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The operation could not be completed - access denied

Q: The operation could not be completed - access denied

I cannot shut down program anymore via the task manager plz tell me why is the a fix
for this please i going crazy over this XP Pro

A: The operation could not be completed - access denied

Some programs cannot be terminated via task manager, however, try opening your web browser and then try to terminate it.
For Internet Explorer the process is IEPLORER.EXE or iexplorer.exe (WARNING!: Do not terminate explorer.exe, terminate iexplorer.exe)
For Mozilla Firefox the process is firefox.exe
good luck, smartguy01

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I try to change the priority of warcraft 3 but it tells me "the operation could not be completed access is denied". Yes I am the only user and administator on the pc so how can I make the warcraft 3 priority higher? I play the game sometimes and when I do I lag in this game called green td because of to many monsters or something. I know its not my pc because I can play GTA IV on high/highest on all settings at 1920x1080 resolution with a solid 25 fps with normal priority. Anyways here my specs:

AMD Phenom II X2 511 3.4Ghz
5gigs of ddr3 ram
Nvidia Geforce 9600 GSO verto 768MB GDDR3
750GB HD with 435GB free

Green td is the only game I lag at so I wanna try changing the priority but I can't so any help would be great.

I also have a good internet plan so I am not sure why I lag. I have a 25/25 Mbps plan from verizon fios.

A:the operation could not be completed access is denied

Hello iseeu1001,

Why do you want to change the priority of Warcraft (I am assuming the process)?

Also, I am not familiar with Green TD... I don't know if changing the priority of the process will help your lag at all.

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I just completed a system restore on my eMachines computer. I have Windows XP. Now, I had one folder that I backed up, but now everytime I try to enter it, it says Access Denied. I did hide this folder on my hard drive before, but all of my other hidden folders that I backed up work fine. I would really appreciate it if somebody could tell me how to gain access to this folder, I have very important information in it. Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Access Denied Into Folder, Just Completed System Restore

You will have to "take ownership" of it, basically following the instructions in the article below.

However it appears they fail to mention that in Windows XP Home, to have access to the "security" tab, you must boot up in Safe Mode.;en-us;308421

see also:;en-us;308418

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Operation could not be completed (erroe 0*0000079). Double check the printer name and make sure that the printer is connected to the network.

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I used to have two desktops A & B, they have internet sharing and printer sharing , they were working fine.

Desktop A XP Professional SP2 PC has got two printers (HP and Samsung) connected directly (USB cable), and Printer sharing is turned on .

I bought another Desktop to replace B, because B is an old PC.

From the Desktop B (XP Professional SP2), when attempting to chose the option :
A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer Click to expand...

, to add a shared printer , I can browse and see the printers name (hp and Samsung), however, when I attempt to
connect both of them, I get the following error:
cannot connect to the printer operation could not be completed errorClick to expand...

Do I need to have admin account with their passwords on both Desktop to be able to share the printers ?

I have seen this, but I could not find as solution to my case.

A:Cannot connect to the printer operation could not be completed

Both PCs have XP prof SP2, and both of them on the same workgroup name (MSHOME).

There are no firewalls running on both PCs

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please help me
I have a windows XP Proffesional
intenet explorer 8 ( I think )
I have had viruses on my computer, but they are all fixed by now,
but it knocked out my printer,
so that my computer does not see my printer installed
I have a HP laserjet printer 1100
and when I tried to go to control panel printers and faxes,
add a printer it does not see it,
even though I installed my HP drivers
error message says
" operation could not be completed,
the print spooler service is not runing "
even though I installed the drivers,

please advise,

A:Error message operation could not be completed

please help me, sigmund

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An old GF called me with a *lovely* problem..

She was cleaning up old files on her machine.. And seems to have cleaned way too much.

Now, when she tries to use the add printer wizard, she gets 'Operation Could Not be completed'. I checked Microsoft, and got info on the spooler not running. Trying to start the spooler (which DOES show stopped) get's a 1068 error.

I'm NOT an XP person (She's got XP Home).. and she's in another state, so I'm helping via the phone... We've been trying to use the Restore, but it keeps failing, and suggesting we try a different restore date/time.

On older systems, I'd know what to do, but under XP, I have no clue.. Any ideas? Or even ideas where to start?

Oh! It's a cannon printer (not that she's getting far enough for it to be relevant), and she's tried using the install CD that came with the printer, only to have it tell her that installation has failed.



Yeah! It's resolved... But, for posterity, I figured I should say how...

When she was deleting the programs, there were a few things that she though were old, but she couldn't get rid of for some reason. So she changed (don't shudder) them from .exe files to .old files.

When looking at the Spooler, and the dependancies and such, she noticed one file name that she remembered doing that to... She undid it (by hand),.... and Ta da! All fixed!

Thanks to all o... Read more

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I'am trying to install a printer on my friend's machine, but I still have getting message: Printer Driver Was Not Installed. Operation Could Not Be Completed". No matter which model, just general for all printers. Most funny is that computer recognize the printer, but won't install drivers.
I found similar problem in other forum, but no answer.

I'm not able to add a printer driver using the standard printer wizard or otherwise. I get the generic message, "Printer driver was not installed. Operation could not be completed." I'm logged on as administrator, the spooler is running, I've installed SP2, and this problem exists for all the printers I have tried.
It doesn't seem to matter which model I try to install. One is an HP 4500DN, another is an HP 5si. I have the latest drivers and have tried downloading the latest drivers, but I still get the message.

Any idea what's wrong? I have some experience, but I'v never seen this kind of problem before.

As I know computer was cleaned from viruses. I guess some trojans made a huge disorder in this system.

When I scanned a disc with "chkdsk /r" command I recognized two partitions (systems?), I mean C:\Windows, and D:\MiniNT.

What is MiniNT? I read this problem can occur also if there is two systems on the disc.

I have no more ideas, maybe somebody has more xperience in this area?

I will appreciate for any help.


A:Printer Driver Was Not Installed. Operation Could Not Be Completed.

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I am trying to install a canon IP3000 printer on a computer it has previously been installed on. Print head died and we have replaced it, in the meantime we bought a canon MP280 and installed that. When I uninstalled the MP280 after getting the new print head, and tried to reinstall the IP3000 from the disk, the installer gets to 60% and says it is creating folders, then the error system cannot find specified files comes up. I get the above message if i try to use Add printer in XP. All old drivers have been removed and i have tried renaming c:windows\system32\spool\driver\w32x86. I am at a dead end for things to try, can anyone help please.

A:Printer Driver Was Not Installed. Operation Could Not Be Completed.

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Trying to install networked printers. Printers work fine on all other system, XP Home, XP Pro, Windows 98 even but Vista will allow me to browse to them, it sees them, but when I double click to install, I'm presented with that error message. Anyone else have networked printers working with Vista?

A:cannot connect to the printer operation could not be completed error 0x00000866

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Can someone please help me with the followiing error?

Windows can't open Add a Printer Operation could not be completed (error 0x000006b5)

I am able to run Add a printer using the command prompt rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /il"

When the Add a printer window opens I get as far as selecting the port and there are no ports listed not even in the drop down. It worked fine yesterday and nothing new has been installed or uninstalled. I have tried disconnecting my printer from the desktop and rebooting without the printer and then reconnecting the printer and rebooting, Nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium x64.

I admit I even tried to add the printer on my Vista Laptop, Windows 7 laptop and the printer seems to be crapping out on each one. I am thinking it is possible my printer is dead but can someone confimr that?

A:Windows can't open Add a Printer Operation could not be completed (error 0x000006b5)

Two ways to confirm it. Try it on still another computer and try your computer with another printer.

