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Monitor as pen tablet

Q: Monitor as pen tablet

I watched a show where this graphics company was able to draw directly onto the monitor using a pen.
Can anybody please tell me exactly what type of screen this is? and how much does it usually go for?

A: Monitor as pen tablet

Google for touch screen monitors.

There are lots of brands, sizes and prices for these things.

Good luck

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In my Windows 7 Professional's control panel I found a tool called "Tablet PC Settings." I opened it to see what it was. It reports that my HP w1907, which up to now I though was just a regular lcd monitor, can accept pen input.
If this is true and not some software glitch by the os, what drivers/software do I need to get it working? (FYI: My monitor did not come with a pen.)

See Attachment for screenshot of dialog where oddity is found.

A:Can a normal LCD Monitor be used as a Pen Tablet?

Hello parnellm, Welcome to the forum

Your Monitor is not capable of pen input

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Hey everyone,
I'm looking to replace an old PC DVR. Here's what I would like to have, is something like this available? A WMC based system for a DVR with a wireless touchscreen monitor. The would probably be used to schedule programs.
My current setup is a PC connected to my TV. Directv is plumbed as the input to my tuner card. We mostly watch the recorded content through an Xbox360(easy, and video quality is far superior). Any thoughts?

A:Media Center DVR With Tablet Monitor?

I've seen touch screen monitors, but nothing portable and/or wifi.

more likely to build a new HTPC and setup access via a tablet (ie: iPad or similar).

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Is there a way to connect an Android tablet using the USB connector to my PC to convert it as a display monitor?

I read that there are few solution using a wifi connection, but I'm looking for a wired solution.


A:Using Android tablet as a PC monitor extension: Is there a way???

Quote: Originally Posted by arjfca


Is there a way to connect an Android tablet using the USB connector to my PC to convert it as a display monitor?

I read that there are few solution using a wifi connection, but I'm looking for a wired solution.


Hi Martin,

I don't think so few of the tabs that come with the mini HDMI ports as well are video out ports.

For this to be possible we would need video and audio in ports on the TAB. However, this doesn't seem to happen in near future due to lack of demand for a feature like this.

Getting a video through USB seems to be impractical task, but we don't know what would be possible in coming years. Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.

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I have a Genius GPen 4500 USB graphics tablet (using the built-in Windows 7 driver), and would like to use it on my secondary monitor (which is 4:3, unlike my primary which is 16:9)

However, windows seems to have decided that the tablet is integrated into my primary monitor (according to "Tablet PC Settings" in the control panel - it shows "Pen Input Avaliable" for the "1. BENQ E2220HD" item and "No Pen or Touch...." for the "2. SyncMaster" item)

Running "Setup" from that window does not work, as the tablet still maps to the primary screen, and can't be used to click on the second screen.

Is there any way (even a registry hack) to change which monitor is used? Or to update the range for the tablet such that it maps to the second screen.

If it helps, the setup is a classic horizontal setup (1920x1080 on the left, 1280x1024 on the right)

P.S. Sorry if this has been asked/answered before, but both googling and a search of the forum failed, but I may not have been using the correct terms)

A:USB Tablet and Extended Desktop - Swap Monitor

(I feel bad for doing this, but I would rather like an answer)
Bump, does anyone have a clue if this is possible / what I could do.
Changing the primary monitor is a possibility, but not one I would like, as I use this machine to play games, and they tend to be rather attached to the primary screen.

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Good afternoon, I have a mini desktop Pavillion 300-240 and im considering buying the Monitor portŠtil USB HP EliteDisplay S140u (G8R65AA) to use as a portable monitor. I have 3 questions: 1) eventhough its considered an empresarial product there isnt any problem in using it residencialy right? 2) i see the connection of the monitor is only by USB, but i have the DP port in the mini desktop free. Is there an HP cable to connect this monitor USB through the DP port without wasting any of the usb ports? 3) my preference would be for a portable monitor for the mini desktop that when disconnected worked as a tablet. Is there such a product in HPs portfolio? ThanksHugo Silva 

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I have a Medion drawing tablet (see title) and a windows 7 computer with dual monitors, the tablet works fine and i have the working drivers, but i'm not able to setup the tablet to one monitor only.

I know that Wacom tablets are able to do that easily with a mapping button, but i can't find it on my tablet settings, not even on control-panel/Hardware and sound/Pen And Touch or Tablet-PC.

Can someone help me please? I really want to draw perfectly a circle instead of a oval;P

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I have a Medion drawing tablet (see title) and a windows 7 computer with dual monitors, the tablet works fine and i have the working drivers, but i'm not able to setup the tablet to one monitor only.

I know that Wacom tablets are able to do that easily with a mapping button, but i can't find it on my tablet settings, not even on control-panel/Hardware and sound/Pen And Touch or Tablet-PC.

Can someone help me please? I really want to draw perfectly a circle instead of a oval;P

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I have a Tablet drawing monitor, and today the pen stopped working, I fiddled with it for a while, I tried uninstalling the drivers for the Hardware and reinstalling, but then I noticed that the Tablet Settings and Calibration Options you normally see in Control Panel are mysteriously gone. After maybe 2 hrs of googling I've given up,. there's very little on google, and now im considering doing a "Rest This PC." Any help would be appreciated.

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I have upgraded my X201 Tablet to Windows 10 32bit. As far as I can tell, everything is working, including the WACOM drivers and touchscreen.  Wireless has worked perfectly so far, not sure about Bluetooth as I don't use it. My only issue is that the buttons on the display do not work. The power button located on the display does work. I tried installing the Tablet Button Driver II and it will go through the install but the buttons do not work.  This is the download link: The document claims Windows 10 compatability and was Last Updated :08 Jun 2015. On inspection, all the files extracted are dated from 2012 and when trying to manually run the software Windows throws up an error that the software is not supported on this PC.   I removed and reinstalled and noted that the driver information page when running the installer does NOT have Windows 10 listed as a supported system. My assumption is that the driver that they have linked on the download page is NOT the most current driver and is infact the driver for Windows 7 from 2012. Does anyone know how to contact Lenovo to get the correct driver posted to the page, or know of an alternate source to try and find it?

A:X201 Tablet Windows 10 Tablet buttons not working

hi, I can't help you with your question, sorry! Gooed to hear everything else is working fine on your system. Can you tell me what to do to get the x201 tablet's touchscreen to work!? I will have a clean windows 10 install. Where do i get the (right) drivers (windows, Wacom?) Thanx!Carlo

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Answer Match 44.1%

Does anyone know if there is a program available (free if possible) similar to Quicken (Deluxe) that I could use on my Android Tablet(HP 10 Tablet G2 -2301)? That would keep track of bank accounts and interest earned, and keep track of one stock IRA and interest earned and yearly RMD? And produce reports for that interest earned, etc.? Mainly for using when preparing yearly tax forms.

