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Solved: System Config Utility won't go away

Q: Solved: System Config Utility won't go away

Son calls me last night with this problem.
When booting up, the Sys Config Util comes up with the usual canned statement. He has not made any changes. Clicks Don't show this again then clicks OK. Reboots and again it comes up. He is the only user and administrator. Can't seem to solve it for him. Any ideas fellas?

A: Solved: System Config Utility won't go away

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Have no entries in SYSTEM.INI or WIN .INI ? Both are checked on the general page could some one please tell me why this has taken place ?

A:Solved: system config utility

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Hi all,

Great site you have here! And my question is when I turn on my computer I always get the "System Config. Utility" window. I cannot get rid of this. I did make a couple of tweaks to the startup tab but cannot remember which ones. I turned them all back on by selecting the "select all" button but still no luck.

Also under the "General" tab I cannot select the Diagnostic Startup.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Go easy on me I am sort of a nb at this.

A:[SOLVED] System Config. Utility

when the system cofiguration window pops up, there should be a checkbox offering you the option not to show it every time windows loads...

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Was wanting to know, as I have come across many who know, but what is the best way to remove entries from the start up folder in system conf. utility ? Have some entries I know belong to programs that no longer are hanging around .

A:Solved: system config utility

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[I'm using Windows XP, without the latest SP2.]

Yesterday I uninstalled some software. Today, when my computer starts, it is not starting in "Normal" mode.

I would like to remove 2 Startup Items from the list that comes up when I look at:
START --> RUN --> msconfig
System Configuration Utilitites -->Start Tab

One of these items (programs) is a graphics pad driver -- I returned the pad (and uninstalled the software), so I don't need this at all.

The other item is very useful PDF software, but I don't need it to load every time my computer starts.

Thanks very much for help about this!


A:Solved: How Do I Remove Startup Items from System Config Utility?

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What is the operation of "dumprep 0 -k"? It is on my statrup menu and I have never seen it there before. It is also on hijack this listed as "04 - HKLM\..\Run: [KernelFaultCheck] C:\WINDOWS\system32\dumprep0 -k". My computer hasn't been running as smoothly for the past 3 weeks and start ups have been slow. Could this be a trojan of some kind? How would I get this off my computer? I believe it also ate my calculator and a few other programs in the last few weeks.Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum and added a topic descriptor. ~ Animal

A:Dumprep 0 -k In Startup; System Config Utility

Take a look HERE. And ask any further questions HEREBTW Welcome to bleepingcomputer pcolancecco01

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1.6 Ghtz computer, Win XP Home edition, 512MB Ram

After booting, I get several "Pop-up" notice boxes I need help in removing the cause. This all started after I used the tutorial "Using Spybot - Search & Destroy to remove Spyware from Your Computer" I followed the instructions COMPLETELY as described for installing and running, Ad-Aware, Spybot, and CWShredder. The only thing I did differently was after I completed all the steps outlined, before I rebooted, I went back and reset the Hidden Files and Folders the way they were originally. Now, everytime I turn on my computer, it boots and does everything it should and then I get a "box" labeled "System configuration utility" stating "You have used the system configuration utility to make changes to the way Windows starts. The system configuration utility is currently in diagnostic or selective startup mode, causing this message to be displayed and the utility to run every time Windows starts. Choose the Normal Startup mode on the General tab to start Windows normally and undo the changes you made using the system configuration utility." I click the o.k. button and then another box, (the startup selection box appears) and I check the "Normal Startup", and click o.k. then another "box" labeled "Spybot - Search & Destroy" appears with the following info. "Spybot - Search & Destroy has detected an important registry entry that has ... Read more

A:System Config. Utility - Message after Booting

are you checking the box that says to not show that box again. Its not a box to worry about, its just saying that there has been a change in the way that windows starts. Goto run, type msconfig then goto the startup tab, and look and see what programs are selected to start up, the spy program might be selected, you can deselect this box.

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Hello, Just joined up today and happy to be here.

Because my computer has been really slow lately, I am trying to eliminate what might be causing it, and have been following a step by step "tutorial" to clean up a computer.

Doing ok till I came across the step to see what I have in the Start Up menu.

In the System Config Utility, in the SERVICES tap are a lot of apps. Where can I find what the actual name of the file is, relating to each of these apps listed please.

Hope someone out there can help me.

Thank you

A:Service apps in System Config Utility

There are several good sources for researching startup items:a. Google.b. Startup Programs Database - c. Startups (Pacs) - Louis

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I am using Win 98 2nd Edit. I have a Pentium 111 600 w 28 Gigs. Under the Config screen I see a yellow pencil, the box is unchecked and it reads Devic =C:\Windows\Himen.sys (yellow Pencil) rem C:\windows\emm386.exe REM Header. I notice when I start up on the black screen it says something about 386 Drivers not installed. Pls help. Thx

A:System Configuration Utility Config System

Can you list those lines out individually? It all ran together so I'm not sure what goes where.

Is it REM Header for instance?

Also, is the computer working ok, other than "saying something about 386 drivers"?
Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

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Please advise where I can find out the functions of the files listed under the "Services" and Start Up" tabs in the System Configuration Utility. I'm sure that a great many of the files that open when my computer is booted are not necessary.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

A:System Config. Utility-Services & Start up Files

Best way to learn what those startup items and services do is to google for them.

About the services, first check "hide microsoft services" cause you don't want to mess with those ones. Then tell us what remains.

You can post a screenshot of your startup items if you want : press the prtscr (or print screen) key then run paint (all programs => accessories => paint), click edit then paste and save the picture as .jpg. Attach it to your next post using the manage attachment button from the advanced mode.

You can safely disable those that are associated to :

Sometimes you'll find an option in that software that will have the same effect as unchecking the related item there. It's better to use that option when it exists. Look for something called "quick tray icon" of "start with windows".

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Suddenly, when I went to MISCONFIG/System Config Utility, under the startup items, there are a lot of items, but few, if any, of the items I, in fact, have in my startup. My items still startup when I boot, but the list is not in Sys Conf Utility!

What happened to them? How do I get my working startup items bacK? I recently installed Process Explorer, a program which I found of no use to me. I have uninstalled it, and still the problem persists.

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, is there any free utility that will both show you your active programs in startup, give you the capability of disabling them, ALSO the ability to add new programs into startup. Most utilities that I have seen don't do what they claim.


A:Solved: Startup Items Don't Appear in Sys Config Utility

go here and download the program "startup list"

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i talked to a wireless op today and they mentioned a config utility, separate from drivers for the nic card.

fact or fiction?

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Hi everyone
Please help me, I am writing a kind of Wi Fi guide. And I need prepare the list of possible Wi Fi Connection Configuration Utilities that might be used as an alternative to a windows one. If you can pick up the names of the utilities that you use I will be more than happy.

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Can someone tell me how to get a print-out of the programs listed under Services in my System Configuration Utility in Windows XP, or let me know if this is not possible? I would like to ask a question about the services that are running to see what can be disabled. Thanks.

A:How to get a print-out of Sys Config Utility?