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Hello,when I start my computer (Windows XP SP3) I get a command prompt window stating:The operation has completed successfullyThe operation has completed successfullyThe operation has completed successfullyThe operation has completed successfullyThe command prompt location is: "C:\Documents and Settings\[my login name]\Local Settings\Temp" and the file is called 599.exeI'm not sure what this file is, I scanned with Norton Internet Security 2009 and it did not detect a virus. I've scanned my computer with Spybot search and destroy and NIS to see if I have any virus's or spyware etc. nothing comes up.Below is the DSS.txt file, attached is the attach file.I've removed any instances of my login name and replaced it with "[login name]" the weird thing is the 599.exe process running the in background and the very very odd thing is the folder which has random numbers and then my full name "C:\Program Files\1218164934" as processes. Folder contains: "[full name]1218164934L.exe", "[full name]1218164934W.exe" and a folder with my full name. inside that folder are the following files: "1218164934.box1", "1218164934.box2", "1218164934.box3", "12181649341", "12181649342". I have also scanned this folder, and nothing has come up.Looking at the attach file I see that nero has created a sidebyside error and it generates the error message of "The operation com... Read more

A:On windows XP SP3 start - Command prompt message: The operation has completed successfully (4x)

on the next restart my computer went haywire. I guess I needed a restart to figure out the problem. 'Advanced virus remover' was the problem, spybot search and destroy cleaned it all out. I cleaned out my temp folder to stop the 599.exe (nero was not the problem as I uninstalled it and still received the screen). I edited the start menu items to take out 599.exe and a file called winupdate.exe which was also put there along with another file similar to it that had been put in my prefetch folder with a .pf extension. I deleted the [my full name] folder and misc. files in there by booting into linux. Also I had this problem ( hxxp:// ) I followed the directionsDownload LSPFix.exe from and run. Check Off <I know what I'm doing...> Move Winhelper.dll to the Remove side. Click Finish. Reboot.I should have guessed something like that was up since firefox worked fine (except for that problem) and IE couldn't even connect.Hope that helps anyone with the same problem as me!

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I'm setting up printer sharing on an XP system. I ran the wizard and gave it the okay to share printers.
When I go to my printer options 'Share' tab, select 'Share this printer' and click 'Apply' I get:

"Printer settings could not be saved. Operation could not be completed."

What would cause this?

Thank you.

A:Solved: "Printer settings could not be saved. Operation could not be completed."

Nevermind. 'Server' service was disabled. Enabling this service fixed the issue. Hey, I'm getting good at this.

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Printers that were installed prior to the SP3 update function properly. But when trying to install a new printer by either using a printer manufacturer's installation disk, or by simply using Windows 'add a printer' wizard, the error message "Printer driver was not installed. Operation could not be completed." appears. This occurs when I attempt to install any printer from the list of printers shown in the wizard.

One other point to note is that when using the add a printer wizard, no printers are shown in the window that asks me to choose a printer from the list. Based on other XP/Vista machines, there should be a list of printers shown. When I choose "Windows Update", a list of printers eventually populates, but when I attempt to install any of these printers, I get the same error message after the driver files seem to copy to my PC (after pressing the 'Finish' button)

When I attempt install a random printer, the drivers do in fact successfully copy to the folder C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\W32X86 prior to getting the error message. However, the printer does not show up in the list of printers available in the "Printers and Faxes" window.

I also removed the W32X86 folder from the drivers folder, and the new W32X86 that was subsequently re-created upon restarting the computer was also able to accept new printer drivers, BUT when attempting to install a printer using the wizard, after the files were successfully ... Read more

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When I click "Add a Printer" it says "Operation could not be completed". I've tried restarting the printer spooling service, and i also tried the Microsoft support located at;en-us;324757

After completing those steps it no longer gave me a memory error on starting computer and saying illegaln operation every so often about print spooler, however it still says "operation could not be completed."

Please Help,


A:Printer Spooling "Operation could not be completed"

try going to the control panel >>>>>>>>>>administrative tools>>>>>>>>>>>>

click on services. scroll down on the right side and look for Print Spooler

see if it is set to manual , automatic or disabled

you want it set on automatic.

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We are migrating from XP to Windows 7 and using USMT offline to migrate user settings etc.
Network printers are migrated but on the users first login if the user tries to set their default printer they receive the following error message:-

"Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000709) Double check the printer name and make sure that the printer is connected to the network."  

The printer is in fact installed and it is possible to print a test print, just not set the default printer.

The issue is resolved by restarting the print spooler (or logging out and back in or rebooting or re-installing the printer) so is only
an issue during the users first login.                                                                                                                             ... Read more

A:Printers "Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000709) Double check the printer name and make sure that the printer is connected to the network."

According to the error message, I assume that the spooler service cannot find out the printer on the network.

You may set the startup type of Printer Spooler service to Manual or Delayed Start for a test.Juke Chou
TechNet Community Support

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I have a Dell Dimension 2400 Intel Pentium running Windows XP  sp3 and have been getting tons of junk mail. I ran Avast, malware bytes &spybot. Nothing found. So I started looking through the Dell help on my computer. I'm not as savvy as I'd like to be and while trying to fix the issue myself I did something that I shouldn't have. First, I tried system restore to go back to a later date but it wouldn't let me no mater which date I tried. Then,I followed a suggestion regarding the registries. HUGE mistake! Now my computer is stuck in a boot loop. I obviously need to repopulate my hives but have no idea how. When the computer starts the Windows XP logo pops up. Then a box pops up saying lsass.exe access denied a proccess has requested access to an object, but has not been granted those access rights. When I click ok It restarts. The Dell logo pops up then the Windows XP logo and then the access denied again. Ive tried to start in last known good configuration. Safe mode. System restore. But, i keep ending back in the loop. So, I tried ordering some disks that I thought may be able to help while I've been reading through threads for information. I don't have any of the original software for this cop, I purchased it used a few years ago. But, I purchased a Knoppix 7.6.1., and system rescue from same CO, & 2 CDs off eBay Windows XP 64 bit & 32 bit as I wasn't sure which was the one I might need. But the were being sold as disks for this... Read more

A:lsass.exe Access Denied a process has requested access to an object, but has not been granted those access rights

Windows XP has reached end of life 2 years ago... It is an insecure Operating System and should no longer be used especially online.
The Dimension 2400 is weak hardware (Pentium 4 Processor, IDE hard drive, DDR RAM) from 2003! so 13 years old! Its not worthwhile running a modern Operating System on it and below minimum system requirements.
If on a budget you are best to buy a second hand OptiPlex 780 with a Windows 7 OEM license (which can be used for a free Windows 10 upgrade).

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I'd like to put a .cmd file in my c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup directory, but \Documents and Settings has a lock on it and tells me "Access denied" when I click on it. Is this a job for "Take Ownership" or is there another way? The instructions for "Take Ownership" say not to use it on the C drive, but it's not clear if that applies to the whole drive, or individual files/folders on it. Thanks.

A:"Access denied:" How to overcome denied access to a folder

That is the incorrect path. No need to mess with permissions, I'd advise leaving them alone.

The path you are looking for is C:\Users\<your user account>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

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Since installing Windows 8, I have been having sporadic problems with access denied. Examples follow:

PIMEX is a Personal Information Manager that I have been using through several generations of Windows. When I first converted to Windows 8, this program worked with no problems. Now, however, when I try to open the program, I get the message "PIMEX database could not be opened. Error message: permission denied". If I use the Control Panel to uninstall the program, and then reinstall the program, I am able to open it normally and work with it and use all functions. Once I close the program, however, and try to open it again, I once again get permission denied.

PaperPort is a program that manages scanned images. The program can scan either photos or text documents. If text is selected, the program creates a PDF file that the user names. These scanned files are then stored in PaperPort folders. When I try to display one of these files, PaperPort invokes PDF Viewer Plus (included with the package), and I get the message access denied. If I try to use the Windows 8 Reader to display the file, I get a "Sorry, can't display this file message". Likewise, I cannot display the file using Adobe software.

I have a HP Photosmart Premium printer which also is a scanner. If I use the HP Solution Center to scan a text document, I am able to scan the file without problems, but when I try to Finish and write the file to my hard drive, I have the same permissions problem ... Read more

A:Access Denied ...Permission Denied

Try running the programs as administrator or try to change the compatibility settings and run it for a previous known working windows edition. Thanks.

