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why can't i print automatically on both sides from word on a...

Q: why can't i print automatically on both sides from word on a...

Have i got to physically remove the paper turen it over and place back in tray to print on both sides?

A: why can't i print automatically on both sides from word on a...

According to the review found HERE, that is the case. From that review -The only real omission is lack of full duplex (two-sided) printing ? although there is a manual duplex option if you don?t mind standing by the printer and turning the pages over by hand.

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Hey guys! I hope I am posting this in a correct section?!
So my problem is that when I want to print on both sides on my Windows 7 x64 it is suggesting only "Print on both sides (Manually)". But I want it automatically.
The printer types is HP Color LaserJet CP 2025dn. The printer itself is able to do this function, because the other computers in my network which has Windows xp have an option to print on both sides (not manually) automatically.
So I really don't get this, what's the matter? Windows 7? Printer?
Thank you very much

A:Print on both sides automatically on Windows 7

Hi Hikeman

This is a printer function rather than Windows. I'd try a driver update and then configure the printer.


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Hi I have a book of small book size 100 pages and I want to print this book on both sides of paper with two pages per side.

I am using windows XP and adobe acrobat reader XI version higher than 11.0 and a old printer.

I have tried to do this and print two pages on one side by selecting multiple option in layout but there is no zoom I mean very small letters were printed and the remaining space has been wasted.

Then in order to print even pages on one side and odd pages on other side I have tried to print even pages first but failed I mean all the pages have been printed including odd pages also.
For this I have followed instructions given in the page below

Kindly suggest how the above two can be achieved at the same time.

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First, is it possible to print on both sides of a sheet of paper in Word 2000?
Second, is it possible to print on both sides of a sheet of paper in Word 2000 using Mail Merge?
The Microsoft website and Word 2000 help did not offer any solutions. Thank you.

A:Word 2000 Printing Both sides/Mail Merge

First of all, when you say print two sided, do you mean in one pass through the printer? That depends on the printer: is it a duplex printer and do you have the appropriate driver for it? If you're not sure, you can put the make and model here and we can probably figure it out. Generally, you can just go to the web site or the owner's manual for its capabilities.

Second, a document, mailmerge or otherwise, does not care whether you print it one- or two-sided.

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Hi all

After I've done a Word document with a copy and paste images, everything looks in order in Print preview...size of image.

However, when I proceed to print, the copy comes out with the image cropped, text is in order though.... Kindly help me understand and do it right. Thank you.

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I had just reformatted. Could a setting be wrong? I checked the services and Parental Controls. Is there any thing else like that?

advise? Thanks in advance.

A:I tried to print. I got "Word pad could not start print job"

In Services, have you checked to see if the "Print Spooler" is running?

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I can't print word documents. Paper feed through but does not print. Other apps work. I tried eliminating but that did not solve the problem

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for a way to have a designated folder that automatically prints all files that are placed within that folder. The kind of files that will be stored in the folder are Microsoft Fax files, and this will be on a machine that functions as a fax server. As soon as a new Microsoft Fax file is placed into the folder, a copy is automatically sent to an installed printer. Can anyone suggest the easiest way to have this set up?


A:Automatically print all files in a folder

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I use RapidFAX to send and receive FAXes as a .pdf attachment. I want to be able to print the attached .pdf to my default printer using Outlook 2007. At first I purchased "Print Tools for Outlook" from MAP Labs. This did work about a year ago and since I have a new computer, I installed it and it doesn't work anymore. I went through the message rules many times without any luck. A few days ago, I came across "Mail-Print Manager" which did work for a day. The developer is not around anymore, so I could not get any help with this application. I also tried Sperry AutoPrint for Outlook 2007 without any luck either. So, what do I do now?

A:Automatically Print Attached files.

Quote: Originally Posted by N7AS

I use RapidFAX to send and receive FAXes as a .pdf attachment. I want to be able to print the attached .pdf to my default printer using Outlook 2007. At first I purchased "Print Tools for Outlook" from IMAPI Labs. This did work about a year ago and since I have a new computer, I installed it and it doesn't work anymore. I went through the message rules many times without any luck. A few days ago, I came across "Mail-Print Manager" which did work for a day. The developer is not around anymore, so I could not get any help with this application. I also tried Sperry AutoPrint for Outlook 2007 without any luck either. So, what do I do now?

Hi N7AS,

Please check if this one works out for you:

Automatic Print Email - Automatic Email Printing Tool Review - About Email

Hope it helps.

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Update: I sort of fixed this though it keeps reverting back on its own.. In the folder options I went to file types, the .doc extension, advanced and then deleted every action, which seemed to do the trick, except every now and then it magickally adds open again and the problem starts over.. and I don't know what to add to get it to stop and still have no idea why that makes it go to the printer, but oh well.. I had Word which I uninstalled because I like the simplicity of wordpad better, so that could have something to do with it.. I need to toy a little more, but basically have it fixed or almost fixed, unless anyone has any quick pointers to throw in.. =)

I have a problem.. every time I try to open any document that opens with Wordpad it opens for a second, goes straight to the printer and tries to print automatically (only thing that stops it is the print preview where I cancel), and then closes, making it impossible for me to view the document (not to mention it tries to print everytime).