A:Quicken alternative for Android Tablet(HP 10 Tablet G2 -2301

Have you looked at

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plz help
i have lenovo thinkpad 2 tablet it was not running well so i decided to reset it ...
and it keeps on repeating the same thing...
please help me ....


If it is still under warranty, call Lenovo. IF you tried to reset to factory defaults, and it is still failing, then you have something else that is going bad. My suspicion would be memory as that is what happened to me although it was on a desktop. Something to check...good luck.

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I have a Yiynova tablet monitor and its been working fine for about a month. I recently tried to download the beta version of a NVIDIA GeForce update (bad idea) and had to reinstall a previous version. After that, things started to go south for my tablet.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the tablet driver, and tried to plug it in a different USB port and it came up with the same message.

Is there a step that I'm missing?

I have dual screen setup, and that's working fine, but the driver that senses the pen just isn't installing, even though I installed the driver program.

I appreciate any ideas on how to fix this.

A:Yiynova tablet monitor "device driver failed to install"

The problem wasn't solved, but I believed I narrowed down the problem. The driver doesn't seem to fully install.

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I downloaded the 'driver' on the gateway website:

after downloading & Extracting the file. a 'read-me' file pops up.

it reads:


This document describes the steps necessary to install the Tablet PC button drivers for the notebook computer models listed in the Applicable Part Numbers section below.

1. From the Start menu, right-click Computer, and then click Manage.

2. In the User Account Control dialog box, click Continue.

3. In the left pane, click Device Manager.

4. In Device Manager, click the plus sign (+) next to Human Interface Devices.

5. Click Tablet PC Buttons, and then from the Action menu, click Update Driver Software.

6. The Hardware Update Wizard displays. Click Browse my computer for driver software.

7. In the Update Driver Software dialog box, type or browse to the C:\Cabs\D20113-002-001 folder. Click Next.

8. Open the D20113-002-001 folder and confirm the selection of the qttabbtn.inf file. Click Open.

9. Follow all onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

I get stuck at step number 5.. I do not have a 'Tablet PC buttons'!! (this is the reason why I need to download it..).. it seems to me this 'driver download' is actually an update for the driver. and not the driver its self.?

I downloaded other drivers from them, for my computer and they all worked great.. they all had easy 'install... Read more

A:Gateway Tablet PC, I need the 'Tablet Buttons driver'


After opening the qttabbtn.inf file (installation script), I found these alternative names for "Tablet PC Buttons." Try finding one of these names in the Device Manager:
"Quanta Computer Inc."

"Quanta Computer Tablet PC Buttons HID Driver"

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Got a tablet PC, but we lost the original system disc that came with it. Can I simply put WinXP Pro on it or do I have to put Tablet Edition on it?

A:Tablet Edition required for Tablet

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Hey Tech Guy and Gals,

I have a Gateway CX2618, w/ windows XP tablet edition 2005 version 2002, sp2. And wanted to wipe it clean and reinstall just the things I use. Plus my Tablet side of things hasn't worked in a long time and I was hoping the clean install would fix that.

But my recovery DVD isn't working (could be user error). I DO have apps that I need to keep and I think I've backed them up to my external HD correctly.

Need lots of help, I don't want to get rid of this lappy cause I love its style, but I need it to have better performance.

Thanks in advance

A:Win.XP.Tablet. Tablet part not working, recovery DVD not working. Plz Help


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I have an HP laptop and I have been running it with dual monitors. I finally decided to upgrade to Windows 7 and after I installed it I noticed that the built in monitor of my laptop looked strange and when I opened the display settings to change the screen resolution and set the external monitor as a separate monitor rather than a mirror I noticed that only one monitor was detected and it was the external one (Generic non-pnp monitor on standard VGA graphics adapter) and the built in monitor does NOT show up at all.

I've tried the detection button, in hopes that the computer would read the built in monitor and I could fix the problem. This did not help. I tried unplugging/replugging the external monitor to no avail. I tried restarting without the external monitor plugged in and it STILL reads the built in monitor as if it is the external one. Is there anyway to fix this? I have not tried re-installing the OS, not yet anyways.

Any suggestions ?

A:Monitor Issues - Laptop Reading Built In Monitor as if it were my external monitor.

Only thing I can think of is to disconnnect the external monitor, uninstall any monitors listed and then reboot and hope the computer installs the correct drivers for the laptop monitor.

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I am using a 22" screen for my primary screen and the laptop lid open for a secondary screen. The main screens resolution is 1680x1050, I can set it to anything I want and it's always using the full screen. The laptop screen on the other hand will only use the full screen if it's at 1400x1050 resolution (max for that screen, IBM Thinkpad T43). With the large 22" screen I have no trouble reading the screen at high resolutions, the screen is huge, with the little 14" screen though I have to strain to read the screen at 1400x1050.

The problem is when I set the laptop screen to anything lower than 1400x1050, it uses less of the screen. Preferrably I want it at 1280x1024 or 1024x768 (I dont know which I want yet as I can't see the freaking screen at that resolution). At 1280x1024 for instance the useable screen is just a box in the middle, so the "1280x1024" is still barely readable for me cause it's shrunk from full screen, plus it's just annoying only using a portion of the screen.

I have played with the ATI Control Center, the Thinkpad display settings and windows display settings and just cannot get this thing to go full screen at lower resolutions when docked and using the external monitor.

Anyway to resolve this?

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Hi to all Sir n Mdm,

I got a error message on office everytime, after i install my tablet.
I cant use it. It keep saiding " The marcos can't be found or have been disabled because of your Macro security settings".

I try reinstall and even reinstall my office but of no help.

Almost forget to state i'm using WACOM Tablet BizTablet CTF-220 with Lg-Tx Express Laptop.

Can anyone please help me out .
Thank you all.

A:Can't use my Tablet.

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I am in the market for a cheap tablet, which I intend to use it a lot for reading, as well as normal media consumption, browsing, and maybe some light work.
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 ( windows 10 version, of course) caught my attention for its good price and nice design, but I also found out Linx 1010, which happens to come with a bigger screen (but lower resolution), almost the same specs and a little lower price.
Which one of them do you suggest, or any other that would fit my needs?

A:Looking for a tablet! Which should I get?

