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Solved: Good Free Antivirus except AVG free

Q: Solved: Good Free Antivirus except AVG free

I have a client that for some reason AVG will not update except manually going to the grisoft site and downloading the update. I have tried every thing including installing from a CD, Installing from the Grisoft website, updating manually, and for some reason the AVG update manager will not work. Can someone recommend another Free Antivirus that is as easy to use and as automatic as AVG is, that I can install on her computer. This is an elderly woman that needs things as simple as possible. She can be taught to follow prompts but I would like to keep things as easy as possible. for example I send her emails regularly to remind her to run Adaware and Spybot, Any suggestions?

A: Solved: Good Free Antivirus except AVG free

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My eset 1 year key just expired, thinking of installing Avast free av for my home pc.,is it a good choice ?

A:Avast Free - Are Free antivirus software good ?

Avast free antivirus is an excellent choice in hardened mode! just make sure you deselect all the crap that you do not need during install ( secureline - browsercleaner - avast cleaner - software updater and so on. )

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I thought it would be a good idea in keeping with the overall goal of this site to start a thread to give people a list of legal and secure sites for downloading free or dirt-cheap movies, music and software/games.
I believe this would helpful in terms of not just telling people not to visit/support pirating websites,
but to also give them other alternatives so that there wouldn't be a temptation to go there anyway
(And also for people like me that Don't want to steal, but also don't want to pay more than I have to)
Master list of sites for free/dirt cheap movies, music and free/free to try software:
Open Music Archive
Contains music with expired copyright according to UK copyright law, which states that the copyright expires 70 years after the author's death.
As such, some of the music may be considered "pirated" in countries with longer copyright periods.
For example, The longest copyright period I know of is Mexico (100 years after the author's death).
This guy composes his own music and gives it away for free!
Movies and/or TV
Movies and tv free with ads, or (for cost of membership) watchable without ads. 
Free for Dishnetwork users?
Not completely free, but VERY low price!
WARNING! As stated by Quietman, Many free Software Sites contain ads  or link to sites containing ads with misleading down... Read more

A:Good source sites for secure & legal free movies and free/free to try software?

That is a good question.
When I think about it Hulu does have movies.
I use Netflix.
I can use as I have Dishnetwork and can use that to be able to watch. Yup, just tested works good.
Many of the Movies channels can be watched that way.

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Which antivirus to put a bunch of SpyShelter Premium +Windows Firewall Control(binisoft) ?
Win7 x64 Other ? Thanks

A:BitDefender Antivirus Free vs Avast Antivirus Free vs Avira Antivirus Free

Resource Usage (eg: CPU, RAM): draw, with the indication of Avira, since BitDefender takes overall a little bit less of CPU time, but consumes much more RAM.
Level of Protection and Features (eg: Antivirus , Firewall, Behavior Blocker): Avira has more features, configuration options and is generally more effective when it comes to the malware detection (Proactive and Reactive).
Overall Winner: Avira.
Edit: I've just noticed, that you've added Avast - as the third contestant - to BitDefender and Avira. Still Avira is the winner here. Avast is not too hungry for PC resources and perhaps has more features, but its engine is not so good, and its detection ratio usually lags behind both: BitDefender and Avira.

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hi i would like to see which every one prefers?

A:Avast Free vs AVG Free vs Avira Free Antivirus for Windows

AVG proactive protection does very good work most of the time

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I've used to use Kaspersky Internet Suite 6 before, and I just found it totally amazing, the best all-in-one security program I need, unfortunately I cant pay for it anymore.. so I'm looking around for something new.

I've tried Zonealarm + Avast! but they just didn't work well at all. Right now I'm using comodo as my firewall and NOD32 as antivirus.

With comodo, I feel that sometimes its not giving me the proper protection, I donno it's just a feeling that the default network monitor settings don't secure me. I had to manually turn off ports 135, 445, 139, 69, 4444 because of a crash I would have pretty often and after hours of research on the net.

The problem I have with NOD32 isn't security, its more of resources. Everyone says that NOD32 uses the least amount of resources, but right now EKRN is at 27,704k mem usage. That in itself isn't so bad, but the problem is when I browse online, or download torrents, the CPU usage just shoots up. I trolled the forums a bit and disabled web access protection and http filter but it still takes up alot of CPU when firefox is open and browsing.

Any suggestions?

Comodo version -
NOD32 version - 3.0.414.0

2.6Ghz CPU with 1gig +ram and windows xp

A:Need a good and free antivirus/firewall

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Ive got PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Anti-Virus Starter Edition

which was free lifetime license with Computer Active this fortnight...

is the Anti-Virus engine any good?

