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Folder/Drive sharing between XP and Vista

Q: Folder/Drive sharing between XP and Vista

Well, basically I've been reading around the forums about hooking up vista/xp together for filesharing over the network. So far Ive failed miserably. I've went over all the settings that I know in XP and had to look up the others that I didn't know, including ALL vista settings. I'm just wondering if someone has a link to a site that goes over all the vista/xp settings or if someone is willing to type it all out...

note: did what like 10 different sites on google said to... no avail.
Trying to transfer the WoW folder (19.5GB, can't redownload all of that, would take like 15 years on 160KB down) from my wired XP desktop to my wireless Vista laptop.

All firewalls OFF, ports are wide open, file sharing enabled on each... there's a lot more. I'm sure I'm missing a setting somewhere, but I can't find it.

So epically confused.

A: Folder/Drive sharing between XP and Vista

Start with the basics. What are the IP addresses of each machine and can you ping each other?
Try pinging using the IP address and then try pining using the machine name
If you can ping each other try the mapping the network drive though the net use command computer name of the pc with the shared folder i.e. net use \\computer\sharefolder X:
If prompted for a user name and password there is a permissions issue. Set the permissions on the shared folder to everyone and full access. I would do this on the XP machine.

Also check the hosts file for bad entries, something may be blocked

If all you want to do is transfer a file or folder there is always the sneakernet method. But I understand the desire to make it work. So try the above and reply back and we'll take it from there.

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I have 3 computers that share a LAN via a router; two of the computers have Win XP, and the third newer computer has Vista. The problem is I haven't yet been able to successfully set up a shared folder on the Vista computer so that it is accessible at all by the XP computers, nor can I easily access the shared folders on the XP computers from the Vista computer. I tried to follow all the directions in this Microsoft article for setting up folder sharing in Vista:

So here's what I've done so far on the Vista computer:

Went to Start > right-click Network > select "Properties" to get the "Network and Sharing Center". Under here I made sure "Network discovery", "File Sharing", and "Public Folder sharing" are all turned ON. Also, "Password protected sharing" is set OFF.
Also under the "Network and Sharing Center" window I clicked the "customize" button next to my WLAN to change it from "Public" network to "Private".
Went to Start > right-click Computer > select "Properties". Changed my workgroup for the Vista computer from "WORKGROUP" to "MSHOME" since my older XP computers use "MSHOME".
After doing the above steps, I could finally see my Vista computer listed under "My Network Places" on the XP computers, but trying to access the Vista computer r... Read more

A:Having problems sharing a folder on the LAN in Vista

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I know this question has been asked several times, and I've done a lot of research into it already, but I still can't seem to change my folder (in this case D:\Movies\) to be shared an accessed by my Vista x64 primary computer.

When I go into my Network and access the computer, it lets me view the shared folders that I've set sharing on, but when I actually double click the folder to open it I get this error message:

Windows cannot access \\XXXXX-Downloads\Movies
Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click Diagnose.

The error code is 0x80070005.

When I diagnose it tells me that the folder is available but my user account doesn't have access. However, I've already disabled password protected sharing, and I've accessed the Public section of my sharing settings and enabled everything that I read in previous posts, all to no avail.

I also read up on selecting the folder, then clicking the Share With.. tab and selecting "Everyone Read/Write", every time I try doing this as soon as I select the Share With.. tab again it's defaulted back to Nobody.

Here's the part I'm not sure could be causing all of this:

This folder, Movies, was originally on my Main Desktop PC (the Windows 7 machine is my new downloads machine) I bought a new 1.5TB sata2 hdd and set it up on my x64 vista (main) and transferred my movies folder on to it, then I uninst... Read more

A:Sharing a folder to a Vista computer.

I ended up finding the solution in the Tutorials section of this amazing and informative site, so please disregard this post and feel free to lock it.

PS. To anyone else trying to solve something like this, I found it here:[2]=Networking%20Internet

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Hi Folks, first post etc etc

Now I realise this has been asked before but the situations in which it's been asked have never quite been the same, so I'm asking for this specific situation.... sorry if I'm beating an extremely dead horse here (which is entirely possible, I admit)

The situation:

I have a Win 7 Home desktop, connected via Ethernet cable to a wireless Modem/Router. I have a Win Vista Business laptop, which is connected wirelessly to the same router and is able to surf the 'net using that connection.

I am trying to transfer files from the desktop to the laptop; both computers are using the WORKGROUP workgroup name (i.e the default).

After sharing a folder on the desktop, it dutifully shows the folder in the Network section of Windows Explorer on the Vista machine. However, I cannot get into the folder. It provides me with a very unhelpful "Windows cannot access <folder name>" error message.

I have searched around for a solution and come across several people who have had similar, but not identical problems, and have tried the following fixes:

Changed the Win7 network from "Homegroup" to "Workgroup" (and back again)
Checked that the Vista machine has "Microsoft Sharing for networks" installed (it does)
Turned off "password protected sharing" on both machines
Added the group "Everyone" to the sharing/advanced sharing menu when you right click on the shared folder.

I have rebooted both machines... Read more

A:Win 7 to Win Vista file/folder sharing

Have you tried adding the PC names to the firewall or even disabling the firewall on both machines ?

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Hello all. I have an Ubuntu machine that I have burned all of my music too, and that I do all the time. I want to have a way to share the folder that all the music is in over my home network with a Vista and XP machine. What are the best ways to do this? Thanks so much.


A:Folder Sharing Ubuntu to Vista

You can network the machines. You can configure SAMBA on Ubuntu and it'll be accessible by the Windows machines.

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I have 2 PCs and one laptop. PC1 runs XP, PC2 is a new Vista Machine and Laptop is new Vista machine.

They all talk on a wireless network connected through a netgear wireless modem router. They all see and access the internet just fine.

My problem is sharing the User folders C:\user\myname on both laptop and Vista PC machines. I can see all the public folders just fine but not the user folders regardless of what I do. They are shared, have the icon and can see them from the other computer but it says "C:\user\myname is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions" when selected

I have gone through all the permissions and talked through it with the smart dudes at the computer shop. They, and I, am stumped.

Accessing the XP machine from both the Vista Machines is fine.

A:Vista Sharing Folder Problem

Hi bomma, this article might explain it

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Hi there.

I'm attempting to share a folder from my desktop, running Windows Vista HP, to my laptop, running Windows 7 HP. I've been able to set up the sharing without any difficulty, but I'm trying to edit permissions so that this folder is only available to my laptop and not any other computer on the network. When I try to add a new set of permissions on PC, I can't search any location other than the name of my PC.

I'm completely lost to be honest! Any help would be much appreciated .

A:Sharing folder from Vista to only Windows 7 laptop

As long as you have a user password on the host PC and no one else knows that password no one will be able to connect to that host PC and see or access those shares.

No real need to set any permissions. And what you are experiencing is normal. You can only see accounts on the local PC.

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I've read dozens of variations on this question, and dozens of solutions. I'm left with one problem I can't resolve and maybe someone can shed some light on it. I have a file folder on my desktop machine that I must be able to access for read/write from two laptops on my network. The desktop is Win 7 Home Premium. One Laptop is Win 7 Home Premium and the other is running Vista. I just recently switched the desktop from 32 bit to 64 bit Win 7 and prior to that the share had been working for years.

Since the switch, I can access the folder from my Win 7 laptop with no problems. On the Vista machine, I have two IDs (one for me, one for my wife) and I can access the desktop folder from my Vista ID with no problem. But, can't access it using my wife's ID. When I try to map the drive, the error message indicates the folder is not accessible and I might not have permission to access the folder.

I've set up a separate ID on the desktop and used that to access the folder from my ID. I try the same thing for my wife's ID (logging on with the separate ID), but that doesn't work. I've compared the network parameters at the Vista end for the two accounts and see no difference. On the laptop, the separate ID set up for the folder has permission to read/write. I'm at a loss as to what could be different. All ideas appreciated.

