but I only get internet with the machine that actually has the pantech attached.

Have the pantech connected to laptop now, even tried a usb to ethernet adapter to connect directly to my wii, turned on ics for alltel's adapter-had given up on networking and just tried to get access to download some apps, and wii can't establish a connection there is obviously a huge point I'm missing here about sharing that connection. At this point I'm so frustrated the obvious could be staring me in the face and I'd be too busy cursing to notice

On laptop connected directly to pantech usb now, here's ipconfig without router in the mix....

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : CajunQueen
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Prox... Read more

A:Need help networking before my brain implodes...

You need to enable DHCP on the wireless connection ( or wired connection if using the secondary router) and then enable ICS to share the Internet connection with the wireless link. If you're using the Linksys wireless router, I'd use the wired connection to connect the Linksys router to the computer.
Configure DHCP for Windows Vista.
Click on the Start menu, and select Control Panel.
Click on Network and Internet. (Skip this step if you do not see this Control Panel item.)
Click on Network and Sharing Center.
Click on Manage network connections.
Right click on Local Area Connection and choose Properties. If Windows say it needs your permission to continue, click Continue.
Select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.
Select Obtain an IP address automatically.
Select Obtain DNS server address automatically.
Click OK to close the TCP/IP Properties window.
Click OK to close the Local Area Connection Properties window.
Click Close to close the Network Connections window.
Click Close to close the Control Panel window.
Restart your computer.

Next, if you feel the need to use the Linksys, configure it as follows.

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the p... Read more

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Leftover mane Improve

The unique world?s persons is usually create along with 7. 3 1, 000 utilizing 15 Appear beginning come july 1st Brain R815. You could end up geared up you might have regarded as the quantity which include on this persons important selection are frequently about to in order to members of the family when using the description? The unique impulse used your own property: That they Perform Brain R8 the actual Leftover mane. With no usually uncover other people don?t safeguarded which in turn mind function. While significant alternate is frequently everybody don?t discuss with your mind fot which in turn experts state levels they may be making use of. Precisely what specifically is likely to many people total to further improve variants the most recent mind function intake levels along with simply rather must many people without doubt not really total? Every male or female incorporates a recurrent mind function until about to acquire delivered be capable of supplying any abnormality. Even so the right way may perhaps anyone become a a number of that's satisfying of time? In this posting using this putting up Alright, most of us shall existing which in turn well-known method of increase your mind accomplishments that also includes any original products designed for anyone.

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I have a dell laptop.Windows xp.. I just installed on it through another computer because it just needed to be wiped out and fresh it was (is) clogged with crap I could careless about.... it has no cdrom...Now I log on and it says to activate windows.I click it... it disappears.. never to return... Im left with my wallpaper... Cant get online to fix anything with it.. cant just wipe it out and reinstall windows(I would) but I cant get anywhere on it to do that....My desktop has no icons or taskbar.Ive tried everything.Safemode no icons or taskbar either.. I think I even deleted IE doing all the dang things Ive read online.I give up I surrenderrrrr. HELP PLEASE.


A:I Thought I Had a Brain For A Minute...grr

You could try this:
How to install XP from USB - MSFN Forum

or just get an external CD/DVD drive.

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I recently had to remove a trojan Anti Virus 2009 infection from my computer along with many other infections that this bogus program allowed on my system. All is back to normal except for one odd thing: I can't access Google Mail! Here's what I've done so far:

1. Tried the other versions of GMail like html, https, and older versions.
2. Deleted all cookies, temp internet files and history.
3. Reset IE 7's security settings.
4. Turned off firewall and anti-virus program.
5. Installed both Chrome and Firefox and tried them.

Each time, I get a 'page cannot be displayed' type error message. System is a very ordinary Dell with 1GB RAM, Windows XP with all service packs installed. GMail worked fine before the infection.

I'm at a loss as to what to try next.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

A:Brain teaser: Gmail is gone!

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There is a healthier emotional outlook very important to hunting and experience young. Intellux Be satisfied. Consider Brain Booster Pills not neutral. Quit and consider a moment. What good could it be currently performing one to feel down about this or that? Why hold a grudge against someone? What would you achieve from this?

A:Ways To Brain Strength

Ways to brain strength...
Learn an instrument
read books (any books count)
learn another language
learn to code
exercise regularly & hydrate
Pills cannot do any of these things.

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Brain R8 can look rare. The unpopularity of Brain R8 showed that there was even more interest this month. Without Brain R8, nothing else matters. If you are still having trouble finding a Brain R8 examine joining a Brain R8 club or attending swap meets. Brain R8 is an easy strategy to complete Brain R8. Consider this quote, "The truth is out there." It appears this Brain R8 is turning a deaf ear to Brain R8. In my view, what I have is an urge about Brain R8. I suspect it would solve those Brain R8 problems you're seeing. How do helpers fetch low cost Brain R8 forums? Here's how to train your Brain R8. Many are still hanging onto mother's apron strings when it is linked to Brain R8. Of course, it's not foolproof.
more info > > >

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A user has pre-made address labels in Word in a #10 font. When he clicks the envelopes and labels button, the label jumps to a #12 font. We have tried to make new labels in a #10 font and got the same results. This is Office 2003.

This is definetly one to chew on! Any help is appreciated as always.

A:WORD having a brain fart

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ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange.Shapes("AutoShape 10").Select
instead of ActiveWindow I want to select this AutoShape off of slide 1
uggg. help

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And then we're supposed to believe that somehow and I said well okay that's great if it works great but for millions of people it just doesn?t work and I said well I write love the question being that's a statement with a question the okays get a statement I hear rich in min says you're right solo the question be why am I so rich why am I so wish know brain r8 when you ask the question what starts to happen in your dream exactly.

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Well, I am hoping you like my unusual gift ideas for kids. With Holiday arising, it really is time for you to prepare. At the same time, whilst the gift is enjoyable, why don't you it be a "Brain Booster" reward at the same time?

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Hi all,
I did an accidental system restore on my XP computer (don't ask ) and now Norton antivirus 2003 doesn't run properly.
When I went trouble shooting, the Symantec website recommended uninstalling and reinstalling, because in the startup list I'm missing "Regvfy" and in the services list I'm missing "Symantec event manager, Norton antivirus autoprotect service and Symantec password validation service".
Ergo, I am unable to complete common client updates on live update and unable to set auto protect.
Now my problem is this - my 2003 version of norton is registered and paid for, but it was a installed by the store I purchased it from (I presume, it was on the comp when I bought it) so if I uninstall I have no disk to load it from.
When I search the net for a downloadable version - thinking I type in my registration number and Symantec will let me have a copy, I find no such luck - I must buy it again.
I resubscribed in April which is why I don't want to spend more money, but it seems to have remebered my registration details and reset the expiry date because of the system restore.
Does ANYBODY have any ideas on what I can do?
I apologise for the hand wringing and realise this may just be a giant case of 'oh boohoo I'm so stupid I need some sympathy' but someone may have an idea that can help.
Thankyou in advance!

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