I can open Wordpad and then open documents that way through the program and everything is fine, but if I try to open any other way the documents themselves without opening from inside Wordpad, it doesn't work and just tries to go directly to the printer.. What the heck is going on?? I've tried searching online, but this doesn't seem to be a common problem as I can't find help about it anywhere. Help please.. I have no idea why it started doing this and ... Read more

A:Documents always try to automatically print.. cant get them to stop.. Help!!

Good question, blacksun7. Unfortunately I don't have an answer. This is an automatic "bump" for you.

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Can anyone recommend a program that will automatically print gmails (actually, i need it for google apps - but assume it's the same thing)

ideally I'd like something that's free and opensource

+ i'd only want to print specific email - for example that had a specific sender

i've looked and there do seem to be some programs that will do what i want
but all of these are paid for - and dont look very good!

i dont mind paying if there are no good free alternatives


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I need to print emails received in my Gmail account

Can someone recommend some programs to do this?

I've found some programs that do this now - searching on Google
Just wanted to know if there was any recommended programs?
Opensource would be great... but happy to pay if I have to

I asked this same question some time ago and didn't get any replies... I thought I'd try again


A:Need software to automatically print Gmail emails

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We're running windows 2003 and the print spool files are not being deleted automatically, any ideas? We can delete them manually but need to know how to make them disappear automatically. Thanks.

A:print spool files not deleted automatically

Check this link, it might help.

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of course my computer is not recgonizing my printer either. everything was working fine, now it does not. when i try to start the print spool i get an error message 5, saying access denied. any help would be great . thanks

A:print spool won't start manually or automatically. any help?

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I keep starting it manually and within 30 seconds it stopped. Its set to auto and restarted machine 3 times and still no luck.

A:Solved: print spooler service stops automatically

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I'm trying to print a gif file to keep my inkjet printer clear. I have over four gallons of ink with CISS so there's no need to buy new ink catridges, just trying to keep them from drying up. Also wake the pc if asleep. I really don't know much about this

A:Task Schedule to print a gif file twice a week automatically

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

You can use this line in a scheduled task to print the gif file.

mspaint /p C:\Users\username\Desktop\1.gif

Change the path to the file to the real file location.

Try making the scheduled task and post back if you have any problems.

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Ok, I have a TOC created and the page numbers update automatically depending where the various headings are placed. My question now is this:

Is there a way to alter the default page numbering and have that custom page numbering be reflected in the TOC?

For example:
Here is an example of how the TOC is currently laid out:

ARTICLE I FUNDING.................................................3
Section 1.1 AoP........................................................3

The problem here is that these items are actually on page 2. In effect, the table of contents is page 0 with normal numbering commencing thereafter (1, 2, 3 etc.)
Thanks for all your help!

A:Automatically updating TOC in Word 97

In page setup; (File > Page setup) in the layout tab, there should be an option to make first page different. Does this fix the problem?

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When I start Windows 98, Word automatically opens a new document on the desktop. This just started yesterday after I defragmented the computer. How can I disable that, or prevent it from happening.

Help !

A:Word: Starts Automatically with Windows?

Try going to start>run>type msconfig>start tab>look for it in the start up group and uncheck it.

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Hi guys

Can you please tell me or show me the code or anything like that that i can use to insert date automatically into word document with just one click or something faster than typing.

This is a document where i have to prepare for my boss every week, it's a schedule for him of what to do every week.

thanks in advance

A:Insert date in word doc automatically

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Does anyone know how to open and print to pdf all the html documents within a folder. Hopefully this is possible with a single VBA macro?


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can't print from word, have windows xp. seemed to work fine some time back, wanted to print something this past week and it keep failing because of information rights management, how to fix problem.

A:can't print from word

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When I try to send my word perfect doc. to the printer the curser locks up and will not print. I check (Ctrl Alt Delete) for programs running and the WP doc comes up Non Responsive Program (cancel/End Now). I had short lived success when I download the file to a floppy and then print (bottom of the page only) but then it frezes after a while. Report some NT scanner as non responsive..Anybody got a clue???

A:why can't I print from Word?

Is it just in Word Perfect your printer or whatever has a problem or can you print OK in from other programs?

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I cannot print word docs. I have tried several different ones. I can print an email and from notepad. I have tried to update my printer driver but it says it has the latest. I tried to print an excel doc but it also does not print. It says it is but it just freezes. The word doc doesn't say anything it just sits there. I have office 2003. Thanks in advance for all your help.

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When I click on my Outlook icon, MS Word suddenly opens also (full screen, in a separate window).

In Outlook, under Tools, Options, Mail Format, I have the option 'use MS office Word 2003 to edit email messages' checked.

This has never happened before today but now it's doing it constantly and it's really getting annoying.

I'm using Win XP Pro, and Office 2003. How can I fix this?

A:Outlook 2003 opens Word automatically

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Greetings Word Brain Trust.

Can Word be set to automatically capatalize the first letter of every word I type - to save time typing lists and such.

thanks in advance


A:Solved: automatically capatalize the first letter of every word?