A:Sharing Win 7 folder with Vista user on network

Quote: Originally Posted by Solo

I've read dozens of variations on this question, and dozens of solutions. I'm left with one problem I can't resolve and maybe someone can shed some light on it. I have a file folder on my desktop machine that I must be able to access for read/write from two laptops on my network. The desktop is Win 7 Home Premium. One Laptop is Win 7 Home Premium and the other is running Vista. I just recently switched the desktop from 32 bit to 64 bit Win 7 and prior to that the share had been working for years.

Since the switch, I can access the folder from my Win 7 laptop with no problems. On the Vista machine, I have two IDs (one for me, one for my wife) and I can access the desktop folder from my Vista ID with no problem. But, can't access it using my wife's ID. When I try to map the drive, the error message indicates the folder is not accessible and I might not have permission to access the folder.

I've set up a separate ID on the desktop and used that to access the folder from my ID. I try the same thing for my wife's ID (logging on with the separate ID), but that doesn't work. I've compared the network parameters at the Vista end for the two accounts and see no difference. On the laptop, the separate ID set up for the folder has permission to read/write. I'm at a loss as to what could be different. All ideas appreciated.

The following link shows how to add read/write access for the Users folder, you wo... Read more

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to see if anyone here could help me with an issue I'm having sharing my Windows 8 folders on my home network.

Recently just setup a small home server to host my media files and some important work files. It's currently running Windows 8.1, but the PCs connected to it are running Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

As you might imagine, Windows 7 is working fine with the sever. I can access the public folders, as well as folders that I manually share. However when I try to access these manually shared files/folders from either the XP or Vista machines, I run into permission issues.

Should be noted that I can access the public folders (from XP/Vista), I just can't access manually shared folders. What I'm trying to do is set up sharing on a storage space so that I can put files on there from other PCs, and make use of the data redundancy.

Does anyone know if there are any permissions settings I'm missing? I've enabled everything under sharing for the respective users (full control). If there's any help you guys can give, it'd be much appreciated! Just let me know if any more info is needed.

EDIT: Ok, little update - When I set the permissions to "Everyone" for the folders I wanted to share, I could finally access them on the XP machine (but not Vista for some reason...). Will work on the Vista one, but regardless, this obviously isn't an ideal solution, because it means anyone who gains access to my network, also gains access to thes... Read more

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Hi all

I'm currently working on a research project for university. we will soon begin working with a deep learnimg package to determine if we can teach it to analyze a photograph.

As this is a group assignment other members of the group assignment and we do not have one computer we can all access simultaneously im wondering if there is any way i could share a folder on my desktop PC (running windows 8.1) and allow them to have remote access to that one folder from their own PC's (without using remote desktop to give them access to my entire computer, which is something i definitely do not want)
anyone know if this is possible?

A:sharing a folder\drive remotely

Suggest using Owncloud and log in remotely to the cloud share. Your other options are Google Drive, if school is using Office 365, then you should also have a file share space. The last option is

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Ok, long story short... I pulled a hard drive from my main vista machine and substituted it with a larger one. Copied everything over from the smaller drive to the new one, then removed the smaller drive from the system. I have since assigned the same drive letter to the new drive that the old one had, "E". I shared the drive, but for some reason no other system on my network can get in to it, keeps giving access denied errors. Password protected sharing is off, and permissions are set correctly allowing for full control/read/write. If done this a hundred times in the past but it just plain wont let anything into it. It shows available, when I click on the network icon the drive shows up...but keep getting the access denied error.

Both computers show WORKGROUP as the workgroup.


A:Vista to Vista folder sharing

Here are the settings being used.....

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I have a total of 4 computers in my home and have them all on the same network. Here is the break down of my situations.

Computer A: Desktop computer running windows vista, wired connection to router, HOME workgroup. Can access all computers on the network.

Computer B: Desktop computer running windows xp, wired connection to router, HOME workgroup. Can access all computers on the network.

Computer C: Laptop computer running windows 7, wireless connection to router, HOME workgroup. Can access all computers on the network.

Computer D: Laptop computer running windows 7, wireless connection to router, HOME workgroup. Can ONLY access computer B and C....Computer A shows up but I get an error message while trying to access it....\\pca-pc is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The network address is invalid.

Now computer C & D are in the same workgroup because they are both windows 7, but while computer C can access computer A, Computer D can't???

I've made sure they are on the same workgroup. I opened command prompt and typed ipconfig all and they all have the same IP. I've changed Computer A's computer name. I'm at a loss and I don't know what to do.
So if someone can help me, let me know what information you need and I will gladly supply it. There seems to be something wrong with just Computer D the windows 7 laptop.... Read more

A:Windows 7 & Vista Wireless Networking File/Folder Sharing

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On my desktop, I have my pictures folder mapped to an external harddrive. The pictures icon still shows under This PC, which is where I want it.

I have a new laptop, also with Windows 8.1, and I'm trying for the same setup. However, when I try to set it up I can only get the icon to show in the library and not under My PC. When I try to work it to show under My PC, I get a message saying the files need to be indexed. I have tried to index them but I haven't been able to. Network files don't show as an option for indexing.

Any ideas?

A:Problem sharing folder on network drive and indexing

Nevermind. It resolved itself after a reboot.

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I'm sure this has been asked a bajillion times, but I can't make heads nor tails out of the information I've read so far on this subject. (One forum suggested using 2 routers and disabling DHCP one one of them and all this other stuff. That one really hurt my tired head)
I know minor bits and pieces of networking, so hear me out.

Wireless DSL modem (Broadcom ADSL Modem/Router all in one) hardwired to Vista32 bit machine.
XP Machine w/D-Link USB Wireless adapter. (Using the D-Link wireless connection software, not the Windows Wireless Network connection manager)
Nothing going on in Workgroups XP machine except that it used to be on a wired network so it has shared folders set up.
All I want to do is use the wireless connection and access the Vista machine from the XP machine so I can get my music off the Vista comp.
I can't figure out the Vista file sharing stuff in Network and Sharing center, too many options, too unsure of what they do.
Neither computer shows up in the other's network. How do I make them see each other?
The "Broadcom ADSL router" does show up under My Network Places on the XP machine, but that's as far as it goes.
In case it matters, in the wireless connection manager for the D-Link USB wireless adapter on the XP machine it shows Network Type:Infrastructure, not AdHoc.

A:Solved: A million times.... Network folder sharing over Wireless Vista &XP

Never mind, I'm just a moron. I figured it out in like .25 seconds.

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I apologize beforehand if this should be in the Windows Vista forum.

Okay. I have hardwired desktop with two hard drives. One has the operating system and all my programs on it. The other is for data storage. I want to share the data storage hard drive over my home network. I was able to set this up and now all computers on my network can access the hard drive.

Now, the problem is that I don't want everyone to have full access. The only computer I want to have full access is my laptop. I don't want my parents and siblings to have full access to these files, just be able to read the files.

Additionally I kinda want to set it up so that my laptop has full access family and friends have read access, and everyone else on my network has no access (like my sister's friends and what not).

Please let me know how I could accomplish this as I could not figure it out myself.


A:Hard Drive Sharing in Vista

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I cannot get my Vista computer to find the external drive through my network. I have three computers and my problem is as follows:

Computer 1 has an external hard drive connected to it. OS = XP Media Center Edition.

Computer 2 is connected to the network, OS = XP Home, and has access to the external drive that is connected to Computer 1. I must mention that XP is really intuitive on this process.

Computer 3 is connected to the network, OS = Vista, and it doesn't display the external hard drive anywhere. I have read numerous articles to try and get Computer 3 to see the external drive that is connected to Computer 1, but nothing seems to work. I have also changed the workgroup name to agree to the workgroup name on Computer 1, but that didn't work.

Any ideas or knowledge on this issue would be greatly appreciated!

A:Sharing an external drive with Vista

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Ok, I'm trying to make this make as much sense as possible, but sometimes it seems like a Whose-On-First type of thing.