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Hi, looking for any help with no control panel and many other issues. Previously had some malware and also some virus apparently was removed a long time ago but still I have no access to many functions although I can use the internet. Below is a current log thanks!
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.3 (BETA)
Scan saved at 20:01:13, on 3/3/2010
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16762)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSvcHst.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\AluSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe\LSSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
c:\program files\timbuktu pro\tb2launch.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\HPwuSchd2.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro\type32.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliPoint\point32.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Distillr\Acrotray.exe
C:\pro... Read more

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Good morning,I have a system that has had numerous issues, mainly virus related. I have cleaned the system, and show no virus activity... but I'm still having issues.Late last week the system was stuck in a loop, it wouldn't boot to Windows at all (no safe mode, no normal mode). I resorted to a Windows repair from the install disk. It worked... to a certain degree. I am now able to get into Windows, but can not open IE and I can not install a display driver.I am unable to access Windows Update, but was able to set automatic updates to install lots of updates including SP3, but I am still unable to make any changes.Initially when I attempted to open IE I would get a window saying that IE had to close instantly. I attempted to reinstall IE, and I attempted to install a newer version of IE. Neither worked. If I chose to install the updates with the install I would get an access denied error, if I chose not to install the updates with the install it would look like it worked, but now when I click on IE I get "Error loading C:\WINDOWS\System32\inetcpl.cpl. The operating system cannot run %1"In device manager, I have no drivers installed on my display adapter. If I try to update it, it looks like it's going to install... but then I get "Cannot install the hardware. Access is Denied".Any assistance or insight into this would be appreciated.

A:Unable to access IE, access denied when updating display drivers, no windows update

On any system with a number of's often better to do a clean install to wipe the slate clean, rather than hope that you have patched all known and unknown issues, IMO.


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So today I was working on my computer, my norton antivirus expired and so I bought a new one. Well it wouldn't renew my subscription so I read on a website that you need to clear norton out of your registry. So I followed the directions and ever since I did that when I open a webpage it goes to a screen that says:


The requested URL could not be retrieved

The following error was encountered:

- Cache Access Denied

Access control configuration prevents this request.

On top of that I get a similar message when I try to run live update. I have the computer hooked up to a linksys router with high speed internet. Please help.


A:Messed up computer and cannot access internet, page says cache access denied

Hmm, that's a good one. Try reinstalling IE or Firefox, whatever internet software you use. You might have inadvertently deleted an application cache file which the application needs.

Only other thing to do is boot into safe mode and select last know good boot.

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I have kinda setup a network with my computer and a laptop which has just been formatted. It now has XP service pack 2 installed and I have to enter the password and username of an account on the laptop in order to access the resources.
Now I can access the laptop using my computer, when the laptop tries to access my computer, and tries to get a file, the message on the title always comes up.

I have unchecked simple file sharing and enabled full access (read/write) on the laptop whose account Im using. But it didnt work.

When opening my computer today, I have noticed a message about migration and program controls and some information about windows NT and windows 3.x This has never popped up and am wondering if this has made any changes to my computer not the laptop.

So Is there a simple way that does not restrict the laptop from getting the resources on my computer??

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Hello I am unable to access my task manager on Windows 7 as administrator. Whenever I try to access it a Command window flashes on the screen quickly and that's it. Same thing happens when taskmgr.exe is clicked. 
I was able to capture the command window error as the following:
C;\Users\Brian\Documents>REG and HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System  /v  DisableTaskMgr  /t  REG_DWORD  /d  /0  /f
ERROR: Access is denied.
Any help with this would be appreciated. I have checked that TaskMgr is enabled in the registry, and have ran AVG, Malwarebytes, TDSS Killer, RKill and Combofix and they didn't come up with anything. 
Here is the FRST logs:
==================== NetSvcs (Whitelisted) ===================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, it will be removed from the registry. The file will not be moved unless listed separately.)
==================== One Month Created files and folders ========
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the file/folder will be moved.)
2015-11-16 14:05 - 2015-11-16 14:05 - 00020866 _____ C:\Users\Brian\Downloads\FRST.txt
2015-11-16 14:04 - 2015-11-16 14:05 - 00000000 ____D C:\FRST
2015-11-16 14:04 - 2015-11-16 14:04 - 01378304 _____ (Farbar) C:\Users\Brian\Downloads\FRST.exe
2015-11-16 10:55 - 2015-11-16 10:55 - 00001446 _____ C:\Users\Brian\Downloads\hijackthis.log
2015-11-16 10:52 - 2015-11-16 10... Read more

A:Unable to access Task Manager - Error: Access is denied

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Here is the FRST logs:Your your is not complete. Please post the complete FRST log for my review.

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I have Windows XP and have been getting tons of junk mail. I ran Avast, malware bytes &spybot. Nothing found. So I started looking through the Dell help on my computer. I'm not as savvy as I'd like to be and while trying to fix the issue myself I did something that I shouldn't have. First, I tried to go back to a later date but it wouldn't let me no mater which date I tried. Then,I followed a suggestion regarding the registries. HUGE mistake! Now my computer is stuck in a boot loop. I obviously need to repopulate my hives but have no idea how. When the computer starts the Windows XP logo pops up. Then a box appears saying leads.exe access denied. Process has requested access to an object, but has not been granted those access rights. When I click OK the DELL LOGO comes up & then the process repeats itself. I can't start in safe mode, Can't start in last known good configuration. So, I tried ordering some disks that I thought may be able to help while I've been reading through threads for information. I don't have any of the original software for this cop, I purchased it used a few years ago. But, I purchased a Knoppix 7.6.1., system rescue from same CO, & 2 CDs off eBay Windows XP 64 bit & 32 bit. Don't know how to use any of them though. Please help!

A:lsass.exe - Access Denied a process has requested access to an object but

Stupid autocorrect, grrr. The box that pops up says, lsass.exe Access Denied. I'm using my tablet.

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Hello I am unable to access my task manager on Windows 7 as administrator. Whenever I try to access it a Command window flashes on the screen quickly and that's it. Same thing happens when taskmgr.exe is clicked. 
I was able to capture the command window error as the following:
C;\Users\<name>\Documents>REG and HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System  /v  DisableTaskMgr  /t  REG_DWORD  /d  /0  /f
ERROR: Access is denied.
Any help with this would be appreciated. I have checked that TaskMgr is enabled in the registry, and have ran AVG and Malwarebytes and they didn't come up with anything. 
Thanks again for any help on this one.

A:Unable to access Task Manager - Error: Access is denied

blue gravity,
Please confirm that the command that is attempting to execute is the following:

REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableTaskMgr /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
This command is trying to enable task manager but the command prompt that is trying to enable task manager does not have the permissions to do that.
Please try the following:
Click Start
Type cmd
Right click cmd.exe
Select Run as administrator
type "REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableTaskMgr /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f"
Press enter
Close cmd.exe
Log out
Log in
Try to open task manager
If this does not work, or you believe your computer might be infected, please follow the instructions found at Am I Infected, as I am not authorized to assist with the removal of malware.
Thank you,

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Hello I am unable to access my task manager on Windows 7 as administrator. Whenever I try to access it a Command window flashes on the screen quickly and that's it. Same thing happens when taskmgr.exe is clicked. 
I was able to capture the command window error as the following:
C;\Users\<name>\Documents>REG and HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System  /v  DisableTaskMgr  /t  REG_DWORD  /d  /0  /f
ERROR: Access is denied.
Any help with this would be appreciated. I have checked that TaskMgr is enabled in the registry, and have ran AVG, Malwarebytes, TDSS Killer, RKill and Combofix and they didn't come up with anything. 
Thanks again for any help on this one.

A:Unable to access Task Manager - Error: Access is denied

Please initiate a new topic, following Steps 6- 8 of Preparation Guide, Before Using Malware Removal Tools and Requesting Help - and also paste in the results from your ComboFix log.  Initiate this new topic in the forum which contains the Prep Guide instructions I have linked to, do not post it here.
After that is done...this topic in AII will be closed.
Thanks .
MRL topic posted at , this topic is now closed.