What is the price difference? The Xiaomi devices are very well built.

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Okay so I came home my tablet was open with a email account open but it wasn't mine can someone access my tab through WiFi my neighbor asked for my WiFi password but I said no plz help

A:My tablet

If you allowed your router to have unencrypted connections - - Y E S

Always set your wifi router to have your own SSID and private password.

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I have a Lenovo x61 7767-b7U pain in the a** (Am I allowed to use that word here?) tablet PC that constantly freezes up for reasons unknown. I don't want to go into it here, but trust me when I say I have done everything I could, even replaced the damn thing. Same problems. And please don't tell me to try to delete software cause believe I've done EVERYTHING.

Anyway, today I learned that I can downgrade from windows VISTA to XP if I want. Being out of options, I think that might be my best bet.

So my question is: Has anyone experienced Windows XP on a tablet, and how does it work? Thank you.


A:XP on a tablet

The Tablet version of the OS is customized to offer Tablet-specific features such as using a stylus for input. Take away those customizations and you likely lose features.

While there are certainly differences between XP Home, Pro, and Tablet, the core is ultimately the same, and I doubt you'll see major improvements in stability by switching from one version of XP to another.

It's a bit suspect that you've swapped out the entire unit and still have the exact same problems. I'd either swap it again or move on and get a different Tablet.

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I have a Tablet PC for which I can no longer run programs that require ink. Some programs that require ink will run however they are unusable because the pen will not write.

The touch screen is still functioning. I can use it as a mouse input

I removed a couple of programs and suspect that a key library got removed with them. I do not have a restore point to roll back to.

Upon opening OneNote the error message appears asking if I want to send information to Microsoft about the error that keeps OneNote from running. In the detail information is a list of all the libraries OneNote needs. There is no easily discernable information regarding which, if any, of the libraries are missing.

Would it be worth while to hunt down these libraries to see what's missing?

Are there any other courses of action that may allow me to recover this functionality short of reinstalling the OS?


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I want to buy a tablet pc, who can suggest me the best one,budget limited?

A:I want to buy a tablet PC

Coming from a NON-Apple fanboi I'd say it's pretty hard to compete with the new iPad.

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Hi all i cant log into computor as it appears my password is incorrect? but i know its right and at times it say welcome then says my password is incorrect. have tried the f11 thing, the hold the on button for 15 seconds etc any other tips? i have only just got this for my daughter and havent even used it yet!!!!!! grrrrr

A:help! hp x2 210 tablet and cant log in!

I will ask for your issue to be escalated.  

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An ex was the last person to use my tablet with credential and never loggedoff. So now I can't log in with my un/pw on the device, even the original local profile ( incorporated profile). Unlike with a regular profile where you can log in with another profile, the tablet will only prompt me for their profile, which I can't/don't want to do. Any thoughts?


A:Cant log ex out of my tablet

Originally Posted by jesse1775

An ex was the last person to use my tablet with credential and never loggedoff. So now I can't log in with my un/pw on the device, even the original local profile ( incorporated profile). Unlike with a regular profile where you can log in with another profile, the tablet will only prompt me for their profile, which I can't/don't want to do. Any thoughts?


A thought: what I do if it were a Notebook or Desktop is would boot to a CD containing a program I purchased that lets me remove the password/s, doesn't show it. It might work on a tablet to plug in a portable CD/DVD drive if having a standard USB port or an OTG/OnTheGo micro USB to standard USB adapter.

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Hey fellow techspotters, ive been dying to get my hands on the new tablets coming out this summer. I just cant decided on which one to burn my hard earned money on. So i would like to know your opinions and suggestions on which tablet would be best suited for a person like, well, us.

Heres my opinion: I love to modify, tweak and personalize my hardware and the software that runs on it. Right now the 3 contenders are the Archos 7 ( came out recently) the HP Slate and the Dell Streak. Both are out this summer, and i think all three are android compatible, but the Archos is only android 1.5 and even though the description on amazon says you can use the android market, it currently doesnt support it. So im most likely going to go with Dell or HP depending which one releases first and if it has android 2.2+ and the android market.

A:Which tablet to go for?

apple products stands higher than anything else.


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Got a tablet for Christmas and am stumped. Seems like it is stuck in an application because using the menu and touching
an icon I get a buzz/vibration and it does not activate. I'm familiar with a PC and know that to kill an application all we
do is click on the X in the upper right hand corner. Is there a similar function on a tabloid?

It is a panimage 7" tablet, OS unknown because the manual and the screen functions give different info as to the OS. Manual
says 1.6, screen shows a kernel of 2.6.29, Firm of 1.6. I tried their support line twice, once the message was you are 94
on the list and the second time I was told you are 109 on the list. build number WMT2.1.7_PD_N model # R79RTW5

A:tablet help

Pandigital makes the worst tablets. Return it if you can.

I don't know what you mean by "does not activate". It's probably a crappy resistive touch screen which means you have to press firmly on icons to select them. It's not an iPad or Xoom or Galaxy Tab.

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Has anyone heard when the new x1 tablet is going to be available?

Go to Solution.

A:x1 tablet

The X1 Tablet is now available at
Thank you,

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Hi all, im looking for a good 2 in 1 tablet, not a flip thing, similar to the surface, Im looking to buy it in the USA, but live in England, I will have around $750 to spend roughly (taking $1000 spending, but might see something I like as well) and was wondering what the best is, not so much for gaming, just general use, one that I can play like store games on, just pick up and view whenever, but with some sort of windows hello service on, like finger print or iris scanner, I have been looking at the Asus transformer pro 3 but cant seem to see when it comes out, so was wondering if anyone had any good ideas? I do see that Microsoft have a offer going with a heawi ( dont know how to spell it) tablet with a free 8 inch tablet, but I arrive in USA on 7th October for 2 weeks and the offer runs out by then? So any good advice would help? Many thanks in advance :)

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I've got a Wacom tablet and the cursor lags for a split second whenever the pen touches the tablet. Generally it doesn't do it when I have programs like GIMP and PS open, but it does it with everything else, including some graphic based programs where it's really a pain.

I disabled the tablet pc options under "turn windows features on or off" and I've disabled everything I can in the pen options under "pen and input devices", however this problem still remains. (it also shows the ring animation when ever I press and hold, which is annoying)

Any idea how to get rid of this?

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I have a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet. The pen has stopped working suddenly, however the eraser works. The buttons don't work. I don't want to buy a new one because this is the second one I broke and it's expensive.

Can anyone tell me if there's a way to change the settings so I can use the eraser as the pen in photoshop?


