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My WLAN button wont flash up

Q: My WLAN button wont flash up

Heres the problem i reinstalled xp. When I did this I couldnt get any sound so I went on hp website installed all drivers for sound problem solved. Then my wlan button wasnt going on like it normally does so i installed all wireless hp assistant and drivers for it. Now it keeps on saying wlan disabled but I cant get it to enable wireless, the button wont flash up like it used to when I pressed it. All i need to do is to get the button to flash up like it used to do as soon as I press it? Does anyone know how to do this? My laptop is the compaq persario v5000 if that helps Also this is the website with all the drivers for my laptop just let me know if i should download any of these to fix it Thanks for your time

A: My WLAN button wont flash up

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Heres the problem i reinstalled xp. When I did this I couldnt get any sound so I went on hp website installed all drivers for sound problem solved. Then my wlan button wasnt going on like it normally does so i installed all wireless hp assistant and drivers for it. Now it keeps on saying wlan disabled but I cant get it to enable wireless, the button wont flash up like it used to when I pressed it. All i need to do is to get the button to flash up like it used to do as soon as I press it? Does anyone know how to do this? My laptop is the compaq persario v5000 if that helps Also this is the website with all the drivers for my laptop just let me know if i should download any of these to fix it Thanks for your time

A:Please Help my WLAN button wont flash up

You have installed the driver for the wireless adapter and other chipset drivers, right? And you go into Network Connections, right-click on the wireless connection and choose 'enable' but it stays at disabled? Plus you cannot switch the wireless on?

If the above equals three 'yes' answers, I think the wireless adapter has failed.

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Hi, I would like to deactivate the Wifi Button (orange LED) as default. So that its only acitvate if the user press the button.After a reboot it deactivated again. I didnīt found anything in the bios. Is that possbile ? Many thanks

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I have the above notebook and my WLAN button will not stay engaged. I am writing simply to ask if anyone knows if this is a common problem with these machines. I bought it new at Best Buy about 8 months ago. I did not get the extended service agreement. this problem first occurred a couple of days after my 30 day warranty expired. I took it back to Best Buy the next day and the button was working properly. the person at the repair desk at Best Buy said these machines are known to have this issue, however I have not heard anything about it since. The WLAN button worked fine until yesterday. online chats with HP were no help. I will take it to a repair shop to get it fixed. I would just like to find out if anyone has heard or knows if this is a common problem with these machines....thank you.

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My WLAN button on my compaq presario cq57 is not working how can I turn on my wifi from my computer?

A:Wifi WLAN button not working

First check the status of your adapter in Device Manager, then if that is OK go to Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center. In the upper left corned, click on Change Adapter Settings, then look at the status of the adapter; right click it and see if the option to Enable is available.

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Upgraded my Presario 2568 to WinXP, everything works, except the on/off button for the integrated wireless lan (front right side near blue LED and IR). This worked before the upgrade from XPhome. There is a heading under Start Menu called Utilities:

Start Menu>Utilities>Wireless Configuration

There is a dialogue box that opens, and says "The following devices are controlled by the wireless on/off button. Click an icon below to turn one device on or off."

There is nothing in this list. Anyone know how to get the HP WLan 54g device listed in there?

A:Compaq Presario 2500 WLAN On/Off Button

Have you gone to the HP website and download all the updated XP Device Drivers? You may also want to check the FAQ on that site to see if its a known issue.

One last thing, Go into Control Panel -> System -> device manager and see if there's any missing drivers or errors.

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Dear Sirs,

i have problem with my Toshiba Satellite R630-13U

i didn't found any driver for wireless functions hot key windows 7 pro 32bit to able to switch on/off the wireless or the Bluetooth.



A:Satellite R630-13U - Need driver for WLAN/BT function button

You must install Toshiba value added package. This package several different tools and one of them is ?Flash cards utility?.

Please install it, test it and post some feedback.

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I have pulled it a part and cleand it but I wont work no matter what I have done can u plz help by the way it is a luminer 532 Microsoft

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The WLAN button on my laptop wont reconnect. I try to open properties and it wont open there either. I restarted computer and went to set up and WLAN is enabled there. Bottom line is the WLAN button is not working and I can not connect any other way. Thanks.

A:WLAN disconnected and wont reconnect (windows xp)

Does the machine connect using a wired connection? Since you provided no real information, it's hard to know what the situation is.

Please supply the following info, exact make and models of the equipment please.

Make and model of the broadband modem.
Make and model of the router.
Connection type, wired or wireless.
If wireless, encryption used, (none, WEP, WPA, or WPA2)
Make/model of network card or wireless adapter.
Make/model of your computer (motherboard if home-built).
Version and patch level of Windows on all affected machines, i.e. XP-Home (or XP-Pro), SP2, Vista, etc.

Also, please give an exact description of your problem symptoms, including the exact text of any error messages.

Let's see this as well.

Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt:

Type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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so my moms pc has been getting this problum were she can plugs the cable into the pc the pc shows it getting singnal but it wont connect to internet etc so can some one plz help me

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i have a wireless usb donel and i have tyed to install the driver by instling the "utilty setup" but it didnt work so i went to driver update in device manager and searched for it in the folder that i know the driver is in and still no go i know its the right driver because it has worked fine before i reinstalled windows 7 "i had a virus" and i am tying to install the drver and it is not working plz help if you can i need this to work so thanks for your help

A:Windows 7 wlan problemb wont install driver!

Hello 123zacp and welcome to seven forums!

When you are installing the driver, does it actually install? Are you getting an error message? What driver are you trying to install (the version)?


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my eee pc wont let me use the function f2 to turn on my wlan so i cant connect to the internet wirelessly please anyone have any tips to help me ?

A:my eee pc wont let me switch on the wlan to recive internet wirless

and welcome to the Forum

What exactly happens when you attempt to turn the wireless on?

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ok i need help here
i made a web page with dreamweaver then created a i got confused on this part i can create a button to where u hover it changes i tried creating a button with a move to where u went over the "home" link some letters spin out beside it... but now i cant get it to link anything could someone help... they way i made it spin was created a movie on layer 2. layer one actions look like this for the button
home.onRollOver = function() {
any ideas on what im doing wrong...

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I am new to flash and I have heard of a symbol but. . .
What is the difference between a button and a symbol in Flash?