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Hi, can someone help me please. I recently acquired the notorious Antivirus Xp 2008 bug. I have managed to delete most of it and it causes no concern now. I say most because when i do MSCONFIG the two files that I have unchecked - are still there in the start up tab. I have looked on the net and tried to delete them via Regedit and going to the necessary files but they are not there to delete? how can i get them off my list in startup?

The files are lphcgjkj0eeda.exe
and rhcljkj0eeda.

It says the command is c:/windows/system32 for the first one and
c:/program files for the second. I have looked in there and i see nothing.

It also says they are located in

Software/microsoft/windows/current version/run


the same for the other. When i go to these in regedit there is nothing there. How can i delete them from my start up tab.


A:Windows Xp Config Utility

Do a SEARCH (under the Edit menu bar) for the specific program names in RegEdit.

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About 3 days age my trend micro, system restore stopped working. My Microsoft firewall needs turned on manually on every startup. My system config window only stays up a second or two then disappears but in those few seconds I see 3 new listings for csrss files. I uninstalled trend micro then reinstalled but no desktop icon and when I try to install it goes to uninstall. When I try ro launch it says reboot then a message comes up with this #(hr=Ox80070422,loc=7413,num=234). I also tried hijack this but it will not stay up either. I am frustrated and wonder if anyone can explain what is going on. Thanks This is a copy of my Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.2
Scan saved at 11:52:44 AM, on 22/11/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\dave meekins backup 13_jan_05\Dave\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Directory 1 for\HijackThis.exe

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [NvCplDaemon] RUNDLL32.EXE C:\WINDOWS\system32\NvCpl.dll,NvStar... Read more

A:Solved: no system config, trend micro or system restore

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How can I actually delete an entry in the Startup tab of the sys config utility reached by msconfig in win xp. I have searched registry and ini files (all of them) I think in Win 98 it was in one of the ini files but no rfeference to the dll could I find. Thanks in advance

A:Sys Config Utility-delete entry

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Hi, I have windows xp home edition. I know the startup tab is all the programs that load when i turn my computer on. What are all the programs that are either stopped or running under the "services" tab? What would happen if I disabled them all? Do I need them? I am just trying to make my computer a bit faster and Between my startup tap and services every single box in startup is checked and my problem is I don't know what the abbreviations mean and I don't know if I can safefy turn them off. Can someone help and maybe send some links that would explain this to me in simple terms? Thanks again.

A:Startup & Services tab in Sys. Config. Utility

Turning off startup programs will give you the biggest boost in performance and you might see a small improvement by disabling services, but do it by going to Start > Run and type in services.msc instead of Msconfig. Be careful when you do this because turning off the wrong service can make your system unbootable. It's also a good idea to keep track of what you change in case something doesn't work in the future you can reverse your changes.

These two sites will give you all the info you need:

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I am working with the Bios Config Utility and when I perform a GetConfig, the config.txt file shows a different UUID than what is showing in the BIOS System Information Screen. Is that normal?

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My computer has become extremely slow when booting. I went to the Systems Configuration Utility / Startup Tab to try and clean some of the 30 or so items out of there. There are two identical items in there, that I can't figure out what on earth they do. They look like this:

Startup Item

Does anyone know what this startup item does??

A:Strange startup item in my XP Sys Config Utility

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Hi Guys,

I tried to install net framework 3 yesterday, but I cancelled during the installation because it took too long. Anyway, my computer is working fine, but I notice that something new appeared in the system configuration utility take a look at the picture. The name is NULL. I cannot tell however, whether this appreard after this action. What does it stand for? Can I remove it?

Your help is appreciated

A:[SOLVED] System Utility

Hi are you?

it probably is related to the failed installation..try backing up the registry key then removing the entry. If something gets affected, you can always restore the key.

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I have never had to re-enter the settings and have not copied the current values. Is there an EASY way to have them available if the system crashes or some how they are lost? I could enter the utility, scroll down through the options and write them all down but .......!

I have a Dell XPS 8300 running Windows 7 Home premium.

A:Solved: System Setup Utility

Not real sure what your asking here; but if info on your system is it, this free program is one of the best.
To help us help you,please use the TSG System Info tool to let Tech's know the specs of your computer: Copy and paste the results here in your thread. You can use the TSG Info to fill in your computer information in your user profile as well.

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Running XP home

I was trying to network 2 home computers together. I ran the network wizard to do this.
When the computer rebooted I got this message on the screen.

You have used System Configuration Utility to make changes to the way Windows Starts.
The System Configuration Utility is currently in Diagnostic or Selective Startup mode, causing this message to be displayed and the utility to run every time Winddows starts.
Choose the Normal Startup mode on the General Tab to start Windows in nomal mode and undo the changes you made using System Configuration Utility when Windows starts.

The problem is I don't know how to undo this. I tried doing a system restore from the only restore point I had. This is a brand new system just got it yesterday.

I was hoping I could network it to my all Win98 machine to access my files easily. Didn't work.

A:Solved: System Configuration Utility

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I have a Toshiba Satellite M55 which on startup a window comes up which states that the "System Configuration Utility" is in Diagnostic mode. Unfortunately the window only flashes on briefly. How do I get to this utility so that I can make the correction to normal mode from the diagnostic mode?


A:Solved: System Configuration Utility

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Is there a better utility software than Norton Systme Works that runs from the CD rom in any computer? I use my system works 2003 disc to fix other peoples computers but am looking for any better product to purchase as this one is probably getting out of date. I have read bad reviews on the Norton 2005. What do the pros use at the computer shops to fix computers. I want one that runs from the CD and dont need to be installed in order to use it.

A:Solved: System Utility software

fix what exactly?
In my experience Norton causes more problems then its worth...

what exactly are you looking to fix? or do?

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The System Configuration Utility is on automatic prompt when I start up my computer.

I made changes to my services and start ups.

I checked the box to accept the changes and stop the System Configuration Utility from poping up on start up but it continues.

How do I stop it.


A:[SOLVED] System Configuration Utility

Download & save SysInternals AutoRuns from Microsoft TechNet -

RIGHT-click on autoruns.exe, "Run as Administrator"

Look through list for msconfig.exe. Un-check box if found.

Backup your registry first via creation of a System Restore point -
START | type rstrui

Regards. . .



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Hi! I was trying to get rid of the sprtcmd.exe problem first by using msconf as suggested by someone. I then got rid of that problem by following another method found on the forum. But every time I boot up, I get the system config utility telling me that I have to start up in normal fashion and with enough clicking I get rid of it. But how do I stop making it come up to begin with? Thanks so much.

A:Solved: System Configuration Utility

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I've noticed that when I run the utility in preparation for posting about some problem, it always shows that my antivirus (Windows Defender) is installed but disabled. I also see this in the scans in the posts of others. Is this a bug? My Defender is most assuredly not disabled.

A:Solved: TSG System Info Utility

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I have had to replace my XP system drive and I have lost a handy little utility that hides the system tray when you have a lot of programs open at once. I cannot remember its name. I have searched for it in vain. I believe it was a free program. You simply clicked on it, and a little bar at the far right of the system tray conflated/hid the system tray.

Does anyone know the name of this program?