I know the Anti-Spyware engine is one of the best but will it be any good at detecting viruses?

Webroot was sophos powere av - who powers pc tools?

A:Spyware Dr. with Antivirus - it any good?

personealy i recommand u to download AVG , it comes with free edtion and paid edtion , even the free edtion dont include anti-spyware ,but it does cought normal and
<encrypted spywares> , known as <undetectable servers>. and i personally test it . others AVs like KasperSky , Nod32 , Bitdefender , avast , Antivir etc. not even close to AVG spyware security , but in the other hand the r v good in handling the trojans and virus and other threats.

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Like in the title, I'm looking for a pretty good/decent antivirus program. I tried AVG 2011 but it kept locking up on me, so I had to remove it. Any assistance would be great, as the only 2 things I have right now are Super Anti Spyware and Maleware Bytes, But I would like to have something consistantly guarding my computer too.

Thanks in advance.

A:What is a pretty good free AntiVirus?

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Looking for a good free antivirus software to run. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

A:Can someone rec a good free antivirus software?

I have used the avg antivirus for about 3 yrs now on my own computers and have had several friends/family members install it and are happy with it. you can also download it on a link from
Good luck

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Sophos Home Free Antivirus vs Panda Free Antivirus 2016. Which one do you pick and why?

A:Sophos Home Free Antivirus vs Panda Free Antivirus 2016

I have to say that I haven't tried Sophos until now. But my opinion about Panda goes like this.

Resource Usage (eg: CPU, RAM)?Panda is efficient in both of them, but during scans it may use more CPU resources

Real World System Impact?Quiet Low

User Friendliness? 5/5

User Interface? 5/5

Level of Protection and Features (eg: Antivirus , Firewall, Behavior Blocker)?4/5
Overall Winner? Since i haven't tried Sophos I cannot give verdict for the best between the two.

Thankyou And Happy New Year.

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guyzzz could u give me some anti virus that doesnt free trial??????pc tool or anything good for my lappy......

A:Any good free antivirus software for my lappy?

Sure, my favorite is Microsoft Security Essentials.

MSE is very good for laptops, because it doesn't use much resources.

There is no need to pay for anti-virus products these days.

Another good one is Avast.

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Suggestions, advice, and/or information needed for a good free anti-virus and personal firewall. "Free" meaning . . . free installation and free updates.

I have heard about Avast!, AVG, Zone Alarm, and Sygate. Are there other free anti-virus and personal firewall that may be much better than these?

1. Which is the better anti-virus: Avast! or AVG?
2. Which is the better personal firewall: Zone Alarm or Sygate?

Would appreciate personal experiences and/or links to websites (unless this forum prohibits such information from being shared), which may address my concerns and where I may be able to download the recommended anti-virus and personal firewall.

As additional information, I have 3 PCs at home with 3 different OS, where I plan to use the free anti-virus and personal firewall.
1. Windows XP Professional Edition
2. Windows 98 SE
3. Windows 2000

Although all PCs have DSL connections to surf the internet, there are times I use dial-up connections. The PCs have LAN cards, but I have not networked them . . . though I plan to do that later on, once I learn how to do it.

I use the PCs on the internet primarily to email and to search for information. I hardly use the PCs for network gaming.


A:Good Free AntiVirus & Personal FireWall

Hi Noah Body, Many members show approval for AVG & ZoneAlarm (Free)

both are well tried & regularly updated.Rollin Rog has a sticky at the top of this forum itemising available types.

I am currently evaluating TDS-3 ( which is most impressive & is updated daily.

There was a sizeable thread on this forum a while ago, which you may find helpful.Use the Search facility.


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Can you recommend a good, free antivirus/antimalware program that doesn't occupy too much space and therefore slow my pc down? Thank you!

A:Recommend a good free antivirus program

You ask a question we get quite often. With that in mind our very own quietman7 has written up a very good overview and provided valuable information. There is no one size fits all choice when it comes to antivirus or malware protection tools and resources.Please take a look here: Choosing an Anti-Virus ProgramThe entire topic has good information and should be read as well.

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Help on this please, Please????
It needs to be auto updating and thorough also.
(my subscription is about to run out very soon on the "pay" Trend program, I've been using)

AND!!..... I'm looking for one that uses Very few resources(like Norton) and does Not slow my system down...Like ZoneAlarm(which I know is just a firewall, but hogs computer speed) does to a snail's pace also. I'll Never use it again!

Please give me your ideas on ones you've used...(and which are not worth the time, if you have any bad experiences, please)

A:Is AVG free antivirus a very good real-time virus protector, any better?