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I made 2 buttons in the shapes of a triangle and square, on the triangle button it plays the song when pressed, and the square stops the song when pressed. But i for got the script to do it. Any help people! Also if i make the song start straight away before any button is pressed, so you can stop it then play it again?

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Can someone tell me how to fix this problem?? My start button and icons keep flashing on and off every 5 or so seconds. Thanks

A:Start button and icons flash on and off

Just the start button and icons? Not the whole screen? Sounds like malware to me. We have experts here that can help you.

To get Expert Help with malware removal:

I recommend that you read this article… ( Simply, click on the links to be re-directed.)

"Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First steps;

IMPORTANT - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help

Please follow the instructions very carefully; then, post all the requested logs and information; as instructed, in the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help Forum.

Please ensure that you create a new thread in the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help Forum; not back here in this one.

IMPORTANT - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help

When carrying out the instructions for malware removal,

If you cannot complete any of them for whatever reason, just continue on with the next one until they are all completed.

However, it is extremely important to make mention of the fact that you could not complete all of the steps in your post in the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help Forum.

Where an Analyst will assist you with other workarounds.

Once done, please be patient, as the Security Team Analysts are usually very busy; one of them will answer your request as soon as they can.

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Ok so here is the problem, a month and a half ago the laptop wouldn't turn on, it goes and gets fixed and the power supply wasn't returned, today we finally receive the power supply (which caused 1 month of the waiting).

So I plug it up and everything goes on fine and dandy, however the laptop will not receive an Internet connection and it says that the wireless LAN is disabled, the laptop is a Presario v6000 Compaq which has a button on the front of the laptop which enables and disabled the wireless LAN, the button is currently set to enabled however the button is jammed on enable and it has an Amber light, so I can't turn it on and off. I went to device manger then network adapters and acording to that, the WLAN is enabled but the laptop is telling me it's disabled!

is there any way I can fix this? or will it have to get sent away again?

I hope the question makes sense, I'm only 16 so I'm not the best when it comes to computers, I also badly need the laptop fixed because I need it for school and I am currently posting this question using my iPhone.

A:Laptop says WLAN is disabled, device manager says WLAN is enabled!

Well, if the button isn't toggling the wireless state, you may have to send it away again. What do you mean the button is "jammed"?

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I am setting up a new wireless router and new laptop.

The laptop sees the WLAN (name) in Control Panel -> Networking -> Sharing and Network, but this WLAN (name) does not show up in the laptop's 'WLAN selector list' when I click on the network icon that's in the system tray.

I hope my description, above, makes sense. If so, does this problem description suggest an area of configuration that I have done incorrectly?

Thanks for any hints.

A:WLAN in Control Panel but not in system tray WLAN list

The new router needs to be setup with the SSID not hidden. Also the router needs to be set for the same type of wireless that the devices use.

It is also helpful when you post these kind of questions, to include system info in your profile and also manufacture and model of the router.

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I have 3 pcs connected wireless to belkin wireless router.

All sharing cable internet connection.

Two of the pcs loose internet connection intermitently but still have a excellent wireless connection to the router and still have an ip address.

The 3rd pc which was used to set up the router is always live and never has a problem.

I have no pcs directly wired to the router.

I am letting the router choose ip addresses.

The router does not loose internet connection

If someone can help me, this would improve my relationship with my wife

A:Clients Loosing WLAN Internet But Not WLAN Router Connection

from the limited information provided ...
1. if the phone rings and you lose connection then you might wanna change your channels
2. disable the wireless connection and then enable it from control panel -> network connections

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HP G5246sc just beeps fast, and power button flash orangeIt doesnt boot into Windows.I can get to Bios , but I see nothing wrong there.I have tried disconnecting USB cables and DCROM and HDDWhen disconnecting HDD, it doesnt beep, but thats because startup halts and show no boot device on the screen.  

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my mute button won't unmute - please help 

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Hi, I have an issue with my HP Pavilion Dv6-6178ca. I have tried some things whitout success and now i need the help of the HP community. The power button sometimes work like once on 50 times (or more).Before the problem started, the error message "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" sometimes appear. I have reinstalled the driver, tested my graphic card and all the others components and nothing appears to be defective exept the board... I think... I have tried to reset cmos and reseat memory, without battery etc.I have also tried without network card, optic drive, hdd and it still not working. I came here to know if a reflow of the graphics chips and the chipset is conceivable. Regards,Guillaume

A:Power Button wont work

@Guillaume1? These are the most recent updated drivers. REO

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my start button wont work, i cannot restart my computer and even from the sign on screen the only option i ave it to shut down. my icons are still on the taskbar but i cannot view them and when i open my browsers its deleting my last sessions even when i have them saved to appear each time i open the browser. my time and date is gone as well as any viable option to get to my drivers and computer settings. the only thing ive been able to get to is the actio of using the windows button and pressing r but each seach i get an error message that anything i type cant be found. help!

A:my start button wont work

Just for starters, Hold the windows key down and press the X key. See if you get a menu that should have several options as well as the option to shut down or restart. See if that will work and let me know. If it does, select command prompt (Admin) and copy/paste this into the window. sfc /scannow. If it says errors were found, reboot and run it again. You may have to run it 3 times before getting the 'Windows found no integrity violations', which is what you want it to say. Let me know how it goes, and welcome to Tenforums.

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I can not log off or shutdown windows xp when people are in there setting when i try it just sits there i have to go to switch user go to the log in screen and then turn off from there is there anyway for this to work again?

A:windows xp log out button wont work

Take a look at this article from Microsoft to see if this answers your question.;en-us;Q279765

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Is there a internal or external cmd program that has the same functioninality like vista netsh wlan command.
netsh wlan is not included in xp and the netsh from vista doesnt work in xp

A:WLan cmd program, like vista netsh wlan

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bought a new battery and a new adaptor and went to turn it on and it wont go worked at one pont but it shut off...Made a clicking sound when it went off...

A:push on button to start laptop and it wont come on

Hi darla55,Let us know the model of the system.Unplug the adapter and battery. Press and hold power button for 20 seconds. Plugin the adapter and battery. Turn on the system. If the system does not turn on, repeat the process and try turning on the system with adapter only.Provide the status of the power button LED and listen for beep codes.Please keep us posted.Thanks & RegardsManshu S#iworkfordellmessage edited by DellManshuS

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When i click them in interent explorer i get the scroll thing. i can't access my shortcut menu, or highlight anything. I went to control panel and both buttons are enabled and i tried reseting everything and they still don't work. I have a dell insipiron 1440 running windows vista. Anyone have any ideas???