Any help would be appreciated.

A:(Solved) System Tray Hide Utility?

Here is a prog called tray majician .Not sure if it's what you want but you could take a look .

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Does someone know where I could download a System Diagnostic Utility For Windows XP Pro?

I'm haveing some problems with my pc, and I thought if that would help.

A:Solved: System Diagnostic Utility For Windows XP Pro

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My HP Pavilion is stopping at the blue logo/welcome screen. Upon putting in an XP setup disk I hit F8 which brought me to "type any key" which then brought me to the Windows\system32\config\system window which is a dead end. Tried it several times but I can't get to the Welcome to Setup to be able to hit the "r" key. F1 and F10 do the same thing. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

A:[SOLVED] F8, system config and a dead end

Does it matter if my setup disk has SP2 and the computer has SP3?

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hello......i am running windows 7 ultimate recently installed. i am trying to install a PLC software called PL7 pro on my laptop. when i try to install it says as
"config.nt the system file is not suitble for running MS-DOS and microsoft windows applications. choose 'close' to terminate the application."

same program is working in another windows 7 laptop.

please help.....

laptop details: dell inspiron 5521
i5 processor
4 gb ram
windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.

A:[SOLVED] config.nt system files not suitable

Hi and welcome to TSF from what I can find, this is not meant for win 7 and was in fact xp or older windows compatible, you might be able to use it using xp mode Install and use Windows XP Mode in Windows 7
That is all I can suggest to work around the issue.

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Hi all,
The folk at this forum have helped me out massively before, so I again humbly seek you expertise. My XP machine tells me that a file in the config/system directory is missing or corrupt. So I put the XP disk in and it loaded up some things, only to tell me that it cant find any drives. I checked - the physical drives are there (a pair of Seagate 160Gb set up as mirrors in RAID - the RAID screen appears before the "config/system" error message) and I pulled the connectors apart and and put them together again. That did nothing. What should I do next?

A:Solved: First no config/system, now no drives found

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Win XP Pro, unknown SP

The computer belongs to a friend, Jo. Someone cloned Pat's HDD to an identical HDD, IDE, Western Digital. Upon boot, Jo was greeted with c:\windows\system32\config\system is corrupt

Problem onset after someone the cloning.

As far as Jo knows, the source / original HDD was working fine prior to the clone.

I tried to fix the problem by using the steps at
Firstly, I ran chkdsk /r.
Reboot > same error message.
At the Repair Console, I ran
md tmp
copy c:\windows\system32\config\system c:\windows\tmp\system.bak
copy c:\windows\system32\config\software c:\windows\tmp\software.bak
copy c:\windows\system32\config\sam c:\windows\tmp\sam.bak
copy c:\windows\system32\config\security c:\windows\tmp\security.bak
copy c:\windows\system32\config\default c:\windows\tmp\default.bak

delete c:\windows\system32\config\system
delete c:\windows\system32\config\software
delete c:\windows\system32\config\sam
delete c:\windows\system32\config\security
delete c:\windows\system32\config\default

copy c:\windows\repair\system c:\windows\system32\config\system
copy c:\windows\repair\software c:\windows\system32\config\software
copy c:\windows\repair\sam c:\windows\system32\config\sam
copy c:\windows\repair\security c:\windows\system32\config\security
copy c:\windows\repair\default c:\windows\system32\config\default

Reboot > same problem.

The HDD is Western Digital, IDE, 250 GB. I didn't have the WD diag di... Read more

A:Solved: Win XP Pro, system32\config\system is corrupt

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How do you determine what the items are that are listed in the Sys Config Utility (msconfig.exe), startup tab?

My system has a few listed that only have a registry entry listed in the Location column--the other two columns are blank. I'd like to know what they are.


Win XP SP2

A:Solved: Determine Items in System Configuration Utility, Startup Tab?

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Hi and thank you for your time. I appreciate you reading this.

I recently tried to boot into Win XP on my dual boot system and got the following error;

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt

You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original CD-Rom and selecting "r" at the first screen.

It is a dual boot system with Win XP Pro SP3 & Win7 Ult x64. I am still able to boot into Win7, which has allowed me to come here begging on my virtual knees for help :D

I had not added or removed any software or done any other maintainence since last booting into XP.

At this point I'm not sure how to proceed. I installed the two OSs in order, XP first and then Win7. I seem to remember the last time I did a "repair" on XP, what happened was that it did a complete install over the previous which resulted in XP being so slow and buggy that I ended up trashing the whole thing in favor of a complete fresh XP install followed by a Win7 reinstall... a big hassle to be avoided if at all possible.

Before I add too much more blather I will stop here. I will be staying online and checking here every few minutes just in case more info is required.

Any help you folks can offer will be greatly appreciated.

A:[SOLVED] \Windows\System32\Config\System error

I'd first run chkdsk on the XP partition. Replace X: with the drive letter of the XP Partition.

Click Start, type cmd, when cmd.exe appears in the list, right click it and click Run as administrator.
Type chkdsk /R X: and press Enter. (Note the spaces between the colored parts).
If the XP partition is the System partition, you'll probably see this:
The type of the file system is NTFS.
Cannot lock current drive.

Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another
process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be
checked the next time the system restarts? (Y/N)

Hit Y and Enter, then reboot. This could take a long time depending on size of drive and how many errors it finds.

If you have to reboot, Chkdsk will create a log in the Event Viewer in the Application log (Start | Run, type eventvwr.msc, press Enter) with a source of Wininit that will show a summary of the results.

You can click the Source column header to sort by Source, or Filter the view

Click Action | Filter Current log... and check Wininit in the Event Sources: drop down.
Click Action | Clear Filter to remove the filter.

If that doesn't work, you can do a manual System Restore:
How to restore the registry from a System Restore point using a 2nd PC
Since this is a dual boot system, the XP drive is already in a 2md PC

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One Night I Was Shutting And The Battery Fell Out And Now When I Turn On My Laptop This Black Screen Come Up And Is Says:
Windows Boot manger
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1.Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer

2. Choose your language settings,and then click "Next".

3. Click "Repair your computer"

If you do not have this disc,contact your administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

File: \windows\system32\config\system

Status: 0xc000014c

Info: windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing, or corrupt.
I Have The Disc But My Dvd Drive Does Not Work Help!!!!! . One More Thing I Am New To Tech Support Guy Forums

A:Solved: System32/Config/System status 0xc000014c

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After solving all the problems with the reinstallation, downloading SP3, Adobe Reader-the computer was working perfectly. I then downloaded Norton Anti-Virus and Adobe Flash and then as the computer rebooted I got the following message:
Missing Windows\System32\config\system.
You can repair this by booting to Windows Setuo from the original Windows CD Rom.(have disk with SP1a)
Then Selecting R.
This does not appear to work -sometimes I get a prompt and cannot do anything with it-sometimes it allows me to enter something but I don't know what to do.

A:Solved: Windows XP Config System Error message

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This is the message Iím getting and cannot get on windows. I do not believe this is a security issue, Iím sure I messed it up on my own. Itís telling me the system is either corrupt or broken. (Something like that). Itís saying I need the original setup CD to fix it.
Only I do not have an original setup CD. How can I fix this?

