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Microsoft Word doesn't work...

Q: Microsoft Word doesn't work...

After microsoft update my Word doesn't work...

I try to reeinstal but it didn't work...

Can somebody give me a hand?


A: Microsoft Word doesn't work...

What do you mean "Does Not Work" ?
Please be a little more specific in your help request

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On my old Thinkpad Windows XP notebook, which is almost three years old, the language bar is now starting to malfunction. I usually need to switch between English (US) and Chinese (PRC), and the language bar has been working for me in doing so until recently. Now, when I open Microsoft Word 2003 and try to switch to Chinese, Word freezes and I have to use the Task Manager to end the Word process.

I have been able to switch to Chinese (PRC) on my desktop with the language bar, but even when I do so, the language bar still says I'm on the English language (the only reason I know I'm on Chinese is because there's a check mark next to the language).

My dad had recently installed an update from Java, and in the process inadvertently installed OpenOffice as well. He had also installed Windows Live Messenger and in the process installed Rhapsody player as well. I did a System Restore to a point before he installed any of this, but that didn't help at all.

What could be the problem? I've cleared my registry. I've tried using the language bar in safe mode and it has the same problem. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the East Asian language files, but that hasn't helped at all.

Is there any program that I should use to diagnose this problem? And afterwards, how do I solve it?

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Pasting in contextual information from another post. ~ OBconflicker.Bi!nf worm keeps reappearing, windows defender monitor stops working, slow computer, windows search protocol windows pop up, Malware, virusPop up windows keep appearing "Windows search protocol host stopped working and was closed" Itunes occassionally doesn't work, Media Sync doesn't work. Hard Drive keeps working in the background. Windows Defender no longer monitors the running programs.End of added information. ~ OBLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 8:46:00 AM, on 1/11/2010Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18349)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Windows\system32\taskeng.exeC:\Windows\system32\Dwm.exeC:\Windows\Explorer.EXEC:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exeC:\Program Files\Digital Media Reader\readericon45G.exeC:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exeC:\Program Files\Intel\IntelDH\CCU\CCU_TrayIcon.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Intel\IntelDH\NMS\Support\IntelHCTAgent.exeC:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\IAAnotif.exeC:\Windows\WindowsMobile\wmdc.exeC:\Windows\System32\hkcmd.exeC:\Windows\System32\igfxpers.exeC:\Windows\sttray.exeC:\Program Files\... Read more

A:microsoft windows search protocol host stopped, slow, firefox doesn't work, itunes doesn't work

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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I have the specified problem at
My power options and my screensaver DO NOT work after installing a wireless pointing device but I DO NOT HAVE Cyberlink nor ANY of the startup items indicated in the article!!!!!!! but they STILL DO NOT work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:Screensaver and power options DO NOT work and Microsoft KB article DOESN'T WORK

Manufacturer and model of the device installed?
If you remove the problems disappear?

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For some strange reason I can no longer use my UP arrow in Word. I press it, nothing happens at all. I never realized how much I needed it until I lost the use of it!

The reason this is remarkably bizarre is because...
a: my UP arrow works everywhere else. Everywhere - in Excel, in Outlook, on the internet, in all other software, programs, applications, etc.
b: MS Word exhibits NO other problems (including the full usage of the other three arrows, down, left & right).
c: the function where you hold the CTRL key down and then press an arrow to move an entire line up or down or an entire word left or right works just fine, even with the UP arrow!!!

This is one of the strangest problems I've ever encountered involving a computer, and everyone I mention it to agrees.

How can I get the usage of my UP arrow back in Word? Can anyone help?

(FYI: My DELL Latitude D630 laptop runs XP and it's MS Word 2003 (v. 11.xx).

A:in WORD, Up arrow doesn't work!

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About 2 months ago, my keyboard quit working in WORD. I have no problems typing this post, for example, or cutting and pasting text I am forced to enter into WordPad in order to get it into WORD. I deleted the keyboard file in settings/system/hardware/device manager/keyboards and rebooted. No help at all. My wife's friend installed a Chinese character set that is always there, but I used tb be able to just change to a western font and work on. That doen't even work anymore. In WORD, nothing goes onto the screen when I type. Do I need to run combofix to get rid of a virus? Pleae help.

A:Keyboard Doesn't Work in Word

Do I need to run combofix to get rid of a virus?Absolutely not. There is no indication of an infection at this point, and even if there were one doesn't perform major surgery and chemo if something much less drastic will work.Have you tried repairing the Word installation? This article discusses how you can do that. Scroll down to this heading: "How to Repair or Reinstall Office Programs" about halfway down the page.Orange Blossom

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i can't save ANYTHING using my MS word xp!! when i click "file, save" nothing happens. i tried doing the "detect and repair" function, but doesn't work. can anyone help me?


A:Word Xp Save Doesn't Work

Hi tim.
If this is only a problem in word, with word\office closed, locate and delete the "" file. When you launch word, it will create a new one.
Make sure you have "Show Hidden Files and Folders" selected via Tools>Folder Options>View tab in explorer as the file is hidden by default. If it doesn't work, it's probably an add-in causing the problem.
Let us know.

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I'm trying to use the Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 (Word) , it asks me for the product key.

I type the product key from the label on the tower of my pc and it says it's invalid?

What can I do?

A:Activation key for MS word doesn't work

hello ,

that is the wrong key

that is the key for your software (os) operating system

the key that you are looking for is normally on a envelope that the cd comes in

or it could be a trial version that came preinstalled on your system and the trial has exspired and time to buy a full version

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This is my first attempt at using macros with Word (2003). I can macro my way through Excel pretty well, but Word is a different story. It's sloppy, but plesae bear with me. (Any suggested improvements are welcome).

This Word project is opened by Excel and variables are passed to it through the PrintTable macro. I have created a Sub Test() macro which populates all the variables and runs the project without the need for the Excel.

The project begins by searching for 4 sentences/paragraphs, and then deleting them if they exist. Sub Delet() sets the first phrase to search for (Strt) and the last (Stp). Sub DelText() searches the document and accomplishes the deletion.

3 of the 4 work perfectly, but the deletion starting with the word "WAIVER:" does not. It worked yesterday, but not today.
The sub finds the Strt phrase and then moves up seaching for the first non blank line. So far, so good. It then does a MoveDown with Extend seaching for the Stp phrase. With the 3 working deletions, this MoveDown works, but with WAIVER, the move is not done.

Can you see what I'm missing?

A:Vba, word, movedown doesn't work

Can you please explain exactly what you are trying to do? My first impression is that you are trying to use this Word doc as a template that will be filled with data rows from an external source? Please provide a detailed explanation of your entire process and I am sure I can provide you with a more efficient and easier way of doing this. I am very proficient with writing macros for all Office applications.


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I have typed in my product key probably 30 times and it's says it's incorrect. How do I make it work? I tried the slui to activate Microsoft and it was already activated. How can I make it work I really need Microsoft word.

A:My product key doesn't work on Word.

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I installed a desktop publishing program on both my Vista Desktop and my Win 7 laptop.

When I went to open the Help File I had to go to the Microsoft site for the WinHlp32.exe download. This was because I received an error message re a problem running the macro (1037) This a known problem.

I let MS "Fix" it on the Vista machine and it worked like a charm. But when I tried it TWICE on the Win7 laptop it wouldn't work. So per their documentation I attempted to fix it myself. That didn't work either.