A:Solved: Left and Right button on touchpad wont work

There is a separate touchpad driver as well as the mouse driver. If you see no separate settings in Control Panel, try reinstalling the driver from the Dell site.

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Hi, I use windows washer occasionally to keep my hdd clean and as empty as possible. I have only 85 gig hdd, so it full most of the time.

I followed instuctions on how to change the name of your start button, or change the text it displays on it rather than 'start'. It envolves changing the explorer exe file to something else and uses some hacker program to help do that along with regedit and so on.

Now Window Washer cannot find anything to scan, it just starts and then no sooner stops with no files washed. I tried adding the new explorer file to the custom wash list but it made no difference. I also wiped it and re installed it but it still finds no files to wash.

Any help?

Thanks in advance,


A:Washer wont work after change start button name

Restore the original explorer exe made a copy first right?

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Hi, I need some help turning my wireless back on. Currently the button is permanately displayed as orange and won't respond when pressed.I have tried a hard reset i.e. take out batttery, unplug adapter  hold power button. I've triend to go into device manager> Human Interface Devices and the option that was suggested in abother forum was not there.In device manager under network adapters my wirelss adapter Broadcom 43224AG 802.11a/b/g/draft-n Wi-Fi Adapter is faded out and not a solid colour.  At my wits end with this as I've tried quite a few options.Any assistace would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you in advance.

A:Wireless button wont respond and stays orange.

Inharrharrt You mention Win10 in your post, but according the the HP Product page for your PC, it came with Win7 preinstalled. I ran into a similar situation upgrading an HP DV6 laptop from Win7 to Win10 -- in that, no matter what I did, the WiFi button LED stayed orange. In discussing this with HP support, we determine the problem was because, when I did the Upgrade, I had the WiFi disabled (using that button) so I could do the downloads using wired networking.  So, when the machine upgraded to Win10, it did not install the right WiFi drivers and it thus, stayed disabled. I spend a lot of time on these forums getting links to drivers and installed them all (one at a time) -- and NOTHING worked! What fixed that was complicated, as follows:1) Restore the PC back to Win7 -- using an image backup I had made with Macrium Reflect2) Follow these directions to obtain a genuineticket.xml file: Clean Install Windows 10 Directly without having to Upgrade First - Windows 10 Forums3) Turn on the WiFi using the button4) Do a clean-install of Win10 using media I had downloaded using this:  Installing Windows 10 using the media creation tool - Windows Help5) Once Win10 was up and running, follow the same directions in the TenForums thread to install the xml file and activate Win10. Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.----------------------------... Read more

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My laptop will not charge and it will not turn on . Heres the best way to describe it... When i plug my charger into my computer the red light blinks as well as the power button. It stays on for 3 seconds then blinks and repeats this act.  I have tried holding the power button down for 15 seconds to do a hard restart and nothing happens. My screen remains black and the power button remains blinking.  Ive tried using google remedies but none of the research has helped. My lap top is in immaculate condition, i only use it for school or work so im very confused to why my screen wont turn on. it was up and running fine two weeks ago and every since ive been trying to get it to cut on and it wont budge. 

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my mute button light wont go on after installing windows 8.1 in my HP notebook

A:my mute button light wont go on after installing windows 8.1...

Hi, Can you post back with the full Model No. and Product No. of your notebook - you can usually get this by holding down the fn key and pressing esc, otherwise see Here for a guide on locating this information. Regards, DP-K

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My HP 255 just turned off while i was using it and wen i press the power button it blinks once, ive tried to remove the battry and start it on AC and it doesnt blink....left it on charger fo an hour an stil nothing buh instead u feel heat on the  battry.please help 

A:MY LAPTOP HP 255 wont start just blinking power button

Dear Customer, Shut down the notebook, unplug the AC Adapter and then remove the battery.  Hold  down the Power button for a full minute.  Plug in the AC Adapter ( leave the battery out for the moment ) and see if the notebook will start. Can you match the sequence of 'blinks' to those shown in the table below.     Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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In windows 10 on a surface pro my work administrator added a new admin account for work. on the original account the start menu works fine. When I log into the work account I have no start menu or search function. He tried some of the fixes out on the web to no success. Can someone help.

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i turn it on i can hear the fan etc.. the green button comes on my monitor saying its on then theres just a blank screen, the computer does endup coming up like after 30 minutes. ive checked all the cables and everything and it still wont work. ive scanned my computer for viruses and nothing apart from a few tracking cookies.

A:My computer wont turn on when i click the power button for like 30minutes.

bad switch and/or bad psu

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Each time I run Reg Seeker, I lose Flash where needed in web pages etc.Then I have to format using "flash un-installer" before re-installing Adobe (Macromedia) Flash. Apart from not running Reg Seeker, above can be avoided by editing after its scan, ensuring all "flash" entries NOT included in unwanted items deleted.I wish to keep using Reg Seeker as it is efficient compared to others.Is there any other solution? (appeared to commence at the time Adobe took over Macromedia?)Thanks,stewy.Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum, closed open BBcode tag and removed excessive font size tag. ~ Animal

A:Flash Wont Flash

Meddling around with registry is liable to get you into trouble. Unfortunally not all registry entries are not easily identifiable as belonging to a program. Are you doing a back-up prior to run regseeker and deleting reg. entries?

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My internet is through WLan while I have to connect to the intranet using the lan. I want all my Internet traffic in wlan. But it's not working. Whenever I enable both wlan and LAN, all the Internet requests go to LAN and so can't use Internet.

How to configure my system (with XP SP3) so that all the internet traffic/requests use WLan as first choice instead of LAN ?