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What is a good free Anti-Virus program to replace the now dead (Internal Virus Database is out-of-date) AVG Free 7.5.557 version 270.12.11/2089? The AVG icon in my task tray is black and gray.AVG Free 8.5 will not work on Windows ME! It must be an Anti-Virus program that will operate on Windows ME. I can not afford to buy a new computer. This computer does not have enough memory to upgrade the operating system, we already tried that for other reasons.

A:Need good free AV to replace AVG Free 7.5.557 on Windows ME

HI, you can get AntiVir Personal Edition or avast! Home Edition to replace AVG

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A:Bitdefender Free Antivirus 2016 vs FortiClient 5.4 Free

What if I were to tell you, there is NO best?

What Antivirus do you currently use, and why is it important for you to know which one is the better product?

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I was thinking of the free ZoneAlarm firewall+free Avast! Antivirus combination. What do you think? Any better choice? Thanks.

A:Need advice for free antivirus+free firewall combo

See What's the Best Anti-virus? & Free Software Firewalls for Windows 7

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A:AVG Free Antivirus vs Comodo Internet Security Free?

Hand down CIS. Best free prevention and lock down security software ever, but this software is for advanced users only that knows what they are doing because by tweaking you can make CIS outperform other antiviruses easily.

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Hello Forum!

This is my first post here and I hope I get it right.
Practically I want them to tell me their opinions on which is better between "Panda free antivirus and ad-adware free antivirus"

The so short djeo to be understood and be easy to answer

A Salu2! from Argentina!

A:What is better Panda free antivirus or ad-aware free?

Hello and welcome to malwaretips,
I think adaware got a better detection, but i would trust more Panda.
Both don't have proactive protection, and web filter are almost the same.
Adaware do more false positive than Panda (thanks bitdefender engine).
If you can use other antivirus than panda or adaware you should do it.

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A:Beware: Free Antivirus Isnít Really Free Anymore

avast! is good compared to the others, and Bitdefender plus Malwarebytes just don't offer anything. Even thought, let's keep in mind that Malwarebytes is still just an Antimalware and not an Antivirus. Still nice to see it mentionned in an article like this to show that it doesn't put itself on the same level as the other security software.

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Ok all, What is the BEST free Antivirus out there? And also BEST password manager? And should I even be using a Password manager???

Is the Password manager Dashlane any good?

A:BEST FREE antivirus? And best free password manager???

Hi there,

I have been using "MalwareBytes" for several years and it's a really great AV/Anti-Spyware program. It does a great job in detecting both anti-virus and spywares.

You can download the program here =

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I downloaded Avast because it was free. It says that I have to register to Avast! Free Anti-virus. I thought this program was free? Or is registering for free?

A:Is registering Avast! Free Antivirus free?

It is free.

Registering it is simple.

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Ok all, What is the BEST free Antivirus out there? And also BEST password manager? And should I even be using a Password manager???

Is the Password manager Dashlane any good?

A:BEST FREE antivirus? And best free password manager???

Hi there,

I have been using "MalwareBytes" for several years and it's a really great AV/Anti-Spyware program. It does a great job in detecting both anti-virus and spywares.

You can download the program here =

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Can you guys get me a free antisvirus and a free firewall

A:I need free antivirus and free firewall

yes, there a few versions - have a look at this thread

here you will find firewalls and antivirus

I use zonealarn from zonelabs
and AVG from

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Hi all

Panda Free AntiVirus 18.0 Free

New UI completely redesigned.
Improved subscription and device management integrated in the product. Users can manage their subscriptions and their anti-theft protection (My Devices area) from their products.
Fully compatible with the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
Engine improvements for better protection and performance.
Other improvements requested by Panda Community.
Panda Free Antivirus 18.0 brings redesigned UI, better protection and performance

With best Regards

A:Panda Free Antivirus 18.0 Free

I Will test it soon... thanks

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I'm in need of a FREE Java IDE (i.e. edits, debugs, and compiles java code) for my computer science class. It must be able to run from a portable hard drive that I use to move stuff between my home computer and school. It does not necessarily have to run completely from the hard drive, but it shouldn't need extra stuff like the .NET framework.
Open source would be nice, but not necessary.
Thank you for any help that you can provide.

A:Solved: Need a Good, Free Java IDE

This is probably too complex for your portable drive ?

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Hi....I have a new computer with 64bit Vista OS. It came with a free trial of McAfee AV. My question is: What is the best AV out there and are there any good free AV programs out there? I know some come with shareware & virus' attached. Thanks!

A:Solved: Good free AV program?