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As far as I am aware, Microsoft are holding back the final look of the desktop version of Windows 8. That's according to CNet in any case. That said, they've had a lot to take on board the last few months feedback wise. I fear they have listened to very little of what customers are actually telling them.

Who then are Microsoft going to listen to? Their customers, or, the Widows 8 fanbois within Microsoft who are determined to ram this touchy feely one size fits all OS down everyones throats? It seems astonishing that Microsoft has taken the two disasters of Vista and Windows Phone and bundled both of them in to one operating system. Is this short sightedness, ideology or just plain stupidity from Microsoft? Time will tell, but I think it's already starting to look very bad.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, l think that my original statement "" is still valid. Windows 8 is a tablet OS, no business will bother with it [even Microsoft have admitted that], desktop users seem to overwhelmingly dislike it, and, to cap it all, Apple have already cornered the entire tablet market.

The question then remains, who are Microsoft trying to sell this odd hybrid to? Certainly not me. I've been using Windows 8 on a desktop for months now and it's not been the most fluid experience. When will Microsoft realise, it's not what's under the bonnet I'm unhappy with, it's the user interface on a desktop computer. ... Read more

A:I am a PC, not a tablet


Under the bonnet, Win 8 is a lovely OS.

But that HIDEOUS interface......

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I have a Fujitsu Stylistic ST5010 that I had to put a Windows XP SP3 on based on company policy (to get it on our network). It previously had Windows XP Tablet Edition. After doing so, I went to the site for all of the drivers for the various components associated with the device (the stylus pen, the hotkey buttons on the side, etc). The stylus does not work (Wacom), and the buttons do not have their same functionality. One works (the one that you hold to emulate Ctrl-Alt-Del), but the rest do not. Also, the system is configured to detect its orientation and change the display on the scree accordingly. Any suggestions on getting this to work, or will it only work with Windows XP Tablet?

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I have a AIPTEK T6000U Hyperpen tablet. The drivers loaded fine, there is an icon in my task bar. Can anyone explain how to use it in Photoshop? I cannot seem to put it to use in any of my programs. There was no manual nor does the CD contain any info.

A:tablet use

I have an old CalComp serial tablet that wouldnít work anymore when I upgraded to PS7. Iím still trying to swing a good deal on one over on E-BAY. With dual monitors I need a bigger tablet than my old 6 X 8 anyway.

But when it worked the stylus options showed up in the options for various tools. If you donít have an option for whether the pressure yields flow, opacity or color with the airbrush for example then PS isnít recognizing the tablet.

Iím not familiar with the Aiptek, but you should have a toolbox under Start>Programs to set how you want it to work. You can use the absolute setting where the tablet corresponds to a point on the screen or the relative where it works like a mouse. You can program the buttons on the pen to right click or double left click. I had one of mine switch between absolute mode (WYSIWYG mode to Calcomp) and the relative mode. The relative mode was set for less motion to do finer work.

If it is completely installed it should work fine in PS without any settings. Moving the pen should move the cursor and the options for the pressures should show up when it detects a pressure sensitive pen.

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has anyone here actually used one? Do you think it would be a good buy if you write a lot (20+) pages on a regular note pad at each meeting?


A:tablet pc...

Yes and yes. Don't expect it to be really fast though, but the ability to take hand-written notes or type (depending on how you feel) and then save/send/convert those file is great. I have a crappy Acer C110 but it's just fine for using in meetings. That's really the only time I turn it on. Make sure anyone you're sending the files to has downloaded/installed MS Journal through windows update.

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Hey everybody first time poster with a question I hope you guys can help me with. Me and my fianc? both purchased Nextbook flex 11 tablets as gifts to ourselves. We both opened them Christmas day and hers is working flawless and for the most part mine is. The issue I'm having is when I attempt to download apps from the windows store none of the apps will load and give me an error code. For the first day I was able to download a few apps but not sure what's changed. I can download apps externally such as Spotify with no issue. Both our tablets are windows 10. Any help would be awesome.
Posted via the Windows Central App for Android

A:Help With New Tablet

Kinda hard to tell what the issue could be without knowing the error code(s). You could try and look up these codes on Google or Bing. Most of them are covered on Microsoft-Answers already. A possible reason could be that the store app itself needs an update. Launch the store app, tap on your profile picture and choose "downloads and updates". Now tap "check for updates" and see if an update for the store app comes up. If yes, install it and check if your issues still persist.

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Just considering buying a tablet PC for doing presentations, using GPS (probably Tom Tom 3) and general pc work. I want also to take orders on-site and have my customers sign the tablet then print off the order. Is anyone using this type of system and can you give any advice. I have been considering an HP1100 but really wanted a larger screen and need something fairly robust as I'm in the car most part of the day. Thanks

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I have had a Nexus 7 (2012) 32 + LTE for the last 2 years and it has been a great tablet. However recently it has stopped charging again (4th time), the headphone jack is loose and only works rarely and the screen has yellow marks in all 4 corners. I mainly use my tablet for youtube, internet browsing and playing games. Since I want replace it with a similar sized screen I was looking at the Nexus 7 (2013) or the iPad Mini Retina. Which one is best for what I want? Not really bothered about the OS, just would like to general peoples thoughts.

A:Which tablet should I get?

haroldj97 said:

I have had a Nexus 7 (2012) 32 + LTE for the last 2 years and it has been a great tablet. However recently it has stopped charging again (4th time), the headphone jack is loose and only works rarely and the screen has yellow marks in all 4 corners. I mainly use my tablet for youtube, internet browsing and playing games. Since I want replace it with a similar sized screen I was looking at the Nexus 7 (2013) or the iPad Mini Retina. Which one is best for what I want? Not really bothered about the OS, just would like to general peoples thoughts.Click to expand...

Well as far as web browsing and youtube go I would say get the best priced one and not worry.

As for games and such I will say this, each library of games is getting similar but there are some differences between them so if both have the same things your looking for there then I would again default to the best priced one.

Last thing I will say is the screen is very important so based on that the ipad mini retina does have a better screen so if your after something very media centric then I would say if everything else before is met other than price if your willing to pay the extra the Ipad Mini Retina has a better screen and overall specs so it maybe the best option.

So in short I would say get the Ipad if price is of no concern because it has the more robust set for what your doing otherwise the Nexus is a better price alternative which will still be just fine!
&... Read more

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This is actually for darkassain but I thought I'd ask everyone

I've used a lot of different laptops including Tablet PCs. What I'd really want to know, for those who decided to invest in owning one and using it on a daily basis, what's the appeal?