Tried to contact their support link provided and that was useless.

Any idea why I can't get results I need?


A:Microsoft fix doesn't work?

Hello Vegaspat,

I haven't tried this in Windows 7 yet, but you might see if this may help.

Help and Support in Vista - Vista Forums

Hope this helps,

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I have a problem everytime I try to open ms word a message would show something like this,if I unmark the option ms word would not start, however, if I mark the option to recover my work and restart ms word another message would show up thereafter,If I choose yes ms word would start in safe mode, and if I choose no the first message would show up again unless I either unmark the option in the first message or choose to start ms word in safe mode...I tried searching the internet for some solutions and even stumbled on this but I don't have McAfee as my anti-virus. I also tried deleting the entry in the regedit with the following address: HKEY_USER_CURRENT\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\OFFICE\10.0\WORD\DATA since my version of ms word is 2002. But still I was not able to fix the problem. Another thing I found out that if I type winword.exe /a in the run from the startmenu ms word would start in its normal fashion.Any suggestions would be of much help.

A:Microsoft Word Doesn't Start In Normal Mode

Open any Office application that works and run the repair option

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We're the writers of a small software program, - it plays media files and automatically inserts timestamps into Word. For example, you can play an mp3, and at 00.00.53, it inserts that timestamp into Word, by putting the timestamp onto the clipboard and pasting it. The problem is that it doesn't work for some users, and we haven't been able to figure out why. The issue appears to be getting more widespread as people upgrade to Windows 10 and use more recent versions of Word. I have Word 2007 and I have no problems. Any ideas gratefully received!

A:Automatic pasting into Word sometimes doesn't work

Do you have access to the source code? would you be able to paste some of the code here, particularly the code that creates the MS Word object and then the code that pastes the code.

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I can not get the thesaurus to work right with one of Workstations. It is Office 97 Pro and it is loaded on a Win98 machine. The thesaurus shows up in the tool menu but the dialog box is empty. I have already tried a repair/reinstall and there is nothing on MS's KB about this (at least nothing I could find). Anybody know of a work around for this?

A:{RESOLVED} Word 97: Thesaurus Doesn't Work

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My Microsoft Word suddenly stopped opening about two-three months ago, and I've tried everything I can think of. I tried repairing it, uninstalling and reinstalling. The program came with my computer, so I don't have a code number for it. Often whenever I tried reinstalling it, it would get to 20% of step 3 of 4 and then stop. It sometimes said my connection was interrupted, even though it wasn't. Any ideas please?

A:Microsoft Word won't work

If you haven't run a full hard drive diagnostic (F12 at powerup), that's first to do.

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when i try to delete a selected text inmicrosoft word, it doesn't do it. anyone knows how to fix this problem?

A:backspace doesn't work on selected text in word

mazumbado said:

when i try to delete a selected text inmicrosoft word, it doesn't do it. anyone knows how to fix this problem?Click to expand...

I'm guessing ... Tools -- Options -- Edit ; check "Typing replaces selection".

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Hello all,

I have had this problem for a while, and after a few frustrating hours of not being able to figure it out, I resorted to using Pages for a few weeks. Don't get me wrong, Pages is great, but Word seems to have more customization to it.

Now, incase you didn't get it from the title, here's my problem:

I'm [trying to] use Microsoft Word 2011 on my Mac.

When I type, small dots appear between all of my words.

I searched around on the internet for a bit, and people told me [and other users] to click the button. I tried this, but it didn't work. All it did was make s appear next to all the lines of text. And when I clicked the button again, all the s went away, but the dots stayed.

Now, with the school year getting busier by the day, I want a good program to do my work with.
It would be absolutely fantastic if anyone here could give me some help on this.

A:Solved: Dots between words in MS Word '11 Mac - ¶ DOESN'T work

Do these "dots" print when you print out a copy?

I do NOT have 2010, but in 2007 try the following

I think you may have the "Spaces" turned on within the "Options" area, then the Display tab and the in the "Always show these formatting marks...". If there is a check mark by any of the list other than "Show all formatting marks" then remove them.

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when I click on the arrow next to the font color button, nothing happens- I get no colors table. Until today this worked perfectly, but this morning Word asked to save changes to I clicked "cancel" but it didn't responded.
How to restore font color button work? I have no installation CD.

A:Word: font color button doesn't work

Could be the template is corrupted. Close Word then search for and delete all instances of the template from your computer. When done, load up Word again and a fresh template will be created automatically, see if this fixes the problem.

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Hi, my girldfriend has a machine with Windows Vista installed.
Up till now, we never had problems with switching languages -> NL to EN to CH (Microsoft IME pinyin system).
But recently, the language bar suddenly doesn't work properly anymore. When we switch to Chinese in Word, the icons disappeared from the chinese toolbar and weird code appears like some files are missing. And when we actually try to type something the application (in this case Word) freezes.

This is superfrustrating and I can't anywhere in the control panel to set the language settings to default. i read somewhere that people re-installed the languages but that didn't work.

Can someone help us from frustrating problem?

A:Language bar Chinese PRC doesn't work and freezes Word

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Whenever I open my microsoft Office 2007 in windows 7 it says to enter "your 25 character product key" I tried typing it in but it says its wrong. Please help me :'(

A:Microsoft Office System doesn't work


Is this a laptop? Did Office come pre-installed with the laptop? If not, what is the source of the Office installation?


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Downloaded W7 now Microsoft Works Doesn't Work

MESSAGE RECEIVED: Microsoft works cannot access one or more files it needs to run. The files may have been renamed, deleted, or moved.

If anyone can help i'd appreciate. Thanks

A:Downloaded W7 now Microsoft Works Doesn't Work

I doubt it has anything to do with the download. Just reinstall Works over itself, in any case the installer does (I think, but depends on which build you have...) give you the options of repair, install, or uninstall.

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Hi, I'm having an issue with Microsoft Edge Flash not working, specifically on Pandora. I want to like it so much, it's close but it's missing some key features and various annoyances.

Anyways, Adobe Flash works just fine with Microsoft edge.

I have tried the solution to "Reset_Microsoft_Edge" via Windows PowerShell Command, which didn't solve the issue. (Also reset Internet Explorer's settings)

And Yes, before you ask, it's turned on in the settings.

What's very odd is that Pandora doesn't even use flash on other browsers, but it uses HTML 5.

YouTube Loads HTML 5 Videos in Microsoft Edge too, so I'm not sure what the problem is....

To be honest, it's a minor annoyance, Surely I can just use another browser, but that's bedside's the point. It's not working as it should, and I just want it fixed.

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Microsoft outlook suddenly won't allow me to make any changes in anything and no receiving emails. I can't open wmv files either. Help!

A:Microsoft Outlook doesn't work all of a sudden

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I just bought an OEM Toshiba laptop, running Vista Home. Out of the box not a problem with Vista, but because I HATE touchpads, I bought a Microsoft corded optical mouse, and when I plug it in, I get a message from Vista, that a USB device has malfunctioned. But I know that's crap, cause when I plug it into my desktop CP machine, it works fine.
I have installed all Vista upgrades, and updated the Toshiba thru their website, but I still can't get a MICROSOFT MOUSE TO WORK WITH A MICROSOFT OPERATING SYSTEM.