A:Internet through wlan in XP (when both wlan and LAN are enabled)

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I'm having a near identical problem:
Perfect connectivity to Network & Internet via LAN (Ethernet)
Perfect connectivity to Network (Including ALL Hardware (Router, Switch, Printer, NAS, other computers)) via WLAN (both the onboard mini-PCIe card as well as an external USB WiFi Adapter)
ABSOLUTELY NO INTERNET via WLAN (same results for both onboard and external adapters)

Here's my computer model and some specs:
Compaq CQ61-420US
Win7 Ultimate x64
Atheros AR9285 (Latest Driver Installed: v8.0.0.172)
FireFox 3.6.12
IE8 x32 & x64 Versions (8.0.7600.16385)

I do NOT have ANY Toolbars in my browsers. I do have some Add-ins in FireFox which "could" affect internet connectivity but I believe they are configured properly and as I've already stated, I have PERFECT Internet connectivity via LAN, just NONE via WLAN.
Besides all of the "Obvious" things to try, I've also uninstalled this card & driver multiple times. Allowed Windows to re-install AND forced manual re-installation and installed the driver application from Atheros. I've also performed multiple "IPConfig/release...renew" attempts which have not produced a solution. Windows Network Diagnostic gives this result: "Your broadband modem is experiencing connectivity issues". NOT TRUE but went thru their troubleshooting steps anyway to no avail.

I'm completely stumped as to what's causing this problem and how to remedy it. I'm fai... Read more

A:WLAN Connection, but NO WLAN Internet

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I have an open thread in the Networking section. Here's the link:
I'm posting here for Issues, problems, and/or solutions DIRECTLY related to MALWARE. For solutions related to Networking, please post to the link above.

Basic details of what's going on:
I can connect to, and access EVERYTHING (WAP, Router, Switch, Printer, NAS, Other computers, etc.) while connected over WLAN. I cannot connect to the INTERNET over WLAN (Although it DOES say "Internet Access"). I CAN connect to everything (including Internet) when connected over LAN.

Other computers CAN connect to the Internet using this WAP...but this is NOT A LOCAL NETWORKING ISSUE. PLEASE don't post Networking questions or solutions on this thread. Please refer to the link above for ALL Networking questions unless they are DIRECTLY related to MALWARE.
Pertinent Software Installed on this system:
​Win7 Ultimate x64
AVG Free 2011 (NO Virus' found)
Ad-Aware Free v8.3.6 (No issues found)
Windows Firewall (Disabled for Troubleshooting)
Windows Defender (Disabled for Troubleshooting)
NO VPN S/W Installed (Netgear's VPN SW is not compatible with Win7 x64 and was removed)
NO BLOATWARE Installed (All preloaded Bloatware was removed on day 1 (04/15/'10))
FireFox 3.6.12
IE8 x32 & x64 (v8.0.7600.16385)

Any programs (Bloatware, VPN, etc) which were removed, ... Read more

A:WLAN Connected but NO Internet over WLAN

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My machine runs as normal, all the fans are working. My PSU and Video Card is quite new, I upgraded them over a year ago. No problems since today my computer wont boot up.

My moniter is blank, there is no light on the keyboard, so Im assuming it has something to do with the MOBO. But the there is a GREEN LIGHT on in the MOBO

Already tried unplugging the Jumpers, the CMOS battery, RAM, the 4pin and 24pin connectors. Holding the Power button for 30-60 secs(with Power cord off)

I tried everything I could think of.

Any help Folks?

CPU: Intel? Core?2 Quad Processor Q9400 at 2.66 GHz
GPU: GTX 760 4GB DirectCU II
Memory RAM: 6GB
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
PSU: Corsair CX750M

A:No LED lights on Power button, PC wont boot.Fans working and MOBO

Have you tried having different Ram setups like only having 4GB?

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the button wont work but it works after being restarted for only 5 minutes....

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i had a system crash the other day could not open windows in normal mode only had safe mode. i had to disable alot of services to make windows run in normal mode again. after i got normal mode running i tried to turn my antivirus back on to find out it was the reason windows was not running. anyways old antivirus removed new one installed and now when im on my browser i used to be able to open links in new tabs by clicking on them with the middle mouse button however this does not work anymore. is there a setting somewhere i need to re-enable to make this work again?

A:[SOLVED] middle mouse button wont open new links anymore.


i had to disable alot of services to make windows run

Well, I would start with Enabling any services you disabled. You can try and download a driver for the mouse.

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I have a DELL XPS laptop that makes beeping sounds and the screen is still black after I pressed the power button.
It makes 5 beeping sounds per interval and goes on until it shuts itself down. What should I do and who should I contact to help me fix my laptop?

A:My Laptop Makes Beep sound when I press power button and it wont Start

Hi AhLong
Thanks for writing to us. 
5 beeps usually means CMOS failure, now it could be the battery failure or the motherboard failure. If your system is under warranty we can get it repaired or else you can check with a local Dell authorized repair center and get it checked. 
You can try another CMOS battery if available.
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message.


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i shut it down after charging it for 2 hours, it's battery is 100% charged

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After upgrading my OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10, When I manually click on "Start-------> Shutdown " my power button light wont turn off, screen goes black but the bottom is still giving light, it only turn off men I press it 7 sec ore remove the battery. Can some one help me and solve my problem. 

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Hi, i was flashing my bios when mid-way through i got a power cut. Now when i try and turn my pc on its turns on but nothing comes up. Ive tried plugging it into the onboard and my gfx card and neither work. I have also tried a different monitor

Motherboard: PC-CHIPS M863G(V5.1A)

EDITL: Argh it seems i was flashing with the wrong bios anyway i was using:
instead of
is there anyway to reset this

A:Bad Flash Screen Wont come up

Try clearing the CMOS (there should be a jumper on the board for that, RTFM). You can also remove the battery at the same time, it can always help.

Otherwise if you can find someone with the same motherboard, you can swap BIOS chips, turn on your system & while it's powered on, you remove the chip, replace it with the corrupt one & reprogram it.

If you do not know someone with the same motherboard, yours is shot. Get a new one.

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The last couple of days i havent been able to play any flash content. i get an error message within the page that says i either have java disabled or do not have the current version of flash. i checked and the java is enabled and i do have the most current version of flash downloaded and installed. I also just updated IE7 to the latest version. Any ideas on what the problem is???

Thanks in advance.


A:IE7 wont play flash

Hi, There is a requirement in IE7 to activate the plugins...see this

Seems a lot of posting about this lately for IE7 users...

Windows Update included one that modified how plugins are used in the browser, but there is a fix for it...

Read down that page for directions to Uninstall that update, I hope it works have not tried it here.

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hi. basicly the problem is i know i have flash installed (its on the control panel - add/remove progs) but when it comes to running flash on the internet it cant do it. also; it wont download on the macromedia website, and i cant see any other legal means of getting it.

A:flash wont work!!!!