I can see myself using a touch screen on a desktop setup and doing the Minority Report stuff on my screen but why would one decide the jump from a normal laptop to a tablet?

I've read reviews about these twisting screened laptops with their stylus, there's a part of me that wants to understand the need for it.

I hope that you can share your thoughts.

A:Why use a Tablet PC?

Hello Nosferatux.

I believe Tablet gives you a few extras that a normal laptop won't. First off, its the touch screen. Not to mention HP XT2 and DELL XT which even have multi-touch.

Now IMO, the main (and probably the only) advantage of a tablet apart from the touchscreen , against a normal laptop, would be the option to fold the screen down, hold it in your arms and use it like a notepad, with its pen or your fingers, in jobs/places where this would be convenient in some way. Honestly, apart from the touch screen thingy, I see no other use or noticable difference. Then again, I might be missing something.

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Do somebody have tablets with Windows 10 and 1Gb of RAM?
Now I think that it was an mistake - to try to save few dollars on memory, but it's done.
Have you any recipes how to optimize memory usage?

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How do I go about removing the tablet pc on my desk top on vista. Thanks.

A:Tablet pc

Is it an Icon, function, or what? I have Vista and am not annoyed by this. Could you attach a screenshot?

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Q: Tablet

I want a digitising tablet for my pc windows xp computer, on a usb port, preferably wireless and A5. However, I already have one for a very old mac, and wondered if there was a way to adapt it for my pc. It has a plug which is similar to a PS/2 socket (about the same size) but with a bigger 'block' at the bottom and only four pins instead of five. Can I buy an adapter somewhere? If so, where? Or could I make one?


You might try one of these:

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I am looking for a tablet that can deal with photoshop. Is there one out there or not?
Thankful for help.

A:Help with tablet

Yes there is. Adobe Photoshop Touch app runs on Android and iOS (Apple) tablets. So you can buy either an iPad or an Android Tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 or Nexus 7 or whatever.

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Ok guys, when I boot my computer I get this tiny little screen that comes up, which by the way slows down my boot up terribly, the only thing I see on it is this. Tablet..D

I have also provided a copy of my recent Highjack, maybe someone can pick something out from it and let me know if it's clean or not.

thank you

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 6:41:11 PM, on 5/17/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\EPSON\EBAPI\SAgent2.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton SystemWorks\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton SystemWorks\Norton Utilities\NPROTECT.EXE
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\AIM\aim.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Directory 7 for\HijackThis.exe

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre... Read more


It was from an old program.


Issue is solved

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3062 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 384 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 146491 MB, Free - 41129 MB; D: Total - 77642 MB, Free - 53070 MB; Z: Total - 25574 MB, Free - 10218 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Inc., Chapala
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Hi I have just purchased a new wifi repeater, and everything works fine except for 1 of my tablets
After checking things it seems that when the repeater is plugged in the tablet has a different IP address, than when it is unplugged I have 2 mobiles and another tablet and all are working fine.

A:tablet changes IP address

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Hi, I just got a new PC, an Asus with Windows 7. I have a Wacom Graphire 4 tablet, and I've been having a bit of trouble with it. It works on all of my art programs expecially after I disabled the handwriting window. However, I'm an avid fan of picturechat, and my tablet doesn't seem to get along with that very well. I have the newest java and flash, and I downloaded the driver for this tablet edition specifically for Windows 7, but it still doesn't really like to get along with online drawing programs. I've tried it on both firefox and opera, and I've been messing with the tablet settings. I figured out that part of the reason was that click and hold was set as right click, which fixed part of the lag, but now when I draw it does something else. When I tap an area on the screen, a circle shows up, so now when I draw that shows up and makes the line I'm drawing suddenly stop. How can you disable this? I'm going to keep toying with the settings to see if I can figure it out.


NEVERMIND GUYS I GOT IT Sorry. If anyone else gets this problem: Wacom Tablet, ring round pen cursor

A:Having a bit of trouble with my tablet...

Hi footnoodles,

Thanks for coming back to post your solution! Please let us know if you need assistance in the future.


Windows Outreach Team

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I've recently got my hands into a tablet wich is running windows 7 ultimate
The thing is that I can't get the tablet features to work correctly, I mean, 2 things happen: when I go on and try to write something, lets say on the address bar or in word, I don't get the icon suggesting me to open the pen input thing, and, when I open the pen input manually, it doesn't get any transparent when I'm not focusing on it (very annoying cause the screen is quite small).
I've seen many videos on youtube so I know how should it look like....
Also, Aero works just fine, so I think that's not the problem...
I've tryed to fix this for about two days now and I've ran out of ideas, any suggestions???

A:Problems with tablet

Hello Polux,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

I'd try uninstall and reinstall of tablet pc components. Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features. Click on 'turn windows features on/off'. Uncheck tablet pc components (if it's not check that's the problem). Restart computer. Recheck that box (you may have to reboot).

Hope this helps.


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The main use would be to take handwritten notes in OneNote.

A:Looking for recommendations for a 8 tablet?

Dell Venue 8 Pro is pretty nice. I had one for awhile and the Active Stylus is very good, IMHO. A bonus is that it includes Office Home and Student 2013 installed. No Office 365 subscription needed. It would be eligible to upgrade to Windows 10 for free if you take the upgrade before June 28, 2016.
Others may have different opinions.

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Hi folks,
I just bought a new tablet that uses Android but I can't get it to see our domestic wi fi ....any ideas or advice ?

A:wi fi problem with new tablet

Is your router's SSID broadcast enabled?

What channel is your router using?

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Ok so I have this new Astone UMPC, kinda like an Eee pc but cooler cause it has inbuilt Touch Screen and SD card and external DVI port.

I was wondering if I could hook up the UMPC via USB or what eva and connect it to my Desktop PC so I can use it with Adobe Photoshop, cause as you have probably guessed, it doesnt have the capability to run CS3.

This way I am getting an Ultra Protable PC and also a Tablet to use on my desktop at home.

Any input is greatly appreciated.


A:UMPC as Tablet?

You could try using Remote Desktop to log into the desktop PC using the tablet:

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My new WIN 8.1 Tablet freeze after few minutes of use - probably due to Virus/MW
Can someone assist  ?
I think i have GoSavee 3.0 infection.