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I wish to create a new forum, MY only forum thats helps with computers stuffs.

Any ideas....

I just know that one..... MSN Groups.

A:Solved: Know any good free forum?

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I've tried many free antivirus over the years, but these two have always consistently been the ones I liked the most.

After some issues with Windows 10 last year, I had to briefly switch to Avira but after the issues were fixed I got back to Avast because it was the one I had learned to rely upon in the last few years. However, I'm open to reassess my position between these two excellent products. Something that has also spurred me to reassess the situation was the fact that LifeHacker has recently changed their recommendation from Avast to Avira as the "The Best (Free) Antivirus App for Windows".

On one hand Avast offers a more complete feature set:

File System Shield
Web Shield
Mail Shield
Behavior Blocker (DeepScreen)

Still, I disable the E-mail blocker because I solely use Web mail. I also disable the Web shield because:

It seems to slightly slow down my browsing
I don't like to have all my HTTP traffic analyzed by the AV or any other program
Sometimes it doesn't play well with HTTPS because it internally to scan the encrypted traffic which changes the original website's certificate (I know I can selectively disable the Web Shield for HTTPS only)

So, in practice, I have been using the File System Shield and the Behavior Blocker at default sensitivity settings (no Hardened Mode) to avoid too many False Positives and issues with less known software. I've had no problems with this set up for a long time.

Regarding Avira, it lac... Read more

A:Avast Free Antivirus 2016 vs Avira Free Antivirus 2016

I vote for avast free more options more tweaks u can do in any option, and good deleting " dangers ". ofc software updater desactivate.
avira is anoying when detect some " infecction". run quick scan then many times ask fot reset pc not really good deleting real "dangers".
another thing is " the cloud " based.. oh common without internet cant do nothing really ?..
Abouth resources 50/50 both are good in this, ofc more " shields " u active and more " grade of detection " u activate more cpu/ram uses.

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I currently have Spyware Doctor, PCTools Anti Virus, Spyware Blaster, Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, AdAware, Spybot S&D, and Privacy Guardian installed. I know I know, way too many. I got desperate because some problems just wouldn't go away.

I cannot currently afford to purchase Kaspersky 2009 or any other program at the moment but would like to secure my computer in the meantime.

Was currently thinking of removing everything and just installing the following:

Avira AntiVir Personal
Sunbelt Personal Firewall

and maybe PCTools Threatfire.

Would this be a good combo to help keep my PC clean until I can afford something like Kaspersky 2009?

A:Solved: Good combo of free protection...?

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hiya, im looking for a good DVD burning software for free... not a trial or anything just something good and free, im not looking for like a program to make menus and stuff just something to burn the movie files to the dvd and so it runs automatically when i put it in the DVD player


A:Solved: looking for a good FREE dvd burning software

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Can anyone recommend from personal use such a program? This is what I would like it to have:

Normally invisible, or a bar at one side of the screen which opens when the cursor moves over it.
Can place on it shortcuts to files, folders, drives, websites - anything.
Should show (abbreviated) names rather than icons.
Be easy to update.

Thanks for any info.


A:Solved: Looking for a good free launch pad program

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I am looking for a great free audio editor. Any know of one?

A:Solved: good free audio editor?

jVirus said:

I am looking for a great free audio editor. Any know of one?Click to expand...

Might be something here

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I want to learn how to crop and cut imags zoom in and out and edit them in funny ways.Anyone know of any free software that does that.

A:Solved: any good free photo software

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I'm looking for a good program to rganize my email. I don't want to spring for Outlook.

A:Solved: Good Free Email program

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I am a Software Engineering student. I would like to learn C++ because that language is not in my degree. Can anyone please tell me a good site(Virus and other threats free), where I can learn that language from the beginning for free?

A:Solved: Need a good free website to learn C++

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Hi i have Norton Antivirus on my laptop im looking for a spyware scanner like spybot witch one is good and compatible with windows vista

A:Solved: A Good Free Spyware Scanner

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Quick question-- does anyone know of any good free antivirus?

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Best free antivirus?

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Hi All,

A question You have no doubt been asked many times before, could You recomend a good "Free" Antivirus product for windows 7 on a Lap top

Many Thanks


A:Solved: Best free antivirus for PC

10 different people will probably give you 10 different answers.

Personally, I use Microsoft Security Essentials

It's small and light-weight and user-friendly and does a decent job.

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After having used Avast free and paid versions for several years, I had to look for a new antivirus when they launched their new Avast 5, which crashed or bloated all my PCs. Since then, I have not experimented with Avast any longer.