Closing duplicate, please reply here:


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I have tried to install flash player of the macromedia site, after every time it does its thing on the tool bar and says install is complete, yet when i play a game or go on a site that requires flash player it seems to not be there as it asks to download flash player, any suggestions?

A:Flash wont install

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I have a usb Xdrive 64 mb flash drive that I got as a gift. The disk that I recieved with it is for 98se. I am trying to use this on a machine with xp. It appears that the drivers load ok but when I try to use the drive it says that the drive is not formated and ask if I would like to. I click yes and the message I get is drive can not be formated. Can anyone help?

A:USB flash drive wont format in XP

Most of these types of drives work in WinXP with out new drivers. You might try the manufacturer's website though.

Do you have Service Pack 1?

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I cannot get Adobe Flash to function correctly. Additionally about 50% of the pictures I see on sites have a red X or the square / triangle / circle logo on them. I have repeatedly installed the Flash Active X from Adobe?s site. The flash animation comes up and shows that I have successfully installed flash, yet I am still getting red X's and many flash animations don?t work.

I have XP Home SP3.

A:Flash Wont Work Correctly.

Uninstall using the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller here, and then reinstall it.

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Ive just installed Vista64 bit again after it failed completely last time at several things immmediatley after install now ive run IE7 from QuickLaunch 32-bit and when i try to install FLASH ACTIVE X it says "Your Security Settings Do Not Allow Active X to be installed"..????

Ive never changed them and not heard that it has to be done either....

ive even tried enabling PROMPT and ENABLE in Security settings but still doesnt work...

Im trying and trying with 64-bit but for me it just seems crap , very problematic and I bet I re-install 32-bit before the nights up...

any ideas guys?

A:VISTA64 - IE7 32 bit wont install Flash

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Drivers installed successfully, disk management also shows it active n 'healthy', but doesnt allow me to change drive letter or format.. error pops up, tried updating drivers.. uninstall and re install.. nothing works.. it just doesnt show up on 'my computer'

A:flash drive wont show

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Well, since the latest flash player came out, it has been refusing to work. Done everything it says on the website, downloaded the uninstaller, even tried re-installing and old version, and it doesn't work. But oddly enough, it works on Mozilla Firefox. It works fine on Firefox, but Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, and games like Worms World Party that I bought from the gamestore, it does not work on. Any help? This is REALLY annoying me and I feel like I am gonna punch a whole trhough my computer screen any moment now. Also, when I click on a link to download it on MSN, it launches an internet window to download, it tells me it is downloading, brings up a dialog box and everything, but doesn't download. It only downloads from the official sit and on Firefox. Please help. I havre tried uninstalling Firefox, trying on IE again and then re-installing it and it still comes up with the same result. Every helpful response honestly would be greatly appreciated. Thank you loads in advance.

- Bowshi -

A:Flash Player Wont Work!! Doing my nut!!

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I've had this problem before. Macromedia Flash Player won't install. I've got around it before, but can't remember how I did it. I'll download the program, install it, and it will say it was installed but won't be under my programs. What do I do?

A:Macromedia Flash Wont install?

Nevermind. figured it out.

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I cannot get Adobie Flash to function correctly. Additionally about 50% of the pictures I see on sites have a red X or the square / triangle / circle logo on them. I have repeatedly installed the Flash Active X from Adobe?s site. The flash animation comes up and shows that I have successfully installed flash, yet I am still getting red X's and many flash animations don?t work.

I have XP Home SP3.

A:Flash wont work correctly.

G'Day audiobahn, Welcome to TSF!

Please try this workaround...

Go Start > Run > type in the box C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash

Now copy the Flash9e.ocx file and then pasted it back in the same directory.

You will have created Copy of Flash9e.ocx; rename it to Flashe.ocx.

This effectively will give you two files; Flashe.ocx and Flash9e.ocx, both the same file; although with a different name, in the same directory.

This generally stops the issue you have described.

Post back with the outcome.

Kind Regards,

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Hi all,
I have a Asus A8V Motherboard which I am trying to flash as I am getting CPU errors.
I have downloaded AFUDOS and A8V-0229.rom and placed them on a floppy.
I run the command:

It reads the flash - but keeps coming up with this error:
ERROR: ROM file ROMID is not compatible with existing BIOS ROMID.
I have the correct ROM file as downloaded from ASUS and even tried older versions, but still
getting the same error.
Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

A:Motherboard wont flash with AFUDOS

Managed to get it to work

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Hi im trying to install "Flash Player" on my sisters windows 7 laptop but it gets half way then it times out both on IE and FF

A:Flash Player Wont Install

Did you try downloading the installers for Flash?

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I am running whatever the latest version of firefox is, with adbloack and NoScript running, nd i am having issues with web pages loading. Some pages, all i beleive created in flash, just load the background and an adblock tab, but no animations. I tried to clear noscript, but nothing every loads. Does aanyone know what causes this. A friend is coding her band page and needs to fix it if its problem on her end.



A:Flash web pages wont load in FF

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I got a new laptop which is shown in my profile specs. for some reason even though I let flash auto update and even have manually updated it still doesn't work like it used to on old laptop. It used to just work on things that needed it. Now Firefox is always asking me if I want to allow it on this particular site. And sometimes still won't work even if I allow. How do I get this to work? Thanks!

A:Solved: Flash wont work right.

Open Firefox Menu, click Add-ons icon. Select Always Activate for Adobe Shockwave Flash. Be sure you are running the current versions of FF v.39.0 and Flash v.

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Sorry, I'm back again. I turned off my other computer for a while and it has a lot of things wrong with it =\ ive invested some money in it, and I'd appreciate it if you could help.

Okay, so I plug in my flash drive, (it's an off brand, I'm not sure what brand it is or where I got it). And it works fine, it acts like its working properly until I go to copy something from it... A bubble on the right side of the taskbar states it's malfunctioning. Then, it says it doesn't have a driver, but I used it all the time before! AND it works on all my other computers, (Dell Laptop, Compaq old PC, Newer Emachines PC) But not my older one! Please Help! The old T2240 emachines PC doesn't have interent, so it needs a flash drive!

Here are the specs for my PC

Emachines T2240
640 MB's of RAM
Celeron CPU 2.20GHz, 2.19 GHz

Please Help!

A:USB flash drive wont work.


