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WinXP Sound Driver Confliction

Q: WinXP Sound Driver Confliction

hi, i have a working computer running windows xp, i have recently upgraded the computers Motherboard, memory, processor and graphics card.

Upon first boot of my computer just before the login screen, i get a message saying i need to reactivate my windows, after that i log-in and start reinstalling drivers.

i am planning to use the onboard sound card on the MOBO as i was doing before i upgraded,

the problem comes when i try to reinstall my sound driver, basically it keeps failing. and im not sure why.

any help would be appreciated


A: WinXP Sound Driver Confliction

Are u using the most recent driver from the manufacturers web site?

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Ok I'm not sure what is going on but here are some things I've found related.. I cannot hide my desktop icons without the background becoming all white.. my AIM expessions wallpapers are also showing as ALL WHITE.. and everything works fine in firefox but if i open IE everything looks all big and messed up and background pics on sites dont really show up.. this seems to all be part of one connected issue to me.. if anyone knows what could be going on here PLEASE HELP ME..... ? I'm very frustrated with this.

A:IE/Firefox Confliction?

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Ok, so today I went to Fry's Electronics to up my memory from 512mb to 1GB. I bought Corsair Value Select, Dual Channel PC3200 DDR400 2X512mb sticks. When I installed the new RAM, I got a long series of beeps, so I turned the PC off, reseated the RAM, and it booted up, but after a successful POST, it hangs. When I try to enter Setup, it still hangs. I tried my old RAM (Kingston PC3200 DDR400 Dual stick 2x256MB), and now its doing the same thing. I haven't overclocked my CPU or anything. Power cables are all connected, the pins on the RAM aren't malformed or anything, and I've made sure to ground myself and unplug the power everytime I'm inside my case. Can someone help me?

A:RAM/Motherboard Confliction

Value Select is not the same as regular DDR400. It is slower.
This is a particular difficulty with certain ASUS motherboards.
You will likely need to reset your BIOS to go back to the old and very good Kingston memory, then upgrade to memory that does not have "value" in the name... If it is an ASUS board, see their website as they post which memory brands and models work.
If another motherboard, I would also check the sit of that board for the online manual of the board... or search for acceptable memory.

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Currently I have my Yahoo AT&T Modem hooked up to a switch.
Also hooked up to the switch is my main PC, and my Wireless Hub.
When I try to use my PC and my Laptop via the WIFI from the Wireless Hub, it gives an error message saying that the IP address are conflicting, and wont work.

Can anyone please help me fix this?

A:Wireless Hub and Switch IP Confliction

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Hello. Does anyone know if USB drivers written for Windows XP will work with Windows XP Embedded?

A:WinXP / WinXP Embedded USB Driver Interoperability

XP Embedded is supposedly a componentized version of Window XP. It's intended for OEM's developing an embedded computer, usually for some industrial or large commercial application, rather than your run-of-the-mill PC.

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I've just installed Windows 7 Pro 32-bit on my Acer 8935G notebook. Along with my ATI 4670 I have an onboard Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family display adapter.

*My problem is that I cannot seem to have my notebook utilize my ATI adapter rather than the built-in (and inferior) Intel adapter, it seems to want to use the Intel by default.

In device manager, both display adapters are reported to be working fine and without error. I have also already downloaded and successfully installed the latest ATI Catalyst display driver for Windows 7 32bit.

What can I do so solve this? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.

A:ATI Mobility Radeon 4670 & Intel Confliction

Quote: Originally Posted by JV3

I've just installed Windows 7 Pro 32-bit on my Acer 8935G notebook. Along with my ATI 4670 I have an onboard Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family display adapter.

*My problem is that I cannot seem to have my notebook utilize my ATI adapter rather than the built-in (and inferior) Intel adapter, it seems to want to use the Intel by default.

In device manager, both display adapters are reported to be working fine and without error. I have also already downloaded and successfully installed the latest ATI Catalyst display driver for Windows 7 32bit.

What can I do so solve this? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.

go to device manager and the offending device. right click and disable it. no problem
EDIT Just realize that if your ati doesn't work the integrated one will still be disabled

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The thread title says it all. I have no sound when I dual boot into XP, I DO have sound when I dualboot into Ubuntu, and in XP i have beeps.
DxDiag says:
No sound card was found. If one is expected, you should install a sound driver provided by the hardware manufacturer.

I have a Dell Dimension 3100, and i've gotten and ran their Sigma Tel crap, which didn't work, but crapped me into a good-for-nothing reboot!
I have read the entire thread at
since it mentions my errmassage 887800078, but it wasn't really solved, the guy just gave up. To be really clear, my problem differs from his since it's clearly not the hardware with me.

Please, please help

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I have a fairly old notebook that I have been doing a pretty good job of keeping on life support. I've updated and upgraded everything and everything else works just peachy except now I have a problem with WinXP and the CD-ROM drive.

The notebook is a Toshiba Satellite 2250CDT with a TEAC CD-224E-B CD-ROM drive. In Device Manager there is a yellow exclamation point on this drive. The Device status is "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupt or missing (Code 39)".

I'm guessing the TEAC driver is incompatible with WinXP and there is nothing on the TEAC or Toshiba websites. Is there such a thing as a generic driver? I've scoured the web looking for an answer and you may be my last great hope. Any ideas?

A:Need WinXP CD-ROM driver

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I own a second hand Mesh computer and I have none of the official documentation. Recently I reformatted my pc to Windows XP Professional SP3 and did my best to collect drivers and so forth. The problem I am having is installing the correct driver for my Ethernet Port.

I found that I needed the driver associated with the motherboard -- ASUS P5N-E SLI. Went to the manufacturers site and located the LAN driver here -- SLI

I cannot work out how to install this driver. There is no .EXE and after a closer investigation I found it to be a Remote Installation. I did a google search but with my little knowledge of the topic, nothing seemed to answer my installation query. The documentation included speaks of a RIS image and an unknown directory to me -- RemoteInstall\Setup\Language\Images\Dir_name\I386

Any help on installing this driver? If there is any extra information needed, I'll do my best. Thanks in advance, I know how useful this forum can be.

A:RIS driver for WinXP

I would like to announce a result Did a little more research and found that the driver is included in the NForce package (doh). Sorry for wasting a thread.

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Hi anyone,

I'm looking a Driver for winXP-SP3?
my notebook specification are listed below:

Model : ASUS K50AB-SX021L
Processor: AMD Athlon X2 QL-64 2.1GHz
Hard Disk: 250GB
Graphics: ATi Radeon HD 4570

Can anyone help me?

A:Driver for winXP-SP3?

Hello Yunks,

What Driver are you looking for? (Graphics,Audio,Network,etc)

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I have recently installed windows xp, however there is no sound. I have checked the device manager which reports that it is working properly, with no conflicts.

I downloaded the most recent driver (I have an AC'97 onboard chip), however this had no effect.

Everything is connected properly and I have checked the volume levels. My current configuration is WIN98SE installed on my C drive (40gb HDD) dualbooted with WINXP installed on the D drive (10gb HDD) and when I boot into WIN98 the sound works perfectly, so it is definately a software problem.


A:no sound in winxp

in win xp go to control panel and open sounds and audio devices.on the audio tab , are your devices showing up or are they greyed out? if not open the volume and make sure the sliders are up and nothing is muted. there is also a mute option on the first tab which is also labeled volume.

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When I try to place the volume icon in the desktop taskbar I get this message: "Windows cannot display volume control on the taskbar because the volume control program has not been installed. To install it use Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel." I cannot play sounds either.
It is not in Add/Remove Programs list, nor Add/Remove Windows Components. Sounds and Audio Device are as follows: Realtek AC97 Audio
Audio Codecs
Legacy Audio Drivers
Media control devices
Legacy video capture devices
Video codecs

Properties for each device shows "this device is working properly". Any helpful suggestions to get my sound & icon back? Thanks.