I'm trying to share my Vista harddrives so that I can share files between it and my Ubuntu computer. I have it set to full access so that it should give full permission with a password, but usually my Ubuntu computer doesn't recognize my Vista drives at all. Sometimes it'll work, and I have moved files back and forth before, but usually when I click on my Vista computer in the Network window in Ubuntu, the drives don't even show up.

I can ping the computer through a terminal and it responds (though sometimes not perfectly), but I just can't see the drives. I can't figure out if there's anything I'm doing that prompts it to work correctly the few times that it does. I also can't figure out if the problem is Vista or Ubuntu (or both).

Is there any way to be more consistent in drive sharing?


A:Solved: Drive sharing between Vista and Ubuntu

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Hey, here is my issue. I have one computer running Windows XP Home. The other one is running Vista Ultimate. These two computers are connected by a wireless router. Ignore the wireless part, because the whole thing is wired. The router is the gateway to the internet.

I want to be able to easily share drives and printers between both computers. So far I have noticed that from the XP machine all the shared drives on the Vista computer are all available, and so is the printer. The printer on the Vista machine is just the driver to make things work.
From the view of the Vista computer however the XP computer just isn't showing itself. I can ping the XP computer from the Vista computer just fine, and Zone Alarm firewall on the XP machine has been set to accept connections within the network over a certain range of numbers, which more than compensates for the IP address both computers are given. The drives and even the printers on the XP machine are of course shared, and I think I remember it working once before.

Once I can view the drives that are shared from the XP computer, I bet I can manage the printer part right after that (the main goal). I have no idea what is wrong with the setup. Anyone able to help?

A:Solved: Drive/Printer sharing between Vista and XP

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Hi all,

I have a wireless network set up in my house and I want to share some of the folders on my computer so that other family members can listen to my music etc. When I click to turn Network Discovery on, and click apply, it just stays off, same goes for File Sharing.
When I try to turn public folder sharing on, after I click apply I get an error message saying "incorrect function". I have shared stuff on my work network so I'm not sure what's wrong here.


A:Can't turn Network Discovery, File Sharing and Public Folder Sharing on

Make sure your network is designated home or work; NOT public.

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Problem - Windows 2000

In Windows explorer - I right click on a hard drive - Properties - Sharing tab - click on 'Do not share this folder'

The problem is, when I reboot - it defaults to 'Share this folder'

How can I stop this?

A:Win2K - folder sharing - defaults back to sharing after reboot


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I have a desktop Windows XP home computer wired and a Windows Vista Home Premium (64bit) that I have set up a wireless network for following the directions I found on the Microsoft web site. I have successfully printed from the Vista notebook on the printer connected to the XP machine with out a problem. I can access the shared files on the XP?s C:\ drive from the Vista laptop. On the Vista network I can see the XP computer and after double clicking on it I can see the icon for the external USB hard drives but when I try to access them I get an error that I might not have permissions to use the network resource and not enough server storage is available to process this command. On the USB drives the Network sharing is set to share on the network and allow network users to change the files.

I find it odd that I can both print and share files on the C;\ drive but cannot access the external USB drives. Is there a fix for this?

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I have two Windows Vista computers both connected through a wireless router and I have been trying to share the root of the C: drive on both of them. After doing some research, I found out that I needed to make a registry change to enable this, and now it works for one of the computers but not the other. The one it works on has a login name and password, the other one simply logs in without a password. So I am guessing that the problem is that there is no name and password to enter to login to this computer via sharing, but there has to be some way around this doesn't there? Does anyone know how I can share the root of the drive while not having a password on the administrator account?

A:File sharing the root of the drive on Vista computers

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I've browsed this forum for quite some time, I actually do tech support for a living and I get some pretty good answers for crazy quirks here.

The problem: I can't seem to get my internal 500 gig SATA HD to actually be accessible by any other computer on my network.

I've shared the drive through Vista, the way it's supposed to be shared, just like my 500 gig External that shows up fine and is accessible anywhere on my network. I mostly run programs from my internal storage drive and though I don't really "need" it shared, sometimes I need to copy my stuff to different computers on the network using that drive. This is driving me insane, actually.

What I've done:Formatted and cleanly installed my operating system.
Transfered all the files over, deleted the partition to the storage drive, remounted, reformatted and totally made it a DIFFERENT drive letter, I tried 3 actually.
And last but not least I've pulled out my hair O.o.

Any suggestions? Thanks for reading and hopefully I can get some help.

A:[SOLVED] Problem Sharing a Hard Drive in Vista


Are the other network computers Vista or XP?

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Hello All,

I have several PCs at home, one with Vista Ultimate (mine) and one with XP Home SP2 (my wife's). Both PCs have personal accounts with passwords. On the Vista PC, I am able to share a folder on my "D:" data drive with no difficulty using the right click Share... menu item from Windows Explorer. I can see and contribute to this folder from the XP PC just fine. What I am not able to do is share the "Documents" folder and its contents from Vista. When I share this folder by the same method, all I see on the XP PC is a "Users" folder and "Default User" within that. I'm guessing that this folder might have special properties that are different than the Vanilla "D:" folder. Any ideas?



A:Trouble sharing "Documents" folder to XP Home from Vista Ultimate

Yup. Remember back when you put a password on the Vista machine. It asked you if you wanted to make your files private. You said "yes," making all files in your profile inaccessible to everyone but you.

Easy fix. Create a new account on your computer using your wife's username and password. When you share the folder now (and you will have to reshare), she should be able to access them from her computer.


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I have a home wireless network, with 3 machines connected:

- 1) XP Media Center SP3 - worgroup HOME
- 2) XP Media Center SP3 - workgroup HOME
- 3) Vista Enterprise SP1 - domain <work domain>

Machine 1 has a shared folder, with wide open access
Machine 2 can see the folder file
Machine 3 cannot see the folder or the computer

All I am trying to do here is give machine 3 access to the folder on machine 1. I am assuming the issue is related to the fact that machine 3 is on a domain rather than the workgroup, but I cannot believe the there not a way to do what I am trying to do. Any help woudl be appreciated.

A:Solved: Sharing Windows XP Folder to Windows Vista

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I am upgrading my computer (AMD) with a new motherboard and processor (Intel) and will finally upgrade to Windows 7. I currently have my user folder on a different drive in Vista and do not want to copy it over to a 7 installation on the C drive. Any way I can map my Windows 7 user folder the the Vista Users folder I already have on my data drive?

I will be installing 7 on a WD 6400AAKS hard drive that is currently my swap file drive temporarily until M2 SSD drives come down in price when I will install the OS on the SSD. I currently have two of these drives but never bothered to set up raid 0 (flakey raid controller on my current board) so I will still have the old OS/application drive until I get 7 set up the way I want. Any other suggestions you can think of for this install? I plan on backing up everything on my data drive and all game files to an extra external USB drive first "just in case..." I also have a Sandisc Ready Cache to give it a speed boost until I get the M2 drive so I will leave the swap file on my C drive this time. TIA

System Specs:
AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE (X4 965 died) soon to be replaced with an i5 4670K
MSI 790FX-GD70 (soon to be replaced with a Z97 chip set MB)
Asus HD 6870 DirectCU
2x 4096kb Patriot DDR-3 1600 memory
2 WD 6400AAKS hard drives
1 Hitachi HDT721010SLA360 1TB hard drive
Corsair HX1000W PSU
Intel EXPI9300PT N.I.C.
Creative X-Fi Titanium sound card
HP dvd1720 optical drive
CoolerMaster CM 690 II Case
Samsung SyncMa... Read more

A:Finally upgrading to WIndows 7, Vista user folder on different drive

Yes you can move the Location of each of the new Win7 User folders you need to the old User folder of the same name on its data partition, following User Folders - Change Default Location.