You failed to mention what OS the older machine has. Since you mentioned it runs on new pcs without a problem, I suspect you are trying it on an older os. Xp and above have drivers and recognize this, but if the OS is older you will need to install drivers for this usb device. I suggest you find out the make and download drivers for win9x or whatever it may have. Also, if not older os, have you tried to run it under a different windows profile ?

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Okay, you guys are always great help, long story short:Started up the computer today, and noticed this:
-on AIM, the plugins wouldnt load, because it says i need the latest version of flash.-when searching google using the pictures tab, nothing displays
-i went to, and the page looked retro, it was in plain HTML im guessing? with no flash displayed?
so i downloaded the standalone Flash 10 installer, tried it, rebooted, nothing happened. so i got frustrated, tried to load system restore, but i get a blank white window, nothing loads for system restore.. what is with this thing???
any more details needed??

A:Anything related to Flash, wont work

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Ok I had a NASTY virus that I JUST got rid of. Well, my comp was running wonderfully beforehand loading videos and pages perfectly. Since I got rid of the virus (virtumonde) Websites such as myspace video, keep telling me to install adobe flash. I go to the website, try to get the download and the page will simply reload. It WILL NOT download. I don't understand because You Tube works just fine, but not myspace, or other video sites.

The second problem I am having is I will click on certain links and a page will pop up that says "internet explorer cannot display this webpage" This doesnt make sense as I can access the SAME page from another computer but not mine. If you go to my myspace page, and click my picture to see more, that is the page that pops up repeatedly for me. Other profiles dont give me that page though. I am confused. This comp didnt do anything like this before the virus.

I actually came to this website and got help from someone to get rid of the virus and just 2 or 3 days ago he said I was all clear. So what could be doing this now??

A:Adobe Flash Wont Work With Certain Websites

WinSock XP Fix can cure the problem of lost connections, after the removal of Adware components or modifications of the Winsock settings.Sometimes your Internet connectivity will get corrupted due to invalid or removed registry entries.Download and run Winsock XP Fix. Be sure to print out and follow the instructions provided in the Winsock Repair Tutorial.

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Adobe Flash Player wont install on my computer. My computer is extremely slow, yet when I scan it for viruses it says that none is detected. Also when I turn it on a little gray pop up box comes up and says it was not able to load my profile so it gave me a default profile and something is wrong with my registry? I have no idea what is wrong. I tried to defrag and my computer says it doesnt need it, it has a lot of space still on it. Im just not sure whats wrong with it.

Please help

A:Adobe Flash Player wont install

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compaq presario 1320nx amd 3100 proccesor 512 mb ram
windows xp
i have adaware the microsoft beta and the antivirus that came with my isp

i cant get anything to work with flash, you know greeting cards, animations, the free video games. i also cant get movies to load from google hosting. if i try and go to the flash download site i just get the dreaded red x it says a yellow bar should pop up. it never does.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 1:23:06 PM, on 11/27/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Antivirus\ISafe.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Antivirus\VetMsg.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft AntiSpyware\gcasServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Antivirus\CAVTray.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Antivirus\CAVRID.exe
C:\Program Files\2Wire\2PortalMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_05\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft AntiSpyware\gcasDtServ.exe
C:\Program... Read more

A:flash wont work hijack log added

help help

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So, I keep downloading Adobe Flash Player. But it still dosnt say that I have it downloaded! I keep going on youtube and it says to download the latest updated Adobe, which I do, yet its not working. What is going on? I have Windows 7. I have Safari and Explorer, if either of those help.

A:Adobe Flash Player wont work!!!!!!

Download the most recent version of Adobe Flash PlayerFWIW - this is the home page for Adobe Flash Player -Do you find older versions in Control Panel menu, or in Programs and Features area ??Delete the old versions and try to reinstall Flash Player again -Thank You -Extra - Did you find a decent free program for the Webcam ??

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have tried repeatedly to load the new flash player without success
have deleted and reloaded no success

any help would be appreciated

A:adobe flash wont load or work

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Ok, i thought i had a good handle on how to fix most problems with my computer but i guess i was wrong. I cant seem to figure out why adobe flash player 10 wont work on my comp for IE. I got it to work fine for firefox. Reason i need it to work for IE is because i am running a dvr program that only works with IE. i simply cant figure out why it wont work. I am testing to see if the flash player works by watching youtube videos. i cant seem to watch videos at all while im using IE. please help!!

A:Adobe Flash Player 10 wont Install for IE

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Got a Biostar Tseries 945P Chipset here. Apaprently Core2 is only supported after the bios has been flashed. Question, will the pc boot when I use a unsupported cpu, or will I have to use a supported cpu, flash and then put the new one in?

I put a e2140 in the pc and it's not booting.... So I am hoping its just the flash requirement, and not a busted mobo.


A:PC Wont boot, mobo only support cpu after flash

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I switched to IE7 after Firefox became slow loading. Problem is I haven't been able to play a flash movie in it. Flash is listed as installed in the IE7 add-on list, but YouTube tells me it's not installed. So I follow the Adobe link and try to install, and get:
"Failed to install.
For troubleshooting tips, please see" The Adobe page tells me to uninstall, reinstall etc. after which i get the same error.

Youtube videos still play fine in Firefox.

Any ideas much appreciated.

A:[SOLVED] Flash player wont install - ie7

I would really appreciate some advice here. Still the same problem, and i'm out of ideas. I've tried reseting IE security defaults, turning off firewalls, earlier Flash versions, manually installing the exe, and other things. Still the same error.

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Ok got the strangest problem. Have several USB flash drives, not one of them will detect on Windows Vista x64 Ultimate. I have another PC with the exact same version of Vista on it and that computer has no problems but this one does. I have a USB mouse connected and I have tried on different USB ports with no success.

What happens is, i plug in the USB flash drive and a "found new hardware" box pops up asking me to locate the driver etc. I dont understand this as all USB flash drives operate on a generic USB driver provided by windows. So where has the process gone wrong?

Device manager shows the device with a yellow mark next to it. When i remove it and tell it to scan for hardware changes it just reinstalls with the yellow icon next to it. Properties says:

"This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)

There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.

To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver."

Which doesnt work.

When i go to Computer Management > Disk Management i see the device "Disk 1 - 3.77Gb Unallocated". Right click options of change drive letter give the following error:

"The operation failed to complete because the Disk Management console view is not up-to-date. Refresh the view by using the refresh task. If the problem persists close the Disk Management Console, then restart Disk Management or restart the computer"

None of which works! Re... Read more

A:Vista wont install USB Flash drives? Why?