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When you are writing a resume, how do you make all the different sections like dates align automatically so that you don't have to do manual spacings for each row to align it?

A:On Microsoft Word, how do you have the dates align automatically

What exactly are you asking for by way of alignment? Is it something like the one of following? (left, center, or right)



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I have to type reports in Word 2007 (with Vista). The 1st page header is my letterhead. The first page contains info such as client names, file numbers, etc. Once I type in the name and file number on the first page, I would like for it to repeat in the header of the second page. There may or may not be other places in some report formats where the name has to repeat, but it would be preformatted in several templates. Someone told me to use StyleRef, but I don't understand it.

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I am printing out these feedback forms which are being handed out to the public along with a CD my organisation is making. Nobody is replying to them, so in order to encourage people to respond, I thought I would number the sheets like a raffle, and one or two lucky people could win a prize.

What I need to do is number the handouts, eg 001, 002, 003, 004..... there would be 400 handouts, so I would like to do this automatically. I was thinking of putting the number at the bottom of the document.

Could someone tell me how to do this? The feedback forms are on MS Word 2000.
I can't find anything useful on the net, but I am sure it is a very common thing for people to do!


A:Printing consecutive numbers automatically on Word

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Hi. I am new to the forum and have been irritated by this problem for some time now. I am, by no means a tech guy, but am not completely clueless either. So, I've tried changing preferences, etc, but nothing seems to work for me.

Basically, if I have a document open in MSFT Word (2008) for Mac, and I click away from the window, it turns the Word Window into a thin sliver automatically. So, each time I want to go back to the word document, I need to drag the bottom right corner to resize the page to a readable width. I set my page in Print Layout View (not sure if that has anything to do with the issue or not). I just need a way for the page to stay the same size I put it at from when I first open the document. Seems like a simple enough issue, so I don;t know what the deal is.

Any information would be great. If I'm not explaining it correctly, let me know.

Thanks so much.


A:Microsoft Word (for Mac OS) Automatically Resizing Window

Welcome to the forum.

That is not a feature of Word, but sounds like a feature of the MAC OS. I would look into settings of the current OS that you are using. I do not have a MAC handy or I would troubleshoot it further.

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Whenever I open Word, a document automatically loads into the program. I tried several things including: Rebooted; cleared RAM; erase document from all folders; reinstalled Word. Nothing seems to work!! Please Help!

A:Word: Documents Automatically Open on Launch

Close Word.
Find and rename the file(s) called to
Open Word.

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I'm new to this and word 2007, so please be patient with me.

i need a bit of help. I've got approx 200 word documents (template.rtf documents) that are unique to our system and i have to back them up (in case they are changed/amended or deleted by users, and also so that we can look at these and decide where we can condense them i.e. similar letters into one document etc).
Anyhow I have managed to copy these over into a folder but the problem I have is that the name of the document is not on the actual document so when these are printed out an passed over to a third party to look at and change it looks like i am going to have to write the name of the document onto each one.

Is there a way of automatically inserting the name of document into the actual document (the footer maybe) without having to open them up?


A:Automatically insert the document name - word 2007

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Windows 2000
Office 2000
If I Step into Excel Macro below, I get to MS Word and it stops there. I have to go back to Excel Macro and then Step into Word Macro (ReplaceData).. it then executes correctly and rest of Excel Macro works ok as well. If I try to Run the Excel Macro it gives me an Error in Word Macro (ReplaceData). Should I be waiting for Word application to start/finish and or set the focus back to my Excel Macro? The Application.Run ("Step2_Create_GA710_Prn") is an Excel Macro and it runs ok ,but once again think I have to wait for Word Macro (ReplaceData) to complete before starting that Macro.

Thanks to all that can help.. I am a newbie and enjoy the site and other posts. Ralph

Sub Step1_Extract_Ga710_Data()
' Step1_Extract_Ga710_Data Macro
' Macro recorded 3/22/2005 by DANMIS8

Workbooks.Open Filename:= _
"C:\Documents and Settings\DANMIS8\My Documents\Ga710\Base.Wk4"


Range(ActiveCell, ActiveCell.End(xlDown)).Select
Range("A8:N8", ActiveCell.End(xlToRight)).Select
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Copy

Set wordobj = CreateObject("Word.Application")
Application.ActivateMicrosoftApp xlMicrosoftWord
wordobj.Application.Run ("ReplaceData")
Application.Run ("Step2_Create_GA710_Prn")

End Sub

Here is my Word Macro Below..
Sub ReplaceData()
'Kill "C:\Documents and Settings\DA... Read more

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I am looking for a commercial or free software application that automatically checks a wepage every X minutes and informes me when a specific "keyword" appears on it.

I've spend quite some time searching google to no avail and would be more than grateful if anyone could help.


A:Get automatically informed when word appears on a webpage


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I just reinstalled windows.

I checked the services and Parental Controls. Is there some other setting?

I am on vista ultimate SP1.


Thanks in advance.

A:When I try to print, I get "Word Pad Could Not Start Print Job"

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A box said "COULD NOT START PRINT JOB." Is there a setting that's turned off?

I checked Services and Parental Controls.

Advise? Thanks in advance.