AVG and Antivir (free versions) turned out to have other defects, i.e. slowing down, popup advertising for doubtful security software, or extremely slow updates (annoying on a laptop).

I am ready to pay for an antivirus system on most of my machines, and I use successfully ESET Nod32, which runs smoothly.

For some secondary machines, i.e. my wife's computer, the PC in my guest room, or a secondary personal laptop, it seems a bit over the top to pay a yearly fee for an antivirus system. Is it really the way the world is heading: no more free AND good antivirus?

A:Solved: Free antivirus: the end?

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I am looking to get an anti virus program for my computers. I have heard that both Avast and AVG are very good free services. I do not do any networking, or advanced things concerning the internet. I just want good basic protection for my computers. Which is the better choice, or is there a better one that I have overlooked?

Thanks for your help!

A:Solved: Best Free AntiVirus?

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Best FREE antivirus???

really free, no trials

A:Solved: Best FREE antivirus???

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Anyone know of any good audio editing apps. for free (Besides WavePad and Audacity)


A:Solved: Anyone Know of Any Good and FREE Audio Editing Programs???

Since those didn't do the trick, tell us what they lack, which will help in recommending others.

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What free software can I download to help build web pages?? I downloaded the adobe dreamweaver CS3 and used the 30 days free trial, I deleated it and ininstalled it but it knows iv used the free trial. I like to build my own web pages, but not actully uploading it to the web, what software is good and free?? I have windows vista so it must work with that. Thanks in advance

A:Solved: what is a free website building software that is good???

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I went through the sticky's and was surprised to not find any suggestions for good and reputable security software that's available for purchase or for free.

A:[SOLVED] Good AV and Anti-spyware software, free and some that's not.

Hello and welcome to TSF.

This is a malware removal forum. Perhaps you can find the information you're looking in General Computer Security and its subforums
Free AntiVirus Comparisons & PC Safety and Security--What Do I Need?

I'll move this topic to the General Computer Security section of the forum.

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What is a good free anti virus or anti trojan that i can download?

A:Solved: What is a good free anti virus/trojan

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Hey what are some good (free)(key words) disk recovery tools out there? My roommate has a disk that whacked out. a pay recovery tool wants... errr well money heh. Thought it was worth an ask.

A:Solved: Good FREE Disk Recovery Tools?

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I have windows XP 2002 with SP2. Tech Support helped me get my system running fine back in Jan 2009. I am now running avast home edition and StopZilla spyware. Over the last week, the computer has started to run VERY slow, especially on the internet, but also on non-internet work. A full scan with avast home edition claims to be virus free.

I am suspect that my registry needs to be cleaned up. But I am not very computer savvy. Is there a good free ware for cleaning up the registry? Thanks, Tim

A:Solved: A good free ware for Registry Cleaning?

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Hi, I'm new to Windows 7 and I'd like to know what is the best freeware antivirus for Windows 7. Someone told me to use Avira Antivirus Personal Free, so I downloaded and tried installing it. An error message appeared that said the file was corrupted and I needed to download it again. I downloaded the same file (it had the same filename but a bigger size) from a different site, and when I tried installing that, all that happened was that a black DOS window flashed on the screen for a split second and then closed, and nothing else happened. I'm still sitting with no antivirus on my system. Any comments or advice will be appreciated.

A:Solved: The best FREE antivirus for Windows 7?

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Is there a good free antivirus program that you can recommend?

A:Solved: Free antivirus software

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I just learned on the Avast forums that Avast does not scan web mail like Yahoo, MSN , or G-mail. It does not support Secure Socket Layer ( SSL )connections. I never knwe this before. I only use Yahoo and Gmail. , so I am not getting email protection from my Antivirus software. I just recently uninstalled AVG for Avast. Does AVG support SSL connections ?
If neither of these support SSL connections , then I will go with Avira. My reason for not downloading Avira is because it does not scan email. But apparently Avast does not scan my webmail so I would be just as well off with Avira which I like better.

Can someone tell me if AVG supports SSL connections ?

A:Solved: About Free Antivirus Software

I don't know of any antivirus software that can scan webmail. Nor is it needed in my opinion. Yahoo and Gmail both have builtin Virus scanning. Avast and AVG will scan your email if you are using an email client like Outlook, Thunderbird or Eudora.

If you are using Firefox as your browser, anything you download thru Firefox gets scanned for viruses. I am not sure about IE, since I haven't used it in a while.

So use whatever Antivirus you want becausee you are not going to get what you think you should get.