As far as I know, not ALL the USB flash disks work with the generic driver.

Some of them need a specific driver.

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can someone post the direct download link from adobe for firefox flash o nwindows 7 please thanks

A:flash plugin wont downlaod for firefox

dragonmew said:

can someone post the direct download link from adobe for firefox flash o nwindows 7 please thanksClick to expand...

Here's a link;
Scroll down to the latest post, and you will find 3 offline installers for 3 Adobe Flash Players.

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My computer says I have WIN 9,0,124,0 adobe flash player but it is not in my control panel and wont open anything, please help

A:adobe flash player wont open

Please go to the links below to update the following:



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My compaq presario sr1910an won't boot. it will not make any noise or show any signal to the monitor. It happened when the computer froze and i forced it to turn off by the power button. now when i turn it on the screen is blank, fans at max speed and dvd drive flashes and it stays like this. i tried manually reseting the bios by the jumpers to defaut.

I use windows xp have 768 mb ram and just reformatted. it is 2 years old.

A:Computer wont boot. Not even the flash screen

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Ive went & updated to the latest bios on the DFI site & now windows wont start? I used the floppy,made 2 copys but like a fool didnt back-up existing bios.
The bios flash was a success took out the floppy ,pressed F1,went into bios & set optimized defaults. I got a message saying new data was ..OK !
When i startup after the bios screen i get-
Verifying DMI data pool
AMD data change. update new data to DMI !
Back up CMOS ..OK!
Now i have tried reflashing the bios (4x) It will boot from cd & ive installed Vista x64 again but as soon as install was over & back to boot windows i get this message again.
Ive only had my mobo 2weeks
build- LP DK 790fx-M2RS, x2 6400+, 4x1gb OCZ plat, xfx 8600GT, WD 320 AAK,WD 500AAK, pioneer 215,dvd-rom, Antec500W Earthwatts PSU, Kandalf.
Please has anyone any ideas why it stops & wont boot vista from HDD

A:vista wont boot after bios flash

Ok...perhaps this is a dumb question.. but is your HD showing in the Bios? as a bootable drive? Just a thought.. as mine didn't appear and I had to get it showing as a bootable drive...

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I have a strange problem with my old laptop. I installed ubuntu onto it a few days ago from a flash drive and it worked fine. I used the Universal-USB-Installer- tool to do this. That particular flash drive would give me a disk read error if it were present at boot time, but others did not.

I'm now trying to install windows onto my laptop (dvd drive not functioning), and at first I tried copying the windows install files onto the flash, but that did not work. I then followed one of the numerous online guides available for creating a bootable windows flash drive to install windows 7, but that does not work on my laptop, yet works on my desktop. However, my flash drive now no longer gives a disk read error at boot. I have tried other flash drives to no avail.

So now I'm thinking that when I followed the online guide (which involves cleaning, formatting and re-partitioning the drive) I removed something from my flash drive that was making it boot on my laptop. The funny thing is that the partition on my flash drive was not active (before the format), yet it still booted to install linux.

Guide that I use:

Can anyone shed some light on this?

A:flash drive wont boot after format

I cannot really help you with the flash drive however you do understand that an external dvd drive is all of $36 with free shipping from the egg. You could get this and be done with the problem AND have a functioning dvd drive.

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My HP 15-af131dx wont let me boot from a flash drive. I was able to boot from the flash drive on my hp mini 110, and in the past I have ran Ubuntu on a flash drive on the 15-af131dx and it has worked fine. How can I boot from the flash drive? HP mini 110 boot manager. As you can see, the laptop sees the flash drive and alows me to boot from it. HP 15-af131dx boot manager. As you can see, it doesnt show the option to boot from the flash drive.

A:Laptop wont boot from usb flash drive

Hi: A couple of suggestions you can try...If they don't work, unfortunately, I don't have any other suggestions. 1.  Go into the BIOS and enable legacy mode, which should disable secure boot. 2. Boot from one of the notebook's USB 2 ports.  It will not boot from a USB3 port.

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Cant download Adobe Flasplayer 9 or 10.
Adobe Download Manager is downloaded.'
Adobe Flash Player 10 Active X is downloaded.
Running IE Ver 7 also had same problem with IE 8
Tried these suggestions from Adobe.
Internet Options
Download signed act x ctls set to prompt.
Runactive x cts set to prompt

Security set to Medium
Run Windows/system32/macromed/flash/flashutil10d.exe

Any help greatly appreciated.


A:Adobe Flash Player 10 Wont Download

use this tool to remove adobe
then reinstall it.sounds like a faulty install

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L4550-S5976 running under Windows 7. When I start it up (and if I catch it at the right time), the touchpad buttons work fine for a few minutes. After the machine completely boots, the touchpad button problems start - the left button performs as the right button and the right button does nothing.

On a lark, I plugged in a USB mouse and rebooted. When I do that, the mouse works fine AND the touchpad buttons work properly. Carrying around a mouse isn't always convenient so I'd like to have the machine work as expected.

I tried updating the touchpad drivers - that did not fix the problem. I even reinstalled Windows 7 on the machine - that did not fix the problem either.

Any ideas what I could do next to fix this problem?

Thanks, Brian

A:Touchpad Left button does Right Button actions and Right Button does nothing

try in safe mode, that may work. if it does, remove programs that run on startup one by one until you find the one causing the issue

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Recently tried to start using Mozilla Firefox. Went to Pandora radio. Message there read upgrade browser or Adobe Flash player. So I tried and I think I just needed to install a plug in for firefox. What I did was uninstall flash player and tried to start over. Now I have tried using the flash player uninstaller and retrying to install, and it always gets to about 7% and stops. I get a message saying cannot locate verifiable source. Any help on this problem will be appreciated.

A:Solved: Adobe Flash player wont install

hiya,try a system restore back to a date before the trouble,Go to start>accessories>system tools>system restore,

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I want to use Firefox 64-bit (Minefield) in Vista 64-bit but it seems it wont install flash player...

is there a fix for this?

(p.s. - not that keen on new look)

A:Vista64 - Flash wont work in Firefox64 browser

Adobe doesn't have a 64 bit version of Flash

They have been saying "soon" for a long time.

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when i start the pc, and select a user, it bleeps with the error beep, an clicks open a new window to say windows cant load, c:/windows/config/csrss.exe and the machine also wont install flash at all , any version!! it is quite problematic, and was running very slowly. any help would be appreciated.