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Hi, everyone,

I'm mostly a Linux guy these days, so I'm no longer clued up about even simple Windows issues. Bear with me.

I have one PC running Vista (home basic), one running XP (professional) and one running Windows 7 (home basic). There is a printer connected to the Vista box, which is shared.

On the XP box I can both see and use the printer on the Vista box (i.e. a "net view \\vistabox" shows the printer, and under "printers and faxes" I can install and use it).

On the Windows 7 box, however, I can see the Vista box (i.e. a "net view" shows it in the list of available PCs on the network) but a "net view \\vistabox" gives me an "access denied" error.

The Windows 7 machine has a password on it, the Vista and XP machines don't. All machines are on the same workgroup name (which is "WORKGROUP"). On the XP box I don't need a password to access the shared printer on the Vista machine; it just works.

Extensive Googling has failed to render enlightenment, nor has browsing this forum. I'm sure it has something to do with security and passwords, somewhere, somehow, but I have no idea in which direction to look for it, let alone fix it. I have also read some things about workgroups and homegroups not being the same in Windows 7, but I'm not sure if this is correct (and if so, relevant).

All suggestions on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated!

// FvW

A:Can access Vista shares from XP but not from Windows 7 (access denied)

Welcome to the forums frankvw!

Try this: File Sharing - Between XP and W7 (and vice versa)

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And yet quite possibly another no brainer for you all, I work on a large number of machines for family and friends, mostly 2000 or XP Home and Pro and to be quite honest with you I am not sure what the best way to connect to these machines would be, what I mean is I am soooooo tired of setting up a machine in my shop, running up stairs to my primary machine to either get in remotly or tap into the c:\ drive of the other machine only to realize that I do not have permition, or I do not remember the computer name, or I do not have the password, or I can not log on as the "guest". Do you know what I mean? I get so frustrated when I get the "Access Denied" message. it seems to me I spend more time trying to get into these machines than I do reparing them. So I guess my question would be, once I have the machine setup what is the FASTEST way for me to gain access to that machine from another machine? Lets just focus on XP and 2000, Do I really have to setup a user first to gain access? or is there a quicker way. Thanks.

A:Access Denied (how to gain access to another machine QUICKLY!!)

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I was upset that I couldn't save to my C drive so I started messing around trying to find a way. I deleted everythig in group or users names thinking I could just assign the Administrator. Now I can't access anything, I cannot run a system restore, I cannot do a cmd to Run as administrator, so on and so on. I have googled my eyes off trying to find solutions. When I click to run some programs I get "The parameter is incorrect".

A:Can't open access control editor. Access Denied.

Try safemode.

Tap F8 on boot. try a system restore from there

here is a page to help


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I accidently changed the file settings on my laptop and locked myself out of the C:.
I cant do a system restore or enable administrator.

There are no other Administrators on my pc. If you need any other information just ask me please


A:Can't open Access control editor. Access is denied.

Im running on vista home premium btw

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Hey, I get this message can't open access control editor. Access is denied when trying to change settings on C:. I cant get in to system restore, registry etc thanks for your help in advance.


A:can't open access control editor. Access is denied

Have you tried use system restore from DVD Vista?

Boot DVD Vista,choose language>>repair computer>>system restore?

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A:Denied Access To Set Program Access And Defaults By Rundll32.exe

Hi and welcome.rundll32.exe is a process which executes DLL's and places their libraries into the memory, so they can be used more efficiently by applications. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.Note: rundll32.exe is a process registered as a backdoor vulnerability which may be installed for malicious purposes by an attacker allowing access to your computer from remote locations, stealing passwords, Internet banking and personal data. This process is a security risk and should be removed from your system.This is strange, this might be a malware or it might just be some promblem with the rundll32.exeI would run a scan and see what the scanners find. DON'T remove rundll32.exe, because it is most likely a legitimate file.Regards,ExtremeboyGreat that you figured it out. Can you tell us how you fixed the promblem?

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When I ask for help via the help assistant I get an error message saying that:"This program has performed an illegal operation.........
MSOHELP caused an invalid page fault in
module ITSS.DLL at 0177:5d487227.
EAX=00000000 CS=0177 EIP=5d487227 EFLGS=00010202
EBX=00000000 SS=017f ESP=0064dc48 EBP=0064de84
ECX=0064dc5c DS=017f ESI=00473210 FS=4aff
EDX=0064dc7c ES=017f EDI=00000000 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 07 ff 50 14 8b d8 85 db 0f 85 96 00 00 00 39
Stack dump:
00000000 0064dc5c 00000000 00473290 00473210 0064dc78 5d489eb4 5d4892ef 004731ec 00473528 bff7b9c5 817b32f8 00000014 003a003a 00610044 00610074
Jason Clark

A:MS Access help assistant illegal operation

Have you searched the MSKB about this? What version of Access? Do you have your Office Service Packs in place?

Try this article: ACC2000: Invalid Page Fault When You Start Help

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I want to make myself the object owner for my pc and I cannot, I did a security setting when the pc was new but I have just forgot how I did it and currently cannot install programs. please guide.

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While searching the web for a number of things using Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Avast SafeZone I came across:
Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #18.a6921602.1473777976.6a63591


Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #18.64ff4317.1473778078.15314924

What might be causing this?

Any ideas or solutions gratefully received

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hey everyone

I was just wondering if anybody could spare some time to help me out with a problem
we have set up a network in our house with the use of a hub and router...we have broadband connected to NTL....with six computers connected

However one of our flatmates computers gives this error message when she tries to use IE: 'Forbidden, You were denied access by access control list'

She uses win XP..

She can still use messenger which shows the connection to her comp is fine... I have had a search around the net with no luck...something to do with her ISP connection although our ISP is well NTL i think..... i just plug and played this computer, no CD or anything...

any help would be hugel appreciated



A:access denied by access control list

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Before updating to windows 7 from XP, remote access was working. Now enableing remote terminal access, we get access denied. The pc trying to gain access are a Vista and 7. The pc being accessed is using a sticky IP. We have been accessing for sometime until upgrade.
This is between 2 cities. NLR has sticky IP and is to be accessed, Searcy had dynamic, class C.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Jack Privitt

A:Windows 7 remote access into, access denied

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i m using windows vista from my laptop HP DV5 .yesterday i was deleted Security Tab from my D drive.n i delete all the groups & users .now i got the the error access denied .i cannot access my drive :(.any how .please give me some suitable solution i ll thankful to you guys. and here is the screen shot of same thing

A:Drive Cannot Access (Error:Access Denied)

:( :s

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I have installed the BT home hub (British Telecom) There are two user accounts on my pc. I am the administrator, and have no problems using the connection to the hub (either wirelessly or by cable) at all!

I do however, have a problem with any other user been able to connect to the internet. I have tried making them and "Administrator" too, and I get the same error message:


You were denied access because;
Access denied by access control list.

My reasoning told me that it might be a software problem, as a dial up connection, and a standard broadband cable connection all worked peviously with the two "Adimistrator", and "restricted" user accounts.

I spoke to BT who decided that it was a microsoft UK want to charge me ?49 to help as my XP Home Edition wasn't bought from them, it was pre-installed. I contacted Time Computers for help from them, though I am utterly dissapointed in them...I am a novice computer user, but I recognised that my ?1 per minute technical help call was ludicrous...DON'T USE IT! They spend 5 mins getting and checking your details!

1, Since when has creating a shortcut to a connection ever "lifted" an access denied?

2, I was also told to delete the accounts that were not allowed the access. They told me to click on save files, after I had started to delete the account...they got mixed up with the order of how things are done! Luckily I got it halted!

3,... Read more

A:Access denied by Access control list

Hi Scudda, welcome to TSF..

apologies as i'm not familiar with the BT Home Hub there any software installed on the computer to enable it's operation?