Thank you in advance for any advice ro suggestions on this one.

A:Solved: \Windows\System32\Config\System is corrupt.

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I am shutting down some programs in windows Vista that I do not want to load at startup. Now everytime windows loads I have this silly System Configuration icon (and message) that informs me I have made changes using the System Configuration Utility.

Does anyone know of a way to stop this System Configuration icon from loading at all? I don't want to look at it and I certainly don't need to read it everytime I start my computer. The icon never goes away.
Thanks for any responses.

A:Solved: Stop System Config Icon From Loading in Vista

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I have a dell computer i'm working on that has a missing windows/system32/config/system problem which normally wouldn't be to much of a problem except I can't gain access to the DVD-ROM drive to load the windows disc. It doesn't show up in the BIOS boot priority list or anywhere else for that matter. Beyond the initial boot it doesn't want to activate period. Any ideas?

A:Solved: Interesting twist on a missing config/system folder

Open it up and check the cables to the DVD drive. One of them may have come loose. Don'[t forget to check the MB end as well.



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I got this message after a hang-up and a hard re-boot.
"Missing/currupt \Windows\System32\Config\System Press r for repair "

I Inserted my XP install CD, but could not even get it to boot into safe mode.

Thankfully I had recently installed NORTON GHOST 10.0 ! When inserting that disk and getting that started, Norton said it had found and repaired that registry problem. Yah !
It then booted fine with no data loss nor a need to restore the whole PC.

Question: How can I be sure this registry problem is fixed "for good" to keep this from happening again ?


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Hi first of all thankyou for anyone taking the time to read this and anyone who can offer me any help in fixing this problem.

Everytime i start my pc operating windows XP i get the "C:\windows\system32\config\system" error. I have found many posts on this site and indeed other websites about how to resolve this problem but nothing seems to work for me. The problem is it instructs me to use a CD to repair the problem, but it does not recognise nor seem to detect my CD, despite it being 1st boot up choice on BIOS. I have tried using my recovery CD that came with my PC aswell as a single XP operating system CD but the same error always comes up.

The solution for some who have faced the same problem was to create a Boot up floppy disk and start the process with that, sadly my pcs floppy disk drive has never worked. While i do have other computers with floppy drives that work it would be very difficult for me to try and put a new drive in my computer.

This happened to me a few days ago and i have been searching for a solution but nothing seems to work, i have just about given up on trying to rescue the data i had on my pc, while there are lots of things id like to be able to save and recover the most important thing for me now is to get my computer working again.

So unless anyone has any other suggestions about how to repair my current installed operating system so i could save my data, how can i go about reformatting my pc and reinstalling Windows XP on my syste... Read more

A:Solved: C:\windows\system32\config\system error on startup

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Trying to repair my son's laptop--Dell Inspiron 6000 running XP professional, cannot start-up due to above error message.

tried steps outlined in link below from Microsoft, but get "access is denied" at every prompt



A:Solved: windows\system32\config\system missing or corrupt

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On startup I get the above message, suggesting that the problem can be rectified by running the Windows Repair facility, so have attempted to repair xp by booting from original cd.
After selecting "R" for repair I eventually get a black screen asking me version of Windows I wish to logon to. Upon selecting "1" the C:\windows> prompt appears and after typing "help" I get a menu to select from. This is where I become lost.
The repair option as I understand matters, should ask me to accept agreement (blue screen) and then repair the system automatically.
Any help gratefully received.

A:Solved: \windows\system32\config\system missing or corrupt

If you want to do a repair install, you need to press Enter on the first screen, not R. After accepting the agreement, windows will scan for previous versions and should then offer to repair.

To use the Recovery Console, you would follow this procedure, but note the warning:
How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting

Warning Do not use the procedure that is described in this article if your computer has an OEM-installed operating system. The system hive on OEM installations creates passwords and user accounts that did not exist previously. If you use the procedure that is described in this article, you may not be able to log back into the recovery console to restore the original registry hives.Click to expand...

Though on some systems you can access the System Volume Information folder from the Recovery Console, and can skip the step of using the Windows\Repair folder. If so, the warning won't be an issue.



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Windows crashed on my PC, on reboot I get an error message,

"\Windows\System32\Config\System corrupt or missing"

bummer right?

So I search around on my laptop and find handy registry repair walkthrough on the windows site. I pop in my windows xp cd and enter the repair console.

Now, the instructions say I should be prompted to enter an admin password, but I am not promted, instead I just get to the command prompt.


So I type in the first command on the list "md tmp" to make a temp file for the repair and then...

"Access is Denied"

Ouch, I try a few other commands and most of them result in access is denied. I dont have another machine with windows and hard drive or I could just copy the reg file over.

Help me please!


A:Solved: \Windows\System32\Config\System corrupt or missing

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I am one of the many who had succumbed to this problem: C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\SYSTEM missing or corrupt. I am running windows XP home edition on an HP Dv2000 notebook, and have tried almost everything. Repair console wont work as is says it cannot find hard drive, and yet when I go into Bios it says it is there (Notebook HDD) (a SATA btw) . Running a check on the hard drive yeilds nothing but a fit bill of health. I cannot access command prompt, or any safe mode. Running a HP recovery install is also fixing nothing. I am stuck with a laptop that just keeps cycling around in circles, constantly rebooting itself. I really need the files it holds, so I would prefer to repair it if I could!

I despair. Please help!

A:Solved: C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\SYSTEM missing! No solution has worked!

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I've come across this problem with my computer (dell desktop):

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

I've tried everything I've found recommended, but I can't seem to get it to work. The only steps that seems to work for me were from this site:;en-us;307545

Under "Step 1", part 5 it directs me to copy and delete a list of files. I've completed as far as deleting all the files. When I get to the task of copying the "repair" files, I get the following response:

"The system cannot find the file specified."

I suspect I don't have such files in C drive, and i and also tried to no avail "copy c:\wndows\repair\system.bak c:\windows\system32\config\system"

moreover, I am also not able to get into safe mode.

bad news for me so that I have not backup about 6 months of data and files which I still need to use. I m starting to suspected my hard disk is seriously corrupted.

While I can easily follow explicit directions, I'm no rocket scientist when it comes to PC's. pl explain in layman terms. thanks!

Expert advice is greatly appreciated!


A:Solved: file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

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My pc which was running fine, hanged and then when i restarted i got this screen which said----
Windows could not start because the following file is missing of corrupt;

You can attemp to rapair this file by starting Windows setup using the original setup CD-ROM select 'r' at the first screen to start repair.
I am using a dual boot system, and both the os are winxp sp2. when i booted from the other os and tried to find if the file "SYSTEM" is missing. But in the \CONFIG directory a file called system is present for that os which is 7936 kb. The same file for the current os (running) is 4352 kb.

What could be the solution for my problen. Should i copy and paste the system file. Or as suggested at bootup should i go for repair. And even if i go for the repair i do not know the commands that i will have write.

So please help me as soon as possible. I have a lot of programmes running on that os which i have not installed in this one...