Thanx and best regards


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I've been fighting with Microsoft update web site for about a week and a half now. All of the sudden when I go there to get updates, all I get is the option to click on Express or Custom. Then when it gets to the page where ya see the green balls moving across the page while its scanning my system to see if I need any updates, it just stays there and if I stay at that page too long, my PC locks up.

I'm running XP Pro with 500MHz and 256 in ram. I've tried to contact Microsoft tech guys that I can barley understand and they have no idea what's going on. It doesn't make any difference if its a fresh install of XP Pro with nothing else installed except for my wireless card so I can connect to the net, or the current system I'm running now.

I was just wondering if anybody else has had this problem. I really don't expect any answers here because the guys who I could barley understand from Microsoft and have spent about 3.5 hrs with, had me renaming files and shutting this and shutting that off and on and nothing has worked.

They have told me that I'm the only person who has called with this kind of problem which I think is a bold face lie!

I welcome any comments or suggestions. Excuse me if I don't answer to this post right away because I'm trying every trick I know to try and get the updates my PC needs.


A:Microsoft update web page doesn't work

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I'm currently in the middle of doing uni coursework, I've been doing it at home and uni. On Monday I sent my work home (a microsoft word document) via hotmail. I've opened the work today, did some more, and pressed save, without thinking, then closed the document. Where the hell will it have saved to? I'm using vista if thats any help.

Please help, I'm currently in panic mode!

A:Can't find my microsoft word work - Please help

Click the Windows circle in the left hand corner and type in the name of the document to search for it. If you didn't name it type *.doc and all the documents on the computer will show up.

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I want to set up a address book in Microsoft word processor and can't find any way of doing this. The site asks me to merge my address book and I don't have one to merge. Is there a method to bypass merge?

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microsoft word wont work every time i double click icon a window appears saying: ''this action is only valid for products that are currently installed'' but know i have had it on my pc since bought it??? os is xp any help thanks

A:microsoft word wont work

Did the PC come with a fully licensed version of MS-Office of MS-Word or some type of time limited trial version? Most free versions for the last few years that come with Windows have only been the limited versions.

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After clearing a paper jam, I can't print the range of pages from the jam to the end. When I try to print range 150-199 Word appears to print 1 page only and nothing comes out. If I delete pages 1-149 and print all, it works fine.

Any ideas????


A:Word 2000 printing page range doesn't work

That's an interesting problem. When I experience a paper jam, after I clear it, my printer automatically picks up and prints where it left off without any interference from me. Have you tried waiting to see if it will resume?

If that doesn't help, I'm sure someone else will have a solution for you.


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I've got a mail merge doc that has an Excel spreadsheet as the datasource. When I try to filter the mail recipient list based on specific criteria nothing happens; the same records that were visible and selected before the filter are still visible and selected after the filter. I've read that filtering will only work with ten or fewer unique values in the column, but my filter criteria fits within that boundary. I can find nothing on the MS Knowledgebase to help me out. Any ideas?


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Dear MS community
I have a Surface 4 Pro with the belonging pen. On it I use Word 2016 from (Office 360 Home).
I can draw with the pen straight on a word-document - a very nice feature - but it appears that the line I'm drawing isn't beeing smoothened? Smoothening, to make any drawing look more professional, is very well-working in the ink-environment on the Surface, but not as well in Word. Some degree of smoothening seems to happen, but very little and not enough to avoid uggly "hinks" on the drawn lines.
There doesn't seem to be much help in the "Draw" tab in the Word menubar - there are very limited settings to adjust upon in there.
Is there a method for acheiving the same degree og nice smoothening of pen drawings as in the ink-environment? It is a bit tidious to have to open the screenshot in the ink-environment, drawing and then inserting as an image.
This might be a tiny detail, but this detail matters for nice and quick design in this case. Thank you for your time.

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I have got the problem, that for some weeks now I haven't been able to fill shapes by a color, using the filling effect either in word or excel 2007. There are no shadow or 3-dimensional effects activated.

Thank you very much for your help.
Kind regards

A:word and excel 2007 filling effect doesn't work

Try this :
Word 2007: Working with Shapes - Lesson 11

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I have a MS account. I know the password. I am logged currently in at

Today my brain left me for a moment and I bought a Windows 8.1 phone (640XL).

No matter what I do I cannot long in with my Microsoft online account. The phone says the password is wrong, which it isn't.

I tried creating a new account and again, on every login attempt I get the wrong password error.

Does anyone know what kind of new Microsoft madness this is and how I might avoid it, short of donating the phone to the local Op Shop?


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I can drag any window, internet, programs, explorer, but when I try to drag microsoft word, excel or powerpoint, and its maximized I cannot drag it to resize it.

Why's that?

A:Aero Snap doesn't work with Microsoft office

which version of office are you reffering to? Have you tried double clicking on the title bar first, then dragging it?

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why doesn't money plus work in windows 10 getting error message money needs IE 6 was working fine until windows 10 upgrade

A:Microsoft Money Plus program doesn't work with windows 10 my responses in the above thread as it related to a software Microsoft stopped supporting long ago.EDIT: You are the third person (or most likely the same one with different usernames) asking about the same product in the last 48 hours.i_Xp/Vista/W7/W10 Usermessage edited by XpUser

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Hi, when i open my work it comes up with a message saying

The document name or path is not valid. Try these suggestions,
*check the file permissions for the document or drive
*Use the File Open dialog box to locate the document

I click ok and the screen goes blank, what do i do, i really need to get the work back, Thanks.

A:Microsoft word problem, lost work!!!

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hey. I was surfing on the net with my laptop when suddenly the cursor didnt move. I tried to unplug the mouse's usb and plug to an other usb gate but it still didn't work. Then i tried to plug it in my desktop computer and it worked!!! Any idea what happened to my laptop???for any details reply to me .(sorry for my english ) p.s both desktop pc and laptop are Windows 7

A:Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse 1.0a doesn't work on laptop

Duplicate post. Continue here: Forum rules -

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Hello there.

I've been looking all over the net for an answer, but it seems there's nothing known about this. I've installed Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator on Windows 7 Professional.

I have attached a picture of what it looks like on my machine. I've tried reinstalling and running either or both of the setup and the program in various compatibility modes. This is what it should look like:

Now, this program requires .Net 2.0. Windows 7 ships with 3.5. I guessed that it wasn't backwards compatible, so I downloaded a v2 redist from microsoft. Wouldn't install because "it's already installed on the system".

Is their a compat mode for .Net? Or do you have any better idea how I could fix this?

A:Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator doesn't work under Win7

Same issue here. I'm new to Windows 7, but I'm generally an advanced computer user and very familiar with XP.

I haven't found anything yet about this on the 'net, except another thread similar to this one:
... same issue in Vista, also unanswered.

Have you figured anything out yet? Please fill me in if so. Really want to use this program...


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Hey folks,

I switched from 32-bit XP to 64-bit Vista and my Microsoft Office 2003 isn't working on Vista for some reason. Is this supposed to happen or is there something I can do or something that I can download to make it work with Vista by any chance??? Or is there nothing I can do to make Office 2003 compatible with 64-bit Vista? Do I absolutely *HAVE* to have Office 2007 for 64-bit Vista?

Thanks in advance, folks!!

A:Solved: Microsoft Office 2003 Doesn't Work On 64-Bit Vista?