The only drawback is that if you use Win7 backup imaging it will want to include the data partition in the System image since system User files will then be on it. The solution to this is to change to a more flexible imaging program where you can choose to exclude the data partition from the system image, like Macrium - Image your system,

or instead of moving User folder location, you can instead right click each User folder on the data partition to add to its respective Library - Include a Folder - Windows 7 Forums which will leave the C User folder in the library but add the new location too. This way if anything lands in the C User folder you can easily drag it within the library window to the data partition folder. You can also Library - Set Save Folder - Windows 7 Help Forums.

Remember also that these folders while on a different partition always need to be backed up against data loss, by dragging them to external or using a method like Sync, Backup and Store your Files to the Cloud with Skydrive - Windows 7 Forums.

Take extra precaution during the Clean Install Windows 7 to C to not touch the data partition. If it's on another hard drive I would unplug it. If you want to post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image we can advise you better about w... Read more

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Hello.i cant seem to figure out why i cant make it so that
my External USB2.0 drive defaults to stay on "share on
network".its just alittle bit of a pain to have to do
those extra few clicks every time i have to restart the there a way to make it stay on "sharing".
Also this is a NTFS drive and it always brings up
this "Folder Permissions"and wants to scan through every
file and folder on the drive.Anyway to stop this?I Have also drives that are FAT32 formated and this does not come up....Thanks
for any response...Lerch


A:Folder Sharing/Folder Permissions

The hard drive must be on before windows loads in order for sharing to be active (Turn on the drive before the computer).

If you turn on the drive after windows is loaded it will not be shared. You will have to restart your machine. The share is not gone but it is not used.

Note: Once you have a share running properly you can turn on and off the drive as long as your computer is not turned off.

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Trying to set up a network for the first time. My intention was to share public folders but when I right click on my user folders (e.g. PC\Users\Dave\Documents they are shown as "Shared" and clicking on "Stop sharing" doesn't seem to do anything.
Am I missing something?


A:Folder sharing

Stop sharing - Users connected to a shared folder are disconnected when you stop sharing it. but you did not share it, so it do nothing.

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I have 3 computers that share the internet through a HUB/ROUTER. What I want to do is be able to move files back and forth between these computers. For example, I need to access a large folder on my WINDOWS 98 BASED computer by my XP computer and move portions of this folder back and forth between the machines. Is there a guide on how to do this?


A:Sharing Folder

98 box:

xp box:

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I select Properties for my C: drive, go to the Sharing tab, and check "Do not share this folder." When I reboot, it defaults back to "Share this folder." How can I make it stay unshared? In Network Properties, File and Print Sharing is disabled (and stays that way).

A:Folder Sharing W2K

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I have shared one folder D:\123 with everyone full permission. Now when I am creating any new subfolder under D:\ is automatically being shared. I don't want this. is it by default happening or is there any way to stop it.

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I have 3 laptops in my home all running Vista Premium and Basic. Is there A way I can set a folder on all 3 laptops to share on the network?

A:Folder Sharing

Hi -

Here is some information from Microsoft on file sharing -

Windows Vista "How-to" -

From TechNet -

Basically, the systems have to have the same Workgroup, network discovery, file sharing must be on and you will probably find yourself limited to the public folder on each system unless you designate other folder/files to be shared.

Regards. . .



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I'm wondering if it's possible to share a folder or multiple folders on my wired NIC, but not my wireless NIC. Any ideas?

A:Sharing folder(s) on one NIC and not the other

I've figured out how to do this. Steps:
1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Networking and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings
2. Right click on the adapter that you DON'T want to share folders on and click on Properties
3. Uncheck the box that reads "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks"

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Hi all, I've got a bunch of movies and TV shows downloaded onto my desktop. My shows are saved onto an external HD labeled K: and my movies are saved on an internal HD labeled D:.

From my laptop, I am able to map a network drive to K just fine for streaming video but it does not allow me to map to D. I've checked the share settings over and over and they look the same on both drives. The shared folder names are k and d respectively. I cannot even access the d folder through the network, even though it shows up there. When I double click on it I get:

You do not have permission to access \\compname\d. Contact your network administrator to request access.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Folder Sharing

You may need to use the advanced security settings to share that drive. It's different than the regular permissions settings. I'm not sure why one drive would be different than the other but the procedure below should allow you to access that drive.

To share the entire drive:
Open My Computer -> right click Local Disk D or which ever drive letter your drive is using -> select Properties -> select Security tab -> click Edit button -> click Add button -> enter the name of the User you want to set Security permissions (it is the same user name you've set the sharing permissions for, ex. Everyone will set the read permissions to every user. Put check marks in the boxes for full access and control -> click OK hit apply-> select the desired permissions -> click OK -> wait while permissions are set -> and your Done.

You will also need to use the Advanced sharing tab Sharing>Advanced put a check in the box to share the drive, then click on the permissions tab and "add Everyone" then use the check boxes to allow Everyone full access. Hit the apply button on both windows.

Attached Thumbnails

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OK, so i still haven't quite got my head around file sharing/ACL/Permissions between W7 &'s been a long week
For the sake of arguement, lets say i want to share my music folder.
The music folder is stored on my Vista partition (C) and i want to use W7 (i have ownership of the folder in W7) (A) to share to a XP computer on my home network (trusted). What entries to the ACL do i need for the XP user (admin) to be able to access the file? (hopefully avoiding the everyone group)
Also, in general which entries should be in the ACL? Some folders i have up to 5 different users/groups and on others i only have my account and the admin group. What's the standard?
Thanks in advance for your help

A:Folder Sharing

The XP user does not need to be in the ACL, because when accessing the shared folder you can just enter the username and password of an account that already exists on the Windows 7 computer.

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hi today is my first day and first post i just bought 3rd pc my 1st and 2nd pc are sharing this folder named is \\largeoffice\bashir (i checked this name on my network connection) all three are connected via hub eathernet wired

how i connected to share third one to share above folder plz can u expert explain to me in simple steps by step thanku

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Hi everyone,

I'm using Windows XP with SP2 and I'd like to share a folder and make it available to everyone on a network.

Looks very simple isn'it ?
But let me tell you that I've been looking for a solution for weeks now. I've tried a lot of things and nothing worked. And I start to think that Windows XP has some secrets that still need to be discovered....

For making things very clear for everyone, I'm going to describe the whole problem.

I have a small network home. There is no domain, only a workgroup called home.
I have 3 computers all on Windows XP.

The first one : called proxy with IP wich is also the DNS-server.
The second one : called me with IP
The third one : called laptop with IP

Names and IP are not important because on the second and the third computer the default gateway and the prefered DNS is (the proxy).

If I take any of these computers and try to ping any other, it works fine. Also, in each computer 'My Network place', I can see all the other computers.

Now, when I share a folder on the second computer and I try to access it from another computer, an authentification box is displayed and I can't connect. I don't understand what's wrong. BTW, I'm not using the simple file sharing.

I tried to find asolution in In Administrative Tools-> Local Security Settings, modified some keys there, but still, an authentification is required.
I'm going crazy !!!

Can anyone te... Read more

A:Sharing a folder

Do you have any software firewall enabled on any of the computers?
This would include Windows firewall.

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this should be simple... except im an idiot
i am at college and i want to share files with my friends
i have xp
but i only want my friends to access it not anyone else
but i dont want them signing in through my name and password then they can do anything!
i dont want anyone to be able to delete anything or change anything
so i tried different things i took off simple sharing.... i tried setting permissions... made another user account...

what do i do cause i feel like im going in circles
i also wanted to be able to talk with them and let them leave me messages so i thought of leaving a notepad file a where i want them to be able to change it and write in it

how do i do all this??