A:WinXP sound

Method 1To add the Volume icon to the notification area of your computer, follow these steps: 1. Click Start, and then click Run. 2. Copy and paste or type the following command in the Open box, and then click OK:mmsys.cpl 3. Click to select the Place volume icon in the taskbar check box. 4. Click OK. If the Volume icon is displayed in the notification area of your computer, you are finished. If you cannot add the Volume icon or if you receive an error message when you try to add it, the Sndvol32.exe file might be damaged or missing. Go to method 2.Back to the topMethod 2: Save a new copy of the Sndvol32.exe file on your hard diskIf the Sndvol32.exe file is damaged or missing, you must extract a new copy of the Sndvol32.exe file from the Windows XP CD and save it on your computer's hard disk.PrerequisitesThis method requires you to have your Windows XP installation CD.Note If you do not have access to the Windows XP CD that contains the installation files, ask the network administrator for help if the computer is at your workplace, or contact Support. To contact Microsoft Support, visit the following Microsoft Web site: ( extract a copy of the Sndvol32.exe file from the Windows XP CD and save it on your computer?s hard disk, follow these steps: 1. Insert the Windows XP CD into your computer's CD drive or DVD drive. Press and hold the SHIFT key as you insert the CD to prevent it from star... Read more

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Mobo ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe with onboard Realtek Audio.

Since purchased new the audio never worked.

I have installed since a few PCI audio cards but did not work either & the last one with its drivers loaded from its small CD gives sound but very weak.

Has anybody a magic idea of how to get sound on this oldish mobo?

thanx ........nick

A:no sound winXP

if you want to use the onboard sound card, go into the BIOS and make sure its enabled, from there go to the asus website and find audio drivers for your mb, download & install.

Then play a song or cd and have your speakers plugged it & powered on if it does not work then leave the song playing and plug the speakers into the other sound ports at the back of the computer until you hear sound. (its possible you have them plugged into the wrong port on the back)

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i installed a clean version of Windows XP Home Edition but the system can't play sounds. in the Device Manager it said that C-Media AC97 Sound Device needed a driver. I found one and installed it but it did not help -- now it says "The Device Cannot Start [Code 10]". What can I do to enable sounds in my system?

A:No Sound in WinXP

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Hello guys, how are you doing?

I've got the strangest thing going on on my WinXP SP2. I just formatted my Notebook and reinstalled everything.

My computer has a SoundMAX Integrated Sound System.

Cutting to the chase, I can listen music in Winamp or watch videos in Media Player qithout any problem, I can even use my webcam for chatting online and the sound is working fine.

But, there's no sound from the events in Windows, which means that, for example, if I'm connected to Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger, when I receive a mail it should sound but it doesn't. Or when I log in or shut down to Windows, it doesn't make any sound either. I've been to the "Sound and Audio Device Properties" in Control Panel and I've put "Windows Default" in the Sound scheme, but it doesn't want to play. It doesn't even allow me to try the sound. Here is one picture for getting the idea more clear.

As you see, between "Windows XP Error" and "Browse" the arrow is not activated, and I cannot explain myself why. If I play that same sound it Media Player, it works, but I cannot enable it from there, for some strange reason.

Please, I hope somebody can help me with this, is driving me nuts...

Thank you for your time!!!

A:There's sound...and not, in WinXP

I just wanted to add that I have this exact same problem. You also don't hear sounds that are integrated into websites, such as from a flash file. I also would like to add that there is a weird, very low crackling sound attached to the "phone" meter in volume control. If you turn phone all the way off, then the crackling sound disappears, if you turn it up all the way, then you can hear it if you put your ear very close to the speakers.

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I recently installed win xp pro on a couple of friends pc's after the dreaded BSOD and noticed that most of the video, audio and modem drivers were missing( showing up as big yellow question marks in device manager) so I got a corporate edition of xp pro with sp3 slipstreamed into it. I used this disk on a pc the other day and same thing happened(Is this common?) anyway I downloaded all the drivers from the dell site and checked the pc, played cd,played video and connected to the internet all ok. problem I'm faced with now is the owner uses a usb dongle ( from his mobile phone company) to get on the 'net but it wont work on the pc yet if I put it in mine it works fine, I was thinking it was something to do with the usb ports but then how come the keyboard and mouse still work.
next idea was maybe it something to do with the wireless driver, I checked device manager but can't find anything wrong, so I guess I don't know what I'm looking for, so I came here for enlightenment
Thank you

A:winxp pro driver issue

What is the make and model number of the computer?

Did you install the motherboard chipset driver?

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Hi ,
I have dual booting OS. WIN98 in C \drive &WINXP in D\ drive
I cannot use my Dial up internet connection while working in WINXP. Can any one help me?(I am very new to this type of forum,also toWINXP OS)

A:modem driver for WinXp

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will upgrading to xp resolve the driver issues that I am encountering while trying to install a ati AIW Radeon 7500 on my gigabyte 'GA-7VKMP' with onboard video, audio,and network, running a duron 1.3 ghz processor with 256 mb ddr ram and win98, and a panasonic s15 monitor.

For some strange reason no matter what advice I follow I just cannot get the drivers to work. I have even formatted my machine, reinstalled all drivers, the most recent that I can find, and still no success.

Any advice will help.......


A:WinXP driver issues

Hi, Your motherboard has a chipset from VIA, and usually you must install motherboard drivers from an install CD, or download from the support site for the Gigabyte board...did you do this?
You have an onboard video adapter/chip. May need to disable it in the BIOS....I am not sure as some allow you to just install an added in card and load new drivers, some do not.
You may have to load the Standard VGA adapter drivers, then after that is loaded and running in 16 color (yuck) you can install the right drivers for your OS and the Radeon and it will install.
I would review the instructions from the mobo manual for installing an add in video card- the manual, if you do not have one, is here::
manual found in the list on the left.
Reading the FAQs might be quicker than opening the manual online with Adobe Acrobat.... but, it says "Coming soon" for them...oh well, manual is best I can do, unless you or someone can hunt for details on how to use add in video card easily.
Might be just the standard step by step, uninstall all video drivers and switch to SVGA, then install new ones. Safe Mode can help with this.

Note that there is a 7VKMP-P version of this board.

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I've been having a slight problem with my SATA controller drivers. The nvidia drivers that I was using would always cause a bsod pointing to nvgts.sys in system32/drivers. While trying to figure out which driver to install as a replacement, i found the nvgts.sys file and deleted it from system32/drivers folder, just to see what would happen... Now Windows XP can't boot up because the driver is missing lol; I can't even get into safe mode. So, is there any way to reinstall the driver from the Windows CD-ROM or something? The black screen says to insert the said CD and start the recovery console but I wouldn't know what to run. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Reinstalling Driver WinXP

Assuming you used a floppy to install the Nvidia Raid drivers, start a Repair Install and when it asks for you to press F6 do so and re-install them.

edit: btw, if you Google that driver there are LOTS of people experiencing issues with it.

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I am new here, and I hope someone here can really help me out of this dilemma. My wife somehow downloaded and installed a certain driver she thought it was to be upgraded for Window XP Pro. After she rebooted it, she got as far as just before the log on, everything freeze. I ask if she remembers what the driver was she downloaded and installed, she didn?t know for sure what it was. I try booting into WinXP Pro Safe Mode, and it did the same thin, mouse and all. I cannot log onto Safe Mode. Believing it may have been a certain driver in conflict with something incompatible ? possibly the USB ? I unplug all the devices using the USB including the mouse. The results are still the same, if froze as before. I use the command.exe to run chkdsi /r to see if it can repair it. That one fails. I try using the WinXP CD in an attempt to repair the Windows without losing the data. That didn?t work either.
My only option is possible reformatting the hard drive, but I do not want to reformat the hard drive until I can figure out how I can retrieve the important data (My Documents). I remember I can easily do that with Windows 95 using the DOS command by coping most of my files to the floppy disk. It was time consuming, but it was worth it before the invention of the Flash. Now I can?t figured out how I can retrieve the data to be copy to the Flash since WinXP doesn?t work like Windows 95. The hard drive, by the way, is healthy. It?s just like I say, there is a driver conflict that... Read more

A:WINXP Driver Incompatible?