A:Solved: windows could not start \system32\config\system missing or corrupt

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Greetings - I just joined this forum in search of an answer to the same problem. In my case, the error was a result of getting the Windows updates, so I wonder if Mytonpadi may have auto updates installed, causing his problem. Anyway, I haven't resolved my own problem yet other than to restore to the backup I do before any updates (whew!), but am printing out this page to try the solutions given. When I try them (probably next week) I will post my results.

A:[SOLVED] File is missing or curropt \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

Greetings Bronk, Welcome to TSF!

Please read this guide from Microsoft?. ([i]Click the coloured link.[i])

Post back with how you fared.

Kind Regards,

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I have a HP laptop with windows xp. When I start it, I get an error :-

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt :

I am not a computer guy. So I would like to get help in brief. I am fed up of this problem.

Thank you.

A:[SOLVED] missing or corrupt file : winxp\system32\config\system

Hi and welcome to TSF please see the info here How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting

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For the past month or so, everytime that I start up my laptop (Toshiba running on XP) I got this message (which only lasts for about 2 seconds):

Please select the operating system to start:
Microsoft Windows Recovery Console
Microsoft Windows XP ProfessionalClick to expand...

If I don't choose anything in the two seconds, it automatically chooses Microsoft Windows XP Professional, and boots up regularly, until today. I booted it and this message same up after the previous screen, asking me to choose a way in which to start up my machine from the following options:

Safe Mode
Safe Mode w/ Networking
Safe Mode w/ Command Prompt
Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)
Start Windows NormallyClick to expand...

No matter which I choose, I get this error message:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM.
Select "r" at the first screen to start repair.Click to expand...

I don't have the original Windows Setup Disk, so I cannot do the option they have provided. No matter what I do I cannot get past this message! PLEASE help me!! Thank you VERY much in advance!

A:Solved: Windows wont start up!! SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM corrupt or missing!!

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A friend of mine's computer won't start due to a system32 file corruption problem. She gets an error message reading "...the following file is missing or corrupt: \windows\system32\config\system. You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows setup using the original setup CD-ROM. Select 'R' at the first screen to start repair." She doesn't have the original setup CD-ROM and when she selects R nothing happens. If she tries to start in safe mode the same thing happens. She can't get online to access Compaq online tech support and phone tech support would cost her $40+. Any suggestions?

A:[SOLVED] computer won't start due to corrupt file: \windows\system32\config\system

If she does not have a Windows XP cd (must be the same version she has installed; e.g. home or professional) then she will need to locate one. There are important files missing and the only way to get them back is with a windows cd.

Compaq should have sent a reinstall cd with the pc originally and would probably send a replacement if he old ones were misplaced.

Selecting 'R' will only work with the cd, and even then it will only load a recovery console.

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Hope someone can help - my daughter dropped her laptop .... now she tells me (over the phone - she is in Belgium, I am in UK, which doesn't make it easy ...) that when she turns it on she gets the following message :

"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \windows\system32\config\system

You can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup cd rom. Select "r" at the first screen to start repair"

Now - of course she doesn't have the original setup cd rom as everything came preloaded. She does have a "recovery" cd ...but when she runs it - it suggests that it will wipe her hard file. I assume the "missing" windows file can be restored without the original windows cd ...but as I don't have my hands on the laptop I'm not sure how to do it ....he main concern is not to lose her iTunes and photo files from the hard drive.

Any ideas please ?? ( I've had great help from the folks out there before ....)

A:Solved: WinXP recovery problem - \windows\system32\config\system is missing or corrupt

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Hi guys !!

The other day I opened my msconfig and in the Startup Items I saw a "Turok Registration"
This item was unchecked... but... The thing here is that I don't have anymore that game installed in my computer !!

That's why I called (ghost) "startup item"

I asked to the boyfriend of my roommate to uninstall that Game
So then later, I checked and it was uninstalled... but I still see that "Turok Registration" is in my Startup Items

I try to search in the path of "Command" so i can delete that entry, but i don't find any of those files it says in there,following that how can I delete that entry form my Start up .

Notice that I want to "Delete" for complete that entry no just disable it , because I don't have that game in my computer.

Thansk very much for help and pls. forgive my ignorance at this and my English, not my first language.


A:Solved: System Configuration Utility (ghost) "startup Item"

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I am trying to remember the name of this program I used in tech school that would analyze a computer and then give you a detailed summery of all the hardware in the computer, all the way down to the kind of RAM you had in the machine. Any ideas?

A:Solved: Looking for a "system information" type utility to tell me about all my hardw

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This must be one you guys have heard before, however i think mines a little differernt.

Ok i boot my comp and just before loading screen it comes up with
Windows ould not start becuase the following file is missing or corrupt:

Now, i have found what microsoft says to do, which is to put a windows CD in and press r, to go to the command promt screen in order to put in a whole lot of code. Fair enough i say, looks easy enough.

One problem though, i put my windows disk in, i press r. At this stage the instructions say the black screen should first ask me for a password to log in as admin however mine doesn't. I then go to type in the first bit of code the microsoft instructions tell me to type which is MD TMP i then get a message saying access denied! i type help, see a list of commands and found the logon command, so i tried that except it doesnt give me a list of admins where i should then be able to type in the password and log on in order to be able to type the code which microsoft has to me to type.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! i really cbf formating my hardrive.

btw running windows XP SP2. Comp is P4, 1gig ram. fx5700 graphics card.
PS: instructions i am refferring to are

A:No boot, File missing or corrupt: windows\system\config\system

Went through the same thing with my older computer (HP Pavilion 502n/WinXP Home). Nearly brand new when it was given to me by a friend, three years ago, who forgot to give the Windows recovery disk. Then in mid August, it pulled a similar stunt as yours.

At First it was blackscreen with "Windows not shutdown completely and options to go into "safemode" or normally. That lasted a couple of times when it suddenly would not complete the boot up and got a similar message as you did.

Took it to a computer tech, who found a BIOS glitch and thought he had fixed it.

Then three weeks later, in early September, it did it again. Would not boot up completely several times. Then it finally did....after going online for a while, it started crashing and restarting every 20 minutes. Eventually it finally did boot up to show something else on a blue screen with a list of checking files systems on C: with this:

1 of your disks need to be checked for consistency. You may cancel the disk chk at any time.
CHKDSK is verifying files (stage 1 of 3)
CHKDSK verifying indexes (stage 2 of 3)
Deleting index entry CAUGNJQR in ...and on and on until it reached 94% and crashed.

another boot and it was CMOS Checksum and so on.
At fourth bootup, it finally reached screen with F keys and I hit them to go into Safemode and HP system recovery (non destructive file mode).

After five hours, it completed that and Crashed. I finally boxed it up for a couple of days to take back to the... Read more

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Hey folks!

When I started my computer today, i was told it could not boot due to \windows\system32\config\system being missing or not working properly. It explained I could pop in my Windows XP cd to go to the repair thingy(don't actually know the name - my computer settings is in Danish, I hope you understand). And nothing happened and I was told to write EXIT to restart the computer and other than than a cmd promt where i could type commands. Due to not being that tech savy, i decided to get online and search around for a way around it, if it existed.