A:running issues, wont install flash player

Have you tried using Last Known Good Configuration or System Restore from a command prompt in Safe Mode to return to a previous state before your problems began?

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Hi, i have some problems with my 8gb flash drive.
i get a few error when i try to fix it the way i can only think off, maybe someone else knows how i can fix it.

firstly: When i plug it in i get this error:

I click format as i think it will fix it and i get this:
As you can see it says "unknown capacity" and i dont know why or how to fix it.

i then click format and i get this error:
i then click close on the format window as i dont know what else to do and i get this error:

I have it plugged in correctly as its only 1 and a half inches long and it plugs smoothly into my usb port. The only thing i can think of that has made it crash like this is that the school computers have the "safely remove hardware" feature removed so i have to just remove it. Nothing has been done to this to damage the actuall hardware physically.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this i would appreciate it, if you could point me in the right direction.


A:Solved: Sandisk usb flash drive wont work

Try formatting it FAT32, instead of FAT. If that doesn't work try using this utility:

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I'm Stumped.
I plugged the flash drive into the old machine, and popped up with the normal "install new hardware" crap. IT said no drivers available, and wouldnt work at all.

Would there be any loopholes around this? Do I need a certain program? or do I need an outdated Flash Drive??


A:Urgent: USB Flash Drive Wont work on windows 98 : (

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Hi guys been with the guys at Malaware removal site for about a week trying to sort this problem out (they say puter is clean( and they asked me to see you guys now.
Puter runs fine but I cant watch you tube videos. It says I need latest version of adobe flash player. I down loaded it and it says install complete but when i check in add/remove programs its not there and you tube still not working. Plz help guys.

A:Adobe flash player wont load/work

Use the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller after running that, reboot the computer and download the most recent version of Adobe Flash

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Hello everybody.

Today i finished downloading a game on stea m, but when i started it and wanted to play online it froze and didnt respond giving me no other option than re-booting.

(I have a dual boot with Ubuntu that never caused me touble) Then i selected Vista from the OS selection screen i came across with the typical "Windows could not start..." so i ignored and selected "Start Windows Normally" after the loading bar finished loading suddenly happened with SUPER fast blue flash,at that point i was like,oh no...

It automaticly rebooted so i followed the same procedure hoping itll start notmally but i had the same result,so in the "Windows could not start" screen i selected "Start last succesful configuration" and the same thing happened,i selected Safe Mode and same results,it was the same with Safe Mode with console.

The thing is that when i bought my HP computer on 2007 it never came with a Vista installation CD niether with the recovery one,it only came with a partition.4 months ago i took my PC to a technician because i wrongly installed Ubuntu LInux so he made the partition but COMPLETELY erased the Windows Recovery Partition so thats not an option,but he charged me around $80(I live at Mexico if you want a job like this "well done" you have to pay that amount)

Also yesterday i removed Norton Anti-virus because i heard it uses too much CPU so when it asked me if i wanted to delete all quarentine files(including ... Read more

A:Quick Blue flash,Vista wont boot.

No recovery partition and no recovery CD, right?

On another computer you can make one
Create a Recovery Disc

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I have a Samsung 512 Flash drive (its light gray color) that saves files when it feels like it. What happens is it saves the files and it allows me to access them all up until the point when i disconect the drive from my pc. When I try to access them again they are no longer there. This has happened using many different pc's. I dont understand what the problem could be.
When I format it allows me to save but then it starts to not save all over again.
I went to Samsung's web site and they dont have any information pertaining to flash drives. I also called there tech support and they could offer me no information. Infact the 2 different reps had no clue about samsung even having flash drives. I told the guy thats strange because there are many of them on ebay for sell, NEW.

I got the drive from a friend because he has serval and he wasnt using it. Anyhow I dont want to waste a drive so maybe one of you could help me.

A:Samsung 512 USB Flash Drive Wont Save unless I format.

That doesn't sound good, my guess is your drive is toast. Best to buy a new one, where did you get it at? Can you take it back? Has it ever worked properly?

Try to format it through disk management in XP, if its still no good, try it on a Windows98SE machine (you will likely need a driver for your drive to do this). Or try to format it as FAT32 from a linux machine.

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So last night, I defragged my computer for faster preformance and to get rid of the Auto-Restart crap.Then, this morning I come to play with my friends online and listen to some Music. So I search " Inspector Gadget Dubstep " and I noticed no suggestions came up on Youtube, so I opened the video than it said I needed Adobe Flash Player. I have both, I just updated Java, and now I'm getting bored. Can someone give me a hand with this? Thanks, Mythic.

A:JavaScript and Adobe Flash Player wont work.

Also, please don't tell me to search for something on Google.It only gives me a Blank Page.I also can't colour my text or use Smilies.I'm not sure about the Auto-Restart, but if it happens, I'll post.

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I am trying to update my bios for my inspirion 531 to the latest bios as i am running 1.0.6, when i run the program on my desktop it creates a item named winflash.sys but wont do anything past that.  Is there any additional programs I need? I am really trying to avoid having to call outside of warranty tech support for this.

A:Inspiron 531 1.0.13 bios update problem, wont flash


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I cant seem to be able to install shockwave or flash on firefox 2. It says it cant find a player?

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ill get there to the point where it says installl but then it wont download

A:Mi Computer Wont Let Me Download Adobe Flash Player

Hello lilroq

Are you able to provide any more information about the problem? Being more specific will increase the chances of getting the problem fixed.

Try to answer as many of these questions as you can:
Can you download anything else?
What browser are you using?

What do you mean by "ill get there to the point where it says installl but then it wont download"?
Do you mean that when you click download the download screen won't poup?
Or do you mean the window does popup, but then it closes?
Or do you mean you are not able to click the download button at all?

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Computer wont start up, after the windows loading screen there is a blue screen that flashes for a second then the computer just restarts.
Cannot go into any of the safe modes either or last known configuration same thing happens.
Have run recovery console and did a chkdsk /p, no probloems there so I figure it must be a virus or something?

Would greatly appreciate assistance


A:Computer wont start up, blue screen flash, restarts

update, I video taped the computer screen, and during the blue flash, what i could make from the video is
"..has been detected and windows has shut down..."
" the first time you've seen this stop error..."
"make sure any new hardware or software is properly...."

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