Using the Windows Installation disk, did you try running "chkdsk /f" ? If so did it report and/or fix any errors ? Run chkdsk multiple times and get several clean scans before moving on; the HD may be getting ready to fail.

Also, in Recovery Console, run "fixboot" and "fixmbr".

Try Safe Mode. When booting to Safe Mode, disconnect ALL hardware except for the keyboard.

If all of these fail, you may need to run a Repair Install.

Is the WinXP disk you are using the correct one for you installation ?

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New HD installed into 1999 Gateway Performance 450 Pentium III . Original system was Win98 SE . Used original install discs .

Then , immediately upgrade to WinXP SP2 , then SP3 .

Noticed no sound except midtower beeps on startup/shutdown .

DEVICE MANAGER showed : Creative Audio PCI (ES1371, ES1373) ,( WDM)

Searching this forum revealed that others experienced same issue and it seemed linked to drivers.
I did the upgrade from Win98SE --> WinXP SP2 several years ago on the original 12 g HD . All worked .

Today , I get this issue with a newly installed 320 giga of which only 127 Giga is recognized .

Considering doing uninstall drivers , reload drivers .
Any guidance ?

Internet postings indicated that the drivers that worked for Win98SE may no longer function in WinXP .
Further , Gateway manufacturer chat was no help .
They were ready to turn me over to Pay for Support when I requested correct driver information.

A:No sound after Win 98SE --> WinXp SP3

You need to install all XP compatible drivers starting with the chipset driver.

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Have a pc with WINXP PRO which was updated from Win98. Tried downloading Callwave Internet Answering . Said it could not download because it could not detect a sound device. I found the sound installation disk and installed it. Was then able to successfully download callwave, but it could not play the message because of no sound output. I tried playing a music CD, and sure enough I had no sound.
What can I do to reestablish the sound output ??

A:Solved: winXP pro sound

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After upgrading from Win98 to XP there is no sound.

The speakers work, all the drivers were installed correctly by winXP. There are no hardware errors. All the sound settings are enabled and up as high as they will go.

The card is creative blaster from a gateway system.

Anyone have the same proble with XP doing this or any ideas?

A:No Sound after Upgrade to WinXP

Try going into the Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>DVD/CD rom and looking around in there for a box that says 'allow digital sound', or something to that effect. If it's checked then uncheck it and reboot. This restores sound in many cases.

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I recently upgraded my OS from Win98Se to WInXP Pro. This happened as soon as I got the updated driver for my modem. I tried to upgraded few months ago without the uses of the modem then I uninstall winXp. At that time, my sound card was working fine. But now, after I installed the modem, it's working ok but then the sound is not. Right now, I can't play any Cd, can't play an audio file in Sound Scheme of WinXp...Eveytime I attemped to do so, I got an error message that says, for example when i tried to play a CD track: "Cannot play back the audio stream: no audio hardware is available, or the hardware is not responding." When I opened an audio scheme, I got this message: "Windows cannot play the sound %SystemRoot%\media\Windows XP Error.wag. Your sound card may be in use".
What can I do?
I tried to remove the audio driver and reinstalled it(the WinXp driver) but it also didn't work. My Sound driver is: CMI8738/C3DX PCI Audio Device. The manufacturer is C-media. Website is:
One helpful info is that: in my Modem Properties box, under "location:", I see: PCI bus 0, device 12, function 1.
While in my Audio Device Properties, under "location:", I see:
PCI bus 0, device 12, function 0. Is it because both device use same bus(0) and device(12) and since, the sound card was installed after the modem that it couldn't work. That's my suggestion, what's yours?
TH... Read more

A:Sound Problems in WinXP

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i got a compac presario 900. i can barely hear the sound, only when i put my ear up to the speaker. Same thing when u play through headphones. i've tried reinstalling the drivers and making sure that the sound was turned up in control panel/sound settings. Does anybody have any ideas?

A:need help winxp/compaq900series sound

How we doin' crazy?
Just a thought,but if you have directX,you can run diagnostics thru it.
Hope it helps!Good luck,
Mike Hanson

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title says it all.

Previous to teh reinstall there was sound and a sound device. Why wouldn't the install include sound devices/drivers/etc.?

A:NO sound after winxp reinstall

did you go to the manufacturers website and download/install the drivers?

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I reinstalled a computer I had (because it had some problems, of course) and was getting all the drivers back, my graphics card, my ethernet card, etc. But as I soon noticed, there was no sound, except for the occasional *beep* from the computer. I have Everest Home edition and tried to find out what sound driver (which is embedded, it's not a separate sound card) it could be.
The only thing it listed (which was oddly under PCI audio)was:
nVIDIA MPC2-S - Audio Codec Interface

So I check nVIDIA...not there. Other driver sites...still nope.
I would appreciate any help on the whereabouts of this driver OR if there's a generic sound driver I can use.

A:Solved: Where my sound?WinXP

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I am Using a SoundBlaster Live Value Sound Card in my computer with Windows XP as my OS. My problem is that I can not control the volume using my creative launcher (if u have used a newer sound blaster u know what i mean). I tried several different XP updates for that card but still no luck. Got any suggestions??

A:Sound Blaster with WinXP

its all I could find

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I have never had a sound problem on my computer until very recently. I can restore it back to Sept. 14, 2006, and the sound is restored. However, every morning, the sound is "gone". I then restore it back to Sept. 14, and the sound returns. I use the "automatic update" feature. Last night after I restored back to 9/14, I changed the option to "notify me of updates". So far, this morning, I still have sound.

My question is this: Is it possible that one of the automatic updates is causing this problem. Or do you have any suggestions as to what may be causing it. By sound, I am just taking about the sound you hear when you reboot or play online games (not the cdrom).


A:Sound on WINXP is failing

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i just formatted and installed my winxp becos it was going slow due to the many s/w that i installed. All my hardware can be detected. I have updated everything rom the "windows update" site. Restarted the system. But still no sound.

when i go to the device manager page, it shows that

"The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver."

But i have formatted my pc a few times b4, but everything winxp had no problem installing the drivers. But this time.......

ermm.... can somone help me?

A:no sound after install winxp

Why dont you try downloading the drivers for your sound card and installing them.

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Hi all

I recently reinstalled xp to get rid of a pesky win32 virus after exhausting any other options i knew. After install there was no sound at all. After buggering around i took out my sound blaster live card to try just with onboard sound.
Still no success. The gigabyte sound effect manager detects that somethings plugged into the port but says the 'audio device may not be connected properly'. I cant remember if it said this anyway when it used to work...

My motherboard is a gigabyte GA-k8NS with realtek AC97 sound.
Ive tried installing the latest realtek drivers (version
Ive tried reinstalling windowsXP sp3 again.
The onboard sound is enabled (set to auto) in the BIOS.
In sounds and audio devices each function is set to my Realtek AC97 Audio.
Theres no conflicts in device manager, and everything i can find is unmuted.

any help is very very much appreciated, thanks in advance

A:reinstalled winxp, sound gone

i put my sound blaster card back in, but have no drivers for it.
it detects new hardware, searches for drivers, doesnt find.
i downloaded SB live drivers, but they wont install because no card detected
now in device manager however, theres an uninstalled 'multimedia audio controller' which i dont know how to install...where does the driver for this come from?
Ive done the mobo drivers...