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I have Windows XP (2007).
When trying to open Outlook - message says cannot start, cannot open window, the pst folder has errors - use Inbox Repair Tool. When using the repair tool, the test results say minor discrepancies found, optional to repair. When I don't repair, Outlook still doesn't open. When I use the Repair Tool and begin the repair, the repair gets hung and stops. When I try to copy the PST file to an external hard drive to save it and possibly delete and reload, it cannot copy saying "I/O error".

Background, for quite a while, opening Outlook has begun with message that a personal folder did not close properly - checking. Have run the Inbox Repair Tool in the past and it has worked.

But for now - can't go past the above blocks. Any suggestions?
Thank you.

A:Microsoft Outlook Won't Open - Repair Tool Doesn't Work

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hey. I was surfing on the net with my laptop when suddenly the cursor didnt move. I tried to unplug the mouse's usb and plug to an other usb gate but it still didn't work. Then i tried to plug it in my desktop computer and it worked!!! Any idea what happened to my laptop???for any details reply to me .(sorry for my english ) p.s both desktop pc and laptop are Windows 7

A:Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse 1.0a doesn't work on laptop

Try removing the mouse driver in Device Manager and restarting your computer.
See if a different mouse will work on the laptop.

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After an automatic HP update, my Microsoft Word and Excel programs won't work and my files won't open.  What caused this and what can I do to fix the problem without losing my files?  I have files that are part of my work and I HAVE to have them ASAP.  Please help. Thanks in advance.

A:my microsoft word and excel programs won't work and files wo...

Hi: Try running the system restore utility and select a restore point to a time before the automatic HP update ran. If you are unfamiliar with how to use this program, please read the info at the link below. Then change you HP update program to notify you that there are updates and you choose when to install them rather than it being done automatically. That way you can run them and find out which one is blowing up your system and you can prevent that one from running the next time. Or you can just leave things as they are if they are working OK for you. Paul

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When I bought my new computer its' 64 bit, I transferred everything from my old 32 bit computer and

everything went fine, but my word 2003  will not load the Pleading Wizard.  It loads everything else in the
word program but the PLEADING WIZARD, it was working fine in windows 10 at 32 bits
Does anyone know how to get my 2003 32 bit program to work on my new 64 bit computer?

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I know how to use bullets, but if you tab in the bullets, it will stay tabbed throughout the entire document unless you set up tabbed bullets again. When I try to backspace to go back to left alignment, it will delete the bullet and still stay tabbed. Basically what I am asking is after you do a tabbed bullet, how do you go back to aligning the bullets left again?

A:How to make bullets work in Microsoft Word 2007

Try shift-tab instead of Backspace to shift the tab to the left.

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I want to align text at the bottom of a text box or table cell, such that it 'grows upwards' when I add a new line. The bottom line should always stay at the bottom of the box/cell, however many lines there are. The option in a text box remains greyed out and in a table cell it has no effect! Text is always aligned at the top of the cell/box.

Am I doing something wrong? I see others have had this problem and not received an answer (e.g.Q 890666)

Thanks for any tips, Viktor

A:Table cell vertical alignment doesn't work (Word 2007, German)

...or rather a solution: I had a text box anchored to the text in the cell; when I removed the text box, the cell's vertical alignment worked correctly.

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So the 29th of July i went ahead and installed the Windows 10 update. It installed correctly and ran smooth without any problems for a few hours. Suddenly i realized that my Start Menu button didn't open the start menu when i clicked it. Neither did the search button.

I didn't really think about it much and continued gaming with one of my friends. Later that night i tried to restart my pc to see if that fixed any of my issues. Unfortunately nothing was fixed.

Now i can't open any microsoft apps (other than the Health and training app through the Task Manager and then the apps tab). Theres no way to access the settings or Windows Update so im stuck with just using non-microsoft apps if i can find them that is under my HDD.

(Edit) I can't rightclick anything in the taskbar or manage my internet connection.

Any help to fix this is highly appriciated.

Methods i have tried found around the internet:

Using the
Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"} command in Windows PowerShell as admin.

Running this troubleshooter from this link

Neither of them fixed anything.

A:Windows 10, Start Menu, Search or any microsoft apps doesn't work...

Similar problem only I could not get Windows installed apps to open properly. I have a Lenovo G560 with a Dynadock plugged into a USB port and two additional monitors connected to the laptop (one directly and one through the Dynadock. In anticipation of installing Win 10, I upgrade my RAM and replaced my hdd with an SSD drive. I am upgrading from Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium. I did the upgrade and not a clean install. The upgrade seemed to go just fine. The first thing I noticed was and Notices icon so I clicked on it and some notices appeared. I tried to click on those but as soon as I moved the mouse off of the notices icon the list disappeared. The same thing happened when I went to Start. I rebooted the computer and the above problems went away. So I began exploring around the Start Menu. I got cortana to recognize Hey Cortana and she even told me a joke. When I asked her to play Rock Paper Scissors, she started having problems. Again I rebooted, and she could tell a joke but no RPS. Then I asked her to open MS Edge but that did not work. Tried myself by clicking on the E icon and I got an error message saying it could not find Internet Explorer.exe. Went to Start Menu and tried to start Edge. It looked like it was going to but nothing appeared. I went to Task Manager and there it was running so I ended the process and tried again. No joy. Again reboot. First thing was to open Edge from Start Menu. That worked-- it opened. Tried to go to settings in the Start Me... Read more

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So I'm trying to uninstall/reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2008-2010 but a window pops up saying "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable." "Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'vcredist' in the box below." I went to my C:\Users\Lar\AppData\Local\Temp\IXP001.TMP\ but it didn't work all it says is "The file 'C:\Users\Lar\AppData\Local\Temp\IXP001.TMP\' is not a valid installation package for the product Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable. Try to find the installation package 'vcredist.msi' in a folder from which you can install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable." Mind you it does this for any version I try to uninstall So I rebooted and tried again but the Temp folder wasn't there which was to be expected but now I can't find any vcredist.msi on my computer and it does the same thing in safe mode

A:Uninstalling Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2008-2010 doesn't work

Those files are usually associated with programs. It's best to not uninstall them.

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I'm using access 2003.

I have the Microsoft Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8 installed for winxp pro. I verified it's installed, but I still get error message when I open any access database. Even if I create a brand new one in access.

I read something about sandbox mode? Do I need to force access into sandbox mode?

A:Access 2003 - Microsoft Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8 installed but still doesn't work

Are you getting an error message or just a warning? If it's just the warning, go to More Info and follow the directions to disable the Macro Security warning.

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Hello all

Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse Bluetooth doesn't work on my Dell laptop. Here is some more detailed information:
Laptop: Dell Vostro 3750
Operation System: Windows 7 Professional 64bit SP1

Steps to reproduce:
1, turn on Bluetooth of Sculpt Touch Mouse
2, go to 'Devices and Printers'
3, add a device
4, double click 'Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse' on the list of popup screen
5, the 'Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse' device (icon) will be added to device list on 'Devices and Printers'
6, ovserved that the icon of 'Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse' was grey out and couldn't be used
7, tried to move the mouse, but no response and the light on the top of the mouse keeps flashing (red <--> green)

The Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse was suppose to be setup / install in one minute. That's why I prefer to buying the Microsoft mouse product. But it wasn't. It took me few days to try to install it and it was still failed.

Could everyone tell me how to fix that? Thanks.

A:Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse doesn't work on Windows 7 Professional 64bit

Try installing this software/driver for microsoft mouse and keyboard first: Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse

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I have several password protected documents from an old crapped out computer that are done in a very old version of WordPerfect and I cannot open them up in my current computer's "Microsoft Works Word Processor". The ones that are not password protected open up fine, but the ones that have password protection bring up the following Windows message: "Works cannot open (said document). The file may be in use by another application, the file may not be supported by any of the installed converters, or the file may be corrupt". I have tried all other "converters" that are a part of my Microsoft Works Word Processor. If my old computer still worked, I could simply remove the password and I would have no problem, but as you can see, this is not the case. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Convert PASSWORD PROTECTED WordPerfect files to Microsoft Work Word Processor

I just realized that the email address on file when I posted my question was obsolete, so I have just updated my profile with my new address. Sorry.

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i just went from windows 2000 to windows 7 professional and we had to reinstall all programs....
i need to open my company logo which was saved in microsoft office word 97-2003 - my new program is microsoft works word processor - i have tried saving it in different formats on my old computer but nothing seems to be working....
any suggestions?

A:Converting files from Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 to Microsoft Works Word Processor

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Help my windows 7 laptop just keeps rebooting and i cant get to safe mode or recovery what should i do ?

A:system recovery doesn't work and safe mode doesn't work and just keeps reboting

System manufacturer and model?

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hi, I know there are many in the forum who have the same problem as mine. 
my computer was running fine last friday. I tried to start it on saturday, it says it can't startup and need to repair startup. I did run the repair but still can't startup. I tried to use system restore to earlier dates, it still can't startup. The computer has trojan virus before and I tried the anti-malware from internet to kill them. seems that it create more problem for my PC. I have some important files in the computer that I wish I have archived. 
wonder if any one can help. thx in advance.

A:can't start up computer-window7, repair doesn't work, restore doesn't work

I'll report this topic to appropriate helpers.
Hold on there...

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Microsoft Word 2003 on my Sony Vaio laptop doesn't have a Save As function, either in the File menu or as shortcut Alt+F A. It's not even there as a disabled/greyed out option - the options under File go straight from Save to Save as a webpage. Any ideas what could have happened "Save As" or how to restore it?

A:Microsoft Word 2003 doesn't have "Save As" function

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My dad was recently doing some work on this computer and he REALLY changed the settings in Word around. I was able to get most of them back to how I like it, except one.

When I highlight text and click "delete" to erase it or highlight it and start typing to replace it... it doesn't work. It's like some "text protector" where it doesn't delete it.

How do I fix it back to the original way? (I remember this happening once before).


A:WORD: Highlight text and click "delete" doesn't work!

Come on, someone's gotta know.

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Does anyone noe weather vista Microsoft word support the old formated ones? Or is there any plug-in needed to support?

A:Does Vista Microsoft Word Support Old Format Microsoft Word?

I'm assuming you're talking about the new office 2007? meaning word 2007?

If that is the case, then yes it does run older versions of word. In the sense that if you have a word document that was made and saved in Word 2003 it would work in 2007.

Just like when you make something in word 2007 you are able to save it as a Word 03-07 document so it works on both versions of Microsoft Word.

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I have created in Microsoft Word 2003 on an XP OS some lengthy documents. I created them using a view setting of 150%.

I sent them to my employer, who is using Windows 98 and Microsoft Word 97. My boss opened them with his system and they displayed on the screen at a view of 200%. He wants me to send him Word documents that he can open from the CD-R that I send that will automatically display at 100% view on the screen so that he does not have to set the view for each document as it displays.

So what is the answer.

Is there a way that I can save my created documents so that when my boss gets them on a CD-R that they will open on his system at a view setting of 100%.

Is there also a way that his system can be set to default to 100% in reading from the CD-R.

My boss does not want to copy the documents to the system hard disk from my sent CD-R, preferring to read and copy directly from the CD-R that I send, so that the original documents will not accidentally be changed.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Microsoft Word 2003 To Microsoft Word 97 View Setting

Welcome to BCWhat if he were to download Word 2003 Viewer?Mark

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I have Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2 installed. The processor is a Pentium 4 3ghz. I have 13gb free on the drive and have 1024mb memory installed. The problem is when I try to save a document in Microsoft Office nothing happens. The hourglass comes up and freezes. I have uninstalled my Office Pro 2000 and reinstalled but still have the same problem. The save and save as features still work with the PowerPoint.

A:MS Word "Save"Doesn't Work

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I am trying to use my CD-ROM drive and it doesn't work here are the list of things I have tried

Uninstalled and reinstalled the cd-rom driver it is a Matbleepa UJ-840D CD-ROM/DVD/CD-RW in my HP laptop (Didn't work)

Read stuff about code 39 and removed in the registry edit screen Upperfilters, Upperfilters.bak, Lowerfilters, Lowerfilters.bak and rebooted (Didn't work)

Removed itunes from computer (didn't solve the issue with cd-rom player)

Went back to a system restore point that was before the last time I used the CD-rom player and it worked and that (didn't work as well)

Read a lot of different posts about code 39 and nothing is given after the above steps are taken if it still won't work except to reformat which I would prefer not to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:CD-ROM doesn't work, code 39 error, tried many things still doesn't work

1. Uninstall the drive through Device Manager.Restart computer. The drive will be automatically reinstalled.or...2. Delete Upper & Lower Filters computer.or...3. Download, and run Restore Missing CD Drive patchDouble click on to unzip it.Right click on cdgone.reg, click Merge.Accept registry merge.Restart computer.or...4. Go to Device Manager, click a "+" sign next to IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.You'll see two items:- ATA Channel0 (or Primary Channel)- ATA Channel1 (or Secondary Channel)Right click on each of them, and click Uninstall. Confirm.Restart Windows. They'll be automatically reinstalled.

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alright my problem is that i have already used microsoft word 2000 for awhile now and its been fine, no problems whatsoever then about week ago it started doing a lot of crazy stuff when i opened it. this happens every single time. i open it and it states that
it is preparing to install microsoft word 2000 (i already have it installed) then it states that it must gather the required information. At first i thought it was an update so i decided to let it continue. when it was finished it said that "the feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not availible. please insert the microsoft word 2000 disk and hit ok" alright the thing was it wasn't an update. and i couldn't find my word CD because it hasn't asked for one ever since i installed it. I then hit cancel and everything went away and about a minute later my microsoft word 2000 came up and it had no updates and was functioning fine but it was going about half the speed it usually does. Other than that there were no other problems and i continued with my work. The only thing that really bugs me is that this entire process takes about 5 minutes every time I start up... so its kinda of a pain... is there any way to get rid of this? thx to all... Peace Out

A:Microsoft Word is tring to install microsoft word again

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Microsoft claims:

"All data and formatting formatting created in Word 5.x or 6.0 for MS-DOS are fully supported by Word 97."

This is not true. I have a large document with many Cross References to footnotes, pages, etc. It does not convert Cross References to foonotes properly. It creates a seq code field by does not display the footnote numbers (I could go into great detail).

I was able to finally contact (by email) a Microsoft "Feedback" person who `listened' and who passed on the detailed info to their programmers, and said she would get back to me if they got back to her. This was two months ago and I gues they didn't get back to her.

My questions are:

Does anyone have experience with this?

Does anyone know of a third party converter that actually works?

Can I apply legal pressure to Microsoft to make them fulfill their claim that DOSWRD32.CNV (the converter still used even now in Word 2000) fully supports ALL data and formatting?