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The AVG free alerted me of a major threat to computer. Adware Generic4.ANCZ
I ran scan and tried removing. Would not go away. Could someone please walk me through Hijack this log and look at it so we can get this mess cleaned up? I am a beginner so explain please......truecrimeAlso ran Superantispyware and Malwarebytes. Did not pick the adaware generic4 up. I did uninstall a file that looked odd queryexplorer (3) entries. I uninstalled it in the control panel. It got put on the computer Sept. 3, 2010 and I don't even remember it, so I uninstalled it.
I may have jumped the gun. The adaware generic4.ANCZ has not popped up through my antivirus AVG in over 1/2 hour. When I told AVG to show me the file that was infected and it showed me the queryexplorer (3) files that I uninstalled, the AVG pop up has stopped. I will run another antivirus scan and hop this has been solved. I will mark solved for now. thank you.......

A:Solved: Help antivirus AVG free don't removing.....

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Need some help in choosing a free Antivirus.
What is your opinion of:
Avira, AVG and Avast
I am running Vista Home Premium SP2

A:Solved: Help in choosing free antivirus

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hi guys,i run avg free v 7.5,yesterday i found out that the updates for it finish on 31st may,i was so upset as i think it is marvellous,my daughter recommended avast v. 4.8 with the free registration ,is it any good for the xp pc,any input would be grateful....

A:Solved: free avg antivirus v.7.5 finished !!!!!!!!!

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I read the thread about MSE, XP and April 8. I don't want to worry about MSE, so what would be a good replacement for my XP machine? I noticed Bitdefender has a free version and was rated #1 on the AV test. Will it continue to be free or will they charge later like Trend Micro did a few years ago? Thanks.

A:Solved: XP free antivirus to replace MSE

I have AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition on my XP Machine & it works just as good as Microsoft Security Essentials. AVG also has a paid version which includes a two way firewall. You can get it at or

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Are there any free antivirus/antispyware applications out there that are good?

Thanks and have a good day!

A:Solved: Free, Antivirus Applications???

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Is there a package where I can get both an antivirus and firewall? Or do I need to download 2 separate programmes?

A:Solved: Free antivirus + firewall?

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A:Bitdefender free vs Panda free vs Avira free 2016


This is my Top from what you listed.

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tried to down load the free version of adaware with firefox and google pack but it dousnt seem to have given me the adaware. I am working on my mother in laws p.c and this spyware is causing problems on start up so need to get rid of it. I am trying to get rid of a sipspi32.dll file. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: can anyone direct me to free spyware deleting software thats any good

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Good morning all,
Could anyone help me with a link to a good adult content filter. I tried naomie but it shuts downs the browser more than desirable even for sites of spirituality.
Thanks very much

A:Solved: need a good free adult content filter software


K-9 Web Protection

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A:Solved: Where Can I find a free Defrag and Registry Cleaner that are good???

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I used to have one something like SCnet i forget. i lost all my info please and thank you

A:Solved: Hey everyone i need a link to a good free online virus/mal scanner

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Does anyone know of any good, free anti-spam software? Thanks.

A:Solved: Good, free anti-spam software outthere?

referee07 said:

Does anyone know of any good, free anti-spam software? Thanks.Click to expand...

Do you mean client side or server side? I use Spamassassin server side and it works very well.

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are there any websites that you can download movies for free. preferably not wasteful of space. and brings no viruses. i dont want it to slow my pc too. my kids want to watch these disney movies like despicable me and others. idk. please help!! thanks you!!!

A:[SOLVED] Downloading free movies online free and no virus?

The movies you mention are copyrighted and as such can only be attained at ligitimate contracted sites. You are asking about illegal downloads and as such are not supported on this site.

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As soon as I try to install Avast Free Anti Virus my system(Win XP) reboots without giving any error message.

I have already ran Dial-a-fix, MBAM n Trojan remover.

A:Solved: Not able to install Avast Free Antivirus

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Is there such a thing? Do they really work?

A:Solved: Free spyware,adware,antivirus

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I've been using AVG free edition for a laptop running Windows ME. Now with the new AVG 8.0 out, that version no longer supports Windows ME. After May 31, 2008, AVG will no longer update antivirus definition for previous versions (so I am told). Is there a good free replacement I can use?

A:Solved: Best free antivirus software for Windows ME?

avast is free and works for Windows ME and it's a very good antivirus.