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just did a (new) clean install of xp pro, new 60gb hdd too - went fine except

wmp and winamp both stutter and stall when playing music files, as does the cd player when a music cd is played, also internet radio

have a 3 yr old sound card (ensoniq/creative audio pci es1371) which has always worked fine

the tune will play fine for 10-20 secs then spit and hiss for a while, then resume playing, then repeat
- the progress slide bar does not advance during the stall

- have been through the troublershooter a number of times
- have uninstalled, reinstalled the windows provided drivers and the original drivers several times
- have tried drivers from other sites
- have tried different speakers, same probs
-have tried files from different partitions, same probs

the two speakers (average little puppies) sit on either side of the monitor, all a foot or so from the PC case, cable modem and router another foot or more away, printers even further

any suggestions?
should i get my fillings changed?


A:sound probs in winxp

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This problem started a while back but I don't know exactly when. Every couple of minutes when I'm watching a movie or listening to a song or playing a game the sound will suddenly get really slow like when an old walkman would get low on batteries. Any theories?

BTW i'm new...thanks in advance for the help.

A:Sound problems with winXP

Actually This Should Not Hapen But U Know It Is Mostly Bcoz Of Any Virus Ot Spyware In The Computer
Due Tp Which Computer Behaves Unexpectedly

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So I was running Windows 2000 before I upgraded to XP Pro. I always had sound, no problem. As soon as I loaded XP, my sound was gone. I've checked the drivers and the device status - it tells me everything is working properly. I've checked all the connections and the speakers are turned on. The card I'm using is a Creative Sound Blaster PCI. Any suggestions? I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver.

A:No Sound on WinXP Professional

remove the card from device manager and readd, make sure that ALL volume controls are set and nothing is on mute.

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I tried to install video driver which have the following hardware id:

but after installing I noticed that the icons under display driver in device manager have an exclamation mark
when I tried to update the driver using windows wizard, I get the following message:
"The I/O operation has aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request"

please help me to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance

A:can not install video driver on winXP

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Hi, recently I've been having some problems with my computer so I decided to give it a reformat. Up to this point I used to leave my computer at BestBuy to get things done because quite frankly I don't know squat about computers. But this time around I wanted to learn my way around the advanced aspects of computer maintenance, so I decided to do it myself.

At first I had to learn what BIOS is and how to make my computer boot from CD rom. No biggie, didn't take me too long. But when it got to the actual installation part I got a message that read something like "hard disk not detected." I gave it another try before searching the net again for an answer. I found one case in a different tech forum that was similar to mine, and most of the replies suggested that he either needed a fresh RAID driver install or reinstall in a different driver mode. After fiddling around on Dell's support page for a bit with the help of a very, very kind person I met online I finally made a RAID driver disk and gave the whole thing ANOTHER try. No dice, it still couldn't detect the hard disk even after the drivers were installed.

So I simply decided to try the whole thing in different driver mode and I'm afraid this is what sealed my fate. I was able to fdisk in "RAID autodetect / ATA" mode (it was originally set to "RAID autodetect / AHCI" mode) and install a new copy of Windows - except I can't install any drivers necessary to ru... Read more

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Having a bit of an issue with a driver. Motherboard is MSI K8T Neo MS-6702 ver. 1.0 running XP Pro SP3. I've installed all the driver's from the website as I don't have a driver disc for the MB.

Device Manager shows a WinXP Promise FastTrack 376/378 (tm) Controller with a code 10 error device cannot start. I've tried a few driver's and all have the same result. Forgive me if I sound noobish, but I'm a bit behind in my hardware The cpu is a 64-bit AMD Athlon 3000+ running at 2GHZ. I've installed 32-bit version of XP.

A:WinXP Promise 376/378 driver issue

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I pulled an old printer out of the closet to use on a new PC that I am building...just to have a printer connected to it. It doesn't work with the print driver provided with WinXP and Canon no longer supports it. Does anyone know where I might find a print driver for it. It prints test pages very nicely.

A:Canon BJ-200 Print Driver for WinXP?

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Ive been using my pre-confingured Vista notebook for awhile now but a few days ago, i decided to dual boot...but some drivers i installed were not capable and some gave me errorsI cant find a workable wifi adapter driver and i get an error like this from my graphics driver: Pic of specs: Pic of specs: exact model for my video card is for my Wifi adapter is....well just look at the vista pic of specsThanks

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I am trying to reinstall WinXp onto my Dell Inspiron 2200. I had no problems with the OS when I installed it. But when it comes time to extract and install from the Drivers and Utilities disk, many of the drivers applications and utilities simply do not install. I get what seems to be one of two error messages. Either that an object was not found, or it cannot install on this system. The only utilities that seemed to install without a problem where ones that worked for WinXp and Win2000 and that were also listed as compatible with every Inspiron model type in the drop down list. A few months back I reinstalled WinXp on this machine without these problems using the same two disks. I do remember that when using the Drivers and Utilites disk, Inspiron 2200 was not a model number available on the drop down list. XPS, 600m, 300m, 8600, and 1150 were on there to name a few. I recall using the files for one of those model types and never having any problems. Anyone know if any models out there use the same drivers as a 2200? Or if something may have went wrong when I installed WinXp. Thanks.

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ve been using my pre-confingured Vista notebook for awhile now but a few days ago, i decided to dual boot...but some drivers i installed were not capable and some gave me errors

I cant find a workable wifi adapter driver and i get an error like this from my graphics driver:

Vista Pic of specs:

XP Pic of specs:

My exact model for my video card is

and for my Wifi adapter is....well just look at the vista pic of specs


Sorry if wrong section, this is my first post XP

A:NO WiFi Adapter + GPU Driver for WinXP?

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A week ago my computer crashed. Something wrong with one of the coolers. When I tried to re-install WinXP, but it failed. Something to do with a NTLDR-failure. I brought my pc to the retailer. They fixed all problems.

Yesterday i discovered my sound isn't working anymore. When i use Winamp to play any sound, the following message appears: Bad DirectSound driver. Please install proper drivers (...). Error code: 88780078.

Strange, 'cause everything worked fine under the previous install of WinXP.

Another strange thing: my computer seems to recognize the hardware, but 'there is no device installed'.

I want to try to install the Audigy-software again. Maybe that'll work, but my 'installation and applications cd' seems to be damaged. I can't read antything from it.

Help me.

A:Bad DirectSound driver after reinstall WinXP

drivers and software can be downloaded here.

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Ive been using my pre-confingured Vista notebook for awhile now but a few days ago, i decided to dual boot...but some drivers i installed were not capable and some gave me errors

I cant find a workable wifi adapter driver and i get an error like this from my graphics driver:

Vista Pic of specs:

XP Pic of specs:

My exact model for my video card is

and for my Wifi adapter is....well just look at the vista pic of specs


A:NO WiFi Adapter + GPU Driver for WinXP?

Hi moreleech, and welcome to TSG.

I posted a link to a possible source of an XP driver for your WiFi adapter in your other thread.

FYI, this site's rules prohibit multiple postings of the same problem or question.

Dup of:

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I just got a second-hand Dell Optiplex GX260. The original purchaser bought it with XP pre-loaded, and had only the reinstallation CD, which I got. Unfortunately, the CD says "This CD is not for reinstallation of programs or drivers." This apparently is true as I'm finding that I have to use the device mfr's disk to get drivers whenever I attach something to the computer. I was wondering if there's a separate driver disk that came with computer (the guy I bought from doesn't recall), and if so, where I can get one. I tried calling Dell, but got tired of pressing and holding.

A:Driver for WinXP Pro on Dell Computer

dell supplies a cd with drivers and another with applications

dell will supply one

dell support calls go to the other side of the planet

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Good Day!

Hello. Can anyone help me on how to extract a specific modem driver in the windows xp cd. i dont know where it is residing. thanks.

A:extract modem driver from winxp

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Alright, I give up. If you go into your Windows XP device manager and View > Show Hidden Devices, look under Network adapters. You'll see WAN Miniport drivers, probably several of them. Unfortunately, on one of my Windows XP Pro machines, I don't. They're not there. Now, they're just software drivers, so it should be quite easy... but how do I add them?