A:I tried to print a page from word pad....

I am on vista ultimate SP1. I don't think that it is a hardware problem.

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i can't print word documets but can print email. any suggestions as to what to do to solve this problem will be appreciated - thanks

A:can't print word documents

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i cant print using office word but the strange thing is that i can print any internet pages no problem this is happening on three computers.Any ideas what the problem maybe thanks

A:i cant print using office word

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Hi there,

Whenever I place an image in word, it just won't print it. And when I view the file in Print Preview the image disappears. What should I do?

A:Word won't print images!

verify the setting for Drawing objects in the Options dialog box by following these steps:1. On the Tools menu, click Options.2. Select the Print tab.3. Select the Drawing objects check box (if it is not already selected), and then click OK.

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can not print to woprd or excel on printer5530 hp

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I have a wierd problem and I think I may have read about this in the past on this forum.

I have windows 2000 on my laptop with word 2002. I can create word documents with no problem. I can open and print ( local printer ) any word document that I recieve from someone else. If however I creat a word document and then try to print it myself I cannot get it to print.

Any ideas??

A:Can't print word docs

Make sure that you have a printer selected at the time.

Its also possible that a corrupted file can cause this, and any document that you create will use this as a template.

Find and delete any instances of (you must have at least 1, if you cannot find any then its more to do with the search preferences, as it may be a hidden or system file)

Word will create a new file when it first runs.

It may not fix any older documents you have created but copying and pasting the contents to a new document may help after deleting

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My wife created a business form for me in Word with a border around it and it looks fine but when I go to print preview the bottom line of the border is missing.We have tried everything we can think of. The border is not even close to the bottom of the page. Any ideas?

A:word print problem

See the last heading here:

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I use Word 2003 that will print just fine on a standard 8.5x11 sheet.

I need to print some labels and bring up the labels sheet for Avery 8160 through Tools/letters and mailings/labels..

I get the blank page with the lines showing the individual labels and type what I need in them.

When I go to print, I hit print and I paper led goes red, on the printer.

I haven't even put the label sheet in I wanted to print a regular sheet to check alignment.

Laser is a Brother 2140.

Anybody know why it doesn't like to print this? Could it be out of print range?

I have seen many people print a 8.5x11 label page through a laser before.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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My HP 5550 won't print from Microsoft Office XP's Word program. The only time it will print is when I go into the users guide and ask it to print a test page. It acts like it goes through the print fine, but the printer makes no noise.

A:HP 5550 Won't print from Word.

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I can't print anything from Microsoft Word, Note Pad, Word Pad. It works fine when I print anything else.

A:Microsoft Word Won't Print

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I have uninstalled completely and reinstalled my Word...sometimes it prints. other times it wont. nothing is listed in the print queu...tried printing online and offline...setting the properties as such....nothing...then next time i get online, it starts printing....Also I get message "specified backup folder no longre exists. you will need to recreate it or specify a new one in Tools>Settings>Files. Please help. thank u.

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Hi Guys,
Kinda weird problem occurred this morning. Word 2000 document was working fine and printing okay, first thing this morning. After a spell of inactivity it refused to print the full document - only printing the word art title (Not in header slot).
The document is a mix of word art header - two tables midway to bottom of first page - table on 2nd page. The print page setup is to print as a 'legal size - 8 1/2" to 14", if i change this to A4 it will print but due to formatting it splits the 2nd table and adds a 3rd page.
I have uninstalled Word 2000 and reinstalled, deleted printer and reinstalled - all still the same. I can transfer file to another PC over network and it prints okay. I saved it on the 2nd PC and then copied back and it is still the same.
Other Legal Size documents print okay, so i then re-typed the document, it prints okay - excepting the 2nd table that goes to bottom of 1st page it is a 10 row table, it only prints 7 1/2 rows and moves onto 2nd page.
I know you can scale from printer panel Etc - but what irritates me is that the document prints on any other pc / printer combo, i have uninstalled and reinstalled everything but no joy. Rather than format and reinstall - has anyone got any other ideas !
Thanks for any help offered.

A:Word Print Problem

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I am not sure if this should be in hardware or business apps, but since the printer won't print from Word, it could still be a hardware problem? The computer is an older Duron that I reformatted putting on windows 98 SE. I did this for my boss ( it is her home computer ) because it had loveletter and so much spyware and junk that it was easier just to format. I installed everything here at my place including her printer and office 2000 premium. It will print off of the internet she says and everything else but will not print anything from Word. She says it goes through the motions but then spits out a blank sheet of paper. Can anyone help on this one please?

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Using Word 2007, P.C.
I would like to know how to set my printing preferences to read the actual number of pages in the document as opposed to what I have set in the header/footer. Let me explain:
I have a document which is 30 pages. However, I have set section breaks so that I could set up the header and footer to start numbering page 1 on the actual page 3 (the first two pages of the document are title pages.) Anyway, the header numbers then read 1-28, with 28 written in the header on actual page 30.
When I go to print... and I want to specify which pages to print, let's say I want actual page range 17-20 tp print; well, I type in 17-20 into the field on the print box, but then actual pages 19-22 print because the printer read the header/footer page number, instead of the document's actual page number.
Can I change the printer settings to read the actual document page number instead of the header/footer number? I have never done anything like that, so I would need fairly specific directions of where to go inorder to make these changes, if at all possible; also, I am a little uneasy with Word 2007 and how to locate certain applications and settings, so I might need general help getting to the right area. Thanks so much!