I read that others had the same problem and various other stuff how to solve it. Most popular the "copy c:\windows\repair\system c:\windows\system32\config" and "chkdsk :c /r"

I hereafter tried the chkdsk c: /r method seeing as moving/copying things around with no idea what i was doing could be a bad idea.
It ran the CheckDisk test, and said some problems were fixed. But when i restarted the computer the problem was still there.

Now my question. Should I attempt the copy method, and is there anything special I should note? OR is there another way to do this. A windows install on top of my own? But I really don't wanna lose any data, as I have a lot of work on it.

Some details which might be important:
1. The XP disk I used to start the repair is not the XP disk used for installing the XP version i have on the computer. (I had a copy of XP, and then bought a new computer with XP al... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Cannot boot windows - \windows\system32\config\system missing or broken


With some help from my brother(who is a lot better at this than me) we tried the copy thing. Moved the old system file away, and brought in the system.bak from the repair folder, renamed it to system and rebooted.

Now it didn't say anything about the system file missing or being broken, but came up with the windows loading screen, then went to black and for a very bried moment came up with a blue screen with some text on it before it restarts.
I can't make out what it says on the blue screen because it is so very brief.

And now it just reboots over and over again. Have we done something completely wrong?

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A:Solved: Hi Guys! New Guy Here With "\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM" Error

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When stating Win 2000 I get a message that reads missing or corrupt C:\winnt\system\config\system-ced file
I am instructed to intall the win 2000 disk and hit "R" for a repair but I keep getting asked for the Emergency Repair Disk. I dont have one or how do I make one. Please help thanks in advance.

?? What causes this error and how can I keep it from happening again because I think this happened before but I dont recall how I resovled it.

A:Missing or corrupt C:\winnt\system\config\system-ced file

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Hi TechSpot,

When I boot up my base system, and proceed after completing the POST, I receive:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt

You can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup CD-Rom. Select "r" at the first screen to start repair.Click to expand...

A great solution by the way is here

So, I proceed to rebooting and loading up my Windows XP Professional w/o SP disc, and loading the Recovery Console. However, when I come to select the Windows installation (1), after I type 1 and hit enter (lots of times), nothing happens, it's like my system locks up.

So, I thought I'd try a complete fresh install from the disc, but when the installer gets to the "Searching for previous versions of Microsoft Windows" it just stops here, and locks up once again.

Now, I begin to think that means my Western Digitial Caviar 160GB SATA hard disk has failed, since this all started from a hard shutdown .. the system was instructed to shutdown through Windows, but was taking longer than usual, so I used the case power button to shutdown at the same time (corrupted files..) next day, I receive the quoted error message.

Now I have messed about with ideas, but seem to get stuck when it comes to writing or deleting things from the hard disk.

What I've done:
- Attached an old Maxtor IDE hard disk to my base system, which BSOD's when I t... Read more

A:Config\System Missing - System Restore from Recovery Console HELP!

Repair isn't Recovery and vice-versa.

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Please can you help. My Advent PC 3107 has developed the following error.

It will not start up in XP home. After trying to start in safe mode the following error message is returned

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: c:\windows\system\config\system

It advises me to start up using the Advent OEM recovery disc. When after setting the cd rom to be the boot drive in the BIOS and restarting with the recovery disc in the CD drive, I get the one of the following
either a text that says CD ROM read error or

a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

I have put the CD rom drive into another PC and it works fine.

Please could you give me guidance on how to proceed next

Please note that the PC was only supplied with 2 OEM recovery discs; Windows XP home system discs were not supplied

The PC specs are as follows:

CPU Intel Pentium 4 1.8GHz
BIOS PheonixBIOS. To enter press F2 key.
Motherboard Intel D845HV
Memory 512MB PC133 SDRAM
Hard Drive 40GB Maxtor 4D040H2
CD Drive 4x 4x 24x Toshiba combi SD-R1002 DVD/CD-R/RW
Video Card nVidia Riva TNT2 M64 32MB
Sound Card Intel 82801 BA/BAM AC'97 Integrated Sound
Windows version Advent OEM Windows XP home

Kind regards


A:Advent PC 3107: c:\windows\system\config\system error

Follow these instructions:

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What's the skinny on nothing showing up (blank window) for system.ini and windows.ini in the System Configuration Utility?

Thank you.

A:System Configuration Utility: No system.ini or windows.ini

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ok so basically i havent been on my computer since last week. im on a friends computer and im looking for online help.

i put a few things on my start menu folder like google chrome to start up whenever my computer turns on. but i dont know if that has anything to do with the error.

also i went to a start menu configuration menu where there were checks on alot of things and i took one off for i think it was registry mechanic because it always makes my computer lag when it starts up. thats the only changes i can think of that happened before my computer stopped working correctly.

whenever i turn on my computer it starts up and goes to a black screen and a message appears. it looks like this.


Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM. Select 'r' at teh first screen to start repair.

the problem is i dont have an xp professional repair cd or the original cd. so far i know how to get to safe mode and it doesnt work it just goes back to the same message again. also i can get to the bios setup utility. i got there by randomly clicking f buttons before it go to the same message that it always goes to.

and from there i can see that the primary IDE slave is not detected. but i can still adjust it and what not. i ended up turning on the 32 bit data transfer bcause i thought... Read more

A:i need help with this windows system 32 config system error.

I kept getting Windows error messages when I rebooted. After searching

online, I found this site which scanned my computer and showed me

where the problems were:

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Help Please,

I started up my computer and I says Windows could not start the following is missing or corrupted: \windows\system\config\system

Does anyone have any suggestions, I don't wanna lose any of the important files on my computer?

Thanks in advance to eveyone!

Thank You,

A:HELP! Missing \windows\system\config\system

You will need to load the XP recovery console to repair this.

You need to study, and follow to the letter the instructions in this document:

If you do not have a Windows CD from which to boot the recovery console, you can make a bootable CD which will load it using Elvandil's .iso file in the thread below:

You will need a computer which has burning software on it that supports .iso burns. If you do, just unzip and double click the .iso file and you should be prompted with the steps to burn the file.

Once burnt, you must use the boot options of the failing system to boot from the CD.

This can be done in some cases by pressing f12 on startup and choosing the boot from CD or IDE device if available there.

If not, you must enter the BIOS setup and configure the boot options to boot with the CD drive first in the boot order.

To enter "setup" watch the first data you see displayed when restarting to see what key to press to enter.

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Hello: Hello. I have a Compac laptop with the same problem.\as Steve had on your site. My CD/DVD drive was taken. I bought an external CD/DVD drive but I can't get the laptop to recognize it. I can use the floppies. I downloaded the boot floppies from the Microsoft website. What to do? Thank you for your help.

A:Windows system 32 config system corrupt

is it a USB drive?
how does it connect to your laptop?

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When I reboot I get the following error message:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original setup cd. Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair.

I tried to follow the instructions on microsoft's website but after selecting 'r' I ended up with a C prompt and never got the option to log on as administrator. When I tried to do the first command of "md tmp" I received the message "access denied". Not sure what else to do. This is a dell dimension PC running windows XP service pack 2.