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Ive been searching&searching&dwnloading&installing&scanning&discovering that ahh copying&pasting&typing&typing still unable to identify what part/s of this information is THE info/specs!
And where to go with them? Can someone pls HELP!
DeviceDesc: Multimedia Audio Controller
Device: IXP SB400 AC'97 Audio Controller
Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc
OEM: Toshiba America Information Systems
Manufacturer: UNKNOWN
Compatible IDs: PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4370&REV_80
ConfigFlags: 64
HardwareID: PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4370&SUBSYS_FF311179&REV_80
LocationInformation: PCI bus 0, device 20, function 5
Multimedia Audio Control Properties\Device status: The drivers for this device are not installed [Code 28]
Multimedia Audio Control Properties\Device Instance Id: PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4370&SUBSYS_FF311179&REV_80\3&13C0B0C5&0&A5
Device Desc: Video Controller (VGA Compatible)
Device:Radeon Xpress 200M (RS410)
Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc
OEM: Toshiba America Information systems
Manufacturer: UNKNOWN
CompatibleIDs: PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5A62&SUBSYS_FF311179&REV_00
LocationInformation: PCI bus 1, device 5, function 0
UINumber: 13
Video Controller (VGA Compatible) Properties\Device status: This device is not configured correctly. [Code 1]
Video Controller (VGA Compatible) Properties\Details: PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5A62&SUBSYS_FF311179&REV_00\4&2C0D4F31&0&2808
D... Read more

A:Solved: is there any free driver toolkits that actually find & fix for free or..

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is there such a thing as a free antivirus that wont slow my browser
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 255 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 28584 MB, Free - 19181 MB; G: Total - 15259 MB, Free - 12355 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corp.,
Antivirus: None

A:Solved: free antivirus that doesnt slow browser?

I'm using AVG on XP and W7 .. What are you currently using ???


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Does anyone know a web site that rates FREE antivirus software downloads? I know you get what you pay for, but I have a CHEAP friend. Thanks Dave.

A:Solved: {ADVICE OFFERED} Free Antivirus Program


You said "rates free virus software"? Do you mean they just need to get free virus software?

It's here:
(And if you're worried about the rating, bhesson, aka Bryan, recommends this one, so I do too.)

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On April 8, I took down Microsoft Essentials and downloaded free Avast.

I also have Century Link and failed to explore if they had free anti-virus, which turns out, they have Norton.

That said, should I stay with free Avast or transfer to free Norton?

Thank you.

A:Solved: Free Norton vs. Free Avast on my XP

what version of norton are they offering for free ?

you will get a lot of different opinion with that question, also products change over time, for example MSE was one of the better products late last year, but is slowly falling down the comparison sites tests.

here are some comparison sites

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Tonight I received the following error message when I tried repeatedly, but unsuccessfully, to update my free version of Avast antivirus:

Error processing packages.

Finally, I gave up trying. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the free version of Avast. The program installed without any problem; however, for some reason I've thus far been unable to install the latest update, either automatically or manually. Although the onscreen indication read "Initializing, please wait," I waited 15 minutes and nothing happened.

Shortly thereafter, I received an automatic onscreen prompt from Avast to upgrade, but after one minute I got the following error message:

Last encountered error:
Invalid File Signature. Setup will terminate.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who may help me solve this problem. Thank you

A:Solved: Unable to update Avast antivirus (free version) even after reinstall

Seems to be a common problem:

I was getting the same message earlier, but I just updated a few minutes ago and it worked OK.

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Recommended settings are same for all three.
You should read help file if you don't understand any settings.


One good thing about AVG antivirus free is that the license granted never expires. So once you install it you can keep using it for many years without registering or getting a new key every year.


AVG | Antivirus Software Download


You may untick ?Show AVG Shredder in the Windows context menu?

Untick ?Ask me before removing threats?
Tick ?Scan files on close?

Tick ?Scan for tracking cookies?

Select ?Complete at next computer restart?
Click ?Apply? and ?OK?

Spoiler: First time scan

After you have installed AVG antivirus free you must do whole computer scan for the first time.
To do so click ?Scan Now? as shown below

Let AVG complete the scan.

Spoiler: Read Help File

It is recommended that user read the help file to understand various features and settings of AVG.
To open help file select ?options->Help contents?

User can also access help file by clicking ??? at lower right corner from advanced settings

AVG Internet Security/Antivirus 2016 Recommended settings


AVG | Antivirus Software Download

AVG | Antivirus Software Download


You may untick ?Show AVG Shredder in the Windows context menu?

... Read more

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I'm looking for a free registry cleaner, a reliable one at that.
Anyone have any advice ?

A:I'm looking for a free, good..

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I use Avira Free and Malwarebytes and now I am considering downloading the free version of Superantispyware. Is the free version worth using along side my other two programs?

A:Is Superantispyware free any good?

This is just my personal experience but SuperAntiSpyware is good at finding stuff where MWB rarely does.