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When I try to print my Word document on my HPDeskJet, it "pretends" to be printing, but the page comes out blank. Programs such as Microsoft WordPad, Notepad, and Word documents from AOL won't print either. My printer works well with other programs such as Mozilla Firefox and IE7.

Why won't my Word doc print???
Thanks for any help...

A:Word Document won't Print

The print head is most likely clogged in your printer. replace it or soak it over night in a bath of isopropyl alcohol.

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I cannot print from word 2000. The message is that there is insufficent memory. Anything else can print, it's just word.
I am running an Epson Stylus 880.
I have seen the problem before on NT using word 2000, but this is on 98.

A:Word 2000: Can't Print

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Any one using abi word and and can t do do file then print then set to 2 copies then print 2 copys cause i have no apply to click on, the apply is proof out of the blue how do i get it back dang it ! ?

hugs and thanks . . .

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I have been beating my head against a wall trying to get word to call and run a macro that I have created before printing. I have tried to even see about getting a simple message box to appear before doing "File-->Print" or even "CTRL+P" and nothing happens... HELP!!!

This is Word 2007 VBA.
I have the following code in Normal.dotm:



Public WithEvents appWord As Word.Application

Private Sub Document_Open()
Call Register_Event_Handler
End Sub

Public Sub AutoExec()
Set oAppClass.oApp = Word.Application
End Sub



Dim X As New Class1
Public Sub Register_Event_Handler()
Set X.App = Word.Application
End Sub

Public Sub ShowReceiptFields()
' My Code Here
End Sub

[Class Module-Class1]


Option Explicit
Public WithEvents oApp As Word.Application

Private Sub appWord_DocumentBeforePrint _
(ByVal Doc As Document, _
Cancel As Boolean)
MsgBox "HERE!"
Dim TemplateName
TemplateName = Word.ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("TemplateName").Range.Text
MsgBox TemplateName
If TemplateName = "Account Summary" Then
Call ShowReceiptFields
End If
End Sub

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I am running Windows XP Pro on a Dell Dimension 4600. When I try to print more than one copy of a document in Word 2003, only the first copy prints. I am trying to print on an HP Laserjet 4200tn, which is not directly connected to my pc. It is part of our network. There is probably a simple solution to this problem, but I have not been able to find it. If anyone can help me fix this little problem, I will be very greatful!

A:Can't print more than one copy in Word

Word troubleshooting:

If that doesn't work, it's your printer driver.

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Trying to print a letter written on Word Perfect 11. Not getting too many messages but think it is on "read only". I have checked some settings but the "read only" box was not checked. This has happened more than once and don't know what combination of keys I'm pressing that activate or deactivate "read only". Just want to print a letter!!!!!! I have a relatively new Dell and using HP Deskjet printer 932C.

A:Word Perf 11 - Can't print

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Trying to print a letter written on Word Perfect 11. Not getting too many messages but think it is on "read only". I have checked some settings but the "read only" box was not checked. This has happened more than once and don't know what combination of keys I'm pressing that activate or deactivate "read only". Just want to print a letter!!!!!! I have a relatively nes Dell and using HP Deskjet printer 932C.

A:Word Perf 11 - Can't print


To remove the read only attribute on a file just find the file in Windows Explorer and right-click the filename. Select Properties from the drop-down list. At the bottom of the properties screen you can enable or disable the attributes.

Making a file read only normally does not prevent printing. What happens when you try to print?


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Is there a template I can download? I need to print from a Mac onto a 3x5 notecard. What would be the easiest way to do this? As always, thanks

A:How can I get Word to print onto a 3x5 notecard?

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Hello all,

I'm new to this site, but not to forums in general. I know that these are vast resources for help (better than MS KB Articles - And I DO NOT know everything) Anyway, I need some help TS a problem that is driving me and my colleague CRAZY.

It seems that a few of our networked XP Pro SP2 boxes have been losing the ability to print envelopes in Word 2002 (OXP - SB). The "Print" button, under Tools...Envelopes & Labels keeps getting grayed-out. Sometimes a reboot does not reactivate it, and another is req. This is what we've done:

*Run MS Update & Office Update (SP3)
*Changed/updated printer drivers
*Verified Licenses & Activation (Magic Jelly Bean)
*Add/Remove - Repair Office
*Uninstall/Reinstalled Office 2X
*MSKB Article 820919 (Support Template)

Both boxes are running Kaspersky AVfWW
Printer is a JetD networked HP LJ 4000

We have also been playing around with a Shavlik NetChk Protect Demo (Patch Distribution/Management System)

Assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank You

A:MS Word: Can't Print Envelopes

Hi and welcome to the forum.
You probably need to enable envelope printing as well as set a proper paper type in the envelope tray for it all to work.
Go to printers & faxes > LJ4000 right click > properties > printing preferences or device settings.