A:WinXP: Install WAN Miniport driver?

I think I've got it...

If anyone runs into this, here's how I fixed it, although not well tested yet:

I just exported related registry settings from a similar, but working computer. Specifically, those referring to the ndiswan and related drivers. It seems that the most important of those are in Local_Machine\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Enum\Root\MS_NDIS...

Then, I temporarily changed the permissions using regedt32 on the non-working computer so that I could modify the Root folder... And imported! With a restart, the missing devices are showing up.

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I have an Imation CD-RW Burner 40x12x40 that works properly on Win98 using Nero5 Software. I installed the same hardware and software on my other PC running on WinXP Pro, Nero won't recognize the burner. It only have Image Recorder on the recorder selection of Nero Express. Please advice!!!

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I have recently been experiencing some slowdowns and other problems on an XP machine. It has Kaspersky installed with autoupdates. I did MBAM, SuperAntySpyware, Spybot & Kaspersky scans, cleaned a lot and things are running smoother now. Nero 7 had been causing problems (process hanging on reboot), so I removed it from msconfig & updated Nero. It seems to operate OK now.

Only one problem remains: the sound is not as it used to be. The problem started before what I described above was done, of course, but it didn't fix the problem. The sound is kinda muffled, not so clear as it used to be. This happens both with speakers and with using the headphones. Could it be caused by malware? All drivers are OK (no yellow icons) in Device Manager.


A:Solved: Sound deteriorated on WinXP

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I am facing a sound lagging problem on winxp sp3. Previously I used to have sp2 and there was no problem. But, recently I have installed sp3 and problem stated with it. I am using the onboard sound card. The chipset is VIA and the codec is Realtek AC97. I am using the latest drivers.

The lagging is in every sound, such as in songs and movies. Can anyone help me??!!!!!!

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I have GA-K8NNXP-940 M.B. with Realtek ALC658 onboard sound, running Windows XP SP2 w/DirectX 9.0c. I've been having continued sound problems with onboard ALC658 since DirectX 9.0c, so I uninstalled all the Realtek drivers and in the BIOS shut it down completely. I then bought a Creative Audigy 2 sound card, installed it, loaded the drivers, it worked for about a week then started to have the same difficulty as the ALC658 had. Now I my system shows the Audigy 2 in device manager, but wont play any sounds, and now I see other sound devices are listed of which I have no clue what or were they came from? Here is a list of the devices as they appear in device manager: Audio Codecs, Creative SB Audigy 2 (WDM), Legacy Audio Drivers, Legacy Video Capture Devices, Media Control Devices, and last Video Codecs. I have a DIRECTX Diagnostic of my current configuration can anyone help or make a suggestion as to what I can do next. I already have the latest drivers for all the devices in my system for Windows XP Pro SP2.

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I have installed win xp sp2 and when i invite someone for voice chat , an error is displayed
that sound mixer could not be initialized . When others invite me for voice chat , I am able to hear their voice but they are not able to hear my voice .
Could any one tell me what is wrong in my system and what settings i need to do .

Thanxs in advance

A:WinXP SP2 sound mixer problem

The update must have steps on a few sound files. I recommend you download the latest sound drivers and install them after deleting all sound devices within Device Manager. Once you delete them reboot and Windows will discover them as new hardware and you should select Have Disk and use the drivers you donwloaded.

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Could someone help me locate the drivers for the combo Sound card and Modem Rockwell Riptide RACC010? All I can find is the Win98 compatible drivers, which are not working with XP. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Sound Drivers Required for WinXP

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I have a Gateway Tablet PC, and I did the System Restore it has build it(I was having major issues with slowness, not shutting down and freezing even though virus protection said I was fine.) So I did the restore and everything else is working wonderfully, except the volume. There is no toolbar icon to change it and in the 'start, control panel, sounds speech and audio devices, sounds and audio devices' everything is grayed out, I cannot change anything exept the tab 'sounds' sound scheme. It is set to windows default now, before it was blank. But this has not helped any. I have tried to go to the Device manager and change/update, but no luck. Everything says the drivers are working, but when I click 'advanced volume controls' a beep from the PC itself(not the speakers) goes off then a pop-up says "there are no active mixer devices available. to install mixer devices, go to Control Panel, click Printers and other hardware, and then click add hardware." That does not work. What is the real problem and how do I fix it? Sound used to work just fine before I did they restore. Please help! I've read other articles and they have gotten me know where, so please don't tell me to read those instead.

A:Reinstall Winxp Sound Issues

Right click the sound Device in Device Manager and uninstall the Device, then Right click any device in Device Manager and choose Scan For Hardware Changes. it should recognize your sound hardware and ask if you want to install the previous driver or a new one. Try a new one. If that still doesn't work then go to the Gateway Support site and down load an audio driver for your make and model PC.

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Im running windows xp professional on an ntfs partition. I have a sound blaster live platninum and geforce 2 mx 400. My cpu is a amd duron 900.
When i run windows xp I have problems with my sound studdering, such as when I first login to windows or when a get an error chime, etc....
The only modification I have done to my computer recently is I installed caldera open linux workstation 3.11 on its own physical partition, which i made using partition magic 7
I do not think that this would affect the windows partition at all as the linux kernal lacks support for writing to an ntfs volume but i wanted to make sure.
also if anyone knows what the cause of this problem can be, could u please help. Thank you

A:winxp/linux sound problems


yep u r right linux cannot write to the ntfs partiton , not only that but winxp cannot detect the linnux partiton , it is just detected as a healthy unknoen partiton

your problem might be because of corrupted sound drivers, try downloading the latest drivers from

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I've already posted this in the motherboard forum but realised it'd be better to ask it here!
I'm using WinXP on a Gigabyte GA-8N-SLI Pro motherboard. It has onboard AC'97 Realtek sound.
If I use their surround test to check my 5.1 setup all the speakers work as expected. Also works fine if I play surround sound from a video in VLC or Potplayer.
A stereo source plays from the centre, front left, front right and bass speakers as expected.
The problem is any sound from a browser - I've tried both Firefox and Explorer - only comes out of the front left and right speakers. Any other stereo source would normally play from front left, front right, centre and bass.
I have tried the latest driver from Gigabyte's website ver A3.92 and the latest Realtek driver version A4.06.
To recap: surround works fine with everything but web browser sound only appearing front left and right (no bass or centre).
(oh and I also am using this computer with Windows 8.1 update on another drive - different drivers obviously - and the sound is fine with everything including the browser)
Any ideas what's wrong here and what I can do to fix it?

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I recently got my laptop back from the shop. The damage done was pretty bad, I had the entire hard drive fragged (as in BOOM! Big mix of files). The guy was a friend of mine, and he took care of it. Reformated harddrive, Windows XP Professional, more RAM (one of the things that crashed it last, too little ram), and a new keyboard. I turn it on, and it loads smooth and clean...till I made a mistake and a warning came up (I was deleting a personal note he had put on there). The warning was about deleting the word document, but that wasn't the problem. I didn't get a nice loud "BONK" that is the Asterik system sound, I got the PC Speaker. After rereading the last part of the note, I found out that there was a driver that he couldn't find for something called "PCI Device". I figgured it was my sound, and another board led me to EVEREST Home Edition. It told me that my sound card was:
Intel 82801FBM ICH6-M - High Definition Audio Controler [B-1] Type: PCI

I do alot of music creation (using the FL Studio 6 program), so sound is kinda important to me. Can someone post the driver for me?

Thanks in advance,

A:sound drivers gone after WinXP Pro install

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I reinstalled my windows xp, now I have no sound device.

Solutions I have tried ...
* Device Manager settings
* Services.mcr settings
* BIOS settings
* New sound driver installation
* New chipset driver installation

None of them worked.

This is a last desperate plea for help.

A:Reinstalled winxp, now sound device is gone.