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ferrija1, always looking for something free :

Are there any free add-ons/plug-ins for PowerPoint that add transitions and effects.
Also, what are some good add-ons/plug-ins for PowerPoint you have found, that are free.

Thanks and have a good day

A:What Are Some Good, Free PowerPint Add-ons

not a powerpoint user, just like to google.

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I need a good FTP program as my free trial ran out for cute FTP, I really liked that. But I need a program that is free to download.

A:Good free FTP program

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Umm, topic title explains it all...

A:Know of any good, free DVD decoders?

VLC explains it it all

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Well, since I got that Trojan virus again, I'm pretty convinced Windows XP's firewall sucks. So can anyone tell me of a good free firewall? Please? I'll be your best friend!!

A:Good Free Firewall?

I also highly recommend you install and update SpywareBlaster

SpywareBlaster tutorial link
Click here to keep your computer safe and secure on the internet
Free Anti-virus and Firewall applications (and various other security-related information):

How did I get infected in the first place?

Rollin' Rog's "Security Help Tools" thread

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Dear Users
What is a good free outgoing firewall?

A:What is a good free firewall?

I use Zone Alarm get it here;
Note: This is for windows Xp.

Vista version Here:,65012-order,1-page,1/description.html

You Can Find a host of them here:

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Any suggestions?

A:looking for a good free firewall

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Hey guys,

Well, I've been looking for a good web chat bot that doesn't cost a pretty penny and is relatively able to hold a conversation over a three-year old. Anyways, I've been looking around, as I've said, but so far I've been met with epic failure on my part. So, does anyone have any good chat robots that recommend for online communication talk? Thanks,


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Is there a good free firewall out there I could download?

A:A good free firewall?

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I have a 56k modem which, as everyone knows is...slooooooooow. I have WalMart Connect, which is antiquated and boring, but it's cheap, reliable, and with nine months of use has almost never crashed, so I hang on to it. But it offers no built-in web accelerator. I want it to work like broadband because I'm an impatient type and I surf alot! So tonight I downloaded a trial of Webroot Accelerator. It worked great for ten minutes, then my browser completely crashed, which my boyfriend, a computer prophet, warned me would happen. After I uninstalled it, and sloooooooowly surfed the 'Net again, I was discouraged by Google searches turning up forum topics such as, "Accelerators suck,the only good high-speed connection is broadband," and other similarly depressing stuff.
Here is my deal. I am running XP Pro on an old Compaq with only 64 MB memory, and 6GB on the hard drive. I am firewalled through XP. I don't use Internet Explorer because I can't stand the pop-ups and infiltration through Windows Messenger to deliver porn ads and other garbage. {I have recently learned how to kill the Messenger Service myself, to solve this problem.} I cannot get high-speed dial-up in my area, and don't want to spend the money for broadband right now. Are there any good free internet accelerators for a computer like this?
I have downloaded utilities such as Registry Mechanic, which among other things promises to optimize your internet connection, but it tried... Read more

A:Any good free accelerators?

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Does anyone know any free good games that are multiplayer.

A:any free good games out there.

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Hi all..... i am looking for a good free firewall that i can secure my system and my wireless internet connection. any suggestions? i am trying to stay away from those programs that annoy you constantly if you know what i mean.

A:Good free firewalls??

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there seem to be so many popup blockers out there, i dont know which one to use, like which one has the best features without spyware and what not. if you know of a good one, please recommend it!

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Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could find some good free downloadable games that I can play with other people. Preferrably one like an FPS like counter strike, but any game will do really. Just wondering if anyone knows any good ones.

A:Any good free games???

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I found some great links here

But it was last updated in June.

Does anybody know of good online scanners? Just want to make sure. I currently have MBAM, SuperAntiSpyware and AVG. What else do I need?

And how can I take better care of my laptop other than antivirus? Disk defragment etc, what is it?(I heard disk defrag is good but I have no idea how to use it and what its for).

Basically , looking for ways to take better care of my laptop.

Thanks guys

EDIT: Plus I dont think I have a good do I know if I have one? If not, what is a good firewall that is free?

A:Good free protection?

Take a look here as well: Answers to common security questions: Prevention & Choosing an Anti-virus or Firewall

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Hi Guys,

I'm looking for a free PDF creation software that will provide the ability to generate PDF files while also supporting scan to PDF. Everything I've found seems to support one or the other, but not both. I'd especially like something that is compatible with Vista.

I know it's a tall order, but anyone know of anything?


A:Looking for a good, free PDF program

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is there a really good dvd/cd burning program out there that has nero-like quality?

A:i need a good free dvd program

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