A:DOSWRD32.CNV which converts from MS Word for DOS to MS Word for Windows, doesn't do

Hi. I've very interested in seeing one of your files. Is that possible? Email to [email protected]

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I have an ASUS notebook running windows 7 64-bit. I am using the QuietOffice power profile, however the screensaver won't kick in no matter what I do, and the display does not turn off even though I set it to be after 5-minutes of inactivity. I don't know if there is something running in the background... I have turned off my usb wireless mouse, and nothing....

Any ideas?


A:HELP: power option doesn't work - screen saver doesn't start!

This is another case of factory bloatware interfering - in this case a useless factory utility overriding Win7's superior built-in version.

Googling the Quiet Office feature of Asus there are multiple reported problems. Best to default to the Win7 built-in Power Options in Control Panel. Set up a Balanced Plan unless you're a gamer then use High Performance.

Here are other tips for cleaning up factory bloatware

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I have no idea what my sister and her friends were doing on the comp for a couple of days that i decided not to use it, but now:

- a few programs take forever to load or don't load at all, but they do show up under the processes tab in the task manager
- after pressing Ctrl Alt Del, the task manager icon appears in the system tray, but the thing only shows up a minute later
- my system recovery is "not able to protect my computer," and restarting does nothing
- actually, when restarting or shutting down Windows, it stops at where it only shows my desktop background and cursor [which is still able to move] and nothing else after that, so i have to hold the power button and force it to shut off
- when I right click the desktop and click on "Properties..." [or something similar to this action] it doesn't show up at all, and whenever I try to open any application after that, they don't even load at all either
- and probably other stuff that I haven't took note of yet...

Things i've tried to get rid of these problems:
- Virus scan with avast!, a couple viruses found and fixed, but nothing changed.
- disk clean up, nothing changed
- registry clean, nothing changed
- CURRENTLY defragging my C drive, hope something changes..

Anyone know what the heck's going on!?
Anyone got any suggestions on what to do next?
Anything helps and would be greatly appreciated!

A:programs not loading right, computer doesn't shut down right, sys recov doesn't work

no replies yet? :(

anyway, just stopped by to say that when shutting down, it takes forever to get to the "Saving your settings..." screen, and that's where I decided that it stops and nothing else after that.
Defragged my C drive, still no results besides the computer feeling a bit smoother-running o_o

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I have a 4y old Sony VAIO (VGN-NS11J) that stopped working today morning after making a whirring noise

Repeated attempts to restart failed and after many attempts, I managed to get to the Startup Repair mode - after a long time, startup repair says it failed to automatically repair the problem

I managed to run system restore but after a while I got the following message: "System restore failed due to an unspecified error. The disk strucgture is corrupted and unreadable (0X80070571)

My laptop did not come with a Windows Vista CD/Recovery disk

My first priority is to recover a few files in the laptop - if I am able to do this, then I dont mind junking the laptop

Since this is an old laptop, I would prefer not to use an expensive professional to recover the data

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated!


A:Sony VAIO running Vista doesn't start-up, system restore doesn't work

You may be able to retrieve your data by using Ubuntu. Post #3 in this topic provides instructions.

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For the last month or so, every time I log off my account, the keyboard does not register at the Windows Log In screen. This makes it so I have to restart the computer and then it works fine.
There are three accounts on the computer, the casing has been half removed for the last 3 months, a DVD burner and driver recently installed 3 months ago and I am using a wireless off brand USB keyboard and mouse.
OS: Windows Xp Home Edition 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3
As for the second part, the computer requires several restarts to boot up, sometimes up to twenty minutes of turning on and off to boot up. Only started doing this a week ago.

A:My Keyboard doesn't work, and the computer turns on but doesn't start.

It sounds like something is wrong with your Windows XP drivers. Something like that happened to me while building my computer, and when I boot up the keyboard did not work because my copy of windows XP was bad. You could try reinstalling windows XP, and It might work better, but I dont have a definite answer to your problem.

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I remember having deleted my Microsoft Office 2007 trial and now I can't find some of my previous word documents that I remember saving on my computer.

Is my suspicion true?

A:Does installing Microsoft Word 2007 delete word documents?

saiz said:

Is my suspicion true?Click to expand...

I don't think so. Try installing 3.0 and you'll be able to open those files.

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I got the new version of word today on my brand new computer and I need a word processor for my job, and its not letting me pick it as my default one. When I go to the control panel and try to do it from there, it still doesn't pick it up. Why is this happening and how can I go through and change it?

A:Solved: Microsoft Word 2010 not my default word processor?

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Have a friend with a relatively new Lenovo laptop using Windows XP SP3. Overnight he can't access the Internet via browsers, email or AIM. His desktop connected to the same router is working fine.

He can access the router by IP address using either IE7 or FireFox 3.5. Anything that needs a DNS server doesn't work. This does say though that he has a working connection to the router.

He's run MalWareBytes and his own McAffee software looking for bad stuff but has found nothing.

Running "ipconfig /all" from the command prompt gives exactly the same results for the laptop as his working desktop. The DNS servers are there. He can ping the DNS servers using their IP addresses. He is being assigned a proper local network address so DHCP is working on the router.

Any thoughts on where to look next to discover why the Internet applications don't seem to be able to find the DNS servers?

A:Can't Access Websites, Email doesn't work and no AIM doesn

FWIW, my friend took his laptop to a PC shop. Their diagnosis was malware. I don't know the identity of the malware. Anyway, the shop saved his data then formatted and reloaded XP SP3.

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I am quite new here, but I've been wanting to get this problem solved for a long time, and I haven't seemed to get any answer.

So here's my problem:

I bought my Asus N53SV for around a year ago, and it worked great. But for some reason something changed.
When I try to open bluetooth, nothing happens. And when I want to connect anything using bluetooth, it doesn't work.

I tried to do this:
[windows] + r >bttray
But nothing opens up.

Please help!

Thank you,

A:My bluetooth doesn't work. bttray doesn't open.

Quote: Originally Posted by Karstin1812

I am quite new here, but I've been wanting to get this problem solved for a long time, and I haven't seemed to get any answer.

So here's my problem:

I bought my Asus N53SV for around a year ago, and it worked great. But for some reason something changed.
When I try to open bluetooth, nothing happens. And when I want to connect anything using bluetooth, it doesn't work.

I tried to do this:
[windows] + r >bttray
But nothing opens up.

Please help!