A:help with sharing a folder

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In the My Documents folder on my PC I have a folder called "My Sharing Folder", it appeared when I installed something a while back and I deleted it but it returns each time on reboot. In the end I just left it and as there was nothing in the folder it was of no consequence. However yesterday I inadvertently put some music files I had downloaded into it by mistake. I thought it was just a simple cut and paste to move the files to the proper location but when I right click them I do not get the cut option, all it seems I can do is move them to the location via "Send To" as shortcuts while the files remain in the My Sharing Folder.
I deleted the folder once again but when I rebooted my PC earlier this evening it had returned and the files in it as well. I don't like having a folder on my PC of which I have no control over. Can anyone advise me how to delete these files and or delete the folder if possible.
Many thanks in advance.

A:My Sharing Folder

Right click My Computer -> Select 'Manage'.Choose 'Shared Folders'. On the list expand shared folders and select the 'Shares' folder.To disable any share you are not using right click on the shared folder and choose 'Stop Sharing' as in the image below.To totally remove follow instructions here in mind, this is a registry edit so normal warnings apply- back up the registry firstMark

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I am running a Dell Dimension 3100 Media Centre Desktop with Windows XP and Acer laptop running Windows XP. I work in Sales and have a folder containing orders, quotations visit reports etc which are added to on a daily basis either by me writing a report or downloads of orders and quotes from the office. At present I have to save the folder to a memory stick on one of the computers (depending on whether I'm at home or not) and transfer the folder to the other computer to keep one up to date with the other but this is a right royal pain in the ****. I connect to the Internet using Orange Livebox (hard wired for desktop and wireless for laptop and have been able to synchronize ACT (Customer Database program) so they can connect to each other but I need a single syllable walk through to be able to synchronize this folder with the various files inside it on the two computers

A:Folder sharing

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to share a folder on a lan do you have to choose the (everyone option) in advace folder sharing in order for the other computer on the lan to access the folder or can you specifiy which computer can access the folder.

i can use the folder with the (everyone option) but i was wanting to specify what computer can use the folder.

A:folder sharing ?

did i not word this question right ( lol ) 5 days is a long time with no reply.

try again here

i just want to specify by computer name which one has access to the folder
say if there is 3 computers named 4, 5, 6 in the network group and i want 5
to have access to the folder but not 4 can i specify which computer can view the folder or is this not possible ?

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In Windows 98 you could share a folder and then use passwords to let some people read only and some have full access. we have now gone to XP Pro and it seems i cannot share a folder with some of my co-workers. i need to limit who can view the files in a particular folder. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

A:need help with sharing a folder in XP Pro

Maybe this?

HOW TO: Encrypt a File in Windows XP

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I have a few networked folders I am creating to be viewed by certain members. Now i was curious if i set up the folder as view but not edit and one of the members drops a file in the folder will it allow them to?? AND will the file turn into a read only or full rights to the owner?

A:Clarification on folder sharing

If you are the administrator you can give the folders whatever access you want to the others i.e. if you make them read only, obviously they would not be able to add to or edit any of the files in them.

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I am trying to share a folder over a home network. The problem is I can share it, but everyone on the network has access to it, which I dont want. So I attempted to set permissions for the users on the network that I want to have access to it, but XP cannot find the users, I can only find users on the local machine. All of the computers are on the same workgroup.

How can I set up this share so only certain users are able to access it?

A:Need help sharing folder over network

How to disable simplified sharing and set permissions on a shared folder in Windows XP

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Just want to share my pic folder so my wife can edit upload etc while signed onto hers instead of mine . I right clicked folder , added specific user , box popped up and looked like it worked . Checked on hers and nothing ?

Am i missing something , thanks


A:Sharing folder with other User

Hello Chris,

You might check using the tutorial below to see if you may have missed setting the permission settings for her user account on the folder.

Another option would be to place the files you would like to share in the C:\Users\Public\Public Pictures folder. By default, all users have access to the Public folders. The Public folders are also included in the libraries by default as well.

Hope this helps,

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our office has 2 branches recently the static ip of the branch was changed to a different subnet. earlier it used to be subnet mask ( main branch router (1) ip which forwards all request to server (dmz) - unchanged subnet mask sub branch (2) router ip changed to subnet mask

after this change i am not able to access shared folders on the dmz server (1) (
i am able to ping the ip and also able to open remote desktop connections from sub branch (2).

i suspect that it is because of subnet change as i was earlier able to access shared folders

How can we access the shared folders across the subnet? what settings to change? kindly help

A:folder sharing between 2 subnets

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One of my clients just decided to replace two XP machines with two Vista machines. Didn't bother to ask about issues that might arise. The most serious is that one machine acts as file server to three others. Without getting into the problems of adding user accounts and making them match, the only way I found to make the data easily available was to put it in c:\users\public\documents. That works, but I would really prefer to fully control things. If anyones knows how to make ANY folder this public, I'd like to know.

In the process of trying things, I got c:\users shared. Now I cannot see a way to UN share it. What am I missing? Actually, I had tried to share c:\users\username\documents. That is when users got shared. I don't understand the logic.

A:Folder Sharing Issues

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I have two "Window XP Home" computers on a home network. After setting up the network to share internet connection, I decided I could share files and for a time it worked. Now for some reason my computer when I try to get something off the daughters says access denied talk to the admin. I went to hers the other day and while on it I checked the My Network Places and it does not even see the shared folders on mine. Is there a way to fix this??? and How???

A:Sharing files and folder ?????????????????? Help

maybe this will help

another thing is to make sure the folders are set to allow the network to see them, i did this last night. my comp was able to see the drive but nothung in it, i had to set the setting on each folder to share on the network and that fixed it.

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I have anti-virus that should not conflict, Windows Firewall which should not conflict, and am trying to share a folder that is not protected by my private user account in Windows XP, but my file sharing settings are grayed out and disabled.

I went into Folder Options and ensured that simple file sharing is enabled. Furthermore, we are both on the MS Home workgroup.

Can anybody advise how to get this up and running?


A:Setting up Folder Sharing

James Crosso said:


I have anti-virus that should not conflict, Windows Firewall which should not conflict, and am trying to share a folder that is not protected by my private user account in Windows XP, but my file sharing settings are grayed out and disabled.

I went into Folder Options and ensured that simple file sharing is enabled. Furthermore, we are both on the MS Home workgroup.

Can anybody advise how to get this up and running?

JamesClick to expand...

should not, but sometimes does. Have you tried it without both the firewall and antivirus to confirm that they are not causing the issue?

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There is an option stating that there is Advanced Sharing (under the Share tab) for some folders, and not for others (Look at the picture).
If I click on the Advanced sharing... link, it shows me that folder's Properties.
What is this all about? That doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

Let me say why this bothers me... Some folders' view settings that I have customized tend to always randomly keep resetting. How do I permanently get rid of this annoyance bull****.

A:Advanced Sharing For Some Folder, And Not For Others...

Please provide examples of which folder you don't see the advanced sharing option for.
The "Advanced Sharing" button you see there is a shortcut to the sharing tab of the folder properties. Which is where you can configure the ability to share files over your network. It has nothing to do with your folder view settings.

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The scenario:
I have 2 (soon to be 3) Win 7 machines in my home network. I want this main machine (YELLOW-TOWER) to store "shared" files for the whole family. It's always on and available. Folders are on a secondary, Data drive D:. Example: D:\Family Photos; D:\Family Documents etc.

I want to be able to grant myself and my wife, Read/Write access to those shared directories (on YELLOW-TOWER) from our laptops (FAM-LAPTOP & NIC-MINI). I also want certain directories for she and I to have full access but no access for the kids.

I have joined all the accounts to the homegroup and have read access sharing working.

From what I've seen in forums, this seems realistic but I'm getting something wrong and am going around in circles at this point. Help Please!!!

A:Sharing a folder with User on Second Win 7 PC

For those certain directories, you might need to add a separate user onto the YELLOWTOWER with its own pw, and grant only that user to said directories. Then map those directories to the laptop with the aforementioned user credentials.

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is it possible to share files/folders wirelessly via a router? one pc has xp, the other win98se.

What steps are required to achieve this with current setup or must i get more equipment?