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My computer has been battling with my graphics card & modem lately. So, today I reinstalled Windows with the backup feature provided with the backup (emachine). After I had updated windows completely & replaced my extensive collection of fonts I went to put all my personal files back. I get this message:
"FOLDER LOCATION" is not accessible.
Access is denied.Click to expand...

It's the "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner" folder

It has all my music, videos, photos, & work for things I do in it. I can get into my 'WINDOWS' folder and 'Program Files' but not that. Is there a way I can get into it? I've tried using Ubuntu with the hard-drive mounted and I get that the HD is read-only and I can't move/rename/delete/ect. anything on it. I've been working on it for hours with no results at all, help

A:Solved: [Access is Denied] When trying to access files

Take Ownership

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I have a database in Access that will not let me bypass the start up. I have it set to hide the database windows and a few other things when it is opened. I went in to make some changes to it (holding down the shift key) and it says, " isn't an index in this table. Look in the indexes collection of the TableDef object to determine the valid index names. No matter what I do I get that error. Nothing shows in the database window either. I tried repairing it but I get a similar error except it puts the path and name of the database instead of just the single ".

The database seems to be working when some one opens it to add data to it.

The problem shows up in the back up I made of the database yesterday too so I can not revert back to that. I looked through MS Access knowledge base and couldn't find any thing matching the error. Any Ideas?

Building the Ultimate site list for PC support.

A:Operation invalid without current index in Access

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I have an Access 2003 database with linked tables from a SQL2000 database. I am trying to create the following query:

SELECT C.ID, L.MaxofCollect_date
FROM Table1 C LEFT JOIN table2 L

Where C is an Access table, and L is a query based on a linked SQL2000 table. I keep getting an error message saying "invalid operation". This seems to occur when I outer join a query with a Min/Max/Last, etc. field.

Any ideas as to why this is happening? I've been solving it by making the queries into Access tables, but that is a real pain.



A:Access Invalid Operation on a grouped query

I played with this further, and discovered if I remove the grouping (Max in this case) from the first query before I join it to the Access table, the problem resolves itself. Apparently the program can't figure out the order to perform these operations in? This seems like bug, but I'm not willing to pay Microsoft $259 to find out.

Any light that could be shed on this problem would be appreciated, I've run into this frequently.


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I'm new to the forum - thanks for having me here

About a week ago I started noticing that the CD/DVD drive on my laptop was being accessed on just about every file open, save or browse operation. Please forgive me if I'm not using the right terminology. For example, if I save an image from a web page in Chrome, the CD drive attempts to spin up when the save dialog appears. This applies to saving or opening files in every application I use (Photoshop, Illustrator, Sublime Text, AIMP, etc.).

Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Can I just disable it? I rarely use the DVD drive, in fact since I got the laptop at the end of last year, I've only opened the drive once.

I appreciate the help!

A:How do I prevent CD/DVD drive access on every file operation?

Hi Sereby and welcome to the Forum. Not sure why your system keeps accessing the DVD drive but you will get lots of advice shortly. However, you mentioned that you have only used the DVD drive once since you bought the machine. Did you use it to make a set of RECOVERY DVD's? Manufacturers no longer ship Windows DVD's with new systems but they do provide a capability to BURN A SET directly from your machine. If you have not done so, this is the very first thing i would do. If your hard Drive were ever to fail, you could restore your system to Factory after installing a new Hard Drive.
Just a suggestion.

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I have 2 problems, First I think can't access my computer or my document files because of an illegal operation in explorer. Secondly my d drive has somehow vanished and I would like to find it again.

A:illegal operation in exploer, preventing file access

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Hi folks,

I cannot access Internet Options, I get this error: This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Contact Administrator. This is my home computer, I am the administrator. I found this out because I cannot read or delete hotmail messages and someone in another forum said that I have to do something in Internet Options. Can someone help me with these issues?

Access to Internet Options
Read/delete Hotmail emails



A:Windows XP Home - Cannot access Internet Options - This operation has been cancelled

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

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Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don't hear from you within three days this thread will be closed.

If you're not receiving help elsewhere and still require assistance for this issue, please follow the process outlined here:

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After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post/attach as instructed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your next reply.


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I am running windows 7 and just recently my internet connection is no longer working. I have tried to disable and enable the adapters. I have run virus and spyware cleaners and cleaned the computer and no luck.
I Reset TCP/IP stack to installation default: netsh int ip reset reset.log
then I ran ipconfig /renew and got the error that no adapter is in the state permissible for this operation

I then Reset WINSOCK entries to default: netsh winsock reset catalog
and got the error: the system cannot find the file specified

I am at a loss can anyone help me get back online with this computer?

A:limited access and the operation failed as no adapter is in the state permissible for

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I read an older post about this problem. Nothing helped. I get a message stating that access is denied. I have windows vista home 64 bit pack 2. Here is what you asked for in the other post.


Group Name Type SID Attributes
====================================== ================ ============ ==================================================
Everyone Well-known group S-1-1-0 Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group
BUILTIN\Users Alias S-1-5-32-545 Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group
NT AUTHORITY\INTERACTIVE Well-known group S-1-5-4 Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group
NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users Well-known group S-1-5-11 Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group
NT AUTHORITY\This Organization Well-known group S-1-5-15 Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group
LOCAL Well-known group S-1-2-0 Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group
NT AUTHORITY\NTLM Authentication Well-known group S-1-5-64-10 Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group
Mandatory Label\Medium Mandatory Level Unknown SID type S-1-16-8192 Mandatory group, Enabled by default, Enabled group
I'm not tech savvy so I don't know how to take my hard drive out to repair as suggested. I do have 2 drives. C:\ drive and D:\ drive. My back ups are on D drive. I thought maybe because of this you could help me. I tried to restore using it but it asks for files and folders and I don't know what to... Read more

A:Help, can't access C:\ drive (access denied)

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My internet connection works just fine, but the network connections icon on the taskbar (the two computers) is faded gray and has a red x on it, and when i put the cursor over it it reads "Connection status: unknown, Access denied"

i know this has been posted before but i couldnt find any solution that worked...

ive already done the cmd prompt solution, the "net localgroup administrators /add", but it does nothing...

i have Vista Home Basic 32bit, and im a standard user, though i have administrative rights.. and there are 3 users for the computer but i'm the only one with the problem..

if anyone knows of any other solution(s), please post them here!!

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i can't access gpedit.msc ACCESS IS DENIED pls help me

A:i can't access gpedit.msc ACCESS IS DENIED

Hello ifyoulabme, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Are you logged in an administrator account?

If you are, then check the permissions of the hidden "C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\gpt.ini" file to make sure that "Administrators" are set to be allowed "Full control" of it, and that none of the "Deny" boxes are checked.

Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups

Hope this helps,

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Hello Guys,
I have been really impressed with Windows 8 until today.
I have Minecraft installed and it was running fine until I opened it with unpacker which gave me an error and then I used WinRar but it told me that I don't have permissions to delete the "META-INF" folder (which I needed to delete from the archive). So I tried to reopen it but I got an error that it cannot be opened.
When looking at the file's permission it seems that I don't have the READ permission so I can't change other permissions.
This only happens with one file. I have tried running CMD as Administrator but I still got an "Access Denied" error.

Do you guys know how to solve this?


A:Access Denied - No Read Access

Maybe you need to log in as administrator?

Usually you get a popup that asks for administrator approval before continuing...

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Hey all,

trying to set up our system so that we cna do remote mmc administration of some machines (win 7).

when I connect to it, I get access denied errors for specific modules, however I can connect to Computer management, but the same modules still disallow access. I am using the domain admin to try this.

any reasons why it may not work?

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Hello all, I am having problems trying to accesse my partition. I have had to install a new operating system on a new partition as the old one had trouble starting up. I am currently running TestDisk to see if anything happens. The problem started when I was reverting back to Windows7 from Windows8 by using the partition manager in Windows8 to mark the Windows7 partition as active in order to boot it. One rebooted the 'Starting Windows' would do its business then suddendly a blank screen would follow with me only able to move the mouse.