Anyone else have any suggestions? I tired calling Dell but they wanted $40 for the phone call.


A:corrupt windown/system/config/system

When you reach the Recovery Console, what prompt are you at when you begin those instructions?

If you enter the command dir do you see the contents of the Windows directory?

You may find it easier to just do a reinstall with the Dell CD, instructions here for that:

If you do the recovery console method and it doesn't succeed, you need to restore the backed up "tmp" files before trying the reinstall to avoid loss of data and programs.

Recovery Console method here:

There are several things to note about this operation.

1 > it is not a "reinstall" of Windows, but a method of accessing System Restore.

2 > all command lines are one line with appropriate spacing -- the doc file does not always reflect this.

3 > you must complete all 3 parts for it to be a proper restore.

4 > in the first part of this document you are given the command:

copy C:\windows\repair\system C:\windows\system32\config\system

you may get a "file not found" when running this command. If you do, substitute this command instead:

copy C:\windows\repair\system.bak C:\windows\system32\config\system

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Pleas can some one help me fix this problem
I have tried the recover cd and windows cd but no luck I have also tried going through safe mode

What I want to do is access all my dater so I can back it up first then try a different approach at fixing it. I really want to avoid losing my files if I can help it pleas can some one help.

A:Windows system 32 config system error

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okay so my computer gave me this error on booot: c:\windows\system\config\system

so i bought a new hard drive and reinstalled windows a week later i got the same error i tried to reinstall but it wouldnt work. so i returned that harddrive and bought another one. A week later i got the same error message. i was able to boot the computer with the xp cd but i didnt start the recovery software. i just let windows load normally. then i did a chkdsk on the drive and found 128 bad cluster. restarted the pc and got the same error message. i google the c:\windows\system\config\system missing or corrupt error message and found the fix. but havent tried it i think iam going to buy another harddrive and do another fresh install. i just wondering if someone knows what could be causing this. i would hate to fix it for the third time just to have it happen again in a week. thanks

A:Xp Won't Boot C:\windows\system\config\system

Hey there,Iv had that same problem, lthough mine onldid it once i repaired it with the link belowCheck out:How to Recover from a Corrupted Registry that Prevents Windows XP fromStarting;en-us;307545Hope this helpsDave

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Recently migrated from XP Pro to Win 7 Home Prem. 64, I used CC w/enhancer, Auslogic products, Avast, Spybot and Fix it Utilities for keeping my system running smoothly. With Win 7 I have added Malwarebytes, I am not sure I want to purchase the new ver. of Fix it or look for another similar Utility, the old ver. of Fix it I used with XP worked great, never had any problems, but it is not compatible with Win. 7 -

Looking for some suggestions, I have check out Glary Utilities and System Mech., but still leaning toward Fix it - what do you guys think ?



A:Looking for System Utility

When you finally decide what's best.. let me know too & i'll do the same

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Hi i have installed new system fan in my dell dimension 8100, on boot warning says system fan not found, f2 for system fan utility. bios comes up can't find anything for FAN !! can anyone help me?

A:System fan utility

Did you plug it into the same motherboard connector the old fan was connected to?

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Hi all, I just re-formatted my Hard drive and Now that I have everything up again, i was trying to connect to the internet, however the system isn't recognizing my Ethernet card. I don't have the disk anymore as I haven't had to do a format in about 5 years. Windows won't even add their own drivers for some reason.

I was looking for a utility that can go through all my Hardware and maybe tell me what the name of the Ethernet card is so I can download the drivers from the internet to this computers floppy drive then upload onto my comp.

Thanks for the help!

A:System Check Utility

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Hi All,
Not sure if I'm in the correct discussion but I made a disk image of my "C" drive using Windows 7 built-in utility onto another hard drive. My "C" drive is using 27.4GB of data but the Image size is only 12.9GB. Could I have done something wrong? I thought the image size would be at least as big as the used space on the "C" drive. I'm concerned that I didn't get all my programs,files and settings backed up correctly.

Any thoughts?


P.S. I tried to do this last night using DVD's for backup but decided to abort after 9! Dvd's were burnt and it still was not completed.

A:Win 7 System Image Utility

I do not know if you did it right, but the image is compressed and should be smaller.

I tried to put it on DVD, basically it does not work.

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Gudday all
I have made some start-up changes using msconfig.
Once I rebooted the machine the following message appears, see attachment.
I want to keep the changes but the message seems to imply that I cannot.
If I check the box will the changes be accepted? Will this message appear every time I start?

A:Using XP System Configuration Utility

The changes have already been made. This is just a warning. As the label on the checkbox says, if checked it will not appear on next startup.

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I have just done a repair of x\p things are just about right apart from a few item..

Can u help..

SYSTEM CONFIGURATION UTILITY Always pops up from booting pc up on desktop I have clicked the bx but it still wants to pop up saying I have change some items on start up....I press don`t show me this again but on stsrt up it still pops up....

Also slight delay from windows welcome screen to desk top about 30 secs configu msconfig to reduce ammmopunt in start up but still slow..
I also need to do some housekeeping

2....temp clean out
3.syp bot ware
5.virus check

Any thing alse I should do thanks..

A:System Configuration Utility

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I removed some of items from my Start up thru System Msconf. Since I did that everytime I start the computer I get a message "System Configuation Utility" it is telling me that I changed the start up and need to restart.

I have the Start up Set for Normal Startup, I tried changing it to selective start up but it still appear. Does anyone know what I need to do


A:System Configuration Utility

Msconfig is mainly used for testing purposes. To permenantly remove/disable startup entries, I recommend Autoruns:

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When I go to "start" "run" and type in "msconfig" I get an error message that says the file can't be found. Any idea on where to find it?


A:System configuration utility

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There are many many services in system config. Where would one find out which ones are needed and which are not. Is there a way with out Googling every one of them.

A:System Configuration Utility

Try searching on this page :

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I disabled some of the items in my Start Menu with the help of as a guide. After I was all finished with that, I clicked Apply then Close or Exit? Rebooted, then went back to see if what I had unchecked stayed unchecked and it didn't. I've done this twice and every time I uncheck unwanted items,apply and reboot it seems to reset itself and check everything again ? Does anyone know why this is happening?
Also, the answersthatwork. seems like a good program but being the tight wad that I am I was wondering if their was any programs like this for free?

Windows XP

A:System Configuration Utility

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After going to MSConfig, switching the BOOT.INI tab to Safe Mode and rebooting. I then ran Hijack, checked and fixed 04-Global Startup:Winlogon.exe. Then I went back to MSConfig, unchecked Safe Mode and attempted to reboot again. Now I get the following message:

System Configuration Utility
You have used the system config util. to make changes to the way windows starts. This system config util is currently in Diagnostic or Selective start up mode, causing this message to be displayed and the utility to run every time windows starts, choose the normal start up mode on the general tab to start windows normally and undo the changes you made using the system config util.

When other users try to log on they get the following:

System Configuration Utility
An access denied error was created while attempting to change a service. You may need to log on using an Administrator account to make the selected changes.