A:file/folder sharing

I always just share a folder on one pc then go to the other one and Right-click My Computer icon and choose "Map Network Drive" and leave the drive letter to whatever and just type \\Computername\share folder

i believe both computer have to be in the same workgroup also.

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I have right-clicked a folder, selected "Share With" then "Share".

I have right-clicked a folder, selected "Share With" then "Specific people" then added "Everyone".

My computer name shows up as a list item on the left panel but does not show up as an Icon in the Main Screen.

My other computers on the network do not show the Icon or the left panel entry.

What am I forgetting?

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Hi!, Im using Windows XP Pro, and i want to share my music folder with other users of this pc. I want it shared in such a way that the rest of th my documents folder remains private, but the my music folder is accessible to other users on my pc, and, i also want that the other users who access my mp3s cannot delete/change them or add new ones to my folder

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I have a new Win7 x64 laptop connected to my home network (HomeGroup). My Win7 x64 desktop PC can see the laptop's filesystem and vice-versa. I've shared the MyDocuments folder on the laptop with everybody (no passwords, full control, made it as promiscuous as I can). I can drag a file from that folder to the desktop PC, but whenever I try to drag anything from the desktop PC to the laptop I'm told, "Destination folder access denied" and "You need permission to perform this action." Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I know this has been covered many times around here, but none of the threads I've read seem to help. Thanks loads.

A:Folder sharing trouble

You need to make sure your permissions are right. You might have set them for everyone but you didn't specify which permissions you gave them.

NTFS and share permissions systems are completely separate from each other, to access files on a shared NTFS drive they user must have the correct NTFS and the correct share permissions.

Always remember the least invasive permissions will be used

Here is a good tutorial.
Sharing and Permissions

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I have a folder where i'm storing the files i'm working on, i also have a partner who is working on the same files.. who is in a different state than me. So I need a way for him to access the folder on my hard drive so that we are up-to-date and using the same files. What would be the best way for him to access these files.. VNC? some type of online application? remote desktop?
thanks for any input

A:Sharing a specific folder

Dropbox is a simple way to accomplish what you want to: Dropbox - Home - Online backup, file sync, and sharing made easy.

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I am planing a network for a small camp in two weeks.
I will have two different Lans plugged to the same pc with two different network cards and windows 7. (The PC supposes the act as a file server)
Can I share one folder across the two Lans? 

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Windows Help says "To stop sharing a folder by using the Windows interface:

Open Computer Management. In the console tree, click System Tools, then click Shared Folders, and then click Shares. In the details pane, right-click a shared folder, and then click Stop Sharing."

I've done exactly that. When I right-click any shared folder, I get a menu with four choices: Open, All Tasks, Refresh, Help. The only choice under "All Tasks" is "Open". Why don't I see a "Stop Sharing" choice?

A:How to stop sharing a folder?

Go to the folder right click
left click on properties
You should see the share options
I have tested, using Windows 10. Seven should be the same in this area.

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i got big head on the wireless network sharing files, the problem is i can see the files that sharing from my PC, but he cant access to my computer, because is under password protected.
The thing is i didnt set any account with protected password in OS. Beside, i've turned off the window firewall. So pls help me up.
i;m using XP service pack 2

A:LAN sharing folder issue

This tutorial may help:

But I'd also say, try with your (or Windows) firewall off

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Can someone give me baby steps to share files and folders between windows 7 and my other computer with XP?. I have scrapbook folders on both I would like to share. Thanks for any help.

A:Folder sharing windows7/xp

Have you looked in the tutorials?

File Sharing - Between XP and W7 (and vice versa)

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My laptop window is window vista. I had turn all the sharing option without need to insert any password, but i just can see the sharing folder but cannot acess in the folder to see the files inside the folder. I connect my laptop with my friend's laptop with window xp via router. Some more the workgroup name of mine and my friend is the same....So, please let me know where i am gone wrong...Thank a lot.

A:Please help me about sharing folder problem.Thank

I'm not trying to be rude or anything but I can't begin to figure out what you just wrote =/

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I am running a laptop and a computer on Windows 7 Ultimate. I want to make the laptop share a directory with the computer, but whenever a new session is made, the user must login to the remote host. I remember using this method on Windows Server 2008 & Windows Vista, but it does not seem to work on Windows 7, does anybody know how to enable authentication when somebody opens the share folder?

A:Windows 7 Folder Sharing

Create a user account on the computer with the shared resource that has the same name/password as is used to login to the laptop.

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On my home network there are W8-A, W8-B and W7 machines. There is no problem networking among these machines except from W8-A to W7. The shared folders on the W7 are displayed on W8-A but if I attempt to click-open any one of them no ID/PW is asked for and the following message is displayed:

"You do not have permission to access . . . . . Contact your network administrator . . . "

W8-A <--> W8-B OK
W8-B <--> W7 OK
W8-A <-- W7 OK
W8-A --> W7 NG

W8-B and W7 are logged in by the same ID and password, but W8-A is logged in by a different ID and PW.
I can open any folder of the W7 from W8-A *if* W8-A is logged in by the same ID and PW as for W7/W8-B.

I wonder what could be wrong. Any idea?

A:File and folder sharing

Are you certain that the C:>Users folder on the W7 machine is shared? Also make sure that the time/date are set the same on all machines as this will cause access problems.

Setting up a Homegroup between these machines would most likely eliminate all file access problems without the requirement to use the same User name and password.

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I have Windows 7 and Windows XP install on my computer, both OS's are on seperate hard drives.

I want to save most data I use on Windows 7 onto my hard drive which has Windows XP on, as that hard drive has all of my other data on it. I have taken most file permisions over on Windows 7 so I can access the data.

Every so often I need to use windows xp but I cannot access all of my data because windows 7 has the file permissions.

Is there a way to add file permisions for users on both OS's?

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Thoroughly confused by how to configure sharing in Win 7. But somehow the homegroup works, and I can share my movies folder from my desktop with my laptop through a wired router. Clever eh?

But I can't delete a now deleted folder from a drive that no longer exists. There's no way to delete the folder from the homegroup menu, and it's totally not obvious how to organise the shared folders. I can't go to the original folder and click 'share with nobody' because it doesn't exist anymore cos I've got rid of the drive.

So how the hec do I stop that empty folder showing up in my share? Why can't it make more sense?

A:How to remove old folder from sharing

JT, is it still there after you reboot both computers?

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I think i've tried every solution I could find, but I would like you to prove me wrong. Here's the situation:
On the network, there is 1 wireless vista laptop, 1 wireless seven laptop, my wireless seven laptop, 1 xp netbook, 1 wireless media hub with an attached drive, and 1 wireless printer.

The other win7 laptop can be accessed by the other computer but not by mine and can access the other computer,but not mine. My guess is that I somehow played with settings I shouldn't had.

Here's what works or not for mine. No one can access me and I can't access anyone. The wired xp computer cannot see my shared folders, but can see the computer when I go on network/all network/microsoft windows network/mshome (or something like that, I have a french computer). The other windows 7 laptop can see me but not access files. I can see it too but not access the files. But the wired xp can access the files on the other 7. I can access the printer without any problem. Also,every media device shows on the list(the hub and shared libraries of the other 7 computer).

Now for my computer settings: Network is set at home with the following settings`: network discovery on, file and printer sharing at on, public folder at on, media streaming on, enabled 40 or 56-bit encryption, password protected off and allow homegroup managed by windows.

We all are on the mshome workgroup.

A:Folder sharing issue


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Hi all
I have a Vista & Windows 7 networked, when trying to set up document sharing in "Share with" I'm unable to select any of the options on the drop down menu, it is constantly stuck on "nobody". I would appreciate some help please.