Please see my screenshots to see what is up. I really do not want to have to resort to having to format this partition as it has uni work on it.

Note: I have changed the Windows7 old system to Windows789

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Hi guys/girls,

As the subject says,

Built a new PC for my self recently, very happy with it, running 7 64bit.
As new mobos these days are geared towards sata hdd operations I bought one and running my OS on it no problem, I did however keep my old IDE hard drive which I have attatched to the mobo because I got a ton of music and other stuff on it.

Now, I can see the hdd in my computer, I can open it and browse the full contents of it no problem, BUT when attempting to open a folder it says,
you dont have permision to access this folder, click continue to permanently get access to folder


click continue then


you have been denied permison to access the folder, to gain access you need to use the secuirtry tab

ok ok ok

security tab

then advance then continue then chance permisons to my local user name

then that folder is accessable..

What a stupid long wind way of doing it, i dont mind if it was 1 folder but ive got hundreds how can I do this for all folders or more importantly the whole hard drive, its mine ffs!


A:New PC build all ok, but cannot access my old HDD access denied

I understand your trouble; I had to deal with this in the past but luckily there is an easy fix!

You can easily add a "Take Ownership" option whenever you right click and it will run through all the sub folders and make you the owner

Navigate to this article:

The download is near the bottom (it's called Download

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Hi, All.

I've got an interesting situation that I'm hoping can be resolved. I built a server using FreeNAS 8.2 to store family pictures, videos, music, and Windows backups. In my home we have Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and Windows 7 Professional 64bit. The server is setup with 3 Windows (CIFS) Shares. One share for each of the two computers and then a common share for multimedia. The user accounts on the NAS belong to the common group "family." The Multimedia share has ownership (user:group) of root:family. The permissions on the directories in the Multimedia share are read/write/execute for owner, read/write/execute for group, and read/execute for everyone else (or 0775 in the *nix world). Sorry for the long setup explanation.

Anyway, on my computer (Professional) and my wife's computer (Home Premium), I see the shares in Windows Explorer | Network. I am able to access the shares, and the first time I accessed, I was prompted to enter user credentials, which I did along with checking the box to have the credentials remembered. So, now, when I access the shares in Windows Explorer, I have immediate access. I can read, write, delete, whatever through Windows Explorer.

On my computer, I was able to easily transfer my iTunes library to the Multimedia share through the iTunes application, and iTunes now sees all of my iTunes media from the NAS, rather than local. On my wife's computer, I am having a problem with pictures. I was able to easily move all of the 4.8 GB... Read more

A:Import Pictures to NAS "Access Denied" Error Though User Has Access

So have you tried setting the permissions using the Security tab rather than the Sharing tab? Often times you need to set the permissions on both of those tabs in order to have complete access. The link below shows you how.

HDD sharing

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This has happened with Windows 10 PRO and Windows 7 PRO now.

New PC, Fresh install of windows.  All updates, patches, fixes, etc.. installed.
I transfer the customers info from their OLD pc (windows 7 in one instance... windows vista in another)
After transfer the data IS accessible.  After reboot the data IS accessible...  after a few days "access denied" error. (permissions error)

I can move the same file to another location (folder) other than "documents" and the file will open fine.
I can transfer ALL The files to that location and the files will open fine.
IF I "move" the documents folder to the new location... after a day.... access denied (permissions error)
I am not doing anything that I haven't done over the last 10 years,... VERY FRUSTRATING.  I believe it is a windows update of some sort that is causing the problem but cannot pin it down.
Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated!


John Huber

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When I try to use the control panel, I get an error message access to the specific devise path or file is denied. Some items work, but I get the same message when I try to run spybot, adaware, or when I try to manually load norton. Advise?

A:Access denied

whats your system specs, and what version of winodows you running?

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I installed a new program today. There is a "fix" for Vista users. They suggested that I find the exe file - go to Properties (- Compatability tab) and click the "run this program as administrator" box under Privilege Level.

This option has been grayed out and I am not allowed to check the box. I have redone the permissions for the entire folder and everyone has full control over everything.

It has also been suggested by the program's customer support to reinstall the program in my c: folder instead of in program files. This too was unsuccessful.

Any ideas why this option is unavailable to me? I have tried everything I can think of -- and everything from Windows Help that I can understand.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

A:Access Denied

Hi Lyn. . .

Welcome back to TSF.

That option should be available to you. Are you logged onto an administrative account... and if so is it the Vista "hidden" admin account?

Please provide me with a link to the company's web site for the program involved and I'll see what I can find out.

Regards. . .



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i did a repair installation of windows xp Home. i located my old folder where i had a bunch of documents and when i click on it, it gives me access denied. Before the repair installation it was the only username i had a PW for. How do i get into theta folder and get my documents?

A:Access Denied

Hi . Try to take ownership of your files and folders , Look at website below and see if it help .

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Let me first say thanks for trying to help me...

This all started when my computer was shutting down at random times when I was in first I thought it was my GPU because it was just shutting down when I was playing games... but I no longer think this because it started shutting down when I was just in windows.

Anyway so my friend and I started working on it...we thought it was the mild overclock we put on a few weeks earlier. However, my temps were normal and it passed the stress tests we did on it through the BIOS...So we changed the settings back to stock. No luck. Problem not solved. In fact, now we can't stay in windows for more than a couple seconds before it re-boots.

So we decided to install another HD and put a fresh install of XP Pro on it (this is drive C). The system runs fine on this HD!! So we beleive the problem was either in XP or it's a bad HD.

So we want to reformat my suspect HD. This drive has partitions G and H. But first I want to back up my files. For some reason, I can only access my files off of one partition (drive H). The other partition (drive G) which is the one with the suspect XP Pro installed on it, gives me an "Access denied" error when I navigate to anything FARTHER THAN "G:\Documents and Settings\TheShocker".

We cannot move the files using an MS DOS prompt either.

How can I move these files?

Any help is greatly appreciated! I will be monitoring this thread throughout the evening, so if mor... Read more

A:Access denied...?

I think you have to "take ownership" of the folders/files. Microsoft tells how in:;en-us;308421

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I have a small home network of 3 pc's which was working fine, I can get internet access on all three and can see all three in my network places but cannot get file access on one. The other two work ok with each other and the third one can get file access from the first two.
The folders/drives have sharing enabled but when i try to get access get 'access denied contact admin'
all three are running xp pro with service pack 2
the only thing I have done is to install a couple of applications which I have tried uninstalling but makes no difference
the windows firewall is off and mcafee firewall is set for accepting lan.
have ran spyware checker and virus check.
Have had this before and spent ages sorting but have forgotten what I did to resolve it.
also on the pc with access denied loading of 'my network places' sometimes takes ages.

any help would be greatly appreciated


A:access denied

Make sure that all of the machines have a user account with the same name/password as the client (connecting) machine uses to logon.

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I use a laptop with windowsXP Home. I tried to set up a network between this laptop and another computer also using XP Home. I was unsuccessful (the 2 computers can't see each other in 'My Network Places') but that isn't the problem. Right after I tried the network Wizard I cannot access some of my files From the computer these same files were created on! I tried changing my settings in the network Wizard (turning file/printer sharing on and off again) but no help. (There is a file called My Documents, and another called Documents. I cannot access the one called Documents.) This is the error message I get:

"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents is not accessible. Access denied."

So how do I get access again to my files on my laptop from my same laptop?

A:access is denied

can you ping each other? this step by step troubleshooting may help,

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4200 @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4057 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1805 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 461523 MB, Free - 331756 MB; D: Total - 15359 MB, Free - 1 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0K138P, , .25BHKJ1.CN7016697K01UD.
Antivirus: microsoft security essentials OK i have paratologic health advisor it has found some duplicate files in my program files i made a backup i selected all duplicates but it would not move them to the recycle bin it said access denied

A:access denied

The obvious answer is that you delete them one by one to see which one specifically says 'access denied'.