There is no uninstalled device in your device manager??
Which is your motherboard?

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im using now a sound driver default "High Definition Audio Device"Driver
do i need to uninstall it first before changing to realtek sound drivers??
and how do i uninstall it in safest way??and was there an option to undo if something goes wrong??

im using windows 7 ultimate 32bit. ..

A:Asking :SOUND DRIVER High Definition Audio Device Driver

That is the default Windows audio driver, and I don't think it can be uninstalled. Best is to not worry about it and just install the Realtek driver.

and was there an option to undo if something goes wrong??

Uninstall the Realtek driver or do a system restore to before you installed it.

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Any other suggestions? I emailed gateway about the problem a couple of weeks ago and they sent a link to reinstall the driver and it worked for a few weeks. Then a couple days it started getting crackly again so I reinstalled the driver and it was fine...but now this past week it's been doing it like crazy and now it seems like it's not even taking to fixing it for more then like 10 minutes.

Is there anything else I can do before I have to send it into Gateway AGAIN!

A:Re-installing sound driver no longer helping crackly sound

You could always buy a sound card. I'm assuming you're using an onboard one right now, so if you buy a sound card you'll have better quality sound, if you buy a good one, and it could speed up your games a bit, if your CPU is the bottleneck, since the card does the soundwork instead of the CPU. But if you don't want to do that you could try reinstalling windows. If that doesn't work you'll probably have to send it back to gateway.

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Can anyone tell me how I would do this? I've tried for days to locate my driver with no success.


A:Reinstalling a sound driver for onboard sound from a pre-packaged Windows XP

normally you can go to the manufacturer's website and download the orignal OEM drivers for your computers model and series.
usually under Customer service and support or downloads on the companies' website.

If not an OEM install from a major manufacturer such as Dell or Compaq etc, then you should still be able to find out the manufacturer of the motherboard itself and go to their website and do the same

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OK I need windows 7 back. 10 doesnt have a sound card driver compatible with this HP model. Was told I had to pay and/or buy windows 7 again to reinstall. I lost sound after system recovery and automatic upgrade to windows 10. Im a disabled grandma and cant afford all this. It had windows 7 on it prior so Im confused as to why I have to pay to get it back. Can anyone help me with this please? Im not computer saavy I need it for a game and I watch tv on it so sound is important.  Thanks in advance!

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I tried to install the MTK preloader VCOM driver but I got a message in device manager that this driver could not start because it was not signed. Is there a way to disable that requirement in WinXP? Also how to delete the driver completely from the computer? Each time I uninstall it and plug the phone in, windows installs the same driver again automatically. Is there a way to delete it completely?

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Hi Guys i am facing one problem here with Usb Data Traveler 2.0 Device. I have installed Windows Xp Sp2 and when i plugged in Data Traveler 2.0 device i have been told that no driver exist relating to this device..Well before that i used this device without installing any driver but this time i dont know what to do...Can any body tell me from where can i get Data Traveler driver for Windows Xp Sp2???Any help would be appreciated..Thanks.

A:Data Traveler 2.0 Driver Not INstalled In WinXp!!!

If you Google datatravlerdriver you might find what you want?

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Presario 1622 56K-DF Modem driver for XP

Hi guys. I have noticed that when i installed winXP on my old presario 1622 it didnt detected the modem. I've tried to find the driver for XP but i'm having a little trouble with it. I went to the hp/compaq site but there's a driver but only for win 95/98/ME. I downloaded it but when using the .inf file trying winxp to detect it, it doesn´t work.

Everything was ok when it had win98 because it detected the modem right away...i know, this machine wasn´t supposed to work with xp but with good ram and a good hard drive it is working well

The modem in question is the Compaq Presario 56K-DF modem. If anyone knows where to find this driver, please let mi know.

A:WinXP Modem Driver for presario 1622

Take down the chip name, board, and product numbers, then look for the WXP drivers on The drivers are there, and are free. The Presario used several different modems. The 56k-DF doesn't help unless you also know the brand... if you cannot figger it out, repost with the modem card and chip numbers here and we will guide you.
The modem is usually a Lucent, now found as Agere. The driverguide version that usually works is the Presario 1275 56K-DF, file name SP20530, which you can also find with a search.

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I recently bought the supposedly excellent Canon MP530 multi-function printer,etc. and went to install it on my WinXP pro machine and . . . nothing. I've spent some time with Canon tech support (some helpful, some not so helpful) but I still can't get the freakin' things to communicate with each other. The consistent result of my installations is "no driver is installed" or "cannot find driver" - even though the driver itself seems to install. Also, when I turn the printer on, I get the New Hardware Wizard, which, I think, means my computer is detecting the printer. It's as if the driver is just not recognized by my computer.
I've installed (and uninstalled) the drivers from both the disc that came with the printer and from the Canon website. I've used two different USB cables. I've tried many combinations of plugging/unplugging, starting/restarting, turning on/off - all to no avail.
I've logged on as the Administrator. I've done my best to shut down any programs or processes- though I think this is tricky, as I don't necessarily know what each thing in my Startup or Services is. I've even tried installing from SafeMode. I've tried using the New Hardware Wizard; I've tried ignoring the New Hardware Wizard. I've received a few error messages, but only when attempting the full installation from the disc. The messages are: "AddPrinterDriverEx Error:2", "AddPrinter Error:1797&... Read more

A:WinXP Canon MP530 driver problem

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I just reinstalled WinXP SP3 on my computer and plugged in my ethernet cable to the mobo's slot. It doesnt recognize it so I'm assuming the driver is uninstalled, but I can't find it in Device Manager. The PC is custom so I am not sure on how to get the correct drivers to get the internet working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for using the wrong forums, I needed an answer quick and the winxp forums look mostly dead.

A:WinXP Ethernet Driver Missing, Custom PC

What is Make & Model of the Ethernet card?

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Windows XP MCE 2005 start up stalls at driver mpegport.sys. I got this once before and Windows fixed itself and everything was fine. Then I purchased a new MB and upon first boot up the system is back to this same startup issue and I can't install any drivers to get the new MB up. Anyone know the MS technical support article number related to this issue or have any suggestions? I've been to MS support and can never find a solution there. I've always found one only on the web.

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A similar question was posted in this forum but It didn't answer my problem. I have a gigabyte 8iexp 845e MB, two Maxtor 80gig hardrives with I have connected to ide3 and ide4, with are the RAID connectors, I'm using WinXP, I boot from the CD, I hit F6, then I get the window that ask if I'm installing a 3rd party driver, so I hit "S", then I select the driver, hit return then I get the following "File\WinXP\fasttrack.sys caused an unexpected error (18) at line 2108 in d:\xpclient\base\boot\oemdisk.c." any help is appreciated.

A:WinXP,trouble loading RAID driver

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WinXP Pro
AMD Socket 939 (AMD X2 4200)
2.5GB ram

So I was having problems with connecting to the internet so I decided to reinstall my drivers for my LAN device. The installation didnt seem to have worked successfullly (nForce utilities were not working) so I tried reinstalling the driver again. After installation completed, instead of saying "You must restart your computer now or later" all that came up was "1155: [Okay]"
Then I restarted the computer and now it does not load XP after BIOS initiations. Just kind of stalls with a black screen, but the computer does not reset or shut down, just stalls.
It gets passed the BIOS stuff but does not show any of the XP boot screens.
I looked it up a little and found
that for data recovery, and potentially making the drive bootable again?
I'm not sure what to do, any way to get the computer to boot windows again without any loss of data? And a correct procedure of reinstalling the LAN driver would be nice, as it didnt work as I expected (unusual)
Any and all help is appreciated, hopefully I can get my rig back up and running in no time!

A:WinXP doesnt Boot after Driver Install

Once it gets past the POST screen, press F8 a few times and see if you can get into Safemode.

If you can, then you could use System Restore to roll the config back before the drama.