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I have win xp sp3 and office 2003. I cannot print a doc file. I also tried to print an excel file and no go. From searches I deleted the file. Still no go. I can print from notepad and email and from webpages. Please help. Thanks in advance.

A:cannot print word 2003 doc

Hi Debbiesg and welcome to the forum! See if this helps

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Windows XP SP3, Office 2003 Standard w/SP3 in a Windows domain environment.
All printers installed are connected to a Windows Server 2000 print server.

Word 2003 suddenly lost all print function. No changes where made to the
system. If I click on File/Print? the print options dialog box does not pop
up. I can click on the print button in the toolbar (it highlights and is
clickable) but nothing happens. I can perform a print preview and attempt to
print but with the same issues.

I can click on Start/Printers and Faxes and print a test page. I can click
on the Adobe add-in button and convert it to a PDF and print the document
from Adobe. I can print from Excel, notepad, WordPad, Adobe and even IE7 if I
wanted to, just not Word (Outlook included because Word is the default email

Attempted fixes:
Delete, delete and excel1.xlb (seen this restore
functionality before), checked for any disabled items and found none,
performed a repair installation, performed a complete reinstall of Office
2003, logged in using a different user account using different printers, all
with no luck.

Suggestions appreciated....

A:Cannot print from MS Word 2003

2 Microsoft articles you might look at:

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I created a Microsoft Word document that included 23 screen shots from the Internet. The screen shots displayed just fine until I closed and re-opened the document; now only 2 of the screen shots are visible, and 21 of the screen shots are not visible. Instead, each non-visible screen shot was replaced by a small black outlined square, and the following message was displayed: "There is not enough memory or disk space to display or print the picture." I know that there WAS enough memory and disk space because everything was displayed properly before I closed the file.

I am using Windows XP and Microsoft Word 2003. In Word, in Tools, Options, View tab, in the "Show" area, "Picture placeholders" is un-checked.

What caused this problem, and how do I resolve it?
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We've been unable to print from ms word 97. There's no problem printing from open office writer. We're using windows xp pro and have a samsung printer ml-2250. The printer port is lpt1.

Help appreciated.

A:unable to print from ms word 97

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Is there an easy way of printing an 8 page booklet on both sides of A4 paper using Word?

A:print A5 booklet in Word

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Tried to find an answer to a recent problem.
After typing a Word doc, in sz 12 font, both print preview and the print itself are so tiny I cannot read either. I have searched for a way to fix this but cannot.  Any help would be appreciated.

A:MS Word print size

This must be in you print settings somewhere,might be worth looking at.

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Just upgraded pc from Windows XP to Windows 7, now when try to print a word document (its word 2007) cannot do this because I can't find the Print button!
I would normally click File/Print but can't find "File"!?
Along the top of the screen are the other items..Home, Page layout, Mailings, View etc but no "File"?
Any help appreciated.

A:How do I print a word document?

Try this click the Office button and select Print from the File menu ...

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Please note thread name inaccurate. Problem is in Office 2003 and Firefox.

Hi there

I am an IT professional and expert but I have to admit I'm stumped with this problem.

I cannot print to my Xerox Phaser 6280DN PS using Word 2003, Excel 2003, Firefox. Other packages do print, including Wordpad and Acrobat. The OS is Windows 7 64bit, the printer driver is from Microsoft's 'get a driver for W7 64' page.

The printer is connected to my LAN and no other computer on the LAN has a problem. Previous to the install (fresh) of Windows 7 64bit, Windows XP had no problems printing from anything.

Actually, I can't get Word to print on any of the print-like devices listed, including the MS XPS Document writer and Cute PDF writer.

I've googled til I'm blue in the face for months and months.

I do suspect this is a security issue and something to do with user rights, although my account has admin rights.

Please, someone, save me from the misery of converting everything to rtf and printing through wordpad!



A:Can't print. Word 2003 only.

HI. We have having issues with Xerox copiers also. It seems that with windows 7 the print driver must be certified otherwaise you get prompted for admin rights. Under server 2008 there is a GPO which is called point and print that is meant to take away the prompting but I couldn't get it to work [and judging by the google responses, nobody else could] I have noticed that some of the Xerox drivers we have tried are certified but the certificate has expired which makes me wonder if Xerox are hacking certified drivers about.

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I am trying to create a contract template for our lawn care business. There are 22 different services that our customers can choose to add, each with a price specific to their own property. At the bottom of the service and pricing list there is a "sub-total" line, with a "5% discount" line underneath, and under that the "total" line.

Like so:

weekly lawn maintenance $35.00 Is there a way to "make" these numbers add up, and
Shrub trimming $150.00 appear in the areas below? So that we don't have to
Fertilization $35.00 manually do all of the calculations, thereby saving
ourselves literally days of work.​Sub-total $220.00
5% discount $11.00
Total $209.00

Also, on the contract we have payment options for our customers. Another big time consumer has been manually calculating these options.

Like so:

$209.00 payable at a flat rate over 9 months (March through November) = $23.22/month
If I can get the "total" number from above to automatically calculate and "jump" to the figures in red above, that would be simply wonderful.