Thank you,

Hi Karstin,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

You would need to re-install Bluetooth software/driver for your system. Please check the link below for finding out the drivers:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

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Cant get it to updateand when i use thr troubleshooternit doesnt work either
Farbar Service Scanner Version: 21-07-2014
Ran by Administrator (administrator) on 03-01-2015 at 16:34:05
Running from "D:\Users\Administrator\Downloads"
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate  Service Pack 1 (X86)
Boot Mode: Normal
Internet Services:
Connection Status:
Localhost is accessible.
LAN connected.
Google IP is accessible. is accessible. is accessible.
Windows Firewall:
mpsdrv Service is not running. Checking service configuration:
The start type of mpsdrv service is OK.
The ImagePath of mpsdrv service is OK.
MpsSvc Service is not running. Checking service configuration:
The start type of MpsSvc service is set to Disabled. The default start type is Auto.
The ImagePath of MpsSvc service is OK.
The ServiceDll of MpsSvc service is OK.
Firewall Disabled Policy:
System Restore:
SDRSVC Service is not running. Checking service configuration:
Checking Start type: ATTENTION!=====> Unable to open SDRSVC registry key. The service key does not exist.
Checking ImagePath: ATTENTION!=====> Unable to open SDRSVC registry key. The service key does not exist.
Checking ServiceDll: ATTENTION!=====> Unable to open SDRSVC registry key. The service key does not exist.
System Restore Disabled Policy:
Action Center:
=====... Read more

A:Windows 7 doesn't update and troubleshooter doesn't work

Please follow the instructions Here to run the System Update Readiness Tool. When the SURT finishes installing, copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) the contents of the SURT log into your next post please:C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CheckSUR.logC:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CheckSUR.persist.log

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I have Microsoft Office 2003 installed and also the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack 2007. However, when I receive an e-mail with a Microsoft Word 2007 attachment, the document will not open even with the Compatibility Pack installed. I can not convert .docx to .doc. Any advice please?

A:Microsoft Outlook 2003 - Attachments in Microsoft Word 2007 will not open

Hi again,

Anybody able to help me with this please?

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Here is a strange one. I have Microsoft Word 2000 on a computer running Windows XP SP3. I just began having a problem opening documents directly in Word. The documents will open but they are not right. For example, I have a document that is passworded out. Within Word, the document will open, but it does not ask for a password, and the contents of the document come up scrambled. Here is an excerpt of what it looks like:


This goes on for 20 pages.

However, if I go into Windows Explorer and open the document by double clicking on it there, it correctly asks for the password and opens fine. Weird, no?

I tried opening other documents from Word that do not have passwords. They open, but the documents include a bunch of formatting instructions that usually remain hidden. But from Windows Explorer they open fine. Here is an example:

Document opened with Windows Explorer

EVAN: English form of Welsh Iefan, meaning "God is gracious."

Same document opened from within Word:

EVAN: English form of Welsh Iefan, meaning "God is gracious."

Default Paragraph Font
Default Paragraph Font
aC:\Documents and Settings\Doug\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\AutoReco... Read more

A:Microsoft Word - problem with opening docs in Word

I would be hard to tell with your infection
You have an open topic in the HJT forum. You really should not make any changes until you are done there

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Running Win XP on a home built Intel Core 2 duo platform. Just started within the last week or so. I can open the software from the CD, but not from my hard drive

A:Can't open Microsoft Word Program or Word documents

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Hard to explain but here goes:

When I have a sentence that I want to move to the middle of the page, I place the curser to the left of the word and try to push it right by hitting the space bar and nothing happens.

This is only when the word is all the way to the left of the page.

Is there some type of formatting that would allow this to be free so that I can push words forward??

A:Microsoft WORD - Can't get word on left side to space right

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After recent full system recovery caused by one or more virus, I am unable to re-install Microsoft Word or Word Perfect on my Compaq Presario, which has Windows XP. Microsoft Word will sometimes start the process but then just stops, giving no indication of what steps to take next or what the problem is. Word Perfect seems to start the process each time but then gets hung up with updating what it describes as the SHFolder.dll. Have waited as long as 20 minutes for this update. The screen does show activity but it just never seems to get done. I cannot take the installation process past that point.

Any suggestions on how I can correct or cure this problem?

A:Unable to install either Microsoft Word or Word Perfect

Check here: for some help - probably the .dll is either corrupt or the path not recognized. Depending on whether or not this page helps, either fix it with that or lookup SHFolder.dll. on the net and download a new copy from somewhere like and install it.

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Hya everyone. I hope i am in the right forum. Could someone tell me how to change a letter in Microsoft Works processor into word format. My son is trying to email his c.v. to companies and agencies but got a letter from a couple stating unable to open file attachment please email in word format. We do not have microsoft word just microsoft works.

Dave H

A:Microsoft works word processor to word format

Check this Microsoft page and see if helps.

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I recently purchased an ASUS Windows 8.1 64 bit computer.  I transferred my Microsoft Works Version 8.0 word processor and spreadsheet files from my old computer onto the new computer.  I just purchased the Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student Edition (64 bit version) from an online vendor and installed the software onto my new computer. 
I have no problems opening my Works spreadsheet files in Excel.  However, when I attempt to open a Works word processor file in Word, I get gibberish.  I did some research online and found out that there is a Microsoft tool called Works 6-9 Converter which allows one to open Works files in Word.
I downloaded the Works 6-9 Converter tool from the Microsoft Support website and installed it on my PC.  However, when I subsequently attempted to open a Works word processor file in Word, a dialog box appeared with the error message "Word cannot start the converter Wks9Pxy.cnv" and the file did not open properly (i.e., I got gibberish).
I did a little more research online and found out that uninstalling the Works 6-9 Converter, then downloading and installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package, and finally reinstalling the Works 6-9 Converter may correct this problem.  I followed these steps, but unfortunately when I attempt to open a Works word processor file in Word, I get the same error message and the file does not open properly. ... Read more

A:Cannot Open Microsoft Works Files in Microsoft Word 2013
Reboot after any changes you make.

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Hi, I have an access Database that has a form wich contains 2 OLE Object fields in one I use it to paste a link to an excel field and the other field I use it to paste a link to a word document. This is running under windows 7 and office 2010. Every was working fine. I had to change my notebook harddisk and mother board. After this I reinstall windows 7 and office 2010. The problem that I have is the following: When I double click in the excel link it works fine an open my excel file. When I do the same with the word link I got the following message (translated because I have my notebook with spanish language "Error during an operation over an Object Document. It is possible the OLE Server is not registered. To Register it, reinstall it" Its very extrange because my database worked fine before I reinstalled windows and office and the thing the it works fine with the excel link but not with the word link. Please if anyone have and idea of what is going on??? Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

A:Issue linking to a Microsoft Word document in Microsoft Access

Welcome to TSG jcantini,
Since no one is offering any thing here I'm going to suggest you save the document in the current version of word and reistablish/rebuild the link. I suspect this is an older version of access running with office 2010? mdb file type?

If you google "the ole server isn't registered access 2010" there are tons of confusing suggestions out there! Good luck..

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Here's the Microsoft Download of the utility that will prevent booby-trapped word [.rtf] files from infecting your computer.

A:Microsoft Fix It Tool for Disable opening RTF content in Microsoft Word

Applies to

Microsoft Word 2013
Microsoft Word 2010
Microsoft Office Word 2007
Microsoft Office Word 2003
Still no word from Microsoft regarding if it affect WordPad.

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I need help uninstalling an add-in to Microsoft Works Suite 2006. I downloaded a program that helped me remove the actual program, Microsoft Works, but the add-in is still stuck and I can not for the life of me get this add-in to unisnstall.. This hole thing has been causing me problems for sometime now, it keeps making my WIndows Installer pop up flashing on the screen about fifty percent of the time I'm on my laptop. I have windows 7 if you need that information, I realize now the program has compatible issues..I finally got the program gone someone please help!! It is call Microsoft Works Suite Add-In for Microsoft Word.

A:Help Uninstalling Microsoft Works Suite (2006) Add-In for Microsoft Word

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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and Office 2010.

All of a sudden, when I tried to paste text I copied from an internet page, I got a message "Word could not create the work file. Check the temp environment variable" .