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hello there,

i have got the same problem with mty t671. can you tell me how you managed to resolve the problem.


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Hello, i have reinstalled my Acer T671 under windows XP and now i am searching for drivers. I can't find a driver for the onboard ethernet controller. Can somebody help me?


A:Need help plz, sound problem on ACER T671 winxp

hi there. i too have this problem but i aint having any joy. the only chopset drivers are for the OS vista.

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Everytime I reboot the computer, skype (since it launches at start up) tells me that there are no sound devices. I go to the device manager, but the sound device is listed. It doesn't work though. I try winamp/wmp etc, no sound. So I do a uninstall, and redetect and its all good.

Now if I reboot the computer, I have to repeat this whole process. Now, I thought this had something to do with the onboard audio, so I diabled that in the Bios, and added a pci sound card, but the same thing happened.

Does anyone know whats going on??

This computer also has issues with WinXP sp2s firewall. I can't turn it on, but thats an issue for some other thread..


A:Sound Issues with WinXp on a Dell Optiplex

Did the problem start after installing skype or was it there before?

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Is there a way to make the sound on my latitude d600 louder? Sometimes its just too quiet at "max" volume...

A:Sound on latitude d600 running winxp

Double click on the speaker icon down by your time. You can then turn up the Wave Volume.

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Hi, (Sound): I started having trouble back in 12/2010. My 5.1 surround started playing out of only my center speaker. I figured I had a virus so I ran Malwarebytes and it found infected registry values and data items. It successfully quarantined and deleted the infected files found (I am posting a log file of that scan from 12/11/10). After that, the sound was still not working correctly. Anytime I would go into the control panel sound menu and change settings, the result of center speaker only output was the same. I then uninstalled and reinstalled my Soundblaster Audigy driver. Still the problem persists. I have tried both the latest version driver and an older version, both with the same results. (Win Update): I have my Automatic Updates set to notify me when new updates are available before they are downloaded. Once I select the updates to be downloaded, the update icon disappears from the task tray and my firewall will show no download activity occurring. I have to go to the windows update website in order to download and install any updates.Both of these issues are beyond normal for my computer. I scan frequently with Malwarebytes(Safe Mode) and Avast(Boot-time scan), but they are not picking up anything. Please take a look and see if there is anything you can find to help me cure these odd system issues. I really want to avoid a complete wipe and install. Hopefully I accurately followed all the steps listed in your Preparation Guide posting. I have p... Read more

A:WinXP Pro SP3- Automatic Update & Sound Issues

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you are unable to create a log because your computer cannot start up successfully please provide detailed information about the Windows version you are using: What we in particular need to know is version, edition and if it is a 32bit or a 64bit system. If you are unsure about any of these caracteristics, just let us know and we'll help you figuring it out. Please also tell us if you have your Windows CD/DVD handy.Please include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.Even if you have already provided information about your ... Read more

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Go into Control Panel, then Sound and Audio Devices. Click the Audi tab and select your sound device from the drop down box and set as the default device. If you have more than one device listed, remove the others in Device Manager.

If that doesn't work, you can try uninstalling them in Device Manager and start over. Make sure you are downloading the correct drivers for your PC from the emachines website.

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One of the employees here at my organization has a system that gives a slight sound through the speakers when any keys on the keyboard are used. anyone seen this Bfore?

A:Keyboard strokes causing sound in winXP- why?

An accessibility option maybe? I don't really think so, but check Control Panel>Accessability Options and turn all options off....I'm assuming this is Windows XP.

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I just got my computer repaired and i seem to get sound from my cpu if the speaker wire is half way in. I dont understand how could sound come out of the cpu and it sounds so crappy. So i plugged the wire fully through and no sound is coming from the speakers.
I checked Device manager and nothing wrong there. I also checked control panel - audio devices, SoundMAX Digital Audio is also working.
I have no idea what's going on, i could ask the person who repaired but i cant at this moment and i really want to fix this asap.

A:Just got my computer repaired - WinXP, no sound from the speakers

I just had a problem with SoundMAX myself. Driver did not load at start, so I uninstalled and re-installed Soundmax

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I've decided to speed up my laptop (which is a Gateway NV44 Model) and install WindowsXP on it. After installation I have managed to install all the drivers correctly, except two:

While the "Network Controller" one is no big problem the Audio Device is indeed troublesome. I have tried installing all kinds of audio drivers bit none seem to work. The official Gateway site does not provide WinXP sound drivers.

I am not sure what to try now... If you ever encountered this or similar problem, please give me hints on how to make the sound work.

Thank for reading.



Woot! I was able to fix my sound

I found the solution on another forum, I'll just copy-paste the instructions here:

Driver for Conexant HD Audio for XP32.

and to install it:

I found some instructions somewhere about how to get these Conexant cards to work. At first, I would go to the "Device Manager", click "Update Driver", click "No, not this time" (to avoid Windows connecting to Windows Update) and then "Install from a list or a specific location (Advanced)". Then I would select "Include this location in the search" and I would browse to the folder where the drivers were. This method failed for every single driver tried.

Instead, the instructions I found told me to choose the "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install"... Read more

A:Gateway NV44 + WinXP SP3 = HD Sound problems

Here is a good program that will tell you which drivers you need.
Unknown Device Identifier

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Hi! I'm new here and this is my first post and well, I got a old laptop today (WinXP-HP) and I'm not computer smart sorry,I'm 15 and barely know much about PC's.The laptop I got for some reason doesn't play any sounds except system EX: incorrect messages, ETC. I check the sound and audio hardware and I have Audio Codecs,Legacy Audio Drivers,Media Control Devices,Legacy Video Capture Devices, and Video codecs.There is no "X" or "!" next to it and they all work fine.I need assistance if u will and if I'm missing a driver or whatever do I have to buy one or download one and which one . One more thing I have another PC and I use Netzero Dial up On it.I installed Netzero on the laptop but when I try to connect it says you have no Modem or it is already in use.My PC has a modem ( I don't Know exactly what a modem is) and I checked the Laptop and it says I have none could someone tell me wat a modem is and why I cant use the Netzero on my laptop, and lastly if a modem is downloadable could someone tell me where. Thank You for your time,Christian

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I have an Intel/Gateway mobo ... D845GERG3 Bios String RG84510A.15A.0037.P15.0304012013
this is the driver software that is for this motherboard.

I follow the instructions in the read me file .... I'm suppose to put the address to the file in run ... I do as the instructions say, the wizard comes up and it starts doing it thing then I get an error message "driver not found ... reboot the system, and run this setup again.
Then I get the wizard complete box and the installshield wizard successfully installed soundmax ... but when I reboot the device manager states the sound controller driver has not been installed. Could I have a corrupt file. Why does it say it can't find the driver? I thought it was the driver?

A:Solved: Sound driver software can't find driver?

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Hi everyone, I shut down my laptop and the next boot up took very very long , like 15-20 minutes. And the audio symbol was like that on the photo (a red cross on it)  I tried to install the driver but somehow it didn't work. Then i decided to format and reinstall windows. btw, im on win7. After new installation, i have the same problem. I could install he drivers and everything seem to work but there were still no sound and when i click on sound symbol or go to any settings about sound, my laptop is lagging. Boot time is still that long. I disabled and uninstalled everything about audio and now my laptop works fine except no sound  anyone has idea what could be wrong ? Thanks in advance

audio.PNG ?1 KB

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Ok so i installed Windows Server 2008 R2 onto my Dell Optiplex 745. I tried installing the Vista 64 bit drivers and everything worked like it is supposed to, checked under device manager and it says it's installed fine, but the volume icon in the tray still has an X over it. When you hover over, it says "no audio device installed"

ADI 198x Integrated on-board sound card

Any ideas?

A:MW2008 R2 Sound card driver installed, but no sound?

Try this:

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Hi all.

After re formating my pc. I installed the chipset and sound drivers from my motherboards website.