I know that in excel the calculations can be done by creating a spreadsheet (although I do not know how to make a spreadsheet), but I this contract is a legal document and needs to appear so. I'm hoping that Word has a way to do this as well.

FYI, I tried to upload the document but for some reason the only way I can get to the template is if I want to create a docum... Read more

A:Help creating automatically calculating fields in word 2007

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I would like to know how to set the option Automatically Update Styles to OFF as the default in Word 2002. Everytime I open a new document, it's on by default and it's a pain to have to turn it off. I'm using WIN XP Professional.

A:Word 2002: how to turn off Automatically Update Styles

In the Tools menu in the AutoCorrect Options command under the AutoFormat As You Type tab. By deselecting the Define styles based on your formatting check box, you can turn off the automatic styles function.

For an image, check this link out, and scroll down till you get to 'Looking Under the Hood'


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I am using Windows Home Edition OS with MS Word 2002. To insert the date automatically in a letter the help file gives the following instruction:

To automatically insert the current date
Type the first four characters of the current date.
For example, type febr for February. Microsoft Word displays the current month: "February."

Press ENTER to insert the month, and then type a space.
Word displays the current date — for example, "February 13, 2002" or "13 February 2002."
Press ENTER to insert the entire date.
Note If the current date is not displayed, you may need to turn on the AutoComplete feature. On the Insert menu, point to AutoText, and then click AutoText. Select the Show AutoComplete suggestions check box.
However all I can get it to do after following all of the above instructions is to insert the month. When I type a space nothing happens. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for your help,


A:Solved: Automatically inserting current date in MS Word

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Good People,
Add me to the list of people who don't like the new ribbon.

Before with 2007 I could insert a horizontal line of a certain width AND NOT using the auto option where 3 equals turns into a horizontal line. Now in 2010 the most I can get a minimal width horizontal line.

I do not want to use one of the "graphic" selections. How do I put a 5 point horizontal line on a page. I like these simple things as separators.

Please only respond if you have actually done this on WORD 2010.

Oh yes, must clarify I'm working with the beta version of Word 2010.

A:word 2010 insert horizontal line & not automatically

Hello Karl.

On the home tab, expand borders.

Click on horizontal line.

Rt. click the new horizontal line and select format horizontal line.

Should show you this box.

Haven't figured out how to make a dashed or dotted line yet.

Hope this helps.

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I need the date to appear as todays date whenever a file is opened. So today if I were to open a letter file I need the date to already appear as todays date without having to input any text. Does anyone know how to do this. I have taken the manuals out from the library and am getting no help that route. Thanks very much in advance!!!!

A:Word 2003 how to make the date automatically update

"Insert">>"Date and Time" and check off "Update Automatically" within the dialog box that pops up.

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Is there any way to make functions in a word table that will automatically and instantly update other cells as you work the same as excel does.

We are creating a user form and want the information entered to update other cells automatically without the user having to click on the cell in question and select "update".


A:make automatically updating functions in word the same as excel does

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If I insert a text form field into a Word document is there a way to format it as a date that automatically inserts the slashes? In other words, the user would just key in 61808 for today's date and it would appear as 6/18/08.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Could someone please help me with this ? I have placed some Page Border Art around a Word document but when I print the page, the Page Border Art does not appear along the bottom of the page even though it appears on screen and in Print Preview.

A:Word BorderArt print problem

I believe this is quite common - see*word*&lr=&hl=en, eg.

I had this recently (new printer) & fixed it by changing paper size from A4 to letter.


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I'm using a Printer (Canon MG5200) with Wi-Fi connection on a Windows 7 (64-bit, SP1) computer.
I can use the printer just fine with all applications, except Microsoft Word 2010.
Whenever I try to Add a Printer into Word, I get the following error message:

"Find in the Directory: The Active Directory Domain Services is currently unavailable."

This of course renders me unable to use Word to print stuff with. Help is appreciated.

Note: As a head-up, my computer skills aren't that great, probably mainstream.

A:MS Word 2010 Failing to Print.

Is this printer defined / set as default printer?
You don't add a printer into word, you make sure it's there with the devices and so and then you must be able to select it in Word, Excel etc.
Does it work with Excel?

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I have been using MS Word for ages but recently every time I want to print something I get this annoying message”

“The margins of section 1 are set outside the printable area of the page. Do you want to continue?”

I have to click yes otherwise it will not print

Have search everywhere to get rid of it but with no success

Does anyone knows how do get rid of it? (I use Vista Home Premium, MS Word 2002)


A:Solved: MS Word Print Margins

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I'm using a scape book program to create a page. I create an image and then add text to the image. I then select the image and text and copy it. I then switch to a Word document and paste the copy. If I do a print preview I see the image AND the text. If I print the document, all I get is the text. Can anyone help me with this.

A:Word Document Print Problem

I don't know what a "scape book program" is, but...

Tools-Option, print tab. Make sure you're printing "drawing objects"

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Hi to all, Im having a problem printing docs. More to the point one line of text is black the next grey and this repeats itself down the page. Im running xp home on a Compaq presario 6000 I've already run all diagnostics and installed updated driver and firmware.Please Help

Tks GL

A:Word 2000 print problem

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My husband and I have our own desktops on Windows 7. We both use Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013.