A:WIN 8.1 Tablet freeze

Hello tbersuzki,my name is Jo and I will help you with your computer problems.Please follow these guidelines:Logs can take a while to research, so please be patient.Read and follow the instructions in the sequence they are posted.print or copy & save instructions.back up all your private data / important files on another (external) drive before using our tools.Do not install / uninstall any applications, unless otherwise instructed.Use only that tools you have been instructed to use.Copy and Paste the log files inside your post, unless otherwise instructed.Ask for clarification, if you have any questions. Stay with this topic til you get the all clean post.My first language is not english. So please do not use slang or idioms. It could be hard for me to read. Thanks for your understanding.***1. Download Security Check by screen317 from here or here.Save it to your Desktop.Double click SecurityCheck.exe and follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.Vista / Windows 7/8 users right-click and select Run As Administrator.A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.***2. Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your Desktop.Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system, download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.Right-click FRST / FSRT64 the... Read more

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Check this out:

Pretty cool!

A:Windows Tablet PC

but seriously do you think the flat panel is going to revolutionies the way we do computing....UPS guys they need more...I dont know about you but I dont want my system that versitle...does Joe down the hall need to use one of these...dont see a huge reason to go to it...not worthy of all the hype...IMO

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I have a tablet running Windows 8.1.  The MS icon appeared on my taskbar so I assumed that it was compatable.  Yesterday I received the notice that Windows 10 was ready for download.  After I started it, the download ran for over five hours and never completed.  I had to shut down.
My laptop took about 1 1/2 hrs. for the entire process, including download and install, and it works like a champ.  Would this indicate that my tablet may not be compatable?  Should I discontinue the download and keep 8.1?
I have a cheap, one month old 8" tablet with the following specs.
Toshiba Encore2
Processor: 1.33GHz
HD: 25 GB, 16.1 GB free
RAM:  1 GB
OS 32-bit, X-64 based processor

A:Windows 10 on tablet

Your tablet looks like that minimum RAM available. So it will be not work Windows 10 correctly. So it’s take too much time. Also check your tablet current running Windows 8.1 latest version then you will be automatically update to windows 10. Choose automatic update on your tablet. It will be install later first download it and install on your tablet later

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Hi guys, I am looking for a good tablet pc (not the dainty new tablets everyone is producing out the arse). Im talking the full notebooks that fold down (or not) with a touch screen. My school is allowing laptops this coming year and I would love to have something I can "write" on. I really like the Inspiron Duo, but its kinda slow. Also, lets try and keep the price lowish (under $1200). Help would be awesome because im just bot sure what to look for. (Trust me, Ive looked. A lot.) Thanks again for the help!
(Sorry if this is in the wrong section)

A:Search for a Tablet PC

Is it that you want a keyboard? If not, tehre is the HP Slate 500 Tablet PC
Hope this helps.

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I have been looking at Samsung's and i do want to put minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)on it but i want to know what is recommended that is under £150!

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hi everyone. i just bought a tablet from lenovo called the lenovo miix 10. I signed in using a local account but i decided that i want to have a microsoft account so i can download apps from the store. When i go to sign into my microsoft account, it gives me an error saying that it could not sign me in. im posted a picture of the error message it gives me.

A:Cannot sign in on my new tablet

Have you rebooted ??

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I had an Asus t100 and loved it except for the mouse pad being finicky at times. The size was perfect. I'm looking for another 2 in 1 that's atom based. Any recommendations?

A:What tablet hybrid to buy?

Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3

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I have a Samsung Tablet PC which I want to rebuild ... I have the recovery DVD but how do I do that given that I have no DVD?

Any answers appreciated.


A:Tablet PC Build?

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I'm rebuilding a fujitsu ST-5020, orgional hd died big time, adding a new HD. I'm trying to find oem win xp tablet edition 2005 software package, all I can find are restore disks, none will allow me to do a clean install. Anybody know where I can find this or maybe download?

A:windows xp tablet

no versions of windows xp can be legally downloaded to my knowledge.if you cant find that specific version you might have to use a restore disk for your model of computer.or maybe just try to find either windows xp home or pro. those might be a bit easier to find.

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Hi guys,
i need to purchase a tablet for my presentations.
I need one with a good video output compatibility and recognizing powerpoint and prezi files.
I am thinking about buying the Surface pro (windows 8 operated one) but wanted your advice and feedback on the matter.
Thank you for commenting...

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I have lost my pen recognition for my viewsonic v1100 tablet pc. The screen does not recognize the stylus anymore. I have bought a new stylus ($50 from Viewsonic!!!) and still I get nothing. I have a feeling that I am close, I feel that it may be just a driver or something.

Any help would be greatly appreciatied, or any other Viewsonic V1100 owners want to let me know some good tips or share some software, please holler

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I have an Insignia tablet with 8.1. I'm not having any luck in my search for a free QR reader for it. I see lots for Android and windows 8, but nothing for 8.1. Will any of the 8 readers work?

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I do not get BSOD but just lately my fairly new Windows 8.1 Tablet has been freezing. I have to hold the power button for a while and re-boot. It has started to happen around the time of an MS update but I suspect more relevant is the fact that I have just installed Google Chrome and a Chromecast (which does work well). So far it has only happened when the Chromecast is in use. 
I also occassionally get Kernal Data Inpage Error (pdc.sp) with a message that the computer has a problem, is dealing with it and will restart automatically. However, the progress of this is stuck at 0% and it does not re-start so I have to press the power button.
Also, of possible relevance, is that I am very short of free storage space on my SSD despite many efforts to reduce demands on it (uninstalling apps, using a Memory Card with portable apps instead, storing on the Cloud, etc.) Despite this the Disk's free storage frequently drops to a critical level (I have gadgets which monitor it continuously).   

A:Tablet freezes

Hi Clayto ^_^,
Kindly follow the instructions in the below thread and upload the ZIP file with your next post so that it could be analysed -

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I got my hands on a used (kinda old) tablet PC (Fujitsu C-500) that I was able to put WinXP on. It has side keys on it, like a number pad and other things like volume control, and brightness. These work fine, but I can't get the tablet to recognize that I am using the touchscreen itself, even though the other side keys are attached via the touchscreen. It didn't come with a stylus, and I have found a website online to purchase a replacement stylus, but they only sell them in a pack of 5.

First of all, will purchasing a new stylus enable me to use the touchpad itself? And second, is there a generic driver for XP that would allow me to use the stylus or other pointing device (such as a finger) as a "mouse"?

A:Tablet PC not working

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Is there anyway of using my wireless xbox 360 controller with my ASUS TF101 tablet?

A:Tablet controller

How do you want to use it as a remote control?

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android tablet wi-fi connection
I recently purchased an android tablet and want to access my wireless connection. The tablet recognizes my network but would not connect. It always say that it is out of range. Please Help.