Running a vista 32 bit.

Gigabyte GA-946GMX-S2 motherboard.

Checked if windows audio is started also from services.msc also but no joy.

Using logitch speaks r10 and logitch headphones to test the sound.

Anything else it could be that im missing out ?

Thanks for anyhelp you can provide.

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The printer refuses to install under WinXP.
It worked under WinXP before. However, I uninstalled Windows and worked under Linux for several months before returning to WindowsXP. I was able to use the printer, although problematically, under Linux. When I installed a fresh copy of WinXP, the WinXP drivers refused to install.
As a side note, the previous installation was an upgrade of Win2k, where the printer worked fine. It also worked fine on Win98SE.
When I try to run the installtion file (really a self-extractin ZIP) 'XPC11_15.exe' after the warning screen, it just closes and does nothing. I then unzipped the contents into a seperate folder: two file named 'xcc152k1.EXE' and 'XP_VB.exe'. The second file contains nothing but a warning message, while the second one is the installation of the printer drivers.
The installer loads, and looks OK. I choose the language and agree to the license agreement. Then a box informs me that I need to upgrade my firmware (I did so before, when the printer worked under WinXP previously). Left without another option I click Upgrade. It opens a little box called ,which displays "Copying Files..." and then "Installing Files...". These messages flash by quickly. Then a warning message called 'Printers' appears telling me that "The arguments are invalid." Another message appears in a seperate window also called 'Printers' telling me "Operation could not be complet... Read more

A:Xerox DocuPrint C11 Driver Installation trouble on WinXP

OK, I've solved the problem myself.
As I mentioned above, add the printer through the Add Printer wizard. There, choose the "Choose From List" option, and find the driver listed on the bottom of the Xerox part.
Then, in the Printer Properties, go to the Advanced Tab. There, change from Spool to Print Directly to Printer, and VOILA. It works!

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Hello, it's about installing WinXP on SATA (AHCI) hdd, by default standard windows xp installer can't detect AHCI, so while install you'll get a blue screen error.

I have found out that problem, and there is 2 available solutions:
1. By setting BIOS, advance, HDD, to compatible mode
2. By install windows XP that has integrated AHCI driver

​If you are using solution #1, then you can install windows xp by using standard winxp installer, but if you are using solution #2, then you need to find AHCI driver for your chipset, and then integrated it to winxp installer by using software called nLite.

Nah, I want to know, where I can download AHCI driver for nvidia MCP75L chipset for winxp pro sp2.

I just found AHCI driver for win xp pro sp2, but it's intended for intel chipset, whereas mine is nvidia MCP75L.

Do you guys know where to download it?


A:AHCI driver for nvidia MCP75L chipset for WinXP Pro SP2

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Hello All Of You Tech Heads, This one is Stumping Me. I was Trying to Put in Some of the Old 16 bit Games into my computer the other day and Got this Message saying that the Virtual Device Driver Could Not Be Found, and got the same little GLITCH when I tried to Install a program that Defrags the Memory called MemTurbo. It is a Good Program Also but got the same Error Message when I was trying to install this program. So I went into the HELP Files in the Start Menu and it told me to go into the Reg Edit Program under the Run in the Start Menu. So Did This and Cruised Thru the RegEdit could not find the VDD file. So I was Wondering if there is a Proram to get to put this back in ?? Then I would be able to put the old games in! !

A:WinXP Home_VDD_Can Not Find the Virtual Device Driver

It should say which VDD is missing in the error message. If it does, google for the file, and DL it. Should come with a self-extractor.

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Are their any known troubles or concerns with drivers properly running on XP pro 32 with 4 GB of Ram? I ask this as I know some who is getting random blue screens and he is running a computer with above specs when running an audio application that required drivers. I have read elsewhere XP32 has a tough time when 4GB is installed is this factual?

A Microsoft response would be great and much appreciated,I am also open to anyone with knowledge regarding this instance.



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I am using an Asus P5W64-WS MB, XP Pro SP3, and an older 74GB WD Raptor. I've never really messed around with doing the "F6" installation of RAID drivers when installing XP. Instead I've always just selected the default in the BIOS where the SATA drive is treated like an IDE device and I did not have to install the drivers during OS installation. I currently see under a speed utility that my Raptor is giving transfer rates of 85MB per sec. maximum, 24 MB per sec minimum, and 73 MB per second average.

My question is this - what sort of improvements might I see if I did a clean install of XP Pro and configured the drive as an SATA drive using the F6 driver installation option during install?

Also, is it worth going to a RAID 0 configuration if I am going to do the SATA thing? I would be using the ICH7R controller for that.

Finally, what does the AHCI option allow, and is that used with the IDE or F6'd SATA driver installation?

Thanks for any help.

A:IDE vs. F6 SATA driver install on WinXP Pro & Speed Improvements?

The HardDrive is working off the same speed on PATA or Sata.
The F6 is usually used for Sata Drives that require extra drivers
The Raid 0 is not the safest idea, and in actual fact normally I would say, don't do Raid anything if you're unsure.
AHCI info found here:

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I'm getting no system beeps nor can I hear any type of sound, including .wav from the front panel speaker, the monitor speaker or the headphone jack.

The previous install of WinXP Home on this rig had sound (mobo/drivers installed by PC tech). When I re-installed with my shiny new copy of WinXP Pro, no sound.
nForce nVidia 750i SLI mainboard. I've installed nVidia's suggested drivers, no help. I've been scouring the web for days, trying everything I can find (and learning alot).

Nvidia Drivers: Recommended driver had no effect on audio: nVidia's official driver
System Beep: No sounds at startup, or with sticky keys or anything else.
Bios: HD Audio set to "Automatic". Only other choice is "Disable".
Sound Files: .wma, .vlc, .wav, etc. all play, but no sound is produced.
WindowsUpdates: recommended SP3. After install there was no change.
Volume Control: No icon in system tray. Accessing Volume control through the Start button brings the error message: There are no active mixer devices available. To install mixer devices, Go to Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click ADD HARDWARE.
Sounds and Audio Devices Properties: No Audio Device, all selections are grayed out.
Add Hardware: Search Automatically = "no new hardware found", PCI Device = "The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28)"
Hardware Device Manager: Two items listed under "other device" PCI Device and Et... Read more

A:Solved: WinXP imbedded sound card not working

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hi every one
i just recently reinstall my computer to windows xp, and i cant get my sound to work for some reason altho i have driver installed. in device manager i do have a device not installed but i cant figure out wat its "PCI DEVICE" would that be the mother board INF ?
motherboard : Acer MRS600M
which i cant find it at all :S
and i cant find xp driver on acer site for this model either.
need some hlep to fix the sound plz

A:[RESOLVED] Need help plz, sound problem on ACER T671 winxp

Hi and welcome,
The pci device could be the sound card. Open up the pc and see if it is seated correctly.

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Hello everyone, I have a big problem with my laptop.
It had Windows XP SP3 and I had Norton Internet Security 2009 on it.
Today my touchpad and keyboard wouldnt work anymore, NIS2009 wouldnt load, the sound wouldnt turn on, the laptop would freeze as soon as I hit Start>Shut Down..
I tried plugging in an external keyboard and mouse via USB which did work. But I still couldnt get the other errors to get out.
I decided to back up my files to an external drive and then format the hard drive and reinstall windows XP
(BTW with this Acer TravelMate 2310 recovery software it only formats and reinstalls the C drive, not the D drive)
So I reinstalled WinXP, now being at SP2 again since its 2005 software. but still the laptops own keyboard and touchpad do not work and the PC still freezes completely as soon as I click Start>shutdown. Also the Volume control still wont load.
Therefore the hard drive must still have the same errors as it did before the reinstall of XP. What should I do now?
I would really appreciate any help on this issue. I am thankful yet to have a fully functioning Desktop PC which I am on now...

A:WinXP touchpad/keyboard/shutdown/sound problems


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