In the System Configuration Utility "General Tab" it ask to select either the original Boot.INI or the Modified Boot.INI

How do I get all this back to normal without undoing the changes I made to get rid of the trojan?

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When I boot up I get the following message after the desktop initializes:

""You have used the system configuration utility to make changes to the way windows starts.

The system configuration utility is currently in diagnostic or start up mode, causing this message to be displayed every time windows starts up.

Choose the normal start up mode on the general tab to start windows normally and undo the changes you made using the system configuration utility.""

I need to know how to get to the general tab to make the changes mentioned above. I have no idea where this utility or the general tab is. All help appreciated.

A:System configuration utility???

When that message appears, click the "don't show this message again" box.

Anytime you use MSCONFIG to UNselect startup apps, you get this (annoying) message.

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Hello, In my "msconfig" box there is an entry under win.ini called
[MCI Extensions.BAK] Could someone tell me what this is for as I would like to delete it if no use. It has been disabled for as long as I can remember. Many thanks.

A:System Configuration Utility

MCI has to do with communications devices and I believe multi-media as well.

since is has the ".BAK" that would give the impression that it was backed up brolly due to some system changes.

Uncheck it, reboot the system and test your functionality. *IF* things still work, you should be able to safely remove it.
Good Luck!


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What should i do?My pc is opening everything.When i go to startup every start up item is checked,What is main items i should have so i check them and disable everything what's unnecessary

A:Help me,System configuration utility

What should i do?My pc is opening everything.When i go to startup every start up item is checked,What is main items i should have so i check them and disable everything what's unnecessary

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I have a self-built computer. It's my second one, and I have rebuilt or modified this machine about 3-4 times. My current specs are this:

Windows XP Home
Giga-Byte GA7n400 Pro 2 (Rev. 1) Mother Board
AMD Athlon XP 3200+
2 GB of PC 3200 Dual-Channel Ram
Nvidia 6800 GT 256 MB AGP
36 GB Raptor 10k RPM SATA (OS and Main Support files)
74 GB Raptor 10k RPM SATA (Program Files)
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum

What my question is-are there any programs out there to help tweak performance. I am more of a hardware junky than I am into OC'ing. Just have no interest, and MHO is I know just enough about OC'ing to do something stupid.

I am mostly looking for any utilities that will in some way increase performance, or make it easier to tweak performance. I have always been a do-it-yourselfer, and I just feel my system is not performing to my liking, performance-wise.

I browsed the downloads section-but that won't tell me necessarily what is good and whats not. Basically, what are some tweak programs and utilities that the people of this forum recommend?

A:System Utility Tweakers and Such

While I'm not into overclocking, here are some programs I have used for general system performance. X-Setup works quite well, it is shareware, but you can get a demo at the link I provided. If you want a free program, try TuneXP. It works very well also. Bear in mind that all these programs bear a certain amount of risk, be sure and back up your registry before you start, in case somthing goes wrong.

And if you are like me and are really feeling brave, you can do a lot of what these programs do manually. A good place to look for manual tweaks is at TweakHound's site. Again if you go this route, remember to back up first, you won't be sorry.

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My sister was recently scammed and stupidly allowed remote access to her computer. At every start up now system configuration utility message opens saying it is currently in diagnostic or selective startup mode what should I do to fix this

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I recently had to use system config. to find a problem. I checked normal startup and restarted my computer.Now when I start my computer I get the System Config. Utility Screen telling me I have to set it for normal setup. How do I resolve this problem. I'm using XP Pro.

A:System Configuration Utility

Should be a tick box to not display the screen. Tick it.

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The below message keeps showing up every time I start my computer. I checked to make sure the utility is set to normal mode, which it is, however it keep showing up.
"You have used the system configuration utility to make changes to the way windows starts.

The system configuration utility is currently in diagnostic or selective startup mode, causing this message to be displayed and the utility to run every time windows starts.

Choose the normal startup mode on the general tab to start windows normally and undo the changed made using the system configuration utility.

(box to tick) Don't show this message or launch the system configuration utility when windows start."
I booted in safe mode and used hijackthis to delete the below line, however once I reboot in normal mode it does not show, however the next time I start my pc it comes back.
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [MSConfig] C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries\MSConfig.exe /autoO4 - HKLM\..\Run: [MSConfig] C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries\MSConfig.exe /auto
I have attached my hijackthis log below for you perusal.

I hope you can help me get rid of this annoying popup message.


Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 11:58:33 PM, on 24/11/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5730.0013)

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\... Read more

A:System Configuration Utility

From your start button select 'run' then type in MSCONFIG.

If you've made any changes to the startup, here's where it will be. If not it may be time to look at malware.

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I was infected by 6 false trojan alerts. I ran Malwarebytes and it caught them and removed them but on my System Configuration Utility- Startup, there are two items. One begins with ~tmph and the other one starts with "a" and I can't read the whole address. I unchecked both but how do I get rid of them and how can I see the whole address? They are both unframiliar to me.

A:System Configuration Utility

MSCONFIG.EXE is a troubleshooting tool - not a fixing tool.First, re-enable them in MSCONFIG, then use this free tool to locate them and disable/delete them: you have difficulties with this tool, post back and we'll see if we can get the address for another one from garmanma.

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I have XP, IE6, and M Office 2003.

I do run>MSconfig and msconfig comes up. I deselect several programs in the startup and services tabs and exit, so the window comes up saying I have to restart my computer for the changes to take effect. I click restart and the computer reboots. On my desktop comes a window about the System Configuration Utility and how some things have changed. A large section of the window is missing, so that the extreme bottom end of the window is a checkable box that says "Do not show this message again" which I select. However, this System Configuration Utility window pops up every time I boot up my computer. But when I put the computer back in normal mode, the window doesn't pop up on reboots. What's going on?

A:System Configuration Utility

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Is there a way to gauge a PC system's gaming ability?

Since video cards and add-on programs (Direct X, etc) are so fundamental to game play, if would be nice to have a utility that would give a yes or no on the question "Will this game work on my computer?"

Bottom line is I don't know if my PC is 3D, GL rendering or what anymore since video card evolution is non-stop. A utility program to scan the computer's capability would help.

3 year old PC:
Pentium 3 533mz Katmai
383 mb RDRAM
32mb Nvidia geForce 4X AGP Graphics Card

A:System Diagnostic Utility

That's actually built into Directx.

Go to Start, Run type in dxdiag and hit enter.

If that doesn't work, then do a search on your system for dxdiag and open it when you find it.

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I just noticed that I have blank square boxes under startup item and command fields of the system configuration utility under startup items. Has anyone else seen this? If so what is it and how do I get rid of it.

A:System Configuration utility

I just (today) overcame this...I'm not sure at all how it happened or what may have caused it, so I can't really be of much help.

My situation started a couple of days ago when I suddenly had these messages at startup which referred to files which could not be found. I used a combination of Autoruns, msconfig, and track down and manually delete any/all references to these two files. My system now boots up normally .

So...I can't tell you what it was or how it happened but I can say that deleting any/all registry and file references took care of it on my system.

I don't think it was malware of any sort, but I'm no expert at determining such.


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