There are some files in \program files which are owned by Trusted Installer, and cannot even be deleted by an administrator. For example files under "C:\Program Files\Common Files\System"

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Hi, have 5 machines in a network. all are visible but one is inaccessible from the laptop and vice versa.the laptop runs windows ultimate while the desktop runs win xp. the laptop requests for network password to access the desktop while the desktop has the error,laptop not might not have permission to use this network the admin of this server to find out if you have access permission. access denied. the laptop is identified as server in the network. all were working well untill recently. surprising the problem is with the two only. Urgent solution !

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thank you for reading this post, i have done the attachments and a photo of the problemim im having, which is for installing spyware doctor which i have bought, im running windows vista ,and it comes up with the error ( CreateFile failed; code5. Access is denied ) this pops up every time i try to install the spyware program, everything i have is upto date as i can possibly update , can anyone please help me with this predicament that i find myselfe in, i would be gratefull for any advice to curing this problem thank you so much , fishnibbler

A:access is denied

Version 5.5 is for Vista. Do you have this version?
Also when you try to install it, right click and select "run as administrator" and see if it installs for you.

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sorry double post

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I have this computer connected to a laptop via router. The other computer is running WinXP SP2, this one Win2000 SP4.
I can access this computer from the laptop but not vice versa. I have been able to go both ways in the past. The only thing I can think of is that I have added SP2 to the XP. I thought maybe the new firewall in the SP2 was the problem so I disabled the XP firewall but still get an error that "access is denied" from this computer. I have not changed any other sharing functions.

A:Access denied.

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I'm in kinda a weird mix up with my hard drives, I needed to back up my hard drive to upgrade to windows 7 because i was running windows 7 RC.

Well when I attached my hard drive UI got for the backup, my pc told me I needed the boot disc because of a recent hardware or software change. My boot disc for RC is long gone.. and so I couldn't even get the computer to get to the login screen, After pressing F1 it would fail to boot.

So I ended up moving both hard drive to my other computer that currently is running windows vista.

I am pretty sure everything was accessed cause I change the security owners to this computers admin, but when I try to back up my drive it reads this

The backup did not complete successfully

An error occurred. The following information might help you resolve the error:

Access is denied. (0x80070005)

Anyone able to help me? I would greatly appreciate it. If you need more info I can provide, just ask.

Thankyou TSF

A:ACCESS DENIED please help (:

Hi -

The only files that you can back up from Windows 7 RC & copy into a new Windows 7 RTM installation are the user profile folders - Docs, music, pic, etc...

Uou cannot upgrade from Windows 7 RC to RTM. Are you upgrading from Vista or is Windows 7 RTM a full retail copy?

What is "hard drive UI"?

Regards. . .



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I have a user that cannot access a network folder. They have permission to access it and if they log into a different machine they can access the network folder. Once they go back to their machine, they get the "\\Folder not accessible. You might not have permission to use this resource. Access denied."

Any ideas??

A:Access Denied

Have other users log on to the 'problematic' machine to see if they can access the network folder.

It is a network folder on a server or on a client machine?


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Hi everyone, first time on this forum, thanks for all the help with getting win 7 up and running. Got a new desktop pc and managed to set up everything with the help of this forum. Long time xp user, never went to vista so had to learn lots of new stuff. Lots of good help here. Anyways managed to get everything up and running and lots of my old apps installed and operating. Took a bit to figure out work group vs home group so my xp laptop still works and even got to the network printer. Was feeling pretty good about how well this went until this AM....

Started up pc and surfed the web for about 1 hr, no problems. Went to explorer to learn more about how libraries works.. VERY confusing so far. I notice that there are TWO copies of my documents, one with an arrow pointing into the folder, figured something was writing to it, I'll just wait, lots of minutes go by and nothing is happening, task manager isn't running any apps, cpu usage is less than 5%. When I click on the file access denied. I go to C and see about 10 files with in arrows on the folders and the access denied message when you click on them.
While the access denied window was open the command line was turning green, ok I'll wait, just sat there for 10-15 min .. nothing. Looked at the files and found that that the SYSTEM was the OWNER of the files and I couldn't change.Tried to restore to two days ago.. again access denied error, couldn't restore. This went on for about 3 hours. I was just about ready to get out ... Read more

A:Access Denied

The "Access Denied" folders are designed that way. The following post from another forum explains why.

"Local Settings, and Documents and Settings, is by design. These folders are Symbolic Links or Junctions (soft links) and cannot be used like a normal folder, which is why you are getting the access denied error when you try to open them. The only reason these folders are present are for backward compatibility.

These folder names were used in Windows XP and when a software program that was designed for Windows XP is installed or used, and it is hard coded to look for one of these folders, the soft link will silently redirect the software program to the new location in Windows 7. This is why you see a blue shortcut arrow on these folders. There are many other similar soft link folders which are easy to identify by the shortcut arrow.

Local Settings redirects to: C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local
Documents and Settings redirects to: C:\Users

These folders are normally hidden and the reason you are seeing them is because someone changed the option to show hidden files and folders in the Folder Options/View Tab.

All of these soft link folders have the 'Everyone - Access Denied' attributes. You should not try to make changes to the permissions on any of these folders, because this may negatively affect some programs that are currently installed, or may be installed in the future.

The System Volume Infomation folder is where all of the System Restore Points,... Read more

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I tried to get my documents back after the NTLDR is missing problem, but it says access is denied when I go on it. I'm the administrator and I can't get on it. Please help

A:Access Is Denied

Below is an old post that I picked up from somewhere.How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

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How do i create a "access is denied" file. I want that when someone clicks on a program it will say "Access Is Denied". Or how can i put a lock on a folder. I need this becuase im creating a program, and im trying to put a lock on it so noone can see what im doing or go into the file and change stuff.
Any suggestoins? is there like a code or somerthing that does it.

and i dont want to use dirlock

A:Access Is Denied

Well, if you're using Windows 2000, XP, or Vista then you can change the permissions of the folder (or file) in question to prevent other users from accessing it. Additionally, if your drive is formatted with NTFS then you can take advantage of the built-in encryption features.Further reading: (File Permissions) (Encryption)There's also various ways of obfuscating a file or folder (that is, making it look like something else like the Recycle Bin, see, Or hiding files inside an image file as detailed here: Obfuscation will only protect files from regular users who aren't looking for your files. People like the government, police, and those familiar with such techniques aren't going to be fooled.If you're really paranoid, take a look at Truecrypt

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I have recently networked 2 PC's together with a Linksys hub. I have gotten it to the point where the computers "see" each other in the workgroup, and if I type out \\computername\sharedname\, i can access the other computer. If I d'click on the icons, I can't. I get the "access is denied" message.

The main hard drive in the secondary pc, was originally the drive in the primary pc, so I believe they are compatible, except for one thing: the original drive (2nd pc) was originally FAT32, and has since been converted to NTFS. The dirve in the first pc is partitioned into 2 parts, with the original programming still in FAT32, and the second partition (drive D) in NTFS.

If I converted the FAT32 to NTFS, then perhaps the two computers could access each other by d'clicking the icon in the workgroup?

A:2 PC's, access denied

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First, this is windows xp.
Second, here's the problem. I have this cd that still has space on it but will not allow me to add any more files. I don't care about editing, just adding more files. It keeps telling me that access is denied, but I have an administrators account. Help, please?

A:Access denied?

Most likely you are trying to use a CD that doesn't have open session capability anymore or there isn't enough room left for the session header and data.

The solution is to copy the files off the CD you are trying to add files to, add the new files to them, and then burn the complete set back to a new CD.

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Hi, I am running Vista 64 Ultimate on my home PC and Laptop and have just installed a wireless router for internet access and everything works great. Then I decided to network my hard drives so I can access files from my PC wirelessly to my laptop. Everything looks ok and I can access files from my laptop via my PC, however when I try and access file on my PC via the laptop I get an access Denied message.
I have been looking at forums for the past few hours but I can?t find anyone who has overcome the same problem. If I enable the public folder on my PC I can access that via the laptop with no problems however, every time I try to access my hard drive I get the ?Access denied? message. I have enabled the share this folder option but still no luck!
I read something about file/ hard drives being created by XP may cause problems when upgrading to vista but I think that was a bit over my head!!!
Any help would be great.