A:Solved: Folder Sharing

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Hi guys, something similar has probably been asked before but I cannot quite figure it out

The problem is quite simple I need to have a certain directory on all of my windows 7 computers to have read/write access for all networked computers
that is i need to be able to access this directory from any pc and on any pc the directory is "C:\ProgramData\Pure Networks\Platform\ScreenCaptures" which is for network magic where is puts the screen capture files, basically the screen dumps need to be able to be copied out and then deleted on a regular basis, I have got it working on one laptop but that is it and i don't know why it works and the rest do not. on the rest i can only view the files but not copy,open or delete them, to make it simple of what i have done i have listed it below:

Shared all folders in the directory list for "everyone" and "homegroup"
given permission for the user class "everyone" to full control for this folder and all in chain
given the local user ownership of the files (all of them actually)
so to summarise i can access the folder but not do anything with the files, the permissions are set for full control and the sharing settings or set for "everyone" to have read/write access as well as for homegrouped computers to have read/write access

All the computers bar one are running windows 7 enterprise 64bit, the other is running windows 7 professional 32bit (my desktop, laptop is 64bit)

hope someone can f... Read more

A:Windows 7 folder sharing

Nobody know?

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Is there a way to share folders to other computers on the network that do not have user accounts on the computer where the share is located? The public folder is visible from other computers but when I share another folder the other computers on the network can see the share but cant access it. I know that there must be a solution to this problem but I'm starting to lose my hair with all my head scratching. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have now discovered via the forum that I have to enable the guest account and change the permissions to give methe access I required. Thanks again to this fantastic site. I'd be lost without it!

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I can see more options under file/folder
sharing, however I still cannot duplicate what I was able to do in W2K...

My scenario is like this (this is a peer-to-peer Network, all PCs are P4
running Win/XPP)
1. PC1 is acting as a Server, Computer name is PC1, User Name is Staff1.
This is somewhat acting as Administrator.
2. Within this PC , I created 3 user accounts (Staff1, Staff2, Staff3)
3. Under C Drive, I created 3 Folders (also called Staff1, Staff2, Staff3)
** User Staff1 will logon to PC1 as Staff1 all the time.
I then right click on folder Staff2, make it a shared folder, then apply
permission. I would remove 'Everyone' and only add Staff2 as the user.....
I do the same under the Security tab....

4. The other two computers: PC2 to be logged on by Staff2, PC3 to be logged
on by Staff3.
5. My plan is : Staff2 will only have access rights to Folder Staff2 in PC1
computer, and cannot access Staff3 folder. Same apply to Staff3 (only access
to folder Staff3 and not Staff2)

The above scheme works GREAT in Windows2000 Professional.

Now, even I follow the exact same path but I just cannot make it to work in
Every time when Staff2 at PC2 try to map or open the Staff2 folder via the
Network, system would say \\PC1\Staff2 is not accessible, you might not have
permission to use this network resource......

I would appreciate if you could tell me what did I miss... it must be
something in XPP I don't understand!

Thank you very much in advance.


A:WIndows XPP Folder Sharing


If your using windows xp pro you should be able to do the same thing by going to run ->mmc->and adding in the user and groups snap in.

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Hi guys

Im trying to share the folder of one computer with another computer on a local network, however the second computer has had issues accessing the folder on the first computer.

"Share this folder on the network" has been clicked and "Allow network
users to change my files" has been clicked as well

I have tried to remedy the problem using the following approaches

- Re-setting the aforementioned folder settings
- Rebooting the first computer
- Rebooting the second computer
- Plugging the first computer's network connection into another port
on the network router
- Plugging the second computer's network connection into another port
on the network router

None of these have solved the issue at all

what could be the problem?

A:network folder sharing

What Operating Systems are on each computer? (eg Windows XP Pro or Home? Or Windows 7 or 8? Are you using Simple File Sharing?
Make sure each computer has a user name and password associated with it and you do not login without a password.
On the computer you want to share, find the computer name of the computer.
On the remote computer go to Start/Run (XP, Search in later versions) and type the computer name of the computer you are trying to access, (eg) \\ComputerName and press enter. If the file is shared on the other computer, it should show the computer with the shared file and/or printers. If you cannot access this computer, then turn Simple File Sharing Off.

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error"No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are already as many connections as the computer can accept"

i have 6 user working together in a project in one of the system the project data is stored and it is shared it is accessed by the rest of the user instally from last 2 weeks they are not able to access the user in which the data is stored he has to restart his system then only all other user's can again be able to access the data

plz help me to find a solution for this the systems are on windows xp sp3 and windows vista sp1

thank u

A:folder sharing problem

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I am running Win XP Pro SP2. Was running simple file sharing for months without problem.
My laptop and desktop and my cousin's desktop are linked by a router. Normally i just share a folder, for example "Data" in my laptop then from my desktop, I just need to type // and i can see the Data folder.

However, since yesterday, when i do that, I get prompted that

\\ is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator to find out if you have acess permissions.

However, when I type \\\Data, I can access it and see the content of the folder.

The same is happening when I try to access my Desktop from my laptop. The weirdest thing is my laptop and desktop can access my cousin's desktop without any problem, just type in the IP and I can see the share folders.

I tried searching the net, but no suck problem has been reported. Please advice.

A:Folder Sharing Problem

I am having the same problem. Did you ever resolve this?

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I have two XP machines that I would like to share folders/files with. How do I set this up?

A:Folder/FIle Sharing

Hi Baldie,

The easiest way is to right click the folder in question and scroll down to Sharing and Security, where you can share the folder.
If you have not set up a network between the two computers, you will need to run the Network Setup Wizard, and follow the prompts first.
Post back with how you get on.

Kind Regards,

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Me again! Problems with getting into shared folders on my Win 7 pc

Have managed to set up sharing between two pcs, one Win 7 other XP.

Win 7 can see and access all the folders (and now the printer too thanks to your help) on the XP pc - great!

However although the XP pc can see the networked Win 7 folders, when I open the default folder (which incidentally is greyed out) all the sub folders show as empty. Any ideas please?

Also does anyone know if I can network a Canon LiDE 90 scanner which is currently wired to XP pc to my Win 7?

Many thanks

A:Folder Sharing Problem XP/7

I can only hope that you set up a workgroup and not a Homegroup for sharing because Homegroups are only made for Windows 7 machines.

I'm not sure what you mean by the default folder?

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Is it possible to share a folder on my PC with someone else on another PC who is at a different location so that they can access the contents via the internet as long as my PC is switched on?

If so is it safe to do this and how would I go about doing it?

A:File/folder Sharing

Hi Yorkie,I don't have that much experience in networking over the internet. But there are a couple of things you can explore. As long as you have good security on each pc and a safe service for the network you will be fine.FTP:The simplest option if you want to just share files. Just get some space and upload your folders.Pros: Access files anytime, anywhere even when your PCs are off.Cons: To modify a file you must download it, modify and upload it again.Search HereVNC:This is a remote PC to PC connection over the internet. You can see the other PCs desktop and work just like you were sitting at it. VNC services hereVPN:I have never use a VPN and I'm not to sure how they work, but its worth suggesting!One Service I have just remebered relevant to FTP is a great free service for internet file sharing they have added many new features since I last used it - so got check it out!Hope that helps!Tomo

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I'm not sure what's going on here, everything appears to be setup correctly.

I have gone through my Network and Sharing Center in Windows 7RC and turned everything on except Password Protected Sharing.

I have joined both Win7 and Xp machines into WORKGROUP.

I can access my Public folder and my shared printer from my Win7 machine on my XP machine.

I'm trying to share my Mp3 folder, thats on a secondary HDD in my Win7 machine. Path being "E:\Stuff\Mp3z". No matter what I change as far as permissions, adding HomeGroupuser$ to the Advanced Sharing dialog...everything I've tried, my XP machine can see the share, but I get the " not accessable. You may not have permissions...." error in XP trying to open the shared folder.

It should work as is, anyone else know why it might not be?
And what's up with not having a folder icon with a Share symbol in Win7 so by looking in Explorer you can tell a folder is shared?

A:Sharing a Folder with an XP machine.

Have you got same usernames and passwords on both PC's? My XP has to have my girlfriends account created on it so she can access my XP from her machine.