It worked fine this morning and is working fine now.

I had to paste it into Word Pad to use it.

I made no changes to Word. Any idea what is going on?
Thanks, cb

A:Word could not create the work file. Check the Temp... Word 2010

Did you check the temp environment variable as it suggested?

Open a command prompt.
Type echo %temp%
What is the result?

On my Win 8.1 computer, it's set to: C:\Users\accountname\AppData\Local\Temp

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Don't mind the curious ones, but I'm one of them. So anyway, almost one year ago now, the Word macro virus W97M/Marker.C was running rampant around Gordon College, with many teachers and students alike being infected. I was even infected with it thanks to one of my professors posting an assignment description document that had it. I was running AVG 9.0 at the time, and it was flagged many a time over. I think there were like six or so instances. My memory may be flaky, as my laptop has undergone many reformats since then, but what I do remember is trying to ignore AVG's warning, due to the fact that AVG has given me many false positives when I used it. The message Word gave me was that the document couldn't be opened because it wasn't available. But the strange part of that is that AVG had not removed anything from the file. I can think of two reasons why the file wouldn't run with the virus in it. Tell me which, if either, is correct. One is that Microsoft has since changed the macro format from 2003 and earlier versions of Word simply due to the many viruses that once existed for it, or two, that message was a very convoluted way of telling me that Windows 7 no longer supports Virtual device Drivers (*.vxd) as I was able to open the file after it had been cleaned up by Eset NOD32. Any knowledge you folks have would be very interesting, as I have always been curious about the very odd weekend of February 12, 2010. Now don't get me ... Read more

A:random curiosity about MS Word macro viruses and why (thank the Lord), they don't work in Word 2007/2010

I don't know the particulars of the macro virus you mention, but with Microsoft Office 2003, a significant change was implemented that effectively stopped the propagation of macro viruses.

Prior to Office 2003, macros were enabled by default, and opening a document with macros and auto-execute meant the macros were automatically executed (and thus the virus could infect and propagate).

With Office 2003, macro security was introduced. With a Microsoft Office 2003 default install, macros need to be signed with a certificate issued by a trusted root CA. Macros that are not signed will not be executed. Users have to explicitly lower the macro security level for unsigned macros to execute. Almost all macro viruses were unsigned.

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I currently use an XP system, and Office XP (2002). I want to transfer and use my file from the XP system INTO a Vista PC and it's Office 2007.

Has anyone been successful doing this? Does it work?

A:Can from Word 2002 work in Word 2007 (Vista)?

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I want to email a Word 2003 document(as an attachment) that has two hyperlinks to two different word documents files. I have tried this and everything works fine except when I ctrl + click on the hyperlinks the files won't open. How can I get this concept to work. I don't want to send a lot of files and attachments for the recipient to have to deal with.

A:Solved: Word doc. with hyprlinks to other word docs. won't work when emailed

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At my work we have templates from Word 2003.

When we open them in Word 2007 they doesnt work as they should.

We have for example a menu like

2 Electronics
2.1 Phones
2.1.1 Mobile phones

When you make an uppdate on the menu the sub-numbers disapear so it is
2 Electronics
Mobile phones

Also in 2003 you get a menu to the right where you can change in the list not only the types but also the numbering. Is there something like that in 2007?

A:Making Word 2003 templates work in word 2007

A couple of things.

Firstly here is an interactive guide for some of the features in 2003 - 2007. It is useful in some circumstances

In regards to using 2003 templates for 2007 - i noticed that not all things worked in the same way in 2007 especially when it came to printing (things would display differently to how they would print)

I work for a big company and i had to redesign alot of templates. Sorry.

In regards to changing the numbering, you now right click on one of the actual numbers within the document and you can change the numbering from there.

Hope that all makes sense.

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Hi... xp stopped responding and I decided to power off.

Was never able to restart after that. Normal boot shows the windows initial screen, but eventually just restarts, safe mode does the same thing whether it's with network, command line or plain safe mode. Last known good configuration does the same.

Needed to use a file so decided to remove the HD and re-install to another PC. I did have access to the file in question but now I'd like to fix the problem.

The other system uses AVG. I started a scan and it detected Cekar.d (A0003977.exe, wdfmgr.exe and initially ntldr.exe), Dropper.Inor (ntdetect.hta, A0003979.hta), PSW.Generic5.ABVW (ctfmona.exe), PSW.OnlineGames.AAFI (ctfmonb.exe), PSW.Generic5.AFYK (ctfmond.exe), PSW.OnlineGames.ZWT (LotusHlp.exe) and some others but for whatever reason the scan stopped. I restarted it and now the AV still finds most of the threats it was seeing before but not Cekar.d. in the ntldr.exe file.

The system that had the problem was running Win XP Home SP1. Unfortunately, I can't find the manufacturer's recovery CD.

HD is still in the other PC. How should I attack the problem?

A:XP doesn't reboot, safemode doesn't work

Update... Three passes of AVG and all threats were put in vault. Tried to re-install the HD to the initial system but no change... System says it didn't start correctly, that a new software of hardware could be responsible, the suggests to try las known good config, none of the options work, they all perform some tasks then windows reboots and ends up in the same screen.

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Acer aspire's Bluetooth doesn't work since I bought it I've installed drivers too but it doesn't work what should I do.
In its specs it has Bluetooth . But there is no Bluetooth device found in device manager how to repair this.
Please HELP!!

A:acer aspire 4738' s bluetooth doesn't work but wifi work?

Hi ... Welcome to Seven Forums ... What is the Model Number of your Laptop ? ...

Did you buy the Laptop from new ? ...
Did you mean Windows 7 x86 ?...
If your System Specs are correct you have 4 GB of ram ? ...
If that is the case your Windows should be 64 Bit ...

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My problem is that I cannot access the internet through my LAC. I enable the connection and it will connect and send packets, but will not receive any packets. I have no problems enabling my wireless connection and connecting to the internet. The wireless does like to disconnect and reconnect about 3 or 4 times an hour which is another problem I have. I believe this LAC problem started around the same time I was trying to get shared music between my computers on iTunes. I was trying to allow for connection on port 3689, but everything I did was unsuccessful. Any suggestions for any of these problems I'm having?

A:Solved: Local Area Connection: doesn't work, Wireless: does work

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Can anyone help me out?

I click on microsoft word to try and open it and it doesn't even make an attempt to open. My word files also won't open. They are there, but just don't open.
Any ideas??

Thanks in advance!

A:Microsoft word and word doccuments won't open

May be virus problem

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Is there a way to count the number of occurrences of a word in MS Word?

If not, is there a downloadable text editor or something that can do such a thing?


A:Counting occurrence of a word in Microsoft Word?

Replace the Word with something like QQQ .. or the the original word .. And it will tell you how many.
Then you can replace it back to what it was ... or just don't save the edited file.
be sure to include the spaces before n after the search word.

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I am a 3rd year university student studying Forensic Science and i have to admit im not much of a writer and these long essays absolutly kill me...i spend so much time bringing up the word count window (time i probably should be spending writing). my question there any way of having a word count always on the screen counting as i go?

does anyone know if this can be done...if so how?

please let me know if i need to download something (and where to get it) or what settings i need to change in word if that needs doing.

Many Thanks

A:Microsoft Word 2003 word counter....

View->Toolbars->Word Count

You still have to click the recount button though.

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