A:no internet on tablet

Are you in the same room as your wireless router when you're trying to use this device?

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Hi, i'm considering purchasing a tablet in February i'm in the UK, and was wondering if anyone can recommend a good one for around £300-£350. I will be using it for reading books(PDF/Microsoft Reader files), internet browsing, watching movies and maybe playing an occasional game or two. I really hate Apple so no Ipad recommendations please. Can anyone help?

A:Help with tablet choice

Sony s1 tablet is te best tablet out in my opinion. Has full android market so I'm positive you'll be able to find your reader, comes with original ps one titles like crash bandicoot, and can watch movies, it's around $400 for 16gb and I think $500 for 32 gb so I think that's in your price range of £300-350 just check with your local Sony reseller.

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Just got Toshiba Encore 2 tablet am having issues getting the email to work.

A:tablet troubles.

Email seems to have been set up correctly, but does not send or receive mail.

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Ok, so i've finally gotten to a point where I can't stand not owning a tablet. I'm not yet prepared to drop more than $400, though. I was looking at a rooted Nook Color, but found the Archos 9 which runs Windows 7 (i'd love to have a win 7 tablet...but i'm willing to consider the 101 which runs android) but then came across the Notion Ink Adam. The problem...I can't find it ANYWHERE!!! Was this item pulled? Should I even be wanting a tablet that I can't even find? I know it had a rough start, but after having seen a few videos, it may be in my top list (literally as it is on the upper end of the money range, lol).

I've found the other tablets on ebay, but the Notion Ink is overpriced on there. A seller is selling the bottom line version ($375) for over $500! Finally found someone starting off below $200, but with 6 days left to go, I have a feeling it'll end up going over my budget.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone knows how to go about finding this Adam tablet. My mind still isn't made up, but i've got 2 days off from work, so plenty of time to think about it, lol. Thanks for any help.

A:Can't find this tablet

Might not be out yet, but the Motorola Xoom will drop to $399 at Staples soon. I too would like Windows tablet but Windows 7 isn't really good on tablet and Windows 8 won't be out until next year for Tablets. They say end of the year but then how much would the tablet be? That's issue. Overcharging for Tablet's that cost anywhere from $60 and up.

If you live in the USA you can go to any CVS Drug Store or CVS 24HR Pharmacy and pickup a $99 buck tablet running 700MHz, Android OS 2.1 with 4GB IS (internal storage) plus 32GB ES (external storage) 256MB RAM, 7" HD with 720p HDMI port, 2x USB one Full and one mini port. With that you can connect a USB wireless mouse or combo. There is even 3GB support. This tablet is made by the old Craig Electronics well it made for them. The good thing about this tablet you can root it and get Google Market on it. Once you do that you can access any app for it.

Now the deal breaker if you have anyone you know who works for CVS you can get the tablet for $60 bucks. If not with the floating around 20 to 25% off coupon you can also get it for about $77 to $79. Still not a bad deal. You also have 90 day's to change your mind and get your money back but wait CVS gives you back more if you use their coupons and thus you can walk away with $22 bucks in a CVS Gift Card.

Tablet looks like this:

Well other than the above is the Coby KYROS MID7015-4G both have the same features except the Coby has 800MHz, 1080p output.... Read more

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I'm trying to disinfect my daughter's tablet. When I click on the IE app I receive a warning that the computer is affected and to call a number to have it repaired. I've run some scans and nothing is coming up. When I open IE from the taskbar it opens normally. Can I uninstall/delete this IE app. When I right-click on the app and choose uninstall it takes me to the control panel to uninstall programs. Any ideas?

A:ASUS tablet

This happened to me with IE on my desktop, had to kill IE with the Task Manager.  I suspect the shortcut icon is hijacked, delete it & create a new one.  Or are you referring to IE on the Start Screen of the tablet?  You can pin & un-pin those icons.  I rarely use the Start Screen on my tablet, since it takes you to the desktop for many apps, i.e. Firefox.BTW, my tablet is an Asus Transformer T100.

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Hi Forum, Does anyone know how to pxe boot an HP Pavilion x2 210?  I am trying to build one via SCCM and I have an external network cable (usb) but I can't seem to find a way to pxe boot it.  I've held down the volume button while switching on which comes up with the boot order but none of the options seems to work Thanks in advance.

A:HP x2 210 Tablet Pxe boot

I'm looking for the answer to the same question.  There's no legacy boot option, even with the lastest F5 BIOS.  Did you have any joy or did you try reimaging on a USB key?George

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I purchased a 7" winbook running Windows 8.1 to play with and see what it could do. It's actually amazing and runs ms office and anything else I've thrown at it!

But there's one thing it lacks compared to ipads and Android tablets: the ability to enlarge the display by stretching 2 fingers on the desktop touchscreen. I know there is a magnifier tool but it is less convenient than spreading 2 fingers. Is there a utility I could use that could provide that capability?

EDIT discovered pinch/stretch magnification works when in metro - but not on the desktop side where I live. Any tool that would let me have that capability within desktop?

A:Magnifier in 8.1 tablet

I got a Dell Venue Pro 8 [8"] last week with Win8.1 and it has the stretch capability. I'd say check with the vendor as the feature came with mine and also works in my Desktop with 8.1 and a touchscreen monitor. It might be it only works on the data within a window/program and not on the window itself.

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How do I get the Windoes home key on the bottom middle of the screen to stay lit up? I use my computer a lot in the dark and it would be nice if that button would stay lit up all the time, not just when I press it.

A:Tablet light

 Welcome to the HP Forums,I hope you're well @smithmatt56 As I understand you want to change the backlit options for your power button so that the light is always on, this is a rare feature and the power button alone can't be turned on as such, you may try toggling the keypad backlit options using the Fn+F5 (click here for details - though the header is different the steps will help find a solution. wait for a few seconds after you use the combination of keys that would change the effects of the keypad lights and wait for a few seconds to see the difference. If you are able to reach some resolution, please click on Accept Solution to help others with similar issuesIf you appreciate my assistance, please click on the thumbs up icon. Both icons are below this post. Have a good day, Ahead.

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Is there an app or download for one of the tablets, Ipad, Samsung or other that one can import an excel spread sheet to. We currently are using proposals forms from a lap top in an Excel format that we would like to transfer over to one of the handheld tablets. I have tried Quick Office but the drop downs don't work and it's not very user friendly to any degree. Basically we would rather use a tablet vs the lap top. Any suggestions?

A:Excel for Tablet PC

The specific make and model of the tablet is critical to finding options. Only a few Android tablets have access to the entire Android Market, and the iPad uses the App Store.