The printer (HP Envy 4500) works great, so it's not a printer issue. My husband can print anything from his desktop.
I can print anything from PDF files but nothing from Word, Notepad, or Wordpad.

In the printer's "Documents Pending" nothing shows up.

I have removed, then re-installed the printer which changed nothing. I can't uninstall // reinstall Word as I only have a product key -- no disk.

I was previously being helped on another issue but wannabeageek was unable to come up with a solution to the printer issue. See this thread: Virus caused credit card theft ???

I welcome any suggestions.

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Printing a table in MS Word
One cell prints OK in draft mode
won't print in higher quality - tried re-entering text and it didn't help

XP PRO SP2 - all updates
MS Word 2002 SP3
Lexmark Z705

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Good Day Folks and a Merry Christmas to you all:

I have run into a problem that I have never experienced before, so could use a little guidance.

I am running Windows 7 with MS Office 2010.

I am working on a large document which includes maps, references, etc. as well as the main body of the work. Each of these portions of the work is located in a separate folder. Now comes the interesting part. Every one of these folders will print except for the main body of the work, I can manipulate the text to my heart's content, but I can't print it.

Any assistance will be greatly accepted.

Powell Lucas

A:Won't print certain portions of a Word Document

Did you try to copy it to another Word file and print that.

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i created a calender in print ship and wanted to copy to word document to add text, how is this done. You can't copy and paste

A:copying from print shop to word

Try to export it to word or try to import it to word.

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I have Vista 64bit Ultimate and Word 2007. The printer Samsung 1510 is recognized by Vista and I am able to print web pages fine.
However when i try to print from Word, the printer is seen in the list of available printers but the document fails to print. When I click Find Printer in the Print dialog box, there is an error "Active Directory Domain Services currently unavailable."
What should I do?

A:Word 2007 does not print in Vista 64

Disregard..missed the part where it works on the web...sec while i find a different link for you.

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I do not want to reset my default printer every time before I start typing my mailings print envelope.
Is there anyway to have my Word Document ENVELOPE print to a specific printer?

Thank You for any help on this,
Michael D

A:Word Print Envelope to different Printer

you have to know how to create Macro on Word to create a printer toolbar, read here:

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Able to print from all other applications ..bu not from Word perfect ..
any idea .

A:unable to print in Word Perfect

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Have used word 2000 daily at home ever since it came out & the last 2-3 days it freezes when I go Files>Print & so am unable to alter things in printing all other functions in File work OK.

I can print OK via the print icon.

Uninstalled MS Office & reinstalled it with no effect. ...thanx ...nick

PS. Also 1. when I open word it tries to configure itself then says Error it is not functioning use Repair and it opens & works OK except for the "File>Print issue mentioned above"

2. deleted the two small programs recently installed

3. recently installed my old Epson c48 & when it did not work I deleted it.

A:Word freezes when I go Files>Print

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I am using MS word 2003 and I set pages to print for a documen to 3 copies. Unfortunately it is not resetting to one and everything I print from word automatically print 3 copies.


A:MS Word Print Pages NOT Reset

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This morning we updated the Printer on the laptop and now it will not print documents saved in Word and keeps saying save in *xps file! We have not idea what this is and want to save in word format and print from it.What do we have to do? Also the laptop now doesn't print from the wireless connection. We are still using our Kodak 5200 series which we intend to replace but would an update create these problems?

Help is badly needed.........regards Margaret

A:my computer will not print Word documents

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When I insert a picture in Word 97 document, the picture shows up on the screen, but doesn't print or show up in Print Preview. If I save the file to a floppy and move it to my lap top with word 97, the picture prints fine.
If I create a file on my lap top with an inserted picture and move it to my desk top word 97 (WIN98) the picture prints along with the text.
What the heck is going on. The desk top system is Win98 and the lap top has Win 95.

A:Word - inserted picture don't print

Some possibilities:
You might be printing in draft mode. To print the borders and graphics in the document, click Options on the Tools menu, click the Print tab, and then clear the Draft output check box.

Make sure the Drawing objects option, which prints graphics, is selected. On the Tools menu, click Options, click the Print tab, and then select the Drawing objects check box.

You may be trying to print the field codes for a linked graphic rather than printing the graphic itself. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Print tab. Clear the Field codes check box.

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Hi , When I type a document in Paragraph form with no skipped lines and only indentions at the front of paragraphs, when I print it, It will scramble the lines, skip lines and whatnot. It looks nothing like the original. I am at a school where two computers are doing this. When you go to print preview you also see the scrambled version. These kids are trying to type book reports and when they print, no telling what order their sentences are. They need YOUR HELP! thanks

A:Solved: Word doesn't print What I see

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Having print problems on XP and now on XP2 with HP720C.
Printing from Office in Word 2003 is OK if it is in black and white. If colour is introduced the print fails either straight away or part way in.
Print test page in colur is OK.
Printing in colour off the internet is OK.
Any ideas please.

A:Print Problem With XP Word Docs ...

Try downloading the latest driver for the printer.

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