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I would like to set up a shared folder with write access to all but have been unsuccessful in all my attempts to do so. I am running Win XP sp2 on an HP Pavilion. The machine runs stand alone. It is set up with two admin accounts and 5 user accounts. The two admin accounts have write access to the files in my shared folders but the uesr accounts can only write to files that they create. How can I change this so that all the users can write to any file in my shared folder?

All the documentation I can find is for networked machines which mine is not. Please help.

A:Non networked Folder Sharing

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i installed live messenger a while ago, and was greeted by the 'my sharing folder' in 'my computer', which messed up the order of the icons. petty, but very annoying! I got rid of it by typing this into run:
regsvr32 -u -s "C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\fsshext.dll"

that worked, i was happy!

but i just installed the beta of Virtual Earth 3D, and once again i've got this stupid unwanted folder.

Does anyone know how i can remove it? (preferably forever!) I uninstalled Virtual Earth, that didnt get rid of it.. Its so infruiating that new 'Live' stuff sticks that stupid folder there without asking you, and then makes it stupidly hard to remove! ... garrrrr

hope someone can help..


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I have Windows 10 installed on my PC and i am coming from windows XP. On windows xp i was able to setup folders as shared folders that did not require a password or any other authentication. This allowed me to share folders via my kodi (android tv box). I am having nothing but trouble attempting to share on windows 10.

I do not want a password or any authentication. I just want to be able to access my \\ipaddress\ files without any other prompts.

Currently i see the folders that i have shared but i can not access the folders. It still asks for a password and username.

In the network and sharing center i have public networking sharing on and password protection off.

What am i missing?

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Hi there. I've got quite a strange help request, and i'm not even sure that its possible, but here goes:

I want to set up (advanced) file and folder sharing between my laptop and my PC via a wireless connection. I say advanced, because I have already done it basically, with the "Shared Documents" folders on both computers. BUT, I also want to share the files in the "My Documents" folder on the PC as well. Sounds simple enough...but there's a problem. I want to be able to do this so only my laptop can access the files, and no-one else on the network, and also no-one else on the PC (there are 3 other users) can even see the files...

Some tech specs about the computers: Both are running XP home, and the PC is running Norton Internet Security 2006 (but this shouldn't be a problem)

A:File and Folder Sharing


It may only work for Windows XP PRO.

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I have Windows 7 Home premium.
My public folder is shared with read only with three XP machine.

I want to share a file F:\Special with one of the XP machines in the network while keeping the public folder shared with every one

A:sharing folder with one XP machine

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I'm trying to set up my boss's computer with a folder on her C: drive for her scans from our office copier. Her laptop is part of our network. Our servers run Server 2003 R2. Her laptop is new and is a 64-bit Windows 7 pro. When I try to set up the sharing it gets hung up and says Sharing Files (with the green progress bar going and me being alerted that it may take a few minutes). Then it just says at the top after a long while that it's not responding. If I wait it out it then says that the folder is shared but when I try to do things like view its properties it just starts to not respond again.

Is it a compatibility issue with Server 2003 and Windows 7 or possible a problem with her computer?

A:Not Responding when Trying to Set up Folder Sharing

I personally would not share any folder on the C drive other than the Public folders that are already shared.
I would use the folder Public Documents to put the scanned files in.

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Hi,When i click the X3D folder on my pc i'm prompted to put in a
user name and password for network login which i've never had.
I've checked network and sharing settings and i can't see anything wrong.
This folder is to access a media server i've just got.

A:Can't access X3D sharing folder

Solved,found out it was the Samba security setting being turned on in the settings
of the media server.Turned it off and no more prompts for user name and password.

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how do i share a folder with a friend who is at his house a couple of towns away and not in my homegroup "both running windows 7" do i need a ftp server? if so what are the steps to sharing that folder? thanks

A:sharing a folder with a friend???

You may upload the folders in a file hosting site like Rapidshare or mediafire , but the best way is trying TeamViewer - Free Remote Access and Remote Desktop Sharing over the Internet

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i just want to share a folder with my other PC's connected to network, when i try to share it from "Share" option in right click menu, i get to user selection page, but how can i add, in drop down list i see only "home group" and "everybody".
in vista i used to connect through an guest account but here even activating guest account wont let other PC to log in, it says log in right(or something) is not set.

A:sharing folder on Windows 7

If you share them with everyone still not working?

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Hi, We have a server machine running windows 7. just a few days ago, it started not being able to access its own sharing folders. From network, I can see all other computers(Xps and Window 7s). I can access other computer's sharing folders too. But when I try to access the server's own sharing folder, it gives me this error message:

"Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click diagnose. "

Please help!! Our office cannot function without this server working properly! THANK YOU!!

A:cannot access its own sharing folder

Please read the rules. Do not double-post.

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I'm on a home network. Its all been configured. My firewall has been configured. Just wondering how to put files in the public folder. I understand you can just copy files in there but i dont want to because it'll take up space. Is there a way to make individual files or folders share themselves into the public folders without duplicating themselves from the original to save space? Because i dont want two from the same file, ie one in the public folder and the other in the original folder.

Also, i use vista and my other network computers are on xp. I noticed on one of them, i can give it files and but i cannot take files from it onto my computer. I understand it must be a sharing setting on that computer but im not sure where to go to fix it since its xp and im a vista person now. If someone could assist me in those two issues would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a desktop running XP that is linked to another desktop running XP (as well as two laptops running Windows 7). The all is working well with the network except on the second desktop I have 3 user accounts. I can access 1 of the user accounts fine from all 3 of the other computers but the other 2 user accounts give me an error "You do not have permission...". I have checked the file sharing on these two user folders and neither are marked private and both are marked to share and allow changes by network users. I am at my wits end to figure out what else to try. Any idea?

A:XP Folder Sharing issue

TBear830 said:

I have a desktop running XP that is linked to another desktop running XP (as well as two laptops running Windows 7). The all is working well with the network except on the second desktop I have 3 user accounts. I can access 1 of the user accounts fine from all 3 of the other computers but the other 2 user accounts give me an error "You do not have permission...". I have checked the file sharing on these two user folders and neither are marked private and both are marked to share and allow changes by network users. I am at my wits end to figure out what else to try. Any idea?Click to expand...
Are those two accounts password protected? If they are and you don't know the passwords, you may not get much help here. Have you tried to access them through the network while they are actually logged on?

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I have a question regarding networking 2 PCs.

PC #1) A laptop running Vista Home Premium
PC #2) A desktop running Windows XP

The two are connected with a crossover cable and everything is mostly working. The issue I am having is sharing a certain directory on PC#1's c:/ drive. I did the following:

1) Unshared the c:/ drive to reset everything
2) Shared the c:/ drive (top level)
3) The c:/ drive appears as shared on PC#2. There are two user directories in c:/users ----- 'public access', and 'myname'. I can access the 'public access' directory, but not the 'myname' directory.

I have shared the 'myname' directory directly, and it appears on PC #2. I have also set permissions as follows: Right click 'myname', Sharing, Advanced sharing, Permissions, Total control for all.

Still no luck, though.

What am I missing?

Thanks so much.

A:Folder sharing on two networked PCs

Answered on another board with a link.

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I'm trying to access a folder on my comp which is registered to another user. Both accounts are marked as being "computer administrator". Now the problem is....that I can't retreive files from the other users my documents folder. When I try and access that folder in Microsoft Outlook 2003....I get a message from Microsoft Word saying The folder 'C:\Documents and Settings\******\My Documents' isn't accessible. The folder may be located in an unavailable location, protected with a password, or the filename contains a / or \. Now as far as I know, it's not in an unavailable location and it isn't password protected and I know it doesn't contain any /'s or \'s. Any ideas on what the problem might be? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

A:Folder sharing problem! Please help!

When I had this problem it was because I disabled some windows services that were necesary to share files over a network. Try enabling services until it works... That's my tip.

Unless neither computer have had their services changed?

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