However, if you have a complex Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet, I doubt any other desktop software would work with it let alone a tablet application.

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my notebook was on windows 8 now i have upgraded to 8.1. Now i can not find TABLET PC SETTING from device manager  or my  any where in notebook . please help

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hi i have just bought a Linx EM-I8270 7 inch Tablet running on windows 8.1 i use a laptop as well using windows 8 and use avg tuneup 2016 to disable start up programs etc , is there a tune up type software for tablets as well using windows

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I was hoping to get some help. I've come across a few sites and programs (ie that automatically takes me to the mobile version of their site for some parts or assumes by laptop is a tablet as it assumes it is a tablet. Is there anywhere that will allow me to designate that my machine is a laptop ("desktop") and not a tablet and therefore is not a mobile device.

Thank you

A:Desktop vs tablet

What kind of laptop do you have ?

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My uncle left this HP Stream 7 tablets at our house, saying we could have it if we could fix it. Whenever it's turned on, it goes to this blue screen that reads:RecoveryYour PC\Device needs to be repairedThe application or operating system couldn't be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errorsFile : \$Windows.BT\NewOS\WINDOWS\system32\winload.efiError Code: 0xc000000fYou'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB deivce), contact your administrator or PC manufacturer.Press the Windows key to use a different operating systembut, nothing happens when you push the windows button on the bottom. I've tried Googling the problem already, but I can't seem to find anyone who's having a similar problem. I don't know anything about it aside from what kind of tablet it is.

A:Tablet Recovery?

This might be what you have. document may help some: go to the HP forum. is the best I can do for you. 

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i installed windows 7 x86 yesterday (from scratch) and now i'm having a problem with my pen tablet, a genius g-pen m712.

i got the latest driver from geniusnet, hooked up the tablet, and immediately got the annoying control of the tablet pc input service (i gather i'm not the first to report that). i managed to disable the right click, but i still got the droplet effect on clicks, and i can't switch to mouse mode which is highly annoying as i usually work with my display extended to an external monitor.

so i read through some older threads and tried disabling the input service, but now it won't recognize the pen at all. the scroll/volume control buttons work, the tablet lights indicates it is hooked up and registering the pen's pressure. it's just not moving the cursor.

weird thing is, just now when i rebooted my computer, the first two seconds it seems to have registered some movement. now it's unresponsive again though. as if something that hadn't started up yet is now inhibiting the whole thing.

also, when i was still running vista, i had more control panel options, where i could adjust sensitivity, switch to mouse mode and stuff like that. i'm not finding those in 7.

any idea how to fix this?

thanks in advance

A:pen tablet problem.

little more info:

i also have a little wacom volito2 which is giving me pressure sensitivity problems (which i think it might be a pen problem). when i installed the driver for that, i got an extra tab in my control panel for pen tablet settings. it won't recognize the genius tablet though.

so in short, the problem is:
- with tablet pc input service ON i have visual feedback and can't switch to mouse mode
- with tablet pc input service OFF i can't move the pen except when in photoshop and still can't use mouse mode

PLEASE help. this is driving me and my right hand/wrist completely insane...

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Im thinking about buying a tablet. Can anyone recommend what type to buy? Shoud I stick to apple or go for android or maybe a blackberry playbook?

A:Tablet Computers

The answer to that is going to depend on what ecosystem you're tied to (or if you're tied to one at all), and what are the important factors to you when considering a new tablet. You might want to list your 2 or 3 "must have" features in a tablet, what price range you're thinking about, and such. That'll probably get a lively discussion going .

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Just curious if anyone know if there are any windows tablets that have an 11.6 inch display for about $300 and $380? Perhaps with a decent size HD. Plz let me know guys.


A:Tablet question

Looking for some responses guys plz.

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Looking to buy a tablet for between $250 and $280. I will use this for cruising the internet and watch movies or shows. Feel free to recommend one that will match my needs.


A:tablet wanted

Android, iOS, or Windows based?

Streaming shows online or watching them locally from the device?

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I have Tablet PC Gateway E-155C, I knew the HDD is SATA.

So, when I try install WinXP Tablet PC it can?t recognize the HDD.

I am using Vista yet, but I don?t like it's work, XP is too flexible!

Could anyone help me to solve this problem, please?

A:2ed time, i need help with my tablet's HDD

any one here can help, please?!!!

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I just got a Lenovo IBM x60t tablet pc with Ultimate x64.

By chance I was wondering if someone might know how to do this:

We offer services in our company that require a signature. I got this computer so that I could have customers sign the agreement electronically on the computer so that we could email them a copy instantly and not have to keep track of all the paperwork.

I've created a form that I can use in acrobat pro and word. It's a text input field on the form. But when I go to "fill out the form" or whatever, it only allows keyboard text input. Is there a drawing pad I can use or a specific signature line?

Hopefully someone knows how to do this!

A:Signatures with IBM tablet pc

Well, since it seems nobody knows how to do this, I show you what I've come up with. There are two good ways. I'm using microsoft infopath to create the form and insert an "ink picture control". this stores the signature as a .gif along with all the form data the customer fills out. the other way to create a form in acrobat and use the ink annotations toolbar to write on top of the pdf. there's no way to export the form data though.
hopefully this helps someone because it took me forever to get this going.

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Windows 7 is running fine on my laptop, but the Tablet PC folder (in the Accessories folder) is empty. I'd like to be able to use (especially) the Math Input Panel. I haven't been able to figure out how to add it. Thanks.

A:how can I add the Tablet PC accessories?

Never mind -- I figured out how to do it. In case anyone wants to know: "Programs and Features," click "Turn Windows features on or off" in the upper left, and Tablet PC appears as an option.

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Can you use files created on Win 10 in an Acer 500 tablet? I want to use an external drive

A:Android Tablet

I'm not sure what you are asking. Do you want to use your tablet as an external drive? Yes, that would work, but probably not the best method. You potentially could be shortening the life of your tablet, and they generally won't give you much space anyway.

If you want an external drive, pick one up. You can get a 500 GB very cheap now, and would give you many more times the space as a tablet.

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A:Tablet PC over clocking

Thanks for letting me know


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I can't login to LINE due to UI colors being white on the background and foreground. I have tried the dark high contrast settings and the Windows Default theme and still get everything white so I can't see what the pop-up has after I enter my email and password on LINE.


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How do I get the Windoes home key on the bottom middle of the screen to stay lit up? I use my computer a lot in the dark and it would be nice if that button would stay lit up all the time, not just when I press it.

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