A:Access Denied

It's most likely because you'll have password proteted mode sharing enabled. If you right-click on the networking icon in the system tray, and open network and sharing center, you can see which options are configured. Chances are you'll need to create a new user and give them access to the shared folder. If that doesn't help I can give you a more detailed walkthrough when I'm back on my Vista box.

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Running WIN XP SP3 Home
Can't use HTML Text Extractor software as it reads access denied.
Have tried switching off Virus and Firewall (ESET) to no avail.
Have looked in WIN Firewall, Internet Options, and Accounts.
Where is the access "allowed" switch to allow this program access to the Internet ?
Anyone ?

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I've just put a second Hard Disk(old PC XP Pro with NTFS) into another computer runs XP Pro(Fat32).

The problems is I can't access to my folders in my second hard disk because it is password protected.

Help me please.

A:Access Denied;en-us;308421&sd=tech

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I am new in this forum!
My son today change the permission (read and editing) to c:/ partition in windows 8. unfortunately Administrator account was not enabled. The problem is now that i lose all permission on the pc. I try to reinstall win8 whit the recory cd but no success. I try enabling the Admionistrator account but it is impossible also from cmd in recovery disk
Any idea? there is some way to delete the current account from another OS (like ubuntu etc)?
yhank you for any help

A:access denied to c:/

Rather than the DVD, is there a recovery partition already on the computer from the OEM i.e. D:.

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I downloaded regcleaner2 to clean my registry and somewhere down the line I screwed up. Now I cannot use any of the short cut icons and I need to access my Outlook Express.
OS: Win2000 Professional.


A:Access Denied!

try using system restore. you maybe able to take it back to before you attempted the regcleaner.

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When I attempt to open Documents and settings, a screen says access denied. How can you get around this?

A:Access Denied

Quote: Originally Posted by nolen01

When I attempt to open Documents and settings, a screen says access denied. How can you get around this?

Hello Nolen,

Do not take ownership of this link.

The Documents and settings folder is a junction point, and not an actual folder. It's for backwards compatibility for older programs created only for older Windows.

The C:\Documents and Settings folder in older Windows (XP and older) has been replaced by the C:\Users and C:\ProgramData in Vista and newer.

See also: My Documents - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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How do I get access to windows disk to copy to my c: drive?
Ok so my sys.32 is corrupt I put my OS in booted up went f6 third party raid reloaded my raid at windows startup I selected R (recovery) it prompted what windows installation ok so I did all that with the copy i386 drivers and all but I don?t have a password (access denied)

A:(access denied)

So for those of you that have been watching as I said System32 corrupt will not boot.
I put in my start-up disk loaded my Raid drivers allowed windows to load to the start menu selected ?R? for repair the drive and the password and got the C:windows prompt. Then when I went to copy Sys32 access denied. So I copyed the i386folder from the windows temp. drive but it did the same thing. So I restarted allowed windows to load same as before to the start menu removed windows disk put in a boot disk selected boot to windows and it was all better.

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Im running XP pro and had a major malware/virus problem 12months ago and Ive felt things have never really been the same since. I got a flashdisk virus from a university computer which copied itself to all my flash drives at home and almost infected my entire household :| (it got my ipod too!).

Anyway, Im having problems again. This time my Programs Files folder is being protected by something. It says Access Denied whenever I try to move/rename/delete files within the program files folder, and its stopping several programs from accessin their config files when they load.

Im 90% certain it's only Program Files (my HD is partitioned, C:/Program Files has no problems, E:/Program Files is where the problem is), and all other files I've tried have no problems.

In safe mode there are no problems. Ive scanned with Norton, AVG, SUPERAntiSpyware, and from my basic understanding nothing from a HIJACKTHIS log gives any indication why this is happening.

Im a little lost what to do now...I could use a clean wipe but thats a lot of effort if its something minor.

This only started a few days ago and I don't remember anything specific happening on that day. I don't have system restore on as it was the major cause of my previous virus problems.

Any help or information to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.



A:Access Denied

Have you tried this?"How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP". For a tutorial with screenshots, see "Windows File and Folder Ownership".

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i want to burn a video to my dvd-rw disc, but it wont let me delete the files on it, or write on it because the files are read only. i also cant change that, whenever i do, it says my access is denied. is there any way i can get around this? its for a school project for my little brother, i would really really appreciate some help

A:access denied

You have to erase the disk using whatever software you have installed for DVD burning.

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I have a battery powered nextar mp3 loaded music files on to it has worked fine for months.Then suddenly started getting format error message. Now when connected to the computer cannot open music folder getting message stating the file or directory is corrupt or unreadable.

A:access denied

The format error message is likely the cause of it not being read by the computer. If it's corrupt or the formatting is corrupt, then the PC won't be able to read it.

Have you tried formatting the player?

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I have been trying to load some software my daughter got from the local library (Sim City 4) but it continually throws up the message below - i'm assuming it's more of an XP problem rather than the software hence the reason I have put it here. Apologies in advance if it is'nt.

"The operating system denied access to the specified file"

I can only assume the 'specified file' is setup.exe.

thanks !

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Is there an easy way around this access denied thing when installing SP2

A:Access Denied????

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I'm trying to free on space on Drive C: and cannot get into "Documents and Settings" or see what space it's using.
Just "not accessible Access is Denied".

It looks like it's a shortcut, not a folder. Guess it's a Win 10 thing ?

Can I get around this anyhow ?


A:Access is denied

If it is a shortcut, look at it's properties. In the target field, you should get the full path and follow the path to see if it still valid.

Open a program as administrator (e.g. Notepad), browse to the location and see if you can get through.

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I cannot access cookies on my computer. I have Vista. Is it maybe called something else?

A:Access Denied

Hi. . .

Welcome to TSF - Vista Support.

If you are clicking on what appears to be a folder in your user profile folder called c:\users\<username>\cookies - then try these -




The cookies "folder" first mentioned is called a Vista Junction - a shortcut of sorts - that will re-direct installing programs and apps to the first named folder.

The attributes of the cookies is system and hidden, so you will have to make a change in the folder options to get to them -
START | type FOLDER - select folder options above - make sure your's looks like the following in this screenshot:


Also, here is Microsoft kb930128, which mentions some of the Junctions. It references XP--> Vista upgrades, but the Junctions are the same nonetheless.

Any ? - please let me know.

Regards. . .



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I have a video folder in D: drive of size 250GB, previously it is accessible, suddenly when i click on the folder it showing that access denied. the file size showing like zero. but when i scan this folder it is scanning all the files inside it.

i am using windows xp.

could you please help me to open this folder.

A:access denied

Right click on the folder, select properties, Security.

Is your profile (user name) listed with access rights?

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Hello All,

I have encountered a problem recently that I can not seem to solve. When installing a game onto my new Vista PC I get the following error:

The following error occurred on the file 'D:\System\witcher.exe'

Access is denied.

I was wondering if anyone knew what would cause this, or how it might be solved. I have tried to install the game using each of the various "Compatibility Modes" and also by using "Run as Administrator".

The only way I can prevent the above error is through installing in Safe Mode. This unfortunately doesn?t solve my problem as it creates a new error based on me not have administration rights in Safe Mode:

The Windows Installer service is not accessible in Safe Mode. Please try again when your computer is not in Safe Mode or you can use System Restore to return your machine to a previous good state.

Any advice or guidance would be welcome.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit OS (Service Pack 1)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00GHz
RAM: 2.00GB

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Please login with adminstator privilegages and try again? I'm logged in as Admin on my Windows XP Home. It happens when i try to start COD and The Sims.

A:Access Denied

Try taking ownership of the dirs they are in (and be sure to give the owner full access).


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